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Also called "The Silver Heavens", This sub house is home to beauty beyond imagining, buildings made from pure silver, gold, or often Clouds, due to being located in the sky. Many gods confuse it for the Main House. It is directly above the House of Demons.

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    The Valar 
The Valar, Deities of Angelic Councils (The Powers of Arda. Members include Manwenote , Ulmonote , Niennanote , Aulenote  and Yavannanote , Oromenote  and Vananote , Namonote  and Vairenote , Irmonote  and Este, Tulkasnote  and Vardanote )
The Aratar, mightiest of the Valar. Left to right: Namo, Yavanna, Aule, Manwe, Varda, Ulmo and Orome
Clockwise, Estë, Vairë, Vána, Nessa
Neinna(left) and Irmo(right)
Tulkas, champion of the Valar

Greater Gods

    The Angels of Paradiso 
The Angels of Paradisomembers , Holy Deities of Lovecraftian Angels (As a whole: The Hierarchy of Laguna | Fortitudo: Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude, Bringer of Flame | Temperantia: Cardinal Virtue of Temperance, Manipulator of Winds | Iustitia: Cardinal Virtue of Justice, Giver of Life | Sapientia: Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, Controller of Seas)
  • Rank:
    • Auditio and First Sphere: Greater Deities
    • Second Sphere: Intermediate Deities
    • Third Sphere: Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Hierarchy of Laguna
  • Theme Song: Advent of the Angels
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Angels, Make pacts with the Lumen Sages, Beasts with Human Faces, Light Is Not Good, Sculpted Physique, Villains with Good Publicity
  • Domains: Angels, Virtue, Light
  • Allies: Jubileus, Loptr, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Galeem, Jibril, Malthael
  • Enemies: Queen Sheba, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Loki, Rodin, Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Flonne, Artina, Tyrael, Auriel, Raava, Vaatu, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Dharkon, Dis, Mundus, The Seven Mortal Sins, Fortinbras, Sargeras, Sparda, Dante, Vergil, Nero, War, Death, Dante Alighieri, Jeanne d'Arc, Artix Von Krieger, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Captain Planet, Avatars Aang, Korra and Wan, Masou Kishin Heralds, Asura, All Demons
  • Oppose: The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Ilúvatar, Chakravartin, Chuck Shurley, The Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, The One Above All, The Presence
  • Conflicting opinion: Father Balder
  • Following the First Armageddon that created the Trinity of Realities, Jubileus was forced into dominion over the world of Paradiso and was put into an endless slumber. Afterwards, the Angels of Paradiso conspired to release her from her slumber, entering an endless war between themselves and the Demons of Inferno.
  • The Auditio, also known as the Cardinal Virtues, are the second highest-ranking members of the Laguna and serve as the great intentions of Paradiso. Their main objective is to bring their beloved creator back at any cost, and they're not above making use of their nature-bending powers to do so.
  • Over the centuries, two clans formed among humanity who worked hard to maintain the balance of the world's light and dark forces in order to ensure the just passage of time after Aesir granted them the Eyes of the World, with Lumen Sages receiving the Right Eye of Light. The Angels would form contracts with the Sages, allowing them to be summoned in battle. However, if a Sage died, their soul would be taken to Paradiso. One of their fates is to have their souls sacrificed to be part of the Worship angel, which is considered to be the highest form of bliss for followers of the Laguna.
  • As a group:
    • The Laguna entered the Pantheon through the efforts of Jubileus, Loptr and the GUAL. Jubileus and Loptr claimed that they merely wished to bolster the GUAL's strength, but, in reality, they secretly desired to one day challenge YHVH for authority, which the presence of the angels would aid them in.
    • They fiercely oppose Queen Sheba, Bayonetta and their allies and also frequently assist Loptr in trying to find ways to prevent him from periodically fusing back with Loki into Aesir. They have an especially large hatred of Rodin, the famed weaponsmith and Fallen Angel who had previously ruled a portion of Paradiso until he was exiled. They claim that Rodin was exiled to Inferno after he turned his back on the heavens and fought an insurgency against Paradiso. However, there are others that say the rulers of Paradiso feared his power and ensnared him in a trap that led to his exile. Regardless, the fact that he uses the halos of defeated angels as currency ensures that their dislike of him remains strong.
    • They quickly managed to ally themselves with Galeem, who similarly desires to impose order upon others and, like Jubileus, wants to defeat his own dark counterpart. Another reason they're working with Galeem against Dharkon is due to the latter having previously imprisoned and used some of them as Spirits, including Fortitudo, one of their highest ranking members. They've also allied themselves with other angels like Jibril and Malthael. While Jibril mainly works with them in exchange for books and the opportunity to once again kill something, Malthael fully supports their cause and is very dedicated in their common battle against the demons.
    • They strongly disapprove of and oppose all angels who don't swear fealty to Jubileus and support their cause, which includes the Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Seraph Lamington, Flonne, Artina, Tyrael and Auriel.
    • They are also enemies with both Raava and Vaatu. Despite representing order, Raava thinks that Jubileus and the angels' idea of order goes way too far. Vaatu, on the other hand, opposes them simply on principle.
    • Aside from Queen Sheba and Bayonetta, they regard Lucifer and the GUAC in general as the biggest threat to their goals. They launched a full-blown assault on the GUAC shortly after ascending, but were unable to overpower their forces and begrudgingly had to retreat. Aside from Lucifer himself, they especially dislike the Seven Mortal Sins, who had also fought against them during the battle and were quite vocal in their dislike of the angels and Jubileus.
    • Unsurprisingly, they oppose all demons in the Pantheon, regardless of their alignment. Especially powerful Demon Lords and Fallen Angels such as Dis, Mundus, Fortinbras and Sargeras in particular are targeted quite frequently.
    • When they heard that the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and the Umbra Witch Eva were present in the pantheon, they immediately launched an assault on their temple. However, they ended up fighting not just Sparda and Eva, but their sons Dante and Vergil and their grandson Nero as well. When Bayonetta and Jeanne showed up as well, the angels ended their assault and retreated, swearing that they would avenge their loss.
    • When they learned of the existence of the Nephilim Horsemen War and Death, they immediately made them high priority targets, as the existence of such hybrids is considered too much of a risk to their plans. However, both War and Death have frequently managed to fight off any assaults against them, much to the angels' annoyance.
    • Although they're annoyed by pious humans who nonetheless refuse to worship, they tend to just ignore them. However, those who have outright opposed them, such as Dante Alighieri, Jeanne d'Arc, Artix Von Krieger and Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, have been aknowledged as threats and periodically targeted.
    • The Auditio's ability to each control an element drew the attention of elemental manipulators such as Captain Planet, Avatars Aang, Korra and Wan and the Masou Kishin Heralds, who all started opposing them after learning of their motives.
    • They vehemently oppose any other creator gods within the Pantheon, such as The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Ilúvatar, Chakravartin, Chuck Shurley, The Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, The One Above All and The Presence, whom they recognize as rivals and threats to Jubileus. However, their opinion of Chuck Shurley when they learned about how Chuck treats the universe and humanity like his Cosmic Playthings and manipulated Sam and Dean for his own amusement.
    • They're very conflicted on what to think of Balder since he's been freed from Loptr's corruption. On one hand, he still holds some symbolic loyalty to Jubileus, as she is ultimately the dea worshipped by the Lumen Sages, but on the other hand, the fact that he regularly fights alongside Bayonetta and, following the revelation of Jubileus' childish attitude, advocates for Jubileus to embrace her role in the elemental balance and not try to destroy everyone has left many of the angels with a sour opinion of him.
    • "Jubileus qaal ovof vomsarg!"translation 
  • Exclusive to Fortitudo:
    • The Cardinal Virtue who personifies courage and fortitude, Fortitudo ironically tends to discourage his opponents and tempt them to stop fighting him. He was the first of the Auditio to fight against Bayonetta. Upon losing the battle, he complimented Bayonetta on her magnificent power, uttered a final prayer and was banished to the depths of Inferno.
    • He's periodically teamed up with other pyromancers such as Ragnaros, Surtr, SCP-457, Brand and Ozai. However, these team-ups are done more out of mutual benefit and convenience rather than any real loyalty between them.
    • He's regularly faced a lot of opposition from good-aligned pyromancers such as Zuko, Mako, Blaze the Cat, Natsu Dragneel, Recca Hanabishi, Rin Okumura, Firestorm and Akane Hino/Cure Sunny.
    • "I, Fortitudo, am but a simple sacrifice for the resurrection of the Creator."
  • Exclusive to Temperantia:
    • The Cardinal Virtue of Temperence, Temperantia is known to lose his temper and become absolutely furious if damaged in battle. He was the second Cardinal Virtue to fight against Bayonetta, during which he was crippled and maimed, causing him to crash to the ground. Bayonetta then proceeded to douse his body with petrol from a tanker, and set him ablaze, allowing the demons to drag him into Inferno.
    • Temperantia has managed to form an alliance of sorts with Kracko, whom he respects for his persistence in pursuing Kirby. Temperantia has used his control over the wind to enhance Kracko's strength, making both of them a surprisingly effective duo.
    • His control over wind drew the attention of airbenders such as Tenzin and Zaheer, as well as Nao Midorikawa/Cure March. While he doesn't view them as threats, he does regard their opposition to him to be annoying.
    • "We have but one goal: resurrecting the Creator and reunifying the Trinity of Realities."
  • Exclusive to Iustitia:
    • The Cardinal Virtue of Justice is known to take a particularly strange physical manifestation. A large mass covered with numerous faces, and extending outwards via countless tentacles, Iustitia could easily pass for a demon. Among Paradiso's Divine Will, there are those who believe that Iustitia is the closest of the Cardinal Virtues to Inferno. Because of the ambiguous nature of justice, Iustitia's appearance is not fixed, and it changes with the principles of justice established by mankind. He was the third of the Cardinal Virtues to fight against Bayonetta, during which she cut of his tongues and summoned Scolopendra, who crushed Iustitia into a bloody ball. After complimenting Bayonetta's power, Iustitia was dragged into Inferno.
    • It gets along quite well with Satan, whom it views as a kindred spirit due to him similarly existing for the purpose of being a judge. When together, they frequently go around the pantheon trying to get rid of their common enemies.
    • Iustitia also has something of a tenuous alliance with the Dark Judges, at least when their goals align. This has, by extention, resulted in it also becoming enemies with Judge Dredd.
    • It's control over earth, light and plants has resulted in them regularly clashing with the likes of Toph and Lin Beifong, Bolin, Sora, Kurama and Poison Ivy.
    • "Long have two eyes, one light and one dark, watched over the world and its history. It is this power that will allow the creator to start a new cycle of creation."
  • Applies to Sapientia:
    • The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, Sapientia resembles a large marine animal. Among the Cardinal Virtues, he's the most openly disdainful of humanity and narcissistic, endorsing the idea that the rise and fall of the tides, as well as natural phenomena such as tsunamis, are all the result of the Divine Will at work. He was the fourth and last member of the Cardinal Virtues to fight against Bayonetta. After repeated attacks from the summoned Phantasmaraneae, Sapientia created a vortex in the ocean, leading to one last fight in the whirlpool. Upon his defeat, he fell onto a spider web and proceeded to have his body ripped apart by Phantasmaraneae's children. In his last moments, he laughed at Bayonetta, considering her clueless, and was then taken into the depths of Inferno.
    • Due to their shared dislike of humanity, Sapientia has managed to gain an ally in Sea King. With their combined strength, the two launched an assault on Saitama in the hope of defeating. However, Saitama nonetheless defeated both of them in one punch, much to their annoyance.
    • Sapientia has regularly fought against good-aligned sea rulers such Aquaman, Namor and King Triton. Those capable of controlling water or the weather, such as Percy Jackson, Katara and Storm also oppose him. He's also faced opposition from Moses, who was appaled to learn that Sapientia had taken credit for having parted the Red Sea for him.
    • "All that remains is awakening the Left Eye, and uniting the Eyes of the World. Then the new era of creation shall arive!"
  • Exclusive to the First Sphere:
    • The most powerful of the three Spheres of influence, they are fiercely powerful and durable, with some of them being able to mimic Bayonetta's style of fighting flawlessly. They consist of three ranks, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.
    • Being second only to the Auditio in terms of strength, angels of the First Sphere are rarely encountered in the Pantheon outside their temple, which looks like Paradiso. On the rare occasions that they do leave, they have frequently shown themselves to be highly dangerous, with even high-ranking members of GUAC remarking that they had to intensify the training regimen among their troops in preparation for future assaults.
  • Exclusive to the Second Sphere:
    • Second Sphere angels are powerful and can be dangerous to even Umbra Witches. They commonly appear with support from many Third Sphere angels, but can also appear in a pair or in threes. Their ranks consist of Powers, Virtues and Dominions.
    • Angels of the Second Sphere are usually seen throughout the Pantheon either guarding objects or impeding people's way in some form to prevent trespassing. The increased security has allowed the GUAL to better focus their resources on other matters, having allowed them to score a couple of victories as a result.
  • Exclusive to the Third Sphere:
    • The Third Sphere is the lowest, and somewhat weakest, ranking Sphere of Influence, with many of its members making up the Hierarchy's shock troops and most of its standing army in general. Despite their inherent weakness compared to higher ranks, their greater numbers can make them deadly, especially if they are supporting much more dangerous types of angels. Their ranks consist of Angels, Archangels and Principalities.
    • Regarded as expendable and not being particularly smart, Third Sphere angels are the most commonly encountered types throughout the Pantheon, whether in or out of battle. They attack Bayonetta, Jeanne and Sparda's herald Eva on a daily basis due to them being Umbra Witches, although their lack of substantial strength tends to make those encounters annoying rather than dangerous.

Imperius, God of Heavenly Armies (Archangel of Valor, Imp, The Asshole Angel)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Spear Solarion, stabbed down and impaling a human skull and a demon skull.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Archangel of the High Heavens, Holier Than Thou attitude, Asshole Angel, Combat Valor, Jackass Upholder of Order, Withholding Helps, Hair-Trigger Temper (even if he has no hair), Golden Shiny Armor, Odd Name Out, Blood For Blood When It Comes To Abominations, Self Righteousness, A Very Unpopular Guy
  • Domains: Law, Heavens, War
  • Allies (in a sense): Tyrael, Auriel
  • Enemies: Malthael (as much as he didn't want it himself), Diablo, YHVH, Alarak, all Gods that have any taint of demons in them
  • Opposes: Father Balder
  • Imperius may be an Angel, but 'odd' is a light way to say it: He's a self-righteous prick that is quick to anger and really wants mankind at his realm wiped out because of carrying the blood of demons. However, as the Archangel of Valor, he's always a battle pro and the lesser Angels revere his combat tenacity... if he's not running his Hair-Trigger Temper. As such, he rose as those who would lead the army of angels to battle. It's on his job description, Valor does not include 'helping those in need'.
  • To be honest, though, Imperius was quite surprised when he entered the Pantheon. He learned that Gods that used to be human in the Pantheon have no demon blood within them unlike the Nephalem. For that, Imperius actually doesn't show interest in purging most of them them, and those he does go after usually irk his ire with their own actions, but since their image looked like the Nephalem and they still like to diss law and order, he remains a grumpy, unhelpful ass to them.
  • Many House of Angels members just dealt with him begrudgingly, because he's an asshole angel for a reason. Auriel only kept everyone together in the face of reason because she knows one day (which never came as of this day) Imperius will listen to reason... he's such a hothead.
  • Much to the surprise on everyone, even Imperius has no good opinion on YHVH. He noticed that something goes very wrong in the universe YHVH originated, and thinks that it is similar to something like demons, thus he sees no reason to even follow him. In fact, as far as Imperius is concerned, YHVH is no better than the demons in his realm (not that the Archangel has good opinions on them either).
    • On that note, he has made no secret of his disgust towards Father Balder, noting that the angels and divine figures trusted by the Lumen Sages are just the other side of the coin from the demons of their world's hell as well; only seeking to dominate everyone from above rather than below, very similarly to YHVH. However, he did respect that these angels actually prioritized destroying their demon counterparts. Thus, Even after his "so-called redemption" from the control of one such divine figure, Balder still found the ire of Imperius for another reason — namely relenting on the elimination of the darkness, which in Imperius' eyes simply means becoming weak to his true calling as a sage.
  • As the Archangel of Valor, Imperius is impressed with valiant individuals, and if one shows good valor, he may even come down to help. But for the love of all that's sane, don't say "If you do not listen, then to hell with you!" to him. He may just redirect that valor onto you (along with tons of valorous angels).
  • He's quick to put Alarak on his shit list due to him blazing through his room and dissing him on how he heard that Tyrael and Auriel has a lot to complain about him when Alarak was fighting in the Nexus. Imperius so wanted to make an edict that every Tal'darim Protoss are no better than demon-tainted beings to be purged, but such law didn't exist. His best bet is to await the time he can get into the Nexus himself, but until then, he's always making moody grumbles in his throne.

Jibril, Goddess of Unconventional Angels (Gabriel)

Sanguinius, God of Angelic Beauty (Primarch of the Blood Angels, The Angel, The Pure One, The Fabulous Fucking Hawkboy)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Sanguinary Guard Death Mask
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (his chapter turns into a dangerous brand of Chaotic Neutral under the effects of Black Rage)
  • Portfolio: Angelic Beauty, Gentle Giant, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Lightning Bruiser, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Law, Good, Strength, War, Protection
  • Superior: The Emperor of Mankind
  • Allies: Leman Russ, Vulkan, Sergant Cyrus, Seraph Lamington, Father Balder, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Flonne, Artina, Valvatorez, Karin Kanzuki, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Colette Brunel, Sparda
  • Enemies: All four Chaos Gods, Abaddon the Despoiler, The C'Tan, Mork and Gork, Dracula, Lucifer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alexander Anderson
  • Widely believed that if Horus is Satan to the Emperor's God then Sanguinius is Jesus.
    • Sanguinius died for your sins... just like Optimus Prime does on a daily basis.
  • In the 41st millennium, an Imperium wide celebration called Sanguinala is held by Humanity to honor his sacrifice.
  • To elaborate, Sanguinius is one of the twenty clone sons of the Emperor of Mankind created to serve as the template for the Emperor's Space Marine legions. In particular, Sanguinius is the Primarch of the Blood Angels, whose title is exactly as it suggests. The divine image of gold and white, the threatening image of red and black, and the inward or outward presence of wings, are all common themes in the Blood Angels' armors, and their insignia is of a tear of blood in between six angel wings. Sanguinius for the most part embraces the gold and white side of things.
    • Despite inheriting the absolute nobility of their Primarch, the Blood Angels also have a cursed property. Due to a flaw in their gene-seed, in the carnage of close combat, they will seek blood, rendering them susceptible to a state called the Black Rage in which their senses are overwhelmed by bloodlust. During the rebellion of the Primarch Horus, known in short as the Horus Heresy, the treacherous Sons of Horus hoped to use the Black Rage to provoke Sanguinius' clan into coming at odds with the Emperor. Not only did Sanguinius refuse this, he stood steadfast at the side of the Emperor as a key force in the closing chapters of the war and even directly engaged Horus with the hope of redeeming him, only to be killed by his brother in battle.
  • Though Sanguinius is very much active in the eternal war against Chaos and all enemies of Mankind within the Pantheon, the cruel reality is that his avatar upon the mortal realm is deceased after his great sacrifice. For a long time it was believed that the Angel had no means of influencing the mortal plain (much to the great satisfaction of Chaos), then rumor began to spread across the Pantheon of the Sanguinor.
    • A strange and mysterious entity began to take action across the galaxy, appearing as an glorious figure clad in golden armor and possessing of angelic wings, the Sanguinor came to the assistance of the Blood Angels during their darkest hours such as the Khartas Incident. The Exemplar of the Host mysteriously materialized and defeated the daemons of Khorne assailing the Sons of Sanguinius, including the infamous Bloodthirster, Ka'Bandha before vanishing just as mysteriously.
      • Little is known about the Sanguinor but many Gods theorize that it is the manifested embodiment of Sanguinius's nobility come to defend the Blood Angels and in extension Mankind, from the forces of Chaos and any other that dare threaten them
  • Asura is forbidden from getting within 500 feet of anyone from the Blood Angels chapter unless Sanguinius is present. This has less to do with actual bad intent as it has to do with him having the effect of provoking the Black Rage. Even one of them losing it has the potential to kill lots of innocent people.
  • Dracula has been trying to provoke the Black Rage in his chapter. He responded by breaking Dracula in half. It took weeks for Drac to recover from that.
  • Some members of the House of Theater has tried to pass through the strange idea of making an "improved version" of Twilight, taking place in the Grimdarknes of the Future, with Sanguinius, a Sister of Battle and Leman Russ casting as the better versions of Edward, Bella and Jacob. Problem is that nobody wants to bring up the idea for the potential stars in case they deem it heretical.
  • Despite possessing great love for all of his children (even if he is greatly bothered by their flaws), The Emperor loves Sanguinius far more than all of the others due to his heroic sacrifice during the Horus Heresy. To this day, The Emperor has forbidden any ill words to be made against the Pure One.
  • Upon the orders of the Emperor, Much like Vulkan and Leman Russ, he personally will take part in the "Deep Strike" front while deploying the entire Blood Angels chapter of Adeptus Astartes to Madoka's defense in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Hearing that his housemate Satan's former collaborator, the Lumen Sage called Balder, has been freed of a corrupting influence and turned to good, Sanguinius anticipated that Balder would eventually come to the Hall of Angels and end up in a battle with Satan. Assembling Tyrael and Manwë Sulimo, Sanguinius intervened in this battle, and the three good angels conversed with Balder to find out more about his story and the world he comes from. Inspired by Balder's selfless sacrifice and staunch belief in humanity's greatness, Sanguinius told his tale to the Emperor, who responded by calling in a successful case to the Court of the Gods resulting in Balder's wife Rosa being brought in as his Herald. Balder has sworn Undying Loyalty to both Sanguinius and the Emperor as his thanks.
  • Sanguinius and company also welcomed the demonic swordsman Sparda to the Pantheon with open arms, having already been made well aware of the Legendary Dark Knight. As Sanguinius informced Sparda when they met, the Emperor spoke of Sparda with the highest respect when he told the Primarch of Sparda's tale.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Personal Appearance.

    Satan (Castlevania
Satan, God of Fallen Angels (The Prince of Darkness, Lucifer The Fallen, Unholy One, Fallen Angel, King of Hell)
Click here  to see his stronger form
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Devil Mask.
  • Theme Song: The Final Confrontation (In his original form), Satan (In his Stronger Form)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Return to Heaven and topple God, Capable of using Light magic, Capable of using dark magic, pale, white skin and numerous veins appearing in his face and body, Doesn't wear clothes, Corrupted The Lords of Shadow in to the monsters they had become, Capable of possessing others, Able to create black slime constructs, He can light others on fire, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Hell, Light, Manipulation, Fire, Dark, Magic
  • Followers: The Lone Power
  • Allies: The Beast, Mr. Scratch, Grima, Shinnok, Dormammu, Randall Flagg, Jack of Blades, The Kurgan, Mundus, Davy Jones, The Incubators, CLU 2, Yami, Fortinbras, Mard Geer, Bob and George
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationships: Melkor
  • He was the one that manipulated Gabriel's Quest through Zobek in order to obtain a powerful artifact known as The God Mask as it is the key to returning to Heaven and defeating God
  • He is not at full strength when in the mortal planes of Earth but he is still a very powerful magic user being able to use the strongest shadow magic and (surprisingly for many) strongest light magic, it allows him to create binding sigils of both dark and light magic, and gives him the power to summon reapers (less powerful aspects of Death in his dimension).
  • He can use them to great advantage often creating powerful barriers of both Light and Shadow Magic, any that try to enter with only one type will get forced back
  • Also know to manipulate the elements of any area he fights in, causing the earth to quake, creating walls of flames, summoning fire to fall from the skies and using the wind to elevate him higher.
  • He has gained more power and it has allowed him to possess others and create black slime like constructs to use in battle.
  • Only known to appear with no clothes choosing to wrap himself in and dark aura as he does not wish to do anything similar to humanity.
  • He also refers to humanity as "monkeys" and refuses to believe that they deserve anything that God or any creator gods have given them.
  • He despises gods that switched from evil to good for any reason often stating the following:
    Satan: You monkeys don't deserve redemption.
  • Lucifer, the REAL Lucifer, utterly detests him: he doesn't need some "poser" giving him MORE bad press, and in such a way that is the direct antithesis to his own beliefs. "Humans are mighty in ways Satan couldn't POSSIBLY comprehend. Fully unleashed, their power is beyond god or devil." YHVH also issued a quick order: vacate the Pantheon and allow for his Satan, God's Judge, to assert his authority, or be sundered as so many pretenders before.
    • Satan gives Lucifer no respect in turn as he feels that any being with such power wasting their time on "those monkeys" are foolishly naive. He believes when he returns to Earth he will show that it is his Divine Right to be their ruler. About the only thing the two can remotely agree on is their shared enemy, YHVH. If they're up against His forces and push comes to shove, (as in REALLY comes to shove) they'll combine their powers for the legendary Armageddon spell.
  • He despises every other creator gods wishing to topple them next after defeating and taking control of Heaven from his father.
    Satan: Oh false creation gods! I come for you... Before the end, YOU will all bow down to ME!
  • Also is known to be manipulating other evil gods through endowing them with a vast amount of knowledge and power, and implanted the idea to use his elaborate plans to obtain his goals as he did with Zobek. Who he has chosen is something only he knows, as he wants to create a faction of usurpers that will help his dark plans to capture the Great Will's throne.
    • One of said collaborators was revealed to be Father Balder, who hoped to use this partnership to ascend a creator deity called Jubileus. Satan aided him on this, knowing full well that Jubileus' demon counterpart Queen Sheba would rise up alongside her. Much to his consternation, however, Jubileus was arrogant and petty and would not bow before Satan, and Queen Sheba was actually the less likely of the two to conduct an assault on humanity by a wide margin. This, and the revelation that Balder was corrupted by another creator deity called Loptr when they had aligned and in his purest personality considered working with Satan a great shame, made them strong enemies. They even had a fight when Balder visited the Silver Heavens that was cut off by several other angels present.
  • Even though he loathes humanity he has found an interest in Draco Malfoy, for reasons even he cannot explain.
  • Even though Gabriel destroyed it, Satan was able to rebuild his strongest weapon: The Demon Whale "The Leviathan" a beast with enough power to destroy the world in one blast. While The Pantheon is far larger and hardier than the earth, the damage Satan could cause with the Leviathan in the event of losing The Pantheonic Rebellion would be tremendous.
  • Also has shown an interest in Homura Akemi after her actions in "The Great Upheaval".
    Satan: So... the supposed Gods of Good have abandoned you, too? So be it. Join me. I will love you more than them.
    Satan: The other Gods do not love you, they will let your beloved die!
    • On that note, he often appears to Madoka, trying to persuade her to reclaim her power through her newly found hatred in the hopes of claiming both Madoka and Homura as allies.
    Satan: Hate can bring you back, give you strength. Embrace it!
    • So far nothng profitable for his end has come of this.
  • Is starting to slowly regain his angelic power in the Pantheon to battle Gabriel, changing his physical appearance to one larger and more muscular. He has regained his wings, and wears a thick armored exoskeleton.
  • He cannot currently enter earth ever again after the final battle against Gabriel as it resulted in the destruction of his greatest weapon and his defeat even with him taking control of the body of Alucard (Trevor). He has since vowed to strengthen himself like never before so that even the most powerful of gods become insignificant to him.
  • Has a rather shaky alliance with Grima as of late, can't help feeling that Grima plans something for his Dragonkin alone.
    • However, they are willing to put it aside in the upcoming Pantheonic Rebellion, as Satan seeks The Great Will's throne and Grima seeks the destruction of his two greatest rivals: Bahamut and Alexstrasza. What happens afterwards is anyone's guess.
  • He also has a rather complicated relationship with Melkor as well. As Melkor is the originator of evil, and thus technically a creator god, Satan desires his position as leader of the Grand United Alliance of Evil as his next throne to topple. On the other hand, Melkor's desire to see the Pantheon burn and destroy things for evil and power is precisely in line with Satan's methods. Melkor, in turn, likes Satan's style of evil, but is uneasy about his ambition, particularly since he has personal quarrels with the new alliances. Furthermore, his Badass Boast easily makes him realize that Satan will never fully cooperate in the war even after they win it.
  • Was confronted by the poet Alighieri and to the surprise of a few, he immediately recognized him and already vowed vengeance. A battle almost commenced until it was interrupted by Fortinbras and The Beast forcing Dante to let him escape. What connection they have is unknown, though Satan only had one thing to say.
    Satan: Dante is the best. Many have tried and many have failed. Brave Ulysses, the great Alexander, Attila, Lancelot... Only he possessed a soul black enough to free me, how do you think I entered the Pantheon?
  • Has made Mard Geer Tartaros one of his lieutenants and Lords of Hell, impressed as he was by the demon's utter disregard for humanity. He's also impressed by Mard Geer's loyalty to his yet-unascended master, E.N.D., and has offered, if the demon proves himself, to aid Mard Geer in ascending him to a throne.
  • Despises and is despised by Luka in turn, due to the fact that Luka is the son of Lucifer's equivalent in his world. Satan thinks Luka is the lowest of fools and scum for this, and Luka, in turn, claims that Satan deserved every bit of punishment he got and then some after learning about his list of transgressions.
  • One of the few deities he's allied with for non-professional purposes are his grandsons, George and Bob. Much to his annoyance, though, is people mistaking him as their father.
  • Absolutely despises the Satan that serves YHVH. Not only does he serve YHVH willingly, but he would have Fallen Angels submit and die for YHVH. He is also disgusted by the fact that Satan was once in a human form called Zayin, and sees the humanity that occasionally emerges from that experience as a weakness to be exploited.
  • He insists that when he fell from Heaven (like lightning), a certain M. Bison did not behold him.

Intermediate Gods

Castiel, God of Overcoat-wearing Angels (Jimmy Novak is his vessel, Cas, Clarence, Asstiel, Feathers, Halo)
  • Intermediate God (Was an Overdeity briefly)
  • Symbol: His longcoat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with neutral tendencies (Lawful Neutral when an Overdeity)
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Uses Jimmy Novak's body as a vessel, Angelic Beauty, The Atoner, Beware the Nice Ones, No Social Skills, Perma-Stubble, Limited Wardrobe, Unkempt Beauty, Cannot Tell a Lie, Friend to All Living Things,
  • Domains: Light, Healing, Travel, Repose, Good
  • Allies: The Winchesters, Bobby Singer, Chuck Shurley, John Constantine, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Archangel Michael, Rosemary Woodhouse, Father Damian Kerras and Father Lankester Merrin, The Fonz
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes of Hell, YHVH, Lucifer, Mephisto
  • Odd Friendship: George Bailey, Bob Belcher
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Gabriel
  • Not so different from: Klaus Wulfenbach
  • Once thought to be around for only a few episodes, the angel Castiel quickly became one of the most prominent characters of his world. Even when many of the Winchester's allies have perished, the angel has endured everything in order to help them out. The Fonz himself was present to usher in his ascension.
    • He only made it into the Pantheon under the request of John Constantine. He even managed to take some of his followers for a start. That does mean that Cas now owns the Hellblazer a favor, one of many that do.
    • It should be noted that much of the reason for his ascension is because of the sheer massive amount of popularity among his followers. He has firmly put himself as the One True Threesome with Sam and Dean. The pairing has said to have singlehandedly kept the show running for so long. None of the three have said whether they will actually do it to keep the fanbase from getting too upset.
  • Castiel is an angel but can only maintain a physical form through possessing a human host, much like demons in his world. Only this time Jimmy Novak voluntarily gets possessed. Turns out Jimmy had a much higher pitched voice as a human. Trollkaiger had a field day mocking Cas over it.
    • The possession isn't completely absolute. The angel seemed to have inherited a desire for burgers, even though Castiel doesn't really need to eat. This became a huge boon for Bob Belcher's business because he knows Cas will eat a whole lot of burgers and can pay for it.
  • Once had the power of God himself... for all of one episode before utterly failing at it. He would rather not be reminded of that time.
    • Klaus thought otherwise. As someone who thought he was justified in his actions, he hopes that Cas would revert to his omnipotent form. With enough experience, he believes Cas won't make the same mistakes the first time. The angel retorted by saying there won't be a "next time" as he will never let that happen again.
    • He did have an interesting conversation with Bruce Nolan about it. The regular human knew that taking over said powers was a lot harder than it looks. Neither would say who had it worse, but they bonded well over the experience.
    • His constant ability to screw up his abilities has caught the interest if Mephisto. A known manipulator of pure souls, he hopes to steer Castiel away from the GUAG into his own domain. Cas has thus far resisted temptation. He's dealt with enough corruption with Dean, Lucifer and others on his world.
  • Is in the unenviable position of being courted by BOTH sides of the Law-Chaos side. YHWH once disguised himself as God and tried to indoctrinate him into serving the Absolute Lawmaker. It may have worked if he had done it in an earlier time. Cas now knows better than to blindly follow orders. He firmly rebuffed the offer before moving on. Lucifer tried a more lenient approach, taking him to his temple and showering him with gifts before asking for some favors. That didn't go well either, as he did not want to be under the control of Lucifer as he had been before.
    • Was surprised to find the God in the Pantheon. He was more friendly towards that deity, though he hasn't promised full devotion just yet. Cas was just surprised at how laid back this deity was.
  • If you ever need someone to sling insults at your foes... Castiel is not that person. At all. His crowning achievement was calling the Archangel himself "assbutt."
    • This made his eventual meeting with Archangel Michael to be an awkward affair. Thankfully, this version understood the situation, even thanking him for preventing the Apocalypse. He did make sure to watch over Castiel, given his penchant to making stupid mistakes.
  • He may be an angel, but he's far from what one would expect of a Guardian Angel. That and Cas has made so many mistakes he's considering to get himself a guardian angel. Even then, George Bailey has faith that he can continue to do good.
  • With that said, he did promise to watch over Rosemary after the incident with her child.
  • Knows a thing or two about exorcising demons from people and does so on lesser beings on a regular basis. The Gods of Exorcism have seen him as a huge help in dealing with possessions. Cas hopes that they can produce enough followers to deal with the many demons in his own world.
  • People have yet to live down Castiel's ineffectual 'assbutt' insult. Even the LOL Rangers can't help but snicker whenever they hear the word.

    Dudley (The Bishop’s Wife
Dudley, Divine Representative of Guardian Angels
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An empty stocking or himself decorating a Christmas tree
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Guardian Angel sent to answer the prayers of a bishop, has to leave once he has completed his task and erasing everyone’s memories of him in the process, Love Triangle with Julia and Bishop Henry Brougham
  • Domains: Angels, Guidance
  • Followers: Monica, Tess, Andrew and Gloria
  • High Priest: Clarence
  • Allies: George Bailey, Aziraphale, Pit, The Love The Moves the Stars, Captain Gregg and Lucy Muir, Kenny McCormick, TK and Kari
  • On good terms with: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Frollo, YHVH
  • Respected by: The Guardians and Protectors sub-house
  • Unsure opinion on: Dark Pit, Johnny Bravo
  • Dudley is an angel who was brought to Earth in human form to assist a bishop who prayed for guidance. That bishop, Henry Brougham, had been working for months on the plans for an elaborate new cathedral which he hopes will be paid for primarily by a wealthy, stubborn widow, but was losing sight of his family and of why he became a churchman in the first place. Henry was skeptical, then annoyed when the angel ingratiated himself into the household as his assistant, and worse, won the attention of Henry's long-suffering and kindly wife, Julia, whom he found himself attracted to much to Henry’s jealousy. When Henry wanted to know why his cathedral plans were derailed, Dudley reminded him that he prayed for guidance rather than a new building. As soon as his mission was fulfilled and knowing that Julia loved her husband, Dudley left with all memories of him erased.
  • Moments after he left, he spotted an envelope that was dropped on the ground containing a letter regarding his invitation to a place called the Pantheon. When he was brought up there, it turns out that he was brought there because the subhouse of Angels was looking for a contender for the Guardian Angel trope and felt that Dudley is a perfect fit for the title, to which he ended up accepting.
  • One of the angels who helped with Dudley’s arrival in the Pantheon was an overcoat-clad angel named Arizaphale, whom Dudley would regularly hang out with whenever he isn’t tasked in helping other mortals back in his home universe. They can be seen talking about their experiences in their respective Earths, though Dudley is also a bit surprised with how Arizaphale would befriend a fallen angel named Crowley. Another notable angel that he has gotten along with is Pit, who was tasked to watch over mankind as a service to Palutena. Though he is unsure what to make of Dark Pit, who was originally Pit’s evil counterpart before having a mind of his own and instead became amicable rivals with Pit.
  • It’s no surprise that he would meet up with George Bailey, whom Dudley has some respect for given that George also has a guardian angel who helped him during the Christmas season when he was struggling with his problems regarding his family. George also appreciates the fact that Clarence was chosen as Dudley’s high priest.
  • If his interactions with Henry and Julia’s daughter suggest anything, he seems to be pretty good with children. Dudley has respect for Kenny McCormick after hearing about how the latter, at one point, served as a guardian angel and has pitied the boy’s situation in having died multiple times. TK and Kari of the DigiDestined are also fascinated with him as he reminds them of the angel Digimon who often protects them.
  • Apparently, Johnny Bravo once had a Guardian Angel who, like with George Bailey, showed him what life would be like if he wasn’t born, and it turns out that most of his peers seem to be better off without him. Even his angel confesses that his boss warned him Johnny was just a "hunk of meat with a mouth." Dudley isn’t sure what to make of Johnny based on that account, but he hopes that he becomes a better person from such an experience.
  • Another human deity that Dudley is on good terms with is Lucy Muir. Dudley is unnerved with her romance with a ghost captain, though that’s only because it reminded him of his own romance with the bishop’s wife, which he abandoned after knowing that she loved her husband.
  • Given his role as a Guardian Angel, the Guardians and Protectors sub house (which he also resides in) has nothing but respect for Dudley. He is also appreciated by the Love that Moves the Stars, particularly with how Dudley managed to help out the bishop and his family, and the angel, in turn, reciprocated said feelings back.
  • While Dudley is willing to answer the calls of people on a case-on-case basis, he is also aware of some who wanted to use him for more malevolent actions, notably Judge Frollo, a crazed religious judge who committed horrible actions under the excuse of enforcing God’s will. He also opposes YHVH and His Angels for his heavy-handed idea of guidance.
  • At first, Bayonetta is concerned about Dudley given that she has fought evil angels before, but the witch later found out that he is a rather pleasant example of their kind. In turn, Dudley was a bit afraid of meeting Bayo because of tales regarding her aforementioned fights, only for their meeting to end in a good note after she saw that he was a good guy.

Tyrael, God of Broken Angels (Archangel of Justice (formerly), Aspect of Justice/Wisdom)
  • Formerly Greater God, currently Intermediate
  • Symbol: El'druin, his sword.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gave up angelhood for the sake of humanity, Big Good, Bald of Authority, the righteous one in the dark world and the reasonable man
  • Domains: Light, Former Angels
  • Allies: The Nephalem, Thrall, Jaina, Madoka Kaname, Artix Von Krieger, Tassadar, Cosmos, Sora, Flonne, Artina, Sicily, Alexstraza, Sanguinus, Pit, Colette Brunel, Tyr, Nova Terra, Emilia Justina, Jim Raynor, Father Balder
  • Enemies: Diablo, Azmodan, Adria, The Butcher, Satan, Chernabog, The Beast, YHVH, Lucifer, Homura Akemi, Arcturus Mengsk
  • Opposes: Yunael and Minael
  • Tyrael saw humanity with high opportunity, especially against the demons of the Burning Hell. However, when he found that the law made by the Angels prevented him from interfering in the affairs of man, he chose to give up his angelhood to lead them against evil.
  • As the Aspect of Justice and member of the Angiris Court, he occasionally appears in the Court of the Gods.
  • YHVH despises him for not following his Light of Order despite being an Angel. Tyrael thinks he's nothing but a tyrant sitting on Heaven's throne.
  • He fought in the battlefield along with Blizzard heroes like Thrall and Jaina. Although he appears as his angelic form, though this is more to suit him in battle.
  • As he was formerly an angel that fought demons from the Burning Hell for a millennium, he is unforgiving to any demons in the Pantheon, though he shows some graces to demons like Morrigan Aensland.
    • This is why he typically avoid anyone from the Nipponverse because he will get a headache with its demons, who are typically good, has good intentions, or at best Chaotic Neutral.
  • He opposes Satan, a God representing fallen angels. Despite the two having fallen from grace, he still fights to protect the innocent, and aided the Nephalem in stopping Diablo from destroying the High Heavens, while he wants to conquer it.
  • He trusts Madoka Kaname as though she was the God that Sanctuary never had (the God of Sanctuary, Anu, is dead and made into the High Heavens) however, he is currently conflicted with Homura Akemi, whether she would be an equivalent of a Prime Evil.
  • Often smiles in spite of himself at the actions of Pit, who he sees, despite his occasional screw-ups and quirks, as an example of what angels should try to be towards humans.
  • He still prays that the Nephalem that fought with him in both Sanctuary and Nexus would not get tempted into evil. Thankfully a lot of good Gods here have assured him that even if they could surpass the Sanctuary's greatest champions of Heaven and Hell, the whole Pantheon is a different story. Eventually, the Nephalem truly made their way to the Pantheon, and so far Tyrael was glad that they are still staunch protectors of humanity.
  • He has become a mentor to half-angel Emilia Justina after he became aware of her heroic deeds and her mission to keep an eye on Satan Jacob. Since Emilia can regain her holy power within the House of Angels, Tyrael always takes the opportunity to spar with her.
  • Sanguinius assembled him and Manwë Sulimo to intervene when the redeemed Father Balder came to visit the Hall of Angels only to be confronted by Satan. After the dust settled, the three angels conversed with Balder; discovering that although Balder served some rather strange angels as a Lumen Sage, he too saw the great potential of humanity to rise beyond their weaknesses, even sacrificing his own sanity and virtue to contain a great evil in his own more stoppable vessel rather than allow it to completely run amok. Tyrael and Balder became fast allies.

Lesser Gods

    Aru Akise 
Aru Akise, Divine Messenger
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His notebook and his "Detective Diary".
  • Theme Music: "The Search For A Certain Truth"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of Chaotic Good (True Neutral in Yandere Mode)
  • Portfolio: Smart Heroic Antagonists, Nice Guy You Shouldn't Mess With Or Steal His Love Interest Or Else!, Amateur Sleuth, Badass Normal, Thou Shall Not Kill, Dissonant Serenity, Hopeless Suitor, Mystical White Hair, Angel Unaware, Artificial Human of the Akashic Records, Off with His Head! (But Not For Long)
  • Domains: Heroes, Love, Jealousy, Hair, Ambiguity (At times), Protection, Freedom, Death
  • Herald: Gremory
  • Mentor: Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
  • Allies: Yukiteru Amano, Reisuke Houjou, Kaworu Nagisa, Rei Ayanami, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Johan Anderson, Makoto Itou, Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip), Rias Gremory, Byakuya Togami, Nana
  • Conflicting Opinions: Jin Kisaragi, Judai Yuki, Yubel
  • Conflicting Relationships: Ooi, Yuno Gasai
  • Enemies: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Embryo, Judge Claude Frollo, Gaston, Hera, YHVH and the GUAL
  • Opposed by: Momo Karuizawa (More like Sitcom Archnemesis)
  • Ascended after he decided that it was enough of Yuno Gasai's hunt down of everyone voiced by Akira Ishida and Todd Haberkorn, before it degenerated into more chaos and insanity and to see if she would stop with him being there. Surprisingly enough, she did.
    • It should be noted that it really took a while for him to find a good position but he has decided to take his role as the Observer of God once again. He had a hard time finding a House to place his temple in but eventually settled on the House of Angels since he is technically one, if not a conventional one.
  • His relationship with Yuno Gasai is... Interesting. All of those deities were chased down in the first place because of him but Akise did give her reasons to hate him due to his determination to have Yukiteru and this made her want to kill him on sight. In the end, Akise and Yuno have started to be able to tolerate each other's presence, but they still can be seen fighting sometimes.
    • Ultimately though, Yuno somehow managed to recover his memories of her 3rd world self what became the dominant personality of her, thus making her turn good. Her relation with Akise is a bit iffy, though, as she still remembers how he tried to stop her from recovering her memories.
  • Has become very good friends with Kaworu Nagisa, who have recognized the similarities they both share. He wishes him to have better luck with Shinji than the one he had.
    • However, he has realized that he is more similar to Alcor and is looking forward to his ascension (though that may bring individuals he won't particularly like...)
  • Has decided to still try to be a Great Detective in the Pantheon and picked up Reisuke Houjou as his sidekick again. He really admires Shotaro Hidari for being a detective and Philip is kind of similar to him too so he hopes that they are often together.
  • Despite being a "Male Yandere", he has nothing but utter contempt for the likes of Frollo, Gaston, Embryo and Kusaka for being worse than he is. In the other hand, his opinion of Jin Kisaragi usually fluctuates depending on his attitude.
    • Of course, as Ooi once pointed out, he is no better than them or Yuno. Akise is under probation before he ever wishes to join the Special Lovers Squad, if at all since him leaving his friends to their deaths for the sake of Yukiteru didn't sit well with them.
  • Pities Makoto Itou for being struck between two yanderes and having been decapitated once, the latter being something he can relate. He would prefer for him to be with Yuki Ashikaga instead of Kotonoha and Sekai.
  • Is often teased and annoyed by Momo Karuizawa. He believes that she is doing it on behalf of her high priestess Mur Mur, who dislikes him.
  • Has befriended Johan Anderson due to being a fellow Kaworu Nagisa Expy. He actually found it depressing when he heard that the duelist lost Judai's love to a yandere out to get him as he did with Yukiteru. But at least he should feel lucky that Yukiteru isn't married and fused to Yuno like Judai and Yubel are.
  • Absolutely hates gods that abuse their power, especially Hera because she reminds him of Yuno (one would think this comparison should probably be flipped around) and YHVH because of his abusive treatment of his creations which is similar to how the Second World Deus Ex Machina treated him.
  • He was eventually given a demon named Gremory by the Third World Deus Ex Machina. It's unknown whether this means he could also summon Rias Gremory but some gods have seen her being with him, Reisuke, Shotaro and Philip in their Great Detective adventures whenever she has spare time.

    Sweet Mayhem 
Sweet Mayhem, Goddess of Angelic Aliens
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    Claudia Jerusalem 
Claudia Jerusalem, Goddess of Angelic Transformations (Metatron)
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