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Intermediate Gods

Bane, God of Strength Allied With Intellect (The Man Who Broke The Bat, Antonio Diego, Gotham's Reckoning, Necessary Evil, Eduardo Dorrance)

    Chen Stormstout 
Chen Stormstout, God of Drunk Fighters (Legendary Brewmaster, Wandering Brewmaster, Storm, Earth and Fire, Merrymaker Chen, The Priority Panda)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A giant barrel full of Booze and a Staff
  • Theme Song: His titular theme
  • Alingment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Highly mobile despite his size, Likes to Drink and Eat a lot, Big Fun, Pandaren, Badass Beard, Boisterous Bruiser, Breathing Fire, Great Cook, Guile Hero, Honor Before Reason, Nice Hat, Size Strength, Wandering Azeroth in search of the greatest boozes, All Monks Know Kung-Fu, Being cool to his niece Li Li, Splitting Into Three Different Forms, Barrel Throwing
  • Domains: Pandas, Brews, Drinks, Monks, Barrels
  • High Priest: Mangix the Brewmaster
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kharazim the Monk (On a friendly note), Donkey Kong
  • Enemies: Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Lord Shen, Bashmaster
  • Opposes: Leoric
  • Hailing from the far lands of Pandaria, Chen Stormstout is a Brewmaster Monk who Travels the world of Azeroth in hopes to learn about the different brews present. He was originally going to be given the position as the God of Pandas but he declined and left the position to Po while at the same time deciding to train the Young Panda Warrior. However, after Po stated that he could easily take the position for Drunken Combat, Chen changed his mind.
    • However, when he arrived he discovered that his position was already held by Rock Lee. Nonetheless, Lee agreed to give the position to Chen if he was able to put up a fight. To the Latter surprise, Chen did a spectacular performance and as he promised, the position of Drunken Master was awarded to the Pandaren Monk.
  • Now that he is able to spend more time on the Pantheon, he decided to start focusing more on Po's training. Chen is having high hopes for the Young Warrior and when the time is right, he will gladly take him under his wing and bring him to Azeroth.
  • He was happy to learn that his old buddies Rexxar and Vol'jin also had an spot here and invited them to hang out like old times. However, there was a nasty surprise for him when he found that Garrosh Hellscream has also found his way here and he still hasn't forgived him for his crime against Pandaria.
  • Thanks to his pupil Po, he was introduced to Litchi Faye-Ling, but specially, her little panda Lao Jiu, Po's little apprentice. Chen was surprised that such little thing can be carried as a hairpin but nonetheless agreed to train him alongside Po.
    • He also became close friends with Litchi, after finding out they had a lot of things in Common, like their combat styles, their love for drinks and Litchi's love for Pandas. Chen usually prepares her special Brews just for her. However, when he heard about her backstory, how many in the Pantheon was accusing her for trying to save a friend, and the implications that she's drinking to ease her pain, even Chen thought that such kind of drink session was too insensitive and mean-spirited and at times, tries to console her that he's on the same boat, he'd do anything to see those close to him safe and protected (especially his niece Li Li, but just to be on the same boat, he put Rexxar and Vol'jin in the equation).
    • And for some reason, once he got out of the session, Chen usually found himself dressed up rather... 'cutely' by her. He just laughed that off.
  • Naturally, he tends to hang around Moe's Tavern, and he even befriended most of the usual visitors of said place. What makes Chen stand out is that he always comes prepared with Booze of his own, which other Gods always want to try out, much to his amusement. He often helps Moe manage the place from time to time.
    • On separate occasions, Chen makes visits to another bar known as the Quindecim, primarily to help Decim with the drinks and they sometimes exchange drinks in their free time. The fact that the two of them are also great cooks helps quite a bit.
  • He is really close with the Nephalems after battling alongside them several times. He especially gets on really well with Sonya and even they invented a brand new tag team move called "Washing Machine". While they didn't specify what the move is about, they clarified that involves craters and barrels, for some reason.
    • He also hold a really fierce rivalry with fellow monk Kharazim. While the latter has jokingly remarked that Chen isn't a true monk, they both have immense respect for each other.
  • Chen usually has many story to tell to anybody interested thanks to his countless travels around the World. However, he will charge you $9.95 per minute, that's why nobody bothers to hear him.
  • Chen is no slouch when it comes to magical abilities. He is even capable of splitting into three different Pandas with special abilities called Storm, Earth and Fire. He however tends to not use this ability too much, because he is tired of the unwanted attention they brings because they are cute.
    • However, Earth always wonder why were they named like these:
    • Additionally, he is also able to transform himself into a big rolling barrel, which has brought him trouble sometimes with Donkey Kong, since every time he transforms, the Gorilla grabs him and throws him somewhere else. They are however on pretty good terms.
  • He really doesn't like Leoric. One could say because of the Skeleton king evil attitudes, but in reality there was one time that Leoric say really mean things to him prompting him to cry and start drinking from the barrel. Leoric then started wacking him with his maze but grew bored after seeing Chen tank them like it was nothing. Some people think that it was Chen's plan all along to show who's the boss in terms of being a tanky fighter.
  • Because of their wandering nature and having traveled around their respective worlds, Chen became good friends with both Kino and AZ. They occasionally share the stories they experienced in their journeys.
  • Sometimes, he brings his niece Li Li to roam around the Pantheon, a fact that Li Li finds very fun and interesting, because the Pantheon is so big and has a lot of different places. Chen occasionally chats with Iroh because of their similar roles as uncles and their complicated relationship with their respective siblings.
    • However, Chen has been getting criticized of being too carefree sometimes with his niece, to the point that he even allows her to fight in the Nexus. Chen doesn't pay attention to these comments, as he knows that Li Li is very capable of taking care of herself without his interference.
  • Turns out that when festivities arrives on his homeland, Chen usually changes his usual style and becomes Merrymaker Chen, Bringing alcohol and drinks to any person who just wants to have a really nice time.
  • "I bring pandamonium!"
  • Also has a spot in the House of Food.

Gouken, God Of Old Masters

Krillin, God of The Strong Who Can't Catch the Strongest (Kuririn)
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Lesser Gods

Christian Cage, God of the Weak, but Skilled (William Jay Reso, Captain Charisma, The Instant Classic, The New People's Champion, Creepy Little Bastard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A capital C with a crown on top
  • Theme Song: Just Close Your Eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Neutral Evil as a Heel)
  • Portfolio: Canadians, not really brothers with Edge but treated as family, fighting females, double-crossing his tag team partners, snarkers, Alliterative Name, those not giving up, constantly going from face to heel
  • Domain: Canada, Wrestling, Partnership
  • Allies: Edge, AJ Styles, John Cena, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan (as a face, but most if not all become rivals if he's a heel)
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, Gangrel, The Undertaker, Kane, CM Punk
  • Conflicting Opinion: Seth Rollins, Kratos
  • Ascended after revealing that despite not being a wrestler who is super strong, he makes it up with his arsenal of wrestling moves. Reviewing this portfolio, the Court agreed he deserved a house.
    • In actuality, Gangrel asked that Christian be brought in. Upon finding out the truth, Christian pretty much screamed in terror as Gangrel recalled the days where Christian was a long haired quiet boy that was by his side. Christian pretty much went catatonic.
  • Has a finisher called the Killswitch, the Unprettier, or the Impaler. His previous finisher was Gangrel's Implant/Impaler DDT. Yes, he went from one move to the other with the same name. No one could tell what it was. So he just shrugged.
  • Edge pretty much hugged Christian in relief when he ascended. The two celebrated "For the benefit of those with flash photography" with a 5-second pose. With Christian back, E & C can now be seen going head to head with the Hardyz, the Pantheon's Greatest Tag Team and Londrick for epic TLC matches.
  • Really has no problems with Luna, and was saddened when he found out about her death. Luna doesn't mind but would still like to know just what was the whole history with Gangrel and the Brood. Gangrel has since admitted that it's literally nothing; he was assigned to act like a creepy Stealth Mentor, so he started out by fighting with Edge and then convincing Christian to dress like him in front of Edge and then have the two work together to become what would be known as "The Brood".
    • Like Edge, he doesn't see the idea of how the wrestler befriended the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He does know that 'Grel will douse anyone in blood if they try to hurt those three.
  • Hates Randy Orton with a passion due to him losing his World Heavyweight Championship after winning it in honor of Edge when he retired. Also doesn't see eye to eye with CM Punk since, according to CM Punk:
    Punk: I don't come out here each and every night, bitching and moaning, and bitching and bitching (Ad infinitum)
  • Also had a happy reunion with former Coalition partner AJ Styles after AJ's ascension to the Pantheon. He's not sure what to make of AJ's Darker and Edgier leanings since they last worked together, not to mention the whole Bullet Club thing, especially with AJ's heralds Anderson and Gallows, but they get along nonetheless. Although he does find it funny that AJ's latest black vest has studs similar to those on Edge's trench coat.
  • Like Edge, he has had to retire from wrestling. The two spend their time making a show known as "The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness". And, also like Edge, he's not ready to forgive Rollins (who has made a Heel–Face Turn) after Rollins threatened to paralyze Edge from the neck down (even after Cena relented). Of course, there was also The Shield giving him his last beating leading up to his retirement just to stop Edge from protesting Triple H, so he's got plenty of reason to be sore at Seth.
  • Thought he had seen his old "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko from a distance and called out to him, only for the man to turn around and be Kratos. Christian quickly cleared up the misunderstanding in order to avoid being killed, and he and Kratos ended up briefly talking. While the conversation went well, the Ghost of Sparta still scares him.

    Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II 
Daniel "Dan" Dreiberg, God of Being Badass on Paper (Nite Owl [II], Sam Hollis)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ship, Archie
  • Theme Song: Rescue Mission
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass on Paper, Animal-Themed Superbeing, Adorkable, Crimefighting with Cash, Gadgeteer Genius, Rich Idiot with No Day Job, Superior Successor to the original Nite Owl, Impotency, Unkempt Beauty
  • Domains: Heroism, Badass, Losers
  • Allies: Rorschach (the only guy Rorschach considers a friend, in fact), Silk Spectre (his girlfriend), Batman, Blue Beetle, Aquaman (on most days), Decidueye, Kaepora Gaebora, Owl, Cid, most of the good deities at the house of Science
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Comedian
  • Enemies: Grand Duke of Owls, Negan, all the evil aligned DC Comics deities
  • Conflicting Opinions: Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan
  • Ascended in recognition of all his good work as part of the Crimebusters, though his title recognizes along with his actual useful skills that helped him stand out as a Badass Normal, how he got disillusioned with said crimefighting, thinking that developing cutting edge tech to beat up lowly thugs was a waste of resources and too limited in scope to make any real difference.
  • During his forced retirement, Dan did many things but still felt empty. Thankfully, the promise of having actual threats to fight in the Pantheon, many of whom he can beat in spite of his lack of powers, makes him happy to be useful as a deity.
  • The first person to visit Nite Owl upon ascension, as expected, was his old partner Rorschach, with Dan being the only person the noted misanthrope could ever call a friend. The Comedian also visited, in spite of previous personality clashes with Dan.
    • Regarding the other two ascended Watchmen, Dan is on two minds. Ozymandias had good motives for his "peace at the cost of many lives", but Dan is unsure whether he idealized mankind, or deformed and mutilated it instead. And he has a few things against Dr. Manhattan, as he's too detached from mankind, killed Rorschach, and caused the New 52 reboot.
  • His beloved Owlship "Archie" was also put in his temple, and Nite Owl rides it whenever the opportunity calls. The similarity to an airship brought Dan to Cid's attention, and both have become friends.
  • Easily got along with Blue Beetle, the character which he was based on, and Batman, for whom Nite Owl is basically an analogue. In fact, many DC heroes have recruited Nite Owl for team-ups when they either couldn't get Batman or wanted a version of him that showed less contempt for teamwork. Dan only makes clear he will decline any invitations if he's already scheduled to help Rorschach.
  • His engineering and physics prowess made Dan quite popular in the house of Science, although Dan's strong morality makes him reject any Mad Scientist or downright evil deity who asks for his help.
  • Given his owl theme, Nite Owl has enlisted Decidueye as a sidekick, and both Kaepora Gaebora and Owl like to visit Dan's temple. Nite Owl is only disappointed that of all owl-specific tropes, the only one with a deity is Ominous Owl, giving him more reason to fear and hate the Grand Duke of Owls.
  • A noted ornithology enthusiast, Dan can often be seen in his off hours observing the House of Birds.
  • While his beloved Laurie\Silk Spectre doesn't ascend, Dan is at times seen courting any superheroine with entry-level powers to engage in some crimefighting and sex, in that order.
    • Laurie's ascension made him both happy and relieved, and both are often seen together (Dan even put a collapsible bed inside Archie for both to engage in some post-fighting fun...). Rorschach even accepts her presence at times.
  • Among the people who got at odds with Dan are Negan, who he once mistook for the Comedian but turned out to be even worse of a jerk, and the Phantom of the Opera, given Nite Owl reminds him of Raoul. Dan also beat up Charlie Harper once he mocked his impotency.
    • While Dan is undoubtedly a good guy, Aquaman only likes him when he's masked. Otherwise, the resemblance with Orm makes Arthur uneasy.

    Gen (Street Fighter
Gen, God of Handicap-Based Losses (The World's Greatest Assassin, The Silent Assassin)

    Nodoka Miyazaki 
Nodoka Miyazaki, Goddess of Those Becoming More Capable (Pudica Bibliothecaria, Honya, Student #27, The Mind Reader, Nodoka The All-Perceiving)
  • Lesser Goddess, possible Intermediate Goddess in the future
  • Symbol: Her Diarium Ejus
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Badass Boast, Beware the Nice Ones, Moment of Awesome, Let's Get Dangerous!, Munchkin, Min-Maxing, Plucky Girls, Covert Pervert
  • Domain: Courage, Cunning
  • Allies: Negi Springfield, Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Yue Ayase, Ku Fei, Kaede Nagase, Jack Rakan, Sayo Aisaka, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Mana Tatsumiya, Hinata Hyuuga, Neville Longbottom, Fuuka Yamagishi
  • Odd Friendship With: Satellizer el Bridget, Shigure Kosaka, Jun Kazama
  • She's not exactly the sort of girl you would expect to find in the House of Combat, her nose in a book and her eyes hidden by her hair. However she can hold her own, she knows whatever you will try next, and she has good friends to make use of that information. She's normally very non-confrontational, but heaven help you if you get on her bad side.
    • Due to both of them having this aspect in common, as well as sounding the same, she gets along well with Fuuka Yamaginshi.
  • Her trifecta of items (the diary, the ring, and the earpiece) are known for how easily she can muster a strategy against even the best trained fighters. Many fear what would happen if she found more items to further increase her already effective skill set.
  • In the immortal words of Shadow Crystal Mage, "In the Magical World, they measured magical strength by Springfield (either one); brute(sic) strength of arms by Jack Rakan; evil by Dark Evangel; nobility by Queen Arika… But they measured courage by Miyazaki Nodoka."
  • She's had some minor problems concentrating on using her Comptina Daemonia every time The Rock is around; she gets slightly shocked once The God of Large Ham bellows out his trademark "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!" right after.
  • During a trip to the House of Emotion for a consultation for her still-present crush for her beloved juvenile English teacher, she stumbles upon a particularly melancholic-looking (yet still unerringly beautiful) lady by the name of Oichi, who stared into the thin air while quietly reciting some rhymes about demons and darkness in a singing voice that's QUITE similar to her own. Curious and empathy-stricken, she opened her Diarium Ejus, only to find…a mass of seemingly insoluble darkness engulfing the ex-Sengoku-era princess's heart, and some EXTREMELY pessimistic words about a tragic life and lost loves, both of which creeped her out. Upon close inspection, though, two specks of light are still visible among the darkness: one is bigger and of a bright yellow colour; the other is smaller, but is desperately trying to break through the darkness with its intertwined red/white glow with a hint of lovelorn pink. Having gathered up all her courage, she approached Oichi and, well, opened her own heart to the heartbroken Goddess of Guilt by demonstrating her own powers of mind-reading, her capability of compassion, and her hopes towards a greater tomorrow. The latter is amazed by the level of warmth, sympathy and optimism she felt from the seemingly shy bookworm, and the two quickly developed a sisterly bond.
  • She once tried the Diarium Ejus (Alongside her Auris Recitans) on Satellizer el Bridget, Shigure Kosaka, and Jun Kazama, on separate occasions. She ended up having a big hedache, as she thought she was hearing her own voice...
    • Later on she personally meet both three of them and after a long discussion, they quickly became friends in a very odd way.


    Annie Leonhart 
Annie Leonhart, Goddess of Females Whom Are Deadlier Than Males (Annie Leonhardt, Bitchface McGee, Female Titan)
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess when in her Titan Form
  • Symbol: Her nose; more seriously, the Military Police's crest
  • Theme Song: Here it is (Warning! Spoilers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at her best Lawful Evil at her worst
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass, Dangerous Female, Blood Knight, Emotionless Girl, Glass Cannon, Kick Chick, Lady of War, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, The Stoic, Waif-Fu, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domains: Noses, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Crushing people without mercy
  • Allies: Bertolt Hoover, Colossi, Lucy Shinobu Sensui and Rau Le Creuset (it's an uneasy alliance at best however)
  • Rival: Mikasa Ackerman
  • Enemies: Humankind, especially the Avengers along with [[Sasha Blouse, Zeus, Hibiki
  • Currently In Pursuit of: Eren Yeager
  • Odd Friendship: Miharu Rokujou
  • Many male deities wondered how someone like Annie could ascend with her chosen trope. She quickly demonstrated how she was to be have been regarded as one of the finest in the 104th Trainee Corps.
  • Shortly after her ascension she headed for The House of Hatred in order to search for Eren. Deities that were wise enough moved out of her way.
  • According to her worshipers, the size of her nose is proportional to her battle prowess.
  • She has an ongoing rivalry with Mikasa Ackerman. They even fought for a place in this pantheon and Mikasa was close to winning but Annie’s titan powers ensured her victory. If the former ever ascended and the two of them met, the pantheon would become hell on earth. She has.
  • Attacking Bertolt Hoover in front of her is a bad idea. People who do so die very painfully.
  • Despite her lone wolf nature, she managed to befriend Lucy since they both hate humans.
  • Other deities wonder whether she is okay as she is rather elusive in the Pantheon.
  • Has gained an animosity against the Avengers for defeating her in no time flat, something that has never happened before. She is planning on getting back at them in the form of a rematch.
  • Annie Leonhart first met Miharu in her titan form. Instead of reacting like most gods, he instead asked her to teach him hand-to-hand combat in order to impress Yoite upon his ascension, which she actually agreed to do for him.

    Hidetora Tojo 
Hidetora Tojo, The Unskilled, but Strong God (The Legend of Ishiyama)
  • Demigod (on paper) Intermediate almost Greater God Greater God with a King's Crest
  • Symbol: His tattoo on his shoulder
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kindhearted Bruisers, Badass Normal, Blood Knight, Charles Atlas Superpower, Gentle Giant, Megaton Punch, Made of Iron
  • Domains: Kindness, Power, Jobs,
  • Allies: Tatsumi Oga, Kamina, Kenichi
  • Rivals: Kenpachi, Lu Bu, Broly
  • Odd Friendship with: Ezio
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, Ishida Mitsunari
  • Opposes: Natsu and Gildarts
  • He ascended after answering a job ad claiming they needed a new god with the only requirements being that the character had to have a unique quality that could be added.
  • It's noted that he can be seen at the House of Beasts trying to pet the various creatures there.
  • So far he has worked at the Houses of Craft and Food.
  • It's not that he dislikes Natsu and Gildarts, he just dislikes the fact that they're constantly destroying the building he helped repair.
  • He shown that he doesn't need superpowers to kick ass. He has defeated many demons fought Oga, Kenpachi, Lu Bu and Akuma on equal ground though he lost. Then he got superpowers Oh, Crap!. Then he lost them again.
  • When fighting he doesn't use strategy beacuse he doesn't need it. All he does is punch the offending object into oblivion.
  • He can be seen in the house of beast trying to befriend the various creatures there.
  • He also befriended Kenichi and tries to spar with him regularly. Kenichi says that he reminds him of Berserker.

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