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Greater Gods:

    Konrad Curze 
Konrad Curze, God Who Frightens People Into Obedience (Night Haunter, Primarch of The Night Lords, Evil Batman)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A vampire skull with red wings
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Chaotic Evil habits
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, Knight Templar, Lonesome Lunatics, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Going more insane with each passing night, Becomming the exact monster that he fought for millenia, Butchering killers, Using Batman's strategies but for malevolent purposes, Sharp and long teeth, Possessing vampiric themes, Torture Technician
  • Domains: Terror, Darkness, Chaos
  • Heralds: The Night Lords, primarily Sevatar
  • Allies: Perturabo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Abaddon the Despoiler, Magnus the Red
  • Enemies: The Imperium of Man, especially The God-Emperor of Mankind, Vulkan, The entire House of Crime and Transgressions, Valvatorez, Batman, Night Raid, Charles-Henri Sanson, Rouge the Bat
  • The day of Konrad's accension was not a pretty one. Prisons owned by The Pantheon saw most of their inmate population killed off in gruesome ways, leaving the survivors traumatized for life in order to spread the tales. The House of Crime saw itself under heavy attack from his army wile he himself tried to mess with their minds through terror tactics. He almost succeded in his mission to destroy the entire house unill many of the bravest gods managed to stop him in his tracks. Sadly, he managed to escape.
  • He had become a suicidal man in the mortal realms, allowing an assassin to kill him in an act of redemption. Though Ezio, God of Assassins, could confirm the kill, he had no idea about how it was done or what happened to Konrad's mortal remains. Not many know the full story behind the dilemma.
  • The Emperor of Mankind has provided Bruce Wayne with a plethora of information regarding Konrad in order to keep him prepared, knowing fully well that he will come after the Dark Knight at any moment. The Primarch considers him just another target for allowing law-breakers to live instead of butchering them on the spot.
  • He stays clearly away from the House of Personal Appearance due to two of his loyalist brothers remaining there. He has still not forgotten the complete asskicking he received from Vulkan.
  • He approves of the existence of Night Raid, stating that they are fulfilling the very creed he believed in life: For the sake of good, what others refer to as "evil" must be done so as to teach people lessons.
    This Empire you speak of, I knew a place very much like it once. My homeworld Nostramo was no different; corrupt, lawless, where the rich trampled upon the poor and the criminal took satisfaction in the suffering of the innocent. And like you, I fought back. I rose up. I killed the guilty. I tortured the corrupt. I left their corpses for all to see and repent. I let the streets run red with their blood and their bodies pile up in the sewers. And I succeeded. Simply ask, and I will make sure your Empire will never become corrupt again.
  • One of the fastest ways to piss him off is to bring up how he never tried anything other than terror tactics in order to make his world a better place when compared to some of his Brothers who did so through scientific progress or military force. Even his high priest called him out on this once.
    Curze: It was the only way.
    Sevatar: No? What other ways did you try?
    Curze: Sevatar...
    Sevatar: Answer me, father. What politics of peace did you teach? What scientific and social illumination did you bring to this society? In your quest for a human utopia, what other ways did you try beyond eating the flesh of stray dogs and skinning people alive?
    Curze: It. Was. The. Only. Way.

Medivh, The Dreaded God (The Last Guardian of Tirisfal, Magus, The Prophet, The Accursed, The Oracle, Master Mage of Karazhan, the Old Man, The Mage (And variants of thereof))
Medivh possessed by Sargeras
Medivh in his youth
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: His Magic Staff, Atiesh
  • Theme Music: This is his primary one; this funky song has also been applied to his younger self
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil under the possesion of Sargeras)
  • Portfolio: One of the most powerful mages in all of Azeroth, Always wearing a mantle, Trying to atone for his crimes, Being possessed by Sargeras since he was in his mother's womb, Feared by his tremendous powers, Fond of Hoods, Called mad by the people of Lordaeron, Hailing from Karazhan, Being able to shapeshift into a crow, Unknown Whereabouts, Crow Motif
  • Domains: Magic, Power, Demonic Possession, Prophecies, Atonement.
  • Heralds: Moroes (His Steward), Barnes (Stagemaster of Karazhan), The Curator (Keeper of the Menagerie) and Nielas Aran (His father, in the form of a ghostly apparition)
  • Allies: Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Varian Wrynn, Li-Ming, Cassandra, Rachel Roth/Raven, Riku, Robin, Sakura Matou, Rinoa Heartily, Beerus, Valvatorez, Killia, Liezerota, Rubick, Tracer
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Gul'dan, Lord Jaraxxus, Diablo, The Crow, The Beast, Pazuzu, Master Xehanort, Orochimaru, Number 96: Black Mist
  • Formerly known as the last guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh was a powerful mage born of Aegwynn, one of the most powerful Mages of her time and the one who defeated an avatar of Sargeras. Medivh was infamous in the world of Azeroth for his immense Magical power, being a key character in allowing the Orchish horde to enter Azeroth and even after his death, Medivh's reputation still precedes him.
  • Medivh's temple is the legendary tower of Karazhan, a Mage Tower that holds dark secrets beneath its halls. Medivh welcomes anyone to his tower, but warns that he isn't responsible for whatever dangers lie within, as he hadn't really the time to clean up the place of demonic presence.
    • However, the Tower is in a much better shape than it used to be. Medivh also got around getting Moroes, his longtime steward, back to his service. Moroes is a snarky old man and he always welcome any visitor to Karazhan, although like his master, he holds no responsability over the visitors.
  • For the longest time, nobody knew what happened to Medivh after the Legion's defeat, having dissapeared without leaving a trace. But one day, he mysteriously arrived in the pantheon with no prior warning. He has said that he felt an evil presence that would endanger the pantheon if it was not properly dealt with and as a result, decided to ascend himself to procure a better future for the pantheon.
  • He was glad that the people that helped him with the defeat of the legion were all ascended. Thrall, Jaina, Malfurion and Tyrande are curious to know what is Medivh planning to do now that he is ascended.
  • Medivh was once known as the Prophet, trying to warn several people of the impending doom that was going to be the second invasion of the Burning Legion. Very few people believe him and though of him as a mad oracle, which made him sympathize with Cassandra, having a similar fate (if harsher) than the one he had to endure.
  • Although, he was able to make both the alliance and the horde work toguether to combat the Demonic Invasion, the mage is still a little disappointed that the conflict between both parties began not much longer after the Burning Legion's defeat. The most glaring example being the young Jaina Proudmoore, who slowly became a shadow of her former, more optimistic self. He is pleased that the Jaina he found in the pantheon was very similar to the one that put her trust into his word.
    • For that matter, he hung around in a certain card game hub inn, playing cards as a planner mage. He knows that not many are also happy with the meaner Jaina there, so he offers himself as an alternative mage. Of course, others look at him funny as well, because Medivh there took form of the mad possessed mage who opened the Dark Portal, though he took a more chilled approach in that. Eventually, he ended up opening another portal to the Nexus and makes his plans to join in the brawl as well.
    • He would also let you know that if people consider magic a game, then he is going to play to win.
  • In the Nexus, he had met up with Li-Ming. Although he was impressed by the young Wizard's prowess and at the same time he disapproved her childish behavior, yet he still consider her an ally.
    Medivh: I must admit, you are quite adept at the arcane... for one so young and childish.
  • His favourite animal would be the Crow, that's why he likes to transform in one from time to time. That's why he gets along with fellow crow themed hero, Eric Draven.
    • However, he is disgusted with the creature known as The Crow. She reminds him too much of the Burning Legion, to the point that he might lend a hand in destroying it for good to the Vivid Team.
  • He sympathizes a lot with Raven, sharing a common motifs and colors while having suffered a Demonic Possession even at a young age. Medivh tries to act as a father figure to Raven, given that he is horrified of how his father often treats her, being reminded a lot of Sargeras.
    • He also feels sorry for others that were victim of a Demonic Possession. He is often seen trying to comfort people like Sakura Matou or Riku, telling them that there is nothing wrong on what they have gone through and that they could have done worse (Like he did)
  • Being a vessel for Sargeras ever since he was born, the Magus sympathized with a lot of people that had a similar fate, like Robin or Rinoa Heartily.
    • He admires Robin's intellect and tactical prowess, often challenging to game of Chess. Although the latter finds Medivh cheating incredibly unfair, but both are surprisingly tied in the amount of victories.
  • As his title precedes him, Medivh was once approached by the god of destruction himself, Beerus, interested after hearing of the magus reputation in Azeroth and being reminded a little of himself. Medivh has heard stories of Beerus, so was was wise enough to be on friendly terms with him. After all, he wouldn't want to have him throw a fit and destroy his temple.
  • Medivh was initially wary of Killia and Valvatorez, given that they are demons and he doesn't have a particular good experience with them. However, he warmed up to them after hearing their stories and how much they mirrored him in the past.
    • He also heard from Killia how his Girlfriend was once possessed by an evil spirit as well, to the point of almost destroying the universe. Medivh likes to often chat with Lieze about their respective experiences and they certainly both agree that Demonic Possession is a manageable condition
  • Despises those who use possession, given that he was a victim of that ever since he was in his mother's womb. He particularly hates Pazuzu for being the holder of the title, with Xehanort and Orochimaru being in his hit list as well.
  • Rubick showed a lot of respect for Medivh, given that in the past he used to look a lot like him. He also expressed interest in learning about Medivh's ancient magic but the Magus has told him that, for now, he isn't having anyone as a apprentice. However, he is considering the offer.
  • In his younger days, Medivh used to be a much more upbeat and fun Guardian before the whole Demonic Possession thing. He once organized a big party inviting everyone from accross Azeroth, until he had trouble with a certain demon by the name of prince Malchezaar. While all of that is in the past, the Inkeeper opened a portal in time to revisit those times in his tavern, which caught the ascended Medivh off-guard.
  • Didn't he have a son with that half-orc half-dranei Garona Halforcen? Even Medivh had troubles in remembering that one.
  • "Let the games begin!"

    The Presence (Song of Horror
The Presence, Eldritch Deity of the Ominous Music Box Tune (The Song, The Darkness, The Silence, The Abyss, The Requiem)
Click here to see The Darkness
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Click here to see The Abyss
Click here to see The Requiem

Intermediate Gods

    Brock Samson 
Brock Samson, The Mook Slaying God (The Walking Swedish Murder Machine, Super Kill-Guy, Franken-Mullet, Murderist Extraordinaire)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Bowie knife
  • Theme Music: No Vacancy, Assclamp! (both by J.G. Thirlwell)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good...barely
  • Portfolios: Terror Hero, Amazon Chaser, The Big Guy, Blood Knight, Disproportionate Retribution, Doesn't Like Guns, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Hypercompetent Sidekick to Venture, Improbable Weapon User, Jerk With A Heartof Gold, Papa Wolf to Venture Bros., One-Man Army, Testosterone Poisoning
  • Domains: War, Destruction, Protection, Good
  • Heralds: Team Venture (Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture, Henry Alan "Hank" Venture and Dean Venture).
  • Allies: Kratos, Oberyn Martell, Ash Williams, The Heavy Weapons Guy, Sam & Max, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Guy Shishioh
  • Enemies: Any evil god that relies on mooks, Kano, The Enforcers, Shiro Tagachi, David Bowie
  • Rivals: Anastasia Cisnarova/The Baroness, The Undertaker, Red Sonja
  • Annoyed by: Claptrap
  • Odd Friendship: GLaDOS
  • With his legendary exploits in killing and maining minions, it was only a matter of time before Brock Samson ascended into the Pantheon as a God, having began as a follower of Guy Shishioh. His ability to slaughter puts him an a particularly prestigious position, both renowned and feared.
  • The morale of every mook of evil gods took a nosedive when word of his ascension came through. Melkor himself was forced to give more leeway to mook unions just to slow the number of mooks who quit their jobs.
    • His mere presence is enough for Cobra Commander to call a retreat as none of his minions are willing to face him.
    • Hates the Minions as much as any other mook, but is at a loss in how to deal with them; killing them would put him in a bad light for the child gods as well as the GUAG. This development pleases Melkor… if only the Minions were more competent in their duties.
    • As a response to the massive losses of their followers, the Enforcers have proposed an early warning system for Brock's presence. This got the surprise backing of Jackie Chan, who abhors Brock's high body count.
    • SHOCKER and HYDRA keep their mooks well away from him, as if they didn't have to deal with enough from the Kamen Riders and the Avengers.
  • Even if one is not a mook, there are a couple of things to avoid pissing him off. Do not threaten anyone under his protection. And ''don't ever try to run him down with a truck. Optimus Prime has made sure to keep himself at least a mile away from him as a result.
  • Despite his vicious nature, he did gradually come to care for his charges, the Venture Brothers. Any poor fool who thought kidnapping them would be a good idea would be in for the most gruesome death possible.
  • Why hasn't Brock Lesnar ascended to the Pantheon yet after killing the Undertaker's Streak? Because Samson squashes mooks so hard even Lesnar refused to get booked in a bout against him. However, the Undertaker is interested in booking a match with him some time. The two gods have similarly scared their competition silly.
  • He has shown to have a soft spot with women, especially with The Baroness. He admits she may be the closest woman he's loved since Molotov Cocktease. Various villains have started employing more female mooks in response.
  • With Red Sonja's ascension, Brock potentially sees the one woman that could match his desires without being a villain. Of course, he would have to defeat her in order to start dating, but that's a challenge Brock is willing to take.
  • Despite his extensive training record, he refrains from using guns, citing that killing mooks that way would be too way. He is fond of knifes in particular and is often kills legions of mooks with a single Bowie Knife.
    • Kano has expressed interest in his knife wielding skills, hoping to take his knife for a spin after he rips Brock's heart out.
  • Is annoyed that he had to be the last poker player to obtain godhood. Is especially annoyed he got beat out by Claptrap of all beings. At least now he gets to rib on him in his own temple.
    • Got a bit of information from Ash Williams about his ancestry, finding out that he is actually from Poland instead of Sweden. Still doesn't stop Brock from calling Ash a moron at times.
    • Is amused that Sam, a dog, is playing poker at a familiar table. He also wonders if he's a man who looks like a dog or a dog who can talk and walk like a man. That aside, he respects him and his partner Max for saving the world various times.
    • Probably the only god in the Pantheon who can tolerate GLaDOS' sense of dark humor.
    • Got together with Moxxi shortly after his ascension.
  • Kratos is pleased to have an ally with almost as much bloodlust as he does. Is often not that far from Brock whenever he's mowing down minions.
  • Is admired by Oberyn, both by his mastery of combat… and by the size of his pecs as well. Brock hasn't caught on the flirtation just yet, but many gods are convinced that the outcome won't end well…
  • Gets along well with a fellow mercenary called the Heavy Weapons Guy, though he downplays his concerns with his blood lust. Brock points out that mercenaries can enjoy their job and not be complete psychopaths.
  • One of his most avid supporters has been Frank Castle, one of the few gods who can match his brutality to mooks. The two often team up to take down mobsters.
  • Has a largely antagonistic relationship with David Bowie due to an incident Bowie may have pulled back in Berlin some time ago. However, given that in Brock's world, the Sovereign is actually an alien who took on Bowie's form, it's not known if Bowie acually did anything.
  • "You don't want to shoot me, boys. You know me. You know what I'll do to you if you do."

    The Butcher 
The Butcher, God of Nightmarish Sounds (Flesh Carver)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His meat cleaver
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demon hell-bent on consuming FRESH MEAT!, Uses a Cleaver as his main weapon, Covered with Scars, The Butcher, Dumb Muscle, Fat Bastard, Lightning Bruiser
  • Domains: Fresh Meat, Nightmare Fuel, Demons.
  • "Allies": Diablo, Azmodan, Lord Jaraxxus, Gul'dan, Pudge, Leatherface, Hannibal Lecter, the Hall of Demons, Spooky.
  • Rivals: The Wendigo, Pyramid Head
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, Tyrael, Tychus Findlay, Jaina Proudmoore, Saya, Fuminori Sakisaka, Rozalin, Dante Sparda, Buffy Summers, John Constantine, Hellboy, Illidan Stormrage, The Lost Vikings
  • Known as an infamous creature in the land of Sanctuary, the butcher was a demon that claimed a lot of lives in Tristram, where he became feared as a result, until he was ultimately defeated by a group of adventurers. The reputation of the butcher is legendary enough that the demon himself was ascended as a result
  • The reason he ascended was because of the atmosphere where he is initially found, scaring many adventurers who dared to enter his lair. His incredible difficult boss fight was enough to scare a lot of adventurers, even to this day. The spoken words of FRESH MEAT has haunted many for a long time.
  • He has only one fixation, the need to collect FRESH MEAT. and he won't stop until he gets it and he neither cares where he is going to get it from. So long as he gets his meat, he doesn't care who he has to maul in order to get it.
  • Many were surprised he wasn't given the title of Butchers, given that he is one of the most infamous candidates for that. However, he does get along with Pudge (Who he served as High Priest...somehow), as they both share the same drive to get FRESH MEAT.
  • Considered the more "Chaotic" counterpart to Pyramid Head, given their Implacable Man tendencies and because they are associated with horrible noises. Both have come to blows from time to time, but they have been evenly matched and all battles ended in a draw.
  • There was a time when Olaf from the Lost Vikings approached the Butcher, mistakenly assuming that he was the more friendlier kind of "Butcher".
    Olaf: Hello! I'd like some cold cuts please.
    Butcher: *Growls*
    Olaf: Wait a minute... You're not a real butcher, are you?
    • After that, Erik and Baelog spent the rest of their day trying to get the Butcher off Olaf.
  • Because the Butcher is one of the most dangerous demons if he isn't properly deal with, he is usually seen frequently hunted by Demon Hunters to prevent him from causing trouble. Besides Valla (The nephalem who is pretty used to deal with The Butcher), Illidan and Dante often are seen chasing the demon when he is on a rampage.
  • In an alternate timeline, the Butcher was choses as one of the elite minions of Duriel, the Lord of Pain. Said enforcers were given armor plates to withstand the heat of the zone, effectively making the Butcher the most effective one.
  • Spooky instantly fell in love with the Demon and offered him a spot on her mansion. The Butcher surprisingly agreed, with the condition that he gets to eat the victim. People now think twice before entering Spooky's house now that the Butcher has become a regular member
  • Given his tendencies to consume meat, his relationship with others like him tend to vary depending on the person:
    • He gets swimmingly well with Leatherface, given their mutual drive for being unstoppable when they are determined to something. And when they work with Pudge, everyone is sure to run for their lives.
    • Hannibal managed to gain control of the mindless beast. How? By inviting him to dinner of course. Butcher is known to work as Lecter's "assistant" from time to time, usually by making him "buy groceries" Note
    • The wendigo is a special case that, instead of getting along, they just fight for who gets their food first, often with really bloody results. Although the butcher is really careful with the spirit that resides in the Wendigo, as it could be capable of possessing him one day.
    • The only two deities who consume humans that really dislike the Butcher would be Saya and Fuminori. After all, who wants a Demon who constantly scream FRESH MEAT as a buddy anyway. While He and Saya really don't care about each other, he has tried to eat Fuminori on occasions, usually forcing Saya to retaliate.
    • While she herself is no cannibal, Rozalin cannot stand the presence of the butcher, who he reminds her a little too much of her past life. Whenever the Butcher has to be dealt with, she often offers her help in striking the creature down.

Whew, And that's that for this — "Ah...FRESH MEAT!" Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit....

    Eddie Brock/Venom/Anti-Venom/Toxin II 
Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock, God of Terror Heroes (Ed, Edwin, Venom, Anti-Venom, Host, Lethal Protector, Toxin II, 998th)
As Anti-Venom
  • Intermediate God with the Venom, Anti-Venom or Toxin Symbiotes, Lesser God without a symbiote, potential Greater God after absorbing the Grendel Symbiote
  • Symbol: The Venom White Spider Symbol(color-inverted to black as Anti-Venom)
  • Theme Music: Venom's Theme, Spidey vs. Venom!, Venom's MvC theme, Pressure Heavy*, and Venom by Eminem (all shared with the symbiote)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Neutral Evil (Chaotic Neutral as Toxin and Neutral Good as Anti-Venom)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroism, Darkness, Space, Fatherhood
  • Heralds: Sleeper and Dylan Brock, his children
  • Avatar: Tom Hardy
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Nick Fury, Miles Morales/Spider-Man III (one-sided on Miles end)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Red Sonja
  • Opposes: Any and all Abusive Parents
  • There's a lot you can say about Eddie Brock, the original Venom. He's insane, dangerous, lethal, scary, but most of all terrifying. Having originally debuted as a villain, Eddie has come a long way in trying to be a hero. There have been a number of bumps in the road, but he's strong progress throughout the years and has become genuinely heroic. After the events of Absolute Carnage, where Spider-Man and Venom had finally managed to bury the hatchet, Spider-Man decided that it was finally time for Eddie to ascend into Pantheon.
  • When Eddie first arrived, there was much debate of what to do with the Venom Symbiote, as both main host are now in Pantheon. It was decided that either one could use the Venom Symbiote while the other used the Anti-Venom Symbiote. While the idea of switching Symbiotes would normally be dangerous and lethal for Venom, if not outright impossible, the Court of the Gods have given them leeway and assured that no harm would come to it as they trade. This became a relief to both Eddie and Flash, as they wouldn't have to fight over Venom and Venom wouldn't have to be forced to make a choice. After settling the debate on what to do with Venom, Eddie immediately went to work, trying to contact anyone who was willing to work with him. Because with the awakening of Knull, Eddie needs as many allies as he can get.
    • As Anti-Venom he as the same power set as Venom, none of the weaknesses and the added bonus of Healing Hands. This power is so great, he can heal near fatal injuries instantly, cure mutations, poisons, drugs and even cancer itself. It’s also incredibly deadly to other symbiote. Naturally, Eddie makes frequent visits to the House of Health and Diseases to help out.
  • One of the first of allies that Eddie was able to acquire was obviously the Venom Symbiote itself, Peter and Flash. Now that Flash and Eddie could talk face to face. Eddie directly told him that he believed Flash to be the better Venom, he managed to make Venom a true hero, and when he died, Eddie felt that he should have been the one to die instead. Needless to say Flash was both shocked and touched. Now that the two can properly work together, they're going to make every second count.
  • Being mostly remembered as a dangerous and insane villain, there are many that are not willing to forgive or trust Eddie. With Nick Fury having registered Venom as one of the top four most dangerous individuals on Earth right next to Doctor Doom, the Red Skull and Magneto. The Symbiote race being The Dreaded throughout the Galaxy, feared by all who know of it. It's been tough.
    • Thankfully, because of the events of Absolute Carnage, there are some Gods who are willing to give him the chance. Some being Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine, Hawkeye, The Thing and by extension the rest of the Fantastic Four, are giving Eddie a chance. The good Captain being the most welcome and supportive of them all.
    • Two Gods, or more specifically Goddesses, have not forgiven Eddie for his past actions. Mary Jane, for essentially scaring her for life. Felicia, for giving her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and mocking her by revealing that Spider-Man was already happily married to someone else. Red Sonja also hates him. This is because he fought against and nearly killing both her and Spider-Man during a crossover. Eddie doesn't blame them, and honestly believes he deserves the hate.
  • Thanks to having been in a DEATH BATTLE! with a villain named Bane, it didn’t take long for him to come try to take vengeance for the incident. Fortunately Bane was smart enough to bring backup when trying to ambush Eddie. Having successfully convinced General Zod and Deathstroke to aid in his revenge against Eddie. Zod was convinced by Bane that obtaining the Venom Symbiote would make him invincible, and Slade was simply paid to help. While he managed to hold his own for a while, it wasn't until Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman came to his rescue that Bane and the others were driven back. Eddie was genuinely surprised to see some of them. Because the last he met Superman, he nearly killed both him and Spider-Man. Superman and Wonder Woman heard about his reformation, and wish to give him their support, both believe that everyone should be given a chance. Batman on the other hand says that he's just here to keep an eye on him.
  • While Eddie himself doesn't try to involve himself with anything related to Outer Space, he believes that with how the Klyntar are a race of Galactic Protectors he should try to ally with anyone of similar profession. The Guardians of the Galaxy were a great help in this, thanks to their partnership with Flash Thompson. With the help of the Guardians, Eddie was able to form an partnership with Richard Rider, the various Lanterns and to everyone's surprise, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer would inform Eddie that he knows about Knull's awakening, and that he plans to help him in the oncoming war.
    • Having learned of the Jedi Order, Eddie believed that they would be the best in his preparation against Knull. Knowing that they probably wouldn't be accepting with a formerly insane vigilante with a parasitic alien, he asked if Flash could talk to the Guardians, to talk to Nova, to talk to the Lanterns, to talk to the Jedi to form a potential partnership. They were surprisingly accepting of both him and the Venom Symbiote. Having done their research, they know that while a Symbiote can act as a form of corruption, they themselves are corruptible. Learning that the Klyntar race want to do good, but the strong negative emotions from their host regularly drive them insane. To the Jedi, this is very similar to how they risk joining The Dark Side of the Force, something Eddie knows is much more similar than they realize. Jedi's such as Luke and Anakin Skywalker have been very accepting and supporting of his desire to do and be better. Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Revan have been supportive in him trying mange both the light and the dark.
    • Having become allies with the Jedi Order, the Sith Order naturally became another enemy. Unlike most of his enemies, Eddie prefers to keep away form them, especially with both Palpatine and Plagueis. Knowing that if someone 0who's already so close to The Dark Side were to bond with Venom, they'd most likely become completely unstoppable. Eddie especially fears Darth Plagueis, for his dark power over life. Eddie fears that he could potentially create something similar to All-Black the Necrosword if he were to ever get his hands on a symbiote.
      • His fears would later be justified when he learned that there was a world were Palpatine ordered Maul to retrieve the Venom symbiote. He was glad to hear that Spider-Man nad managed to defeat Maul in the end.
    • The only exception is with Count Dooku. Eddie approached Dooku to convince him to leave Palpatine‘s employment. Sighting that not only did he have Anakin kill him to take his place, he even used him as the scapegoat for the Clone Wars, forced him to betray Ventress, corrupted him to the point where Dooku didn’t even bat an eye in ordering the execution of his sister. And made everything Dooku did All for Nothing. That’s not even getting to the fact that he’s the reason why Qui-Gon died, which was Dooku’s final straw in losing all faith in the Jedi Order. Hearing all this, Dooku realized that he was right, he had absolutely zero reason to stay by Palpatine‘s side. He would no longer be a pawn in his game.
  • Like with him and Bane, Eddie has once more met up with someone he battled against, Al Simmons Spawn. Unlike with Bane, the two don't have anything against one another, even with Eddie losing. Both agree that it's better to be allies than enemies.
  • There have been a number of gods in Pantheon that Eddie wasn't happy to see and weren't happy to see Eddie. Some like the Juggernaut, Norman Osborn, Wilson Fisk, Lex Luthor, and The Joker. But among all the gods that Eddie wasn't happy to see, the one he hated the most was Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage.
    • Both Eddie and Cletus have a long history with one another. It's thanks to Eddie that Cletus became Carnage and further terrorized the world. Both Eddie and Venom have desperately tried to put him down for good, seeing them as their single greatest mistake. Cletus knows this and enjoys rubbing it in, mockingly calling them "daddy" whenever they meet. Cletus also takes great pleasure in tormenting Eddie whenever he gets the chance, in the some of the most cruel and sadistic way possible. At the conclusion of Absolute Carnage, he forces Eddie to into a situation where to no mater what happens, Cletus still wins. It was either Eddie let Cletus kill his son Dylan to awaken and free Knull, or Eddie kill Cletus and be the one to free Knull. Eddie chose to save his sons life and damn the world. Seeing Cletus still alive and kicking, repeatedly mocking him what he did. It obviously puts him in a bad mood. Unfortunately Eddie is not yet aware that Cletus somehow still has the Grendel Symbiote, and that he's ready to bring Knull to Pantheon.
    • Of course this did just include Villains. Heroes like the Punisher, Nick Fury and Miles Morales (one-sided on Miles end). Eddie, Frank, Furry and Jhonny have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Most of the time they're either in a reluctant partnership, or they're just trying to kill one another.
  • Something that has made Eddie very uncomfortable as of late is how a number of Gods are aware of his past. Namely that he had an Abusive Dad that blamed him for his mother's death, and the only love that he received from his family was from his now dead sister. Also how they know about the incident with the Sin Eater. How it got him fired from his work, disowned by his father, divorced by wife and how he learning that he had cancer not long after nearly all at once. He asks that people not bring that up. Especially with his discovery that not only did he never have a sister he initially didn’t have cancer. These were Fake Memories implemented on him by Venom, cancer included. But it's because of having a horrible father that Eddie is opposed to all Abusive Parents.
  • Eddie would eventually come in contact with J. Jonah Jameson again. While to two aren't exactly friends, at the very least they don't hate each other. Eddie eventually found out that Jameson is the reason why he's been having an easier time then when he first arrived in Pantheon. He said that it was because Peter asked to help let others know that he's a hero now, and that he's trying to help. Jameson tells him not to thank him, but to make sure he doesn't do anything to make him regret his decision.
  • In preparation for Knull, Eddie went to one of the only Gods he new that could help defend for what was to come, Thor and the Asgardians. He went with the aid of the Silver Surfer, hoping that his past history with them could be of aid. When Eddie told warned them about the God Butcher, Thor laughed and said that they wound't have to worry. Gorr is long dead and both the title of Deicide and Rage Against the Heavens have been taken, and are unlikely to be replaced. But before they could leave, Norrin told them that they weren't referring to Gorr. Odin almost immediately demanded to know of the name of who they were referring to. When they explained everything, the Asgardians soon went to prepare themselves for war.
    • He would also go to the Men in Black to speak to Agent K and J. He tells them that he's already aware that they were closely monitoring him since his arrival in Pantheon, having also done this with Venom for even longer. He told them about Knull's existence and that he'll need their expertise to help stop him. Coming to an agreement, Eddie now works alongside the Men in Black, similar to when Eddie worked for the FBI.
  • For a time Eddie has been seen in the company of Frank Castle, Elektra Natchios, Logan and surprisingly enough Conan. There are rumors of the five and another not yet ascended god are forming their own Avengers Team.
  • For some time Eddie has been visiting the House of Time and Temporality, learning more about any alternate version of himself. He was really disappointed to see that he was mostly an insane psychopath obsessed with killing Spider-Man. He was initially hopeful when he learned of a world where he and Peter were practically brothers. Only to meet disappointment when he learned that even that version would eventually become evil. His spirits were raised when he was told about a version of him that was completely heroic, without a trace of insanity or corruption, and upon discovering another version where he was Not Evil, Just Misunderstood, on top of bearing a hilarious personality.
  • After finally becoming more comfortable with Pantheon and its residences, he felt that it was finally time to tell his newfound allies the truth. After setting up a meeting between members of the Super Hero community, Fury, the Jedi Order, the Men in Black and the Asgardians, he went to explain a number of truths he discovered. First is that the Klyntars were never a race of noble and heroic warriors of peace. They were as the rest of the galaxy had perceived them as. A chaotic and monstrous race hell bent on the destruction of all life in the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy were the first to protest on this. Having been there at the home planet of the Symbiotes and learning their history from them directly. They even saw Venom "cleansed" of his corruption. In response, Eddie gave everyone a brief explanation and history lessen. The Symbiotes were not just some alien alien parasites, but a race of eldritch abominations made of "living abyss", which explained the unnatural feeling that the Force users would get when near Venom. He also explained that they were specifically made to kill and enslave gods, something that worried everyone present. Eddie then asked the others what they thought Klyntar meant in the language of the Symbiotes. When nobody answered, he said that it meant "cage". It was when the Symbiotes had began to call themselves the Klyntar, that they made a lie about how they were a natural benevolent race that wanted to bring peace, order and justice to the universe. Doing everything that they could to erase any trace to their dark past. The Lanterns noticed how similar this was with the Guardians when hiding the existence of Perpetua. Eddie ended with how even the very planet Klyntar is giant massive collection of Symbiotes, one giant Klyntar, one giant cage. When asked who was being held captive, Eddie revealed to them the existence of Knull, the of The Symbiotes. He then told them to prepare themselves, because God is free, God is coming, God help them all.
  • As Venom: "We are Venom!"
  • As Anti-Venom: "I am the Cure!"

Lesser Gods

Leader Abelt Dessler, Master of the Mass "Oh, Crap!" (Desslar, Desslok)


    Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow 
Dr. Jonathan Crane, God of Supernatural Fear Inducers (Scarecrow, Scarebeast, Schrocken, Master of Fear, Potato Sack, Ichabod Crane)

  • Demigod (Intermediate God as a Yellow Lantern, Lesser God as the Scarebeast, and Greater God when transformed into Schrocken)
  • Symbol: A pitchfork, a scythe, a crow, an actual scarecrow, and a jack-o'-lantern-style smiley face with an upside-down bat symbol for a smile
  • Theme Music: And At the End of Fear, Oblivion!, his theme from Batman: The Animated Series
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nightmare Fetishist, Scary Scarecrow, I Know What You Fear, Noose Necktie, Scary Stitches, Revenge of the Nerd, Having An Abusive Great-Grandmother or Father, Self-Made Orphan, Break Them by Talking, Psycho Psychologist, Appropriated Appellation, For Science!, Lean and Mean, Mad Scientist, Master of Illusion, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate, The Paranoiac, Pragmatic Villainy
  • Domains: Fear Gas, Mind Rapes, Scary Scarecrows
  • Followers: Mia, Liō, Sergeant William James, Allie Parker, Alistair Mechanus, Harold Berselius
  • Allies: Almost all evil-aligned deities in the House of Dread and Valor (most notably The Bogeyman, and Freddy Krueger) Bill Cipher, Tira, William Hand/Black Hand, The Medic, Dr. Angus Bumby, Cave Johnson, GLaDOS, Hannibal Lecter, Vaermina
  • Rival: Pitch Black
  • Fears: Batman
  • Enemies: All allies of Batman (notably Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin), Alice Liddell, The Headless Horseman, Lex Luthor, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Regime Superman
  • Odd Friendship: Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Interested In: Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Hall of Courage and Virtue
  • Respected by: All Batman Rogues, Thaal Sinestro
  • Pities: Matilda Wormwood, Alma Wade, Pacifica Northwest, Aya Drevis, Lucy/Nyu
  • Feared (especially) by: Ms. Trunchbull, Alfred Drevis, Count Olaf, The Doki Doki Literature Club (especially Sayori)
  • Banned from: The House of Family and Relatives
  • Evil Counterpart to: Frasier Crane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Patrick Bateman
  • Dr. Jonathan Crane made his debut in the pantheon when he flooded the entire House of Family and Relatives with his signature fear gas. Although no one was permanently harmed (at least not physically), it still took hours before the chaos was under control. Scarecrow was eventually found on the roof fanatically recording all of their reactions to the toxin while singing a nursery rhyme.
    Scarecrow: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
    She had so many children, she didn't know what to do,
    So she gave them some broth without any bread...
    And she whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed.
    • Although it was expected that he would be removed from the pantheon, he was instead permitted to ascend for his trope. Batman suspects Mad Hatter may have had a hand in that decision.
  • If there's one thing that can be said of the man who would become Scarecrow, it's that his childhood was anything but happy. Subjected to horrific (and prophetic) experiments by his abusive grandmother/father and severe school bullying, Jonathan Crane developed a fixation with fear, both the concept itself and of the fears of himself and others. Led into a career in psychology by these preoccupations, he's become known as one of the most deranged of Batman's adversaries, using his signature weapon, a toxin that can induce nightmarish hallucinations in the sufferer, to experiment on people with the sole aim of learning what they fear most.
  • To Scarecrow, the house of Fear is like a dream (nightmare?) come true. The greatest symbols of fear, all in one place! Freddy Krueger (who he has a special connection with, to the point that his knife glove served to inspire his similar syringe one), H.P. Lovecraft, and even the Bogeyman! Scarecrow couldn't be happier to be among them. In contrast, while he's obsessed with learning the fears of everyone in the pantheon, he's especially curious to learn the fears of those in the house of Courage and Virtue. He looks forward to the challenge of breaking them.
    • While he has (relatively) good relationships with nearly all the Evil-aligned deities in the house of Fear, he doesn't like Pitch Black because he considers his ability to naturally know his victims' fears boring. He much prefers to use his toxin to learn their fears. Pitch Black just sees that as a crude waste of time.
    • High Councilor Kal-El is a massive enemy of Scarecrow, as he knows first-hand how dangerous he can be, as it was a variant of his fear toxin that the Joker used to make him accidentally kill his wife and son. Speaking of which, Crane has no idea how his counterpart from that universe is still alive after the Joker killed him. Not that he really cares.
    • The Literature Club once came across him and mistook the noose around his neck as a joke at Sayori's expense. Crane's response to being confronted about this was... less than empathetic. None of the club's members have slept soundly since. They now steer very clear of him (a challenge at times since they're in the same house), especially Sayori, since the incident caused her depression to relapse for a timenote .
  • His obsession with both fear itself and the things that cause fear has allowed him to form a kinship with other Nightmare Fetishists like Tira, William Hand, The Medic, and Bill Cipher. Sometimes they like to get together to have lively conversations about their various obsessions and interests. His clinical and scientific attitude to his obsession has also drawn interest from GLaDOS and Cave Johnson, the latter of which has even offered funding to him for being "a beacon of ambition and enterprise," (which really says more about Johnson than Scarecrow).
  • Although he used to have a fear of crows and bats, exposure to his own fear gas has rendered him incapable of feeling fear (or any emotion to some extent) of anything, with only one sole exception: Batman.
    • He's gained much respect from others in the Bat's Rogues Gallery due to being the only Batman villain ever to unmask Batman to the public. These events have also caused an even greater animosity between him and the Arkham Knight, now under his identity as the Red Hood. His Odd Friendship with the Mad Hatter has been preserved and he has been seen to be oddly friendly to Harley Quinn, who likes to huff his fear gas for kicks.
  • The Penguin once arranged for him to be unwillingly transformed into a creature known as the Scarebeast. In this form, he has enhanced strength and endurance, as well as the ability to naturally produce and release a form of Fear Gas that is stronger than his normal Fear Gas. After this, Darkseid experimented on him to transform him into Schrocken, an even stronger being that can take on Superman in a fight. Although he was eventually reverted from both forms, he kept the ability to transform into Scarebeast during times of great stress and frustration. Has been after The Penguin ever since, but even without fear, he knows he's no match for Darkseid.
  • Was once inducted into the Sinestro Corp. due to being the most frightening human on his Earth (with the exception of Batman). While this ultimately didn't last, it still made an impression on Sinestro, who added him to his list of potential candidates for recruitment. Since it was Lex Luthor's desire to have all the rings that caused him to lose it in the first place, he's been itching to settle the score... in his own time.
  • Takes great joy in comparing notes on methods of brainwashing with the other insane psychologist in the pantheon, Dr. Angus Bumby, much to Alice's distress. Together they've caused enough mental impairment to give Dr. Frasier Crane a stroke from the stress. Speaking of, Frasier denies any sort of connection, familial or otherwise, to Scarecrow besides having the same last name. Numerous detectives have looked into their family histories to determine if there was a link, but found nothing conclusive (to Frasier's great relief).
    • In a similar vein, he has been hounded over and over by the Headless Horseman, who continues to try and torment him, seemingly unable to realize that he's not actually Ichabod Crane.
  • He has come to the realization that he is far too dependent on his fear gas to scare people, and resolved to learn new ways to frighten without using the toxin. As part of this decision, he has taken lessons from Hannibal Lecter himself in giving crushing interrogation speeches.
  • Although hardly unwilling to submit anyone (up to and including children) to his experiments, he has been found to be somewhat sympathetic of those who have suffered similar abuse to himself, like Matilda Wormwood, Pacifica Northwest, Alma Wade, Lucy, Aya Drevis, and the Baudelaires. This won't necessarily protect them from him, but it has at times caused him to, in his own twisted way, attempt to protect them by attacking those who have abused them. None of the deities he pities appreciate this, and it's caused Ms. Trunchbull, Alfred Drevis, and Count Olaf to become very wary of him.
  • Is hesitant to trust Patrick Bateman because his name seems to hint at the possibility that he might be Batman in disguise. If he isn't, then they'd be great allies, but if he is, then Crane would never be able to live down falling for such an obvious disguise. Many deities have noted with irony that he's kinda right.
  • "You're not dying, it just feels like you are. My toxin is filling your lungs, drowning you in your greatest fears. What can you see? A city engulfed in fear? Betrayed by those you trust the most? Your darkest secrets revealed? As I tear your mind apart, Gotham will watch. I will cut that mask from your face and the whole world will see the fear in your eyes. Then they they too will understand. There is no savior. No more hope... No more Batman."

    Pitch Black 
Pitch Black, God of Phobia Knowledge (The Boogeyman, The Nightmare King, Kozmotis Pitchiner)


    Hedgehog in the Fog 
Hedgehog, God of Fake-Out Scares
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A white horse standing in fog
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cat Scare, Ominous Fog, Interspecies Friendship with a bear, A Dog Named "Dog"
  • Domains: Fear, Adventure, Friendship
  • Herald: Bear-Cub
  • Allies: Lady Amalthea, The Earth Sciences Club, Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Mrs. Brisby
  • Admires: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Fears: The Beast, Ooga Booga
  • Timid little Hedgehog is in the habit of visiting his friend Bear-Cub so the two can have tea and stargaze together. One evening, Hedgehog was on his way to Bear-Cub's as usual, but was distracted by the fascinating sight of a beautiful white horse standing in the middle of thick fog. Hedgehog's curiosity drew him deep into the fog and he lost sight of his path. While he tried to get his bearings, he was spooked by various strange sounds and shadowy apparitions, which on closer inspection turned out to be harmless: a large tree, a playful owl, animals going on with their day, or a helpful dog. Hedgehog eventually fell into a river and was brought ashore by a mysterious, dark creature, upon which he finally managed to find his path and reunite with Bear-Cub, who scolded him out of worry, but Hedgehog didn't really listen as he was still fixated on the white horse and its uncertain fate.
  • Some time later, fog settled again and Hedgehog decided to venture into it in search of the white horse. His first such adventure having had a good ending gave Hedgehog feelings of bravery and confidence that he would make it out alright. Despite that, as Hedgehog walked deeper into the fog and found no trace of any living creature this time around, he did start worrying a little, imagining that maybe he had crossed some threshold from which there was no return. He kept going since there was no sense in staying still, and after some time he did find a beautiful white horse, only there was something different about it, as this one had a horn. Turns out, Hedgehog had met one of the gods of the Pantheon, the Lady Amalthea. Hedgehog told her he had set out to find something only to fail at it, but he supposes it is fine, since meeting her is just as valuable an experience in his opinion. Liking Hedgehog's attitude, Amalthea told him about the Pantheon and wondered if he would like to see it for himself, which Hedgehog politely accepted. After some explorations he was completely fascinated with the place and accepted a divine title so he could keep having new experiences there.
    • Hedgehog's adventure took him all day and he worried Bear-Cub sick since he was so late in making his nocturnal visit, so Bear-Cub went into the fog himself to find his friend. Hedgehog got quite an earful upon being found, which he admitted was deserved. At the end of it, however, he told Bear-Cub all about the amazing realm he discovered within the depths of the fog, how he was given a place there and wanting to share all it had to offer with his very best friend. Bear-Cub wondered if Hedgehog had eaten some berries that were causing him to hallucinate, but Hedgehog managed to convince him to accompany him. Once Bear-Cub saw the Pantheon for himself, he accepted being Hedgehog's Herald so doesn't have to worry so much about Hedgehog getting himself into trouble in his roamings.
  • Hedgehog faithfully continues his hobby of stargazing together with Bear-Cub over tea every night and the often alien skies of the Pantheon offer quite a lot of new material to ponder. One night, they met the girls of the Earth Sciences Club, who had picked a spot nearby to do their own stargazing activities. The girls were pretty surprised and delighted to be approached by Hedgehog and Bear-Cub, who politely offered them some of their tea with raspberry jam in exchange for a look through their telescope. The girls happily obliged and afterwards everybody had a nighttime picnic, with the Club supplying snacks to go with the tea and jam, and much discussion on their respective experiences on stargazing and other subject matter. Their farewells came with promises that they should definitely do it again, with Hedgehog and Bear-Cub thinking that, while their time alone together is unmatched, it's fun to have a large and lively gathering once in a while, too.
  • Hedgehog's civilized nature for an animal was attractive to Mole and Rat, who thought it only proper to begin an acquaintance with him. Since Hedgehog is withdrawn by nature and Bear-Cub had been his only friend up til now, Hedgehog was a little worried about his ability to receive new animals in his house, but he still did the best he could to make Mole and Rat feel at home in his humble little den. Mole and Rat certainly came away with a good impression of him, particularly Mole who could relate to Hedgehog, being quite a timid and yet adventurous critter himself. Mole and Rat eventually introduced Hedgehog to the reclusive Badger and busy Toad as well, with Hedgehog being quite amazed that Badger could stand to live in a place as scary as the Wild Woods. He also occasionally tries out whatever novel hobby Toad has gotten himself into out of curiosity, though he's of course much more cautious about how he goes about it than Toad is, another quality that Mole and Rat appreciate about him.
  • A trio of bouncing animals came into Hedgehog's territory one morning, and they made such a ruckus with Hedgehog in the middle of it all that he curled up into a ball, thinking for sure his end was near at the hands of these monsters. The smallest of the trio, Roo, quickly took notice of Hedgehog and got the other two, Tigger and Lumpy, to settle down, and the three apologized to Hedgehog, who uncurled once he was assured that they were just friendly bouncing enthusiasts. Roo remarked that Hedgehog must have felt the way the Hundred-Acre Wood Gang felt when they thought Lumpy was a monster, to which Hedgehog answered he felt that way a lot of the time, only for the scares to turn out to be nothing, but what's a tiny hedgehog like him to do when facing the unknown on his lonesome? Hearing this, Roo and the others decided to bring Hedgehog to meet the rest of the gang. Hedgehog was quite happy to do so, though he wondered whether Bear-Cub would like Winnie-the-Pooh, as their temperaments were quite opposed; Hedgehog himself felt more comfortable with Pooh's mellowness rather than the boisterousness of the bouncers, and also became quite close to Piglet, a fellow scaredy cat.
  • He once found himself turned into a machine of some sort, much to his confusion, as well as terror that he was trapped in an enclosed space with no escape. He was, however, eventually freed by a blue blur that moved at an incredible speed, preventing Hedgehog from thanking him properly. After he asked around about this mysterious phenomenon, he was immensely surprised to learn that the blue blur was a hedgehog, maybe not exactly like him, but a hedgehog nonetheless. His name was Sonic, he was giften with Super-Speed and he was a hero who often freed animals from the contraptions of a mad scientist known as Robotnik. Hedgehog has since become a fan of Sonic, admiring his bravery and outgoing attitude, and wishing he could imitate those qualities (he still doesn't particularly wish himself to become as cocky or rude as Sonic though).
  • Although the scares Hedgehog had in the fog back home ultimately turned out to have benign sources, there exist some very real dangers to consider lurking in the shadows of the Pantheon. One example is The Beast, a monster that consumes souls to fuel his own immortality. Given he lurks in wooden areas, Hedgehog dreads the possibility of running into this nightmarish being, although he can take some comfort in the fact that The Beast is not very likely to go after him, as the Beast was born from humanity's despair and thus is mainly interested in tormenting humans and harvesting their souls. Hedgehog wonders if the fear he showed while he was lost in the fog and loss of hope when he fell in the river would have been enough for The Beast to consume him, though. He thinks he should at least try to become braver in hopes of countering The Beast in case he ever turns his sights on intelligent animals.
  • The Ooga Booga has taken a liking to picking on Hedgehog with her Screamer Prank, which is certainly very disagreeable to him, but after several instances of this, he finally figured out she actually is nothing more than a prankster and isn't going to hurt him. Granted, he still has to work on not panicking and running whenever she suddenly pops out and screams in his face, which might take a while from the looks of things. Still, he thinks it might be good training for improving on his courage (but that doesn't mean he has to enjoy it).
  • He wound up becoming good friends with Mrs. Brisby after the field mouse came into his territory looking for some juniper and Hedgehog gave it to her good-naturedly, so she wouldn't have to go climbing a tall tree. In the conversation that ensued, Hedgehog decided that if there is one animal whose courage is deeply inspiring to him, that animal is Brisby, who would risk life and limb to save her loved ones even when faced with a threat that scares her out of her mind. And the dangers she faced in her adventure were much more real than the ones Hedgehog did, which is quite sobering to him. He wonders whether he could ever become someone who would do anything to protect Bear-Cub (as that's the only being he can think of that he loves, in a way); he still finds the reverse case to be much more likely.

    Mary (Dreaming Mary) 
Mary, Goddess of Realism-Induced Horror (Mari)
  • Quasideity (potentially much higher than that)
  • Symbol: A white lily, or the Gold Leaf Key
  • Theme Music: Dianthus Alpinus and BADDAD
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Abusive Father, Curtains Match the Window, Dream Weaver powers inherited from her late mother (unclear), Theme: Sleeping Beauty, Lonely Rich Kid, Heavily Implied Parental Incest, Tragic Dream, Can Bring Dream Objects Into Reality (maybe), existence of her powers are ambiguous
  • Domain(s): Dreams, Horror, Sexual Abuse
  • Herald: Penn Guindel (her only true friend, as Bunnilda and Foxanne are Bitches in Sheep's Clothing)
  • Followers: Cecilia Kass, the Requiem for a Dream quartet, Paul Sheldon, Spottedlead, the Buried Stars participants
  • Allies: Sakura Matou, Rea Sanka, The Protectors of Dreams, Dr. Frasier Crane, Simon Henriksson, Princess Luna
  • Enemies: The Inducers of Nightmares
  • Fears: Khazrak & Gorthor's beastmen
  • Opposes: Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • "Mary is a girl who loves to dream. In fact, she loves to dream so much she can spend an entire day dreaming. One day, when she falls asleep, she finds herself in a nostalgic place very different from her other dreams. Everyone there knows her and treats her like an old friend, and they invite her to play with them or help them. When she finishes all of their tasks, she is invited deeper into the dream. Will you lead her to fall into her dreams? Or will you bring her back to the waking world?"
  • As stated in the intro, Mary is a dreamer, and throughout her dream she interacts with her animal friends, representatives of people she knows. Needless, creepy sexual-implied things happen, and Mary eventually wakes up from her dream. The game's free, so go try it yourself, or just watch this instead for the whole story.
  • While it's implied that her escape in the Good Ending is potentially just another dream, this Mary genuinely does leave her abusive home behind and, as Mari, somehow finds herself at the Janus Checkpoints, with strange credentials in her hands. After reaching the Inspector's station, showing her papers to him, and getting clearance to pass through, Mary has found herself in the Pantheon. There, a strange friendly man escorted him to her temple (who turned out to be Dream of the Endless), having been the one who ascended her in the first place.
  • Mary's temple takes the form of her pink dream domain, with her room, the garden with statues, the library, the jazz bar, and the garden with a tree with a door as well as a hidden door to a white void with a painting and fish bowl holding a sea angel, in addition to the exit leading to the rest of the Pantheon and for visitors to take to enter. Due to her (forcibly) sheltered life, Mary isn't too inclined to go outside on her own initiative.
    • However, as a side effect of the nature of her game, if her mental state deteriorates, the temple alters accordingly into its brown and grim form, and three of the four rooms get replaced with a couch that has a stuffed rabbit, a penguin doll, and a fox pelt (all three torn up) on it, and a boar head hanging on the wall.
    • She encountered Zee Tee in that area once, though he swiftly "everted" back to the normal layer before she could properly approach him.
  • Mary is able to switch between her dream self and her real self as Mari at will, given there's almost no difference aside from outer demeanor.
  • Since she's never been to school, having learned from a tutor instead, it was a bit overwhelming when she heard she was attending at Elysium Academy. It's a big thing to get used to, especially making friends, since she's been a shut-in (by force) for as long as she can remember.
  • Given what she's been through, Mary's been recommended to visit Dr. Frasier Crane (and avoid Dr. Augus Bumby AT ALL COSTS) for mental treatment, and to attend them as Mari, in order to get to the root of her issues.
  • As it is, it turns out there are others who are/were living/trapped in dreams, such as Madotsuki, Bedman, and Gehrman. The second once checked out her place, though it ultimately bored him.
    • And then there's Simon Henriksson, who's been through almost the same thing as Mary except Simon wasn't dreaming, but having a psychosis and was trapped in a nightmarish world, in contrast to Mari, who was in a wonderful dreamland and was trapped in a shitty real world (though being wheelchair bound is probably not much better for Simon). Given their circumstances, they actually got along well. And she knows to run from Book Simon, too.
  • Mary's favorite type of dreams are the long ones that take her deep away into different worlds. She doesn't like short dreams because they start going dark and still and scary.
  • Given that Mary was sexually abused by her father, Sakura Matou sympathizes with her situation and not even being able to escape it in her dreams. Mary also dislikes Ragyo Kiryuin for raping her own daughters.
    • Another she got along with in this regard is Rea Sanka. Well, after getting around the fact that she was a zombie, and being assured that she wasn't going to be eaten anytime soon by her.
  • She was surprised to see that some of the characters she's seen in her books are present here, such as the spider Charlotte, Alice Lidell, Max and the Wild Things, Aphrodite, and Persephone.
    • Meeting the spider was a nice experience and they had a comfortable chat the first time they met.
    • Her encounter with Alice was also a nice enough affair, until Heartless attacked, which triggered a change into her Kingsley persona and eviscerating the opposition. Alice apologized for the display, but hopes to have tea with Mary again someday.
    • Her visit with Max and the Wild Things was… a wild incident to say the least, and she even almost got eaten, though thankfully it was by KW to keep her safe from Carol.
  • Given the animal-esque appearances of her "friends" in the dream world, it was a bit unnerving to encounter the ones from Animal Crossing (save the Villager), given their similar aesthetics. Still, she eventually found them trustworthy enough, starting with K.K. Slider and his charming music.
  • In terms of her alleged dream powers, apparently she can create worlds in them, and can sometimes brings items in those dreams into the waking world. Of course, as a young child whose mother died early on, and without someone to teach her how to use her powers to the fullest, she's not as adept as one would assume.
    • Even so, the Inducers of Nightmares saw her potential and made attempts to get to her in order to further their agenda and exploit her for their own ends. But the Protectors of Dreams were already onto them and a skirmish occured in her dreamscape, tearing both of her dream worlds apart in the process and mixing them up. Eventually, Mary manages to turn the tide by launching a Hadoken, which obliterated one of the enemy and left the others stunned long enough to send the Inducers packing.
    • The Protectors properly introduced themselves to Mary and explained the reason behind the attack. And since these attacks were likely to happen again, they offered to protect her, and maybe even try to nurture her powers. Not wanting those baddies to take her away, she accepted the offer.
  • Speaking of the Hadoken, Mary has been seen tailing Ryu whenever she has the time, being interested in learning the move for real, and eventually started doing the same (tailing) with Ken Masters, Sakura Kasugano, and even the original practicioner Gouken. The last one eventually noticed and is considering taking her in as a student; she could certainly use the mental improvement.
  • Is deathly afraid of Khazrak & Gorthor's beastmen, who are animal people that sexually assault others, as they're a sore reminder of Boaris, who represents her sexually abusive father.
  • One day, Mary was having a nightmare about her father. His shadow started chasing her, wanting her back. Just as she was cornered, a pony came and dispelled the nightmare away. Princess Luna had heard of Mary and her abilities and wanted to meet her, which was perfect timing on her part. Luna offers her protection to Mary, who happily accepts. Mary shows Luna her abilities while Luna creates a wonderful dream for her. They become close friends with them hanging out in the dream realms on occasion, as well as Luna protecting Mary from some of her night terrors.