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THE PANTHEON: The War Against Giygas!

Giygas, God of Power Without Consciousness and Incomprehensibility (Giegue, Gyiyg, Geeg, The Almighty Idiot, The Universal Cosmic Destroyer, The Embodiment of Evil)
Giygas in the Devil’s Machine fighting alongside Heavily Armored Porky 
Giygas’ Original Form (Inside his Spaceship) 

Intermediate Gods

    Konrad von Carstein 
Konrad von Carstein, God of Insanity-Based Violence (Konrad the Beast, Konrad the Bloody, Konrad the Butcher, Mortarch of Depravity)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A sword stained in blood, dripping downwards
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, bordering on Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Absolutely Deranged and Prone to Violence, Always Looking out for a Fight, Leading his Troops to Massacre Populations, Complete Monster, Killed his "Siblings" for the Throne, Second Ruler of the Von Carstein Dynasty but is a Terrible Leader Compared to his Father, Treated his Subordinates like Shit, Getting Easily Irritated by Criticism (Especially his Lack of Magical Talent), Holds Banquets with Young Women to Slaughter, Sadist, Insane Leaders, Alley Cats for Crossbow Practice, His Actions would Inspire His own Troops Betraying Him, Killed Off without Anyone to Mourn Him
  • Domains: Vampires, Depravity, Bloodlust, Insanity, Monarchy
  • Allies: Count Orlok, Dio Brando, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, Quan Chi, Elizabeth Bathory, The Crimson Court, Vanilla Ice, The Batman Who Laughs, Kefka Palazzo, The Violator, Ramsay Bolton
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nagash, Nekron, Dracula, The Joker
  • Rival: Mannfred von Carstein
  • Enemies: The House of Magic, Especially the Magical Girl Guardians and the Four Magicians, Vlad von Carstein, Buffy Summers, The Belmonts and their Allies, The Puella Magi, The Heroic Protectors of Family, The Joestars and their Allies, Arcueid Brunestud, Alucard (Castlevania), Rachel Alucard, Eric Brooks, Marceline, Usalia, Atrocitus, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Tyrion, Teclis, Vlad the Impaler, Batman, Legolas, Gimli, Link, Lucina, Abraham Lincoln, Anna, Elsa, Artix Von Krieger, the Hall of Felines
  • Respected By: Molag Bal, Yuuki Terumi (surprisingly enough)
  • Opposed By: Practically Anyone with A Sane Mindset, Meridia
  • To many, having an offspring is one of the biggest blessings in life, for one would desire a child so dearly and treasure it for as long as they could. Sometimes the child isn't the type that their parents wanted them to turn out to be, but regardless, will accept them, be proud of their accomplishments and support them throughout their lifetime. And then there's Konrad von Carstein, one of the youngest "sons" to be converted into a vampire by his "father", Vlad, seemingly out of amusement. And where did this amusement come from? Konrad was completely crazed and violent beyond all belief, so Vlad gave him a Blood Kiss, though this would soon be considered a mistake on the latter's part. When Vlad was slain in battle permanently, Konrad entered a competition against his "brothers for the Von Carstein throne. He won and all of his brothers were killed (Except Mannfred who fled to Nehekhara to hide and better his knowledge and use in Magic), allowing Konrad to take up the throne. Unfortunately, Konrad was an atrocious leader compared to his predecessor, never being able to match him in general reputation and reception. His behavior was such that he had to bully necromancers into serving him to create an army of Undead as Konrad magical affinity was absolutely pathetic. Ultimately, despite some victories and plunders, Konrad's abusive and condescending behavior towards his troops reached a point in the Battle of Grim Moor where they deserted him in his time of need, causing Konrad's mind to blow up from the inside and run into a nearby forest, soon to be caught and slain by the Dwarf Grufbad and Elector Count Helmar with no one bothering to pay their respects to the fallen Vampire Lord.
  • The House of Undead has been keeping track of many of its inhabitants and its visitors, though a certain figure clad in red armor was one for the latter that wasn't really acknowledged, given there wasn't any sign that the figure was ascended or not. This all changed when recent reports from the Pantheonic News stated that nearby towns in the House of Dead lay ruined with the deceased and heavily wounded lay strewn across the bloodied settlements, with witnesses stating the suspect was a group of vampires and a collection of necromancer. Alarmed, Buffy Summers and Eric Brooks were sent out to confront the situation. They were able to track down an unattached settlement in the House of Undead, thinking that there was to be an attack there soon. The two were tricked; Buffy and Eric were suddenly attacked by a collection of necromancers and vampires before they were subdued by the announcement of a loud command. The red-armored figure revealed himself to be Konrad von Carstein and locked his eyes towards Buffy, complimenting her appearance and that it was "only in the taking". Disgusted and terrified, Buffy broke out of Konrad's grasp and soon fought alongside Eric. Unfortunately for the vampire hunters, Konrad held the advantage, forcing the two to abruptly bail out and escape. Konrad roared in frustration out of the predicament, before turning his anger towards the surviving necromancers and butchering some of them to alleviate his stress.
    • Buffy and Eric immediately reported the Court of the Gods about Konrad and any signs of his ascension into the Pantheon. While the Court were able to determine that he was ascended sometime ago, Konrad's appearance in the House of Undead didn't make sense as he is not properly affiliated with it. Elsewhere, Konrad marched up to encounter Molag Bal, who commended the vampire a job well done in his savage pursuits and mused that he did the right thing in playing a part in bringing Konrad into the Pantheonic world. Konrad roared and screamed that he be given a bigger army so that he may be able o build a monarchy of his own and begin plundering new lands, to which the Daedric Prince offered that there'd be a lot in a short time. To the fear and dread of the next houses that Konrad will begin to attack...
  • Konrad is... fucking nuts. There's really no way to describe the sheer ferocity and sadism that the vampire exudes. Many have claimed that he is easily the most deranged of his kind, which says a lot about how bloodhungry vampires tend to be. This is a guy who imprisoned his mother for giving birth to him without his permission after all. Heck, many of the necromancers who work for him actually want nothing to do with him, it's just that they're too intimidated to really consider defecting.
    • All that said, Konrad's insanity isn't actually debilitating, for he does some have smug pride and egotism running in his mind. He can also come up with a clever strategy if he felt like it, though moments like those are rare when all Konrad seems to focus is killing, followed by more killing with an added aspect of battle.
  • Konrad has the rather odd and scary achievement to be the only vampire that is respected by Yuuki Terumi. Yes, the troll who's honest about his hatred for any and all vampires actually sees Konrad in an amusing and interested manner. He's actually tried to convince the vampire to join along with him in a killing spree, which Konrad reciprocated with gleeful hunger.
    • That said, some speculate that Terumi is trying manipulate Konrad for his own ends, it's just that the vampire's aggression and narrow-minded mindset is an easy target to reign paranoia and forced control upon. Still, both of them are depraved asshats, so if anyone was to choose sides, they'd rather see Konrad brutally butcher Terumi into chunks of flesh (as unlikely as that is) or Terumi playing a role in Konrad's death.
  • Was surprised to realize that Mannfred succeeded him after his death, though he wasn't exactly happy about using Jon Skellan to monitor him in the hopes that once Konrad died, Mannfred would swoop in to take the throne. The two have one of the most intense sibling rivalries in the Pantheon, though most of the time, they only reach stalemates, much to their frustration.
    • That said, Konrad and Mannfred will join forces for one reason; to take on their father Vlad, whose made it very clear that he completely disregards and flat out refuses to acknowledge the two as his sons. Seeing how Vlad was making great relationships with other vampires such as Marceline, Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard and Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), the two felt pissed off about Vlad paying more attention to them and tried to strike him down. Unfortunately for them, Vlad wiped the floor against the two and almost had them killed had it not been for the intervention of Nagash, forcing him to retreat.
  • On the topic of the Vampires Sub-House, the only being there that can tolerate Konrad is Count Orlok, mainly because they're both defined by their feral bloodlust. While Orlok balks at the ideas of the vampires of Sylvania being capable of intimate love, he's proud and admired by what Konrad was able to achieve in his lifetime. Outside of him and probably Mira Fallgeros, none of the residential vampire deities want anything to do with him.
  • One of the only genuine partnerships he was able to muster up was the apostle Wyald and Westeros knight Gregor Clegane. Initially a duo, it's now a Power Trio with the overall goal of spreading chaos and unleashing bloodshed on any settlements that they could plunder. This has got the House of Love and Affection alerted, and permanently banned Konrad as a result, and also because he viewed Vlad with disdain after his father's death.
  • A meeting with Nagash had Konrad rather rambunctious, thinking that the Great Necromancer is plotting to use him. Nagash decided to play a pragmatic role and convince Konrad the prospect of becoming one of his Mortarchs in the Pantheon, given that he was seeking to create a new set of nine in this new verse. Konrad accepted under the conditions that he would get to use an interdimensional portal to find new worlds and new blood to slit and drink. Nagash thus anointed him "Mortarch of Depravity" due to Konrad's bloodthirsty and irredeemable nature.
  • He absolutely hates the House of Magic and it's representing leaders, the Magical Girl Guardians and the Four Magicians. He also pukes at the idea of Madoka Kaname being the Pantheon's mascot regarding Hope Bringers. Most state that Konrad is just insanely jealous, given that he's completely impotent in magic usage. This happens to be one of his biggest Berserk Buttons, which is evident due to Konrad's temperamental nature.
    • Due to his general dislike towards Madoka, he's bought himself into battling against the Puella Magi several times, with Sayaka, Mami and Kyouko often teaming up just to stand a chance against him. However, the one Puella Magi Konrad hates the most is Homura Akemi. Not just because Homura once decimated him without much effort, but because Homura happens to be allies with Vlad due to the two of them being in the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Konrad is since considering finding allies with magical affinity to even the score against Homura. Aside from that, he felt ecstatic when he heard that Nagash killed Mami and Kyouko during a Grand United Alliance of Destruction invasion solely to insult Madoka, though now with the two of them revived, Konrad is planning to succeed Nagash in the task.
  • The Joker seems to like how crazy Konrad is and is okay working with him, though he feels like Konrad should start "fixing up his mind for creativity", stating that his idea of sadism is simply blood and slaughter without much theatricality. Konrad does however get along with Kefka, Pennywise and the Violator, who have no such time for creativity and revel in bloodshed.
  • A reminder that Konrad once used alley-cats as a means of "target practice" for archers. This action has landed him into direct enmity against the Felines Sub-House. Additionally, one of his most depraved actions, hosting a banquet that forced a hundred-and-eleven women, one was which was barely a child, to bleed out for Konrad and his vampire army to drink and enjoy. These made him a staunch enemy against women in general as well as the Heroic Protectors of Family.
  • As usual, Konrad is a wanted monster by Vampire Hunters, but especially Buffy Summers, who has never forgotten about her first-time experience with Konrad. Eric Brooks and Abraham Lincoln are also wary and making preparations about dealing with Konrad, though the ones that he tends to take seriously are the Belmont Family, especially given their streak of defeating Dracula. Konrad seriously considers an alliance with Mannfred when it comes to those like Simon and Richter Belmont. And the Joestar Families aren't far behind either.
    • He gets along pretty well with Dio Brando, given that both oppose Vlad and that Dio thinks having Konrad around is pretty amusing as Dio will often allow him to take a captured victim and both of them having an entertaining experience. Dracula, on the other hand, is difficult, given that the OG vampire himself will have him as a bodyguard of sorts, though he feels that Vlad would have made a much better ally, which he isn't wrong about.
    • Speaking of enemies, Lucina sees him as extremely abhorrent, even more than Vlad and has dedicated herself into stopping him. Joining alongside her is Link, who wile not having experience in dealing with vampires, is more than ready to battle against someone who will prey on the innocent for the hell of it. Legolas and Gimli also oppose Konrad mainly because of Mannfred's crimes against Elves and his slaughter on the Dwarven Kingdoms.
  • Konrad's reputation is such that Meridia brands him as one of the prime reasons on why the Undead should be permanently abolished from the Pantheon via death, a sentiment that she also extends towards Mannfred. Konrad really couldn't care less, only just slightly annoyed by Meridia's hatred towards him.
When the darkness falls our time is at hand. We are the rulers of the Night. We are the predators of the shadows. Come hither and we will show you the true meaning of terror!

    Luthor Harkon 
Luthor Harkon, Vampire God of Psychotic Admirals (Lutr, Arch-Grand Commodore, Mad Pirate King of the Vampire Coast, Mortarch of the Abyss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of The Awakened
  • Theme Song: Tattered Sails Shanty
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Absolutely Raving Pirate Captain, Basically a Pirate Vampire, Beware the Silly Ones, Ascended Extra, Is so Mentally Shattered his Mind Refers to Himself as "we", "us", and "my" Sporadically, Comes from the Blood Dragon Clade of Vampires, Has a Lot of Weird Thoughts from Time-to-Time, Fancies Himself as a Pirate King, Is Quite Polite and Sophisticated, Gentleman Thief, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Fights Using a Sword and a Gun, Carries an Ornate Flintock Pistol with an Underslung Blade, Master Swordsman, Screaming Warrior, Spikes of Villainy, Commands The Dread Abyssal, Is Underestimated due to his Inactivity and Insanity, Is Thousands of Years Old
  • Domains: Vampires, Piracy, Insanity, Coastlines, Leadership, Power
  • Heralds: The Vampire Coast of Lustria
  • Superior: Nagash the Undyingnote 
  • Allies: Black Manta, Blackbeard, Cervantes de Leon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Konrad von Carstein
  • Rivals: Euron Greyjoy, The Flying Dutchman, Spinal
  • Enemies: Kroq-Gar, Lord Kroak, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Settra, Morathi, Karl Franz, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner Jr., Elizabeth Swann, Guybrush Threepwood, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Nathan Drake, Buffy Summers, The Joestar Family, The Belmont Clan, Akainu, Smoker, Numbuh Five
  • Worthy Opponents: Alucard (Both the Hellsing and Castlevania Iterations), Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Vinsmoke Sanji, Lagiacrus, Daniel Fortesque
  • Opposes: Mannfred von Carstein, The Four, Chaos Gods, Archaon, Wulfrik
  • Opposed By: Abhorash, Genevieve Dieudonné, Meridia
  • Wary Of: Wario
  • Luthor Harkon was once a denizen of the state of Lahmia, that is until the rise of Vampirism via the influence of Nagash and Queen Neferata. Luthor was bitten by a vampire who descended from the great vampire Knight, Abhorash, turning him into a Blood Dragon. However, there exist no records of Luthor pledging to the Blood Dragon's code of honor and conduct, but rather, he chose to sneak into a Norscan ship boarded for Lustria. By the time it arrived, the crew was either vampirized or enslaved, now under Luthor's command, who then used them to raid and find countless treasures and conquer the shores and coasts of the southern part of the New World, creating an ever-amassing army known as the Vampire Coast. Once, he invaded the abandoned city of Huatl in an effort to find magical secrets that could enhance his powers. And when he did find it via a set of powerful glyphs, Luthor attempted to harness it, only to backfire as his soldiers vaporized upon trying to claim it and Luthor was close to dying when he tried to reach out to it. He barely survived, only for his connection to the Winds of Magic to be dampened considerably and for his mind to be shattered and warped, rendering him insane, even by vampire standards. In spite of this, Luthor maintained great control over his Vampire Coast army and influenced fear towards enemies and those who personally knew him, fighting against Lizardmen, Skaven, Elves, and Human travelers and explorers and collecting as much booty and treasury as he can, as well as finding Slann artifacts, thinking that he could use them to recover from his insanity.
    • Luthor's reputation and power were such that he branded himself as the Pirate King of the Vampire Coast by the time The End Times was looming and Nagash returned to make preparations for his new takeover of the Undead-filled Nehekhara. He joined the Great Necromancer and led many battles worldwide to some degree of success with Nagash later appointing Luthor as the Mortarch of the Abyss once Nehekhara was taken over. He was involved in defending Sylvania against the invading forces of the Chaos God, Nurgle where he was to work alongside the remaining Mortarchs, one of whom was Mannfred von Carstein. Despite a tough and valiant attempt, Luthor and Mannfred were overpowered by a resurrected Isabella von Carstein, who was infected and corrupted by Nurgle's influence. Mannfred chose to escape and abandon Luthor to his own devices, though Luthor did not give up in his battle. Despite giving everything he got and presenting a tough fight, Luthor's forces were eventually overrun by Nurgle's forces, and the vampire Pirate King was killed by Isabella.
  • Luthor's demise wouldn't assure that he would permanently be cast aside into history and obscurity. No, he would find himself awakening on what appeared to be a coast. It looked like he was familiar with it, but it felt odd to him. Nonetheless, he took to wandering around the beaches in a quiet night, finally coming across a cove, whereupon he entered it, only to discover what looked to be a giant lake. There, Luthor took a gaze at a peculiar sight under the waters, which revealed itself to be a beast known as a Lagiacrus. Despite the beast's ravenous looks, Luthor wasn't fazed one bit and engaged the monster in a tough clash, ending with Luthor killing the Lagiacus. He took to drinking the fallen beast's blood and he felt a strange sensation that felt really soothing and empowering. Feeling a rush of motivation from the fight, Luthor took to exploring the beach and the surroundings, eventually realizing that he was in the Pantheon, and it excited him to no end. Though his life came to an end, he's got a second chance and in a grander world at that. Managing to return to Lustria and regrouping his Vampire Coast army, Luthor declared his presence and return, now ready to strike fear into his world as well as the Pantheon, as well as collecting treasures, relics, and seeking a good fight like any other Blood Dragon would.
  • Despite his insanity and his rather obscure reputation in his world, Luthor is one of the most formidable vampires and among the most powerful the undead has to offer. On top of that, he is a notorious pirate who manages to amass a millennia worth of gold and treasures, though, of course, some of those rewards played a role in sapping away Luthor's sanity. Being of a peculiar mix, Luthor has found himself being a magnet for a number of Halls in the Pantheon, namely those of Vampires and Piracy for obvious reasons. Having a second chance and quickly taking the opportunity, Luthor created quite the infamy for himself, proudly boasting that he is among the strongest of the Blood Dragons and that he is more than ready to fight against anyone that dares to challenge his might. It's mainly because he wants to date his desires for a good battle, much like any other Blood Dragon, but he also wants to explore and find more gold and treasury, aware that the Pantheon is far more than just the Warhammer World.
  • Of all of the ascended Mortarchs in the Pantheon, Luthor was the most apathetic about his position and towards his peers and superiors; unlike Nagash, he wasn't in the mood to destroy all life and unlike the other Mortarchs, he didn't have any aspirations for wanting to either break away from Nagash's influence or prove themselves superior. He simply just wants to settle by the coasts and patrol them as if he owns the places and to assert that he is in control over what he deems is for himself. The only other Mortarch he has a close relationship with is Mannfred and… they are the furthest thing away from being on good terms, as Mannfred did leave Luthor behind to die from a Nurgle-corrupted Isabella. Luthor swears that one day, he will find, beat down, mutilate, and kill Mannfred as painfully as he can as his way to get back at his treachery, something which the Mortarch of Night fears. He also declined to rejoin Nagash as the Mortarch of the Abyss, and by extension, he isn't interested in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, feeling that he is better off without having to get himself involved in the mess that is the Pantheonic Forever War. Why waste his time fighting for someone else's battles while he can just retreat to the beaches and get what he desires there alongside organizing his pirate army to search and plunder other settlements for their treasure.
  • The Pantheon was no stranger to vampires, and as a result, Luthor didn't really feel left out when he ventured around the new realm in which he was to take part. He expressed some amusement to discover that there are a series of vampires who decided to use their powers for good and treat them with respect and formality, despite his own insanity. Regarding the more vicious and malicious ones, Luthor struggles to find a sort of common ground with which they can form a partnership with and, at best, they end up being rivals with him. Count Orlok envies Luthor's ability to inspire fear and respect as well as being able to lady long enough under daylight, whereas the vampire pirate, in contrast, sees Orlok as inferior as not only was he very susceptible to numerous vampire weaknesses, but his own reputation is just him being evil and depraved, as well as projecting the stereotype that vampires are inherently evil, all of which, to Luthor, was clichés. He's a bit more complimentary towards the concept of Dracula, given his legacy and influence towards vampirekind as well as his immense powers. The original Dracula would like to have him as an ally, but the fact that he would rather be a pirate hoarding treasures and patrolling the coast like it's his own Kingdom had made this difficult. The Lord of Castlevania and the Owner of Hotel Transylvania are more impartial to him as they don't have much in common, not to mention Luthor's own seclusiveness makes any kind of relationship seem moot. That, and this Owner of Hotel Transylvania isn't interested in bringing along an insane monster who only thrives on looting and being a loon 9/10 times.
    • He has a delightful sense of fascination towards Alucard and doesn't even care if the one in question is either Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş or Vlad the Impaler simply because both of them are powerful vampires and possess the same nobility as any other Blood Dragon would, much like himself. Even when Adrian isn't really comfortable in approaching him, Luthor is open to treating him with a sense of respect and politeness, whereas, with Vlad, he finds Luthor's madness to be quite amusing and sometimes hangs around with him, if mainly because the two of them enjoy a good fight every now and then. Luthor would fight against both Alucards at times, though rather than them invading their territory or orders from Nagash, he sees them as Worthy Opponents that he could invest a lot of enjoyment towards.
  • Of course, he is sought after by the many Vampire Hunters who have established a position for themselves in the Pantheon. That said, while Luthor fights against them per usual for any malicious vampire, his nature as a Blood Dragon also registers the strange code that he must battle against those who are capable of fighting back and/or defeating him, in addition to acknowledging that the blood of someone power is more enriching and delicious than weaker victims, not to mention it makes vampires stronger. When he realized that Buffy Summers was the first nominated individual in the Pantheon, governing gods notwithstanding, Luthor expected her to be a formidable opponent as he thought that there had to be something about her that warranted getting into this new realm before anyone else. When they did fight, Luthor expressed some surprise to see that Buffy was a well-trained fighter and has vowed to kill him. While she sees Luthor as a threat, the vampire pirate, in contrast, sees her as a decent opponent to test his blades and gun against and, if lucky enough, would rather turn Buffy into a vampire rather than kill her.
    • He also faced opposition from the Belmont Clan, who have dedicated their lives and lineage to opposing the threat and malice of Dracula, his servants and kingdom, and whatever vampire may menace humanity. Given Luthor's reputation, two of them, Simon and Richter, took it upon themselves to hunt down and kill him. And when they did meet, Luthor expressed amusement from the Simon and Richter and was eager to battle them. The vampire pirate took his fights against Simon and Richter quite seriously as their whips were specifically made to smite evil, which vampires were included in, though it didn't deter Luthor from enjoying his fight regardless, seeing Simon and Richter as Worthy Opponents for giving him a notable challenge compared to the other vampire hunters he tends to encounter. Though as usual, despite his compliments, he's still seen as a dangerous enemy by the Belmonts, though Luthor doesn't mind this, having gotten accustomed to infamy since his early pirate days.
  • Luthor is one of the more notorious pirates in the Pantheon, no thanks to his ability to inspire fear in lieu of being a bloodthirsty vampire with a strong case of insanity, as well as his awesome military power and leadership skills. The Hall of Piracy tends to acknowledge this and Luthor feels more than welcome whenever he attends the place. Some pirates like Blackbeard have expressed a degree of respect for Luthor's reputation as The Dreaded and decided that it would be better to work alongside one another as a means to not further incite in-fighting between themselves and to other pirates. Luthor appreciates the gesture, though he makes it clear that he is the stronger pirate due to his vampiric physiology as well as having thousands of years of experience, traits which Blackbeard saw as an incentive for himself to become stronger and more terrifying towards his enemies.
    • He encountered a kindred spirit in Cervantes de Leon and seeing how they could benefit each other for their own ends, they've come to agree in an alliance. That said, their goals differ as Cervantes wants to seek out Soul Edge whereas Luthor only wants to find artifacts in an attempt to cure his madness, but is otherwise content with simply patrolling his coast and plundering for loot and treasures. This was a relief for the two as Luthor and Cervantes don't have opposing goals with one another and they've occasionally worked together if there was a sense of convenience to be obtained. That said, Luthor has no desire to pursue Soul Edge despite its alluring nature, due to his own insanity being the main cause of concern for him. Some have speculated, though, that Luthor may have been interested in the cursed sword, were it not for the glyphs damaging his mental psyche.
    • His response to learning about the Straw Hat Pirates was to declare them as notable pirates in his perspective and would likely not mind wanting to meet with them someday down the line. When he met Monkey D. Luffy, Luthor didn't really mind his thick-headed nature, even finding it quite funny as well as finding his overall strength and reputation rather well-earned. Luffy was generally uneasy regarding Luthor, though he was able to tell that the vampire likely wouldn't make for a good comrade due to his bloodlust and insanity. Roronoa Zoro and Sanji were much less receptive and were more than likely to attack Luthor, though Luffy reigned them in and decided that one meeting would be enough. Even after everything that's happened, Luthor has a bit of a positive view towards Luffy for being a strong individual and someone he would potentially want to fight against and even commended Zoro and Sanji after learning about their feats. That said, his moniker of "Pirate King" did rub Luffy off the wrong way as Luthor was only having that title as a way to assert superiority and pride, though to Luthor's credit, he was known to be a notably infamous vampire and pirate for more than one reason. Even so, Luthor doesn't really have much interest in the legend of the One Piece treasure, feeling that his own treasury and what he wants to search for is more than enough at the moment.
    • He has a rather traditional rivalry with Euron Greyjoy. To further highlight this fact, Euron was the former representative of Insane Admirals in the Pantheon, though Luthor personally doesn't care that he took away a position from Euron. While their insanity is generally acknowledged, Euron was generally more malicious and was eager to cause wanton destruction for his own sake, whereas Luthor takes his own insanity with a cusp of concern and piracy is basically his best occupation as well as a desire to find and fight strong opponents due to his nature as a Blood Dragon. Their competition is mainly centered on who is more feared and dangerous as Euron seeks to prove that he is the better warrior. Luthor generally doesn't care, feeling that if they really were to battle, Euron would quickly lose due to his own advantages of being a vampire as well have to have thousands of years of experience compared to Euron's tiny count of a few decades.
    • With undead ghosts, he has some competition with The Flying Dutchman and Spinal, though, beyond that, they don't really interact with each other all that much, if mainly because of Luthor's self-isolated nature, which is quite a surprise as he is really the only one out of the three who is actually evil. The Dutchman and Spinal think he can be a notorious threat if left unchecked and make a concentrated effort to monitor any actions that can be related to Luthor. Even so, Luthor only really desires to find a treasure or a magical item that can cure his insanity, though in case The Dutchman or Spinal confront him in battle, Luthor wouldn't mind and genuinely even encourage and compliment them if they impress him enough.
  • Considering the sheer number of years he has lived, which also amounts to the amount of time he's spent as a vampire and a pirate, it's no surprise to see that Luthor has accumulated a vast amount of wealth and treasures for himself. That said, he only tends to invest in these to buy or invest in naval artillery, weaponry, and military support, though there's also the fact that among the list of treasures he's amassed, some of them are less to do with wealth itself and more to do with the fact that he's searching for artifacts that may help to alleviate or even cure his debilitating madness. Unlike most of his opponents, Luthor finds treasure hunters to be annoying and more akin to insects; unlike warriors and vampire hunters, most of them are only in it to find treasures and are far weaker when pitted into a fight. Though oddly enough, he has a modicum of appreciation for Nathan Drake, despite him simply being an ordinary human; the fact that he's fought against legions of fellow thieves and military contractors, as well as armored artillery, in his search for treasures proves that he is a tough being for all his faults. That said, Nate wants nothing to do with Luthor, if mainly because he's since been retired from treasure hunting and opposes the vampire pirate for his ruthless nature and causing a ton of bloodshed under his name and goals. Luthor, on the other hand, is indifferent to what Nate says, though he has no intention of turning him into a vampire as according to the functions of magic in his own homeworld, vampirism causes one's main personality traits and desires to become more amplified, and that would be a cause of annoyance for him as Nate would likely take great obsession in going after his treasury, in addition to becoming stronger.
  • Luthor's insanity is undoubtedly terrifying… yet he still manages to be genuinely polite and approachable towards most individuals that he encounters. That said, his madness is such that he randomly shouts "we" and "us", even when he's all alone, and would occasionally ramble about things and events out of left-field. And in battle, he can immediately switch from commanding his soldiers and naval artillery with refined sophistication to blasting and slashing through enemy hordes like a raving lunatic. In general, his madness has made him one of the most feared pirates in the Pantheon due to his sheer unpredictability, and he would like to assure that he wants to keep it that way. As a pirate would uphold, the more feared they are, the better, and that means he's likely to be generating a horde of enemies whom Luthor would like to challenge. Still, it should be noted that Luthor does find his insanity to be a detriment and is doing the best he can to find something that can cure him in some capacity. He's been going around much of the Pantheon, even up to the extent where he's invaded The Great Treasury a few times just to find something that can provide the antidote to his madness. Naturally, he's come under heavy opposition, especially from those who defend and protect The Great Treasury, but unfortunately for them, Luthor's not going to stop trying.
    • The one other vampire who may be just as insane as himself is Konrad von Carstein, and the two do have come to a loose alliance, if mainly because Konrad has become a new recruit for Nagash as the Mortarch of Depravity. They will work together under the pretense that they would also further each other's goals to a degree, though neither would want to admit that they don't like each other and are only doing it out of pragmatism to uphold Nagash's ploy; as Luthor would rather keep to himself as a pirate whereas Konrad wants to kill and torture to date his bloodhungry sadism and hedonistic tendencies. And on top of that, their madness also contrasts with one another, as Luthor is sporadic and afflicted by a magical backlash whereas Konrad was a violent psychopath even before his vampirism, and his insanity has a tighter focus on what Konrad desires.
  • Luthor has faced opposition from non-pirates and undead alike, though, given his own experience, he's come to more or less expect this. One of his new enemies in the Pantheon is Aquaman, who is not happy to see how Luthor has been controlling his cost with a high degree of bloodlust and plundering others in the sea for their loot, not to mention how the vampire pirate has been considering the idea of invading Atlantis, which was told to him by Black Manta. The King of Atlantis has since vowed to prevent Luthor from not just stealing his home kingdom's treachery, but to also make sure vampirism doesn't spread to Atlantis as well. And speaking of Black Manta, Luthor was able to get into good graces with him as the vampire was very much interested in Manta's tech, and that Manta himself found the prospect of working with another fellow notorious pirate to be of pragmatic convenience for him. All things considered, they maintain a professional relationship, though Manta is only fighting with Luthor against Atlantis and has assured the vampire that only he can kill Aquaman, much to Luthor's annoyance as he wants to fight Arthur Curry due to the vampire pirate thinking of him as a worthy opponent. So far, they've managed to uphold their partnership, though it's getting clear that their interests may lead to them clashing against one another later down the line.
    • It's no surprise that he's incredibly notorious towards the Lizardmen, considering that he has stolen much of the Slann's treasury for himself, and with many of them being gold, the Lizardmen do not take very well to seeing their gold being taken away from them and will engage in violent retribution to any offenders. That, and the fact that he has battled and killed a lot of Lizardmen in his lifetime has made Luthor one of the Slann's most hated enemies, which is a compliment considering the Lizardmen's own hatred towards the Skavennote . On the other hand, Luthor does harbor some rage and anger towards the Dark Elf, Morathi, as she did deceive Luthor in one expedition and may have played a key role in Luthor becoming the insane madman that he is now. And while Morathi only has a fleeting thought about the whole thing, Luthor hasn't forgotten about it one bit and is more than willing to pay with Morathi's blood being spilled by his blade.
    • One of Luthor's most persistent enemies happens to be members, affiliates, and those fronting a World Government from a universe where pirates reigned partial dominance on the world, something which Luthor found quite pleasing as it meant that it could be the kind of world which he would glad to have a visit to. That said, the vampire pirate sees the World Government as a pesky annoyance, as most of their soldiers and military might are weak compared to what he's been commanding for thousands of years. Akainu and Smoker, two leading members, with the former being fleet admiral and the latter being a captain-turned-major, however, have proven to be exceptions to the rule and Luthor respects their military might and natural strength. This feeling is not mutual, however, as Akainu sees all pirates as a scourge that needs to be cleansed and that Luthor is no exception, whereas Smoker had more moral reasons to oppose the vampire pirate. That said, given how he has a sense of respect towards the Straw Hat Pirates for their overall strength, even Luthor, in spite of his own madness, thinks that Akainu is too much of a screw loose to deal with and treats him as a far bigger threat than most of his own enemies, especially with his extreme hatred towards piracy and insane conviction towards the World Government's laws.
"From dark place I came, and to darker places still I travel, dear heart. Wyrm-midden and filth my crib; man-flesh and dead-thing my down. To the coast of far away land I sailed, to delve in dusty place. Not for glimmer, nor spark, but for lizard-wryd parchment and age crusted name."

    Mad Hatter 
The Mad Hatter, God of Self-Loving Loons (Hatter, Hatta, Tarrant Hightopp, Jefferson)
Hatter's regular form
Tarrant Hightopp form 
Hatter's monstrous form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A top hat with a piece of paper writing 10/6 next to a cup of tea.
  • Theme Song: A Very Merry Unbirthday to You (shared with his two Herald)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aware that he is insane and loving it, Dreadful Musician, Speaking nonsense, Large Ham, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Mood-Swinger
  • Domain: Madness, Hat-making
  • Herald: The March Hare & the Dormouse.
  • High Priestess: Madeline Hatter (His daughter?)
  • Allies: The House of Costumes, Jack Sparrow, Alice
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Cheshire Cat, Ronald Swanson,
  • Enemies: Jervis Tetch, the House of Time and Temporality, Queen of Hearts
  • Opposed by: Pinkie Pie, Wander
  • Like all Wonderland denizens created by Alice, the Mad Hatter change form depending on her mindset. The Hatter is usually a very short man with a very big head (the earliest example of a chibi, some have joked), but when Alice Liddell is present (IOW when Alice is in a bad mood), he becomes a very tall and ugly (and often nasty) clockwork cyborg. He can also be a robot sometimes. If he's in the House of Food, expect him to say "Change places!", with everyone obeying.
    • Also varied is his relationship and capacity of interaction with his fellow Wonderland inhabitants. Many versions of him are hostile towards the Queen of Hearts, in various degree of friendship with the Cheshire Cat and is usually an important ally for Alice when she arrives in Wonderland.
  • While the Mad Hatter usually contents to celebrate his own little tea parties, tales of the Mad Hatter joining the revolution against the Red Queen, had a former career as a dimensional traveller or sending his daughter away to protect from the madness of Wonderland spreads throughout the Pantheon.
  • Can be seen hanging out the House of Costumes selling his hat by hosting constant tea parties and "unbirthday" celebration. While the deities there are wary of his insanity, they have to admit he does make decent, if bizarre, hats.
  • Due to his open contempt for birthdays by reasoning that he can only celebrate them once a year, he was disliked severely by Pinkie Pie and Wander. However, this got the Mad Hatter on decent term with Ron Swanson... only for him to ruin it by celebrating Ron's unbirthday constantly, led him to be blocked out of Swanson's temple.
  • Jack Sparrow was taken aback when he encountered his Tarrant form due to their similar appearance. After getting to know each other, the two of them can be usually seen spending time with each other, much to the amusement of many deities in the Pantheon since both of them are Large Ham.
  • Was incredibly disturbed that he inspired an insane man named Jervis Tetch who mind control people. So far, Jervis is the only one the Mad Hatter banned from his tea party and will get extremely pissed off when someone even remotely mentions them in the same sentence.
  • Was once mistook by Captain America for his sidekick / best friend Bucky Barnes because one of the Mad Hatter's version is similar in appearance.

Lesser Gods

    Adrian Chase/Vigilante 
Adrian Allen Chase, God of Sanity Slippages (Vigilante, Dean Baker)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Goggles
  • Theme Song: Who is Vigilante, Drag Me Down by Santa Cruz, Fight Song by Sister Sin
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Knight Templar Tendencies (Unwittingly Devolved into Chaotic Neutral by the End of his Life)
  • Portfolio: Became a Vigilante Because a Mob killed his Family in an Attack Meant for Him, Anti-Hero, Was a District Attorney prior to his turn to Anti-Heroism, Will Do Anything to Take the Law into his Own Matters, Adheres to a Number of Standards Early in his Career, Is Always Seen with a Sniper Rifle and Revolvers, Badass Biker, One-Way Visor, His Actions End Up Unintentionally Inspiring his Friends into Taking up the Vigilante Mantle, Constantly has to See his Loved Ones Die, Eventually Ends up Losing his Mind due to the Stress of his Vigilantism and the People he Loses and Crumbling into a Fallen Hero, Commits Suicide after Realizing How Far he had Fallen Tragic Hero/Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Vigilantism, Tragedy, Revenge, Rage, Sanity/Insanity, Death
  • Domains: Greg Sanders (his predecessor), Dorian Chase (his brother), Donald Fairchild (his successor in Prime Earth)
  • Allies: The Teen Titans, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Yuri Lowell, Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76, Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec, Max Payne, The Boys
  • Enemies: The Joker, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, "Lester"/Bullseye, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Max Dillon/Electro, Nicky Cavella, The Slavers, Nemesis, Bill Williamson, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, The Seven, John Kramer, Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, Professor James Moriarty
  • Respects: Jason Todd/Red Hood, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Ash Lynx, Eiji Okumura, Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi
  • Pitied By: Wright Anything Agency (especially Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Mia Fey), Miles Edgeworth
  • Opposes: Manfred von Karma, The Dark Judges, Goro Akechi
  • Opposed By: "Hero Killer" Stain
  • Complicated Relationship: Most of the Justice League, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Hall of Law and Justice (especially Judge Dredd), Izuku Midoriya, Toshinori Yagi, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Adrian Allen Chase was a district attorney from New York City who also happened to have lawful ties to the Teen Titans. Unfortunately for him, his life would take a drastic and dark turn when his wife and children were murdered by a mafia bombing meant for Adrian. This was the catalyst that made him become an anti-hero known as Vigilante, determined to bring justice and retribution in his own way. Although brutal in his crusade, Adrian opted not to use lethal force, though he soon began to become more violent, a thought that terrified Adrian enough to briefly retire from being Vigilante especially after he killed an innocent ex-convict. Unfortunately, the Vigilante persona was adopted by two of his friends, Alan Wells and Dave Winston, who were not as scrupulous as Adrian and opted to be more violent, which came with fatal consequences as Alan and Dave were killed by a police officer and Peacemaker. In response, Adrian returned to being the Vigilante, but the deaths of his friends and his lingering guilt only added to his grip on sanity loosening and he resorted to being more violent in his crusade against crime. Peacemaker defeating him and revealing his public identity to the public further worsened his psyche. Despite his commitment, Adrian became mentally unstable, paranoid, and disproportionately angry, which also overlapped with his constant despondency over the loss of his family and friends and his inability to uphold his reputation as an enforcer for justice, especially as he ended up killing innocent police officers as collateral damage out of dissonant rage. Feeling that his guilt would continue to swallow his mind and that he's a lost cause, Adrian decided to escape his personal hell the only way he knew how to do so; suicide.
  • Despite his tragic tale and ending, Adrian would ultimately be given a second chance in a different realm. On his first time in the Pantheon, Adrian felt dazed and confused as to what was going on regarding himself and his surroundings. Taking note of the news and reading about how there's something about magic, mythical creatures, and high-profile robberies going around somewhere, he figured out that he was in a new world, but he clearly recalled putting a bullet in himself, so he was struggling to think whether he really was in the afterlife, or he really was in an unfamiliar land. Seeking answers, he decided to set off, still using his Vigilante identity and traveling around the Pantheon, trying to find someone or something who could tell him about his circumstances. To his surprise, he found Batman whilst riding on the edges of the House of Crime and Transgressions. Being familiar with him, he asked the Dark Knight about his questions, with the latter giving him the answers; that he's now in a place called the Pantheon and that he's become deified as a representative of a new realm. This information baffled Adrian as he felt that he wanted to be in peace and that the fact that crime still exists means that an end to his crime-fighting days and struggles is likely still a long way ahead. He took this as a sign that he's needed again as Vigilante, though Batman tells him that now with a second chance, he'll need to be careful and potentially seek help from allies and friends regarding his mental state, with Adrian commenting that he'll have a thought about it.
  • Vigilante's reputation is... polarizing, to say the least. If there's one thing, he is dedicated to fighting against crime and he's damn good at stopping criminals thanks to his quick thinking, experience as a crimefighter, his expert use of his weaponry, and his general determination to see through to the end of his tasks. On the other hand, his tale elicits worry and even condemnation from a lot of people. Sure he has sympathetic reasons for why he's on a crusade against crime, but when your rage and stress end up hurting and even killing innocents, then your justifications are going to end up naught and pointless, something that Adrian solemnly accepted. As a result, he's taken up the offer to seek professional help regarding his stress and angst, hence he's taken visits to the House of Despondency with some convincing from Batman and Nightwing. While there is some improvement, Vigilante does worry that he likely never will be fully respected by others due to his past actions when he was at his worst, but regardless he'll do his best as well as make sure he could find a new group of allies whom he could trust.
  • If there was anybody who bore a resemblance to Adrian regarding his motivations and their way of fighting against the criminal underworld, Frank Castle is easily the first that comes to mind. Adrian himself wasn't too surprised that he shared a number of things in common with The Punisher. What was more shocking was the fact that the two could barely get along with each other after an attempted collaboration between the two turned into a disagreement over how to handle criminals and lawbreakers whenever they caught any. Despite his ruthlessness, Adrian would at least attempt to resolve things non-lethally and affirms that as a crimefighter, it's their job to specifically stop criminals, not to mention he thinks that killing again would lead him to lose his sanity again, which he is trying to avoid. Frank, on the other hand, not only has no such qualms but prefers killing his enemies and whatever criminals come by him, and cites that sparing a criminal would only lead to them doing it again so lethal force is really the only way to resolve the matter permanently. It doesn't help that Frank is more than willing to point out Vigilante's days of becoming worse and getting innocents and cops hurt as his way of telling him that Adrian is in no capacity of holding the moral high ground, which predictably ended up with them getting into a fistfight with both sulking out angrily. The only thing they can really agree on is that they begrudgingly admit that they're very good as vigilantes and can do their job well enough, despite the fact that working together again would end in another disaster because there are simply things and motives that they couldn't really agree with one another on.
    • Thanks to Adrian and Frank's encounter with one another, Matt Murdock, better known to heroes as Daredevil, took the chance to visit the former himself and hopefully see where they can work things out where The Punisher failed in. Adrian was surprised that Matt was an attorney in his civilian identity whereas his own identity being exposed meant that Matt was already aware of Adrian's past. The two decided to hunt down some criminals as a way for Matt to properly gauge Adrian's commitment to his quest for atonement. While Daredevil was a bit apprehensive about Vigilante using a gun, the latter did hold on to his commitment to not killing his targets, impressing Matt, and telling him that he could do a good service to the city streets. Thanks to his heightened senses, Daredevil is one of the few who can tell how genuine Vigilante is in wanting to redeem himself and remains a strong supporter for his recovery. That, and the two have worked together in stopping other criminals like The Kingpin and Bullseye, who have both come to see Adrian as a pestering thorn to their criminal operations and killing spree respectively, though Vigilante also admits to them being some of the toughest criminals he's faced after Bullseye nearly killed him in a bloody fight.
  • He's very well aware of the fact that he's not the most (in)famous or influential vigilante in New York City, which is something he prefers as it means he doesn't have to be burdened with being the main center of attention by gangs, cops, authorities, and crooks. Even then, he feels that Spider-Man is rather undeserving of being saddled with bad publicity, despite having read newspaper articles about him, and he says that with experience; he met the web-crawler during one of his crime-busting stints and begrudgingly had to work together in taking down Electro. Adrian found Spider-Man to be annoying but still recognized that he was a man trying to make NYC a better place and respected that at the very least. Vigilante proved a good sport by aiding Spider-Man in stopping Electro and driving him away, with the only grievance on Adrian's part being the web-slinger's constant quips. When Peter got serious, he told Adrian that despite his wisecracks and loudmouthed nature, he does understand the burdens of bearing responsibility and being a hero. And while Adrian didn't know that Spidey was Peter Parker, he figured that something bad must have happened to him and correctly assumed that a loved one's death had something to do with it because he was in the same predicament before his turn into an anti-hero. This led the two to come to speaking terms with each other; sure Spidey can grate Adrian with his constant quips, but he's a good man and can be trusted while Spidey himself thinks that Adrian has a shot at redemption and is willing to appeal to his best attributes whenever he can. On another note, Adrian also took it upon himself to investigate and track down the whereabouts of a drug known as "Banana Fish". It's still a personal investigation he seeks to solve, but it's also gotten him to respect Ash Lynx despite his occupation as a gang leader as he did try his best to eliminate the drug, which had an infamous reputation for poisoning and destroying the lives of countless people. Adrian also appreciates Eiji Okumura and his attempts at aiding Ash, but he also thinks that Eiji should know his limits and stay out of certain events. Though harsh, Ash conceded that Adrian did have a point, though the two of them are a bit uncertain on how to think of Vigilante due to his infamy and whether his atonement could be met.
  • Given his past, he's understandably very nervous about the idea of even going near the House of Law and Justice and would do his best to keep his distance away from them. It's not that he dislikes cops or the justice system, he feels that he's unwelcomed there and he figures that every cop, attorney, and prosecutor hates, or at least opposes him. It turns out that "hate" isn't exactly the right word here, but Adrian was nonetheless a wanted man who had to answer for his crimes. He was taken into custody once and ended up with Phoenix Wright as his attorney. The two had a conversation, where Phoenix got to know about his client and pitied him for what he went through almost to the point of sympathy, but he did affirm that as an attorney he did have to make a case on him. After a very lengthy trial, Adrian was found guilty, but with genuine remorse and a desire to do better, he was given a probation sentence where he was to be monitored and checked up every week. Sure it was a case where Phoenix didn't win, but he expressed some confidence that Adrian could hopefully turn out to be a better person than before. As for Adrian, he saw Phoenix as an interesting and talented attorney that he would have looked up to and believes he would make a good mentor and role model if his influence and presence on Wright Anything Agency were of any indication.
  • While he claims to enforce the law in his own way, he's also just as much a rebel given his occupation as, well, a vigilante. Adrian doesn't dispute those claims either, believing that after what he went through, he wanted to do anything to make sure a repeat of what happened to his family doesn't occur again. Regardless, he's stumbled across a couple of rebel figures like Lelouch and Suzaku, who sought to incite a revolution in the hopes of liberating their home country of Japan from Britannia's grasp, and Lelouch would do whatever it takes to reach that goal for the sake of his sister, Nunnally. In fact, Lelouch even went as far as to pose as a tyrant to get everybody to hate him and coerce Suzaku to kill him to keep his foes united. Having found out the truth through sheer persistence, Adrian complimented Lelouch's dedication and saw an opportunity for an alliance. Lelouch declined, though he did acknowledge Vigilante for his own determination for becoming a better man, which was unfortunate as Lelouch realized that having a well-known killer of cops in his ranks so openly wouldn't bode so well. Still, there is a small level of mutual respect between the two which was enough for Adrian. He caught a lucky break with Aiden Pearce and the San Francisco DedSec, who were hacker vigilantes with a reputable fame for going against crime, though Aiden had the personal reason of wanting to avenge his niece who was collateral damage for a hit meant for Aiden, a feeling that Vigilante knew all too well. He ended up being a secret confidant of sorts, serving as a marksman for Aiden and the SF DedSec in taking out targets from afar, though Adrian makes it clear he's only incapacitating them out of concern for his own well-being, despite understanding Aiden's former desire for vengeance.
  • Regardless of his past actions, Adrian has made it clear that he needs to make a better effort in his motives due to the second chance he's given in the Pantheon. Speaking of chances, he did some investigation on the Jigsaw Killers, of whom John Kramer quickly caught his attention as, behind being the first to take up the persona, he was motivated by tragic circumstances and, after a failed suicide attempt, came to an epiphany that he was given a second chance and that he must give them to others too… by capturing victims based on their sins and subjecting them to an extreme game of survival where they must figure out a puzzle or riddle to survive lest they face a gruesome death based on their vices. Adrian was spooked by the information as he quickly saw that Kramer was advocating and performing an obscenely perverted act of justice. Incidentally, Kramer himself believes that Adrian should be given a test based upon his wrath and rage, a reference to his worst days as Vigilante, and Adrian almost responded poorly until he realized that by acting on it would be a trap Kramer would have devised. Since then, Adrian seeks to hunt down Kramer and bring him to justice as well as extending this to his apprentices, Amanda and Hoffman, whose operations as Jigsaw were more selfish and rage-induced than Kramer's twisted desire for justice and reformation, though given their newfound secrecy in the Pantheon, Adrian feels that he'll be in for a long chase.
  • Of course, mafioso and similar crime families and organizations are frequent targets for Adrian anytime he's on crime-fighting patrol. Despite this similar past with Frank, Adrian still doesn't use it as a way to get along with him and feels that he probably never will. That said, even Adrian wouldn't disagree on how Frank targeted and offed Nicky Cavella after hearing how his actions managed to sicken even other crime lords. After all, literally pissing on your loved one's grave is a surefire way to, well piss someone off enough to elicit great rage, and doing that to THE PUNISHER was basically signing up a much worse death sentence than other criminals would dare to think about. Coincidentally enough, Adrian once confronted Nicky, and although he bragged about how he's "Punisher-lite" Adrian proceeded to knee-cap and then torture him for a few hours before dumping him off to the police, where he could properly be punished for his actions. He may not be a ruthless killing machine like The Punisher and is actively not trying to be, but Vigilante is making sure criminals come to fear him too, seeing as inspiring fear could be useful in cowing weak-minded criminals into giving up.
  • While not the most popular figure in the field of anti-heroism, Adrian does have a few people he could respect or even call allies, and he feels thankful for this as it means that they could check up on his actions and appeal to his better nature, making sure he doesn't slip back into insane paranoia and disproportionate anger. He still keeps in contact with the Teen Titans who are willing to help him out in his attempts at justice and was personally able to reach out to The Boys after learning of their tale in trying to stop a massive conglomerate from asserting dominance with their manufactured heroes. Adrian being a former district attorney and a skilled marksman was of great benefit to The Boys, especially Butcher as he was able to help them out on a number of occasions in tracking down and subduing any superpowered crooks they could find. In-person, Adrian saw himself getting along with most of The Boys and has tried to help them out with getting settled in their personal lives. It's a bit more complicated with Billy Butcher as his fervent perspective towards "Supes" can be something that even Adrian finds a bit too extreme. The two can relate to the death of a loved one being the main drive for their vigilantism and Adrian can even understand Butcher's disdain for "Supes", but killing off them is a step too far, though thankfully, Butcher has made an attempt to at least be nicer and more considerate about his thoughts and actions.
  • He was also able to make a genuine ally in Jack Morrison, better known by his codename of "Soldier: 76", given their similar occupations as vigilantes who decided to fight back against a conspiracy that resulted in the dismantling of Overwatch, an organization that he served. Incidentally, during that time, Jack was a respected hero who also had an idealistic perspective on his goals, but was rendered cynical after the betrayal of a friend that he used to trust, which was not too different from Adrian's own friends taking up the Vigilante persona despite his opposition and which led to Adrian becoming more unhinged and chaotic. The two of them see each other as good confidants for one another, and while Jack did state that he will kill Adrian if he ever slips back into insanity, he doesn't mind it so long as it means it will stop others from getting hurt, a statement that surprised Jack as he's not very used to seeing a Death Seeker like him, despite his cynicism. At the very least, Adrian respects Jack's commitment to doing good in spite of his troubles and sees him as the better man, though Jack himself, having also regained some of his idealism and patience, thinks that despite his crimes, Adrian can improve himself with the probation he has, which Adrian claims will take a very long time.
  • Sometime during his travels in the House of Crime and Transgressions, Adrian came upon the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who themselves were trying to investigate an event that involved a mass gang meeting and potential illegal trade and smuggling of guns. Coincidentally, Adrian was targeting the same thing and he opened up that the operation was being heralded by The Penguin, who was doing this to consolidate further power and influence for himself. The thieves questioned Adrian about how he was going to resolve the matter, to which he stated "cause havoc, spur a shootout, knock 'em out cold, but not dead". The thieves were skeptical but offered another alternative that they were to delve into their hearts and rewrite them into having them become better people, to which Adrian guessed "brainwash them into being upstanding citizens? That's new". He came to respect the thieves' talents and ability to inspire morale and dedication in each other, but they remained a bit polarized with Adrian due to his past actions. Makoto Nijima was especially nosy on the matter as she desires to be a police officer and speaking to a Cop Killer turned out to be incredibly awkward, however, remorseful Adrian is on the matter. She affirms that she doesn't hate Adrian for what he did and can believe that he can be better, but he's got a lot to prove it, which he doesn't deny Still, the rest of the thieves did become aware of Adrian's desire for atonement and decided that they could try to help him out, albeit also because Adrian has the capability to develop a powerful Palace within him due to his internally conflicted and chaotic feelings.
  • Due to his infamy as a Cop Killer during the apex of his Sanity Slippage, there are a few criminals who are not above trying to remind Adrian of this in the hopes that they could infuriate him enough to relapse back into insanity. Despite this, Adrian himself hates Cop Killers and makes it very clear that would hunt them down if he gets the chance. He's had to deal with Bill Williamson on a number of occasions, with the latter chiding Adrian as some hopeless buffoon who's still trying to please a system that would always hate him, with Vigilante himself calling out on Bill's shallow attempts at trying to cull overpopulation. Even then, this is tame compared to Nemesis and Takeshi Asakura, both of whom were unabashed Spree Killers with a large body count and who desire to spread death and blood wherever they go. Nemesis outright disgusts Adrian due to how much he hounded a police officer out of petty grievances and the lengths he would go to make others miserable. Takeshi, who assumes the guise of Kamen Rider Ouja, seems more worrisome for Adrian as he's a man who wants a good fight as much as he does a slaughter-fest and once attacked Adrian for that. Though Adrian was able to land a few good shots and even graze his opponent, he still barely escaped with his life as Asakura's powers and abilities meant that he was outmatched, and dragging the fight further would just get him killed. In the end, while Vigilante is someone whom he wants to arrest, Nemesis and Asakura are exempt from Adrian's "no-killing" rule and he hopes to better prepare himself the next time he meets them.
"Maybe I no longer care about the law... Maybe I just care about what's right."

    Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley 
Jonathan David "Jon" Moxley, God of Being Diagnosed by the Audience (Dean Ambrose, Mox, Jonathan David Good, The Lunatic Fringe, The Death Rider, Titty Master, DEAN FUCKING AMBROSE, JON FUCKING MOXLEY, International Purveyor of Violence, The Moral Compass of WWE/of The Universe)
  • Theme Song: Death Rider, Unscripted Violence, previously Retaliation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An hourglass in a circle (secretly the letters "MOX" blended together). Alternately, the "DA" initials stylized to resemble an Anarchy symbol.
  • Alignment: All around the Chaotic spectrum (Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies as part of The Shield)
  • Portfolio: Diagnosed by the Audience, Being Crazy is Cool, Violent Insanity, Having a Balance of Skills, Messy Hair, Wild Cards.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Craziness, Mentalism.
  • Heralds: Renee Young (his wife), Shota Umino, Mitch the Potted Plant
  • Former Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Seth Rollins (they've been allies, enemies, back and forth and again… It's Personal, basically), Roman Reigns
  • Allies: Wreck-it Ralph, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Hyodo Issei, Aladdin (Magi), Paio Li, Jason Brody, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: John Cena
  • On speaking terms with: Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Rivals: Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Kane, Cesaro, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, BROKEN Matt Hardy
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • Other Relationships: Mokuba Kaiba (former Big Brother Mentor to the boy, see below), Seto Kaiba, Noah Kaiba
  • Jon Moxley comes from a hellish life in the rough streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, raised by a mother struggling with prostitution and drugs. Professional wrestling appeared to him as a therapeutic outlet, and he would not shy away from the craziness that his life left him with in the way that he approached the wrestling world. This penchant for sickness led him to become a mainstay in the ultra-violent, perpetually-bloodletting deathmatch circuits of the northeast and midwest United States, particularly making his name as a champion in the infamous Combat Zone Wrestling promotion, before ultimately finding himself down south at Florida Championship Wrestling.
  • It was during his time in Florida that he finally met Tyler Black, a revolutionary wrestler looking to create change, as well as Leakee, one of the latest up-and-comers at the time in a long wrestling and sports lineage hailing from Samoa. Black presented Moxley and Leakee with an opportunity in 2012 to raid Vince McMahon's WWE Universe as a paramilitary force on a mission of "justice"; Moxley accepted, changing his name to become Dean Ambrose. Very quickly, Ambrose and his partners in The Shield, now going by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, became a force to be reckoned with in WWE; most importantly, they became so good at enforcing their brand of mercenary justice that no combination of Superstars could beat them before they got a place in the Pantheon, and very few managed the job in the years afterward as well. However, due to corrupt forces getting in Rollins' ear, Rollins betrayed his own team, leading to a blood feud between Rollins and Ambrose which took over two years to resolve. With The Shield disbanded, he's relocated here, although none of them abandoned their call names. Yet.
  • Ambrose has a strong sense of hatred towards Seto Kaiba. He thought that the whole Quantum Cube incident was outright mean (particularly to when he learned that Kaiba went to the afterlife and left his younger brother alone without knowing whether he'd make it out alive), and the original characterization of him wanting to put his own brother in a Shadow Game and deriding him for losing was an absolute dick move in Ambrose's opinion. Hell, he personally went to the mortal plane to comfort Mokuba. This probably stems from Ambrose's own Dark and Troubled Past and he honestly hopes that Mokuba can properly ascend, allying with Noah to find a proper place for the boy. It took some doing, but seeing as the boy still worshiped his brother (despite Kaiba being a bit of a dick in Ambrose's honest opinion), Noah and Ambrose were able to get Mokuba the title of Big Brother Worship and Ambrose has made a promise to keep an eye on the younger Kaiba. Seto, for his part, just thanked the Lunatic Fringe for the assistance while paying no mind whatsoever to his opinions. Well, until...
  • No one can really medically pin down what if anything is wrong with Ambrose. Sometimes he really is a raving lunatic who thirsts for bloody violence, other times he's just a mellow, well-grounded chill dude. Does he have anger management issues? Does he hear voices in his head? Is he even clinically insane at all, or is he just eccentric and self-aware about it? Honestly, the answer is yes. For his part, he'll just tell you he's an "all-around sick son of a bitch."
  • For awhile his biggest target was Rollins, the aforementioned traitor. However, the competition between the three ex-Shield partners concluded with Ambrose getting his revenge, and after experiencing a betrayal of his own, Rollins became sympathetic to the others and eventually expressed remorse for his actions. Ambrose kept his thoughts on this quiet for a long while, moving on to facing other competitors.
  • Many Goddesses are impressed that he's outright handsome. However, Ambrose himself knows that his heart belongs to Renee Young, an interviewer-turned-Combat Commentator who is now his wife, leaving many Goddesses disillusioned.
  • Also has an intense hatred towards YHVH, who he thinks may have corrupted Rollins. Lucifer approached him in order to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Ambrose declined and as a result, is now under Lucifer's black list.
  • Is verily known to say "Nope" each time he denies a question.
  • Gets well along with Hyodo Issei, the other Aladdin, and Paio Li because of his infamous nickname... and then gods found out from Roman Reigns who Ambrose was talking about — apparently the nickname came out because Ambrose and Big E. Langston were constantly fighting each other on a tour. This eventually became confirmed when Big E ascended (along with his fellow New Day buddies) to which Ambrose just rolled his eyes.
  • Never liked the Wyatt Family nor Randy Orton and knew that things would go wrong when he learned that Orton sided with the Wyatts. The only thing he could say about it? "This Is Gonna Suck". And when he learned that Orton tricked Bray in order to set fire to Sister Abigail's remains? Grimaced as he knew that even that was going a bit overboard and stated, "This Is Gonna Suck even more." It did suck, but... in the sense of being underwhelming rather than being dangerous.
  • Does NOT like BROKEN Matt Hardy. Sure, Ambrose is insane but he admits that he is, and the idea of sending three fillies into Limbo was unnecessary. When "The Ultimate Deletion" with Wyatt vs. BROKEN Matt occurred, Ambrose just groaned in annoyance.
  • In what surprised various wrestlers, Ambrose eventually forgave Rollins for selling out and the two united to defeat Sheamus and Cesaro to become Tag Team Champions at Summerslam 2017. Then Sheamus and Cesaro decided to target Roman Reigns, leading to Ambrose and Rollins reconvening with him... and reforming The Shield. Time will tell as to how long this will last, but he's happy and that's all that matters.
  • In response to some wonders if Nick Fury's movie incarnation has a white father similar to how the comic version has a black son, Dean has decided he's totally calling the two father and son if that's the case.
  • Related to the two above points, there's also a bit of curiosity about the association between The Shield and S.H.I.E.L.D. MCU!Fury has called the Hounds of Justice a "rogue element", hinting at the likelihood of something off-the-books. Ambrose ain't talking.
  • One day Kamen Rider Ryugen woke up Ambrose and Reigns to tell them Rollins was kidnapped by the leaders of a drug cartel operation. They found themselves joined by Jason Brody, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, who told him that Rollins had discovered the cartel making plans for the Pantheon and helped them ruin said plans. They successfully rescued Rollins with little to no harm done. Aside from finding a new friend in Brody, Ambrose was now more willing to forgive Mitsuzane for his role in the Alternate Gentaro incident, realizing that Micchy and Seth were coming from the same place.
  • Can be a very mischievous prankster if he wants to be, thus getting the attention of LOL Ranger for his antics, like the time he booby-trapped the Money in the Bank briefcase to spray green paint on whoever opened it, or disguising himself as a cameraman, bursting out of the trunk of a car, etc.
  • After winning the Tag Team Championships against Dolph Ziggler, Ambrose assaulted Rollins in front of a shocked crowd — this all came on the same night as the heart-breaking news of Roman Reigns leaving wrestling due to battling leukemia. No one knows whether it was due to Ziggler's mind-games or the grief of losing a good friend, but everyone is on their toes.
    • In later weeks, Ambrose revealed the truth. He'd been getting sick of the corrupt corporate creative structure of the WWE Universe for years at that point, having a mile-long list of grievances mainly centered around Vince McMahon and his office stooges, as well as became disillusioned over time with the reality of The Shield, feeling that their motives were no longer centered around any kind of justice. On both points, he felt Rollins was still "too corporate" to fully trust, citing The Architect's constant reliance on "that lunatic joke the office keeps throwing around" as well as apparently never contacting him when he was out with injury (though Rollins disputed this point). He also earned an intense round of questioning in Nick Fury's office when he flippantly exposed classified information:
    My name ain't Dean Ambrose, it's Jon Moxley! Dean Ambrose was a fake name created by the three of us along with some lady in a suit called Victoria Hand!
    • Moxley spent the next two months heatedly clashing with Rollins over their differing viewpoints and eventually claiming the Intercontinental Championship from him.
    • Mokuba Kaiba, surprising everyone, declared his support for Rollins in the two men's conflict. The Kaiba boy reasoned that Dean was crossing dangerous lines with his actions and didn't have a shred of guilt about them, in contrast to Rollins never abandoning his own Shield call name during the time he was the traitor and even weakening The Authority from within by stretching their resources thin for his own benefit serving as tells of his own guilty conscience before he'd ever known it. When Renee brought this to Jon's attention, because whoever wanted to bring it up had to leak it out to her instead of having the guts to come to him in person, he smiled and offered the following:
    Moxley: The boy's growing up! I don't need him to kiss my ass. He wants to come talk to me, he'll come talk to me. Heh, I'm actually proud of the kid.
    • Due to this, both Seto Kaiba and Noah Kaiba agree that Mokuba is better off associating with Seth. Noah is the one hit most by the betrayal though and is glad that came to his senses earlier on.
    • For awhile he and Reigns had yet to speak to each other since then, so it was unclear what Roman thought about any of this, although Mox continued to affirm that he and Roman were good and Reigns' leukemia was obviously the tipping point that set him off. However, when Reigns came back and announced he was back in remission, he immediately moved to bring the boys back together for one last reunion before Mox's contract ran out. After convincing Rollins to move past their issues because life's too short, the two eventually got through to Moxley after helping him out of an ambush, allowing for one short final reunion. Finally ending things on good terms with his brothers, he's since traveled to promotions such as All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling on a personal mission, as he describes it, "to reclaim [his] soul."
  • Since leaving WWE, Moxley has been at the forefront of a paradigm shift in professional wrestling, winning the IWGP United States Championship twice in NJPW and warring with Kenny Omega, an overt fan of several deities and a former peer of AJ Styles, in AEW, before rejecting an invitation into Chris Jericho's Inner Circle at AEW. Moxley, as he did when they feuded in WWE, defeated Jericho when it counted most: in this case, claiming Jericho's AEW World Heavyweight Championship for his own and ending the title's inaugural reign.
  • Is rather conflicted after watching Roman Reigns recapture the Universal Championship by employing the counsel and tactics of Paul Heyman. On one hand, his brother-at-arms finally returned to action after several months of self-imposed exile and recaptured the crown his illness had forced him to abdicate. On the other hand, Roman had stopped communicating much with him since Renee left the company as well a short while beforehand, and now he was taking a dangerous step towards becoming another Brock Lesnar. Mox is currently watching to see how this develops.
    • Then came reports from a website related to some Persona teenagers confirming that the Kaiba brothers already saw this coming and had decided to wash their hands of The Shield long before this happened. While relieved that KaibaCorp won't be coming after Roman, this also meant he wasn't the only one who Roman had been acting oddly distant to as of late. Needless to say, Jon became a bit uneasy about The Big Dog changing for the worse. Said unease was profoundly justified when Reigns proceeded to use his championship to absolutely torture and break his own cousins The Usos over the following months in order to assert his place as the Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i clan.

    Garfield Lynns/Firefly 
Garfield Lynns, God of Pyromania (Firefly)

    Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn 
Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel HA HA , Goddess of Mad Love (Harley Quinn, Harley Hackemup, Yellow Lantern, Hammer Harleen, Batgirl, Dr. Seaborn, The Cupid of Crime, The Maiden of Mischief, Holly Chance)
Click here for her classic costume 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A red-and-black jester cap and three diamonds
  • Theme: Harley Quinn (Danger Danger), DC's Harley Quinn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at best, Chaotic Evil at worst.
  • Portfolios: Perky Female Minions, Chronic Anti Villainy, Failed Attempts to Reform, Supervillains With Meaningful Aliases, Mad Love, Immigration to Canon, Villainous Harlequins, The Nicknamer
  • Domains: Love, Madness, Trickery
  • Herald: Bud and Lou (her pet hyenas), The Brooklyn Bruisers (Harley's roller derby team), the surviving members of the Quinntets (Harley's old gang), the unascended gang from her 2019 animated show
  • High Priest: Jinx (The Flash 1990)
  • Followers: Mao, Lysa Arryn, Karin, Mother Night, Mrs. Lovett, Tsukiko
  • Allies:
  • Villainous Friendship (when with the Joker): Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy (and often more), Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Edward Nigma/The Riddler, Arnold Wesker/The Ventriloquist, Basil Karlo/Clayface, Neopolitan (formerly)
  • Odd Friendship: Laura Kinney/X-23
  • Friendly Enemy (when with the Joker) / Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (when not with Joker): Members of the Batfamily (especially Batman, Nightwing, Jason Todd, Batgirl), Wonder Woman, Shazam, Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl
  • Just Friends: Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, Deadpool, Hisoka Morow
  • Complicated Relationship: The Joker
  • Interested in: The Beast House and Christmas deities in the House of Celebration
  • Enemies: The Batman Who Laughs, Regime Superman, Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Resents: Mele
  • Respected by: Dr. Angus Bumby and Dr. Frasier Crane
  • Pities: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
  • Opposed by: Jimmy Olsen
  • Previously the Herald (ex-Herald!) for the Joker, after being left behind to serve as a distraction for the Jester of Genocide for the last time, Harley Quinn decided not to live under his shadow any more. She went around the Pantheon, stealing random articles of clothing from other gods until she made a new costume for herself to replace her old one, and petitioned the Court of the Gods to become the Goddess of... well, she didn't know yet! But she'd figure it out! Luckily, she gained truly impressive amounts of support from other deities in the Pantheon, who quickly found her a trope for her to take for herself—and all despite the Joker's best efforts.
  • The story of Harley Quinn is a classic: Boy Meets Girl, girl falls for boy, girl breaks boy out of insane asylum and helps him commit immoral acts. A tale as old as crime! Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel was a naïve psychotherapist where she met the Joker. After a great many sessions with the Clown Prince of Crime, Dr. Quinzel quickly fell in love with the Monster Clown. She soon began helping him break out of the Asylum and, when her role in his escapes was discovered, ditched her job and her old identity to aid her "Mistah J" with his laughably unlawful schemes as his girlfriend... Harley Quinn!
    • Yes, that's the story everyone knows, but it turns out it's not so simple. It turns out that when Harleen was in college HA HA , she performed a psychological experiment involving herself and her boyfriend, Guy Kopski, to test her graduate thesis: that people only disregard the social norms when they commit a crime or when they're in love. The experiment, which involved tricking Guy into believing she had committed a terrible crime and seeing whether he still loved her, was a massive disaster. After actually shooting someone himself to protect Harleen, Guy asked Harleen to help him shoot himself. Did she acquiesce to his request? Did she help him shoot himself? All that's known is that he died, and Harleen was set on the road that would eventually lead her to the only person she felt could understand the chaos that had led to her boyfriend's death. The Joker. HA HA 
    • But wait, there's more! To cement her change into the new and improved Harley Quinn, The Joker brought her to Ace Chemicals and violently pushed her into a vat of chemicals. These chemicals bleached her skin and shattered her grip on reality—exactly the same way they had the Joker himself. That night, Harley Quinn was officially born.
  • Harley Quinn loves animalsHA HA , and there are no animals she loves more than Bud and Lou, her pet hyenas. Trained by her while she was dating the Joker, Bud and Lou are extremely loyal to Harley, and the affection for her "babies" is mutual. She often goes to the Beast House to let them run around and feed the other hyenas—Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed. She feeds them a lot, and as a result they'll pretty much do anything she says. And that does mean anything.
  • Gossip throughout the Pantheon has suggested that at some point while dating the Joker, she got pregnant. Some say she had a daughter named Lucy with the Joker (of which he's supposedly unaware), while others assert that it was a false positive. True or false, the few times the rumor's been brought to her attention, she's completely denied it ("Somethin' happens ta ya in a couple'a diff'rent universes, and suddenly ev'ryone thinks they happened ta you!")... and then thoroughly beat whoever she found was spreading it around to a pulp.
  • While once the devoted lover of her "Puddin'", Harley has attempted numerous times to get out of her toxic romance with the Joker. Unfortunately, she finds his influence addictive and difficult to shake off, and despite her best efforts she has an unfortunate habit of relapsing and getting back together with him. This results in a dysfunctional on-again, off-again relationship. Many of her relationships are dependent on whether she's with the Joker or not, and it can be difficult at times to discern which side she's on.
    • Applies when her relationship to the Joker is "on":
      • She made quick friends with Bellatrix Lestrange, Tira, and Baroness, as they're all Dark Mistresses who obsess over a really evil guy (or sword, in Tira's case...). Back when Tira was Harley's follower, Harley used to think Tira was using a Unusual Euphemism when she told her that her crush was a sword... but no, it turns out that's literally exactly what Soul Edge is. Even Harley admits that's a little crazy. Their double dates are the definition of awkward.
      • Also has a budding friendship with Other Criminals Jinx, Bad Girl, and Junko Enoshima due to their similar personalities. All of them have been seen arm in arm laughing joyfully while indulging in some girl's night outs.
    • Applies when her relationship to the Joker is "off":
      • Don't think that being away from the Joker makes her harmless... or even necessarily good. While Harley generally does try to be decent when on her own, she'll prove herself every bit as Ax-Crazy and depraved as her ex if the people around her aren't careful. Oh, and if you want to stay alive around her, do not make any reference to the killer clown around her. Just don't.
      • Has been involved in various rebound relationships in between her bouts with the Joker. She dated Jimmy Olsen once. It didn't end well (yeah, bet you weren't expecting to find that trope in this profile). Deadshot, a... er... let's go with "colleague"... that she works with in the Suicide Squad. After a certain incident, however, they've decided to... see other people. In the Pantheon, she's been asked out by both Deadpool and Hisoka Morow. She liked them both (especially Deadpool, who reminds her of Red Tool, a vigilante similar to him who fell in love with her), but decided not to pursue relationships with them after she realized she'd just be using them as obvious replacements for the Joker.
      • When she's not hanging around the Joker, she's almost always hanging around with Poison Ivy. The man-hating plant girl and the fun-loving clown may seem an odd pair, but Poison Ivy is so used to getting what she wants with manipulation and pheromones that the only people that can really interest her enough to enjoy spending time with are those ones that she can't control... which pretty much fits Harley Quinn to a "T"HA HA . "Red" has often proved a more stable and temperate companion to Harley then the Joker has, though not always perfectly; being a misanthrope, Ivy finds it difficult sometimes to be respectful of Harley's intellect and opinions. Luckily, anytime they have a falling out, they always manage to get back together again. In fact, their romantic relationship, a subject of much speculation, was finally confirmed. Specifically, they've been described as "girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy". On occasion, they're joined (er... not in that way...) in their schemes by Catwoman. Though Harley and Selina's relationship isn't nearly as tight as hers and Ivy, Harley does consider her a close friend. Together, the three are known as the "Gotham City Sirens".
      • While she still antagonizes the various superheroes she runs into when working with the Joker, she still tends to be pleasant and sociable with them even as she's beating them to a pulp (or, as the case may be, if they're beating her). If she's not, though, then she's really good at cultivating and maintaining friendships (or at least acquaintanceshipsHA HA  with some of them. Obviously, while her connections to the Batfamily can be strained (most of them still haven't forgotten that time she dressed as the original Batgirl... while Barbara Gordon was still in a wheelchair because of the Joker), overall she works well with them, so it tends to sadden them whenever they find her partnering up with the Joker again. The next most significant of these is probably Wonder Woman and Power Girl. Not many know this, but she's been a closet fan of Wonder Woman ever since she was a kid, and during one incident she swapped clothes with her and fought bad guys with her (It's a Long Story). Power Girl, on the other hand, is... well... she's a fan of her for a couple of other reasons.
      • She often gets together with Misa Amane to swap stories about their love interests. At first, Misa only accepted the invitation on Light's direction in a bid to see if they could get the Joker's real name out of her. Once it became clear that Harley knows as much about that as they do, Light decided to keep her alive in case by some chance she ever found out... which is just an excuse Misa came up with to avoid having to kill her new friend. Harley got Amy Rose to join in on these discussions after she stole her Piko Piko Hammer to lure her to their favorite restaurant, where they then proceeded to have a duel of hammers. The specifics of that showdown and its ultimate conclusion have not been revealed to the public, but it's rumored that they're in the middle of co-writing a Rock Opera about it now.
      • Stumbled into a fight against Cassie Cage when she mistook her for her "Cassie Quinn" costume and thought she was in the middle of a Mirror Match. After an extended round of combat (mixed with plenty of Snark-to-Snark Combat), Cassie realized her error and apologized. Harley was quick to forgive her (it probably helped that they both know how it feels to get pummeled by the Joker) and afterward Harley gushed over how good said Cassie Quinn outfit looked ("Damn, Casserole! Ya look mo' like me than I do sometimes!"). The clown insists that she wear it any time they hang out, just to mess with people.
  • Has a weird relationship with X-23. On one hand, they don't really have all that much in common on the surface. One's a blonde, colorful Genki Girl driven crazy by love, while the other is a noirette, suicidal Emotionless Girl who only retained her humanity due to The Power of Love. Despite this, Harley initiates frequent encounters with Laura—often without informing her beforehand—to just hang out and try to make her laugh (she has yet to succeed, but she's gotten pretty close), and over time they've realized their subtle similarities—the biggest of which being that they're both Dark Action Girls who have been through serious abuse that they're trying to heal from and channel for good (at least, most of the time for Harley...). Laura once asked the clown what drew her to meet her in the first place, and Harley just shrugged. The truth is, even Harley isn't sure why she likes the clone. She just feels they're both special for some reason.
  • High Councilor Kal-El is one of her biggest adversaries in the Pantheon, and one of the few that opposes her regardless of whether she's with the Joker or not. She, of course, hates him either way, too. If she is, then he killed her boyfriend (even if it was an alternate universe), and if not, well, the fact that he frequently tries to kill her due to her association to the Joker is really all the excuse she needs, isn't it?
  • Though she doesn't particularly like any of the Dark Knights, the one she loathes the most is, who else, the Batman Who Laughs. If she's with the Joker, then he's a corrupt version of her boyfriend. If she's not, then he's a corrupt version of Batman (and her ex-boyfriend, which is saying something). Neither one is a particularly welcoming thought to her.
  • Personally believes that Neopolitan and Roman Torchwick are an Outlaw Couple, finds the pairing incredibly romantic (Who would have guessed?), and no one can tell her otherwise! She'll eagerly assist her in her quest for revenge for Roman's death in the mortal world. Oh, and she's also come up with a couple of different theories about why Neo doesn't speak... but, really, who cares about that?
  • As a former legitimate psychiatrist (Or was it psychologist?), Doctors Angus Bumby and Frasier Crane have (separately, of course) studied her work from her former career and, much to their surprise, found that she's actually quite brilliant (no, really) despite her reputation. She once wrote a diagnosis of the Joker that suggested that he was perfectly sane and merely pretending to be crazy so he would go to Arkham Asylum instead of prison or the electric chair. No one's quite sure how accurate such a diagnosis this is, but since it was written by Harley Quinn—and therefore almost certainly inadmissible in court—it's likely no one ever will be.
  • She gets along really well with B-Man's other villains. There's her obvious friendship with Poison Ivy described above, and she sometimes helps out the Riddler ever now and again in coming up with new riddles. She enjoys huffing Scarecrow's Fear Gas For the Lulz, and he seems to be oddly friendly to her. She's been great friends with the Ventriloquist AKA Arnold Wesker ever since he cheered her up with a puppet show once, and this friendship translates into an affection for puppets and those who manipulate them, like Slappy the Dummy (though she can't really hang around him when she's not with the Joker).
    • She gained a crew made up of what she calls "the f**ken worst". Unfortunately, the only ascended member of this crew (besides Poison Ivy) is Basil Karlo AKA Clayface. She likes him well enough anyway. Beggars can't be choosers, after all.
    • One of the few exceptions to this would be Harvey "Two-Face" Dent. In the past, Harley joined Two-Face's gang after a falling out with the Joker, and ended up wrecking Dent's plans involving a woman with a split personality. That, and she's friends with Poison Ivy, who he used to date before becoming Two-Face.
    • They're not allies, but Harley does have a certain understanding with Mr Freeze. They are both canon immigrantsHA HA  after all, and have a shared bad luck with love.
  • Still celebrates Christmas, even though she's Jewish. She just really likes the pretty bright lights and colorful decorations. During the holidays (Probably other times, too, but who can tell?), no one is more excited to party in the House of Celebration than Harley Quinn. On the other hand, she's got nothing against being Jewish (At least, as far as anyone knows—she doesn't talk about it much, though she does say a lot of Yiddish expressions like "Oy!" and the word "Plotz".); so she does like to hang out with some of the other Jewish deities in the Pantheon, like Kyle Broflovski, Shylock, and Magneto to celebrate Jewish holidays.
  • She would never admit it, but she's incredibly jealous of Mele. Not only did she fall in love with a villain, too, but she managed to get him to reciprocate, and in turn his love for her redeemed him! A couple of times it's motivated her to go back to the Joker in the hopes she can do the same... but it never works, which only adds to her frustrationHA HA . While Harley does try her best to keep her envy down, it's pretty hard when they're literally the gods of the trope.
  • Surprisingly enough, Quagmire of all people treats her sympathetically. His sister suffered by the hands of an incredibly abusive boyfriend, and he's planning to try and free her from the Joker. Of course he inevitably would try to bone her, but for once he's not being nice to her for that reason. It'll probably end badly for him though.
  • It's not known yet if she's aware there are three Jokers. The Joker would likely spin doctor this in a way to make her more dependent on him if she ever finds out.
  • Also has a temple in Tainted Love.

Koba, God of Paranoia
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His facial scars
  • Theme Music: Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (teethered between True Neutral and Neutral Good during his time as Caesar's second-in-command)
  • Portfolio: Bastard Bonobo, Hates Humans, The Sociopath, Guttural Growler, Obviously Evil, Only Caring About his Desire for Revenge
  • Domains: Hatred, Hypocrisy
  • Allies: Doctor Zaius, Napoleon, Scar
  • Enemies: Caesar, King Kong, Winston, Simba, Humanity in general (notably Dr. Eggman, Dr. Cortex, N. Brio, Julius Caesar)
  • Very Difficult Relations: Mojo Jojo
  • If there's one thing that's always going through Koba's mind, it's that humans are horrible beings that deserve to die, no matter how well-meaning they actually are. This dangerous mindset can be traced back to years of being abused and neglected at a laboratory. After being liberated by Caesar and aiding in the rebellion, Koba became a close ally of Caesar, but such a thing wasn't going to last much longer. Koba, unable to let go of his hatred of humans, tried to murder Caesar while the latter was just trying to help humans have a peaceful coexistence between humans and primates. After convincing a number of members of Caesar's tribe to go after the humans, Koba unleashed his bloodthirsty tendencies on not just humans, but apes who did not agree to his actions. While he was eventually killed by Caesar, Koba's actions were something that would have very nasty repercussions for everyone involved, especially Caesar.
  • A monkey with facial scars showed up one day in the Pantheon, seemingly minding his own business. Crash Bandicoot, who just so happened to be relaxing at the time, noticed him and, remembering what he told Caesar about showing Koba the Pantheon, decided to follow through on his word and give Koba a tour of the Pantheon, of which the ape agreed to. Caesar, having come back from an excursion, learned about what Crash and Koba were doing and, upon realizing that the latter might try to do something bad to Crash, had to try and make sure the bandicoot didn't cause unwitting trouble.
    • Surprisingly enough, the tour went through without a lot of problems, if only because of Koba pretending to act harmless in front of Crash (though Koba did show visible anger towards some of the more scientific deities they were around, but Crash was able to make sure Koba didn't go to crazy those times). By the time the pair went to the House of Weapons, that was when things started to fall apart. Koba went off on his own when Crash wasn't looking and went to a place where there were a large amount of firearms. It looked like the place was unguarded and Koba was able to get his paws on a couple of guns, but a couple of people who were asked to guard the place had to rush in and stop him from stealing anything. Koba simply shot them in response and Crash, having just realized that Koba was definitely not a good guy, had to fight him to prevent any more trouble from happening.
      • Crash and Koba's confrontation went on for a bit, but it ended with a lot of bullet holes, a tired Koba, and an upset Caesar, who had just managed to catch up to the two. Caesar made it clear that what Koba did back when he was alive was nothing short of atrocious and that even if he acknowledges that some humans are as bad as Koba claims, Caesar still prioritizes the goodwill of both humans and primates alike and will stop Koba from causing any further damage. As for Crash, Caesar stated that he should have told him sooner about Koba's true nature and that another fight between the two is possible.
  • Not only does Koba vehemently despise humans, but he also has it out against apes that don't support his beliefs to the point that he's willing to imprison or murder any "followers" that question him. Given that most of the primates in the Pantheon are already friends with Caesar, Koba is more than willing to threaten those primates and Caesar's aforementioned friends don't like Koba at all.
    • He really does not get why King Kong, despite being a neutral figure in the long run, would be friends with Caesar. According to Koba, with all that power, Kong should be trying to crush those that stand in his way. An attempted meetup between Koba and Kong ended very badly for the former. Koba bringing a couple of firearms to his planned meeting in an attempt to convince Kong certainly didn't help.
    • Winston has nothing positive to say at all when it comes to Koba, seeing as how he embodies the worst aspects of the apes Winston was with that revolted back on the moon and going a step further by instigating a violent war just to kill humans no matter what they did. Winston has offered to fight Koba and stop him from causing any further damage.
    • Even Mojo Jojo, who is one of the only other antagonistic apes of the Pantheon, sees Koba as far too unhinged and violent for his own good. It's true that both were normal apes before they gained intelligence through different means, but whereas Mojo Jojo is capable of showing politeness every now and then, Koba simply uses that attitude as a facade if it means getting close to his goals. Koba has actually tried getting Mojo Jojo to embrace his more violent tendencies, but Mojo Jojo really doesn't want to be within vicinity of him.
  • Much of Koba's actions have been compared to that of Scar's. Both partook in a plot to usurp someone from their positions and used it to cause misery for everyone else involved. Their reigns of terror ended when confronted by the rightful leader that was presumed dead initially by some others. Scar found Koba to be a very interesting monkey and both are willing to aid each other in their goals. Simba, knowing what it's like to be on the wrong end of an usurption plot, saw Koba to be just as bad, if not worse, than Scar and made it a point to stop them.
  • Napoleon saw a lot of himself in Koba, specifically how they are animals seeking power and becoming tyrannical to their respective groups in order to prove their superiority towards humans, up to and including exhibiting human-like traits at the apex of their insanity. Koba being far more open in his violence has also got the pig's attention and he is willing to use the ape in his goals. Koba is all too willing to oblige if it means shooting at anyone who gets in the way of their alliance.
  • If there is one kind of human that he hates the most, then it would be those who have had a history of experimenting with animals, especially if its for selfish purposes. Dr. Eggman stuffing animals inside machines is more than enough to get Koba even more angry than normal and this is not getting into the plans that Dr. Cortex and N. Brio have at hand. While Crash has fought against the latter two a number of times before, Koba seems to have greater antagonism towards them than Crash could have.
  • One day, Koba was on the run from a group of hunters out to get him. While seeking a hiding place, he ended up in a secret shop headed by a shadow known as Krobus. Koba used this opportunity to feign friendliness to see if Krobus had anything worthwhile to say. Krobus mentioned that he doesn't think too highly of humans that his species apparently had unpleasant encounters with them, something that interested Koba greatly. The ape did go through Krobus' shop to see if there was anything useful, but there wasn't and Krobus had to stop him from damaging the shop. Their meeting ended with Krobus telling Koba that even if he acknowledges Koba's description of what humanity could be, it's only because Koba hasn't tried taking a chance to seriously meet a human to see what they're like, since Krobus did meet a couple of human shopkeepers and became friends with them.
  • Despite being a victim of torture, most others (both torture victims and otherwise) in the Pantheon find if very hard to sympathize with him due to using that as an excuse to perform terrible actions. To make things even worse, even if Koba were told that humans have been tortured through no fault of their own, not only would he go after the perpetrator, but also the tortured human.
    • An encounter with Renekton certainly didn't go the way Koba hoped for. Knowing about Renekton's insanity, Koba tried to convince him to help him out in getting revenge on humanity, but Renekton was already too insane to talk to at the moment and it led to Koba getting severe injuries. While Koba is aware it means that another meeting with Renekton won't happen anytime soon after recovering, he certainly doesn't mind if humans become a victim of Renekton's violence.
  • Pacifists, as well as those who hate war, are repulsed at the fact that Koba caused a war between apes and humans to break out when both sides, which were having a then-shaky coexistence, was getting close to resolving something. It certainly didn't help that all of this happened in the midst of a fatal epidemic that was killing off humans.
  • It came as a bit of a surprise to Koba that there were a couple of other beings also known as "Caesar", prompting him to look into things. Notably, his encounter with Julius Caesar went very poorly for the both of them. Julius hates Koba over how the latter's assassination attempt of Caesar the Ape brought back bad memories of Julius getting murdered by those he trusted previously. Julius Caesar being a human was simply enough for Koba to detest him. A potential fight between their armies (provided that Koba is able to build up one) is bound to get bloody.
  • While the House of Weapons is better-guarded than it was when Crash and Koba initially visited it, that hasn't stopped Koba from trying to see if there's better and stronger weapons to use in his crusade against humanity. If there's something potentially more terrifying than a gun-toting ape riding on a horse, it would be a sword-wielding ape riding on a horse. And there's the even-less-likely, but still dangerous possibility of an ape on horseback carrying both a gun and a sword.

Senua, Goddess of Hearing Voices
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Celtic Rune
  • Theme Song: Just Like Sleep
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/ True Neutral depending on her mood.
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Awesomeness by Analysis, Dreadlock Warrior, The Mentally Ill, Hearing Voices, Power Born of Madness, Nay-Theist, Shell-Shocked Veteran, This Means Warpaint, Thousand-Yard Stare, Unreliable Narrator.
  • Domains: Good, Madness, Destruction, Strength
  • Allies: Lexa, Xena, Gabrielle, Diana of Themyscira, Frasier Crane, Riven, Aleph
  • Enemies: Dr. Angus Bumby, Johan Liebert
  • Opposes: All Abusive Parents, Corypheus
  • Pities: Randy Orton
  • Pitied by: Kratos, Thor,
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hel
  • After facing her fears, accepting her "Gift of Sight" and letting go of her beloved, Dillion the Gods decided to ascend, Senua not only as a reward for all the suffering she went thru but also for being the first person in all of media depicting mental psychosis correctly. While the voices have helped her in combat, Senua was glad to have those urges under control. Now with the help of others in the Pantheon, she feels that she can live in peace now.
  • Is among the most sought after patients in the Pantheon. Many scientists were eager to study her condition in order to find out how her mind reacted. Eventually there was one psychiatrist that pulled her away from the crowd. Unfortunately, that person was Dr. Bumby. He went to work to manipulate Senua into thinking of her condition as a gift to use to their advantage. That had the side effect of destroying her sense of reality. He sent her after Alice, seeking revenge for rejecting him. It just so happened that she was in a session with Frasier at the time. While she attacked the two, Frasier was able to successfully calm her down, helping Senua regain her sense of reality. The warrior agreed to leave Dr. Bumby and go see Frasier instead.
  • That would not be the end of the exploitation though. Bumby brought her case to Johan Liebert. Delighted to have a subject as broken as Senua, he hopes to get a hold of her to use her as his ward.
  • Frasier surmised that much of her condition was exasperated by her father, who locked her up for many years out of fear of her condition. Once she understood it clearly, she wants to make sure that no one else may suffer the same fate. Anyone seen abusing their children will receive a swift thrashing from her.
  • What also may have triggered her downfall was her self-imposed exile to try and 'fix' her condition. This only made things worse when she returned only to find her people massacred. Riven didn't have much of a choice when she was exiled, and hoped for the best that she can recover from her loss.
  • The presence of Hel in the Pantheon caused her to march straight to her temple to finish the job. So it was a surprise to her when she found out that it wasn't the goddess of death she was used to. In fact, there was many other versions of the character from throughout the Pantheon. Still, most of her kind was evil. Yet this one was willing to provide an interesting conversation with her. Senua left the temple confused as to how to process this. Frasier suggested that while she may not be able to beat this version, she can still help people who suffered under her.
    • Thor himself came by after to check on her. He is a longtime doe of the Goddess of Death and was worried what Hel said was getting into her head. As one of the few gods who mingled with mortals before his ascension, the God of Thunder has long been an advocate for having a more proactive role with helping their followers. Senua was thankful for the care and would like to talk to him in the near future.
  • Part of why she was so comfortable in the Pantheon was that there were plenty of Heartbroken Badasses to talk to in the Pantheon. To many, loss is a part of life. All gave her plenty of advice on how to deal with it. For some such as Xena and Gabrielle, death may not be the end all of things. The two have come back from the dead multiple times. Even when Xena died the final time, there was still hope of coming back. That isn't always the case though. Lexa was saddened with leaving Clarke behind after her death. The Pantheon gave her a new lease of life as well as plenty of other things to do.
  • It was also apparent that the gods screwed over a lot of deities. Ironically, many in the Pantheon ascended after staring down said gods. Many of them went through different paths as a result.
    • If this was an earlier time, Kratos would gladly join Senua in killing the deities that had wronged her. He now knows that she needed more than just revenge. While not much of a conversationalist, he did bring her aid in the form of Atreus. The boy was eager to learn more about her pantheon, forming a bond between the two.
  • Agreed to help out Aleph in wresting YHVH out of his reign on the GUAL once and for all. She hopes that a more deserving god can take the reigns of that organization.
  • Was paid a visit from Wonder Woman. While Senua isn't an amazon, Diana had an idea on how to help Senua. Letting Senua touch the Lasso of Truth, she provided a rare sense of clarity. With the ability to see the truth, Senua's mind was clearer than it had ever been. Wonder Woman then gave her a tracker for safe keeping. If Senua needed to clear her mind, the amazon would provide her relief.
  • She admitted she flirted with the ranks of Corypheus, God of Villainously Renouncing Deities. She hated her gods so much that she would stop of nothing to kill the one holding her lover. Seeing an opportunity, Corypheus came by to state his cause. He wanted her to help him become a deity would would treat his subjects properly. Sensing that he was merely power-hungry, Senua rejected the alliance. She may have her grudges against the gods, but she wouldn't put her trust on him to do any better.
  • Most people don't given a damm about Randy orton, that is if they aren't already hostile towards him. Sonia on the other hand has a suspicion that he may be psychotic like her. She tried to reason with him, but Randy would hear none of it.


    Emperor Norton I 
Joshua Abraham Norton, God of Dissonant Madness (Emperor Norton, Norton I, Emperor of the United States, Protector of Mexico)
  • Demigod (insists he be called Emperor)
  • Symbol: His hat (Death loves it!)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (HEAVY on the Chaotic)
  • Portfolio: being incredibly crazy and awesome, being sane despite of his insanity, ending mobs just by praying, only considered emperor in his head and his loyal subjects
  • Domains: Emperors, Insanity, Awesomeness
  • Allies: Death, Dream of the Endless, Ryuk, The Emperor of Mankind, Old Man Henderson
  • On good terms with: Anyone who hails from San Francisco, every Cloud Cuckoolander god in the Pantheon.
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger, Johan Liebert, Nixon's Head, The Chaos Gods
  • Annoys: Nekron
  • No relation: Delirium of the Endless
  • One day, the Daily Pantheon News (run by J Jonah Jameson) found strange articles about someone calling themselves Norton I, who was declared the Emperor of the Pantheon. Many gods, particularly the Council of Cloudcuckooland loved it so much that they somehow convinced nearly every god to invite Emperor Norton to the Pantheon. The praise that came from him was immense.
    • Ayumu conceded and crowned him personal Emperor of Cloudcuckooland. Norton gave her back the post because all he ever wants to be is Emperor, nothing more. Emmet celebrated his ascension by making an exact replica of the San Francisco Bay Bridge out of LEGO.
    • He was originally petitioned to be the god of Authority in Name Only, however as King Dedede had taken that position he was instead allowed to preside over the Crazy Sane and those with a Napoleon Delusion. Both Dedede and Norton think each other is a genuine ruler, and has been in an intense rivalry ever since.
  • When vouched for his mental health, the Chief of Police had this to do say: "that he had shed no blood; robbed no one; and despoiled no country; which is more than can be said of his fellows in that line." This is just one of the many things that have engendered respect for the man.
  • Death likes him a lot. She's seen many kings and rulers, but considered him the best. She also loves his hat, and Norton lets her wear it now and then. Also personally thanks Dream of the Endless for helping him aspire to be the Emperor he needed to be.
  • He is strong and insane enough to resist all of the Trollkaiger's trolling, Johan's Mind Rape AND can tank Excalibur's talks without going insane. Dream of the Endless notes that it's because his craziness keeps him sane.
    • Managed to deny Slaanesh his/herself by being utterly un-tempted, even having the gall to tell She Who Thirsts he's being inappropriate. Likewise, the other Chaos Gods failed to corrupt him because there is nothing they could offer that he'd want, and that they cannot break his Crazy Sane mentality. While earning their enmity, it curried favor with the Emperor of Mankind (though has reminded Norton that he out-emperors him).
  • While never a true leader, he is nonetheless really popular with the House of Leadership due to his Crazy is Cool nature and skilled pacifism. Even evil-aligned deities who think he's mad admit that, were he an actual Emperor, he'd be one of the greatest in all of history. Tywin Lannister in particularly is bemused by the thought of imagining how the War of the Five Kings may go had he sat on the Iron Throne.
    • Nixon's Head is so far the only Leadership deities who hates Norton, whom he considers a "crazy hippy" and wants to boot him out of the pantheon. Unfortunately for him, he's alone in this opinion, and his approval ratings have dropped drastically upon making this statement.
  • Progressions of mobs can easily be stopped by him kneeling between them and praying. This effect causes them to realize their actions and walk off.
  • He Has legalized his own currency in the Pantheon. Only a few gods (like Charlotte LaBouf who loved his story) actually uses it.
  • To the utter shock of the Council of Cloudcuckooland, he is taking an expedition to the Friendship Asylum. Due to his ability to still be sane because of his insanity, it is nothing more but a test to see how long before he becomes a broken mess. The Council has supported him with everything they can.
  • Many have noted that despite his eccentricity, Norton was a man ahead of his time in some issues. He proposed a League Of Nations well before most others did and explicitly forbade any form of conflict between religions or their sects. This earned him a good deal of admiration.
    • Norton saw quite happy to hear that after years, the construction of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge was done back in the 1930s and further still on the birth of the United Nations, though he notes it could be more proactive.
    • He even once put himself between a group of rioters and their Chinese targets and began reciting the Lord's prayer in a form of protest until the riot scattered.

    Fuminori Sakisaka 
Fuminori Sakisaka, God of Madness Vision (Josh)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An axe which is covered in Meat Moss
  • Theme Song: Schizophrenia
  • Alignment: Started as True Neutral, but drifted into Chaotic Neutral of sort
  • Portfolio: Twisted Vision, Seeing Everything as Eldritch Abomination and Eldritch Location, Romancing a Cosmic Being, Only Being Able to Stomach Human Flesh, Major Drop in Sanity, Unholy Matrimony, Yandere, Tragically Failing To Be With Saya No Matter What
  • Domains: Madness, Vision, Love, Cannibalism, Murder
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Allies: Saya, Yubel
  • Enemies: Mahiro Yasaka, The Hunter, Hannibal Lecter
  • Odd Friendship: The Great Ones
  • Almost dying in a car accident, Fuminori was saved mainly due of an experimental brain surgery method. However, it came with a price as the surgery caused him to have agnosia where everything he sees is bloody and fleshy and everyone he sees are practically Eldritch Abominations. It also affects his senses, as he cannot feel, hear, sense or taste anything like a normal human would. In the meanwhile, everything what would fit those descriptions appear relatively normal, like Saya, who herself is an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Even after his ascension, he cannot see anything like a normal human being. Where he has accepted his reality as it is, he still sees even the most beautiful deities as pure creatures of horror. On the otherhand, the more demonic and gross something is, the more "normal" it appears to him. For example, "Fog World" and "Dark World" of Silent Hill would be in reverse.
    • Plus his time in this world alongside Saya has twisted his mind completely. He is willing to kill to live in peace, eats human flesh as anything else tastes disgusting and even accepted a gift from Saya which is essentially a broken Sex Slave, both mentally and physically, even if he wasn't fine with it at first.
  • Some gods wonder how he is just casually here as he committed suicide by bashing his head into an axe after seeing Saya die in front of him. Some gods wonder if it had to do with a clash of Nitro+ characters, where he assists Saya occasionally.
    • To his fortune, he seems to be able to see Saya as the girl she knows no matter what form she takes.
  • Learned about his creator and other worlds he has been involved. Where he isn't a guy who blames Gods for anything, he seemed to have said that "Should have known that the god is a jerk". He feels bit sad for Sayaka Miki after hearing that what she had to endure through isn't that far off from his ordeals. Sayaka herself is disgusted by him.
  • One of few people what Mahiro can really say he dislikes as he is like a symbol of what he fears he might become due of his interaction with the types of Nyarko.
  • Some gods have jokingly said that he has Meat Vision. Though they don't want to mock him with that as they know that Saya can mess with their brains to give it to them.
  • Really hates the Hunter due of the idea that they might be after Saya. She will not let anyone harm her and would have done something about it if he himself wasn't really out of their league. He seems to be arranging a meeting of sort with them. Near a well of sort...
    • In a funny twist of fate, he ended up "befriending" the Great Ones as not only can he see them as mere giants, but in sense, him having Insight wouldn't really make him crazy from the stuff he would see. Though he has no interest on gaining great knowledge to achieve such state and doesn't really care if the Great Ones get killed by the Hunter.
  • There are many gods who are disturbed by him like Adell, Akihiko Sanada and Marth due of how he sounds. On other, the God of Stoicism Heero Yuy says that it is surprising how stoic he can really be in a world he lives.
  • Some gods say that Hannibal Lecter one invited him to have dinner with him. Reportedly the way it ended was Fuminori managed to chop off Lecter's arm off, chew on it and says that "Now that I think about it, animal meat is as good for me".
  • Somehow got his hands onto a Warhammer-style Power Armor, though no one is sure from who he got it from. Some gods speculate it came from Slaanesh while some think it came from Tzeentch. Both of them seem valid and neither of them have taken responsibility.

Pinbacker, God of Space Madness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The blinding light of the sun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Man Is Dust In The Eye Of God And It Is Their Time To Die, Light Is Not Good, Space Madness, Satanic Allusions, Ax-Crazy, The Fatalist, Burned From Head To Toe But Still Tough, Religious Bruiser, The Best Hope Mankind Had, Spanner in the Works
  • Domains: The Sun, Madness, Light, Dust, Space
  • High Priest: Doctor Weir
  • Followers: The children on Ryvius, Rock Hound, Saren Arterius
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction,The Lich, YHVH, Seymour Guado, Nekron, Kefka, Zs'skayr, The Night's King
  • Enemies: Saint Walker, Ra, Clark Kent (and any other Kryptonian), John Connor, Amaterasu, Volcarona (really, anyone related to the sun), The SCP Foundation, Lucifer, Titus and anyone who tries to save the world.
  • Opposed by: God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • In the near-future, the sun was dying. Earth would send a team of scientists on-board "The Icarus" to give it new life, and when that failed a second Icarus was sent. That crew would come close to failure upon learning just why the first failed; Captain Pinbacker. Driven insane by his time in space, he would sabotage the mission and come close to preventing them from saving the world. Seemingly incinerated in the sun, to the horror of many an astronaut he found himself ascended to the Trope Pantheon.
    • Being bathed in light, it was difficult to get a good image of Pinbacker. This recording was the best found.
  • Initially sent to save the world, spending so much time near the sun seems to have driven him mad, along with given him third degree burns. He believes that God himself has decided humanity's time is up and intends to fulfill this "holy mission" by sabotaging any attempt to save the world. It makes him an easy pawn for YHVH to manipulate, as does Nekron whom Pinbacker believes is "the angel of death helping me out".
    • God refuses to associate with him due to his desire to end the world in His name. Pinbacker assumes said God is a demon trying to tempt him away from "what needs to be done".
  • Sees himself as an angel of light, having an odd reverence to the sun yet wishing its death. Naturally, he's an enemy against every single solar deity, with special contempt towards Volcarona due to her ability to function as a second sun. Of all solar deities, Ra hates him the most; he's spent eternity trying to prevent the end of the world, so seeing the sun drive him to omnicidal mania revolts him.
  • The Night's King has shown some interest in Pinbacker, since his goals of snuffing out the sun could help align with his own objectives; bringing forth an eternal winter and an army of the death. Zs'skayr also finds the idea of taking sun like he plans useful. Both are cautious about it though, given he's pretty unstable.
  • It's not clear how he's Made of Iron when he's burned from head to toe. He sees it as further proof that God is on his side.
  • Has tried to spend time in the House of Faith, however very few can stand being around him. Saint Walker in particular is mortified at his delusional religion; he faced the end of his world from its dying sun, lost his family in the process, but sought to stop it and when it seemed inevitable didn't try to accelerate the apocalypse. Seymour Guado, however, agreed with him that everyone should die and be at peace.
  • With how he came about, the Lich is in Pinbacker's eyes a definitive sign that the end is nigh. The Lich likes the help, but believes that he's "under-selling" by just trying to kill the Sun. Hopes to sail with him to a billion worlds, until all light is extinguished.
  • Somewhat of a Satanic Archetype; he's bathed in light, serves as an "Adversary" figure and in the same vein as YHVH's Satan is acting on "God's" behalf. He'll rip the throat out of anyone who says this in ear distance, claiming to be a holy man. None of the other Satans or Lucifers want to be compared with the lunatic either.
  • In his delusion, he believes that Superman and every other Kryptonian is a demon sent to prevent Revelations and humanity's ascent into Heaven. After all, they're powered by the sun so they must want to save it and defy God's will! Yeah, he's sort of loopy.
  • Opposes John Connor for trying to save the world over and over from SKYNET, who he believes is a sign of mankind's arrogance and destiny for self-destruction.
  • His voice is the same as Titus, which displeases him a lot. Pinbacker in turn took one look at the dying world of Holy Terra, and the galaxy of the 41st millennium, before declaring his antagonism to the Imperium of Mankind:
    Pinbacker: "Your "Holy Terra" is an abomination, as is your Imperium. A festering half-living cinder of an entire galaxy where the Devil is God. And yet you fight to protect mankind's worthless existence? I swear on the name of the one true God that I will kill the cancer that I once called home, and I won't stop until your fetid galaxy has found the one true peace it needs-the peace of the grave!
  • As he's merely a tough, but ordinary human, he was ignored by most of the Pantheon as an effective non-entity. This let him operate Beneath Notice as an agent of the GUAD, compromising the SCP Foundations to leak documents that re-canonized SCP-1548 enabling it to return to the Pantheon as a threat. As a Sentient Star that's actively contentious of life and trying to snuff it out, Pinbacker boasts to everyone, or just himself when alone, about the Hateful Star being the living proof and embodiment of his ideals. SCP-1548 has yet to acknowledge this likely since he's still a mere human, which he's fine with. As for everyone else, especially the Foundation, they are acknowledging him now, or in the 5,700 year it's predicted it will take the star to physically reach the Pantheon.
  • Agrees with Kefka on the futility of man, hope and ideals.
    Pinbacker: "I am Pinbacker, Commander of the Icarus One. We have abandoned our mission. Our star is dying. All our science. All our hopes, our... our dreams, are foolish! In the face of this, we are dust, nothing more. Unto this dust, we return. When he chooses for us to die, it is not our place to challenge God."