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    The Shadow 
The Shadow, Deity of Slumbering Villains (The Empty, Your Friendly Neighborhood Cosmic Entity)
The Shadow in its human form.

Greater Gods

    Lord Hater and Commander Peepers 


Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Gods of Villainous Friendship (Lord Hater: The Universe's Awesomest Evil Doer, Skeletor 2.0, Lord Vader, Sir [Only by Commander Peepers], The Duke of Destruction, the Monarch of Mayhem, The Greatest in The Galaxy | Commander Peepers: Mr. Peepers, C-Peeps, C.P., Squinty, Angry Little Smart Guy, Nerd, Pipsqueak)
Hater is the skeleton, and Peepers is the eyeball

Intermediate Gods

Princess Azula, Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns (The Born-Lucky Princess of the Fire Nation)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation Insignia
  • Theme Music: Azula's Theme, Fire Masters Meeting
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Siblings Who Hate Each Other, Sociopathy, Master Strategist, Extreme Villain Competence, Villains Who Lose Their Cool, The Dragon, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Playing with Fire and Lightning, Dark Action Girl, Evil Teenagers, Dragon Lady.
  • Domains: Evil, Fire, Madness.
  • Followers: Jasper, Clementine, Joseph Seed, every non-ascended Ace Attorney villain
  • Superiors: Father (Fullmetal Alchemist), and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Mele, Larxene
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Vergil
  • Opposed by: Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Fears: Alucard
  • Special Relationship: Zuko (her brother), Ozai (her father)
  • Respects: Lady Macbeth
  • The daughter, youngest child, and "born lucky" Tyke Bomb of Fire Lord Ozai, Princess Azula served as a lieutenant to Ozai's rule over the Fire Nation. Her calculated brilliance and tenacity produced key victories for her people in the Hundred Year War. First installed in the Pantheon as the the Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns following her tragic downfall which culminated at the end of the War, she was last heard sobbing miserably and shrieking incoherent revenge on her brother, her friends, the entire Water Tribe, and Revolver Ocelot.
    • After much therapy and soul-searching, she ascended back into the Pantheon as the Goddess of Evil Sisters, taking the place of the Tamaranian princess Blackfire. Surprisingly, this was not exactly a hostile takeover, as Blackfire actually became friends with her. They bonded over their experience with being denied the divine right to rule thanks to do-gooder siblings, and Azula took the position without a fight. Blackfire then settled for High Priestess, a dynamic which lasted a long while until Azula was thrust back into her former seat, forcing Blackfire out of her temple. Now that she is back, she will now act on her vengeance, starting with her brother and Katara.
  • Azula doesn't exactly get along very well with a lot of people who carry the same voice base as her. For instance, even though Mandy and Azula share the same house, they wish not to be allies because both of them think the other is too extreme in her methods. She also harbors extreme dislike towards Li-Ming, as she considered her everything she would have aspired to be, being ambitious, prideful, powerful, but then tainted with silly notions like altruism, and even worse, she mostly succeeded where Azula failed and even became friends with Zuko. Needless to say, she's VERY envious of Li-Ming.
  • Because of Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal as well as being overthrown by Revolver Ocelot, Nerissa, David Xanatos and Bugs Bunny, one of Azula's first goals when she re-ascended was to acquire some followers... er, 'allies'. Fortunately for her, her reputation (particularly when lucid) preceded her and got her the attention of quite a few figures who wanted to strike allegiances with her to serve their purposes as well. Shishio Makoto came to find interest in her joining him for The Ten Swords due to her ruthlessness and use of strength and fear, even being willing to chance her occasional bouts of paranoia. She was challenged to a game of Go by Cao Cao, and impressed him with the fact that in most of the games she wins nearly half of the time. He has decided to try and have her under the banner of The Wei Forces. Even Frieza has been seen speaking with Azula in the interest of some version of Earth having a "proper ruler", as in one both friendly and similar enough to the ethos of the Frieza Force.
    • One day she found herself confronted by Führer King Bradley of Amestris, who engaged her in combat, testing her blue flame and lightning against his Ultimate Eye and superhuman reflexes. He was able to dodge just about everything she threw at him, while she used her firebending to protect herself from his onslaught. Impressed, Bradley inquired as to her plans for Zuko, and offered to give her allies to help her fulfill said plans…in the form of his siblings, the Homunculi, and a new High Command team he was setting up to aid his Father. While tentative about trusting Bradley and company, she agreed to be a part of said team. The team's other lead commander, Esdeath, took something of a shine to her as well, as they would form a dangerous triumvirate at the head of the table.
    • Her first major task as part of their group was to infiltrate another faction, Team Rainbow Rocket, who were on the verge of attempting their own siege of power. Once this siege concluded in failure (as they suspected it would), her job was to apprehend Giovanni before Pantheonic authorities could do so, in order to annex the Rainbow Rocket group. One of the key players in Giovanni's faction was the crime lord Roman Torchwick, whose immature seniority rather amused her, but who more importantly got her introduced to his Team CRME associate Cinder Fall. While Cinder was born a pauper, adopted into nobility, and made to know that she was only there to do her family's chores, Azula would come to admire how Cinder became strong enough to murder the nobles and continued to gain power as was her self-ordained destiny. Not quite the divine right to rule, but close enough to be dangerous. In addition, the two are both wielders of fire powers, and have a similar mindset when it comes to the worth of those below them, despising limits from those who would claim them as serfs, as well as fear of failure. Cinder and Azula share a certain understanding, wanting to work together and learn from each other, but each is wary of the other potentially trying to own or betray her.
  • In Azula's eyes, Rin Okumura, son of Satan, fellow wielder and current God of the Blue Flame, really should've followed his father's will and taken over the Earth together, and his refusal to do so is "a sign of pathetic weakness on his part". Azula made sure to let him know that when they met. Predictably, they don't get along too well. Another half-demon, Vergil, a power-seeking son of a demonic knight who she found somewhat intriguing, was initially a member of High Command but turned traitor after an incident. While the two have come to blows on occasion since then, Azula still hopes to have a fascinating conversation with the blue devil, though her forms of hello and goodbye may have to come in the form of lightning since blue fire doesn't seem to cut it.
  • Much overlooked in Azula's story is the fact that she does genuinely love her family and friends at least to some extent…but The Social Darwinist philosophy taught to her by her father and his military system has contorted that love into all kinds of twisted knots. For example, the revelation that her gameplan for "revenge" against Zuko has nothing to do with destroying him or causing his downfall, but rather corrupting him into becoming the same type of leader as herself and Ozai, one who leads by strength through fear, so as to make herself the power behind his throne, came as a shock to many deities in the Pantheon despite making total sense as something she would do. It also caused some concern, given Zuko's attempts to rehabilitate his sister and get her to join the side of the altruists; now, many see it as not a matter of if the fire siblings will overcome their differences, but when and for what side. Several deities with complicated sibling relations, such as Byakuya Kuchiki, have expressed their favor to Zuko's side in the Fire siblings' moral tug-of-war. She is not happy about this.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Draco Malfoy, possibly due to how their fans treat both of them. However Draco feels uneasy around Azula since she has done things even he personally finds disgusting. There are many who suspect her 'friendship' is actually a ploy to get her more power. Only time will tell if this is true, but one thing is certain- whatever happens, it won't be good.
  • While she had amassed the help of Frieza, Esdeath, Cinder Fall, Shego, the New High Command and Homunculi, she also had succeeded in gaining some enemies:
    • Samurai Jack and Ashi both detest Azula due to her having the same personality and voice of Ashi's mother. While neither an encounter nor a fight has happened between them yet, it is safe to assume the feelings are mutual.
    • Queen Elsa despite her kindness and nice disposition also isn't too fond of Azula, due to using her elemental powers to hurt others and being an evil sister. Azula being, well Azula hates Elsa with a burning passion due to her being a Queen (while Azula is still a Princess), having a nice family and (adding insult to injury) befriending her brother Zuko. Because of this Azula has vowed to melt or zap the Ice Queen one day. For now though, all of the other Gods and Goddesses have managed to make sure this hasn't happened.
    • Had the misfortune of making an enemy of Alucard as well. When she met the No Life King, in her typical arrogance she declared herself superior and that killing Alucard would be easy for her fire and lightningbending, while calling him a 'dog' as an insult. Since she reminded him of the Millenium Nazis (or he was just feeling bored), Alucard gladly accepted a battle. Obviously, things didn't go well for her... It's unknown how exactly the 'battle' between them went, but according to rumors the words 'dog food', 'dog shit' and something about a 'hug' were heard. For weeks after this event, Alucard was searching for Azula itching for amusement and a rematch, while she was nowhere to be seen. After she eventually came out, the Fire Nation Princess refused to remember this event and ever speak about it (as well as burning off the tongue of everyone who asks her about it). Ever since, Azula has learned that not all gods can be killed even with her fire and lightning, so she is avoiding the Nosferatu like the plague. Needless to say, Alucard is one of the few beings that makes Azula absolutely terrified.
    • She decided to hurt Mithra, due to to her annoying the Fire Princess with her silly preachings about good, love, peace and altruism. Bad idea. As soon as Asura caught wind of this, he put Azula on his shit list and promised that if she ever so much as made his daughter cry, he would squash her like a puny bug. It also didn't help that he had made friends with Avatar Aang. When Azula found out that Asura is a much more powerful foe (not to mention he has killed far more powerful beings than she has ever faced), she decided to avoid him and Durga as well. Like Mandy she may be evil and cunning, but even she knows when she is outclassed.
    • Once decided it would be fun to try and burn some plants when she was in a particular mood. Unfortunately, those plants were in Poison Ivy's gardens. Poison Ivy, who is immensely protective of the plants in her garden. Also in Poison Ivy's gardens are a set of mutated man-eating plants. Luckily for the Princess, Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn were on hand to slowly try to (A) talk Ivy's rage down, and (B) pry Azula out of the plant. Even so, she narrowly escaped with her life. Predictably, she is not grateful.
  • "Well what choice do I have? Trust is for fools! Fear is the only reliable way. Even you [mother] fear me."
  • Also present in Types of Sadness.

Ghirahim, God of Sissy Villains (Demon Lord Ghirahim, Debbie)
Final Form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Diamonds
  • Theme Song: Demon Lord Ghirahim, Ghirahim Battle, Final Ghirahim Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Camp, being The Heavy for his master, Blood Knight, having a Villainous Breakdown and recognizing it, Evil Overlord, Badass Finger Snap, hammy villainy, Overly-Long Tongue, punishing players who try waggling to victory, Complete Monster, Chrome Champion, Living Weapon
  • Domains: Demons, Ruling, Evil, Killing
  • Superior: Demise
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Lord Chaos, Garland, Zant, Mard Geer Tartaros, Gul'dan, Ten Commandments.
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Laharl, Etna, Sicily, Midna, Fi
  • Rivals: The rest of the Demon section in the House of Otherness
  • Followers: Daemon, Phil the Prince of Insufficient Light, Hunson Abadeer, Royce Lashiec.
  • Demon Lord Ghirahim's existence was in limbo after the events of his quest to revive his master, Demise. His strong ego, however, led his consciousness to the Pantheon, where he regained his normal form and made a big spectacle of his entrance.
  • Ghirahim immediately took to the first house to catch his fancy- the demon section of the House of Otherness. With his magic powers and waves of Bokoblins, he took the House of Otherness by storm and settled upon his new throne within the house. He tried taking over, but the other demons would not hear it. They had a fight, and while Ghirahim lost, they allowed him the title of God of Demon Lords and Archdevils, at the very least. While he took the seat, Ghirahim has made it known that he hasn't given up taking over.
  • The notion of an alleged Demon Overlord like Laharl being a Noble Demon makes Ghirahim feel FURIOUS! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER! Many times Ghirahim has challenged Laharl for his throne. And every time, Laharl's massive level grinding has managed to keep Ghirahim at bay.
  • On the subject of Ghirahim being frowns all around, he had noticed that Link was also in the Pantheon, though he may not be the same Link that faced him. Ghirahim plans to exact revenge on Link anyway.
    • It also did not fill his heart with rainbows to discover Zelda's presence in the Pantheon, either. He feels that this is just rubbing salt in the wound.
  • Many gods in the Pantheon are equally disturbed and impressed by his Overly-Long Tongue. Greninja included.
  • Ganondorf is considered to be Demise's legacy, in a manner of speaking, and as such, Ghirahim has the utmost respect for him. They've formed a tentative alliance. This, however, is a charade. Ghirahim plans to use Ganondorf as a pawn to bring Demise into the Pantheon, using a certain method.
    • Ghirahim believes that he do a similar ritual to one Yuga pulled off- He will find Demise's consciousness and infuse Ganondorf's body with it, allowing Demise to take over Ganondorf's body and have all of Ganondorf's powers.
  • The relationship between Garland and Chaos reminds Ghirahim of his own with Demise, and he enjoys the evil and bloodshed that the two of them cause. Plans have been made for a possible alliance between Garland, Chaos, and Demise, should he ever ascend.
  • Ghirahim takes great pride in his body's form and abilities, and will rant about it at length prior to fights, mixed in with descriptions of the torture he'll inflict on his opponent. When the chips are down, he'll go into One-Winged Angel form.
  • Seeing what a Blood Knight he is (due to being a weapon), he's regularly seen in the House of Combat, whenever he's not seeing to any of his schemes.
  • Wound up forming a Villainous Friendship with Zant due to his blind devotion to Ganondorf. The two both served him loyally when Hyrule's timelines were merged. That said, Ghirahim is well aware that Zant's devotion is specifically towards Ganondorf, and that when he tries to use him to revive Demise, they'll probably become enemies.
    • Has formed a strong alliance with Mard Geer over their similar positions to their respective masters. Ghirahim is also impressed with the Underworld King's devotion to his master, E.N.D., and has offered his aid in resurrecting him, citing Mard Geer as a kindred spirit.
  • Now that Demise has ascended, he has the utmost amount of joy. He now seeks a way for him to regain his true form.

    The Ginyu Force 
Ginyu: Men, introductions!






And together we are...

The Ginyu ForceMembers , Gods of Hammy Villainy (Ginyu Special Squadron, Ginyu Special Forces, Ginyu Tokusentai, Ginew Special Squadron, The Ginyus | Ginyu: Captain Ginyu, The Captain, Cap'n, Sir (by his Clone company) | Jeice: Jeece, Jheese, Jheece, Jiisu, The Red Magma, Apple Jeice, Sweet Red, Orange Jeice, Golden Delicious, Bloody Aussie, Jeicee Poo (by Burter), Cousin Jeice (by Salza) | Burter: Burta, Butta, The Blue Hurricane, The Big Blue Snake Guy, "Butter" | Guldo: Gurd, Guido, Ginyu's Butt-Monkey, Frog-Man, Poor Imitation (by Dio) | Recoome: Recoome, Reacoom, Recoom, Likum, The Big Bad Doom)
Clockwise from top left: Recoome, Burter, Ginyu, Guldo, Jeice (centre)
The Ginyu Force's Five-Way Fusion 
  • Intermediate Gods, borderline Greater Gods for Burter and Recoome when they fuse ("Recurter"), full-on Greater Gods when using Five-Way Fusion, borderline Overdeity for Ginyu when he fuses with Frieza ("Ginyuza")
  • Symbol: The Ginyu Force Insignia
  • Theme Song: Take the Stage!! Ginyu Tokusentai!!, Ginyu Force Theme, The Ginyu Force, Ginyu Special Forces, Captain's Ace in the Hole in battle
  • Leitmotif: Doom Theme (1993) (Recoome only)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Hammy Villains, ASS-KICKING POSE, Laughably Evil, Affably Evil, "Super Sentai" Stance, Dance Battlers, Human Aliens, Made of Iron, Punch Clock Villains, Quirky Miniboss Squad, Super Powered Mooks
  • Domains: Dramatics, Elitism, Evil, Loyalty, Power, Strength, Tyranny
  • Superior(s): Frieza, King Cold
  • Allies: Cell, Dr. Gero, Boros, the Team Rocket trio, The Monstars, Trakeena, the Psycho Rangers, the 501st Legion
  • Rivals: Cooler's Armored Squadron (Cooler's heralds), basically anyone in the Frieza Force who has surpassed them since their demise, Tagoma is one for Ginyu, Jiren (one-sided)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cooler, Majin Buu, the Saiyan Army (Paragus, Bardock, Nappa, Raditz, Turles), Lord Drakkon and his army, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (more on his end), Zechs Merquise
  • Enemies: Most if not all of the Dragon Ball protagonists, but especially Son Goku, Vegeta and Krillin, both Brolys, all Sailor Senshi, every team of Super Sentai and Power Rangers in existence, and by extension all good-aligned Kamen Riders
  • Friendly Enemy: Gohan, Goten and Trunks (but not Gotenks), Team Dai-Gurren
  • Annoy(s): Grand Admiral Thrawn, surprisingly enough
  • Avoids: The House of Canines (Guldo)
  • Established approximately around the time that King Cold retired to let his son Frieza take the reins of the Planet Trade Organization, the Ginyu Force are among the only soldiers in the Galactic Cold/Frieza Force that Frieza doesn't display any form of malice towards. Basically, if Zarbon and Dodoria are Frieza's Co-Dragons and chiefs of staff, Ginyu and his team are Frieza's Navy SEALs, an elite mercenary platoon that ranks outside of the main system, the cream of the crop of Frieza's elite. That all changed when Frieza requested that they intervene on Planet Namek to obtain the planet's Dragon Balls after Zarbon and Dodoria were killed by Vegeta. They should have just continued to Planet Yardrat as initially planned, because said intervention decimated the team's ranks courtesy of Goku and Vegeta, with only Captain Ginyu surviving in the body of a Namekian frog. And now, Frieza has gotten them ascended to the Pantheon to bolster the growing forces he has in supply.
  • They were initially planned to ascend under the trope Ass Kicking Pose, before it was decided that Evil Is Hammy was practically tailor-made for them. The reason? They are among the most dramatic and hammy villains ever, posing, role-calling and everything. They take it seriously and their power can justify being so cheesy. In fact, the first criteria in order to enter battle isn't strength, but choreography. This was a near unanimous decision on the part of the Court of the Gods, and Ginyu is thankful as they can serve their rightful lord and master once again.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • It's been tough for them since they've ascended and enlisted in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, and their position is tenuous to say the least. Ever since they all died, the rest of Frieza's elite has levelled up in power, which means they no longer occupy the same exclusivity they had when they were living. In fact, when they stepped into GUAE headquarters for the first time, they received a tsunami of laughter from the villains there. The only saving grace is that Frieza has undergone enough Character Development to embrace the team once again with open arms. He has tasked Ginyu with getting the team up to snuff with the rest of the Force, saying this:
    Frieza: Ginyu, you're no longer the best of the best in the Frieza Force, and especially in a place like this, you never will be. But I have high hopes for you all. So, as is my decree, do your team a favour, train them up, and make them useful again!
    • The team is still among the most powerful of Frieza's soldiers and occupy a 'High-Level Executive Class' within the Frieza Force. Only this time, others share that privilege, including Tagoma.
    • The Ginyu Force has a counterpart in the form of Cooler's Armored Squadron, a three-man elite squad under Frieza's brother Cooler. The Ginyu Force is very unimpressed with the three of them in terms of their choreography and timing and look down on their poses as amateurish and unrefined. As of today, the two groups are still at an impasse, with the exception of Salza (see below).
      • Such criticism goes both ways. They used to have a member named Bonyu, but she left because she just couldn't understand the appeal of the whole 'posing' thing.
    • They're all a bit miffed that no one thought of reviving them using the Dragon Balls, especially Ginyu. Then again, Frieza didn't even bother bringing his father back when he was resurrected, so they haven't dwelled too long on it. Guldo suggested using the Dragon Balls to raise their power levels, which Ginyu strongly rejected since such an abuse of their power would surely count as treason before Lord Frieza and warrant a quick execution.
    • They already despise Vegeta with all their heart and soul for putting an end to the lot of them. In other timelines where Vegeta was able to get stronger than Ginyu at 100% on Namek, Vegeta will at least entertain the notion of taking over the Ginyu Force or replacing them with his own unit. Typical of Vegeta, he now views them as nothing more than target practice.
    • They (or, at the very least, Ginyu himself) respect Goku's son Gohan for his own knowledge of the "Super Sentai" Stance, which he well may have learned while facing them on Namek. While he is their enemy, Ginyu recognizes him as a Worthy Opponent, and would consider him a fine addition to the force otherwise as the Great Saiyaman. Trunks and Goten, Gohan's younger brother, think their poses are super cool and enjoy watching their antics, which they're grateful for. Ginyu believes that they lack style and substance but they have the right mind and attitude, and may one day be amazing. But professionally, he accepts they're on opposite sides and, thus, destined to clash. Their fusion Gotenks, on the other hand, is too stiff in his own poses for their taste, yet he keeps insisting THEY're the lame ones. Goku is remarkably cool with them, but only because his power level is leagues above theirs now.
    • You know who they don't respect? Any Toku hero that exists period. They think that their tacky poses are inferior to theirs and that they should back down from such habits in the future. Ginyu and Jeice were especially unimpressed with how tactically ineffective the use of explosions is in Sentai roll calls, intentionally making a jab at the non-ascended Dynamen.
    • One of their first assignments was with the Galactic Empire's Seventh Fleet, when they were temporarily housed aboard the ISD Chimaera to assist in tracking down a rampant Bio-Broly, which was bombarded to death by turbolaser fire. Many complaints were made for their general disruption and the fact that Guldo's Time Master abilities seemed to be affecting areas which it wasn't supposed to (which especially bothered Rukh), which reached the ears of Captain Pellaeon and eventually Thrawn himself, who was forced to remove them. He was sorry to have to do it, since they are actually useful soldiers in spite of their cheesy dramatics, but it had to be done since such wild behaviour leads to Stuff Blowing Up. Ironically enough, it was Thrawn (with Frieza's approval) who ended up deciding their current position in the Frieza Force. The Ginyu Force has since gotten plenty of military resources with Thrawn's help to make them a more portable unit (their normal cramped space pods are a logistical nightmare) politically insulated from GUAE politics. Other freebies include a personal training area, a modified Gozanti-class cruiser and personal Imperial-era TIEs to make up for their deficiencies in power. As a result of this, the Force has gained a new brand of infamy in the Pantheon.
    • It's taken a lot of training and some experimentation, but Ginyu finally discovered a trump card to regain their past respect in the GUAE. The Five-Way Fusion Technique, an Ultra Fusion, combines and increases their power high enough to match at least the current Super Saiyan 3 and likely much much higher. However, this fusion is a Godzilla Threshold that the Ginyu Force never uses for the sake of self-preservation. After all, it's not worth having a secret weapon if you only get to use it once.
    • Known to be party animals when off-duty on the disco floor of the Villain Pub. The Ginyu Force sometimes performs in the Pub's nightclub while Ginyu sits to the side downing a good glass of chianti. They've moved on from betting candy to betting heaps of cash in the pub's weekly lottery, which Recoome of all people seems to profit a lot off.
    • The Ginyu Force gets along well with the Monstars, who have challenged the Ginyu Force to a friendly game of basketball while they were off-duty. The Ginyu Force are among the favourites to win because Guldo's Psychic Powers and Burter's Super-Speed lend themselves well to basketball. They also get along with the Team Rocket trio and work with them often. With their abysmal success rate, Ginyu thinks they could use the extra muscle.
  • Exclusive to Captain Ginyu:
    • The leader of the Ginyu Force (it's named after him), he was once a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron, and was pitted against Salza for leadership of the team before being integrated into Frieza's team instead. His special ability is "Body Change", switching bodies with the verbal command "Change, Now!". This special ability ended up biting him in the ass, when he unintentionally ended up in the body of a Namekian frog. He was later transported to Earth in his frog body, later becoming the king of the frog pond near Capsule Corporation, and promptly forgotten. Until Super, after a body-switch and brief fight as Frieza's new top warrior Tagoma ended up in him unceremoniously killed off by Vegeta. After a stint in Hell (and some team-ups with his boss to escape), he was ascended.
    • When the Ginyu Force was re-united in Hell, after a heartwarming, tearful greeting, Captain Ginyu ordered his men to find and torture any dead being who resembled a frog, the rest of the Ginyu Force were confused as to why they were given the order and have asked Ginyu as to why they were given such a specific task… he refuses to answer the question to this day. Ginyu is so tight-lipped about his time as a frog that even his own team didn't know about it for a full year until told by Frieza and dismissed such rumours as false. They have privately sworn never to mention the subject again in front of him.
    • Ginyu has made it a personal goal to max out his power level, not just because he wants to prove his continued worth to Lord Frieza, but also to one-up his rival Tagoma. Since Ginyu pulled a Grand Theft Me on Tagoma in Super and got killed for his trouble immediately after, Tagoma absolutely despises Ginyu for trapping him in the body of a frog. This feeling is mutual since Tagoma dared exceed his power level, more so his entire team combined. He has compensated by training with his team in their personal training area. Thanks to his own training sessions in the Room of Spirit and Time, he greatly raised his power level to triple his power when in Tagoma's body, about 578 trillionnote . Still nothing on Vegeta's power level or Frieza (in their decillions and octillions respectively), but it's an astounding improvement.
    • To compensate for his team's deficiencies, he's been seeking alternatives with Thrawn's assistance. He's the one who procured most of the team's new equipment, including their ship, a modified Gozanti-class cruiser and their personal TIEs. Ginyu pilots a TIE Advanced x1 with purple highlights, which he used to great effect in bombing runs, especially that one on Frieza Planet 419. He considers this ride far less flashy than Zarbon's TIE Defender Elite. Thrawn has compared him favourably to one of his best pilots, Captain Vult Skerris.
    • He abuses his special ability whenever possible, which is at its best when fighting among a crowd of other soldiers where it can seem like he's teleportingnote . This strategy is proving less and less effective given that at least one psychic hero is somehow present at any given battlefield to astrally punt his consciousness back into his own body. When it is effective, watch out.
    • Is contractually obligated under King Cold and Cooler to perform the Dance of Joy and the Daddy's Little Princess Dance respectively for his boss after each successful mission. This is still the case in the Pantheon, despite Frieza's best efforts.
    • In his downtime, he works with Taskmaster as a drill instructor for the GUAE. He has to respect the man's talent. After succeeding in jumpstarting a training programme specifically to turn out ki fighters, he was awarded the Distinguished Service to Evil Medal (a standard decoration in the GUAE), which he wears proudly. One graduating class made up of clone troopers later became Indigo Company of the 87th Battalion of the 501st Legion led by Clone Captain CT-6874 "Taichou", which Ginyu commands when he's around.
    • Don't be fooled; while Ginyu acts like a Drill Sergeant Nasty on-duty, when he's not fighting someone, he's actually a pretty chill guy. Among some of Dragon Ball's cult favourites, he can be seen signing autographs for his new book, Ginyu: King of the Pond, his biography on life as a frog in Bulma's pond. He didn't enjoy having to write it, but was told that it would sell, and with all their new kit, a bit of extra cash is never a bad thing.
    • Whenever Captain Ginyu is questioned by Recoome if the body he has is his original one, Ginyu's response has always been the same: if Recoome can beat him in Rock-Paper-Scissors he'll tell him the truth, if Recoome loses, he has to buy space sodas for the whole force. The Ginyu Force have enjoyed free space soda on behalf of Recoome for many years now. If Recoome knew that Salza knows what Ginyu's original body looked like, he'd bother him to no end.
    • One of the most experienced officers in the Frieza Force, he's had plenty of life lessons, most eminently that strength and hard work is more important than wealth. He attended a seminar by resident billionaire Scrooge McDuck because he reminded Ginyu of his early days experimenting with his Ability by switching bodies with the richest boy in his elementary school class. Scrooge on his part was interested in Ginyu for this and the two maintain at the very least a cordial relationship.
    • He's painfully aware that his group's penchant for dramatics has made them a bit of a laughing stock and mocked Memetic Mutation, so he sympathizes with deities who have been ruined in the Pantheon because of that. He's thus made friends with Anavel Gato, who despite being a model soldier is vilified in the Pantheon for his explosive ascension and hammy quotes. Together, they have started a self-help group for villains suffering from such Villain Decay.
    • At least in one timeline he was able to completely ruin Zamasu's Zero Mortals Plan by changing his main body with Goku Black's before helping the Ace warrior to destroy Black in Ginyu's body and seal Zamasu forever, saving Trunks' timeline from further destruction. While Ginyu doesn't feels compelled to repeat the feat beyond a way to become more powerful, he does find it amusing to think that he got that far in becoming powerful and gaining fame in another timeline while Future Trunks is baffled by this possible future being revealed to him. Zamasu in turn fears that Ginyu might pull that stunt on him and ruin any plans he has even further.
    • Can reportedly fuse with Frieza to form "Ginyuza". No one, including Ginyu himself, is rushing to try this.
  • Exclusive to Jeice:
    • Jeice is Ginyu's Number Two, and a loud and proud Space Australian hailing from Space Brisbane. While unquestionably loyal to Captain Ginyu and Lord Frieza, he's been chided for being a Dirty Coward and leaving Recoome and Burter to die. Kinda makes you wonder if Ginyu ever sourced his candidates for his platoon properly. He has apologized for his actions in Hell and has sworn to improve himself in the Pantheon. Thanks to many long hours of training (he once trained for up to six weeks straight) and recording his power level, he has managed to raise his power level from 40,000 to 95,000 (his Dragon Ball Z: Sagas power level), then 5 trillion (during the Pantheonic Rebellion) and after what seemed like an eternity, 236 trillionnote .
      • He has indeed improved in attitude by Taking the Bullet for his incapacitated partner Burter from Hit, who was sent to assassinate Burter.
    • Created his Signature Move, the Crusher Ball, during his time as a Galactic Little League baseball player. No one knows why he switched to rugby. 2013 left Jeice in a very bitter mood as his beloved Space Broncos failed to qualify for the finals of Space NRL season finals for the first time since 2010 and Space Australia were beaten by Space British and Irish Lions in the 2013 Space British and Irish Lions Tour to Space Australia. He only fully recovered from the shock when they won by 53 to 0 against the Space Newcastle Knights in 2016.
    • Comes from the same planet as Salza, leader of Cooler's Armored Squadron, and they have a bitter rivalry dating back to the Force's early days, arguing about who the better fighter is. More tellingly, Salza knows all of Jeice's darkest secrets, because they are cousins. Especially with regard to his accent...
    Salza (to Jeice): Mon pauvre cousin, are your self-esteem issues so bad that you call yourself Space Australian? Look at that cockney accent, imbécile, you are clearly from Space London, not Space Brisbane!
    Jeice: Then why are you faking a Space French accent, mate? You goddamn wanker, we were born on the same planet!! Sometimes I wish you died before I did...
    Salza: (starts crying)
    Jeice: Ohhhhh....
    • Still others have claimed that his accent is Liverpudlian, Scottish or Brummie.
    • As a fan of rugby, he's a frequent visitor to the House of Sports and has even posted an application to become a color commentator for the local rugby league so he could add to his falling salary, citing the Namekimania 2011. The Frieza Force isn't known for its handsome salaries. Failing that, he appealed to Wiz and Boomstick for a position in DEATH BATTLE!. He was briefly a part-time intern, recording info from battles for them to use in simulations until Ginyu pointed out that this would look like treason before Frieza and Conquest High Command.
    • Jeice may have found another partner: Ali al-Saachez. They both share a taste for bloodshed and love proving their superiority, just that Jeice is far less likely to want to step in the blood. They are both mercenaries, so Jeice, Burter and Ali carpool their list of targets for the week and coordinate when necessary.
    • Jeice's Vitriolic Best Buds bond with Ali got him thinking of adding a Mobile Suit befitting of his standards to his arsenal, which he used to deadly effect against a haywire Android 21 that was raiding GUAE machinery storage areas. He originally went with a MS-14B Gelgoog Hi-Mobility Type until the Pantheonic Rebellion, where the suit was caught in a surprise attack from Metatron and irreparably damaged, something Jeice still holds a grudge over. He upgraded to a GN Drive Tau-equipped SVMS-01O Over Flag painted in his personal red and white colour scheme and refitted for close combat in conjunction with Burter's mid-range mobile suit. Thanks to Dr. Gero's reluctant input, Jeice's unit has a built-in Energy Absorber (in addition to the Ki-Translator, a generator that can transmute ki into energy blasts) that can absorb ki like his Androids can, and Jeice has made good use of this function to raise his power level, if only slightly. Ginyu has warned him about becoming over-reliant on such a Story-Breaker Power, lest the GUAG and especially Vegeta take it for themselves. Jeice's other ride is far less flashy, an unaltered TIE/IN Interceptor with red highlights.
    • Like Zarbon and Salza, Jeice is a Narcissist, a trait which the force believes is hurting his ability to reach his limits. He is very proud of his mullet, and was very offended when Steve Small listed the mullet as one of the world's many mistakes. If he didn't know that Mr. Small was a hippie counsellor who had some strange ideas about alternative medicine, he would have killed him.
    • He partners with Burter for Combination Attacks, which actually are effective deterrents against unaltered Badass Normal fighters. Their Purple Spiral Flash was once used to decimate an enemy base in the House of Power and Abilities.
      • It is rumoured that they have a derivative attack, the "Seizure Procedure", essentially the same but with flashing red and blue energy, guaranteed to either incapacitate an opponent via seizure or cause epilepsy. They both agree that doing so over a populated area would cause plenty of medical issues, so they don't use it unless the going gets tough.
  • Exclusive to Burter:
    • Burter is the resident strategist of the Ginyu Force, a cosmic speedster who partners with Jeice for Combination Attacks, a bit contradictory since he's the tallest of the bunch. His signature Super-Speed comes from his abusive mother, who would slap him if he was late preparing dinner. He's very proud of his agility and fancies himself as the fastest man in the universe.
    • Matching this attitude, he's chosen to gear for speed when it comes to equipment. His spacecraft of choice, a TIE Avengernote  painted in his signature blue, is faster than the average Interceptor and has given new meaning to his chosen nickname, the Blue Hurricane. He wanted a TIE Defender, but demand proved too high. He thinks it's a bit too advanced for his taste. He does have an alternative: a GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) stolen from the GUAG Gundam Corps hangar by mutual friend 'Prince' Ali al-Saachez after the Pantheonic Rebellion.
    • While he does have Super-Speed, he's very insecure about it. He refuses to acknowledge it as he is otherwise the group's big blue snake guy, and only Jeice got him to open up about itnote . It should be noted that while Burter is indeed very fast, he cannot maintain this agility in combat, so his speed when fighting is comparatively average.
    • Burter is thus a Green-Eyed Monster towards bonafide speedsters in the Pantheon, and has taken an interest in Barry Allen and Wally West. When he discovered that their overwhelming speed and time travel abilities were thanks to the Speed Force, he and Guldo approached Dr. Gero to find a way to tap into the cosmic force. No one knows what Gero's subsequent experiments were, but physicals indicate that Burter's combat speed has increased by at least 40%. His power level was estimated to be 7,000,000,000 during the Pantheonic Rebellion and stolen intelligence confirms it to be around 192 trillionnote  now.
    • Grudgingly works with Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon to leech Barry's powers, but both of them agree he's a poser.
    • Since he's a mutant of his species, it was reasonable that Training from Hell courtesy of his chores would give him Super-Speed but he's incredulous that a normal man doing the same got limitless potential and invulnerability. He hates Saitama for this but leaves him alone for fear of receiving one of his signature punches.
    • There's a possibility that he might be gay, if Guldo's word is any indication. Burter has declined to comment.
  • Exclusive to Recoome:
    • The Brute of the team, Recoome is their most flamboyant member, striking poses more often than Ginyu himself. However, this goofy exterior hides a remarkable intellect. And equally-remarkable sadism. He relishes the prospect of beating enemies up, so he's the guy you probably don't want to be killed by. Especially now that his power level has increased to 113 trillionnote  since his ascension and extensive training regimen.
    • Supposedly the most PR-conscious of the crew. He knows his own hype (much like Vegeta) and it shows. At least a while before Namek, he was already selling all sorts of Recoome-based merchandisenote . He's already started a fan site for the team, citing that the added following will help secure their position in the Pantheon.
    • He pilots a TIE/rb heavy starfighter with orange highlights for short-range missions and uses it as a bunker-buster. Its heavy laser cannon can supposedly be used to deliver Recoome's signature attack, the Recoome Eraser Gun, a mouth energy wave capable of destroying a planetary region. Because of this, Recoome's TIE is basically a flying Wave-Motion Gun.
    • Don't mess with him. Don't start a fight with him. Don't even think about crossing him. You know why?
    Recoome: Because the name's RECOOME! And it rhymes WITH DOOM! And YOOOU'RE gonna be hurtin'! ALL! TOO! SOOOOOON!!
    • Having seen Recoome's performance against Vegeta, Vince McMahon has entered talks with Recoome into signing a ten year deal with WWE. However, negotiations have hit a road block in light of Recoome’s supposedly outrageous wage demands. The deal is still pending.
    • Has something against steroids feeling that they reduce the thrill of the battle when you know that the added strength is artificial. He really doesn't know whether to like or hate Bane given that his first dose of Venom was administered unwillingly. Bane sees him as nothing more than an insect.
    • The Doom Slayer tried suing Recoome for using his theme song for himself and they agreed to meet at the House of Military and Warfare to sort things out. The subsequent battle destroyed Doom Slayer's sub-house and knocked the nearby Master Chief unconscious. Because really, who brings guns to a mouth cannon fight? Recoome maintains his innocence in the matter, since his usage of the song was technically fair use.
    • Likes putting his name in front of all his attacks. Recoome Elbow™, Recoome Dive™, Recoome Kick™, you name it.
  • Exclusive to Guldo:
    • Guldo is nowhere near as powerful as his teammates, and for all his efforts, seems to always be the team's Cosmic Plaything. His special ability of telekinesis and freezing time, while nice, is nothing compared to the powerhouses in the Pantheon. Nevertheless, he proved his worth to join the Ginyu Force so they wouldn't have it any other way.
    • He can't but feel like he's treated like crap by the team, and has a severe inferiority complex as a result. Ginyu says it's to make him grow thicker skin. He isn't exactly innocent either, since he spent his early years using his powers to look up girl's skirts and steal toys. If it wasn't already clear, he's a creep.
    • Guldo hates Vegeta more than the rest because he bullied him for his bad breath and/or his appearance. Vegeta even made it a habit to throw a dog biscuit at him whenever he saw him. Guldo hates being treated this way, and avoids the House of Canines like the plague. He can't stand it when patrons of said house start throwing dog biscuits. Just as well that he doesn't know that the ruler of Earth in his world is a dog...
    • On April Fool's Day, Burter pranked Guldo by giving him a box of dog biscuits for lunch, un-amused and angry, Guldo used his special ability to summon a steamroller to crush Burter, but even after stopping time, Burter was quick enough to dodge the steamroller.
    • This had some unintended consequences: pissing off Jotaro and Dio. Jotaro, because he really doesn't want to deal with a "Dio knock-off", as he so eloquently put it, and Dio, for performing one of his finest attacks so poorly. Dio actually made a good point during their spat:
    Dio: My dear Frog-Man, you are but a pale imitation of my own greatness. Stop trying so hard to be like me. 'ZA WARUDO!'note  and steamrollers are hardly essential to your attacks.
    Guldo: Pretty sure you're the imitation here. Haven't you watched the anime?
    Dio: The first chronicle of your exploits, the manga was in 1990, mine was in 1987. Go on. Check. I, Dio, insist, you unworthy brat.
    Guldo: (at a loss for words)
    • Joined Burter in Dr. Gero's experiment in tapping into the Speed Force. While Burter came out with a limited ability to tap into the Speed Force, Guldo came out with a limited ability to harness the power of its opposite number, the Still Force. This has drastically increased his power level from the 10,000s range to about 87 trillionnote . His power is still laughable compared to that of the Dragon Team, but such a drastic increase makes him much more of a credible threat. Hopes to get Turtle, one of the Flash's enemies ascended so they can team up.
    • Originally piloted a normal TIE Fighter due to budget constraints, but later on Ginyu threw him a bone and gifted him on his birthday with a modified TIE Interceptor with green highlights and a more capable hyperdrive than the one in Jeice's Interceptor, with the caveat that he use it to perform long-range reconnaissance missions and be useful for once.
    • As you can see from all this, Guldo's still the weakest member of the team, but he's got a lot more bite to his bark now.
  • Burter: "Speed of light and strength of all!"
    Recoome: "The Ginyu Force shall make them fall!"
    Jeice: "Lord King Cold's army's strongest force!"
    Guldo: "We'll beat them all, secure the course!"
    Ginyu: "If trouble meets us as we pass..."
    All: "We'll shove our fists right up their ass!"

    "Ginyu Force, MOVE OUT!"

    Lezard Valeth 
Lezard Valeth, God of Infatuated Villains
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if he gets a hold of Gungir and/or the Dragon Orb)
  • Symbol: His glasses superimposed over The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Theme Song:How Wicked Ruler, In Order To Acquire The Light In That Hand (when battling)
  • Alighnment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Genius, Large Ham, Love Makes You Evil, Rage Against the Heavens, Stalker with a Crush
  • Domains: Evil Specs, Self-Made God, Necromancy
  • Followers: Road, Lucia, Harry MacDougall
  • Allies: Frollo, Gaston, Lucifer, Vlad Masters, Strahd von Zarovich, The Black Queen of Sogo
  • Enemies: Lenneth Valkyrie (It's Personal), Freya, Edward Elric, some members of the House of Love, Temperance Brennan, Catelyn Stark, Satine and Christian, The Blood Team, Jack and Maddie Fenton
  • Rivals/Opposed by: Harry Potter (for looking like him), Belldandy, Negi Springfield
  • Reason for Ascension: Nearly Pulled off one of the grandest schemes in the history of storytelling in order to try and the attention of Lenneth, the Goddess he’s obsessed with, in order to ‘become one with her’. He kidnaps his old teacher’s husband and turns him into a monster, which he then provokes into killing said teacher. He then captures and murders many elves and other beings in order to take out their souls for experiments in soul transfers, make homunculus out of them. When his initial plan fails, he deliberately kills himself to turn into a spirit and allies himself with a powerful vampire to ensure that Odin has no chance of surviving Ragnarok by making it so that his newest agent, Hrist, fails her mission. He then reconstitutes his body, thereby surviving Ragnarok, goes back in time, and immerses himself with another Valkyrie who’s on Midgard at the time. During a critical battle, manages to steal her soul with no one the wiser. When he confronts Odin, he overpowers him, takes his soul and Gungir and the in order to create a new world and time line, all of which finally alerts the ascended Lenneth of his involvement. All According to Plan.
    • Needless to say, he’s NOT on a lot of people’s favorite list here in the Pantheon. However, he does have a decent-sized group of followers who consider him to be, if anything, a great villain.
  • The House of Magic strictly forbids him from entering their halls due to rarely anything good coming out of his experiments in soul transfusion. Edward Elric is especially watchful of him due to the subject of his experimentation.
    • However, since the events of the Great Upheaval, his undeniable talent in magic is under consideration for use. He scoffs at the idea of willingly working with them but if Lenneth (or Belldandy) should ask him, he may consider it.
  • Has been known to laugh maniacally when things start to go his way (such as in a chess match). Lenneth is keeping a much closer eye on him, but since he has arrived he has slightly mellowed out on his obsessive behavior but she is sure that he will eventually try something again because of them being in different Houses.
  • Now that everyone knows the tale of his deeds, his ego has inflated ridiculously to the point where one can’t walk by his temple without hearing him.
    "Bow to me – Worship me! Honor my name – Lezard Valeth!"
  • When Belldandy of the House of Love, came to speak with him, he actually welcomed the chance to 'discuss' his obsession with her, a Goddess of similar status as 'his beloved'.
    "Love? Who says what love is, or how it shall be measured? Who decides whether it is indeed 'wholesome and pure' or 'twisted and evil'? All I have done, I have done in her name, for her sake! I defied all of the petty gods of my world and what their works had wrought. I freed her from the shackles of that abominable fate as servants to an impotent god and system! And yet I find that I am hated and cast off! How many of these so-called 'heroes' who grace these halls can admit to doing even a fraction of what I have done in the name of love!? How many of them have destroyed and killed for the sake of their loved one!? How many of them have usurped power and status, just to grace a speck in their beloved's eye!? And they dare to judge me and my actions as mere folly!? I say to them that their words are the true heresy! ... Please forgive my harsh tone just now, my Lady. I imagine that you see myself as being dangerous, and I shall admit, I am. I am a fool in love with a goddess who spurns him. Were she to command anything, even my own death, I would obey gladly, if only I could remain by her side. Your lover, a mortal is he not? Woe be it to him if he should ever fall from your graces. You might find a despair, a madness, deep within him that you yourself did not foresee."
    • Belldandy was unnerved by him, but she says she sees a glimmer of hope that with time and patience, he can be guided onto a less destructive path. Lenneth cautioned her about becoming too close to Lezard, lest his considerable ‘affection’ start to drift in her direction as well.
  • Asura, yes THAT Asura, has a personal distaste for the mage, and not only because Lezard tried to become the kind of god that he vehemently opposes. There’s just something about his voice that sets off the Destructor…
  • He has caught the attention of Mephiles due to the complex nature of his schemes, in addition to the timeline-fudging aspects. Lezard has no plans to work with Mephiles, since he has a result for his plan, while Mephiles just craves destruction.

Luxord, God of Fair Play Villainy (Number X, Gambler of Fate)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His deck of cards, Fair Game
  • Theme Music: The 13th Struggle, Data Luxord.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fights With Playing Cards, Evil Brit, Affably Evil, The Gambler, Duel Boss, Time-Limit Boss For Both Sides, Time Master (We Think), Pungeon Master, Noble Demon
  • Domains: Cards, Gambling, Bosses, Villains
  • Heralds: The Gambler Nobodies
  • Allies: Larxene, Lea, Roxas, Xion.
  • Enemies: Captain Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth Turner''', May (Guilty Gear), Draco Malfoy, Tin Woodman, Edward Kenway.
  • Rivals: Dorothy Albright, Cana Alberona, King Dice,
  • Abhorrent Admirer: The Queen of Hearts
  • No one is certain how Luxord appeared in the Pantheon one day. Some speculate it has to do with Xehanort, but it is hard to really say for sure. His opinion? He doesn't really mind his resurrection, as he considers it as him getting another shot at the game of life.
  • Luxord really considers life being like a game, more specifically like a game of chance. He doesn't care about who wins or loses, as long as he can continue playing it. Even when he is at his job, he can't but play with his opponents. And even in battle, he likes to apply rules for both him and his foes. Like applying a time limit to both sides of the field.
  • Luxord's fighting style consists of him wielding a deck of cards. He can manipulate them telekinetically to attack foes from range, enlarge them to make them act as barriers or shields and hide amongst them with some trap cards that can turn his foes into either dice or a giant card. Oddly enough, even though he has time powers, he rarely uses them, so what he can do with them is unknown.
    • Due to his preference of weapons, he has gained some competition from Twisted Fate and Dorothy Albright. He does like the competition, but he jokes that Dorothy is a bit too young to play around with cards. Cana is another interesting card-user that he finds himself dueling with on occasion.
  • He is slightly frightened by the idea that the Queen of Hearts might have feelings for him, especially since he doesn't want to return back to Wonderland after his previous visit.
  • He has gotten into what people tend to call "children's card games". He just says that there is something interesting about it. He doesn't really know what kind of deck to play with, though. He would run a gambling-themed one, but someone else is running that kind of deck and he doesn't really like to compete. Luck might not be on his side.
  • He doesn't really see eye-to-eye with the D'Arby Brothers. REALLY doesn't like how they try to cheat to get their way on things, but he does at least give some respect to Daniel for being smooth about it. Telence, however? He would prefer to turn him into a card.
  • He appreciates working with Larxene again as he hopes that she decides to take part in yet another one of his games while she finds it all pretty boring.
  • He doesn't like if you were to "cut his deck". He doesn't mind if you cut few of his cards, but if you were to attack his entire deck, then he'll get mad at you.
  • Luxord is one of the more morally upstanding members of Organization XIII, treating his opponents with respect and dignity, wanting everything to be fair, and complementing their victories. By the end of the 2nd Great War, he genuinely considers Sora and Roxas as friends, even giving the former "a wild card" that may help him in a future endeavor. As a result, the two are on considerably better terms with him than with the rest of the Organization.
    • There's also the fact he seems to be serving as Yozora's personal driver after Sora's potential loss to him.
  • "The fun is in not knowing, isn't it? What is the point of betting on something when you already know the outcome?"

    Seryu Ubiquitous 
Seryu Ubiquitous, Goddess of Villainous Self-Justification (Justice Girl/-Chan/Bitch)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Teigu, Hekatonkheires/Koro
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with some shades of Lawful Neutral, though she thinks of herself as Lawful Good (goes straight into Chaotic Evil when fighting)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, truly believing that what she's doing is good and using that belief to justify murder, Ax-Crazy, sufferers of Black-and-White Insanity, owners of tons and tons of weapons, Cyborgs, reminders that Anyone Can Die, Obliviously Evil, a love of killing evildoers
  • Domains: Revenge, Justice, Insanity
  • Superiors: Prime Minister Honest, Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Nui Harime, Lucy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Steven Armstrong (on her end)
  • Enemies: Night Raid (Sheele, Mine, and Chelsea in particular), Yuno Gasai, Tsubaki Yayoi, Velvet Crowe, the good members of the House of Justice (especially Raiden)
  • Opposes: The Lantern Corps, Cornelia li Britannia
  • Pitied by: Shinn Asuka
  • Ascended after her death at the hands of Mine. Esdeath was happy to see her in the Pantheon, and Seryu swore loyalty to her leader once more.
  • The members of Night Raid weren't happy that another member of the Jaegers had ascended. Sheele got nervous at seeing her killer, and Mine was furious for the same reason. Chelsea was disgusted to hear that Seryu fed Koro her remains. Seryu hasn't given up on trying to kill them, and has made her intent more than clear.
  • Upon ascension, Seryu tried her best to get into the House of Justice, but the Protectors made sure that didn't happen. She's absolutely livid that she ended up in the House of Villains. She makes attempts to tear down the place on a regular basis.
    • She also wants to destroy the Houses of Ambiguity and Crime, as she believes that All Crimes Are Equal, and so good people who do bad things and vice versa should suffer.
    • What made her snap, however, was finding out that Raiden, another Cyborg, had somehow made it in the House of Justice. She tried to kick him out by claiming that he did "too much murderous crap" to be considered a protector of justice, but it was then pointed out to her that she did the same thing, except worse. The entire house ended up in shambles after that.
  • As a fellow robotic Knight Templar, Copy X sympathizes with Seryu. She sees him as an ideal ruler, and he sees her as a hero of justice whose life was taken too early.
  • Often goes into the House of Technology to get repairs, upgrades, and weapons.
  • Was surprised to find another person who got their arms cut off by oversized scissors in the form of Nui Harime. After discovering her (similarly) psychopathic nature, Seryu tried to do the obvious to Nui, but the latter survived due to her Healing Factor. Because Seryu gets a kick out of brutally torturing villains, she decided to form a rivalry with Nui, and the two spar from time to time.
    • She was also surprised to hear that someone sounded like her. Seryu is itching to see if Lucy is on her level. Everyone else wants to see who's more insane and destructive.
  • Despite her psychopathic nature, Seryu has a soft spot for children, and can often be seen playing soccer with them.
  • She once considered applying for the GUAG once, but got increasingly disgusted by their hesitation to give evildoers "what they deserve". She found the GUAL much more in line with her ideals.
    • Soon afterward, she heard of Esdeath's alliance with Senator Armstrong. While Seryu is disapproving of his desire to make a chaotic hell, she puts up with him for the sake of her loyalty to Esdeath. Armstrong in turn sees Seryu in a more positive light; in his eyes, she's fighting for her own beliefs in the most violent way possible, and he can appreciate that.
  • Is pitied by Shinn Asuka, who can't help but feel sorry for her twisted attitude. He's tried to tell her of his own experiences in an attempt to reform her, but they've accomplished nothing.
  • As a result of hearing about their powers, Seryu gets tense around the Lantern Corps, seeing how she was done in by Mine's emotion-powered Teigu.
  • On Esdeath's request, she and Noob Saibot followed her glorious leader not only back into the service of Prime Minister Honest upon his ascension to the Pantheon, but also into a new army, the High Command assembled by Führer King Bradley under the service of the Homunculus Father. While Father and the Homunculi honestly skeeve her out, she gets along well with the other recruits, specifically the Gold-Toothed Doctor who reminds her of Dr. Stylish, and especially Esdeath's new friend and other proxy recruit Coyote Starrk. She's considering whether the other Jaegers would want to join this new unit.

Lesser Gods

Chakal, God of Never Taking Any Nonsense (The Bandit King)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The skull surrounded around the bombs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Misanthrope Supreme, Artificial Limbs, Bad Boss, Saved and adopted a young girl when he used to have a shed humanity on him, Evil Counterpart to Xibalba, Large and in Charge, Shadow Archetype to Joaquin, Was sent to the Land of the Cursed, Killed himself using his bombs to kill the entire San Angel
  • Domains: Hatred, Obsession, Bandits, Terrorists
  • Herald: Chato, Chela and the rest of his bandits
  • "Allies": Shinobu Sensui, Lysandere, Odio
  • Enemies: Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada, and Joaquin Mondragon, La Muerte and Xibalba, Hector, Speedy Gonzalez, Yusuke Urameshi and his allies, Vash the Stampede, Lucky Luke, Handsome Jack, Hob Gadling, Scathach, Chiron
  • Opposed by: Zamasu
  • Annoyed at: Kefka Palazzo, Luca Blight
  • Chakal is the king of the bandits who terrorized Mexico in the hopes of finding the Medal of Everlasting Life. Hearing that San Angel's hero has it, he terrorized the town with his bandits, killing Manolo and his father in the process. Thanks to the intervention of La Muerte, Xibalba, and the Candlemaker, Manolo is brought back from the dead, the entire Sanchez family rose from the dead, and launched their attach against him. Seeing no other choice, he strapped a bomb around himself, planning to take the entire town along with him upon their death, which eventually backfires as he was hit by a bell (with Manolo who has the Medal of Everlasting which caused him to survived) before the bomb exploded, killing him in the process, causing him to stay in the Land of the Cursed.
  • Having been sent to the Land of Cursed, his soul was transported to the Pantheon because the Court of Gods decided to ascend him because of his attitude and upon learning where he is, he proceeded to kill all the humans on his sight. However, this backfired when all the people he killed were revived in the House of Life and Death. Humiliated by his plans to kill humanity, he went back to his temple and decided to search for the Medal of Everlasting Life again.
  • Hearing about his ascension, Manolo and his group of friends are exasperated about it. He, Joaquin, and Maria proceeded to kick his ass in the Pantheon uncaught with Xibalba and La Muerte looking at the fight with amusement. Chakal is angered at his defeat and told his minions to train to bite back his enemies.
  • Knowing that he has no way of defeating the more powerful humans in the Pantheon, Chakal knew that the only way for him to defeat them is to ally himself with new people, but is willing to betray them if he feels like it. He allies himself with fellow misanthropes such as Lysandere, Shinobu Sensui, and Odio and considering how the former is much more advanced in technology and the latter two with power, he’s willing to maintain his alliance with them unless their usefulness in their abilities have outlived. He considers Kefka and Luca to be too insane that he's annoyed by them and couldn't bring himself to offer an alliance and Zamasu being Zamasu considers him to be an unworthy rival and him being huamn doesn't help matters.
  • Hearing about Chakal from his new friends, Hector doesn't love him for his misanthropy and knew that his existence could disrupt the balance between life and death. The musician knew he has no skill to defeat the bandit, but he’s willing to help his friends to make sure he doesn’t do anything bad.
  • Being a fellow Mexican, Speedy Gonzalez hates him for terrorizing his fellow country. His newfound hatred for the Mexican caused him to become allies with Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria and help them whenever they have their battles with the terrorist. Chakal hates Speedy for his snarky attitude and being unable to keep up with the mouse’s speed.
  • Being a fellow misanthrope, Yusuke Urameshi and his allies hate him since he shares the same hatred as one of their enemies. While they knew he’s not as big as a threat as Shinobu Sensui, his desire to obtain the Medal of Everlasting Life made him a big threat in their eyes since he will become a huge pain of an enemy with it and swore themselves to defeat him for the greater good of humanity.
  • Being a good-hearted outlaw, Lucky Luke doesn’t like Chakal and being a misanthrope makes him a big target in his book. Lucky Luke has took advantage of Chakal’s no-nonsense attitude and with his wits and skills in drawing bullets, manages to beat him in their battles. Chakal had promised himself to get revenge on him.
  • Vash the Stampede also hates him for the same reasons as Lucky Luke and being a man who advocates for peace sees Chakal as a huge threat considering the Bandit King is a terrorist. He has teamed up with his fellow rival, Lucky Luke to defeat their newfound enemy. Chakal has hated the two outlaws even more for it and trained himself harshly to defeat his newfound enemies.
  • Having hated bandits due to believing they plagued Pandora and having an Ax-Crazy attitude, Handsome Jack hates Chakal and considers him to be in his toplist for being a Bandit King and proceeds to rant about bandits. Chakal meanwhile sees Handsome Jack as a weak man that couldn’t easily beat him as he is embarrassed at his attitude and boastfulness.
  • His desire to steal the Medal of Everlasting Life caught the attention of fellow immortals or those who want to obtain immortality. Hob Gadling considers him to be a bad example of immortals and knows that him obtaining immortality could ensure the extinction of humanity. Chakal meanwhile is jealous that there are people that could become immortals without the Medal of Everlasting Life.
  • The two Servants, Chiron and Scathach also hate him for similar reasons. As much as Scathach hates her immortality, she will oppose those that seek immortality for bad reasons and the immortals who are villains to humanity. Chakal whereas laughed at Chiron losing his humanity and how he never obtained his wish in the Holy Grail and finds Scathach’s desire to die pathetic.
  • Apparently, he adopted a little girl named Chela when he used to have little humanity in him and dearly loves her, but considering the following years afterwards, he seems to have no humanity left and seems to only care about his daughter and minions. This disappointed many deities who hope that Chakal could be redeemed if that’s the case believing that adopting a daughter could change his mind about humanity.
I'm taking this whole town with me!

    Dr Insano 
Dr Insano, God of Cartoonish Supervillainy

    Morty Maxwell 
Morty Maxwell, God of Entertainment-Loving Villains (The Master of Mischief)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red flag with his angry face on it.
  • Theme Song: Castle (an arrangement of "Solfeggietto" by C.P.E. Bach)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, with shades of Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Psychopathic Manchild, Mad Scientist, Evil Sorcerer, Einstein Hair, Dastardly Whiplash, For the Evulz, Evil is Petty, Smug Snake, sometimes a Harmless Villain, sometimes a Not-So-Harmless Villain depending on the game, usually a Sore Loser, but has also shown Villain Respect at least once, Evil Is Hammy, Laughably Evil, Creepy High-Pitched Voice, Robot Master, 13 Is Unlucky, Non-Action Big Bad most of the time, Karmic Butt-Monkey.
  • Domains: Scientists, Robotics, Pranks, Magic
  • Herald: The Robotic Paintbrushes, Telly, Livewire, and his other minions.
  • High Priest: Mojo
  • Followers: Cluemaster (The Batman), Nekron, Slim Shady
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman, Dr. Nefarious, Oogie Boogie, Pete, The Professor (Felix the Cat), Jessie and James, Joka
  • Rivals: Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Dan (Dan Vs.).
  • Enemies: Toys of Toy Story, House of Magic and Sorcery, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet, Clank, Felix the Cat
  • Fears: Springtrap, Ludwig von Tokkentakker, Bruce
  • Respects: The Joker
  • Morty, or "The Master of Mischief" is a middle-aged man who regularly terrorizes the suburban town of Shady Glen, as well as fantasy worlds such as Treasure Mountain and Treasure Cove. He enjoys pulling what he calls acts of "mischief," which can be anything from taking over a toy factory to, in the most extreme case, trying to wipe out an entire species of star people. To him, everything he does is just a prank. However, his plans are always foiled by the mysterious hero, the Super Solver/Super Seeker.
  • Morty discovered the Pantheon while flying through space after his defeat in the Treasure Galaxy incident. Morty pestered the Court of Gods for hours to let him in. They weren't pleased with him at first, but they allowed him to keep talking because they found him amusing. As Morty proudly told him about all the wicked things he did as pranks, the Court of Gods realized that he might make a good representative for villains who love entertainment. Morty agreed, citing multiple times where he set up games and contests to compete against the Super Solver. That, along with his interests in pranks and entertainment places like toy factories, and TV studios, encouraged the Council of Gods to allow him in.
  • Upon entering the Pantheon, Morty made a beeline for some of the other mad scientists, such as Dr. Eggman and Dr. Nefarious, hoping to get in their friend group. When they heard that most of Morty's crimes involved taking over buildings, something that wasn't particularly evil or harmful, they turned him away and mockingly suggested that he go hang out with The Professor (Felix the Cat.) However, the scientists were impressed by Morty's scheme to wipe out the sundrop creatures, and allowed him to be closer to them. Despite this, Morty still maintains a friendly relationship with the Professor. In terms of how threatening he is, Morty holds an odd middle ground between Eggman and the Professor: Most of his schemes aren't too harmful, but sometimes they can be. He is very effective at setting his plans into motion, he just can't hold onto his victories for very long.
  • Morty considers Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet & Clank, Felix the Cat, and other enemies of the mad scientist group to be his enemies by proxy. Morty dreads the day that the Super Solver enters the Pantheon. The other scientists believe they could defeat the Super Solver easily, but Morty thinks otherwise.
    • However, while Morty enjoys helping the scientists plot against their enemies, he would rather challenge them to games and other competitions than outright destroy them. This has caused a little annoyance from the scientists.
  • Apparently, in addition to his robot building skills, Morty has actual magic powers. One notable example of this was the Treasure Mountain incident, when he casted a Brainwashed and Crazy spell on the friendly elves of the mountain. It's unclear just how powerful his magic is. Morty did say as a kid that he wanted to be a magician when he grew up, but no one knows how he got his hands on some actual magic. Whenever anyone asks, Morty just recites the old saying "A good magician never reveals his secrets." His magic powers are something that most mad scientists in the Pantheon lack. Some of them have expressed interest in using Morty's abilities for their grand schemes, but Morty has refused thus far. He only likes to use his magic for his own, incredibly petty schemes. The House of Magic and Sorcery is keeping close tabs on him, partially because they're annoyed that he uses his powers for such ineffectual schemes, but also out of wariness about what might happen if he were to use his powers for something more drastic.
    • In short, the biggest thing stopping Morty from being a big threat to the Pantheon is that he thinks too small. He's more concerned with whatever sounds fun for him than with any grand schemes to rule the universe or anything. With a mind as childish as his, it's unclear whether or not he could even handle a plan that elaborate, at least singlehandedly.
  • After getting settled into the Pantheon, Morty wanted to meet Dan of Dan Vs. fame because Dan's elaborate revenge schemes for petty reasons reminded Morty of some of his own plots, like the time he tried to make his old middle school disappear, or the time he took over a science center just to keep anyone from getting smarter than him. Dan wanted nothing to do with Morty, calling him a "creepy old bat." Morty was insulted, and responded by saying that he's probably middle-aged at most. Morty is thinking about getting revenge on Dan for this insult, but maybe later. First he wants to attempt takeovers of some of the Pantheon houses.
  • Morty's first takeover attempt involved the Hall of Living Objects, which he was mostly interested in because of the Toy Story toys, the Gorgonites & The Commando Elite, Chucky, and Slappy the Dummy. These Living Toys fascinated him because of one of his past plans, where he took over a toy factory in hopes of putting his name on all the games and toys it produced to become famous. The Toy Story toys were too afraid to stand up to him, but the other toys turned out to be more evil and horrific than Morty was prepared for, and they drove him out. Morty is currently planning ways to take control of them. That magic spell he put on the Treasure Mountain elves would probably do the trick. It remains to be seen how long it will take him to realize that.
  • Some people have noted that some of Morty's experiences bear similarities to the Five Nights at Freddy's series, particularly Morty's attacks on the middle school and the TV studio, where the Super Solver was trapped in a mostly abandoned building at night with creepy robots jumping out at them. Morty even once said that he "put [his robots] back together," with "put you back together" being a common phrase in the FNAF lore. These similarities, along with a shared skill at building robots, caused William Afton, aka Springtrap, to take an interest in Morty. At first, Morty was interested to meet the creator of a children's pizzeria franchise, but Morty was horrified when he learned about Afton's true colors. As evil as Morty is, even he can't stand the thought of someone coldly murdering innocent children, especially because he himself acts so much like a child.
  • Since Rick and Morty are a little after Morty Maxwell's time, Morty Maxwell wasn't aware of their existence until he met them in the Pantheon. He was NOT pleased to hear people compare him to Rick and Morty. Sure, he's an old scientist with Einstein Hair like Rick, and sure, he shares his name and brown hair with Morty, but he does not want to be associated with either of them. He is envious of their popularity and wishes he had the same level of fame.
  • Morty used to think sharks were cool, until he was chased off by one after one of his plans failed. Miraculously, Morty managed to get back to shore without any injuries, but the incident left him with a permanent fear of sharks, and the ocean in general. He won't even step foot in the Hall of Aquatic Life. However, Morty is planning his revenge against anyone who makes fun of him for it.
  • Morty is a huge fanboy of the Joker. He likes to point out how he and the Joker have similar facial structures, hairstyles, long coats with bowties, and high-pitched voices. But most of all, Morty admires how devoted the Joker is to his pranks. Morty probably wouldn't do some of the Joker's more violent and brutal actions, but he still lives by Mr. J's example of setting up elaborate evil plots for petty reasons. He also lives by the Joker's principle of "It's all a joke." Morty has shown no remorse for any of his evil actions because he believes it's all just a little "mischief."
  • Sometimes, people theorize that Morty is not actually an evil person, but rather that he's just playing the role of a bad guy, and that his struggles against the Super Solver are all just games that Morty is setting up to help the Super Solver's education. Some of the more heroic and optimistic deities, such as Yusuke Godai, have even reached out to Morty and tried to convince him to stop "acting" like a villain. Morty fervently denies these rumors and constantly rejects any help the good deities try to offer him. He is insistent on being the Master of Mischief, and he doesn't want any soft-hearted do-gooders thinking he's just acting.
  • "How I'm enjoying annoying!"


    Victor Perkins 
Victor Perkins, God of Evil Nerds (Vector, "a supervillain with both direction and magnitude")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pirahna gun
  • Theme Song: Vector's Fortress
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: A Nerdy, Comical Card-Carrying Villain, benefits from Nepotism, Has An Interest In Sea Life And A Good Relationship With His Dad, Jerkass, No Social Skills, Likes To Use Orange And A Bunch Of Fishes, Nerd Glasses, Harmless Villain (though he would aim his weapon at kids), Likes Girl Scout Cookies, Gadgeteer's House
  • Domains: Villainy, Nerds, Brats, Fish, Thievery
  • Interested in: The Kraken, Garchomp
  • Customer of: Muffet
  • Allies: Balthazar Bratt, Mandark, Bruce the Shark, the Operation Razorteeth and Lake Victoria Pirahnas, The Professor (Felix the Cat), Wile E Coyote, The Team Rocket Trio, the League of Super Evil, Bowser Jr, Nina Cortex, Princess Morbucks, Dr Drakken, Sheldon J Plankton
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (excluding his more serious incarnations), Hal Stewart/Titan
  • Rivals: The Evil Geniuses
  • Enemies: Felonius Gru, Dexter, Megamind, Hank Pym/Ant-Man, Ray Palmer/the Atom, the Powerpuff Girls, The Hedgies
  • Opposes: Rusty, Patrick Bateman, Robert Daly
  • Opposed by: Bandit, Tinker and Pirate
  • Sitcom Archnemesis with: Deities associated with the moon like Princess Luna or Selene, Cynthia
  • On poor terms with: The Egyptian gods and those native to the country of Egypt
  • In his time Felonius Gru has dealt with some skilled antagonists...and then there's Victor Perkins. The son of the owner of the Bank of Evil, Victor is a nerdy and immature young man who wants to strike out as his own as a hip, young villain. He goes by "Vector", a mathematical term applying to both direction and magnitude. Wanting to be known as the world's greatest thief, he managed to steal the Great Pyramid of Giza thanks to daddy's money and has a bunch of fancy technology...thanks to daddy's money. Gru fought him over the shrink ray, and later the Moon that he tried to take for himself after Gru shrunk it.
  • Victor Perkins was thought to have been stuck on the now regrown moon, though it's kind of unclear. Given who his father is, he may have just been rescued anyway. Needless to say he's still pretty salty over the whole affair and wants revenge on Gru. Doge was intrigued at the idea Vector could get back at the Minions too since it would annoy Karen, but soon decided Vector was "cringe" as he is outclassed by almost every other Despicable Me baddie. That's not to say one later foe of Gru didn't see potential in Vector; Balthazar Bratt. He wants revenge on Gru as well, so he proposed a Villain Team-Up. They're both show-offs with fun quirks to their name, so Victor decided "eh, what the heck. Do me a solid and I'll give you a good word to dad".
  • Would prefer people refer to him as Vector even if they don't get the reference. Though mostly harmless, he did still steal the Great Pyramid and in doing so he isn't all that liked by anyone from Egypt. Vector isn't too fond of those associated with the moon due to how that backfired in his face and he got stuck up there; he's sworn he's going to up his game by one-upping all those who call the moon their domain. It's entirely talk, and he is largely ignored by them. They do wonder what he feels about Dr Eggman given he blew up half the moon that one time, and the answer is "it depends". The goofier versions of Eggman have a soft spot for the cocky Evil Genius, perhaps reminding them as a younger, inexperienced version of themselves. He still recognizes him as a brat though, and Vector only amuses the versions capable of being Affably Evil and lighthearted.
  • Vector tried looking for a shrink ray in the Trope Pantheon, but he couldn't find it. He did, however, find two superheroes who use shrinking powers; Ray Palmer/the Atom, and Hank Pym/Ant-Man. Immediately he started harassing them as he wants their powers, both to shrink himself and to shrink other things for fun. They immediately outplayed and knocked him out, before putting a "kick me" sign on his back for good measure. Rather than be humbled and realized his limits, the up and coming supervillain has sworn revenge for the humiliation. To date, neither size-shifting superhero takes him even remotely seriously and consider his antics amusing rather than threatening.
  • The Hall of Villainous Reputation has lumped Vector in with "those lovably goofy, not too bright baddies". The Grand United Alliance of Evil regards him as barely passing membership, as he mainly uses his father's connections. They tend to put him in the metaphorical kid's table as the Team Rocket trio or the League of Super Evil. As a young bad guy wanting to prove himself that's fine for now, since there are so many actually serious villains in the GUAE that he's scared of the "adult table". He tends to geek out around Jesse and James, as he loved watching their show and he wants to try and capture some Pokemon of his own.
  • He and Dr Drakken occasionally work together in order to prove themselves as villains, with Vector particularly interested in outdoing the Evil Geniuses...and trying to make his own doomsday device "for a rainy day". Vector admits they're cool and his dad would definitely consider financing them, but he only admits that in private to keep his "street cred" that he doesn't actually have but thinks he does. The tiny, villainous inventor Sheldon J Plankton was intrigued by Vector and not because the Evil Geniuses called him mediocre, so he suggested they could work together to achieve their mutual ends. The two also prefer not to go by their first name. Amusingly enough Vector of all people questioned why he doesn't just patent his inventions to which Plankton yelled "It's not about the money, it's about beating the crab!"
  • He is currently trying to hunt for two shiny Carvahna; one to be the star of his piranha gun, and the other to evolve into a friend for his pet shark. The piranha gun is his invention, by the way, and he won't let up about that fact. He has a soft spot for the Hall of Aquatic Life, and has made a lavish aquarium for Bruce and the piranhas. They seem to like it, but probably because they see Victor as a, well, vector for the carnage they enjoy. Victor Perkins tried to capture the Kraken but he's yet to figure out how to do so safely. He also wanted to catch Garchomp the land-shark, however Garchomp is Cynthia's partner. He wants to prove that he's a better trainer than her and can out-think whatever strategies she comes up with...and she couldn't care what he thinks.
  • Bandit, Tinker and Pirate aren't fond of Vector for how he weaponizes animals, however Vector isn't that evil. He's said "oh if you want to see animal abuse, look no further than Rusty!" Rusty is also extremely stupid while Vector is brilliantly arrogant so they were never going to get along anyway. As he's on the light-hearted scale of villainy, he sees what his fellow nerd Robert Daly does as "deeply disturbing", and he considers Patrick Bateman as "deeply disgusting". Why did he single him out? Well they're both the spoiled sons of rich bankers, but Vector is a comical supervillain while Bateman is a sadistic psychopath. When Patrick sarcastically asked "what's even the difference", Vector said "PRESENTATION!".
  • If you're wondering, yes Megamind was aware that Vector quoted him and no, he was not impressed. Frankly, he sees Vector as lame and his "hip, new nerdy villain" routine as trying too hard. This annoyed Vector, but what pushed him into conflict with Megamind was complimenting Gru over Vector since Gru actually had to prove himself against others. Vector decided "you know what, since you're a good guy now let's see how much of a superhero you really are!". He tried to call up Balthazar Bratt but he was busy, so instead he called Hal Stewart, Megamind's nemesis. Hal is a similarly entitled jerk, and took the opportunity to get even. However this is an alliance of convenience as Hal's stupidity gets on Vector's nerves.
  • He likes to buy girl scout cookies, but his favorite cookie is coconut-cookie. He's open to try some other treats; he decided to try some of Muffet's bakery goods. Vector didn't expect something made of spiders to be tasty and guesses it's not for everyone, he mainly did it out of curiosity, but hey he was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately for him while he was gone the Hedgies had managed to steal the box of girl scout cookies he hadn't finished, and ever since then he has been in conflict with them. On another note, with his flashy tech and money to burn he's somehow convinced himself he's comparable to Seto Kaiba and he intends to claim his super-rare Blue Eyes for himself; they're something daddy's money can't buy. Kaiba considers him laughably pathetic.
  • Enjoys playing video games with Mandark. Like him, Mandark is an Evil Nerd who goes by a nickname instead of his actual name. Except unlike Victor Perkins, he actually has a good reason to do so. Mandark's eternal rival Dexter wasn't shocked the two would get along, nor was he shocked that Vector sees him as a rival. Unlike his hate of Gru, Vector actually respects Dexter as an adversary since he sees him as a likeminded individual. However, he's also jealous that Dexter has better toys than him (though he'd never admit it). When Mandark isn't available to play video games with him, he'll call up Bowser Jr and Nina Cortex. He can relate to them somewhat given his background and own villainous parentage.

    Yosemite Sam 
Yosemite Sam, God of Pushy Gun Toting Villains (Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum, Sam, Sea-Goin' Sam, Shanghai Sam, Sam Schultz, Sam von Schamm, Chilkoot Sam, Colonel Sam, Captain Yosemite Sam, Riff Raff Sam, Duke of Yosemite, Baron Sam von Schpamm, Ghost of Christmas Present)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His mustache
  • Theme Music: Blow My Stack; Stick to my Guns; Moostache (the latter is sung by his mustache)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Chaotic Neutral on a good day)
  • Portfolio: Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Hair-Trigger Temper, Angrish, Fiery Redhead, The Napoleon, No Indoor Voice, New Job as the Plot Demands
  • Domains: Mustaches, Anger, Profession
  • Herald: Montana Max
  • Allies: Elmer Fudd, Pete, King K. Rool, Captain Hook, Risky Boots, Hol Horse
  • Rivals: Cecil Turtle, Rattlesnake Jake, The Man with No Name, John Marston, Landon Ricketts
  • Friendly Enemies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck
  • Enemies: Jose Carioca & Panchito Pistoles, Rango, Lucky Luke, Judge Doom, Bruce the Shark, Freaky Fred
  • On good terms with: Eddie Valiant
  • On poor terms with: Flintheart Glomgold
  • Avoids: Calypso
  • Yosemite Sam is one of Bugs Bunny’s recurring adversaries and someone who is more volatile than the largely ineffectual Elmer Fudd. Sam has taken on a variety of occupations including bandit, pirate captain, or just something related to crime in order to get something he wants, only to be thwarted by Bugs, who happens to be at that particular spot Sam is at. Being the short-tempered shortie that he is, Sam will use his guns to threaten anyone that gets in his way, but with Bugs involved, such threats don’t mean anything and he ends up just as ineffectual as Elmer when it comes to trying to stop Bugs. Much like Elmer, such setbacks aren’t going to stop Sam from trying to get Bugs out of the picture.
  • Just outside the entrance to the Pantheon, an angry short man was making his way to that area after getting a notice that a certain rabbit was present and wanted to get his revenge on Bugs for good. As it turned out, Bugs was just outside one of the Pantheon entrances and claimed that Sam’s ticket to the Pantheon was a counterfeit, resulting in Sam being tricked into walking out of the Pantheonic area and falling into a traffic jam. Bugs remained at the Pantheon gates for a while, thwarting Sam’s attempts to get in and things ultimately culminated with Sam showing off his job resume at the gates and Bugs (in disguise) showing him a place where he can actually be approved to get a spot in the Pantheon. Sam, in his eagerness to get a Pantheon title, wasn’t aware of the fact that he was actually in an explosives room of a job application building until it was too late. Once the explosion cleared, Sam learned that his bid to get a Pantheon title was already approved well before Bugs decided to mess with him. All it did was add to Sam’s hatred towards that rabbit and him taking on various jobs and encountering Bugs was only going to continue in the Pantheon after that ordeal.
  • For how often Sam tries to kill Bugs, the two also happen to be neighbors to each other, with Daffy (who Sam had gone after at one point) living in Bugs’ home and Sam not being as temperamental normally, but still a bit of an annoyance at times. In general, if Sam isn’t trying to perform any sort of harmful action towards others in the Pantheon’s calmer days, he isn’t a bad person despite his habit of looking for questionable ways to make a living. In spite of his differences with Elmer regarding personality, the two get along with each other rather well and they have worked together to try and bring down Bugs together, even if said attempts have a tendency of backfiring much more spectacularly than when they’re working alone. As for Bugs’ other enemies, he isn’t fond of Cecil Turtle for thinking the latter is stealing his thunder when it comes to taking down that rabbit. Such endeavors in trying to go after Cecil end just as badly, if not worse, as that of Bugs’ thanks to the turtle being potentially more crafty than the rabbit when it comes to trickery.
  • Pete was another short-tempered villain with a history of taking on multiple jobs, including being a neighbor at times to their respective enemies, that Sam got along with. Pete has disclosed his various endeavors to Sam, who has attempted them often to little success, though considering that Pete’s ambitions are mostly modest, such attempts were very likely not going to work for Sam to begin with. While Sam was going around the Pantheon looking for Bugs, he ended up in King K. Rool’s domain and while the Kremling Commander has a more consistent goal of trying to kill Donkey Kong and his allies, K. Rool took on various jobs to try and pull off such a plan. Knowing what it’s like for someone to use various occupations to try and fail to kill an enemy, K. Rool gave Sam some pointers on how to use the varying jobs more effectively. Given that one of Sam’s primary occupations was being a pirate, a good number of K. Rool’s advice was related to being more threatening on the seas and while it helped Sam a bit, it still wasn’t enough for him to defeat Bugs.
  • On the high seas, Sam has encountered plenty of other pirates during his quest to gain something and defeat Bugs along the way. Compared to most other pirates in the Pantheon, Sam isn’t a huge danger in spite of making himself appear formidable and anyone in addition to Bugs who can outsmart Sam can get by easily. This resulted in Sam meeting up with other pirates in addition to K. Rool in the hopes that working with them can give him a better chance at getting back at Bugs. While he’s gotten into other conflicts with morally grey pirates such as Jack Sparrow and The Pirate Captain as well as outright confrontations against pirates who have a far more heroic disposition such as the Straw Hat Pirates, Sam has been able to find a workable alliance with malicious pirates such as Captain Hook and Risky Boots. Both also have their own arch-enemy that’s proven to be difficult to rid themselves of, something Sam can relate to, and while Risky Boots is arguably the most dangerous member of this motley band of ne’er-do-wells and gets a good chunk of work done, the trio have always looked for ways to bounce back from any losses they incur, whether its from their arch-enemies or another outside factor.
  • While Sam has taken on many different jobs throughout his career, he got his start acting like a villain from a story about cowboys and Westerns and it's just one of several different occupations he has continued to take on in the Pantheon. Despite Bugs not being involved in some of Sam’s capers, there were other cowboys and gunslingers that have stopped Sam in his tracks, often through methods different from what that rabbit uses. Lucky Luke and Rango, despite having their own quirks as sheriffs, have been able to use their own tricks to thwart Sam’s schemes, with Sam being frustrated by Lucky Luke being able to draw out his gun very quickly. Against other, more capable Western heroes such as The Man with No Name and John Marston (both of who described Sam as somehow a more pathetic, yet more persistent version of the weaker enemies he’s encountered), Sam has fared much worse and there have been instances where his temper is his own undoing.
  • Although many heroes from Westerns are skilled gunslingers that Sam has trouble against, there are others from different settings who happen to be skilled gunslingers that Sam has just as much trouble going up against, regardless of moral alignment. Despite Sam boasting about his own shooting skills, he just can’t hold up in a duel against other capable shooters such as Roland Deschain and Landon Ricketts and Sam is generally seen as the subject of mockery over not being able to catch a rabbit (even if Bugs Bunny is smarter than the average rabbit). One of the only gunslingers that Sam was able to get along with was Hol Horse and it’s more because of the fact that Hol Horse is able to control the bullets he shoots via his Stand. Hol Horse once worked with Sam in catching Bugs Bunny and while the homing bullets did give the rabbit some difficulty at first, he was able to use the bullets against them and subsequent instances of Sam and Hol Horse working together (whether it’s to hunt Bugs down or something else) end just as badly for the duo.
  • Regardless of all the abuse he suffers throughout his adventures, Sam remains a Toon and it's because of this trait that he’s able to continue going after that rabbit no matter how much damage he goes through. As was the case for others of his kind, he learned about the plot to destroy Toontown and all of toon-kind at the hands of Judge Doom and how it was thwarted by Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, and Eddie Valiant. Eddie was a private detective that helped toons out of trouble and Sam was already acquainted enough with him prior to Judge Doom getting involved and Sam gifted Eddie a toon-centric gun as a thanks for helping him out. Sam retains a cordial relationship with Eddie and if there’s something that Sam can’t get out of by himself (and his normal enemies had nothing to do with it), then he can rely on Eddie for help.
  • One of Sam’s more unfortunate incidents involved encountering a version of Satan and making an unsuccessful deal with him involving getting out of Hell and trading places with Bugs if Sam succeeds in catching him. It predictably ended in failure and Sam telling Satan to get Bugs himself (which also very likely failed) and in a poorly-thought out attempt to find an easy way to defeat that varmint, Sam managed to encounter a genie. Given Sam’s bad luck, the genie turned out to be Calypso, who decided to toy with the schmuck by saying he can grant the wish if Sam can directly defeat Bugs in some way. Said way turned out to be a demolition derby (with Calypso personally arranging said event) and not only was Bugs Bunny there, but a third contestant, a rabbit-shaped entity literally made out of bugs was present. Bugs was able to use his wits to survive and while Sam destroyed the car belonging to the bug-made entity, said bugs swarmed into Sam’s car resulting in him getting eliminated via car explosion. Sam’s attempt to talk back at Calypso following the contest went very poorly and after Sam recovered from a painful punishment from Calypso, he’s developed a hatred towards the genie and has since resorted to finding something that would allow a successful deal to defeat Bugs without any sort of drawbacks on his end.
  • If there’s one notable thing to point out about Sam besides his temper and consistent failure, it’s his mustache, which he apparently had since he was a baby. In spite of suffering several accidents that would leave his mustache burned off, it always grows back shortly after, befitting a Toon like himself. When Sam decided to get his mustache refined, he ended up going to Freaky Fred’s barbershop, not knowing about the latter’s reputation until half of his own stache got shaved off no thanks to Fred not restraining himself. This resulted in a commotion that caused Sam and Fred to get arrested. While Sam’s mustache has grown back since the incident, Fred is someone who Sam really hates and never wants to visit again (and prompted Sam to be more careful about choosing someone to refine his mustache).
  • Sometimes Sam has used his various criminal professions to try and take money from others, only to be typically thwarted by Bugs. The Pantheon having all sorts of money prompted Sam to try and find some help in striking it rich and to that end, he managed to find Flintheart Glomgold, a corrupt rich duck who Sam believed would do anything to get rich. The two decided to find some treasure and discovered a cave containing various gold and platinum bars, only to find out that Bugs was inside, claiming that it was his home. Sam and Flintheart initially worked together to get inside and drive out Bugs, only for Flintheart to turn against Sam much to the latter’s anger. Unfortunately for Flintheart, the treasure was already gone as Bugs (in his more charitable moment), already knew that Scrooge Mcduck and his friends would head to the island and managed to connect a vacuum to the Mcduck Clan’s ship that would get the treasure easily, leaving Flintheart with nothing and Sam having to flee from some angry sharks (with Bruce being one such shark and not helped by Sam already having issues with them pursuing him to begin with) on a barely functional raft.
  • Having gotten fed up with his constant failures at defeating Bugs Bunny, Sam traveled to a Mexican area hoping to strike it rich. As it turned out, Donald Duck was there as well and Sam threatened him while trying to look for riches. Donald didn’t go down without a fight, but compared to Bugs, he isn’t quite as quick-witted, resulting in him being at Sam’s mercy. Once they managed to reach a spot where it was believed that some valuable treasures were at, Sam got a surprise in the form of Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, Donald’s friends who learned about both the treasure and the fact that Donald had gone missing looking for it. A shootout between Panchito and Sam ended badly for the latter, with The Three Caballeros successfully getting away with the treasure and Sam getting crushed by debris while trying to escape. It wouldn’t be the only time that Sam and the Caballeros got into conflict with each other, but even without Bugs getting involved, things never end in Sam’s favor and Panchito’s gunslinging behavior is complimented by the fact that the Caballeros work very well together, with such success not being achieved by Sam and whoever he’s trying to work with.
  • Sam found himself involved in the story of A Christmas Carol in a couple different ways. One instance had him playing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in a heavily abridged version of the story where instead of being shown different periods of his life, Sam was scared straight into changing his ways by Bugs. The other modern-day instance had him take on the role of The Ghost of Christmas Present, where he would show Daffy (then-playing the Scrooge role) how badly his employees are suffering in his own temperamental way. The real Ebenezer Scrooge was a bit confused in how someone acting out his own story would skip the time-traveling bits, though a version of the normally jolly Ghost of Christmas Present that’s instead volatile (admittedly not helped by Daffy not understanding the extent of others’ problems at the time) is something that would have made his own time-traveling trip less pleasant than it already was.


    Calvin Candie and Stephen 
Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, Dual Gods of Bigoted Villainy (Monsieur Candie, Mr. Candie)
Candie (right) with Stephen
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A cotton plant and a phrenology chart
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The dual owners of Candyland and actively participates in the slave trade;
  • Domains: Hatred, Racism, Slavery, the antebellum South, Plantations
  • Heralds: Candie's BEAUTIFUL SISTER Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly and the entire Candyland staff including the slaves.
  • Allies: Robinson Crusoe, Robert Lee Ewell
  • Additional Relationships: Ben Cameron, Moon Man (on the Odd Friendship/Rivals category with Ben being on Complicated Relations)
  • Frequent Contactors to: the Slavers
  • Admires: The French, rich people especially Jay Gatsby and Edmond Dantès
  • Enemies: Django Freeman and every single black person and ex-slave
  • Deep in the antebellum South of Mississippi lies a plantation called Candyland, which is manned by black slaves through the owner of the plantation, Calvin Candie. With him is the headmaster of the black slaves, Stephen, both of which run in tandem as master and slave respectively. Together, Candyland serves as one of the largest plantations in Chicksaw County, with massive amounts of slaves, either forced to mine, pick cotton, participate in Mandingo fighting or sold to prostitution. When two buyers, Dr. Schultz and Django Freeman come into terms with the duo within the plantation to buy a male Mandingo slave, Stephen's jealousy of Django being a free man becomes apparent and he slowly uncovers their plan of not buying the male slave as promised in their deal, but to free Django's wife Broomhilda from the plantation. Angered, Stephen insisted that Schultz follows the new agreement but in a fit of rage, Schultz kills Calvin and is subsequently killed, with Django being apprehended after fighting through his men. Once caught, Calvin's sister orders him to be overworked on the mine, under guidance from Stephen himself. After Django escapes and enacts his revenge on the plantation, he finds Stephen one last time, showing himself to fake his age and his intelligence, though these would not matter as he would be shot and be left for dead as the plantation explodes, killing him and all the henchmen.
  • Even after the explosion that beset Candyland, the afterlife would not spare Stephen nor Calvin, as their bodies would be suddenly restored, and only the two of them were to stand in front of an unknown presence. Calvin assumed this to be God, but was sorely mistaken as the two were given a new choice, to live in a new life with titles befitting of their past life. The duo, after having some talks, decided to accept the offer and once signed, their presence would be revealed, as new deities in the Trope Pantheons. The first operation done by the two would be the restoration of the Candyland cotton plantation, followed by the revival of the plantation's crew, slaves and Candie's very beloved sister. Despite the protests from many deities believing that their ascension to be immoral, the duo have continued to proceed with their lives as usual, keeping Candyland and its business out of the public and in their own interests.
  • As seen through the eyes of Django, Calvin Candie is an extremely ruthless man. Ruling Candyland with an iron fist, he absolutely detests people of color, in particular blacks of all kinds. A man that follows from pseudoscience or in particular Phrenology, he particularly believes that white people built the society they all live in, using the skulls of Galileo and Isaac Newton and a deceased slave as a comparison. Despite holding himself in such a sophisticated regard, he is not exactly intelligent, nor is he particularly skillful at most work other than holding the plantation in order. This extends to his attitude as he may look calm and respectful in most times, when crossed, he will throw in a fit of rage and show what he is capable of, including the partaking of torture to slaves.
    • On the other hand, Stephen, though he plays the fool in public, is much more cunning and is arguably even worse than Candie. Though he never steps out of line, Stephen terrorizes his fellow slaves, often overseeing their torture, execution, and even sale if they cross him or Candie. He may be Candie's slave, but he is particularly scornful of his kind and constantly sucks up to him, often being a father figure to him. One could say he is the brains of Candie's operations and keeps a careful eye on all of Candie's allies and business partners, especially after the last time someone tried to negotiate with Candie. Even when Candie died and his possessions were taken by his sister, Stephen holds a high position in the plantation, and this seems to have carried over to the Pantheon, however he remains a master slave and a headmaster to Candie's other slaves, making sure to keep them in line, else they suffer such as the case with Broomhilda.
  • Reputation among the duo are indifferent to most but blacks and slaves are the ones with the most vitriol and fear towards the duo. To them, both of them are the epitome of everything wrong with slavery and racism due to in no part with the duo's proliferation of slavery and disdain for blacks of all kinds. It got so bad that many blacks have been forced to accept that their lives in the Pantheon will not be peaceful with their presence, some petitioning their removal but with no success. Calvin has spoken that he has dealt with black freemen, provided they aren't the violent kind, and he is more than willing to cooperate with blacks who also participate in the slave trade. This only ignited more conflict between the two parties and made them even more bitter of Calvin's remarks though he has not retracted nor apologized for his statement.
    • The biggest opposition to the duo are slaves, either those who have had experiences with them or escaped such fate. When he noticed that there were former slaves in the Pantheon, his first instinct was to take them to Candyland for a return as their relation to slavery means they have not earned their right to be free. Sethe in particular absolutely hates him and what he stands for as she has already experienced what it feels like to live within the antebellum South back in the 1800s. She already had to kill Beloved and the other black children to avoid the fate yet Calvin seems to not mind and is determined to bring her back to slavery and she is not the only one he is gunning for. Moses and Bart are the other slaves he is attempting to bring back but the special one goes to Bart as he sees a bit of Django in him, though for him, Stephen is the one he hates more than Calvin due to his contempt of his own kind. Even Stephen is appalled at this and has devised several ideas to trap him down for a beating though his craftiness has made him an elusive target for the two.
    • Blacks of all kind have been the target of racism and distrust but Stephen in particular has utter contempt for his own kind, so much so that he considers any individual black to be an abhorrent idea and would rather throw every single one in slavery. The case of Tom Robinson is one of the few things Stephen will mention as proof that blacks are not worthy enough to be free, not helped by Tom himself who is shocked that a black man is saying these things. One of the fiercest deities to hate them comes from Jules Winnfield and Samuel Jackson, oddly enough considering that Stephen was exactly portrayed by the latter. It bit him in the ass at one point where Jackson personally convened with Stephen and was found by Candie, prompting him to find two Stephens. As if he were playing a game, Calvin simply said who was the real Stephen, leading to the real one shooting Jackson dead on the floor, then Jules popping up from a room and blowing the two across the corridor. As such, the actor now knows that the role he was playing as before ended up being a character himself in the Pantheon.
    • While blacks are the frequent target of the duo's disgust, their disgust is also placed towards those who sympathizes with them, or as Candie calls them "nigger lovers". As with the aforementioned case with Tom Robinson, when he read the entire debacle, he was shocked why a white lawyer was determined to see a black man be proven wrong of his crime and says that Tom's punishment was appropriate. So it came as no surprise when Atticus Finch overheard the duo and lambasted them, earning Candie's ire and calling him "nigger lover number 1". On the other hand, Stephen's plans for Bart was caught up by Jim and most of his plans were foiled thanks to his quick trigger, which lead to calling Jim "nigger lover number 2" for his constant defense for Bart. In addition, reports of freed slaves from Candieland were popping up and was detected to be not by the work Django but by an immortal named Henry Morgan, who has experience with slavery in the past and has helped freed slaves of similar circumstances, thus leading him to "nigger lover number 3" as his personal title to him.
  • One of his few attempts at expanding Candyland was the proposition of two new God titles, God of Phrenology and God of Mandingo Fighting, though these attempts were laughed at and were swiftly denied. He has insisted to continue these deals which has lead to a lot of frustration within the Pantheon's higher ranks. This ruckus eventually lead to Calvin's meeting with two unusual guests, Confederate soldier and founder of the KKK, Col. Benjamin Cameron, and internet meme icon Moon Man. This led to a commune with the three that lead to their "agreements" with each other and would not be the last. Overtime this commune expanded with Candie inviting other worthy guests that he deemed to be perfect for the three of them. Robinson Crusoe and Robert Lee Ewell due to their slavery and experience towards blacks, though in a twist that he did not see, this invitation is what led to Crusoe not associating himself with Cameron and the weird notice from his other partners how he and Ewell work as compliments to each other.
    • It was at this moment when Benjamin's observations started to rise between his supposed compatriots. While he may stand as the representative of the KKK given he founded it, he sees both Moon Man and Candie to be extremes of the traditional KKK values. Whereas the Ku Klux Klan focuses on white supremacy and white separation from black communities (as well as execution to those who cross them), Moon Man has the Klan's hatred turned into a genocidal urge while Calvin has the slavery factor but with none of the compassion. When pressured as to why, he simply states that slavery is fine, as long as the blacks are shown their place in nature's order without the need for cruel action, showing how the "Mandingo Fighting", torture and other actions he has done are unnecessary. Cameron's patience was nearly blown when Candie was about to call him a nigger lover due to such statement but Stephen told him to settle down with his guests, in particular, the large KKK congregation within Candyland. He has warned him not to cross him, as while he may own a plantation and black slaves, he is not a member of the KKK proper.
  • A major personality seen in Candie is his love for everything French, so much that he is a known major Francophile and prefers to be addressed as Monsieur Candie except he has no idea how to speak French, which leads to him hating it when people speak to him in French as it makes him feel embarrassed. If, God forbid, you make this mistake, he is liable to bash your skull in with a hammer or feed you to his dogs. This value of his also adds to his love for everything rich, which explains the large mansion that has become a sight within the plantation. He has admired Jay Gatsby and has invited him for a few parties, though he is wondering why he is constantly putting up a lonely face in these extravagant celebrations he hosts, that or his oddly similar looks. However, he holds a very high regard for Edmond Dantès as he is a character of an author he admires: Alexandre Dumas. Yes, Dumas is in fact black, something Calvin is very unaware of and something that Edmond notices. Despite having slaves of his own and being rich, he has a high regard for standards, something Calvin lacks and while the plantation owner is romanticized by his language, he is less than amused the more he knows him more.
  • His search for new slaves, as mentioned above, has been led by a string of failures, so much so that he has devised an idea to hire a few contracts to bring those deities back into the world of slavery, and none more known in the criminal world than the Slavers, who have been contacted by Candie several times. Now they are only within the range of prostitution given Romania's large human trafficking black market but trafficking black people for slavery to others is something to consider, especially if the contractor is rich. Though unsuccessful, he has mentioned that should they get a hold of any "nigger in a cage", that is his and he will reward them nicely. Most of it is done in private as not to attract attention from the House of Justice. They are heavily opposed by them due to slavery, but they begrudgingly admit that Candie and Stephen technically have not done anything illegal since slavery was not considered a crime, especially around the 1800s when the practice was legal before the changes in law were made to make it illegal.