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Everybody now! Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies
Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies is a 2006 CBeebies and PBS Kids Sprout TV series set in the African savanna that focuses on Mama Mirabelle and three principal young characters, Bo the cheetah, Karla the zebra, and the titular character's son, Max. Mama Mirabelle travels around the world and records her eponymous home movies, live action footage of animalsnote , to show to all of the animal kingdom.

This show is animated using the same software that Peppa Pig is animated with.

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Max's Cold

In "Healthy Habits" from "Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies," Max gets a cold and is upset because he feels he's ruining everyone else's fun trip to the watering hole. They tell him that it's not his fault, that everybody gets sick sometimes. He still doesn't like it, though.

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