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Intermediate Gods

    The Gundam Meisters 
The Gundam Meistersmembers , Deities of Causing Conflict to End Conflict and Hypocrisy Nods (Setsuna: Soran Ibrahim, The first true Innovator, Jihad-Kun, SetLight, Braindead, ELS Setsuna | Neil: Stupid Sexy Lockon, Harlockon | Lyle: Jean 1, Lockon V2, Lockon 2.0, Lockoff, Lecherous Lyle | Allelujah: Al, Hal, Doublelujah, E-057 | Tieria: Base Sequence Pattern 0988, Vowels, Mantrap, Titera, T-chan, Zetsubou-sensei, Veda | Soma: SoMarie, E-001)
L-R: Neil Dylandy, Allelujah Haptism, Setsuna F. Seiei, Tieria Erde
Lyle Dylandy
Soma Peries
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole (Lockons are Lesser Gods individually)
  • Symbol: The Celestial Being logo (all); Twin GN Drives and the ELS (Setsuna); an orange Haro with a speech bubble that says "Lockon, Lockon, Lockon" (the Lockons); the number E-0057 (H/Allelujah); the Veda supercomputer (Tieria); quantum brainwaves (Soma/Marie)
  • Theme Music: Daybreak's Bell, Ash Like Snow, UVERworld, Namida na Mukou (all), Soup (Setsuna), Love Today (Neil), Theme of Lyle (Lyle), Theme of Tieria (Tieria), Taiyo (Allelujah), Unlimited Sky (Allelujah and Soma/Marie)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a whole; Chaotic Good for Setsuna and Allelujah (Chaotic Neutral as Hallelujah); Lawful Good for Tieria
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Good Is Not Soft, Byronic Hero, True Companions, Acknowledging They're Using the Same Methods of What They Oppose
  • Domains: War, Mecha, Methods
  • Heralds: The crew of the Ptolemaios (Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Lasse Aeon, Lichtendahl Tsery, Feldt Grace, Christina Sierra, Ian Vashti, Joyce B. Moreno, Mileina Vashti)
    • Setsuna: Marina Ismail, Saji Crossroad, Louise Halevy
    • Lyle: Anew Returner
    • Soma: Sergei Smirnov, Andrei Smirnov
  • Allies: All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, Haro, 00 Cyborgs, Solid Snake, Overwatch’s members, the Autobots
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Graham Aker
  • Distrusts: Nena Trinity, Tanya von Degurechaff
  • Uncertain of: Martin Walker, Lucy/Nyu
  • Sympathetic towards: Seita & Setsuko
  • On speaking terms with: Angela (Tieria)
  • In the year 2307 AD, the world has been divided into three power blocs, fossil fuels have been rapidly depleted, and there’s a giant solar ring surrounding Earth and connected by space elevators. War is still a frequent occurrence within parts of Earth for countries to attain power and resources to survive. Celestial Being is a private military group who seeks to eradicate war entirely through the use of advanced mecha known as Gundams. With how much power those Gundams have at their disposal, these power blocs end up working together to try and take advantage of that strength for themselves. Even if the idea of using violence to stop war comes with plenty of problems ranging from personal problems within the group’s own members to mysterious individuals looking to lead the world in their own image, Celestial Being will use their abilities to the fullest to ensure success in their missions.
  • While Celestial Being was able to bring peace to their world even though many sacrifices had to be made, their adventures were far from over once they moved on and ended up finding a world that they had never heard of. Somewhere in the Pantheon, a meeting between corrupt individuals looking to use technology that had just been discovered as a means to create weapons of war had finished and a demonstration was prepared a few weeks later. The technology demonstrated power that proved deadly in the wrong hands, but the showcase got interrupted by some uninvited guests, namely a handful of Gundams. In spite of the demonstrators attempting to take advantage of the chaos to prove that their invention was capable of taking down powerful mecha, the Gundam pilots didn’t have much trouble taking it down, followed by one of the pilots giving out a warning to the organizers about war and that if any attempt to start it happens be it by them or others, Celestial Being will bring a stop to it. News about Celestial Being’s arrival in the Pantheon and their goals in trying to stop war in a place where nonstop war is a thing started to spread and while the group is aware of how difficult, if not near-impossible, it will be to stop war, they’re still willing to try and prevent things from getting worse if possible.
  • Besides the fact that war in the Pantheon had the potential to get more intense than what they were used to, Celestial Being discovered that some of the faces they’ve encountered in their adventures who had died back then were alive in the Pantheon. Since Lyle took over for Neil as Lockon Stratos following Neil’s death, the group was surprised to meet Neil again and in turn, Neil learned quite a bit about what happened to the group after his death and that he missed a lot after battling Ali Al-Saachez. Speaking of Ali, it didn’t take long for Celestial Being to learn that he was still alive and considering that anyone in the Pantheon can’t stay dead, the group has looked for ways to put Ali out of action for a sustained period of time to prevent him from getting access to dangerous individuals who could help him satiate his bloodlust. The group was less-than-pleased to learn about Nena Trinity given the bad impression she made on them and even if she hates Ali and is more of an independent figure when it comes to mecha pilots in the Pantheon, Celestial Being would rather not support her in any capacity. As for Graham Acker, there’s no animosity between him or any of the Gundam Meisters, but he’s more than aware of how far Setsuna has grown as Gundam pilot since their last meeting and is willing to see just what Setsuna is capable of should they encounter each other again.
  • Not only were there familiar faces in the Pantheon for Celestial Being to encounter again, but there were plenty of other mecha pilots, both those who pilot their own Gundams and those with different mechas at their disposal. While Celestial Being is capable both in terms of planning and attack power, the wider scope of the Pantheon means that their plans are going to meet challenges different from what they were used to. As it turned out, there were dedicated spots for mecha pilots like the Gundam Meisters for them to join in fighting against those that threaten the peace of the Pantheon. It was there that they got to meet various other Gundam pilots and their allies who would provide each other support in stopping their enemies from causing extensive damage throughout the Pantheon.
    • When it comes to Gundam pilots, Setsuna found a lot in common with Heero Yuy in terms of attitude and what they had gone through. Both are stoic members of a team of pilots who learned to soften up through both their teammates and a princess of a besieged nation that they come across. In turn, Setsuna saw a bit of Marina Ismail in Relena Darlian (the princess Heero crossed paths with) and Lacus Clyne (another figure that Celestial Being met with), though both princesses were much more proactive and willing to confront danger than Marina despite them sharing the same desire for pacifism. Lacus has plenty of Haros by her side whenever she isn’t busy with work and the Haros that the Dylandys have for their Gundams hang out with Lacus’ Haros whenever Celestial Being is discussing plans with other heroic Gundam pilots and those close to them.
    • Aila Jyrkiainen was someone who had visual resemblance to Marie Parfacy and even a similar ordeal when it comes to being designed to be a cold-blooded fighter before finding someone that could soften her up and even fall in love with. The main difference was that Aila came from a world where Gundam was a TV franchise and Gunpla battles, where contestants use figurines based on the various Gundam series and modify them to their liking for battle, is a popular sport that she was a participant in. Celestial Being was surprised to hear of a world where the Gundam mech that they were accustomed to were turned into toys and part of a harmless, if competitive recreational activity enjoyed by plenty given the many battles the organization has gone through and the numerous mech involved. Despite this, they still maintain a good friendship with the Gunpla users (with Marie getting along very well with Aila for the aforementioned similarities to each other) and the organization has promised to keep the Gunpla users safe from any major wars that threaten their own peace.
  • It wouldn’t take long for Celestial Being to learn from other Gundam pilots about many of the opposing forces they’ve encountered and how most, if not all of them, are part of a larger coalition to oppose them and pull off a larger goal that could threaten the Pantheon. While Nena doesn’t have any real affiliation with major individuals in the Pantheon, Ali has taken some time to work with these villainous Gundam entities so that he can perpetrate chaos and kill adversaries while helping someone out fulfill a devious plan not unlike how things worked between him and Ribbons Almark. Some such as Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, and Bask Om are responsible for overseeing programs that corrupt those they kidnap into becoming unstable pilots on top of using a variety of weapons outside of mecha that could wipe out entire cities and others such as Gihren Zabi seek political power that would oppress everyone that he sees as inferior (and the Zabis in general presented plenty of problems for the group, though Mineva being the only good member of the family meant that there’s no animosity between Celestial Being and her). Rau Le Creuset has been seen as a major problem for Celestial Being and Tieria in particular was very disturbed by the fact that Rau was an artificial clone who sought to destroy everything around him due to his background. While it is much more personal for Celestial Being to stop Ali due to him having access to much more dangerous entities, the group has many of the heroic Gundam pilots and related figures by their side, each with their own weapons and plans, to stop Ali and any other villains that may use mechs to cause devastation towards others.
  • With the varied mecha and technology present on both sides of the ongoing war in the Pantheon, it wouldn’t take long for Celestial Being to take notice of some of these entities for better and for worse. The team would learn of a group of mecha able to act on their own without a pilot and can disguise themselves as vehicles known as Transformers, with the Autobots and Decepticons waging war against each other. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, was someone who has engaged in many battles and while the effects of such a long-lasting war was apparent on him, he and the rest of the Autobots remained determined in making sure the Decepticons don’t take over the world. Given Celestial Being’s stated motivation of trying end wars and the fact that they’ve end up causing conflict doing so, Optimus Prime had some initial concerns about them, but since the members of the team were battle-hardened, wanted what was best for the world, and remained loyal to each other no matter what happened, he accepted them for who they are since fighting for peace was no easy task and that the Autobots have faced resistance from others a few times despite trying to help them not unlike what happened with the organization. Celestial Being and the Autobots have remained in contact with each other and have provided each other aid for various battles against different threats in the Pantheon.
  • As a team dedicated to stopping war by any means necessary while dealing with many personal ordeals from members of the team, Celestial Being found plenty of common ground with the 00 cyborgs, who were originally designed by Black Ghost as weapons of war, but fought back to prevent wars from that organization and others from occurring. The cyborgs all had their own personal demons to confront in addition to getting accustomed to their cybernetization and have seen each other as a surrogate family not unlike how Celestial Being sees their members as such. With how often the 00 cyborgs have been fighting against warmongers, they and Celestial Being have been able to rely on each other for thwarting plans that would involve sending the Pantheon into a deeper war than it already is at the moment. The Gundam Meisters are capable enough to handle ground-based missions without their mecha if possible, but if things end up being well beyond what they can do even with their strongest mecha available, the 00 cyborgs will provide support with their varied abilities.
  • Not only were there individuals similar to Ali in the Pantheon as far as instigating war and bloodshed is concerned, but there were large organizations with plenty of resources to create more weapons and cause misery for those that get involved with them. SHOCKER, HYDRA, and Millennium were some major groups in the Pantheon that have caused war, recruited others to their cause, and ruined the lives of innocents in order to grow in power that Celestial Being saw as high-priority targets to get rid of. While others such as The Corpus and Sundowner saw war as an opportunity to make money instead of getting more power, it didn’t stop Celestial Being from taking part in stopping them, especially since there are people interested in the technology Celestial Being has to use against the team and others. The fact that Ali is someone willing to work with such warmongers to satiate his desire for violence gave the team more of a reason to stop him and other warmongers from making things worse for others.
    • One type of warmonger that Celestial Being despises greatly are those who are willing to eliminate the weak entirely as a means to put strong entities into power. It was one thing to have the strong subjugate the weak as what Ribbons Almark was trying to do, but it’s another to wage war with a Darwinist mindset and have the potential aftermath be worse than what it was before. Apocalypse was a powerful enemy who Celestial Being hates for the sheer damage he’s caused trying to instigate war to force others to become stronger and even taking him on with their strongest mecha will likely be a challenge. It was learning about Senator Armstrong that the team was going to end up in a battle of mindsets about how to bring peace in the long run, especially his goal of people wanting to make their own choice is Darwinistic in nature. Senator Armstrong is more than aware of Celestial Being’s use of mecha to try and end wars and even believes that the organization should hand over their technology to him so that he can put them to use and have his ambitions become a reality. The organization retorted that not only will they never hand over their resources to him, but that his vision will only cause more harm in the long run and that if he threatens Celestial Being, then there will be no mercy against him. Given his boisterous attitude, he isn’t too worried about getting into battle against Celestial Being and seems to believe that he’ll benefit from it in some capacity.
  • Celestial Being heard about the Overwatch organization and their efforts to bring down terrorist organization Talon, the latter of whom was responsible for many heinous crimes and having the capacity to brainwash unwitting people to their cause, as they did with Amelie Lacroix, who has become the deadly sniper Widowmaker. Following strife from the Overwatch organization, the team disbanded and after Talon became more powerful and was on the verge of destroying the organization for good, Winston was able to get Overwatch reinstated, albeit not in the same state as it was before. This brought to mind the time Celestial Being was disbanded and Setsuna had to get the group back together (with Lyle replacing Neil as the latter was killed in action) and in turn, the group met with Winston, the gorilla responsible for getting Overwatch back together. He had plenty of respect for Setsuna for getting his group of heroes back together to fight for a better tomorrow when things got dire. Given how potent mecha such as Gundam are in war, Winston knew that Talon and other related organizations would want that technology for themselves and he and the rest of Overwatch have remained in contact with Celestial Being in fending off Talon’s plans and their agents. On the subject of members of the original Overwatch, there was Ana Amari who the Lockons have taken a liking to thanks to her skills on the battlefield with her sniper rifle and having a daughter just as capable as she is even with different weapons. The fact that Ana can heal her allies by shooting them was weird to the Lockons initially, but considering that she has her own personal issues with Widowmaker, the Lockons are willing to help Ana in her fight in addition to Celestial Being aiding the currently active members of Overwatch.
  • Two witnesses to Celestial Being’s adventure that got themselves involved with the group in different ways was Saji Crossroad and Louise Halvey, with the former joining the group and working with them (Setsuna in particular) in order to find the latter, who became a mentally unstable soldier in an attempt to avenge her family that resulted in her being a pawn for Ribbons, and bring her to her senses upon reuniting with her, a goal that worked out even with plenty of obstacles along the way. As the Pantheon contained plenty of denizens who are simply regular people who are likely going to be witnesses to war, Celestial Being has done what they can to prevent innocents from getting caught in the crossfire. There were some who ended up witnessing wars of different kinds before being in the Pantheon, with Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa being a tragic example of such given that not only were they violently thrown into chaos, but they had essentially didn’t have any way to survive the horrors that would follow in their adventure. In the Pantheon, the siblings really don’t like war given what they endured and while Celestial Being has a goal of trying to stop wars, the methods used made the siblings skeptical on whether the group could actually succeed (especially with the advanced technology involved) and have even asked Setsuna, who listened to their story when he was on break from his team’s endeavors, if there was a better way to stop wars that didn’t involve violence. He replied that it will take a lot of work for war to end and that he and Celestial Being’s allies wished the two well for their survival in an unpredictable world and that there will be someone to keep them safe even in the face of uncertainty. The Yokokawas know that Celestial Being’s members aren’t bad people following their meeting with Setsuna, but a war with weapons more advanced than what they were used to is something that worries them quite a bit.
  • When it comes to soldiers that have taken part in a brutal war, Martin Walker was someone who Celestial Being are uncertain of, especially when taking into account the Gundam Meisters’ opinions of him. Walker was originally tasked with a recon mission in Dubai, but ended up losing his sanity during the chaos that he had a role in playing and realized how horrific war was in general. There was no denying just how terrible the damage was overall both in terms of what Walker caused and was inflicted to himself and neither was the fact that he has remorse over his past actions, but it’s clear that Walker still isn’t fully stable enough for the Gundam Meisters and the rest of Celestial Being to put their full trust in them. Setsuna is able to relate to Walker’s ordeal and did tell him about his own past and how he was able to overcome it with Celestial Being’s help. For the time being, he’s kept his distance from Walker following the initial meeting with him and if something happens that’ll cause Walker to snap to a worse degree than before (especially if it involves putting the Meisters’ friends at risk), then a confrontation between Walker and Setsuna will be bound to happen.
  • Solid Snake was someone who the Gundam Meisters had something in common with in different ways. As a clone to Big Boss, Snake has gone on different adventures involving stopping Metal Gear mechs and getting caught up in political intrigue that could endanger the world in addition to being raised as a soldier at a young age alongside his brother Liquid Snake (who ended up being resentful and would end up getting the animosity of the Meisters for embodying their personal issues in a negative way). When Snake learned of Celestial Being and how they wanted to achieve their goals, he was more than aware of the irony of using superweapons to stop other superweapons and bigger wars from occurring and his cynicism didn’t go unnoticed by Celestial Being. Regardless, given how much they had in common, both regarding what they’re trying to fight against and Snake having experienced the Meisters’ personal issues in his own way, Celestial Being and Snake have aided each other on their missions, with Snake mentioning that Otacon is more than eager to see those Gundams up-close.
  • Ribbons Almark ended up being a major enemy for the Gundam Meisters as he was part of a race of enhanced telepathic humans known as Innovades and Ribbons himself wanted to be the leader of such a future where enhanced humans like himself enforce their superiority over lesser “normal” humans. This particularly ended up being a personal battle for Setsuna as Ribbons was the one who inspired him to become a Gundam pilot and by the time Setsuna was one, Ribbons became unhappy with Aeolia Schenberg’s plans and wanted to conquer the world with himself as ruler. Given that both regular humans and those empowered in different ways coexist in the Pantheon, there were plenty of foes who wanted a world where humans enhanced with some sort of power rule over the alleged inferior regular humans that Celestial Being learned about. As far as those with telepathic powers are concerned, Darryl Revok was a source of concern as not only are his powers as a Scanner much more lethal than that of an Innovade like Ribbons, but he is willing to supply ephemerol to others so that Scanners can overrun humanity and Revok can rule over them. While Setsuna being an ELS/Innovator hybrid means that he’ll likely be the only one to confront Revok on-foot if a mission calls for it, fighting against others who want superhuman supremacy will require all of the Meisters’ abilities to use their Gundam effectively. Some such as Asimov and Sir Issac Ray Peram Westcott (both of whom harbor great power that they’re willing to use) are willing to take their ambitions of superhuman supremacy a step further and wipe out others that are in opposition to their own kind, something that Celestial Being was greatly alarmed by.
  • Following Ribbons’ defeat, Celestial Being and the rest of the world they lived in had to confront the ELS, extraterrestrial lifeforms with an unknowable morality that could potentially endanger everything if they couldn’t be stopped. After recovering from an unsuccessful attempt at communicating with them Setsuna was able to learn of the ELS’ background, their motivations, and not only did all hostilities with them once he reached them, but humanity was able to move forward with ELS-upgraded humans (Setsuna included) being part of life alongside regular humans and Innovades. While the Pantheon had its share of aliens both good and bad, there were entities that were much more dangerous than the ELS that a conversation with them (if it’s even possible) wouldn’t change their minds. The Phazon, capable of corrupting its surroundings, was one such entity that Celestial Being knew would be a great danger to the Pantheon and Setsuna is aware that communicating with them wasn’t an option as he could end up in an even worse state than being in a coma akin to his first attempt talking to the ELS. The Flood was arguably even worse than the Phazon as not only does The Gravemind (serving as the main voice of The Flood) believe in assimilating others to be part of The Flood, but that they are actively willing to inflict suffering on others. Fighting either of them, whether separately or together in a worst-case scenario, would require not only the best of what Celestial Being could do, but other mecha pilots with the power and strategy to go up against such threats.
    • The Network was an alien that Celestial Being took issue with in regards to what it wanted when it came to unity within the galaxy. Having been responsible for influencing technology in its world for a while, The Network thinks humanity is uncivilized and is willing to kill those that defy its goals of making others part of its community and replace them with emotionless robot versions of themselves. The Network simply believes that humanity coexisting with what is essentially a rival alien race made of silver liquid (from the perspective of The Network) isn’t the way to true galactic peace while Celestial Being sees what The Network is trying to accomplish as another instance of someone trying to subjugate others regardless of The Network’s claims of peace and unity. Even if the Gundam Meisters except the Dylandys aren’t fully ordinary humans, they still have their flaws like normal humans do (given how they tried to use violence to prevent wars from occurring and are still doing so in the Pantheon for starters) and Celestial Being believes that humanity can move towards a brighter future even with all the flaws they have.
  • Soran Ibrahim was once a child soldier that was part of a group of soldiers commanded by Ali Al-Saachez, who ended up killing his own family under a false promise offered by Ali. It felt like Soran had nothing left to live for in the war-torn battlefield until a Gundam appeared one day and laid waste to Soran’s enemies. Since then, Soran admired the Gundam and its pilot, the identity thereof not yet known to him, and the years since, wanting to make up for his murky past, renounced his former name and joined Celestial Being under a different name: Setsuna F. Seiei. He would then find himself allied with the members of the team and sought to put an end to the wars he found himself in and would strike up a friendship with Marina Ismail, the princess of the embattled country of Azadistan. Throughout much turmoil, including directly getting Celestial Being back together after they disbanded following tragedy, Setsuna would discover that the pilot of the Gundam from back then, Ribbons Almark, wanted to create a world rule by superhumans known as Innovades and twisting the words of Celestial Being’s founder, Aeolia Schenberg to his own benefit. After discovering his own role as an Innovator (an even more capable artificial human), Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being put an end to Ribbons’ plans and he would later understand the nature of the alien ELS to prevent further catastrophes from occurring.
    • Ever since he was a child, Setsuna was someone who has been involved in battles and even after changing his life for the better with the help of Celestial Being, he still remains a soldier fighting for something. There was no shortage of child soldiers in the Pantheon, be it those who were natural born fighters or those who were forcibly shaped into becoming said fighters, for Setsuna to take notice of for better and for worse. One such soldier who Setsuna found much in common with was Sousuke Sagara, who was trained to become a fighter at a very large age and akin to the troubles Setsuna went through, being a fighter brought obstacles to Sousuke’s life off the battlefield that required help from his friends to overcome. Both even have their own psychotic arch-enemy that’s willing to perpetrate war for their own amusement in the form of Ali for Setsuna and Gauron for Sousuke. The numerous similarities that Setsuna and Sousuke shared with each other helped strengthen their friendship and given how Ali and Gauron are likely to cause problems for the Pantheon whether they’re working together or by themselves, Sousuke has no issue working with Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being in stopping those villainous pilots from causing more wanton destruction.
    • One other soldier who fought at a young age, but who Setsuna didn’t have the same amicability towards compared to Sousuke was Tanya von Degurechaff, who had a cold, yet ruthless disposition as a result of her being a reincarnation of a remorseless salaryman. Despite being at a young age (and younger than anyone from Celestial Being), Tanya was able to lead a platoon of her own and use methods that were part of her past life to lead her nation to success, in spite of her attempting to do things solely for the benefit of herself. Regardless of her being volatile on the battlefield, Tanya doesn’t think highly of war for pragmatic reasons and even if Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being all have a contempt towards war, they have many issues with her regarding her reputation and the fact that if they end up having to fight her and her army, she’s very good at coming up with strategies to throw off her enemies. All things considered, Tanya feels that Celestial Being’s goal of eliminating war entirely isn’t going to accomplish much in the long run given the methods and resources involved, but such criticism isn’t going to stop Celestial Being.
    • Ender Wiggin was a child soldier that Setsuna was interested in, mainly because of what Ender had gone through in terms of encountering alien lifeforms. From a young age, Ender was a gifted individual and he ended up fighting off against The Formics, an achievement that he wasn’t happy about given all the damage and sacrifice that needed to occur for it to succeed. He has since learned of the truth behind The Formics and how those aliens are nowhere near as malevolent as they appeared to be, with their unusual morality playing a role in the fatal miscommunication towards humanity. This brought to mind the time Celestial Being encountered the ELS, alien lifeforms that seemingly posed a danger towards others until Setsuna learned that their original home was destroyed, that assimilation was the only way they could communicate with humans, and that the ELS ultimately meant no harm. Ender was surprised to learn that not only did Setsuna establish contact with lifeforms not that different from The Formics, but he became part ELS in the process. Both have gotten along with each other, with Setsuna telling Ender not to be hard on himself and that it’s possible to come back stronger from moments of weakness.
      • This particular form of alien communication got the attention of Louise Banks, who was able to communicate with aliens known as Heptapods and help others understand what those extraterrestrials wanted. She was surprised to learn that the effects of Setsuna successfully communicating with the ELS not only resulted in him being part ELS, but so were others from his world once fighting against the ELS ceased. While Louise was aware of the fact that Setsuna and his allies got involved in a war with the ELS before things got cleared up and that she was trying to prevent a war against the Heptapods from happening to begin with, the two were willing to talk to each other regarding alien communication and learned plenty of things from each other in that regard. Setsuna mentioned to Louise that communicating with the ELS will be difficult and that he’ll help her when that time comes to meet them. He’s also intrigued with the fact that those who understand the Heptapods’ language can gain memories of events that haven’t happened yet and he’s in the process of learning it via meetings with Louise and the Heptapods.
    • For all of the pain Setsuna has gone through most of his life, him murdering his family at a young age when he was still Soran Ibrahim remains a bleak point for him overall. There are plenty in the Pantheon responsible for the murder of families and while most of them weren’t justified to say the least, Setsuna at least found a few who were devastated to learn that they instigated such an event. Siegfried Schtauffen was a knight who went through a lot of pain like Setsuna did starting with murdering his own father by accident and culminating with himself seeking to atone for the actions he did when corrupted by Soul Edge and creating the villainous Nightmare inside himself that later became a separate entity. Origami Tobiichi, despite initially having a similarly cold personality as Setsuna back then (and a bit more aggressive than he was), had a more complicated and dangerous ordeal when it came to the murder of her parents in that she was responsible for such during a failed time-travel attempt and had powers that made her a significant danger to others until Shido Itsuki was able to calm her down and help her move on. Setsuna has taken to befriending the two given their shared suffering before gradual recovery at the hands of others and has gotten some advice from Origami about how to prevent Westcott’s plans from coming to fruition.
    • Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanov were two individuals that Setsuna got along with, and while they were trained for combat at a young age, this friendship had more to do with how they were molded into being heartless fighters before realizing what they’ve become. As a child, Natasha was trained to be a spy for the Soviet Union as part of the Red Room program and eventually defected from it in adulthood, becoming a hero and working with The Avengers. While Bucky’s training as a child wasn’t as dark, a near-death experience resulted in him being taken in by Soviets and turned into the assassin known as The Winter Soldier, with his time as a Soviet weapon lasting until he regained his memories and has spent much of what happened after atoning for it. As Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being has gone after HYDRA a few times, Bucky and Natasha have helped Setsuna during his ground-based missions outside his mecha whenever he needs to find some critical information for his group to use to prevent HYDRA and other major criminal organizations from moving forward with their plans.
  • Lockon Stratos is a codename from Celestial Being given to those who pilot a Gundam with long-range capabilities, specifically through the use of sniper rifles. Neil Dylandy, who was seemingly the sole survivor of a terrorist attack that killed his family, originally took on the role of “Lockon Stratos” and served as a comparatively calm figure amidst a group who had plenty of personal issues. A confrontation with Ali, who was responsible for the murders of the Dylandys, resulted in Neil’s death and sometime later, Setsuna managed to find Lyle Dylandy, the other survivor of the initial attack that killed the others sans Neil, to take up the mantle of “Lockon Stratos”. Lyle had some personal issues of his own thanks to being the neglected middle child of his family and despite not being interested initially, he joined Celestial Being in their mission and took on the role that his brother once had. He eventually confronted Ali and while not really consumed with revenge compared to Neil, Lyle killed Ali when the latter tried to escape during Celestial Being’s final battle against the Innovades.
    • Even with the use of giant robots and the fancy weaponry included with it to get the job done, the Lockons are well aware of their sniper skills and both have taken to looking at others on the ground level to see how capable those other snipers are and what kinds of tricks they use to pull if off. While Celestial Being knew that Widowmaker would be a problem (and they don’t know whether or not the damage to her can be undone like what happened with Louise), there were other snipers that the team and the Lockons have a more amicable relationship towards. As a highly effective sniper, Karl Fairburne has received support from both Lockons in his missions, moreso from Lyle given his involvement with resistance group Katharon in fighting against corrupt regimes. Despite the Lockons’ primary use of mecha, Karl understands that those kinds of weapons are necessary against HYDRA, an organization with plenty of resources to create weapons as powerful as giant robots. Mr. Mundy was another sniper the Lockons heard about and despite having a more unscrupulous attitude than Karl, he’s aware of the fact that the two aren’t bad when it comes to ground based combat outside of using mech and both parties share a mutual respect towards each other.
      • While Karl and Mr. Mundy are more traditional snipers in terms of actions and goals, there are plenty of others who have a more unorthodox application of that weapon akin to how the Lockons use their sniper rifles via giant robots. Shino Asada was someone who is a skilled sniper in the VR games she plays and sometimes uses a bow and arrow in other VR games she traverses with Kirito and his allies. While she and her friends haven’t gone through a mecha-themed VR game yet, a mecha with snipers as a primary weapon is something she’ll stick with if that ends up happening and she’s become a regular conversation partner with the Lockons when it comes to firearms whenever she isn’t hanging out with Kirito and his friends. Margaret Moonlight and her scythe-sniper hybrid weapon was noted to be very interesting by the Lockons and while some sort of weapon that can function as both an effective long-range weapon and deadly close-range weapon similar to what Margaret has is within the realm of possibility for the Gundam Meisters and other Gundam pilots, the Lockons are content to stick with what they have at the moment. Given how Margaret performed a song belittling Travis Touchdown when he fought against her, the Lockons wouldn’t be surprised if a song critical of Celestial Being (whether it’s from Margaret or some other antagonistic singer, though she’s more of a morally dubious killer than an outright villain) ended up being released in the Pantheon.
    • Neil ended up losing his family to a terrorist attack and Lyle eventually became the only surviving Dylandy after Neil died fighting against Ali, with Neil having a vendetta against Ali over what happened back then. Among other denizens of the Pantheon that suffered from attacks that made them lose their family was Lucas, a boy from Nowhere Islands who lost his mother Hinawa to a Mecha-Drago and learned that his twin brother Claus ended up converted into a cyborg known as The Masked Man while trying to avenge her. Lucas’ journey to learn what happened to his family was harrowing and took a bigger toll on him than the Dylandy’s quest for revenge, but it was clear that Neil and Lyle knew how much pain Lucas endured when it came to being a child who had to grow up and face danger, Lyle especially since he was a twin brother who had his own set of flaws he had to overcome like what Lucas did. As for Claus, the Dylandys know he’s trying to make up for what he did back then in the Pantheon, but considering that he’s kept a low profile while trying to reconcile his past actions, a direct meeting isn’t likely going to happen anytime soon.
    • Lyle has had a problem with being neglected compared to the rest of the Dylandys including the fact that Neil was their parents preferred sibling, though Lyle has never had any real animosity towards his family despite said issues regarding him being compared to Neil. There were plenty of siblings in the Pantheon who were neglected by their families, with some instances being far worse than Lyle simply being ignored and having certain expectations placed on him. Jagi was someone who took the neglect from his family very badly, tried to force others to respect him, and attempted to ruin Kenshiro’s life, actions which Lyle was very distrubed by. Jun Hono was a mecha pilot who Lyle got along with very well since despite being neglected by Kenzo Kabuto, she developed a headstrong personality and learned to move on from personal issues that affected her. Given how bad his relationship with Anew Returner ended and the fact that Jun is a couple with Tetsuya Tsurugi, Lyle opted to keep things professional with her as mecha pilots.
  • Alleujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy were originally part of a program meant to create child soldiers and were among the handful of subjects to have escaped, though Alleujah’s trauma from the experience, especially when he had to kill a few of his fellow subjects as the violent split personality Halleujah remained even after joining Celestial Being. As for Marie, she has a colder personality of her own named Soma Peries and has since been an effective soldier for the Human Reform League. Whenever Celestial Being crosses paths with Soma, Alleujah has tried to get her to remember her past amidst the battles, but it wasn’t until the two got stranded that they were able to recollect their past memories with each other. Soma/Marie then joined Celestial Being with Alleujah and while there still issues she had to confront (mainly her substitute father figure Sergei Smirnov being killed by his estranged son Andrei), Marie has remained by Alleujah’s side, with the Soma personality coming out during battle. As for Alleujah, he was able to get his deadly Halleujah personality merged with his calmer side in order to be more of a threat on the battlefield.
    • Being soldiers who were made to become ruthless fighters and ended up escaping (with Alleujah destroying the program responsible for making who he and Soma are after the two escaped), they ended up encountering a few others in the Pantheon who had a similar ordeal in addition to the previously mentioned 00 cyborgs. Some of the Kamen Riders that Celestial Being heard about happened (with Takeshi Hongo and Kotaro Minami being such examples) to have been designed for use in war by dangerous enemies only to turn against those villains and use their abilities for heroism. In the case of Kotaro, his step-brother Nobuhiko Akizuki ended up being kidnapped by the devious cult Gorgom and became Shadow Moon, becoming a major figure for them that Kotaro had to fight against. Alleujah and Marie are both understanding of the plight of these particular Kamen Riders, especially Kotaro given how he had to fight against someone he cared about. The two, alongside the other members of Celestial Being, have taken to stopping evil organizations from turning innocents into weapons of destruction as a means to help out those specific Kamen Riders, especially where Kotaro is concerned.
    • Alleujah saw his violent split personality Halleujah as a problem before using it to his advantage in battle and he saw a similar issue in Marie while she had Soma’s cold-blooded personality before she joined Celestial Being. While the two have since been able to handle their split personalities better in battle, there were others who had such a disorder in the Pantheon that they had some uncertainty about. The mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll was responsible for creating a potion that gave birth to a psychotic split personality and while Alleujah and Marie do understand his plight (Alleujah moreso considering he got his split personality against his will), their main concern comes from the fact that he was responsible for Mr. Hyde and the fact that potions like these are prominent throughout parts of the Pantheon that can be used to spread trouble. If there is a way for Dr. Jekyll to better handle his Mr. Hyde personality via taking down people worse than he is (and there probably is), then Alleujah and Marie would be more willing to meet up with him. On a much more troubling note, there was Lucy, a psychic originally created at a research institute who harbors immense power, but gained a childlike split personality after getting injured while escaping and gained the name Nyu after being taken in by a young man named Kouta, who played a role in trying to soften her up even as various things threatened her, including an even more violent personality. This greatly unnerved not just Alleujah and Marie, but the rest of Celestial Being as it presented the possibility that world-destroying weapons can be made in the form of humans, whether artificially created or as a normal person forcibly converted into one. For the sake of Celestial Being’s safety, they’re keeping their distance from Lucy/Nyu or other sufficiently powerful individuals with a psychotic split personality even if their troubling backstories like what Lucy went through is understandable.
  • Tieria Erde is a Gundam Meister who is able to connect to Celestial Being’s supercomputer VEDA for advice and initially had an aloof disposition towards his teammates. His time with his team has helped him improve as a person, but learning about his background and past came as a shock to him, especially in the leadup to Celestial Being’s battle against Ribbons. As he would learn from Regene Regetta (who looks very similar to him), Teiria was an Innovade and the Innovades as led by Ribbons sought to rule over humanity. While Tieria was killed by Ribbons in the final battle, he was able to upload his consciousness to Veda with the help of Regene and played a role in thwarting Ribbons’ plans. His consciousness would remain with Veda following the battle and he as an AI would continue helping the team in subsequent adventures.
    • As someone who is an artificial clone, Tieria would find out about others who were clones of an existing entity or artificially created as a whole and learned to cope with it in different ways. Rei Ayanami was one such clone who also happened to be a mecha pilot, with her mecha being an EVA. As a whole, the EVA pilots and those who were involved in fending off the abominations known as Angels had plenty of psychological issues that proved to be difficult to overcome and despite Rei’s quiet demeanor, she was someone who had a bit in common with Tieria as far as learning to gain emotions and care about those who are helping them out is concerned. Shadow the Hedgehog was another artificial entity that Tieria befriended due to them being created as part of a race that wanted to subjugate others to their will (with Black Doom’s method being far more fatal) and fighting back against them with the help of allies that played a role in softening their initial cold attitude towards them and becoming close friends with said allies in the process.
    • Tieria learned of another artificial entity who wanted to be human, but while Tieria became part of the Veda AI late into Celestial Being’s adventures, Angela was someone who is designed as an AI from the start. Angela had a much more complicated desire to be human related to initially being created by Ayin as an AI based on his former love Carmen and the subsequent neglect from him since Angela wasn’t truly Carmen resulted in her plotting revenge and wanting to be human, ambitions that she eventually abandoned. It was a marked contrast from Tieria, who naturally developed human emotions while working with Celestial Being, but in the end, he was content with being part of the Veda AI. Being an AI who sometimes uses physical bodies in dire situations, Tieria had some concerns about Angela who ended up causing damage in her desire to become a real human, but was aware that she came to realize the damage she’s causing with her goals. There isn’t any bad blood between the two, though Angela was intrigued with the amount of data Veda has and Tieria has made sure that she doesn’t lapse back into her former destructive behavior.
    • Veda as a whole has been useful to Celestial Being, but it's very closely tied to Tieria given how he eventually had his conscience uploaded to it and was able to use it to his allies’ advantage. The Pantheon had other supercomputers, but not only were many of them far less benevolent than Veda, but some of those supercomputers have been the subject of interest of those looking to use it to achieve their own ambitions. Star Dream was one highly dangerous supercomputer that follows the commands of whoever its admin is, but had attempted to destroy all organic life in the past when it was working with President Haltmann. From what Veda could find of Star Dream, it was obvious to Celestial Being that a computer as powerful as Star Dream was too dangerous to keep around, especially since many devious individuals are looking to use it to fulfill their goals, but fighting against it even with the team’s strongest Gundams will be a major challenge if it gets to that point.

Redcloak, God of Sunk Cost Reasoning
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crimson Mantle, and his holy symbol.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Dragon with an Agenda, Overthrown By His Former Underling, Continuing The Actions He Sacrificed So Much For To His Determent, Destroying Azure City As Revenge For The Destruction Of His Village, Looking Like His Brother After Getting His Eye Stabbed, High Priest of The Dark One, Becoming Evil Due To Outside Influence, Being Accused of Needing To Grow Up, The Goblin In Front of The Lich, Speciesism, Older Than They Look
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Law, Knowledge, Leadership
  • Allies: Xykon , for now..., The Monster In The Darkness, Odio, Skarsnik, Mr. Freeze
  • Enemies: The Order of the Stick, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, and every last Paladin in the Pantheon, especially Artix Von Krieger
  • Opposes: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
  • Odd Friendship: Vayne Carudas Solidor
  • Here lies a goblin whose thrust into villainy was more circumstantial than most. Pushed by the increasingly hostile human population who keep slaughtering his kind, Redcloak and his brother hoped to create a powerful lich that would turn the tide in their favor. Unfortunately, said villain turned out to be too powerful for even him to turn, and it wasn't long until Xykon was calling the shots over him. Even at the expense of his brother. Why? Because to him, things have gone too far for him to simply destroy the lich. He continues to work for Xykon in the hopes that while the lich gains unlimited power from the cracks, he can at least cut a deal for goblins to at least have a better life than the other races.
    • He couldn't even risk bringing his brother Right-Eye back as a herald when he had the opportunity to do so. It would likely give him someone who would constantly berate him for siding with Xykon over him. Redcloak hopes to bring him back as soon as their plans are finally realized.
    • It became clear though that he has not given up in disposing of Xykon. He currently has his phylactery tucked away in his body in order to study all of its magical wards. No one knows of this as of yet, even within those in the Pantheon. The one person who did know this was promptly killed and burned. It is likely he is merely bidding his time to find the right moment to destroy Xykon once and for all.
  • Despite his ascension, still worships the god of the goblins of his world, The Dark One. He is currently petitioning to have the deity ascended as the goblin god of all his people. That is a position that is currently held by Skarsnik. While the goblin is a bit too chaotic for his tastes, he is willing to ally himself with his followers.
  • Most deities in the subhouse of Fantastic Races has a bit of disdain for humanity, especially against a fanatic like the God Emperor of Mankind. Redcloak takes it further and hopes that every human in the Pantheon suffers the same way he did in his early life. He even coined the term 'speciesist' to describe the hatred of a certain species. The God of Humanity did not take kind to those threats and has him on the front list of threats to dispose of.
    • He saves his anger to paladins, the class most responsible for the death of goblins everywhere. He claims that they are arrogant fulls that refuse to consider that they may be wrong every once in a while. Artix did not take this kindly and stated that the virtually all goblins that he has met are usually evil, including Redcloak and the current God of Goblins. Recloak chalks it up to bias.
    • Considers the fact that their entire domain was created by two humans is the biggest insult to him. He puts the blame squarely on those to for favoring humans over all other races. Redcloaks seeks to dispose of those two once he has things under wraps in his own world.
  • Plans to use The Snarl to eliminate every god in the Pantheon who he sees as an obstacle to his people's betterment. Or so he claims.
  • While he is somewhat annoyed by the Techies and their antics, he respects them as fellow goblins, and plans to hire them if he ever needs demolition experts.
  • Is probably the only person in team Evil to see the Order of the Stick as a significant threat to their plans. While Xykon couldn't be bothered to even remember their names, Redcloak has amassed armies to soften them up. Though at this point the party is strong enough to destroy such groups, Redcloak takes up the information to plan a better method of attack against them.
  • Sees Mr. Freeze as one of the few decent humans in the Pantheon. When his pleas to replace the gods with ones more sympathetic to goblins well on deaf ears in the Court of the Gods, it was Mr. Freeze who was among the first to comfort Redcloak. The cleric may not care much about the fate of Victor's wife, he appreciates having at least one human who gets it.
  • With the added knowledge gained in the Pantheon, Redcloak had begun to feel suspicious someone was pulling the strings in their operation. While his relationship with Melkor is strenuous, he doubts it was the God of Evil that is causing it. He has set his sights on the GUAD. Having his world destroyed is just as bad as having it overrun by paladins.
  • Even with his hatred of humanity, he does have some admirers among them. Redcloak respects Vayne for his similar goals and beliefs, to the point that he was somewhat upset he was "born human." Vayne, on his part, hopes that Redcloak will eventually cease his hatred for humanity.

Taokaka, The Goddess with the Super Short Attention Span (Tao, Blazblue's Speedy Vigilante)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Kaka Kitten carrying a Tuna Bone on her emblem.
  • Theme Song: "Catus Carnival"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Short Attention Span, Hyperactivity, Ditzy Dumbassery, Badass Adorables, Cat Girls, Absurdly Sharp Claws, Invisible Head, The Nicknamer
  • Domains: Mind, Combat, Goodness.
  • Followers: Many Absent-Minded Sims
  • Allies: Boobie Lady (Litchi), Good Guy (Ragna), Scruffy Man (Bang), Lacking Lady (Noel), Pink Kitty Girl (Ichigo Momomiya), Blue Cat Lady (Felicia), Silly Fairy (Cirno), White Lady (Aila Jyrkiäinen) Spotlight lady (Mako Mankanshoku), Donut Lady (Aoi Asahina), Crazy Hair Lady (Ibuki Mioda), Headless Kitty (Ms. Fortune), Chowder Head (Yuma Tsukumo), Butt-Heads (CatDog), Dark Kitty Girl (Francesca Lucchini), Staff Lady (Imu), Green Cat Lady (Atalanta)
  • Enemies: Black Squiggly (Arakune), Scary Guy (Yuuki Terumi), Green Guy/Hipster Guy (Hazama), Big Fat Fibber Guy (Relius Clover), Flappy-flap (Nu-13), Flat-Chested Shemale (Schrodinger), Anime Hitler (Johan Liebert), Green Ring Person (Mouri Motonari), Clock Lady (Homura Akemi), surprisingly.
  • Conflicting Opinion: White Hair Punk (Killua Zoldyck).
  • Tao has no idea that she became a god, as she has a tendency to forget things mere moments after being told them. She was actually lured to the Pantheon with a promise of all the Food she could eat.
  • Tao's temple is always empty, and prayers come in short supply, which still counts as power for her... because those who pray for Tao don't last long before moving on to something else. Tao herself spends a lot of time playing around with Litchi and other similarly-figured goddesses.
  • Tao is noted to be truly an idiot in the same vein of Cirno (or worse), to the point that she is Too Dumb to Fool. Luckily for her, this means that she is capable of tanking the trolling of the Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger. Also because of that, she is one of the few who can tank Johan Liebert's legendary Mind Rape skills, which are said to be irreversible unless Herr Doktor Tenma intervenes or having what's an overdose's worth of Heroic Resolve.
  • Once fought Felicia in a match and won. Felicia took her loss kindly.
  • She's friendly, adorable and a fan-favorite. She also has a laundry list of nicknames for every God in the Pantheon there is.
  • As dumb as she is, she doesn't like Homura Akemi, mostly due to having the same voice.
    • Due to that, she's also close to Aoi Asahina, and occasionally spends time with her in the House of Food.
  • One day when she was visiting the house of Food, she found Black Squiggly (Arakune) trying to eat Kero and Tiger because he mistook them for kaka kittens. Luckily for the two, Tao managed to chase him off. She found him again later trying to eat Ika Musume and managed to chase him off again. Needless to say, after that incident he was banned from the house of food for his actions. To this day Tao is still trying to find him and bring him for Boobie Lady. On the other hand, the House of Food was very grateful and granted her an all-you-can-eat course for the day.
  • Taokaka eventually learned that Black Squiggly was gone, though Boobie Lady seemed content about it. She also was being told about what really happened to Good Guy after being absent for long... only for her to fall asleep in a few seconds all while mumbling "Well, Good Guy will always be Good Guy..."

Tenzin, God of Desiring Approval From His Father (Councilman, Master Tenzin, Implied Kataang)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Airbending Tattoos
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Son of Aang and Katara, Airbending Master, father of four children, mentor to Korra, youngest of his siblings and the most responsible, Youngest Child Wins, unlike his father in personality but is his favorite, Parents as People, Martial Pacifist, The Stoic (for the most part), feeling the burdens of reasonability, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: Approval, Air, Family
  • Heralds: Pema (his wife), Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, & Rohan (his children), Bumi II & Kya II (his brother and sister).
  • Allies: Aang, Katara, Korra, Lin Beifong, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Appa, Momo, Naga, and Pabu Hector & Lilina, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, Azula, Al'Akir, Gendo Ikari
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari
  • Tenzin was the youngest son of Avatar Aang and the only one to be born with airbending. Because he was part of Aang's legacy as one of the few Airbenders remaining in the world (up until Harmonic Convergence), he had the need of living up to his expectation, even when he has been dead for many years. Though, while venturing through the Fog of Lost Souls in order to save his eldest daughter, Jinora (and his siblings Bumi and Kya), a vision of his father taught him that he must live as himself and got over this insecurity.
  • He was extremely sentimental of reuniting with his father again, considering that he only saw a vision of him once. However, the family reunion gets really awkward when it is obvious that Aang and his mother Katara are clearly at their youths in the Hundred Year War, so it was a bit embarrassing for Tenzin. Also, he reunite with Uncle Sokka who he hasn't talk about him a lot.
    • Aang was very proud of Tenzin as a son, an Airbending Master, and a mentor to his reincarnation, Korra. The fact that he has a family with four airbending children, as well as being the leader of the new nation of airbenders, he was very satisfied to see that his heritage live strong in the future. Such inspiring words made Tenzin feel proud of his accomplishments as his son and leader.
    • When Appa appeared in the Pantheon so that he could be with his friend and companion, Tenzin was seen hugging Appa like a small child. Tenzin only claimed that he is glad that his father's companion is here.
  • He was glad to reunite with Korra as well and was very proud to see Korra to do things on her own.
  • Tenzin may have preach for peace as shown in Air Nomad traditions, he will certain fight, especially if his family is threatened as seen with his fight against Amon and Zaheer who threatened his Airbending family.
  • As with the case of Zaheer, he truly despise those that would desecrate his sacred tradition of airbending. He wouldn't even concede to Al'Akir the Windlord, viewing him as a perversion as he tried to bring forth the Old Gods and cause the end of the world.
  • He doesn't want to bring up his failed relationship with Lin, as it was clear that it wasn't able to work as Lin wasn't interested in having a large family. He has moved on as he is married and has four children, but he gets annoyed whenever people bring it up.
  • He often is seen with the House of Leadership as he was a former councilman of the United Republic, an Airbending master, and the leader of the newly founded Air Nation.
  • With several deities having the power to control the winds, he hoped that some of them may join as members of the Air Nation. His persuasion to volunteers is... not very convincing.
  • He was once a High Priest to both Hector and Lilina as he is completely different from his father Aang. He is very friendly with Hector in terms of his relationship with his daughter, in which he sees it like his own relationship with Jinora.
  • Tenzin normally doesn't enjoy sports, notably in comparison to pro-bending. He only bends his contempt when he found that pro-bending has a positive effect on Korra's airbending training. Although he is not sure if he would allow her to play Blitzball as it has nothing to do with any training and he is concerned that she might "cheat" with her waterbending. Not that it stop him from cheering her enthusiastically in her performance, as much as he doesn't want to admit it.
  • He pities Shinji Ikari as he wanted to please his father despite all of the emotional abuse he inflicted on him. He tries to console the boy that sometimes the need of living to one's expectation can go too far and letting it go could lead to growth, especially if it was an abusive father like him.
  • He earned the respect of Obi-Wan and Yoda because of his mentorship and mastery and the fact that he, his children, and many non-benders who became airbender after Harmonic Convergence were among the new generation of airbenders after a massive genocide in the Hundred Year War, comparing them to how the Jedi have endured many bouts of genocide and rebirth through history.
  • Though a good man, he could be very prideful about denying his ineptitude in certain situations, like his inability to freely enter the Spirit World in contrast to Jinora.
  • Can also be found in the House of Familial Perspective.

Lesser Gods

    The Ancestor 
"You will arrive along the old road. It winds with a troubling, serpent-like suggestion through the corrupted countryside. Leading only, I fear, to ever more tenebrous places. There is a sickness in the ancient pitted cobbles of the old road and on its writhing path you will face viciousness, violence, and perhaps other damnably transcendent terrors..."

The Ancestor, The God Who's Blind To The Genre (Ambrosius)
His present self
In his younger years

Cirno, Goddess of Boisterous Weaklings (Fairy of the Ice, The Strongest, Baka, Nine-ball, BB)
Tanned Cirno 
  • Lesser Goddess (can reach Intermediate Goddess levels depending on her determination)
  • Theme Song: Beloved Tomboyish Girl
  • Symbol: A childish drawing of herself or the symbol ⑨
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ice Fairy, Ironically Hot-Blooded, Ice-Like Wings, Coming Back Alive As Long As She's Bothered, The Strongest Fairy (Which Doesn't Mean That Much), Boisterous Weakling, The Ditz, Has Difficulty Remembering Even Yesterday, Has Had Her Moments To Shine, Not Being As Weak As She Appears, Fragile Speedster, Weak, but Skilled, Can Freeze Her Opponent's Bullets And Use Them As Shields
  • Domains: Ice, Fairies, Dumbness, Strength
  • Heralds: Daiyousei, Lily White, The Three Fairies of Light (Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire), Eternity Larva, Clownpiece
  • Allies: Cosmo and Wanda, Oberon, Titania and Puck, Tinkerbell, Jack Frost (ROTG), the Groke, Elsa, The Mob
  • Enemies: Okina Matara, Zamtrios, Sho Minamimoto, Baldi, Ghiaccio, Zote the Mighty, Dan Hibiki, Don Quixote, the Thraddash
  • Opposed by: Suwako Moriya, All frog-related deities (includes Greninja, Hypnotoad, Tsuyu Asui, Tiana and Naveen, Frog, Toad, Kermit, the Plantars, and Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu)
  • Rivals: Mr. Satan, Johnny Bravo, Scrappy Doo
  • Unknown Rival to: Airy, Jorgen von Strangle
  • Annoys: Jin Kisaragi
  • Confuses: Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero
  • Commonality Connection with: Fujiwara no Mokou
  • Gensokyo is home to many different kinds of mystical creatures, from the fearsome youkai to powerful gods and spooky ghosts. Among them are fairies, weak magical humanoids that embody certain aspects of nature. Their lives are fleeting, but their ability to instantly resurrect themselves means that death is a complete non-issue for them. One such fairy lives at the Misty Lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Her name is Cirno, and boy is she arrogant. She loves to boast about how she's the strongest and challenges others to fights often. Given how fairies are even lower than humans in the Gensokyo pecking order, this usually means a quick, humiliating defeat for her whenever she fights most others that aren't her fellow fairies. Not that it'll slow her down anytime soon; fairies don't have the best memory span anyways.
  • The Pantheon, like planet Earth, has plenty of lakes around, with fish and frogs being some of the animals ones might find dwelling in the waters. One such lake, close to the House of Personality has a plentiful amount of amphibians who made their home there. One day at noon, some deities noticed that the lake has gotten strangely chilly, with mist obscuring their vision. Not only that, but some of the frogs appeared to have been frozen recently! Just what is happening here? They got their answer soon enough when someone spotted a girl with icicles for wings encasing a frog with her ice powers. Having somehow stumbled into the Pantheon, Cirno has made new residence in a place similar to the Misty Lake and was obliviously given the title of Boisterous Weaklings. Of course, when she did find out, she just bragged how she'll prove that she isn't a weakling soon enough.
  • Cirno, being an ice fairy, has powers all related to the cold. She can make her surroundings colder, freeze water and other living beings, and create objects out of ice like icicles, ice cubes, and even weaponry perfect for fights. Obviously, with there being a Hall called Ice and Cold, it was only a matter of time until she made a visit to the place. There, she made quick friends with Jack Frost, who finds her fun to be around and doesn't mind her offers to duel, thus they like blasting each other with their ice powers in the sky. More surprisingly, she had no fear in approaching the Groke, whose ice powers don't faze the ice fairy in the slightest. The Groke, on her behalf, feels happy that she has made a new friend. Outside of the Hall, she has become yet another irritation in the eyes of Jin Kisaragi, who absolutely cannot stand her presence whatsoever. Any time she tries to challenge him to battle, he just tries to slice her with Yukianesa to either kill or at least shoo her away. She also became another things that angers the easily agitated Ghiaccio, upon which clashes become common between them as they both scream loudly over the now frozen battlefield. Contrary to the previous two; she gets along well with Elsa enough that they sometimes build snowmen together. Plus, Elsa is no stranger to magical beings, so she can deal with Cirno easily. As for Kuai Liang aka Sub-Zero, he's just very confused on what to do with the ice fairy. Both Zamtrios living in the Pantheon find themselves harassed by the ice fairy, to which they tend to defeat her with ease... moreso with the regular Zamtrios variation who already has domain over ice. The Tigerstripe variation lacks that sort of defensive advantage, so her attacks hurt more and she actually won against it a few times.
  • Speaking of fairies, the Pantheon has no shortage of fairies living in it, with there even being a whole Hall for fairies! So what does Cirno does with this knowledge? Well, prove that she's the top dog fairy around here, obviously! So she made a grand declaration in the middle of the Hall that she will wage a great second fairy war to show that she's the strongest around. Reception was... disappointing. Most didn't really care and went about their regular business, and some merely just laughed at her comedy routine. However, a few fairies decided to "amuse" her. One Jorgen von Strangle was thought by Cirno to be an easy foe, only for her to be sorely mistaken as she was used as his punching bag, leaving her knocked out on the ground. Not out of motivation yet, she got up and challenged her next opponent, a smallish fairy named Airy. This will be an easy win-no wait, Airy just fried Cirno on the spot and left the scene. The second fairy war ended as soon as it began, with Cirno thoroughly humiliated. She won't be deterred by this loss, as she now vows revenge on the two and aims to defeat them one day... not that they care at all about that.
    • After everything's said and done, Cirno decided to seek out the other fairies and see what they're like. For starters, Puck invited her to the woods of his king and queen, to of which she quickly obliged to. Oberon and Titania find the ice fairy to be charming entertainment and after a night of what the fair folk call "fun", they accepted her as one of them. Cirno, on her part, had a really fun time with the other fairies. Cirno once tried to take Tinker Bell's title as the Goddess of Fairies and teamed up with Captain Hook to steal it. Their alliance did not last long, as the pirate betrayed her and she, with the help of Tink and her friends, got her revenge just as quickly. They since then became good friends, though Cirno's still a bit miffed over their difference of titles. Outside of the Hall, She gets along with Cosmo and Wanda and has a blast with the many crazy happenings that Timmy Turner's wishes bring. Meanwhile, a certain Mr. Crocker felt antsier than usual when they hang out. Could those fairy god parents made another fairy friend? Rrrgh! Another fairy to discover, it seems...
  • One of Cirno's favorite things to do is freeze frogs and watch them slooooowly thaw. Sometimes they die, but that's no biggie- there's plenty of other frogs out there. She usually keeps to her own pond, but she isn't above flying around and freezing frogs somewhere else. Not even deities are spared from this treatment, as amphibians like Greninja, the Hypnotoad, Frog, Toad, and the Plantars can attest to being attacked by the ice fairy. Even those like Tsuyu Asui, Tiana and Naveen have been accosted by her on some occasions! Such a thing always inflames the ire of Suwako Moriya, lover and protector of all frogs, and thus whenever she catches Cirno in the act, she's quick to fire back with some extra special danmaku. Also, every time she tries to freeze the Plantars, she gets chased away by a very angry Anne, Sasha and Marcy.
  • If there's anything Cirno loves more than freezing frogs, it's her ego. A day cannot pass without her bragging that she's the strongest around and trying to fight others to prove her might. But like Gensokyo, the Pantheon is filled with many beings stronger than her, and their responses to her challenge declarations are to either laugh at her, make her shut up somehow or just flat out ignoring her. Cirno could only grumble in frustration; who is gonna fight her? Then, as if by a divine miracle, four challengers emerged to challenge her to a fight: renowned knight Zote the Mighty, the dashing and heroic Don Quixote, world champion Mr. Satan and expert Saikyo-ryu fighter Dan Hibiki. Yes, she thought, this fight will be legendary! Only... it wasn't. She easily dispatched three of the combatants easily, with Zote, Quixote and Dan quickly becoming popsicles. Zote in particular is extra pathetic for he couldn't even scratch her with his special Life Ender move. However, Mr. Satan proved to be the most challenging opponent of them all, with him dodging her moves and even nailing some blows on her before she became the ultimate victor of the match. To this day, Cirno still tangles against Mr. Satan on occasion while the other three continue to plot their revenge and show that they're the cooler ones. If you asked anyone about the fight, they would call it "absurdly lame" for the most part.
  • Don't get us wrong; Cirno isn't a complete weakling. She's actually one of the stronger fairies around and can handle herself in a fight pretty well. It's just that she has a bad habit of challenging others who are way stronger than she is, resulting in her getting absolutely curb-stomped and humiliated. Similarly, Johnny Bravo has a habit of bragging about how cool he is only to get beaten up by others less muscular than him, and it's usually the women he's trying to woo that deliver the beatdowns on his doorstep. Cirno's actually getting ideas on becoming more muscular to make herself look more impressive from him, while Johnny sees her not as another babe but a rival (hey, she looks too young for his tastes, he has standards). Scrappy-Doo, as confrontational as usual, tried picking a fight wit her with his usual "Lemme at 'em!" attitude. This got him frozen for his troubles, with Cirno seeing him as dumb for challenging her, unaware of the irony. Hearing of the Thraddash's Might Makes Right philosophy and believe that those who destroy them utterly are their superiors, she now has a goal to defeat them utterly so she can lord over them and make them her servants and fans... when she beats them, that is. She still isn't successful yet in that regard, but she's not gonna stop trying just yet!
    • Since the Pantheon has plenty of people known for their unparalleled strength, Cirno can't resist the temptation to find and challenge them to a battle to prove that she's the only one deserving of being called the strongest. First, she challenged no other than Son Goku himself, who accepted her offer. After all, he loves nothing more than a good fight! He was pretty disappointed when he defeated her pretty quickly, but he has hopes that with enough training, she too can become super strong. Her battle with Vergil turned out pretty badly for her; no matter how much motivation she had, she couldn't match him in power. Vergil just finds her to be a complete waste of his time. Hearing of the so-called "greatest warrior in the galaxy", she braced herself for battle as Galacta Knight burst from his crystal prison only to get destroyed in a single slice of his lance. She pestered Saitama for a fight, but to her confusion he just ignored her entirely and continued to do his daily routine and barely even noticed when she gave up and flew away. Similarly, Gebura, formerly Kali the Red Mist, also rejected Cirno's repeated declarations of battle. She has no interest in amusing the fairy, much to her frustration. She really wanted to see if a Color really did live up to the hype...
  • An inherit part of being a fairy in Gensokyo is that death is not permanent for them. Being embodiments of nature, they will only die should the aspect of nature that birthed them is lost. Otherwise, they will resurrect immediately and go about their business. Their near inability to die and general lack of intelligence means that the pranks they play on humans can have fatal results simply because they don't realize humans can't come back from the dead so easily. Such a death-to-instant-revival is surprisingly quite similar to the immortality that one achieves by drinking the Hourai Elixir as one Fujiwara no Mokou can attest to, having died many times in fights before. She's unsure if the elixir has anything to do with fairies, but that's likely a mystery that will never be solved. Plus, Cirno's not one to easily remember much in such a long life, so she's still kinda stuck sparring with Kaguya for the time being. Also, her poor memory makes it a bit frustrating to other deities as she'll never learn from her mistakes ever. Surprisingly, the Mob has taken a shine to her for "defeating the dreaded PC", whatever that means. Perhaps her immortality allowed that? Anyway, she soaked up the praise like there's no tomorrow, even if she didn't remember that happening at all.
    • This fact of Cirno's makes her meeting with Eiki Shiki during the incident of Gensokyo's abnormal spring much, much more interesting in that case. As it turned out, Cirno's immortality lasts as long as her season & territory does, and her reckless lifestyle is going to eventually run it dry, and will actually cause Cirno to really and truly have the chance to die; even worse, usually Eiki knows how someone will be judged when they died, but in Cirno's case...she doesn't. This freaked her out, and caused her to stand her ground against the judge to prove her worth as the strongest, leading into a danmaku fight. Though Cirno eventually won, the revelation shook her enough to the point where she became despondent for a while until Aya Shameimaru was able to inadvertently lift her spirits, and so Cirno resumed her usual self since.
  • She likes to run a math class when she is bored and quizzes other deities on their math skills. Contrary to what others may expect, she isn't a complete doofus when it comes to mathematics, as she knows how to count and has knowledge of rounding and fractions. What is evident is that she has a bizarre sense of mathematics; when she isn't getting simple expressions completely wrong, she makes ludicrous proofs on theories and other high-end equations. And that's not getting into her awarding marks to "students" who get their answers wrong and vice versa! Such things raise the ire of Mad Mathematician Sho Minamimoto, who sees her as disrespecting her area of obsession and Baldi, who flies into a murderous rage every time anyone gets a single math equation wrong. Thus, such "classes" usually end with one of the two trying to throttle the ice fairy while she yells about how she's not an idiot.
  • Whenever a festival pops by, you might see Cirno at her own food stall selling some shaved ice. Sometimes it's with a reasonable flavor like sweet bean, but other times she gets weird and sells water-flavored shaved ice. She's always confused on why no one's buying her super creative and genius ideas. Speaking of her wild adventures in selling stuff, she once made a commercial on powder milk. The health benefits it gives are... debateable and no one really bought it, but the music in the commercial was admittably really catchy to those who watched it.
  • During one strange summer, the seasons started getting weird, with all four of them happening all around Gensokyo. In particular, the fairies were bequeathed a new power, making them go berserk. Cirno was no exception, and not only did this make her ego even bigger than it normally is, it even gave her a tan somehow. As it turns out, the incident was caused by none other than Okina Matara, one of the sages of Gensokyo. Her new tan was revealed to be a consequence of her supercharged rampage, and that it will destroy her if she stays in that state for too long. With the right circumstances, she, a mere fairy, managed to defeat a sage of Gensokyo, quite a shocking and unexpected feat. Some time later, she lost her tan and her summer-related powers, reverting her to her normal state. Cirno wasn't so fortunate on their next battle, ensuring that the two would remain enemies for a long while. Still, the fact she could beat such a powerful being once is an achievement in of itself. Perhaps this is a lesson to be learned; even if your opponent is obviously weaker than you, that doesn't mean that it's impossible for you to lose against them.
  • Bringing up the subject of SCP-6959 with Cirno is not recommended. On the one hand, this would make Cirno believe that she has existed since the dawn of time, making her ego be even more overblown. On the other hand, her trying to comprehend the idea of a doll of her made out of strange material could also just fry her brain with ideas. The Foundation itself would be ready to contain her to find a definite answer what the deal with the Fumo doll is, but they also realize that maybe trying to solve it would be a waste of time and resources.
  • Oh, and one last thing; she's referred to by some as "nine-ball", apparently originating from an instruction manual or something. On that note, she is in no way related to that other Nine-Ball, who is absolutely not an idiot and certainly not an easy foe to beat. Confuse them at your own peril.

Skrain G. Dukat, God of Desiring Praise For Decency (Gul Dukat, Emissary of the Pah-Wraiths, Anjohl Tennan)

Klug, God of Self-Hindering Geniuses (Glasses, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes)
Possessed Klug 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His book and glasses
  • Theme Music: I’m the Greatest, Ever!; Nebula Step; Surge of Crimson Shouts! as Possessed Klug
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Insufferable Genius, The Friend Nobody Likes, Butt-Monkey, Purple Is Powerful, Name Being German for “Smart”
  • Domains: Intelligence, Possession
  • Rivals: Oliver (one-sided), Hermione Granger, Dexter
  • Admires: Lemres
  • Foil to: Leo of Nohr, Draco Malfoy
  • Targeted by: Killer BOB
  • Klug is the resident nerd of Primp Town and doesn’t have much, if any, friends as a result of being arrogant and weird. He is quite fond of the dark arts and carries around a book that contains a sealed demon looking to get its original body back. During an attempt to gain more power, he accidentally unleashed the demon and got possessed by it, requiring the help of his “friends” to get it out of him. Despite that incident, the fact that he’s still carrying that book around and the likely risk of him getting possessed by it again (and possibly not having another way to get it extracted from himself), makes it clear that Klug is prone to getting to a lot of mistakes that are both major and mundane, likely as a result of him thinking highly of his own intellect.
  • Hoping to boost his self-proclaimed reputation as Primp Town’s genius, Klug took advantage of a supposed rumor of a magical artifact that would grant the wishes of someone, different from a medal that Klug and several others competed for. If that 16-page magazine spread wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, then that artifact would be the closest there is to getting Klug his “deserved” success story. It proved to be a wild misadventure for Klug, especially since he almost turned into Possessed Klug again while looking for the item, but he was able to find that item, which had strange writing all over it. Klug wished to be one of the most successful people in the world and the artifact started acting strangely and he learned too late that the item would send people to other worlds not unlike the various Puyo matches he took part in. Once the artifact stopped acting up, Klug found himself in a world far removed from Primp Town, known only as the Pantheon, and with how much bigger the Pantheon is, Klug felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to show the place how smart he is, regardless of how things turn out for him.
  • One of the first things that Klug learned after ending up in the Pantheon was that there was a much more diverse selection of magic than what he was used to back in Primp Town. This also meant that there would be a greater selection of practitioners of dark arts, a magic that he has an affinity towards. While it meant that Klug would show plenty of interest in deities who know the dark arts, it still hasn’t done anything to affect his consistent admiration towards Lemres and desire to be just as well-liked as he is.
  • Even if Klug was one of the smartest students of his magic school, he learned the hard way that it didn’t mean that he was one of the best student mages overall. He found out about Hogwarts, a magic school that has had its own collection of skilled students and adventures which were decidedly more high-stakes than what Primp Town had gone through. Not long after, Klug came across a student from Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy and asked him about his skills in magic. The conversation proved to be frustrating for Draco as to him, talking to Klug was like talking to his past self. Draco ended up beating Klug in a magic duel and after learning about what Possessed Klug was, he came to see Klug as not only what could happen if Draco never changed himself for the better, but also what he’d be like if he never learned from his mistakes and valued his skills above everything else.
  • Oliver heard about another magic user that uses a book as a primary means of using their spells and was hoping that the user in question could be another useful ally. From a glance, Klug looked smart enough, though Oliver noticed how arrogant the former acted and was told that he’d have to prove his worth to Klug. While Klug wasn’t bad with his magic, Oliver had plenty at his disposal, with the ensuing friendly match ending in a bit of a stalemate. Leo of Nohr, of whom Oliver had befriended and is learning magic from, learned of Klug’s spell book and the sealed entity just as the duel between Klug and Oliver was going on and made it just as it ended hoping that Oliver was alright. Oliver turned out to be OK, though Leo was quick to pick up on Klug’s smug attitude and admitted that while Klug and Leo were similar in attitude and using a book for magic spells, Klug was too overconfident in his abilities and that led to problems. While Oliver doesn’t hold anything against Klug, he felt that Leo was better in terms of magic book users, something that infuriated Klug. Klug has developed a bitter resentment towards both Oliver and Leo, moreso in regards to the latter.
  • Zeref was another deity who specialized in magic books that Klug was curious about. That curiosity turned into a mix of awe and terror after learning that the Books of Zeref existed in multiple copies and was capable of magic far greater than what Klug was used to, to say nothing of how much damage Zeref caused as a villain. While Zeref has apparently moved on from it, Klug isn’t taking any chances on a meeting with Zeref and many don’t want to imagine what could happen if Possessed Klug somehow got his hands on one of the Books of Zeref.
  • Besides the books owned by the other mages, Klug learned about a multitude of other books with unique supernatural properties that can do much more than cast a spell. Maxwell’s notebook that is able to summon up nearly everything that’s written on it was something that Klug was jealous of, along with Maxwell being able to control what he summons well for the most part. The Death Note ended up being something that unnerved Klug after learning how it is able to kill someone just by writing their name on it, not to mention that the demon sealed in Klug’s book acted up a bit before calming down while Klug was going through a museum of notable books that had the Death Note as an exhibit. Klug would like to have a great success story, but he isn’t willing to resort to very dark measures to achieve it.
  • Klug being selfish about his genius resulted in him encountering other deities who had a similar mindset, regardless of whether they’ve been involved with magic or not. He’s gotten in plenty of arguments against Hermione Granger over who’s a better spellcaster and she very much saw Klug as not only like Draco Malfoy in terms of attitude and magical aptitude, but also someone who can put others in danger with what he has. While Klug only saw a glimpse of science thanks to some Puyo matches with Risukuma prior, he did get a better look at them in the Pantheon after coming across Dexter’s lab. The visit was going well (and Dexter did find some of Klug’s magic interesting) until Klug questioned one of Dexter’s inventions, resulting in a battle between science and magic among the two. Klug was eventually forced out of Dexter’s lab, but it hasn’t stopped subsequent arguments between them from popping up over which of their respective skills are better.
  • Even if Klug is someone who hasn’t owned up to his mistakes related to it, the biggest concern most others have about him is that the demon sealed inside his book can possess him under the right conditions and make his mean-spirited personality worse. Killer BOB, who has taken over the bodies of other Pantheonic deities, thought it would be fun to possess someone like Klug, especially after he heard about how Klug changes if the sealed demon took over. As Klug was going over how to refine his magic, he suddenly turned into Possessed Klug and lost control of his body, though things felt different compared to a typical instance of such. Sig and Lemres found out about Possessed Klug coming back and by the time they reached him, he managed to lay waste to an entire shopping district. The two noticed that Possessed Klug wasn’t this destructive and used some potent magic to defeat Possessed Klug and return him back to normal. Lemres noticed something escaping Klug and surmised that it was some malignant entity that can brainwash people into acting on their worst desires. Despite Klug thinking that the sealed entity was acting up and caused the rampage once opened up, he was told to stay vigilant since something like that could happen again. He acknowledged the warning, but that didn’t really prevent similar incidents from occurring, be it from Killer BOB, Klug’s own overconfidence, or something else entirely.

    Robbie Rotten 
Robbie Rotten, God of Laborious Laziness (Glanni Glæpur, Miss Roberta, Master of Disguise, Number One)

    Rubeus Hagrid 
Rubeus Hagrid, God of Naive Animal Lovers
(Hagrid, Hagger, Hargrid)


    Barney Gumble 
Bernard Arnold Gumble, The Alcoholic God (The Plow King)

    Dee Dee 
Dee Dee, Goddess of Button Temptation (Princess Dee Dee, Stupid Sister, Blockhead, Golden Haired Angel, Pink Pussy Willow, Racer D, Diva Dynamite, Deestructa, Old Gal Dee Dee)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Her blonde ponytail
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dumb Blonde, Annoying Laugh, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Pink Means Feminine, The Energetic Girl, The Foolish Sibling, The Ditz, Idiot Houdini, Kiddie Kid, Innocent Blue Eyes, Motor Mouth, Knight Templar Big Sister, Motor Mouth, Sweet Tooth, No Indoor Voice, Responder of "Dee Dee, get out of my laboratory!"
  • Domains: Button, Blonde
  • Allies: The ponies deities especially Pinkie Pie, Ahiru, Bubbles, Taokaka, George, Pearl, Discord, Steven Universe
  • Enemies: The House of Technology, Ryouna, people that harm her brother
  • Family: Dexter
  • Unrequited love of: Mandark
  • As a sister of fellow deity Dexter, she was excited to see her little brother in the Pantheon. Dexter is rather annoyed about it since she always tamper with his stuff and always enter his laboratory without permission. Despite this, he shows some care for her sometimes.
  • She is immediately banned from entering the House of Technology due to constantly wanting to touch various buttons which can cause very catastrophic damage. Not that it stops her from doing it anyways and somehow get inside even with tight security.
    Dee Dee: "Ohh... what does this button do?" (press button, calamity ensues)
  • She love ponies, as most little girls do. She basically hugged every single pony deities in the Pantheon, even one big hug for Pinkie Pie, since she's pink. There was also that one time when she asked Dexter to turn her into a pony so that she could be a Pony Puff Princess.
    • Though she admits that it is a bit surprising that the ponies went through many adventures and trials that are unlike those of the Pony Puffs. Except the one time when the Pony Puffs tried to kill her when she was dressed in a soldier uniform after swapping clues by mistake and they hate boy stuff.
  • As a ballerina, she is dance with other ballerinas like Pearl and Ahiru, though she likes to be the star of the ballerina as seen with her rival Lalavava when she was trying to overshadow her, at first when the two learn that they have a brother who loves science and are also rivals, so the rival didn't last long.
    • She is disturbed about Ryouna in which despite being dressing like a ballerina (she's a ninja), she gets turn on by pain and loves to show off her large breasts to everyone, which sickens Dee Dee.
  • Deep within her room lies to dreaded cooties, originated from Dee Dee's girliness. Though it has no effects on adult males, those of children are weary of being near her as Dexter was forced to enter her room to retrieve his bread knife.
  • Dee Dee once learned a dance move on TV and decided to show it to Dexter, in which he was actually impressed. It took years for her to find out that it was Discord who taught her those moves.
  • In her mind, she created an imaginary friend called "Koosalagoopagoop"who likes to have fun and joke around, but doesn't know when to stop joking around, inciting the annoyance of Dexter. She would see her old friend at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.

    Father Elijah 
Father Elijah, God of Obsessive Control (Elder Elijah, Elijah)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An Explosive Leash beeping rapidly. Alternatively his Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon, Advanced LAER, and Holorifle side by side.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Lawful Evil goals
  • Portfolio: Believing human nature is... unreliable, Utterly despicable, Very Pragmatic & Determined, Excellent in planning but terrible as a military tactician, Evil Cripple, Misanthrope Supreme, Gadgeteer Genius, Faux Affably Evil, Greed, Caring about Veronica, his protégée, The Sociopath, Bad Boss, Karmic Death, Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  • Domains: Control Freaks, Technology, Advancement, Mavericks, Greed, Hypocrisy
  • Aloof Allies to:
  • Source of Interest for: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies: The Courier, Arthur Maxson, The Sole Survivor, Liberty Prime, the Enclave, Dogmeats, the House of Technology, The Think Tank, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos especially GUAC The Lab, the Reformed GUAL, The Ghost Kamen Riders, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the Investigation Team, S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives, ADVENT, the Grineer, the Eliksni, the Corpus, Apollyon, Felix, Nuka-World Raiders, the Tenno, the Guardians, Sombra, SCP-2578-D, Night Raid, Akame, victims of genocide and enslavement
  • Feared by: Nunnally Lamperouge.
  • For a while, there has been nothing but trouble stirring in the Houses. There were reports of a string of thefts on various gods' Houses, particularly their technology. Many organizations were struck ranging from the merchant cult Corpus, the tyrannical Enclave, to even the alien occupants the ADVENT Coalition. Always, security was broken through flawlessly. When footage of the thief surfaced the House of Justice slowed it down to reveal a man in Brotherhood Scribe robes. While the House questioned Arthur Maxson regarding his men, the Enclave preparing their attack on Prydwyn, and the Courier speculations on who it is, reports of the House of Technology blasted through the news. The scribe's identity would have to wait for now.
    • A wave of Infested had hit the House of Technology. The cleaners who were supposed to control the Technocyte seedbeds were found dead and thus were unable to stop them from spreading. In addition, large crates full of Infested tissue were also found on the scene, which were planted there to help accelerate the spread. Thankfully, members from the GUAG responded to the attack quickly and thus damage wasn't as severe as when the Infested first ascended. While the denizens scouted the damage, amidst the chaos certain deities passing by or otherwise went missing.
      • When the deities awoke from their slumber they found themselves greeted bythe voice of an old man who explained to them their current situation. They are going to help him infiltrate the Pantheon's Vault of Treasures alongside a few robots he brought along for added manpower. Refuse, and he'll torture them all until they comply, unable to kill them due to the fact that Death Is Cheap around here, and he can't have them ratting him out.
      Father Elijah: "Are you listening? Good. From now on, when I talk, listen - and follow my instructions."
      • So they follow through with his plans, every instruction verbatim, and it started out smoothly until the Courier intercepted some of the collared deities. When they tried to tell them of their situation, the collars were set off and the old man made a break for it. While the authorities continued the manhunt... until he took refuge in the Tyrannical side of the GUAL, who quickly vouched for his ascension. It turned out Elijah surfaced around the time the Sierra Madre was made a Dominion as it was the place where he died at. Though confused, he decided to lay low and study his surroundings, building up a stockpile of stolen technology from various factions here. The Court of Gods then asked him to tell his story, to gauge what he should ascend for.
  • When the Brotherhood of Steel was formed, it was in their mission to preserve any technology left After the End and thus preserve what was left of civilization. Though some chapters variably deviate from what Elder Roger Maxson had planned, the "storing technology" part remained consistent. Such an ideal wasn't enough for a scribe named Elijah, who would eventually rise up the ranks and become Elder of the West Coast Brotherhood and go through with his beliefs on how the Brotherhood should act. When it came to technology, he believed was necessary to also improve upon it even if they delve into unethical territories. When travelling East in a losing war with the New California Republic, his chapter arrived at HELIOS ONE and constantly insisted that they stay there despite everyone's protests and how terrible a strategic move it actually is. He didn't listen, only expecting those below him to follow through on what he expected like machines. Even as the NCR flood them 15 to 1, he still said he needed time to activate ARCHIMEDES I and refused. He never did manage to do so, and was forced to abandon both his chapter and HELIOS ONE, gone without a trace. But certainly not dead.
    • His wandering in the wastes eventually lead him to Big MT, the home of the Think Tank, "a scientific graveyard of Old World misery". He soon met a courier with an old world flag on his back who told him of a place known as the Sierra Madre Casino, with the intent to send him to "a special kind of hell". Elijah started preparing to go into the gas-filled hellhole when he realized both the Think Tank's forces and Brotherhood assassins were out to get him. But despite the odds, he manage to evade them both and escape through hacking Dr. 8's voice module to activate the train system and go right through.
      • Elijah marveled at all the technology in the Sierra Madre, tech that he could use to take over the Mojave Wasteland by killing off a great portion of the populace and how he could enslave the survivors to be under his rule. Given that it's filled with a corrosive and toxic gas, the former occupants turned Ghost People, murderous and invulnerable holograms, and plain old hard-to-crack security, he couldn't do this alone. So he resorted to luring people into the godforsaken place, promises of gold and riches, serving as Cannon Fodder who all too often ended up turning on each other, his chances of success and escape being thrown away again and again and again. It was only until he met the Courier that he get very close in cracking open the Vault as they had followed through exactly how he had planned it, but he would only be met with his end. With that said, Elijah has more than earned his place as the God of Obsessive Control.
    Father Elijah: "I'll kill them until it's only me, me alone... in a quiet world. In a world that's nothing like what happened at HELIOS One."
  • One of his first acts as a deity was to construct a much more elaborate base of operations in the House he stays that, although he wasn't so willing to let the others scattered in the Pantheon go to waste either, nor his stolen tech as he still keeps it all for further improvements. He also decided to take his gear back, including a copy of the Holorifle he gave to the Courier. To ensure that even if he somehow gets removed of his titles, he had his High Priest be Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of Order to screw over the rest of the Pantheon. It didn't seem to occur to him that Jyggalag was last seen escaping to Oblivion to rebuild his power, meaning he wouldn't be that big of a threat to the Pantheon as he thought. Not that it matters to Hermaeus Mora, given he and the rest of the Daedric Princes specifically depowered him to stop being a problem. For now he sticks to obscurity in the Pantheon, bidding his time. He's sure to make use of Elijah in the future.
  • Absolutely despises the Courier for killing him after he got so close to creating the quiet world he wanted. There was some debate how he met his end at their hands. It was either he went down fighting or was locked in the vault to die a slow asphyxiating death, the Vault never letting go. Given with his comments on the Courier, some lean on the conclusion it was the latter. A trip to the House of Prophecy gave him another outcome where he could of ruled alongside the Courier as they've decided to help him thanks to their mutual hatred for the NCR (should they go down that route). That doesn't matter to him anymore, all he wants is to fulfill that Dying Curse he promised them back in the Sierra Madre.
    Father Elijah: "You. I know you can hear me. When you die, Courier... I'll be waiting. Your grave's going look just like this vault. When you die... I'll be waiting here... at the Sierra Madre. Waiting."
    • The only person here who managed to be enough of a problem for him to hate them second only to the Courier would be Elder Arthur Maxson. To him, Elijah embodies the dangerous nature of unrestricted advancements of technology alongside ambition, more so since he was a former Brotherhood member that just turned against the dogma. Elijah only scoffed at Maxson's blind faith to the Brotherhood's ideals, and won't hesitate to erase him and his Chapter from the Pantheon when he gets the chance. Maxson proved to be a consistent threat to the former Brotherhood Elder's plans.
  • His biblical namesake was a prophet that had the ability to rain down wrath from heaven, much like how the former Elder wanted to do with HELIOS and ARCHIMEDES I. Of course, the Prophet Elijah was a Friend to All Living Things while the other is clearly not. One could also look at his tale alludes to Icarus, considering ARCHIMEDES I, the Security Holograms, and his Holorifle were all related to light. The fact that it's an Icarus Allusion hasn't gone unnoticed back in his universe hasn't gone unnoticed either, considering one of the people he's enslaved actually stated it.
  • On paper, letting Father Elijah join the GUAL was a straightforward decision. His opinions on free will and the lengths he's willing to go to creating a nation devoid of it is good enough of a reason to let him in. In practice...well, it's not as great. For one, he's very paranoid about some factor going to become his downfall which was made worse by the Courier tricking him. He isn't so accepting to the GUAL given the destruction of Purgatorium along with the reformers side taking over as much as he wants to believe otherwise with their help for his ascension. And for as much as he rants on and on how "human nature being against us" due to the many betrayals he witnessed in the Sierra Madre for Greed, he's not so saintly in that aspect either, and is just as guilty of materialism as those he's enslaved. Greed doesn't always refer to monetary wealth, after all. In short, things are much more shaky than what was initially planned. If he's working with the GUAL, it'd usuallby be with the Cybermen. Not too chatty, just the way he likes it, though he's aware they might turn him into their Cyberplanner.
    Father Elijah: "I have time, time to be careful...I'm not taking anymore chances, not after everything I've been through."
    • Though an Aloof Ally, this didn't stop many from becoming Elijah's enemies due to his affiliations. First came the Reformed GUAL, who were quick to jot down any and all information from their more tyrannical half. Next came the GUAC on principle of conflicting moralities, no real surprise there. Then there was the Ghost Kamen Riders, who oppose his negative views on free will. He's also enemies with the GUAM as despite his help he believes machines were designed to obey humanity as they are meant obey him. His "enslavement" of robots during the heist he tried to pull also hurt his image to them. Given that they deal with scumbags like Elijah often, the entirety of Night Raid plan on assassinating him, SCP-2578-D labeled him as a tyrant to be bombarded, and the Phantom Thieves have placed him on their radar to steal his heart when the time comes.
      • For the most part, Elijah has an equal amount of hatred against those who dare defy him. It's only those who meddle with things that he believes they aren't deserving of is what sets him off big time. It's why that the GUAC's Lab division and the Phantom Thieves make him very angry, claiming them as "children playing with a bomb". While he's working to steal any and all secrets the former has cracked, he's also "partnered" with Yaldabaoth on how to take back the Metaverse and further rectify any compliance issues in the future. After doing a bit of his own research on cognitive science, he boldly said this to the Phantom Thieves.
      Father Elijah: "Have you heard of a city of gold and ghosts, buried beneath a blood-red cloud? The legends, the curses, a bright shining monument that lures thieves like you to their doom. My palace... I believe I need to see you in HELIOS and the Sierra Madre to continue further. I, or rather my other self, await you... It will be your prison, ending with my hand around your necks."
  • Those who were present for the GUAL's Reformation and the instigated conflicts, sometimes compare him and Apollyon. While it would come off as completely out of the blue and at times nonsensical, picture this: Two aged Badass Normals wandering the world learning as much as they could to further their own agendas, not quite allies to the Alliances here, and very manipulative and ultimately getting what they wanted in the end. Apollyon instigated war between the Chosen, Warborn, and the Legion while ultimately proving her philosophy right even as she died though it's implied they all ended the war earlier than expected. Elijah, meanwhile, eventually got into the Sierra Madre Vault, something that took him years to do (although it ended up becoming his tomb). Contrasting that, Apollyon is a battle-hardened knight that, while has used modern technology to instigate war, is ultimately stuck in a sort of Medieval Stasis. Elijah meanwhile is just a Brotherhood Scribe, but is one that is no stranger to improving upon every technology he finds if only to establish a nation of order. Some await the day they cross paths to see who would win.
    • Turns out it didn't take long for them to get at each other's throats. During one of Elijah's attempts to re-break into the Sierra Madre, he captured some Nuka-World Raiders to use them as cannon-fodder for his schemes. At the same time, Felix along with his band of space pirates and other thugs were present to do the exact same thing. Apollyon got her troops to smuggle their respective weapons and fire upon the other side, not only tipping off the fact that there were other thieves here but they sure as hell weren't goingto share. Firefight ensues, and Elijah left the place gaining only more enemies, no further than other attempts.
  • Elijah makes frequent trips to the House of Health and Diseases due to various health issues in his time in the wastes. Nothing important to note, all he has to deal with is being a heavy drinker, a frequent smoker, his mentats addiction that causes migraines, osteoarthritis, and his old age... Even for someone devoid of morals like him, the fact he managed to do what he did is nothing short of impressive. If anyone else had the conditions he did, they wouldn't even of died that far away from HELIOS I.
  • Anyone who had to deal with Omnicidal Maniacs is sure to oppose Elijah. The Guaridans were quick to trash one of his bases first off, given they dealt with entire alien species that were this (one of which had it weaved into their philosophy). Even if he has a vendetta against the Eliksni for being scavengers, they aren't letting a maniac like him roam free especially with the tech he has and dread to think what he'd do with something like SIVA. The Shadow Operatives and the Investigation Team are also enemies with him, not helped by the fact that he tried to take control of Labrys with an Ascaris he stole from the Corpus. When he ended up calling forth Shadow Labrys and found out the Ascaris did little to help, he decided to cut his losses and activated the failsafe. Thankfully, the two groups managed to contact the Tenno who proceeded to help them find Elijah in order to retrieve the detonator.
    Father Elijah: "Should of implanted it on her sister instead. 'Creating a weapon that feels', hmph. Deserved what they had coming to them with 'innovations' like that."
  • Before he was revealed to the Pantheon, Sombra broke into one of the bases Elijah was staying at. Unexpectedly, Elijah managed to sense something was wrong and activate security before locking himself in one of the rooms but Sombra managed to hack his Pip-Boy before he entered and ended up locking him in. Getting a chance to meet this mysterious man, Sombra explained to Elijah that she'll keep his anonymity if he gives her information on some of the factions he stole from. Elijah complied, although he was quite pissed at her for not only making comply with her demands but also putting him in a similar situation the Courier did. Satisfied, Sombra teleported away and opened the doors... only to slam them shut in Elijah's face before opening them again. Now that he's revealed, neither have any reason to keep up the deal.
    Father Elijah: "Maybe that fool who designed the Gala Event wasn't so idiotic as I thought. I could use security like that and prevent people like her from entering ever again."
  • Elijah's opinion on the Helghast was similar to that of the Enclave's and Maxson's. While not quite as extreme, it was clear he dismissed them as just mutants, not really different from the Master's Unity made worse by the fact they aren't that different from the Enclave even as an ex-BoS Elder. Then one day he did research on the Helghast's greatest enemies, the ISA, and found out they weren't all that different from the NCR he detested. Unbeknownst to many, Elijah offered them his aid in exterminating the ISA. Though his partnership with them is stronger than the others he made in the Pantheon, it's kept under wraps due to how unpopular he is with the Helghast's other allies the Corpus.
  • For as much as he is an irredeemable and dangerously pragmatic individual with zero qualms about things like mass murders, there was someone he actually cared about; his protégée, Veronica Santangelo. When her parents died he acted as a sort of grandfatherly figure to her, influencing her the idea to go against the Brotherhood's beliefs like he had and even taught her how to be Gadgeteer Genius even if he couldn't get her to his skill level. Even as he prepared to go into the Sierra Madre, he cared enough to send a last message should he fail. Thankfully, Veronica's actually a good person who wanted best for her family as she believes the ideas they cling to will only kill them off eventually (which she's right about by the way). Considering she serves as one of many Heralds for the Courier, some deities asked what she thought of him now. Veronica sadly remarked that the Elijah she knew was dead.
    Veronica: "In the end, there was just him and his vision. Nothing and no-one else."
    • Elijah, meanwhile, is just thankful and proud that she lived through HELIOS I. In regards to her being a companion of the Courier, questioning him only led to another hate-filled rant against the Courier with nothing said on Veronica. While his opinions on her now remain sealed, we do not recommend doing any harm against her regardless. Likely, he'll collar you, and force you into the Sierra Madre. He doesn't expect you to crack it, but he sure as hell expects you to suffer like he did.
  • "Wipe the slate clean."

    Konomi Yanase 
Konomi Yanase, Goddess of Being Unable To Keep Any Secrets (Mignon Poupee, Lame Sans Merci)
In her Naginata uniform 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Naginata and Naginata uniform
  • Theme: I will Protect Onee-Sama!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Having a horrible track record with keeping secrets, Using the naginata while being part of an all-girls school, Most of her screentime having her spill an embarrassing secret or show how clueless she is about love and relationships, Being friends with the protagonist despite siding with the faction that wants him out of the school, Having a scenario where the protagonist takes an interest in her, Being a love interest outside of the "core" cast, Dating a member of the reformation group despite being a member of the conservative group, managing to make either surprisingly edible food or a horrible mess of improperly cut vegetables and undercooked meat, Not wanting to back out of a challenge
  • Allies: Tamie Nogi (her schoolmate), Many deities from Bladed Weapons, particularly Cu Chulainn (due to his mastery of spears) and Momiji (fellow Naginata user), Astolfo, Many deities from the House of Combat
  • Enemies: Anyone even considering hurting her trusted Onee-sama
  • Opposes: Itazura Griefers
  • Opposed by: Gordon Ramsay, mainly due to her so-so cooking and questionable preparation methods, Pinkie Pie
  • Interested in: Hisao Nakai, The Katawa Girls
  • Keep Her Away From: Nightmare, Aya Shamiemaru, The Mafia of Cooks
  • Receives interest from : Chris Hansen
  • Konomi Yanase is a 3rd year Intermediate Course student at Vincennes Private Girls Academy. What makes her special is that she's the president of the school's Naginata Club, and is very dedicated to living by the blade.
  • Compared to her peers from her story, she has, at least for most of it, had very little knowledge of how love, relationships, and even biology actually work. Fortunately for her in one possible scenario where she becomes a Third-Option Love Interest, she gets to learn on how all of these actually work, although it takes 3 months for her to actually get all of it into her head.
  • Her biggest defining trait, however, and the reason for her ascension in the first place, is due to her horrible track record of being unable to withhold important, and sometimes compromising, information from others. These range from dares she promised not tell anyone about, to leaking other peoples' relationships unwittingly. However, these pale in comparison to the worst of these secrets, which stem from the aforementioned possible scenario.
    • This particular secret? Her first sexual experience , which she says out loud, in front of 7 other people.
    • Fortunately, The Protagonist and their other friends were decent enough to keep the exact details a secret. Unfortunately, however, she herself managed to leak her relationship with him to the other students at their school thanks to this bad habit of hers, which goes From Bad to Worse when she keeps calling it a "love affair".
    • This secret spilling in this scenario got so bad that said protagonist's reputation at the school was affected, and was forced to transfer out at the end of his only school year as a result. It's complicated.
  • Tamie Nogi, unsurpisingly, is the first deity to meet-up with Konomi upon the latter's ascension, primarily to get a story out of her, with permission of course. Also unsurprisingly, the aspiring journalist gets exactly what she wants from her schoolmate, and more. Fortunately for Konomi, her acquaintance draws the line at writing down and publishing really sensitive secrets.
    • She is genuinely surprised though when her junior reveals the aforementioned incident, which perplexes the older Vincennes student, since she recalls nothing of the sort happening. It helps that in her own respective route, she was the one who hooked up with her story's protagonist, with Konomi only being a witness to it.
  • Following this reunion, she decides to continue training with her Naginata at the house of Weapons, specifically Bladed Weapons, continuing to refine her already amazing skills by dueling against deities with similar, if not more powerful, skillsets as her own. It's here that she comes across fellow Naginata user Momiji. Immediately, she takes an interest in young dojo heiress, and decides to help her train, although she switches out her bladed weapons for a similar practice naginata out of fairness.
    • Konomi however wishes to use actual Naginatas to train, and thanks to her persistence does get what she wants. And surprisingly, she's gotten used to handling an actual one rather quickly, and even learns to hold back on using it.
    • She also gets to meet Cu Chulainn in person, who until this point she herself has only heard of in stories told be her schoolmates, namely by the White Lily Society's leader. She's impressed by his mastery of the spear, and she herself seeks to learn his tricks of the trade at some point down the line.
  • Like Tamie, she also becomes interested in Hisao Nakai and the Katawa girls, primarily because they remind her of her own story. In Hisao's case, it's due to his uncanny resemblance to her boyfriend in the aforementioned scenario, down to the Nice Guy aspect, while in the latter case it's mostly due to being from a similarly exclusive school as her own.
  • Like herself, Astolfo Cannot Keep a Secret from others. This is how they meet one another, and eventually, form a friendship over. Both of them even have a good laugh whenever they spill hilarious secrets to one another during conversations.
  • It's best to keep her away from deities like Nightmare and Aya Shamiemaru. The former has the capability to corrupt her into a Blood Knight-like trance simply by giving her one of his evil swords, while the latter would undoubtedly write down and publish the many, many sensitive secrets she cannot keep.
  • Gordon Ramsay, and by extension several other deities from the House of Food, find her flip-flop cooking quality to be a huge no-no, especially when they find out that she cuts vegetables by flinging them into the air and cutting them mid-air, sometimes even using a katana for it! He and Ignis Scientia make it a point to teach her how to properly cut vegetables with a kitchen knife.
  • After managing to get word of her most precious secret (not too hard considering her very reason for being in the Pantheon and all), Chris Hansen immediately takes an interest in her, hoping to get the young man she's interested in to take a seat with him should he ever get the ascension treatment.
  • After an incident involving making a "Pinkie Promise" with a group calling themselves the Itazura Griefers, Pinkie Pie opposes Konomi's lack of discipline in keeping secrets. Konomi herself makes it a point to avoid them at all costs from then on, especially after they themselves get a hold on the many compromising secrets she herself leaked.


    Terence Fletcher 

Alright, who's...

Ready? Five, six, and...

Terence Fletcher, The Abusive Artist (Fletcher)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A thrown chair flying in the air
  • Theme Song: Whiplash
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Lawful Neutral to those he respects)
  • Portfolio: A sinister teacher who is motivated by his self-satisfaction, very bald, prone to swearing and slurs, acts harsh to bring out his students' potential but really just wants his prodigy's glory, brings out their potential anyways with a cost, rules his class with an iron fist to the point of cowardice, more than just an asshole
  • Domains: Control, Jazz Music, Determination, Rage, Perfectionism
  • Herald: Andrew Neiman (his protégé)
  • Amicable Deities: John Kreese, Severus Snape, Gordon Ramsey
  • Evil Counterpart to: Izumi Curtis, Johnny Lawrence
  • Enemies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bill and Ted, Houkago Tea Time, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Marty McFly
  • Opposed and Hated by: The Houses of Music and School, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Shaffer Conservatory, a prestigious center for musicians and band artists alike. Many musicians aim high at their careers and some are born through effort of the highest degree. The Conservatory has numerous teachers, but none are more feared and avoided than Terence Fletcher. He may have a knack of spotting and recruiting talented musicians compared to other teachers, his methods on the other hand are quite unsavory: physically and psychologically abusing his own students to the point of submission in order to iron out their flaws. After years of trying, Fletcher hit it big when he took an aspiring drummer by the name of Andrew Neiman under his wing and led him to a stellar performance at a music festival. What entailed during the trials of Neiman's learning sessions were filled with blood, sweat and tears as Fletcher's teaching habits and abusive mentality turned one of his own aspiring students into a muddled wreck, until the festival itself where he finally showed his efforts in front of a pleased crowd and his own mentor. While the implications of the performance were less than positive and Neiman's fate moreso, it was enough to show that for all his worth, Fletcher's methods are a prime example of a teacher's ruthlessness when it comes to perfection.
  • Fletcher's day was suddenly distured when a private letter came from one of Shaffer's staff, calling him for a "private session". Calling his class off for the day, he was called for a meeting but not the usual staff meeting. He was sent to a room that was a gateway to a large area akin to a courtroom. From there, he noticed several hooded people of large size discussing about him, of which he could hear and proceeded to disturb their judgement, as well as mentioning his scheduled sessions with Andrew and his class. Ignored, Fletcher suddenly brought out a cymbal to show that he was not joking and answer the reason for this meeting, of which they did and clarified that he was viable for ascension. His title? Very abusive teachers. He was quite okay for such a harmful title but considering who he is, it matches. He was sent back in the Conservatory to resume his classes, aware of his "ascension".
  • His reputation as a teacher is a rather controversial position he is in. The Pantheon has known stories of abusive teachers and he stands among the top. This has lead to many to disvow him positions withinthe Houses of School and Music as they are not willing to add a teacher like him within their list of teachers. Thought thanks to his domain, Fletcher mostly spends his time out in a music classroom he commissioned in the House of Music, open to those who dare seek out his tutelage. Most students are too Weak-Willed to handle his teaching for more than a day, but those who muscle through it end up being better musicians, not without the sacrifice most will have to deal with under his helm, as shown by his herald, Andrew Neiman. Even with his skills being truth of what he can teach, many believe it is not worth it and can be learned through more peaceful alternatives instead of resorting into a perfectionist mindset.
  • Jazz Music is his jam and Fletcher has dedication to such. It does not take long till people realize that dedication can often lead to perfectionism and can foster a nasty host of personalities. He exemplifies all of that, as his desire for perfect musicians creates in him a sadistic and prejudicial mindset towards others, pushing others to their greatest limit. Some (or at least one) have succeeded while others fail and quit or worse, commit suicide, due to his abuse to nearly every student under his helm. That is also accompanied by his awareness to people who see him as such and even does not care about what they think. To many this is enough to be put off by his methods and often than not will choose other teachers over him. He even says it so, implying that a "good job" is simply not enough.
    Fletcher: There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job'
    • Despite this, there are some moments of peace for Fletcher as he can be remorseful and emotional at times. Once crying over the death of his former protégé Sean Casey, and even laughing and playing along with former students of his, suggesting that underneath that perfectionist mentality in him, there lies respect for those he understands with. It is just that he prefers that his methods not be gentle, afterall he sees being gentle as neither productive nor satisfying and prefers to weed out the incompetence of others, even if that means bullying them at their patience in a sadistic manner.
  • The mentioning of his name within the halls of the House of School and Music has left many students and some artists at complete fear, as his story is rather infamous for his harsh methods. His presence has only fanned the flames, some outright kicking him out in some occassions, even to the point that the House of School once planned on banning him. However, some of the advertisements still mention him though there will be a warning afterwards to those interested in being a part of Fletcher's class, which includes anxiety, disconnected relations and well... suicide for the more extreme cases. Even he himself has professed that the advertisement will come in handy as he can have more students outside Shaffer Conservatory.
  • Very few teachers will go to extreme lengths Fletcher is known for, and those that do such have the same infamy placed like him. Case in point: John Kreese. Both him and John follow the same philosophies and are very ruthless in their teachings. Their students have gone through abusive methods to achieve what they have learned and do not care about how the outside perceives them, earning them the infamy the two have scored. Then there is the fact that both of them have the same victory with their students, with Fletcher having Andrew Neiman succeed with his career or not and Kreese having the full control of Cobra Kai and turning the tables against Johnny Lawrence, letting him taste the feeling of being forced to wander the streets. The two can be seen sometimes overseeing their teaching careers even though Fletcher has been fired from it though the Pantheon has overturned it for his position.
    • Severus Snape was called out in some instances for his harsh teaching methods around Hogwarts for some time and so it would seem that the two have each other's attention, with the similar attitude and their dedication for a greater cause. This would seem great for the two of them and in some instances, yes but considering how two of Fletcher's students have suffered troublesome fates despite his best intentions, Snape has yet to warm himself around him, the last thing he wants is the House of School ruined because of an insistent perfectionist.
  • Some people have no mercy towards him for his harsh lessons moreso pitiful for the two protégés he had since the two did kill themselves with some doing so far as to showcase to him how to be both strict yet merciful at the same time. John Kreese's former student Johnny Lawrence was among the first to show him some lessons he learned from past Cobra Kai and even proved he can still be stable after overthrowing Kreese from the Dojo, the latter of which made Fletcher laugh as mentioned with Lawrence being homeless and with nothing left following Cobra Kai being overthrown by his former teacher. The other one however, Izumi Curtis, was far more successful with her showcase, able to teach the Elric Brothers through overcoming harsh lessons (like the one time where she left them stranded on an island just to teach them survival and dependency as brothers) and even called Fletcher out for being an immense prick and a sociopath since she at least have a heart towards the two. He just simply ignored her showcase and walked away, learning nothing from it.
    • However, there are people (or in this case, a dog) who can handle the harsh teachings of similar teachers, provided they can handle their self-esteem. Shown when Courage, the Cowardly Dog, was able to handle the torment of one "Perfect" Teacher through moral guidance and remembering the words "you're not perfect" shown by one nightmare. Though in hindsight, why would Fletcher care for a dog over an actual human, a statement Courage understood as he desperately tried to convince the teacher on change.
    • Even after his time travelling shenanigans, there is something Marty McFly thinks about whenever he sees Fletcher. He reminds him greatly of Principal Strickland and may even believe him to be far worse than the latter, mainly because of the whole mistreat your students idea. Hearing the fate of Andrew after his performance, he called Fletcher out on his teaching methods, mainly because for a teacher to treat his students like trash does not make his intentions noble and for the record, Strickland may be funny to look at but Fletcher not, rather he is scary to look at.
  • Since Music is one of his domains, the House of Music has vehemently allowed him in but the other inhabitants are not so happy with his presence. Some either because of his teaching methods or the fact that his "jazz" is fake (and some even criticising it to be not actually jazz). Among those who he verbally ostracize include Bill and Ted and Houkago Tea Time mainly because their genres, rock and pop, respectively, are the reason why 'jazz is dying'. Even among other music deities, he still gives them a bad rap mainly because some of them, like those within girl bands or boy bands, excuse their incompetence and as a result, has left him dissatisfied with their performances. Instead, he will have to wait to see if there are students willing to join his class.
    • Jazz musicians especially in the case of Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono have ignored him for a while, though Kousei cannot help but be reminded of his mom who was also a perfectionist in his piano lessons whenever he sees Fletcher. At one point, hearing his notes, he came in and berated his piano skills for not being on par, and with true sadistic fashion mocked him for not moving on from Kaori's death, pushing him in the break of his patience. After he left in tears, Fletcher has one thing to say to drive home his lack of empathy:
      Fletcher: You are a worthless, friendless, faggot-lipped little piece of shit whose mommy left daddy when she figured out he wasn't Eugene O'Neill and who's now weeping and slobbering all over a piano set like a fucking nine-year-old girl!
  • Spider-Man cannot help but think Fletcher is another version of J. Jonah Jameson since he is eerily similar from their strict guidelines and lack of care towards their employees/students. He admits that he would prefer Jameson since he does not border in sociopathic when it comes to personality, if anything, Jameson just has bias while Fletcher is both sociopathic and ruthless. Then the similarities come around with a certain mortal who did a rather good impression as Jameson. Jameson's response however showed that he is different to Fletcher in many ways, especially on the employees part. He does care about them it is just that he has to maintain some form of order in his job, case in point: him actually defending his employees in an actual demonic invasion.
  • Anger between two perfectionist types will often result with large amounts of shouting and in some cases, bragging about who got to teach better in their respective arts. It would not be a surprise that the first encounter of both Gordon Ramsey and Fletcher lead to intense shouting between the two. Then came them bragging about their teaching and how many people managed to earn their respect, with Ramsey having quite many and Fletcher having only two who are also dead. In the end, Ramsey had the better reputation as he is not willing to put other people's lives at risk for their profession while Fletcher will go tooth and nail to achieve his desired results.
  • Fletcher's original temple is seated right under Craft, on Workmanship.
  • "Not quite my tempo."