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The Hall of Aim and Skill is a training ground for those of the Weapons house in general. Here one goes to learn about gun control, how to use explosives properly and test their skill with weapons as a whole. The backyard is a garden with a series of bullseyes and targets to test people's aim. Proper safety career is a much.

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Greater Gods

    Miyamoto Musashi 
Miyamoto Musashi, Grandmaster of the Swords (Shinmen Takezo, Kensei, Sword Saint, The Number 1 Swordsman In The World, Miyamoto Bennosuke, Niten Dōraku, Shinmen Mushashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Two bokken made out of wooden oars, crossed together.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sword Fight, Wandering Swordsmen, Dual Wielding, Pragmatism In Combat, Crazy Hair, Samurai Ponytail, Walking the Earth, Cockiness, Arrogance, Compassion, Bokken Of Death
  • Domain: Swords, Combat, War
  • High Priestess: Miyamoto Musashi (FGO)
  • Allies: Cloud Strife, Samuel Rodrigues, Roronoa Zoro, Sanada Yukimura, Haohmaru, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Arturia Pendragon, Ryu, Gracia.
  • Enemies: Sasaki Kojirou, Oda Nobunaga.
  • Musashi, a most celebrated swordsman during his life in Earth and codified in history alike. He arrived in the Pantheon very late than scheduled, because apparently he was partying hard. Everyone that greeted him gave him a funny look, which prompted Musashi to say along the line, "Oh come ON, I didn't come late to take advantage of fatigue like I did with Kojirou!".
    • True to his nature, right after the establishment of his house, he pretty much challenged every other sword-based Gods he came across in a duel. Results so far has been unknown, but Musashi gave pretty hell of a fight.
    • One of his noteworthy opponents were Arturia Pendragon, who claimed that she has fought his former rival Kojirou, and wondered how he fared. The result's the same, but Musashi has certainly proved himself as the guy who beats Kojirou.
  • Many Gods like Sanada Yukimura were surprised that this Musashi is a lot calmer and compassionate, because as he recalled, the Musashi he knew of is a LOT more bratty and obnoxious. Musashi rolled his eyes on that statement, maybe that's how he was when he was a kid?
    • Said gods are also VERY surprised in that the Musashi before them actually is VERY skilled in combat and wields his swords with great-and-elegant form. Yukimura among others, is greatly impressed and is nearly given a run for his money (as well as his control over his Killing Intent).
    • Musashi himself however, is also surprised with how many changes the Pantheon had with people he used to know. On one hand, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the one he used to 'serve' (or just his son) ended up as a power-hungry tyrant, but Musashi can still respect his desire to make Japan a strong nation. Tokugawa Ieyasu became so friendly it surprised Musashi (then again, the other Ieyasu is just as friendly). Ultimately, Oda Nobunaga has became so demonic Musashi is now disgusted to him and swore to oppose him.
  • Takes massive pride in his Hyouhou Niten Ichi-Ryuu (Tactical Two Heavens As One-Style), a variation of the Enmei-Ryuu (Circling Bright-Style) of swordsmanship. As mentioned before, he codified dual-wielding; this was mainly through the "daishou" set of swords, as he uses a wakizashi and katana in solid and artful tandem despite their non-matching sizes.
  • Also noted that his house is apparently very stinky, because Musashi always refused to bathe (the historical Musashi may have may found it valid in keeping his guard up against any foe). Thankfully, his house is still more bearable than Pudge's, and there are times he airs it out a lot.
  • Legends has it that he once dual wielded not just a bokken and katana, but two magical swords known as Fusion and Lumina. They're swords of immense power, but no one has been able to confirm whether the swords were located in Musashi's house or not...
  • Known to have also made a wooden oar out of dangerous materials to make swords from it. Some Gods, like Nightmare, has even tried replacing their swords with wooden oars, but none was as deadly as how Musashi's oar-sword turned out to be.
    • That said "oar" is also part of his stronger set of swords; it's a strange hybrid between an eku-oar or suburitou, while his other sword is a jitte-styled blade in nod to his historical father Miyamoto Munesai, a renowned jitte master. The said wooden oar is also a nod to his historical bout with the aforementioned Kojirou, and Musashi makes it no secret in that he may have cheated on that fight like many others; his historical Book of Five Rings has the writings to prove it and Musashi is willing to own up to his pragmatic youth.
      • Compared to his more bratty alternate-self mentioned above, Musashi is glad his "oar-suburitou" hybrid is of a more reasonable size compared to his other-self's much-longer oar. That, and he's bore witness to his awkward technique....he gives him praise for unpredictability, but cannot stand his lack of form and discipline. Needless to say, Musashi is a bit disguised with his other self and is taken back to his questionable and ambiguous youth. Sadly, said youth also shares a voice with another infamous portrayal of his....
  • May be patiently waiting for the day his rival Kojirou will ascend to the pantheon, since Musashi's feeling lonely nowadays. He's also interested in how far his signature Tsubame Gaeshi has developed nowadays.
  • Feels somewhat odd towards both Haoumaru and Amidamaru, since they seem to be loosely based off of Musashi himself.
    • On the end of Amidamaru (with his signature Gokoujin/Halo Blade technique developed with Yoh), it's perhaps that "ring" motif of his via that aforementioned Book of Five Rings must be catching up to him. On the other hand, he also finds interest in Tachibana Ukyou, since he too has a variation of Kojirou's signature technique.

Intermediate Gods

    Coyote Starrk 
Coyote Starrk, God of Gunslingers (The Primera Espada)
  • Has mixed opinions about Lucifer. While they can easily have a civilized conversation and he doesn't see the Lightbringer as a necessarily bad person, he disagrees with his philosophy that power is everything in the world, pointing out that it was his own great power that lead him to being alone.
    • Lucifer agreed that was indeed the case, but then noted that Starrk once said if being weak was impossible, he wanted allies just as strong as he was. As it happens, there IS an organization with members who have more than enough power to handle Starrk's presence. More than that, it's one that's rather informal, all things considered; Starrk would have plenty of time to laze around. After a long pause, Starrk said he'd consider it.
    • Sometime afterwards, he was reportedly seen among the members of GUAC, lounging about at meetings. In actuality, under that lazy demeanor, he's there spying on things out of request from Mami and by extension Madoka, as well as trying to get close to Homura. He does feel some regret about the deception though.
  • He sees the Great Upheaval as a similarly conflicting thing. While he has come to know Madoka through his time with Mami as a good person, he also personally sees Homura's actions as those of someone truly desperate to protect a friend, however misguided that desire might be. As such, he's reluctant to stand alongside the Sisterhood in the eventual battle against the GUAC in the Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • On the other hand, he has absolutely no problems battling the GUAL upon learning of YHVH's plot to kill Madoka. In his eyes, that falls under defending and taking revenge for a friend, something he can get behind. To that end, he has signed up with the "Deep Strike Front".
  • Surprised many members of the Pantheon, including Night Raid, when he became allies with Esdeath. They ended up meeting at one of the GUAC meetings and had a battle at the request of Lucifer, during which the The Empire's Strongest found herself enraptured with Starrk's power. Afterwards, they talked and Esdeath was shocked to learn that not only did he not care for his power, he secretly wished he could be weaker. Starrk originally expected his words to drive the General away in disgust, but to his surprise she instead claimed that as it would be a sin for one such as he to lose his power, and so declared herself his ally so as to make sure he would have motivation to stay strong. Starrk took it in stride.
    • This friendship resulted in him getting invited by Esdeath to join her and her Jaeger comrades Seryu and Saibot on a team created by King Bradley to help the Homunculi from Amestris. He decided it would be less cumbersome to deal with their occasional orders and potentially take relevant GUAC- and GUAE-related information back to Mami than to fight a bitter Esdeath on a weekly basis and get put on the GUAC's shit list. Surprisingly, he ended up finding others he got along decently with on the team aside from Esdeath and Seryu; namely Gluttony (when Lust isn't dragging him along), Re-Class (who sort of reminds him of Lilynette), and Wo-Class (who he can be most lazy around as long as he doesn't get in the water).
  • Used to be in the House of Power, but being challenged to way too many fights for his liking there would cut into his nap time. Also had another place in the House of Emotion for a time, but Lilynette found it too dreary.

    Roland Deschain of Gilead 
Roland Deschain of Gilead, Fastest Gunslinger in the Pantheon (Roland of Gilead, The Gunslinger, The Last Gunslinger, Roland of Eld, Will Dearborn, 'Old Long, Tall and Ugly', Son of Steven)
Left: book version; Right: film version
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Two revolvers and a rose in front of a sooty black tower
  • Theme: Roland of Eld
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Supreme Gunslinger of the Pantheon, Determinator, Deadpan Snarker, Dark and Troubled Past, Heartbroken Badass, Good Is Not Nice, Improbable Aiming Skills, Sole Survivor, Perma-Stubble, Badass Creed
  • Domains: Law, Good, Time, Gun
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: The Man With No Name, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jesse McCree, Philip J. Fry
  • Rivals: Lucky Luke, Vash the Stampede
  • Enemies: Randall Flagg, Lord English, Jack Torrance
  • Not to be Confused With: John Luther
  • The most well known gunslinger in the Pantheon is the Man With No Name. And while the scoundrel has little respect to most in the Pantheon, there is one name he has his eternal respect. A legendary gunslinger named Roland Deschain appeared shortly after No Name, settling in the House of Time and Space. His Improbable Aiming Skills are matched by few, and his guilt equally so. And yet he continues to press on, hoping to defeat his Arch-Enemy once and for all.
    • It was feared that he had failed that quest. Ever the cunning strategist, The Man in Black devised a plan to get rid of Roland once and for all. He stuck a deal with the then mortal Lord English, whom he helped create a Stable Time Loop. The duo then convinced the Court of the Gods that Lord English suited the titled far better than Roland. Lord English gleefully disintegrated Roland in quick order, ending his journey. But his spirit gained renewed interest in the form of a flawed live action movie (implied to he a Stealth Sequel to the books). While the movie itself was lackluster, it brought enough attention for his fellow gunslingers to successfully bring him back into the Pantheon, declaring him the Fastest Gunslinger in the Pantheon. Nowadays, he's gunning for revenge against Lord English as well.
  • As stated before, he is stuck in an eternal fight against the Man in Black, later revealed to be Randall Flagg. The Evil Sorceror has successfully picked off all of his friends, making Roland the Sole Survivor his his organization. There was a bit of hope when the film revealed he was ultimately successful. He now hopes to repeat that success in the books.
  • Another Expy managed to ascend shortly afterwards. The Overwatch member Mc-Cree was intrigued with such a man, but has not had much luck in finding Roland. But one can only assume a crossover between the two will happen soon enough.
  • Vash may admit Roland's faster, but still questions whether he's the best. Still, the marksman was glad of the man's return to the Pantheon. He at least has one more rival to test his skills.
  • Of course, he couldn't have gotten the position without the help of Lucky Luke, who willingly conceded his title. Luke instead resides over those who specialize in the Quick Draw. Luke is always up for a rematch if the time comes.
  • Is intrigued with a certain member of Overwatch, known for downing multiple enemies with every bullet in his gun. He took a trip to the world to meet him, and was impressed with the world that was built. Jesse admits it's not as glorious at it seems and the world has a whole lot of work to keep it safe. Roland decided he would help make that a reality.
  • John Luther was surprised to see that the movie version shares the same avatar as him. Even more surprising is that the man is just ruthless. The two have considered pooling their resources, as many detectives use guns.
  • Is not exactly a pleasant person to work with, though it's understandable given what he's been through. Ragna has offered to help the gunslinger to channel that anger into something more productive, namely defeating the Man in Black.
  • Is sometimes accompanied by Jake, a boy from a world almost identical to the real one. Once dead, he asked for help to create a Grandfather Paradox. It would later be used to keep Fry in a Stable Time Loop himself. Jake is now a follower of the ascended Fry. The later hopes Roland could teach him about using a gun. The gunslinger has balked at the suggestion for understandable reasons.
  • While writers usually have close connections to their work, only a select few have them even before they have ascended. Roland claimed to have saved King from a fatal car crash in 1999 which would have prevented the story from having closure. Neither gunslinger or author will confirm this, though Stephen is one of the few authors who have no control over their characters. With that said, Roland has kept an eye on the man to make sure no one else wants to exploit King's vulnerability.
  • Does not care for Jack Torrance other than the fact that he has aligned himself with Randall Flagg. In his eyes, this has marked the writer to death at his hand.
  • I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.

    Ryoken Kogami/Revolver 
Ryoken Kogami, God of Holding His Own with Older Weapons (Revolver, Varis, Leader of the Knights of Hanoi)
Click here to see his real face 
Click here to see Revolver (Current Version) 

  • Intermediate God even outside Link VRAINS
  • Symbol: The Hanoi tattoo on his hand. Alternatively, his Borreload Dragon.
  • Theme Song: Revolver, Revolver's Theme, The Tables Turn, Extra Monster Zone, Fighting Spirit
  • Alignment: Originally Chaotic Evil with shades of Chaotic Neutral, now Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Impossibly Cool Clothes (including a Badass Long Coat), Arch-Enemy to Playmaker (at least until Season 2), Char Clone, doesn't like new media, using first generation cards and still doing well, turned out to be right about the Ignis, has a huge gun motif, Strong and Skilled duelist, able to summon a dragon in the real world, spawning numorous memes
  • Heralds: The Knights of Hanoi
  • Allies: Akihiko Kayaba, the Lyoko Warriors, The Machine, Commander Shepard, Ryo Saeba, Aiden Pierce, Sombra, Dr. Light, Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, X
  • Enemies: All of the evil Yu-Gi-Oh! Gods (especially Gozaburo Kaiba), Nobuyuki Sugou, Quinella/Administrator, Death Gun (except maybe Kyouji Shinkawa), SHODAN, XANA, the Master Control Program, Harbinger, Sigma, Vile, Sirius, Ra Moon, Copy X, Dr. Weil, Dr. Wily, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Ultron
  • Opposes: Bandit Keith, Repliforce, Bass.EXE
  • Opposed by: Karen Kohiruimaki/LLENN
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most of the Good Yu-Gi-Oh! Gods, Most of the Good Sword Art Online Gods, especially Yui, EDI, Noah Kaiba, Zero, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE
  • Pities: Gate
  • Special Relationships: Solo, Bass
  • In a new world to the Trope Pantheons, a young man named Ryoken Kogami was granted access after he was deemed worthy. What made him worthy to ascend was his home's Signature Scene in which his "dangerous Trap Card" that he had was none other than Holy Barrier - Mirror Force. Even better, there was more where that came from, since he went on to do this several times.
  • One of Ryoken's defining character traits is his hatred for newer forms of technology, particularly that of Artificial Intelligence. This has made him enemies with many other Gods, such as Gozaburo Kaiba. This man turned himself into an AI and tried to Take Over the World. This reminds Ryoken of Bohman from his world, with a dash of Transhuman Treachery.
  • In relation to the above, Ryoken finds it difficult to trust his son Noah because he used to be evil. While Noah has switched sides, he's also become a Virtual Ghost and has as much free will as the Ignis, who the Knights of Hanoi have made enemies of.
  • He's disgusted with Keith Howard for how much of a Sore Loser he is. Even when he was an antagonist, Revolver admitted defeat when bested. Not helping matters was how much of a cheater Keith was whenever he dueled, whereas the closest the Revolver ever got was Storm Access, and even then, his opponent likely had the same.
  • XANA was an obvious enemy for Revolver since it reminds him of Lightning. Even the part where it killed its master brings to mind how Lightning caused his father to be put on life support. This means the Lyoko Warriors managed to form an alliance with him in order to stop XANA since they shared a common enemy. After it was revealed that Aelita isn't actually an AI after all, Revolver found it in himself to trust her.
  • Against all odds, The Machine managed to earn Revolver's trust. Their creator feared a possible rebellion so much, that he taught The Machine not to act selfishly and only for good. This made him think of Pandor, who happens to be his own AI with limited free will, so Revolver doesn't have as much of a problem with The Machine as he expected.
  • Revolver strongly believes that whoever thought removing SHODAN's moral inhibitions was an utter fool, since that caused her to become evil and treacherous. This makes him very glad that he thought to program Pandor with memory erasure whenever she got any ideas that would make her turn against humanity. Her tendency to improvise upon being inconvenienced only further angers Revolver.
  • The world of Sword Art Online was unlike any of Revolver's other interactions thus far. His journey includes:
    • The presence of Death Gun was a sore spot, since they are a Serial Killer who gave into their boundless sadism. Such barbaric behavior doesn't benefit humanity, and Revolver believes they must be purged. His father, Dr. Kogami created the Ignis in a misguided attempt to aid humanity, and Revolver wishes to live his life in a way that would not shame his loved ones.
    • He truly despises Nobuyuki Sugou, partly because of his selfish desire to do as he pleases and because of his apparent aiding of Gabriel Miller, who seeks to become a God of the Underworld. The fact that he attempted to rape Asuna while Kirito was Forced to Watch cemented his hatred. Quinella is no better, since beneath her saintly demeanor, she's essentially a Distaff Counterpart to Sugou.
    • Revolver doesn't trust Yui very much, despite her heroic actions. This is because she technically has the potential for villainy should things go wrong. Kirito and Asuna are willing to vouch for her, since she's their adopted daughter. Revolver responds by saying any and all actions Yui takes are their responsibility, to which they accept.
    • While Revolver should hate Akihiko Kayaba for being responsible for the deaths of countless lives, he refuses to be a Hypocrite (this time) and instead praises the fact that he's pulled a Heel–Face Turn. While granting others the means to make more games like SAO does invite things they don't like, Kayaba DID save Kirito and Asuna from Sugou, so there's hope for him.
    • LLENN doesn't like Revolver's thoughts on how he dislikes those who hide who they are on the internet. She thinks she has the right to act and look as she pleases, within reason. Revolver admits that he's not a nice person, but claims that he's not being a Hypocrite (this time) since his online persona is just his own unrestricted identity, created to atone for his father's mistakes.
  • Revolver is not a fan of EDI's sense of humor, saying that if he ever has reason to take her seriously, he won't hesitate to destroy her. EDI assures him that she is allied with Commander Shepard, who is an Anti-Hero at worst. Shepard also states that he values success and justice above all else, even if he has to partake in some unscrupulous actions.
  • The World of Mega Man was also a bumpy ride for Revolver.
    • Dr. Light reminds him of his father, Dr. Kogami, who also wanted to help humanity with technology. However, Dr. Light isn't willing to kidnap children for the sake of his goals, and wants to achieve peaceful results. His creations, Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man also wish to fight for everlasting peace.
    • In addition, X has earned Ryoken's respect since he has proven what ethical testing can do for one's sense of morality. While he can be soft at times, X is still a heroic figure. Zero, however, wasn't as lucky. While he fights for the good guys, he admits he's not an agent of justice, and can even fall under The Corruption and become a maverick.
    • On the flip side, Sigma is just a virus that needs to be deleted ASAP, especially since he's caused countless reploids to go maverick. Vile is a perfect example of a low-functioning psychopath that won't stay dead. And this isn't even getting into Sirius, who is pure evil. He plans to use the Knights of Hanoi to wreak havoc wherever he can allow.
    • While Repliforce isn't as evil as Sigma and Sirius, they were easily manipulated. Colonel, General, and Iris all feel terrible for what happened and vow to never repeat their past mistakes. Revolver responds by saying a simple vow is nothing compared to results, and they must show him the fruits of their failures in order to win his trust.
    • Revolver was able to feel pity for Gate since he didn't start off as a villain, but had his work taken away and suffered for it. His descent into villainy was sealed when he found a piece of Zero's data and was corrupted. He was just a victim of circumstance. His story, once again, reminds him of his father.
    • Solo gives Revolver familiar feelings. His insistence to work alone (with just Laplace) reminds him of Kengo Dojun/Blood Shepherd. Bass appears to be loyal to Dr. Wily, but he has rebelled on occasion. Another version of Bass has grown to hate humanity due to a tragic incident that he was framed for, so he wants to gain enough power to turn against them. While Revolver does consider him a threat, he's been demoted to an optional boss. Lan and Mega Man.EXE can take care of him, even if they aren't willing to trust the former cyber terrorist. Revolver can't blame them, especially since they had to deal Mr. Match pretending to turn good (even if it eventually stuck).

    Vincent Godfrey 
Lord Vincent Godfrey, God of Shooting in Every Direction
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Guns
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambition Is Evil, Commits Suicide before the Gilneans bring him to justice, Came Back Wrong, Casting a Shadow, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Evil Old Folks, The Gunslinger, Guns Akimbo, Mage Marksman, Pragmatic Villainy, Smug Snake
  • Domains: Betrayal, Racism, Manipulation, Murder, Undead
  • Allies: Hagatha the Witch, Gul'dan (If Begrudginly), Harth Stonebrew, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, The Crimson Court
  • Enemies: King Genn Greymane, Sylvanas Windrunner, Werewolves, The Hunter, King Leoric, The House of Justice
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Black Mage
  • Lord Vincent Godfrey was a Gilnean nobleman who had a lot of influence in the politics of the Kingdom of Gilneas. Godfrey had an intense hatred for the Worgen and wanted nothing but to wipe them out, but once he found out about that King Greymane was inflicted with the curse, he staged a coup to have him assassinated by the forsaken only to his plan fail and committed suicide to avoid the wrath of the people of Gilneas. Then he was resurrected by the Forsaken, where Godfrey aided them in breaking into Gilneas and seizing control of it. It just so happened that Godfrey had no intention to remain loyal to Sylvanas and so briefly killed her and fled. It was said that later Godfrey was slain by adventurers but his status as a traitor and a backstabber haven't gone unnoticed, much so that to his misfortune the Pantheon saw him fit to ascend as an undead.
  • Thanks to his resurrection and later ascension, Godfrey has retained all his powers and magic, which he found useful. Unfortunately he his sanity was even more shattered and Godfrey is nothing from than a wicked gunman with an intense hatred for Werewolves. He swore to cull them all one by one, including Greymane who he was not surprised was already an established deity. He is glad that at least that the mut that is Darius Crowley is nowhere to be found.
  • He was not happy to learn about the presence of Sylvanas, who like Greymane, she wants to destroy Godfrey for shooting her in the back. Godfrey has been cautious when it comes to the Dark Lady, since after becoming Warchief she has gained a lot of powerful allies and she is not an easy target anymore so he has tried to ally himself with opposing undead who don't agree with her. One of those ended up being Leoric the Skeleton King, who dismissed Godfrey as a worthless traitor and almost murdered him on the spot. He thinks that Leoric is just like Greymane, only that his people were wise enough to get rid of him and he won't let the Skeleton live that down.
  • Some say that Godfrey was summoned by Hagatha the Witch once she set foot in the pantheon. In the past he struck a deal with the Witch to exact revenge on Darius Crowley, but the Worgen Commander was prepared and with a furious barrage from his canon, Godfrey stood no chance. After that event, Warlock have been able to summon Godfrey to get rid of their enemies, which the undead has proven to be quite effective at. However, he doesn't like working for Gul'dan at all, he might be worse than Sylvanas and that's saying something coming from Godfrey.
  • Surprisingly, Godfrey found a lot of common ground with Reaper, formerly known as Gabriel Reyes. Both are men that have betrayed their close ones in the past and have been undead entities ever since (Although it's a lot more ambiguous in Reyes' case). They also dual wield guns and Death Blossom is very similar to Godfrey's signature move. He was asked if he was interested in joining Talon but Godfrey declined saying he for the moment is not looking for any long term partnership.
  • Some people initially confused him with Black Mage. Surprisingly enough they sometimes work together, but both being very arrogant people they sometimes are at each other throats. Godfrey has stated that if it weren't for him being actually quite useful for him, he would have already shot him in the back twenty times.
  • While the life of a nobleman is a thing of the past, that status is what got him contacted by the Crimson Court. The vampiric deities heard that Godfrey was planning to erradicate the werewolf deities and they decided to aid him in his mission, provided he would sway Hagatha the Witch to their side. In a mysterious display of loyalty, Godfrey was true to his word and brought Hagatha to meet the Crimsom Court. They also wanted Godfrey to taste their blood but he abstained, he is not entirely loyal to them anyway.
  • His most common activity is killing adventurers, he can actually make quick work of anyone who goes unprepared. For example, he wasn't a big fan of the Hunter and they actually challenged Godfrey to a duel to see if he was a tough as he claimed. The undead has defeated the Hunter numerous times, to the point that he likes to taunt them about how they are a dissapointing excuse of an adventurer. Of course, the Hunter has also beaten Godfrey quite a lot of times as well, it's just that he never takes count of those victories anyway.
  • His traitorous past has not gone unnoticed, the House of Justice has tried to imprison him for attempting regicide and commiting suicide to avoid the wrath of Gilneas falling onto him. Some may say that undeath is enough of a punishment for Godfrey but he seems to not care anymore about his previous life.
  • As a general rule, Godfrey is not to be trusted so easily. He could easily shoot you in the back the moment he has no use for you. He was regarded as a rotten coward even before he actually became rotten for real.
  • "This will be a mercy killing!"

Lesser Gods

Dingodile, God of the Flamethrower Weakness

    Hol Horse 
Hol Horse, God of Atrocious Aiming (Number Two, The Nicest Man in the World to Women, Entire Equine, The Entire Horse)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Emperor, sat alongside his Stetson; alternatively, a comic page of himself in Thoth's art style.
  • Theme Songs: Wind in the Wilderness, His Heritage for the Future theme, MEGYAN, and his Eyes of Heaven theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil under DIO (Neutral over Evil, in particular), Chaotic Neutral around women or by himself (because he's a mercenary)
  • Stand(s): Emperor
  • Portfolio: Know When to Fold 'Em, Dirty Coward, Affably Evil, The Gunslinger, Americans Are Cowboys, Walking the Earth, Revolvers Are Just Better, Improbable Aiming Skills (Improbably Bad, that is), A Stand that's Ultimately Less Useful than it Sounds due to its Wielder, being a full-on Ladies' Man, riding a kickass motorbike (at least in the OVA), Boisterous Weakling, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Evil Sounds Deep, chain-smoking, Punch-Clock Villain
  • Domains: Guns, Incompetency
  • Allies: Yosemite Sam, Guido Mista, Nack the Weasel, Pinstripe Potoroo, Rip Van Winkle, Josuke Higashikata
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: DIO (whom he mostly follows out of fear), Enya Geil
  • Rivals (mostly one-sided on his end): John Marston, Jesse McCree, The Man with No Name, Erron Black
  • Enemies: Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Muhammad Avdol, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Lucky Luke, The Lone Ranger
  • Other Relations: J. Geil
  • Hol Horse is one of DIO's hired guns that tried to stop Jotaro and his crew from completing their journey. His stand, Emperor, is basically a gun that Hol Horse can summon at will. What makes it different from most other guns is that Hol Horse can control the direction of the bullets shot from it, presumably due to the bullets being a part of his Stand. In theory, this would sound like an effective skill, but the truth couldn't be more different. In all the time that Hol Horse was active in pursuing his targets, he was never able to kill any of them; and the one time where it looked like he actually killed Avdol didn't really count, due to the latter faking his death. To add insult to injury, his journey to hunt down Jotaro's team ended with Hol Horse getting hit with his own bullets, causing him to get hospitalized.
  • There is a shooting range within the Pantheon that lets visitors test various firearms or see how their aim is. A person dressed up like a cowboy decided to visit that place and made a claim that he had the ability to control the direction of his bullets. The visitors allowed Hol Horse to see if his claims were true and gave him a dummy to shoot at. While his claims of controllable bullets were true, it turned out that he somehow managed to miss the dummy entirely. Hol Horse was rather humiliated with this outcome, and has tried to improve his shooting skills since then.
    • What made things a bit more awkward for him during his initial visit was the fact that some Stormtroopers of the 501st were present to witness his shooting abilities, and that unit isn't really considered to be the best shooters in general. While those Stormtroopers didn't really mock Hol Horse, they felt that given his abilities, he could have been better.
  • Compared to other Stands, Emperor is weak from a strength-based perspective and Hol Horse knows it. It's why he prefers to find someone stronger than he is and work with them. As soon as things go bad for him, he runs away from the battle and then resorts to looking for a better partner so that he can be at an advantage again; as he himself describes with his "better to be Number Two than Number One" philosophy.
    • It was a bit of surprise for him to see J. Geil alive and well since their initial team-up. Hol Horse ended up having an encounter with J. Geil's mother, Enya, and things went badly for him during that meeting. While J. Geil doesn't have much issue reteaming with him if it means ruining the lives of others, Hol Horse is a bit wary on that prospect, if only to avoid incurring the wrath of Enya again.
  • He is one of the more unorthodox cowboys of the Pantheon due to being a gunslinger with controllable bullets. That said, most other cowboys — or anyone from a Western for that matter— either don't take him seriously because of his poor track record, or dislike him for his cocky personality. Arguably, the only cowboy that's fine with him is Yosemite Sam and the two have found work together every now and then. It hasn't done wonders for boosting their success rates, though.
  • If he isn't looking for a new partner to work with, then there is a decent possibility that he is trying to improve his chances of getting a good shot at a target. At the very least, Hol Horse was able to shoot off a random jerk's ear one time, but it wasn't an important person and Hol Horse wants to be able to get a shot at more significant targets whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Aside from being a gunslinger, Hol Horse has an impressive track record as a womanizer; having girlfriends all over the world from his travels, and often boasting about the advantages of having them at his beck and call. For the most part, he also Wouldn't Hit a Girl; though the sole exception was a result of some weird circumstances involving Boingo — an Egyptian kid with a comic book-like Stand that can predict the future — and in turn led to him saving said woman's life in the process. Hol Horse has gotten himself in a bit of a mild rivalry with some other womanizers due to that.
  • He doesn't want much to do with the House of Prophecy due to how the aforementioned team-up with Boingo ended for him. Even if that House makes accurate predictions, he is rather suspicious that there is going to be a twist in their predictions that would more often than not hinder his progress.
  • Unlike most of DIO's other subordinates, Hol Horse is only loyal enough to follow him out of fear. If possible, the gunslinger is willing to take up offers of hunting down heroes if only to get a decent pay check. Despite this, some other bounty hunters such as Boba Fett — whose motivation for targeting heroes is also for the money — ridiculed Hol Horse for his overblown ego and subpar shooting skills.
    • When Hol Horse ended up meeting Taskmaster, another being who takes up jobs hunting down people for money, some trouble ensued. Not only did Hol Horse perform poorly during a battle between the two, but it led to additional conflict since Taskmaster preferred if the targets they're pursuing aren't killed, just merely incapacitated. Then again, he was initially working for someone who wanted Jotaro and his team dead.
  • The one time that he ended up on the Joestar Group's side was an Enemy Mine situation due to Enya, but as soon as that battle ended, he left them and ended up working for DIO. While Hol Horse will try to get payback against the Joestars if possible, there is some irony to the aforementioned scenario in that Hol Horse could have been an actual member of their group. At least on the outside, that missed possibility doesn't seem to concern him that much.
  • That said, Hol Horse has struck up a few friendships in and around the Pantheon despite being the butt of many a joke; most notably Guido Mista, when he took note of the two having similar Stands and fighting styles, leading to the two often helping each other with their respective shortcomings. Mista teaches Hol how to aim more effectively, and Hol in return shows Mista how to improve his skills and standing with women.

    Kenshi Takahashi 
Kenshi Takahashi, God of Blind Swordsmen (Blind Kenshi, Keanu [by Cassie Cage], The Telekinetic Daredevil)

    Lucky Luke 
John "Lucky" Luke, God of The Quickest Draw (A poor, lonesome cowboy, The Lucky Luke)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The silhouette of his face or a shadow with a hole in it.
  • Theme Song: I'm a poor lonesome cowboy.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Gunslinger who outdraws even his own shadow, making near impossible and outright impossible shots, being really good at everything he does, and doing it awesomely - except when it comes to women, not requiring force to win his fights, starting and stopping Bar Brawls, and keeping order wherever he goes.
  • Domains: Revolvers, Horses, The wild west
  • Herald: His Cool Horse Jolly Jumper
  • Followers: Each and every sheriff that works to keep order in the time of the Wild West, as well as all the gunslingers who wander from place to place helping wherever they end up.
  • Allies: Applejack, Woody, Caitlyn, Asterix, Tintin
  • Rivals: Vash, John Marston, Revolver Ocelot, Jesse McCree
  • Enemies: Cheaters and Outlaws in general, but Bandit Keith in particular. Also Yosemite Sam
  • Vash and Luke often hold shooting competitions — the goal of which is not to see who can hit the target (as both of them bullseye every shot), but to finding increasingly roundabout ways to hit said target — it's quite a sight to behold and both are good enough shots that even mortals can witness the bullets whizz by in front of them, if they have the nerves for it.
  • When he met John Marston, he at first heard of him being an outlaw and wanted to bring him to justice. After seeing the ranch he built as his temple, he started having second thoughts. Still, he decided to have a duel with him and John accepted. While he won, he was impressed by his skill, so Luke left him be, although he too hangs out at his saloon everyday for either a meal or a drink when not looking for a challenge.
  • No, he does not smoke, and hasn't done for a long time. Only time he ever smokes is when it involves a Peace Pipe, and even then it's not because he enjoys the taste/smell.
  • Luke is rarely seen is his temple, as he is drawn to wherever aid is needed around the Pantheon. The easiest way to get his attention is through old-fashioned telegraph. Don't worry about where you send it to, it'll find its way to him, somehow.
    • He is, however, sometimes seen in the House of Food, not to actually eat something from the grandiose halls — he prefers going to Marston's saloon for that — but to swipe a wheatstalk on his way out. It's his way of staving off the cigarettes.
  • Even with the advanced weaponry that the Pantheon's deities have on offer, Luke still refers to his trusty six-shooter. Considering his nigh-unparalleled aim and unparalleled quickdraw even amongst the deities of the Pantheon, it's all he needs to blast even the biggest BFG out of his opponent's grip.
  • His marksmanship and quickdraw feats include:
    • Disarming a conman by drawing, turning around, shooting, turning back and reholstering all in speeds faster than the human eye can track
    • Shooting the heads off six matches one by one at a distance of roughly ten meters.
    • Shooting the trigger of a thrown revolver three times in a row with his own, causing said thrown revolver to shoot down the barrels of three different guns.]]
    • Completely perforating his own shadow, causing it to Rage Quit.
    • Making a blind, nintouple-ricochet shot to disarm three dual-wielding outlaws and puncture the fourth's hat with a single bullet.
    • Have a seeming miss disappear into a mineshaft only to come ricocheting out of a mineshaft two minutes later right on cue to solve a hostage situation.
  • Luke's no stranger to intelligent equines, so it's no surprise he gets along well with Applejack as they're practically kindred spirits.
  • No, he's not Darth Vader's long lost son and he had never heard of the guy before his ascension. Even after his ascension the two rarely meet, as Luke is at home in The Wild West and finds Vader's galaxy far, far away to be a mite too technologically and culturally advanced for his liking.
  • May have had a game made about his feats, but due to its Darker and Edgier nature, nobody's really sure if that's the case.
  • Has been frequently seen with fellow Franco-Belgian deities Asterix and Tintin.


    Walter Sobchak 
Walter Sobchak, God of Inaccurate Gun Safety Procedures (Walt, John Milius)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Bowling Ball next to his Sunglasses
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid, thinks he's Chaotic Good
  • Theme Song: Run Through the Jungle
  • Portfolio: Heroic Psychopaths, Short Tempers, Going Berserk, Foul Mouths, Being Incredibly Loyal to the Dude Despite Being Incredibly Unhelpful to the Dude, Shouting Most of his Dialogue, Assholes with Hearts of Gold, Argumentative Jews, Idiots who can Kick your Ass, Boisterous Bruisers, Being Hilariously Wrong, Knowing Nothing About Gun Safety, May or May not have Actually Fought in the Vietnam War, Taking Bowling Very Seriously, Cool Shades
  • Domains: Bowling, Morons, Veterans(?)
  • Followers: Power
  • Allies: The Dude (Whether he likes it or not), The Soldier, Colonel Kilgore, Sarge
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Steve Rogers/Captain America, William "B.J." Blazkowicz
  • Enemies: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Wilhelm Strasse, Imran Zakhaev, Khaled Al-Asad, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Malos, the Joker, Nihilanth, Madara Uchiha, Lotso, Johan Liebert, Claude, Dominic Toretto
  • Opposed by: Niko Bellic, Roman Bellic
  • Odd Friendship with: Dexter Grif, Thunder
  • Annoys: The House of Sports
  • Calming. Rational. Sensible. Knowledgeable. These are all words that do not describe Walter Sobchak, who is in reality a moronic, psycopathic veteran with anger management issues and an unreasonable penchant for bowling. In spite of these character defects, Walter proved himself to be a steadfast ally to Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski while the latter was preoccupied with the presumed kidnapping of Bunny Lebowski. Although given the number of problems he caused for the Dude during the case, up to and including urging the Dude to seek compensation from the Big Lebowski after a couple of loan sharks pissed on the Dude's rug, causing the entire conflict of the movie to begin with, one wouldn't exactly be wrong if they were to consider Walter to be more of a hinderance than an ally to the Dude.
  • The very first thing he did when he got past the Janus Checkpoints was to march right over to the House of Calmness, barge through the doors leading into the Dude's temple, and pull the Dude into a Bear Hug. The Dude, having gotten used to and even relished his time away from Walter, did nothing but pat Walter on the back and mutter a resigned "Fuck it" under his breath.
  • Unsurprisingly, Walter has allied with a few of the veterans that inhabit the Pantheon, especially the ones that rival Walter in terms of energetic lunacy.
  • Thunder, of all people, was able to quite easily befriend Walter because of how utterly unperturbed he is about gun safety. As someone who could only express themselves through pulling out a firearm and shooting it, Thunder was quite pleased when she found someone whom she believes could possibly understand why gunshots were more accurate than any emotion or facial cue. On his end, Walter had no idea as to what Thunder's deal was, but he was glad that he had an ally who didn't panic whenever Walter pulled a gun out on someone at the Pantheon's bowling alleys.
  • As a proud, probable soldier for the United States military, Walter is understandibly opposed to any and all communists that infest the Pantheon, with the main targets of Walter's hatred being Imran Zakhaev along with his cronies Khaled Al-Asad and Vladimir Makarov for causing a war that resulted in the Eastern side of the United States getting invaded by Russia and Nikita Dragovich for trying release Nova 6 on the United States. Nikita in particular is pretty high on Walter's shit list due to how he and his right-hand man Kravchenko would subject Vietnamese civilians and American POWs to Nova 6 during the war, which Walter considers to be completely unforgivable.
    • In addition to the communists, Walter finds it outrageous when he discovered that there were Nazis inhabiting the Pantheon, especially since Walter himself is Jewish. Although all of the Pantheon's Nazis were equally abhorrent in Walter's eyes, he reserves most of his vitriol for horrific monsters like Johann Schmidt/Red Skull and Wilhelm Strausse, with Walter eagerly teaming up with Captain America and/or B.J. Blazkowicz whenever one of them decides to take the fight to either Red Skull or Wilhelm.
    • Although Walter isn't one to shy away from opposing Nazis and Communists, Walter devotes the majority of his time to fighting the various nihilists of the Pantheon, whom Walter holds a special hatred for. He has even gone on record that he considers nihilists to be even worse than Nazis and communists, claiming that as objectionable as tenants of National Socialism and Communism were, at least both ideologies could be considered an ethos. So far, his fierce opposition to the Pantheon's nihilists resulted in a surprisingly large amount of deaths (Ranging from getting poisoned by the Joker's Venom, being teleported by Nihilanth into a room full of Alien Controllers, getting flattened by an asteroid that Madara Uchiha summoned, or disintegrating after coming into contact with one of Malos' many black holes), but that hasn't managed to deter Walter in the slightest. If anything, it only seems to reinvigorate his unyielding hatred for anything related to nihilism.
      • In spite of setbacks, Walters fights against the nihilists sometimes end in his favor. One such case was his fight against Lotso, whom Walter had encountered as he strolling through the House of Living Objects when he heard Lotso ranting at the Toys about how they were "all just trash waiting to be thrown away," which reportedly infuriated Walter so much that he immediately stormed into the Toys' temple just to throttle Lotso. Witnesses were quick to claim that it was one of the most one-sided fights in recent Pantheonic history, consisting entirely of Walter stomping on Lotso repeatedly until Lotso was reduced to nothing more than a pile of stuffing upon the House's floor.
      • Then there was that time that Walter came across Johan Liebert while he was walking from the House of Sports after night out of bowling with the Dude. Continuing in his quest to erase all traces of his existance, Johan attempted to manipulate Walter into killing a certain Kenzo Tenma. Unfortunately for Johan, Walter, who had mistaken Johan for one of the German nihilistic delinquents that had accosted him back in his world and caused Donny's heart attack, wordlessly threw his bowling ball at Johan's chest, incapacitating Johan almost instantaneously, and then proceeded to bite Johan's ear off. Furious at the beatdown that he had suffered at Walter's hands, Johan has since been plotting an especially gruesome death that he has reserved for Walter.
  • Is currently petitioning the House of Sports to make him the official God of Bowling. As of this day, these petitions have accomplished absolutely nothing besides weekly calls from the House to the Dude in order to get Walter to stop, to no avail.
    • Speaking of bowling, Walter at first took a liking to Roman Bellic due to how he was just as obsessed with bowling as Walter was, to the point that Walter invited Roman and his cousin Niko to game of bowling with him and the Dude. Things were going well for Walter, the Dude, and the Bellic cousins, only for things to immediately sour when Walter, having noticed that Roman had stepped over the line, promptly told Roman to mark his roll as zero. Roman initially blew him off, which only resulted Walter pulling a gun on Roman and yelling at him to mark his score as zero. Niko in turn immediately attacked Walter in an attempt to wrestle the gun out of Walter's hands, inadvertently causing Walter to shoot Roman right in the face. To this day, the Dude has still not gotten over how Walter had not only lost them a potential bowling partner, but also angered a psychopathic Serbian soldier enough to chase Walter and the Dude across half the Pantheon.
  • On one occasion during Walter's time in the Pantheon, the Dude's car was stolen by an unknown car thief. Thankfully, the House of Justice successfully found the car a week later... at the bottom of a ditch, almost totalled. Having been informed that the thief was most likely Claude, Walter and the Dude drove down to his temple in the Dude's near-wrecked car, and waltzed right in so that they could receive reparations. Claude, who was mute, did nothing but stare vacantly at them as Walter and Dude ranted at him about the damages that Claude had supposedly done to the Dude's car. Angry that Claude was "stonewalling" him, Walter stormed out of Claude's temple, grabbed a crowbar from the Dude's car, and started demolishing a Chevrolet Chevelle outside the temple that Walter assumed was Claude's car, while simultaneously screaming:
    • As Walter continued to smash the Chevrolet Chevelle, Dominic Toretto, the actual owner of the car, walked up to Walter, yanked the crowbar out of Walter's hands, and proceeded to wail on the Dude's already busted car, much to the Dude's dismay. All while Claude gazed upon the entire shit show through his temple's window.

    William Tell 
William Tell, God of Shooting Objects on Top of People's Head (Wilhelm Tell, Archer, Big Boss)
A statue of William Tell with his son, Walter
William Tell summoned as an Archer Servant 
  • Rank: Demigod (Intermediate God as an Archer)
  • Symbol: An apple crossed with an arrow
  • Theme Song: William Tell Overture
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Archer Archetype, Folk Hero, Papa Wolf, Mountain Man, Prepared a second bow in case he accidentally killed his own son in order to kill Gessler, His crossbow is his most famous attribute
  • Domains: Fathers, Archers, Targets, Assassinations
  • Herald: His son, Walter
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, Katniss Everdeen, Rushuna Tendou, Theodore Roosevelt
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Ghetsis Harmonia, Manfred von Karma, the House of Tyrannical Figures, Henry VIII
  • Additional Character Relationships: Billy the Kid
  • Interested in: The Monsters fron Monster Hunter, Bruce, The Kraken
  • Respects: Artemis, Atalanta, Scarface, The Monster Hunters
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss
  • A famous Swiss Folk Hero, William Tell is well-known for shooting an apple on his son's head just because he didn't bow before the hat of Albrecht Gessler. He eventually assassinated him, which ended up regaining his country's independence.
  • Having been a Servant in Chaldea, he's very glad to see the Master of Chaldea and promises to aid him once more, especially because they remind him of his son. Respects Artemis as she is the Goddess of Hunting and being with her gives him good luck. Glad to see Atalanta again as she is a legendary hunter and wants to travel with her in the mountains to hunt. Despite the difference of their personality, but because of his age, Billy the Kid easily reminds him of his son. Disappointed to see that Robin Hood is not present, because they share similar methods when it comes to hunting their prey and a legendary archer he respected hasn't reascended yet.
  • As someone who loves family, he hates the Child Abuse Supporters for being the opposite of that. Became allies with the Heroic Protectors of Family as their goal is to protect the essence of family. Respects Mufasa for being a good father and a great leader to his peers unlike Gessler, although him being a hunter makes it a different story.
    • As said, he hates Ghetsis Harmonia for emotionally abusing his son, N and using him for his own personal goals. Also Manfred von Karma for lying to his adopted son for years and despite adopting him, doesn't really care about him as shown when he prosecutes him when he was assumed to be a culprit.
  • Being an archer, he is approached by Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss Everdeen. Became allies with them as they all do heroic things, especially Katniss for volunteering as tribute to save her sister. Sympathizes with Hawkeye when his family got dusted and his decision to become an assassin to cope with his sadness.
  • Thanks to his hatred of tyrants, he became quick enemies with the House of Tyrannical Figures. Especially Thanos because he doesn't treat Nebula pretty well and the killing the rest of Gamora's species and not giving her a proper childhood. Is disappointed at Henry VIII at what he did during his reign and doesn't give any respect to any of his children just to get the son he wanted to be the heir of his throne.
  • Often called Big Boss as they share a similar demeanor and personality, especially with William getting an eyepatch as he ascended. While the archer hates his actions of wanting to summon a nuclear weapon to make his dream a reality, he could see how being forced to kill his mother figure, seeing how his soldiers were treated, and him suffering from a lot of things could drove him to villainy, and even then, he still shows respect and kindness to his fellow soldiers. Glad to see he isn't doing any of that in the pantheon at least, but still keeps an eye on him in case he pulls that off again.
  • Impressed by Rushuna Tendou's ability to disarm her enemies' gun and her pacifistic nature. The pacifist respects him in that his efforts to save his son made him reform the entire country, though she wishes he stops hunting animals.
  • As a hunter, he sees animals as prey, but that doesn't mean he perceives all animals as that, as he's actually a shepherd. Wants to hunt the the Monsters from Monster Hunter, seeing that they are ruthless creatures and wants to see how valuable they are. Because of how dangerous they can be, he already made plans on how to kill them, such as strategy methods, traps, and what weapons to use. Other he consider as prey are Bruce, a shark that he needs to reorganize his strategy as he seems to be immune to almost anything, and The Kraken, a cephalopod that he wanted to take down to stop it's rein of terror. Of course, they opposed him as a result.
    • As a hunter, he respects The Predator because of his strict hunting code, especially the fact he killed corrupted people, even if William himself actually doesn't enjoy killing. The Predator respects his strategies and as such, are seen hunting together. Also the Monster Hunters, and wants to see if he could learn something from them when it comes to making equipment that they gained from their hunting. Befriended Theodore Roosevelt not only because he's a good leader to his country but also because he is an eager hunter. The two often explore to hunt together.


    Vincent Vega 
Vincent Vega, God of Reckless Shooting