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Intermediate Gods

    Bugs Bunny 
Bugs Bunny, God of Karmic Trickery and Rascally Rabbits (Scwewy Wabbit, Wascawwy Wabbit, Long-Eared Galoot, Flea-Bitten Varmint)

E. Aster Bunnymund, Rabbit-God of Easter (Easter Bunny, Kangaroo, Guardian of Hope)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two boomerangs crossed with each other
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Easter Bunny, Awesome Aussie, Battle Boomerang, Color Motif Is Green, Deadpan Snarker, Edible Ammunition, Green Thumb, Killer Rabbit, Rabbit Magician, Tunnel King
  • Domains: Easter Bunny, Boomerangs, Hope
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Pitch Black, the Hall of Cruelty & Sadism (particularly Junko and Monokuma), Elmer Fudd, Pokemon Hunter J, Killer Rabbit, Springtrap
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Elmer Fudd
  • Conflicting Opinion: Daffy Duck
  • While finding a way to recruit the last two Guardians into the Pantheon, they found a perfect way to ascend Bunnymund. As such, he was chosen with this trope and has now ascended. His temple is in underground, resembling his home scattered with Warrior Eggs around, which makes him proud a little bit.
    • As he has ascended, a lot of child deities came to him upon hearing that he is the actual Easter Bunny. As such, he tries to best to make them happy and whenever Easter comes, he usually is the one who hides eggs whenever the kids do the usual Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Isn't glad to see Pitch Black finding his way into the Pantheon. As such, he is ready for battle whenever the former takes drastic measures.
  • Is extremely happy to see that there are deities that inspire people to have hope. As such, since he is the Guardian of Hope, he became allies with them.
    • As such, he doesn't love the Hall of Cruelty & Sadism as they inspire fear and despair to their victims.
  • Isn't sure what to think of Bugs Bunny at first. There was one time where Bugs became an "Easter Bunny", although he didn't do a good job with it. Although he ended up being on good terms with him as he realized he's not such a bad fellow and only does his karmic tricks to his enemies. It was also through him that he became friends with his girlfriend, Lola Bunny.
    • As such, he heard about Elmer Fudd from him and let's just say it's not pretty. This is mostly contributed to Elmer's "wabbit season" hunting trips, which made him hate the rabbit hunter more often, although he only focuses on hunting Bugs Bunny and is more or less a friendly fellow outside of hunting, which it lessens from enemies to opposition.
      • He also feels conflicted about Daffy. In the early days, he helps Elmer on hunting Bugs Bunny. Although, over the years, he eventually became friends with the latter and is even roommates with him. For now, Bunnymund decided to hold back his opinion on the duck.
    • Speaking of hunters, due to being the Easter Bunny as well as having powers of his own, he was on Pokemon Hunter J's bounty list, which he doesn't take lightly.
  • Gets along with the Angry Birds as one time, he protect their eggs from their enemies. The Flock sometimes let their eggs stay in his temple whenever they don't find a safe place for their eggs to stay.
  • Due to being an anthropomorphic rabbit, he is approached by Fluttershy. He seems to be fond of her because of how kind she is and due to her love of animals and eventually, the environments they live in.
    • He ended up meeting Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel Bunny, which surprised him because of how normal he is at first glance. Although he thinks that the bunny is a bit of a jerk, he ends up getting along with him. Though, it surprised him to see Angel is actually physically strong.
  • In the case of other rabbits, he ended meeting Killer Rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, Cream the Rabbit and Rabbit. He doesn't like the former because although they look like normal animals, they are evilly deadly and became friends with the latter two with Usagi's case being that he has humbleness and honor and with Cream, being a sweet, innocent child makes him cautious of her safety. Although he thinks Rabbit is a bit too grumpy.
    • He ended up meeting Usami, a rabbit that is actually a magical girl robot. He feels bad for what happened to her because of the events of the island that is actually a virtual simulation and what actually happened to her world. It was thanks to his interactions with her that he became true hostile enemies to Junko and Monokuma.
    • He also ended up meeting Usalia, a demon lord who has rabbit motifs. Although the whole demon thing puts him off a little, considering that demons are usually associate with evil, he started seeing her as an ally after he started getting to know her and finds her abilities in reducing damage to be useful.
    • Hates Springtrap thanks to being an animatronic serial killer who inside it, is a human who kill these children because of very ambiguous reasons, though no matter how sympathetic the reasons may be, he'll still hate him for the crimes he committed. The fact that he is an animatronic rabbit worsens that.
  • Has recently found an Odd Friendship with Wolverine and Jean Valjean. The fact that they'd sound like him if they spoke with Australian accents most likely has something to do with it.


Lesser Gods

    Hamato Splinter 
Hamato Splinter, God of Large Rodents (Hamato Yoshi, Sensei, Father, Pops, Lou Jitsu)
His 2012 incarnation
His Mirage continuity incarnation 
His 1987 continuity incarnation 
His 2007 continuity incarnation 
His 2003 continuity incarnation 
His Paramount continuity incarnation 
His IDW continuity incarnation 
His Rise continuity incarnation
His many appearances as Hamato Yoshi (top row, from left to right:2012 continuity, 1987 continuity. Bottom row, from left to right: "Lou Jitsu", IDW continuity)
  • Lesser God, but can outfight deities of higher ranks. Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God status (with Hamato Ninpo). Greater God (when employing Hamato Ninpo with the rest of the Hamato Clan).
  • Symbol: The Hamato Clan Emblem
  • Theme Song: Message from Splinter
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally
  • Portfolio: A Human-Sized Rat, Big Good, Iron Woobie, The Mentor, Metamorphosis, Mutant, Old Master, Papa Wolf, Strong as They Need to Be.
  • Domains: Rats, Ninja, Clans.
  • Herald: Hamato Miwa (his daughter).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Shredder, The Joker, The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, The Batman Who Laughs, Bane, Venjix, Lord Drakkon, Tai Lung, Lord Shen, Kai, Shan-Yu, Heihachi Mishima, John Kreese, Adon, Ultraman Belial.
  • Annoyed by: Johnny Cage.
  • Splinter is a mutant rat humanoid, father and mentor of the TMNT. The eternal nemesis of the Shredder, he always comes to clash with the Foot Clan's leader over injustices done to him or his loved ones at the hand of Shredder in the past. But there are two major consistent stories for him depending on the continuity:
    • The first one is that he was once the pet rat of the martial artists expert Hamato Yoshi, who began imitating his movements and even replicated them. However his peaceful life came to an end when the Shredder murdered Yoshi and forced Splinter to live on the streets. His fate would change when he and 4 lost pet turtles were hit by a canister of mutagen during a street accident, causing the 5 to mutate into humanoid beings, he then trained the turtles in the Martial Arts he'd learned from his owner to defeat Shredder and defend themselves. After Shredder's defeat, he continued training the turtles up until he retired or died depending on the continuity.
    • The other story is that he was Hamato Yoshi himself, but after incidents with his Clan he wound up in New York where the Shredder's machinations caused him to mutate into a rat man. Still training the four turtles, Splinter doesn't have the feeling of revenge that he has elsewhere and instead trained the turtles simply to defend themselves when the time comes for them to get into the surface.
  • Splinter had his ascension happen relatively quickly after his latest adventure where he and the other members of the Hamato Clan stopped the threat of that world's Shredder and the world from being conquered by the demoniac. Splinter was met with respect by many of the Pantheon's deities, seen as a very wise and experienced master of martial arts whose many exploits have become legends, he was also glad to meet back up with his sons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as Baron Draxum, though was not enthusiastic when he found out the Shredder was in the Pantheon as well. He was ascended as mostly a composite between his many versions, alternating only in regards to whether he was a human or normal rat before mutating.
  • His feud with Shredder carried over into the Pantheon, mortal enemies since forever the two clashed both in the mortal world and the Pantheon many times over. Splinter is very wary of the fact that there's not just one Shredder but multiple running around with their own goals each, he's most concerned about the Utrom and Rise Shredders who have proven to be among the most dangerous of them all, capable of devastating everything in their path if left unchecked.
  • He also had a re-encounter with Baron Draxum, who also serves as one of the turtles' "Dads" (particularly by Mikey). Many have called their relationship into question, mainly due to many moments of possible attraction between the two, stemming form the world where Splinter was once known as the famous Hollywood star Lou Jitsu and ended up involved in the Baron's initial evil plots and eventually becoming allies with him once the Baron had his Heel–Face Turn and the two had worked out their issues with each other.
  • Splinter's encountered various heroes in different adventures, from alternate versions of the turtles to other universe's heroes such as Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and even the Power Rangers. Splinter had some fond re-encounters with some of the aforementioned heroes and their allies. As for enemies encountered in those various adventures, one of the more notable was The Joker, who antagonized the Hamato Clan in many adventures and who Splinter considers to be far worse than even the Shredder. Other enemies include Ras Al Ghul who teamed up with Shredder in one of the many adventures the TMNT had with Batman as Ras Al had teamed up with their nemesis for a plot involving unleashing mutagen on civilians for their nefarious goals.
    • Other threats of the DC Multiverse he's wary of are the Dark Knights, Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor all perfectly capable of causing mayhem on a large scale and have potential ways to go after the TMNT's own Multiverse, or crossing paths with the Utrom Shredder, who once nearly committed destruction on that scale to get revenge on the turtles for thwarting his plans. On a similar note stands the Batman who Laughs, a twisted version of Bruce Wayne/Batman that eventually slaughtered almost every world in existence in his universe thanks to his intellect and power.
  • Splinter has been through trials and tribulations of loss and pain to become the wise and strong master he is in multiple continuities, as such he holds other masters who've overcome pain and hardships and not only came out stronger but also do good in high regard. One of these masters was Nariyoshi Miyagi, who had to live through the horrors of World War II and lost his wife and unborn son, who died of childbirth complications, while he was out at war. That Miyagi has also had to contend with less than honorable masters of martial arts such as John Kreese, who went through similar harships as Miyagi but turned to dishonor and cruelty afterwards, his experiences with a similar martial artist to Kreese known as Kristoff Von Bradford only furthered this.
    • On the same boat as Miyagi, he ended up allying with both Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, both once young but now old masters of Karate who once used to be full-blown enemies but have begun to turn into allies and friends as of lately. Splinter was glad to hear that Johnny had managed to set himself into a straighter path after spending most of his life entirely bitter and hateful of Daniel, even if his blunders at parenting and other things have left people in his life hurt and resentful. As for Daniel's own less-than-ideal actions, he's reassured the martial artist that he understands what it's like to be consumed by hatred and impulse, as in many worlds he let all that get the better of him and paid the price dearly for his arrogance. That both have fully made sure to teach their students to not fight with hatred and instead fight honorably and in self-defense so that they don't repeat their masters' mistakes has further elevated his views on the two.
    • Other martial artist masters who similarly befriended Splinter were Oogway, Shifu, The Furious Five and Po; all of them having had hard moments in life and sometimes in the lead-up to becoming the martial artists they are. He was interested in learning about how Oogway had managed to ascend beyond a mortal life and was able to theoretically freely move between the Spirit Realm and world of the living, which has caught the interest of Splinter, as he was once brought back from the dead in the world of the 2012 continuity temporarily but otherwise can't transverse worlds.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda are two of the greatest Jedi masters of all time and to get where they are they've had to go through harsh events and situations that tested their wills. Obi-Wan in particular found a lot of connections and similarities to Splinter throughout his many recollected events of his lives, mainly being betrayed by the one who he considered a brother and losing the love of their life to a mortal enemy, Splinter himself has great respect for Obi-Wan's ability to continue on the path of good despite the hardships that he suffered through his life, noting how many others could have fallen to darkness under the same conditions.
    • Similarly in this connection of a life of hardship was the martial arts oriented Ultraman Leo, who went through a lot of hardships in his life and losing many people close to him, yet remained good in spite of it all and despite hardening up as a person and taking a very unforgiving approach to evil, he nonetheless remains a good person in spite of it all. Another point that made them bond was the many lessons about unusual techniques and lack of reliance on gimmicks and other flashy moves that both have taught and learned, that Leo also has helped discipline younger and rowdier Ultras such as Mebius and Zero into becoming seasoned and mature warriors has further made him and Splinter get along, as Splinter himself helped shape his rowdy and immature sons/students into refined and disciplined warriors.
  • He has a rather low view of arrogant and cruel martial artists, those who are straight-up evil take this low view to straight-up hatred. Standouts include Heihachi Mishima, Adon and Tai Lung; for Heihachi, Splinter detests how he's tried and even succeeded at killing his own family members and his generally unpleasantness, Adon's and Tai Lung's arrogance has led to Splinter considering them to be unworthy of any title or martial arts praise, tough he does feel pity for Tai Lung's issues as he can understand why'd he turned out the way he did, even if he acknowledges that they don't really justify his actions. On the other hand, the treacherous student, Frost, didn't have this privilege as she betrayed her master, Sub-Zero/Kuai Liang, for entirely selfish reasons taht she tries to justify on rather self-pitying grounds.
  • The TMNT have met the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when Rita Repulsa and Shredder teamed up, with the latter stealing the powers of the Green Ranger from Tommy Oliver. As a result of this team-up, Splinter has become allies with all of the Rangers but particularly retains the strongest one with the Mighty Morphin and Zordon, though has recently been meeting up with the Jungle Fury rangers due to hearing about their exploits and martial arts expertise. On the opposite of these alliances stand the rather vile Power Rangers villains such as Lord Drakkon, Venjix who all have shown themselves to be rather cruel and malevolent and have had goals of conquering the entire Power Rangers Multiverse, which like Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor's own possible conquests could lead to them finding and doing the same to the TMNT one.
  • While he can tolerate arrogant martial artists so as long as they aren't cruel or evil, he nonetheless will find them annoying and prefer not to deal with them or deal with them as little as possible; such was the case with Johnny Cage, who while not evil is rather arrogant and prone to showing off at every chance, which is something that clashes with Splinter preferring a humbler approach to martial arts. At the very least, Splinter has found some ground to remain civil on thanks to Johnny being a father.
  • As Lou Jitsu, Splinter is wary of Cersei Lannister because of how she reminds him of his old ex Big Mama and how his attempt to propose to her caused him to be stuck in the Battle Nexus for years.
    • Has also gained an alliance with John Cena after Draxum brought up their similarities — voice and how Draxum's initial invisibility powers were similar to Cena's "You can't see me!" boast.

    Killer Rabbit 
The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, God of Little, Lethal Creatures (The most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on)
"Look at the bones!"
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bloodstained white rabbit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Deadly Fluffy White Bunnies, Arthurian Legend, Ascended to Carnivorism
  • Domains: Bunnies, Murder, Cuteness
  • Followers: Infernal Spawn of Evilnote , Vorpal Rabbits, The Fury, Coney Dewclaw, Bun-Bun, The Great Rabbit
  • Superior: Monty Python
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: SCP-524
  • Enemies: King Arthur, Artoria Pedragon, Sir Lancelot, the Catachan Devil, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Springtrap, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo
  • Master: Tewi Inaba
  • Fears: John Marston
  • Ascended to the immortal plain upon meeting its Achilles' Heel: High explosives, charged with a powerful divine blessing.
  • Even the Catachan Devil avoids it, since it's not sure of its chances and it doesn't wanna lose to a freaking bunny.
  • Constantly tries to take over the temple owned by Useless Little Bunny Only Good For Her Sex Appeal to ensure its dominance as the only God of Bunnies. However, its attempts always end in eye contact with Reisen and reliving its destruction with high explosives.
  • His flesh-eating ways and tendency to wreak carnage completely traumatized Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things, when she tried to pet the cute little white bunny and it didn't work out too well. Thankfully, The Stare kicked in on time to prevent her from being mangled and devoured.
  • Rumor has it that Bun-Bun seeks to usurp him.
  • Despite its fearsome reputation, there are those who would still willingly challenge it to combat. A group of six mighty warriors gained much fame by besting the beast in combat without the use of holy explosives.
  • For whatever reason, he has gained enough hatred forwards Steve? that in rare occasions he will exit his temple in order to bite his face off.
  • When Reisen stepped out of her position as the Goddess of Bunnies, The Killer Rabbit tried to kill Rabbit in order to become the God of Rabbits, thinking that Reisen was completely gone. However, Reisen quickly blasted The Rabbit of Caerbannog before anything would happen.
  • Tried to attack Hibari, or more accurately, the bunny which she can summon. He ended getting shocked by the bunny before Hibari kicked him away.
  • The one bunny-related creature it has never once attacked is Springtrap. He beats out even it in the scariness department.
  • One day, Tewi arrived in front of his cave to meet him. Chasing the intruder away, the Rabbit attacked her. After a bout of fighting that involved a carrot and Holy Hand Grenade, he was captured by Tewi and forced to become her subordinate.
    • The Rabbit feared no deity (except those wielding the Holy Hand Grenade), until the day John Marston arrived. At first, the Rabbit thought him an easy kill as he was fast and immune to bullets. All that changed with a double unload of Dead Eye-infused Buffalo Rifle shots with blessed phosphorous bullets. All the Rabbit remembered after it was revived in the House of Life and Death was a huge headache and the flash of blue phosphorus. Since then, it stays as far away from the ex-outlaw, even if Tewi forbade John to come near it again.
  • Seemed to have once existed in the British Isles even in Nasuverse. Indeed, Artoria and her Knights of the Round Table have nothing but bad memories of the snarling beast.

    Miyamoto Usagi 
Miyamoto Usagi, God of Righteous Rabbits (Usagi Yojimbo, You Suckey Your Jimbo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His blue ki
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Expy of Miyamoto Musashi, Cultured Warrior, White Bunny, Rōnin, Master Swordsman, Good Is Not Soft
  • Domains: Law, Good, Honor, Animal, War
  • Followers: Bunnie Rabbot, Ruby, Crusader Rabbit
  • Allies: Miyamoto Musashi, the Ninja Turtles, Rabbit, Judy Hopps, Doki, Samurai Jack, Himura Kenshin, Beatrix Kiddo, Monomi/Usami, SCP-524
  • Friendly Rival: Bugs Bunny, Samuel Rodrigues
  • Enemies: Heishiro Mitsurugi, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Opposes: Afro Samurai
  • Annoyed by: The Nostalgic Critic
  • Miyamoto Musashi is highly regarded as the most decorated Master Swordsman of all time. So great is his prestige that many an Expy have strived to follow in his footsteps. In this instance, he brought forth an unusual candidate for ascension. Once a bodyguard for a respected Lord, he lost his rank upon his master's death. Now a ronin, Usagi has spent years wandering the countryside to help others. He has long since made peace with his failure. Unusual as it may be, the samurai felt compelled to grant him ascension.
    • He wishes that the Afro Samurai would take that lesson and decide not to continue his never ending quest of revenge. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that it will happen.
    • There was a particular need amongst rabbit deities for a new deity to represent more honorable folks. Rabbit was seen as a potential candidate, but was to easily drawn to his friends' antics. Rabbit nevertheless was glad to finally have a "civilized rabbit" in the Pantheon.
    • The news drew the interest of what is his exact opposite. Bugs Bunny challenged the ronin to a duel on his terms. To his surprise, Usagi not only accepted the terms, but did a damn good job at it. Turns out he was well verse with dealing with pranks from his friend Gen. Bugs proceeded to welcome the ronin into the Pantheon. Tensions may flare between their followers, but their patrons are quite chill with their rivalry.
  • Doesn't seem to mind Usami's baby talk, focusing instead on her accomplishments.
  • Other rabbit deities joined in to congratulate him. Judy was poised to take his spot before she decided to bring Nick Wilde along for the ride. The fox tried to pull a fast one by swiping his headband, only to find out that Usagi not only took it back, but took his badge without looking as well. Nick insisted he was only testing the newcomer; Usagi correctly stated otherwise.
  • He didn't expect to be glomped by a rabbit, but Doki did just that to great him. He has no opinion with her relationship with Nabi, only wishing them the best.
  • Was once ambushed by what he thought was "kappa." Turns out it was the ninja turtles who were sent to his own world. After helping them return, they decided to keep in touch.
  • Enjoys walks around the countryside. That way, he can roam around to find those in need of help. He was surprised to find a patron of such endeavors. Samurai Jack came by for a visit and was pleasantly surprised to find a pot of tea waiting for him. The two had a lot more in common than they realized. Jack only hoped that Usagi can find a new lord to serve one day.
  • Kenshin decided to put Usagi to the test. He stood in front of the rabbit, asking for a challenge. Usagi respectfully declined the request, having no need for unnecessary bloodshed. Just as Kenshin put a hand on the hilt of his sword. He smiled brightly before lowering his stance. He wanted to see whether he was dealing with another Hot-Blooded ronin. Instead, he was glad to find a cool-headed rabbit to befriend.
  • The same could not be said for his next opponent. As with most other katana users. Mitsurugi saw fit to challenge the newcomer for best swordsman. The fact that he was facing another Rōnin only sweetened the deal. Usagi had heard tales of the God of Rōnin, but refused to embrace his philosophy. The two dueled for several minutes, and just when Mitsurugi had the upper hand, he was ambushed by a chi blast courtesy of Taki. Usagi knew it will only be a matter of time before he would be challenged again.
  • Was once tasked with rescuing Chip and Dale who walked right into the den of the Killer Rabbit. The ensuing battle took weeks for him to recover, but he was successful.
  • Was once called "You Suckey Your Jimbo" by the Nostalgic Critic He can't seem to get away from that particular Mondegreen.
  • Was intrigued with the prowess of the God of Katanas. While Samuel's work as a mercenary puts them at odds on occasion, Samuel has a great amount of respect for the rabbit samurai.
  • Helps out Beatrix with taking care of her child. She has since retired from life as an assassin, but brings up her blade in case of trouble.

    Screwy Squirrel 
Screwy Squirrel, God of Crazy Squirrels (Screwball Squirrel)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Annoying Laugh, The Bully, Often makes life hell for dogs that chase him, Karma Houdini (for the most part), Napoleon Delusion, The Prankster, Screwball Squirrel, (duh), Villain Protagonist, Killed Off for Real after being crushed to death
  • Domains: Chaos, Squirrels, Toons, Comedy
  • Allies: Tom and Jerry, Droopy, The Janitor
  • Rivals: Many Disney gods (particularly Donald Duck and Pluto), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Most other Trolls
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, the Hall of Canines
  • Fears: Bambina
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dominic.
  • Screwy Squirrel is a cartoon character created by Tex Avery for MGM in the 1940s. In his cartoons, he is an insane squirrel that usually picks on his antagonists for no other reason other than because it was funny.
  • Usually, he can be seen luring several dogs residing in the Hall of Canines into chasing him. Most of them that do so ended falling for his antics.
  • He has a history with Droopy and Tom & Jerry due to them also working for MGM. Jerry, in particular, have been tormenting Tom for little to no reason, though the cat usually gets the last laugh.
  • Often compared to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (at least in their early screwball iterations). Because of this, they are often seen pulling tricks against each other. Though there might be a merit behind the theory given that all of them have involvement from the same creator.
  • As he is seen as a Take That! towards Disney’s approach in animation, many Disney gods see him as a rival at best. Donald Duck have had experiences with people like him, as his temper is usually catalyzed by them. He would try to chase him whenever the squirrel gets on his nerves.
    • However, they can agree on their shared hatred towards Judge Doom given his hatred towards toons and his plans to exterminate them.
  • At one point, he hijacked Cartoon Network and had his cartoons (mainly one in which he escapes the funny farm and pretends that he's Napoleon) play over and over for twelve solid hours.
  • Sometimes, he can be seen picking on other Trolls in the Pantheon. He is also allies with the Janitor and would team up with him to pull of several pranks together.
    • He has no problem with trolling Trollkaiger as well. Because of this, Terumi is trying to find a way to get back at the squirrel for his antics.
  • He was killed off in his last cartoon after being crushed by a dog who behaves like Lenny. Because of this, he fears Bambina as he is concerned that he might do the same thing to him.
  • “You know, those guys in there think I'm crazy. And I am, too!”


    Angel Bunny 
Angel Bunny, God of White Bunnies
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Alignment: Zigzags between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: White Bunny, Beleaguered Assistant and Reliable Non-Pony Sidekick, Jerk with a Heart of Gold and occasionally validated, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Ironic Yet Also Meaningful Name, not liked by the other pets (even Gummy), Perpetual Frowner, Pride as his Fatal Flaw, Silent Snarker, uses charades to communicate to non-pets, Tough Love, Tsundere, unclear physical maturity
  • Domain(s): Bunnies, Guardianship, Competence, Meanness
  • High Priestess: Clover
  • Followers: Harvey, the city of Bunnybury, Snowball, Melody Briar, Alec Azam
  • Allies: Fluttershy (his mistress), Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Maud Pie, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Derpy Hooves, DJ-P0N-3, Sunset Shimmer, Ruby, Rabbit
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, Nightmare Moon, The Dazzlings, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Kyubey
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Discord
  • Distrusts: Trixie
  • Opposes: Agent 47, Gilda, Paul London
  • Conflicting Opinion: André the Giant, Gangrel and Luna Vachon
  • When it came to choosing a representative for the White Bunny trope, among the candidates for the position, amidst the (weak) protests of his mistress, Angel Bunny decided to go and (metaphorically) throw his hat into the ring. Eventually, it was decided that Angel ascend for the trope, and had to move to a different temple.
    • That said, he's often not there as he continues his duties to keep Fluttershy's temple in order, and so a portal was made (of his size) so that he can go between her and his temples when need be. That said, he sometimes goes out to cause mischief (leaving his high priestess Clover to handle things), often targeted at those whom he sees as threats to his mistress. Of course, he makes sure to stay away from those he has no chance against.
  • Now that he's a deity, he's being coerced by his mistress to be more social, just as he sometimes prodded her a few times in the past. Right now, she's taking him to Bugs Bunny and Peppy Hare for starters.
  • Sure, he's only shown it once, and it was likely Played for Laughs, but Angel's surprisingly strong, once throwing his mistress out of her own house in a temper tantrum.
  • Chuggaconroy has a pet rabbit named Pippy, and he decided one day to take it to Angel's temple to play with his followers. It also helped that he's a Brony, so he tolerates his presence. Upon hearing of Pippy's passing, Angel went to console the gaming god.
  • Angel's terse relations with Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders come from the former not taking his 'paid work' as a caretaker seriously, and the latter is due to the whole Gabby Gums scandal.
    • Because of her takeover of Ponyville one time, Angel still doesn't trust Trixie, and while he'd certainly like to tell off a certain griffon for making his mistress cry, the fact that she can (and would) easily take him and because of her reformation means he can't do that. Also, despite that, not even he thinks she deserves assassination by Agent 47, even though Fluttershy did convince the man not to.
    • In regards to Discord, they're at odds with one another, though being his mistress's friend means they have to get along, and his initial betrayal as a result of Tirek didn't help matters either. Although, the draconequus has sometimes invited him to join in certain pranks.
  • When it comes to fellow White Bunny Ruby, whom his mistress decided to bring over for hanging out, after the first several explosions (which she profusely apologizes for), and after Ruby was warned not to use magic while in his premises, they've actually managed to come to an understanding. Usually, that's in the form of her being manipulated into Angel's revenge plots.
  • Because he sounds like her mistress sometimes, Angel is always ready to show his disapproval for Kyubey's agenda.
  • Gets along with Rabbit sometimes due to both having experiences in dealing with…difficult people (Fluttershy for Angel, and Tigger [and Pooh sometimes] for Rabbit).
  • Angel doesn't like those who specialize in brainwashing, especially the mass variety, mainly because he and the rest of the Mane Six's pets had to deal with one such creature who did it on his mistress' entire town to destroy a dam (and drown all its occupants) to save her kelpie friends and was easily forgiven.
  • Even when he was still just a herald, Paul London (with two other beings known as Mala Suerte and Saltador) were worshipping him. When Fluttershy asked why, London exclaimed that he was "The White Rabbit" that brought London to the Rabbit Tribe. He didn't mind the attention, even as Brian Kendrick came along to keep an eye on London.
    • When Angel ascended to godhood, London's worshiping of him got a tad more extreme, especially when he learned from the Cutie Mark Crusaders that the wrestler was being a nutcase. A part of him wants to exploit this for his schemes, but another tells him that that wouldn't be what his mistress would want from him, and that part eventually won out after his antics got to be too much even for him. This later turned out to be a very good call when London finally encountered the real White Rabbit, who promptly told London to kill the messenger who brought London to the White Rabbit himself and then London decided to murder his heralds to appease the White Rabbit (who didn't shed a single tear nor paid attention to the offerings). Needless to say, Angel makes sure to stay far away from him now.
  • Will join Fluttershy's let's plays whenever she needs a second player, in which he'll almost always do something to troll her.
  • Angel has tried to become good friends with some of the gods Fluttershy knows. He's not sure about André the Giant. On one hand, he can't imagine someone of André's stature can be gentle and even have his own petting zoo in his temple. On the other, he's not sure how someone like him has a godchild who married to a vampire wrestler. And then there was him learning that the Cutie Mark Crusaders were close friends with the vampire wrestlers in the past and Fluttershy had to drag them back to their temple after numerous horror movies. Even after the Crusaders have stated that they're no longer seeing the vampires, he's keeping an eye on them (not like Gangrel cares about the bunny).

    Chip and Dale 
Chip and Dale, Heralds of the Mouse World (Dale: Rubber Bando)
Their Rescue Rangers outfits

    General Woundwort 
General Woundwort, God of Horrifying Hares (Wheat-stalk, Chaff, Dark One)
His appearance in the 1999-2001 TV series
His appearance in the infamous 70's film
His appearance in the 2018 mini-series
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His scarred eye
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Villainous Valor, Blood Knight, Genius Bruiser
  • Domains: Rabbits, Leadership
  • Allies: Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, The Lepus
  • Rivals: Napoleon, Claudandus
  • Enemies: Other benevolent rabbits (especially Hazel and Bugs Bunny), SCP-524, Elmer Fudd, The GochiUsa girls, all Warrior Cats deities
  • Not So Different from: Koba
  • Respected by: Hircine
  • General Woundwort is the leader of Efrafa, a warren that Hazel and his companions encounter while looking for other rabbits to be a part of their own warren. Woundwort leads like a brutal dictator, enforcing his strength over the others to ensure that the warren is hidden from humans and that any rabbit that enters can’t get out. After Bigwig infiltrates Efrafa under the guise as a new recruit to Woundwort’s forces to break out some rabbits under Hazel’s orders, he becomes enraged that a traitor found his way in and subsequently takes part in an attack to take down Hazel’s warren, engaging in a brutal battle against Bigwig. The last that has been seen of Woundwort was when he lunged forward towards a rampaging dog, all to solidify his reputation as a hardened, fearless warrior among rabbits.
  • No one was truly certain as to who won the battle between Woundwort and that dog. Even if no one can agree on the consensus of such, the place where the former Efrafa warren was located was still standing when someone was walking across a serene landscape and came across some dilapidated structures. The passerby was in for a nasty surprise when some scary rabbits attacked and the trespasser was forced to run away. Woundwort had since reclaimed the place where Efrafa once stood and even if he lost many of his former troops, he’s looking to rebuild his empire in a land that’s far different from what he was used to.
  • Being in the Pantheon meant that Woundwort’s intentions of creating a place for him to rule over rabbits while hiding from humans was basically impossible since it meant that plenty of different humans will stumble upon his warren, intentionally or otherwise. He then decided that if his warren was to be known by others outside of rabbits, then he was going to fully emphasize how much of a ruthless warrior and leader of Efrafa he is to others. Of course, he hasn’t forgotten about how Hazel and his rabbits were able to survive Woundwort’s machinations and is more than willing to get revenge on them no matter who gets in the way between them.
  • As Woundwort and his rebuilt army patrolled the warren for anything that might stand in their way, a white rabbit wandering around the place got Woundwort’s attention. That rabbit seemingly left the area just as a couple of humans were walking by, with Woundwort looking over the scene intently. That white rabbit then massacred one of the unlucky humans and as the other was trying to flee, he met a bloody end by that same rabbit. Woundwort took a liking to The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog and has recruited him to be a soldier for Efrafa. The Killer Rabbit doesn’t really stay at Efrafa all the time, but his relationship with Woundwort is comparable to an insane, but skilled freelance soldier who will eagerly kill anyone that opposes them if told to do so, something Woundwort has no issue with.
  • His attempt to get SCP-524 on his side is something he considers to be a massive failure on his part. Walter, as the rabbit has been nicknamed by others, is able to eat anything, something that Woundwort was interested in and after Walter somehow ended up in Efrafa, Woundwort decided to take him in. As Walter stayed with Woundwort, the latter noticed that some of his troops went missing without explanation, but what caused Woundwort to truly snap was what happened after he laid out a plan for a siege with SCP-524 playing an important role in it. Things started to go well until Woundwort saw Walter eat some of his own soldiers, prompting Woundwort to call him a traitor and try to stop him. In the midst of all this, Walter disappeared, having eaten himself and Woundwort was forced to retreat with whatever soldiers he had left. In addition to wanting revenge on Hazel and his allies, Woundwort wants nothing more than SCP-524 to be destroyed for being, in Woundwort’s view, nothing more than a self-serving traitor to Efrafa.
    • The Lepus ended up being a group of hungry rabbits that Woundwort found unusual thanks to them being a product of human intervention. More precisely, a serum meant to limit their numbers resulted in those rabbits growing large and going on a rampage without regard towards anything in their way. Compared to what happened when Woundwort tried to get SCP-524 on his side in search of some dangerous rabbits, he knew that it wasn’t possible to get all of The Lepus to work for him and has only settled on trying to get a few of them on his side. Since none of The Lepus are able to really talk to him, one of his Efrafa soldiers ended up being a “translator” so that Woundwort can better understand The Lepus and gradually build his trust among them.
  • Elmer Fudd was minding his own business during a hunting trip (this one had nothing to do with Bugs Bunny at the time) when he saw a rabbit and proceeded to chase it, leading him to Efrafa. Elmer opted not to enter the place and instead set up a trap where some carrots were placed and Elmer was ready to shoot at an appropriate location. Some time had passed and Elmer was surprised to discover that none of the carrots were being taken, so he decided to head back to the Efrafa base, only to discover that all the carrots had disappeared. Elmer was pointing his gun at the entrance of Efrafa in an attempt to get out any rabbits that might be hiding, only to be greeted with a deep voice who lectured him about the hunter and the hunted and by then, Elmer was face-to-face with Woundwort. Woundwort showed no mercy to Elmer and attacked him in a far more brutal manner than what Bugs normally does. Once Elmer got Woundwort off, he saw a bunch of rabbits that were part of Woundwort’s forces and ran away before his (more serious than normal) injuries got worse. The entire ordeal was unnerving for Elmer as he wasn’t used to dealing with someone who was not only very calculated about his plans, but also much more direct about the violence they act on.
    • Some time following that incident, Bugs Bunny was burrowing underground and ended up in Efrafa, having made yet another wrong turn from his intended destination. He then saw Woundwort glaring at him, though Bugs was able to keep his cool for the duration of his meeting with him. Woundwort was able to tell that bugs really didn’t look like an ordinary rabbit from his appearance and was very suspicious of him, especially since Bugs knows about Hazel and his warren. Not taking any chances, Woundwort sent some of his soldiers to take care of Bugs. The wabbit was able to outsmart Woundwort’s soldiers and damage part of Efrafa in the process, furthering Woundwort’s hatred of Bugs and the wabbit was more than aware that Woundwort was going to be another recurring issue to deal with, especially where the safety of Hazel and the others are concerned.
  • With his imposing appearance, scars on his body, and overall tyrannical behavior, Woundwort is nowhere near the cute rabbit that many have been used to. His initial encounter with Hoto Cocoa and her friends, which started when a wandering Cocoa encountered him when he was resting and took him to get medical treatment after mistaking him for an abused and abandoned rabbit, was something that wasn’t going to go away from the latter group’s memories. Woundwort found himself in an unfamiliar place in a cage next to some other rabbits, his rage building up over what he perceived to be a kidnapping. Loud noises came from where Woundwort was at and by the time Cocoa and her friends entered the room, it was a mess and Woundwort had already left the area. Kirima Sharo looked out the window and was terrified upon seeing a dark rabbit with scars run back to whence he came and although Cocoa was at first disappointed that the rabbit she found didn’t want his injuries to be fixed, she and her friends decided not to get involved with anything related to Woundwort for their own safety.
  • Even if Woundwort shares some of the same leadership qualities as that of Napoleon and Claudandus, he has no interest in working with them. Napoleon does have some interest in Woundwort, especially where brute force is concerned, and thinks that he would be useful in keeping the pig’s own tyrannical. After learning how treacherous Napoleon really is, Woundwort developed a hatred of the pig, though Napoleon is still keeping an eye on him to take full advantage of him later. As for Claudandus, even though he is still interested in a society ruled entirely by cats, he finds Woundwort to be stubbornly volatile, but no less intriguing for someone that’s merely considered to be prey by others. Knowing that Efrafa was going to get attacked by Claudandus and his cats, Woundwort has taken the necessary measures to defend the place from them.
    • As far as psychopathic animals are concerned, Koba was someone who Woundwort found similar to in some ways, thanks to both having prominent scars and enjoying going into battle no matter how many casualties there are. While Woundwort presumably built up his reputation for being a merciless individual, Koba betrayed Caesar all to wipe out humans for making him who he is. It became clear that Woundwort couldn’t trust Koba, but the bonobo does want Woundwort to be much more active in ensuring his adversaries are destroyed, especially other humans.
  • Firestar and his allies find Woundwort to be very reprehensible given how his militaristic character and ruthlessness is similar to one of their primary enemies, Tigerstar. While Woundwort doesn’t like Firestar and his friends all that much, he has a special hatred towards Scourge, another adversary of Firestar’s. Even if Scourge has a bloodthirsty attitude that would earn Woundwort’s approval and Scourge himself even tried to set up a potential alliance with the rabbit for his own sake, such an opportunity for the two to work together went to waste after Woundwort learned that Scourge killed Tigerstar for the sake of more power and Woundwort wasn’t going to allow anyone to usurp his position. A brutal fight between the two once talks fell apart only added to their animosity and Woundwort and Scourge won’t hesitate to kill each other if they meet again.
  • Hircine has taken a special liking towards Woundwort, finding his behavior distinct from what prey like rabbits normally have. The Daedric Prince is very interested in seeing what happens in a hunt, especially if a presumed prey ends up besting the hunter in some capacity. Seeing Woundwort, his brutal disposition, and mercilessness towards anyone that threatens him has earned him the approval of Hircine. While Woundwort doesn’t appear to be aware of Hircine (and is more bemused than anything at the idea of a godlike entity dedicated to overseeing hunts), it hasn’t changed his overall view of never backing down in a fight when pushed into one.

    Mrs. Brisby 
Mrs. Brisby, Goddess of Nice Mice (Elizabeth Brisby, Mrs. Jonathan Brisby, Mrs. Frisby)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Stone and her red cape
  • Theme Song: "Flying Dreams"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Mice, Reluctant Action Mom, Distress Ball, Hysterical Woman only from circumstances, Nice Girl, Shrinking Violet, Mama Bear
  • Domains: Mice, Niceness, Mothers
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • High Priests: Jaq and Gus
  • Followers: Chuck E. Cheese, Alexander, the Eftirmatur family, Stuart Little, Mighty Mouse
  • Allies: Nicodemus, Remy, Fievel Mouskewitz, Charlie Barkin, Dumbo, Basil and Dawson, Pinky, Pikachu, Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez, Ducky, Bernard and Bianca, all other mouse gods in the Pantheon
  • Uneasy Around: The Brain, Tiger
  • Enemies: Ratigan, Tom, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • A kind, beautiful widow and mother of four children, she's very beloved in the Hall of Mammals, especially by her fellow mice. Jerry in particular has tried several time to get her to go on a date with him, but she's always politely declined, and is skeptical that anyone could ever take the place of her late husband, Johnathan.
  • Occasionally she's sought out for help on rescue missions from Bernard and Bianca because of her powerful necklace, the Stone, which temporarily gives her telekinetic power and the ability to produce fire. Using its power causes severe burns to her body, and as such she only ever agrees to use it in life-or-death situations. She's also sometimes invited to be a taste tester for some of Remy's cooking, and as a character witness by detective Basil thanks to her unflinching honesty and connection to almost every mouse and rat in the pantheon.
  • She has a fear of owls, not helped at all by the fact that The Grand Duke of Owls has attempted to eat her several times. Luckily, he can't get near her while the Stone is around her neck, which has only lead the Duke to covet her necklace for his own nefarious needs.
  • On top of being afraid of owls, she's also terrified of cats, to the point that she can't stop shaking when even someone as benign as Fievel's friend Tiger is in the same room as her. Her fear isn't helped by the fact that her husband was killed by a particularly monstrous cat named Dragon. Despite that, she's been trying to work on this fear so she can meet new people.
  • She has mixed feelings about The Brain; unlike most, she doesn't dismiss the idea that one of his plots to take over the world will succeed some day, and sees him as a real threat. On the other hand, Mrs. Brisby is one of the few people that The Brain is impeccably mannered around, making her wonder whether his world domination attempts might just be his way of dealing with his rotten lot in life.
  • Unlike her view of The Brain, however, she has a completely negative view of Ratigan and his proclivities of kidnapping the fathers of children. She also dislikes his bigoted view of rats, having met many friends during her encounters with the rats of NIMH. He strongly reminds her of Jenner.
  • Ducky is particularly fond of her because of how much she reminds her of her own mother. Mrs. Brisby is always happy to see her, but not always happy that she keeps trying to invite her to the Dominion of the Great Valley where she tends to get tangled up in another fear of hers: getting squashed.
  • Having only some of her husband's teachings for an education, she's just a hair above being illiterate. After becoming determined to learn to read to set a better example for her children, she's lately been seeking someone in the pantheon to be her reading teacher. She hasn't decided who, yet; only that they are probably in the House of Knowledge.

Professor Padriac Ratigan, God of Repulsive Rats (The World's Greatest Criminal Mind, the Napoleon of Crime)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His cape and hat
  • Theme Music: The World's Greatest Criminal Mind; alternatively, Goodbye, So Soon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Prefers “Big Mouse”, Sissy Villain, Evil Is Hammy, Would Hurt a Child, Evil Brit, Evil Genius, The Sociopath, Villainous Breakdown
  • Domains: Villainy, Ham, Schemes
  • Herald: Felicia the Cat
  • Allies: James Moriarty, Katz, Dag
  • Enemies:
  • Strictly business with: Bletch and Trevor of The Feebles
  • Professor Padriac Ratigan is a devious criminal of Britain’s rodent population and the arch-enemy of Basil, who has been trying to put him behind bars for a long time. Looking to fully achieve his goals, Ratigan kidnaps a toymaker and forces him to make a robotic replica of the mouse queen while having the real queen kidnapped so that he can rule over the other mice. When the toymaker’s daughter calls on Basil and Dawson to search for her missing dad, Ratigan figured it would be a perfect opportunity to finally rid himself of his sworn enemies while he rose to the top. Although Ratigan’s plans ended in failure and him falling off the Big Ben, it goes without saying that Ratigan is a cold-hearted criminal mastermind that’s willing to harm even children to get what he wants.
  • A kidnapping had occurred in the animal kingdom and authorities are left at a dead end as to who caused it and what they were after. Basil and Dawson were hired to investigate and it didn’t take long for them to discover that Ratigan was planning something and that he was hellbent on revenge over his prior defeat. The two mouse detectives ended up at an abandoned factory, presumably where Ratigan and his victim were at. Some lights suddenly came on and it was there that Ratigan had Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde hostage, with Ratigan trying to use them as bait in order to make the leaders of a city of animals surrender their leadership role to him. Ratigan then put himself in another fight with Basil, threatening to throw him in an incinerator as Dawson did his best to free Judy and Nick from the trap without putting them in further danger. Just as Ratigan was about to defeat Basil for good, Judy intervened and Ratigan grew enraged that another plan of his was falling apart. Later on, the building began to collapse and while Judy, Nick, Basil, and Dawson were able to escape, Ratigan got crushed by the falling structures. He was eventually able to get himself out of the rubble well after the four escaped, swearing further revenge on Basil for making a fool out of him again.
  • Much like how Basil and Dawson are the mouse equivalents to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Ratigan is the mouse counterpart to James Moriarity, being a devious criminal mastermind and arch-enemy to the detective. Ratigan would later meet up with the real Moriarity via a mousehole inside one of Moriarity's hideouts, with Moriarity surprised to see not only a fancily dressed rat appear, but to learn that said rat fancies himself as an equivalent to Moriarity. That said, Moriarity was more than willing to lend some aid to someone very similar to him and Ratigan has taken a lot of Moriarity’s advice on how to pull off some devious schemes.
  • Not only has Ratigan been pursued by Basil and Dawson, but a number of other detectives have gone after him much to his annoyance. In addition to the real Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson having traced some crimes to Ratigan (who they consider to be a very likely accomplice to Moriarity), Sherlock Hound has pinpointed some crimes committed by Ratigan, with the rat being very annoyed at the fact that a dog version of Sherlock exists in addition to a mouse version of such. Of all the detectives in the Pantheon, Ratigan has a strong hatred of Detective Pikachu for not only being another mouse detective alongside Basil and Dawson, but the fact that the Pokémon is able to provide some strong support for the two meant that a lot of Ratigan’s plots have been foiled whenever Detective Pikachu is involved. A good number of Ratigan’s plots have involved not only trying to kill Basil and Dawson, but to have Detective Pikachu dead as well.
  • Mrs. Brisby and Nicodemus see Ratigan as a danger to the mouse world with his criminal activity and how much he’s willing to put innocents at danger to gain more power. Nicodemus got to understand firsthand what Ratigan was willing to use while helping Basil and Dawson with a case of theirs that had Ratigan involved and some time after that incident, he told Brisby about Ratigan and how similar the rat is to Jenner in terms of seeking power for themselves. Brisby became worried that Ratigan would not only target her and her family as part of a potential plan of his, but that he would try to get rid of Nicodemus and has done what she can to prevent Ratigan from turning her and Nicodemus into victims of his crimes.
  • Ironically, in the original book series, he was revealed to be a mouse.
  • A group of rodents who Ratigan quickly despised was The Rescue Rangers, with its members being Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, Chip, and Dale, for constantly interfering with his plans. The team finds his plans for power to be very dangerous and haven’t hesitated in springing to action whenever he’s active, with Gadget Hackwrench, the team’s mechanic, harboring a special hatred of him over kidnapping a toymaker and forcing him to make a robotic replica of a mouse queen as part of Ratigan’s bid for power. Another team of rescue rodents, the duo of Miss Bianca and Bernard, have gotten involved in thwarting his schemes and rescuing any children he kidnaps in the process. His attempt at kidnapping Fievel Mousekewitz earned Ratigan not only the duo’s ire, but Fievel became afraid of him since that encounter and has avoided him at all costs.
  • Even though Tom and Jerry have had multiple conflicts with each other, both of them want nothing to do with Ratigan’s plans. Ratigan once attempted to get Tom to work for him, hoping to have another cat at his side, but Tom rejected the offer, not wanting to get involved in much more dangerous schemes. This didn’t sit well with Ratigan and Jerry being a crafty little mouse that can hinder his plans made the rat just a bit more furious. If Tom and Jerry have already worked with Sherlock Holmes in the past to stop one of Moriarity’s plots, then the two are willing to work together to stop a rat version of Moriarity from pulling off something similar, if not more deadly.
  • In case it wasn’t obvious enough, Ratigan is widely hated among the other rodents of the Pantheon because of how remorseless he is in being a criminal mastermind within the wider animal kingdom. Remy the Rat has nothing positive to say about Ratigan, especially after his restaurant got involved in a hostage situation and Basil and Dawson had to get Remy out of trouble and set things back to normal. Speedy Gonzales has become a recurring nuisance for Ratigan as his speediness has thwarted some of Ratigan’s plots and Speedy has even claimed that Ratigan gives mice and rats a bad name. As for Mickey Mouse, he has gotten involved in stopping some of Ratigan’s schemes (one of them was an attempt at forcing Minnie Mouse to marry him, which earned him Mickey’s further scorn) and knew that the rat wasn’t to be taken lightly.
  • Despite being a cat, Doraemon is very afraid of mice because a robotic version of one bit off his ear. While many of the other friendly rodents in the Pantheon are enough to make him worried (though he has done his best to not act up in front of them), Ratigan is one rodent that Doraemon is terrified of given the rat’s malicious demeanor. Ratigan is greatly irritated with how much advanced technology Doraemon has at his disposal and even if Doraemon isn’t completely competent, Ratigan is suspicious that someone will use Doraemon’s abilities as a means of foiling his plans and has done whatever he can to get the robot cat off his tail.
  • Ratigan ended up finding some unusual crime partners in the form of Bletch the Walrus and Trevor the Rat. After witnessing the pair in action, he wanted to talk to Trevor and although the latter was rather aggressive during their initial conversation, Bletch was willing to accept Ratigan’s offer for the partnership and the result was them increasing their criminal influence across parts of the Pantheon very slightly. Trevor has been more than willing to call Ratigan a “soft rat” in his face, but Bletch has discouraged him from doing that, citing Ratigan’s genius as a benefit for their business.
  • The wide scope of the Pantheon has allowed Ratigan to come up with schemes much wilder than his previous ones. One noticeably failed attempt to gain more power was trying to marry Thumbelina, hoping that it would gain him more access to unknown parts of the Pantheon. Ever since that botched attempt, Thumbelina considers Ratigan to be much worse than the numerous unwanted suitors she had to put up with. As for other potential friends for Ratigan to make, he got along swimmingly with Katz thanks to an offer wherein the Katz Motel (and other “business ventures” operated by Katz) can be used as a death trap for Basil and Dawson. By his own admission, Katz does enjoy Ratigan’s much more feral form since it meant a lot more carnage was likely to happen.
  • Dag ended up being another vicious animal that Ratigan got along with rather well. Although Ratigan is capable of being very vicious, Dag didn’t believe that the rat was vicious enough and decided to show him how to be a real terror in the animal kingdom. Dag did a good job at showing Ratigan how to be merciless until Otis showed up and started to humiliate Dag. Despite Ratigan helping out, it wasn’t enough for Dag to overpower Otis and his friends and the two wrongdoers were driven out of the barn they were at. In spite of the initial failure of a demonstration, Dag does believe that Ratigan showcasing his feral side more often will make him more of a threat than before.


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