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Jiren, God of Being Seemingly Unstoppable (Jiren the Grey, The Pride of Universe 11, Burning Ultimate Warrior)
Jiren as a child
Jiren at Full Power
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His eyes and fiery aura.
  • Theme Song: Desperate Plan pre-fight, Unwinnable Battle when dominating, The Strongest or Majesty of the Mighty in contested battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Manga incarnation),Lawful Neutral (Anime incarnation)
  • Portfolio: Superman Substitute, Strongest Mortal in the Multiverse, Being Strong, Plain and Simple Yet Still Able to be Surpassed, Strong and Skilled, Dark and Troubled Past, Surpassing Gods of Destruction in Strength, Always Someone Better, One-Man Army, Eye Motif
  • Domains: Power, Tournaments, Sentai, Cynicism, Might, Heroism and/or Anti-Heroism, Pride
  • Allies: Toppo*, Fairy Leviathan
  • On good terms with: Gouken
  • Respects: Vergil
  • Rivals: Son Goku, Hit, Superman (anime incarnation, manga self is on better terms), Asura, Saitama
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, Frieza, Stain, Infinite, Mongul, Homelander of The Seven
  • Opposed by: YHVH
  • Annoyed by: Scrappy-Doo
  • There exists a mortal stronger than a God of Destruction, and Jiren the Grey is that mortal. The pride of Universe 11 and the Pride Troopers, through dedicated training he is by far the strongest fighter in the Tournament of Power. Yet he would show himself vulnerable in the end, even getting overpowered for a time. An exhaustive effort by the remaining members of Team Universe 7, in a surprising Enemy Mine situation of Goku and Frieza, saw him taken out of the ring.
  • His origin story is similar to Batman and Sasuke in that his family was killed by an unclear villain, which dominated his future motivations for strength. This leads to different outcomes in different media: the manga Jiren is a more straightforward superhero who adheres to Thou Shalt Not Kill, but the wish to see his master and earn his approval is overwhelming. His anime self is far more selfish, a Might Makes Right guy who doesn't like friendship. At least initially, and after the Tournament of Power he Took a Level in Kindness and is getting his life back on track.
  • An unintended consequence of entering the pantheon is a bipolar disposition towards exhibiting his manga or anime personality. While they agree on some things, they vary on enough things to have a complicated dynamic with the rest of the pantheon. However, these characterizations share a consistent ally in Fairy Leviathan as he has come to understand how she respects those that best her, and the love of the fight.
  • As a mortal who surpasses divinity, he is in the running for the mightiest Dragon Ball character who is not an angel or Zeno. Even with Mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku couldn't quite overcome him. Because of this, Zamasu hates him for being a mortal stronger than gods. Jiren's contempt was mutual upon learning of how he brainwashed his future counterpart. YHVH isn't fond of him being stronger than destroyer deities as it gets in the way of His belief in His supposed omnipotence by extension. Jiren doesn't particularly care about him.
  • Strongly influenced by Superman. He's big and bulky, is considered The Ace of a superhero team. Wiz and Boomstick are of the belief that Jiren vs Goku was the closest to a Goku vs Superman battle canon could get. Superman looks unfavorably on his anime incarnation but is glad to see he is trying to improve his personality. The manga incarnation is much friendly with the Man of Steel, and in both states regards him as a fun combatant.
  • The manga incarnation takes a more positive outlook on the House of Heroism, supporting the Grand United Alliance of Good. He does admit his wish to bring back his master was kind of selfish, but has accepted that Gicchin is at peace and needs no ulterior motive to serve their fight against the Grand United Alliance of Evil. He is interested in Team Lightyear as much, as, like the Pride Troopers, they are Superheroes in Space.
  • Jiren was friendly to Gouken as he reminds him of his old master Gicchin. Apparently, Gicchin and Belmod knew each other before the latter became Universe 11's God of Destruction. This was over 240,000 years ago, suggesting either he, Jiren or both fall under the Time Abyss. "Hero Killer" Stain has deep contempt for both incarnations of Jiren for being false heroes. It's a view understandable in his anime self and Stain chewed him out as a Hypocrite for calling "an assassin's honor" worthless. He doesn't like his manga incarnation due to how he was willing to throw away his values for the wish to see his master again.
  • The anime incarnation once scoffed at The Power of Friendship, but after some Character Development no longer feels that way and doesn't care about The Power of Hate or the House of Hatred and Rancor anymore. He was once a follower of Vergil, believing Might Makes Right, but things have changed and he doesn't have share that conviction as much. That being said, they aren't on bad terms and the Pride of Universe 11 retains a mutual respect with the Dark Slayer, especially since Vergil has also become far less of a jerk about his fixation on power after a succession of incidents where it came back to bite him monstrously.
  • Still gets along with Solo, given their attitude towards solitude, even if Jiren is now developing his friendship with Toppo. As he is becoming more idealistic, he has some sort of understanding with Manfred. The anime incarnation of Jiren gets along with Sasuke, as they share more than a few things in common. This has led people to claim that his family's killer is actually his long-lost brother El Hermano. Jiren isn't making any comment on who the mysterious killer was.
  • Accepting of worthy rivals and challenges to his power. He accepted Asura's challenge, and while he was able to overcome Asura normally when he unlocked Asura the Destructor, Jiren had far more of a challenge. After a long battle Jiren won, but just barely and spent quite some time resting from the battle. They found it really satisfying. Saitama would end up challenging him as well, causing their one punches to collide and create an enormous shockwave that destroyed the arena they were in.
  • Infinite's ego led him to prove that he was the superior superpowered individual by facing Jiren, believing his illusions and the Phantom Ruby was all he needed. As even when not powered up Jiren broke through a time cage, and Infinite taunted him with illusions of Giccin and his teammates, he was given a single punch so forceful that it sent him into another dimension. Dr. Eggman facepalmed so hard he hurt himself. Scrappy Doo was pugnacious/stupid enough to challenge him as well, and an irritated Jiren told him to "get lost" and pushed him away with his stare. Scrappy mumbled that he wouldn't be laughing if he faced up against Ultra Instinct Shaggy, which actually caused the normally stoic Jiren to crack a smile.
  • Cell was going to name himself Jiren, but considered it too boring. Jiren has made no comment on this.
  • After learning that his fellow Pride Troopers answered a distress call to stop Mongul's destructive schemes from bringing Warworld into the Pantheon, and thus earned a temple with team leader Toppo being deified and the others serving as heralds, he promptly visited the temple of the God of Overly Boisterous Poses and Phrases. Proudly shaking hands with his captain upon this reunion, Jiren is ready to assist Top and serve alongside the Pride Troopers once more, ready to begin accepting his comrades at long last.
    • He is not the least bit surprised to discover that Mongul plans on attaching a Black Mercy plant to his chest. Whether to have him live out his desire to see his old friends, family, and master Gicchin again or to relive the nightmare of seeing them all killed before his eyes or cowed before deserting him, he has no intention of finding out.
  • Was once approached by Homelander about an alliance, who appealed to their common ground as deconstructed supermen. Jiren, however, was already aware of many of Homelander's crimes and wanted nothing to do with this disgrace in the cloth of a hero, promptly telling him such. Instead, he finds himself occasionally intervening to stop Homelandernote  from causing damage in the Pantheon, with the false hero's first attack always being Eye Beams that always get stopped by the fire and heat of Jiren's powerful aura.

    The One Above All 
The One Above All, God of Transcending Infinite Power (TOAA, The One Above All, Jack Kirby, Above-All-Others)

    Richard Nixon (The Monument Mythos) 
Richard Milhous Nixon, God of Superpowered Historical Figures (The Moon God, Man of Steel, God)
Nixon as witnessed by the Apollo 11 crew
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A trinity of a lunar crescent, skull of the Horned Serpent and a miniature of Alcatraz
  • Theme Song: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Historical Domain Character That Became Superpowered, Richard Nixon The Failed Presidential Candidate Turned Physical God and Reality Warper, Expy of Dr Manhattan, Deity of Human Origin, Has A Low Opinion Of Humanity Despite Having Been Human, Greater Scope Anti-Villain, The Hermit, Alien Non-Interference Clause, Created Three Beings Out Of Himself To Test Mankind, One Of The Only Humans To Survive The Great Division, Legacy Character, The End of the World as We Know It
  • Domains: Alternate History, Higher Beings, Historical Figures, Tests, Neutrality, Divinity
  • Special relationship with: The Last Son of Alcatraz
  • Complicated relationship with: The head of/President of Earth Richard Nixon (his Alternate Self), James Dean (The Monument Mythos) (his friendly rival)
  • Observed by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: John F Kennedy (possibly his 1960 rival and former political friend), Edward Blake/the Comedian
  • Interested in: The Son and the Daughter, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Robert Reynolds/the Sentry/the Void, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Odio
  • Allies: Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan, The Father, the Monitor, Clockwork, Chronoa, Professor Paradox, The Shadowy Author, Uatu the Watcher
  • On good terms with: Josiah Bartlet, Artemis, Selene, Princess Luna
  • On speaking terms with: Adam and Eve (Record of Ragnarok), Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Rivals: Abraham Lincoln (as The Immortal and King of Mars)
  • Enemies: THE HORNED SERPENT, The Plutonian, The Batman Who Laughs, Wick, Zamasu, Barbatos, the Alternates, the Iris, Chuck Shurley
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine
  • Respects: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman
  • Disrespects: Homelander (mainly his TV incarnation), The Antagonist (Hatred), Frank Underwood
  • Lawyer, member of the House of Representatives, senator, Vice President to Eisenhower, and presidential hopeful. Anyone familiar with Richard Nixon knows this of him, and know he ran for the 1968 election. But in another world, someone else proved the better candidate for president. Nixon and Dean were able to be friends, however the anomalies of their world would change Nixon. He would become a composite of Alcatraz matter and following the Great Division, become something akin to a god. Moving to a new universe he would become the Moon God, sending three extensions of himself as a test for humanity since he knew it was better if he stayed on the Moon. The Last Son of Alcatraz, the D-Day Knight and The Queen of the Lunarians formed a parallel to DC's Trinity, but everything went wrong. After all, we were not kind to them. Eventually it got so out of hand that Nixon was forced to render that timeline as fiction, to prevent further suffering. The new timeline? None other than our own.
  • To the alternate Nixon's initial horror, he found himself "made real" alongside the broken Last Son of Alcatraz, now the new Horned Serpent. That horror shifted to curiosity when he learned where exactly he was; the Trope Pantheon, a vast multiverse where practically any series and even some real life figures exist. This included another iteration of himself, the 31st century President of Earth, and his old political rival Jack Kennedy. To differentiate himself he prefers to go by the Moon God, as though he was once human he sees himself as something more and perceives the disembodied head of Nixon as the venal, embittered parts of himself he cast aside. Said self was perplexed and jealous at another Nixon being so mighty, musing "I've seen some pretty weird crap but you? Multiverse theory really is a bitch, isn't it Dr Dickhattan?" The Moon God seeing his OTL self's presidency and downfall was...interesting. He has taken note of some presidents he doesn't recognize. He likes President Bartlet and he thinks Frank Underwood is a lot more disgraceful than even the notoriety of his OTL counterpart. However Funny Valentine gets the brunt of his ire as it was his jingoistic, America first mindset that led to the Last Son's abuse and mind control in Vietnam.
  • To avoid causing more problems for humanity, or humanity misusing his powers, the superpowered Richard Nixon has chose to stay in his temple on the Moon. He will only leave the Moon should the situation absolutely require it, such as to contain the Horned Serpent so it doesn't destroy the world like it did to his own. A supernatural seventies-style phone capable of instant communication and speech in the vacuum is present at his person so he can talk to other deities. He has gotten a lot of communication from President Kennedy, whom presumably also defeated him in the Deanverse if Dean's "37th president" status is any indicationnote  as he's quite curious to see what a Reality Warper version of his old rival is up to. He gets a bit choked up when Dean calls him because while they parted on good terms, Nixon did engineer James Dean's death in the Nixonverse as part of his plan. Of course, even his nefarious actions here often had a good reason for it.
  • Though he has no interest in worship and avoids many of the egotistical trappings his power has, this version of Richard Nixon prefers to go by the Moon God as more of a matter of fact and to distance himself from his human roots. However, while he goes by the Moon God he isn't a God of the Moon; he just lives on it. Since he lives on it he does have a fair bit of contact with moon goddesses and he will give them help if they need be, however he's not "involved in their politics" and only really talks with them for the company. He has a much closer connection to an alien resident that keeps their eye on the Earth while swearing not to intervene, except in cases of emergencies; Uatu, the Watcher. The Moon God doesn't want the tragedy of his extensions to repeat in any way, so he has chosen to work with the Watcher to keep order. One deity they are mutually observing is Odio and his various incarnations, as his story of a great menace born out of humanity's evils is very similar to the Last Son of Alcatraz's story.
    • As he lives on the Moon, he is also a contemporary of Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Princess Kaguya, Magnolia Arch and Chang'e. Nixon had started wondering if he should move to another celestial body to avoid accidentally messing his own plans up by interacting with them, but those worries went away as his time in the Trope Pantheon has made him more sociable. He did give them a word of warning, though; should the Lunarians he created ascend, there might be some sort of argument because of their differing views on humanity.
  • When it came to determining who would get the trope "Historical Domain Superperson", one man suggested he should have a trope change; Grigori Rasputin. He was countered by saying that they have similar tropes, so perhaps Rasputin could be a more general take while the Moon God can be a more specific incarnation. Besides, it was almost unanimous nobody wanted the controversy of the OTL Nixon ascending. Technically the Moon God is an Alcatraz-based clone, but since he has all of Deanverse Nixon's memories and personality he still counts as a Richard Nixon. Some have also noted that the trope fits a number of people from the Fate Series, however he only does chit-chat at most with Servants because he doesn't see himself as human anymore. Interestingly, there's another president, and member of the Republican Party, that also has memories of being a superhuman; Abraham Lincoln. As the Immortal or the King of Mars he has a rivalry of sorts with the Moon God, as they have differing views on humanity and what is the best. Some think the Moon God is actually jealous of Lincoln for "getting it right", but if it's true he's not leaving any hint.
  • While he doesn't see himself as human anymore, he still thinks of himself as Richard Nixon and he has used his powers to observe some other interesting variations of himself. He figured out why Black Dynamite hates him because that version tried to emasculate the black community. The Moon God insists he's not racist like Black Dynamite, though he pointed out that his poor view on humanity is still a prejudice, and a hypocritical one. Given what happened to his three "extensions", it isn't an unfair viewpoint that he has. It helps that he isn't a misanthrope on the level of, say, Zamasu, who he rightly considers a threat to the universe, and in turn Zamasu considers a human with the powers of a god to be utterly blasphemous. That said, he does see Adam and Eve as having potential to change his mind. The Dracula from Hotel Transylvania muses that perhaps he has another interest given his Quaker beliefs when he was still mortal. Having regained his faith in humanity, the Moon God considers him a person of interest and will consider giving him his phone number to discuss things with.
  • His three extensions, that being the Last Son of Alcatraz, the D-Day Knight and Luna, Queen of the Lunarians. They are clear expies of DC's Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and they went mad in their own ways. That said they tend to be on the more sympathetic side of the Corrupted Character Copy angle compared to, say, the Plutonian who the Moon God sees as a maniac who he should intervene and stop before he awakens his true Reality Warper potential. Or Homelander (mainly his TV incarnation given he is more malicious) who the Moon God regards as an embarrassment. Of course, being in the Trope Pantheon means that he is able to meet the superhero trinity in person. He holds nothing but respect for them for, despite everything that they've had to deal with, retaining their heroic spirit and convictions. And the fact they in turn are loved (especially Superman)? This has not fully swayed his outlook on humanity, but it has him see hope in them yet. However, he also fears that perhaps there was something wrong with his reality that their worlds lacked.
  • There are a couple of other Superman parallels that, due to reminding him of the Last Son, are individuals he has chosen to observe. One is Omni-Man, who he muses is somewhat of a contrast in that he used to be a Villain with Good Publicity in the guise of a Superman, only to prove he had humanity and gradually improve as a person. The other, and the one Nixon has the most vested interest in, is the Sentry. Much like both the Last Son and the D-Day Knight he has potential for good and greatness, but his unstable personality and dark side makes him vulnerable...the Moon God has witnessed a universe where the Void took full control and laid waste to that reality; the very kind of scenario he averted by fictionalizing his reality after the Last Son lost it. While observing them he noticed that he too was observed, by none other than the SCP Foundation. They have classified him as an Type-Green, Keter-class anomaly that might go to explain the SCP-2736-1 and SCP-2736-2 cases. Some have nicknamed him as SCP-2736-0 but it's not official. The Moon God has chosen to ignore them, but not before warning them they should be cautious with how they treat anomalies lest their callousness cause an unavoidable XK-Class Scenario. He should know; he witnessed it himself.
  • Richard Nixon himself is a parallel to another superhero, or maybe superhuman is a more accurate term; Jon Osterman, or Dr Manhattan. Once a man that became a transcendent entity, distanced from humanity. For Dr Manhattan this ennui comes from his higher perspective. The Moon God is one of few who comes close to truly understanding each other, musing "we both tried to make life in a place less complicated". Dr Manhattan didn't just make JLA expies, but outright altered the DC Universe's timeline as part of his experiment. The Moon God found it interesting that his counterpart was the one to authorize Dr Manhattan's involvement in the Vietnam War, winning it there and securing terms even past FDR's record. Having served for Nixon, the Comedian was both shocked and intrigued to see him be a Dr Manhattan equivalent in another timeline.
  • The friendship he had with Dr Manhattan and the conversations he had with DC's Trinity led him to learn of a being that gained a similar power, known as the Darkest Knight. Or as he's more well-known, the Batman That Laughs. This twisted embodiment of everything Batman feared he would become puts the D-Day Knight and the Last Son of Alcatraz to shame in superheroes that went very, very bad and his desire to reshape creation into his nightmarish image, all out of a compulsive lust for suffering, has had the Moon Knight declare him a greater menace than even the Crescent King and the Horned Serpent. The Batman That Laughs takes this as a compliment, and has rather shamelessly stated the tragedy of the Nixonverse was one of his best movie nights. The Moon God had also learned of the dark underbelly of creation that TBWL comes from, and the dark god Barbatos who seeks to drag existence into the Dark Multiverse. One of the alternate Nixon's private fears is that the Nixonverse itself was a faraway part of the Dark Multiverse, and that is the real reason why everything went wrong. It's highly unlikely as Barbatos' influence doesn't go that far, but he hasn't ruled it out.
  • The Moon God is among the most powerful beings to originate from the Analog Horror franchise. Unlike the Horned Serpent, Iris or "Gabriel", he is not malevolent; and he despises them for it. There's a sort of Foil like relationship between "Gabriel" and the apotheosized Nixon, as they are both god-like figures however "Gabriel" is a Demiurge Archetype who uses his powers to rule the world and subvert God's creation, while the Moon God is closer to being an actual God parallel and tries to act tactfully, being an Anti-Villain while the Mandela Catalogue's Satan is a Complete Monster. Even if he doesn't thing humans are all that kind, the Alternates are far worse. So's the Iris for that matter, and he curses it as a being like the Horned Serpent and Special Trees for "turning a normal universe into one of madness". He is contemplating fictionalizing the settings should they prove wholly compromised as the Nixonverse did. As the Moon God is an Overdeity, the Alternates don't take this threat lightly.
  • He isn't any more fond of the pantheon's official Demiurge Archetype, Wick, either, as his childish sadism in playing with people's lives serves as a lesson in what not to do with playing the role as a god. He is not amused by Chuck Shurley's treatment of His creation as a TV show, and how He reacted when things went off-script. Seeing the many cosmic, celestial dickheads has motivated the Moon God into siding with those who try to keep balance and order to the cosmos, a list of which includes Chronoa, Clockwork, Professor Paradox (to prevent timelines like his original one from going off the rails) and the Father of the Mortis Gods. Out of them, he only considers the Father a true friend because he can relate to him due to the chaos that their children can cause. Though the Force isn't a concern of the Moon God, he is interested in its intricacies and has been observing the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. One wonders if he may see some of his extensions in him.
  • As he had rendered the Nixonverse as fiction, there's inevitably an honorary position in the Hall of Metafiction for him. However, the Moon God is like the Crimson Chin in that his is No Inner Fourth Wall; having been reborn in the Trope Pantheon he can now perceive the "real world" of which Ed Dwight made the Nixonverse a comic book series, but is unaware of what Deadpool knows; that said "real world" is but a Framing Device and still fictional, as the Trope Pantheon ultimately is. This massive reality bending is something he would only consider using if he finds a world excessively bleak and perhaps he will render "the Antagonist" as fiction. Probably not, since he's not important. The Authors from Bob and George are of more importance to him because of their specific, metafiction-based powers. Having witnessed the Cataclysm and working to avert it, the Shadowy Author sympathizes with the Moon God's plight and they have chosen to collaborate to prevent the tragedies of the Nixonverse from spilling out to the larger multiverse now that it has partially de-fictionalized in the Trope Pantheon.

SCP-239, Goddess of Almighty Children (The Witch Child, the Star-Eyed Child, true name: Sigurrós Stefánsdóttir)
  • Overdeity (Keter by SCP standards), Quasideity while asleep
  • Symbol: An eye symbol with a star in the middle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goo-Goo-Godlike, Whatever She Believes Becomes Real, Dr Clef's Arch-Enemy (And According To Him, God), Nice Girl yet a Person of Mass Destruction, Little Miss Almighty, Potential For Being VERY Dangerous, Treated As A Witch To Keep Control Of Her, Charm Person, Deep Sleep
  • Domains: Reality Warping, Unaware Power, Children, Magic
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Allies: The Fantastic Four (especially Franklin Richards), Whis, Aurora, Dream of the Endless, Fred Rogers, Walt Disney, The Author, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Eru Ilúvatar, Harry Potter, Madotsuki, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Enemies: Dr Clef, Maleficent, Ghetsis Harmonia, Bill Cipher, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare, Pitch Black
  • Avoids: The House of Mind Control, Iroque, Darkrai
  • SCP-239. Object class: Keter. An eight year old girl, Sigurrós Stefánsdóttir has the power to alter reality. Whatever she wants, it becomes reality. While a kind girl, she has trouble controlling her Reality Warper powers and has been put in a coma so she doesn't cause serious damage. Before that, she was treated as a Child Mage to make sure she has perceived limits on her power.
  • Was supposed to be kept in a coma, but someone decided to wake her up. The SCP Foundation immediately called for the termination of whoever was responsible, making it clear that while she isn't malevolent, her youth and inexperience makes her powers catastrophic. Not able to reverse it without risking her going on a meltdown next time, the Court of the Gods have made sure good-aligned overdeities watch over her because they can handle such an issue.
  • Dream of the Endless has decided to take things into his own hands and watch over her during sleep, trying to guide her so she uses her powers properly when awake. So far, it's working. Unfortunately, Freddy Krueger got the idea that attacking her through her dreams and influencing her could be used as a gateway to godhood. Pitch and Nightmare feel the same.
  • As Madotsuki's a dream walker with access to various "effects" that change herself in various ways, and precautions were taken to keep her from waking up on the off chance that she just dreamed up the Pantheon and it'd cease to exist when she woke up, she relates to SCP-239.
  • Darkrai and Bill Cipher are forbidden to go anywhere near her, awake or asleep. Darkrai would rather not anyway, but Bill Cipher thinks her powers would allow him to bring about the ultimate Weirdmageddon. Ghetsis Harmonia has also been forbidden given his manipulation of children, and hopes that he might rule all existence through her.
  • The GUAG is very interested in SCP-239 as her powers could probe a Game-Breaker against all but the most powerful members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil. That, and they're the only alliance the SCP Foundation can trust with looking after her and it not triggering an apocalyptic scenario. Still, they have Harry Potter play with her and convince her that her powers are just magic to be safe.
  • Is the Arch-Enemy to Dr Clef, probably. It's implied he may have accidentally influenced her into thinking that he might kill her, and since she warps reality based on her beliefs.... When he threatened her after she's saw Sleeping Beauty, she turned him into a dragon. She enjoys Disney movies, and was happy to meet Aurora. Maleficent did not like this one bit.
  • Also according to Dr Clef, she's actually God. It's Dr Clef we're talking about, but given her enormous power it's not an implausible hypothesis. Both God (God, the Devil and Bob) and Eru Ilúvatar have been taken by the girl, and want to help her with controlling her powers. The latter is helped with her liking The Lord of the Rings.
  • Being a little girl, she likes Disney movies in general. Walt Disney has been entertaining her, in part to keep herself occupied and any reality warping predictable. Mr Rogers has also been entertaining her with his show, to teach her good morals in hopes she uses her powers positively.
  • Avoids the House of Mind Control, because for all her powers she's still a little girl. And if someone were to mind control her, that'd be utterly catastrophic. Iroque isn't even trusted, despite her insistence that the Indigo light of compassion could permanently keep her placid. The SCP Foundation has warned the Indigo Tribe not to, as even that could lead to something disastrous like making everyone unwillingly happy, not realizing the problems with that.
  • Whis, an experienced and trained Reality Warper, is trying to teach SCP-239 to use her powers properly. The Fantastic Four are helping with this, given Franklin Richards has a similar issue with his powers that she does. Haruhi is also interested in her, as they are both extremely powerful beings who happen to be girls.
  • Zonda took an interest in her ability to warp reality reminding her of the time she temporarily became Reverie Zonda. Though even still it utterly pales in comparison to the power SCP-239. When she expressed a desire to meet the girl Zonda was accused of plotting to use SCP-239 by somehow stealing her power somehow the Oracle of Eden vehemently denied such claims. After everything she and her fellow Adepts went through she would never stoop to such depravity. People retorted that never stopped her when it came to Joule and Mytyl for the Muse's power but Zonda shot back saying that they were associated with her biggest enemies and that if would of been better to do it by force if it meant utopia.

    Ultraman King 
Ultraman King, God of Unnaturally Powerful Entities (Old Man King, Pico, Uncle Ultraman, Allah)

    Yuji Sakai 
Yuji Sakai, God of Heroes Without Common Weaknesses (Snake of the Festival, Silver the Second, World-Wandering Ascetic, Yu-Chan)
After fusing with Snake of the Festival
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Midnight Lost Child, Blutsauger sword, Bakuyagai armor
  • Theme Music: Le Serpent De Ceremonie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Negating His Weakness, Ordinary High-School Student, MacGuffin Super-Person, Really Keen Tactician, Beware the Nice Ones, Supporting Protagonist
  • Domains: War, Mercy, Cruelty, Leadership, Despair, Harsh Truths, Pragmatism, Peace, Rebirth, Creation
  • Heralds: Shana (his partner and Love Interest), Alastor and Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana's Parental Substitutes), Chigusa and Kantaro Sakai (his parents)
  • Allies: Shirou Emiya, Emiya, Setsuna F. Seiei, Raiden, Kiritsugu Emiya, Martin Walker, Madoka Kaname, Rin Tohsaka, Hakumen, Sol Badguy, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett, Booker DeWitt, Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Enemies: The Millennium, The GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi), the Incubators, The Khan Maykr, Griffith, Zamasu, Darkseid, Dio Brando, Enricco Pucci, Vanilla Ice, Khorne, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, Shinnok
  • (Former) Antithesis: Apollyon
  • Yuji Sakai used to be a regular high-school student up until he discovered that he was dead. He had become a Torch, someone who has had their "Power of Existence" consumed and should be destined to vanish from this world. Fortunately for Yuji, he is also a Mystes who has the Treasure called Midnight Lost Child inside him, which replenishes his Power of Existence every day, meaning that as long as he doesn't use it all up, he can keep on living. After being saved by a red-haired girl named Shana and finding out about his situation, he is sucked into a war between the Crimson Denizens, who wish to consume the Power of Existence, and Flame Hazes, who are humans who have gained the power to fight back.
  • Originally he ascended into the Pantheon as the Canceller of the Apocalypse. You see, after realizing the Forever War nature between Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes, he sought to take matters into his own hands by fusing with the Snake of the Festival, eventually being able to create a duplicate world for Crimson Denizens to live on without needing to threaten others, thus ending the conflict between the two. He had to seek for a new positions due to some questions about how legit his seat was, but do not think that he lost any bit of respect from others.
  • He's trying to atone by seeking help with Xanadu, who is teaching the Denizens how to co-exist peacefully with the humans, which led to his spiritual enlightenment.
  • Rumors say that his favorite catchphrase is "How well have you matured!".
  • Having been a former Anthropomorphic Personification of ending long-running wars, he found enmity with many evil Gods who promoted the warmongering and bringing forth the Apocalypse, such as Yuuki Terumi, Darkseid, Johann Schmidt, and The Millennium. This is extra so for Apollyon, since she represent the opposite of what he stood for.
  • He and Madoka Kaname are known to be friends due to their goals rectifying the very laws of physics. Because of this Madoka doesn't want to fight him; not to mention she finds the stories of his world interesting.
    • However, he severed ties with Homura Akemi, after witnessing the "Great Upheaval" and hearing the following news about it. After hearing that Kyubey was responsible for bringing back the Witch system, he has declared him his biggest enemy, moreso than Tzeentch.
  • Seeing his actions and goals, The God-Emperor of Mankind is impressed by this newcomer, as his Crimson Denizens fought the good fight much like his followers. As such, he is seen by the Imperium as the solution to finally end the war in their world, though he has to deal with problems in his own world.
  • The Chaos Gods are fairly concerned about his existence due to his actions, even more so than with Madoka. For example, he was considered to be equal and opposite force to Khorne, earning the enmity from the latter.
    • Even more so with Tzeentch. The fact that Yuji and the Crimson Denizens inputed the rule the Flame Hazes created that completely prohibits the Crimson Denizens from consuming humans as part of the creation of Xanadu, as well as bringing forth peace between the Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes as a result of Xanadu's creation and his ascension is testament to that. Some wonder if Tzeentch was behind the war between the two ine first place, though chances are he just enjoyed the battle between the two.
  • His act of cancelling the impending Apocalypse from occuring was what likely inspired Guillermo del Toro to create Pacific Rim, since both Yuji's and the protagonists of the film's goals involve cancelling the Apocalypse. The end result is that he unintentionally brought Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori into the Pantheon.
  • He was kind of disturbed with Yukiteru Amano due to their voice caused by a 2-year-long delay. Even if he isn't evil, his former status with an Ax-Crazy Yandere still creeps him off, though with Yuno herself calming down things have settled down between the two. He's also quite disturbed and disgusted with Encrico Pucci, and Vanilla Ice due to their voice, especially with how evil the former is and the latter two being affiliated with Dio Brando.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Raiden and Captain Martin Walker, especially with regards to their shared moments of desperation and insanity. He cannot, however, forgive Walker for his more reprehensible acts.
  • Is friends with Kiritsugu Emiya and Setsuna F. Seiei, due to having the similar views on war.

Greater Gods

    Baal (Nippon Ichi
Baal, God of High Power Readings (The Lord of Terror, The Tyrant Overlord)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His shadowed head
  • Theme Music: Great Wilder. Occasionally Disgaea or The Invasion From Within if he's really serious.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Obscenely Powerful, Surviving Several Defeats, Armored Villains, Evil Overlords, Those That Terrify Enemies, Conquering The Multiverse, Power Levels, a special ability that can instantly damage anyone who step onto his battlefield, working odd jobs to make ends meet
  • Domains: Power, Evil, Dimensional Travel, Boss Battles
  • Enemies: All of the deities from the Disgaea multiverse, especially Laharl.
  • Baal is among the most dangerous of the evil gods, with his quantifiable stats going into the trillions and higher. However, he holds no place in Melkor's army due to being in the interests of conquering the multiverse for himself, making him an unreliable ally.
  • Whenever Baal is defeated, he Body Surfs to a new body, and keeps a soulless Prinny in his chambers for immediate usage as such if needed. However, even in such a laughable form, his power is immense.
  • Despite his considerable power and his name commanding terror among many, Baal himself is forced to acknowledge Laharl and his allies as his greatest foes, having defeated him before at least once, and are about the only forces he openly admits could threaten him.
  • His ascension has brought some worry regarding them and Naoki Kashima. Where neither side has brought any wishes to fight each other over the position, Baal being in the same house as Naoki would mean that the chance of something happening between the two parties would be more likely.
  • There was once a time when Baal was forced to retire from the Pantheon thanks to Pringer X. However, Baal returned with a vengeance and instantly threw Pringer X out of the pantheon. Those who witnessed it said that by the time the battle was done, there wasn't a single part of Pringer X's mechanical body that wasn't impaled by one of Baal's swords.
    • One of the things that has made Baal so much more dangerous now is an access to a new ability that instantly attacks all who step onto the battlefield with him. Some have seen entire armies wiped out without them even making a move.
  • Despite being so feared, there have been times where he was forced to work odd jobs in the Pantheon in order to make ends meet. Employers in the House of Commerce have found him to be surprisingly cordial and friendly.
  • Despite his name, Diablo did not recognize him as his brother the Lord of Destruction, though he admits that this Baal could be more powerful.

Shanks, God of Overwhelming Power (Red-Haired Shanks, Red Hair, Redtaro, Junx)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Red Hair Pirates jolly roger
  • Theme Song: Bridge of Dreams
  • Alignment: Neutral Good presumable. Some theorized he is Chaotic Neutral or even Lawful Evil secretly.
  • Domains: Piracy, Celebrations, Willpower, Disability, Swordsmanship
  • Portfolio: Can Knock People Unconscious with Sheer Willpower, Death Glare, Ki Manipulation, One-handed Badass, Legendary Swordsman, Overall a Fun and Pleasant Guy (Unless You Threaten His Friends), Mentor Figure to Monkey D. Luffy, Achey Scars, Badass Normal, Friendly Pirate, Red Is Heroic, Situational Hand Switch
  • Herald: Benn Beckman
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Edward Newgate, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship: Five Elders
  • Feared by: Risky Boots
  • Admired by: Eric Cartman
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Buggy (Buggy still hates his guts)
  • Formerly a member of the Oro Jackson crew as a young cabin boy, Shanks had risen farther than any other of his fellow Roger Pirates when he set out with his crew. Within a few decades, Shanks went onto being an Emperor of the Sea which placed him on the same level as Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido. Keep in mind, Kaido can turn into an island-destroying dragon, Big Mom can rip the souls out of people, and Whitebeard can make world-shaking tremors. Shanks does not have any Devil Fruit powers as they have—instead, relying on his Haki, the Ki Manipulation that his fellow Emperors are all capable of doing. However, only utilizing Haki techniques does not make Shanks lesser at the slightest. His strength so powerful, it was able to deter Kaido who is called the strongest creature in the world by most. To elaborate, there are three types of Haki that one can hone and upgrade gradually through a constant application. Observation (Kenbunshoko) Haki has its users assess the world around them, becoming an instinctive sense where they could foresee an outcome or target. Armament (Busoshoku) Haki grants users of it a special armoring of whatever its users hold whether that be a limb or a weapon—making it sure that the force dealt with the armored object is increased and being able to attack those normally untouchable. The last and most unique Haki type is Conqueror's/Supreme King (Haoshoku) Haki, which the user must have a personality worthy of a ruler to hold. This Haki forces the user's own will over others which causes them to faint or even bend to its power, going as far as to inflict physical harm. Though it is not unique to hold all three Haki types, Shanks has been particularly noted for his power over the latter Haki—to the point that everything under Intermediate God status will faint and those in or above Intermediate rank having to brace themselves mentally lest they faint too. For this, Shanks was allowed to ascend to the Pantheon much to the disdain of his enemies.
  • To note, none of the fellow Emperors are particularly keen on having Shanks ascend even if they know it was inevitable. Whitebeard and Shanks have the friendliest relationship, being on speaking terms but then both clashed with each other soon after. Shanks at least had enough respect to give a proper burial to Whitebeard and his fallen subordinate after the Paramount War. Big Mom hated Shanks for stealing her thunder alongside the other Emperors, though even she knows going against his crew would be devastating. Kaido acknowledged Shanks, which is the biggest compliment he could give. Though most had not seen the battle, one could only imagine how a man without an arm dueled against a giant like Kaido on a time limit. All Emperors now being present at the Pantheon want to duel each other for territorial rights... except Shanks who is content on where he is. The only reason they do not is that the Emperors do not want to have themselves wiped out over a 20% chance of victory. Even a single defeat would have stained their reputations forever for the losers. Now they all await for that moment to strike at each other...
  • Shanks is the person who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, showing him the freedom and excitement that comes with the pirate life. Thus, Shanks inadvertently set off the world-changing events that Luffy and his crew have caused. Whether this was wittingly or unwittingly is still debated as Shanks sacrificed his arm to protect Luffy. His legacy to the young pirate still scenes with the iconic straw hat that Luffy wears, a straw hat that once belonged to Roger himself. That said, Shanks does not do the whole Rape, Pillage, and Burn schtick pirates are known for. Instead, Shanks of the "Peace Main" archetype, which refers to pirates who would rather seek adventurer and camaraderie than do the typical barbarianism. Though the Red Hair pirates have accumulated vast amounts of territory to be marked as one of the Emperors of the Sea crew, they do not have grand plans as a whole. What Shanks wishes for are things to not go so out of proportion they negatively affect everyone and to be a drunkard partying with his friend. He has faith in Luffy for following that simple ambition—and though he has not made it known he is at the Pantheon to him, watches from afar on his progress.
  • Some fellow pirates he is friends with are the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Jack Sparrow, they embody the "Peace Main" pirate life Shanks divulges in. Though they do not want to admit it themselves, preferring to be left alone with their vices rather than having some normal-looking fellow barge in. He respected their privacy, though showed off that he should not be underestimated in the piracy world by showing his Conqueror's Haki to all of them. The Gokai Galleon was almost ripped apart by Shanks' presence alone, the Gokaigers all being brought to the floor within a few seconds. Jack Sparrow when he saw Shanks's power was almost brought to the floor too but ended up passing out not because of the Haki, but because he drank too much earlier. Shanks brought them all drinks as an apology for showing off, and they all learned that Shanks can mess them up pretty badly if pissed off. Better to be allies than to be enemies in this case.
  • Though he knows there are different rules regarding the powers deities within the Pantheon, Shanks believed the combat-capable deities within the Pantheon showcase some degree of Haki even if unwittingly. He listed off the qualifications that suggest to people that they have Haki abilities. The shared rule regarding these is that these traits must be seen in a person who consistently shown some Enlightenment Superpowers. 1. Observation Haki can be found by those having instinctive foresight on an immediate event. Dodging before impact, extreme accuracy, or realized predictions are traits of an Observation Haki user. 2. Armament Haki showcases itself through the physical force dealt by the user and defense against the physical force from the user. It does not mean simply hitting hard make, it means hitting hard yet somehow breaking through what is normally an untouchable target. It could also be found by defending against what would be severe blows to the Haki user, only to get minimum damage if at all. 3. Conqueror's Haki can be found within charismatic individuals—those who can make everyone around them stop to listen. A person does not need to psychically make a person faint to display this Haki type, their qualities of being larger-than-life and unwavering attitudes are usually present. Shanks knows most will take his list with a grain of salt but hopes people can cultivate those traits to not be as... lame he likes to put it. Also, this might be a secret Red Hair Pirates recruitment tactic to sniff out those Shanks has potential.
  • Theorized to have much more sinister intentions regarding his role as a mediator. People go as far as to believe that Shanks will become an enemy for the Straw Hat pirates one day, something that Luffy is perfectly okay with, to be honest. This rumor of Shanks having a much more villainous nature showed itself after a Reverie, the meeting between the rulers of nations under the World Government. Some claimed that they saw a hooded person walk around the area where the Reverie historically took place which is nigh impossible due to the massive security that had been installed. The person who was claimed to be Shanks eventually went to meet the Five Elders who rule the World Government, presumed discussions on future events. Though it is debated on if the intentions of those meetings are good or bad, there is no doubt Shanks is anticipating something big that he will take action of. These suspicions had no wavered Cosmos, however. As the GUAG does not want to do anything with the World Government after the atrocities they committed nor do they be associated with the Revolutionaries for their subversive methods, the GUAG wanted Shanks to become one of its leaders to represent that a good person can be found anywhere even amongst criminals. Shanks wanted to decline since he believed it cramps his free lifestyle, but then Cosmos said that he was serving more an ambassador role than a military leader. What she means is that Shanks could form good connections with others through his partying, as that seems to be the best bonding tool for less "sophisticated" nations. Shanks agreed after hearing that, happy he and his crew can visit so many cultures to become drunk with. However, the brilliant gambit Cosmos had was having Shanks be sent to politically unstable places—where at any moment war could break out. Shanks already being present means he could almost instantly end any conflict that arises with his strength alone—not to mention his crew. Shanks does his duty on keeping the peace, the GUAG would look good for swiftly resolving a crisis, and everyone Shanks meets is happier once he begins the celebrations. Even if Shanks knew that he was technically being manipulated, he likely would not mind since he is doing what his crew always does.
  • Buggy is completely pissed Shanks got to the Pantheon, grabbing the attention of others more than the Buggy Pirates had. Buggy having an irrational hatred for Shanks had always been a consistent thing, to the point Buggy has no fear towards his former mate of the Oro Jackson even if he is an Emperor of the Sea. Despite Shanks caring for their friendship to such an extent he forewent seeing where the One Piece was to take care of a sick Buggy, the clownish pirate believes Shanks robbed him of being set for life. Buggy was going to obtain some Pirate Booty with a treasure map he had stolen alongside the Chop-Chop Fruit he had taken, but Shanks having an ill-timed interruption caused Buggy to lose the map and eat his Devil Fruit, both instances being the mark for his hatred. Shanks saved him from drowning after that, so Ungrateful Bastard does not even begin to describe Buggy's issues. Shanks still thinks (or at least shows) that he and Buggy are still lifelong pals even if their bond has been greatly exaggerated by the public, showing care and concern while Buggy wants to bicker and rant. What Buggy can rub into Shanks was that he ascended to the Pantheon before him—to which Shank teased that was perhaps was not the case at all.
    Shanks: Who is to say that I wasn't here?
  • Luffy's grandfather hates Shanks for turning his grandson to the path of a pirate, going down a hole that may end up being just as bad as Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon. Shanks recognized Garp as the person who clashed with Roger himself, giving a nice hello and insincere apology for what Garp was accusing him of. Garp was ready to force a mountain-sized fist into Shanks, only to fall asleep while readying his attack. Shanks left when he woke up, leaving a note telling Garp he was still proud of Luffy. Garp could not tell if he should be furious or appreciative.
  • Gildarts Clives and Shanks have thought they were looking into a mirror when bumped into each other. Gildarts claimed that Shanks is an Expy of himself, but Shanks claimed that he was present before Gildarts ever was. They decided to settle who was the copy via dueling at a field. While Gildarts had Artificial Limbs, Shanks had only one to which Gildarts felt bad since he felt as though his opponent was at an unfair advantage. He was quickly proven wrong when Shanks went in for the first strike. What proceeded was a battle those who witnessed it fainted almost immediately when the first block happened. The arena for their duel was nothing but a ginormous crater afterward as Haki and magic clashed. It was thought both men fought so hard, they both disintegrated within their clash but what was found at the pit's center were the two laughing as they drank ale and singing merry songs with each other. How they bonded over drinks during the fight remains a mystery but Shanks and Gildarts hit it off once they realized it was pointless to fight and that they should bond over their similarities. Gildarts now constantly goes to Shanks to party alongside the other Red Hair pirates, doing some arm-wrestling with him for extra measure. The arm-wrestles have fortunately not resolved due to how world-ending if one opponent makes the other hit the ground. Gildarts told Shanks over about a dragon named Acnologia and that he had been causing much trouble for people throughout the Pantheon and he once blew up a bar. Shanks also knows of a similar asshole-ish dragon and the two decided to teach Acnologia a lesson over this. The dragon could not handle both Shanks and Gildarts beating at him, resulting in Acnologia running away from the drunk duo. Shanks lamented it was a really bad hangover they had.
  • As the Avatar must keep the peace, all ascended Avatars naturally resonated with Shanks over their roles as protecting everybody no matter how much politics or friendships cloud their judgment. What Shanks values in the Avatars are their humility—the willingness to face punishment from others if it means respecting their wishes. Shanks does not also particularly care if people started badmouthing him until people start bringing violence onto others. The Avatars wanted Shanks to teach them Conqueror's Haki to put down conflicts easier but Shanks cited they need to have unwavering wills to use this Haki. The constant moral dilemma on being peacemakers they have is natural, but they must assert their beliefs without hesitation.
  • Cartman had shown strange respect and love for Shanks that seems a bit too uncharacteristic for many of those who know Cartman. The boy normally would hate Shanks over him being a redhead alone but after being a redhead for quite some time, Cartman knows the extreme power they wield. Plus, Shanks is a pirate to which Cartman adored, thinking that what Shanks will do is go about plundering and raping any ship his crew sets eyes upon. Cartman begged Shanks to train him, to the point Cartman was willing to cut his eye out to do so. Shanks tried breaking to Cartman his crew does not delve to what pirates typically do but Cartman ignored that. Cartman also wanted to learn how to use Haki for himself, thinking that it is easy to have it. Shanks then learned Cartman had led a pirate crew beforehand at Somalia, doing a pretty good job at the whole captain business until most were slaughtered by American soldiers. Shanks also looked into various instances where Cartman managed to amass a following through charisma, making the pirate wonder if the kid had Conqueror's Haki by how frequent these incidents are. Shanks told Cartman he could apply for his crew if he cultivated that specific Haki type as only the best could be with an Emperor of the Sea. Cartman happily obliged, trying to awaken that Haki type. Even his crew raised eyebrows at this offer, but Shanks stated that if Cartman did have Haki powers, then he would join and be raised to become a decent person by the crew. Either that or Cartman would languish with his training and return to his comforting life as an elementary student. The latter seemed to have happened, as Cartman is back to his usual Fat Bastard self without constantly attempting to be charismatic to others. Furthermore, Shanks had seen more potential with the New Kid of all people and his ability to make friends no matter what, a sign of a Supreme King.
  • The GUAE Dystopia Harbingers that Darkseid lead may not be as prevalent as the Alliances, but Shanks warned that Darkseid may perhaps be the greatest threat to the Pantheon if left unchecked. Shanks sees that group wanting to take the free will of others as a horrifying ambition. Shanks would admit that it mostly stems from his values of being a free person as his deceased captain once taught him, but Darkseid already was an extreme threat with his regular force alone. Having so many join him with the intent to subjugate the Pantheon should be an extreme concern to everyone but the Alliances would frustratingly still play Forever War with each other when the Harbingers would stoop in to rid them once the dust settles. Shanks and the Red Hair pirates have gone ahead to utterly destroy places where the Harbingers, hoping that will slow their efforts to a crawl. Shanks also finds it extremely stupid that people joined Darkseid, thinking they will be free from enslavement but that is far from the truth. Once Darkseid finds a way to distribute the Anti-Life Equation everywhere, it will game over for the omniverse. Heroes, villains, between, Darkseid's people will live the rest of their existences serving him--and Shanks sure does not want to find himself under somebody else's thumb unwillingly. Darkseid had acknowledged Shanks as a genuine threat, sending forces after his crew to stop his assaults. So far, it has not been successful.
    Shanks: So you want to take my free will, huh? Then I might as well die because living your life in shackles and not having the will to have hope is a world I would kill myself in! You say it is the best for everyone but it is the best for yourself, Darkseid! You think you’re a shepherd herding sheep but you’re more like a guy who forces others to do the work you’re too lazy to do. Men carve out their destiny, you do not play god by carving theirs.
  • Duke Fishron and Bruce once individually attempted to devour Shanks at sea after sensing that he may be a delicious meal to eat. Unlike the monster that bit his arm off, Shanks was not having any of that and gave a Death Glare to the fishes just before they could commit to their attack. The Conqueror's Haki shook them both so much, they never bothered with Shanks again afterward. This is especially impressive for Shanks using it against the former as Duke Fishron is the same rank as Shanks, but was still naturally unprepared for receiving Haki. They still have nightmares of Shanks grabbing their unconscious bodies and sending them to the cook.
  • Was interested in Madoka's dream of having every Magical Girl out there have a happy ending to their lives instead of dying in despair. Though now that dream has been ripped away, he expected Madoka to go back to her normal life or wallow while others tried to realize that dream again but were impressed to see Madoka still doing her best to bring about her desires even if everyone else now looks down on her. He was impressed over what his good drinking buddy would call, "WORKING TO YOU DREAMS HARD LIKE A MAN!" and decided to teach Madoka some Haki fundamentals. He is sure she would be unable to have Conqueror's due to her indecisiveness but she could probably learn the other types. Unlike Cartman, Madoka has been seen working hard on awakening those powers that would help her in the long run.
  • Flynn felt threatened when Shanks showed up to him asking stuff regarding the Yamato Perpetual Reactor. He was wary that Shanks being a pirate was planning to apply the Reactor's methods to boost his own forces' power and somehow be more powerful than they already are. Cut to Flynn's surprise when he saw Shanks using the little/false information he gave him to help the needy. Shanks appreciated Flynn, saying that he knew that he was given false information but anything for charity would have helped. He even said Flynn was wise for not trusting him over such matters, even listing off a few potential atrocities he could have done but chose not to. Flynn then decided to spill a few more "little" things that would lead to better aid for the less fortunate, through working more closely with Shanks to make sure nothing gets abused under his watch.
  • Zelda had enlisted the Red Hair pirates at one point to protect herself from a meeting. Shanks wondered why a princess like herself needs protection when she had a perfectly capable guard by this point but she cited things were about to get messy. This meeting involved Hyrule having negotiations with the Gerudo over trade and those loyal to Ganon would not be so keen on good relationships between the two peoples. During the negotiations, forces led by Ganon did show up with the intent to strike fear towards the people. But with Ganondorf was Ridley who wanted to pillage the Gerudo merchants that were allowed if he aided Ganon. Link took on Ganondorf while Shanks took on Ridley. The Red Hair pirates managed to have the Space Pirates packing while Ridley was freaked out over Shanks so much, he ran off. Shanks went to help Link who struggled with Ganondorf, blocking Ganondorf from inflicting a horrible wound on Link. Shanks then dueled Ganondorf one-on-one, with Link charged with protecting the dignitaries. Ganondorf scoffed over Shanks but soon realized his underestimation when Shanks proceeded to launch the sword out of Ganondorf's hands. Knowing the battle was lost, Ganon fled and the Red Hair pirates had a fun time getting drunk at the honoring.
  • Pinkie Pie had wanted a pirate-themed party but did not think she was... authentic enough. So she snuck aboard the Red Hair pirates ships in a barrel with the hopes to see some "real" piracy. Shanks let her aboard and what proceeded was a month of traveling, hearty meals, and good times. Pinkie Pie then returned to her home to show her friends the pirate-themed party by buying her ship with the loot she gained, fifty tons of beer, and a lot of guns to shoot to the air. Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie got too authentic and managed to burn her ship down which ended her night-long party. If one was there, you could hear the ship telling her that she wanted to go farther...
  • Eddard Stark and Shanks also share the same desire to maintain peace, even if it means sacrificing things like dignity and pride to do so. Shanks did not appreciate Tywin Lannister for doing things that are very un-peaceful during the times of war, singling him out as he is the patriarch for the Lannister family who started the whole Game of Thrones mess. He went to the Lannister court just to yell at Tywin for this, and when Gregor Clegane tried putting him down for such insolence, Shanks just used his signature move and made the giant man faint. Shanks warned Tywin that if he tried to cause death and suffering under his eyes, then he would take down the entire Lannister family and claim the properties of the Lannisters for himself. This was one of the few threats Tywin took seriously due to how menacing Shanks looked throughout his speech.
  • Went and punched Shirou Emiya in the face for thinking that being unable to protect everyone was a failure. Shanks yelled that of course, you could not save as many lives as possible. Sometimes crap happens and instead of moping about it like his future self, Shirou should learn to move on and live to help others. Getting yourself killed does help people. Living to protect them does and overcomplicated dwellings on how the world works are stupid to Shanks. EMIYA though disagreed, saying Shanks must have regrets of his own. Shanks said yes, he does and if he had the chance to change it, then he would. But killing yourself does not resolve anything, and he ought to be grateful that he could save anyone.
  • Dio and Shanks once fought with each other, being more of a test of skill than a duel to the death. Dio was interested in Haki, thinking that it was like a more universal Hamon, and went to see if how much Shanks could do to him. Even when he stopped time, Shanks dodged Dio's knife throws with Observation Haki and tried to apply Conqueror's Haki against the vampire but Dio was too powerful. It was then Shanks landed a hit on Dio—cutting his arm off and it took a bit for regeneration to kick in. Dio was amused, finding the Armament Haki was similar to Hamon and left. Shanks questioned what Dio was going to do with Haki and went to a master of Hamon to know. William Zeppeli theorized to Shanks that Dio may perhaps be trying to learn Haki too, something the pirate was bemused by since everyone seems to want to learn Haki ever since he showed up. Though they cannot stop Dio from being successful, they said that taking precautionary measures is necessary before they decide to make a move against Dio. Shanks agreed, with him trying to learn how Hamon works himself as a result.
  • Got drunk with Randy Marsh one time and while Randy complained that his family does not like him moving on to new endeavors, Shanks agreed with his complaints. He told Randy that a man must have his convictions and pursue their dreams no matter what everybody else thinks. That is what his first crew member did, leaving his family to become a lively pirate. Though Randy does not think he could ditch his family suddenly, he will do his best on convincing them that his dreams matter and if they do not pan out—then go find more dreams! Also, Shanks told Randy he should respect others for following similar dreams too. Randy may have been passed out for the last word advice, so he may have never caught that.
  • Dunban had also been a warrior who had also famously been disabled due to sacrificing his own arm for others. Shanks and him formed a pretty good bond almost immediately as a result, despite it being clear that one has superior power over the other. Dunban questioned if Shanks losing his good arm subtracted from his power but Shanks said that it does not at the slightest to Dunban's shock. The only thing that may have negatively been impacted his capabilities are him not holding two beers at once and a certain Mihawk abandoned their active rivalry once seeing Shanks would never be able to be as vicious as he once was.
  • The Engineer and Shanks once rampaged the Hall of Alcohol, both yelling at each other over who had the better guns. Shanks could shoot a gun though it is not his expertise while Conagner said whatever turrets he made are superior. They tested their superior firepower on a wine barrel to see who does more damage to it and in a single shot, Shanks blasted the barrel apart while the Engineer turrets pumped the barrel filled with lead. They both seem like they despise each other but are actually having a good time with each other.
  • Shanks one day wanted to try to challenge someone who may be just as strong as he was, so he decided to go after a giant. That giant was Ultraman Leo who Shanks gravitated towards due to Leo's persistence on training himself for most of the day if not battling. Leo accepted the challenge, though was about to go into a smaller form but Shanks said he wanted Leo to remain giant. Leo was surprised and refused to, not wanting to harm the smaller Shanks even if he was a Greater God too. Though both are still on friendly terms, Shanks is still trying to awaken that challenge. Shanks also tried to do this with Son Gohan who he saw massive potential with but Gohan is also pretty much too busy with life to do so. Shanks could be seen looking dejected afterward.
  • Risky Boots has been batshit scared of Shanks after she had her crew try raiding his ship, thinking it was “lesser” pirate ship she could plunder. How wrong she was when the Red Hair pirates proceeded to Curb-Stomp Battle her ship within mere seconds. Risky prepared for her ship to be completely destroyed but Shanks spared it, admiring the balls Risky had for trying to go after his crew (he did not know it was by accident). He even left her a golden cup as a Consolation Award for her, but Risky believed that it was a threat from Shanks that stated she was too weak to even go near his crew. Risky had realized she had been outclassed, resolving it by increasing her crew’s own strength.
  • "By experiencing both, victory and defeat, running away and shedding tears, a man will become a man. It's okay to cry, but you have to move on."

Yami, God of Glowing Evil Power (The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, Tokoyami-no-Sumeragi, Empty Death, Akuro, Akuro-ou, Evil Wolf King, Dark Sun, Dark Chibiterasu)
Click here to see Akuro
Click here to see his second form (warning, endgame spoilers)

Intermediate Gods

Gawain, The God of Those Ruled by Three and Hour of Power (Sir Gawain, Saber, Knight of the Sun,The White Knight of the Round Table, Gawaine, Gawan, Gauvain, Gavan, Gwaine, Walwain, Walgan, Hawk of May, Hawk of the Plain)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God during empowerement)
  • Symbol: Excalibur Galatine
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Powered by the Sun, Chivalrous Pervert, Lethal Chef, The Big Guy of the Round Table, Shining Knight, Atoning for His Action in the Past That He Blames on Himself, To Be Lawful or Good, The Abel to Mordred's Cain
  • Domains: Sun, Chivalry, Knighthood
  • Undying Loyalty: Artoria Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon (More the former then the latter)
  • Allies: Merlin, Lancelot du Lac, Knuckles the Echidna, Sain, Zidane Tribal, Verod Rath, Angelo, Ky Kiske, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Cecil Harvey
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, The Killer Rabbit, Nightmare, Deathwing
  • Rival: Shirou Emiya
  • Annoyed: The Black Knight
  • Other: Mordred, EMIYA, Nero Claudius
  • Blessed with Numeral of The Saint, Gawain's strength triple during three hours between 9AM and 12PM and 3PM and 6pm. It's during these times that the sun is in the right position to empower him.
  • When Gawain ascended to the Pantheon, he was confuse when he found there were two Kings of Britain. But despite that, he is shown loyalty to both of them. Though, if he did have to choose between the two as his "King", he would choose Artoria.
  • Because of his Undying Loyalty to his King, some have criticized Gawain's devotion. This is because he is so keen of serving the "perfect" King, he fails to realize the pain they went through. There's also the instant of an alternate Gawain who served a much Knight Templar version without question. Even when she tried to kill him for failing. Though, there are some who are a bit understanding of his situation since he blames himself for Camelot's fall for not being the "perfect" knight and wanting to atone for his action.
    • Still trying to atone, Gawain has joined the GUAG Sacred Knights to serve as a righteous knight. The only complaint he would have is that his King wasn't made its leader.
  • If people want to know why Artoria is such a glutton, blame this guy. Artoria had to deal with Gawain's bad cooking during her time as King. He learned about his bad cooking when he tried to feed his King and she refuse to eat it. He then learned that she prefer the cooking done by Shirou Emiya. After that, Gawain has look to Shirou as a rival in cooking. Though, it might also stem of him trying to figure if he is worthy of courting Artoria.
  • There are many in the Pantheon who are surprise or confuse that Gawain is in speaking terms with Lancelot since the latter killed his brother Gaheris and sister Gareth. However, the reason why is because he forgave the Knight of the Lake before he died and thought his revenge of against him was the cause of the fall of Camelot which many will say it was.
  • Like most knights of his era, Gawain is a known lady's man and will flirt with any of the pretty ladies in the pantheon. Many have refute his advancement but with a smile on their face at his charm words
    • While he will flirt with older women, he stays far away to any who are married. As a knight, he has a responsibility to uphold the code of chivalry.
  • Was confused when others would laugh at his defeat against a rabbit. He felt offended that a Knight of the Round Table would be so easily handled by a fur ball. So he went to battle this "Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog". However, he was taken by surprise by the ferocity of the leporidae. Though, Gawain was able to handle the adversary to not suffer greatly, but he has to admit afterwards: That rabbit's dynamite.
  • Has had shaky relationships with both Nero Claudius and EMIYA, or a version of him, as he bad mouthed the two once. This surprised Artoria as she remembered him never once looking down on his foes. Though, his jerkassery might have been due to his overzealous role as a Servent to his master. He has since apologized for his rudeness and the three are rumored to have formed a team.
  • Back in Camelot, Gawain acted as the King's dept collector. Or to be more specific, he was the personal Loan Shark. And he took his job very seriously and would attack anybody who didn't pay up. Hearing this, certain members in the House of Commerce have asked him to collect on debts. He refused, however, as he only collects for his King.
  • Is currently in a difficult relationship with his "brother" Mordred. On one hand, he hasn't forgotten the fact she rebelled against their King and was the one to kill him. But he did notice the slight change in her demeanor that's for the better. For now, the two haven't cross path so their true feelings for one another is still unknown. But there is one thing the two can agree on: they don't care for their mother, Morgan le Fay.
  • Like Artoria and Lancelot, Gawain learned that Knuckles the Echidna played him in a different world. While he did befriend him, he didn't really cared for whole attempting suicide which would go against his code of honor.
  • Befriended both Sain and Angelo as the two are Chivalrous Pervert like him. The three often spend half their time complimate the beauty of the women in the Pantheon and the other half hitting on them.
  • Encounter the fabled Pantheon Black Knight at a river's brook. No strangers to these type of Knights, Gawain did battle with him, expecting a challenging match. However, the battle ended quickly to his favor after slicing his head off. Which then tried to bite his ankles.
  • Can also be found in Singular Symbolism.

Kalrow, God of Levitation (Kalrow of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, The Great Tactician, God of Sloth, Old Man)
  • Intermediate God (potentially capable of becoming a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His staff
  • Theme Song: Fear God
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Levitation, Beam Spam, Beard of Evil, Brilliant, but Lazy, Cutscene Boss, Dirty Coward, Evil Genius, Evil Old Folks, Mad Scientist, The Strategist, The Unfought, Too Important to Walk
  • Domain(s): Levitation, Sloth, Strategy
  • Allies: Deus, Wyzen, Augus, Sergei, Dr. XXX, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gunter Prozen, Sloth the Indolent
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yasha
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Chun-Li, Robin, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Kalrow was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from the dark forces of the Gohma, his mantra affinity is Sloth. Despite his status and rank, Kalrow generally stays out of the fighting, instead preferring to organize the battle plans of the fleets. Kalrow was the mastermind behind General Deus' coup d'etat, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,500 years later, Kalrow and his fleet engaged Asura in battle after they had tried to collect the souls of the people in a village that Asura was defending. Ultimately, Asura was too powerful and managed to wipe out Kalrow's entire fleet. Kalrow managed to use an escape pod to flee, but Asura managed to grab on it. Kalrow begged for his life, but Asura crushed the escaped pod and Kalrow with it. Kalrow was later reincarnated into the modern world and got in trouble with the police by speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle.
  • Kalrow originally ascended into the pantheon as part of Deus' plan to reunite the Seven Deities, he was made the God of Evil Geniuses. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Kalrow was removed along with Wyzen, Olga and Sergei.
  • Although he had lost his title, Kalrow managed to re-ascend into the pantheon as the High Priest of Dr. XXX, the new holder of Kalrow's former title. However, Deus, who had remained unperturbed by his setback, attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities and managed to once again ascend Kalrow as a god into the pantheon, this time as the God of Levitation.
  • Following his re-ascension, Kalrow remains on good terms with Dr. XXX. Although he's rather annoyed by the Doctor's hamminess, Kalrow nonetheless respects his skills and mastery in manipulation.
  • Kalrow has managed to befriend Grand Admiral Thrawn and the two share a mutual respect for each others' respective talents. Their shared belief in performing Necessarily Evil in order to achieve their goals further strengthened their cooperation. They occasionally collaborate with each other when making plans in order to ensure that they are truly perfect.
  • Kalrow also quickly befriended Gunter Prozen, who had similarly betrayed his Emperor and prefers to send lackeys to do his dirty work for him. Kalrow was quite happy to finally meet a kindred spirit and the two frequently help each other to plot against their respective enemies.
  • Kalrow quickly gained the trust and obedience of Sloth the Indolent, who is perfectly satisfied to work for someone who similarly appreciates laziness. Kalrow is quite content to have a weak-willed but otherwise powerful lackey to order around.
  • Kalrow was rather annoyed to learn of Asura and Mithra's presence in the pantheon as well as Yasha's betrayal of the Seven Deities. Although he generally avoids them, he looks forward towards making a plan to exact revenge upon them. However, Kalrow is still willing to work alongside Yasha whenever the deities battle against particularly strong enemies such as Chakravartin.
  • Many were confused as to why Kalrow has a particularly strong dislike of Chun-Li specifically. She herself eventually revealed that she was the police officer who apprehended him for speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle. Although he's admitted that his grudge against her is petty, Kalrow continues to resent her nonetheless.
  • Due to having been the one who devised the plan to kill the Emperor of Shinkoku, Kalrow quickly became enemies with Robin, who was abhored by his disloyalty and betrayal of the Emperor in order to eventually create "paradise". Kalrow, on the other hand, views Robin as a fool for his/her unwillingness to take more drastic measures in order to create a better world.
  • Members of the House of Swords have shown an interest in testing Kalrow's swordsmanship skills after having heard that he's a master swordsman, even though he's never actually been seen displaying such skills.
  • "With no plan, there is no victory. The age of beasts has long since ended."

    Koneko Toujou 
Koneko Toujou, The Pint-Sized Powerhouse Goddess (Hellcat, Shirone, Hypnobutt (call her the latter at your own risk))

Lesser Gods

    Agent Washington 
Agent Washington, The Relatively Strong God (Wash, David, Recovery One)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet, in both gray\gold and blue\gold
  • Theme: Big Prize
  • Alignment: Varies, currently Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weak, but Skilled, Being A Supersoldier Compared To a Bunch of Idiots, The Comically Serious, Guile Hero, Knight in Sour Armor, Boring, but Practical, Made of Iron
  • Domains: Mercenaries, Leadership, Fighting Prowess, Determination
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Epsilon, Carolina, Leonard Church, Dexter Grif, Lopez, Lavernius Tucker, Caboose, Simmons, Donut, Sarge, Pyrrha Nikos and the rest of Team RWBY and JNPR, Master Chief, John Constantine, Link, Fi, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri
  • Complicated Relations: Locus, Frank "Doc" DuFresne, Agent Texas, Kaikaina "Sister" Grif, Raven Branwen
  • Enemies: The Meta, Felix, Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Neopolitan, AM, Jonathan Irons, Military Uniform Princess, Khan Noonien Singh
  • As the Blood Gulch Crew campaigned to get more of their squad to counter The Meta, Washington's role in neutering him through an EMPnote  and success in leading the team afterwards led to an ascension.
  • While on Project Freelancer, he was at its best mediocre. However, compared to most people in Red vs. Blue, Wash is a complete badass, leading to him earning the same rank as Tex in the Pantheon.
  • He was received well by the Blood Gulch Crew after ascending, aside from Sister, who berated him while yelling "COP!". He's even the only human Lopez really respects - in spite of the fact Washington shot him once - as his HUD calls Wash by name instead of "idiot".
    • Even if problems during his initial installation caused Washington to go nuts and absorb some of his memories, Epsilon prefers to stay with him until Carolina ascends, given he finds Wash the only reliable warrior in the team. Carolina's ascension relieved Washington of these duties, and also made him happy to restore a close friendship, that might be evolving into something else.
  • Is not happy to see past adversaries Felix and The Meta back on the fold, specially the latter as they used to be friends during the Freelancer days.
  • Due to past incidents, whenever a vehicle is running\jumping towards him Wash jumps to the side screaming "CAR!", something other deities find amusing.
  • Gets along well with the RWBY deities, who for some reason compare him to Professor Ozpin. His favorite is Pyrrha, who reminds him of Carolina. The one he's most weary of is Blake, as he felt uneasy hearing Dr. Grey's voice from someone with a huge sword. (Weiss is conflicted on how to feel about Wash, given she found some similarities between herself and Wash during his jerk period)
    • The exceptions, of course, are Roman Torchwick, as even someone who worked for morally questionable people and was Temporarily a Villain such as Washington finds him reprehensible; his boss Cinder, who is on a whole other level, as Wash fears how she's evil and powerful, and Cinder in turn doesn't take well the fact that Wash sounds like Ozpin, who she killed in the battle of Beacon; Adam Taurus, a racist with a weapon that could possibly even slice through Wash's armor; and Neo, who Wash mostly avoids but has already ordered to install security systems in his shrine given she lives in the same House. Wash also has no opinion of Raven, but is a bit afraid given she reacted badly to his voice.
  • Stumbled upon both The Riddler and John Constantine, who felt some sort of connection to Wash. He went out to drink with the latter and both are considering some missions together.
  • Link got along well with him given both overcome powerful enemies through strategy, even if Wash gets bad memories whenever Link pulls out his Hookshot. Through the Hylian, Wash at times gets Fi to serve as an assistant like he had done so with Delta (helped by the fact she's not an AI, so Fi is not invading his mind).
  • Link also introduced Wash to two new friends from Light Novels: Shido, who also has experience dealing with quirky people; and Ayato, a seasoned fighter who is always willing to train some more (Wash is considering inviting either Tucker or Locus to do a Laser Blade sword fight with him).
  • Jonathan Irons irks him, as every warmongering executive makes Washington remember Malcolm Heargroves.
  • Ever since Temple locked Wash down in his suit for days, he's terrified of repeating such an ordeal, and became a fierce opposer to AM given the computer prefers this type of punishment.
    • Another deity who reminds him of Temple is Military Uniform Princess, who is equally willing to go too far to exact revenge. Then there is Khan, who not only wants revenge but is as strong as the Meta.
  • Has hung in the house of Recollection and Amnesia recently out of the sympathy for the other amnesiacs, given a neck wound gave Wash brain damage-related memory loss. Some of the Time and Temporality deities also get shocked at how Wash was briefly a Paradox Person because the Reds and Blues prevented said wound in the first place.

    DATS Agents 
The DATS AgentsMembers, Holy Team of Battle Auras (Masaru: Marcus; Tohma: Thomas; Yoshino: Yoshi; Ikuto: Keenan Crier)
Clockwise from the bottom: (humans) Masaru, Yoshino, Ikuto, Tohma; (Digimon) Agumon, Lalamon, Falcomon, Gaomon
  • Lesser Deities (their Digimon can go up to Greater rank)
  • Symbol: The DATS logo
  • Theme Song: "Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!", "Hirari", "Believer"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Masaru, Ikuto), Lawful Good —> Neutral Good (Tohma, Yoshino)
  • Portfolio: Manifesting the Digisoul to cause evolution, working for an agency that keeps Digimon a secret, later got vilified by the government, Save Both Worlds
  • Domains: The Internet, Power, Mons, Secrets
  • Heralds: Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon, Falcomon; other DATS staff
  • High Priests: Tsurugi Tatsuno, Yuu Inui, Ami Kitajima, Shou Kahara and their Digimon
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, Norn Mikihara, GUAG White Hats, MIB, SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Grand United Alliance of Machines, Zamasu
  • Friendly Rivalry: Tatsumi Oga and Beel, Ash Ketchum (Masaru)
  • Admires: Joe Yabuki, Ippo Makunouchi, Little Mac, Rocky Balboa (Tohma)
  • The Digital Accident Tactics Squad was an international organization whose primary task was keeping Digimon a secret from the public. This was becoming more of a problem as Digimon wandered in from the Digital World and humans mysteriously vanished. Masaru, Tohma and Yoshino were some of its agents who regularly battled Digimon. Tohma and Yoshino were already established members when the maverick Masaru happened to run into a wild Agumon and the two took a shine to each other and were forced to join DATS to remain together. Their excursions to the Digital World revealed the history of the troubled relations between humans and Digimon, and led them to add their last member Ikuto, a boy raised by Digimon (though he technically never became part of DATS). The foursome would go on to defeat Kurata, a mad scientist who wished to destroy all Digimon and rule both worlds, and Yggdrasil, the Digital World's host computer that wished for the destruction of humanity.
  • Masaru and his Agumon had been around for a while under a different trope in older times, having found their way in during their solo travels in the Digital World. But their penchant for settling any kind of issue with their fists raised many complaints that the Main House eventually got sick of, (rumor has it the tipping point was Masaru picking a fight with the Iron Giant), causing them to get a time-out of sorts as they were temporarily stripped of divine status. It was decided that he could reascend if Tohma, Yoshino and Ikuto were around to keep his sheer knuckle-headedness in check. Given the chance to reunite with their Digimon, as well as Masaru who they haven't seen since he went into the Digital World, it didn't take much else for these three to accept.
  • The team has a unique way of evolving their Digimon which consists of generating an aura called the Digisoul, which they use to charge their Digivices with enough energy to cause evolution. The Digisoul usually appears in response to the person's determination. The practical use that the team has for Battle Auras caused the Main House to choose them for representing the trope, after politely asking Son Goku if he'd please release one of his titles of course. He had no problem with it.
  • Like all the Digidestined (or in this case, Tamers, since these four just chanced to befriend Digimon and were not chosen by a divine being for a higher purpose), they are allied to the White Hats, as their Digimon are a boon to the division's forces. Thanks to their experience from DATS they got used to working with the White Hats more quickly than the others. Though Masaru gives the White Hats headaches with his tendency, even more pronounced than the goggle-heads, to just jump into dangerous situations.
  • They've become acquainted with the other Digidestined teams through teaming up with them on White Hats-related missions. It took the Digidestined some getting used to Tohma and Yoshino's professional demeanour, plus Masaru and Ikuto's more hands-on approach to battling their opponents; the way Masaru charges in to deliver a punch to gigantic beasts comes close to giving the Digidestined a collective heart attack.
    • Taichi was very interested to see how different Masaru's Agumon and his evolutions were from his own Agumon's. Though when Masaru proposed a match to see who had the strongest Agumon, Tai, who could be considered as brash as Masaru in the past but has since matured a lot, politely turned him down and explained that he doesn't think Digidestined should fight each other, so Masaru relented out of respect for Tai. There's a more casual relationship between him and Daisuke, who never quite learned to temper his hot-headedness.
    • Tohma predictably found the most common ground with Matt on account of both being rather reserved towards most people but highly protective of their younger siblings, and also because they're often exasperated at their respective "leaders". It probably also helped that Gaomon is a blatant expy of Gabumon. Less expected was how well he worked with Izzy, on account of both being Teen Geniuses and filling The Smart Guy role in their respective teams.
    • Yoshino shares the burden of keeping her teammates down to earth with Sora, though Yoshino initially wasn't successful at this like Sora was, partly because she wasn't as confident. As a matter of fact, her lack of confidence contrasting with her status as the eldest made her unexpectedly relatable to Joe, who had much the same personal growth as her. Lastly, Mimi latched on to her fast after discovering Lalamon and Palmon both have Rosemon as their highest level, and the two developed a rather similar dynamic to what Mimi has with Joe.
    • Ikuto's unique circumstances mean he doesn't have that much in common with any specific Digidestined, though his status as the youngest gets him sympathy points from TK, Kari and Iori. Ken Ichijouji was also interested to hear that Ikuto spent most of his childhood in the Digital World, and considered himself one of them, which put him at odds with the DATS until he learned the truth and reformed. Given Ken as the Kaiser was deluded into wanting to live in the Digital World and planned to tyrannize all the Digimon until his friends spoiled his schemes, Ken can see some interesting parallels and contrasts in his and Ikuto's stories.
  • Unlike most of the Digidestined, the DATS agents have a somewhat more generous opinion of Yggdrasill, because while the computer did threaten to destroy the human world, it gracefully conceded defeat to the four and decided to let humans and Digimon try to co-exist in harmony without interfering. Still, they understand why the other teams are more hostile to it, given their experiences. As such, when they learned Yggdrasill was in the Pantheon, they visited its temple to take stock of the situation, and if the computer was anything like Tai and co. described, Masaru would punch the snot out of it to teach it a lesson. On the contrary, they were surprised to see it occupied by a young girl who goes by both that name and Norn. She told them about how she was saved by four Digidestined with the same power of Digisoul as them, about her ideals regarding human/Digimon co-existence, and that she hopes the DATS agents will support her. Other than Masaru still wanting to brawl with her to "test her resolve", which got him promptly Dope Slapped by Yoshino, there was practically no doubt that the DATS agents would stand by her. This being the case, there is occasional friction with the other Digidestined because of it, though nothing that has resulted in a complete schism as of yet (it helps that Kari does believe in Norn's intentions).
  • The existence of Digimon is perfectly accepted in the Pantheon, so the DATS' original mission to keep Digimon a secret is rendered void here. On the other hand, the danger of Digimon wandering into worlds not their own is a realistic one, and there are also ill-intentioned Digimon to keep in check, so the organization isn't totally pointless. Their similar missions and methods (the DATS also employ memory-erasing sticks) have gotten them the goodwill of the MIB and the SCP Foundation, who might extend them their resources for particularly tough missions, and the DATS returns the favor by beating down misbehaving aliens or SCPs once in a while.
  • Coming from a universe where humans and Digimon struggled to make contact with each other that didn't result in a misunderstanding, and having had to fight off an insane scientist who wanted to kill all Digimon out of sheer hatred and irrational fear, plus Yggdrasill wanting to vanquish humans in return before they changed its mind, the four can't stand those who advocate killing an entire species or race under any pretext or treating them as inferior. Thus they obviously stand in complete opposition to the genocide god Zamasu, who utterly despises all mortals and think only gods like himself deserve to live, and even then he's not above killing his own. Masaru actually makes Zamasu especially angry, since the fists of this puny, uncultured human are completely able to harm gods through sheer force of will. And like all Digidestined, they also oppose the GUAM for its anti-organic bias.
  • Masaru was basically a street-brawling punk (albeit one trying to live up to a code of honor) before meeting Agumon and joining DATS. He was actually strong enough that he could beat up entire gangs by himself and built up a reputation. A reputation that reached Tatsumi Oga, a delinquent who was considered such a demon by his peers that he was chosen to raise the son of Satan, and he decided to see how the new guy in town stacked up against him. Masaru didn't disappoint and they've developed a rivalry over who's the toughest between them, though one with immense respect for each other's manliness. Agumon and Beel also have their personal beef by extention, though it's more cute than awe-inspiring much to their chagrin.
    • Though when Masaru ran into Gentaro Kisaragi, he was surprised that this apparent delinquent wasn't interested in fighting at all, explained his look was just how he liked to dress, and cheerfully asked to be friends. They still fought anyway, because Masaru just had to fight the guy also known as Kamen Rider Fourze and Gentaro was perfectly willing to humor him, but at the end they became pretty good friends.
    • Generally, if he's not fighting for the good of human and Digimon co-existence, he's probably travelling the Pantheon looking for deities that'll give him a good fight. As you can imagine, he spends a great deal of time at the House of Combat, as one of the few Houses that warmly welcomes his belligerence (and constantly gets suspensions from the Houses that are less amused).
    • Tai and the other Digidestined are unenthusiastic at the idea of battling Digimon, but luckily for Masaru and Agumon there are other mons known as Pokemon and their trainers are far less shy about battling them as sport. The one with the greatest reputation is Ash Ketchum, so Masaru often seeks him out so Agumon's skills don't rust. Since Ash appreciates a good battle and had been curious about fighting against Digimon for a while, he happily acquiesces.
  • One of the few sources of joy Tohma had throughout his lonely childhood was watching boxing matches on TV; ironically for someone so refined, he's an enthusiast of the sport and practices it in his spare time, being able to match (if not quite surpass) Masaru in a fight. So it comes as no surprise that he's a pretty big fan of boxing deities such as Joe Yabuki, Ippo Makunouchi, Little Mac and Rocky Balboa, even if he thinks they're a bit too much like Masaru in the way they doggedly persist even when they're in a bad spot.
    • Tohma became a doctor after the DATS activities ceased, even managing to win a Nobel Prize in medicine (what do you expect from a guy who finished university at 13?). Although his main task in the Pantheon is to deal with digital-related problems, he's still held in high regard by the House of Health and Diseases for his achievements, and they may summon him to help on particularly busy days.
    • There is a deity in that House Tohma has a special fixation on, which is Nunnally Lamperouge. This is certainly because Tohma's younger sister was sickly and wheelchair-bound, and he did anything he could to make her life better (becoming a doctor was largely motivated by this). Nunnally thinks his devotion to his sister is touching and reminds her of her own brother Lelouch, who Tohma also came to meet, and the two bonded, with Tohma glad to meet someone who matched his wit, and for the extremes they went to for their sisters, with Tohma's fake betrayal of the team to save his sister coming across to Lelouch as something he definitely would do, if not worse.
  • Thanks to her experience in DATS, Yoshino (and most DATS staff not named Masaru, Tohma or Ikuto, for that matter) wound up becoming part of the police force after the organization was dissolved. Therefore she can sometimes be summoned by them to help out in a case; since she's a relative newbie, it's good training for her, though the variety of cops with conflicting approaches makes her think she's back in DATS attempting to mediate between Masaru and Tohma again.
    • With Masaru and Ash absorbed in fighting, Yoshino has come to bond with Misty over how much trouble those two cause for them with their hot-headedness. Yoshino was surprised to discover about Misty's uneasy relationship with her sisters, who look down on her for being less talented than them. Yoshino has a similar history of feeling inferior to her own sisters, and that left her feeling like she could never do things right for much of her life (it's a big part of why she came across as far less competent than Masaru and Tohma at first). Yoshino and Misty agree they're lucky to have mons in their lives, because they might not have found solace otherwise.
  • Although Ikuto has been successfully integrated into human society since the end of his adventures, he'd be lying if he said he didn't miss the wilder lifestyle at all. It's how he spent all of his childhood, after all. It's lucky for him that the Pantheon is more accepting of that sort of behavior, so no one bats an eye when he decides to don his old outfit and spend a week in the House of Nature or such. In that House he's met plenty of deities, such as San, Mowgli and Tarzan, who were also lovingly raised by non-humans like he was. He's closest to Mowgli since they're around the same age, while admiring San and Tarzan like elder siblings.
    • Somehow he's developed a liking for being around Olaf the snowman. It may be due to being raised by a very motherly Yukidarumon, a Digimon that's basically a snowbear, so the friendly snowman probably brings back fond memories.

Miyabi, Goddess of Wings-Granting Powers (The Bullish and Beastly Brandisher of Black Blazes, Miyamiya, Identity of Twisted Sorrow, BlackWingedAngel)
Abyssal Miyabi
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess when activating Parasido of The Abyss/Divine Judgement or Blood Riot)
  • Symbol: A black Seven-Pronged Sword with a white snake wrapped around the blade and a crow resting on the hilt
  • Theme Music: Swear To Dougen, Machiavellism of Despair, Hope And Determination For Mother
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (not really)
  • Portfolio: Ice Queen, Dedicated To The Honor of Hebijo, Dark Flames, Top Student of Evil Shinobi, Masculine Women, Sought by Other Women, Cool Sword, White Hair, Black Heart
  • Domains: Shinobi, Darkness, Swords, Devotion, Masculinity
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Asuka, Homura, Yumi
  • Enemies: Traitors
  • Former Enemies: Every one from Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Gessen Academy
  • The leader of the Elite Students of Hebijo Academy, Miyabi gained the spot after demonstrating the ability to pull out six black wings when activating her Ultimate Ninja Art "Parasido of The Abyss" (which also makes her sword longer), what later upgraded into "Divine Judgement, what gives her three black and three white wings (and turns her hair black besides one lock of white hair and gives big, floating sword). The first thing she did when ascending was mock Asuka, Homura and Yumi who ascended with her a bit for what they got. However, when hearing what she was suggested for the first place, she quickly shut her mouth.
  • It should be quickly stated that she is not outright evil. Her devotion is for Hebijo Academy of Evil Shinobi, who aren't as "evil" as one might think. Where she is willing to kill three factions worth of shinobi, its less because she herself is evil and more because she is that devoted. Especially if her father's job is in line. She is also devoted on killing the yoma for violently killing her mother right in front of her eyes. This is why she would rather avoid joining GUAE, as she explains:
    • However, as a side note, that doesn't mean that she doesn't consider her being evil at all. Just that she views herself as necessarily evil so that those who are righteous enough have someone to fight and grow stronger from.
    • Because of this, she has hard time finding proper allies. However, those who are her allies can rely on her easily.
  • She feels bit despaired that people still look at her like she was a man. Not helped that she shares her voice with such individuals like Grey and Mao.
    • She has gained sympathy of Makoto Kikuchi due of this. Though she is bit confused why any one would mistake her for man. Miyabi responded by saying "Its less 'being confused to a man' and 'Every one views you as a man'".
    • And for her misery, she has noticed that her "I Heart Miyabi Militia" fan club isn't going away anytime soon. She is going to find a way to be more feminine, dammit!
    • She seems to take some comfort for the fact that the DOA girl who took her costume wasn't a complete tomboy. Or a guy.
    • However, she eventually had a turnaround on the way she views herself and has accepted her "hunkiness". In fact, she seems to want to be the hunkiest girl around. Though she doesn't still like having girls fawning over her.
  • A lot of gods who are known to leave a mess tend to stay away for Miyabi due of her "Blood Riot" technique, what allows her to draw in all the blood splattered in the surrounding to power herself up. However, she is also cautious about using her, because the "Riot" part is rather precise, and the first time she used it left her hospitalised for years.
  • Jurai Andou sort of admires her dark power and wishes to improve himself with her. She herself is indifferent on him, though his naming methods remind her of an event regarding her name theming she doesn't want to discuss about.
  • She finds similarities between herself and Stella, like how their fathers both worked on a school they went, their school got destroyed at one point and they have been trying to recover their school's honour (though not in that order). Miyabi believes that Stella can rebuilt her school and make it even better.
  • Solo tried to approach her, due of feeling like they have thing in common. However, where Miyabi admires his devotion to his past, she cannot feel like disagree that you still need some people to help you.

    Molly Hayes 
Molly Hayes, Young Goddess of Powerhouse Children (Bruiser, Princess Powerful, Molly Hernandez)

    Pippi Longstocking 
Pippi Longstocking, Goddess of Meaningless Muscles (Pippi Långstrump, Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking, Pippilotta Victualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump, Princess Pippilotta)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her two red braids sticking out and her stockings
  • Theme: Her 1969 TV theme, which also works fine in English. Alternatively, “Pippi Longstocking is Coming Into Your Town” or “What Shall I Do Today”
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super-Strong Girl, Bully Hunter, Book Dumb, Cute Bruiser, Cheap Gold Coins, Mismatched Longstockings, Gravity-Defying Pigtails, Youthful Freckles, Living Alone in Her House, Extreme Omnivore, Genki Girl, Cloudcuckoolander, Fiery Redhead
  • Domains: Children, Strength, Humor
  • Heralds: Her monkey Mr. Nilsson and her horse; Tommy and Annika Settergren
  • Allies: Hercules, Toph Beifong, Peter Pan, Steven Universe, Guan Yingping, The Powerpuff Girls, Morgiana, Molly Hayes, Jimmy Hopkins, Madeline, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong, Curious George, Sun Wukong, Popeye, River Tam
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, YHVH, Eric Cartman
  • Opposes: Any burglar deities
  • One day, Hercules offered a challenge to fight him in a wrestling match. A redhead girl with two tight pigtails that stuck straight out who goes by the name “Pippi Longstocking” eventually came to the ring, saying that he might be the strongest man in the Pantheon, but she is the strongest girl in the Pantheon. Hercules laughed at how a small girl could defeat him, but went on fighting her. The result? Pippi won the match. Hercules was surprised by this and Pippi was granted godhood.
  • When she first arrived in her temple, which was constructed to look like Ville Villekula, she had a feeling that her two best friends, Tommy and Annika, wouldn’t be around with her anymore. It didn’t last long as the gods fortunately allowed them to visit her in the Pantheon.
  • Most adult deities question how she can take care of herself without any parents (her mother being dead when she was just a baby and her father being lost at sea).
  • She prefers hoarding her suitcase full of gold coins in her temple over loaning to the Pantheon Treasury so she can use it to buy candy from the House of Food for all the child deities. She makes sure no burglars enter her temple to rob her treasure lest they want to learn the “schottische.”
  • Speaking of children, she often hangs out with them, usually telling tall tales to them.
    • She gets along with Peter Pan, who approves of her young, high-spirited, and unconquerable spirit.
    • Pippi also befriended another super-strong girl in Molly Hayes, whom she hangs out with most often.
    • For the same reason as above, she also likes to hang out with the Powerpuff Girls.
    • If there’s one child she doesn’t like however, it’s Eric Cartman due to his rude behavior and his hatred towards gingers (Pippi being one of them). Cartman not only mocks her for being another ginger, but also for her silly appearance. Usually, she would respond by carrying him over to a nearby tree and hanging him to a branch.
    • "It's surely best for little children to live an orderly life, especially if they can order it themselves."
  • She also gets along with both Guan Yinping and Morgiana as they happen to be very strong despite their size.
  • She approves of Eliot’s ability to kick butt without the needing of muscles.
  • Is good friends with Jimmy Hopkins, who approves of her anti-bullying stance.
  • Being friends with her pet monkey Mr. Nillson allowed her to forge friendships with other primate deities, including Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong, Curious George, and even the Monkey God himself, Sun Wukong.
  • Every now and then, whenever she wants to, she visits the Academy, which typically results in a riot in the classroom.
    • However, she often found herself under watch from Agatha Trunchbull, whom she hated because she would often assign “pluttification” to her. It doesn’t help that Miss Trunchbull does not tolerate girls with pigtails.
  • Being a girl who disregards authority, it's no surprise that she has a dislike for YHVH, who views her as a nuisance that must be eliminated.
  • Sigmund Freud has a hard time determining Pippi’s character. While she can be seen as an id in terms of her selfish persona and her disregard to authority, her generous spirit and constant declarations of what’s unfair or fair might show traces of superego. And her time to care for her pets and manage her household while also getting what she needs to be happy and healthy show us that there has to be a bit of ego in her.
  • Being a strong small child, Popeye has taken an interest in her, and helps her out when caring for other children deities, even helping her pay for sweets and candy to give to them. It should be a given that harming children in either one of their presence is bad enough; doing it when the BOTH of them are there is just a death wish.
  • Also has a position in the House of Personal Appearance.

    Ringo Roadagain 
Ringo Roadagain, God of Explaining Your Powers to the Enemy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His impossibly stylish goatee
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Stand(s): Mandom
  • Portfolio: Explaining Your Powers to the Enemy To Keep Things Fair (Rewinds Time By Six Seconds), A Charismatic, Brilliant And Noble Foe, Blood Knight, Death Seeker, Silver Fox, Resembles Charles Bronson, The Gunslinger, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Domains: Duels, Gunslingers, the Wild West, Fairness, Manhood
  • Interested in: Jiren, Whis
  • Allies: John Marston, Hit, Gunvolt, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Boba Fett
  • On good terms with: Theodore Roosevelt, Philip J Fry, Lars Fillmore, Son Goku
  • On speaking terms with: Ringo Starr, Horus
  • Rivals: Jesse McCree, Scarface
  • Respects: George McFly, Emmett Brown, and to a lesser extent Leonard Snart
  • Enemies: Rapists, successful or attempted (particularly the Brave Companions and Ethan Roark Jr), Lord Djibril
  • Wary of: The House of Thieves
  • Uncertain on: Hunter Zolomon
  • In the Steel Ball Run, Funny Valentine hired a number of people to help in his ambitions. One of them is Ringo Roadagain. He seeks to duel those who come his way in order to purge himself of fear and uncertainty. His Stand, Mandom, lets him rewind time by six seconds, leaving everyone in its range with the memory of what happened in those seconds. An honorable duelist, Ringo explains how his powers work as he feels that it's only proper for both parties to do so, for they may be on an equal level.
  • Named after Ringo Starr, who he seems relatively fond of. Resembles Charles Bronson. And generally on good terms with other cowboy deities, like John Marston. He's planning for a duel with Jesse McCree. Joe Swanson was warned of this and is opposing potential illegal activities as his role as a cop, however there's Nothing Personal and Joe respects Ringo's machismo. Scarface was interested in his Blood Knight nature and duels, and has requested they have a fight.
  • Ringo's youth was not a pleasant one. His father died in prison from a disease after serving in the military. He had hemophilia and both his mother and sisters were killed by a bandit who tried to rape him, but he struck back and shot his would-be assaulter. Because of this, he is a close ally to the Heroic Protectors of Family, and while they don't agree on many things he respects Horus' goal of vengeance against the murder of his father.
  • His Stand, Mandom, lets him rewind time by six seconds with the touch of a wristwatch. It causes disorientation in those unready for it and is mainly a support for duels. Fry was reminded of the 10 second Reset Button he used, though that didn't end well for him. He considers Ringo cool and someone to emulate in the search for mandom. His duplicate Lars has already gone on his own path to strengthen himself.
  • Was hired by Funny Valentine, though he doesn't exactly have any real feelings for the 23rd president. Despite his connection to Valentine, Theodore Roosevelt has a good amount of respect for Ringo, and the feeling is mutual. It's all driven by their shared views in manhood, courage and fair play.
  • Given his background, he tends to stay away from the House of Thieves. But if you're a rapist, attempted of successful, you have Ringo's deep contempt. The full extent of his hatred is directed to Ethan Roark Junior, as he is a sadistic pedophile and Serial Killer (Ringo was 10 at the time of his Attempted Rape), but is also an utter coward which flies in the face of his own journey. For that matter, he loathes Lord Djibril for being an idiotic and psychopathic coward.
  • On the opposite side of things, he respects George McFly for not only stopping date rape, but growing to become a courageous soul and finding his own mandom. He's fond of Doc Brown too, although as a mercenary they tend to keep their distance from him. Boba Fett was impressed by Ringo and his personality, and the two have decided to work bounties together.
  • Has been seen working with Hit and Gunvolt, two honorable assassins. Hit in particular has embraced the idea of a good fight, plus the two share time-based powers. Goku was prepping for a potential fight with him. Ringo is interested in both Whis and Jiren. Whis comes down to his Reset Button power. For Jiren, he has come to seek what lies beyond strength, and has grown from a loner with a troubled past to a stronger man in the mental and emotional sense.
  • Finds the Brave Companions to be a truly repulsive group of assassins. They're rapists and Stupid Evil sadists, not to mention cowards who don't deserve their name. He finds Captain Cold to be a much better person due to his honor, despite being wary due to his nature as a thief. Snart privately admits he's pretty stylish himself.
  • His interest with Captain Cold and mercenary career led him to cross paths with both ascended Flashes, to which he ended up getting involved in duels. Despite their Super-Speed they ended up humoring them for a bit when it came to their duels. In general, he likes how they have grown. Hunter Zolomon was intrigued by Ringo due to his self-improvement from tragedy, forcing Gyro to grow and eventually shoot him. Ringo thinks Zolomon has good intentions, but it's the execution which is seriously flawed.

Rutile, Goddess of Half-Breed Strength

    Shinichi Izumi & Migi 
Shinichi Izumi & Migi, Deities of Lovecraftian Superpowers
Shinichi, with Migi modifying his arm for combat
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Shinichi’s parasitic right arm
  • Theme Song: Let Me Hear by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (Band)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Shinichi); True Neutral, formerly had Blue-and-Orange Morality (Migi)
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Sharing a Body, Special Odd Hand
  • Domains: Parasites, Transformation
  • Heralds: Satomi Murano, Mamoru Uda and Jaw.
  • Allies: Akira Fudou, Eddie Brock, Hellboy, Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu, Sara Pezzini
  • Enemies: Cletus Kasady, Nothing There, SA-X, Carrion, The Thing, Alex Mercer, Eliza, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Mixed Relations: The Antarctic Research Crew
  • Additional Relations: Meruem & Komugi, Omni-Man
  • Parasites have invaded Earth, taking over anyone they possess and giving them the power to turn parts of their body into bladed tentacles that can slice anyone in their way. Shinichi Izumi is someone who has a parasite in his body, but thanks to him realizing it quickly during his first encounter with such, his right arm gets possessed and not his brain, allowing him to maintain free will in contrast to most other victims. Shinichi works with Migi (the name the parasite that attempted to possess him was given) and together they fight against other parasites, with Shinichi trying to prevent more innocent lives from being killed while Migi is doing it only to ensure its own safety. As their mission continues, Shinichi grapples with what separates being a human from being a monster while Migi develops a better understanding of what humanity is really like, both through the friends, foes, and other enigmatic characters they encounter.
  • There were a few points in Shinichi’s journey where he had dream-like conversations with Migi in regards to where the line between human and monster was at. It had been a while since he saved his girlfriend Satomi Murano from nihilistic serial killer Uragami, with Migi laying dormant for a long period of time when Shinichi ended up having a dream and saw Migi again. Shinichi wasn’t sure what was happening to warrant a meeting like this, but Migi told him that as it was dreaming while in dormancy, Migi learned about multiple worlds, including those where parasite-infected humans live out normal lives similar to what happened once the parasites that invaded Shinichi’s world had settled down. The bigger concern Shinichi had was whether or not him being able to settle down for a normal life was coming to an abrupt end now that not only is Migi communicating with him again, but that there may be threats similar, yet different, to what he confronted in the past headed his way. Migi told him that given what they had gone through, particularly with Shinichi’s stronger resolve, things will likely be different in terms of how Shinichi will handle what the future holds for him in the Pantheon, a world mentioned in passing by Migi and one that became part of where they live.
  • Akira Fudou was another Japanese highschooler who gained access to a deadly power to fight against evil and was someone who Shinichi was able to befriend fairly easily not just for the similarities, but for the notable differences they went through. While both became more confident after gaining their respective abilities, Akira was able to transform himself into a demon while Shinichi was merely able to use his arm as a weapon and where the amoral Migi was able to get a better sense of humanity, Amon (the demon Akira fused with) not only played a role in Akira’s increased aggression, but Akira was susceptible to losing control of his Devilman form if things really got grim for him. Akira’s overall situation was much darker than what Shinichi and even Migi could imagine as not only did Akira lose his friends in his battle against other demons, but the entire world was destroyed in the midst of Devilman’s fatal loss against friend-turned-foe Ryo Asuka (aka Satan). Akira found plenty to like about how Shinichi was able to make the most of maintaining his better side amidst getting dangerous powers even when things get dire for him and the two have become conversation partners since their initial meeting.
  • Learning about the Venom Symbiote and its extended history fascinated Shinichi given how the symbiote gave whoever its bonded to deadly powers not unlike the parasites from his own world and he it’s what led him to meet Eddie Brock, who had a long and storied history with the Venom name in general. The Venom Symbiote has gone through a few different hosts such as Flash Thompson, but it was Eddie who has notable for having went through a lot while being bonded to it and without it, having gone from a vengeful enemy to Peter Parker to a Lethal Protector who was willing to perform heroics, even if such actions end up being violent. One of Eddie’s most prominent adversaries was Cletus Kasady, a psychotic serial killer bonded with the equally violent Carnage symbiote, who Shinichi saw as a nightmare scenario come to life. It was one thing to have a serial killer share a similar dark mindset as Uragami, but it was another to have said serial killer become bonded to a parasitic entity and use it to cause chaos wherever they go. Given the potential for dangerous symbiotes to bond to vile individuals, Shinichi has joined Eddie in fighting against Carnage and other entities that posed a threat to the world.
  • The parasites from Shinichi’s world take over humans, with the signs of a human being host to a parasite going beyond that of turning parts of their bodies into bladed tentacles. While some parasites that Migi and Shinichi encountered had their own goals beyond simply trying to take over humanity, there were entities in the Pantheon that disguised themselves as humans, but were far more malevolent than many other parasites the duo had encountered. The Carrion and Nothing There were among the more horrifying figures that could disguise themselves as humans, but otherwise acted far more dangerous than some of the more aggressive parasites Shinichi and Migi fought against. The X Parasites had the potential to throw planets out of balance by assimilating victims, with the SA-X being one example of how deadly the X Parasites can be if left unchecked. While the invasion of parasites in Shinichi’s world ended with the parasites becoming a part of human culture (and the murders that had happened when they initially arrived ending at that point), some parasites such as the X Parasites could destroy everything people care about and it’s an event that Shinichi doesn’t want to see happen at any point.
  • What happened with The Antarctic Research Crew when they were trapped with a shapeshifting parasite known only as The Thing that inflicted psychological torture among the humans trapped with it was something that unnerved Shinichi given that he tried to keep Migi a secret from others as much as he can. As much as the crew has its reasons to despise parasites as evil as what they had encountered, parasites invading Earth and taking over multiple humans was something that they saw as a living nightmare, even if said parasites eventually acclimated themselves to human culture without resorting to murder. To learn of someone like Shinichi who not only was able to keep his humanity despite having a parasite inside of him, but was able to get the parasite to understand human behavior in general, was a shock to the crew as it could mean that there are parasites out there who are different from the relentless killing machines that they were accustomed to. Despite this, Shinichi had a tense experience working with law enforcement in trying to snuff out evil parasites while trying to keep Migi hidden, so he is apprehensive about working with a group of people who could turn against each other if something is off about one of their own.
  • The Blacklight Virus was a deadly virus created by amoral scientist Alex Mercer, with the latter having lost his memories as a result of being infected by it. As horrifying as the virus is, Mercer ended up being even worse than his creation and that’s not getting into the fact that after stopping a nuke, he lost faith in humanity (and he was trying to find something that would let him still care about humanity before giving up on it) and using the Blacklight virus to either wipe out most of humanity or infect others into becoming powerful soldiers with himself as their leader. It would lead to James Heller, an aggressive army veteran who was infected with a strain of Blacklight as part of Mercer’s plan to take over the world, to fight back against Mercer and his army of Evolved. The powers granted by the Blacklight virus are potentially even more horrifying than what Migi and the other parasites could do to whoever they infect and given the potential damage caused at the hands of something that had long given up on humanity, Shinichi is more than aware that going up against Mercer will be a more dangerous fight than what previously happened against a powerful parasite named Goto. Even if Shinichi does have the help of the aggressive, yet determined, Heller (who was intrigued at how not only Shinichi was able to keep his humanity despite having a parasite that can grant inhuman abilities, but playing a role in having said parasite understand human behavior and emotions) and other individuals that can put up a fight against Mercer, Shinichi is more worried about the consequences of a deadly virus being unleashed and causing others to turn against humanity at the hands of someone who believes the only way to get rid of humanity’s cruelty is to put the human race at an even greater risk.
  • After getting his right arm assimilated by Migi, Shinichi’s primary means of fighting is using said arm as a weapon with Migi’s help. While plenty of other deities in the Pantheon who have unique arms aren’t able to directly talk to them the way Shinichi can, some of their ordeals regarding their sense of self is something Shinichi can relate to. Hellboy was prophesied to bring about the end of the world, but being raised by humans and having been part of a group that fights against paranormal threats, he has tried to live his life as normal as he can be despite the threats present and him having to confront his past. Sara Pezzini is the wielder of the Witchblade, a weapon that grants whoever uses it great power, but with the risk of being corrupted by it, and Sara has had to contend with moral dilemmas posed by using a weapon as dangerous as the Witchblade. Given that Shinichi was trying to keep living his life despite having a parasite inside of himself and being at risk of becoming a colder individual, he is understanding of what Hellboy and Sara had gone through when it comes to the power they have and trying to do good with it.
  • Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu were a similar person/parasite duo who used their powers to fight against the parasite’s kind who Shinichi and Migi were able to get along with (even though Senketsu is more openly heroic in contrast to Migi’s alien nature). In contrast to the parasitic enemies Shinichi and Migi fought having some sort of depth to them beyond just being the killing machines they initially battled, Ryuko and Senketsu’s ultimate enemies were far more vile to the point of disturbing both Shinichi and Migi. Despite appearing human, Ragyo Kiryuin was more than willing to enslave humanity to the Life Fibers and has physically and psychologically abused Ryuko and her sister Satsuki. To learn of someone with such a callous disregard for the well-being of others trying to enslave others to parasitic entities horrified Shinichi and Ragyo doesn’t even have a semi-understandable reason for her actions unlike Mercer (even if it still doesn’t justify Mercer’s goals). Knowing the measures Ragyo will take to ensure her plan succeeds, Shinichi was more than willing to help Ryuko in fighting against a human forcibly trying to subjugate humanity at the hands of deadly parasites.
  • There were a few other entities who had parasitic powers and used them for good, or at the very least had a kind personality akin to Mamoru Uda and his parasite Jaw, who Shinichi and Migi encountered and received their help a couple of times. Shinichi would encounter two girls named Filia and Squigly, who had their own parasites named Samson and Leviathan respectively, but despite the girls having not hating each other, their parasites don’t get along with each other, not helped by Samson having a far more aggressive personality compared to the relatively cordial Leviathan or even Migi, who grew to understand the world around itself. One particular parasitic person that Shinichi doesn’t display any kindness towards was Eliza, whose parasite Sekhmet has more or less fused with her entirely to the point where the two work incredibly well together, drains the life of others to extend her already-long lifespan, and weaponizes blood in order to fight. While trying to be a mediator to Samson and Leviathan’s bickering won’t get a genuine friendship between Filia and Squigly to happen, Eliza’s ruthless ambitions and capabilities have given Shinichi a reason to try and slow down Eliza’s conquests with Filia and Squigly’s help, even if such a battle ends up putting Migi in danger comparable to what happened against Goto.
  • While Migi initially didn’t care much about humans similarly to the other parasites that invaded Earth, it along with another parasite named Reiko Tamura (previously known as Ryoko Tamiya) developed a stronger understanding of humanity thanks to Shinichi’s influence and Reiko’s experimentation leading her to give birth to a human child respectively. Among other extranormal entities that grew thanks to human influence included Mereum, king of the Chimera Ants who had a friendship with a blind girl named Komugi, and Omni-Man, a powerful alien whose mission to help the Viltrumites conquer Earth led to a complex series of events that greatly impacted his perception of humanity, including starting a family and raising a son that also had superpowers. Shinichi and Migi noted that Nolan Grayson spending time with a makeshift family played a role in him growing as an individual not unlike how the human baby helped Reiko develop some human emotions, even if the path that Nolan embarked on was far more complicated than what any parasite, be it Migi or Reiko, has gone through. Migi in particular noted that just like how Shinichi changed Migi’s perception of humans, individuals with a strong resolve and/or are kind-hearted like the ones that Omni-Man and Mereum befriended are effective in helping powerful extranormal entities see humanity as something unique as opposed to something expendable.
  • Having gone through a lot when it came to the many virtues and vices of humanity, Shinichi has a nuanced view of them in that while humans can be flawed, it doesn’t make them inherently bad. Some in the Pantheon have their own perspectives of humanity as Shinichi would learn and while some believe in the best of humanity for better and worse, others see little value in them and believe the human race is bound to cause misery for each other unless something is done about it. There were a handful of nihilists whose mindset unnerved Shinichi to a greater extent than what Uragami could do, but it was individuals such as Johan Liebert who were willing to convince humans to act on their worst instincts that Shinichi had a particular hatred towards. Despite Shinichi’s inhuman powers (and having a parasite in general can make one inhuman in a way regardless of if that parasite develops an understanding of humans or not), he’s seen the best and worst of humanity and is hopeful that humanity’s flaws doesn’t drive them to madness, but instead to let them grow as individuals.

    Sieg (Fate/Apocrypha
Sieg, God of Limited Usage Powers (Homunculus, Siegfried, Sumanai Jr., Cardboard-kun, Hans, Schmidt, Fafnir, Detached and Kind Dragon, Greater Grail's Custodian, Caster)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God when using Dead Count Shapeshifter or as Fafnir
  • Symbol: The Dragon Revelation Command Spell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Homunculi, Coming Back From Brink of Death Twice, Dead Count Shapeshifter, Stock Light-Novel Hero, Rebel Leader, Becoming the "Second" Creature, The Stoic, Becoming Fafnir, Waiting In the Reverse Side of The World For Jeanne
  • Domains: Homunculi, Powers, Transformations, Heroes
  • Allies: Jeanne d'Arc, Astolfo, Siegfried, Chiron, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Link, Samurai Jack, Reuniclus, Clark Kent/Superman, Optimus Prime, Shido Itsuka, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Ayato Amagiri, Yuu Haruna, Ash Ketchum
  • Enemies: Fafnir, Father, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, King Bradley
  • Wary About: Amakusa Shirou
  • A homunculus that was originally created by the Yggdmillennia for the sake of having powerful Magic Circuits to power the Black Faction Servants in the Great Grail War, he managed to gain self-awareness and escape his fate. While his newly gained life was simply for self-reservation, he ended up taking part on much greater conflict as the main hero to stop the Red Faction from using the Greater Grail for their plans.
  • After Siegfried sacrificed himself to keep Sieg alive, he acquired Command Seals named Dead Count Shapeshifter, which allows him to transform into Siegfried himself. However, the transformation only lasts for three minutes and like other Command Seals, he only possesses three of them, after which he can't transform into Siegfried. Not only that, but he is advised not to use all of his Command Seals, especially since the transformation eats away from his life. Ultimately, he used up all of them even after recovering some of then.
  • Due to the fact that he was saved again by Frankenstein's Monster's Noble Phantasm, he is technically the second Monster. Which makes it sort of confusing for him to be around the actual Creature.
  • Was transformed into Fafnir himself thanks to his wish to the Greater Grail as a way to stop Third Magic from turning humans immortal, taking it to the Reverse Side of the World and waiting there until he would be reunited with Jeanne. He ultimately did, after which he was able to revert back to his normal form.
  • While he always had the fear that Fafnir would consume him spiritually and physically, in the Pantheon, he has to fear that Fafnir himself might come after him and try to consume him. Apparently Fafnir doesn't really has real reason to pursue Sieg, he just hates for someone to use his powers like that.
  • Has really high hopes for humanity as a whole due of himself not being one. As even though he has seen how bad some humans can be, he still believes that humans will ultimately strive for goodness in the end. Such optimistic outlook gained him allies in Superman and Optimus Prime. He also joins Shido Itsuka in discussing human morality and goodness with Captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard.
  • In his early life, Sieg was confused about who he was and what he could do with his life, so he used his time in the Pantheon to associate with people who faced a similar quandary, such as Yuu Haruna and Ayato Amagiri. The three are were amazed by their shared attribute: they only found their purpose in life when they met the women they loved.
  • Probably the one person who distrusts Amakusa the most in the Pantheon, though he admits that he doesn't actually hold any grudges against him. However, he does advice against trying to make the two meet as his feelings forwards him are complicated and is not sure what would happen if the two of them would meet, something which he thinks Amakusa also agrees on.
    • Note that Sieg doesn't harbour any bad feelings forwards other Red Faction members, mostly because he didn't have any major interactions with them in the mortal plane. Even then, he understands they had their own reasons to support Amakusa's plan. He respects Achilles and Karna for their fighting prowess and feels sorry that Atalanta tried to accomplish an implausible dream and hopes she can find peace one day. As for Mordred, well, she does admit that she wants a proper duel with him now that he has some actual powers and isn't just some "fake Siegfried". He also admits feeling bad for Jack the Ripper, but he doesn't think that he can approach Jack in the Pantheon.
  • As someone who "selfishly" stole humanity's key to immortality and leaving Earth, he gets along with Kouta Kazuraba. The Armored Rider was also proud of his growth as well as both of them hasn't lose their faith on humanity's future.
  • Sort of fascinated by Reuniclus, as he sees it as being another homunculus. The same can't be said about Father and his homunculi, however.
  • When Kriemhild first met Sieg, she asks the homunculus to change his name "Hans" or "Schmidt" as he would otherwise just die while trying to be a hero. However, due to his two Disney Deaths within his source material, the homunculus ends up averting his gaze and flees from her, causing Kriemhild to demand he sit down and tell her about everything he's done. After that, while she doesn't have anything personal against Sieg as she actually has maternal feelings for him, she finds it annoying how Siegfried sacrificed himself to save the life of a boy he barely knows, even if it's quite in-character to do something like that. Albeit it could diminish the value of his sacrifice to stop the feud between Kriemhild and Brunnhilde.

    Star Butterfly 
Princess Star Butterfly, Goddess of Super Cute Superpowers (Star the Underestimated)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess with full use of her wand, Greater Goddess in Mewberty form) Now a Demigoddess after the destruction of magic
  • Theme Song: "I'm from Another Dimension"
  • Symbol: Her version of the Butterfly family wand even if no longer working.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable Magical Girl Warrior who wields a magic wand, Princess from a different dimension, Human Alien, Cheerful Child, Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, Bratty Teenage Daughter, Friend to All Living Things, Kung-Fu Wizard, Rebellious Princess, LOVES Sugar, Destructive Savior, Fight Magnet, Unskilled, but Strong, Genki Girl, still, Do not piss her off!
  • Domain: Good, Magic, Strength
  • Followers: the Fei-Yen series of Virtuaroids, Neko, Maria Renard, Alex O'Connor, Rurika.
  • Heralds: Marco Ubaldo Diaz (her boyfriend), Moon and River Butterfly (her parents), Janna Ordonia, Kelly, Jorby, Eclipsa Butterfly, Globgor, Ludo Avarius, Meteora Butterfly and Mariposa Diaz.
  • High Priestess: Mamika Kirameki
  • Allies: Tom, Hekapoo (less so in her case), Madoka Kaname, Sailor Moon, Sakura Kinomoto Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard, Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo, Mike and Sulley, Blake Belladonna, Makoto Nanaya, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Leonardo Watch, Lum Invader
  • Enemies: Toffee, Mina Loveberry, Rhombulus, Omnitraxus Prime, SHOCKER, Lucifer, Airy, The Dark Matter Horde, All evil deities in the Hall of Otherness
  • Uneasy Relationship: Dokuro Mitsukai, most of the House of Magic and Sorcery
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • Fears: Majin Buu
  • Not that many manage to find the Pantheon on their own, but it's often a good sign for anyone who wants to ascend. Star and Marco ended up in the Pantheon on accident while exploring different dimensions. Liking what she saw, she met many deities there before applying to become one herself. Sailor Moon saw to it that she was ascended quickly afterwards. The occasion was met with Star giving hugs to every good-aligned deity in the Pantheon.
    • Afterwards, she and Marco visited various new worlds discovered in the Pantheon. The adventures ware too numerous to count and many of them involved cleaning up the messes she started. Nevertheless, her ascension was seen as a positive development.
  • Her ascension was met with great jubilation from the Magical Girl Sisterhood, who quickly added her to their ranks. Her power is great, but she had much to learn before using her powers to the fullest. Tuxedo Mask saw to it to see if he could help her use her abilities.
    • Ichigo has enjoyed her company, even though Star can be a bit energetic even to her tastes. The one thing they do have in common? Kicking butt and looking super cute while they do it.
    • Given the massive reserves of magical power she wields, she agreed to give Madoka a bit of a jumpstart in the hopes of bringing her powers back. Unfortunately, it only burned down the surrounding area. So Star decided to try the next best thing: talk to Homura. She understood her insistence to protect someone she loves and argued that bring her powers back is the best interest of both. Homura was shocked at her directness, but ultimately declined. It is unlikely that they will have this conversation again, as Homura proclaimed she will not be so welcoming the next time they meet.
    • Despite Star having surrendered her magic and even destorying it, the Sisterhood insists she is still one of them and have even crafted a replica of her wand to use while in the Pantheon.
  • May well be the one who fulfilled the 'warrior' part of Magical Girl Warrior more than any other Magical Girl in the Pantheon. Anyone who thinks that taking her wand from her would leave her helpless will be in for a rude awakening as Star will simply beat you to a pulp with her bare hands, and that's when she doesn't have any weapons with her. Haruto Soma even invites her to some sparring rounds. He has been impressed with her skills so far.
  • The main reason for her ascension is the nature of her powers. Whenever she does use her wand, it spouts out cute things with destructive force. It can be an oxymoron for many. It should be noted that despite her massive potential magical power, she isn't that good at magic. At all. It is hoped that she can at least learn in the Pantheon where she is less likely to set the entire place ablaze.
  • While Marco is officially her herald in the Pantheon, he also plays the role as her bodyguard. Some call that questionable given how capable she is even [i]without[/i] her wand, but Star wouldn't have it any other way. The couple has been pestered with questions of whether the two will hit it off. Both insist on figuring that out on their own pace.
    • Dokuro keeps insisting that Marco is only sticking around because he is a pervert and has made it her mission to prove it to her. Star appreciates the concern, but trusts Marco well enough to stay by his side. She knows how Dokura handles her protector Sakura and does not want to see her ward get beaten to a bloody pulp.
    • Marco responded to Dokuro's accusations by pointing out how he dealt with being messed with Janna [with her blatant actions such as touching his butt without his consent.]
    • Has decided to extend her work to others who have been persecuted as of late such as faunus such as Blake and subraces such as Makoto. Both were happy to see the Blood Knight be more considerate of who she punches.
  • She was initially opposed to the House of Monsters due the biases in her culture, but she has overcome these greatly and works to bring monsters and Mewmans together. So much so that she went to destroy magic in the hopes of stopping a genocidal maniac. As such, all of the good monsters now have deep respect for everything she has done for the sake of her peoples.
  • Has a bit of a rivalry with Airy. While the fairy looks just as cute, she is far more sinister on the inside, more than willing to destroy all in her wake. Star's arrival was a response from the GUAG in order to give those who are cute and good a place in the Pantheon.
  • Her show may look pristine, but it hides the fact that it is home to one of the most vile villains in the Multiverse. Many of them declare their allegiance to Zero, a Kirby foe.
  • Unsurprisingly, she would come to start befriending a lot of her fellow Disney characters, starting with Dipper and Mabel Pines. Unsurprisingly, they all hit off very nicely. Mabel and Star adore and indulge in their various fancies with Mabel knitting Star a sweater while Dipper is very fascinated and excited by her magic while Star enjoys Dipper's energy in exploring the various oddities and mysteries along with his smarts and organizing skills. Marco and Star's complicated relationship is likely the only thing keeping Mabel from actively trying to pair her brother with Star (especially since, given the year differences of the show, they'd liekly be the same age.)
  • On May 19, 2019, Star's show finally came to an end with one heck of a finale: Star and her family destroyed magic, which resulted in each of the various realms fusing into one. Beyond that, Star and Marco got together. Needless to say, the reactions of this were mixed...
    • Many in the House of Love and Affection were ecstatic that she and Marco finally got together and able to remain so, despite looking like they would forever be seperated with the end of magic.
    • However, the House of Magic and Sorcery became incredably uneasy with her in her destorying all the magic of her universe and inadvertently fusing various dimensions into one. Some of them, while understanding her reasoning, don't find it a wholly acceptable answer, though mostly before they discovered that Star had no other choices left after the Magic High Commission and her mother's actions burnt and ruined all other options in addition to Glossaryck seemingly being the true mastermind behind the end of magic itself, as such most of the uneasiness has been transferred over to the Commission's worst members and Mina.
  • Star has ended up getting a surprising new friend though in Leonardo Watch. Leo went to her defense after her plan to destory magic led to all the dimensions of her show fusing and pandemonium happening. He pointed to how it was not all that different from Hellsalem's Lot and that humans, monsters and so on can and will work together to propser and endure. Star was pretty grateful for this show of support.
    • Afterwards, she became fascinated about Hellsalem's Lot and asked all sorts of questions about it. Leo in turn seems to think of her as a younger sister, even noting that she reminds him of White, his deceased friend.
  • If there is one Lovecraftian style deity in the Pantheon that keeps Star awake at night from the possibility of running into him again, it's Majin Buu. Unlike every single one of Star's ascended enemies, Buu is a near mindless force of total destruction (at least as Kid Buu), who nonetheless demonstrates enough intellect to put all of his Magic to good use. The one time Star ran into Buu, she was with the Diaz's, investigating means to get her Magic back to fight the likes of Toffee better. She actually succeeded... and then Buu showed up, having been drawn by the Chaotic Magical Energy. Buu dished out a viscious beating to Star before he absorbed her, after she did substantial damage to him. Star was forced to watch as Buu put the Royal Wand to use to wipe out everything near him, including the Diaz's. Star was saved by Buu's nemesis Kirby physically tearing her out of Buu. Ever since both Star and the Diaz's have made sure to avoid the pink abomination at all times.

    Team TRY Fighters 
Team TRY Fightersmembers, Heralds of the Mid-Season Upgrade
  • Lesser Deities as a team; Demideities individually
  • Symbol: SD-237S Star Winning Gundam (Fumina), TBG-011B Try Burning Gundam or Kamiki Burning Gundam (Sekai), and LGZ-91-Fb Lightning Gundam Full Vernian or Lightning Zeta Gundam (Yuuma)
  • Theme Music: Cerulean; Just Fly Away
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though Sekai may lean towards Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Two Guys and a Girl, Power Trio, upgrading their Gunpla midway through their journey, Chromatic Arrangement, Next Tier Power-Up, To Be a Master for different reasons
  • Domains: Upgrades, Tournaments, Mecha
  • Heralds: Lady Kawaguchi (shared with Meijin Kawaguchi III), Mr. Ral (shared with Sei & Reiji), Mirai Kamiki, Kaouruko Sazaki & Shimon Izuna, Wilfred Kijima, Adou Saga & Shia Kijima.
  • Allies: Sei Iori, Reiji, Meijin Kawaguchi III, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Domon Kasshu (also Sekai's mentor), Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Kamille Bidan, Kouta Kazuraba, Dexter, Houka Inumuta, Rana Linchen, Tails
  • Odd Friendship with: Shinn Asuka
  • Enemies: Kogane, Ryoma Sengoku, Monokuma & his Mastermind
  • Commonality Connection: Ichika Orimura (Sekai only)
  • Gundam protagonists tend to upgrade or replace their mecha halfway through their journey. Though there aren't any life-threatening stakes happening in the Build Fighters world, the Gunpla battles that happen there get rather dramatic. These three made some significant upgrades to their Gunpla before they entered the national tournament back in their own world:
    • Fumina serves as the leader of Team TRY Fighters and has a balanced mix of close-range and long-range combat with her Gunpla. She started out with a RGM-237C Powered GM Cardigan before moving on with the Winning Gundam. The second Gunpla was upgraded to the Star Winning Gundam, which is able to do solo combat as well as providing support in battle. It even has a Super Mode that transforms it into a more proportional version of itself.
    • Sekai specializes in close-combat, both in and out of Gunpla battles, thanks to being a part of the Jigen Haoh school of martial arts. The Build Burning Gundam, built by Sei Iori, was designed with an emphasis on close-range combat. It was upgraded to the Try Burning Gundam and features more of the blue parts that store the Plavsky Particles and better-tuned performance whenever Sekai uses his more powerful attacks with it.
    • Yuuma is skilled in modeling Gunpla and emphasizes a long-ranged approach during such battles with his Gunpla. His Lightning Gundam was designed for ranged combat. While he made some adjustments to his Gunpla prior to the tournament, he later upgraded it the Lightning Gundam Full Vernian, which has increased mobility, durability, and firearms.
      • Even at their championship battle in the tournament, they were able to get another upgrade in by having all of their Gunplas' polycaps compatible with each others frames, allowing them to swap out parts with one another.
  • Sei Iori, Reiji, and Aila Jyrkiäinen were the first to greet the team upon their ascension. They are all considering starting Gunpla model classes so that those who are interested in Gunpla can get a handle of what Gunpla is like.
  • The trio likes to hang out with Kouta Kazuraba since they have known him for a long time prior to their ascension as they were inspired by his act of bringing hope to others despite of its difficult times and Kouta was proud of their determination of achieving their dreams of winning the Gunpla Battle. Yuuma even made a Gaim-themed Bearguy for Kouta with permission of course.
  • The three had an interesting encounter with Hatsune Miku. Fumina was a bit on edge when Miku showed a bit of appreciation towards Sekai, partially since something about the singer reminded Fumina of Shia Kijima. The misunderstanding was cleared up and the team get along well enough with the singer, though Fumina's relation with her is a bit vitriolic for that reason.
  • They met up with Megumi Aino of the Happiness Charge PreCure, who had previously helped Sei Iori fix the relationship between the good-aligned Gundam pilots and the PreCures. The three thanked her for the task and have expressed interest in having her participate in Gunpla battles. Megumi has said that she is considering the offer.
  • The three have started a Gunpla model competition, which takes place sporadically. One of the more notable rules of these contests is not to make a Gunpla model out of an actual being's likeness without their permission. It's clear that they don't want a repeat of the Super Fumina incident back then. Unfortunately, a few instances like that happened in a few contests they held.
  • Whenever he isn't involved in Gunpla battles, Sekai has made visits to the House of Fighting and Combat in order to improve his Jigen Haoh techniques. He is usually seen alongside his mentor Domon Kasshu (who he served as a high priest to prior to ascension) during these instances.
  • Oddly enough, Sekai seems to have a thing in common with Ichika Orimura.
  • Unlike the other Gunpla fighters, Fumina utilizes an SD Gundam. Some deities have taken a look at the series it came from after seeing it in action and were surprised with what they found.
  • Whenever Yuuma isn't with the others, he can be seen designing various Gunpla on his own in the House of Craft.
  • The House of Love and Affection, having enjoyed the Meatbun Chronicles, is keeping an eye on Fumina and Sekai's relation to see where it's headed and is hoping for a successor to Reiji & Aila's endeavors. Sekai hasn't exactly learned about it yet.
  • Rana Linchen, who is interested in model kits and looking to build Gunpla, has approached the three to aid her in such. The team is more than willing to help her in that regard.
  • Kogane, who dislikes sports including Gunpla battles, wasn't happy to hear that they ascended. He is working on a plan that would ensure the end of Gunpla, though the three are optimistic that the Gunpla sport will continue to thrive regardless of detractors.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has been looking at the group's Gunpla battles with interest to see how it can work into his plans. The team doesn't like him the same way many other deities don't like the scientist.
    • On the other hand, the three don't have issues with scientists such as Dexter, Houka Inumuta, and Tails. The team has been working with them from time to time when it comes to looking at Gunpla further and helping others get into the sport.
  • The three hate Monokuma and his mastermind for their selfish actions. Yuuma, who is known to build Bearguy Gunpla, seems to hate Monokuma even more for being an evil robot teddy bear. Some believe that if Monokuma is motivated (chances are he probably is), then he would unleash a bunch of Monokuma-colored Bearguy Gunpla just to spite the three. In fact, a possible outline of such has surfaced.
    • That, and being part of the House of School (specifically, the model kit club), which Monokuma is planning to go after, only furthered the trio's distaste of the bear and the mastermind.
  • They still haven't commented on rumors that members of Muse from Otonokizaka High School took part in the Gunpla national tournament.


    Guan Yinping 
Guan Yinping, Goddess of Being Unaware of Her Own Strength (Guan E, Guan Feng, Guan Sanxiaoje, Karinping, Hulkping)
  • Demigoddess (with the strength of Greater God)
  • Symbol: A dual headed mace on the ground with a rather large dent where the maces are.
  • Theme Song: Will to Fight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Super-Strength despite her small frame, Double Ended Epic Flail occasionally Wielding her mace with one hand, being innocent, Spins while attacking, Cloudcuckoolander, Kicking ass while being cute
  • Domains: Combat, War, Strength
  • Heralds: Guan Ping, Guan Suo and Guan Xing (her brothers)
  • Followers: Cassandra, Apachai Hopachai
  • Allies: Guan Yu (her father) Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Zhang Xingcai, Huang Zhong, Gracia, Molly Hayes, Yui Hirusawa, Hinata Hyuga, Orihime Inoue, Morgiana, Pippi Longstocking
  • Rivals: Lu Lingqi
  • Odd Friendship with: Eureka, Broly (Both of them)
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, Cao Cao
  • Guan Yu was proud to hear of her ascension, proudly announcing how happy he was that his daughter had ascended. They now eagerly wait for her brothers ascension.
  • Many gods that fought were utterly surprised at her immense strength despite her small frame.
  • It's noted amongst the pantheon sparring is quite a chore if you're not strong enough because she doesn't know how to hold back. Her brother even notes it as suicidal. Luckily for everyone she found a decent sparring partner in Morgiana
  • She is very impressed with Major Armstrong's muscles. As she wonders if she can get muscles like that. Of course a few gods say she doesn't actually need it.
  • Is one of the strongest goddess in terms of brute strength. For she is capable crushing boulders with her bare hands. Though she thinks the boulders are too frail.
  • She actually managed to befriend Broly of all people. She called him awesome and Broly, not being used to anyone praising him (and the first) was actually nice to her and even smiled too.
    • Hopefully, she's wondering if there's a way to completely erase his lust for destroying planets....that process is currently pending.
  • Ever since the ascension of her friend, Xingcai, she's taken it upon herself to hopefully put some more muscle on the girl with some harsh training sessions. Although, Xingcai really doesn't see the point.
  • Later on it is revealed about one exact reason why amongst the children of Guan Yu, Yinping is the most special one: She can spot and possibly go 'toe to toe' against Hera.
  • Some people see a bit of Akari Akaza in her....while Yinping tries hard to deny this fact, she's been feeling a bit defeated ever since a few of the other gods dragged this up, which is leading to many other goddesses wanting to cuddle her to death.
  • There was an incident where she was captured along with Xingcai by some mysterious men who attempted to Break Them by Talking about their fathers' unimpressive historical records, in a way telling Yinping that her illustrious father that she and her siblings idolized was a mediocre, arrogant liability instead of an almighty God of War. Unlike Xingcai, Yinping really did fall into a Heroic BSoD, slowly driven to tears. But thanks to how Xingcai delivered her Shut Up, Hannibal!, it brought Yinping back to senses to continue believing her father, while not perfect, still tried his best to become a good father that she can be proud of, and this realization finally made her able to snap the bonds binding them and delivered these guys that doesn't know Yinping's monstrous strength and still tying her up (she should have realized that sooner) a severe beatdown. When she returned to Guan Yu, she expressed that it doesn't matter if he turns out to be mediocre, he'll always be the father she loves. Cue a heartwarming family hug.

Nepgear, Goddess of Powerful Purple People (Purple Sister, Gear, Ge-Ge, Nep Jr., Gearsy, Innocent Heroine)
Purple Sister