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A subtrope of Amusing Injuries in which a burst of flame, explosion, or just crashing into a wall or tree instantly burns the feathers or fur off of something and magically turns it into a perfectly-roasted chicken or turkey, complete with bone drumsticks, or any other choice cut of meat. Sometimes the roast also comes complete with plates and other silverware.

Most definitely this is not how things work in real life — proper cooking requires carefully-controlled times and temperatures.

Cousin Trope to Meat-O-Vision and, for heat applied to vegetables, see Popcorn on the Cob. Contrast with the harsh aversion, Oven Logic, where a character forgets the "carefully-controlled time and temperature" bit. Similar to Instantly Defeathered Bird, where the bird survives whatever caused it to lose its feathers.



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    Comic Books 

    Films — Animation 
  • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Native American mice shoot fire crackers at a hawk, blowing it out of the sky, and a few seconds later some mice are shown carrying a fully-cooked and beheaded roasted hawk.
  • In Mulan, Mushu breathes fire on Shan-Yu's falcon, leaving it featherless. It even appears headless for a moment, as it had tucked it into its neck.
    "Now that's what I call Mongolian barbecue."
  • In Ice Age: The Meltdown, a dodo that was crossing over an area laden with geyser pits gets turned into a roast chicken after one such geyser goes off under it.
  • Played with in The Croods, an ostrich-like predatory bird is slammed into the ground by a snare, making a huge spread of feathers that obscures the screen. When they fade, the bird has been roasted and the Croods are ravenously (and literally) tearing through it.

    Music Videos 
  • In the video for Genesis' "Land of Confusion", the Spittin' Image version of Nancy Reagan looks out of the window of her White House bedroom at a small bird that flies by, that suddenly bursts into flames and becomes a small roast with a price tag attached to its feet.

    Puppet Shows 

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Munchkin, the monster "Giant Angry Chicken" is worth one extra level if it is defeated by flame. Yummy fried chicken!

    Video Games 
  • Get hit with a flame from the ceiling spouts in Alfred Chicken to roast him where he stands.
  • In Ancient Domains of Mystery shooting a fire bolt over a cookable item has a chance of cooking it. (If you're unlucky, it might just burn it instead.)
  • In Arx Fatalis, launching a fireball at a live chicken (or just interacting with it one too many times, which, somehow, will make it glow bright red and explode) will instantly produce a whole roast chicken, whereas slaying it with a weapon or a non-fire spell will only yield two measly raw drumsticks.
  • In Chicken Invaders, just about any enemy that is a chicken will drop chicken wings or roast chicken on death.
  • In Drol, shooting a flying turkey turns it into a nice roast.
  • In Devil World, Tamagon can breathe fire on the Faceless Eye to turn it into a tasty fried egg. (The Japanese term for fried egg literally means "cooked eyeball.")
  • In Duck Game, getting killed from being set on fire (such as from burning fuel, a flare gun, or a flamethrower) or from the Plutonian Blaster or Death Ray will cause your duck to turn into a roast upon dying.
  • In Elona, fire will normally destroy items, but with uncooked food there's a chance of the item instead turning into cooked food. However, unless you are extremely lucky, the food will turn into low-tier cooked food, which is worse than raw.
  • In Minecraft if an animal is on fire when it dies, it will drop cooked meat. Any method of setting something on fire will do: a fire charge, leading it over a burning block, using a flint and steel on it, the Fire Aspect enchantment, or using a weapon made from certain modded materials. Unfortunately, if the animal dies on a burning block it drops absolutely nothing. Also it can set other things on fire, like you. And you have to listen to the pitiful noises it makes as it slowly burns to death (half a heart at a time), all while not attacking you.
  • In the Light Gun Game Cheyenne, shooting a Bison causes it to turn into a hamburger with the score for it below, before disappearing.
  • "Pilgrim's Bounty", World of Warcraft's Thanksgiving event, has turkeys that can be hunted. When killed, they turn into a fully-dressed roast.
    • One reward for completing the event is a non-combat pet that features the same turkey model. Under ordinary circumstances it's fine, but if it comes within a certain radius of a cooking fire it will leap upon it and instantly turn itself into a roast. Now that's efficiency!
    • Really, any mob that uses the turkey model is capable of this trope. Turkey pet killed in a pet battle? Instant roast! Kill the turkeys in Howling Fjord for the achievement? Instant roast for each one! Get transformed into a turkey and get killed (or feign death) while in that form? You become an instant roast! Oh, and fire isn't required; any method of killing will do.
  • In Psychonauts, killing various critters (birds, squirrels, etc.) with Pyrokinesis turns them into miniature roasts which restore health.
  • Scribblenauts: Whenever livestock such as pigs, cows, and chicken go near fire, they turn into cooked meat.
  • In at least one SNES Asterix platformer, punching a boar turned it into a roast, healing the player character when eaten.
  • In Asterix for the Sega Master System, the last punch thrown by Asterix in the first Boss Battle transforms a wild boar into a roast which is presented to Obelix in the following cutscene.
  • In Duke Nukem I, shooting the chicken item turns it into a perfect roast worth much more health. Shooting it again destroys it.
    • The sequel has live turkeys that run around by themselves. You can roast them as before, but only if you can hit them before they reach you.
  • In Toki, shooting down the flying turkey Bungataras roasts it into a nice bonus food item.
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Omfak's intro cutscene shows his three forms doing this: the wolf head shoots down a crow with Eye Beams, the lion head breathes fire which turns the dead crow into a roast within seconds, and his Gag Lips head eats it (bones and all). Despite this, his death cutscene shows several living birds flying out of his corpse.
      "Whatever I see, I shall devour"
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, killing a wild animal with a fire-based attack (e.g. Fire Arrows or the Fire Rod) will replace the raw meat normally dropped with a roasted version. While in the Death Mountain region, letting raw meat (both dropped directly by the player or a wild animal they just killed) sit on the ground for a few seconds will likewise roast it. In a (slight) concession to reality, the health-restoring effects of this roasted food, while better than eating it raw, are still not as good as what you get by actually cooking it in a pot.
  • In Puyo Puyo Tsu, this happens to Suketoudara when you defeat him, as he becomes a Japanese-styled seafood dinner in his defeat portrait.
  • A similar thing happens in Castle Crashers, where defeating the fish men in the Flooded Temple & Medusa's Lair stages will also turn them into fish fillets, complete with lemon slices and napkins!
  • In a character video for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Roy hits a taunting Falco with his Flare Blade. The blow KOs him, but the explosion masking this and a roast pheasant food item spawning where Falco was standing makes it look like he was cooked.
  • Far Cry 5 has a parody. Animals normally drop meat when killed, which is extremely valuable Shop Fodder. If you kill an animal by burning it, it will instead drop Burned Meat, which is nearly worthless.
  • A non-food example: In Toonstruck, Drew feeds a group of alligators a turkey that has been filled with dynamite. The resulting explosion instantly turns them into a purse, shoes, and belt.
  • In Phoenotopia : Awakening, killing small critters (and only small critters) with bombs or exploding spears will make them drop Cooked Mystery Meat instead of the usual raw Mystery Meat.
  • In Spelunky 2, if a turkey dies from fire damage, it turns into a roast which you can eat for health.

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner: One of the segments from "Summer Short Shorts", a Powered by the Cheat cartoon taking place in "The Millionzoic Era", has The Cheat as a dinosaur drinking lava from a volcano and breathing fire onto caveman versions of Homestar, Marzipan and Strong Bad. Homestar and Marzipan turn into a chicken leg and a steak respectively, while Strong Bad is briefly left with an Ash Face. Then Strong Bad says "Ooh, me too! I am not exempt," and turns into a lobster tail.

    Web Original 
  • In the YTP "Peppa Experiences A Substantial Trip into the Fifth Dimension", this happens twice in the opening sequence parody; one to George, the other to a previously unseen bird, with both examples being caused by lasers.
    Peppa: I'm a cannibal.

    Western Animation 
  • One Cool McCool villain is the Owl, a human in an owl costume with two real owls, one on each shoulder. In the episode titled "How Now Foul Owl," the villain accidentally gets blasted by his own henchman, and the two owls are both transformed into roasts resembling a couple of cooked chickens, still on their master's shoulders. (They get better.)
  • Done in Timon & Pumbaa with vicious guinea fowl, first by a fiery discharge from Timon's rocket booster which fried several birds, then by setting the rocket-propelled car to explode, finishing off the lot of them. Timon even takes a bite out of a guinea fowl drumstick at one point.
  • In Tiny Toon Adventures, an American bald eagle incinerated by some fireworks bears a striking resemblance to a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Popeye:
    • In the cartoon "I Eats My Spinach", Popeye's Megaton Punch turns a bull into a meat market stocked with beef hocks, steaks, and deli cuts.
    • In Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor, Sindbad's roc takes Popeye to a volcano. Popeye returns with a giant roast chicken, "with gravy".
  • Done in the Woody Woodpecker short "The Hollywood Matador," by Woody simply running headfirst into a charging bull.
  • In the Tex Avery short "One Cab's Family", a speeding car hits a pig and a chicken, which land back as a plate of ham and eggs.
  • In the Mickey Mouse (2013) short "The Adorable Couple", Donald and Daisy become roast ducks when the sun shines too brightly.
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Fry Cook Games," Patrick's pole-vaulting stunt ends with him landing on a handle of a giant deep fryer, flinging the hot oil into the spectators and turning them into fish sticks.
  • On The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "Circus Midgets", the duo turn into roast chickens after jumping through a flaming hoop.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Dear John", there's a gag at the home show scene where a chicken who spent too long in a hot tub finds their body has turned into a roast.
  • Looney Tunes: In the short What Price Porky, a duck gets blasted by a bombshell and becomes a roasted duck on a spit.
    • Looney Tunes Cartoons: In The Curse of the Monkeybird, one of the temple's booby traps incinerates Porky, turning him into a baked ham.
  • The Fairly OddParents:
    • In "Super Bike", when Timmy rides Super Bike for the first time, they drive through the park and roast some pigeons that they drive by.
    • In Abra-Catastrophe!, during Timmy's fight against Crocker, they both shrink down to subatomic level and are propelled back to normal size by the explosion caused from them splitting an atom. Said explosion roasts some birds flying overhead, one of which hits Timmy in the head and causes his disguise to fall off.