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Greater Gods

    Yuuko Ichihara 
Yuuko Ichihara, Goddess of Equivalent Exchange (The Dimensional Witch)

Intermediate Gods

    Ermes Costello 
Ermes Costello, The Goddess Who Hides Valuables In Her Chest (Hermes Costello, Prisoner Number FE40533)

Faust, Patron God of Those Who Dealt With the Devil (John Sabellicus, George Sabellicus, Doctor Faustus)
  • Intermediate God with Mephistopheles's help (and some versions where he rebels); Quasideity otherwise
  • Symbol: A metaphorically (or sometimes literally) contract with Mephistopheles
  • Alignment: True Neutral; can slip into Neutral Good or Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Dealing, Philosophy
  • Portfolio: Deal with the Devil led to having command of Mephistopheles and meets famous figures at the cost of his soul, Be Careful What You Wish For, has reasons changes with different versions, different fates according to how noble or selfish he is
  • Allies: The ascended deities from Puella Magi Madoka Magica who made a deal with Kyubey, Lord Byron, Alexander the Great
  • Enemies: The House of Demons (especially Satan), THE INCUBATORS, URSULA
  • Opposes: Ariel, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Conflicting Opinion: Faust Baldhead
  • Pities: Spawn, Mary Jane Watson
  • Ascended as his influence on the fictional world is so powerful that it transcends his deal with Mephistopheles and led to his ascension to the Pantheon.
    • Faust was at first confused about whether he is in hell or heaven. After being explained the purpose of the Pantheon, he happily took on the duty as he thinks any place is better than the places some of his versions ended up due to their deal of Mephistopheles.
  • His ascension caused an intense debate within the Pantheon as each deity drew up different interpretations of him. Some think he was driven to the bargain from love for suffering mankind, some think it was a cheap and easy way to rule over others. Faust doesn't comment or dispel these notions and states that the bargain is his and his story alone.
  • Is one of the few people who get along with Lord Byron due to one version of Faust being Byron's follower.
  • Avoids the House of Demons like a plague as he worries that Mephistopheles might ascend and/or the high priest of one of the temple there, which means the demon servant can come and collect his soul.
    • However he does make an exception to sometimes poke around the South Park edition of Satan's temple and mocks him. When asked, Faust just laughs and answers that Mephistopheles would see how pathetic that edition of Satan is and would rather release his soul rather than stepping 10 feet radius near that temple and admit to being the servant of that version. He earned Satan's ire for this remark.
  • Holds nothing but hatred for Kyubey despite (or more accurately because of) sharing the same temple with the Incubators as Kyubey is holding the position similar to Mephistopheles and then applies it to LITTLE GIRLS at their most vulnerable moments who are not aware of the full cost of their deal of becoming a Magical Girl (including becoming a Soul Jar, never having a normal life and ultimately ending up becoming the witches they fought against and hurt more people before being killed by other Magical Girls). Even he has standards. Because of this, he makes an alliance with the magical girls who made a deal with Kyubey by appearing in one of his nicer versions.
  • Both Faust and Alexander the Great are very excited to hear that the others have ascended into the Pantheon as they have encountered each other before.
  • Criticizes Ariel heavily as he thinks she was an idiot to give up her luxurious life in the sea with her loving family (not to mention the powers that a mermaid possesses in that universe) to go after and become a species that killed her own friends and mother and signed the contract with Ursula before reading it.
    • However, his relationship with Ursula is much tenser. While he admits that Ursula's plan for revenge against Triton is pretty smart, he points out that she actively sabotages Ariel and thus lost all claim to the trident and a legitimate victory.
    • Having said that, he has nothing but utmost pity for Spawn as he only made a deal with the force of hell to see his family one last time.
  • He also hates Spider-Man for the One More Day incident where he convinced his loving, supporting wife Mary Jane into making a deal with Mephisto just to avoid handling the death of his dying aunt while he kept sprouting his "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" motto. He even feels more sorry for Mary Jane as he hates how much she was derailed into being the one that made the deal with Mephisto just to make Peter looks better.
  • Has mixed feelings about Baldhead. While Faust sympathizes with his intention to atone himself, he thinks the doctor is too annoying to spend time with. Plus he got tired of having to clarify and redirect Japanese deities into his temple due to name confusion.
  • Captain America was at first wary of him due to the fact that he shares the same title Doctor Faustus as one of his mortal enemies. After being clarified, Steve still dislikes him as the Captain believes there is no justifiable reason to make a deal with a force of hell like Mephistopheles.
  • Admires Johnny Blaze for his ability to make multiple deals with Mephisto and managing to get permanent amazing powers and getting away with most of them. Faust is even more impressed that Johnny mostly made those deals out of selfless reasons. Johnny is just disturbed that someone would admire him for deals he made to punish those who deserve it.
  • Was incredibly smug when he heard that he is the owner and creator of Mephistopheles in one alternative universe.

    Lobotomy Corporation 
Lobotomy Corporation, Celestial Company of Exploiting the Supernatural for Resources (L Corp, LobCorp, Facility X-394 | X / A: Ayin, Abram, Abel, Adam, Kether, Asshole | Agents: Nuggets)
Left: an Agent, Right: two Clerks
A, the Manager
  • X/A is a Demigod, while the Agents can reach Intermediate God levels with the right E.G.O. Weapons and Suits. Clerks are Quasideities.
  • Symbol: Its logo
  • Theme Song: The Night Sky
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil as a whole (Agents are all over the spectrum, X can be Lawful Good except to Clerks, A was formerly Neutral Evil (with Good-aligned intentions), but is True Neutral now)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Companies, Energy, Eldritch
  • High Priest: Hannibal Chau
  • Followers: Anodyne
  • Once Contained: Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, Laetitia, the Knight of Despair, Nothing There
  • Allies: SCP Foundation
  • Hired Help: Black Ops and the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, the Etrian Odyssey Guilds
  • Enemies: The Reverberation Ensemble, Chaos Insurgency, the Sarkic Cults and the Church of the Broken God, the Angels of Paradiso, YHVH, Keel Lorenz, Queen Grimhilde, Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, HYDRA, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Homura Akemi, Big Brother, O'Brien, The Libertines
  • Special Relationship: Angela and Roland (particularly the former), The Sephirot/Patron Librarians
  • Opposed by: Global Occult Coalition, Doom Slayer, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Conflicting Opinion: the Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Lobotomy Corporation is a company in the City that is the innovative new field of energy production without environmental pollution. They use entities dubbed "Abnormalities" to generate "Enkephalin", which is then refined (otherwise, it's also a drug), stored in Enkephanlin Boxes, then sold. How do they do that? By making them feel good in any of the four methods: Instinct (nourishment and hygiene), Insight (improve living conditions), Attachment (social needs), and Repression (regulating undesirable needs and wants). While 100% environment-safe, the risk comes in the form of these Abnormalities breaching, and the need to suppress them to return them to their containment units.
    • The Corporation itself ascended after the Tree of Light is executed, and the Seed of Light is planted for the City, and the facility is shut down, with the Sefirot finally put to rest. Except Angela decides to turn rogue, snuff out that Seed, and turn the Crapsack World even worse as she builds a library for all of the City's knowledge.
    • It began when X/A found himself in his desk as always, confused as to why the company was still running after the whole Seed of Light plan was enacted. That's when a few new people entered his office and explained what happened. He and his company were transcended from their existence in the City to live new lives in the Pantheon. As for why his company was chosen, it was for the trope Monster Organ Trafficking, which is what L Corp essentially did with its contained Abnormalities. What's more, while up to 40 Employees have been put to rest in the Library only to then be awakened as Assistant Librarianswhy 40?, far less of them are needed compared to all the Agents L Corp needed at a time, so the remaining Agents and Clerks have joined X/A in ascension as well, free from what the City has now become thanks to Angela's sabotage.

  • Applies to the company as a whole:
    • On the first day of L Corp in the Pantheonnote , it had to do nothing for a while as the majority of its good Agents have become Assistant Librarians, while the remaining Agents' accumulated vacation time finally meant that they had something to spend it on and they had all wanted to spend it now, not to mention the whole rebellion between Angela and Binah against all the other Sephirah after the Seed of Light plan was enacted. X/A had to relent, and even if there were... ways to get more Employees, he also had to get oriented with life in the Pantheon, as well as having to re-evaluate how to handle things from now on since they're not providing for the City anymore. Additionally, despite being the same person, X and A are different entities in the Pantheon now, the latter being head of the Architecture Team, and the former as the corporation's Manager.
    • Because of the Agent shortage, L Corp had to start over from its Day 1 status (all but Malkuth's old department are closed and all Abnormalities except One Sin are sealed away) just to make sure the new Agents are properly trained to the level of the veterans L Corp still has, though every upgrade is still already unlocked. After less than 50 days however, L Corp has managed to reach full capacity once more thanks to other events that have occurred in the meantime.
    • Because all the Sephirah have departed from L Corp and have now become involved with the Library of Ruina, department heads were assigned out of the remaining veteran Agents in place of them, alongside AI simulacra of the Sephirah for announcement warnings. That said, given what the Bucket and the Well can do to the mind of a lesser being, as well as new policies for operating in the Pantheon, the new head of the Extraction Team was given orders to close up the Well in preparation for new extraction methods. Additional auxiliary branches were also founded all over the Pantheon for reasons below.
      • Speaking of the Library, Angela and Roland were surprised and concerned to see L Corp in the Pantheon already, and swiftly made their way in thanks to the former having been a part of the place. They confronted A in his office where he and X were guiding the Commander on how to do things. After setting aside the fact that X and A were separate entities, it was made clear that Angela does not forgive A for the very long list of sins that shaped her into who she is now and Roland thinks he's a complete wacko (not helped by only having heard of A through Angela herself), but for the most part they've decided to put the past behind them and go their separate ways.
    • Due to how perception works in the Pantheon, X/A and L Corp's employees look just like how they have been seen under the cognition filter set up by Angela. Despite their chibi appearance, they are as tall as the average human.
    • No, despite their name, they do not give out lobotomies. Confessionals with One Sin, however, are under consideration...
    • Lobotomy Corporation used to be a Wing (megapowerful corporation and governing authority) for the City. As a Wing, it possesses a Singularity, a form of technology that can blatantly violate the laws of physics. The one L Corp has was a means of physically manifesting the human mind, an abstract concept, and converting human emotions to physical energy (something the Library also does later on). That is how they're able to do the stuff mentioned just below this bullet.
    • Okay, so it turns out Lobotomy Corp's energy production method is a sham, and its true purpose was to create Abonrmalities rather than study them. Abnormalities are made when human beings have a wonder drug called Cogito injected into them, which are then set up for management and used to harvest Enkephalin. Lastly, abnormalities can be generated from any human being that has been sufficiently traumatized, and the source of Cogito (known as The River) flows under much of the world- Abnormalities with established lore outside the facility, such as the Black Forest trio, were borne directly from this river. However, the auxiliary branches were indeed actually supplying energy for the City..
      • Additionally, L Corp has something called Qliphoth Deterrence that suppresses Abnormalities during off-hours regardless of their threat level and whether or not they are breaching. This is why the day can be ended safely even with a lot of breaches, though this means they cannot be interacted with, and thus cannot be harvested for Enkephalin. That said, one cannot just turn it up and down however you like, which is why this only takes effect when X calls for an end of the day.
      • With the Seed of Light plan now out of the way, L Corp is now required to produce energy for real and distribute it across the Pantheon for profits. As for the Abnormalities, what they've unleashed is all they will have, and no more. X/A was also notified that any Abnormalities the Corporation has have the chance to "ascend" into deities themselves, just as the Bird trio, Laetitia, the Knight of Despair, and Nothing There have.
      • Upon hearing that some of their Abnormalities were already in the Pantheon, X/A wanted them contained as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the SCP Foundation had already been on the case, since they're doing the same thing L Corp does, but on a grander scale, and only focused on containment. And so a partnership was eventually formed.
      • This also got L Corp in the crosshairs of the Groups of Interest the SCP Foundation knew of, such as the Chaos Insurgency (who want to utilize their Abnormalities for their own ends), the Global Occult Coalition (who want all the Abnos destroyed and think L Corp is foolish to use them merely for "energy"), the Sarkic Cults (for their interest in Nothing There), and the Church of the Broken God (being opposed to the Sarkic Cults in every way, as well as believing L Corp probably has Pieces of their God in their collection).
    • New containment cells were made for the Abnormalities already in the Pantheon, though heavily modified from their usual forms back in L Corp to allow for more freedoms in accordance to Angela's wishes (though she understands the threat of Nothing There requiring its containment, and L Corp has chosen not to make its E.G.O. harvestable), as well as means to harvest their Enkephanlin, and Agents assigned to guard and work on them. It also opened the possibility of more E.G.O.s (Extermination of Geometrical Organ) being made available. Only L Corp knows how to get these manufactured, and there have since been calls to sell them to the weapons market.
      • For now, there are ways to get them at the containment cells for the ascended Abnormalities, but the "customer" has to do the work Agents do on them. Once enough PE-Boxes or NE-Boxes are acquired, the E.G.O. Weapon/Suit will manifest at a nearby designated container, after which it will be bequeathed to the customer. E.G.O. Gifts have a small chance of being automatically bequeathed by the Abnormality.
    • As with all things, it was eventually discovered that Enkephalin can be and has been used as a drug after a particularly loose-lipped Agent let that tidbit spill. And so despite its higher efficency as an energy source, Enkephalin eventually entered the narcotics market as well, and L Corp now has to deal with that too.
    • Speaking of SCP, L Corp has been considering making similar cells for the ascended SCPs. The Foundation wasn't amused with the proposition, but the Enkephalin Boxes were too good to pass up, so they agreed, but only for certain SCPs. A was also surprised that some SCPs are actually not contained (though only because it's impossible) but merely concealed from Muggles.
    • Back in their world, L Corp had a contract with Myo and the Rabbit Team for cleaning up messes the company may be unable to handle. In the Pantheon, they now have to forge new contracts, particularly from the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune, and they have to make sure that there will be as little Collateral Damage to property as possible (though thankfully these mercenaries usually know to avoid Agents and Clerks). That said, finding candidates available on-call is hard given there's just so much to do around the Pantheon and they might not always be available, not to mention finding mercenaries who aren't too immoral to be trusted, too moral to refuse work with L Corp, or too unprofessional to do the job efficiently. The Black Ops and the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit have also offered to get involved in cleaning up their messes, but X/A is skeptical of their capabilities given how easily they had their asses handed to them by a mere scientist in a HEV suit, though he has them on call in case of a non-WAW level Abnormality breach. The Etrain Odyssey guilds in particular have earned X/A 's interest however, given the F.O.E.s they've felled (and one Apocalypse Bird rampage they subdued on their own with a single party of 5).
      • That said, all hired parties have requested that L Corp actually call them at least once or twice per week, compared to the Rabbit Team merely being used as a costly Panic Button; they do need the "field" practice and the Enkephalin Boxes.
    • Because it turns out that Abonrmalities come from the collective subconscious of humankind, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are certainly not letting them exploit the Metaverse, and their allies are in full support of this. However, after hearing of A's Seed of Light project meant to cure "the disease of the mind" so prevalent within every human living in the City, their opinion on L Corp is considerably more conflicted, but the "Metaverse ban" still stands.
    • As a result of the Abnormalities they've worked with so far, the Company's opinions of certain denizens of the Pantheon vary, and their opinions on L Corp vary as well, usually in the negative.
      • Due to their experience with F-04-83 (Fairy Festival), there is wariness to be had to any fairies who show good will; from X/A's experience, there is often a catch.
      • Because of what O-01-45 (Plague Doctor) a.k.a. T-03-46 (WhiteNight) is capable of, L Corp is highly distrusting of angels, especially those of Paradiso and under YHVH. They also despise Keel Lorenz, especially due to his plans for Instrumentality involved white EVAs that reminded them of WhiteNight's Apostles (sans the Heretic). That said, they know that some angelic beings are trustworthy, as O-03-03 (One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds) can attest to.
      • An Agent is always assigned to keep an eye on the Little Match Girl as a precaution, due to their experiences with F-01-02 (Scorched Girl).
      • The House of Justice will not allow any cases of Boxed Crooks in L Corp or criminals being brought there for experiments, given that was how T-01-54 (Forsaken Murderer) came to be.
      • There have been considerations to help contain the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog given their experiences with D-02-107 (Ppodae), but the rabbit itself has proven more than they can regularly handle.
      • Are not disarmed by cute things, given their experiences with D-02-107 (Ppodae), T-01-68 (Funeral of the Dead Butterflies), T-05-41 (All-Around-Helper), etc.
      • Agents were also sent to keep watch on Dorothy Gale's friends, particularly the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, given their experiences with F-01-87 (Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom) and F-05-32 (Warm-Hearted Woodsman). They also despise any who collect organs from living beings for similar reasons.
      • Dislike Queen Grimhilde for the poison apple she make for Snow White, given it became an Abnormality (F-04-42) and they had to take care of it.
      • Are opposed by the Magical Girl Sisterhood for their containment of at least three (or four) of their kind, even if the MGs have lost their way. The Puella Magi in particular are cautious lest they be contained if they ever become Witches, and Homura occasionally takes time to attack L Corp Agents whenever they cross her path.
      • Something about Steven Universe's breakdown reminded them of O-01-04 (The Queen of Hatred) given his need to help and his near-loss of sanity when it felt like he no longer had a purpose. They don't intend to contain him of course; bringing down the collective wrath of the Crystal Gems and the Diamond Authority would not be productive for anybody.
      • Dislike Brown Note-capable entities given their experience with T-01-31 (The Silent Orchestra).
      • Distrust all slime entities given the dangers of D-03-109 (Melting Love).
    • Given how he's supposed to remain locked up as much as possible, L Corp is entertaining the idea of harvesting "Enkephalin" from Tirek if possible. Surprisingly, it was eventually approved, to the centaur's annoyance, since this means more guards. And they've been forewarned not to being their E.G.O.s in case he could drain them of magic, but one negligent Agent proved that E.G.O.s were not magical after Tirek tried feeding on one, only to get nothing from it. There is also extra security in case Chrysalis, Mard Geer, or Moro try to seize any Agents while visiting Tirek.
    • Due to his world's experiences with Argent Energy, and hearing that a different Wing from L Corp's home realm was also exploiting Hell, the Doom Slayer instantly distrusts L Corp by default, though will try not to kill Agents assisting in quelling demons.
      • Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse opposes L Corp as well, though not for moral reasons. Rather, it's because of his own colleagues' past experiences with actually harnessing the supernatural. The times his Nazi colleagues tried exploiting the supernatural in an attempt to win WWII in their favor, they all ended badly for them, with said colleagues being killed horribly, zombified, the monsters killing everything in sight, you name it. For pragmatic reasons, he'd call their efforts as "high risk, low reward", even after seeing how efficient Enkephalin is. Such an opinion is based on the understanding that cruelty isn't the point when it comes to the City and its Wings, and that L Corp's true ambitions went beyond than just mere profit and perpetuation of such cruelties.
    • Mike and Sully find this L Corp to be a horrifying reverse version of what Monsters Inc. does (harvesting from humans to power their society, and sending employees to scare children at night under Waternoose's time, but eventually changing to making them laugh under Sully's management).
    • Naturally, as a place full of Abnormalities (minus the already-ascended), L Corp has its share of enemies who would want to exploit the company.
      • Given their research and experiments, it's likely that certain individuals such as Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman would be interested in "obtaining" their secrets or samples of their research. Berkman himself had been tasked with investigating witches and magic back during his time working for the Germanian Empire, and was even able to help develop wonderweapons using Hexenium, or crystallized magical energy.
      • For that matter, Johann Schmidt and HYDRA, particularly their MCU variants, have also had quite the interest in the paranormal, supernatural, and myths. They went so far as to exploit one such myth, the Tesseract, and used it to develop methods into winning World War II in their favor. They'd very likely want to take advantage of L Corp as well should they get the chance.
    • The Bedtime Stories Crew is also interested in the company, though only as a topic for one of their videos, given their specialty in covering mysteries of different kinds.

  • Exclusive to X and/or A:
    • X is the newest hired manager of Lobotomy Corporation’s main branch. Despite being a newcomer to the company and overall being a featureless Blank Slate they seemed to have some sort of history with the corporation and its important staff. Indeed, it turns out X is actually the Corporation’s founder, A. A was a colleague to a researcher Carmen ran a laboratory outside of the City’s grounds. Following her attempted suicide, A took over their operations at which point things took a turn for the worst. Left with grief and the burden of shouldering her dream, A committed many atrocities in the name of furthering it at any and all costs. The "Groundhog Day" Loop was something he set up for the purpose of making peace with the people closest to him and completing the Seed of Light project. Unfortunately, the push to do so was heavily taxing and many versions of A either have broken down and given up or taken a life of their own, heavily deviating what they set out to accomplish in the first place. It was only through the efforts of X that their plan actually came to fruition until Angela entered the picture.
    • Both X and A have found it rather strange to be separate entities despite being the same person, but the explanation for why is this; A's memories are up to when he decided to wipe them to become X. X not only has all of A's memories, but those of his 50(+) days managing the corporation in accordance to the Seed of Light plan, not to mention potentially regarding his Agents' lives with more value than A ever would (even if some could be lost anyway).
    • Due to being a mostly blank slate, there is a connection between (Insert Name Here) and X, who has manifested as them before L Corp's ascension, despite X being a formery amnesiac A, who in turn is his own distinct person. And in anticipation of any more incidents that may distract X whenever someone decides to visit him personally, INH and the Commander have been invited on occasion for emergency substitute work. The Tactician has also been considered, but while keeping all Agents alive was possible, the inevitable deaths of Clerks is sometimes maddening to him/her (if s/he isn't giving them the "green unit" treatment), and s/he's not as adept to real-time management.
    • As the Manager, X has access to special bullets that he can authorize the use of in order to manage the day. They come in Healing, Shield, Slow, and Execution variants, though it only works within the facility, since they're shot through the facility's ceilings. Additionally, the TimeTrack2 protocol can no longer turn back time, only pause it or speed it up (in X's perspective). And given the likes of the Dahaka around, that's a good thing, because as a company, it cannot run.
    • Whenever the Goose shows up, he's immediately getting an Execution Bullet. X is not taking chances, Not after last time.
    • Because of everything he's done in order to accomplish his plans, A does not go out much and rarely leaves his department. All the sins he's committed to achieve his goals (and they are quite innumerable) would certainly earn him a lot of enemies, and it would be... well, to call it very inconvenient for him (and any escorts he takes) would be the understatement of the century. And if everything came to the public, he feels the entire company would be utterly vaporized just for his sins alone and he would not be able to excuse them even with his then-extremely broken state of mind. As for what those sins are, they are as follows:
      • It started with Enoch, a child that he and his old partner Carmen picked from the outskirts. When the boy wanted to be offed within Carmen's laboratory, and volunteered for her Sephirah experiment despite her objection, A gave the go-ahead, and Enoch's partner Lisa cursed Carmen for it. Because of that guilt, Carmen offed herself by slitting her wrists in a bathtub, and A extracted her brain stem and placed it in a giant jar while she was still conscious and used her brain mapping to create Angela, part of this due to the facility wanted to use her for Cogito anyway. And things became worse as he took full control of the facility; one of his employees, Elijah took a dose of Cogito that wasn't even ready for human use as an unauthorized experiment, and he didn't bother batting an eye as she lay on the ground suffering from a slow and painful death. This was also his exact reaction when Gabriel became insane and clawed himself to death after seeing Elijah's fate.
      • Next up, Giovanni, one of Carmen's friends, came to L Corp in hopes of reviving Carmen by participating in A's Cogito experiments, and A blatantly lied to him that the Cogito experiments could revive Carmen (an impossible fate) and overdosed him to death with the Cogito. He also probably ordered Angela to kill Benjamin (his best friend) for him as a part of his 50-day loop playbooks that he repeats until he can complete Carmen's goal..
      • Lastly, there's his treatment of Angela herself, who he barely even treated as if she was a person and largely ignored her. The only time A ever interacted with Angela in earnest is when his memories were washed in the sands of time and he was assuming the identity of X, and by then he already instructed Angela to enable the endless amount of atrocities occurring in the company for him. He also used an unknown tech to make sure she never forgets anything she sees and make sure she suffers as much as possible from perceiving time 100 times slower in a facility where time is already flowing slower than usual. He doesn't even bother giving her a proper conclusion by the end of the loop, giving her enough fuel to start a Phlebotinum Rebellion against him for earnest, leading to the events of Library of Ruina.
      • Library of Ruina then reveals several more skeletons in his closet such as the fact that the "Welfare Team Massacre" that Angela instigated was a management order by A, proving he has gone so far off that he was willing to order his right-hand to deliberately release a dangerous Abnormality for more energy, even when deaths are in an all time low. And the fact that his not acknowledging Angela as an individual as he implments her in his enactment of Carmen's plans, as well as the fact that Angela was in fact a nice girl before all the loops he put her through made her who she is presently.
      • Additionally, it turns out that his Seed of Light plan would've been a fruitless endeavor anyway had Angela not decided to intervene, for even if the Seed of Light had gone off without a hitch then, while it would be an inconvenience to The Head for a while, it's effects would ultimately have been integrated into the City's cycle, ultimately changing nothing (or even causing mass, unbridled chaos instead of anything he envisioned, for the resultant sheer number of Distortions wrecking through the City would easily turn into mass destruction, not helping that every other person in the City can easily Distort by the slightest push of a button). This revelation has prompted A into lessening his loathing for Angela somewhat.
    • As someone who's done countless atrocities in the name of a Good goal, he's gotten the attention of similar (or Not So Similar) folks and those who judge such. As far as everyone's concerned, there are three kinds of those people; those who merely use it as an excuse, those who are delusional in that belief, and those who truly believe in that cause.
      • As a case of the second, The Maker/Earth-1610 Reed Richards says he wants to make the world a better place, but it's all out of ego. He's very much a villain and the most dangerous in the Marvel multiverse, but he could potentially be a great help to L Corp if he weren't so egotistical. Still, no plans are made to meet him due to his infamy.
      • A despises Lex Luthor for using the "greater good" as an excuse for his vendetta against Superman and all his other atrocities. The fact that he and the Maker are allies doesn't help.

  • Exclusive to the Agents and Clerks:
    • The employees of Lobotomy Corporation are, of course, the workforce of the company. As L Corp is a Wing, they "feathers" that make up that appendage. The employees are divided into two types: Agents and Clerks. Agents are the employees that directly work with the many Abnormalities contained in the facility’s many departments. They are also the line of defense should any unfortunate situation present itself be it an Abnormality breaching containment, an Ordeal assaulting the facility, and/or one of their own having a mental breakdown. Clerks, meanwhile, are employees who handle the more mundane side of work within the facility. Unlike the Agents, who are able to arm themselves with E.G.O., Clerks have little if at all combat capabilities and are otherwise dead weight should a situation become dangerous.
    • In case you're wondering where the Agents bunked in after work hours, the company has facilities to take care of all living needs. It’s like a dorm. That continues even now in the Pantheon, though with much better amenities.
    • As for how they're hired to L Corp in the first place, it's a matter of "trauma" (specs, background, or gender do not matter); the kind of reaction they show when coming into contact with abnormalities (shaking in fear or causing other employees to panic) is also important. All that is known is that “there is a process to filter out the people they need”, and the most important out of that would be if the individual has his/her own “trauma”.
      • Despite that, Ted the Generic Guy has found himself employed in L Corp a few times despite lacking much "trauma" due to being, well, generic. He only makes it as a Clerk, and usually doesn't last long.
    • Given what's revealed about Agents by Hokma (can be revived by the Records Department clean of memories of their work in the company), L Corp can theoretically have thousands of Agents all originally from their home dimension without recruiting from there in order to maintain world order. And with the company now having to reach all over the Pantheon, they are easily one of the most numerable deity collecitves that isn't an army. And given their equipment, they can feasibly be an army in their own right if they were weren't busy suppressing Abnormalities. For now, the maxmimum number of Agents awakened is twice the maximum number able to work in the main company itself (50 x 2 is 100) plus the necessary minimum number of Agents needed to watch over each Abnormality that's already ascended (which can easily change when more Abnormalities ascend). As for why twice, it's to account for shifts, off days, sick days, worker union standards, and times when Agents have to do things for L Corp that aren't Abnormality Suppressions.
    • Agents are "calculated" by four Virtues: Fortitude (better stamina), Prudence (better mental strength), Temperance (success in doing work), and Justice (attack and movement speed). They improve these by working on Abnromalities. As one can see from what the Agents wear and wield and how they look, it's because of their E.G.O. (Extermination of Geometrical Organ) Weapons and Suits. They are forged using "archetypes" extracted from Abnormalities, which is done with enough observation. Unlike every other deity in the Pantheon, Agents keep all their E.G.O.s (Weapons, Suits, and Gifts) even after death, which is a sort-of good thing, as their E.G.O.s are heavily coveted by numerous parties who won't hesitate to commit murder. For the record, wing E.G.O.s do not enable Agents to fly.
    • Due to the multitude of E.G.O. weapons they wield, Agents occasionally get assigned to various deities in the House of Weapons, or Byleth Eisner (when it's sword, axes, spears, or gauntlets). While E.G.O.s weapons render their holders Instant Experts in their use, genuine experience with the weapon type would grant better power from the E.G.O. Weapon, as was the case with Gebura.
    • Due to how horrible life was in the City and its surrounding areas before they were hired by L Corp, they find the Pantheon to be a much better place, despite its own dangers, and are genrally inclined to oppose any who would bring oppression given that's what they managed to escape from by ascending, such as Big Brother, O’Brien, and The Libertines.
    • Given that at least some of them have been subject to them prior to employment, and due to having faced them as Ordeals, they instantly oppose Sweepers at every turn and (if strong enough) won't hesitate to suppress them at every turn when possible.
    • There have been talks of using robots to work with Abnormalities in place of employees, but that's now an issue as well since machines are people too in the Pantheon. That said, Abnormalities can create more energy through killing people and not robots, so that plan is out the window already. And since Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon anyway...
    • Agents' usual tactic for suppression is to "deathball" the target by rushing at it like a mob and swinging/firing their weapons until it dies. This has served them well against Abnormalities, but there are tougher and smarter foes in the Pantheon, and so better methods have to be sought out in terms of strategies.

Lesser Gods

    Nico Goldstein 
Nicoletta "Nico" Goldstein, Goddess of No-Discount Policies Regardless of Customer's Fame (God's Gift to Gunsmithin', The Artisan of Arms)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Van (which also serves as her mobile temple/shop)
  • Leitmotif: Any Special Orders? (aka Nico's Shop)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Bi and Brown, Adorkable, Badass Driver Known For Driving Like Crazy, Badass Normal, Funetik Aksent, Genki Girl, Intrepid Merchant, Southern-Fried Genius, Womanchild, Wrench Wench
  • Domains: Weapons Creation, Devil Hunting
  • Notable Customers Include: Teams RWBY and JNPR, Qrow Branwen, The Winchester Brothers, Alucard (Hellsing), Seras Victoria, Irene Lew, Jacqui Briggs, Cassie Cage, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Rachel Summers/White Phoenix, Nathan Summers/Cable, Neena Thurman/Domino, Hellboy
  • Allies: Nero, Lady, Dante Sparda, Trish, Sparda, Mei-Ling Zhou
  • Friendly Merchants: The Merchant, Rodin, Marcus Kincaid, Drebin 893
  • On speaking terms with: Kat (DmC)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Billy Kane, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Opposes: Vergil Sparda
  • Exactly how did Nicoletta Goldstein celebrate her ascension into the Pantheon? Easy. By tearing up the streets of the Pantheon inside her van (and squashing several demonic mooks underneath her tires in the process) in search for Dante and/or Nero.
    Nico: Sup.
    Nero: (barely winded) Welcome to the Pantheon, Nico.
  • Nico's father was Agnus, the Order of the Sword's resident one-eyed alchemist. The same guy that Nero killed some years earlier. However, Agnus bailed on Nico as a child, leading her to be taken in by the Goldsteins. Lucky for Nero, because Nico doesn't hold a grudge towards him for killing her deadbeat dad. His research, however, was pretty instrumental when it came down to her job as a "weapons artist".
  • Nico's ascension did not go unnoticed by Rodin and The Merchant, who were not too keen on having another weapons merchant in the Pantheon. However, Nico saw it as a golden opportunity for herself, Rodin, and the Merchant to join forces. After Nico pitched her offer, both Rodin and the Merchant saw that the offer does have merit, and agreed. Soon, Drebin and Marcus Kincaid would be drawn into the fold.
  • Don't ask Nico for discounts, hence her title. So much so that she has placed a notice on the back window of her van: IN GOD WE TRUST, EVERYONE ELSE PAYS FULL PRICE. But as Dante and Nero can attest, Nico can produce results.
    • Dante's signature firearms, Ebony and Ivory? Nico's grandma crafted them. Nico herself created Nero's signature blade, Red Queen. So yeah, her credentials speak for herself. Both Mega Man and Mega Man X were surprised to find out that Nico even crafted an Arm Blaster for Nero when he lost his arm. Even more shocking was that it works.
  • Cassandra Cage is looking to enchant her dual handguns for the upcoming conflict against Kronika. Jacqui Briggs is planning the same thing. Fortunately, money is no issue for Cassie, as her rich daddy promised to foot the bill.
    • Speaking of the Briggs, not only is Nico interested in Jax's bionic implants, but Special Forces tech in general. Unfortunately, General Blade is being miserly with the tech, stating that unless Nico works at a discount, then she won't get her hands on the tech.
  • In an attempt for her demons to grow more powerful, Mother Harlot had ordered the Fiends, Alice, and Beelzebub to kidnap not only Dante and Nero but also Nico herself, as their blood and life force would make the Harlot's demons even stronger. That plan was thwarted when Vergil, of all people, rescued Nico and his kin. As the Sons of Sparda still have a score to settle, Mother Harlot's schemes will have to wait.
    • As for Nico's own opinion of Vergil… he killed her grandmother years ago, and in his resurgence, he ripped her friend's arm off, said friend being his own son.
  • Team RWBY and Team JNPR was turned on to Nico thanks to Ruby and Yang's uncle, Qrow Branwen. While a bit annoyed that they have to pay full price, Nico's work definitely makes up for it. On her end, Nico admires the creativity in their weapons.
  • Likes to spend her time either at the House of Weapons or visiting the Pantheon's Armory, taking notes or doing research on the weapons.
  • Nico's meeting with Mei-Ling Zhou was clearly by chance. As it turns out, both the weapons dealer and the good doctor are strangely fluent in Japanese. Dr. Zhou needed repairs for her freeze gun, and money was no concern. Nico was more than happy to tinker with Mei-Ling's freeze gun (and take her cash), but also struck up a friendship with Overwatch's resident climatologist.
  • If you call Nico, be prepared to dodge her van. Doesn't matter where you are, Nico will show up, come hell or high water. The Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, learned this the hard way when Nico literally dropped in on them, flattening a demon in the process, and scaring the crap out of both men. At least she dropped on the demon and not on their beloved Impala.
  • Was present when Dante and Vergil introduced everyone to Sparda, and while she showed great admiration for the Legendary Dark Knight she was able to keep it measured compared to how she fangirled over Dante. For his part, Sparda found her intriguing for her demonsmithing, and proceeded to negotiate a possible future purchase. She drove a steep price as usual, but he actually didn't mind.
  • "I am truly gifted. It's a work of art!"

    The Piglins 
The Piglins, The Gods who Use Gifts As Currency (Pigmen)
As a Zombie Piglin
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A Bar of Gold
  • Theme Song: Pigstep
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral toward people wearing gold), True Neutral as Zombie Piglins
  • Portifolio: Absolutely love Gold, Humanoid Pig People, Can Be Distracted By Gold, A Race of Intelligent Pig People, Will Bail Fights if Alone, Attack In Packs
  • Allies: Herobrine, Napoleon, Ganondorf
  • Enemies: Steve and Alex, Smaug, Scrooge McDuck, Fafnir, Ultra Greed, Link
  • Oppose: Any undead, such as Dr. Zomboss
  • Regularly Trade With: Wario
  • The Nether is home to many dangerous creatures, some deadlier than others. However, the most intelligent of the bunch is probably the Piglins, a race of Pig People who hunt down Hoglins and reside in certain biomes. Their most notable trait is their obsession with gold, something that can be used against them in a variety of ways. However, they can actually be traded with using Gold Bars, where they'll randomly drop a certain item, from useless coal to essential Eyes of Ender. The uniqueness of their trading methods, helped by the varying usefulness of gold back in Minecraft, got them into the pantheon, upon which they immediately raided a bank in search of gold.
    • It should be noted that Piglins existed in Minecraft long before the Nether Overhaul update, in the form of the more docile Zombie Piglin, back then known as "Zombie Pigmen". They roamed The Nether in crowds, basically standing around and doing nothing, and being completely harmless to anyone passing by. Unless you hit them. When that happens, literally every single Zombie Piglin in the area will start attacking the assaulter, more often or not killing them via overwhelming them. They were originally the only Pig-related mob in The Nether until their alive counterparts were introduced, though even then Zombie Piglins are still a common sight.
  • Neither Steve/Alex nor the Piglins were thrilled to see each other in the Pantheon, seeing as, for the latter, they're constantly scammed by the duo out of good equipment, and for the former, having been killed by them and dropping all their loot in the Nether. That being said, a Piglin can still be pacified by simply wearing a single piece of Gold armor, and Steve and Alex are still no exception, so it goes to show that they never really learn from their mistakes.
  • If anyone's wondering who exactly got them ascended in the first place, look no further than Herobrine, Minecraft's notorious Creepypasta who regularly stirs up trouble for Steve/Alex, with the ascension no doubt another attempt at trolling the two. That said, it's shown that the Piglins are strangely close with Herobrine, to the point where they're the closest things he has to consistant allies. Many web-savvy gods pointed fingers at the web series Fallen Kingdom, seeing how Herobrine and Piglins (Who were still just Zombie Pigmen at that point) were closely connected in the work, which latter works followed suit. Either way, if you see Herobrine, expect a Piglin or two to accompany him.
  • The Nether, as dangerous as it is, is home to some valuable loot, ranging from fire rods that can help make a portal to The End, to skulls that can be used to summon The Wither, glowing stones that make nice decorations, Netherite, the only mineral stronger and rarer than Diamonds, and of course, a lot of gold. Naturally, many adventurous gods have braved The Nether to collect its riches. Humorously, their main focus is not actually the treasures, but rather a music disk that plays the chosen theme of the Piglins, Pigstep. When asked, they usually respond with simply, "Why not, it slaps."
  • Their obsession with gold has naturally landed them in various different scenarios, mostly involving trying to steal some for themselves:
    • One particularly ambitious Piglin organized a raid on Smaug, a dragon who's notorious for hoarding loads of treasure, most of which is, you guessed it, gold. It was actually going pretty well until one of them stubbed their toe and started squealing in pain, alerting Smaug to their presence. As a response, he promptly attacked their temple, resulting in a high number of casualties, and while they were eventually able to get rid of him, none of them are going to let the Piglin who organized the whole thing live it down anytime soon.
    • Another, more embarrassing raid occurred when they found out about Scrooge McDuck, who has a whole building dedicated to storing all of his money. Unlike the Smaug raid, which at least started smoothly, this one basically started bad and only got worse, with the Piglins having to deal with not only the incredibly tight security system but eventually Scrooge himself, who delivered an utter Curb-Stomp Battle before sending the group running for the hills. They've had a grudge towards the duck ever since.
    • They themselves have been victims of a raid in the form of Fafnir, a dwarf who's even more obsessed with gold. He struck without warning one day, stealing hoards of gold and slaying any Piglin that tried to stop him, eventually getting away with about half of it. It took quite a while for them to regain enough gold to replace what was stolen.
  • They absolutely despise any and all undead, mostly due to them fearing turning into their zombie counterparts, which they imply is not a pleasant experience. For the most part, this simply just means that they'll run from any undead creature (Zombie Piglins included), but if the creature does get a hit in, they won't hesitate to fight back.
    • The most notable of this phobia is Dr. Zomboss, who has already captured some of their zombie counterparts and used them for his army. While the fact that they only attack when provoked is a bit annoying, the plants just attack zombies on sight, so he can work around that. The Piglins, finding that basically enslaving their dead comrades is too cruel even for them, viciously oppose him, even willingly helping the plants on occasion.
    • Ironically, thanks to their "only attack when provoked" quirk, the zombie versions are actually friendlier than the regular versions. The House of the Undead is quite amused by this little fact, and as such, a few Zombie Piglins can be seen roaming there. Again, just don't attack any of them, especially in a group.
  • Unfortunately, they have found a new ally in the form of Napoleon, a pig who turned his own farm into a dystopia and started acting like the humans he claimed to actively oppose. Seeing great potential in them, as well as being amused at the idea of giant humanoid pigs, he regularly bribes the Pigs with gold to do his dirty work. The Piglins themselves are a bit off-put by Napoleon's casual hypocrisy, with him hiring them with money only enforcing it more, but as long as they get gold, they don't mind doing his dirty work.
    • The same goes for Ganondorf, who's had experience with having pig monsters as servants, sometimes having been a beastly boar himself. Humorously, while a good chunk of them are doing it for, you guessed it, gold, some are actually working for him simply because he promised them more favorable living conditions, which, considering the condition of The Nether, is somewhat understandable. Either way, this also earned them an enemy from Link via association.
  • Their biggest weakness is probably the fact that if one were to drop any kind of gold, they'll always stop and go towards it to inspect it. This caused what was quite possibly the most embarrassing defeat when they were raiding Ultra Greed's temple, having heard that one could earn quite a bit of cash from fighting it. Literally 15 seconds in, Ultra Greed dropped a bunch of explosive coins, causing the attacking Piglins to inspect them. Cue mass pig slaughter. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the organizer was the same one as the Smaug incident.
  • One would assume that Wario would raid The Nether and slaughter a bunch of Piglins like the other entries mention, right? Actually, Wario found that simply trading with them was a much less troublesome way of getting some good loot, which he proceeds to sell to someone else. The fact that it's only one measly Gold Bar helps, as Wario has plenty of those just lying around, even joking that Piglins are great house cleaners.
  • In case you couldn't tell by now, they love gold a lot.

    Recette Lemongrass 
Recette Lemongrass, Goddess of Dungeon-Based Economy (The Moe Capitalist, Merchant of the Gods)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Recettear Store Sign
  • Theme Music: "Open Shop", "Closed Shop"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Young Entrepreneurs, Getting The Customer Whatever They Need, Dungeon Crawling For Loot, Loyal Mercenar- err, Friends, Cheerfully Overcoming Life's Problems, Misunderstandings That Start Bad Religions, Friendship And Forgiveness, Well-Decorated Buildings, Moe Characters, Catch Phrases (Capitalism, ho! Yayifications! Oh, carp!), What the heckles?!
  • Domains: Commerce, Adventure, Wealth, Charm, Friendship, Endurance
  • Herald: Tear (her fairy Advisor)
  • Followers: Hachi, Ramus, Will of Rynoka Village
  • Allies: Anna (Fire Emblem), The Merchant, Konata Izumi, Nanoha Takamachi, Luna Lovegood, the entire House of Weapons, Leorio Paradinight
  • Although Recette began with barely a penny to her name and a crippling debt hanging over her head, she turned her house into an item shop and not only paid the debt, but also hired her Fairy Companion and former loan shark Tear on as an accountant, amassed a small army of loyal friends who also double as her dungeon-delving muscle, and built up a wealth that earned her the ownership of an item shop on prime real estate in the Trope Pantheon. She now spends her days selling artifacts of great power to deities and adventurous mortals, making new friends, and building up an inventory that will soon be large enough to warp time and space in her stock rooms.
  • Recette's rapid climb from obscurity to internet fame almost entirely through word-of-mouth advertising provided Konata Izumi, Goddess of Viral Marketing, the last bit of power necessary to secure her rise from demigoddess to true divinity. As such, the two became immediate friends. Lately, Konata has been spotted hanging around Recette's shop while developing a line of Trope-tan collectibles.
  • Seeing as Recette earned the friendship of half her mercenary crew by cheerfully beating them in the face, Recette also made immediate friends with Nanoha Takamichi. As soon as they met, half the Pantheon was heard groaning and saying, "Not another one!"
  • Due to her tendency to put the right information together into the most mind-boggling conclusion possible, Recette has also found a kindred spirit in Luna Lovegood and is being considered for a seat on the Council of Cloudcookooland. However, since Recette puts all her energy into her item shop, any seat awarded to her would likely would be little more than honorary.
  • Rumor has it that a formerly missing Maximum Security Artifact was discovered on her store shelves, apparently pawned off to her by a mysterious stranger who claimed it was a family heirloom. The SCP Foundation eventually persuaded her to release it into their custody, but only after she managed to convince them to pay an obscene amount of money for it.
  • Kratos once challenged Recette to a fight, choosing the website GameFAQs as a venue in the hope that he would have an advantage. Kratos inevitably won, but Recette's followers and allies turned up to support her, which resulted in Recette putting up much more of a fight than Kratos had anticipated. This incident resulted in rumours that Kratos was falling victim to The Worf Effect. Kratos strenuously denies the rumours, and brutally murders anyone who brings them up within earshot of him.
  • Formed an alliance of convenience with Flynn, who keeps her shop well stocked with the "relics" he gathers here and there. While she appreciates the influx of rare stuff, and truly enjoys the fact she hasn't been robbed ONCE since Flynn became a regular customer, Recette is somewhat leery of him - Flynn prefers fixed rates for the items he sells, and with his skill and demons, she's in no position to haggle with him.
    • However, after making friends with one Leorio who came to her defense in regards to these price negotiations, even with the fact that the samurai is leagues stronger than the haggler, Flynn has come to begrudgingly respect him and occasionally cooperates on the matter.

    Tom Nook 
Tom Nook, Divine Buyer of Shop Fodder (Tanukichi)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bag of money
  • Theme Songs: Nook's Cranny; Nook 'n' Go; Nookway; Nookington's
  • Alignment: True Neutral bordering on Good (especially in New Horizons)
  • Portfolio: Tanuki, Those Who Buy Anything and Sell Almost Everything, Speaking Simlish
  • Domains: Commerce, Tanuki
  • Heralds: Timmy & Tommy
  • Allies: Villager, K.K. Slider, Isabelle, Mr. Resetti, Recette Lemongrass, Mario, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Anna (FE), The Kecleon Brothers
  • Rivals: Nigel West Dickens
  • Enemies: any Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • Aside from being a tanuki, this shopkeeper is quite unusual compared to a typical one. Whenever a new villager moves in, Tom Nook will help them get acquainted to their new home and then give them a few jobs to take care of. After the jobs are finished, Nook will serve as the source of income for the villager and through his shop, they can buy things using money and sell things to Nook for some money. He's willing to buy anything, be it seashells, produce, fish, fossils, and home decorations, no matter how weird or useless that item may be.
  • When Tom Nook first arrived in the Pantheon, he established a shop that was quite quaint. As time went by and he managed to get more customers, business grew and with that his store managed to expand. As it stands, Nook has a large store that sells a wide variety of items and is popular amongst deities not only because of that, but also of him buying unusual items from anyone in exchange for money.
    • However, Nook's success story didn't arrive that easily. Based on a few sources, Nook arrived at a large city in the hopes of making it big, though that caused a falling out with a former friend of his. During that time, a number of bad things happened to him and as a result, he's become a bit jaded and can get a bit difficult to deal with according to some. Nevertheless, he's still a relatively well-meaning guy.
  • If Nook isn't in his shop, then Timmy & Tommy will be there instead, taking over shopkeeping duties while Nook goes around selling house upgrades for those that are interested in such. He used to be a tad pushy about house upgrades, but for now he's been lenient on when the upgrade recommendations should happen towards his customers.
  • Nook isn't a direct participant of the Smash tournament, but he is known to watch these battles every now and then, especially if one takes place in the Animal Crossing town. If the Villager gets a chance to unleash a powerful attack, Nook, alongside Tommy & Timmy, will show up and help the Villager build an exploding house on anyone unlucky to get close by.
  • Exactly what his relation is with Timmy & Tommy has been a subject of some discussion, even though Nook himself says that they're not related in a familial sense. Some think that Timmy & Tommy are Nook's nephews, but others believe that the twins were orphans that were taken in by Nook. The House of Family is usually the one to bring up this topic.
  • A highly contested rumor about him is that he is much less benevolent than he appears to be, given that his shop is the only major retail store in that little village he resides in (excluding fashion stores). Among the rumors include Nook being something of a slum lord or even a mafia boss. All things considered, Chuggaaconroy is someone who believes that Tom Nook isn't evil and that he tries to do his best at his actual job, with it simply going overboard. At the very least, he doesn't try to forcefully put people in debt once they have paid them anymore.
  • Tom Nook is in what could be considered a professional partnership with Mamizou Futatsuiwa. The exact details about it aren't known, including whoever is in more control of it.
    • Given the whole Tanuki thing (though Nook has sometimes been classified as a raccoon), Nook became friends with Mario, who has been able to use a Super Leaf or Tanuki Suit in his adventures. That said, Nook doesn't want to talk about what happened when he managed to find a Super Leaf.
  • He has struck up an alliance with other shopkeepers such as Anna, the Kecleon Brothers, and Recette Lemongrass. It is considered to be one of the more lucrative partnerships of the Pantheon, thanks to the group's broadness on their monetary policies.
    • Nigel West Dickens has proven to be a source of ire for Nook, mostly due to the former's business not being entirely legitimate. The selling methods of N.W.D. seem to bring to mind Crazy Redd, of whom the fox served as a business rival for Nook.
    • The tanuki was initially a bit hesitant about Crazy Dave, given the latter's insanity and thinking that he might be another business rival. Thankfully, Dave had good intentions (even if he's possibly less intelligible than Crazy Redd) and the two are on amicable terms with each other.
  • Harbors plenty of animosity towards many of the more corrupt businesspeople within the Pantheon, as they remind Nook of similar ones who derailed his dream to become successful in that big city. Of course, Nook learned that these corrupt businesspeople are potentially more aggressive and heartless than the ones Nook met in the big city.
  • Every now and then, he can be seen in the House of Food buying coffee for some deities (typically those who have a benevolent attitude), as well as Timmy & Tommy since he appreciates the hard work that they contribute. Nook can sometimes be seen talking to deities who have an affinity for coffee and in turn, these deities appreciate Nook's coffee runs.
  • Apparently, Nook can speak a language called Racoonish and even knows an old song from that language. For others, the song just comes off as complete nonsense and attempts to translate it to an easier-to-understand language have been slow thus far.


    Captain Alex 
"Who Killed Captain Alex is the deity!"

Captain Alex, God of Ultra Low-Budgets
"Who Killed Captain Alex, the Ugandan first action-packed TV Tropes Pantheon deity and the first VJ in English!"

    The Merchant 

The Merchant, The God of Buying Anything (Weapons Merchant, Pirate-Merchant Guy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Weapons
  • Theme Song(s): Serenity (Remake vers.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Buys and Sells everything, Inexplicably Awesome, Just known as The Merchant
  • Domains: Weaponry, Strangers, Commerce
  • Herald: The Duke
  • Allies: Leon S. Kennedy, Recette Lemongrass, Ada Wong, Anna, Crazy Dave, The Kecleon Brothers, The Temmies, Gust, The Mysterious Stranger
  • Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Roman Torchwick, Sundowner
  • Enemies: Anyone who shoots him
  • A mysterious Merchant one day appeared in the pantheon, no explanation about his presence nor the reason why he was around in the first place but just decided to settle down a shop. Only Leon managed to recognize him since he bought weapons from him during his mission on Spain and eventually the Merchant was given a temple, given his tendency to buy almost anything.
  • He is willing to make deals with anyone and as his title would indicate, he is willing to buy anything. Although he primarely sells guns and weaponry that no one know where he gets it from.
  • Marcus Kincaid saw him as a potential threat in the Weapon market since he does sell his weapon at a reasonable price. Although the merchant is willing to do business with him if he wants to.
    • He also wanted to be recruited by both Sundowner and Roman Torchwick but he turned the offer down saying he works on his own.
  • One quick way of pissing him off is to shoot him. Sure you will kill him, but then he will stop selling you his stuff for being mean to him.
  • Got to meet numerous Merchants and Vendors that were already present in the pantheon, like Anna, Crazy Dave or Recette Lemongrass. He stands out among them given his more sinister looks, but he overall is a nice guy when it comes to business. He also is willing to buy anything from his merchant partners, prompting them to wonder where he gets all the money to buy almost everything he wants.
  • People believe that he is actually a Ganado or infected with some kind of disease but he hardly acts like he has one. Though he does visit the House of Health and Diseases for a check-up from time to time.
  • People adore his accent and constantly quote him. He also considered a badass given how he could always be ahead of Leon even when the latter was fighting a horde of Ganados.
  • Used to be a follower of The Mysterious Stranger. It's said that the stranger himself arranged his ascension but nobody is sure about it.
  • Holds a shooting range in the House of Weapons and nobody sure what's the purpose of it other than trying your aim. He will reward you with Bottle Caps trophies if you shoot out a certain amount.
  • Said to have access to every single weapon imaginable, but the Court of Gods have cut down the number to just regular firearms. He is not mad about it though.
    • He is also able to set up a shop at almost anywhere in the pantheon even against all odds. Even at the Main House of all places, but the residents allow him anyway.
  • There was one time where he messed up his schedule and it resulted in a big gunfight between the likes of The Punisher, Red Hood, Deathstroke and Deadpool. Now he is much more careful with his arrangements.
  • A supposed acquaintance of his known as The Duke who shares his sense of mercantilism would later go on to help Ethan Winters rescue his daughter.

Come back any time.

Moneybags, God of Progress-Barring Merchants