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Anti-Gravity Clothing

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Just one of the ways her cape is pimped out.

Any part of an outfit that floats independently from the rest of the clothing. Done almost entirely for Rule of Cool, as there is little practical purpose for this.

Sometimes this is justified by magic or Applied Phlebotinum, but even when it's not, this trope usually appears in fantastic or futuristic settings.

In Far East Asian mythology (China, Japan, Korea) one trait the gods have, which is mostly associated with female gods, is the ability to defy gravity. This is reflected in art, where you'll see the gods have flowing hair and stoles (called tenne) that float in the air.

A Holy Halo counts as this, when depicted as a floating circlet.

Compare Impossibly Cool Clothes (which can even overlap with this).

Not to be confused with clothing that gives the wearer anti-gravity abilities.


Anime and Manga


  • In Trinity Blood, Seth's thing floats around her shoulders.
  • Dragaera: The Imperial Orb, a powerful magical artifact and the Requisite Royal Regalia of the Dragaeran Empire, orbits the head of the Emperor or Empress.

Tabletop Games

Video Games

Western Animation

Web Comics

  • Marcus from Hell(p) wears a beanie with a pom on a string that floats like it's made of helium, giving him a bit of an Idiot Hair look.

Web Original