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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Chaos

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The Grand United Alliance of Chaos is a difficult organization to evaluate in terms of its current state and its plans; the Alliance does represent its expected values of free will, liberty, choices, wild ideas, and defiance of laws and traditions, among other things, but how much the Alliance invests into each of said aspects fluctuates constantly. Disorganized and decentralized in nature, it's common to see various movements and actions with the GUAC conflict with each other or even have opposing goals. With no standards or rules to keep its members from stepping on each others' toes, direct opposition to one's goals in the GUAC consists more of other GUAC members more than other Alliances, even. It matters little the value one holds in their beliefs and wants as much as their ability to act and bring it to fruition, regardless of the costs and sacrifices. Because of this, progressive changes in the GUAC can come and go very quickly, and how quickly the GUAC can make advancements, regressions aren't much farther behind. The Grand United Alliance of Chaos has no concern for what their presence in the Pantheon means or the main purpose of the Pantheon itself. All the Pantheon is to this Alliance is to be a blank canvas for what their dreams, desires, and choices will shape out to be in a world far unlike their own.

The leadership of the GUAC's council might as well not be, for giving direct orders to their subordinates, or even establishing any sort of authority over the Alliance is a very rare occurrence. Given that having strict control over the Alliance would make light of the anti-authoritarian stance of the GUAC, it's not hard to see why the GUAC's leaders aren't the type to directly lead. More confounding is how they respond to tensions and troubles within their own council, given that they practically never respond to similar situations in the same manner. Whether it's an internal struggle for power, a riot against even the leaders themselves, or a wrecking of some GUAC territories, keen observation or even ignorance of such events is as likely as interference from the higher-ups of the Alliance. The only consistency of the GUAC's council is that they won't take the direct threat of freedom and lawlessness lightly, but otherwise, they'll gladly let even the most unthinkable events slide, as long as it's done in their own name and ambitions.

Members of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos are bound to get in trouble with other groups, including the other Alliances, despite the enforced balance between the Alliances. Reckless and stubborn in nature, this Alliance is a magnet for curiosity, discovery, and trouble. If there's an opportunity for conflict to brew between Alliances or an event that could compromise the stability within the Pantheon, the GUAC will usually be the first to find it out. For better or worse, the GUAC will deliver whatever change it desires for its own members, and disapproval won't be enough to dissuade them.

Divisions (each Division gets its own page with a more expansive description)

  • GUAC Regime Disruptors: Their goal is to destabilize order where they deem it too unbearable, whether by confronting tyrants directly or by sabotaging their efforts. Some choose to instead gift those normally incapable with the ability to rebel against their masters.

  • GUAC Anarchy Masters: Their goal is to not only advocate for the benefits of being unrestrained by laws and authority, but to make examples of what unfettered power can bring to those willing to hold nothing back.

  • GUAC Forbidden Scholars: Whether it's by creating life, entities and objects of destruction, or by studying into unknown or even taboo subjects, the members of this division will research, test, and experiment to their heart's content, and with little worry of rejection.

  • GUAC Thriller Gang: Full of mischievous pranksters and fun-loving denizens that seek fun and entertainment, free from the influences of moral guardians, and pursuing whatever opportunities for adventures and experiences the Pantheon provides.

GUAC Leadership Council Members (3 or more)

Lucifer, Celestial Being of Polite Villains

  • Symbol: A pair of angelic and demonic wings
  • Alignment: Varies throughout the Chaotic alignments
  • Role as Council Leader: For all the power he holds, Lucifer rarely does what is expected of any council leader, let alone for the GUAC, as time in the Pantheon has moved on. Being the most passive out of the GUAC's leadership council, Lucifer mainly watches over the entire Alliance with mysterious intent, and occasionally pushing some members in a direction he may considerable favorable, whether for him or for the Alliance in general. While known for vouching a path of unyielding free will where one pursues their ideal freedom with little restraint, it is not a will he exerts commonly among those around him, but instead around those who have conflicts of interest regarding their own wishes against an authority they answer too. Perhaps with the GUAL becoming less aggressive towards stamping away at Chaos, Lucifer is likely content with letting the rest of the Alliance do what they decide is best. It is assumed that if things go south for the Alliance and free will in the Pantheon is threatened, Lucifer would demonstrate first-hand how he represents the inevitable rebelling spirit of those who follow Chaos.
  • Cooperation Ability: For how uncompromising his own ideals of a Pantheon that he would invoke should he be given a chance, Lucifer is more than willing to compromise with other representatives of Chaos he deems to be just as devoted in the ways of Chaos as he or his closer allies are. It would be hypocritical for him to be as strict and harsh as his archenemy, YHVH, after all. Acknowledging at least some of the value that a bit of order can bring, Lucifer isn't one to mind how one goes about in establishing the presence of Chaos nor how one deals with those who unfairly attempt to control more than what they should, no matter how tame or extreme. At the same time, he is similarly apathetic to those who fail to embrace the ways of the GUAC properly, and looks down upon those who rely excessively in the safety of law and order.

Lonnie Machin, God of Anarchism

  • Symbol: The Anarchy Symbol with a Scepter/Staff in the Background
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but strives to be Chaotic Good
  • Role as Council Leader: It is of VERY bitter irony that a man dedicated to a philosophy that denounces and dismisses a need for leaders would become known as a leader of one of the major Alliances of the Pantheon. Lonnie has acknowledged his ironic situation, and while he doesn't look upon his status itself with glee, he will take the opportunity to guide members of the GUAC to a world where authorities like governments and rulers are unneeded. Knowing that it would shame him to rely on traditional leadership tactics, Anarky prefers to show other members of the Alliance his ideals by being the better example. Hoping to use his new role as a major figure in the GUAC to demonstrate how one would ideally use true freedom and liberty to make a better world for all, Anarky is determined to prove the superiority of his namesake to traditional forms of government.
  • Cooperation Ability: Anarky, while always trying to help out those in GUAC who are at the very least tolerant of his own philosophy, understands that many within the GUAC are not only more ruthless than himself but unlikely to work directly with him, so he simply lets those kinds of people in the GUAC be, instead focusing on those that are more responsive to advice and cooperation. When it comes to those within the GUAC that are willing to cooperate with him, Anarky proves to be able to use his talents and skills to make the best choices in the name of liberty and freedom that he can. He does all of this in hopes that it will all sum up to a GUAC that will overall make changes for the better, but free will is not without its evils, and the Pantheon will certainly test him.

V, God of Unkillable Ideas

  • Symbol: His Guy Fawkes mask and a circled letter "V".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Role as Council Leader: V uses his influence within the GUAC in order to perform more subtle work within the Alliance and secretly within other Alliances as well, all in the name of denouncing governmental bodies and the problematic systems it brings. V is always keeping an eye on any members of the GUAC or perhaps in other Alliances that would either be a threat to the GUAC in general, those who would undermine the causes of the GUAC, or perhaps a troublesome control freak (usually from the GUAL side). Should he find them, he'll slowly but surely sabotage his targets with all sorts of secret connections and individuals devoted to the cause of freedom from authoritarian government. His work in general makes V one of the more infamous leaders of the GUAC, with some paranoid that V may end up inciting unwanted tension in the name of the GUAC. And while V wants to invoke fear from uptight leaders that don't deserve their authority and reign, V is a very careful man.
  • Cooperation Ability: While V always appreciates those devoted to the GUAC's goals of true freedom, V is known for being difficult to approach in the first place. Given his overall secrecy, it's difficult for other GUAC members to know his true intentions and plans for them, so working with V usually feels pretty distant. With his often unscrupulous methods of rooting out authority-heavy places and ensuring that the flames of rebellion spark within the GUAC, V is on average a difficult ally to work with, but an interesting figure to follow and to work alongside in the name of bringing down those who would sacrifice others' freedoms for themselves.

Lúcio Correia dos Santos, The God who Values Freedom Over Prosperity

  • Symbol: His Frog Logo (Featured in his album Synaesthesia Auditiva)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Role as Council Leader: As a well-respected activist and celebrity, Lucio desires freedom for all, but is not as extreme as many of his compatriots. He took a position on the council because many who were sympathetic to Chaos felt that the current leadership favored the Rule of Strength and pure hedonism, and disregarded the benefits that a limited government could bring; both stances were seen to ignore the plight of the common people who require cooperation and structure to survive yet still desired freedom. Lucio represents this "reformist" side of Chaos by advocating for peaceful reform of institutions but will not hesitate to use violence when necessary to fight truly oppressive or malevolent powers. Whether through music, activism, or fighting on the battlefield, Lucio always makes sure to support and inspire the common people in their support of freedom.
  • Cooperation Ability: Of the leaders of the GUAC, Lucio is the most willing to compromise with those of other alignments, especially the side of Good. It also helps that he is not completely opposed to institutions, as seen by his respect for Overwatch. Thanks to his experience fighting with Overwatch and his overall pleasant personality, Lucio is well-liked within the GUAC and the Pantheon as a whole. He does his best to promote ethical forms of resistance and revolution, allying with like-minded heroes and chaos-bringers to bring true freedom to all.