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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Evil

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The Grand United Alliance of Evil has always been a messy organization, as expected from villains that refuse to clean up their acts in more ways than one. Its members will do all they can, stepping on others' toes, even on those of their own "allies", if it means gaining more of what they want, empathy and compassion for the suffering parties be damned. For a long time, Melkor, the progenitor of evil in his own world, sought to make the Alliance a tool for spreading evil across all of the Pantheon and trampling the forces of Good under his heel for as many eternities as he pleases, on top of corrupting the vulnerable to the ways of malice and many other twisted desires. But as expected from an alliance of wicked menaces that refuse to truly consider others' interests, Melkor's dominance would be more and more challenged, until it proved that his evil alone could be unrivaled no longer.

As the other Alliances settled down tensions and began focusing on their own sections within the Pantheon in fields beyond war and conflict, Melkor's difficulty in adapting to the new times forced to look toward other prominent forces of evil in order to manage the Alliance's members better for the purpose of keeping up with the others. However, it has come at the expense of what used to be rarely challenged authority over those he deemed subordinates, given that the other leaders of the Alliance's new council also desire as much control over the forces of evil as Melkor does. Despite the villains' difficulty at cooperation, the GUAE continues to conspire together out of necessity if they want their ambitions to have a mark in the Pantheon.

Despite the other Alliances seeking to tend to their own devices in spreading their philosophies around, the Grand United Alliance of Evil still has issues with butting into other Alliances' issues, whether out of carelessness, greed, or perhaps a primal urge to cause grief and ruination for others, to the distress of the Alliances. But in spite of council leaders wanting a stronger grip of authority, the more disruptive actions of the GUAE are held back by flawed organization and cooperation. With reduced interests in endless war as in the past, the squabbles the villains here cause thankfully stay as squabbles.

Divisions (each Division gets its own page with a more expansive description)

  • GUAE Conqueror Brigade: Houses the most ambitious deities that seek power for power itself, at any costs, leaving no obstacle untrampled, even each other. Any untouched territory or opportunity they tread upon may as well be theirs.

  • GUAE Dystopia Harbingers: Dreaded figures of tyranny and repression that seek to bend everything to their will in any matter they deem best.

  • GUAE Twisted Tormentors: The gifts that this group's depraved members bring upon those under them are terror, ruination, suffering, and despair, and in exchange, their own benefit, pleasure, and amusement.

  • GUAE Wicked Masterminds: A devious group of endlessly-scheming geniuses and masterminds who not only writhe out evil plans for the likes of the GUAE's interests, but also using the new gifts the Pantheon brings and all the knowledge that comes with it for corrupt and warped purposes, with even the most innocent creations twisted for wicked ends.

  • GUAE Abyssal Corruptors: This frightening sub-faction holds not only those who seek to make advocates of good turn their faces back, but tragic examples of those who were left with no other path but to answer the call of villainy.

  • GUAE False Shepherds: Harbors those who seek to not only advertise their villainy as the best, but to handle affairs and exchanges with fellow villains to ensure that the dealings of evil can slip through the shadows.

GUAE Leadership Council Members (3 or more)

Melkor, God of Evil

  • Symbol: His iron crown
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but can vary from any suitable Evil alignment to his interests.
  • Role as Council Leader: Being an eternal and perhaps universal manifestation of evil, his ambition to dominate the lands of the Pantheon with the usage of many of the Pantheon's evil-doers who have also chosen the path of evil is the most profound and blatant of the council's leadership. As the most overt of the GUAE's leaders, he ensures that the bad blood in his subordinates runs ceaselessly, and ideally without failure in subsuming new lands in their share of the Pantheon to his dark will.
  • Cooperation Ability: Being unable to forge actual friendships nor see any other villain as his equal, Melkor sees other members, his co-partners in leadership included, as tools for his ultimate goal of vanquishing good forever. Whether he likes it or not, the trouble and disaster he occasionally attempts to invoke upon other Alliances is held back by his inability to truly comprehend the value of teamwork and those he commands having little true loyalty to Melkor, even those connected to him like Sauron.

Darkseid, God of Dystopias That Justify the Means

  • Symbol: The Omega Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Role as Council Leader: As one of the greatest representatives of Anti-Life and many an oppressive regime, Darkseid focuses on maintaining the stability of the Alliance and keeping those who would dare try to destabilize it for their own ends under his judgement and wrath. Caring little for causing external conflict between the GUAE and other opposing groups, Darkseid's machinations are more evident in his handling of internal affairs and conflicts, keeping the members of the GUAE working towards a direction he deems suitable.
  • Cooperation Ability: While far better with working alongside other villains of similar interest than the other council leaders, all of Darkseid's cooperative relationships with villains outside his domain are mainly if not purely pragmatic in nature, and mainly as strong as his allies have use to him. And should they not be his loyal knights, then they shall be his pawns. If he were given the perfect opportunity to do so, he would rather usurp and cast down the other council leaders and be the GUAE's sole leader, but he is more than patient enough to not try and force that opportunity, with his current position being more than good enough to settle with.

Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Rape and Tempting Others to Do Evil

  • Symbol: Molag Bal's emblem, the Mace of Molag Bal, his realm Coldharbour, and his statues and shrines reflecting his likeness
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Role as Council Leader: Whether it's villains within the Alliance doubting or resisting their darkest desires, or outsiders with especially powerful inner demons within, Molag Bal's main duty is capitalize on such individuals and ensure that they don't escape the grasps of evil and corruption. By keeping evil propagating within the Alliance and spreading where other groups neglect to stop it, Molag Bal keeps the GUAE's growth continuous to the point where other Alliances are allowed little room for complacency.
  • Cooperation Ability: Admiring the other council leaders' dedication to the cause of evil, Molag Bal doesn't mind how one goes about their reign of terror as long as it all advances the cause of evil itself. Advancing and spreading the cycle of suffering, despair, and ruination with glee is enough to warrant Molag Bal's support, and more importantly, without any moral restraint and remorse no matter, for once Molag Bal brings fellow villains into evil, he'll ensure they won't go back.

Lord Chaos, God of Temporal Paradoxes

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, God of Supervillains and Villains With Good Receptions

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