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Greater Gods

    Lugia and Ho-Oh 
Lugia and Ho-Oh, Patron Saints of Giant Flyers (Lugia: The Diving Pokémon, The Water's Great Guardian, Pokémon X, XD001, Shadow Lugia | Ho-Oh: The Rainbow Pokémon, HoHo, Houou)
Shadow Lugia 
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Their wings crossed together
  • Theme Music: Battle! (Ho-Oh), Battle! (Lugia), Lugia's Song; Battle! (Shadow Lugia)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Abilities: Multiscale (Lugia); Regenerator (Ho-Oh)
  • Gender: Genderless (Both)
  • Moveset: Lugia: Aeroblast, Psychic, Earthquake, Surf; Ho-Oh: Sacred Fire, Sky Attack, Giga Drain, Flamethrower
  • Portfolio: both being Flying-types, Olympus Mons, appearing in an adaptation before their debuts, being a Legendary duo in a series that would later go for Legendary trios, Giant Flyers
  • Domains: Birds, Power
  • Allies: (Both) Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Yveltal (a bit Vitriolic in Lugia's case)
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Lord Shen
  • Oppose: Donquixote Doflamingo (Ho-Oh only)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucy (Lugia only)
  • These two serve as the Legendary Pokémon of the Johto region. Lugia resides in the sea and is capable of causing powerful storms. Ho-Oh takes its inspiration from the Phoenix and it's been stated that it forms a rainbow behind itself whenever it is flying.
  • Both of these Pokémon are sometimes used to fly across the Pantheon whenever someone wants to reach a different house quickly. They only do this sporadically, though.
  • Lugia seems to know Ash Ketchum and Pikachu rather well thanks to a certain encounter.
  • Many weren't that surprised to hear that Ho-Oh has partnered with Jean-Grey Summers mainly due to the fact that both represent The Phoenix in some way (well, Ho-Oh is a phoenix).
  • There have been reports of young Lugia and that the parent Lugia is known to be protective of them.
  • Ho-Oh does not like it if rocks are thrown at it, as its typing means it takes a large amount of damage from them. Lugia doesn't like it either, though not to the extent of Ho-Oh.
  • Ho-Oh seems to like other deities that have rainbow motifs such as Lady Rainicorn and Rainbow Dash. On the other hand, Ho-Oh hates Ragyo Kiryuin for giving rainbows a bad representation.
  • Since Lugia is said to blow apart houses with a flap of its wings, it lives underwater so as not to cause much destruction. It hates deities that revel in needless carnage, and as such, it is determined to stop the Great United Alliance of Destruction.
    • As far as the living underwater aspect of it is concerned, Lugia is on good terms with other Pokémon that are known for it such as Kingdra and Kyogre. No one is really sure why it is friends with Ika Musume though the sea-based origins may have a role in it.
  • The two are based on the rivalry between dragon and phoenix. That said, no one really knows if Lugia is closer to a dragon or a bird.
  • Both of them seem to be friends with Yveltal. In Ho-Oh's case, it's the fact that they are both phoenixes, and in Lugia's case, they appear to be similar, though something about Yveltal's typing makes Lugia's relationship with it a bit off.
  • It's also been stated that whenever Lugia flaps its wings, it can cause a 40-day storm. The claims have been questionable at best, though it does have strong defensive capabilities.
  • Since it is capable of Psychic Powers, Lugia is wary of Lucy's destructive nature. That said, it's aware that there is more to Lucy than that and is willing to support other deities in making sure Lucy doesn't go out of control.
  • Ash has seen Ho-Oh a couple of times in his journey. One of the times he saw it, he was able to get over his depression following losing at a tournament and continued on his journey.
    • There have been rumors that Ho-Oh made Ash immortal. Given Ash's state, it's a bit of a sketchy subject. A retelling of Ash's origin has stated that Ho-Oh dropped one of its feathers for him, but for what reason no one really knows.
  • Both have been summoned occasionally during the Smash tournament since the second iteration. Lugia was also involved in both the third and fourth iterations, while Ho-Oh decided to watch the battles from afar during the fourth tournament.
  • Lugia was once corrupted into a Shadow Pokémon that reportedly couldn't be purified. Thankfully it didn't stick, but this didn't mean Lugia wouldn't be targeted for corruption again, most likely at the hands of the GUAE.
  • Like the other Legendaries, the two encountered Gaming god Chuggaaconroy in the past and Chugga successfully captured Ho-oh in a regular Pokéball. Naturally this shocked many gods considering Chugga's success with Groudon, Latios and Giratina later on. Lugia's capture wasn't as dramatic, as Chuggaa was finally able to capture it with an Ultra Ball while frozen.

Intermediate Gods

    The Grand Duke of Owls 
The Grand Duke of Owls, The God of Ominous Owls (Uncle Dukie)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Monocle
  • Theme Song: We Hate The Sun
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Aristocrat, Evil Sorcerer, Abusive Uncle, Destroy the Sun Just Because, Dark Is Evil, Would Strangle a Kid, Scary Owl.
  • Domains: Night, Magic, Birds
  • Followers: The Pure Ones, Skowl the Startling, SCP-1049
  • Allies: David Zappa, Nightmare Moon, Rasputin, Balanar, Lord Shen, Clockwerk, Wan Shi Tong
  • Enemies: Chanticleer, any deities who are associated with the sun, Cats of any kind, Usagi Tsukino, Fievel Mousekewitz, Anivia, Daffy Duck, Billy Hatcher
  • Hates the sun with every fiber of his being. To the point that he sabotaged a sun-raising by a rooster named Chanticleer so that people would think his crowing wasn't needed and humiliate him. Afterward, he covered the land in perpetual darkness and never-ending rain, which caused a flood.
    • And if that wasn't bad enough, he used his magic to choke a little kitten to death, after turning a human boy into said kitten.
  • Was appalled that there were so many deities associated with the sun. In particular, he hates Princess Celestia whose job was to raise the sun. By extension, he also hates her sister Princess Luna for taking her side.
    • This actually made him a valued ally to Nightmare Moon, who wants to make the NIGHT LAST FOREVER!!!
  • Once tried to have a light snack in the form of Fievel Mousekewitz, but luckily for the small rodent, he was saved by Volcarona, who blasted the evil owl with its Heat Wave.
    • Fievel reminds him of what his arch-enemy Edmond would have looked like had he been turned into a mouse instead of a cat; in retrospect he wishes he'd have turned Edmond into a mouse in the first place as he probably would have been more successful if he had. This just makes him want to eat Fievel more.
  • Has visited the House of Music to play on his organ and sing about how much he hates the sun.
  • Some have wondered if the Grand Duke really exists or if he's some little kid's feverish or dying imagination.
  • It seems not just sunlight can harm him as even an ordinary flashlight is painful to him. Strangely enough, the same can't be the said with fire as he can easily bake over an open furnace.
  • Became fast friends with Balanar because of his ability to summon the night instantly. He hopes to combine their powers to spread the night to the entire Pantheon.
  • Has allied himself with the other Rasputin after finding out they were both created by the same person.
  • If The Duke isn't scheming ways to get rid of the sun, you can find him baking.

    Lord Shen 
Lord Shen, God of Proud Peacocks (Peacock)
Hall of Ranged Weapons. These attempts aren't much better compared to his break-ins at Technology.
  • Some of his more unlucky attempts at getting in that house involved battles against members from the Hall of Bladed Weapons, such as Sakuya Izayoi, a knife user like him, or Lea, who's disturbed by him the same reason Tony Stark and Mewtwo are. The peacock is trying to look up ways to get past them for the time being.
  • Given that he was defeated by "a warrior of black and white" as foretold by a prophecy, many would think that he would oppose the House of Prophecy. It turns out that back in his world, the Soothsayer, the one who foretold that prophecy, served as whatever conscience he had left of him. Although Shen is determined to make sure he doesn't get defeated a second time, he's been visiting that particular house every now and then, hoping that the prophecy changes for the better of him.
  • Among his most consistent allies are fellow feathered fiends Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, and The Crow. The former two were his followers prior to their respective ascensions. Shen doesn't mind the fact that the Crow and Clockwerk aren't actually birds.
  • Aside from Po, the heroic DreamWorks deities are in opposition against him. While some would think that the peacock would be allies with fellow villain Pitch Black, it's not really the case. It's commonly believed that Shen's own fears and paranoia would be more prominent than ever if he's near Pitch.
  • He has been looking at what some of the items in The Great Treasury are capable of and seeing how much use they would be in his creation of new weapons. Given that he's not allowed near the vault, the most he can do is look at video footage of said items in action.
  • Upon word that Shen was looking at Team Star Fox's technology to see what can be done, Falco has started to attack the peacock. The battles usually end with either one retreating if they're badly injured.
  • There is a select few who believe that Shen could be redeemed. Unfortunately for them, it's not possible since Shen feels that he's come too far with his actions (he tried to impress his parents back then, but wasn't successful and believed his parents hated him as a result of his actions) and that his drive for evil is only to go deeper as time passes.
    • Adding on to that is the fact that his foretold demise could only be prevented if Shen would repent. It's not going to happen anytime soon, since Shen is still convinced that his actions will prevent such a fate.
    • Because of this, he has a lot of resentment towards deities that have been able to defy their own fates such as Lucina and Shulk. He believes that if they can defy fate, then so can he.
  • Despite the fact that he is proficient with fireworks, he has been using them for harm more often than not. As such, he has been banned from partaking in any celebrations of sorts. The Panda King, in particular hates him with a passion: genocide of the panda kind and using fireworks—which he considers an art form—to use for murdering people (as opposed to him using it to bury villages in snow) makes him utterly DESPICABLE. The first time The Panda King met with Shen, he sent the peacock flying with his patented Flame-Fu.
  • Is noted to be rather selective on what evil genius to use to help him. If there's a possibility that they might turn against him (usually if they think Shen will cross the line), then chances are Shen will have a hard time working with them.
  • "And so, the Year of the Peacock begins!"

    Wan Shi Tong 
Wan Shi Tong, The Divine Owl of Knowledge ("He who knows ten thousand things")
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His library
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magic Librarian, Giant Flyer, Despises Human Exploitation of his Wisdom, The Omniscient, Scary when angered, Serpent-like Bestial Form
  • Domains: Owl, Knowledge, Spirits, Misanthorpy
  • Followers: The Great Owl, Longclaw, Zan Owlson
  • Allies: Unalaq, Kaepora Gaebora, Owl, Twilight Sparkle, The Admins
  • Rivals: Hermaeus Mora, Brainiac, Patchouli Knowledge
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Belle, Cyrus Albright, Guy Montag, Uncle, Hermione Granger
  • Wan Shi Tong, which means "he who knows ten thousand things," is an ancient spirit that owns a vast library that contains countless wisdoms and knowledges. He openly shared this knowledge to humans until he grew to despise humans who want his knowledge for war. As a result, he took his library back into the Spirit World so that nobody will be able to enter his library again.
  • Somehow, his great library materializes in the Pantheon with the keeper himself at its roof. At first, Wan Shi Tong refuse to share his library to the humans of the Pantheon as he grew to despise human's exploiting his knowledge for their wars. However, the Court made him reopen his library to the public as some of these folks would never dare to abuse his trust and not use its knowledge to hurt others (and that his tribute for donation of knowledge has also double than the last time Aang was there so it's likely out of spite).
  • There are some people that he completely forbid from entering his library: Aang, his friends, and Zhao. Understandable, since Zhao both learned about the Moon Spirit from his knowledge and plotted to kill it (and much of his writings then burned) and Aang betraying his trust by trying to use an eclipse learned from his library to incapacitate the firebenders. Though he considered prohibiting anyone related to the Avatar from entering, out of spite.
    • He would show giving stink eyes to anyone who just friends with the Avatar. When Tenzin's daughter, Jinora, entered his library and allow her to search the library despite his new policy of not allowing humans in, he eventually turn her to Unalaq, believing him to be a true friend of the spirits, unlike the Avatar. When asked if he knew anything about Vaatu and Unalaq's intent, he practically didn't care so long as humans don't come to his library.
    • Very protective of his knowledge, he refuses to allow desecrators and thieves from reaching his library. Learning that there is a world where books were burned because they were illegal, this made him very angry. He practically banned everyone with risk of destroying books.
  • As he was the the only knowledge spirit in the Spirit World who collects many books and information, he is very envious towards other collectors of knowledge that has no second thoughts of sharing.
    • There was once a time when Patchouli Knowledge sends her "sympathies" towards Wan Shi Tong when he caught her constant thief in her library, Marisa Kirisame, trying to steal from his library. Normally, if she wasn't a magical witch that practices magic that is completely foreign to his world, he would have made her his live exhibit in his library.
  • He has many spirit fox assistants as his hands, collecting many knowledge from the material world to be added into his collections. That said, they are not the most reliable servants, as much as he doesn't want to admit it. He also find Adam Conover to be very obnoxious since he also correct him on knowledge that isn't accurate.
    • Chance of recruiting any of the foxes in the Pantheon? Nil. None of them suits his need for collecting knowledge.
  • Consider him the obnoxious know-it-all in regards to his fellow owls with an affiliation with knowledge. Just don't say it to his face.
  • His library has many regular visitors, each with his own differing opinion and their opinion of him.
    • Cyrus Albright, a curious scholar by trade, believes Information Wants to Be Free and is very disagreeable with Wan Shi Tong. While he agrees that exploiting his knowledge is awful, he also believe that hoarding it all knowledge is not a solution.
    • Twilight Sparkle enjoys what Wan Shi Tong's library has to offer, often staying overnight much to his surprise. He is surprisingly sympathetic to her when her original home, the Golden Oak Library in Ponyville, was destroyed during her battle with Lord Tirek.
    • Though Belle finds his library fascinating and very expansive compared to Beast's own library, she finds Wan Shi Tong's misanthropy to be very grating.
  • Due to how ancient his library is, it is not very accessible for those that have... difficulty reading books. Blindness is certainly a problem, something that Toph could attest too. With that said, his library is much more "accessible" for the disabled as he still wish to collect knowledge that allow overcoming those disadvantages that is for granted in the Pantheon.
  • He is fascinated by the Admins, who are said to have vast and untapped knowledge in the universe. Though, he finds it pitiful that he couldn't contain them in his library.
  • Iago is heavily disturbed by him, largely because his voice reminds Iago of his bitter enemy, Malcho.
  • Also has a temple in the Hall of Intellectual Archetypes.

Lesser Gods

    The Birds 
The Birds, Unholy Flock of Feathered Fiends
A few members of the massive flock of birds, mostly corvids.
  • Lesser Deities collectively, Demideities individually
  • Symbol: The sight of a screaming woman with a bird's shadow over her
  • Theme Song: The Birds Suite
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aggressive Avians, Unstated Reasons for their Behavior in the Film, Actually Taking Vengeance on Mankind's Abuse and Killing of Birds Throughout History
  • Domains: Birds, Aggression, Terror
  • High Priest: The Birdemic birds
  • Allies: Viridi, The Houyhnhnms (tentatively), Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, Koba, Gaea, Battra
  • Rivals: The Murkrow Flock
  • Enemies: Humanity in general (especially Rod and Saxton Hale), Princess Fiona, The Penguins of Madagascar, Paulie, Bakarasu, The Thing, The Lich, Hexxus, The Gyaos, Yapool
  • Respect: Aang, Captain Planet, The members of the Hall of Nature Preservers, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Gamera
  • Birds are well-known for being some of Earth's most majestic and admirable creatures... But not all are quite a happy sight, such as this collective of very aggressive and fierce animals. Composed of many bird species joining together such as ravens and seagulls, this special flock spread terror and fear among humans by attacking all at once in the town of Bodega Bay killing many people. A family attempted to survive their horror in the midst of their onslaught and succeeded. Well mostly, as by the time the birds seemingly stopped their relentless attacks they had already taken over town after killing hundreds, forcing the family to move out to seek a safe place to hide while they could... Only for it to be seen that the birds were on their way to take over the entirety of the USA and perhaps even the world.
  • The birds' ascension was chaotic to say the least, flocks of them attacked all houses at once seeking humans to kill or at least force into hiding. Ultimately more powerful Gods had to step in and drive the birds back even killing several to make them surrender by force. Ever since, the birds lie in waiting in their temple, with no one knowing when they will strike again.
  • The birds dislike most humans and will turn aggressive on sight, their most hated foe both ways is Ron, a human who's had to deal with flocks of killer birds that were also retaliating against humanity's actions against birds and their treatment of Earth. Ron has made ways to combat their threat, given that he's dealt with deadlier birds before and has much needed expertise in how to get them off himself. Some have rooted for the birds, however, owing it up to Ron being quite the insufferable person.
  • Viridi fully supports their crusade, hating humanity's damage to the environment, as such the Goddess has offered to transform them so as to increase their destructive capabilities and let them fully overrun all of humanity. While the birds are yet to accept her offer, most have seen that they're likely to do so. Viridi has even thought of inviting other birds to their cause, though not much response has been had so far. Similarly, the spirit of Earth, Gaea, has been secretly supportive of the birds' quest in her worse days, as she believes that they can avoid making the mistakes of humanity and keep the planet much better than mankind did.
  • While they don't really like any human, there's a few that they barely tolerate only to the point of letting them roam in their temple without unprovoked hostility, these are Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, the Planeteers and David Attenborough who have proved to be quite the allies of nature against the harm that mankind is causing. These barely-tolerated human allies all have tried to be something of a bridge between the birds and humans, rationalizing that their methods are wrong to get their points across and that instead their intelligence should be used to raise awareness for the way birds are treated by humans.
  • Koba is a bonobo with a burning hatred of humans and all that they stand for, as such the Birds were quite the kindred souls to him. The birds allow Koba free access into their temple, usually letting him roam around and try and communicate their plans with each other. Koba has made sure to "connect" the Birds to allies of his such as the orangutan scientist, Dr. Zaius, who also opposes humanity because he sees them as destructive beasts that ruin everything they enter in contact with, Zaius praised that the birds took effective action to take over the planet and pretty much succeeded at it.
  • With her singing being able to blow up birds, Princess Fiona has become one of the bird's sworn enemies and quite a dreaded presence for them all. Fiona has used this to her advantage and others so as to keep them in check and prevent any attacks by threatening to use her singing skills to blow them all up into piles of feathers. Some of the birds' allies are looking into ways to make them immune to the princess' bird-blowing song, though it's been quite a fruitless effort.
  • Rick and Morty once had to abandon a reality that ended up overran and ruled by malevolent intelligent squirrels, as such they've been quite wary of facing the birds in any situation, with Rick even considering to call it quits and flee to a different dimension if the Birds ever launch another all-out attack on mankind.
  • Their closeness to nature and hatred of humans made the birds gain a somewhat amicable relationship with the Houyhnhnms, who view humans as despicable wild beasts and therefore don't find anything wrong in the birds' crusade for revenge against the atrocities that humanity has done to their kind over the years, however they also don't see much reason to support the birds' crusade besides a lack of desire to interfere out of their own principles. Regardless, both groups are very much diplomatic towards one another and aren't likely to change in that regard anytime soon.
  • Guardians of earth who give little of a hoot about humans weren't too worried about stopping the birds' destructive ways, either, viewing them as potentially better replacements for humanity as rulers of Earth. Among these protectors a notable one was Battra, as the moth kaiju has at times even thought of cooperating with the Birds to decimate civilization if humanity starts going past the point of no return with their destructive ways.
  • As with all living beings, they are wary of the entity Yapool and the devouring horde of the Gyaos, both threats to all lifeforms with no soul and whose sole presence can cause the birds themselves to either die or feel fear from the power the two entities have. One of the few things that can make the birds cease aggressions on humans in general is if either of the two factors mentioned before were to appear or threaten them.
  • The corvid members earned some rivals in the Murkrow Flock, who have not taken lightly to a fellow group of avians who steal things. While neither group has truly entered a conflict, sometimes uproars can be heard as both bird groups growl and screech at each other over either territory or belongings they've found. For what its worth, the Murkrow Flock will at times help defend humans from the birds, intensifying the grudge.
  • Punishing, Judge and Big Bird were also capable of making an amicable connection thanks to their roles as natural guardians of the forest who've also resorted to murderous extremes to protect their kind and forest. The bird flock at times is allowed to enter their forest to explore it, while the bird trio in return is allowed entrance into the Birds' temple with no issue either to stroll around or to commute with the flock. Naturally, the Bird trio has thought of aiding their fellow avians' cause, seeing a point in their reasons for attacking and similarities in motivations while at it.

Chanticleer, God of Roosters that Herald the Dawn (Chantie, The King)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Rising Sun
  • Theme Songs: Sun Do Shine, Treasure Hunting Fever, Rock-A-Doodle, and Come Back To You
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Farm Boy, Elvis Impersonator, Feather Fingers, Circle of Shame, Broken Pedestal, Sell-Out, Rock & Roll, Loss of Identity, Heroic BSoD, We Really Do Care, Rebuilt Pedestal
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • Allies: Elvis Presley, Volcarona, Amaterasu, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Utsuho Reiuji, Chibiterasu, Solaire of Astora, Superman, Django, Foghorn Leghorn, Billy Hatcher, Lilo & Stitch, Amigo
  • Enemies: The Grand Duke of Owls, Mr. Burns, Zs'Skayr, other evil members of the House of Commerce
  • Opposed By: Members of the Hall of Vampires
  • Chanticleer is an entertainer at heart and isn't content with simply staying put in his House. He often travels from House to House to perform, sing, and play music. This lead to an embarrassing incident where he was kicked out of the House of Undead (more specifically, the Hall of Vampires) by accidentally raising the sun with his crowing.
    • His favorite place to wander is, of course, the House of Music to perform with his idol Elvis Presley, and sometimes invites fellow Elvis-lovers Lilo and Stitch to join him. Other places he likes to visit are any Houses where other Sun-related deities reside.
  • As the heartthrob of many female birds (and a few male ones, too), he's often harangued by a gaggle of girls whenever he steps into the Hall of Birds, hence why he doesn't tend to stick around his own temple for very long. That, and because he can only tolerate being around the Grand Duke of Owls for so long before getting a migraine.
    • The fact that Chanticleer already has a wife, Goldie, doesn't seem to stop the avian goddesses from chasing his tail-feathers.
  • He and fellow rooster Foghorn Leghorn are good friends, and often go out drinking together. When they get drunk enough, they can make a good karaoke duo. And a good barfighting duo. And a good 'thrown out the front door of the bar' duo. And a good 'banned for life' duo, too! Although, out of the two, only Chanticleer is married, so he has to go it alone as the 'sleeping on the couch' uno.
  • He has a good synergy with the Man of Steel, as Chanticleer's ability to keep the sun up helps keep Superman at full power. Both are farm boys, though, and much to the annoyance of anyone teamed up with the two of them a lot of their conversations tend to devolve into dull technical conversations about growing cycles, threshing machines, and the ethics of modern corporate agri-produce practices.
  • He and fellow Sun-herald Princess Celestia have equal power over bringing forth the sun, and each will sometimes act in the other's stead whenever the alicorn's magic is weakened or Chanticleer's voice is off. This is especially helpful when Celestia has to deal with Nightmare Moon.
  • Another friend of his, Billy Hatcher, often invites him to his home in Morning Land, where he plays free concerts for people. He also sometimes helps Billy against his enemies the Crows, and in return Billy often teams up with Chanticleer to face off against the pair's mutual enemy: the Grand Duke of Owls.
  • Because his power to raise the Sun also dispels storms and floods, he's sometimes called up by the GUAG to counteract evil gods who use the weather as a weapon, and to clear the skies so the Alliance's flying gods have a clear path to their target. It also makes him the arch enemy of all basilisks.
  • Chanticleer is known by some of the cats from the Hall of Mammals for stepping in to help them fight the Grand Duke of Owls' dastardly schemes against them due to his hatred of cats. Having had a cat as a close friend, he gets along with them very well for someone with feathers.
  • Zs'Skayr dislikes him for the same reason as the Duke of Owls: no matter what darkness comes, Chanticleer's crowing can raise the sun back up and dispel it in an instant. As such, he's tried on multiple occasions to have Chanticleer neutralized so his plans for eternal darkness aren't undone. Luckily, Chanticleer has more than enough friends to bail him out of trouble so he can put a stop to the endless night whenever it comes.
  • He doesn't have a good relationship with the House of Commerce, having had his talent exploited by a greedy manager during a vulnerable point in his life. As such, he has little tolerance for corrupt corporate executives, and is often the first to volunteer to help bring down toxic monetary entities in the pantheon once they become a major threat.
    • It doesn't help that he's especially at odds with one of the more prominent members of the House of Commerce, Mr. Burns, who once tried to block out the sun to an entire town.
  • While Chanticleer himself is done with the high life, he doesn't judge those who do pursue it. One of his friends and jam partners, Amigo, has made a great name for himself as a maraca player that let him rise to a life of luxury out of poverty. Even though Chanticleer is happy being a broke farm rooster, that doesn't stop him from enjoying some of Amigo's amenities when he comes to visit.
  • His greatest fear is being laughed at, and even in a concert setting where he's at his most comfortable a small goof on his part that causes his audience to giggle is enough to throw him off his game. As such, he sometimes lets his wife Goldie do a song while he collects himself to get back on stage.

    Heckle & Jeckle 
Heckle and Jeckle, Deified Clever Crows
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Trickster, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Thieving Magpie
  • Domains: Corvids, Cons
  • Allies: The Murkrow Flock, Woody (at times Vitriolic Best Buds)
  • Rivals: Daffy Duck, Popo & Nana, Edgar & Ellen, Screwy Squirrel, Cecil Turtle
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Psy-Crow, Peter & Paul, Mr. Rottweiler
  • Distrusted by: Billy Hatcher, Drinky Crow
  • Heckle and Jeckle are a pair of magpies that always stick together and have traveled through many different settings. Their main schtick is being tricksters and con artists, able to overcome whatever adversary they’re facing and having fun at their victim’s expense. Both appear identical to each other, but one has a British accent and the other has a New York accent. While they are often self-serving con artists, there have been instances where they have gone up against a genuine antagonist and have sometimes just done good deeds in general, though sometimes said good deeds don’t work out the way they intended it to be.
  • It was pretty much any other day for Heckle and Jeckle when they arrived at a boarding platform for something alongside a random person holding some sort of item likely connected to such. As the guy in charge of checking tickets wasn’t around, the magpies took advantage of what’s happening by pretending to be said ticket guys so that the person holding the ticket could make a move. When given the ticket, the disguised Heckle and Jeckle claimed that the person was holding a counterfeit ticket and that the person had to report to someone else regarding the matter. It didn’t take long for the person to leave without their ticket and Heckle and Jeckle entered the train with that ticket with them. The hapless person ended up getting taken away from the station for holding a counterfeit item despite not having it with him at that moment, leaving the magpies to enjoy their time inside the vehicle. The person in charge of tickets was surprised to see magpies instead of the specific person that actually got the invite for a place known as the Pantheon, but when asked if there was anything for Heckle and Jeckle, arrangements were made and the two magpies settled down at that place and continued their line of work conning others.
  • The Murkrow Flock was a group that Heckle and Jeckle took interest in thanks to the fact that not only are they corvids, but they also enjoy having fun at the expense of others. The Alpha of the Flock found something odd about another pair of corvids, especially ones that can talk and made it clear that it’s not giving up its position as leader anytime soon. Heckle and Jeckle noticed the Alpha’s wariness of them and made a ploy involving the Flock that Heckle and Jeckle con unsuspecting people to distract them while the Flock steals things, with the Flock giving an item or two to Heckle and Jeckle. The first time this plan was attempted, as the Flock was stealing some items, the person asked if the Murkrows were friends of Heckle and Jeckle, prompting the two to get out and evade that angry person. The Flock found the two Magpies to be good at providing a distraction and has asked them a number of times to help out with the Flock’s usual thieving, often in the role as con artists that distract the victim(s) of the Flock’s current theft.
  • Psy-Crow was another corvid that caught their attention, but not in a positive way thanks to their first meeting. Psy-Crow was looking for other subordinates in his quest to defeat Earthworm Jim and seeing the two and their trickery, he entertained the idea of having a couple of corvids work for him. Heckle and Jeckle weren't that interested in Psy-Crow’s offer, which angered the latter to the point of trying to attack the two personally before abandoning them. The two magpies didn’t take this lying down and following that sour meeting, Heckle and Jeckle have regularly used their tricks to get back at Psy-Crow and such actions are usually seen by the Pantheon as some of the duo’s more comparatively altruistic moments if they aren’t conning others.
  • Heckle and Jeckle spent some time in a bar going over their next plan when they encountered a corvid by the name of Drinky Crow, who wanted a drink following some sort of bizarre incident. The duo struck up a conversation with Drinky, who bemoaned how things never went right for him, prompting Heckle and Jeckle to come up with something that would make Drinky happy. What followed was a really strange adventure for Heckle and Jeckle given how many of Drinky’s ordeals were very unorthodox and violent, and this particular incident was no different for Drinky. It ended with Drinky not being better off than he was before and he told Heckle and Jeckle to stay out of his way, seeing them as liabilities. Not helping matters is how Drinky was basically an unwitting pawn to Psy-Crow’s mayhem, resulting in Heckle and Jeckle making unsuccessful attempts to try and get Drinky away from Psy-Crow and his potentially corruptive influence.
  • Billy Hatcher has fought against corvids that tried to inflict an unending night and given how the other corvids in the Pantheon are generally antagonistic, he had his reasons to be wary of Heckle and Jeckle once he encountered the pair. The way Heckle and Jeckle talked to him made it sound like they were tricking him despite the fact that the duo were genuinely less malicious than other corvids that Billy has gone up against. Heckle and Jeckle even gave Billy some sort of egg as proof that they meant no harm to the kid and Billy ended up making the egg grow to see if something would come out of it. Nothing of use or harm came out of the egg the magpies gave Billy, only a note that claimed Heckle and Jeckle were not bad guys, which only made Billy more wary of the duo even if the magpies were telling the truth about themselves.
  • One of the duo’s adventures involved using their imagination to outwit a cop, only for the latter to do the same thing in order to catch the magpies. Given the assortment of law enforcers in the Pantheon with varying temperaments, Heckle and Jeckle have used their wits to prank the more dim-witted officers and evade the more competent ones that are trying to catch anyone they deem criminal, regardless of whether their targets deserve to be arrested or not. As for their imagination, Heckle and Jeckle have sometimes used it to their advantage in other scenarios for things to go their way, but as they would find out, the Pantheon contained individuals who had imaginations that were more lively than the duo could believe. If Heckle and Jeckle did get caught by that cop once, they’re going to make sure that someone’s imagination isn’t going to best theirs should such encounters happen.
  • Heckle and Jeckle are both toons, despite being part of their own distinct family akin to how others like Bugs Bunny and his ensemble have their own distinct toon label. This led to the duo engaging with others of their type in various battles of wits, with Daffy Duck often getting caught in such conflicts. Whether he’s acting like a hyperactive maniac or being a selfish individual, Daffy hasn’t had the best of luck against Heckle and Jeckle, but the magpies have had their own problems against others such as Screwy Squirrel and Cecil Turtle, due to an over-the-top attitude and being much more crafty than what the turtle presents himself as respectively. When it comes to being a toon, that also meant animosity towards the toon-hating Judge Doom, who happened to be a toon despite his stated hatred of them and was more than willing to destroy them to fulfill his goals. Heckle and Jeckle remarked that Judge Doom looked like someone who would employ other corvids to do his bidding (even though he uses weasels), but that didn’t change the fact that Judge Doom is someone that needs to be out of the picture no matter what.
  • Besides toons, Heckle and Jeckles have used their trickery against others, often leading to events that get out-of-control and sometimes not end in the magpies’ favor. Edgar and Ellen were another pair of tricksters that the magpies decided to mess around with, often claiming that there’s some other junkyard that contains better items for the kids to use (though these are just part of the tricks Heckle and Jeckle use as these locations lead to nowhere and if there’s items, they’re useless), tricks that Edgar and Ellen caught on to and resulted in them seeing the magpies as another rival in the field of pranking. The magpies also encountered Woody after watching an episode of the show the latter starred in where he put his bad neighbor Mr. Rottweiler through humiliating events and Heckle and Jeckle wanted to get involved with that show in some capacity. As the magpies used words to put Mr. Rottweiler through degrading scenarios in addition to physical comedy, Woody decided to let the magpies stick around to help him humiliate Mr. Rottweiler further, even though Heckle and Jeckle are prone to tricking Woody off-camera with a variety of over-the-top promises that never get fulfilled.
  • Heckle and Jeckle always stick together no matter what happens, similar to many a good duo and such dynamics are no different in the Pantheon where the magpies discovered other inseparable duos for them to amuse themselves with. Given how a condor has taken the Ice Climbers’ vegetables, the magpies sometimes go to mountain peaks (some of which aren’t as cold as the ones Popo and Nana scale) with some vegetables to enjoy and get caught up in scuffles with the Ice Climbers (who find Heckle and Jeckle a bit more annoying than that condor and other regular obstacles they encounter scaling mountains) as a result of such. Other duos such as Peter and Paul are much more antagonistic than the magpies and it’s through them that they deliver a bit of toon-flavored trickery on them. Given how Peter and Paul trap victims in sadistic games (even if their signature trick is diminished somewhat in the Pantheon given that world’s more unusual nature), Heckle and Jeckle are willing to harass the two men and put them in a game of their own, often using toon physics to counter that remote the two use.
  • One of the duo’s more unsuccessful plans involved attempting to set up a talk show with themselves as hosts. Looking to try and revive that scheme believing the Pantheon would be more open to unrealized ideas, Heckle and Jeckle were able to book themselves as a guest on a different talk show hosted by a different toon by the name of Space Ghost. When Heckle and Jeckle brought up their proposed show to Space Ghost, the superhero was getting agitated, not helped by the fact that his co-workers Zorak and Moltar (the latter moreso) were heckling Space Ghost, mainly by joking about how a talk show hosted by magpies would be a bigger success than what SG is doing at the moment. As the interview dragged on, SG got distracted and ended up firing his laser throughout the studio, not only hitting Zorak like usual, but the screen that Heckle and Jeckle was on and at the end of the day, the magpie’s proposal for a talk show got rejected again, much to the duo’s disappointment.

Iago, God of Birds With Teeth
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His feathers
  • Theme Song: I'm Looking Out for Me
  • Alignment: True Neutral, bordering on Chaotic Neutral (originally Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Toothy Bird, Snarky Non-Human Sidekick, The Imp, Wild Card, The Millstone, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Voice Changeling, Feathered Fiend, a parrot who actually talks, Laughable Lackey Until He Left Jafar For The Good Guys
  • Domains: Birds, Teeth, Trickery
  • Allies: Aladdin, the Genie, Jasmine, The Carpet, Abu, Cassim, Donald Duck, Sora, Goofy, Daffy Duck, Paulie, Murkrow, Bugs Bunny
  • Enemies: Jafar (his former boss), Othello, The Hyenas, Sylvester, The Grand Duke of Owls, Lord Shen
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Iago served as the herald of Cassim, who he joined as a travelling partner, and the Pantheon decided to turn him into a deity of his own. They decided to recognize how he's a blatant cases of a bird with teeth, done to make him resemble his voice actor Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Jafar was more than livid witnessing his former lackey who eventually caused his death ascend, and is trying to get revenge, in spite of how genies can't directly cause a death.
  • Along with Aladdin's crew, another group that warmed up on Iago in spite of having to fight him at first was Sora, Donald and Goofy, who Iago helped save from a bunch of Heartless upon their return to Agrabah.
  • Is always plotting schemes to get rich with the help of housemate Murkrow, to Aladdin's chagrin and putting the parrot under the perpetual vigilance of the House of Justice. In the meantime, Iago loves visiting the House of Commerce for inspiration.
  • Does not like to share a house with The Grand Duke of Owls and Lord Shen, as he might be greedy, but draws a line on destruction and takeover - those were Jafar's domains, after all.
  • For all that is holy, don't try to feed him crackers. Iago will probably try to shove them down your throat.
  • After getting acquainted with Daffy Duck, Iago was introduced to Bugs Bunny, who he easily got along with for a similar trickster\deceptive nature. But shortly afterwards Sylvester attempted to eat Iago, making him give up on meeting the rest of the Looney Tunes. The Hyenas of The Lion King also pursue Iago, as he seems to be meatier than Zazu.
  • Given his name and troublesome nature, Othello naturally hates him. Ironically, Iago once mentioned he has a twin brother named Othello. And regarding the Shakespearian character who he's named after, Iago is impressed at how successful he was in being a Manipulative Bastard, but thinks he goes too far.
  • Ever since Abu ascended, Iago is happy to spend time again with his monkey friend... if only because Abu is easy to convince whenever Iago has a zany scheme or just a kleptomaniac intention.

Princess Odette, Goddess of Swans (The Swan Princess)
One animated incarnation of her
Her swan form 

    Sgt. Byrd 
Sgt. James Byrd, God of Flying Flightless Birds
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet and BAM Rocket Launchers
  • Theme Song(s): Sgt. Byrd's Theme (alt. version)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Everything Is Better With Penguins, Flying Penguins, Death from Above, Glass Cannon, Uses rockets as his main form of attack, Officer and a Gentleman, The Stoic
  • Domains: Penguins, Flying, Soldiers, Birds, War
  • Allies: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter and Bianca, Agent 9, Crash Bandicoot, The Madagascar Penguins, James Bond, Tinkerbell, Caesar, Suguha Kirigaya, DJ Grooves
  • Enemies: The Sorceress, Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Malefor, Neo Cortex, Napoleon, Lord Fredrik, Acnologia, Denzel Crocker, Dag
  • Opposes: Moneybags, Salamence
  • Sgt. James Byrd is the leader of Hummingbirds' Air Corps that opposed the Sorceress and he was one of the many denizens that got captured until Spyro freed him and he joined the dragon in his quest to retrieve all the stolen dragon eggs, easily becoming one of Spyro's most trusted allies. He is also a flying penguin, something that normally would be impossible for one of his kind but he is able to do it anyway, which got him a position in the pantheon after his friend Spyro casually mentioned that he knew a flying penguin, which the Court of Gods took notice of and quickly brought him in from examination.
  • While he has a jetpack, Sgt. Byrd is able to defy his species' biology and fly with his flippers. The Madagascar Penguins were quite interested in this, and were further pleased that he shares a similar cunning operative personality to them. They are also rather amicable penguins.
  • Is rather understanding of Leafa's desire for flight and is helping instruct her on improving her flight. He doesn't think it's too hard, given he achieved it as a penguin. Salamence, however, soon proved unpleasant to Sgt Byrd since the former ended up using the gift of flight to be a Jerkass to everyone.
  • With Sgt. Byrd's ascension came new and old foes of Spyro who considered him and his friends extensions of "The Spyro Problem". Gnasty Gnorc wasn't that fearsome to Byrd, but Malefor proved a much more fearsome foe. Neo Cortex is working with Ripto to deal with each other's enemies.
  • Despite being a penguin, Sgt. Byrd doesn't have any noted preference to cold. He does have a distaste for evil walruses and seals, as Lord Frederik found out when the former was given a mission to stop some rampage. Napoleon doesn't like how he resembles a British agent, and has used that supposed resemblance for his anti-human propaganda, despite not ''really'' caring about him anyway. Byrd has sided with Caesar against the tyrant pig.
  • A spoof of various secret agents, as he tends to speaks with a British accent and is an Officer and a Gentleman. Naturally, he gets along with James Bond himself, though has no interest in being The Casanova like him as he's already engaged. The two make a peculiar fighting pair whenever it's in their best interests to team up.
  • His girlfriend Isabelle is a fairy, and Sgt Byrd has no problem with that. Anyone who's racist against fairies and/or penguins will get a dirty look from the penguin. He has a good relationship with the Hall of Fairies, mainly Tinkerbell as she's the fairy most similar to the ones he knows.
  • Denzel Crocker tried to steal Isabelle due to his obsession with FAIRIES! and deluded belief that any of them will grant him the magical power he desires. When pointed out that only applies with FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS! Denzel stated that "well how do you think a penguin learned to fly and talk without FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!", before being blasted away with Sgt. Byrd's rockets.
  • He felt bad about the Prinnies since they keep getting abused a lot. However, he became more hesitant to help them when he learned they actually house the souls of past murderers, thieves, and other criminals/sinners; it doesn't help that Skipper and co. are irrationally defending them. Dag the coyote earned his scorn not just for being a heartless savage animal, but also allying with Napoleon. Dag's not looking to eat a penguin anytime soon, but he knows that when and if he does, Sgt. Byrd will be a hassle to face.
  • DJ Grooves is very much a more laid-back penguin than Sgt. Byrd, but the two of them get along just fine. The disco-obsessed Moon Penguin was just happy to see good-hearted fellow penguins up here in the Pantheon.


    Hubie and Rocko 
Hubie and Rocko, Dual Deities of Avian Inaccuracies (Hubie only: Pebble-Brain, Romeo | Rocko only; Rocko the Rockhopper, The Flying Rocko)
Hubie on the left, Rocko on the right.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: An emerald green pebble with Hubie's red toque and Rocko's violet scarf
  • Themes: Looks Like I Got Me a Friend; Alternatively; Now and Forever
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Birds with teeth, fingered wings, and in Rocko's case, can fly, Much larger than in real life, Both wear clothing, Vitriolic Best Buds at first before becoming Fire-Forged Friends, Carnivore Confusion, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man
  • Domains: Penguins, Ice, Pebbles, Journeys, Scientific Inaccuracy, Flight
  • Herald: Marina (Hubie's mate)
  • Superior: Don Bluth (Borderline Complicated Relationship.)
  • Allies: Sgt. Byrd, King Dedede, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, The Gang of Seven, Charle B. Barkin, Chanticleer, Anastasia, Popplio, Lapras, Ecco the Dolphin, Skitty and Wailord, Avatars Aang and Korra, Katara, Sokka, Eliza Thornberry, Ariel, Melody, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Suguha Kirigaya, Misato Katsuragi, David Attenborough, The Nature Preservers, DJ Grooves
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, The Grand Duke Of Owls, Rasputin, Liopleurodon, Moby Dick, Monstro, Lord Fredrik, Bruce, The Kraken, Pokémon Hunter J, Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Gaston, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Wary of: Wishiwashi, Kyogre, The Penguins of Madagascar, the Hall of Electricity
  • Opposed by: The Nostalgia Critic, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert
  • Rocko the rockhopper penguin had been in the Pantheon for a considerable period of time, serving as a follower of Suguha Kirigaya. Things were fine for a time, with the plucky bird being content with his position. That is until the Court of the Gods stopped by for a visit. They had discovered the penguins from Rocko's homeworld... weren't exactly the most scientifically accurate of avian dinosaurs. They were much larger than normal penguins when compare to humans, had Feather Fingers, and teeth in their beaks. note  And that doesn't even get into Rocko's ability to fly. So with all this in mind, the Court decided to give Rocko a position as a God in the Pantheon. He accepted it, but on one condition; he would share the temple with his friend Hubie, an Adélie penguin, whom he bonded with after escaping the Good Ship Misery. Hubie was more than happy to reunite with his travel buddy, and to explore the Pantheon and all of its magnificence.
    • Hubie wasn't the only one who ascended with Rocko. Serving as their Herald is his mate Marina, often described as the most beautiful lady penguin in the entire rookery. She was happy with her mate ascending and was just as curious to see what the Pantheon has to offer. Often times, they stop by the House of Love and Affection to meet with the various couples there. All three penguins also share their own stories with each other from time to time, with Marina in awe of all Hubie went through to make it home to her.
  • While he's moved on from his Follower status, Rocko is still on good terms with Suguha, sympathizing with her dream of flight and often making visits to her temple to chat about their experiences. It's still never truly explained how Rocko could suddenly fly, with some claiming he ate a fairy to do so. He's refuted that claim, and found another friend in the form of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, who believe it was a matter of faith and trust. Surprisingly, no pixie dust needed.
  • It is true that Adélie penguins use pebbles to attract mates, but instead of an engagement pebble, the males build nests to woo the females. Hubie's not exactly sure what to make of that but his antics have attracted the attention of David Attenborough, who has been documenting his and Rocko's adventures for millions to watch.
  • Though it has served its purpose, Hubie still keeps his emerald pebble around as a keepsake. This has lead to a few problems, mainly due to its celestial origin. Some in the Pantheon are wanting to steal the gem, hoping to find out what it's truly capable of. It doesn't help that it occasionally slip out of his hands, leading the poor penguin into many dire situations.
  • Despite being considered an Old Shame by their creator Don Bluth, to the point where he didn't show up to their ascension, Hubie and Rocko quickly became friends with most of Bluth's other creations. They've bonded with their neighbour Chanticleer over being from bad films made by Bluth's studio whilst Littlefoot, Fievel and Anastasia sympathize with Hubie in particular as they've all had to embark on dangerous journeys to reunite to their loved ones. Still, they all avoid the Sharptooth and The Grand Duke of Owls at all costs.
    • It did take some time for Bluth to sit down and chat with Hubie and Rocko, and while he admitted the film had problems, he apologized for his harshness and promised to treat them with a little more respect.
  • Their opinion of humanity varies, especially after being held captive aboard the Good Ship Misery, whose human captains wanted to sell them and the other penguins to zoos. This has lead the pair to oppose those humans who would want to poach and exploit animals. Such examples include the Pokémon Hunter J, Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder. Things have gotten better though. The Nature Preservers have shown the two not all humans are bad and have even introduced the pair to Eliza Thronberry, who often joins Hubie and Rocko in teaching other deities about penguins and the world of the Antarctic.
    • That said, one look at Gaston instantly made Hubie and Marina think of the brutish penguin Drake, whose arrogant bravado hid a more darker side. They quickly opposed him and now stay a good distance away from him.
  • They bonded with Avatar Aang, Katara, Sokka and Korra due to their shared history with the South Pole. note  That said, their relationship with Sokka was a bit complicated as the Water Tribe warrior had attempted to hunt them when they first met. He got his ass handed to him by the penguins. When all was cleared up, all Hubie and Rocko asked for was for the Avatar and his friends to not use them as sleds. They're not that durable.
  • Life is tough for a penguin. They have to contend with marauding skuas and giant petrels from the air whilst avoiding leopard seals and orcas in the fathoms below. Luckily, Hubie and Rocko haven't had to worry about the skuas and petrels... same can't be said for the marine mammals. They've come to oppose Lord Fredrik due to his evil ambitions, and have been spending their time avoiding the jaws of the Pantheon's most ferocious predators, such as the marine reptile Liopleurodon, the shark bruce, and the whales Moby Dick and Monstro respectively. But killer whales always make the pair uncomfortable and there's no other whale to terrify them than Kyogre. While the Legendary Pokémon doesn't consider the penguins prey, they aren't taking their chances with talking to it, especially after hearing of what it's capable of.
    • That said, Hubie and Rocko have learned that not all the Pantheon's seals and whales are penguin eaters. In fact, Katara has introduced the pair to her Pokémon partner Wailord - who prefers to eat krill - and it was through Wailord that they met fellow water type Pokémon Lapras and Popplio, the latter often performing for the two. On a bit of an ironic note, Ecco the dolphin also befriended the pair and is seen swimming with them after schools of fish. Except for Wishwashi, of course. They stay the hell away from that.
  • Princess Ariel and her daughter Melody quickly bonded with Hubie and Rocko, the latter even more so as they reminded her of her friends Tip and Dash. Melody is often seeing swimming with the two penguins, exploring the Hall of Aquatic Life, and meeting the many deities found there. Ariel will join from time to time and has complimented Hubie's singing voice, even offering to bring him to the House of Theatre and Spectacle to perform. Hubie hasn't made his decision yet but he's considering it.
  • As it turned out, there were other penguins in the Pantheon to greet Hubie and Rocko, as well as humans who simply love the flightless birds. Sgt. Byrd, King Dedede and Rocko all bonded immediately due to their shared ability of flight, while the human Misato Kisaragi was head over heels for the two, who reminded her of her own penguin Pen-Pen. That said, there were still problems to be had. The Penguins of Madagascar in particular once captured Hubie and brought him to The Nostalgia Critic in exchange for fish. Rocko busted him out later but the six have been on rocky terms ever since.
  • One time, Hubie and Rocko learned of Scorpion's one rather peculiar way of killing opponents. The pair were confused and weirded out by the discovery, mostly due to the fact they saw a human turn into a penguin, and vowed never to speak of it again.
  • While neither of them will ever understand DJ Grooves' fascination with disco or movies, they bonded with him due to the kinship they felt with the Moon Penguin.

    Madagascar Penguins 
Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Gods of Penguins (The Penguins of Madagascar; Skipper: Two-Bit Hood Jack the Knife, International Play Bird Diego Garcia, Wealthy Industrial Lincoln Douglas, Petey, Skippy, Skippsy, Duck; Kowalski: Brainiac, The Zoo's Science Guy, Skipper's Options Guy, Self-proclaimed Tall Guy, Professor Spoiler, Esmeralda Bermudas, The Throbbing Cerebellum; Rico: Barf Bag, Wonder Tum, Richard, Nico, Kico, Tico; Private: Slippy, Dough Boy, New Cute Guy, Mr. Cute and Cuddly, Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Tux, The Puzzler, Steel Penguin)
From left to right: Private, Rico, Skipper, Kowalski.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Skipper's bobble-head wife
  • Theme Songs: "The Penguins of Madagascar" Main Theme (from the film or the show, the latter featuring "The Electric Noodle"); alternatively, "Celebrate" by Pitbull
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Penguins, being a Badass Crew, saving the day at the last minute, being the most memorable characters
  • Domains: Penguins, Espionage, Missions
  • Followers: Pen Pen, Chill Penguin, Bruces, the Hero Prinny.
  • Allies: Variable, though they generally respect Shrek, and they're doted on by the Ice King and Squigly. Oh, and the Prinnies toonote . There's also DJ Grooves, a fellow penguin whom they are ready to bodyguard for.
  • Enemies: Etna; otherwise, variable
  • The position was briefly held by the rather obscure Daipenmon, but Crump took over his body. But then these penguins initiated "Operation TV Tropes", incapacitated Crump, took over, built a headquarters exactly like their old one at the Central Park Zoo, and ate sushi to celebrate.
  • Skipper is the leader of the group, the best combatant, is Afraid of Needles, and is extremely paranoid.
  • Kowalski is The Smart Guy and has a fondness for hi-tech. When he's not with the others, he is in the House of Technology, ogling the equipment and jotting notes.
  • Rico is a Wild Card and can hold almost anything in his stomach, he just needs to send it back up. While gross, other gods find this impressive, and his ability has come in handy for many gods.
  • Private is the cute one. While not (entirely) deliberate, Skipper has him put it to good use on missions.
  • Much like their predecessor, the Penguins have no fond feelings for Etna due to her treatment of "penguins". Other gods have tried explaining to Skipper and the rest that Prinnies aren't technically penguins, but Skipper's rampant paranoia has him mark those people as Etna's allies, covering for her. The penguins have managed to get the better of her on a few occasions, and they do consider her a Worthy Opponent (while she considers them a nuisance).
  • Skipper has led numerous operations to infiltrate the House of Leadership and impersonate King Dedede for various reasons (no one dares/cares to ask), but these have all ended in failure in one way or another.
  • When the secrecy of their mission is compromised and their cover is blown, Skipper instructs the others to "smile and wave" and look "cute and cuddly". This usually works.
  • Po, like most Dreamworks entities, tries to be nice to them, but Skipper orders the others to attack him, and although he understands their paranoia, Po has suspicions against Kowalski, who sounds a bit too much like Tong Fo for his liking...
    • Rico frequently tries to get into the Hall of Water and Moisture, but was banned by Aquaman for over-consuming the fish there. A few of his plans involve the fact that they sound alike, but nobody has been fooled by his grunt-language impersonation.
  • Have an odd friendship with the Friends crew, who are equally a weird quirky ensemble with New York roots...and Ross sounds familiar to them. Likewise, Larry Daley has also been seen with the penguins (though he's seen so many weird things talking penguins don't startle him) after they confused him for a lion.
  • Originally, the penguins held the position of Gods of Misplaced Wildlife, but the arrival of King Louie forced them to give up that title. They weren't too happy about but the Skipper decided to let it slip.
  • "Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave."

    The Murkrow Flock 
The Murkrow Flock, Deified Corvid Thieves (Darkness Pokémon, Yamikarasu)
  • Demideities (majority), Lesser God (Alpha), Intermediate Deities (as a flock)
  • Symbol: A nest filled with stolen trinkets and items
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: 1 Alpha Male, 2 Males, 3 Females
  • Ability: Prankster (Alpha), Insomnia (One Male/Female), Super Luck (One Male/Two Females)
  • Moves: Foul Play, Thief, Tailwind, Wing Attack (Alpha only); Thief, Taunt, Wing Attack, Torment (rest)
  • Portfolio: Creepy Crows, Thieving Magpie, Feathered Fiend (to those they steal from), Enjoy Nighttime, Combat Pragmatist
  • Domains: Birds, Darkness, Thievery
  • Allies: The House of Crime (and even then Murkrow are willing to steal from them as well), Esmeralda Weatherwax & Gytha Ogg, Tweety
  • Enemies: Everyone else with emphasis on the Houses of Commerce, Royalty, and Justice and all Electric, Ice and Fairy deities, Sylvester, The Crow, The Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, The Farmer
  • Additional Relationship: Medivh
  • Fears: Fiddlesticks, Eric Draven
  • It all began innocently enough. Several deities reported some of their everyday objects missing, followed by missing ingredients and snacks from the House of Food. Suddenly, the House of Royalty raised alarm that several members' jewelry were pilfered. The House of Justice went into overtime searching and questioning the most likely suspects in the Houses of Crime and Villains. It was then that the Machine noticed a rather unusual dead tree located within the alleys of the House of Crime that wasn't there before and sent word to nearby police deities to inspect. When they did, they not only discovered the stolen trinkets, foodstuffs and jewels within the tree but also the arrival of 6 strange and angry corvids. The largest of these birds attacked and initially drove off the investigators only for Ash Ketchum (who recognized them to be a murder of Murkrow) to show up and have Pikachu blast them with Thunderbolt while the leader was distracted. The birds were caged and the stolen loot returned. Before the six Murkrow could be removed, Marisa Kirisame vouched for them and liked their moxie. Seeing as they were already in the Pantheon somehow, the Murkrow were given to Marisa as partners. Reimu and the rest of the deities from Gensokyo immediately sensed a feeling of dread.
  • The Murkrow are a flock of six with three males and females respectively with the largest male acting as the leader. For some reason, this "Alpha" Murkrow has the unusual Prankster ability that is not seen among regular wild Murkrow, which only asks more questions as to how this particular Pokemon gained the ability.
    • The Alpha has proven itself to be the murder's leader due to having not just the Prankster ability but also Foul Play as its signature move. That means the stronger the target that tries to go after them, the more damaging the blow. This proves problematic when the flock head to the Combat Dojo, Power Dome, or any House with particularly strong deities as its Foul Play becomes stronger there.
  • These birds love shiny objects or anything that would look valuable and snatch them from unsuspecting victims, with their favorite target being the Houses of Commerce and Royalty. Several deities from these and other Houses now have to be careful where they leave things and even have updated security measures with their inclusion in the Pantheon. However, even they are not stupid enough to steal from the Kecleon Brothers.
  • Their homebase and "temple" is the dead tree in the House of Crime. When the murder is sleeping, two particular Murkrow are always left standing guard since they have the Insomnia ability. If any intruder catches their line of sight, they immediately caw the alarm which puts the entire flock to attack.
  • The birds steal from everyone, including the very House they are a part of. However, instead of killing them, several enterprising crime deities have set up a "barter system" with the Murkrow. They exchange whatever items the birds have stolen with random other shiny objects and trash that catch the flock's eyes. With this system in place, Moriarty and other crime leaders are quick to keep whatever valuable things the Murkrow have snatched for their own purposes.
  • Some deities were incensed over the increasing number of Murkrow thefts as even they were also able to evade the ever-present surveillance of the Machine. That was when word reached Medivh and he chose to infiltrate the group as one of his well-known morphs was of a crow. After finding information on the Pokemon in the House of Knowledge, he transformed into a Murkrow and infiltrated the group. The Alpha, however, could tell this "newcomer" was not normal but allowed it to join the flock. Medivh was able to communicate with his allies on the murder's movement and make sure their targets are safely stored away before they could be stolen. This made the lesser Murkrow upset but the Alpha quickly suspected the newcomer is at fault but kept his suspicions to himself.
    • The few times the flock is able to freely pilfer are when Medivh gets called away to battle, which gives the Alpha enough time to launch thieving raids and hide the valuables from the "new bird" to later trade off.
  • As they are modeled after classic witches, the flock is quite amicable towards Granny Weatherwax, who sees the birds as stylish and mischievous. In return, the Alpha forbade any of the others from stealing from her.
    • Nanny Ogg, however, is not one the flock is glad to be around, especially when Greebo is nearby. Even though the Alpha has his Foul Play which can practically triumph over the evil cat, he really doesn't want to risk it if it fails. Hence, they stay as far away from her as possible when they visit Granny Weatherwax.
  • As they are birds, Sylvester always goes after them to catch as a meal. The flock was able to defeat him the first time with a synchronized Wing Attack flurry, but the feline won't give up on catching them. Their alliance with Tweety is merely one of convenience as they both hate Sylvester.
  • As they are solitary birds, they don't like to hang with other evil birds who they consider as rivals. Once they met the being simply known as The Crow. Just as with Medivh, the Alpha was not fooled for a second as he could tell she was not a normal bird. The Crow attempted to get under the Alpha's feathers with insults over its so-called leadership, but the Murkrow leader knew for a fact she's practically weakened with the lack of Manifestation Energy and rubbed that in her beak along with the embarrassing way she was killed. This infuriated her and she proclaimed that if she ever regained her full powers, the Pokémon World would be first on her list to destroy. The flock merely cackled and jeered as they flew away.
    • The Grand Duke of Owls is a particularly sore thorn on the side of the Alpha as both of them tend to fight to establish who is the stronger bird of the night. So far the Alpha Murkrow has managed to eke out victories over the Duke by using Foul Play when the dark owl attempts to use its magic smoke and double the damage. Even so, the Duke will not give up until the flock is gone from the Pantheon.
    • Clockwerk, on the other hand makes the flock green with envy not only for his greater prowess at thievery but also because of his immortality. (That and being a "steel" type makes attacking him useless).
  • As crow-based Pokémon, the flock's favorite food is fresh corn. They frequently target the Farmer's temple to raid his cornfields, which caused no end of grief to the cultivator. Even putting up a scarecrow did little to dissuade the Murkrow from robbing his crops. The Murkrow's carefree days of stealing from the Farmer came to an abrupt end when they attacked one day and saw a new scarecrow they have never seen before in the middle of the field. The Alpha, accustomed to perching on the scarecrow's head, received the shock of his life as he realized the scarecrow was none other than Fiddlesticks who immediately sent out his own murder of crows to attack. Both the normal and Pokémon crows immediately fought against each other in equal terms but found themselves at a disadvantage when the scarecrow fought alongside them and the Alpha immediately used Tailwind to raise the flock's speed and ordered them to retreat. Since then, they tread carefully when they approach the cornfields.
  • Another being that scares the feathers off the entire flock, the Alpha included, is Eric Draven. They see the crow familiar that hang around him as equally unnatural as Medivh and The Crow, but has a strong aura of power unlike the former. The Alpha may bluster to keep up appearances that he could best Eric's crow in a fight and he's actually right as the bird itself is a weak target, but doesn't want to risk facing Eric's wrath.

Paulie, God of Hyper-Intelligent Birds
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The name "Paulie" written in stylized letters
  • Theme Song: Paulie Medley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Formerly acrophobic bird, Cool Pet, a foul-mouthed parrot when he wants to be, a talking, hyper-intelligent bird
  • Domains: Birds, Pets, Loyalty
  • Herald: Marie, his owner
  • Allies: Eliza Thornberry, Snow White (Disney), Fluttershy, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Tweety Bird
  • Enemies: The Grand Duke of Owls, Lord Shen
  • Opposes: The Hall of Felines, cats in general
  • At first glance, Paulie appears to be your average blue-crowned conure. It's easy to mistake him for a normal bird, at least until he opens his beak. The parrot is so intelligent that most believe him to be sentient. He's fully capable of human speech, but interestingly cannot communicate with other birds.
  • Paulie refused to ascend unless he was allowed to bring his owner, Marie, with him as his herald. Fortunately for him, the higher-ups of the Pantheon were happy to oblige him. He and Marie go back a long way. Paulie was a gift to her from her grandpa when she was a little girl, and he helped her to get over her stutter. Her parents eventually got rid of him after an incident in which Marie fell off the roof of her house while trying to teach him to fly. After that, he spent years trying to reunite with her. By the time he finally found her, she was all grown up, and he actually didn't recognize her until she sang the lullaby her mother would sing to her as a child.
  • It took forever for Eliza Thornberry to realize that Paulie was actually speaking to her rather than communicating with her in normal bird language. Needless to say, ever since that revelation, Eliza has been completely and totally fascinated by Paulie. She is often seen talking to him or bringing him snacks.
  • Even Paulie finds himself unable to resist Snow White's singing. Whenever he hears her singing, he immediately flocks to her. Sometimes he fights with other birds for the best spot to perch on her.
  • Fluttershy, being the kind-hearted animal lover that she is, was immediately drawn to Paulie when she first met him. She's so nice to him, and super sensitive, that even the occasionally foul-mouthed Paulie resists the urge to swear around her.
  • Paulie is on fairly good terms with Tweety Bird, seeing that he's able to speak in a manner similar to him. He also mistook Tweety for female at first, and prefers not to speak of said incident. Seriously, don't even bother asking.
  • When Marie was a little girl, she would dress Paulie up and pretend that he was her fairy godmother and that she was a princess. Having a stutter that her parents often came to grips over, she would ask Paulie to make her talk right. Eventually, he would actually grant her wish, talking with her until she got over the stutter. This story really struck a chord with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, who were greatly touched by it.
  • Paulie expresses frequent displeasure at having to share a House with Lord Shen and the Grand Duke of Owls. In his own words, he hates that he has to share a living space with a couple of jackoffs who do nothing but give birds a bad name.
  • Ever since Marie's father introduced a particularly troublesome cat into their home when she was still a little girl, Paulie has been afraid of cats. As such, he avoids the Hall of Felines and cat deities of the Pantheon in general.
  • Paulie wishes that people would stop asking if he wants a cracker. Sure, crackers are good and all, but he would very much prefer a mango.
  • Paulie isn't exactly sure how he feels about Meg March and Adrian Monk. One time, he accidentally mistook Meg for Marie, and Adrian for his friend Misha Vilyenkov. The resemblance is super uncanny. He admits that they both seem to be nice people, though.


Bakarasu, Divine Bird That Cries "Idiot" (Aesop)
  • Quasideity, Demigod when brainwashed
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Calling Out "Baka", Clever Crows, Funny Animal, Plucky Comic Relief, Speech-Impaired Animal, Twisting Boss's Messages
  • Domain(s): Crows, Calling "Idiot"
  • Allies: Boss, The Mazinger Z family (tangentially), the Murkrow Flock,
  • Enemies: The easily annoyed, The Crow
  • Opposes: Brainwashers
  • Bakarasu the myna bird made his debut in Episode 69 of the original series, heckling his future "master" Boss while he and his buddies were cleaning up Boss Borot, and then spent a lot of time harassing the mecha and dodging its attempts to catch him. And in his time at the Photoatomic Research Institute, where he went to escape Boss, he underwent some mischief, including setting off a false emergency alarm, prompting Mazinger Z to sortie when there was no need to. Except during his search, Kouji did indeed find a Robobeast (Goushios Beta 3) and briefly tusssled with it before it retreated. Much later, when that Robobeast arrived at the Institute, Bakarasu actually made significant contribution in the battle against it by warning the heroes (though with little success due to his last prank), and searching for the Robobeast (and getting Boss Borot tangled in the conflict). As an all but sapient animal, he was… certainly out of place for the genre.
    • He would later appear sporadically in the Great Mazinger series and rejoin Boss (who doesn't seem to remember him from last time) as a sort-of pet.
  • As for why he was chosen? Mere virtue of being a named character, since most instances of Idiot Crows are unnamed and exist solely for gags. And he's a surprisingly early example, too.
  • As part of his "duties", Bakarasu is tasked with searching for idiotic moments in the Pantheon, or someone who has done something really stupid, and call them out on it as he flies by. It's a "duty" he quite enjoys doing.
  • While only somewhat loyal to Kouji or any of his pals, Bakarasu may distract whatever foe they're fighting if he thinks he can get away with it. He certainly has the agility and the guts to harass kaiju-sized entities. But he's already been subject to Venus A's Photon Beam, so he's a bit more cautious.
  • Whatever you do, don't count on him to send a message (by mouth, at least); he'll just screw it up for kicks, as Tetsuya and Jun are aware of.
  • Despises brainwashing, having been subject to one scheme himself by Warbeast Bruton of the Mycenae Empire. On the other hand, it made him strong enough to peck through a chair, crash through two windows (one of them reinforced for withstanding underwater pressure, no less), carry a weighted ball meant to chain him down with his wing and fly around with it, still be able to move around even with two such balls, and break out of metal manacles clamping his beak. Or perhaps it just removed his inhibitions if it turns out he's actually capable of this normally, which is a disturbing thought in and of itself.
  • Is hopefully a lot more cautious in who to trust, ever since he was tricked by the enemy once to find out plans for the Great Mazinger.
  • Eventually encountered other crows in the Pantheon, such as Drinky Crow (whom Bakarasu sometimes heckles during his drunken mishaps), the Murkrow Flock (his more favorite companions, though he leaves whenever those in the "Mazinger family" end up being their targets for the week [unless it's Boss, in which case he's usually in for it]), and the Crow (whom he utterly despises for her genocidal agenda).
  • Also has a temple in the Hall of Tics.