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Intermediate Gods

    Princess Cadance 
Princess Cadance, Goddess of Pink Princesses (Mi Amore Cadenza, Cadence, the Crystal Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when empowered with others love)
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, a crystal heart with gold filigree
  • Theme Music: "Love Conquers All"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Introduced Into the Show to Sell Pink Princess Toys, Subverting Her Expected Hatedom, Winged Unicorn, The Greatest Foalsitter ever, Happily Married, Being Universally Adored By Her Subjects, The Fate Of Equestria Hanging In The Balance During Most Of Her Appearances, Frequently Winding Up In Distress But More Capable At Getting Out Then Her Demeanor Would Suggest, Using Love Powered Supportive Magic To Best Her Foes (Including Vastly Stronger Ones). Having To Go Through A Lot Of Suffering To Get Her Happy Ending
  • Domains: Love, Royalty, Pink
  • Followers: The Crystal Ponies, Bronies
  • Allies: Her husband, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle, Every Other Good-Aligned Deity From Equestria, every good-aligned deity from the House of Love, Princess Peach, Millhiore Filiano Biscotti, Pyrrha Nikos, Princess Uni-Kitty, Garnet, Anthony Higgs, Gentaro Kisaragi, Elena, Dr. Samuel Beckett
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Discord
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Napoleon, Master Xehanort, The Dementors, Black Mage, Every Evil-Aligned Deity From The House Of Hatred, every god involved with the Friendship Asylum
  • Opposes: All dark-side deities of the House of Love, especially the ones in the Tainted Love sub-house (minus Erina Joestar who she actually likes), Kyu Sugardust (evolved into heated rivalry)
  • Cadance ascended upon transcending the stigma of being a Pink Product Ploy introduced awkwardly into the show to sell merchandisenote , and becoming a well received character in her own right. All the good aligned Equestrian Deities rejoiced upon the news (Twilight Sparkle especially rejoicing that her sister-in-law was ascending), with Pinkie Pie throwing a huge party to celebrate.
  • The celebration was going well until Queen Chrysalis and the changelings showed up, seeking revenge against her from last time. This time, the good guys were prepared for her. What they were not ready for however was the Changeling Queen being backed up by the evil deities of The House Of Hatred (who view her as everything about Equestria they oppose), and their allies and followers. Despite putting up an epic fight, the heroes were pushed to the brink of defeat, only be saved by Anthony Higgs, who was present to allow his then High Priest Shining Armor to attend. The result of Cadances and Shining's love was a Heart Beat-Down that repelled most of their foes with anti-climactic ease and weakened what remained enough to turn the tide of battle. This led to those in attendance to think even more highly of it. The Mane 6 in particular had this to say:
  • While she seemingly lacks the sheer magical and physical power of her aunts, what she has is based off The Power of Love, which is up there with The Power of Friendship as the strongest force in the setting. Cadance has been shown to conjure a Heart Beat-Down the size of a city, create a city-sized evil repelling and damaging barrier for days on end (lasting the while through pure resolve). Even her "mundane" powers include potent supportive abilities like dispelling mind control, and protecting from illness powerful enough to make Discord sick. Cadance is right behind the Elements of Harmony as the most powerful magical force in her series.
    • The Dementors wound up opposing Cadance upon realizing her powers were equivalent to a Patronus Charm that can outright obliterate Made of Evil beings like them, a feat beyond even the strongest magic of their setting. That, plus her talent for inspiring the love, joy, and hope to power such magic makes her the biggest threat to their existence.
  • Gets along Princess Peach, owing to how similar they are (the only obvious difference being species), especially in that they wind up in peril so often. Cadance pities Peach due to that, unlike her, she frequently lacks the ability to stand up to said peril, and is trying to help Peach learn use her powers to better fight back. Cadance opposes Lord Tirek putting her into the distressed damsel role proper when she lacked her magic.
  • Xehanort has expressed great interest in her upon learning of her powers, thinking of her as a potential literal princess of heart. This disturbs many in the Pantheon.
  • Even amongst the Hatred Deities, Khorne has a stand-out hatred of her for reminding him of his foe Slaanesh and being a Badass Pacifist, and was pleased at how Cadance was disturbed and angered by the comparison.
  • Was pretty much disturbed at the dark side of love that was present in the House of Love of certain deities.
    • She also angry at deities like Gideon and Raynare whose action against Romona and Issei left them scared in romance. For a love goddess like herself, that unforgivable.
    • As somepony who supports monogamy (holds lenience for threesomes, and has conflicting opinions on harems), she harbors a lot of opposition on Kyu Sugardust, another deity specializing on love, and whose modus operandi is to make casanovas (who by definition cheat on so many girls) out of casanova wannabes or other people hopeless in the romance department. Kyu herself harbors no ill will towards Cadance, and hopes that she and her husband Shining Armor continue to live happy lives. That said, they will work together in opposing the Gods in the Tainted Love sub-house, at least in the battles where love itself is at risk.
    • Cadance also called Kyu's alignment into question, presenting the case of Audrey Belrose as an example, wherein she suffers an emotional breakdown upon discovering her boyfriend was also dating a total of 11 girls (Kyu included). Kyu has so far refused to comment on this and doesn't want to get rough on this matter since despite her rank, she's no fighter.
    • This dynamic between the two developed further as more and more deities with love issues ascended, as they keep encountering each other. Eventually, this one-sided opposition from Cadance's end became a rivalry both reciprocated.
    • This rivalry between the two rose to new heights with the ascension of Youta Tada and Lumi: the curse of the God of Deep Jealousy was quick to be abused by the Love Fairy, who has taken it upon herself to smuggle her clients into the parallel world to easily inflate her numbers (the curse's effects on its victims also gave her motivation, both in career and morality-wise). Cadance is understandably appalled by the potential problems this could pose, but knows that the pretense of saving people from the curse keeps her from directly stopping the love fairy. As such, she has instead thrown her full support behind trying to kill the God of Deep Jealousy and break the curse, thus taking away the 'moral high ground' from Kyu. To many gods' amusement, the situation has escalated into near Death Note levels of conspiracy and gambits between the two (not that they're the only "players" in that game, of course, just the most prominent).
      • Speaking of Lumi and Youta, Cadance took it upon herself to lecture Youta about how he sleeps around despite being in love with Lumi. This initially didn't go well for the alicorn princess, who trotted up to the two of them and very nearly got her head chopped off by Lumi: the paladin had had a run-in with a unicorn from her world after losing her virginity and nearly got bucked in the face. After assuring them that she, and for that matter any other unicorn from Equestria, has nothing against non-virgins, Cadance gave Youta a stern talking-to. As Youta explained, his goal is to kill the God of Deep Jealousy, and then spend a happy life with Lumi. He has no intention of sleeping around for the hell of it and in fact takes great pains to avoid sending the women from the parallel world into heat.
    • When Johnny Bravo ascended, Cadance admitted to reveling in the love fairy's frustration in her attempts to make a Casanova out of him and—having been on the receiving end of his advances once (before he backed off upon realizing she was already spoken for, on top of the threats sent his way)—knows Kyu will never succeed.
  • Some deities don't know what to think of Cadance's love spell. Some see it as rekindling the love two people share while others think it's blatant brainwashing like Twilight's "want it, need it" spell. Cadance likes to think of it as the former and not the latter.
  • Through Pinkie Pie, Cadance learned of Pinkie's fellow Avatars of Friendship: Gentaro Kisaragi and Elena. And like Cadance, and Pinkie Pie, both of them really hate Queen Chrysalis due to the terrors of the Friendship Asylum (the former for being killed by Chrysalis, the latter for killing the former and causing the asylum to be formed in the first place). Cadance was absolutely horrified at the lengths the Changeling Queen would go to in order to feed on love/friendship (but admits that even she didn't deserve the Fate Worse than Death).
  • At first was pleasantly surprised to learn that Black Mage, of all people, had come up with a spell utilizing The Power of Love, and she proceeded to find out more. Her reaction to learning how it utilized love (consuming it, causing a measurable rise in divorce rates) was horrific enough, but then she learned how he got it, and his "love" of White Mage. It was little surprise that Discord set her to this. It WAS a surprise to learn that she was willing to pull an Enemy Mine with Chrysalis (who had practical reasons to assist) in order to deal with him.
  • As a romantic concept, Cadance actually hates the idea of shipping, although she has used the word a few times; she believes in true love, not random romantic pairings. While many 'shippers' already nominally support her and Shining as a couple (and haters of them are just more concerned with their sudden introductions and irrational dark side theories of Cadance's powers (like the brainwashing theory), she can't stand that side of the fandom as a whole. That isn’t to say she doesn’t find some pairings cute; she just can’t bring herself to support them.

    Princess Pretty Cures 
Princess Pretty Curesmembers , Quartet Goddesses of Grand Princesses (Haruka: Cure Flora, HaruHaru; Minami: Cure Mermaid, Minamin; Kirara: Cure Twinkle, Star Princess; Towa: Princess Hope Delight Towa, Twilight, Cure Scarlet, Towa-chi, Princess of Hope Kingdom)
The Princess Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Flora, Cure Twinkle, Cure Mermaid, and Cure Scarlet.
  • Intermediate Goddesses. Greater Goddesses in Grand Princess Mode
  • Symbol: The Princess Pretty Cure Symbol and their four Dress Up Keys
  • Theme Song: Miracle Go. Conditions of Being a Princess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Princesses, Magical Girl Warriors, Four-Element Ensemble, Legacy Characters (Haruka, Minami, and Kirara only)
  • Domains: Power, Friendship, Love, Dreams
  • Allies: Every ascended Pretty Cures, all good aligned Toku Heroes, all good aligned Princesses, Utena Tenjou, Sailor Warriors, The Powerpuff Girls, Ange
  • Enemies: Akio Ohtori, Maleficent, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Monokuma's Mastermind, Tenjuro Banno, Shadow Moon, Katsumi Daido, Mesogog, Enter, Basco ta Jolokia, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Jafar, Lady Tremaine, the Incubators, Princess Morbucks, SHOCKER, The Dazzling, Sora Takigawa, Sou Fueki, Phoenix, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Oppose: Ghosts (Minami)
  • Evil Counterpart: Azula (Towa)
  • To be strong. To be kind. To be beautiful. Haruka Haruno, Minami Kaido, and Kirara Amanogawa, young students of Noble Academy, along with Towa Akagi, an actual princess, strive to meet these important traits as they become Grand Princesses. Sounds... overly girly, doesn't it? Well because they also bear the essences of the Pretty Cure, lots of ass-kicking also ensue, and it was awesome that even men were impressed. Thus, their ascension, to show that princesses doesn't always make things just girly... it also makes things better and awesome.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shock that their journey in their own universe ended bittersweetly. While many expected they go in different direction because of their dreams, nobody saw that Towa would be seperated from her friends with no guaranteed of her returning. That was because the link between Earth and Hope Kingdom was severed. So when the four somehow made it into the Pantheon, Tears of Joy were shed by the girls as they reunited for so long. They weren't the only people to cry.
    • It should be noted that the Princesses appearances tend to fluctuate. Why? It's because they are the rare instance of Pretty Cures who actually grew up to young adults.
  • Were surprise that their Crystal Dress Up Keys replicas some how transformed into their transforming Dress Up Keys. Not only that, they gained access to the other keys, including their Grand Princcess Keys. When question how that was possible, they were told not to worry about it.
  • When they entered the Pantheon, they made quite an impression in the House of Royalty. But, they were also taken by surprise that there were some unfortunate Princesses that got into quite a bad luck because of their royal status... such as Ange. However, this doesn't deter Haruka to tell her that while her situation was severe, she should try to remember her good times being a honest-to-god Princess. Due to how jaded and cynical Ange is, especially towards any facet of her "old life", this is proving difficult (with the aFallen Princess once (when already stressed about something else, to be fair) implicitly threatening to attack Haruka if she didn't shut up and leave her alone), Haruka remains determined to try and help her.
  • A lot seems to at first mistake Haruka's dream to 'being a Princess' to be... superficial. They'll shut up when Haruka explained that it's supposed to be a dream without end, to continue to be a good, inspiring figure to all like a Princess, instead of 'just being cute and wearing frilly dress'.
    • Haruka's love for flowers could rival that of her fellow Pretty Cure, Tsubomi. She makes frequent visits to the sub-house Plants were she has her own flower bed for her own plants. Oh, and if anybody dares to stomp on a flower on purpose, she won't hesitate to kick their butt.
    • Got along very well with idol singers Haruka Amami and Honoka Kosaka. Nobody were surprise since all three are energetic young ladies. The two idols have even taught Haruka some dance moves.
    • One of Haruka's admirable attribute is her determination. While she may not be good at things she interested at first, she continues to practice until she has perfected it. This garnered the respect of both Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga who are also determinators.
    • Goes totally red when others ask her what her feelings are for Prince Kanata. She goes even redder when her friends ask the same question.
  • Minami seems to take after various 'Water-based Rich Girl Precures', with both Karen Minazuki and Reika Aoki as her seniors. Though they are equally impressed with the path she took: Trying to be a sea creature veterinarian, it's so thematically fitting.
    • After her ascension, she made it her point that if she speaks about her parents, she mentioned BOTH her dad and mom. She can't believe she forgot to mention her mom in those times when both of them are equally loving.
    • Since she is studying to be a marine biologist, Minami has venture into subhouse of Aquatic Life. While being careful to avoid the more dangerous sea beasts, she has befriended the other friendlier ones. She is most closes to Ecco the dolphin since she befriended one back in her world. Also, Surprisingly enough, she one of the few to be able to approach and touch the Red Gyarados.
    • And much like some certain Gods, just don't bring up about ghosts in front of her. She avoids the House of Ghosts that way.
    • Minami thought she heard her brother in the pantheon. It turn out to be Jonathan Joestar. When the first JoJo found out Minami wanted/is a marine biologist, he introduce her to his great-great grandson, Jotaro Kujo, who is also a marine biologist.
  • Kirara is seriously one of the more popular Goddesses around, because she's not only quite energetic in a good way, she's also known to be a good model for someone that young. She seems to make plans with Miki Aono to have a dual model show.
    • If she got friends, she'll make sure to make up some good nicknames for them. Though she admits, she has less nicknames when compared to Taokaka's list, though everyone admits hers were more cute-sounding, when compared to Tao's 'innocently dumb sounding' list.
    • As a fashion model, Kirara has draw the attention of her fellow fashionista Pretty Cure member Hime and Erika to model some of their design. Rarity has also use her to model some of her more humanoid style dresses.
    • Like Haruka, some thought Kirara's dream of being a model to be shallow . However, she has proven multiple times she takes her modeling very seriously and work her hardest to be the best which earn respect from the doubters.
    • Really loves her donuts. Especially if they are Marble Donuts. A good way to get her to do thinks she may not want to do is bribe her with them. She also made friends with other donut lovers in the Pantheon.
  • Towa's history and how she became a Cure in the first place is said to be drawn from both Setsuna Higashi and Ellen Kurokawa. In fact, she used to train from them.
    • At first, the mention of 'Twilight' would really distress her, because she used to bear that name and do evil things to hurt people. However, after a meeting with Twilight Sparkle, especially after finding out they sound kind of similar and the latter was a much positive figure and never held it against Towa for that name, she became more relaxed on that name, and even tried considering Twilight Sparkle to become a 'royal pony for Hope Kingdom'.
    • Towa is consider the Good Counterpart to Azula as she is a fire princess with a good relationship with her brother and is love by her people. While she does interact with Zuko since they are both atoners, she does feel sorry Azula's predicament. Even if she a bit crazy.
    • Towa has been seen hanging around with fellow warrior of Justice, Chase. The two bonded over the fact that they were both good people who were brainwashed into evil but were able to break free and fight to atone for their sins.
    • Can be seen in the house of Music playing her violin. There are some who commented that her most played piece sounds a bit sad despite it being associated with her brother's love and being the catalyst for her redemption.
  • As they fought and eventually defeated the one who brought forth despair, Dyspear, they are one of the most prominent Hope Bringer in the Pantheon, hence earning the enmity (both ways) of despair-bringers such as Kefka, Terumi and Monokuma.
  • Klefki was interested in their Princess Keys and stole them. When the girls were able to retrieve them, they gave him a stern lecture on stealing other people possessions.
    • Klefki felt humiliated from this, so it conjured up a plan to try again.
  • Haruka was fooled by Klefki into thinking that Kanata has been ascended into the Pantheon and was being led into the Demonic Legion.
  • Haruka was trapped inside the Legion with all her keys stolen by Klefki as the result, but she showed no fear in the place, neither did she hated Klefki for its deceit.
  • Feeling bad for what it did, Klefki decided to return her keys back. Together, they busted out of the place.
  • Klefki tearfully and repeatedly apologized for what it did, but she thanked Klefki for its help and forgive it with a grin.
  • Haruka offered to form a partnership with Klefki. It happily accepted.
  • Haruka entrusts all her Dress Up Keys to Klefki so that no one else can rob her powers.
    • At first, the rest were distrustful towards Klefki, but Haruka successfully convinces them to do the same.
    • In entrusting Klefki their Princess Keys, Klefki is able to tap into their powers and temporally use moves it would normally wouldn't learn.
  • While all four girls don't like Akio, Haruka and Towa dislike them the most. Might be because he eerily looks like Kanata and they were disturbed at the things he did to his own sister.
  • At first, the girls mistook Maleficent for Dyspear. The girls thought her putting a curse on Aurora just because she wasn't invited to a party to be petty.
    • The girls in general have taken a disliking to many of the Disney villains. The reason why is because most of them have either tried to steal or manipulate the hero(ine)'s dream. And most of them are Princesses.
  • Princess Morbucks once tried to bribe her way into becoming a Princess Pretty Cure. She was refuse by the girls because she doesn't show any strength, beauty, or kindness associated with being a Princess.

Lesser Gods

    Alistair Theirin 
Alistair Theirin, God of Unknown Royal Heirs (King Alistair, Royal Bastard, Alibear)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Grey Warden insigna
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being the illegitimate son of a king and an elven Grey Warden, thus making him a potential heir to the throne, Deffering to the junior Warden to lead and uneasy at the idea of being king but being surprisingly good at it, being a competent fighter, Adorkable, Helping The Warden till the end, Not having the best childhood, Being trained as a Templar
  • Domains: Leadership, Royalty, War, Romance
  • Followers: Martin Septim
  • Allies: The Warden and the Inquisitor, Leliana, Morrigan (to an extent), Varric Tethras, Hawke, Isabela, Shepard, The Bhaalspawn, Geralt, Aragorn, Princess Leia, Ashe
  • Enemies: Loghain, Coryphreus, Melkor, The Ebon Dragon
  • Shortly after The Warden ascended, Alistair arrived in the Pantheon, searching for his friend, once there, Aragorn asked for him to stay.
    • Unlike most unknwon heirs to thrones, Alistair was completely aware of his heritage since his birth. Very few people in his world knew of it before he was crowned king.
  • When meeting Aragorn, Alistair was delighted to meet the human king and asked him for advice on reigning, Aragorn assured him he was already doing a good job of it.
  • While he is almost always friend with The Warden, depending on what the Warden is at the moment, he may be more than that sometimes. Or less, depending on what his friend think of Loghain.
    • Speaking of Loghain, the two are forbidden to be in the same room without supervision, since Alistair will inevitably attack the Teyrn for abandonning the Grey Warden at Ostagar, while Loghain admitted he had made a mistake and doesn't really hold anything against Alistair, Alistair won't let that go.
  • Tends to visit the House of Family since the time he went on an adventure to find his father with Varric and Isabela. The adventure sadly, ended with Alistair having to let his father die.
    • Likewise, he met his mother, even though he didn't know it at the time. Once The Inquisitor explained it to him, he regretted not having known sooner.
    • He also may or may not have had a son which may have absorbed the Archdemon's soul. He doesn't really like to talk about the events that led to the child's existence.
  • Likewise, he has the interest of the House of Love, whose member remarked on the relatively high number of women he may have had sex with during the Fifth Bligh, one of those being Isabela.
  • Being member of an order specificaly created to fight darkspawns with somewhat frequent visits to the House of Love, Alistair quickly became friend with Geralt and has been training under him, both in swordplay and using his magical talent.
  • Is a bit uneasy around Tharja, who he says remind him of Morrigan, a sorceress with many similarities to the Hex Goddess.
  • Now that Morrigan ascended, many snarkers were awaiting the inevitable showdown between Alistair and Morrigan. Renowned snarkers in their own right, the behavior is elevated greatly whenever the two are together. Daria herself can't help but make a smirk whenever she gets a chance to see the two battle it out.
    • Speaking of Morrigan, many are convinced their banter hides something. The existence of a timeline in which they had a child together did not help the rumors.
  • He is far more of a fan of Leliana, God of Bards. Assassin background aside, Alistair fondly remembered the times when he flirted with her. With that said, her casual discussions of sex left him a bit queasy. With that said, the two do have some tension when it comes to getting the Warden's affections when she's a woman.

    Ashe (Final Fantasy XII
Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Goddess of Royal Spares (Princess of Dalmasca - formerly, now Queen of Dalmasca, Ashe, Amalia)

Princess Daisy, Goddess of Tomboy Princesses (Sarasaland's Chipper Princess)

Lyndis, The Goddess Child of the Chieftain (Lyn, Noblewoman of Sacae, Lady of the Plains)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Mani Katti or the Sol Katti
  • Theme Song: Winds Across the Plains and Girl of the Plains: Lyn's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Lady of War, Iaijutsu Practitioner, half-Lycian, half-Sacaen, last of the Lorca tribe, destined wielder of the Mani Katti, never deceitful, She's Got Legs, Named after her late grandmother, Heroes Prefer Swords (and bows later)
  • Domains: Native, Nomadic, Swords
  • Followers: Sue (who may or may not be her daughter), Rath
  • Allies: the Tactician, Eliwood, Ninian, Hector, Lilina, Sain, Robin, Marth, Caeda, Kamui Tokinomiya, Mulan, Arturia Pendragon, Pocahontas
  • Enemies: Gangplank, Cervantes, Vergil, Eric Cartman
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jack Sparrow, Balthier, Isabella, Guybrush Threepwood, all good-aligned thieves and pirates in general
  • Ambiguous Relation: Roy
  • Spear Counterpart: Baine Bloodhoof
  • Good Counterpart to: Esdeath
  • When she was being ascended, she was originally going to share the title with Pocahontas. However, the Court of the Gods decided that she will inherit the trope by herself while Pocahontas would get a completely different trope. Though after the decision, the two became friends as a result of the possibility of sharing the same temple.
  • Lyn has a lot of hatred toward bandits and pirates since her tribe was massacred by the Taliver Bandits, who were by far the worst she has known. In fact, she was motivated to be stronger so she could destroy the Taliver Bandits herself. Although in the end they were destroyed, but not by Lyn.
  • Though she does not fight in the Smash Bros. tournaments, she will occasionally appear via the Assist Trophy, where she strikes her summoner's enemy.
  • Lyn was a follower of the swordswoman Kamui Tokinomiya, but has since ascended and have readied herself to duel with her. Though she lost a few matches with her, due to her time-stopping abilities, she is still eager to spar with her again.
    • She is actually training with other swordsman, seeing them as good trainers in different ways of wielding a sword. Though she clearly doesn't like Vergil for his attitude.
  • She was rather astonished and excited upon seeing Robin and hearing of his plea of waking in the field with no memory, in which, she is reminded of a tactician who accompanied her and her allies in their journey.
    • And then when said tactician ascended, she was overjoyed to see her old friend again.
  • Of all of her allies, the only one she has successfully located was Sain, who was her retainer during her journey. He practically knelled to his Lady of Caelin.
  • If she could contain her own temper, then she wouldn't have butchered Eric Cartman for a lot of his racial slurs. Examples like "Plain Bitch" is practially the tamest insult (out of many) he made.
  • There has been a major controversy with her in regards to Roy, Eliwood's son. Some suggests that she could be the mother of Roy, might not be related to Roy but could be mother-in-law through Lilina, Hector's daughter, or Sue, Rath's daughter. Again, another controversy.
    • Futhermore, considering that she end up abdicating Caelin to Ostia after her grandfather died and return to Sacae and she was nowhere to be seen during Bern's invasion, what happened to her is still unknown. Alternatively, she is nowhere to be mentioned should she marry to either Eliwood or Hector.
    • Regardless of her marriage status, Lyndis learned one thing that horrified her: After her battle with Nergal, it turned out that the Wise Prince Zephiel that she saved, would continue to receive abuse by his father Desmond and grew to be a misanthropic tyrant that tried to kill all mankind in Elibe, even killing a lot of her friends like Hector... and Roy had to clean up the mess. Lyndis apologized at Roy that she couldn't prevent all those, wishing that if she could go back in time, rather than leaving after saving Zephiel from the Black Fang, she would directly confront King Desmond and give him a piece of her mind... and by 'piece of her mind' it means "Put her sword right onto his neck and demand that he be a better father or else."
    • That said, she's really surprised that not only Hector ascended, but so did his daughter Lilina. Lyndis has told about her 'plan' if they could get to 'file the complaint' on Desmond and got Hector on board. Though talking about possibilities of Lilina becoming her daughter are usually not advised because it goes nowhere and it spreads an awkward air around all three. Eventually the last of the trio, Eliwood, ascended and there was a group hug... and at least Lyndis feels less awkward with the rumors with Eliwood because at least her good friend Ninian is there to shed it, though the ambiguity might remain a little.
  • Considered the Spear Counterpart to Baine Bloodhoof, since he was the son of the chief of the Bloodhoof Tribe. She is rather thankful of that fact.
  • Is seen as the good counterpart of General Esdeath, who is also the daughter of a tribe leader. As such, Lyn cannot agree with Esdeath's world view. It is the duty of the strong to defend the weak, not abuse them. She is also not afraid to cross swords with her should they come to blows.
  • Lyndis seemed to be taking notice of a certain curious Templar Assassin Lanaya as she saw her extremely curious nature and knowledge seeking and then gets reminded of a Dark Druid she faced in the past, whose pursuit of knowledge corrupted him. She's trying to make sure that this Lanaya won't fall for the same trap.
  • Some people caught wind of Lyndis wearing a stunning bridal dress, which they imply that she must've married a non-plainsman, probably either Eliwood or Hector. Lyndis insists that there's a damn good reason she's wearing that (and she's not telling) and wearing that dress isn't her idea.

Marth, God of Warrior Princes and Cameo Debuts (Prince Marth of Altea, Prince of Light, Star and Savior, Star Lord, Lodestar, The Hero-King, Mars)

    Maya Fallegeros 
Maya Fallegeros, Goddess of Jungle Princesses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Enchanted Daggers, Temperance and Vengeance
  • Theme Song: Temperance and Vengeance
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Badass Hunter Who Defeated Gargos, The Sole Survivor Of Ultratech's Attack on the Night Guard, Wields the Enchanted Daggers, Vengeance and Temperance, in a Reverse Grip, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Heroine of Another Story, Monster Hunter Extraordinare, Dreadlock Warrior, Formerly a Jungle Princess, Kick Chick, Dagger Nut, Originally Had Only a Single Name, Given the Surname Fallegeros in the Reboot, Spicy Latinas, Stands at 6'2".
  • Domains: Latina Women, Enchanted Weapons, Combat, Monster Hunting
  • Followers: Cham Cham and Tam Tam, Shanna the She-Devil, Mata Greta
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Simon Belmont, Talim, Mileena, Trish
  • Enemies Her Intended Prey:
  • Worthy Opponents: Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Diana of Themiscrya/Wonder Woman, Sonya Blade, Ryu Hayabusa
  • Pities: Kitana, Liu Kang (as if they needed Maya's pity)
  • The would-be Queen of Amazonia turned ace member and, ultimately, sole survivor of the Night Guard faction annihilated by Ultratech had been sought out by the siblings Jago and Black Orchid. With them, was an invitation to the Pantheon. After thinking about it for a while, Maya accepted the invitation. Jago and Orchid were pleased to see another of their allies ascended.
  • The first thing Maya did was to recreate the Night Guard's temple, the City of Dawn, and make it her own. With her ascension, she begins to rebuild the Night Guard, with herself as its patron goddess.
  • When asked about the scar on her left leg, Maya is tight-lipped about that particular incident.
  • Those enchantated daggers she wields once belonged to her primary target, the cursed Babylonian sorcerer Kan-Ra. Their names are Temperance and Vengeance. The knives not only have the powers of light (Temperance) and darkness (Vengeance), but also to trap enemies when thrown. They are also dangerous to their wielder, as not only they can affect the wielder's mind, but Vengeance has the ability to force their wielder into going on a bloody rampage. It's this little bit of info about Maya's weapons which worries Sonya Blade, her daughter and honorary niece, given Cassie and Jacqui's past experiences with cursed daggers.
    • Back when she was a mortal, Maya would endure great pain whenever she uses her daggers. Even worse, the daggers are constantly searching for their master, Kan-Ra. This is where Dr. Strange comes in, as the Sorcerer Supreme uses his magic to bind Temperance and Vengeance to Maya, not to mention that the pain from when she uses the daggers is now gone.
  • As former royalty, Maya is greatly disappointed in how Kitana, her mother, and her love interest have all fallen. Kitana has taken offense to Maya's comments, as she sees that as a revenant, she is no longer the victim.
  • Maya is now seeking to rebuild the Night Guard inside the Pantheon, under the new title of the Night Hand. The first group which has caught her interest is Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long), while the second consists of the students from the Hanzou Academy (Asuka, Ikagura, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, Hibari, and Daidouji), and the most recent being the assassins of Night Raid (Tatsumi, Akame, Lionelle, Bulat, Lubbock, Mine, Sheele, Najenda, Susanoo, and Chelsea). The parties in question know of Maya's prowess as a fighter and a hunter. They are, however, divided on whether or not to accept Maya's invitation to the Night Hand.
    • After rescuing Blade from an assault by Riptor and getting acquainted with each other's skills and stories, she's considering bringing him in as well, but has yet to broach the subject.
  • To say that Maya hates both Alexander Anderson and B.B. Hood is like saying the Pacific Ocean is a little wet. Despite the trio being hunters, they are at each other's throats. Anderson dislikes Maya for being 'a pagan and a heathen', while Hood dislikes Maya both for her daggers and the bounty on Kan-Ra that she is pursuing.
  • As Maya stands at 6'2", she is only an inch shorter than Samus Aran, which makes her the second-tallest human female deity in the Pantheon (Jennifer Waters doesn't count, as she Hulks out to become the 6'7" She-Hulk).
  • Maya has drawn the attention of Buffy Summers through both Dante and The Hunter, who had witnessed Maya's combat prowess and hunting skills. The legendary vampire slayer knows talent when she sees it, and has extended an offer to Maya to join her group of Hunters. Maya has yet to respond, as she is still considering the proposal.
  • Maya was not very happy to find out that her twin sister was not only a vampiress, but also had ascended to the Pantheon, having been invited by the GUAE. Mira, on the other hand, is eager to confront her twin sister in a final showdown.
  • With the formation of new evil groups such as King Bradley's High Command and the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Maya began to realize that the time to take action was nigh if not at hand. She called over Buffy's Hunter Squad and accepted their offer to join, under the condition that this team would become the new Night Hand, complete with using the City of Dawn and its resources from the original Night Guard as a base. Buffy and the others agreed.
    • Having now established Night Hand, she then altered her offer to the other groups she originally wanted to recruit; rather than becoming the new replacement members of her order, she presented an interconnected alliance between the factions, all remaining independent but open to working together against certain threats. They were much quicker to agree to this deal than the former.
    • As for Blade, when she proposed to invite him into the team, Dante backed her fully on this while Buffy reluctantly agreed. The Daywalker agreed to be counted in from time to time, much like another friend of Dante's, Lina Inverse.
    • She later invited one of Dante's Devil May Cry associates to join Night Hand. Lady still hasn't made a decision on that for the time being.
  • Also has a position in the House of Plants.

    Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear 
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear, The Divinely Politically Active Princess (Meryl Oakland)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: the Royal crest of Kimlasca
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Lethal Chef, White Mage, Combat Medic, Status Buff, Super Gullible
  • Domains: Royalty, Archery
  • Allies: Luke Fon Fabre, Guy Cecil, Jade Curtiss, Tear Grants, Anise Tatlin, Yona, Merida, Relena Darlian, Zelda, Princess Ashe, Sapphire
  • Admires: Catwoman and Black Cat
  • Odd Friendship: Hinata Hyuga, Mikuru Asahina, Hungary Orihime Inoue, Sophitia
  • Opposes: Nui Harime, Airy
  • Enemies: Any of the evil gods in house of commerce and royalty.
  • Her ascension came after many of the citizens of Kimlasca complained that their princess who helped them so they form a petition getting many signatures many in the pantheon including herself were impressed by the adulation she received from her subjects.
  • She is a hell of an archer and can be seen in the house of combat participating in various archery contest.
  • She is often the victim of trolling as she is Super Gullible she was actually convinced that Guan Yu's power came from his beard. In this case, however, Natalia was actually on the right side because it is really the case, being the God of Beards and all.
  • She is big a fan of Catwoman and Black Cat and always wanted to be like them when she was a child. Including those skin tight Spy Catsuit... Of course, please don't even say that it should've been worn by someone with bigger boobs...
  • She has noted that quite a few goddesses sound very similar to her and befriend some and was appalled by Airy and Nui Harime.
  • It turns out that she's not of royal birth. However that doesn't discourage the citizens of Kimlasca in the slightest.

Princess Peach, Goddess of Princesses Constantly in Need of Saving (Princess Toadstool, Princess Peach Toadstool, Princess of Toadstools)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Stylized Crown or a Pink Parasol
  • Theme Song: Princess Peach's Castle (Super Mario 64)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: constantly being captured by Bowser (but able to kick ass despite it), wearing pink, baking delicious cakes, powerful healing spells, wielding frying pans and parasols, heart power, floating using her dress Always being in another castle.
  • Domain: Princesses, Rescuing, Love.
  • Allies: Princess Daisy and Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, The Toads, Rosalina, Rapunzel, Millhiore, Estelle
  • Enemies: Blooper
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Crow
  • There was a fight between Princess Peach and Princess Zelda to see who would get this spot, so Wiz and Boomstick pit them into a death battle to see who would come out on top. Due to Princess Peach constantly being kidnapped by Bowser, many would assume that Peach would lose. They were shocked to see Peach defeat Zelda with a kick in the face that made her head explode. Peach's response to this? "Did I win?"
    • Unfortunately, this also means that she's an easy target for Bowser to capture. Peach doesn't mind at the slightest (seeing as she's used to this), but also because she knows Mario and Luigi will be there to save the day.
  • She sometimes goes to the House of Food to make delicious cakes, which have caught the eyes of Kero, Kirby and Stocking as being the best there is. Pinkie Pie in particular, transformed into a rocket and burst with excitement at the taste of her delicious strawberry shortcake.
  • Upon entering the new House of Royalty, she met up with Charlotte LaBouff who was excited to see a real life princess. After a talk over beignets, cake and tea, Princess Peach decreed that Charlotte could become a "Princess-in-training". Charlotte fainted in happiness.
  • Is a very honored member of the GUAG Medical Division due to her white magic. In particular her Group Hug spell has been a godsend in healing a mass amount of people.
  • Despite not getting into action a lot, there was one time where she saved the Mario Bros. after they were kidnapped by Bowser. She has also aided both brothers in many of their adventures, proving that she is capable of being a powerful fighter when provoked.
  • When she's not kidnapped or baking cakes, she hosts one of the deadliest trials ever to be created. Mario Party. She is a complete monster to fight against in higher difficulties, as the Runaway Guys can attest to.
  • She succeeded in ascending her best friend Daisy after a talk with the Holy Trinity. Peach thanked them for that.
  • In what shocked the Pantheon, she was not kidnapped by Bowser in recent memory—he went after something called the Sprixie Princesses. She then went along with Mario, Luigi, Rosalina (and Blue Toad) to stop him from causing chaos.
  • Despite being a friendly soul who will break up fights with tea and make delicious strawberry cakes, there is ONE Berserk Button that must never be pressed: NEVER EVER mention about her eternal Damsel in Distress problem. The last person who mocked her about it got their ass kicked with nothing more than her pink parasol.
    • At one point, Yagyuu decided to teach her how to use her parasol even better. Yagyuu says that she is surprised how well she can fight with one, especially with that living one.
  • Was glad to find Rapunzel in the Pantheon, especially since Rapunzel also specializes in the use of the frying pan as a weapon. The two take turn playing "Frying Pan Tennis" to practice their skills...just as long as they don't lose their grips on said frying pans.
  • In the midst of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", she was at the GUAG Medical Division, saving Takatora Kureshima from a pretty nasty fall. Takatora assumed that, like almost everyone else, she had a bone to pick with him. Peach just said that she was happy that there was still good in his heart and that he was atoning for his mistakes. Just the sound of that made the proud Kamen Rider cry, as he had been helplessly accused for days on end. After the Friendship Asylum was destroyed, Princess Peach occasionally goes to his temple to share some of her homemade cake and tea. While many gods are baffled at this friendship, Princess Peach just invites them to partake in the little tea party.
    • And then earlier than that, she was the one who had to help Seto Kaiba going through a bad case of Sanity Slippage (caused by Yugi Muto during his stay at the Darkness Proxy). She was devastated for a time when poor Perry the Parasol was broken into pieces and set on fire but has quickly recovered (and Kaiba, as payment for her saving him, is now willing to help her figure out more of Perry's past...not that he will admit it.)
  • Peach is also willing to forgive Mitsuzane for his faults, as she sees him as someone just wanting to show his older brother what he's capable of. When he's ready, she'll have a cake with his name on it waiting for him, which she did give when Mitsuzane made it to the House of Heroes.
  • An interesting theory has been raised about Peach's actions, that theory being that she was literally a goddess ''before'' ascending to the Trope Pantheon. No one is quite sure what to make of this idea, and Peach hasn't said anything on the subject.

    Sapphire Rhodonite 
Sapphire Rhodonite, Goddess of Pretty Princess Powerhouses (Princess)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her tiara on top of her greaves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Excessively Violent Heroes, Attraction to Good Natured Commoners, Heroic Psychopathic Love Interests, Lover of Cute Things, Unable to Cry (normally)
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, War, Protection
  • Followers: Every female protagonist from Odin Sphere''Eilonwy, Daenerys Targaryen, Monica Raybrandt, Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz, Plume
  • Allies: Almaz Von Almandine Adamant (her husband), Mao, Stella Grossular, Raspberyl, Mr. Champloo, Rutile, Hinata Hyuga, Mikuru Asahina, Hungary , Orihime Inoue, Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Cornelia li Britannia
  • Enemies: Aurum
  • Extremely protective of her husband Almaz. Hinata admires her courage but is also scared of her during her more Ax-Crazy moments (along with many others, even members of the house of war.)
  • Considering that she thinks a chainsaw to be a proper surgery tool, she has been kept away from any medical duties.
  • She is planning to teach other Princesses in the Pantheon the art of self defense, but she is having trouble finding candidates.
  • Despite her actually being a very caring albeit violent individual, the common folk are quite scared of her. "The Chainsaw Incident" only solidified her menacing reputation.
  • Sapphire has a thing for cute things and will some times be found hugging Raspberyl, one of the ponies, or any cute creature in the House of Beasts.
  • During the events of Vienna Burning, she, like the rest of the SLS's 2nd Division, were heavily affected. She was the only member not to have their love interest kidnapped, but she was still infected with Hinamizawa Syndrome. However, she and Peko were both cured by Shion. In addition, she and Naoto Shirogane fought Kotonoha Katsura. She told the story of those days to Almaz after his ascension.
  • To the surprise of absolutely no one who knows her, the news that her husband managed to finally ascend was met with much glee from her.
  • The pantheon has placed a restriction on how much love banter she and her husband can engage in, saying that anything that goes beyond a single exchange between the two of them and involves hearts and stars MUST be done within the confines of the House of Love.


Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, Goddess of Theories About the Fate of Russian Princesses (Anya, Grand Duchess, Princess, Anastasie, Nastya, Nastas, Nastenka, Malenkaya, Shvibzik, Anna Anderson, Caster)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her "Together in Paris" locket
  • Theme Song: "Journey to the Past", "A Rumour in St. Petersburg", "Once Upon A December"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Scenarios about Anastasia's survival, "history" proven wrong, Everything's Better with Princesses, Amnesiac Hero, having a locket for the only clue to her past, Quest for Identity, name means 'resurrection' or 'she will rise again'
  • Domains: Royalty, Stock Mysteries, Memories, Orphans
  • Heralds: Dimitri, Pooka, Vlad
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • Allies: Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Littlefoot and co., Charlie Barkin, Chanticleer, Disney Princesses, Charlotte LaBouff, Vanellope von Schweetz, House of Family, James Bond, Shotaro Hidari and Philip
  • Enemies: Rasputin (at least when he's in undead sorcerer mode), Imran Zakhaev, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Anastasia is a Russian princess who was deposed in a revolution led by the dark sorcerer Rasputin. While attempting to escape, she got separated from her family and banged her head, losing consciousness. When she came to, she had no recollection of who she was, and only had a locket for a clue to her past. She became the non-descript Anya and stayed in an orphanage til she came of age. At that point, rumors began to circulate that the princess Anastasia was still alive as a result of her grandmother offering a reward to whoever could find her. Anya fell in with two conmen who thought she could convincingly pass for the lost princess. Little did they know. Ultimately, Anastasia got her memories back when she found her grandmother, but rejected the aristocratic life to run off with Dimitri, who she had fallen in love with.
  • Factually, Anastasia really did die along with her family, something that was conclusively proven only in 2007. By that point, Anastasia's legend had long consolidated its place in pop culture as something of a modern fairytale, in no small part thanks to this particular version of her. Because of this, she was picked for ascension.
  • Learning about the fate of her real life equivalent was quite a shock to Anastasia. She's also very, very conflicted to learn about the complex circumstances around her family's murder, ultimately coming to the conclusion that, while her father did sort of bring his fate upon himself, he was still her dear father, and she definitely cannot accept that her mother and siblings had to share his fate. She's prone to brooding about it when she's alone in her temple and at times can't help but feel angry about her family's fate.
    • Her anger and acquiring knowledge about her family and her fate that she was perhaps never meant to know caused her to develop a dark side that manifests when she's feeling at her worst, in a Jekyll & Hyde-like phenomenon. In that form, she's coldly stoic and nihilistic, and has ice powers. However, this form can usually be culled by the intervention of Dimitri or Pooka appealing to her better nature. Although now she has a shadow called Viy following her around no matter her mood. It creeped her out at first, but since it's loyal to her, she got used to it and takes advantage of it, but only to protect herself, not being into the whole "dye the enemies of the Russian Empire in blood" philosophy.
  • She's just confused to learn that Rasputin was apparently a trusted, steadfast friend of the family in real life. Whatever the Rasputin in the Pantheon feels about her (likely he wishes to serve her), she prefers to stay well away from him, since even the "good" Rasputin was one of the reasons for her family's downfall.
  • After spending so long living an entirely different type of life, Anya doesn't really think of herself as a princess anymore and thinks that the royal lifestyle would not suit her. This was proven when she chose to run away with Dimitri instead of live with her grandmother. As a result, she does not draw attention to her royal status when interacting with others in the Pantheon, nor is she the least bit interested in campaigning to restore the Russian monarchy. Nonetheless, she remains respected by most heroic Royalty deities because, whatever her father did, she herself is a good and compassionate person.
    • She's particularly good friends with all the Disney princesses (funnily she may be considered a Disney princess as well nowadays, although Xehanort has discarded the possibility of her being a Princess of Heart on account of the whole split personality thing and having Viy), especially Aurora and technically Vanellope von Schweetz, as both know what it's like to be left destitute and stripped of their royal status. And of course Charlotte, ever the fan of princesses, welcomes her as warmly as any of the others.
    • In spite of her stated disinterest she is persecuted by Zakhaev and Makarov (and Dragovich by extension); their vested interest in returning Russia to its Soviet days means Anya, as a representative of the imperial era, can potentially undermine their plans if someone else gets the idea of trying to campaign for the restoration of the monarchy. This set of common enemies has led Anya to become allies with James Bond, who just can't leave a young woman like her unprotected from such vile villains, although it's somewhat strained because Bond, as usual, has tried putting the moves on her, to which Anya absolutely won't give the time of day. It's also led to some quarrels between Bond and Dimitri.
  • For her whole life (that she could remember) she believed she was an orphan and longed to find her home and family. So unsurprisingly, she puts a lot of value on the concept of family. For that reason she finds it disgusting how there are some people who'd murder or mistreat their family members; there are too many in the Pantheon to count, much to her dismay, but she focuses her contempt on the Child Abuse Supporters as Heihachi and Scar are proven murderers of family.
  • There's been some question of whether or not she's a hemophiliac, due to her family carrying the gene and her brother Alexei famously suffering from it. The House of Health and Diseases decided to find out for itself. The result: she's not. Therefore, her enemies are left sad that they can't exploit that condition.
  • Having been an amnesiac for ten years with absolutely no knowledge of her family or general past, she made friends with Philip, the right side of Kamen Rider Double, who went through much the same thing and it turned out his family wasn't all that good either. He hopes Dimitri, Pooka and Vlad are as good a replacement family for Anya as Shotaro and Akiko are for him.
  • Is friends with all her fellow Don Bluth creations, but none more so than Fievel, even though ironically they didn't start their acquaintance in the best of terms. Fievel didn't have the highest opinion of Anya when he heard she was part of the royal family, considering their oppression is why he, his family and so many others like them escaped Russia. But Anya pressed on in being kind to Fievel since she felt he's the one who'd understand her best, due to the mouse also becoming separated from his family. Eventually Fievel did realize she was nothing like his idea of the Romanovs and they both shared the same sufferings, and so they became the best of friends.
    • Littlefoot and Charlie have their own particular reasons to sympathize with Anya. Littlefoot also lost family and had to go on a perilous journey with friends to find the rest of it, while Charlie, with his history of becoming guardian to a ragged orphan and helping her find a family, can be somewhat protective of Anya due to her similar circumstances.
  • Its consider a bad idea to ever engage Anastasia in a snowball fight. Not because there's a chance she may use ice magic, but because she will roll up a rock into a snowball and throw it.

Ange, Avatar of Fallen Princesses (Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, Former First Princess of the Misurugi Empire, Norma #1203-77, Burn Princess, Idiot Princess, Breakout Sister, The Captain)

Aurora, The Princess Classic (Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose)
Click here  to see her as she appears in Maleficent
  • Demigoddess (Overdeity when in-tandem with the other Princesses of Heart)
  • Symbol: A spinning loom with a pink (or blue, depending on the time) dress next to it.
  • Leitmotif: "I Wonder" and "Once Upon A Dream"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: curses falling on her sixteenth birthday, sweet girls with gold hair, innocent girls thinking of love, not knowing of her true intentions all her life, Traditional Princesses, Princess of Heart
  • Domains: Curses, Love
  • Allies: Snow White, Alice, Ratchet, Clank, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort, Larxene, Courtney Gears, The Master
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Maleficent
  • Goddaughter of: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather
  • As one of the legendary Princesses of Heart, it was decided that she would be ascended to help fight off against the forces of evil. Maleficient wasn't happy about this. NOT AT ALL.
    • As a result of her purity, should Aurora ever be with the other Princesses of Heart, her rank jumps from Demigoddess to Overdeity.
  • She gets along with Princess Peach and Snow White in the House of Royalty, discussing their adventures and of their princes who saved them from evil. Aurora waits for the day that Prince Philip ascends into the Pantheon.
  • Ratchet and Clank once wondered through the woods where Aurora, then known as Briar Rose, lived. Apparently, they were looking for a fairy to hunt, and got lost, so Aurora took them to her aunts to ask if they could help them. The "aunts", who are actually fairies themselves, knew that the fairy that the duo were looking for was Maleficent, and warned them to abandon their mission, least get themselves cursed like Aurora herself. This was on the same day that Aurora met Phillip.
  • There's a rumor going on that Jak and Daxter were located inside the castle when Aurora picked her finger, and that Maleficent took advantage of Jak's Dark Eco to steal her Heart before they both fell asleep from Flora's magic. However, this conflicts with another rumor that her Heart was instead stolen by a Keyblade Welder named Terra, who didn't succumb to the spell.
  • There's also rumors that in an alternate verse, Aurora was so pure (or rather due to accidental mispelling of a magic) that she made Maleficent pull a Heel–Face Turn. But this was at the cost of her father turning into a monster. This creates a slight conflict in Aurora's feeling towards her Arch-Enemy.
  • Aurora was once seduced by a mysterious prince who came from "The Woods". Unfortunately for him, she knew of his past with Cinderella and another woman, and was quick to turn him down. The prince still insists on winning her heart, which has forced Aurora to pull a restraining order on him.

    Prince Eric 
Prince Eric, God of Charming Princes

Erinys, Goddess of Unexpected Successor (Erin, Fury, Ferry, The Wings Searching for the Lost Lord, The Flying Cavalry of Ice and Snow)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The crest of Silesse with Pegasus Wings nearby.
  • Theme Song: Silesse Palace
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Kicking Ass Without Holy Blood, Preference On Spears, Future Queen Of Silesse, Nobody Expected A Non-Holy Blood Commoner Becoming A Queen, Inability To Turn A Blind Eye From Someone In Trouble, Lady of War, Sweet But Gullible Girls, Green Hair And Green Eyes
  • Domains: Succession, Combat, War
  • Allies: Lewyn (unascended), Sigurd & Seliph, Ayra, Tailtiu, Chrom, Lucina, Marth, Caeda, Sumia, Ike, Hinoka, Mario, Pit, Palutena
  • Enemies: Arvis, Gharnef, Fawful, Grima
  • Erinys was just your average commoner who just happened to be one of the elite members of the Silesse Pegasus Knight squadron the Angelic Knights. She's very loyal to Prince Lewyn and ended up falling in love, but she lost him during the Battle of Belhalla, and then Silesse's queen Rahna perished as well. But before her death, Rahna has entrusted Erinys to be the next queen despite the lack of the blood of Forseti in her. Nobody expected her to rise and become a well-loved High Queen of Silesse, which caused the Pantheon to ascend her to the Pantheon.
  • Erinys was very glad to see her old friends gather, especially Sigurd, her leader. Ayra was at least feeling good that a friend she trusted rises, and Tailtiu thanked her for giving her shelter before shits with Bloom hit the fan (in which Erinys apologized that she couldn't prevent that). And finally, Seliph recognized her as the mother of Ced and Fee, two of his most trusted allies, and gave her much respect. This was a really good day for Erinys... which is only slightly ruined with how Lewyn wasn't in the Pantheon yet. However, a search party has been sent for that.
  • And like the others, Erinys hasn't exactly forgiven Arvis for enacting the Battle of Belhalla. It was because of that shenanigan that she lost Lewyn and then ended up shedding her mortal shell in Jugdral due to illness. And the 'government' he set up on Silesse went to mess with the country after her passing.
    • Like many others, on hearing the news that there is a possibility that Loptyr has taken another form known as Grima, Erinys also put her spear in action once more to put an end to that dragon.
  • Due to her green hair and green attire, some Archanean deities, particularly Caeda, has noted that Erinys looks quite similar with the eldest Whitewings Palla. However, when asked if she had her own sisters to do her own Triangle Attack, the mood usually sours because Erinys stated that she had one, Annand... who died tragically. Sumia ends up comforting her (not with a slap/punch in the face while still wearing her armor, but a tap on the shoulder) since she had a similar experience with her senior Phila.
    • And Erinys couldn't even do it with her daughter Fee or her big fan Hermina since she ended up bedridden to death when they were ready. Still, she's very proud on both and hoped they could do that in the Pantheon. Oh and for the record, she's also proud of her son Ced.
  • She is very kind and focused in her duties that sometimes she would look very gullible, falling for some tricks. She's still ashamed that she fell for Chagall's lies about Sigurd's army about to execute Lewyn.
    • She sometimes gets Trolled by Palutena due to this, who at times asked her for help in aiding Pit (and another reason, according to Palutena, is because they share green hair. Don't ask if that was a legit reason to assign someone). Erinys can understand at how Pit often get teased like that.
  • Due to some her alternate names being 'Fury', some people likes to think that she is an object belonging to Fawful, who liked to exclaim I HAVE FURY!! Erinys is not amused and occasionally contacted Mario for help.


    Prince Charmles 
Prince Charmles, Charmless God Prince (Prince Sharm-LAY, Prince Charmless)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An Argonian Lizard Heart (which he bought)
  • Theme Song: Majestic Castle ~ Gavotte de Château
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Completely Spoiled, Believing He Can Do Whatever He Want Because He's a Prince, Hate Sinks, Princes With Zero Charms (Namer of the Trope), Broken Haughties
  • Domains: Royalty, Laziness
  • Follower: Prince Charming (ironically enough).
  • Allies: Gaston, the Reagan siblings, Princess Morbucks
  • Opposed by: Many Princes and Princesses in the Pantheon, Lili Rochefort, Angelo, Marcello
  • High Priest: Prince Blueblood
  • There was a test decreed by the gods in the Main House that two candidates (Prince Charmles and Prince Blueblood) would go out and find the most beautiful jeweled heart they could find with the winner obtaining a spot in the Pantheon. Charmles bribed members in the House of Crime, Indiana Jones and many of the evil gods in the House of Commerce to get an Argonian Lizard Heart (until it was revealed that he just bought his heart somewhere else) while Blueblood (who found out that his great aunts and many fellow Equestria deities (particularly Rarity who he had been such a dick to in the Grand Galloping Gala) were watching his every move, decided to slowly work his way up until he came back with a small fire ruby. Prince Charmles was decreed the winner (and Charmles wasted no time in gloating about his victory)...until he found out that his "prize" was recognition as the god of all Charmless Princes. No one will stop calling him that, and he's on the shit list of every God in the House of Crime and Commerce.
  • He tried to get the favor of Princess Peach, but the minute he talked smack about Mario and Luigi, Peach kicked him out of the castle after swatting him away with a frying pan. Later, he tried this on Charlotte LaBouf, but even she had to say no when Charmles insulted and spat on Tiana's cooking. Oh and when that happened, Karen Minazuki was nearby, at least trying to learn about cooking... and Charmles insulted that too, and not to mention adding how Karen lacked noble blood compared to him, thus he's instantly better at everything than her. He's instantly driven out of Charlotte's house with an extremely pissed off Cure Aqua trying to aim her Sapphire Arrow at him.
  • Then there was that time he made Fluttershy cry by insulting her and calling her weak. It took the House of Combat and Heroes to ensure that Discord didn't do anything drastic. He also gets the ire of all Equestrian deities after they heard how he treated Leane when she was transformed into a horse.
  • Has gone in and out of the pantheon for months as the gods didn't know whether he was a good representative of the trope or not. It all stems from the fact he is not that well liked because he was a former Disgraced One and a selfish jerk. He is now part of the pantheon, but there are bets on whether he get kicked out of the pantheon again.
  • So far, the only deities to not hate Charmles that much are Gaston and the Reagan siblings. Must be the ego thing.
    • His biggest ally however is Princess Morbucks who also use money to make things easier for her.
  • His fiefdom has become a favorite stompin' ground for Ork WAAAGGGHHHS, who are "directed" his way. This may or may not be karma having fun giving him the "ironic punishment" of eternally being krumped, pillaged, and looted by what amounts to a rag tag bunch of foul tempered, green skinned "socca 'ooligans" with equally bad hygiene and "science" developed by Insane Troll Logic.
    • One day, Hades donated a "giant green pickle" to the Charmless feast "out of the goodness of his heart". Said "pickle" is, in fact, Deviljho. Many of the gods find the resulting karma hilarious; Viridi, despite hating Hades' guts, could not stop laughing for days after that little stunt.
  • To say Angelo is pissed at him is just like saying people need to eat to survive. He is by far one of the few gods he ever would raise his voice against, and has been placed under surveillance by his request to ensure Charmles doesn't do anything like he did back on Angelo's world. Not surprisingly, Charmles has been trying to bribe some deities into cutting Angelo off from him, but to no avail. Angelo did get a laugh out of hearing of his ascended title, further angering Charmles.
  • While Angelo may be the naturally angrier of individuals from his own world, it's the appearance of the templar's half-brother Marcello that causes Charmles to flee and squeal. An appearance by Marcello is a guarantee of several weeks' humiliation and occasionally injury.

    Sara Crewe 
Sara Crewe, Goddess of Ragged Princesses (Sarah Crewe, Princess Sara, The Little Princess, Little Missus, Sarah Morris, Sally Crewe)


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