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Greater Gods

    Kenpachi Zaraki 
Kenpachi Zaraki, God of Blood Knights (Captain Zaraki, Gotei 13's 11th Division captain, Kenny, Ken-chan)
  • Greater God (Overdeity if he were to actually learn master-level swordsmanship)
  • Symbol: His Zanpakuto, Nozarashi.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Implacable Men, Katanas, Power Limiting Eyepatches, Sociopathic Heroes, Getting Lost, People Who Are the Only Ones Allowed to Defeat Other People, Those Who are Not Left-Handed, Ensemble Darkhorses, .
  • Domains: Strength, Chaos, Death
  • Herald: Yachiru (his zanpakuto)
  • High Priest: Geist
  • Worthy Opponents: Akuma, Rugal Bernstein, Ichigo Kurosaki, Vali Lucifer, Augus, Yachiru Unohana
  • Kenpachi is on a constant quest to fight every single other god to the death. Unfortunately, he lives in a world where nobody can die. Sucks to be him.
  • Fights Absolute Virtue nearly every other day. Despite losing every time, he continues to fight because it's just too fun.
  • Is defeated swiftly by the Emperor of the Vandereich. This puts a hamper on his godhood, as he now is put under training by Unohana Retsu, while a dangerous man named Azrael is seeking to usurp Kenpachi's seat should he fail to uphold his status. Thankfully, Kenpachi has been making a good progress in upholding his throne, thanks to said Training from Hell.
    • Similarly, he tries to do the same with newcomer Augus. He still finds it just as fun despite losing against him almost as much as against Absolute Virtue.
  • He gets along swimmingly with Vali Lucifer, due to their shared desire for fighting. Not only that, Kenpachi is one of the few deities who can keep up with him when he's in his Juggernaut Drive.
  • Zaraki ascended to the position of Greater God after destroying a meteor that would have wiped out the Seireitei and cutting through a room which was a pocket of space with his true Shikai, Nozarashi. Fellow blood knights and other warriors in the Combat pantheon were pleased; his enemies were not.
    • Ever since an encounter with an alleged Reality Warper in Soul Society, however, glitter tests have been sanctioned for Zaraki and Nozarashi. The House of Combat is worried that a "positive" result would mean Kaldor Draigo's release to Purgatory was for naught. If the result is true, he would be demoted to The Fallen. The test almost instantaneously went negative as he was grievously wounded in the fight and was defeated quickly after. However, this did allowed to become a greater God.
  • Akuma once attempted to take over the throne of the God of Blood Knights, but after a very long, extended battle, he recognized Kenpachi's (slightly) greater battle-lust.
    • That bout began all the way back when he happened to be in Kenpachi's path while the swordsman was out for a stroll in the woods. Long story short, Akuma and Kenpachi ended up chopping down some giant trees, carving a mountain in half and causing an enormous eruption of lava. Kenpachi lost every round, but not without taking a limb and a shoulder from Akuma. He had quite a lot of fun and can't wait to fight the Raging Demon again, especially now that he can turn into an oni himself.

Koro-sensei, The Multitasking God, and God of Color Coded Emotions (Octopus, Stupid Pervert Chicken Octopus, "God of Death")
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His smiling face
  • Theme song: Koro-sensei drawing song (JP)(ENG); alternatively, Youth Sabat (the first opening song of the anime)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (was True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Combat Tentacles, Super Speed, The Ace, Badass Teacher, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Teachers, Assassins, Tentacles, Explosions, Antimatter, Mutations
  • Heralds: His non-ascended students and co-workers in Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E
  • Allies: Onizuka-sensei, Aikuro Mikisugi, Chifuyu Orimura, Negi Springfield, Aladdin the Magi, Issei Hyodo, Androids 17 and 18
  • Odd Friendship with: Lelouch vi Britannia, Krillin
  • Enemies: Domestic Abusers, Morally Corrupt individuals, Ryoma Sengoku, The King Of All Cosmos
  • Opposed by: Most Moon based Gods
  • Admires: all Big Breasted Goddesses
  • He made his ascension after dodging multiple assassinations from various bounty hunters such as Lobo in attempt to claim his massive bounty all while giving them meticulous eyebrow trimmings, manicures and shining their weapons in the process.
  • He was once the world's greatest assassin but after the death of his first love he decided to use his power for good.
  • He absolutely despises Ryoma Sengoku as he reminds him of Yanagisawa the Mad Scientist who turned him into his octopus form.
  • He made an enemy out many gods of the Moon when he reveals that he destroyed most of the moon in his world. It turns out that it was a lie but they don't know that.
  • He has many weaknesses. Some are relatively normal while others are completely ridiculous. For example, he is weaker after regenerating and molting as well as water on one hand but on the hand he can't handle hot food, gossip, he is Tone deaf.
  • He once accepted Jonathan Joestar's invitation to face off many heroes and villains.
  • He can sympathize with 17, 18 and Raiden for being genetically modified against their will.
  • He tends to be mistaken for Krillin whenever he speaks English. It tends to not bother him too much.
  • The King of All Cosmos loathes him, not because he hates his personality or anything, but for not only being a teacher but also being one that none of his followers, of him for that matter, are able to catch and roll up inside a Katamari. He often jumps around at blinding speeds, mocking and teasing him before going off, much to the King's growing annoyance.
  • Can also be found in Other Emotions.

Intermediate Gods

    Akeno Himejima 
Akeno Himejima, Goddess of Finding Pleasure Through Combat (The Ultimate Sadist, Priestess of Thunder, Priestess of Lightning, Priestess of Thunder and Light, The President's Confidant, Mom, Heavenly King (shared with Asia and Rias))
  • Intermediate Goddess (becomes Greater Goddess in Fallen Angel Mode)
  • Symbol: A crimson queen chess piece
  • Theme Song: Gekijouron (lyrics here); alternatively, Kurokami BEGIN TALE, and when she's teasing someone (which usually happens at least once a day), this can be heard in a 1.5 mile radius
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Big Sisters, Fallen Angels, Combat Sadomasochists, Arousal through fighting, Seeking fights, Bondage, Sadomasochism inherited from her parents, Daddy problems (Until they come to terms.), Extreme amounts of teasing, Finger sucking as a way of healing, Powerful electricity-based spells, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Proper Japanese ladies, Shrine maidens, Dominatrix, What she aims to be for Issei, Having gorgeous purple eyes, Fandom-Preferred love interests, Having a recorded breast size of B102-W60-H89 cm/B40-W24-H35 in
  • Domains: Violence, Sensuality, BDSM, Lightnings
  • Followers: Masane Amaha, Takeru Ibaraki
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinions on:
  • Enemies: Anybody who dares harm her ORC friends, Kefka Palazzo, Ornstein, Shinnok, Relius Clover, Raynare, Gul'dan
  • Akeno Himejima has had it rough. The daughter of Shuri Himejima - a shrine maiden, and Baraqiel - a fallen angel, she lost her mother at an early age as her brethren disapproved of her relationship and killed her in cold blood. She then disavowed her father for failing to protect her mother in the time of need, and ran away from home spending the rest of her childhood roaming the land as an exorcist without food or shelter. One day, however, a chance encounter with a human that had a deal with a devil from the Gremory Clan caused her to get ambushed herself by the rest of her family members. She was however saved in the nick of time by Rias and her father's Bishop; the red-haired Devil successfully talked the Himejima clan into sparing her, and Akeno became her Queen and her number one confidant. Since then the two have built a strong friendship, even though they share a white hot rivalry over Issei's heart. In fact, Issei and Rias both played a key role in her ascension to the Pantheon.
  • Was considered to enter the Pantheon due to her incredible fighting prowess, which made her manage to keep up on her own with the seemingly unstoppable Kokabiel, who was later utterly curb-stomped by Vali. Ultimately ascended after Issei and Rias's efforts, similarly to Asia. The first thing she's done after arriving in the Pantheon was to go find Issei and reward him with a solo lap-dance for his efforts. The sudden barging in of Rias prevented this from escalating any further.
  • Loathes Kefka because of his enjoyment of watching innocent people suffer, while she only gets off by inflicting pain while actually fighting. Long story short, he reminds her way too much of Freed Sellzen.
    • She is also antagonistic towards Ornstein due to his numerous attempts to kill Issei, as he's a half-dragon.
  • Known to be one of the Pantheon's kinkiest goddesses. This makes her a favorite of Slaanesh, but she's not ultimately fond of him/her/it due to his/her/its utter depravity.
  • One time she challenged Excellen Browning on who can tease more gods in one day. The results are unknown. All in all, however, the are good friends and are sometimes seen training together.
  • She didn't like men until she fell in love with Issei. The patch-up with her dad has helped matters, too. Because of her past, she refuses to touch Relius Clover with a ten-foot pole, for being what she thought her father was.
  • As all three of them are fallen angels, she is also good friends with Panty and Stocking. Akeno does know that Panty's voice is painstakingly similar to Rias's, but did not know about Stocking's secret kinks... At least, until Mr. Slave told her. The miko fallen angel, however, like Issei's other haremettes, looks down over the fact that Panty often tries to bed Issei, but did say that she wouldn't mind it as long as she gets some of the action as well. Akeno, however, really does not know that Stocking is actually evil.
  • She usually sticks her nose on Issei's relationship with Rias, demanding from Issei to have a threesome with the two. While Issei is very much allured by this idea, Rias has sometimes protested, although she got over it later on.
    • In fact, whenever Rias and Issei sneak into the House of Romance to make out, she would also sneak in with the help of Panty and Stocking, and finally stick her nose on the couple.
  • After getting a place in the Chick Magnet Quartet's Battle Harem alongside the rest of the Occult Research Club, she became friends with Hinagiku Katsura, who is also part of the harem. Some gods did notice that Akeno and Hinagiku do sound a lot alike...
  • While certainly friendly, her relations with Kaori Kanzaki tend to be somewhat complex: while Kaori has accepted the fact that she and Akeno share similar voice and appearance, the fallen angel's personality and lineage can't help but remind Kaori of her "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" cosplay incident. This is further complicated by the fact that Akeno often dresses up as "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" to tease Touma Kamijou; since then, Kaori has given a warning to Touma to stay clear from Akeno, although the fallen angel is firmly rooting for Kaori to hook up with Touma... As his mistress.
  • Being a rather badass example of such, Akeno has gathered a good amount of respect from the Pantheon's other shrine maidens, including Himeko and Chikane. Of course, some gods (ones in the House of FAITH in particular, barring, obviously enough, Xenovia and Irina) wonder how can she pass as a shrine maiden, to the point that they gave some slack to Reimu Hakurei about her behaviour, even if Reimu doesn't like that comparison that much. In response, Akeno points out that she inherited it from her dead mother... Only to cause even more confusion among the gods of that house.
    • Byakuren doesn't also seem to mind her, and praises that a demon like her would become a proper religious figure, even if Akeno isn't Buddhist. Outside of House of Faith, Clarice also things that there is no actual problem of demons being religious figures.
  • Akeno was positively outraged when she knew from Asia that Shinnok is planning to steal the Boosted Gear from Issei to gain its powers and become the only god of Amplifier Artifacts. Needless to say she's trying to thwart his plans together with the rest of the Occult Research Club.
    • Same thing happened when Akeno learned about Raynare's ascension: Akeno has vowed that if Raynare ever dares to lay a hand on Issei once again, she'll have some manners taught.
  • Haruka has shown some interest in her, saying that her being a masochist angel reminds her of a girl called Ryouna. She has stated that she is more than glad to give her "excitement" if she needs any. Not only, they've even discovered they sound a lot alike while speaking English...
    • Once Ryouna managed to ascend, she instantly became friendly with Akeno. Events when Akeno, Haruka and Ryouna are fighting each other are dubbed "The sexiest and most violent threeway in the Pantheon". Issei has once witnessed one of these battles, and almost had a huge nosebleed when hearing the three girls moan profusely while exchanging attacks over attacks. One particular time even involved Issei himself in the battle under Akeno's request. Of course, One Thing Led to Another.
  • She has found a kindred spirit in the Umbra Witch Bayonetta, whom she sees as a mentor/Cool Big Sis. She has asked Bayonetta to teach her some of her dances, with or without the summoning aspects along with sharing ideas of 'punishment' of her foes. She even joins her in her attempts to tease Issei, as Akeno finds her loved Issei's reactions quite amusing. Not only, Bayonetta is also fully approving of Akeno's desire to become Issei's mistress. Of course, though, Koneko isn't really approving of this alliance due to her dislike for Bayonetta. Akeno did try to change her ORC friend's view on the Umbra Witch, but she only managed to go from one-sided opposition to one-sided Teeth-Clenched Teamwork; Koneko still thinks she's a "slut".
    • She has gotten wind of Bayonetta's personal crusade to free her father Balder from the possession holding him. No stranger to the drama of dealing with her own, Akeno has pledged to help her friend any way she can. Likewise, Bayonetta has reciprocated this upon learning of Raynare's history with Issei, and has pledged to help Akeno out in the case of Raynare trying to hurt Issei once again.
  • Has the most complicated relationship with Luka out of all of Issei's harem. Her personality reminds him far too much of many of the monsters he's fought on his journey, more specifically of Alma Elma, the Queen Succubus and one of Alice's Four Heavenly Knights. On the other hand, she can sympathize with him towards both his feelings for his father, not having the best one with her's either, and his mother, a fallen angel like her old man. Still, that doesn't stop her from taking some pleasure out of watching him squirm uncomfortably whenever they spar.
  • In the future, Akeno bore Issei a son name Kurenai. She was also the first of the haremettes to get pregnant.
  • "Ara ara, ufufufu~"
  • Also present in the House of Lustful Acts.

    Fairy Leviathan 
Fairy Leviathan, Goddess of Respect Developed Through Being Bested (Guardian of the Dark Oceans, Model L, Siren General Leviathan)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her halberd, or Biometal L
  • Theme: Cool Water
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Defeat Means Respect, The Nicknamer, Blood Knight, Dark Action Girl, Combat Stilettos, The Four Guardians' Lone Female, Villainous Crush on Zero For His Determination, Mostly Fights Underwater, True Blue Femininity, Water and Ice Powers, Has an Ice Halberd, Manta-Ray Submarine Armed Phenomenon, Refuses to be Pitied Because She's a Woman
  • Domains: Respect, Water, Ice, Oceans, Ice Shelves, Halberds
  • Heralds
  • High Priestess: Trauare Wrede
  • Superior: X (robotic "father"/master)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Sokka
  • Friendly Rivals: Zero, Korra, Katara (the latter's more one-sided)
  • Other Rivals: Leviathan the Tidehunter, Nu-13
  • Enemies: Copy X (former leader), Dr. Weil, The Infested, Omega, Elpizo, Sigma, Lumine, Wo-Class, Ultron, Merged Zamasu, Airy, Lord Ouroboros
  • Opposes: Dr. Wily, Repliforce (especially Iris)
  • Opposed by: Amon (Legend of Korra)
  • Feared by: Gate
  • On Good Terms with: Tien Shinhan
  • Is extremely uncomfortable around Alexstrasza, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Shana, Zuko, Roy Mustang, and Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion (despite being Not So Different) for obvious reasons.
  • The last of Neo Arcadia's Four Guardians to ascend to the Pantheon, Leviathan has been staying in her brother Harpuia's temple as a herald for some time while his petition for her entry was mysteriously backlogged. Fittingly, her trope of ascension is a hallmark seen in all four of the Guardians through their original battles with Zero; respect for brave warriors who best them in battle. What makes her case even more special is the warrior's crush she's harbored towards the crimson android as well for his relentless determination.
  • In life she commanded Neo Arcadia's Meikai Army, otherwise known as the Deep Sea Squadron or the Dark Ocean Corps. Members of this squadron can be seen as heralds in her temple, at least the ones she approves of; a boy who used her stolen biometal in the future as part of the Game of Destiny found his way into her temple through some immortal Reploid data, and they don't like him very much.
    • On a related note, both being quite territorial underwater fighters, she and Wo-Class do not get along in the least.
  • While she was his herald, Harpuia kept her up to speed on the developments surrounding his alliance with Epsilon and the formation of their new robot group. She liked the idea because it meant they'd be part of something that would help Original X and Zero, and Harpuia had made sure they weren't being manipulated like before with Weil and Copy X. 9S hacked into the Court of the Gods' case files to push Leviathan's petition forward, allowing her to finally take her place alongside both the Four Guardians and Liberion Arcadia.
  • Finds it funny that she's working alongside Ciel again; given the doctor's connection with Zero in addition to being the leader of the Resistance she used to fight against, they're supposed to be rivals. Still, as the Sage reminded her, Ciel was the one who created Copy X in the first place, realized he'd gone off the rails before any of the Guardians did, then she woke up Zero to stop him. For all her territorial Blood Knight issues, Leviathan can appreciate those things.
  • Has a fondness for nicknaming her teammates, calling Harpuia and Fefnir "pretty boy" and "combat nerd" respectively. As Harpuia's herald she started calling Phantom "cyber stalker". After ascending, she assigned nicknames to everyone on the team. She also wanted to call herself "water queen", but Fefnir wouldn't let her get away with putting herself over, insisting on "water freak" instead.
  • Per X's dream, she fights to protect humanity, and good robots, in spite of her issues. To her, Ultron and Sigma are both traitors, and Sigma and Lumine's ideas about the "evolution of Reploids" are ridiculous in light of how Reploids actually evolved to be more in tune with humans.
  • She's also called Gate an obsessed lunatic who thinks that X and Zero are just some benchmarks for his toys and needs to be taught a lesson. He's deathly afraid of letting her into his lab because she can flood it and completely flip the advantage it provides against him.
  • Between Operation Righteous Strike and destroying X's body to release the Dark Elf, she and the other Guardians don't need any tainted orders to consider Elpizo a Maverick, even if he's trying to atone for his deeds now.
  • A sea monster called Leviathan the Tidehunter was ascended before she was, as she learned when Harpuia did his research instead of rushing to greet the being thinking it was her. When the Fairy finally met the Tidehunter, things were not pretty. He immediately tried to attack her with his Gush, amplified into a tidal wave by Aghanim's Scepter. Instead of it slowing her down, though, she used his wave to temporarily submerge the two in water, swimming quickly to spear him with her ice halberd. Then he summoned the tentacles of his god to ravage her from below, and she summoned ice dragons to help her narrowly escape. They've been on bad terms ever since.
  • The RKS ladies Tia and Freudia thought she looked like a friend of theirs when they first saw her. She got "hacker kid" 9S to do some research and discovered Trauare to be similar to her in a lot of ways, including the Defeat Means Respect trope, and even carrying an ice halberd named after her. As such, Trau became her High Priestess, and she's allowed Tia and Freudia to visit Trau at her temple. She also connects somewhat with Freudia, as they share mastery of ice powers and distant personalities — though Leviathan does tend to smile a lot more often.
  • Harpuia, "visor geek" Lambda, and "katana girl" 2B have also told her about Nu-13. The Siren General finds the Calamity Trigger interesting for both her abilities and her unfettered feelings for Ragna the Bloodedge. Even so, neither's object of affection, nor Leviathan's master, would ever want the end of everything. That's a goal she can't let Nu fulfill.
    • As for Ragna himself, she sees some obvious similarities with Zero in the rebellious Grim Reaper, but his deliberate edginess seems a bit of a joke. Despite this, she still spars with him on occasion to help sharpen each other's skills (hers on land, his in general) after encountering him once alongside Grey.
  • Though part of her is grateful to Dr. Wily for creating Zero, don't expect her to give him any credit out loud. She's well aware that his intentions for Zero were far from noble, and his experiments were responsible for the original Maverick Virus. She's much better about Dr. Light, the original creator of all the advanced androids, as well as Rock and Blues, who she considers the predecessors of X and Zero, as despite being created by Wily instead of Light, Zero shares connections to both scientists much like Proto Man does.
  • Heavily dislikes Zamasu and Airy. Their goals are to eradicate humanity, the former in the name of "justice" while he himself is partially immortal, and the latter disguised under cuteness in the service of a master called Ouroboros. These things remind her too much of both the boy in her temple who used her Biometal seeking the same goal in the ZX era and the master who stole her and gave her to Thetis in the first place.
    • On that note, she's grateful to Vent, Aile, Grey, and the yet-to-ascend Ashe for stopping the ones who wanted to use her and her brothers' powers for evil.
  • Hates Iris for breaking Zero's heart by going Maverick, and as such cannot support Repliforce. Anytime "big shadow" Epsilon meets with them in her presence, she will make a fuss about it. She also refuses to hear about how Repliforce were manipulated and Iris only attacked Zero out of distress for Colonel.
  • She's confirmed that yes, she and her brothers used to wear longcoat vests when they first worked with X as a Cyber Elf.
  • In addition to her rebirth as Biometal Model L, the ZX era also contains at least one doll of her.
  • Is also trying to train "small fries" Quote and Curly Brace to better handle themselves underwater; while they can function pretty well thanks to Curly's air tanks, it does noticeably slow them down.
  • Likes to pester Korra and Katara for ice-and-water contest battles. Korra's more receptive to this, while Katara often has to be goaded into accepting by Sokka. Amon has decried these contests as offensive, which she finds hilarious considering he's actually a waterbender.
  • She thinks the Infested are absolutely disgusting. Having heard that they've both tried to infect 2B and 9S's mainframes as well as infiltrated the Water and Ice Subhouse, she intends to destroy any Technocytes she finds in "her" waters. If there's one time she and Wo-Class will work together it's to deal with them.
  • Apparently is the one person who gets along fairly well with Jiren in both his anime and manga personalities, as he's come to understand her mentality of respect towards those who best her in battle. She also shares this commonality with Tien Shinhan, an honorable warrior in green who once served a scummy master and thus relates to her brother. Ironically, the rival they both came to respect is the Earth-raised Saiyan warrior Son Goku, someone who Zero thinks is a bit of a fool.
  • Once came to the aid of A2 in fighting back a Corpus ambush sometime after hearing of A2's choice to keep a distance from 2B and 9S because of their troubled YoRHa history. Rather than persist in any invitations, she respects A2's stoic and solitary attitude, as it reminds her of Zero.

    Vlad von Carstein 
Vladimer von Carstein, Vampire God of Studious Battle Warriors (Count of Sylvania, Vashanesh, Mortarch of Shadow, Vlad the Dad)
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God with the Von Carstein Ring
  • Symbol: The Von Carstein Banner
  • Theme: Danse Macabre
  • Alignment: Depending on the Edition, but mainly Lawful Evil with occasion dips into Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Count of the Von Carstein Vampire Line, The First of the Vampire Counts, The Most Powerful Vampire of his Time, Feared Among those he Opposes, Governing an Undead Society, Reading and Learning as a Fond Hobby, Magic Lightning Bruiser, Courteous and Polite for a Vampire, Deeply loved his Wife Isabella, Opposes his sons Mannfred and Konrad, Seeks to Conquer the Empire as a Means to stop in-fighting, corruption and assert unity, One of the Only Redeeming Members of the Mortarchs
  • Domains: Vampires, Monarchy, Culture, Undead
  • Herald: Isabella von Carstein (his wife)
  • Allies: Lucifer, Homura Akemi, Alucard, Demitri Maximoff, Darth Vader, Vayne Carudas Solidor, Golbez, Bowser, Marceline, Malekith, Nagato, Illyasveil von Einzbern, Captain Cold
  • Allegiance: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Rivals: Dracula (Both his Castlevania and Original Iterations), Arthas Menethil
  • Enemy Mine: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Settra
  • Enemies: Nagash, Mannfred and Konrad von Carstein (his sons), Archaon, Khazrak, Gorthor, Nekron, Melkor, Count Orlok, Griffith, Dio Brando, The Crimson Court, Elizabeth Bathory, Yuuki Terumi, Zamasu, Buffy Summers, The Belmont Bloodline, Link, Princess Zelda, Lucina
  • Respects: Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard, Rachel Alucard, Arcueid Brunestud, Alm and Celica, The Lighthearted Dracula
  • On Good Terms With: The House of Love and Knowledge, Vlad III
  • Amused By: Gangrel and Luna Vachon
  • Complicated Opinions: Blade
  • Opposes: The Chaos Gods, Molag Bal
  • The World of Warhammer is rife of numerous races and cultures of differing faith and allegiance. One of the most puzzling and mysterious are the Vampires who take hold of Sylvania. Originating from Queen Neferata, who sought to become immortal by acquiring knowledge and magical abilities from the Nine Books of Nagash, more vampires birthed rapidly, before eventually dispersing and forming dynasties to establish their prominence and power. The first and greatest Vampire Count, the von Carstein bloodline reached its greatest moments under the governing of Vlad, who's incredible power, affinity for magic and sophisticated military skills asserted him as the most powerful vampire of his time.
  • Vlad von Carstein marched towards the House of Undead as he made his presence known in the Pantheon. A powerful vampire in his own regard, he encountered several beings of his kin, some which intrigued him and others that he outright disliked. Dracula greeted Vlad, initially getting along quite well, given their polite and eloquent attitude, though Vlad's was sincere whereas Dracula had a more devious tone to his. They nearly became allies... until Vlad learned of Dracula's allegiance to Nagash and Nekron. Vlad declined Dracula's offer of alliance, much to the latter's dismay. Despite the two competing against one another, they still hold a measure of respect towards one another.
    • By default, Vlad opposed Nagash mainly due to his disregard for vampires in the Warhammer world and really not giving a damn for anybody other than himself. It still remains in the Pantheon, with Nagash now allied to Nekron, whose end goals align with one another. Because of this, Vlad is directly against the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. While he himself is an undead, Vlad would only carry out extreme actions if its the best or only way to achieve his goals and is more interested in maintaining his own forces rather than plundering and conquering other lands.
  • His horrifying appearance and terrifying reputation aside, Vlad is surprisingly more than meets the eye. His love towards his wife Isabella is incredibly potent, something that a lot of evil-aligned deities find surprising. As a result, he is one of the few evil beings to be given allowance towards the House of Love, where he often spends time with Isabella. Vlad is also a studious individual who loves to read and learn about different cultures and topics. Because of this, he and Isabella spend just as much time in the House of Knowledge thanks to their shared interest. It is also when being in those two houses where Vlad displays the best aspect of his personality.
    • Because of this, he has a good deal of admiration towards Alm and Celica as their love and compassion for one another allowed them to overcome their struggles and unite Valentia. Alm and Celica have admitted to respecting Vlad, though they would not hesitate in opposing him if needed. Given that Vlad invaded The Empire due to his belief that it was corrupt, he has no interest in invading Valentia, and instead decided to try diplomatic relations with the two. Given that vampires are bloodthirsty creatures in nature, progress has been slow, though Vlad is doing his best in getting his vampire forces to understand different ethics and conversing those other than their own kind.
  • Lucifer has decided to invite Vlad into the Grand United Alliance of Chaos due to Vlad's complicated morality and his beliefs of running a government. Vlad took arms and became one of Lucifer's best assets thanks to his military prowess and his affinity in physical combat and magic, eventually being anointed a member of the Morningstar Battalion. He also took the time to converse with Homura Akemi, praising her drive to protect whom she loves and her determination in doing so. Darth Vader in turn has seen Vlad as a capable leader and someone who is able to work well with, something which Vlad returns the favor.
  • Naturally, as a vampire, he found enemies via the Belmonts and Buffy Summers. Despite this, Vlad doesn't really mind them, although he will gladly fight back if he has to. And even then, Vlad points out that there are worse vampires out there than him, which he's not wrong about. Link, Princess Zelda and Lucina aren't too fond of Vlad themselves, seeing him as a dangerous conqueror and a threat to humankind. Despite this, Vlad doesn't hold any animosity, only wishing the three of them can understand his situation.
  • As a member of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Vlad, by default, is opposed to the Grand United Alliance of Good, due to the former being a renounced villain belonging to a monstrous and violent race. However, because the two of them are opposed to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Vlad will not hesitate to aid the GUAG in battle. And this isn't the only time he's helped out the forces of good either, given he carried out a surprise rescue and aid for the Empire during the joint Skaven and Forces of Chaos invasion.
  • Gained a new rival under Arthas Menethil thanks to the two of them being extremely powerful and feared generals of their government and army. Despite this, Vlad expressed some sympathy towards Arthas given how he was driven into darkness by circumstances not under his control and respect in the sense that Arthas treats his forces with respect.
  • Vlad is not exactly fond of Melkor, mainly because the latter seeks to destroy the world due to his inability to create and a swollen ego, despite Vlad's affinity to darkness. In a similar view, he sees Griffith as too much for him to stomach, viewing him and his fellow Godhand as immoral and self-serving if anything else. Griffith, in turn, sees Vlad as inconsequential, in contrast to Melkor who feels that Vlad could be of good use to him and instead aligned himself with Lucifer.
  • Regarding vampires, Vlad has nothing but deep respect for Dracula's son, Alucard, thinking of him as the son he wish he had. While Alucard opposes Vlad, he does understand his frustration and depression regarding his own sons, Mannfred and Konrad, who wound up being Vlad's greatest mistakes and enemies. He also extends this towards Rachel Alucard and Arcueid Brunestud, whom Vlad considers noteworthy vampires and would often invite them to his company. Rachel and Arcueid are pleased by Vlad's hospitality, and although they are of different allegiance, they will fight together under a mutual enemy. He was also intrigued by Marceline, whom he thought would be a good asset in his army. Learning that Marceline never had friends in her childhood, Vlad has tried to make an effort in treating her like a daughter.
    • He has made close acquaintances with Dimitri Maximoff and another Alucard, both being vampires who aren't outright malicious for the hell of it. The two have become enforcers for Vlad during battle, in addition to Dimitri being a superb charmer, something Vlad accomplishes with his magic. His encounter with another Dracula was a a bit comical on the latter's part. Despite their differing personalities and reputation, they got along well, with Vlad admitting that Dracula is a better parent than he is and that his relationship with his daughter Mavis is far better than Vlad could ever hope to have with Konrad and Mannfred.
    • Impressed by Blade and his ability to devastate several vampires, in addition to being a dhamphyr. Vlad wishes he could form an alliance, but considering his own allegiance, he would understand why Blade would oppose him. Vlad also seems amused by the wrestling antics of Gangrel and Luna Vachon. He occasionally brings them over to his castle as a means to amuse himself.
    • Vlad openly despises Count Orlok, seeing him as being too similar to Konrad and outright refusing to align with him in any way. Another group of vampires, The Crimson Court were also seen with disapproval as Vlad doesn't want anything to do with vampires that bring Konrad into his mind. And then there's Dio Brando, who's manipulative charisma and desire to rule the world eerily reminds Vlad of Mannfred. He fights Orlok, The Crimson Court and Dio on several occasions, with Vlad often entering Enemy Mine situations against others who oppose the three of them. Dio wants to posses the Carstein Ring as a means to empower his own immortality, The Crimson Court want to assimilate the Von Carstein bloodline for themselves and Orlok simply dislikes Vlad for having benevolent qualities, being a preacher of the "vampires being inherently evil" status quo.
    • He expresses disappointment and indifference towards Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory, upon learning of Vlad tried to strike an alliance, but Vlad dismissed her, calling her a "desperate wannabe" and finding her methods of trying to stay youthful as petty and miserable. In Vlad's case, the only reason Isabella became a vampire was because she was dying of a plague, and Vlad had no choice but to convert her. Hence, he has no intention to convert Bathory into a vampire, immediately throwing her out of his company. Bathory has since tried to get even with allying with Vlad's vampire enemies.
  • Vlad has nothing but complete disregard and apathy for his succeeding sons Konrad and Mannfred. The former because he was a terrible leader who never had the potential to match Vlad in nearly any way, in addition to his madness causing more damage to the Von Carstein lineage than benefit and the latter for betraying him, leading him to his permanent death and Isabella's suicide and for dooming their world out of petty dissatisfaction. Vlad's deliberate ignorance for them was actually seen as a good thing by most of the Pantheon, which pissed Mannfred and Konrad off, resulting in them forming an alliance to kill Vlad and prove themselves better. Vlad however was far stronger than them and came close to killing them before Nagash appeared, forcing Vlad to retreat, knowing that he's not in a good position to fight against the Great Necromancer.
  • Settra hates vampires with a passion and has no plans of wanting to be true allies with them. However, knowing that Nagash is in the Pantheon and that Vlad is just as much in opposition, Settra decided to call upon a truce and form an alliance with Vlad out of convenience. While their partnership is vitriolic and harsh, they're aware that it's the best they could do when it comes to combating Nagash.
  • Vlad has found some non-vampiric allies under Bowser, Vayne Carudas Soildor and Golbez, who despite some having different allegiances, all get along with him and would often meet up. Bowser and Vlad have gotten along in the sense that both earn the respect of their troops and have a close loved one to cherish, Vayne is another individual who likes to read and learn, often hanging out with Vlad and Isabella in the House of Knowledge and Golbez is another antagonist who does what he believes would benefit for the greater good. Vlad has since made the three of them honorary members of the Von Carstein family.
  • Naturally opposed to the Chaos Gods, and hence, anyone affiliated with them, such as Khazrak and Gorthor. He also learned about Molag Bal and how he played a part in the presence of vampires in the The Elder Scrolls universe. Vlad found Molag Bal to be a disgrace and refused to take part in his allegiance. Molag Bal simply snarked back, stating that Vlad is an evil being cursed to be opposed by good, prompting the vampire to hiss viciously in response.
  • Zamasu is someone whom Vlad took an immediate disliking of the moment he learned about him, and isn't surprised about a rant on vampires and impurity on Zamasu's size. Vlad's response what to state how much of a brainless buffoon he is for calling out to other species when he is meant to represent a good-aligned race, yet did far more damage than many of the villains he opposes. It pissed Zamasu off, causing him to try killing Vlad, who luckily was able to bail out thanks to a timely intervention from the Pantheonic Time Police. Vlad has also clashed against Yuuki Terumi a couple of times after Yuuki made several promiscuous comments on Vlad and Isabella for the sole intent of trolling him.
  • Most of the Pantheon has made it an urgent request to never attempt killing Isabella, at least if Vlad is still alive. If someone does the deed, they'll soon be pummeled and mutilated once Vlad gets his hands on the killer. Some residents have made a few comments on Vlad being "The Vampiric Asura" in that regard, though Vlad has learned enough about Asura and his daughter Mithra to state that he and Asura are different enough.
  • His last moments were of fighting Isabella and effectively having himself killed to bring her back to her senses. Then it was revealed he never turned up in a new universe, much to everyone's dismay. A lot of those who respect Vlad have since paid their tributes...
"Awake O Dead, for there can be no rest for ye beneath the earth. Let the splintered bones burrow from the grave pall. Let cold fingers grip time-worn blades, and unseeing eyes survey the fields of slaughter. For your time has come once more. And the dead shall walk."

Lesser Gods

    The Abyss Watchers 
The Abyss Watchers, Divine Practitioners of Full Aggressive Strategies (The Undead Legion of Farron, Lords of Cinders, Followers of Artorias)
  • Lesser Gods, but becomes Intermediate once the Lord of Cinder mode is activated
  • Symbol: The Watchdogs of Farron emblem
  • Leitmotif: Abyss Watchers
  • Alignment: Mishmashed between Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: An Undead Legion dedicated to hunting down the Abyss, Band of Brothers, Extremely overzealous soldiers, Has wolves as a theme, Acrobatic combat, Fast damaging Wolf Pack Boss, Blood Link via wolf's blood Following Artorias' legacy, Once a selfless (scary) order of knights who were dedicated to protecting humanity
  • Domains: Wolves, Fire, Sword-Dagger Combos, Legacies, Acrobatics
  • Heralds: The Watchdogs of Farron
  • Followers to: Knight Artorias
  • Allies: Gwyn (slightly strained), Great Wolf Sif, Guts, Leonidas I, The Monster Hunters, Geralt of Rivia, Kiba Inazuka and Akamaru, Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
  • Rivals: Reaper, The Hunter, Ludwig the Accursed
  • Source of Interest: The Ancestor, Skarlet
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With most Paladins, especially to Artix Von Krieger and Uther the Lightbringer
  • Disappointed by: Jackie Estacado
  • Respected by: Olga (only on her side)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Revan, anyone who favors shields.
  • Opposed by: Many Kingdom rulers with special mention to The Fierce Protectors of Royalty, Sakura Matou
  • Far from the reaches of kingdoms, in a land cursed with an unholy sign to its inhabitants and an encroaching spread of the Abyss, several soldiers have pledged their lives to combat the latter in crusades long counted. These are the main force of the Undead Legion of Farron. The Abyss Watchers are known to be the great warriors hellbent on destroying anything related to the Abyss. They utilize full on attacks, with no rest, as evidenced by their attitudes, style of attacks and their reputation. Sadly, even after being corrupted by the very thing they were sworn against, they still utilize full on attacks, making them very terrifying to fight even in the face of death.
  • The very attack movestyles they employ are actually based on their founder: Artorias the Abysswalker. Well, "loosely" is a better term considering that their attack styles are reminiscent but not exact as their founder. One of their former members, Hawkwood the Deserter, actually knows Artorias' exact moveset, using a shield and a greatsword rather than the typical sword-dagger combo the Watchers use. Too bad they laughed at him till he quitted the legion.
    • This very attitude of the Legion made them quite boastful of their abilities and very dangerous in combat. Unfortunately, there are openings in their movesets that a smart warrior can use against them. This made them very poor in regards to self-defense, in comparison to their offensive attacks. Their very lightweight armor does not help either.
  • The Watchers found the Pantheon after hearing reports of The First Flame being spotted inside, as well as various dark-related abominations spotted within the vicinity. In a typical Legion-esque visit, they barged in the main gates and attempted to burn the area down. The damage the Watchers have made following them barging through the Pantheon forced Lord Gwyn to intervene as he recognized them since they pledged themselves to the First Flame. Despite the chaos done, they still reside within Pantheon grounds, but now, they are under the King's orders. Though Gwyn has trust issues with the Legion following the fact that they are human to begin with, since he created the Darksign in an attempt to get rid of humanity's own Dark Soul. He still, however, respects them as fellow Lords of Cinder, and greatly appreciates their devotion to the First Flame.
    • However, the moment they noticed Knight Artorias, they immediately abandoned Gwyn in favor of the Wolfknight's commands. As Artorias expected, they have become too fanatical in their general attitude, yet despite this the Legion has dedicated themselves to serve the knight. If anything, its a sign of veneration to the one knight they based themselves upon.
  • Anything, or anyone who is related to dark, either for good or bad intentions, will be a primary target for the Abyss Watchers, as their legacy seeks to remove any trace of dark, as what they did to New Londo and burned the entire nation down. The House of Darkness & Shadow are keeping maximum security on due to their presence, with the Legion constantly attacking the subhouse getting rid of them. The people on the subhouse however have several opinions on them.
    • Chernabog is more annoyed than threatened by the fact that of all the people who dare attack him and his territory Bald Mountain, the Abyss Watchers are not feared of him at all. Even with all the ghostly minions and demons around the mountain, the Watchers have not bothered retreating and insistently kept attacking his domain. While he would intervene and kill a few of them before retreating, the Legion would always come back, bringing more soldiers and even wolves. The fact that it keeps happening on a daily basis only irritates him more. To him, the Watchers are pests; threatening pests.
    • Other deities have tried ignoring their constant invasions but the likes of Nightmare Moon and Dark Link only gave way through frustration as they have a few Watchers invading their personal temples. The former's presence gave way for the Watchers to find an entire group dedicated to plunging the Pantheon into an eternal night, fueling the hatred the Watchers have to her. As for Dark Link, the original Link is only relieved to hear that Dark Link will have to deal with more than just him now that the Watchers will always be watching.
    • Midna however is annoyed with the Watchers presence. Even when she is pretty much the nicest of the subhouse, their attacks have only ruined her peaceful time, putting her in a more angry tone. It has gotten so bad that she decided to go to her imp form and kick their asses for trying to invade her temple. This only worsened the situation and made the attacks much stronger until the top gods of the House of Emotion blocked them from entering the subhouse per Zelda's request.
    • Meanwhile, Zed sees them as notable targets, putting up a fight while being able to take them out for practice. Out of all the temples the Watchers attacked, his has received the third most casualties only behind Jackie and Chernabog's, forcing them to retreat. This lead to less attacks until the Master of Shadows got bored and decided to go to their temple, but instead of an easy time with the Legion, the Legion ambushed him and almost executed him until he made a last ditch teleportation and turned back into his temple. The only thing he can say after the incident is that they are both even.
    • Koichi has made it clear that as a person who has experienced darkness in both its purest and corrupted forms, there is balance in the dark. Unfortunately, the Abyss Watchers don't care and basically attacked him as well. Though he escaped numerous times, he sadly cannot make sense out of an extremely zealous Legion.
  • Even for those deities outside the Darkness & Shadow, many other dark-related deities have started coming up within the Abyss Watchers' radar, some even have contact with disastrous results.
    • After their invasions towards Chernabog's temple, Xehanort was very curious about the Watchers and even planned on trying to use them, until he realised that the Watchers have no semblance of individuality among members, having instead share the same blood as their bretheren via Blood of the Wolf. This only aggravated him as he realizes that they are extremely persistent and with him and the his Seekers of Darkness targeted, they'll be one of the few to receive sudden invasions from the Legion.
    • SCP-106 was also dragged into the conflict, but because of his corrosive properties and his ability to send portions of soldiers into a black dimension, they have been avoiding his presence until a solution is devised. For now, out of most of the dark-related deities, this SCP is something they have no idea how to deal with.
    • Sakura Matou is a different story however. The moment "Dark Sakura" was heard among the pack, the Watchers started marching towards the house of Sakura and attacked her. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, she decided to use her dark form to take the entire Legion with her until one Watcher was left. Little did she know that the one Watcher was readying himself up for the Lord of Cinder powers to kick in. The battle resulted with both Dark Sakura and the Lord of Cindered-Abyss Watcher lying down both defeated. The aftermath left both parties a bad taste in their mouths, as Sakura was forced to use her darkened self while the Watchers have suffered a tremendous loss fighting her.
    • It is true that having both light and dark in a balanced equilibrium is key to a person's life, or that is what Revan has said towards the Legion before engaging him. This resulted with Revan simply using the Force to push them further, never even giving them a little chance of hitting him. In the end, he pities them out of their single-mindedness.
    • On the other hand, their objective of theirs have attracted a certain old man. An Ancestor who also wishes the ghoulish fiends out of the Darkest Estate. Despite their tenuous alliance, the Ancestor has seen their prowess and is considering bringing them into the fray of the estate. In response, some of them sent a portion of the Legion to combat the darkness within.
    The Ancestor: "To fight the Abyss, one must know it."
  • Being a host of the Primordial Darkness is an arduous task, and Jackie was not pleased following the Abyss Watchers' presence, now that the Legion has been constantly watching him. Yet despite this, he pities them in a disappointing stance, considering that the Abyss Watchers can be good soldiers of duty if they just drop any grudge against the dark and sometimes be helpful rather than burning every single dark-based deity around. He even admits that the Legion itself can be helpful with him against those who wants to take the Darkness from him, but alas, such deal can he only dream
    Jackie: "If only the Watchers knew more than just being against the dark, I'd be glad to help them. Just a shame they had to be this rigid."
  • Surprisingly, one Goddess took notice when her former title was taken by the Legion. Olga was surprised to see a bunch of humans perform such aggressive tactics in their general lineup. For now, she'll enjoy watching how the Watchers fare before its her turn to take them down.
  • Speaking of kingdoms, the Fierce Protectors or Royalty have very much opposed their ways of burning down kingdoms with no remorse. Princess Bubblegum in particular has criticized the Watchers for their constant merciless onslaughts following the fate of New Londo, fearing that they will do the same towards their kingdoms. While their intentions are noble for eliminating any signs of the Abyss, their methods are very irrational for the kings to consider.
  • As aformentioned with their Blood Link, Skarlet has taken notice of this and sees their situation to be "unique" as very rare do people link their own blood with others, moreso an army. She wishes to get a sample of the wolf blood the Watchers use to see the various powers she could unleash, if they didn't pose a threat in the first place.
  • Hate is a rather strong word when it comes to Zant's opinion on the Abyss Watchers. He rather despises them, with their motives and their fighting styles. Whenever he's alone, he keeps complaining and whining about their presence, always stalking or watching his move, making attacks at the Palace of Twilight with no hesitation or even attempting to put him at a corner. It doesn't help that, much like Artorias, considers him an enemy for attempting to place the world into a realm of Twilight and darkness, making him a good target for the Legion.
    • Another king the Legion have started to take notice of is King Allant, especially when all the hatred of both him and Gwyn escalated. The King was furious knowing that people who linked "Gwyn's precious flame" as he describes it, have started making their way into Pantheon grounds, potentially solidifying his rule. This news forced him to send a continuous army of Penetrator Metas and Boletarian Knights in an attempt to stall the Watchers. With this in mind, the King has only a few moments to spare before Gwyn starts bringing more Lords of Cinder into the mix.
    • And if that was not enough, another king has caught the eyes of the Legion. Mard Geer was not happy to hear that a bunch of humans have started invading his temple constantly. Despite kicking them to the curb, more Watchers seem to appear, angering him even more.
      Mard Geer: "Okay, I've had enough of these damned Watchers. You have been wasting both my time and presence that it insinuates my royalty.
  • The Legion's mode of eliminating dark has been contested by the likes of both Uther and Artix, with both seeing the Watchers' way of dealing against the dark forces rather unpleasant and merciless. Uther in particular has a beef with the Watchers, seeing them as "failed Paladins" due to a lack of mercy towards their enemies. Unfortunately, any amicability between the Abyss Watchers and Artix have become null the moment it was revealed that Artix is in fact, the Champion of Darkness. This form only angered the watchers to the point of activating their second ability the moment they met him the second time. At this point, both Paladins have only considered seeing them when a bigger threat arises.
    • This objective of theirs has annoyed Noob Saibot, as his attempts of plunging the world into a portion of darkness for Netherrealm has been on a slow pace following their presence. With them hunting every single darkness based deity one by one, it will eventually be time until Bi-Han is forced to handle the Watchers himself.
    • On the other hand, Guts has taken a liking for the Abyss Watchers for their tenacity, brutal methods and attacks. He is even of talking with Artorias in an idea that he can lead the Watchers against Griffith and the abominable Godhand in a war with the armies. The only thing he'll need to watch out for is their corruption to the Abyss.
  • Much like their inspiration, they have a rather fond affinity with wolves, as evidenced by one Watchdog of Farron where they give swordgrass as a gift of their covenant. The Great Wolf Sif was howling knowing that the wolf's bretheren was recognized among the Legion.
    • As a Legion, more often than not they will work in packs like their greatwolf companions. This gave interest with the Spartan Leonidas, who has stated he is willing to let the Abyss Watchers go wild with their attacks, even so much to consider them as their offensive bretheren. Ludwig also joined in on the action, but the Watchers drew their swords the moment they saw him as beast. Despite the first Church Hunter stating his peace, the Legion has been kept wary of the alliance they share with him.
  • In an act of desperation for new allies, the Watchers have taken a liking for some deities that they declare them as honorary members of the Legion. So far, Lady Maria, Geralt of Rivia and Kiba & Akamaru have been considered into the Legion. Maria was flattered especially noticing their similar fighting styles, Kiba and Akamaru were excited following their sights on their greatwolves, and Geralt took the invitation with a grain of salt as he knows the Watchers would become a threat should they act different as in corrupted by the Abyss.
    • The Monster Hunters have also gathered around and even considered making an alliance with the Watchers in return that the Hunters trade some herbs and that the Watchers can trade certain sorceries and gear. If needed, they will join forces against darkness-based creatures should the danger arise between the two.
    • The deal with Geralt unfornately brought with it danger as the King of the Wild Hunt, Eredin Glas noticed the Watchers. In return, the Legion has placed him as one of their top priorities, even so far as to be ready should the Wild Hunt start and eradicate every human. The King only laughed as he staunchly boasted that a mere legion is nothing compared to The Wild Hunt.
  • Reaper has made it clear that he will NOT join the Abyss Watchers, despite receiving some invitations and even the sword and dagger weapons. He does tolerate albeit of the Legion Etiquette gesture, in comaprison to most deities who cannot stand the edge. The Hunter was also one of the few to also receive an invitation to join the Legion but he also declined. Some of the Watchers have noticed the Hunter's origin story, believing to be also part of the Legion even for some cases of Hunters going rogue, much like the Watchers who succumbed to the Abyss and started an eternal civil war against each other.
  • Between all the attacks the Watchers have made, two swords of unholy intentions have been eager to use the Watchers for their own needs. Soul Calibur wants to gather the Abyss Watchers in an attempt to persuade them to become her own knights of her order, while Soul Edge wants to get rid of them or better yet possess them with his own powers. By the time they were done, several legions have been sent towards each of their own temples in an attempt to purge them clean. Despite all the fighting, both legions were forced to retreat. Now the two swords consider a race on which of them will prevail over the control of the Abyss Watchers.
  • The Legion's banner flag was raised once again when one of their warriors identified a similar figure from the House of Profession, in what seems to be the same Ashen One that slayed the Legion following their eventual corruption. This angered the Legion and forced the majority of the army to engage the house in an attempt to slay the Ashen One. When they made it, a battle ensured only until it was a one-on-one fight between a Lord of Cinder-activated Abyss Watcher and the Ashen One. Thankfully, the top gods of the House have stopped the fight and brought the Legion back to their original spot. Despite the unfolded events, many have wondered how many have linked the Flame following the reveal of the Abyss Watcher's secondary power.
    • Outside of the Ashen One however, they hold hatred towards the tyrant Sulyvahn following the latter's usage of dark, or to be more specific, the Deep. His sacrilege of Anor Londo, and usage of an unholy blob abomination only earned further hatred amongst the Legion.
    • Friede and Gael have unfortunately been on the Abyss Watchers' radar for a while, with implications of the former using Blackflame and the latter eating the Dark Soul of Man. The latter being the top priority between the two of them. Funnily enough, when portions of the Watchers slowly went hollow, some resided in Friede's domain, with some Greatwolves even brought in as well.
  • For those who wish to understand the Legion in-depth, a certain mortal has documented the Abyss Watchers' lore into a condensed report.

Adon, God of Arrogant Martial Artists (Self-Proclaimed God of Muay Thai, The Fanged Beast)

Balrog, God of Dirty Boxers (Mike Bison, Boxer, Violent Boxer, The Crazy Buffalo)
Click here to see him as the champ 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Gloves
  • Theme Songs: Balrog Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Scary Black Men, Eagleland, Gigaton Punch, Headbutts, Those Who Fight For Money, Use of Punching Attacks, Lightning Bruisers, Being Heavily Modeled After Mike Tyson, Jerks, Dumb Muscles, Gratuitous English, Using Every Dirty Trick To Win
  • High Priest: Axel Hawk
  • Allies: M. Bison, Urien, Kano, Aran Ryan
  • Enemies: Dudley, TJ Combo, Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Guile, Charlie Nash, Zangief, Edmond Honda, Sagat, Ippo Makunouchi, Coco, Toriko and Komatsu, Tien Shinhan
  • Balrog's ascension to the Pantheon was requested by his boss, Master Bison. With this event, the Three Shadaloo Devas began plotting a takeover in the Pantheon.
  • Loathes Sagat for betraying Shadoloo, and swears to give the Muay Thai master a deserved punch in the gut.
  • He's the brutish polar opposite of Vega's narcissism, which often drives the two at odds with each other. One time this was evident was when they teamed up together in their quest for retrieving Pandora's Box.
  • Often visits the House of Commerce by just making bets to every God who challenges him.
  • Has an enmity with Dudley because he represents everything the contrary for him. He also has enmity with Ippo as he stood for the perversion of everything Ippo represents. And now that both gods are in the same House, the hostility has reached a boiling point.
  • He's been seen doing jobs for people outside of Shadaloo as of late, particularly ever since the details of Shadaloo's downfall in the mortal world were revealed to include his selling them out to Urien and the Illuminati for a lucrative payday. One fellow criminal he really works well with is Kano, since both are jerks who are fighting just for the money. In fact, they both tried to jump Guile at one point when Guile came after Balrog for answers about something. Unfortunately, this coincided with the Pantheonic return of Charlie Nash, who took down Kano with his Judgement Saber and sent Balrog running.
  • Wiz and Boomstick arranged a boxing match for Balrog against TJ Combo. The Crazy Buffalo is eager to smash his opponent's face in. He came out of it with a twisted arm and a lost head. Balrog now anticipates the day TJ Combo ascends to the Pantheon for a rematch.
    • TJ Combo eventually did make it to the Pantheon, and now Balrog is working harder than ever. He WANTS that rematch, and he wants it REAL bad!
  • Balrog adopted a young orphan named Ed. While Balrog isn't the best person to take care of a kid, he actually liked the kid and was saddened that a fight between them (due to a big dose of Poor Communication Kills on Balrog's part) caused them to split. Various gods actually feel sorry for them. They later reconciled as friendly rivals on the boxing circuit, which earned a rare standing ovation.
  • He and Vega joined Bison in a feud with another Four Heavenly Kings group due to that group's counterpart to their newest member refusing to join Shadaloo in F.A.N.G.'s temporary stead.

    Cody Travers 
Cody Travers, God of Pragmatic Combat (The Bored Jailbreaker, Emo Brooder, The Hero of Metro City (Formerly), Fallen Hero, Mayor of Metro City)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mayor suit; alternatively, a pipe and a knife
  • Theme Songs: Stripes, Turn the Beat Back (SSFIV "No Rules" Edition, SFV "Mayor's Schedule" Edition)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good but tries his hardest to be closer to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fallen Heroes, Exercising Self-Restraint, Dirty Fighting, Fighting in Handcuffs, Criminal Upper, Byronic Heroes, Knives, Being the Same Character, but Different, Deconstructed Blood Knights, Sarcasm.
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Prison.
  • High Priest: Regal Bryant
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Kano, Senator Armstrong, Ethan Roark Senior, Richard Wilkins
  • Formerly known as the Hero of Metro City, Cody Travers became famous after dismantling the Mad Gear Gang and saving his girlfriend Jessica Haggar with the help of his friends Guy and his then father-in-law Mike Haggar. However, Cody became addicted to fighting, to the point that he was sent to prison for starting fights he didn't even participate in. Even in prison, Cody is no slouch, as he can easily fight with his handcuffs on as well as when he has nothing at all, some even think he keeps them as a form of Self-Restraint.
    • Cody used to be a deity in the pantheon until one day he just dissapeared without notice. Then he resurfaced, revealed to have become the new Mayor of Metro City in the place of Mike Haggar which surprised a lot of deities with Cody having yet another drastic change in his life. Still, he continues fighting in the streets, but this time as a protector of Metro City again.
  • He was glad that after his departure from the pantheon and eventual return that his friend Guy managed to become a deity, and he was even with his sister-in-law Maki. They first sparred a bit like in the good old days and Cody as usual came out on top and then Cody mentioned that he came accross Guy's master Zeku, who he found to be a tad bit eccentric but nonetheless they remained on friendly terms.
  • Not very happy with many of the former Mad Gear members having a presence in the pantheon, but thankfully after a run-in with Abigail, he found out that most of them have already quit being criminals. Well, except Rolento who still seeks to make his perfect Utopia and Cody, being the usual Blood Knight he is, wants to settle things more personally with that guy.
  • In the past, Cody was a bit infamous with the House of Justice members concerning his criminal past, even if his crimes were more or less an excuse to send him to jail. His increasing thirst for battle made him undergo a change for the worst but deep down he was still an heroic person, even if he personally didn't felt like it. His life was turned for the better when Haggar chose him as his successor and he won the ellection, becoming the next mayor of Metro City. Even though he personally hasn't changed much, he has a better standing with the house nowadays.
  • Given his pragmatism, Cody is prone to fighting with either a pipe or a knife and he is pretty effective with both. It is said that he got some pointers from Leon Kennedy and became a lot more proficient with the latter weapons, to the point that even Kano started respecting the good ol' mayor. Of course, Cody wants nothing but to bash Kano's skull since he knows what kind of dirty snake he is.
  • While he is a good meaning person, his job as a mayor sometimes is less than stellar. That's why Haggar assigned Cody a secretary that would keep him in line, but sometimes he gets bored and dozes off in office. He is been trying to get some pointers from other people but the best he found was the Mayor of Townsville, who is notoriously more incompetent that he makes Cody look reasonable by comparison. He also found it interesting that Ms. Bellum resembles his secretary Marlowe quite a bit.
    • However, thanks to the Mayor, he is been able to be in contact with the Powerpuff Girls and they have been of great help for Cody when it comes to dealing with the loose crooks in Metro City. The three girls were a bit surprised when Mayor Cody sometimes joins them to fight some bad guys or even finding out that he was formerly an inmate (Although he was wrongly convicted at the time), or even learning how before that, he was considered one of the heroes of his city. To them, it looks like he's becoming that last one again, but he still thinks that's an exaggeration.
  • Ever since gaining the role of Mayor, Cody has pondered about how he would be able to deal with those who he can't quite reach like he used to when he was a vigilante. However, given his political position, he made an effort in trying to confronting the more corrupt political side whenever possible. However, he usually ends up trying to fight them when he is given the chance, but more pacifistic political deities have tried to get him in line, with little success so far.
    • Mayor Richard Wilkins and Ethan Roark Senior were the first ones that ticked off Cody the wrong way, their corruption allowed their city to be filled with even more criminals and monsters making the old Metro City of the past look peaceful by comparison. He is trying to contain his anger to punch them right in their face and try to shut them down with other methods after some members of the GUAG have warned him that they aren't easy to take down.
    • On the hand there was Senator Armstrong, a man who preached that Cody was outstanding symbol of how a leader should be. But mostly, Armstrong praised Cody's strength as a fighter and even faced him in one on one to see how strong he really was. Armtrong held back a little but was not dissapointed in the mayor display of strength and approved of Haggar for choosing a worthy successor, even trying to recruit Cody for GUAC since he knew that the man preferred more pragmatic methods instead of being held back by laws. In the end Cody refused, stating that Armstrong is another darwinist lunatic and that he wants to leave his past behind to change for the better.
  • One day, a bored Cody stumbled upon Black Cannary and he started hitting on her. While initially she and Green Arrow weren't very amused by it, Cody admitted the only reason he did that was because Dinah reminded him of his ex-girlfriend Jessica and stopped doing that after a while. They remained on good terms after that, sometimes he calls both Dinah and Oliver to deal with some matters in Metro City that he can't quite do himself.
  • While initially they were rivals, given them being cops and all, eventually Cody came to respect Axel, Adam and Blaze since he too stopped a criminal syndicate from taking over his city too. Now as a mayor and no longer a convict, Cody is in much friedlier terms with them, even aiding the trio in their endeavors against Mr. X.
  • Some deities from the House of Combat Wrestling have found that Cody resembles Kenny Omega a lot and have tried to challenge him to a Wrestling Match. Fortunately for him, he has learned a few moves from Haggar and held his own against many of the deities from the House, but he usually prefers to fight differently and often brings his Pipe along. After all, he is not the God of Pragmatic Combat for nothing.
    • That said, out of all the wrestlers who are out for him, it's Xavier Woods of the New Day, who he's been making challenges from wrestling to video games.
  • "Desk work just isn't my thing, you know? Looks like I can have a little fun now".


"Let's Fight Like Gentlemen"

Dudley, God of Those Who Fight Like Gentlemen (Sir Dudley, A Ravishing Star in the Sky of Battle, The Righteous Boxer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Blue Boxing Gloves next to the Victory Rose
  • Theme Song: Leave Alone or You Blow My Mind
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Those Who Fight Like Gentlemen (Namer of the Trope), Quintessential British Gentlemen, Badass Mustaches, Blue Boxing Gloves, Cultured Badasses, Genius Bruisers, Cool Cars, Corkscrew Blow, Use of Punches in Fights, Roses, Counter Attack That Takes Damage to Perform, Cool Spots Inside Brash Personalities, Those Dressed With Impeccable Taste, Tea Drinkers
  • Domains: Boxing, Class, Tea, Roses, Cars
  • Herald: Ortho K. Gotch (his butler)
  • High Priest: Mickey Rogers
  • Allies: Elena, Ryu, Alex, Henry Hatsworth, Iroh, Hershel Layton, Little Mac, Glass Joe, Alex Louis Armstrong, Akihiko Sanada, Mary Lennox, Rocky Balboa, T.J. Combo, Rashid, Apollo Creed
  • Worthy Opponent: Many of the ascended boxers from Punch-Out!!
  • Enemies: Balrog (his Evil Counterpart), Vega, M. Bison, Gill
  • Former Enemy: The Kureshima Brothers (due to the Project: Alternate!Gentaro incident)
  • Not to be confused with: Dudley Dursley (who ironically has taken up boxing)
  • Was formerly Henry Hatsworth's follower. However, he said that it was time for Dudley to officially ascend to the Pantheon.
    • The two still get along, and they also invite Iroh and Professor Layton for tea in his humongous rose garden.
  • Accompanied fellow Goddess Elena in a quest to retrieve Pandora's Box. He really wasn't interested in the box itself (or about the situation in general), but just wanted to make sure Elena was alright in their mission. In the end, he took a piece of the Pandrora's Box and buried it in his garden, which blooms spectacular flowers to this day.
    • When he came to the Pantheon, Elena burst with joy along with her good friends Gentaro and Pinkie Pie, welcoming him with a celebratory party. He was very happy to find Elena safe and sound.
  • Has a strong enmity with Balrog, as he considers the God of Dirty Boxers as a bad influence in the Pantheon and does not consider him a true boxer and that enmity has reached a boiling point now that the two of them are in the same house.
    • However, after he learned the story about how he had a breaking out with a boy named Ed, Dudley felt absolute pity for Balrog and wonders if it's possible for someone like Balrog to actually have feelings other than greed in his heart.
  • Found himself as a mentor figure to Little Mac, amazed by the young boy's determination and never-give-up attitude. Also is willing to have tea and croissants with Glass Joe, and is willing to also mentor the Frenchman into becoming a better boxer, praising on how Glass Joe is still able to keep fighting despite his 1-99 win-lose record.
    • Is probably the counterpart of Soda Popinski due to them being boxers with an affinity for a particular drink (Tea for Dudley, Soda for Popinski). Dudley has politely put down Popinski's request on trying his soda though.
  • His mansion is one of the most luxurious in all the Pantheon, and has an extensive collection of Cool Cars along with the above mentioned rose garden.
  • For some odd reason, he has one of Freddie Mercury's outfits. Dudley states that he actually is a fan of his music, and Freddie himself enjoys having tea with the boxer.
  • Harry Potter was a bit hesitant about interacting with Dudley at first, due to how his name and profession reminded him of his piggish cousin. However, the two got to know each other better through some tea. Also had to tell Matt and Jeff Hardy (along with Edge and Christian) that no, he's not related to a Tag Team known as "The Dudley Boyz"
    • Speaking of Matt Hardy, he has no idea what to think of Matt's BROKEN/WOKEN appearance and attitude and would like to say less about Matt's accent.
    • And then Harry's cousin, and parents, ascended into the Pantheon. Vernon has to admit that Dudley is a respectable gentlemen, and the boxer is glad to know that Harry and his cousin have a better bond with one another.
  • Is never seen without his blue boxing gloves on, and is capable of grooming himself AND sipping tea with them. Unlike with Strong Bad, no god asks how he's able to type with boxing gloves on, seeing as it would be too un-gentleman like to ask such a thing.
  • Was amazed to find Alex make his way to the Pantheon, and the two have planned to bring in the Street Fighter III fighters to ascend. Elena has also agreed to join them - after all, many of them are her good friends!
    • Is good friends with Elena, and thus was the one who kept Elena grounded when she found about "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and looked in utter disappointment to Takatora for not realizing his younger brother's treachery. Is willing to team up with Takatora to end the madness... and also because someone has to make sure Elena doesn't kick Takatora's teeth in.
    • Mitsuzane has confirmed to show remorse for his actions and is atoning for it. As the gentleman that he is, Dudley has decided to forgive the boy for his mistakes and invites him for tea every now and then.
  • Found an unusual goddess by the name of Mary Lennox enter his temple, asking if she could "Have a little earth". Dudley agreed that she could, and Mary now takes care of his rose garden.
  • Doesn't like the Death Battles that his fellow gods get subjected to, but when he learned that Balrog was fighting his follower TJ Combo, he decided to help train Combo for the bout. He was happy to learn TJ Combo winning...not so happy about how it ended with Balrog (literally) losing his head.
    • Was proud of his follower T.J. Combo for ascending to the Pantheon. The two can often be found sparring together, although Dudley still is unnerved on TJ's victory over Balrog.
  • Was NOT HAPPY to find Gill in the Pantheon, still bitter on how Gill took his father's car. He's also not happy to find Urien and Kolin here either and is keeping a sharp eye on them.
  • Has become closer to Rocky, who says Dudley reminds him of his late friend Apollo Creed. He was quite proud of hearing about Rocky's training of Apollo's son, Adonis, and is willing to train the boy even further. He was also quick to invite Apollo for tea in his temple when the latter ascended.
  • Never without his loyal butler by his side, he has met up with fellow Street Fighter Rashid, who also has fellow butler, Azam, with him. Apparently both butlers are part of a Butler's Association.
  • Is well acquainted with Tekken gods Lei Wong and Christie Monteiro since he encountered them while accompanying Elena during the search for Pandora's Box.
  • "Keep it classy!"

    Fiona Mayfield 
Fiona Mayfield, Goddess of Apologetic Combat and Frail Girl Powerhouses (The fantasy-loving girl who became an ethereal spirit, Fio, Crybaby Maid, Maid Lady)

Rammus, God of Practical Taunts (The Armordillo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His armored, spiked shell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good / True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Speaking very little but managing to pull off taunts anyway, being the only one of his kind, creating earthquakes, Having great speed for a tank
  • Allies: Champions of Runeterra (in particular Blitzcrank (Not Ascended)), Sonic the Hedgehog, Good-Hearted Gods who play Soccer
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients, Bowser, Twitch
  • Enemies: None (specifically)
  • There was some debate on who to bring up to this position. The debate was settled after it was brought up that Rammus was actually able to taunt people successfully by simply raising his arms and not saying a word.
  • Rammus largely keeps to himself, although he has gone to the House of Beasts from time to time.
  • Upon meeting Bowser, the Koopa King noticed the similarity in appearance, deciding to challenge the Armordillo to a fight on account of 'stealing his style'. Despite Bowser's powerful strikes though, Rammus was able to simply taunt and curl up, letting both his own attacks and Rammus' Tremors do most of the work. Bowser has since stated that he'll be training for a rematch. Rammus himself is interested and is looking forward to another match.
  • His Powerball has been noted to look an awful lot like the spindash Sonic and other Mobian gods use. After he found out, Sonic decided to help train him, especially after seeing how fast he can go. Sonic hopes for a race sometime, once Rammus is able to fix the slow start of Powerball. Many League champs dread the day that happens.
  • Is trying to find a way to help his friend, Blitzcrank, ascend into the pantheon. Of course, he got the wrong track when he heard there's someone who pulls people off and thought that was Blitzcrank… only to be revealed that it's Pudge.
  • Usually only says stuff like 'Ok' and 'Yeah' with the most he normally has ever said being 'Shut up'.
  • Axe has called him out for stealing his Berserker's Call. Rammus simply lets his taunt do the job, and then the next day, Axe came back home with bruises on his body. Why? Because Rammus doesn't need to spend gold to buy a Blademail or Thornmail to deflect damage when he taunts.
  • He is in good graces with several soccer players, such as Captain Tsubasa Oozora, because Rammus is pretty willing to let himself get kicked as a replacement ball. This also gives them a good method of self-defense, because everyone dreads a rolling armordillo with enhanced speed right on their face (and unlike Sonic, he'll not complain of the pain, he just says "Ok"). And so, in the Pantheon, Rammus gets a bonus role of being a Support.
  • "Ok."

Reyn, God of Combat Enthusiasm (Smelly Oruga, Silly Brute, Mean Reyn, Rain, Rein)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Gunlance
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfoilo: Big Guy with Big Personality, The butt of so many jokes, Bulky Fighter with Low Speed who uses it to his advantage,The blue oni to Shulk's red, "Now it's Reyn Time!", Hot-Blooded Fiery Redhead, Those who grow to be strong warriors with a sense of compassion, BFG/BFS that doubles as a shield, Those who worry about being Overshadowed by Awesome, Fountain Of Memetic Quotes, Those who leave the thinking to others, The Big Guy.
  • Domains: Combat, Friendship, Idiocy (At least when it comes to his quotes), Loyalty, Protection, Weaponry
  • Allies: Shulk, Dunban, Melia, Riki (in a Vitriolic Best Buds sort of way), Chuggaaconroy, Augus, Rainbow Dash, Fiona Mayfield, Potemkin, Iron Tager
  • Enemies: Zanza, Metal Face, Dickson, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposes: Itazura Grifers
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Lol Rangers, T.J Detweiler
  • Membership: Grand United Alliance of Good
  • His title was originally held by Augus, but due to the Court of the Gods noticing some Gods hold more than one trope, they have decided to move multiple tropes from already ascended Gods to those ready to be ascended. Reyn is one of them, and Augus agreed to relinquish one of his titles.
  • The day Reyn ascended was certainly a interesting one. The first thing he did upon ascension was to surprise Shulk with a side hug, and a nice slap on the back. And surprised the Monado Boy was, and it was a good one at that.
    • Of course, when Riki heard he ascended, he promptly knocked him over by bumping into his face (accidentally). He responded by grabbing the Nopon by his tuft. Riki didn't take it well. It's not like they're mortal enemies now, but they still have quite a bit before they drop their Vitriolic part of their friendship.
    • And when Chuggaaconroy heard that he ascended as well, Melia couldn't help but chuckle as she saw Chuggaa also hug and fawn over him. Reyn was appreciative, but quite embarrassed by the hugging and fanboying of one of his biggest fans.
  • Due to his status as Butt-Monkey back in his home universe, Reyn has grown completely used to being teased/pranked by the Good-Aligned Gods of the Pantheon, due to being not exactly good with his praises, among other things. That said, he does get a little annoyed with some taunts occasionally, especially if it stems from Riki.
  • In battle, Reyn tends to deal heavy blows to his enemies, and distract them with his taunting, leaving them open to attacks by others. The fact he can take the blows he deals don't hurt either. Some Gods do suggest a medic be on stand-by when he fights so he doesn't succumb to too much damage.
  • He is disgusted about the Trollkaiger's actions. To him, sometimes, they take their trolling too far for their own good, and will not hesitate to take them on with his friends if they attempt to piss him or his buddies off one too many times.
    • Likewise, he has mixed feelings about the Lol Rangers, as he knows their intentions are more good natured, but being the occasional butt of their jokes can get annoying to him.
    • As for the Itazura Grifers, he isn't really on good terms with them, and steers clear from them whenever possible. However, they do happen to draw the line at Trollkaiger-level trolling, and when the malicious trolling group shows up, Reyn and the Itazura Grifers will devise an Enemy Mine just to drive them off.
  • Has befriended Rainbow Dash, due to both of them spawning memorable quotes of their own, and their established sense of loyalty to their own friends. Reyn does wish to learn from her own sense of loyalty when it comes to protecting his own friends.
    • Has likewise been befriended by similar slow powerhouses Potemkin and Iron Tager, due to his slow but mighty power, plus, all being solders on the mortal plain don't hurt anyone. The trio do tend to have a friendly spar from time to time, and will lend a hand when Reyn and his friends take on Zanza or Metal Face.
      • Fiona Mayfield has also befriended him, mainly because she's also friends with Shulk, and that he's willing to teach her how to wield Camelot like he wields his Gunlance.
  • "Man, what a buncha jokers!"

    Tiny Tiger 
Tiny Tiger, God of Muscular Morons (Taz Tiger)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: Tiny Tiger (2); Tiny Tiger (Warped); Tiny Arena/Turbo Track; Tiny Temple
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Top-Heavy Guy, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, Evil Sounds Deep, Shoulders of Doom, Hulk Speak, Fluffy the Terrible, Seldom-Seen Species
  • Domains: Villainy, Muscles
  • Herald: Koala Kong
  • Allies: Dr. Cortex, N. Gin, Uka Uka, Kalibak
  • Rivals: Maximus Decimus Meridius, Tasmanian Devil
  • Enemies: Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot, Aku Aku, N. Oxide
  • Odd Friendship with: Will Fit Trainer
  • Weird Relations regarding: Kronk
  • Friendly Enemies: Tawna and the Nitro Squad
  • Tiny Tiger is among the various evolved animals created by Dr. Cortex and N. Brio and this Tasmanian tiger is among the most loyal to Cortex overall (even if he didn't originally work with him a first). He is very muscular in appearance and has plenty of physical strength (not to mention surprisingly agile despite what his tiny legs may suggest), but is far from intelligent. He is only capable of speaking in third person, is prone to breaking things by accident, and is very much just a mindless beast.
  • A gladiator arena was suddenly set-up one day in the Pantheon, prompting a number of deities eager for battle to step in and see what challenges await. What they ended up witnessing was an agile beast with plenty of strength to give some of these combatants some trouble. At some point, the beast known as Tiny, saw Crash enter the arena after the latter was told that Cortex was planning something again and Tiny immediately went on the offensive to get rid of the bandicoot. Although Crash wasn't that smart in comparison, he was still able to defeat Tiny once more, with the arena they were at crumbling down as a result of Tiny's recklessness. Crash was able to get out of there, though Tiny ended up in Cortex's ownership once more with the Tasmanian tiger vowing to destroy Crash once more.
  • It took a bit of time for another gladiator arena dedicated to fighting Tiny to get built. In any case, it still remains a good spot for certain deities to try and challenge a muscular and agile beast. In some instances, a few deities ended up getting kidnapped by an outside force and put inside that arena to try and fight Tiny. Maximus is among those who have ended up in Tiny's gladiator arena one way or another and has engaged in fighting against the Tasmanian tiger as a means to escape.
  • Many have seen Tiny as a counterpart to Crunch Bandicoot on the grounds of being a muscular and not having the best intelligence out of the respective teams they're on. Tiny has even stated at one point that Crunch was just a softie in comparison and it's believed that Crunch sees Tiny as what the bandicoot could have become if he remained allies with Dr. Cortex. If given the chance (which hasn't happened thus far), Tiny would be willing to beat up Crunch and send him back to Dr. Cortex to try and get the Bandicoot back on Cortex's side via some brainwashing method.
  • Being a creature from Tasmania, many wanted to try and get Tiny to meet up with the Tasmanian Devil to see how they would get along, partially motivated by the fact that someone mistakenly referred to Tiny as Taz Tiger at one point. This didn't really happen until Cortex was busy musing to himself about what kind of plan to defeat Crash and co should he come up with next. In that interim, Tiny and Taz ended up having their meeting, with both of them being a bit confused about the other at first. Taz ended up thinking that Tiny was a stronger-looking version of Crash despite the fact that they're different creatures and Tiny ended up attempting to attack Taz. Chaos ensued and by the time things were fixed, Tiny and Taz have already shown that they would attack each other if they were to meet again.
  • Kalibak ended up running into Tiny while the former was performing a mission to try and get the respect from Darkseid that he wanted. Kalibak ended up fighting a foe that had no connection to Tiny in any way and failed at it. After getting defeated, Kalibak tried to talk to Tiny in the hopes that someone can understand his plight. Although Tiny was not exactly a cohesive talker, what Kalibak could gather was that Tiny was loyal to Cortex and despite a number of failures, the Tasmanian tiger hasn't gotten on Cortex's bad side to inflict a variety of punishment unlike Darkseid who doesn't tolerate failure from his subordinates, especially from someone like Kalibak. Tiny and Kalibak parted on good terms with the latter thinking that Tiny will provide a bit of extra strength to help Kalibak get out of trouble.
  • Dr. Cortex originally wanted Crash to lead the Cortex Commandos before the latter escaped and subsequently became Cortex's arch-nemesis. Although the idea for the Cortex Commandos has mostly been abandoned, Tiny being the most loyal animal towards Cortex has led a few to believe that Tiny could fit the potential position of leading the Cortex Commandos. Him sometimes being seen wearing a military uniform and going to the House of War to check in on some strong soldiers would have bolstered that idea if it weren't for the fact that people have said that his commands during those visits are simplistic at best.
  • If he's not working alongside Dr. Cortex, then Tiny will sometimes make a series of fitness videos known as "Tiny-Bo". He also has a series of fitness chains set up in the Pantheon that allows some deities to try out his own brand of fitness. These fitness chains also sell a lemongrass and avocado protein drink, which has proven popular amongst those who have tried it. Wii Fit Trainer is among those who have tried out Tiny-Bo for themselves and they have apparently stated that it's something others should look into.
  • More than a handful of deities have seen Kronk and Tiny as sort of opposites towards each other as far as muscular idiots are concerned. Whereas Kronk was too good-hearted to get involved with working for someone evil and rightfully (if in a weird sort of way) cut all ties with his former boss, Tiny is someone who might be even dumber than Kronk in terms of intelligence and has remained a faithful ally to Dr. Cortex. Kronk did try to communicate with Tiny at one point and although the conversation between them was a bit weird, Kronk thinks that Tiny isn't a completely bad creature.
  • While many know him to be a Tasmanian tiger, some deities have claimed to see an anthropomorphic Siberian tiger calling himself Tiny running around in the Pantheon. Unlike the idiotic Tiny that most are familiar with, Tiny the Siberian Tiger is smarter in comparison, but has a much campier attitude. There hasn't really been much of a point in asking the Tasmanian tiger about that Siberian tiger given how much of an idiot the Tasmanian tiger is to begin with.
  • As much as Tiny is incredibly loyal to Dr. Cortex, there was one instance where Aku Aku and Uka Uka got into conflict and Tiny was drafted into the former's side to balance the odds. While that instance wasn't really documented that much, it supposedly ended with Tiny forgetting that he was working with Dr. Cortex and his cohorts. This did bring up an idea amongst certain deities that would involve attempting to get Tiny on the side of good through various means, but it's not something that's expected to be put into action or even succeed if an attempt is made.

Vega, God of 'Beautiful' Fighting (Balrog, Claw, The Scarlet Terror, Card-Carrying Psychopath, Bloody Claw, Blood Stained Rose, Vega Fabio La Cerda/The Evil Matador, Spittin' Narcissism, The Sweet Whisper of Death)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Mask and Claw, overlaid with a rose
  • Theme Song: Vega Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Masks, Claw Weapons, Flauntingly Beautiful Fighters, Sissy Villains, Spanish Ninja, Psycho for Hire, Jerks With Standards, Those Who Used to be Good Kids, Throwing Roses, Wall-Climbing and Jumping, Creepy Smiles, Yodelling, Licking the Blood off his Claw, Screeching As He Fights, Death from Above, Evident Spanishness
  • Domains: War, Personal Appearance, Villainy
  • High Priest: Juda
  • Followers: Zhang He, Cody Rhodes
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: Sakura Kasugano, Elena
  • Conflicting Opinion on: AJ Styles
  • Not a rather welcome addition in the House of Personal Appearance, as Vega boasts he's more beautiful than most of the looking Gods/Goddesses and pretty much insults those known for their not-so-beauty. He finds more home here.
  • About one way to get yourself mutilated with multiple claw strikes is to strike touch that mask of his. Worse yet, his actual face.
  • Joined fellow God and Shadaloo member Balrog in a quest to retrieve the Pandora's Box. Their personalities really clashed with each other during the road.
  • Once remarked that Kyo Kusanagi was beautiful. Kyo's reaction... wasn't a pleasant one.
  • Had an unpleasant encounter with Reika. Vega has thought that she is a beautiful girl, but once Reika called him out that his 'beautiful' face doesn't cover his dark, and in her words, ugly heart, Vega flipped off badly and the two have been enemies ever since.
    • Also mocked Eikichi Mishina for being fat in his younger days, thus Eikichi insults him back with how much he's completely so not dead sexy and both share their mutual disgust.
  • Vega made an alliance with Kuja, The Evil Queen and Queen Sectonia known as "The Rule of Beauty". Whilst they often argue over who is the most beautiful of them all, they are willing to put that aside to defeat anyone who thinks they are better than them- or in Vega's case, just kill and/or mutilate anyone who he thinks is ugly.
    • Was utterly insulted when Sho Minamimoto tried to claim that he was more beautiful than any of them. This lead to a fight between the group and Sho, but the battle was cut short when Sho decided he had better things to do. Vega personally promised that he will tear off his face if he tries this again.
  • Is apparently a very good rapper, though there's a possibility that's someone pretending to be him.
  • Despite having an animosity upon most of the Street Fighters, he has a soft spot for two in particular: Sakura Kasugano and Elena. For the former, he doesn't want to have to kill her prior to her reaching her fullest potential, and he actually wants to have a friendship with the latter. For the time being, neither girls have no idea what to think about it but Elena is considering about opening up to him.
  • He and Balrog joined Bison in a feud with another Four Heavenly Kings group due to that group's counterpart to their newest member refusing to join Shadaloo in F.A.N.G.'s temporary stead.
  • Zarbon, another avid practitioner of the art of being a beautiful man of violence, used to be a follower of Vega's until being called by his master to ascend as the God of Attractive Right Hands. Nowadays they engage in a Friendly Rivalry over who is more beautiful.
  • Has a follower named Cody Rhodes who's part of a wrestling faction which ran afoul of the fraternity that includes AJ Styles. Cody and AJ have yet to meet in the ring, though they have had a tense encounter at the Pantheon Square while heading into the Garden for a big show. Vega, for his part, considered Styles' thick regional accent repugnant, but gives him a pass for his flowing hair and smooth-yet-crisp in-ring fighting style.
    • Speaking of Cody, he couldn't help but notice people commenting on the devil hunter Nero's new appearance and how similar he looks to The American Nightmare. After observing him in action, he thinks Nero is a crass brute. However, he has taken note of Nero's girlfriend, seeing that she has undergone suffering… and he'd like to see how far the beauty of her pain can be taken… Needless to say, Nero has threatened to destroy him if he ever comes anywhere near Kyrie.
  • He currently has his hands on valuable data taken from the S.I.N. HQ during Seth's downfall that could potentially enable him to achieve immortality in the mortal plane in the same vain as M. Bison. As Chun-Li also has a copy of this data, Vega is planning on rectifying his past attempt to kill her.
  • Despite how it may seem, Vega has grown rather tired of the wealthy lifestyle and has found money and power to be a ugly combination. He may even have plans of his own now that Bison's physically out of the picture in the mortal plane if eye-witness reports of seeing Vega throwing away his mask in the inferno of the Shadaloo Base are to be believed.


    Guybrush Threepwood 
Guybrush Threepwood, God of Insult Sword Fighting
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Monkey Island itself
  • Theme song: The Secret of Monkey Island theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Witty Banter, Volleying Insults, Talking as a Free Action, Piracy, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Can Talk to Animals, Badass with a Beard, Combat Pragmatist, Gets No Respect, Genius Ditz, Guile Hero, Lovable Rogue, Obfuscates Stupidity, Older Than He Looks, Is Terrified of Porcelain
  • Domains: Ocean, Piracy, Banters
  • Herald: Elaine Marley
  • Allies: Luffy, Johnny Sfondi
  • Rivals: Jack Sparrow, Isabela, Deadpool, Cervantes, Kunkka
  • Enemies: Admiral Sakazuki, all evil undead gods, Cervantes
  • During one of his ventures outside of the Pantheon, Jack Sparrow ended up stranded in a strange place where duels are decided on how witty one's insults are. Luckily, one of his followers was there to help him out, a man named Guybrush Threepwood. Together, the two pirates managed to stop the plans of the undead pirate LeChuck, who planned on raising an army of zombies to rule all the seas. For his help, Jack Sparrow decided to ascend him as the God of Insult Sword Fighting. Upon request, Elaine became his herald. Unfortunately for him, Sparrow took all the credit, even though it was Guybrush that did most of the work.
  • Most of the reason he can't get much respect of his pirating skills is due to his : he looks like a kid in his teens when his age is well into the twenties. More observant gods believe he has the potential to gain a higher ranking than the one he has.
  • As he is yet another pirate who ascended, Sakazuki put him on his pirate hunting list, though he is on the low end on the priority list.
  • Luffy greeted Guybrush's arrival with a crushing hug. The two can be seen chatting over at the House of Friendship. Despite his boorish nature, he turned out to be the only pirate that respects his accomplishments.
  • Another pirate that he is fond of is Johnny. Neither are that vicious as pirates go, and often go on their way to protect their crew. Not one to steal paramount, he has also been respectful to Elaine to her surprise. He's offered his aid whenever LeChuck returns to try and claim her as his wife.
  • Miss Fortune counts him as one of the few pirates she is willing to trust, though that is due to not thinking of him as much of a pirate.
  • Isabela welcomes Guybrush's arrival into the pantheon, wishing to challenge him to a duel with blades, insults... and of another kind. So far duels of the last kind have been denied by Elaine.
  • No god in the pantheon had challenged Threepwood's Insult Sword Fighting as much as Deadpool. The two often go at each other for hours on end, slinging insults at each other.
  • Is wary of the undead in general due to his rivalry with LeChuck. Any of them that are evil, makes it that much better reason to destroy them.
    • Although Cervantes did not ascend as his undead self, Guybrush is keeping a close eye on the Spaniard pirate for any sort of discoloring.
    • Is also suspicious on whether Kunkka is a ghost or not. Though his ability to summon ghost ships unnerves him, he turned out to be more amiable than Cervantes. But one can never be to sure on the truthfulness of the undead.
  • Became rather appalled when he found out the price of AAA computer prices. Even when adjusted for inflation, they cost well more than the $20 dollars he advocates that all computer games shouldn't exceed. He tends to spend much of his time in the Houses of Gaming and Commerce in protest.
  • To the surprise of many of the House of Beasts, Guybrush can talk to dogs and monkeys. Guybrush claims he learned by reading language books. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to retrieve them.
  • Is glad that there isn't a God of Porcelain, because if there was, than he would high-tail it out of that house. Some say he is preparing his temple for the day. Becomes paranoid whenever he visits the House of Craft as a result.
  • Raiden could have sworn Guybrush sounded like a Navy Seal. Turns out the two share the same voice actor.
  • Nathan Drake was happy to meet Guybrush since he had found the pirate's portrait on one of his adventures. Guybrush was delighted to hear that at some point in the future he would be a leader of a pirate community.
Threepwood: I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

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