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Intermediate Gods

Mao, God of Schools For Evil (Dean of Evil Academy, Netherworld's No. 1 Honor Student)
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity if fully becoming Dark Mao)
  • Symbol: His Evil Academy jacket and glasses
  • Theme Song: Go, Mao! and Fugue of Hell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (With good leanings)
  • Portfolio: Failure to fully grasp tropes, constant invasion of personal space in the name of science, infamy due to said invasion, Dean of Nether Institute Evil Academy, Power of the Unknown Cosmos, hidden destructive powers, Raspberyl's Rival
  • Domains: Demonic, Science
  • Allies: Princess Sapphire, Almaz, Mr. Champloo, Rutile, Stella Grossular, Kira Daidouji, Neo Cortex
  • Rivals: Raspberyl
  • Opposed by: Laharl, Flonne, Abed Nadir, any and all potential test subjects
  • Enemies: Super Hero Aurum
  • After years of consideration, Mao finally ascended though he's not very happy about his position. However, his disappointment was short lived upon realizing that he now had a treasure trove of specimens within his reach.
    • Most of the gods of the Nippon Ichi multiverse shuddered in fear upon his ascension as they had been the target of Mao's experimentations at one time in their lives. Raspberyl, Mao's rival and the only one he doesn't target, is the only exception.
  • Ever since his arrival at the Pantheon, people has been very nervous when hearing the voice of Edward Elric. Apparently they sound very similar to each other.
  • Mao on a few occasions has been invited by some good-aligned gods and goddesses to the House of Friendship as they noted that he holds The Power of Friendship inside him. He rebukes said gods and goddesses, saying that his power is that of the "Unknown Cosmos".
  • He belives that Gordon Ramsay might be an alternate verision of Mr Champloo and wanted to perform experiments on him to see if this was true. Mao has now been banned from the House of Food as a result.
  • Now that Igor has vacated his spot in the House of Love, Mao is planning on being his replacement, hoping to continue his research on The Power of Love. However, all the gods want to keep Mao out of the House of Love and are planning to ban him, Flonne, one of Mao's many targets, being at the forefront of the ban.
    • However, he eventually told every one that he is not a pervert, and anything saying otherwise is just him thinking about all the experiments he could do with a given subject, not caring about their gender. Those who have tried implying that he really is a pervert even after that have been on a receiving end of either Blast Finger or Evil Modification.
  • Really got annoyed when the Court of the Gods decided to cast Super Hero Aurum to the Fallen. Not because he didn't think he deserved it, but this way he cannot experiment on him all he wants and neither can he serve Mao anymore. And then he was made into a proper god, what annoys him even more.
  • After Mao joined GUAC, Raspberyl began a rigorous training regimen to help her get stronger should Mao ever attack GUAG or give in to his dark side. Mao could only grin in anticipation.
    • There are rumors that part of his reason for joining GUAC was to shock Beryl into wanting to become stronger, feeling she wouldn't train as hard if he had joined the GUAG with her. Mao constantly refutes such rumors.

    Stella Grossular 
Stella Grossular, Goddess of Failing Schools
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her saber
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Student Body President of The Failing Maijin Academy, Going Insane (recovered), Academic Alpha Bitch, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Ojou Ringlets,
  • Domains: Schools, Demons
  • Allies: Rutile, Mao, Almaz, Sapphire Rhodanite, Raspberyl, Mr. Champloo, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Deadpool, Satako Houjou, Mako, Princess Celestia, Bugs Bunny, Rena Ryuguu, Keichi Maebara, Lucifer, Miyabi
  • Uneasy alliances: Queen Elsa, Sub Zero
  • Enemies: Satan, Ghirahim, The Beast, Diablo, Super Hero Aurum
  • Stella had it rough. As the Student Body President of Maijin Academy, she had put a lot of effort of trying to make it work. Unfortunately, it has been failing badly, as only she and her father are only Maijins there, and it hardly has any students. And when Aurum killed her father, her sanity was destroyed. It was a wonder that her school wasn't destroyed before she tried to usurp Evil Academy.
  • Due to her nature as a prankster, Stella quickly bonded with the members of Lol Ranger, having fun plotting all sorts of humorous pranks to pull off.
  • Disgusted with many members of the House of Otherness (demons), referring to them as being low class scum. She especially loathes Satan after the cruel way he treated Rutile.
  • Messing with her best friend Rutile in general is a very bad idea.
  • Allied herself with Rena Ryuguu, understanding what its like to lose their sanity due to trauma (and recover from it).
    • The things that Keiichi did to pull Rena out of her dark times reminded Stella of what Rutile did for her in her darkest hour.
  • Currently experiencing torn loyalties between the GUAG and GUAC. On one hand, a lot of Stella's friends are in the GUAG and there are a lot of nasty people in the GUAC. On the other hand, the ways of chaos fit strongly with her outlook on life, though Stella's brand of demon hood and sowing chaos seems to be merely pranking people.
  • She raises different monsters on the side, mainly zombies and slimes.

Suzune, Goddess of Ninja Studies (Rin)
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    Shima Katase 
Shima Katase, Goddess of Space Schools (Shipon)


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