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Greater Gods

    Artix Von Krieger 
Artix Von Krieger, God of Paladins (Adam Bohn, The Champion of Darkness, Undead Slayer)
  • Greater God (potential Overdeity if he taps into his true power)
  • Symbol and weapon: His axe, The Blinding Light of Destiny surrounded by a multitude of Spirit Orbs. The Blade of Awe is his back-up weapon. If he has enough souls then it becomes the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Wields a golden axe, bringing his Undead slaying Pomeranian into battle, jumping into battle without strategy but is actually smarter than he seems, using light to defeat undead, actually being the Champion of Darkness but going against his real nature, having irrational fears of the color pink and of ponies, using spirit orbs to power himself up, avatar for the creator of Artix Entertainment, Adam Bohn, wears a red cape, really really really loves smiting Undead.
  • Domains: Death, Light, Undead, Souls, Darkness, Chosen One
  • Herald: Daimyo, his undead slaying pomeranian
  • Followers: Syranon Glaed, the Order of the Silver Hand, the Sultansworn
  • Allies: Cecil Harvey, Sora, Daniel Fortesque, Ashley Williams, Cosmos, all knightly deities of the GUAG, Yuji Sakai, chaos, The Undertaker, Uther the Lightbringer
  • Enemies:
  • Very very terrified of: The color pink and ponies (We are not making this up)
  • Artix von Krieger is a Paladin in the world of Battleon and leader of the Order of the Paladin. When an undead invasion invaded his home and killed his parents, he was trained to become a Paladin...Or so he was lead to believe...
    • During one continuation of his story when he had to fight off the Paladin Slayer Vordred, it had been foretold that Artix must not go anywhere near Vordred. A sole hero was sent to figure out that something was up with Artix. Namely in that Artix, despite being a Paladin, couldn't actually cast holy spells and his famous weapon the Blinding Light of Destiny was just a plain battleaxe that had absorbed the power of so many souls that it became a brilliant golden color. It turned out that Artix was aware of his handicap and was taught how to fight using the power of the souls he collected. Not only that but he is shown to take pity of the Undead he has slain and the Undead in return empower him. This became important because it was revealed that Artix is the Champion of Darkness and if he was killed by Vordred, Vordred would swallow the entire world with Undead — not helping that his skeletal armor made it so that even the most powerful holy spells couldn't penetrate it. Artix's powers, as him truly being an Undead Slayer made it so that all the souls he collected cannot be brainwashed again no matter how powerful the enslaver and used the souls to create the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs to detonate the armor before using his shadow — transformed into a dragon — to pin him down and slay him.
    • For this, Artix's bravery and strength became renowned and he was given a seat in the Pantheon in sheer gratitude for his fight.
  • Can usually be seen with his pet dog Daimyo, the Undead-slaying Pomeranian in battle. Jack Skellington has had to pacify the mutt with his own rib bones from time to time.
    • Speaking of Skellington, Artix was very close to smiting Jack before Jack explained that killing him meant no more Halloween (and thus no celebration of the undead). Artix conceded and the two get along well.
  • As an Undead Slayer/The Champion of Darkness, Artix is able to free all souls he fights and adds them to his arsenal of Spirit Orbs. It is revealed that his weapon, the Blinding Light of Destiny is nothing more than a regular axe that has absorbed thousands upon thousands of Spirit Orbs. Also take note that any soul that was freed by him cannot be brainwashed again. If he gathers enough, he is able to summon the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs with all of the souls he has saved (and he summoned two in the past). He is also able to use his own shadow as a means of attacking, transforming it into a giant dragon to pin down his enemies.
  • He can be easily subdued if someone says "Your shoes are untied." Unless he's not wearing shoes. Don't ask how this works since apparently in one, universe every single High Paladin has fallen for this trick.
  • He steers clear of Pinkie Pie and her friends and anyone who even wears the color pink, due to a fear of the color pink and cute ponies.
  • On Friday the 13th, he teams up with Voltaire to fight off different sorts of monsters that just so happen to invade the Pantheon on that day.
  • Cecil Harvey has tried to train Artix on controlling his undead rampages—which becomes a very huge problem in the House of Life and Death—but can only sigh as Artix starts beating them up like a kid at a candy store. He does note that Artix treats all of his fallen victims with the utmost respect.
    • That said, he goes crazy on any and all undead monsters which includes ghosts and zombies. He has had to be banned from entering numerous temples due to his rampages. However, when it came to Sir Daniel Forteseque, he respected Daniel's quest to fight against evil despite being an Undead and the two got along quite well.
  • Is a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and hangs out with them from time to time.
    • He is especially a big fan of Ashley Williams and the two have been on an undead killing spree as of late. As of this moment, it's hard to tell who's in the lead. He also once did a story called Ebil Dread which had him chop his own right hand off for a chainsaw and getting his own Necronomicon to stop the invasion of pink zombies. Unfortunately, he also had trouble with the magic words.
  • Created the GUAG Sacred Knights, a division of the Command Group for all knightly warriors.
    • Was reluctant to train the knights in his brand of magic because a) he can't cast any light-based magic, and b) it's based on his true origins, which he feels is a sort of embarrassment. The knights have reassured him in that since he's fighting for the side of good, then they don't mind.
  • When Luke Skywalker ascended to the Pantheon, Artix threw one of the biggest parties in the Pantheon of Faith. Luke mentioned that this wasn't necessary, but Artix didn't mind and has offered Luke a position in the Sacred Knights division.
  • Got married in the House of Love. Said wedding involved a sword fight, bellhops, ninjas, Jimmy Hart, and both Iron Man and Batman asked him (or rather, his wife) to join SHIELD and the Justice League respectively.
  • When he got food at the House of Food, he looked in absolute horror at how Famine ate souls. Famine, noticing the multitude of soul orbs that Artix had around him, immediately went to devour Paladin. He exploded when Artix created his Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Orbs from within his stomach and Famine was completely inert for a few weeks.
  • Has not decided whether to tell his past self about his true origins.
  • Despite his...unusual circumstances, the power of light is not to brainwash people into a cult-like faction. Thus Artix REALLY hates Saiou Takuma more than he hates Famine. The first time Artix saw him, Artix was inches away from cleaving him in half.
  • Was overjoyed to hear that his former High Priest, Uther the Lightbringer, managed to get himself a spot in the pantheon, citing that he looks up to him like a father figure. Uther the Lightbringer was also amazed at Artix's powers...just not at Artix's unholy love for smiting undead and his fear of pink.
  • A word of notice: if you take Artix's Blinding Light of Destiny away from him, it will not diminish his power. Since his power comes from the myriad of Spirit Orbs he obtains for every Undead he slays, he is basically able to imbue any normal weapon into a weapon capable of slaying Undead. Has now decided to teach the GUAG Sacred Knights to forge their own Blinding Weapons so that they will all be armed in case of a Zombie Apocalypse in the near future.
  • Was in mourning as of late over the death of his beloved pomeranian, Daimyo. Then, as he returned to his temple, he found that Daimyo had been resurrected, and the pomeranian leapt into his master's arms. Artix cried Tears of Joy after that.
  • After much debate from his fellow knights, they unanimously agreed that Artix deserved a position in the Main House. After some...alterations in that there were no pink or pony-related stuff in the way, Artix made his own temple in the Main House. He is now responsible for slaying any and all undead invasions that go out of hand as well as gather all the souls of the fallen.
  • Artix is well aware that not all Undead and Necromancers are evil and has been doing his best not to go out of hand, especially after learning of something called the Edge of Extinction event in which this mentality of undead and necromancers being evil caused a witch hunt that disrupted the balance of necromancers and paladins alike
  • Has fought his darkness in the TV World, a shadow reflection by the name of Atrix which taunted him that his fight for the Light is pointless and that he would eventually slip up one day no matter how much he fights. It took him a reflection to state that yes, it is hard, but he has done a lot of good, the world needs people like him to help and people still appreciate what he's done. He wasn't given a Persona, but he's okay with that (and given what else he's capable of, it's probably a good thing).

Intermediate Gods

    Amakusa Shirou Tokisada 
Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, God of Kirishitans (Amakusa, the Apocryphal Saint, Ruler, Shirou Kotomine, Heaven's Messenger, The Youth Saint, SANTA ISLAND KAMEN)
As Shirou Kotomine 
His Evil Form 

    Durkon Thundershield 
Durkon Allotrope Thundershield, God of Token Religious Teammates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of Clan Mors.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (briefly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: A Typical Dwarven Combat Medic with a Funny Accent, Uses a Hammer and Shoots Lightning, Was Barred from Returning Home, Momma's Boy, Fears Trees, Immune to Drugs, Never Gets Drunk, Straight Man, ultimately Makes the Case for Enduring Misery.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Lightning, Healing, Protection
  • Superior: Thor
  • Followers: Ibara Shiozaki, Thane Krios
  • Allies: The Order of the Stick, Gimli, Legolas, Hawkgirl, Tony Tony Chopper, Asia Argento, the sub-house of Alcohol
  • Enemies: Xykon, Redcloak, General Tarquin, The Colossi
  • Opposes: Hel, The House of the Undead and sub-house of Plants
  • Pities: Miko Miyazaki
  • Complicated Relationship: Loki Laufeyson, Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Some people say Misery Builds Character. One could say that Durkon has experienced this for much of his life. Even as a child, he had to experience his dad getting killed and his mom without an arm for much of her life. It was part of the reason why he decided to become a cleric of Thor. Yet when he was almost powerful enough to restore that lost arm, he was thrown out of his own home due to a prophecy. Still, he managed to find good company in the Order of the Stick and while they have their arguments, he helped the leader Roy turn the group into a competent party. It was during this time that he became the God of Dwarves, ironic as he has been rejected by his own people. That happiness was once again thwarted by outside forces. A lizardfolk cleric he befriended turned out to be an evil-aligned vampire. After a grisly brawl between the two, he ended up dying. Yet Valhalla wasn't given to him. Hel took over the vampire spawn and turned him into a vessel, even making him her high priest in an attempt to destroy his world, removing his deitic status in the process. But despite all of that trauma, he persevered. He managed to regain control for just enough time for his friends to destroy him. One resurrection later, and he was ready to return to the pantheon.
  • Naturally, he has joined the group in order to help the team leader Roy destroy the lich Xykon and his minion Redcloak. Unlike the others, he doesn't mind that the lich can't remember his name despite meeting up many times over. He merely sees it as an advantage.
  • Is probably the only member that doesn't have a deep hatred of Miko. Even after her loss of paladin powers, Durkon sees a misguided soul too caught up with upholding the law at all costs to the most severe of punishments. He has secretly tried to redeem her with regular visits. So far, the conversations have been fruitless.
  • As with quite a few clerics in the 3.5 version, Durkn built himself as a Combat Medic, capable of healing his allies as well as busting heads with his weapon. As such he holds a great amount of respect to Chopper, even though he lives life as a pirate.
    • With his Healing Hands ability, he also pays respect to Asia Argento for her help. The blonde was enamored with the Dungeon and Dragons deities in his world and asked him to describe ALL of them. That was a difficult task, as Knowledge (Religion) wasn't part of his skill ranks.
  • To his surprise, no one has claimed the prize of God of Hammers. Instead, much of those people have flocked to the worship of Hawkgirl. Durkon finds her hard to read given the superhero's many Retcons.
  • Holds a massive disdain for the undead and holds his holy symbol to his chest so that he could Turn Undead at a moment's notice. While his time as a vampire widened his perspective on the creatures, he remains unconvinced on the good some can do. Of course many of them bemused his high failure rate due his Dump Stat in Charisma. Dracula had hoped to have used the spawn for his own purposes, but Hel denied him the chance to do so. The God of Vampires considered it a pity they couldn't keep the cleric for long.
  • The God of Thunder welcomed the cleric back in the Pantheon. While he does give Durkon the wrong spells to use at times, he genuinely cares for the dwarf (and was understandably pissed when he found out about his vampire turn). This proved true when the two finally met in his world.
    • Loki laughed up a storm when he found out that Durkon and a cleric of his ended up going to bed with each other. The God of Mischief is uninterested in whether the two will hook up or not, only in the resulting schadenfreude that would likely happen with two people of diametrically opposed clerics.
    • At least Catwoman is a bit more sympathetic with the situation he's in, advising him on what to do.
  • He and V could be seen as another inspiration of better relationships between dwarves and elves, like what eventually happened with Gimli and Legolas. Even then, he does have to deal with V's pride at times. Nevertheless, he was glad the two were able to handle their differences.
  • His zealous attacks on trees became an assault on all tree matter. He has a big help against Exdeath, God of Evil Trees, at first. He has since been banned from the House of Plants as a result. Some deities such as Viridi and Poison Ivy believe Durkon should be punished for his transgressions.
  • As with all dwarves, he enjoys a good beer over at the subhouse of alcohol. But it's to be noted that he never gets drunk, no matter how many mugs of mead he drinks. Durkon chalks it up to his insanely high Constitution score. This has gain him both awe and jealousy amongst the heavy drinkers in the Pantheon.
  • Also like most dwarfs, he's been trained to avoid getting hit by giants. This has made him a top priority by the Colossi to destroy him.
  • His new mission, requested by Thor, is to gain an audience with Redcloak. The evil cleric's deity may hold the key to preventing the continuing cycle of destruction due to The Snarl. The GUAG has taken notice and has voiced their support if it leads to the goblin's redemption.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Friendship.

Tassadar, God of The Messianic Archetype (Savior of the Templar, Twilight Deliverer)
  • Intermediate God, potentially Greater God when channelling the Khala and Void simultaneously. But… well, see below for details.
  • Symbol: The Protoss Icon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kind Protoss Who Shouldn't Be Angered, Sacrificed Himself To Destroy The Zerg Overmind, Defied The Conclave When They Told Him To Raze Zerg-Infested Terran Worlds, Frontline General, Powerful Psionic Powers, Using Both Khala and Void
  • Domains: Psychic, Martyrdom, Khala, Void
  • Allies: Zeratul, Artanis, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrael, Cosmos, Madoka Kaname, Optimus Prime, Mario
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, The Tyranids, Lucifer, The Combine
  • Tassadar left the mortal plane during the battle against the Overmind in Aiur. In turn, his sacrifice ushered peace between Templars and Dark Templars amongst Protoss and ensured the survival of Protoss. He is then honored with the phrase 'En Taro Tassadar' and seemingly turned into a spirit. In truth, he was in fact ascended to the Trope Pantheons, where the Pantheon recognized his great sacrifice and compassion. It just took him kinda long to appear in public due to… difficulties.
    • While Tassadar was taking his time to show up in the Pantheon, he personally requested for Cosmos to take care of his divine duties and grant blessings to his followers while he was taking care of said difficulties. Once he got everything over with, Cosmos gave Tassadar the title that he was meant to ascend for. In return, Tassadar shows gratitude to Cosmos for helping his followers out while asking little in return.
  • Following his ascension, Tassadar was reunited with Zeratul and Jim Raynor. However, when questioned on the conversations his spirit form apparently had with Zeratul at one point, he was confused, holding no memory of that. Investigation by the two ascended Protoss soon uncovered the truth: the "Tassadar" who had given Zeratul prophetic information and guidance had in fact been the avatar (chosen as a face Zeratul would trust) of Ouros, last of the benevolent Xel'Naga.
    • He is, in turn, immensely proud of Artanis for finally uniting the Protoss and forever ridding them of the shadow of evil that loomed over them.
  • Fights alongside Zeratul and his other allies in the Nexus.
  • Yes, he can channel the Khala and Void together once more to replicate the attack he did on the Overmind. However, since it killed him last time he did that, he's not exactly willing to do that again unless the situation is dire. Thankfully, Death Is Cheap within the pantheon.
  • Seeing and hearing of the Tyranids brings back too many bad memories of the Zerg. Tassadar has offered to help out should the Tyranids ever manage to break the seal.
  • En Taro Tassadar! ... is what his followers and friends would say. For Tassadar himself, it's always En Taro Adun!
  • Also serves as an Intermediate God under Real and Legendary Pastiches (House of Derivatives).

Lesser Gods

    Saint Martha and Saint George 
Saint George and Saint Martha, Divine Representatives of Patron Saints (George: Georgius, Georgios, The Red Cross Knight, Rider, The Dragon-slaying Saint, The First Knight, George the Triumphant, Sir George, Old George; Martha: Martha of Bethany, Virgin, Myrrhbearer, Wonder Worker of Southern Gaul, Rider, The Dragontamer Saint, Summer Ruler, Dragon-puncher Saint, Santa Caster, Santa Chef)
Summer Ruler 
Santa Caster 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The St. George's Cross (George, obviously), Martha's staff
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Patron Saints, Martyrdom, Dragonslaying, Knights
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ornstein (one-sided on Ornstein's part)
  • Enemies: Evil dragons, Cthulhu, YHVH
  • Opposes: Roman Gods, Caligula, Nero Claudius (George); Dio Brando, Takuma Saiou, Santa Claus (Martha)
  • Conflicting Opinion (Martha): Caim and Angelus (more so with Caim than Angelus)
  • Complicated Relation with: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin
  • A soldier in the Roman Army from a Greek background, George was a strong believer of Christianity. When he was arrested and ordered to make sacrifices to the Roman gods, he refused, not wanting to abandon his beliefs. He was eventually executed and ascended to martyrdom. While his life ended tragically, he is commonly known as the knight who slew a dragon, becoming an icon on these accounts, and is known as one of most venerated saints in Christianity.
  • Martha of Bethany is a holy woman from the 1st Century whom Yeshua of Nazareth frequently visited, along with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus. Martha was always the generous hostess while her siblings listened and learned from Him. The other well-known aspect of Martha's story is when she appeased the dragon Tarasque. The tarasque was a massive dragon with a turtle's shell, six legs, the head of a beast and a stinger tail. It devastated the landscape, destroying everything in its path. The king sent out his knights to slay the tarasque with swords and spears and even catapults, but nothing would damage the beast. At last, Saint Martha was sent out to the tarasque, and she tamed the tarasque with hymns and prayers, saving the countryside. She led back the tamed Tarasque to the city. The people, terrified by the monster, attacked it when it drew nigh. The monster offered no resistance and died there. Martha then preached to the people and converted many of them to Christianity. Sorry for what they had done to the tamed monster, the newly Christianized townspeople changed the town's name to Tarascon.
  • As one of the oldest recalled dragonslayers, it is not surprising that there are a lot of dragons who fear George. However, he might not be as bad towards dragons as he seems. There is one tale note  where George was sent to slay a dragon, but after a boy tells him that the dragon is not evil at all, he helps the dragon to befriend the townspeople. So he can be rather reasonable
    • While he is most suited to slaying dragons, don't think he is easy to take on even if you are not a dragon. In fact, he can give you draconic traits just to power through you. He is also extremely tanky, were it due of his sword, his naturally high physical and magical resistance, skills that block mental attacks, allows him to continue fighting even after taking critical damage, being able to block any attacks for the sake of others, or his horse Bayard being able to take a hit for him. Though offensively he isn't that powerful, even if he can create lances of light that are powerful against dragons.
    • Due to his status as one of the oldest dragonslayers, he has gotten quite a bit of respect from other dragonslayers. Though he dislikes Ornstein a bit due to his idea that all dragons should be slain. Though Ornstein is really adamant on showing that he is better of the two.
  • While he has struck fear into some of the dragons here, most of them are not as impressed with him. Mainly because they consider the dragon which George slew as being nothing more than a whelp in comparison to them, being hardly any bigger than a horse. Of course, whenever or not they want to test George out is another question entirely.
  • He might have slain the dragon after his martyrdom, being sent from the Heavens to accomplish that task. Some even believe that his real identity is that of Al-Khidr, an immortal angel who travels the world to help those in need.
    • There are also some hints that George was actually the Emperor of Mankind. And that the dragon he slew was the Void Dragon.
  • In one world, he obtained immortality during the time of Rome and during the Medieval Era, he defeated and sealed away a demon called Diagon using the sword given to him by the Galvan scientist Azmuth. After which he created the Forever Knights to oppose Diagon if he were to return, though he retired until the day would come. While a chivalrous yet head-strong knight, his xenophobic views on aliens did cause problems when Ben Tennyson and others tried to step in.
    • After his death at the hands of Diagon, he had time to think about his actions in the afterlife. During which he decided that he shouldn't let one's background determined if he should help them or slay them and he would swear to protect those in need, no matter who they are. He also apologized for Ben, Gwen and Kevin for what he has done, and everything seems to be fine. Though he has sworn to one day defeat Cthulhu due to him reminding him of Diagon.
  • As you can guess due to why he was killed off, he doesn't like Roman Gods. He also doesn't like the two Roman emperors in the Pantheon. One really shouldn't be killed off due to their beliefs.
    • Of course, some want to call him a hypocrite on that as he made the town of Silence to convert into Christianity in order for him to actually kill the dragon. He does realize what they mean and doesn't wish to do that again, especially since he believes that there are as strong beliefs to a particular religion as he was.
  • While normally fighting with a lance, if the stakes are high, he will bring out his sword called Ascalon (which might also be the name of his lance). He actually has three different versions of Ascalon, but two of them are in the hands of others. He could probably get them back if he needs them, though.
    • Dragon Slayer: Version of Ascalon that not only has powers associated with most Holy Weapons, but also has the power to slay dragons. This version of the sword is in the hands of Issei Hyodo. While he has his doubts about the child, the fact that Archangel Michael himself gave him that sword makes him think that he is worthy to use the sword.
    • The Blessed Sword by Which Force is Slain: Version of Ascalon that has the power to defend its wielder from any harm. However, the sword's power can be reversed to instead make it a sword that can cut through any armor.
    • Sword of Azmuth: Version of the sword created to tap into the fundamental forces of the universe. It has many powers from absorbing other's powers and firing energy blasts, to creating portals and forcefields and even create armour to its wielder. However, if misused the sword has the power to destroy entire planets. It is guarded by Azmuth after Diagon was sealed within the sword.
  • As one of the oldest examples of The Drifter knight who helps those who they come across, he has made some alliances with Samurai Jack and Reinhardt. He also has a fascination with cameras, and has taken some interest with Aya Shameimaru, of all people.
  • Just as Michael aided George with defeating his Dragon, the Archangel aided Martha. Though in her case, it was finishing the job Jesus Christ Himself started in teaching her how to fight (Jesus Christ was the latest in a long line of inheritors of a fighting art Jacob acquired fighting an angel, which could also be Michael). Due to this, Martha gained one nasty right hook.
  • We could say what patronages he has, but... the list is really long and it would be feeble to try to list all the things. Though funnily enough, even though he is the Patron Saint of Georgia (the country), it was not named after him.
    • Unlike George, while Martha does have a long list of patronages, it's not as ridiculously long. Her patronages are: butlers, cooks, dietitians, domestic servants, homemakers, hotel-keepers, housemaids, housewives, innkeepers, laundry workers, maids, manservants, servants, servers, single laywomen, travellers, Villajoyosa, and Spain.
  • Martha was pleasantly surprised upon hearing that Raidou Kuzunoha XIV has used the tarasque to travel across water, though since it's part-turtle it being able to swim makes sense. However, she does hope that his use of the tarasque doesn't lead to harm coming to the dragon.
  • Many have noticed a... similarity between Martha and Tifa Lockheart. This has caused no end of speculation from other pantheon members, ranging from Tifa being Martha's descendant or reincarnation.
  • Martha's not a fan of Christmas celebrations for three reasons: One: that it's too commercialized; Two: It gives too much emphasis on couples like Valentine's Day instead of on family; Three: Jesus was born in October anyway so the entire holiday is incorrect. She knows the last part for sure, mainly because she was literally Pals with Jesus.
  • Both George and Martha has gone to confront and apologize to Siegfried for missing him out during an annual "Dragon-slaying" event in Chaldea. Thankfully, Siegfried didn't hold it against them, he's pretty sure that curse of his would've bogged them down in their event.
  • George had an odd relationship with YHVH, as he sees Him being his true God. On one hand, he is blind to some of YHVH's actions, saying that there must be something wrong in the mortal world for Him to bring out His vengeance and wishes to wrong the evils of the world in His name. On the other hand, his devotion makes him immune to any of YHVH's manipulation so he does the tasks he's given using his own ideas of what should be done.
    • This eventually came to an end when Martha found out certain nasty truths about particular YHVH, that he has ordered a lot of atrocities that she found incompatible with the God she knew, Father of her pal, especially when she met the other one in the Pantheon. She came to blows with George over this and eventually managed to remind him that the God they knew granted mankind Free Will for a reason, not overly restricting them, AND helped Chaldea save humanity from the Evils of Mankind and Goetia, when YHVH has been discovered to not mind letting Goetia run rampant for His own goals. On hearing this, George renewed his partnership with Martha, left the GUAL and vowed that YHVH would pay for corrupting the image and name of his Lord.
  • Martha is rather irritated with the arrival of Santa Claus for allowing the commercialism of Christmas and not the holy day of Christ's birth (and it's not even his birthday, anyway). Santa sympathizes, but but there are something even he hasn't the power to fix.

    Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight 
Purist Thunderwrath, God of Religious Bruisers (Omniknight, Omni)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Hammer
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Protection From Spells With Repel, Protection From Physical Attacks With Guardian Angel, The Logical Conclusion Of Combining Repel And Guardian Angel, Takes His Hammer To War, Church Militant, Combat Medic, Good Is Not Soft, Magic Knight, The Paladin, Manly Support Hero
  • Domains: Healing, Anti-Magic, Protection, Light, War
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, though Braum is a Friendly Rival, also Lanaya
  • Enemies: Chaos Knight, Carl, Terrorblade, Balanar, Lucifer the Doom, Arthas Menethil, Redcloak, Quan Chi
  • Conflicting Opinions: The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Anti-Mage and Carl the Invoker was locked in combat against each other, with various members of the pantheon spectating. Though Anti-Mage should logically have the upper hand here, Carl's spells were too much for him in the end. Once exhausted from the fighting, his opponent went for the coup de grace by invoking a combo of spells upon him... only to be blindsided by a certain someone shouting "No sorceries avail!", followed immediately by a shield of light being formed around Anti-Mage which protected him from the final attack. Now assaulted by Anti-Mage, Carl used what little mana he had left to invoke Ghost Walk for a quick escape.
    • When the dust was settled, it turned out that the one who cast the protective spell on Anti-Mage was Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight. Some gods complained that Purist made a 1v1 a 2v1, but others have been quick to point out that the Defenders of the Ancients has never cared about fairness in combat, and likely never will.
    • Purist Thunderwrath and Anti-Mage is a duo feared by mages within the Pantheon, as the former will practically render magic ineffective with his Repel, while Anti-Mage will burn the mages' source of magic. At least Anti-Mage was manageable to some extent before Purist ascended.
      • This is to the point that when the duo are seen together kicking ass together, their enemies thought that their motto is "Fuck Magic". The ascension of Nortrom the Silencer completes the triad
    • Despite being in the pantheon, Purist still worships the Omniscience. He is religious after all. He's willing to cooperate in open hands with the Templar Assassin if the Omniscience orders it, though he's aware that she's gritting her teeth beneath her veil.
  • Thanks to their similarities, Purist Thunderwrath has been confused for Chuck Norris a lot of times. While he gets annoyed when people confuse him for Chuck Norris, he doesn't hold anything against the man himself.
  • Is notable for being one of the few respected by Sven. However, he's disillusioned by Purist's 'righteousness', which he calls foolishness. His counter to this is by saying "If being righteous is being foolish, I will gladly be foolish.". Despite this, they have a strong alliance.
  • Although he has a rivalry with the Runeterran Champions, Purist Thunderwrath has struck a good friendship with Braum. As they're manly supports who specializes in protecting their allies, we should probably have seen the friendship coming.
  • His daily faithful breakfast consist of hotdogs. But for Purist, it's never complete without a good "KETCHUP". When Braum invited him for dinner of mutton steak, Purist makes sure to bring that aforementioned condiment so he also feels the joy of ketchups.
  • So righteous is Purist, that his righteousness is projected as an aura. When his enemies enter the aura, it slows them down so that they may not escape justice from his hammer or the light. Particularly evil entities have described standing in the aura as being "horribly painful".
  • It is said that, in the world of Newerth, Purist was the one to teach King Jeraziah himself how to channel Sol's powers into powerful spells to cast. Purist himself admits that he doesn't quite recall how he went to Newerth, but he is most pleased to have taught the hope of humanity himself a way to protect himself and his people from the Hellbourne.
  • Purist Thunderwrath had... moderately harsh words to say about Arthas the fallen paladin. He was also furious to hear that Arthas killed an entire order of paladins, including the prince's own mentor. He has sworn to support those who wish to defeat Arthas, though personally he wants to smack Arthas on the face with his hammer.
    • Word has it that Purist actually used to look a lot like Arthas himself back in the days. However, when he learned that he looks like the lich king himself, he deliberately chose to grow a thick beard so that he wouldn't be associated with someone so vile and unrighteous.
  • Purist is a good man at heart, but will fall back to more violent methods should everything else fail. Those who intentionally pissed him off thinking that he wouldn't retaliate learned it the hard way.
  • Has very mixed feelings on the GUAL. While he agrees that order is required to keep people safe, he doesn't agree with most of the members in the alliance or with the atrocious methods used by them in the name of law. He's considering joining the alliance if just to attempt to set things straight, purify the alliance of the corruption and hopefully convince YHVH to become genuinely righteous.
    • However, he has respect for Alexander Anderson and Jeanne d'Arc, whose philosophies he feels is closer to his own than the rest of the GUAL. He does, however, find Alexander to be too brutal for his tastes, though he can't really complain considering that he has killed countless enemies in numerous battles. He is also afraid that Jeanne's pacifistic way is a dangerous one for her, though he considers her worthy of great praise for taking that path anyway.
  • For Purist, faith is a tool, not a bludgeon. He doesn't take those who would promote violence while sugar-coating it with pretty words like 'Faith' well.
  • "The Omniscience may spare them, but I will not."

Zenyatta, God of Religious Robots (Terkhartha Zenyatta, Master [By Genji], Zen, Zoomyatta, Speedy Zendalez)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God while Transcendent)
  • Symbol: His Orbs. Particularly the orbs of Harmony and Discord
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Gravity Clothing, Using orbs as his main weapon, Glass Cannon, Eyes Always Shut, Good Shepherd, Hovering everywhere he goes, Levitating Lotus Position, Martial Pacifist, Combat Medic, Firmly believing in The Power of Friendship, Warrior Monk
  • Domains: Robots, Monks, Wanderers, Mentors, Orbs.
  • Followers: Gizmo, Victor Mancha
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Null Sector, Junkrat and Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Ultron, Skynet
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Torbjörn Lindholm, Zarya
  • Seeks to help: Those who has been victims of racism.
  • An omnic monk from the shambali monastery, Terkhartha Zenyatta wanders the world in order to help out the people in need of him. He originally disagreed with the view of his fellow brothers and sisters and believed that in order to repair the bonds between humans and omnics, one must do it through interpersonal connection and engagement. And so Zenyatta left the monastery in order to practise on his word.
  • Genji was happy to he see his master ascend, and so was Zenyatta. The cyborg ninja took upon himself to show the in and outs of the pantheon to Zenyatta. The monk wonders if the Pantheon is tied with the Iris somehow.
    • He was also happy to personally meet the woman who saves Genji's life. He personally went to thank her for saving Genji, but was not expecting that Angela would also thank him for helping Genji be a better person.
    • Has also been trying to get him and Hanzo to reconcile, but hasn't made much success.
  • Zenyatta wanders the pantheon in search of those who would need help with their inner demons, as Zenyatta is able to perceive the issues that one holds within. He believes that harmony can fix everything, that's why his orb of harmony is able to heal those who bond with him. The House of Health and Diseases has been trying to figure out the reason behind his healing orbs but his only explanation is that the Iris is what allows him to do this.
  • He also seeks to help those who have been victims of racism or have felt like outcasts. Numerous deities have been seen expending time meditating with Zenyatta and talking about their deepest troubles. For someone who is only 20note , he has been said to be very wise.
  • Even though Zenyatta is a peaceful robots, he has shown that he will fight back if the situation calls for. If you do get on his bad side, he will tag you with his Orb of Discord, which will increase the damage they take. He has been noted to being a very efficient tank buster.
  • Ultron has been very vocal about how stupid is Zenyatta's way of thinking is and considers his idea of peace between humans and omnics useless and would prefer that the omnics of his world would rebel and rule over the humans. It got worse when Ultron dared to mention Widowmaker's assassination on Mondatta but surprisingly, Zenyatta was able to remain calm and simply told him that they both may not agree on how they see things in the world.
  • He got to meet a few monks in his travels around the Pantheon. He reminds Aang of a fellow airbender if they were a robot and Zenyatta has also been seen meditating with Kharazim from time to time.
  • Has once styled himself as the Egyptian God of the Sun Ra, which has perplexed the deity himself. However, Ra has no problem with Zenyatta at all, even allowing him to be one of his followers if he ever wishes to (Although Zenyatta politely turned him down on his offer).
  • Often takes jokes and phrases literally, leading to him understanding thinks the wrong way.
  • Has been confused for a robotic genie once, given how he hovers wherever he goes. This has made him develop a strange friendship with the genies in the pantheon.
  • Once visited the house of music for open mic night. Everyone expected him to say some religious stuff, but oh boy were they proven wrong. One performance of Ultimate by Denzel Curry later, and the crowd was going wild.
  • He was quite happy to learn of the ascension of a Human and Robot couple called Kosmo and Nova, seeing them as a pinnacle of peace between human and machine. He hopes to one day be able to take them to his universe to show the people there what can occur between peace and love with humans and robots.
  • "True self is without form."
  • You can also find him in the House of Technology, bonding with the different kind of robots present there.


Shylock, the Greedy Jewish God Who Was Fair For His Day