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Pantheon / Monster Hunter

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:


First Generation

  • Plesioth, God of Hitbox Dissonance (Master of the Great Lake, Wyvern of Water, The Underwater Terror, Plessy; Green Plesioth: The Tide, Green Plessy) as a Lesser God under Game Design (House of Gaming).
  • Rathalos and Rathian, Divine Duo of Divine Duo of Wyverns (Both: Rath; Rathalos: Liolæus, Fire Wyvern, King of the Skies [Azure: Azure Fire Wyvern; Silver: Silver Sun; Dreadking: Darkness Lord, Darkflame Lord]; Rathian: Lioleia, Female Fire Wyvern, Queen of the Land [Pink: Pink/Cherry Blossom Fire Wyvern; Gold: Gold Fire Wyvern, Golden Moon; Dreadqueen: Deadly/Purple Poison Princess]) as Intermediate Gods under Dragons (House of Beast).

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation



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