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Kal-El of Earth Prime, God of Jabs At The Fanbase (Superboy-Prime, Superman-Prime for a time(not the 853rd century one), Clark Kent of Earth-Prime/Earth 33, and in one timeline the Time Trapper)
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Lesser Gods

    9-Volt and 18-Volt 
9-volt and 18-volt, Patron Saints of Fanboys
9-volt is on the right, 18-volt is on the left.

    Kimmy Howell 
Kimmy Howell, Goddess of Declaring They’re the Biggest Fan ( Kimmy Love)
Click to see her in No More Heroes III 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Dual Bladed Beam Katana which is doubles as a flute
  • Theme Song: Dose of Innocence, Awesome Holyday In The Sky.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil in No More Heroes 3.
  • Portfolio: Yandere Fangirls, Totally Radical, Girlish Pigtails, Laser Blade, Waif-Fu, Exploding bubble attacks, Killer Rabbit, Planned to behead her idol, Spared until she graduates, Has Lost Her Respect For Travis, Grew Up Into A Violent Diva.
  • Domains: Assassins, (Crazy) Fans, Beam Weaponry, Flutes, Music
  • High Priestess: Rose Marigold
  • Followers: Penelope Taint, Sierra
  • Biggest Fan of: Travis Touchdown
  • Allies: GUAC Yandere Squad (except for Yuno Gasai), I-No, Courtney Gears.
  • Specators: Howard and Kreese (slight contempt on Kreese's end)
  • Rivals: Henry Cooldown, Margaret Moonlight, Destroyman, Travis' rivals and other assassins, Jedi and Sith, Devola and Popola.
  • Enemies: Travis Touchdown, Syndrome, Sakura Kasugano, Anyone targeted by her
  • A seemingly ordinary and ditzy university student who's good at playing her flutenote , there's more to Kimmy Howell than appearance alone. She's a big fan of Travis Touchdown, claiming to be his number one fan, and in order to prove it she herself has to become an assassin as strong as he is. Winning the National Student Assassin championship, she would then go on to meet the Crownless King in the flesh where Kimmy told Travis in her love letter (that he had to read out loud by the way) that she plans to defeat him and keep his head as a trophy. Travis ended up knocking her out exclaiming "he can't kill a co-ed", one of the few assassins he spared the life of made more prominent by the fact that she fought Travis after he got over his inability to kill women.
  • Travis went about his usual business training with Shovel Knight when the sounds of a flute started playing. Travis was skeptical at first, but the two continued on until they heard a girl calling out for Travis along with a bunch of nicknames, the most common being "Travis the Great". Having heard his suspicions being confirmed, Travis turned around to see Kimmy Howell with her double beam katana activated asking for a rematch, one that involves her fulfilling that promise. Shovel Knight offered to help but Travis refused on the grounds that he's going to school her again, this time with the added experience from being in the Pantheon. Sure enough, he won again and told her to come back again sometime later.
    • Now, he expected her to be out of the Pantheon for a while but unfortunately for him, onlookers decided to nominate the girl for ascension. The Goddess of Declaring They're the Biggest Fan being her title. At the very least, she decided to go train and get stronger in an effort to keep up with him. Not exactly out of his hair, as from time to time she'll challenge him again and again, but at the very least they're infrequent.
    • Until she did meet him again, but clearly the both of them had changed and for better and worse. While she became a famous diva who puts on shows for fans, she clearly resents Travis after their fight and likely never even looking for a rematch. During the ranked fights against the "Galactic Heroes" Kimmy fought Travis again only this time it ended with her death.
  • Though a lower ranked assassin than the others from her world and certainly not as experienced like her idol, she did win a championship for students aspiring to be assassins (even if she admits herself there was some luck involved) in addition to holding her own against Travis with her more elegant style of fighting, Groin Attacks aside. Not to mention she proclaims herself as a quick learner which holds a bit of water as she is one of the few young assassins with the other being Travis' self-nominated Herald Shinobu. And Shinobu grew up to be a very skilled assassin in Asia after Travis' retirement in the span of three years. It's no surprise that she considers herself a rival to other assassins both from Santa Destroy and here in the Pantheon.
  • Setting aside the fact that all beam katanas resemble lightsabers, her choice of weapon gets compared to Darth Maul's. At least, when the beam's colored red, sometimes it can appear green or blue-ish. There are some who think she underwent some training under him but he denies such claims. His only Padawon was his brother, Savage Oppress, but he ended up being killed by Darth Sidious when he realized Maul lived. Many point it's much more of a safety hazard than Maul's own lighsaber considering it doubles as an instrument and it would be much easier to harm oneself if you were to, say, wanting to play it.
  • It should be pointed out that, despite never giving up on taking her idol down, she still continues her life as a student outside of her work of cold-blooded murder and attends the Pantheon's Elysium Academy despite, y'know, her repnote . As long as you stay away from the topic of Travis, especially if you're a girl and including any word that references being a fan of him, you're pretty golden. Not quite as extreme as some of the other Yanderes here, but it couldn't hurt to be careful. And speaking of Yanderes, she once thought of joining up with the Yandere Squad but ultimately dismissed the idea to keep her options open as an assassin. That said, she sometimes lends them her aid even if Yuno, the Division's leader, doesn't really like Kimmy all that much having moved past those tendencies.
  • Originally was seen wearing glasses but she seems to have ditched them at some point before her confrontation with Travis with no explained reason as to why. Acena thought that was a shame, and is currently persuading her to wear them again. She really can only be seen wearing them when Acena's around but it's a start, anyways.
  • Has some similarities with other fans in the Pantheon. For example, Syndrome back when he was still a fan of Mr. Incredible, and Kimmy aren't all that different. Both are self-proclaimed greatest fans to their idols to which neither really looked at their fans like they wanted to. Difference is, Syndrome got his dreams crushed by his very idol and consequently became a Hero Killer while Kimmy got to duel with her idol and still continues with her dreams with Travis not doing that much to dissuade her. Syndrome thinks it's pretty pathetic she's still in that phase like he was in, as far as he's concerned you can't count on anyone, especially your heroes. Finding the supervillain annoying and too much like Destroyman, she avoids him and wouldn't be hesitant on offing him when the time comes.
    • Another deity she has similarities to is Sakura Kasugano considering she too was inspired to fight after seeing their respective people in action. Not to mention, there's also the fact they have a crush on their respective heroes and learned how fight as well as they could have by just being determined enough while also being quite the quick learner. While Kimmy would of liked to interact with someone with the same as she has, Sakura would rather not be associated with her for reasons already listed above. She's not that crazy of a fan, and wouldn't dismiss the idea of Kimmy taking on a hit against Ryu.
  • With her surprising amount of skill and continuing off of their commentary for Travis, Howard and Kreese sometimes spectate over Kimmy's hits seeing the potential of her participation in both Death Watch games should it be reestablished. Kreese is a bit bitter when it comes to her and her "wienie-ass hate sabers", given his experiences with the Masters, Thunder and Sun, engraving their initials in his pancreas with weaponry similar to hers. Plus, there was that one time in the Pantheon that he met her and it ended with one swift Groin Attack using her beam katana. If he had to be honest, it wasn't the worst Groin Attack he endured. That honor goes to Jude the Dude with his spurs. He was still unable to jerk off for a couple days, in that his will was lacking in that time frame, it took way longer to heal of course.
  • Can also be found in Phrases.
  • "Yeah, I'm legit! And way tougher than I look! So, um...don't hold back, 'k? Because one mistake, and you're over. This is for real. Tehehe."

    Metallica & Megadeth 
Metallica and Megadeth, Gods of Fandom Rivalry (Leather Charm)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: Stylized "M" in fours, combined into a Shuriken (Metallica), The Mask of Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
  • Signature Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Members: Note that these are current band members as of now.
    • Metallica: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo
    • Megadeth: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Kiko Loureiro, Dirk Verbeuren
  • Portfolio: Thrash Metal Pioneers, Fandom Rivalry, Numerous Bands have Followed in their Footsteps, Having a Collection of Long Songs, Have an Association with Alcohol, Had Humble Beginnings, Now Some of the World's Biggest Bands, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll (Deconstructed for Metallica at One Point), Often Altering Letters for Stylistic Effect, Tried Different Musical Styles at Times Much to Some of the Fandom's Dismay, Have made Several Cover Versions, Concept Albums, Having their Fair Share of Soft and Melodious Tracks
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Fandoms, Rivalries, Legacy, Influence, Anger, Speed
  • High Priest: Anthrax
  • Heralds: Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies, Angra, Soilwork, Beatallica
  • Followers: Testament, Overkill
  • Allies/Fans: Clark Kent/Superman, Frank Castle/The Punisher, H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Beavis and Butthead, Johnny Lawrence, Christopher Lee, Houkago Tea Time, Yuri Nakamura, Goku, The Nature Preservers, Linkin Park, Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Sabaton, Eddie Riggs, The Guy, Pink Floyd, Sun Tzu, The Undertaker, Joe Bonham
  • Friendly Rival: Each Other (That's not what some of their fans would interpret)
  • Rival: Dethklok
  • Enemies: Arfoire, Johan Liebert, Mr. Burns, Eliza and Neal Reagan
  • Characters/Topics of Interest for their Songwriting: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, The Cthulhu Mythos, YHVH, Lucifer, Guts, Atrocitus, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Evil-Aligned Deities in the House of Nature, The House of Military and Warfare, Zamasu
  • Opposes: Risotto Nero, Diavolo, The 456 Ambassador, William Stryker, Cletus Kasady
  • As Heavy Metal beganto branch out to further success and experimentation in the 80s thanks to the acts of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, a new subgenre developed in the 1980s; Thrash Metal, meant to push the aggression and technicality of Metal to its absolute limit back in the day. The success of Venom soon saw the rise of several Thrash scenes from across the world, The most prominent being being the West Coast, California. Metallica and Megadeth were among those bands from the West Coast, with the two since establishing much of the genre's most notable and influential works from the 80s and onward.
    • Metallica and Megadeth are connected with one another very personally. Dave Mustaine was initially the lead guitarist of the former, and despite having contributed to much of their material for their debut album Kill 'em All, he was fired from Metallica due to his substance abuse and getting into conflicts with fellow band members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, literally Put on a Bus and replaced by former Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett. After working as a telemarker, Mustaine vowed revenge and decided to create his own band as competition: Megadeth.
    • Because of the band's personal connection with one another, their fandom also has one of the most passionate relationships with one another, and not in a good way. While they do not deny each other's influence, they're quick to accuse and criticize the other fandom. Megadeth fans will often label Metallica as selling out and moving away from Thrash to Traditional Metal during the 90s, despite Megadeth also having changed their sound and style around the same time. Not helping matters is how Mustaine, even with the incredible critical and commercial success he ad managed to accumulate, still feels overshadowed by Metallica.
    • Overtime however, their enmity has softened up and the two bands have even shared the stage with one another. At the end of the day, both bands have created a massive legacy and they're more content with being amicable with one another. Still doesn't change much of their fandom's perception on their musical style after the 80s.
  • Metallica and Megadeth have spent much of their still playing in large tours, developing ideas for a studio album and generally just spending time with their relatives and loved ones. That is, until they received an invitation, signed by Ugo telling them of a new area where they are invited to play in a concert that is much grander than they've experienced. The two bands decided to accept the deal, although they were unaware that the other was also invited. They met up in this new land, surprised to see that the two have been lured into playing with each other again. With their fierce rivalry having softened up over the years, Mustaine decided to accept going along with Metallica regardless. Both bands congratulated each other as they ascended into the Pantheon together.
    • They played a massive gig in the House of Music compromised of over a thousand fans and guests. They fully enjoyed the experience, though they felt pretty exhausting and took a break. To their dismay however, they had to go through a series of fans who would often send them hate-mail about their neverending complaints the bands have been receiving back in the 90's, much to their dismay.
  • They have a very surprising fan from Superman. It turns out that he owns every Metallica album and that his favorite album by them is fittingly enough, ''...And Justice for All''. Unbeknownst to Metallica, Superman has attended their concerts as Clark Kent, though he doesn't headbang to make sure his glasses don't fall off.
    • Both bands also looked up fondly by Frank Castle, as Mustaine even wrote half of "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" based on the Punisher. Though unlike Superman, Frank doesn't attend their concerts because he feels as if his presence might scare off several fans and potentially ruining a touring session for them.
  • Metallica frontman, James Hetfield would sometimes go to the House of Beast for a hunting session. Naturally, a lot of animals were unhappy about this and demanded that Hetfield be charged for harming animals. Hetfield has since complied, but has openly said that he has no intent in overhunting animals to extinction. His other hobby is taking a trip to the Ice and Cold sub-house for snowboarding. He's happy to see that most residents of the sub-house are amicable with him in this regard.
    • Kirk is a big fan of the Horror genre and has spent years building up a massive Horror memorabilia in his spare time. He's quickly become friends with Christopher Lee, who turns out, is also a Metalhead. Kirk also got copies of two guitars to Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. He's admitted to be being a fan of Dracula, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger by concept and critical reception. No way in hell would Kirk ever want to meet the three in person. Stephen King himself has also professed to be a fan of Heavy Metal in general, Metallica being one that he enjoys listening to.
    • Lars Ulrich can often be seen in the House of Sports playing tennis, given how he wanted to be professional player back in his childhood before he found another passion in playing music. It turns out his father was a pretty good player back in the day. And he takes some personal time practicing his business skills as Lars happens to be the biggest promoter when it comes to Metallica merchandising.
  • Outside of being in Megadeth tours, Mustaine is often seen reading and studying, in addition to looking after his own family and health. His daughter Electra is a Country artist, which Mustaine is content and proud with, regardless of genre difference. The other Megadeth members are also parents and spend a lot of time with their families as much as Dave does.
  • Learning about the Pantheonic Forever War, Metallica and Megadeth are interested in the tales and events surrounding said event and try to find any documented works (E.g. films, books, articles, etc) in the hopes that they could write and produce a song out of it. Their most featured character is Melkor, but they've made it clear that they have NO support for the God of Evil in case they want their detractors to shut up about the two somehow having ties to Melkor. Then again, there's several Metal tracks of all genres that feature a Complete Monster as the focus, so Metallica and Megadeth aren't any different.
    • That's not to say all of their works feature villains. The story of Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi has become one of great interest for the bands. Metallica seems to feature Madoka more prominently whereas Megadeth focuses on Homura. That said, their end material is something that skirts between hope and despair. Their songs based on the two magical girls is still under development.
    • Given how Thrash Metal tends to cover topics like corruption, war, pollution, severe mental issues and general dark events pretty frequently, Metallica and Megadeth are no strangers when it comes to writing and singing songs about them. It's no wonder the Houses of Nature and War are of big interest to them. The Nature Preservers are pretty cordial with the bands for writing songs that address the severity of pollution towards the environment, although they do admit Heavy Metal in general isn't their type of music.
  • There was once an instance where the Houkago Tea Time suddenly had their equipment and gear stolen, leaving the Girl Rock band empty handed and unable to prepare for an upcoming tour and gig session. Upon hearing this, Metallica approached Houkago Tea Time and donated them a list of equipment and gear to get the girls back to practice, much to their joy. It turns out that there was an instance where Metallica had their gear stolen at one point, so they understood how Houkago Tea Time must have felt.
    • It turned out that the gear's thief was Eliza and Neil Reagan, who wanted to assert their superiority by buying equipment out from a band for their own gain. Metallica and Megadeth were obviously angry at the siblings for such a petty action.
    • Received a new fan from Yuri Nakamura, as the band reminds her of Masami Iwasawa regarding their musical passion and talent. Metallica have met Yuri in person and have spoken about Iwasawa for quite some time. Touched by Iwasawa's story, Metallica have taken to seeing her as a good role model and have even written a ballad about her.
  • Mustaine has been noted to take frequent visits to the House of War quite frequently. This is because he is a big fan of Sun Tzu and his book, The Art of War. Mustaine seems to find him very good company and has expressed admiration for his literature work, philosophy and general accomplishments.
  • Both bands, but Metallica in particular, have won the approval of H. P. Lovecraft who was pleased to see how his work's legacy has been covered in the Music Industry, with tracks such as "The Call of Ktulu", "The Thing That Should Not Be", "All Nightmare Long" and "Dream No More". Metallica and Megadeth are only two bands in a genre that have professed their interest in the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Metallica frequently visits Joe Bonham, the inspiration for "One" (they even added clips of the movie adaptation in the music video). Joe is thankful that they managed to do what he couldn't in life, express the horrors of war, though he admits to prefer not to listen to "One" as it's very uncomfortable to hear direct descriptions of his awful experience losing his limbs and facial features.
  • Both bands, but especially Metallica are vehemently opposed to the glorification of drugs. This is because a close friend of the band became addicted to drugs, and later developed AIDS because of it, which led to his death. This was the inspiration of their song, "Master of Puppets". They've made it very clear about opposing those who take pride in the drug industry, especially Risotto Nero (Extra points to having a stand with the same name) and Diavolo. The 456 Ambassador however irks even Megadeth out with using kids as drugs.
    • The death of Cliff Burton is still heavy on Metallica's mind; even Mustaine seems to be heavily affected by it. The Megadeth song "In My Darkest Hour", while not really about Cliff was written by Mustaine in response to his death. And even in the Pantheon, Cliff doesn't seem to be around at all, so Metallica is still left grieving for their former bassist, even if they themselves are ascended.
    • The worst drug for Metallica is booze, even if for some time they even embraced the nickname "Alcoholica". James Hetfield in particular keeps himself away from the House of Alcohol at all costs as he drank far too much.
  • Metallica do not want to talk about digital piracy. Doing so reminds them of their case against Napster, and how the case put in a serious detriment to the band's reputation, especially Lars. This is a fact that Artoire uses to relentlessly mock Metallica about and gloating about how they can't do anything about her. Metallica despise her for mocking them about their case and for representing digital piracy in general.
  • Megadeth has mixed feelings in seeing their songs, particularly "Peace Sells", used in Pantheonic rebellions and politics. On one hand, Mustaine and the rest of the band are happy that people enjoy their music, but at the same time, they are worried that someone malicious could get associated with the song, which would potentially sully Megadeth's reputation.
  • Metallica has gotten some surprising support from werewolves, who like their takes on lycanthropy in "Of Wolf and Men" and "Am I Savage?", and Skynet (if not the GUAM), who took the Machine Worship lyrics of "Spit Out the Bone" seriously. The band also successfully got the White-Dwarf Starlet, Norma Desmond, to perform the female parts of their song on the subject, "The Memory Remains".
  • Had an incredibly tough time between selecting either Jason Newsted or Anthrax for their High Priest. Metallica and Megadeth ultimately had to choose the latter as they felt it was more natural they bought along a fellow member of the Thrash Big Four to association. The two have tried to reach contact with Jason, though progress has been slow so far.
  • As of now, Metallica is the only band that has toured around all seven continents (Yes, they have played in Antarctica). Currently, Megadeth is thinking about how to make their own plans for also touring Antarctica at some point, but once they finish off their Megacruise tour, they'll give it a thought.
  • Megadeth is currently undergoing a tour via a cruise ship, aptly titled Megacruise. They're currently thinking about bringing it along to the Pantheon, though after learning about beasts such as The Meg, Gyarados, Moby Dick and Monstro also patrolling the Pantheonic seas, they're rather nervous about it. They're also thinking about talking to the Court of the Gods about installing security measures in case they hold a Pantheonic Megacruise in the near-future.
  • There is a tendency to associate Hetfield with tables, which is based off a lyrical line "I am the Table!", which has since been ridiculed throughout the Metal community. James is actually cool with it. On the other spectrum, Mustaine is often made out to be Metallica's eternal nemesis. Both bands have a hearty laugh about the subject matter at this point.
  • The Beatles approved Metallica's cover of "In My Life", and the group is in turn trying to get the Fab Four to just let the mashup group of both, Beatallica, play their music without legal vetoes.
  • Metallica became good friends with the wrestler The Undertaker, especially when the Deadman rode his motorcycle to "Now That We're Dead" for his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles.


Peace Sells, but Who's Buying?!

    The New Day 

It's a New Day, yes it is!

The New Day: Ettore "Big E" Langston, Austin Xavier Woods, and Kofi Nahaje Kingston, Divine Celebrity Fanboys (Big E: Ettore Ewen, The Powerhouse of Positivity, Big Wool | Woods: Austin Watson, Austin Creed, Consequences Creed/Rashid Lucius Creed | Kofi: Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah, The Wildcat, Mr. 24/7 aka "Gotch'Yo")
Left to right: Xavier Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston. Next to Xavier, Francesca, the trombone.
  • Theme: "New Day, New Way" (together), "Somebody Call My Momma" (Xavier Woods), "I Need Five" and "Feel the Power" (Big E), "SOS" (Kofi Kingston)
  • Symbol: Francesca the Trombone topped with a unicorn horn. Alternatively a box of Booty-Os cerealnote 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral when Heel)
  • Domains: Wrestling, Fanboys, Gaming, Trios, Fun, Optimism, Positivity
  • Portfolio:
  • Fans of: Gods hailing from Dragon Ball, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, My Little Pony, Power Rangers...let's just say they are fans of a lot of things.
  • Allies: Every good-aligned wrestler out there and most gods in the House of Happiness and Friendship, the Avatars of Friendship (Gentaro Kisaragi, Elena, Bayley, Steven Universe and Pinkie Pie), GUAG LOLRanger, the Sister Act Nuns, Bomberman (Xavier only), AJ Lee (Big E only), CM Punk (Kofi only) and all Black and Nerdy Gods, of course.
  • Rivals:
  • Friendly Rival: 9-Volt and 18-Volt
  • Enemies: Any and all gods that go against positivity, especially GUAE Trollkaiger.
  • Wary of: Matt Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Paige (Xavier only).
  • Worthy Opponent: AJ Styles (Kofi only), The Usos
  • Being a fan of something isn't uncommon, but it's put into a different light when someone famous shares the same likes that a normal person does. These wrestlers are unashamed to admit that they are fanboys and they show it off in very creative ways.
    • The three came together one fine day when Xavier Woods, seeing Kofi and Big E in a funk, decided that they needed to do something great, something grand, to make special moments. Without anything better to do, they decided to team up. However, the road to becoming so beloved by the fans was difficult as they were originally a gospel choir/Nation of Domination pastiche that didn't pan out. To compensate for this, they played up everything that they did that the fans hated and made them so hilarious that the fans couldn't help but eat it up and cemented a face turn that's lasted for six years. This made them connect with Edge and Christian very well, since they also had a gimmicks of trolling others. The two groups met in the Pantheon and, "For the benefit of flash photography" performed a signature 5-Second Pose.
      • Even if they no longer have their gospel gimmick, they still get along well with the Sister Act nuns to help spread the message of positivity and for everyone to "FEEL...THE POWER!!!" as Big E announces whenever the New Day make their entrance.
  • Their entrance was a rather...unique one. One day, various gods found a large box of Booty-Os cereal in front of the entrance to the Pantheon. After knocking it over, the New Day appeared dressed like Saiyan soldiers before Xavier began playing on his trombone. Many gods (particularly the ones from Dragon Ball) had no idea what to think of it, except it was…surreal. Gods are wondering what happened if the New Day ever met up with the Ginya Force.
  • Don't be fooled by their looks. These guys are the longest reigning tag team champions in all of WWE and encountered London and Kendrick, who also had a long tag team reign. However, the trio have been weirded out by London's antics recently, particularly the one of him murdering people to appease the White Rabbit. They also became nervous when they heard of Kendrick unleashing the legendary BURNING HAMMER move and rubbed their necks in apprehension.
  • The trio were absolutely ecstatic to find the characters they were big fans of, and spent days going to every temple where these gods resided and treated them with pancakes.
    • They weren't the first Black and Nerdy gods to arrive. Steve Urkel and Tucker Foley were glad to find fellow "Blerds" in the Pantheon.
  • They somehow have their own cereal, "Booty-Os" and can even promote pancakes like they're the best thing in the world. This made them friends with Princess Celestia (who makes absolutely delicious pancakes and they're Bronies) and both Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie (The former who makes delicious pancakes and the latter for eating said pancakes).
    • And because of their trolling antics, Princess Celestia offered them full-time membership with the LOL Rangers to which they accepted.
  • While they are known for their positive attitude, they have made some rivals along the way. The Usos are their biggest rivals, culminating in a Hell in the Cell match (Kofi had to be locked outside though) that was so epic and off the walls that the two had to stop fighting there before someone was legitimately hurt. The Wyatt Family, though? Well, they're not so keen about Bray wanting to bring about his doom-bringing speeches or the time they brawled in the Wyatt compound and are even more wary after learning what's happened to the Family: from Harper and Rowan becoming the Bludgeon Brothers, Strowman tossing everyone left and right and Bray allying with Matt Hardy (who, they admit, kinda took inspiration from Matt's "Final Deletion" bout in their battle against the Wyatts). They keep their distance from the four, just in case.
    • The group have now been freaking out over Bray Wyatt's return with his show "Firefly Fun House" as the idea of Wyatt being infected with positivity is too much even for them...especially when he revealed the real truth behind his show...
    • Despite their animosity, they were quite saddened to learn about Brodie Lee's passing. They joined the remaining Wyatt Family members in solidarity and Xavier played Taps on Francesca.
    • And of course, the trio are wary of Matt Hardy. While the trio do agree that he deserves his seat more (as many gods also believed that the New Day would never become as successful as they are now), he might be even worse than Bray because Matt successfully caused his brother to snap and become "Brother Nero". And then they learned about that incident with Limbo
    • These three can also go toe to toe with The Shield. Everyone screamed "This is awesome!" upon seeing their bout. They also have teased the shipping between Ambrose and Reigns (or "Ambreigns") until Kofi—having no idea what he had just said—decided to take Woods' advice on that Portmanteau Couple Name being the label on Tumblr and those "Fanfiction sites"he soon regretted asking and has learned to shut his mouth on that subject.
  • Because they are so positive, they get along splendidly with the House of Happiness. Whenever the three arrive, Pinkie Pie always pulls out all the stops and hosts a party for everyone. It's said to be pretty noisy but full of positivity and energy.
  • All of them were shocked to see Bayley destroying Seth Rollins' fiancée Becky Lynch with a steel chair and joining with her best friend Sasha Banks on a dangerous ego trip. They've been consoling her fellow Avatars of Friendship for the time being. That Bayley still views herself as a positive figure as an example of Undying Loyalty makes things all the more confusing.
  • Exclusive to Xavier:
    • Xavier likes to show off his skills on the trombone (Francesca 2, as he calls her since Chris Jericho snapped Francesca 1 over his knee and he held a funeral for said trombone), impressing many Final Fantasy gods when he recreated the victory theme. He's also figured out how to play the bass.
    • While all three of them fit Black and Nerdy, Xavier tops this by having a degree in education psychology when he's not spreading positivity. In fact, he got a double major at the age of 22 and had been wrestling just one year after entering High School. This made many gods in the House of Knowledge respect him even more in being an absolute Badass Bookworm.
    • Has a gaming channel where many wrestlers come to enjoy gaming challenges and he's opened it up to everyone and anyone who wants to join in. Although he does have to point out in a sign not to throw controllers to the ground when upset (pointing out how AJ Styles has a problem with keeping his temper).
    • Is an ally to Bomberman and whenever he goes to Bomberman's temple, he gains a brand new look to reflect that. He's willing to expand his streaming services to any of Bomberman's tournaments and such.
    • Grimaced when he learned that Paige was in the Pantheon, due to a "movie" starring the two of them (not to mention her being the General Manager of the PWF). He does feel sorry though that she had to retire due to injuries, but he really doesn't want to be reminded of said "movie".
    • Stared in awe at finding Power Ranger and Super Sentai gods in the Pantheon (As he was once billed from Angel Grove and once trained in "Hip Hop Kido") and played the Dragonzord call on Francesca with glee. And then, he learned of the Toku Base…
    • Looks at Cody Travers oddly, as Cody's look reminds him of his long-time rival Kenny Omega. Cody, for his part, noted that Xavier's voice was familiar somehow, but nevertheless is always ready for a brawl.
    • Seeing that one of his wrestling names is based off of Apollo and Adonis Creed, he's gain the attention of Rocky Balboa, who has offered to train him. Xavier has declined, stating that he is no longer going under that name.
    • Has become the latest King of the Ring, donning a crown and all. He has stated that this has been a dream of his ever since he was a child.
  • Exclusive to Big E:
    • Is a huge fan of the Equestrian gods, with some gods even leaving him custom made pony figures when the three first arrived. The trio hit off with Mane 6 (with Pinkie Pie being the closest out of them) and all was well until Rainbow Dash foolishly noted that perhaps the Cutie Mark Crusaders would have some other wrestling friends now. This got the three curious and they soon learned from other wrestlers that the adorable fillies loved to LARP in the House of Vampires (don't ask how that happened). Things got interesting when they decided to deck out in Final Fantasy classes (Xavier the Bard, Kofi the Red Mage and Big E the Samurai) and the LARP when Off the Rails when they decided to "kill-steal" the Crusaders' victory over the dreaded ringmaster "Mr. Heath" (Gangrel). Then it culminated into a six-god tag team match over who would come out victorious with the fight being livestreamed for everyone to see. After an exhausting fight, both sides ended with a draw and they now have become close friends...and now are inviting visitors to join in on their epic campaigns to spread positivity and waking gods from dreams. The Mane 6 could only glare at Rainbow Dash for causing the whole kerfluffle.
    • And then more hoofs in mouths were placed after Rarity slipped about the Crusaders' journeys in Limbo. Gods know that asking the three about that incident would end horribly. The New Day tried to get the CMC to open up by having them play around of CarnEvil...and were blown away as the three screamed in absolute fury and mowed down the entire game cursing up a storm as this thing only reminded the trio of what they could dub the Circus Massacre. They've now made it a mission to help uplift the three in any way possible, which has gotten them the good graces of the Crusaders' "vampire wrestling babysitters" as this trauma has been something the two have been unable to handle. The New Day even dressed up as The Brood to ensure that they have no hard feelings. The Crusaders now hang out with them more.
    • With his arrival, gods finally figured out why Dean Ambrose once wrote "Titty Master" on his wrist tape; it was due to Ambrose constantly fighting Big E during a tour.
    • Was happy to find Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee in the Panthron. The three sometimes hang out at Moe's Tavern to catch up on old times. Many gods wonder what type of history Big E and AJ Lee but, just like no one will ever know the true story as to why Gangrel mentored Edge and Christian (as there never was one in the first place), the two have remained tight-lipped on their past.
      • Big E has been disgusted with Dolph's jealousy over Kofi being World Champion and has now severed ties with him.
    • Is known for stating "OH I GOT THE MIC NOW--" whenever it's his turn to get an interview.
    • In a shocking surprise, The New Day had split up with Kofi and Xavier taking on the name and Big E being a singles wrestler. Big E has no hard feelings for the separation and roots for his fellow New Day brothers when he can.
    • After years of grinding, Big E has finally achieved his dream of becoming the WWE Champion. While his mates Kofi and Xavier can't watch his back, he knows he has their support in spirit.
  • Exclusive to Kofi:
    • Trying to eliminate Kofi from a battle royal is like trying to figure out who Archie Andrews will end up with in the future; every time he's thrown over the top rope, he'll always figure out a way to survive. From walking backwards on his hands, hopping on a chair, somehow surviving by the tip of his toes, being carried back in by a bunch of party-goers, or even having his partners put a foot on a plate of pancakces then leap-frog him over the top ropes, gods better be prepared when it comes to a Battle Royal whenever he's involved.
    • Would really like to not remember that longtime phase where he paid tribute to the Jamaican culture complete with a stereotypical accent. Although, ironically, Big E is the one with the Jamaican heritage. He's had to tell the various Street Fighter gods that he's not related to Deejay at all (as he hails from Ghana). This makes him a good friend to Elena (who hails from Kenya) since he's also a capoeira user like she is.
      • Or the fact that his theme is about committing murder. When Deadpool pointed this out, Kofi gave Deadpool some Trouble in Paradise.
    • Is good friends with Mystery Inc. since he provided commentary during the Moto X race.
    • Was happy to find CM Punk in the House of Philosophy since they traveled together on the road, to the point that Kofi was considered Punk's "Road Wife".
    • Don't let his energetic fun-loving personality fool you; he's hold 16 championships and has made rivals with various wrestlers from Randy Orton to Daniel Bryan, Orton being his Arch-Enemy in this case.
    • Geeked out at all the Punch-Out! gods and asked Little Mac for a pink tracksuit of his own. Little Mac complied and the two can be seen racing across the House of Sports.
    • Kofi surprised everyone by entering a gauntlet match and not only defeating several well-known top wrestlers (including Jeff Hardy and PWF Champion Daniel Bryan), but also going through an entire hour of fighting before going toe-to-toe with AJ Styles, tearing the roof off of the PWF before he was ultimately defeated. His Elimination Chamber run as the last man standing against Daniel Bryan before finally going down again made him a force to be reckoned with. Xavier and Big E are ultimately rooting for Kofi to get a Championship run at Wrestlemania and they are now spreading the word out the only way they can, even going as far as participating in a tag-team gauntlet match to ensure Kofi is going to Wrestlemania. And when he finally won the PWF Championship, the House of Celebration threw together a huge KofiMania party.

    Ryusei Date 
Ryusei Date, God of Ascended Fanboys

    Sakura Kasugano 
Sakura Kasugano, Goddess of Fangirls (Blooming Blossom)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her headband and old school uniform (Which she occasionally wears).
  • Theme Songs: Kasugano Residence, Precious Heart, High School Girl, The Future Me in deep thought
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being a Huge Fan of Ryu, Cute Ass-Kickers, Hyperactive Girls, Wearing a School Uniform for a Long Time, Being a Gamer, Tomboys, Nice Girls, Interclass Friendship with Karin Kanzuki, Dreams of Getting Married and Starting a Family of Her Own.
  • Domain: Energy, Combat, School.
  • Herald: Tsukushi Kasugano (her brother, and the sole person she doesn't play videogames with)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Yuri Sakazaki, Asuka Kazama, Lili Rochefort, Hitomi.
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, Juri Han, Gill, Urien, Tohru Adachi.
  • Pities: Makoto Itou.
  • Sakura Kasugano used to be just a regular high schooler, until one day she witnessed Ryu fighting and impressed by his skills, she decide to copy him. That's the exact reason why she made her way to the Pantheon and get a chance to see Ryu again. Was a bit sad that she couldn't have a seat in the House of Combat or Power, but after finding out there were still other people who could fight, she decided to give it a try.
  • Originally she used to have a certain title given that she kept using her school uniform even after graduating, but later she moved houses after she ditched it. Since her fanatism for Ryu is a big part of her motivation, she was given the Fangirl title instead. It doesn't mean she doesn't use her old uniform anymore, she still does use it from time to time.
  • Despite her being total fan of Ryu, many were shocked when they found out that she was once a fan of E. Honda, and how she originally was going to frequent the House of Food to gain weight.
    • Upon learning the legend of "Hot Ryu", she went to go see it for herself. End results? She downright fainted upon seeing Ryu without a shirt, Messy Hair and a beard.
  • Even though she graduated from school a while ago Sakura still has some contact with a few deities who still attend school. Sometimes she wanders around the House of School to see how things are done there and also to see if anyone is causing any trouble.
  • She is good friends with Natsu Ayuhara and has even shown up as a contender near her school. Likewise, she is also friends with Batsu by virtue of being good friends with Hinata Wakaba.
  • Went on a trip to uncover the legendary Pandora's Box with Blanka, not out of any wish to gain power or money, but to figure out the whereabouts of Dan. Was glad that the box answered her wish to see him safe and sound (although a bit bloody and beaten up). And with Dan in the Pantheon, she continues her training with him (much to everyone's confusion, considering how skilled she is compared to him).
  • Some are surprised how strong she is by just mimicking Ryu's fighting style without receiving formal training. She says that if you are determined enough, you can do it as well.
  • She is friends with both Shingo Yabuki and Kamala Khan given they all worshipped a hero who inspired them and then later became heroes in their own right. Sakura was a little bummed out that she didn't get the position Hero-Worshipper but she doesn't hold any hard feelings for Shingo.
  • Surprisingly made friends with 9-volt and 18-volt, probably because they happen to share a similar position as her. She happens to be closer with 9-volt because she reminds her of her little brother Tsukushi who spends all the time playing videogames.
  • Yuri Sakazaki at first didn't take kindly to Sakura, considering her kind of a copycat to her fighting style. However, after a sparring session, they ended up becoming friendly rivals given they were both comparatively skilled with their similar styles. That said, she finds it funny that Sakura's teacher Dan is a parody of her brother and Robert.
  • Made friends with Miyu Edelfelt after confusing her for a recolored Cammy from behind at one point before Cammy was ascended. When she admitted her mistake to Chun-Li, the detective finally invited Cammy to the Pantheon and got her approved by the Court of the Gods, bringing Cammy in.
  • She is not related to Sora and Haruka Kasugano.
  • Currenlty, she works part-time in the arcade station of the House of Gaming. It does help she likes videogames, except when her younger brother Tsukushi is around since he always wins all the time.
  • Was in a funk for a while, wondering what she was planning to do with her life after questioning the idea of just traveling and fighting others. It took the combined help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Karin and Ryu to help her figure out what she wants: to raise a family. Of course, this became much more hilarious when she stated this in front of Ryu himself but all of them agree that it's a nice goal to have.
  • "Pleased to meet you!"

    Shizuku Kurogane 
Shizuku Kurogane, Goddess of Supporting The Underdog (Lorelei, Witch of the Deep Sea)
  • Lesser Goddess bordering on Intermediate.
  • Symbol: Her sword Yoshigure.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (A bit True Neutral at first)
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Loves her brother Ikki because of her family shunning him, Boyish Short Hair, Combat Medic, Making a Splash and An Ice Person, Can resist electricity by using ultra-pure water, First Kiss with her brother, Good Is Not Soft, Hates humans because of her family's poor treatment of Ikki, Wants Ikki to be happy even without her, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Mystical White Hair, Spock Speak, Squishy Wizard, Weak, but Skilled, One of the few decent people in the Kurogane Clan
  • Domains: Magic, Clans, Love, Siblings, Water, Ice
  • Herald: Nagi "Alice" Arisuin (her roommate and confidant).
  • Allies: Ikki Kurogane (Her older brother), Stella Vermillion (Kinda), Tohka Todo, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Todou, Sub-Zero, Queen Elsa, Cygnus Hyoga, Percy Jackson, Jaina Proudmoore, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga
  • Rivals: Fire based magic users. Besides Stella, she also has a strong rivalry with Kotori Itsuka and Shana
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters and any Abusive Parents, Belarus, Hansel and Gretel
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mana Ouma
  • Shizuku Kurogane is a talented Blazer from the Kurogane clan and also Ikki's little sister. She is about the only person in her family that actually cared about Ikki and didn't shun him in any way, so when Ikki decided to run away from home she started to develop a hatred for humans because of her brother's poor treatment. When she ascended, Shizuku quickly gave her brother a big hug and almost kissed him in the lips, but didn't do so because Stella was also present. Nevertheless, both are very glad she finally found a place to stay.
  • It's no secret that she is attracted to Ikki, her infamous moment when she kissed her brother after reuniting with him is often brought up when people talk about her. But the reason for her love goes a little deeper. Shizuku wants to make up for her family's abuse of Ikki and wants to give him the love he was denied all those years ago.
  • Surprised to see Student Council President Tohka Todo ascended. She doesn't hold hard feelings after their battle and respect each other's fighting techniques.
  • Her magic is water and ice based, and since the pantheon has a number of deities with impressive control over those elements Shizuku was interested in learning a few trick from them. She has trained new ice attacks from Elsa, new fighting techniques with Yoshigure thanks to the help of Sub-Zero and even a few new tricks with water attacks by Percy Jackson. She also likes to visit the House of Magic from time to time, where he happened to meet Jaina Proudmoore who shares similar magic powers as her.
  • She has little to no respect for those who have either abused children or their family, especially when it comes to the Child Abuse Supporters. The reason for this is that, while she wasn't treated unfairly herself, her family's abuse of Ikki has caused her to see other people as nothing but heartless monsters and she still thinks that it still applies to said group.
  • Speaking about her magic and her relationship with Stella, they are actually friends believe it or not, even if it took a while for their friendship to gain traction but their bickering is still ever present. Their respective magics are also complete opposites, which added to their rivalry.
    • That said, she has noticed that there are certain people similar to Stella in terms of attitude and magic. The two that stuck with her the most where Shana and Kotori Itsuka. With Shana because she wanted to know if she was a strong as Stella claimed while with Kotori is mostly both being Little Sister Heroines and also their contrasting personalities.
  • She got to meet both Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Todou thanks to her brother introducing them to her. They both quickly noticed that Shizuku has a lot in common with Saya and wonder how would both react to the other if they happened to meet in person.
  • One would think that both Shizuku and Belarus would get along given shared traits and hobbies, but Shizuku doesn't think highly of her. One reason would be that Shizuku eventually grew those out, even if she still loves her brother while Belarus did not, not to mention that Belarus enraged after feeling insulted tried to attack Shizuku only to be frozen in place by her magic. Needless to say, the two don't like the other at all.
    • The same can be said about Hansel and Gretel, who in turn were convinced by Belarus, who happens to be friends with them, to harass Shizuku for daring to insult her. Of course, the twins are nothing she can't deal with herself, but their constant attempts at murdering her gets a little tiresome after a while.
  • Her title used to belong to Hinata Hyuga before she was relocated to another temple. Shizuku curious went to visit her and ask her some question about her former title. She managed to learn that she also supported a loved one while others overlooked him and coincidentally enough Naruto, Hinata's husband, also is a Fan of Underdog of Rock Lee.
  • Strangely enough, the one she was sympathetic the most of all deities was the Kasugano Twins, who also share the same incestual feelings as her. She is somewhat jealous that they got together in the end but nonetheless, Ikki's happiness comes first before her own and stays good friends with Haruka and Sora. She also feels some sympathy for Mana Ouma by being rejected but the whole business surrounding the Apocalypse Virus and a conspiracy has made Shizuku think twice before becoming friends with Mana, not to mention her being friends with Belarus.
  • Can also be found in Passion.



    Annie Wilkes 
Annie Wilkes, Goddess of Loony Fans (Julie Ganapathi)
Annie in one of her less murderous moments (no, really)
  • Theme Song: The "Misery" Soundtrack
  • Symbol: The script for Misery's Return. Alternatively, a sledgehammer
  • Demigoddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, obsessed with the novel Misery and Paul himself to the point of kidnapping him, does not like profanity, Big Bad, Crazy-Prepared, uses incredibly weird substitutes for swear words, Faux Affably Evil, Bad Samaritan, hates any kind of Cliffhanger Copout, Deus ex Machina or Retcon, Serial Killer who kills babies, extremely unstable, Large Ham, Battleaxe Nurse, The Sociopath, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Writing, Tainted Love, Storytelling
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: Frollo, Valentine
  • Enemies: Every writer or creator in the Pantheon, John Lennon, George Harrison, every good parent in the Pantheon, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, The Parr Family, every baby in the Pantheon, The Punisher, Commander Shepard, the House of Investigative Work, Seth Rollins, any other Christians in the Pantheon, the rest of the House of Health and Diseases, Jack Dawson, Cal Hockley, Rose Bukater, Robert Baratheon, Lie Ren
  • Complicated Relationship with: Harley Quinn
  • Opposed by: Babe, Napoleon, many Yanderes in the Pantheon
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: The Queen of Hearts
  • The woman infamous for her kidnapping of the author Paul Sheldon to force him to write the novel Misery's Return, Annie Wilkes's spirit was aimlessly haunting the mortal world until she discovered the Pantheon, and was brought in front of the Council. After concluding that she is one of the best (read: scariest) representations of the Loony Fan trope for the lengths she would go to make Paul write a book, Annie was ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Despite Annie's frightening similarity to many Yanderes in the Pantheon, she isn't well-liked even by them because she kills babies, which goes against the goals of many Yanderes, since they may want to have kids with the object of their obsession.
  • Every single ascended creator is dead terrified of Annie, because of the measures she took to get Paul to fix an ending she didn't like. Security around their temples increased tenfold, for fear that she finds the same fault in their works. This even includes Stephen King himself, given it's his fault that Annie ended up dead in her book to begin with.
    • Perhaps the one person who hates Annie the most is John Lennon, who actually got shot and killed because of a crazy obsessive fan. People tend to not bring up her name around him. Fellow former Beatle George Harrison is also terrifed to be around her since a crazed fan intruded in his residence and stabbed him in the chest. Even thought he survived that ordeal, it is still advisable to not bring up her name when people meet him.
  • Parents in the Pantheon protested Annie's ascension in front of her temple because of the fact that she murders healthy infants. Seeing this, Annie yelled at them for being "cockadoodle" for protecting those "dirty birdies", took her sledgehammer and broke up the protest.
    • The parents involved have formed a group led by Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in order to keep her from murdering any babies in the Pantheon.
  • People with nasty experiences with Annie’s followers hate her guts. The list include the Parr family, Frank Castle and Commander Shepard. The Parr family especially hates her because Syndrome actually did try to kill them like Annie tried to kill Paul.
  • Harley Quinn, especially her comic persona, has complicated feelings about Annie. Annie's temple represents her attitude towards the Joker, which is something Harley herself is trying to break out of.
  • She has a soft spot for her pet pigs, and even named one of them after Misery Chastain. Unfortunately for her, every pig in the Pantheon avoids her because of her insanity. Except Napoleon, who avoids her because he hates humans in general.
  • She has a ridiculous rivalry with the Queen of Hearts because the two of them sometimes look the same. Even people dead terrified of them agree that the results are glorious and entertaining to watch.
  • Jack, Rose and Cal were disappointed when they mistook her for one of the survivors of the Titanic, Molly Brown. The three were disgusted when the learned about her actions.
  • Seth Rollins and Robert Baratheon are dead terrified of Annie because she used a sledgehammer to crush Paul's ankle. Lie Ren is on a whole other level, as he also fears that if Nora meets Annie, it won't end well for him.
  • The fact that she murdered babies and claimed to do so because of God's judgement tends to not sit well with other Christians in the Pantheon. Even most evil or neutral-aligned ones draw the line at killing babies and join in to disown any association with her. The only Christian deranged enough to accept Annie is Judge Claude Frollo, for their shared deeds of murdering infants and obsessive love.
  • Hates the House of Investigative Work with a passion because of her experience with a sheriff that almost foiled her "new novel". The fact that she is a serial killer and stalker doesn't endear her to the house either.
    • Richard Castle especially despises her given that he is both a writer, a father and an investigator.
  • Can be seen lurking around the House of Knowledge after learning that Paul's novel counterpart actually did publish Misery's Return as a separate novel after his escape. Worrying that Annie might find something new to obsess about or injure the people there if she got frustrated, the House banned her from entering. But that never stopped her from trying.
  • Because of her horrible treatment of Paul and the infants under her care, the House of Health and Disease hates and refuses to employ her. However, those actions endeared her to Valentine, and the nurse offered Annie a job at Lab Zero.
  • Also present in the House of Insane Behavior.


    David Tennant 
David John McDonald, God of Promoted Fanboys (David Tennant)