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Greater Gods

Bernkastel, Goddess of Metafiction (Witch of Miracles, Trollkastel, Former Shrine Maiden, The Cruelest Witch in the Universe, Frederica Bernkastel?)
  • Greater Goddess (Voyageur)
  • Symbol: A Shard of a Kakera.
  • Theme Music: Black Lilliana, The Executioner
  • Alignment: True Neutral... not, actually Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Metafiction, Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Evil Mentor (to you, the viewer), Alternate Universes, Beating A Million-To-One Odds, Stoicism, Enemy Without, Malicious Trolling, Absolute Immorality, Hope Crusher, Sinister Scythe, Weaksauce Weakness
  • Domains: Evil, Illusion Deception, Magic, Luck
  • Allies: Lambdadelta, Yuuki Terumi, Izaya Orihara, the Incubators, Tzeentch, Handsome Jack, Basco ta Jolokia, Nyarlathotep, Nui Harime, Vanitas, Nefarian, Number 96: Black Mist, Nine the Phantom, You, the person reading the screen. Whether you like it or not.
  • Enemies: Rika Furude, Oyashiro-sama, Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, Lord Kroak, the Puella Magi, Yuma Tsukumo, Mai Kawasumi, Len, Beatrice the Golden Witch, Nozdormu, Jason Todd, Astral, Sans
  • Fears: Lord Tirek, Homura Akemi, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Superior: Ryukishi 07
  • Bernkastel is a mysterious individual, her past is a relative unknown to most of the Pantheon. For some reason or another, the house to the goddess of miracles is that of a Shinto shrine in a wooded area much to Rika Furuede's annoyance.
  • There is a rather popular theory that Bernkastel and Rika are one in the same because they look so very similar. They are not, Bernkastel is a manifestation of Rika's suffering and rage, from the multiple Groundhog Day Loops where Rika has died, that has been given form. The misconception is something that Bernkastel delights in.
  • Because she is a powerful witch, most Puella Magi treat her with extreme caution. Homura Akemi seems to take special offense to her existence, but why she does is something known only to the Herald. Bernkastel's existence is something that reminds Homura of the Witches of the Circle and what happened to Madoka prior to becoming a goddess.
    • It's been reported that Bernkastel giggled to herself after hearing about the "Great Upheaval". Some have wondered if she knew what would happen. Others have wondered if she wasn't involved somehow; the event was miraculous after all. Regardless, she has given an open invitation to Homura for a tea party. It remains to be seen what the response will be, if any.
  • Has attempted to pull a Not So Different speech on Alpha and Epsilon, claiming that her origins are just like those of the Alpha's fragments, particularly Epsilon. Neither will have any of it, however, as they compare her to Gamma (who is also a troll who tortured them for his sick amusement).
  • Rumor has it that if she were to engage Vriska Serket in battle, the sheer amount of fortune manipulation would cause the universe to implode. This, obviously has not been confirmed.
  • Has been inducted to 'Trollkaiger', along with trolling friends Terumi, Izaya, Handsome Jack, and Basco. Bernkastel is awaiting the day the five will make a big, nefarious plot for them to laugh about while others suffer.
    • She Is trying to find a way to remove the "No Trolls Allowed" sign at the House of Commerce.
    • Her designation is "Trollkai Blue" and is the 2nd in command. She's now the leader of the group.
    • Little does Terumi know that she is actually plotting to usurp Termui's trolling portfolio. She claims to be the original "Arch-Troll", pulling similar acts and dramatic reveals of her true colors years before Terumi. She might have even been Arc Sys' inspiration for him. Unlike Terumi, Bernkastel also knows the existence of Nyarlathotep and has secretly struck a deal to watch Terumi's downfall with glee, together.
    • Recently, she got the title of Malicious Trolling from Terumi the day he got defeated by Hakumen, thus automatically becoming the leader of the Trollkaigers and demoting him as her second-in-command. But since Terumi is trying to recover his bad reputation, she prefers not to steal his prized title, instead sharing it. But until then, Bernkastel chose to enjoy the "Terumi humiliation show" that Nyarlathotep promised to her, at Terumi's expense.
    • Unfortunately Terumi turned the tables on Hakumen. Not only killing him but taking back the Susanoo unit in the process thus restoring his true power and getting deity rank increase as well. Despite this the two managed to work at a deal regarding the leadership of Trollkaiger, he assumes the leadership of the group again and all that comes with it and while she is Demoted to Dragon again with Izaya, she has more influence over group decisions than normal. Both are fine with this deal as long it doesn't cause a fracture within the group over leadership.
    • She's become a mentor for Nui Harime, Trollkaiger's latest addition. The fact that Nui shares the same voice as Rika Furude and Nanoha pleases Bernkastel and she hopes to help her student become an even bigger troll than she already is.
  • Bernkastel lost both her titles upon new evidence of something even more fitting: Metafiction. Given her world's deeply metafictional nature and Bernkastel herself being a metafiction deconstruction of the way authors treat their characters, it fit like a glove.
  • Despite their differences, the only time that you will EVER see Bernkastel and Rika ever get along is if there is any talk about Teppei Houjou.
  • Gets along disturbingly well with Vanitas. Many deities are very concerned by this.
  • For all of her shrewdness, the one guy she fears is Lord Tirek, given his habit to betray his allies. Just ask Discord.
    • The Witch of Miracles despite loving the despair that follows them around, is secretly terrified of Homura Akemi and Kiritsugu Emiya. This is due to witches of her world being very vulnerable to conventional firearms. That is IF you can hit them that is. Considering Homura and Kiritsugu's proficiency with mundane guns and the right form of magic to make that weakness work, Bernkastel is justifed in her fear.
  • Is loathed by Jason Todd, for Bernkastel's behaviour is too much like Joker to him.
  • If there is any redeeming trait to the Witch of Miracles, its that she loves the viewers. Given her nature, she expresses that love in twisted ways by giving them what she thinks they want, the suffering and misery of other characters in a story. She is fond of talking to the reader too through the fourth wall (to chilling effect). Although her advice is legitimately helpful to readers when it comes to solving mystery novels, beware, for Bernkastel is trying to corrupt the viewer to her way of thinking via the spread of heartless truth.
  • Due to her being a physical manifestation of centuries worth of despair, it should come as no surprise that the Witch of Miracles dispises Kibou Go and what they stand for. Her and Trollkaiger's attempt to crush the group during its infancy did not go well. It all unraveled when they dared to taunt Alexstraza about the sacrifices of her youngest consort, "Calen", and the circumstances behind the death of Valevastraz. It ended about as well as expected, resulting in a total party kill for the band of trolls. Seems the rumors Madoka heard about how terrifying the Dragon Queen is when enraged were proven true right in front of her. It was this very experience that caused Bernkastel to recruit Nefarian to Trollkaiger, seeking protection from the Life Binder.
    • Speaking of Nefarian, he was a very happy dragon when Bernkastel moved in to the same house as him. They've been spending time cruelly manipulating the 4th wall ever since.
  • Astral is disgusted with the Witch of Miracles due to her reminding him of Number 96.
  • Another girl named Frederica Bernkastel who looks much like this Bernkastel and also claims to be derived from Rika Furude has periodically appeared saying mysterious things. Some believe this may in fact be the Witch of Miracles herself at a younger point in time.

    The Chosen One and The Second Coming 

The Chosen One and The Second Coming, the Duo Gods of Exploiting the Fourth Wall (The Second Coming: David)
The Chosen One (top) and The Second Coming (bottom)
  • Greater Gods normally, can become full fledged Overdeities if they mess around with enough coding in any game (It Makes Sense in Context)
  • Symbol: Themselves. Alternatively, a firey mouse cursor.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral before coming Neutral Good (both)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Computers, Fourth Walls, Fighting
  • Herald: The Fighting Stick Figures (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow), and the Animator Alan Becker
  • Allies: Mario, The Pokemon Deities, Steve, Glitchy, The Author, Usami, Dexter, Sackboy, Daffy Duck, Deadpool
  • Conflicting Opinions: George And Bob
  • Fanboy of: The League Of Legends Deities (The Second Coming only)
  • Enemies: Silico, Missingno, Love Machine, Junko and Monokuma, The villainous digital avatars, Elmer Fudd
  • Uneasy with: Henry Stickmin, Bugs Bunny
  • Pities: All slaved deities (The Chosen One Only)
  • The simplest things can be often deceiving. Once just a animation that some animator made to mess around with, The Chosen One quickly exhibited unmatched power and promise, being able to not only summon a array of powers, but also fighting back against his creator by use of breaking the fourth wall and using said wall to their advantage. This only end with them being caught and forced into a mere ad-blocker...until he freed himself, won against the animator's last ditch effort against him by befriending the Dark Lord, and destroying the computer.
    • The story continues 3 years later when a NEW stick figure, the Second Coming, seemingly went under a similar battle after the animator deleted his friends, only to find out that not only did the animator underwent a Heel–Face Turn in regards to the stick figures, but also that the presumed dead stick figures could be revived by refreshing the webpage they were on. As such, the Second Coming befriended the animator and helped him out animating stuff as long as he can be free.
  • What warranted their ascension was that one day The Second Coming and the Chosen One were jumping from website to website, only to find out that the animator had left a certain site up; TV Tropes. After literally peeling the webpage to look behind them, they spotted the Pantheon itself in the distance. Trying to reach it by hopping from trope to trope, they ended up making their presence known by several tech savvy gods noticing stick figures hopping around on their computers. Turns out when they reached certain tropes, the Gods of those tropes saw them hopping around their computers.
    • For example, the first person to notice, Dexter, the god of Boy Geniuses, saw them on his computer when they hopped into the Child Prodigy page. Using his multiple monitors, he managed to corner them onto the Exploiting the Fourth Wall page, when the Second Coming managed to finally speak by typing in his words in the search bar. Opening up his notebook feature on the computer, he was able to converse with the stick figures and found out where they came from. Presenting his findings to the council of gods, as well as the stickmen on the council's separate computer screens, the two stickmen jumping between each of them to show that they are alive, the council decided to let them stay and gave them the title of Exploiting the Fourth Wall.
  • What's interesting about these deities is that unlike other computer-based deities that can be given a form that allows them to interact with members of the Pantheon, like Usami being downloaded onto robotic copies of herself, they are purely stuck on a computer. The closest anyone has gotten to getting them out is by downloading the Second Coming to a phone. As such, this makes them one of the few deities without a temple, as they just hop around from computer to computer thanks to the Pantheon's internet, and instead, they just decided to give the temple to their animator, Alan Becker. As long as they don't cause trouble, the gods are willing to let them stay.
    • Because they are stuck inside their computer, they are more than happy to find deities that are able to join them face to face. The duo were shocked to find Usami having stored her data within the Pantheon's internet. They became fast friends after the two stickmen heard about Junko and her evil Monokuma robots and declared their intent to find a way onto Junko's internet structure and mess with the coding in whatever machine is creating the Monokuma army.
      • While walking around from computer to computer, they found a green silhouette messing with some of the Pantheon's firewalls (which were literal firewalls to them). When they tried to approach him, the figure pressed a ESC button on a wireless keyboard and vanished from sight. Since that point on, the two cyber deities have their eyes out looking for him messing around again, while Silico has been taking precautions to be extra careful so he isn't found out.
  • One of the few places they can interact with other deities freely is within the Grid. But even with that, as the two don't have actual voices, they can only communicate through text to other deities.
  • Due to being part of the victims attacked when the Chosen One and Dark Lord wrecked Newgrounds, Henry Stickmin is wary of the stickmen, despite The Chosen One's best efforts to assure him that he's beyond that behavior. He was even trying to stop the Dark Lord from going too far.
  • Finding the Stickmen on his laptop, Glitchy was esctatic to find that they made it onto his laptop and offered to teach them how to use movie editing software. However, considering the types of videos he makes, these just often confuse the duo, even if they appreciate the gesture.
    • The duo also get along with The Author, who was also able to befriend his own creations...or rather, just George, as Bob decided to become a full fledged Final Boss to fight against his own creator. As such, while the two stick figures were able to get on friendly terms with George, the same kindness isn't extended to Bob, who keeps finding these two stickmen messing with his computer.
  • Due to just how glitchy Missingno can be at times, the two stick figures are often called to try and reign in Missingno's code before it gets too chaotic for the Pantheon. Thanks to how experienced The Chosen One was in fighting against the Virabot that was beating the Second Coming and his friends without mercy, he has high success rates with these missions. Missingno views the two as annoyances and are looking to find way to permamently defeat them.
    • On the topic of viruses and bugs, the two stickmen are hired from time to time to deal and take care of any bugs that may damage computers, often rallying up any other avatars (like the icons for web browsers, paint brushes, ect.) to fight alongside them, although the Chosen One has been more successful.
  • Because of his past of being a slave of war against his fight with the animator, the Chosen One has taken up the fight of freeing enslaved deities stuck within the Pantheon, even if he is restricted to cyber space.
  • Being a sentient drawing on a computer, the two are able to enter and mess with other software, including video games. While the Second Coming does this more often, the Chosen One still went out of his way to befriend those that the Second Coming befriended.
  • Love Machine HATES these two, as they are not only formidable fighters willing to stop him with his plans for world conquest, but after The Second Coming found a purple stickman messing with the files for League Of Legends, has been able to not only use those same tricks to create a army of Second Comings with ridiculous stats taking the weapons from various champions within League Of Legends for use in fights, but if The Second Coming was able to find Love Machine's files, he could theoretically delete EVERY power up Love Machine absorbed, and than some, including changing his morality, destroying his ability to absorb power from online avatars, and than some. As such, Love Machine tends to not stay on the same computer as them for a long period of time, and warned other villainous deities of their powers, plotting with them to one day permanently destroy them.
  • Deadpool was floored to find out that there are stickmen who are able to destory the fourth wall and weaponize it. As such, Deadpool and the stickmen talk to each other from time to time, trading tips on how they can demolish the fourth wall.
  • As they both were victims of malicious animators, they have forged an alliance with Daffy Duck, having gone through such torment before. As for Bugs, who was on BOTH ends of the spectrum, they just hope he learned his lesson, while they are planning on combating Elmer Fudd should he gain an interest in messing with them.

Welcome to my personal profile, Tropers.

Nefarian, God of Leaning on the Fourth Wall (Lord Victor Nefarius, Blackwing, Nefarion, Nefarius)
As Lord Victor Nefarious 

    White Face 
White Face, Deity of Dangerous Fourth Wall Breaking
  • Greater God, likely an Overdeity
  • Symbol: A chair and a noose
  • Theme Song: Imscared Title Song
  • Alignment: Unknown. Maybe Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil, depending on how you interpret White Face's intentions
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, The Aloner, Loses All Playfulness Once They are Deleted, Cheating and Messing With the Player, Humanoid Abomination, It Amused Me, Reality Warper, Yandere
  • Domains: Loneliness, Mystery, Death, Trickery, Playing, Creepiness
  • Herald: HER
  • Allies: Spooky, Flowey, SCP-633, Love Machine
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, TRON, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE, The Lyoko Warriors, Kirito and Asuna, Sayori
  • Pitied by: Monika
  • Complicated Relationships: (Insert Name Here)
  • It's hard to explain what White Face is. They are an entity that's known to stalk whoever they set their sights on and has more often than not caused numerous errors and glitches in his game. It's unknown whether White Face is an AI who was programmed for a simple game and Grew Beyond Their Programming or a character who became aware of their surroundings and just wanted to make friends.
  • White Face is very playful and friendly who anyone they come across, but their ideas of "games" usually end up with someone dead or terribly hurt. There is a hint of sadism in their intentions, so many try to stay as far away as possible.
    • For example, they have a tendency to bring the chair and noose to a random house in a dark room and bring some unlucky god along. Which sometimes ends in White Face challenging to escape and the poor deity having no choice but to hang themselves.
  • He is rather angry with "Insert Name Here". According to White Face, they are responsible for killing them by destroying their heart and essentially deleting White Face from the game. The former tries their best to forget about all of the games White Face forced them to go through.
  • Good friends with Spooky, after all she allowed them to be part of her mansion's many specimens that terrorize unlucky visitors. Sometimes White Face gets a little out of hand and takes over control from Spooky, but she is perfectly fine with that.
  • White Face can sometimes mess up with the computer of whoever downloaded their game, often kicking out the player out of the game and directly taunting them by sending youtube links. Their control over the Fourth Wall is remarkable, impressing Deadpool himself.
  • With how dangerous their control over computers can get, White Face has been preemptively banned from the House of Technology in hopes of keeping them away from messing up the mainframe and the digital world. They also have been targeted by numerous people specialized in taking down viruses (for the sake of simplicity, White Face has been labelled as a computer virus) like Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE, TRON, the Lyoko Warrior, Kirito and Asuna, etc.
    • Didn't help matters that White Face is in really good terms with Love Machine, who they like to spend time messing around.
  • There are things that do really frighten White Face and that is being left alone without anyone to play. Oddly enough, he wasn't the only one that felt this way as he got to meet Monika and Flowey, who felt exactly the same in their own world. White Face related with Monika on the sense that they were obsessed with the player character and tried anything to keep them with them forever, but ultimately they both were deleted from the game because of that. Flowey more or less appreciates the creepy factor and how White Face likes to hurt people that come across to them, thinking that they would be a really scary monster.
    • This inevitably came to a head when Frisk approached White Face. At first, It was keen on "playing" with them like everyone else until the child presented them a flower. Their expression lightened into a true smile as they thanked the child for their kindness before sending them on their way.
  • It's debatable whether White Face can be considered a fictional character who gained sentience, a computer virus or a rogue AI. In any case, the SCP Foundation has set their eyes on containing them and studying the reasons they can seemlessly corrupt and warp any computer. It didn't help that apparently SCP-633 has taken a liking to White Face and has tried to contact them, seeing them as a kindred spirit.
  • Sometimes they can be spotted in the House of Friendship when they are feeling playful. The resident gods try their best to avoid them, but sometimes one unlucky soul ends up playing tag with White Face (And it isn't a nice experience).
  • Their real gender is unknown, but his regular form makes most people believe they are male. However, the existence of HER, another entity that is closely related to White Face and could possibly be part of them is female, making things harder to comprehend.

Xingo, God of Fictional Characters Coming to Reality
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Xingo Show title card
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: A Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal wearing White Gloves, a Nigh-Invulnerable, seemingly limitless shapeshifter who operates entirely on cartoon logic and can pull any object out of thin air, Type 2 omnipotent, a screwy and very powerful trickster who escaped from the TV
  • Domains: Cartoons, Trickery
  • Allies: Lucifer, Mister Mxyzptlk, Discord, Peacock, Screwy Squirrel, Sheogorath
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Daring Do
  • Opposed By: Ben and Gwen Tennyson
  • Opposes: Bill Cipher
  • For years, Ben and Gwen thought they had heard the last of Xingo. That is, until he finally ended up catching up with them in the Pantheon. As it turns out, the only thing that could get Xingo to come out of the TV again was an offer of godhood from Lucifer himself. Lucifer seemed to think that Xingo's antics and sheer power would be more than beneficial to his cause. Some of Lucifer's ideals feel iffy to him, though, so he became a part of the Chaos Brigade instead of serving him directly. He and Lucifer still keep in touch, though, mostly because Lucifer lets him do whatever he wants. That's always a plus for Xingo.
  • Xingo first came into being when Ben Tennyson was still only ten years old. Ben, Gwen, and Max were on a trip to the Grand Canyon when the TV started acting up. Frustrated at missing the Xingo Show marathon, Ben went Upgrade to fix it. When lightning struck the satellite dish, Xingo himself popped out of the TV.
    • Despite being brought into the "normal" reality, Xingo still operated entirely on cartoon logic. He was nigh-invulnerable, capable of seemingly unlimited shapeshifting, capable of pulling any object out of thin air, and was pretty much omnipotent. Not only that, but he loved pulling "pranks," and was completely incapable of distinguishing between what is harmless fun and actually harmful.
    • In niche circumstances, Xingo is actually capable of temporarily transferring his power to others. Presumably, this happened when lightning struck Ben as he was holding Xingo. This is what ultimately allowed Ben to defeat him. Frustrated and scared straight, Xingo retreated back into the TV. To this day, Ben maintains that he is no longer a fan of Xingo or his show. Gwen, however, was never a fan of it to begin with.
  • Xingo is practically the living embodiment of everything Judge Doom hates, being a wacky toon with nearly unlimited power to boot. The sentiment is definitely mutual. Xingo considers Judge Doom to be a massive hypocrite. He also greatly fears the Dip, believing it to be one of the few things that can truly defeat him.
  • Xingo and Mister Mxyzptlk have become fairly good friends, but it seems that a lot of that has to do with Mister Mxyzptlk just watching him to be sure that he doesn't take things too far with his antics. Whenever Xingo's with his partner in crime, Screwy Squirrel, his pranks are even more of a concern for Mxyzptlk.
    • Discord seems to be close to Xingo for similar reasons. While he isn't exactly tamed, though, he is reformed. As such, even though Discord is impressed with Xingo's power, it's still important to him that he doesn't kill anyone with it.
    • Similarly, Peacock seems to be pretty fond of Xingo. They're both toony and she thinks his wacky antics are funny... most of the time. Sometimes he can go a bit too far.
  • Xingo's apparent dislike for Bill Cipher is nothing short of dumbfounding for most deities. Even Xingo thinks that Bill Cipher takes things too far, and that he would never deliberately try to kill someone, even though he almost kills people himself all the time. The key word here is deliberately, though. Xingo just frequently forgets that actions that are completely harmless in his home reality can actually kill people in this reality.
  • Xingo's species has become a matter of debate amongst the Pantheon. Some deities think he's a fox, but others argue that the name "Xingo" is close to "dingo," so he must be a dingo. Xingo's response? "I'm just a Xingo!"


Intermediate Gods

    The Crimson Chin 
The Crimson Chin, God of In-Universe Fourth Wall Breaks (The Chin, real name: Charles Hampton "Chuck" Indigo)

    Kazuya Minegishi & Hibiki Kuze 
Kazuya Minegishi & Hibiki Kuze, Co-Gods of Fourth Wall-Cracking Smiles (For Kazuya: Cat-Ears, Abel, King of Bel For Hibiki: Hiro Kageyama, Bunny, Shining One)
(Left) Kazuya, (Right) Hibiki

    Mung Daal Catering 
Mung Daal Catering Members , Divine Quartet of Lacking a Fourth Wall (Mung Daal’s Catering Company; Chowder: Num-nums)
Back to front:Truffles, Shnitzel, Chowder, and Mung Daal.
  • Demigod (Mung). Lesser God (Chowder normally, though can get higher depending on the situation). Intermediate Gods (Schnitzel due to his strength and Truffles can become a Greater Goddess when angered enough).
  • Symbol: The Mung Daal Catering building
  • Theme Song: You know the song already...
  • Alignment: Mung and Chowder are Neutral Good with Chaotic Good tendencies. Truffles is supposed to be Lawful Neutral but has very Chaotic Neutral methods. Shnitzel is True Neutral.
  • High Priest: Neddie Seagoon
  • Followers: Rentaro Aijou, Dark Helmet, Rock Ridge Residents, Sheep in the Big City, Gerbert
  • Portfolio: Amazing Technicolor Population, City of Adventure, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Medium Awareness, Theme Naming, Widget Series
  • Domains: Food, Fourth Wall, Humor, Chaos
  • Herald: Kimchi (Chowder’s pet)
  • Allies: Toriko and Komatsu, Cabbage Merchant, Sanji, Remy, Max Tennyson, Deadpool, Gumball Watterson, The Eds
  • Rivals: Yosemite Sam (Mung)
  • Enemies: Midora, Deviljho, Starjun, Lord Fuse, Montgomery Burns, Tsumugi Shirogane, The Kankers
  • Opposed by: Century King Shadow Moon, Solaire (Mung), Monika (DDLC)
  • There is a fine line that separates a works of fiction of being aware that they are fiction, which is the Fourth Wall. However, what happens when that wall were to not exist in the first place? This is how the world revolves around the city of Marzipan, a city being essentially aware that they are in a cartoon. Likely the most infamous establishment of Marzipan is Mung Daal Catering, serving and delivering the various delicacies they cook while Hilarity Ensues. The four that made up the establishment managed to ascend to the Pantheon and yes, they are aware that they are in a webpage that sweaty nerds came up with out of boredom. Not that they mind since the company has a chance to get more customers.
  • No, they aren’t bothered by the fact they aren’t real. Their creator has literally shown up multiple times to them, they have poked fun of the floating CN logo, and are aware that most events of their lives span around eleven minutes. They would rather have not that fact impede them from their usual work. Tsumugi Shirogane can be heard screaming in the background, yelling that their casual demeanor should be an existential crisis filled with despair. Even Monika is quite appalled by their lack of the care from the fact that they aren’t real.
  • The cuisine they serve are... alien needless to say. A food that they have is literally called Purple Nurples, so that’s an indicator of what they’re cooking (sometimes, said food is sentient). Though many would find their food convulsive, Mung Daal Catering has managed to win out several deities’ odd tastebuds that could stomach these foods. And those who did try the food (namely professional chefs who’re willing to find something new) were pleasantly surprised at what they ate.
  • Their presence here takes place before Chowder screams straight until adulthood, inheriting the restaurant after maturing. Likely a few strings were pulled so that nobody would have to hear Chowder scream for that long.
  • Had a harder time adjusting to the more usual foods the Pantheon employs. They had Toriko, Komatsu, Sanji, and Max Tennyson help them try to learn how to cook these foods, especially the last one as Max is an expert on alien cuisine.
  • Thanks to cartoon physics and these Fourth Wall Breaking instances, they can do things like tearing off the entire background to clean it or force the camera to zoom in on them. Shnitzel usual does this since he’s the strongest of them. So in a way, they can threaten the entire reality of the Pantheon if they wanted to. But they would never do something like that... intentionally. They once nearly ended their show by wasting the budget, so one can pray they do not do something that makes the higher beings in charge nuke the place.
  • Get along well with Deadpool and Gumball for their lack of fourth walls. Though they were going to get fed up by Deadpool if Truffles didn’t threaten the guy to buy something every time he comes by. Deadpool laments that his cash pile shrunk a bit.
  • Starjun once challenged Mung to see who was the better chef. What happened were several explosions, a flood, and Gordon Ramsay getting into a fistfight with a bear. The tasters were Chowder, Midora, and a freaking Deviljho. This ended as badly as one would expect it to.
  • Were present during Fuse’s invasion, where they were aware that they were stuck in an MMO. They might know what really happened after the Fusion Invasion but they don’t really want to talk about it. Especially when it comes to Fusion Kimchi who was present in Chower’s mouth.
  • Their restaurant was offered to be bought by Burns who enjoyed their exquisite food. Despite the massive amount of cash shown, they did not give into it after learning Burns’ purchases of their most expensive meals is a better investment than what he offers. Burns has sworn to take revenge on them for their refusal... not before buying another meal from them.
  • Shares the same surrealness that the Eds bring in, like when they kept on getting stuck in the series of flashbacks for example. They befriended the males of the company though Truffles is very much terrifying to look in the eyes for them.
  • Exclusive to Mung Daal:
    • Trained by one of the greatest chefs of his time, Mung has taken pride in how his kitchen and cooking function, accumulating the knowledge of countless meals in his head. Though he has many other talents up his sleeve, like being a total ladies man and a really damn good guitar player but his age is catching up to him. He tries his best to train Chowder but he can do only so much before Chowder causes havoc.
    • Would call himself head of the company which is true since it is named after him. Though if he is forced at a gunpoint, Mung would say his wife really runs show business wise. Even he is too afraid to not keep himself in the spotlight this time.
    • Mung is proud of his mustache almost as much as his cooking. Mung found Yosemite Sam’s title over mustaches to be overblown and almost got shot for saying that in front of the cowboy himself. Though Mung will complement the mustache of Mustache Girl, being much more positive to the fairer sex.
    • He tasted Sojiro’s curry and was deeply impressed. Mung now is doing his best to replicate said curry as Sojiro did not give him the recipe. Not that Mung is angry about that, as he sees it as a challenge to his chef skills.
    • Qui-Gon Jinn knows the frustrations of mentoring but can only give pity after seeing Chowder has the intelligence of a hungry Jar-Jar. Also comes in from time to time to enjoy a nice meal from the company from time to time.
    • Had sung he wanted to take the moon and sun. Little did Mung know that this would unwittingly invite Solaire and Shadow Moon into his home where they asked him why he wanted to capture them. Before Mung could explain it was only a song, both parties started battling each other, causing havoc throughout the company. It took Truffles to kick them out but Mung will never foget how he feard for his life.
  • Exclusive to Chowder:
    • A cat... bear... rabbit... thingy, Chowder is the apprentice of Mung Daal and his goal is to be the next great chef after him. Unfortunately, Chowder’s stomach is bigger than his desire to cook. Also, he isn’t the brightest person in the world, elevated to a now almost absurd degree of stupidity. Still, he’s a nice boy who’s determined to become the best chef.
    • Who would win in an eating contest? Chowder, Kirby or Gluttony? It was a question that was too afraid to be answered but it was unfortunately. To spare readers from the horrifying details, the only way to stop their devouring the entirety of the plane of existence was to release the one thing that their stomachs could react to: Mystery Food X. The only being who was able to stomach it was Kirby but barely. After that, the three became fast friends though a ban from any eating competition between any of them was enacted.
      • Pac-Man wanted to join in but was mature enough to know that something terrible was going to happen. Still, since chowder is such a Nice Guy, Pac-Man befriended the boy regardless.
    • Hoto Cocoa is rather fond of Chowder, trying her best to be a good oneechan to him after seeing how adorable he was. Unfortunately for Chowder, she teases him a lot about Panini (especially learning what Chowder’s future is like) to which Chowder replies:
    • Is friends with the sponge and starfish themselves. Helps that a certain Greenblatt was also present in making Spongebob. Chowder likes eating Krabby Patties, being able to consume as much as Patrick. Even Spongebob was freaking out at his feat.
    Spongebob: How long can he keep eating like that?!
    Cocoa: I don’t know!
    • Managed to meet fellow food eaters, Goku and Naruto. As powerful as they are, they would admit Chowder’s appetite far outclasses theirs. Chowder may have thought one of the Dragon Balls were candy and ate one. It was quite disgusting to search the toilet afterward.
    • Is also friends with Beelzebub of the Seven Mortal Sins and both relate to each other over their shared gluttony. People make sure that their food stocks are hidden from them.
  • Exclusive to Truffles:
    • Likely the most terrifying of the entire four, Truffles in Mung’s wife and mans the business side of the company. When her buttons are pressed, Truffles is known to go into a terrifying rage that scares even the highest of beings into wetting themselves.
    • Shares the same tiredness of life that Squidward feels, hating to deal with customers as much as he does. Though as angry as Squidward can get, that is nothing compared to what Truffles become. After witnessing one of these rage-filled moments, Squidward inked himself.
    • Who would win in a rage battle? Benson or Truffles? Like the Chowder eating contest above, it’s a question nobody wants asking. Much to everyone’s relief, this question hasn’t been answered yet as Benson is more than happy to having Mung Daal’s catering services put into use at celebrations at the Park.
    • Admires how Kafuu Chino is efficient at her work ethic and wanted to hire her at the company. Chino said no but thanked for the offer but her priorities lie at her father’s cafe. Truffles still dotes on Chino as if she were a granddaughter, much to Chino’s chagrin.
    • Made friends with Oliver Armstrong over the fact that they are both REALLY SCARY WOMEN. When the two of them can be seen at the same room, nobody in an acre’s radius wants to be near them.
    • During an incident where the Kankers were chasing the Eds, they ended up at Mung Daal’s and tried rummaging the place, believing the Eds were hiding there. Truffles, walking in on them, was so furious at their mess it was one of the few times the Kankers became terrified of something. They were made to clean up afterwards, much to the hiding Eds’ relief. Then Truffles found them too eventually, realizing that they were the reason that the place got trashed. It didn’t end well for any of them...
  • Exclusive to Shnitzel:
    • Rada rada rada. Rada rada rada! RADA RADA RADA!
    • The muscle of the company, Shnitzel has only one word he can say: rada. Unless he is able to be stressless, that is the only thing Shnitzel can ever say. Not that it effects him much as everybody can completely comprehend what he says. So cursing under his breath is still a no go.
    • Shares the same voice as Jake the Dog and Bender believe it or not all in spite of the various radas he only says. Shares the big trait of the two as well by wanting to just be lazy at the end of the day. They tried mimicking his rada as well and now people could hear three Shnitzels arguing with each other.
    • Relates to Chewbacca over the fact someone can understand their speech though to be fair, you have to grasp on the Wookie language to know what their cries mean. Surprisingly Shnitzel had an easier grasp on Wookie language and is quite an expert... all while still saying rada.
    • Friends with fellow muscular people like Louis Armstrong and Sakura Oogami as Schnitzel can basically lift an entire building with both hands with little effort much to their shock. They all managed to bond by flexing their muscles to each other. The true way for sportsmanship to develop.
    • Could only pity Sharo for being so tired for working all the time, a struggle Shnitzel faces every time he gets to the damn kitchen. Is also trying his best to push Sharo to confessing her feelings to Rize, thinking that it could probably work out if Sharo wasn’t so shy about it. It’s a rather awkward sight to see a maid being told to do something by a Rock Monster.
    • Was once a Samurai, surprisingly one. Albeit a samurai who uses a balony sword and is a bodyguard for what is essentially a gang leader. The Shinkengers wonderd if Shnitzel could teach them a thing or two thanks to his unorthadox style but Schnitzel turns out to not be as good as it as he was before. Thought that may have all been just an elaborate lie made by Chowder that Shnitzel is riding off on.
  • You take the moon and you take the sun!
  • You take everything that seems like fun!
  • You start it all up and when you’re done...
  • Rada rada rada rada rada!

Alright, who is ne-

Rafaam: I like your trope. I think I will TAKE IT!

Arch-Thief Rafaam, God of Forcibly Taking the Spotlight (RAFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM, THE SUPREME ARCHEOLOGIST, Arch-Villain Rafaam, Aspect of Evil)
Arch-Villain Rafaam 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God while using the Staff of Origination)
  • Symbol: The Staff of Origination
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Large Ham, Big Bad, Ethereal, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Collector of the Strange, Sore Loser
  • Domains: Stealing, Collecting, Magic, Adventure, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kel'thuzad
  • Enemies: The League of Explorers, Kalecgos, Khadgar, Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, Daring Do Waluigi, Doctor Fate, Hermaus Mora, Sheogorath
  • Opposed by: Anyone tied to a Card Battle Game and Card Games in general.
  • Rafaam is the self-proclaimed Supreme Archeologist. He first came into the scene when he stole the Staff of Origination from the League of Explorers, proceeding to cause havoc in their base before being ultimately defeated by them and some adventurers. Having laid low in the shadows, Rafaam resurfaced after putting out a team of evil villains, all the respective Big Bad of their expansion. With the League of E.V.I.L. formed, Rafaam planned to make his biggest hit yet, the Pantheon Treasure Vault.
    • With a few key members of the League of E.V.I.L. having already ascended, Rafaam decided that he needed a temple and a title. Using his Impossible Thief powers, he ended up stealing both a temple and the Hostile Show Takeover title from Waluigi after he left to play some tennis with his brother. The man returned to see one of his temples taken by the ethereal thief. Rafaam having declared himself the new owner of the title, he kicked out Waluigi and forced him to relocate. Shortly after, Rafaam was apprehended since Togwaggle forgot to close the door to the temple - however, given Rafaam's tendency to forcibly steal the spotlight for himself, he managed to keep a similar title and remain a pantheon deity.
  • Needless to say, the League of Explorers was very unhappy to see Rafaam return, possibly trying to steal something very important for the pantheon's welfare. And unfortunately for them, he managed to retrieve the staff of origination and keep it with himself.
  • Touts himself as an archeologist. Other adventurers are disgusted by his evil nature, but Rafaam just brushes them off as being just jealous of his "prowess". That, and Indiana Jones is mad that he keeps confusing him with Harrison Jones.
  • Has a habit of taking someone's else deck. While many deem this cheating, for some reason the Innkeeper Harth Stonebrew still allows Rafaam to participate in his events and games, but only as a minion, he already banned him from being an actual player. Outside of the Tavern, he attempted to play other games like Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, usually earning the ire of other deities because he keeps taking their decks.
  • He is the mastermind that formed the League of E.V.I.L., consisting of himself, Madame Lazul, King Togwaggle, Hagatha the Witch and Dr. Boom. Their first big heist was hitting the magical city of Dalaran, which mobilized all their residents the second they entered. Kalecgos, one of the Kirin Tor regents, immediately recognized Rafaam and tried to evict him from the Pantheon but unfortunately, he was unable to do so thanks to Rafaam being an official deity.
    • During this time, the ethereal assumed the name Arch-Villain Rafaam and wielding the staff of origination as a gauntlet (amptly named "Gauntlet of Origination"), he allied himself with the Warlocks who are willing to help him with his heist on Dalaran. He and Gul'dan may have crossed and butted heads in the past, but he is perfectly fine with working for common goals.
  • In his quests for "collecting" more precious artifacts, Rafaam heard stories from artifacts possessed by the Daedric Princes. He actually first tried and learn the forbidden knowledge of Hermaus Mora but the Daedric Prince was on to Rafaam and almost killed him for his troubles, barely avoiding death thanks to his staff. Then he tried to do the same by taking the Staff of Everscam, thinking it could be a powerful artifact similar to the Staff he uses, but Sheogorath was also onto him and simply decide to mess with Rafaam. Needless to say, the Ethereal spent countless days trapped in Sheogorath's temple and decided not to try and steal from him again.
  • Having heard of the Helmet of Nabu, worn by Doctor Fate and possessing the powers that could rival the one of his staff, Rafaam instantly wanted to get the power for himself. So he alongside his league devised a plan to strike Fate's temple. This led him to the GUAE and he joining the ranks in hope for getting support for his League of E.V.I.L. and other "collection" affairs. Both Ken Nelson and Nabu have caught onto the Arch-Thief's schemes and branded him as another agent of chaos that must be put down.
  • While he rarely, if ever, likes to share his collection, he feels that Trazyn the Infinite is like a kindred soul. Similar eccentric personality with a trollish streak and a habit of stealing rare objects, the two hit it off instantly. It helps that he is very near the League of Explorers temple, which facilitates Rafaam and his group to strike them at any time.
  • Rafaam and Kel'thuzad DO NOT get along ever since the former brazenly challenged latter to a Hearthstone duel, getting crushed in the process. A few months later he decided to challenge the Lich again and having prepared for the duel he actually managed to defeat him. Both have been at each other throats ever since.
  • Turns out that his master plan was to resurrect the ur-dragon of Azeroth, Galakrond. To do so after stealing Dalaran he unleashed 5 plagues in the city of Uldum and stole the Plague of Undeath to resurrect the Dragonlord. It's not known wether he succeeded or not considering the Plagues were stopped by the League of Explorers in time and even if he managed to resurrect Galakrond, the accounts of the story tend to differ. Rafaam claims that he and Galakrond became besties, utterly anihilated both the Alliance and the Horde and then he was forced to put down good'ol Galakrond after realizing his victory was a hollow one (And somehow succeeded). On the other hand, some claim both were actually stopped by the League in time but Rafaam doesn't want to acknowledge those claims.
    • Then it turns out that Galakrond ascended shortly after into the pantheon and he wasn't thrilled to see Rafaam again. Against all odds the ethereal was able to convince the dragon to let bygones be bygones and work together again, even if the Dragonlord would rather eat Rafaam rather than listen him ramble again.
  • "I am Rafaam, the Supreme Archeologist".

    Strong Bad 
Strong Bad, God of Reading Fan Mail Beyond the Fourth Wall (Strong Bad: Stong Band, Professor Tor Coolguy, Tip Tappers, Vance Mudgeman, Cara Carabowditbowdit, Dr. Marvin Rubdown, The Leg, Dangeresque)
  • Theme Song: You Can't Handle My Style or Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Strong Badian Flag
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Thinking he's way better than he actually is, Being stuck in gaming's past, Loves the Ladies, very popular character that eventually became the face of Homestar Runner, reads emails sent by the fans, jerkasses, starting out as a nuisance, but eventually lost his edge, catchphrases, expressive masks, comedic sociopaths
  • Domains: Creation, War, Heavy Metal, Trickery, Video Games
  • Herald: The Cheat
  • High Priest: Pig
  • Followers: Old-Timey Strong Bad, Stinkoman, Keyboard Strong Bad, Teen Girl Squad
  • Allies: Travis Touchdown, Sam & Max, Dan, Lord Hater, Deadpool, The Heavy, Robbie Rotten, Dick Dastardly and Snidley Whiplash, Bandit Keith, Papyrus
  • Rivals: Black☆Star, Tycho, Sans, Nostalgia Critic
  • Enemies: Marzipan, Wander, Napstablook
  • Opposes: Eric Cartman
  • Opposed by: Blanka, The House of Love
  • Love-Hate Relationship With: Homestar Runner
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Doc Scratch
  • For the longest time, Strong Bad shared the title of Massive Egoism with Black☆Star. However, the Gods would soon realize that forcing two of the Pantheon's biggest egomaniacs to share the same temple wasn't exactly the best idea, as the two would constantly argue about whose better.
  • It was then determined that Strong Bad would be assigned the trope of Reading Fans' Emails, due to it being the basic premise of his popular Strong Bad Email series, as well as the most popular segment of his site. He continues to read emails sent by both fans and deities alike, responding to their questions and giving out what he believes to be life-changing advice.
    • As soon as Yuuki Terumi got word of Strong Bad's new title, he immediately spammed his inbox with emails asking how he types with boxing gloves on. Unfortunately for him, Strong Bad caught wind of his trolling and proceeded to beat the ever living crap out of Terumi as soon as he found him. Since then, while Terumi occasionally sends Strong Bad emails to troll him, he now makes it a point to never bring up his boxing gloves.
  • When visiting the House of Dragons, Strong was left thoroughly unimpressed with what he saw. None of them were anywhere near as cool as Trogdor the Burninator. He's now working to get Trogdor ascended so he can show them what a real dragon looks like.
  • As of now, he's working on another installment of his critically acclaimed Dangeresque film franchise, Dangeresque 4÷2=6. Or at least he thinks they're critically acclaimed. In reality, most of the Gods consider the Dangeresque movies to be so bad, they're good, but choose to humor Strong Bad and call them "some of the greatest action films this century".
  • Gets along well with Sam & Max due to him taking a liking to their style of policing, even offering them a chance to cameo in Dangeresque 4÷2=6. Likewise, the two detectives took a liking to Strong Bad, even occasionally letting him tag along on their investigations as Dangeresque.
  • Despite his claims of being one of the greatest villains in the Pantheon, he admits that there's one villain whose style he could never handle: Robbie Rotten. In fact, Robbie has the distinction of being one of the only deities in the Pantheon that Strong Bad thinks is cooler than he is. Robbie, meanwhile, is flattered by Strong Bad's praise, and is more than willing to give him pointers on how to up his villain game.
  • Lord Hater is another villain he gets along well with, namely due to both of them finding Wander's cheerful and upbeat attitude to be annoying, as well as sharing the same love of pranking others
  • Napstablook once ran into Strong Bad and offered him a demo disc for a song he was working on. Strong Bad took one listen to it and declared it to be "lame nerd crap that Strong Sad would listen to", before decking Napstablook...only to be completely unphased by it. Frustrated, Strong Bad spent the next twenty minutes trying to hurt them, with Napstablook apologizing for inconveniencing him. Sans eventually came across the sight and offered a worn-out Strong Bad a soda...only for it to spray in his face.
    • Since that day, Strong Bad has been trying to get Sans back, only for Sans to somehow avoid all of his pranks without trying.
    • In contrast to his rivalry with Sans, Strong Bad gets along pretty well with Papyrus, namely because the skeleton's one of the few Gods to genuinely believe the boasts he makes about himself. Seeing Strong Bad as harmless, Sans had no problem with their friendship but warned him that if he hurt his brother, he was "going to have a bad time". Needless to say, the encounter gave Strong Bad the jibblies.
  • Whenever he participates in any sort of competition, always expect Strong Bad to try and cheat his way to victory. As such, he often rubs elbows with the likes of fellow cheaters Bandit Keith and Dick Dastardly.
  • Strong Bad greatly approves of the lengths Dan's willing to go to for revenge, however, even he's a bit disturbed by Cartman's more extreme methods of vengeance.
  • Out of his three poker buddies, Strong Bad gets along with Tycho the least, finding his pretentious attitude to be reminiscent of his brother, Strong Sad. Meanwhile, Tycho considers Strong Bad to be an uncultured idiot that can't appreciate his level of sophistication.
  • Ever since Strong Bad heard of the Nostalgia Critic's conquering of the micronation Molossia, he's been working to beef-up the security of Strong Badia in preparation for a potential invasion; not knowing that the Critic couldn't care less about his crummy patch of dirt.
  • Strong Bad insists that he has about 30 girlfriends, it just so happens that none of them are in the Pantheon...and they all live in France. That said, it doesn't stop him from going to the House of Love to try and hit on the ladies.
  • It's speculated that Strong Bad has some form of reality warping abilities, as the random thoughts he shares on sbemails somehow become real, such as Trogdor the Burninator, Sweet Cuppin Cakes, and the band Limozeen. When asked about this, Strong Bad simply replied by saying that his ideas are so great that the universe simply cannot continue to function until they become a reality. Whether or not this explanation holds any water is anyone's guess.
    • Some of the more malevolent deities are looking for a way to use Strong Bad's abilities to their advantage, such as when Lord English put the Lil Cal nightmare into Strong Bad's head, then got an SB email from Doc Scratch asking him what the creepiest thing he could come up with was. Strong Bad answered with a drawn picture of Lil Cal, which in turn lead his subconscious to eventually cause the doll to materialize into being, allowing Lord English and Doc Scratch to access the Pantheon.
    • Since that incident, the Grand United Alliance of Good has been trying to keep evil deities from sending Strong Bad emails, lest he unwittingly unleashes any more dangerous beings into the Pantheon.

Lesser Gods

    Daring Do 
Daring Do, Goddess of Real "Fictional" Works (A. K. Yearling, Daring-Do, Daring Do Dazzle)
  • Allies: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, the League of Explorers, Jonathan Joestar, the Crimson Chin
  • Enemies: Zoran Lazarević, Arnold Ernst Toht, Xingo, Ungalo
  • Rainbow Dash didn't know when she had the idea for it, but after coming to a realization upon glancing at Indiana Jones while reading a Daring Do book, she sped off and began to peruse the list of tropes that haven't yet had a deity assigned. When asked who she was trying to ascend, she answered "Daring Do!"
  • The next day, after the Court reviewed her hastily-written plea (and description of the pony she wants in the Pantheon), with assistance from Dream of the Endless, Daring Do found herself ascended (she was already in the Pantheon as one of Lara Croft's followers).
  • Gets along with fellow neighbor the Crimson Chin. She's fascinated that a fictional character like him can be real outside of his comic book, while the Chin himself was initially perplexed that an author like her was first assumed as fictional, but that didn't stop him from being friends with her.
  • In regards to her work as A. K. Yearling, despite the nature of her trope, it is still mostly a secret, though now it's the author persona who's the secret identity rather than the explorer, which she finds perplexingly funny.
    • Speaking of her author work, she's rarely at her temple for that and instead works elsewhere to write in peace due to another neighbor of hers; Xingo, who annoys her every opportunity possible. She remarks that her Rogues Gallery are easier to deal with than him.
  • Besides Lara, Daring eventually met the man she was based on; Indiana Jones. Oh, and Nathan Drake as well, and the League of Explorers, too.
    • There was also Jonathan Joestar, who was also an archaeologist and became so to understand the secrets behind the Stone Mask, even though this aspect of him wasn't that explored as much as he is more known for fighting vampires and other undead.
    • She and Indy eventually read a crossover tale featuring the two of them (a fanfic written by Lyra Heartstrings and Rainbow Dash).
    • Naturally, due to her association with Indy and Nathan, Arnold Toht and Zoran have become her enemies, too.
  • Apparently, Twilight Sparkle's mother has some ambiguous involvement with the Daring Do books in her world, but it's not known if she's in the know on Daring's secret.
    • Speaking of that, there's been one other question she's asked; which of her identities does she regard as her "mask", the author or the archaeologist? She has not deigned to answer that.
  • Has an extended archive of her adventures right here. She's not saying how much of that is actual canon in her world, though, only that most of the content in that page is likely not among her actual adventures, particularly the sequels and prequels.
  • Ever since a certain incident, she's tried to take better care of her surroundings, especially when villagers might take issue with her. Because he's known to be a Walking Disaster Area, this poses a huge problem when she works with Nathan Drake on an expedition should shit hit the fan.
  • Stays far, far away from Ungalo who, unpleasant personality aside, has powers involving bringing fictional characters in image to life. If one identifies with said character, they're doomed to suffer whatever fate had in store for them. Sure, he's banned from the House she stays at, but its boundlessly widespread range is still worrying.
  • It wasn't long before a shattering revelation about Daring's work was revealed: she isn't really as heroic as her books make her out to be. The artifacts she liberated don't end up in museums, but in her private collection. Ahuizotl, her archnemesis, was actually guarding the artifacts from thieves like Daring. But—under an amulet that induces its holder to tell the truth—she honestly believed they were safer in her hooves than Ahuizotl's hands or museum security.
  • Ever since the truth of her stories was brought to light, her relationships with the other Adventurer Archaeologists of the Pantheon have since become considerably strained, especially with Lara and Indy. Ironically, this is not the case with Nathan, who has had similar motives as Daring (stealing for the thrill), and they've actually become closer friends as a result. In fact, he's considering hiring her under D&F Fortunes (the Pantheon branch, anyway, given there are no magical ponies on Earth). Given her career as an author is essentially ruined, she's considering taking him up on that.

    Scott Pilgrim 
Scott Pilgrim Started A Game In The Pantheon! New Title: God of Medium Awareness
Alternate costume unlocked! Live-action version! 
  • Theme Song: Scott Pilgrim Anthem, alternatively his titular song from Plumtree
  • Awesome (i.e. Lesser) God
  • New Symbol Unlocked: Heart T-Shirt and The Power of Love sword
  • Alignment Level Up: From Neutral Good with leanings of Chaotic Neutral to purely Neutral Good
  • Portfolio Multiplier: Adorkability, Crouching Moron Hidden Badasses, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Tetris Effect, Medium Awareness, Surprisingly being a decent chef
  • Domain Stats: Love +1, Clue-Gaining+1, Redemption+1, Awesome+1, Chefs+1
  • Gained Followers: +7
  • Player 2 Joined!: Ramona Flowers (Title: Girlfriend)
  • Party Members: Nega Scott, Travis Touchdown, Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, Issei Hyodo, Scout, Angel, Philip J. Fry, Luke Skywalker, Stitch, The House Of Food's chefs, Deadpool, Peacock, George and Harold, Yuu Haruna, have joined the party!
  • Inbox: One Odd Friendship request from Plague Knight and Lemony Snicket
  • DANGER!: Gideon Graves, Wiz and Boomstick, Tarquin, Raynare and Bowser nearby!
  • Found a shortcut through Subspace leading right into the Pantheon of Love. Also earned $35.20 though bashing several of the House of Villains minions. As such, he sometimes goes towards villains to "grind" up money and experience by beating those beneath his ranking of Godhood. Bowser has grown annoyed of Scott charging into his base to challenge his army.
  • Was once the god of Fighting For Those You Love, but Scott commented one day on how this title was more fitting for someone who actually went through Hell. When questioned about how he knew of the trope's original title, he responded, saying he looked it up on some website. Due to this revelation alongside other factors where he was aware of the media he was in, he got a new, more fitting title of Medium Awareness.
  • Gets along somewhat surprisingly well with Travis Touchdown since they're both otaku that are flawed but ultimately good-hearted human beings. The fact that they both are well accomplished swordsman of different types hasn't gone unnoticed by the two, sometimes even duking it out with each other for a sparring match. Time would tell if they actually have a full-fledged battle.
    • He also has made a habit of training with Link, though Link has yet to find a sword that can glow and cut like Scott's sword. He has however impressed Luke Skywalker with his prowess of the Laser Blade (both his The Power of Love sword and his power of Understanding sword). The two sometimes fight against each other just to amaze the residents of the Pantheon. While Luke has gained a fair share of wins thanks to his force, Scott was able to snag a couple wins, and the two see each other as a Worthy Opponent.
  • Keeps on asking Sonic what the cheat codes are for his second game. Sonic states that he has no idea what Scott is talking about.
  • Maintains close ties with Issei; the two are often seen hanging out and talking about their respective girlfriends - Rias and Ramona. He would also let him sneak into the House of Romance with Rias just so they can make out. They both are antagonistic towards Gideon Gordon Graves, too.
  • Has impressed the Final Fantasy IV gods for knowing their bassline for the wild battle theme (although he insists that it's called Final Fantasy II in confusion to Firion and the Emperor).
  • Is not happy with how Amy Rose fought Ramona in a Death Battle which ended with Amy summoning a tornado to crush Ramona amongst a myriad of arcade machines. As such, he has actually begun to offer support against them, while Wiz and Boomstick has started to call him a hypocrite due to how eager he was to start fights before. Given that he wasn't that proud of his past and is genuinely trying to change for the better, with results that do vary but show some promise, he has taken offense to that and had to be restrained by several other deities before Wiz and Boomstick decide to stick him in a "on-the-fly" match against an Overdeity.
  • He has became a bit of a big brother figure of the sorts to George and Harold, finding a similar common ground with them having some degree of Medium Awareness and even were a bit of a Jerkass in their earlier days (although George and Harold had gotten a movie where their motives from their first outing are explained better and they Took a Level in Kindness). It's not uncommon for them to be seen together playing video games or reading comics.
  • Given how similar they sound, he has been compared to multiple times with The Scout. The "Scoot" army has taken notice to these similarities between them. The both of them find this Actually Pretty Funny and are good pals with each other, even if they both are willing to battle each other for fun.
  • He is NOT happy to see that Gideon Graves himself ascended and that he has gained a new friend in the way of Raynare. As such, Scott has told him that his own party is ready to kick his ass should he try to mess with Scott again. Gideon just sneered and said that he's still getting ready for a rematch.
  • Stitch and Angel can easily get behind the idea of fighting for your true love, and have became allies to him, especially since they also hate Gideon as well, much to Scott's pleasure and amusement. They also sometimes go on double dates together, though these usually tend to gravitate eventually to the House of Combat, as Scott and Ramona face off against Stitch and Angel to see how many foes they can beat.
    • Surprisingly, Plague Knight has taken a liking to Scott Pilgrim's story of having to fight others to prove his love for Ramona, as Plague Knight also went through beating down other knights to create a potion just to prove his love for his assistant, Mona, but not that he really needed it. The fact that their girlfriend's names almost sound the same isn't lost on them. As such, Plague Knight sometimes goes to Scott for romantic advice, much to Scott's surprise, giving how many people view him as a Jerkass; not that it bothers Plague Knight.
    Plague Knight: I was told to feed a girl oats while grooming her hair, heh...I don't think I can hear much worse, hee hee!
  • To the shock of many, he is actually a very good prep chef, to the point he prides himself as Scott Pilgrim, greatest prep chef in the world. He has taken up a job within the house of Food in order to show off his skill and earn some money. Doesn't stop him from messing up a order or two and getting on the receiving end of one of Gordon Ramsey's famous yells (though given it was done at few minutes before closing time, most don't take it as big a deal.) Regardless, he still remains on good terms with the chefs.
  • Surprisingly, Scott became rather acquainted with Lemony Snicket, due to how his knowledge of literature mirrors Scott's knowledge of video games. He also does feel some pity for him how he also had a love interest whom he has lost due to unforeseen circumstances. While Scott isn't afraid to admit Lemony Snicket freaks him out a bit, he's willing to put that aside and be a surprisingly decent friend to him.
  • During a trip around the Pantheon of Music, Scott made a new friend in Yuu Haruna. A fellow bassist, Scott thinks it's cool Yuu ascended for bringing dignity and rspect to bassists while both relate to one another with their social problems and dealing with stuff from their pasts. Scott has gotten better at the bass thanks to Yuu.
  • In a visit to the house of Heroes, he weirded out Superman by asking him if he still gets his powers from being a vegan, and Captain America questioning his skateboarding skills. Carol Danvers, on the other hand, was just amused that Scott offered to play bass in her next concert.
  • After a fight with Graves resulting in him popping up a TV portal, Scott found himself pushed in by the presumably fallen fighter, being faced in a empty Chaos Theater with moments from his past playing all over TV screens, leading up to a giant movie theater with the Nega Scott watching the screen, awaiting Scott. After a minute, both of them emerged from the TV world buddy buddy with each other, with Scott suggessting that the Nega Scott get a proper title to ascend into the Pantheon as he sets up brunch for him in the house of Food.
  • Cab also be found in Learning Tools.

    Wade Wilson/Deadpool 
Wade Winston Wilson, God of the Fourth Wall and Breaking it (Deadpool, The Merc With The Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, The Crimson Comedian)
Don't worry tropers, I won't burn down the Pantheon. Well, maybe.
  • Lesser God/Overdeity (depends on how much the writer is willing to let me look past the Fourth Wall)
  • Symbol: My belt buckle icon of myself (which I KNOW you totally want one, buddy) with a yellow text box. Oh, how fun they are! :)
  • Theme Music: "Never Do It Now"; Alternatively, the Deadpool Rap by TeamHeadKick (click here for the movie version!)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, ever since I became an Avenger
  • Portfolio: The Fourth Wall (or lack thereof), Breaking Said Fourth Wall, Medium Awareness, Obfuscating Insanity, Whatever the Hell I Feel Like (I'm awesome and kinda fickle that way)
  • Domains: Madness, Chaos, Destruction, Illusion, Comic Books (yes, the medium I'm in is one of my domains), Big Guns, Katanas, and Welsh Corgis. Huh? Shut up, Welsh Corgis is totally a domain! Who's the god here?
  • Followers: Lots…but none of them know of it, and if they did, they'd deny it out of humility.
  • Former Superior: Rob Liefeld, my creator, who introduced me in New Mutants as a copycat of Deathstroke. But that's another story.
  • Allies: Um…no, I don't think so… Except Excalibur maybe? Ooh! Wait! Pinkie Pie, too! And my other fellow members of the Council of Cloudcuckooland! And Lambadelta, Etna, Yakko, Wakko and Dot, who did it all first. Oh, and Lobo, another fourth-wall-breaking buddy! Oh, I cant forget about Painwheel. I feel for this girl. Cable and Domino? Just in time for the new movie! Also Alison Blaire/Dazzler who is such a great singer!
  • Not So Different From: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (after all, I'm modeled after him), Tony Masters/Taskmaster (I have a lot of things in common with him).
  • Headbutting Heroes With: James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine (I hate working with him, he's too inferior in comparison to me), Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya (I admit that Nanaya is too hot, but these two squirrel girls kicked my butt).
  • Enemies: Magneto, welcome to die! Also, I freaking hate The Joker and Lester/Bullseye.
  • Rival: Naturally, me and Dante are rivalries. I also have a bone to pick with Jason Todd for copying my style, and of course the big bad dragon Nefarian. The Mask earns some points for humiliating me!
  • So, I'm a god now? Awesome! I wonder if this means I can talk in bullet-point format now…
    • We're good.
      • Oh, little bullet point format, I've missed you so! We will have so much fun together!
  • My knowledge of the Fourth Wall allowed me to just slip into the Pantheon easily, since I know I'm popular enough for you (yes, you!) to eventually think of putting me here. Yeah. I'm such a Manipulative Bastard; eat your heart out, Batman!
  • Interestingly, with my expanding popularity, my Medium Awareness has also expanded, since I'm, slowly but surely, being featured in different media beyond comic books, and I have Medium Awareness in every single one of them. Soon, I will be able to overthrow all of the other deities in all the pantheons and create Deadpoolia! COWER BEFORE MY LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Oh yeah, and I want to be featured on the cover of the next Street Fighter game, Capcom!!
  • I once beat the crap outta that whiny-ass Terumi in terms of using memes and the fourth wall, that upstart. Boy it felt good and showed who's boss! Well, I hope Arc System Works will be impressed and feature me in the next BlazBlue game as well — Ooh! Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma was just announced — Wait, I'm not even there!? TERUMIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
  • After the battle with those two squirrel girls... Wait a minute. Did someone paint a message on the wall that said I was gay for Asura!? I'll find you and shoot you.
  • Hey, I don't get why people are irritated with that cute little thingy Excalibur. I mean, c'mon, we could talk all day and not get tired of each other! ...Wait, does this mean I'm now in possession of an Infinity +1 Sword because of my incredible mentality? And I can kick anyone's ass with him? AWESOME!
    • Oh hey, so apparently we also share the same seiyuu too. Aw yeah, we are seriously pals for life!
  • Soooo, if I may have your attention, you love this site, yeah? Then fair warning... DON'T. USE. MY. WACKY. VOICES. Wanna know the result? Why don't you ask good ol' Dreadpool, he— *notices Dreadpool on the open door behind, slams the door shut and seals it with nails and every other sealing things available* ...You get the idea!
  • Yeah, I was made to resemble that Deathstroke fellow. But guess what? I AM WAY BETTER THAN HIM! You don't believe me? Well, it just happened that Wiz and Boomstick decided to put me and him in one of their "Death Battles", and guess what? I WON! Suck iiiittt!
    • Okay, so MAYBE Slade came back for no real reason and tried again, and maybe he did blow me to pieces in a minute's time, but hey, still couldn't kill me!
    • Looks like I'm gonna make a return appearance in this Death Battle! Now let's see who my opponent is... what? Pinkie Pie?! Come on, I get that we are both known for wacky personalities and Breaking the Fourth Wall, no offense to the party horse, but I've been in many more fights than her, and she's never really fought solo! Come on, ScrewAttack, you can do better than that!
    • And so because they got me to fight ON MY BIRTHDAY, I decided me and Pinkie were gonna screw them over by NOT fighting to the death and just party! Jokes on you, Ben and Chad!
    • Wiz and Boomstick apparently hate me so much that they set up a fight only to have me killed - and indeed, no matter how much I struck The Mask, that green freak just brushed it off. Even as I took out the Continuity Gem! He blew me to bits, and I'll never forgive Big Head for it, even if he sent the Gem to those jerks so I'd be revived.
  • Yo, I audition for a role as a MagicalGirl. So to get a better feel on what's a Magical Girl is, I been hanging around little miss Cry Cute Cure Peace. We are totally best friends now. I also "burrowed", read steal, the Moon Princess' moon stick and transformed myself into champion of love and chimichangas, Sailor Moonpool.
  • Seems like I met Disco MILF and psycho doll before. And utterly own their asses. Ok, so it only happen in a fan's comic and is not in pantheon canon so no complaining about shilling, worfing or what ever. But come on, you know they deserv it.
  • I cry a river when I heard about Painwheel's backstory. I just want to scoop her in my arms and carry her. In fact, I will. Troper, link, now.
  • I'm still mad at Morrigan for giving me that surprise enema. I mean, it felt kind of good, but at least warn a guy first.
  • Some have said when my face isn't Swiss cheese, I look like Hal Jordan. But that's impossible since Lantern boy was never in the movies. Plus, my avatar only played me in my own self titled movie. I was never in that Cankuckle's prequal movie.
    • But hey, Reynolds did an awesome job portraying me for my 2016 movie! Boo-fuckin'-yah, baby! You are now officially my live action avatar! Be seein' you guys again in the sequel! Just no screwups, please. And yeah, bring in Cable too. Hey Caaable! When are you going to get a seat here??
  • I'm the Sixth Ranger of the Lol Rangers. You know what that means? That means I'm the most important and strongest member on the team. I also hog all the screen time. But you love me anyway. Well, most of you do.
  • So, hey, when am I going to be feature in a Pantheon Tale? I mean, if I'm in your stories, it be ten times better. Come on, expand your horizon and stop using the same characters.
  • If you can't find me messin' around in the Narrative House or the mortal world, I'm probably in the Main House (suck it, Wolverine!) or the House of Knowledge, or in the Council of Cloudcuckooland.
  • OH OH! I almost forgot that there was this evil black dragon that also dominates the 4th wall. Can you believe it? Obviously he's no match for me. He will never be as clever or handsome or f*nn1 3r... wa1t Whtas going on? 1S TH3 P4NTH3ON GOING to EXPLODE! OH F-.


    The Patapons 
(drum beats) "Pata Pata Pata Pon!"

The Patapons, Divine Tribe Of Addressing the Player
  • Demideities on their own, potentially stronger with the Almighty's help, who might be an Intermediate Deity. The Hero is a borderline Lesser God, actually reaching that as the Uberhero.
  • Symbol: Hatapon's banner, or the The Patapon Drums
  • Theme Song: Patapon 2 Donchaka (パタポン2ドンチャカ♪) Title Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though the Almighty can have shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Musical Gameplay, War Has Never Been So Much Fun
  • Domain(s): Warriors, Drums, Rhythm
  • Heralds: Hatapon (flag bearer), Priestess Meden (spiritual leader), Hero (champion), Ton Yaripon (convert Yarida), Chin Yaripon (disciple Taterazay), Kan Yaripon (disciple Yumiyacha)
  • High Priests: Kalas, Terry
  • Allies: the Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Hades (in God of War mode), Polygon Man, Mori Motonari
  • Opposed by: the Carapaceons, Plesioth
  • Sometime after finally reaching Earthend and seeing IT, an envoy from the Trope Pantheons approached them with an invitation. Given their history with other tribes, the Patapons were wary, but after they resurrected the Almighty after they had sacrificed themself to save the Patapons from their petrification, not to mention also reviving the Hero that they had fused with, they immediately accepted the offer. And so, after their ascension ceremony, as well as setting up an area for their "temple", they founded a new Patapolis in the Pantheon.
    • Due to spatial-related errors or some such when it came to the portal letting the Patapons through, they ended up being…bigger than expected. How big? Well, not towering or anything, but enough that even a single Yaripon, Yumipon, or Tatepon is a legitimate threat to a Quasideity-level human, though still shorter than one.
    • Additionally, their Almighty is now visible as a pair of eyes in the sky, but their voice still cannot be heard by the Patapons. The Court also decided to bestow them an avatar for communication purposes with other deities.
  • The Patapons have four drums, which the Almighty utilizes to deliver commands to the tribe, which in turn is relayed to the flag bearer Hatapon. With the drums, the Patapons can be directed to do the following (besides advance, attack, defend, or retreat): charge up their next attack/defense, jump in the air [up to five times the height of an average Patapon, as Dekapons are larger] to avoid area-of-effect ground attacks like earthquakes and low-firing laser blasts), and cure status effects afflicting the Patapons. The Almighty also mandated some extra rhythms to account for three-dimensional maneuvering.
    • There are also certain Jujus the Almighty can grant (for a maximum of two minutes at a time), like the Rain Miracle (aside from the obvious, which is often used when traversing desert areas, it can defog, remove sandstorms, stop lightning from descending in a storm, quench fires, and reveal invisible foes), the Blizzard Miracle (can defog, remove sandstorms, and freeze up both sides, especially flying units), Tailwind Miracle (clears fog, increase projectile range while decreasing that of their enemies), Earthquake Miracle (shake the earth and stagger most foes), Storm Miracle (both effects of Rain and Tailwind, plus lightning), Shock and Awe Juju (Brimstone) Juju (increase attack power), and Duck and Cover Juju (increase defense).
  • As long as the Mater, their Tree of Life stands, any fallen Patapon warriors can come back to life so long as their Cap is retrieved and buried beneath Mater. Of course, the House of Life and Death is another choice, but they'd have to go there first to get back any fallen Patapons whose Caps have been lost.
    • The Mater can also upgrade Patapons to certain Rarepons, who have varying strengths and weaknesses.
    • As for the question of reproduction, this means is only for the warriors and at the Almighty's behest. Civilian Patapons (presumably) procreate the usual way.
  • Hades wasn't particularly happy to see these little things, given that they've harassed him (and Polygon Man's contestants) once before.
  • Due to conflicts in the Pantheon being at a larger scale, the Almighty—who was given an incorporeal avatar that can interact with other deities (but not the Patapons)—has decided to call for some help. The Commander, (Insert Name Here), and the Tactician answered the call and are willing to lend a hand. Additionally, they rejected Motonari's offer, knowing he will just waste their people.
    • That said, the Tactician has the most problems with them, given that it's difficult to keep them all alive, and it still hurts to have to compromise by at least keeping their Caps from being lost. Thankfully, the Patapons deployed is just the (Uber)Hero, Ton Yaripon, Chin Yaripon, Kan Yaripon, and Hatapon forming a single combat party, making this easier on him/her.
    • With so many Patapons to look after, and so many more places to be, the Almighty has been bestowed by the Court of the Gods to be able to be in several places at once (even when fused with the Patapon Hero to be the Uberhero), so they can lead multiple hunting parties (after rediscovering—thanks to the Pantheon—how to make more Hatapons, though the original—now Hatapon Prime—has the strongest influence).
    • As for who they side with in the Pantheonic wars, while they know that both Hope and Evil bring meaning to life and are appealed by the idea of being Agents of Balance, the Almighty has decided to throw their lot in with the Grand United Alliance of Good as they believe it serves the best chance for the Patapons' survival.
  • At least once a month, Priestess Meden ends up being captured for whatever reasons the enemy has in capturing her, and each time the Almighty and the Patapons have to get her back. With new allies, this is much easier to do, but no less aggravating to the Almighty.
  • As a tribe of hunters with little (but not none) in the way of farming, the average Patapon has little experience in the concept of trade (and by extension money apart from ka-ching). The Almighty and the Hero unit have been trying to make progress in teaching them that.
    • If you're wondering what ka-ching is, it also serves as "life force" for Patapons, which is why Mater needs Ka-ching to make new Patapons. As a result, whenever the Patapons go hunting or fighting, ka-ching get dropped whenever a hunted animal or enemy falls. For some reason, ka-ching is also dropped when they attack (non-sentient) flowers or fruits, or when they wreck buildings in battle.
  • As hunters, and a nominally very hungry race, they're often off hunting for food, sometimes joining the Monster Hunters for meat, though the MHs think their pacing can use a lot of work. At the very least, stealth (at least to the level the Monster Hunters need) is out the window for them, but then there's also their preference to stay clean, thus they'll run from smelly game, and especially fresh droppings. Progress is being made to lead them to the House of Food for a bountiful meal instead.
    • As a result of being allied with the Monster Hunters, they also hunt the same game, though usually sticking to the Carapaceons or (if the Almighty is up for the frustration) Plesioth.
    • There are ways of getting around their marching speed, though, since they are capable of walking on their own, and platforms, teleports, and other stuff are now available.
  • Despite their accomplishments, the Patapons aren't that strong in the Pantheon. The reason why is because of the fact that they rely on a rhythm to follow to be effective. Even though this rhythm cannot be disrupted by loud noises since Hatapons can somehow hear the Almighty's drum beats despite that, rhythms mean patterns, and patterns mean they're easily predictable.
    • As such, allies are needed to distract the foe from noticing the Patapons. Also, mobile platforms can help them move faster.
  • Having had to face someone who can summon little tornadoes even though Gong the Hawkeye has since allied with them a few times before, they're leery around those who can do the same (or worse). Such examples would be Wamuu, Rashid, and Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller.
  • Can also be found in Gaming Narratives.


    Dora the Explorer 
Dora Márquez, Goddess of Fake Interactivity
Click here to see her in her adventures at Playa Verde 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: her Map and Backpack
  • Theme Song: her show's theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but several view her as some degree of Stupid Good
  • Portfolio: Free-Range Children, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Gratuitous Spanish, Occasionally Idiotic Heroine, Nice Even To Villains, Kid Heroine, Exploration Desire Is Hereditary, No Indoor Voice, Outdoorsy Gal, Plucky Girl
  • Domain(s): Interactivity (False), Exploration, Spanish
  • Herald: Boots the Monkey (her traveling companion), Diego Marquez (her cousin)
  • High Priests: Steve and Joe
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Spongebob Squarepants (being his former high priestess), most Good-aligned Nickelodeon deities, other animal lovers and some deities in the Bestiary, Jack and Annie, Cream the Rabbit, Hilda (Hildafolk), Zack Morris, most non-evil child deities in general
  • Friendly Enemy: Swiper
  • One day, an anonymous request came to the Court of the Gods in the form of a video where an anonymous person was nominating someone. And for some reason, the person behaved as if the viewer was supposed to answer. Still, the Court saw the point and later brought the recommended character, Dora the Explorer, to the Pantheon.
  • Often addresses an unseen subject at times. Those with special visions usually see a floating video camera, presumably the entity she's "interacting" with.
    • Among those who can see this camera are Deadpool, Gwenpool, and Zack Morris. She's often overwhelmed when the latter two mess around, Wade making a lot of derisive (but still kid-safe) comments about her show, and Gwen… not being nearly as insulting as him, while Zack is amicable enough around her and even eventually befriended her somehow.
  • She is never seen without her Backpack and Map. The former often has whatever item is needed (even ladders), the latter has some questionable credibility (depsite its frightening tracking competence), and both need to be called at by someone other than Dora (and Boots) twice.
    • Part of her ascension package is that her backpack's star pocket can summon whatever Explorer Stars she's caught and released throughout her adventures to help her out in any situation where she needs them.
  • Would eventually have adventures at Playa Verde, but she usually assumes her current appearance.
  • Tries her best to let slide the derisive comments she sometimes gets, but doesn't know how to stop them; they're not slurs to her culture or anything, but to her intelligence simply because she talks to something that's not there and expects a response from it. There's probably also how she regards Swiper, as that can easily send the wrong lesson.
    • And let's not even get into the times she allegedly gets grounded for doing... terrible things. Jimmy Neutron understands that feeling of having non-canon media depicting them in strange and kid-unfriendly things.
    • One time, she broke into the House of Mentalism with her dad's chainsaw and killed the Scooby Gang. She was not only banned from the House of Mentalism, but she ended up in the Pantheon State Prison because of it. The gang would later be revived, though.
  • Despite how her show usually goes, she's no stranger to truly vile scum (at least as much as a kids show would allow). Even then, she doesn't show much anger.
  • Occasionally visits the House of Sports to practice her baseball and soccer, the latter of which she excels at. She's taken the time to search for a representative deity for it.
  • She's also proficient in the guitar and flute.
  • As someone who's made a lot of animal friends, Dora has also become friends with those who made similar kinds of friendships as well. Examples include Fluttershy and Eliza Thornberry.
  • Isn't pleased with the notion that she's an illegal immigrant.
  • There happens to be a live-action movie featuring her in the works. Despite initial rumors, Michael Bay has denied being directly involved in its production.
  • Is advised not to try her usual tactic with Swiper on the Sniper for...reasons. He's professional enough not to do that to her on a whim, but anybody else who makes that joke will get a Jarate and a headshot.
  • She's had her fair share of inside-a-magic-book adventures, and was curious to hear of a pair of kids whose books had the same effects. One visit with Jack and Annie later, and Dora has gained two more friends.
  • Is pals with Santa after one Christmas where she asked him for the chance to remove Swiper from the Naughty List by teaching him the meaning of Christmas.
  • She and Boots apparently went on an adventure to Antarctica, beating an expedition team to it, and even asking what took them so long. She can't remember doing such a thing, knows that some things said there were condescending, and is aware that they were underdressed for the South Pole.
  • During one of her travels, Dora crossed paths with Hilda, who was on one of her own travels, too, accompanied by Cream. They hit it off well and added her in their circle of friends (with animal companions).


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