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Due to some issues with living space, and the recent foundation of the Canines Sub-House, the Court of the Gods has granted the feline deities' request to be relocated from Mammals to a Sub-House of their own. Herein lie all deities who represent anything under the classification of "Felidae". Any feline deity with a non-cat title is free to visit whenever they want, as are those who like cats a lot such as H.P. Lovecraft and Glenn Quagmirenote .


Unsurprisingly they don't appreciate any canine deity visiting, though some are more tolerant of dogs than others. We also advise rodent deities to avoid visiting for obvious reasons. Catnip has been banned from this house, but that doesn't stop people from trying to anyway.

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Greater Gods

Bastet, Goddess of Feline Superiority (Bast, Baast, Ubaste, Baaset, Goddess of Cats and Protection, Eye of Ra, The Cat Of Ra, Muffin, Aunt Kitty, Kitty, The Sly Enchantress)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The sistrum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cats Are Superior, Cat Girl (THE Cat Girl), Good-Looking Goddess, Goddess of Love, Sex, The Sun and More, Beware the Nice Ones, Kind Hearted Cat Lover, She Kicked Apophis' Ass!, The Beastmaster
  • Domains: Cats, Protection, War, Joy, Family, Music, Dance
  • Followers: Solembum
  • Allies: Anubis (her consort), Ra (her father), Geb, Neith, Osiris, Aphrodite, The Protectors of Family, Anakaris, Yami Yugi, The Boss, Retsu Unohana, Erin Yagokoro, Litchi Faye Ling, Artemis
    • Partner: Meowth
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Beerus, Mewtwo
  • On good terms with: Every single feline deity in the pantheon, particularly Simba, Aslan and Ichigo Momomiya. This includes half-feline people like Rutile. Also, the Houses of Music and Health and Diseases
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Glenn Quagmire
  • Enemies: Apophis, Orochi (Senran Kagura), Slaanesh, the Child Abuse Supporters, the GUAD in general, Twitch, YHVH, Nurgle, Typhus, Pestilence the Horseman, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, Zs'skayr, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Opposes: Ramses, Moses
  • Opposed by: Nibbler, many canine deities
  • In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred. Essential in eliminating pests, it would be as early as the 2nd Dynasty a deity would rise to represent them. Daughter of Ra, Bastet is the goddess of war, love, the sun and sensuality. Protector of the home and family, she proved a very popular goddess and it would only be a matter of time until the Trope Pantheon noted. Now she serves a new divine role; that of embodying the mightiness of cats.
  • Just like every other Egyptian deity, she despises YHVH for His oppression of foreign pantheons like her own. And just like them, she believes Ramses is going too far. Doesn't exactly like Moses either due to the whole "Exodus" thing being somewhat of a sore spot.
  • Asides from Egypt, she's also part of the Cthulhu mythos as an Elder God. This incarnation works on Planetary Defense Organizations' Dreamlands Management Division alongside N'tse-Kaambal, as a male.
  • As the original goddess of cats and one of the strongest felines out there, it was no surprise that she would be made the leader of the Felines sub-house. That being said, there is a feline deity who completely surpasses her in strength; Beerus, God of Destruction. Though they compete in terms of who's the better cat deity, they're friends at the end of the day and respect one another. Sometimes they can be seen flirting with each other. No one is sure how serious the flirting is, however.
    • Mewtwo has shown interest in fighting her and determining who's the stronger feline, which Bastet is open for.
  • Her views on Glenn Quagmire are complicated but mostly positive. As a goddess of lust, she's behind Glenn Quagmire scoring but looks down on the lengths he's willing to go to. Still, Glenn is a massive fan of cats and is willing to help her with them free of charge.
  • Most dog deities dislike her, and were upset to learn that the House of Felines got a Greater Deity before them, partly because many a feline were feeling pretty smug at her ascension. That being said, Bastet doesn't have any bias towards canines. Hell, her consort on most occasions is the jackal-headed Anubis!
  • As with every Egyptian deity, she detests Apophis. The two have been locked in combat for several millennia, bound by Ra until she had to be released in order to rest. She rested in the body of the Kanes' house cat, Muffet, and as a result of their conflict, when in close enough proximity to him, she can read the monster's thoughts. Of late, she thought she succeeded in killing the abomination. Unfortunately, the dreaded serpent survives in the Trope Pantheon. She requested her ascension almost immediately after hearing of the news and hopes to take him down once and for all. The Orochi from the same house is on her hit list as well, due to being a similar Animalistic Abomination.
  • As the goddess of the hunt and love/lust, she gets along with Artemis and Aphrodite. You can usually find her dealing with the many rodent pests of the pantheon, which has made Twitch's life a lot harder. As a goddess of health and medicine, she will work in the House of Health And Diseases.
  • Bastet is also a goddess of music, and will usually spend time in that House, as well as the House of Beasts.
  • As a guardian of family and the home, she is naturally appalled by the Child Abusers.
  • Helps protect the sun along with her father, leading her to oppose those who wish to take out the sun.
  • Nibbler was incredibly suspicious of her upon her ascension, claiming that she was part of the cats' plans to take over the world. She finds his accusations annoying, since in most realities felines aren't part of any evil conspiracy. Nibbler remains suspicious of her.
  • Muhammad Avdol looked at her funny once she ascended, due to having faced a Stand by the name of Bastet. Said Stand was an electrical outlet that used magnetic attraction against the user's enemies, which got a good laugh out of her when it put him and Joseph Joestar in a compromising position. Doesn't get why its power is magnetism, but does think the user was appropriate enough. Bastet has to clear things out that magnetism and electricity have never been her domain. Those 'Stands' were named after them gratuitously. Like, Geb being more water than earth? Anubis being more of a living Sword than taking care of the dead? Seriously?
  • Along with her consort and father, she's joined the battle of the gods as an Assassin class. To her irritation, she sounds like Yuu, though she appreciates the fact that the Cat Girl Blair also shares her voice. Didn't like it when Aladdin and friends mistook her for Mirage, who she considers "a sadistic lunatic little better than Apophis".
  • One day, many feline beings complained to Bastet about a certain god named Geralt of Rivia. When she met with Geralt, she herself found a great urge to hiss at him, and she didn't know why. He explained that there is no reason why cats hate Witchers, they just do, and it's something he got used to. As such, Bastet made a rule to all felines that when it comes to the Witcher Geralt of Rivia to only report genuine trouble besides a sudden urge to hiss.
  • She finds the "black cats represent bad luck" superstition simultaneously annoying and very amusing, because in Egypt, black cats represented GOOD luck. Ironically, it was white cats that were considered unlucky.

    Teostra and Lunastra 
Teostra and Lunastra, Dragon Gods of Fiery Lions (Teostra: Teo Teskator, Flame King Dragon, Toaster | Lunastra: Nana Tesukatori, Empress of Flame, Flame Princess Dragon)
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: Their Hunter's Guild Icons
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruisers, Red Oni, Blue Oni (Inverted during mating season), Cat-like Dragons, Battle Aura, Playing with Fire, Expelling Explosive Powder, Supernovas, Combination Attack, Ice Element Weakness, Rarely seen together in the wild but can and will fight together
  • Domains: Fire, Explosions, Lions, Dragons
  • High Priest: Pyroar
  • On good terms with: Bastet, The House of Dragons (esp. Spyro)
  • Rivals: Akantor, Odibatorasu
  • Enemies: Nergigante, Ozai, Azula, Lysandre
  • Respected by: The Clan cats
  • Avoids: The Houses of Water & Moisture and Ice & Cold
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Elder Dragons as a whole are dangerous. It's partly for the point of their classification: They're creatures with power akin to natural disasters but the damage to the world around them (usually) isn't out of ill intent. For example, the Gore Magala spreads a frenzy-inducing virus on its scales, sure, but in this stage they can't even see the world around them otherwise and they need to shed so much of it to get a good read on everything. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean the Elder Dragons are your typical gentle giants either. Far from it, and this can be exemplified by the chimera-like/manticore-like Elder Dragons, Teostra and Lunastra. A fearsome pair in battle, their temperament is harsh and brutal as the volcanic wastelands they rule over and the elements they use against potential foes.
  • Their arrival was heralded by a heat wave hitting the House of Felines. Noticing the sudden spike in temperature, denizens from within the Sub-Houses of Fire & Heat and Weather were called into question while House authorities were brought into the mix to further look into the problem. While helping the House cope with the increase in temperatures, Olaf (Nintendo Wars) and Jack Frost took note of a black, spiky dragon flying overhead seemingly scouting for something. Or rather someone. They wasted no time in notifying everyone along with contacting the Hunter's Guild for assistance. Almost immediately recognizing what was going on four Monsters enlisted the help of Olaf's forces and Bastet to aid them.
    • Sure enough, there was indeed a Teostra roaming the remote parts of the House — with whatever life nearby is currently wasting away from the flames. When they tried to approach further, the dragon from before known as Nergigante, burst through them to do what Nergigante always does: pick a fight with the Teostra. While explosions burst readily like fireworks in a festival, the Extinction Dragon had its prey cornered, or so it would seem. Flying just as fast in an azure blur Teostra's mate, Lunastra, had entered the scene in order to defend him. Bastet and team this time wasted no moments in assisting the Elder Dragons and they all managed to drive away the black dragon. While everyone prepared for another fight as the two Elder Dragons turned Bastet manged to diffuse the situation and actually managed to peacefully convince them to leave. As a consequence of their trouble they both became deities by request of the Monster Hunters to help keep track of them.
  • As one may expect from their titles, both by the Hunter's Guild and the Trope Pantheons, their bread and butter is fire, which they store in and release from special flame sacs in their mouths, which they use in conjunction with their natural speed and strength. But the real star of the show here is their old scales in which they spread around to act as explosive powder of which they ignite by gnashing their teeth akin to flint. It sounds simple, but the way they go about spreading it keeps opponents on their toes. Their deadliest attack with their explosive powder is a Sphere of Destruction - the fittingly named Supernova. Their Bond Attack, preformed via Mating Dance, is not only bigger but a hell of a lot more potent.
    • Before, Lunastra wasn't all that different from Teostra in terms of abilities. In fact, you may even just call her the weaker version until reports from the New World surfaced. For one, the area close around her is hot enough to burn people if ill prepared. And Lunastra spreads around patches of blue fire that burn on which on its own simply burns those touching it, but its true purpose is to enhance both her's and Teostra's attacks. Trying to blind her with Flashpods or those similar to it at best do nothing and at worst piss her off to activate a Supernova, and her's heat lingers on after the initially explosion. Seems that retirement after the 2nd Generation payed off big time.
  • Ozai and Azula are looking into using the Elder Dragon for their own ends and Teostra and Lunastra are aware of such ill intent behind both father and daughter. While the two regularly fight against them are wary of stepping into whatever plots they have there is some consolation in that the two aren't out to work together due to their poor relationship with one another.
  • Teostra and Lunastra already made their home in the House of Fire & Heat as their title extends there, but the two have also been known to roam the House of Earth & Rock's desert as well and aren't incapable of living in locations not as hot as either of them and are no strangers to fighting Akantor and Odibatorasu. They do, however, avoid being in the House of Water & Moisture and Ice & Cold for reasons that should not need explaining.
    • Reports start surfacing of a creature sharing the same build of both Teostra and Lunastra. But its color was that of a snowy blue and it boasted a command over ice and frostbite, manifesting icebergs and blizzards to deep six its opponents. The Monster Hunters identify it as the two's Origin Species, Toa Tesukatora. Not only is it pretty old, but it inherits much more traits from both it and the Elder Dragon couple's ancestor. It begs the question what happened down the line for Teostra and Lunastra to prefer the scorching flames.
  • If you ask around the House of Music you'll find that their themes, mainly on Teostra's side, is associated with the KFC Guy. Deviljho can vouch for this. Observe.
  • While the two aren't exactly creatures would find pleasant to greet and meet and go on one's merry way, your generally better off meeting the Lunastra first. Territorial, yes, but she's courteous enough to give you enough warnings to back off or face brimstone. Teostra shows no such kindness. The moment he see you is the moment your fight for your life begins. This behavior seems to be shaken up a bit during the Elder Crossing to the New World. Teostra are much nicer in comparison to how they normally act, which likely has something to do with their purpose of the Elder Crossing. That being to pass on as their residual bioenergy helps sustain the New World, though this attitude change is speculation. Lunastra, meanwhile, was observed to be much more aggressive and prone to conflict. For her, it was mating season.
  • They're welcome in the House of Dragons for their classification while possessing actual draconic traits since some Elder Dragons seem to defy the name. Though they don't have much of an opinion on their fellow kin since they mainly roam around their own territory, though Spyro is one of the few exceptions. As a dragon with some cat-like traits he ended up crossing paths with Teostra if by coincidence. Teostra, being the aggressor, attacked on sight and expected an easy victory due to his puny size compared to him. The exact opposite happened, the smaller Spyro holding his own against him. Being proven wrong, likely helped by Spyro's use of ice breath, Teostra called the fight off and decided he was of worth. Later meetings between the purple dragon are more along the lines of Teostra's attitude in the New World.
  • Though the House of Felines thought getting another Greater Gods to stack up against the House of Canines sounded nice, they don't like Teostra and Lunastra for the heat waves they pulled off there which likely would of perpetuated had not the situation between them and Nergigante fizzled out quickly. The two in turn don't care for their fellow cats all that much. As far as other felines are concerned...
    • For their many legends and mythologies about lions and other large felines the Clan cats pay great respect to them for Teostra and Lunastra are no different in that regard. To them, they are seen as the mightiest of the felines, fitting titles indeed.
    • Mufasa and Simba display a similar level of respect for the two, though they aren't ignorant to the two's brutal nature. Oddly, the two Elder Dragons reciprocate respect for the rulers of Pride Lands. Perhaps its due to the former's form as a sky spirit over the territory he once rules while the latter's Fiery Lion form when summoned by Sora.
    • Though they are somewhat confused by the Incineroar's bipedal nature (in that his previous evolutions are quadrupedal, we mean) the two admit they find the Heel Pokémon's fighting style interesting. Even if he isn't quite as strong as them, they do give credit where credit's due if he's one of many invitees to Super Smash Bros..
  • Through Incineroar and their High Priest Pyroar they came to build this seething level of animosity towards Lysandre for his attempts at powering the Ultimate Weapon and his continued plans to do so within the Pantheon. Though he has a Pyroar of his own, this does little to cool the anger towards the Team Flare leader.
  • Teostra's name can be rearranged to to form the word toaster. All things considered it's a pretty fitting anagram. Cause, you know, cause toasters toast stuff. We don't recommend bringing it up to the Flame King Dragon's face, however, unless one wishes to be incinerated by a giant dragon cat.


Intermediate Gods

Len, Goddess of Magic Cats (Ren)

Lesser Gods

Catbus, God of Giant Cats
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its eyes and grin
  • Theme Song: "Catbus"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A cat the size of a bus (literally), constant smile, eyes that function like headlights, kind of creepy but benevolent
  • Domains: Felines, Travel, Youkai
  • Herald: Kittenbus
  • Allies: Totoro, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, other Studio Ghibli deities, its neighbors in the House of Felines, Valerie Frizzle, Alice Liddell, Haruka Kotoura, Steven Universe, Appa
  • Complicated Relations: Moro, Okkoto
  • Good Counterpart to: The Cheshire Cat
  • Alongside Totoro, the Catbus is another mysterious magical creature that the Kusakabe sisters befriended when they moved to the country for their sick mother's health. When Satsuki fought with Mei over their mother not being able to come home yet, Mei ran away, and the Catbus helped Satsuki by taking her to where Mei was, and then took them to the hospital so they could see their mother.
  • Presumably, Totoro, alongside Satsuki and Mei's fervent wishes, had a hand in getting Catbus to ascend. But whatever the case, he showed up quite suddenly one day as the sisters were returning home from the House of School to take them home to their temple. The two young girls were overcome with happiness at his appearance, especially when they found out he was here to stay as he took up residence in the House of Felines.
  • Catbus' trope used to belong to his former House mate Big the Cat, but it was later determined that the purple cat's girth was more horizontal than vertical, and a cat roughly the size of an adult human isn't quite as impressive as a cat the size of a bus. Big barely seemed to notice (or care about) the trope change, though. After the Catbus' ascension it's not at all unusual to see all the cat deities, including Big, taking advantage of his large, fluffy bulk during their nap time.
    • Firestar and his fellow Clan cats were at first frightened of him due to his automobile characteristics, which made them think he was an Eldritch Abomination, but they got used to it and are now in awe of the Catbus, thinking him to be an envoy of StarClan; the fact that the Catbus neither confirms nor denies this doesn't help. Garfield is also in awe of him, but more because he can't fathom where the Catbus gets all that energy to run around. Meanwhile, Salem is trying to come up with some witty remark about the fact that Catbus is a cat and a bus; he's sure there's a joke in there somewhere, he just can't think of it right now.
    • Is also quite a welcome addition by various cat lovers. Steven Universe got all starry-eyed that Catbus was way bigger than his Lion and looked like his favorite snack, Cookie Cats. Haruka Kotoura loves Catbus a lot as well, but is puzzled that she can't seem to read his mind.
  • He's very popular with kids in the Pantheon and was offered employment as a schoolbus. But, as is typical for cats, it seems he only does it when he feels like it. However Valerie Frizzle seems to succeed in being persuasive with him. Adults like him too, but when they try meeting him face-to-face, most of them only see an old, rickety bus. The Catbus also has a son, Kittenbus, who's a miniature version of his father and rivals him in popularity due to sheer cuteness. Some deities think he could be used as transportation for Mouse World deities, but he's likely still too young for the responsibility.
  • Due to being a magical cat with a huge grin eternally plastered on his face, it was only a matter of time before the comparisons to the Cheshire Cat started pouring in. However, even though it's easy to mistrust the Catbus due to his creepy appearance, he really is a lot more reliable and well-intentioned than the Cheshire Cat is, as his history with the Kusakabe sisters proves. The Catbus is not at all amused at being compared to the Cheshire Cat with his tendency to cause trouble for no clear reason. Although, the two cats don't really antagonize each other, maybe because the Cheshire Cat claims to care about Alice now. And speaking of Alice, she likes the Catbus a lot for reminding her of the Cheshire Cat while being more dependable, and she functions as a pacifying element between the two cats.
  • Upon meeting with other magical animals who shared the same creator as him, there were varied reactions, with Moro and Okkoto rather despising that a cat mixed himself with human technology, while the tanuki of Tama Hill find the concept to be neat, and they also really enjoy going on joyrides in him, which can get a bit annoying for the Catbus, resulting in him forcefully ejecting them. Other human Ghibli deities accepted him with little to no question.
  • Like Totoro, the Catbus isn't really the fighting type, and if the Kusakabe sisters were put in danger he'd probably just quickly carry them out of the area. Still, one should probably not push a cat of his size too far.
  • Has been noted to be the basis behind Appa's creation, both being large and soft mammals with more legs than normal that are used for transportation. If they're not being goaded into getting into a race, they might be sleeping together, causing many "aww's" at the sight of the two furry lumps leaning against each other.
  • Despite his large girth, he's quite capable of climbing trees; it comes as a shock that they don't just bend over with his weight. Same thing applies to the roofs of temples; he's scared the bejesus out of quite some deities when they realized there's a huge shape looming over them (but calm down when they see it's just Catbus).

    Eugene Gallardo 
Eugene Gallardo, God of Badass Panthers
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A spear over a black and white stripe pattern
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Panthera Awesome, Blade on a Stick, The Big Guy, Victim of Fantastic Racism, Badass Baritone, The Smart Guy, Cool Old Guy, Lightning Bruiser, Static Character, Promotion to Parent
  • Domains: Animals, Atonement, Discrimination
  • Allies: Veigue Lungberg, Arche Klein, Makoto Nanaya, Francesca Lucchini, The Pink Panther, Ajani Goldmane, Black Panther
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Any advocates of Fantastic Racism
  • Friendly Rivalry: Augus, Cu Chulainn, Vert, Jade Curtiss
  • Odd Friendship: Ange
  • Along with Veigue Lungberg, Eugene was responsible in collectively punching out the personification of Racism, Yuris. It's also by Veigue's recommendation that Eugene ascended. All in all, he remains as a shining example of anti-racism movements out there.
  • Saying any sort of racist remarks around Eugene is a very bad idea, because not only does Eugene know very well how to use a spear, but his force of steel also gives tremendous strength to his hands, making him capable of shattering boulders.
    • In addition, should that force go out of control, gods have been warned, Eugene will burst into a murderous rampage. It's not pretty. At all.
  • Eugene gets along well with other deities who've been discriminated against, such as Arche Klein, Makoto Nanaya, and Raine Sage.
    • While Eugene doesn't believe Ange should hate most humans, he admits that she has very good reason to hate the humans that abuse magic and look down on regular humans for not being able to use magic.
  • Eugene doesn't mind fighting Augus, because Augus doesn't care about racial differences and believes Eugene is a skilled fighter, but at the same time, Eugene wishes that someone who sounds similar to himself wasn't so battle-thirsty.
  • Since Eugene always wants to be ready for anything at a moment's notice, he'll frequently be sparring with other spear users of the Pantheon such as Lancer, Vert and Jade Curtiss.
  • Eugene was very surprised when Yui Hirasawa started hugging him for no apparent reason. When Eugene asked Yui why she did it, she responded:
    "You just looked so cuddly and huggable, I couldn't resist."
  • One of the very few things that can actually annoy Eugene is if he asks someone a question and his question is answered with another question.
    "I'm unamused you answered my question with another question."
  • Unlike Jim Raynor, Eugene carries his name with pride, not embarrassed by it.

Firestar, Divine Holder of Felines' Nine Lives (Rusty, Firepaw, Fireheart)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: ThunderClan's symbol in orange
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Receiving nine lives as a leader, red fur, used to be a house cat, prophecised to save the Clans, and so is his kin, concern for the wellbeing of all cats, The Hero's Journey, made deputy and leader while very young, the dilemmas of leadership, resident of StarClan
  • Domains: Felines, Leadership, Resurrection, Prophecies, Xenofiction
  • Heralds: Sandstorm (mate), Graystripe (best friend), Bramblestar (successor)
  • High Priestess: Blair
  • Allies: Bluestar, Jayfeather (His grandson), Bastet, Salem Saberhagen, Eugene Gallardo, Simba, Mufasa, Francis (Felidae), Simon, Kamina, Ichika Orimura, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Aang, Steven Universe, Artanis, Liu Bei, Romeo & Juliet, Moses
  • Enemies: Scourge (his half-brother), Scar, Oda Nobunaga, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • On good terms with: The rest of the House of Felines
  • Opposed by: Shirou Emiya
  • Firestar was once a house cat named Rusty who dreamed (sometimes literally) of living wild and free in the forest. He got his wish when he met the cats of ThunderClan, who invited him to join. Now, the Clans are not normally tolerant of house cats... but Firestar's destiny was indellibly connected to the forest in accordance to a prophecy by StarClan, and Bluestar, the ThunderClan leader at the time, knew this. Firestar would go on to fulfill his destiny and save the Clans, becoming known as a great and compassionate leader afterwards.
  • For the Cats Have Nine Lives trope, it was determined that the representing deity should be one who has proven that they were indeed gifted with nine lives, namely by having gone through all of them. Bluestar advised the gods to look to her universe for such a representative, as all Clan leaders are bestowed with nine lives to better serve their Clan. She especially recommended Firestar for the job, arguing that his accomplishments make him worthy of a spot in the Pantheon. The Court of Gods reviewed his case and had to agree.
  • And speaking of Bluestar, Firestar is very happy that his former leader, mentor and cat who brought him into the forest in the first place is in the Pantheon as well. Seeing what she's ascended for, he can remember well being one of a mere handful of cats privy to what was once Bluestar's most closely guarded secret. Bluestar was also the cat who gave him his ninth life.
  • As far as other cats go:
    • Bluestar introduced him to Francis and Firestar was very impressed with his quick wit and how he stopped a cat supremacist's plans (he couldn't miss the parallels between Claudandus and Tigerstar). He told him he could easily become a Clan cat if he so wished. Francis was flattered, but said he still prefers the comforts of living with humans.
    • He basically wants to at least be on good terms with every member of the House of Felines and the other cats scattered around the Pantheon. Because of his All-Loving Hero tendencies, this has been working out well for him, even managing to make an ally out of the prickly Salem. Firestar's surprisingly fond of Salem's sarcasm, as it reminds him of Yellowfang. He's also good friends with Eugene Gallardo for being an honorable warrior and a Cool Old Guy who reminds him of Whitestorm, his first deputy.
    • Wonders if Len isn't an envoy of StarClan, especially with her ability to weave dreams, which are StarClan's favorite method of sending messages. The familiar isn't talking, though she doesn't dislike Firestar.
  • Is surprised to be compared to Simba so often (and also honored, as Clans have great respect for lions and other big cats). This is likely because both are feline leaders, even though their personal histories are really quite different (Firestar never ran away from his Clan or his responsibilities, for one). By his turn, Simba thinks that Firestar is an upstanding leader. Both could also relate to the trouble they had with their daughters having a romantic relationship with someone connected to their worst enemies.
    • He also holds the highest regard for Simba's father Mufasa, of course. The late king's wisdom rather reminds him of Bluestar.
  • On the other hand, Scar just makes Firestar's fur stand on end, as Scar's actions bring back memories of his sworn enemy Tigerstar and how he tried to murder Bluestar to make himself leader and take over the Clans. Firestar is determined to fight alongside Simba and Mufasa to stop him if he ever tries anything funny.
    • Another villainous deity who Firestar finds alarmingly similar to Tigerstar is Oda Nobunaga (the Demon King one), given their brutal attempts to unite their people and how they both went to hell and plotted their revenge from there.
  • Shirou Emiya treats him with some amount of suspicion for not dying when killed, eight times. It's just not natural in his opinion. Firestar has explained to him that leaders only have nine lives so they can live long for the sake of their Clans, but Shirou remains doubtful.
  • As leader, his policies can be summed up as be at peace with the other Clans, help them when they need it and work together with them to solve problems. Even when he was barely a warrior, he did such things as take prey from his own territory to feed a rival Clan that was going through a famine or let sick cats stay hidden inside his territory until a cure was found. Such actions received much praise from other All Loving Heroes like Aang, Steven Universe, Kamen Riders Fourze and Kuuga.
  • His reputation and actions as a kind-hearted but still firm leader caught the attention of other like-minded leaders like Simon, Artanis and Liu Bei. In particular, Firestar, Simon and Artanis understand just how tough it can be to be the one who makes the decisions.
  • Like Bluestar, he's very interested in Romeo and Juliet's tale given how common such a situation is in the Clans. Unlike Bluestar, he didn't go through such a romance, but his best friend Graystripe and his daughter Leafpool did, and they suffered a lot for it.
  • On a lighter note, he was never the sharpest tool in the box when it came to noticing she-cats' affections for him, so he has developed a rapport with Ichika Orimura over their shared love troubles.
  • One of the most difficult things Firestar had to do in his mortal life was lead the Clans in abandoning the original forest territory where their ancestors had settled because of Twolegs invading and uprooting it with their machines. They even poisoned the Clans' food sources and tried to capture some of their number. Because of this, he detests Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder for destroying animals' homes for their own profit.
    • On the other hand, this "cat exodus" (known in his universe as the Great Journey) drew the attention of Moses. While they were discussing it, Firestar admitted how tough it was to travel over mountains and other unknown territory, guided only by the signs of StarClan. Moses thinks he did well to persevere and not lose faith.
  • When not attending to his duties in his temple, he, together with Bluestar, can be found relaxing in the lush forest of the House of Plants, the place that most reminds them of home.

Garfield, God of Lazy Cats (Garfielf, Garmfield, Grarfileld)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His teddy bear, Pooky
  • Theme: Garfield and Friends Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral when he's awake, sometimes Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Lazy Cats, Big Eaters, Heavy Sleepers, Kicking Odie, Hating on Monday, Talking Animals That Don't Actually Talk
  • Domains: Sloth, Cats, Lasagna
  • Special Relations: Odie, Jon and Liz
  • Allies: Hello Kitty (fellow merchandising icon), Beerus, Grif, Robbie Rotten, anyone who will serve him food
  • Rival: Snoopy
  • Opposes: Friday Monday (he hates Mondays that much), Mewtwo, Ungoliant, Napoleon
  • Abhorrent Admirer: SCP-3166
  • It's a miracle Garfield ever gets anything done, what with being an anthropomorphic cat and only being awake for a single hour on any given day. Most of his handiwork involves mailing cute things to third-world countries, and doing so again and again whenever they get sent back to him...postage due.
  • Habitually raids the House of Food, primarily for lasagna and other Italian cuisine (including lots of spaghetti.). However, he keeps getting caught due to his constant nap attacks.
  • Really, REALLY, hates Mondays. Also hates the pig Napoleon, who he finds too mean-spirited (just to annoy him, whenever Napoleon decides to pester him Garfield calls him Orson).
  • Once in a while, other Gods can find him stuck up a tree.
  • Ungoliant utterly despises him for crushing other spiders with a newspaper.
  • Despite being iconic newspaper comic strip characters, Garfield is not on good terms with Snoopy. This has partially to do with the general rivalry between cats and dogs.
  • Has been seen eating pizza with the Ninja Turtles, who he liked to reference back in Garfield and Friends, and other deities have found some Commonality Connection between Garfield and Ghostbuster Peter Venkman.
  • Some of his followers believe that he is secretly an Eldritch Abomination hell-bent on world destruction if not appeased with lasagna. The SCP Foundation has also identified such a thing as SCP-3166, a horrifying being that looks like Garfield whose organs are made of lasagna. Garfield, being the lazy, uncaring bum he is, hasn't commented on these rumors.
    • Despite this, though, he is an absolute die-hard fan of Beerus to the point he will willingly share his food with him. When asked, Garfield merely stated that the fact that any cat being one of, if not the most powerful beings in a universe, commanding respect and food, is definitely something that he agrees with and supports.
      • He is also a big fan of Robbie Rotten and utterly supports in his goal to make everyone lazy. Can often be seen with him in his temple doing, what else, nothing, or ordering out pizza.
  • Unsurprisingly had a fan in Grif, who is also an orange-coloured lazy glutton. Both have spent time eating junk food while playing first-person shooters.
  • While a bit annoyed that Odie's ascension meant a return to being licked in a regular basis, Garfield was happy for his canine friend, though he made sure his ascension party was held near a ledge so he could kick the dog off it.
  • After one too many attempts at trying to order pizza and not being understood by anyone, he decided to just petition for Jon's ascension so he can do it for him. The only downside was that Liz was also brought up with him, as a co-god. Garfield is normally ok with her now, as long as she doesn't perscribe him any diets.

    The Hyenas 
The Hyenasmembers , Collective Deities of Heinous Hyenas (All: The Laughing Hyenas; Shenzi: Shenzi Marie Predatora Vendetta Jackalina Hyena)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their faces
  • Theme Music: Chow Down
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Laughably Evil, Terrible Trio, Obsessed with Food, Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, Two Guys and a Girl, Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal, Having Mannerisms More Like Dogs Than Actual Hyenas, The Hyenas Bite Back
  • Domains: Hyenas, Hunger, Insanity
  • Heralds: The rest of their hyena pack
  • High Priests: Tom and Tab
  • Followers: Vyxx, Bud and Lou, Poochyeana and Mightyeana, Zig
  • Allies: Team Rocket, Harley Quinn, Wile E. Coyote, Ripper Roo
  • Former ally: Scar
  • Odd Friendship: Selina Kyle
  • Enemies: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Aslan
  • Opposed by: Simba, Timon & Pumbaa
  • Afraid of: Monstro, Deviljho
  • Tense relations: Toon Patrol
  • A trio of hyenas who have food on their mind most of the time, they originally worked for Scar under the promise that they would get as much food as they liked. Unfortunately for them, Scar proved to be so ineffective as a king that there wasn't much food left and when he was cornered by Simba, Scar pinned the blame on the hyenas. They turned against him as soon as they heard him say that. Also, the hyenas are prone to laughing at random moments, Ed moreso than the others.
    • Apart from Ed, the other members of the main hyena group consist of Shenzi, the supposed leader of the group, and Banzai, who is the other guy in the trio that includes Ed. There are some other hyenas that are probably not related to them such as Janja, but for now, the three and a number of other hyenas that follow them are present.
  • They are known to be highly hungry to the point where they're still hungry even after they eat something. When they heard of a House of Food, they immediately ran to the place and ate a lot of the food there. This earned them a scolding from a few members there and the hyenas were told to take it easy on how fast they can chow down on the meals there. They were also given a limit on how much they can eat from the house per day.
    • Despite that, the hyenas are afraid of a couple members of that house: Monstro and Deviljho, given that the two are hungrier than the hyenas on a much more substantial scale. Monstro would try to eat the hyenas alive if they get too close to the whale and Deviljho will chase them around the house and other parts of the Pantheon at random intervals.
  • The Toon Patrol is not on the best of terms with the hyenas, given that the Patrol is trying to prevent unneccessary laughter from happening to them since they would be like their "idiot hyena cousins". The fact that the hyenas are actual hyenas and laugh like actual hyenasnote  made the weasels wary of having increased unneccessary laughing fits.
  • Having heard of someone with the nickname of "Crazy Hyena", the trio decided to see what it was all about. They were a bit disappointed upon realizing that it referred to Yukiko Amagi and not someone related to their hyena brethen. As the hyenas were leaving, some sort of mishap happened and Banzai got caught in it. Shenzi and Ed, along with Yukiko who was close by, found it funny. Banzai obviously didn't think so.
  • Even though they look like dogs and somehow act like those kinds of animals, they are not actually related to them and have a bit more in common with cats (though they aren't felines as well). Most of the cat deities don't care about them and a lot of the other canines would rather keep their distance from them.
    • Arguably, the only canine that gets along with them decently is Wile E. Coyote, since he knows what it's like to be perpetually hungry and fail at trying to get some good food in his stomach.
  • They are good friends with Team Rocket, by virtue of being another ostentiably evil trio that has a certain goal in mind, but fails more often than not in achieving it.
  • After hearing of how Ripper Roo decided not to ally himself with Scar due to reasons, the hyenas decided to pay him a visit. They've gotten along with each other not only because of their tendency to laugh randomly and enjoy each other's antics, but also the fact that they were never allied with their original bosses to begin with, though for different reasons.
  • Given what happened to them in their initial journey, they don't like lions at all. In turn, the handful of lions present in the Pantheon in addition to Simba are not fond of them.
  • As Harley Quinn owned hyenas for pets at points in time, she was happy to hear that there were actual hyenas in the Pantheon. This trio has taken a liking towards her and have been seen hanging out with Harley.
  • Don't confuse this Ed for another Ed that's part of a different trio. About the only thing that the two Eds have in common is that they are kind of stupid, but even then, it's possible according to some that the hyena (and possibly the human) may not be as stupid as he appears to be.
  • One of their strangest encounters came from meeting the Warner Siblings. It's one thing to say that they are a trio of weirdos. It's another thing when Banzai & Yakko and Shenzi & Dot share a voice to some extent. Considering that the Hyenas' meeting with the siblings ended badly for the hyenas (something had to have happened that made the Warners do their trademark antics on the hyenas), it's not something that they're willing to talk about.
  • The House of Betrayal took note of the fact that these three hyenas and the others who were serving under Scar turned against that lion after he put the blame on them over how the Pridelands turned out. Suffice to say, the hyenas are content to work with others as long as food is involved. If something goes wrong (like the leader whom the hyenas are working for is a Bad Boss), then the hyenas have no issues turning against their former superior.
  • Although they are typically seen on all fours, they are sometimes seen standing on two legs like a normal human. On rare occasions during these instances, they actually wear clothes like humans do, which has weirded out a few deities who were used to seeing them act on four legs.


"Welcome to the Katz Temple, I'm Katz"

Katz, God of Evil Cats (Captain Katz)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Katz Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always second to Muriel in the Nowhere Sweet-Stuff contest, Arch-Enemy of Courage, Ax-Crazy, Serial Killer, Cats Are Snarkers, Con Man, Evil Brit, Evil Genius, For the Evulz, Sadist, The Sociopath, Wicked Cultured
  • Domains: Cats, Murder, Violence, Sadism, Schemes, Planning
  • High Priest: Greebo
  • Followers: Catbert, Lucifer, Evil the Cat, Fat Cat
  • Allies: House of Arthropods, Mordecai Heller, Scar, Scourge, Dag, Ratigan
  • Enemies: Courage, Muriel Bagge, Firestar, Bluestar, Francis, Basil and Dawson, Captain Nemo
  • Oposses: Dogs in general, particularly the ones from the House of Canines
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Eustace Bagge
  • This is Katz, a tall anthropomorphic cat who is both a Con Man and a Serial Killer, relishing in spreading misery to others. As one of the most recurrent foes that Courage has faced, he proved the belief that cats are not just mean but can be evil, and after some manual review (and convincing from Katz himself), Katz ascended to the Pantheon with the intention to keep doing what he does best: carrying out evil schemes.
  • His temple is just a recreation of Katz Motel, intended for those who get lost in the House of Beast and require some rest. However, he actually just feeds the residents to his pet spiders, and after some such incidents, people rarely come by. Courage was the one to find out (a bit too late) that Katz had ascended, and first thing he did was to run towards Muriel, and then the Pantheon authorities, to tell them about the dangerous feline. Katz intends to get rid of Courage whenever he has the chance.
  • Has several pet spiders that he usually feeds his victims to, so in a weird (but not entirely unexpected) turn of events, the house of Arthropods is on relatively good terms with Katz. Some of the nicer members are a bit wary of him, particularly Muffet after that one time she visited Katz's spiders and almost fell into one of his traps (thankfully, the spiders weren't hostile to her).
  • Naturally despises dogs, usually preventing any from entering any temple he is in with a "No Dogs allowed" sign. This may be partly because he is a feline, but considering how many times he was foiled by Courage, it became mostly a force of habit to kick out dogs from his vicinity. Of course, Katz is not welcome in the House of Canines, not that he ever really had interest in the house in the first place.
  • Quickly discovered more of his brethen that weren't particularly nice. While not the same kind of cat he seems to be, he seems to get along with both Scar and Shere Khan, with all three sharing a cunning wit and a very threatening demeanor. However, he is a lot closer to Mordecai Heller, another anthropomorphic cat with the same cold personality and lack of empathy towards others, Katz has considered hiring Mordecai to get rid of some of his more annoying enemies, with Courage (of course) at the top of the list.
    • He is seen as a bit of an odd one by the deities from the Warrior Cats universe considering his humanoid appearance. However, the fact that Katz is a dangerous deity was enough to put him at odds with most of them, with Firestar and Bluestar taking a firm stance against Katz. Didn't help that he seems to get along with Scourge, who grew interested in Katz after hearing about him.
  • It seems that his constants attempts at conning people had garnered the attention of Francis, another regular cat who while an Amateur Sleuth he has been keeping up with Katz's activities, even foiling a few while teaming up with Courage. Katz didn't take kindly to that and tried to get rid of Francis plenty of times but to no avail. At least he recongizes him as a Worthy Opponent.
  • While he firmly hates both Courage and Muriel, Katz has a more complicated relation to Eustace. Normally he could care less about Eustace but there was that one time he organized a plan with other villains to take down Courage and Katz was involved.
  • The only canine he ever considered working with was Dag but only because of some Pragmatic Villainy reasons. He recognizes that Dag can be a pretty terrifying deity and that both share the same knack for spreading misery for their own personal amusement but Katz isn't really that fond of him in the first place.
  • Usually likes to challenge his victims to a game of sport and he tends to be pretty good at it. Whenever he is not casually committing crimes, he tends to go to the House of Sports but he isn't really welcome there.
  • Was approached by Ratigan with an interesting proposal. Ratigan became interested in staying in Katz Motel in order to lure his Arch-Enemy Basil into a death trap and the fact that Katz is a cat would help him greatly. Of course, while Katz considering double crossing Ratigan and feed him to his pets, the fact that Basil and his partner Dawson could prove troublesome made him accept the offer.
  • One time he worked as a submarine captain with the attention of sabotaging the trip and killing all the passengers inside. However, he was foiled once again by Courage and eaten by a shark (he got better). He tried to pull a similar scheme by getting involved in the Nautilus by upstaging Captain Nemo and replacing him. He was almost succesful but Katz didn't expect that Nemo would be tougher than expected and managed to drive the feline away, swearing to get back at Katz one day.

Simba, God of Lions (The Lion King, King of The Pride Lands)

Tiger, God of Comical Male Cats
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: A stalk of broccoli; alternatively, his shirt
  • Theme Song: "A Duo"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friend to All Living Things, Minion with an F in Evil, Big Eater, My Species Doth Protest Too Much
  • Heralds: A small tribe of Mohican mice led by one Geronimouse (came to worship Tiger once they noticed his resemblance to a nearby rocky outcropping)
  • Allies: Fievel Mousekewitz, Jerry, most rodents in the Pantheon, and Chomper (who was originally a follower of his)
  • Tiger gained his position thanks in part to both the small cult of Native American mouse followers he already had, and that the only other candidate was Theodore Rex. One viewing of the latter's film made the Higher Gods conclude that even the worst of the An American Tail sequels was never as bad as that movie, and he was dismissed.
    • Initially, Tiger was ascended to the House of Food to reign over the Vegetarian Carnivore trope, but it was eventually decided by the Court of the Gods that Buffoonish Tomcat fit him better (though it was agreed that he should not be told the name of the trope). Thus was he moved here.
  • He'll help any carnivore that wishes to ween themselves off of meat, or at least switch to a diet less harmful toward whatever vegetarian friends they've made (perhaps a diet of bugs, fish, etc.). He can also grill a good veggie burger that tastes almost like the real thing.
  • Doesn't eat red meat at all. His favorite foods are broccoli and Swiss cheese ice cream. Despite his vegetarian diet, he is somehow still a fat cat.
  • Mostly a pariah among his own species, he tends to hang around with mice most of the time. Though a Lovable Coward, he'll stick up for his mouse friends when they really need him to.
  • No word yet on how he's actually physically able to digest plant matter.
  • Although Simba still eats meat, his time spent with Timon and Pumbaa makes him appreciate the work Tiger does to help carnivores who've made friends that they'd normally eat.


    Salem Saberhagen 
Salem Saberhagen, God of Sarcastic Cats
  • Demigod, formerly Intermediate
  • Symbol: His smirking face
  • Theme Song: This or "Here Comes Sabrina" (both shared with Sabrina)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, originally a warlock, turned into a cat as a punishment for trying to Take Over the World 500 years ago, Only Sane Man, personality affected by his transformation, Manipulative Bastard
  • Domains: Mammals, Sarcasm, Magic, Pranks
  • Followers: Mittens, The Cat
  • Allies: SABRINA SPELLMAN, Sakaki, Bugs Bunny, Sun Wukong, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Uncle Iroh, Chihiro Ogino, Coraline Jones
  • Vitriolic Best Buds / Friendly Enemy: Cat
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Sharptooth, Len
  • Opposed by: Simba
  • Conflicting Opinion: Scar, Napoleon
  • Annoys: Sash Lilac, Sherlock Holmes, Chibiterasu
  • His ascension came after a very close 3-way race between him, Mittens, and Amanojaku (The Cat dislikes getting involved in something that has the Other Mother in it). Salem won the competition by asking which cat has been around the longest, then asking Mitten why the heck Bolt's owner Penny received higher billing than her in her audience's world, and if Amanojaku has won that Golden Globe yet for performing that sudden Heel–Face Turn in his show finale.
    • After Libby Chessler's ascension, he sometimes helps Sabrina to get back at her worst enemy. Although this being Sabrina and Libby, this tends to be fruitless due to the power of the Status Quo.
  • People wondered how his and Sabrina's positions work; specifically, how Salem can have a temple of his own when he is by default required to be at Sabrina's side most of the time. Salem only sarcastically asked them, "What makes you think this much sarcasm can be so easily contained in such a small body?" It turns out that Sabrina solves this problem by taking Salem's lesser known comicbook version to her temple while letting the live-action version manage his own temple.
  • Recently earned the ire of Sash Lilac after he sarcastically asked her whether she is an alien or a dragon.
  • Avoids sassing Sharptooth to his face in fear of being eaten. However, it doesn't stop him from leaving notes asking what species he is supposed to be or how Salem hopes his next child will follow Chomper's footsteps. These notes are signed under the name S.S.
    Salem: Honestly, I'm not sure if he can even read, but whatever.
  • He originally wanted to take over the Cats Are Mean temple, as he feels that is much more fitting, considering he was once an evil warlock. However, the Pantheon pointed out that he's currently a cat with no magic powers, so his plans are usually limited to taking advantage of others and being petty. They also noted that he has such a strong and friendly relationship with the Spellmans and Sabrina's friends that he doesn't really qualify for the temple. Since then, Salem has been trying to prove that he is still mean to the other gods to take over the place.
    • Also resents Cat for "stealing" the Cool Cat temple and the two can often be found fighting about which one of them is cooler.
  • Is on friendly terms with Sakaki, who constantly pets him and reminds him of Sabrina. However, though he enjoys being pet, he's still willing to bite her hand to avoid being too "boring".
  • Had to coax Sabrina out of her Heroic BSoD after the discovery of an alternative universe in which she unwittingly triggered a Zombie Apocalypse and was sent to Purgatory by her own aunts due to her recklessness. He is very annoyed by that universe, considering he has to remind its Hilda and Zelda that things like worshipping Satan would attract unwanted attention.
  • Admires Scar for actually succeeding in his plan to take over the Pride Lands. However, Salem is annoyed that the lion allowed his home to become such a wasteland and asked him, "Why did you put so much effort into taking over the place if you can't manage it?" He had a similar reaction to Napoleon (for different reasons than other animal and animal-related deities, as Salem doesn't consider himself an animal) as the pig led the farm to fall apart and utterly failed to establish a proper lasting authority.
    • Because of Salem's admiration for Scar as well as being too similar to the wicked lion, Simba is very wary of Salem and tries to avoid any contact with his temple. It didn't help when Salem discovered Simba's "Hakuna Matata" phase and laughed uncontrollably, condescendingly asking how a growing lion could survive on bugs alone.
  • Is jealous of Len since she can turn into human and has magic power in her cat form.
  • Can sometimes be seen hitting on Cheetah; he claims she is his type, and that she makes both his human and feline sides purr.
    • Also once flirted with Eugene Gallardo after discovering that one of his versions is bi-curious. However, Eugene turned him down, as he didn't feel comfortable having someone that only stood up to his ankle as a romantic partner.
  • Get along well with Bugs Bunny, Oswald and Sun Wukong for their shared love of pranks and mischief. The four of them usually go around pranking the Pantheon. One particular prank earned Salem the ire of Sherlock Holmes; he replaced the detective's favorite pipe with his own bubble-blowing one. After Sherlock coughed up some of the bubble fluid, he kicked the cat out (not literally, but Salem was still pretty sore about it).
  • He can usually be seen lurking around the Jasmine Dragon tea shop recently. Nobody knows why. Iroh doesn't chase him away as he is too much of a Cool Old Guy, and instead pets Salem whilst giving him a small dish of milk. One time, though, Iroh returned to his cabinet and noticed that his new popular Nepeta cataria-flavored tea mysteriously weighed less than what he ordered...
  • Takes great joy in constantly calling out (and inventing new) embarrassing nicknames for Chibiterasu, much to the latter's annoyance and embarrassment.
  • Interestingly, several deities hailing from Japan seem to enjoy Salem's alternate theme, "Here Comes Sabrina".


Meowth, Goddess of Japanese Cats Of Fortune (The Scratch Cat Pokemon, Nyarth)
Meowth normally
Alolan Meowth 
Gigantamax Meowth 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate Goddess as Gigantamax Meowth
  • Symbol: The coin charm on its forehead
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Pickup
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset: Pay Day, Screech, Slash, Nasty Plot
    • Alola Incarnation: Pay Day, Feint Attack, Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz for normal Meowth and Black Hole Eclipse for Alolan Meowth
  • Portfolio: Maneki Neko, Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better, Normal Type Cat, Likes Shiny And Round Things, Weak, but Skilled, Money Spider Through Its Unique Pay Day, Fast But Low Defenses, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Luck, Money, Cats, Shiny Things (Normal), Darkness, Royalty (Alolan form)
  • Allies: Skitty, Selina Kyle, H.P Lovecraft, Glenn Quagmire, Scrooge McDuck, Felicia Hardy, Vito Corleone, Taokaka
    • Partner: Bastet
  • Covets: Anything shiny and/or round
  • Rival: Murkrow
  • Enemies: Anyone who dirties its coin, Cruella DeVil, Mr Krabs, Crystal Man, Fafnir, Smaug, The Kecleon Brothers
  • Not to be confused with: The Meowth from Team Rocket
  • Meowth is the Scratch Cat Pokemon, a relatively common feline Pokemon in Kanto. Nocturnal in nature and popular pets among the rich, they're distinguished by the lucky golden coin on their forehead. Living incarnations of the Maneki Neko, a charm said to bring good luck and often seen in restaurants, the Trope Pantheon decided to pick a second one up themselves (they couldn't use the Meowth that was already in the Pantheon, because he was part of Team Rocket).
  • The Kanto (original-generation) Meowth is the goddess with official status in the pantheon, but she has a spare whenever she's gone; her Alolan equivalent. This Dark-type iteration was brought in by humans to Alola and can get the Fur Coat ability as an Alolan Persian. It was owned by royalty, making it rather prideful.
  • Being a lucky cat, Bastet felt that the Pokemon would be a good mascot and partner.
  • Belongs to the same species of Pokemon as the talking Meowth that belongs to Team Rocket, but she is the "average" sort of Meowth that can't talk. The trade-off seems to be that she does know Pay Day, the species' signature move, which Team Rocket's Meowth is jealous of. They don't have anything against each other, and sometimes will join in spoils if it involves shiny things. She is sad to have seen him try so hard to get a girl and be rejected, and plans to be nice to him.
  • Giovanni was somewhat disappointed to learn that another Meowth ascended. He prefers Persian, and feels he might be unable to properly ascend his own with two Meowth.
  • Being a lucky cat, H.P Lovecraft and Glenn Quagmire are particularly fond of it. Quagmire in particular has her around in part to be more lucky at scoring. He does this around the House of Food, who look after her to serve as their own Maneki Neko. Quagmire likes to joke he gets two free servings of Japanese from this bargain.
  • Unlike the other Meowth, she is not a thief by nature, though doesn't have anything against stealing. She was attracted to both Catwoman and Black Cat due to their cat-burglary, and helped them out on a few capers. Vito Corleone seems to have taken a fondness to the Pokemon as well, though this comes down to her Pickup ability and his fondness for cats.
  • Popular in the House of Commerce for being a lucky figure, and due to its abilities. Members there have had Meowth use Pay Day to help increase their own finances. Her Pickup ability has been very useful as well. Because of its abilities, Mr. Krabs tried to exploit her for items in a similar way he did to Gary the Snail, and while he got away with it for a time this didn't last and she beat him with Pay Day for good ironic measure. Cruella DeVil and Crystal Man are interested in exploiting her as well.
  • Very easily distracted and interested in things that are shiny and/or round. It shares this trait with Taokaka and its Hoenn equivalent, Skitty. Feral Meowth and Murkrow are rivals over their interest in shiny things, and the Meowth and Murkrow flock in the Trope Pantheon are no exception. Her interest in round and shiny things also led her to take orbs from the Kecleon Shop without paying. Guess what happened next?
  • Attracted to those with a lot of gold and other valuables. Scrooge McDuck is fine with this, as he could use her in adventures. Smaug, however, was rather irate at the Scratch Cat Pokemon playing with his pile of jewels, and swiftly chased her out with a gout of flame. She ended up in Fafnir's temple, and it was much of the same when Fafnir tried to take her coin.
  • Usually very approachable, but has made one rule; never dirty the coin or touch it with grubby hands. Or steal it. She will use Breakneck Blitz on you.
  • There have been reports of greyish Meowth with formidable beards following the discovery of the Galar region. Right now, some of the Pantheon's finest felinologists are looking into this phenomenon.


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