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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Law

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The Grand United Alliance of Law, for its representation of loyalty to stability, conformity, and unity, ironically holds a history with much discord, feuding, and change. Filled with many lawbringers and guardians of order, many of them hold their own visions of an ideal order to enforce through the Pantheon. Many would go as far as to disregard morals or the likes of free will in order to obtain such a standard of order. Whatever order they may bring, well-intentioned or not, there's little room for liberties and freedoms, making it one of the most intimidating Alliances in the Pantheon. However, the GUAL brings safety, consistency, and protection from the dangers of unrestrained chaos and mayhem, one of the greatest appeals of a world of law and order. Of all the Alliances, the GUAL have the most concern and interest in understanding the Pantheon and the purposes its deities have in regards to so many things, the tropes they hold, the mortals they reign over, the ends they must reach. It is difficult to abide by, enforce, or serve a rule or an order they do not understand, after all. In spite of how lawful its members may be, the diversity of their moralities and priorities make progression and advancements within the Alliance guaranteed but very slow due to the immense bickering and argument behind every change.

Once a simplistic faction bent on complete control over all things, the GUAL was a writhing mess of extreme and intolerant dictators and leaders that saw the Pantheon as another realm to be dominated by order, but for all of the individuals that spearheaded the cause, they were hampered by even the smallest conflicts of interest and forms of dissension among their own. Before the Alliances all had to settle down, the current leaders of the GUAL had to stand up against their proclaimed superiors and with the help of other factions, shifted the position of authority to themselves in order to both bring ease to the ambitions of the GUAL and reinforce humble unity and orderliness within the Alliance. While the GUAL may still yearn and strive for a Pantheon in complete systematic control and little to no room for entropy, the leaders of the GUAL primarily keep themselves in check, ensuring order among themselves and other Alliances, and understanding the purposes and destinies of the Pantheon that its deities ought to follow.

The GUAL, as a result of reduced conflict between other Alliances, has taken a majority of the responsibility of maintaining the tense balance that keeps the Alliances at bay, preventing other Alliances and other groups from overstepping their boundaries. While they're in a position where the GUAL could abuse this position to their advantage, its leaders are highly strict and would not dare to make light of their duty, for it would go against their nature to exploit and undermine their own order.


  • GUAL Discipline Tutelary: The members of this group have dedicated themselves to instill the meanings and values of order onto their subjects, on top of fixing entropy, disorder, and problematic mindsets from troublemakers.

  • GUAL Titan Overseers: The main security force of the alliance. Deal with handling the safety of citizens living under them, and preventing internal chaos and disorder, ensuring protection above all else. As far as they're concerned, it's all for the greater good of everyone.

  • GUAL Judgement Magistrate: Ensure that lawbreakers are precisely and fairly given their dues. They also seek to reform and perfect the standards of order that the Alliance sets to leave no power unchecked.

  • GUAL Insurgency Suppressors: When chaos is at a dangerous high, retaliate from this faction's members is inevitable. A tough squad of enforcer deities that hunt down those who would throw their people into mayhem. They reinforce order where it's weak, quash riots and troublesome rebellions, and suppress dangerous movements.

GUAL Leadership Council Members

Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Enforcer of Black and White Judgment

  • Symbol: The Rod of Remorse
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral but Lawful Good outside of duties
  • Role as Council Leader: Her authority-established role is to judge the arguments, demands, and actions of the GUAL's members, some with more extreme views than others, in order to establish their necessity and ability to contribute to the order of the Pantheon. While this would be seen as an impossible task for the legions of differing voices and perspectives arguing amongst each other, her experience in judging souls and their deeds has aptly prepared for such a daunting job. No matter the volume or intensity of the request, the cleverness of the speaker, or the persuasive emotions among the passionate members of the GUAL, her judgement is sound, void of personal baggage, and more importantly, decisive and conclusive. While her words are often met with much disagreement, to directly defy them frequently proves to be a foolish act.
  • Cooperation Ability: Being a patient and understanding leader, she does not fail to be considerate of others' perspectives and values, even if it be someone who disagrees with her own views or even those belong to rival Alliances. While doing her best to respect her peers, and preferably doing so in a polite manner, she makes it clear that her business with other GUAL members is strict, and leaves no room for tomfoolery. As fair as she tries to be, it's clear that she puts the stability of the GUAL and the Pantheon first, and while able to accept compromise, never fails to be tough on dissent when it's needed.

Eliphas, God of Knight Templars

  • Symbol: New Orders 13: Etheric Amon
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Role as Council Leader: As one of the GUAL's most renowned crusaders of order, Eliphas serves as the deliverer of retribution to those who would threaten the ceasefires between the alignment-based Alliances and those that would use the tension between the Alliances to their own ends. While Eliphas is known to be ruthless towards those who make the unfortunate mistake of overstepping the bounds set between the Alliances, his enlightenment regarding the balance between Order and Chaos means that he is no less tough on other GUAL members that would forsake the rules set among the Alliances either. When ensuring that no deity brings about excessive abuse of power and disruption, Eliphas leaves no exception. However, when it comes to handling relations with other Alliances that wisely respect the order the GUAL brings, Eliphas additionally does what he can with working alongside cooperative members of the GUAC, since his resolve from saving the Astral World has shown him the value of Chaos in the Pantheon, even if such cooperation brings struggle with his inner nature.
  • Cooperation Ability: While more than willing to lend an ear to other well-intentioned members, Eliphas is one of the more aloof leaders among the GUAL's leading council. Old habits die hard, and his urge to impose purity to its extreme is a mighty one. However, he is determined to overcome these desires if it makes for a GUAL that can truly pursue a pure and just code of Order. Striving to be a tough and fair enforcer of Law, he will work with any GUAL member that intends to bring about the best interests for the GUAL in general, but his assistance isn't to be taken for granted, and those who try to take advantage of his nature will find him to be extremely unforgiving.

Abadar, God of Favoring the Law over Money

  • Symbol: A golden key
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Role as Council Leader: A highly devoted god of order, Abadar disciplines and strikes down those who would taint the order of the GUAL with impure and straying desires and interests, lest the GUAL be dragged into corruption. Whether it's for greed, power, or worship, he leaves little tolerance for any ulterior motive for the pursuit of control and conformity but the goal of obtaining order itself. As such, he plays a key role in keeping the GUAL from being twisted to fulfill personal and selfish ends alike.
  • Cooperation Ability: While strict on how priorities are to be set on the road to a greater order in the Pantheon, Abadar can be reasonable and accepting as his standards can allow. Always sticking to both his personal code of conduct and the GUAL's set rules on enforcing and spreading the ideals of order, as long as other deities respect his rules and his standards, he will respect theirs. Any change or growth that benefits the development of pure order and limits the dangers of unwanted chaos fares well with him, but once he sees signs of corruption within a member of the GUAL, that deity is bound to become a problem in Abadar's eyes.

Alternative Title(s): GUAL