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  • "You Are a Pirate" and "Cooking by the Book" (and its Lil' Jon mix). Also, Stephanie herself used to be a major internet meme on 4chan, where she was usually photoshopped to be shown... working out with a Pedo Bear.
    • As well as, within the "You are a Pirate" song, a line about "precious booty."
    • A NSFW-ish fan-animation of "You Are a Pirate", which also got fan-animated into a SFM animation featuring Team Fortress 2 characters.
    • "You Are a Pirate" flared up again during 2019, being portrayed as a response to any game developer making a bad move, implying their game's would-be players will be pirating it out of spite.
  • Julianna Rose Mauriello (Stephanie's actress) turned 18 in 2009; the internet as a whole had much rejoicing, if all of the posts of "She's legal now!" are to be believed.
  • This entire scene from "The First Day of Summer" has gained exposure on 4chan and iFunny.
    • "Who did you expect? Sportaflop?"
  • A link to the song "Master of Disguise" used to be a popular reaction to posts suspected of sock-puppeting or strawmanning.
  • It's become popular to state that "Stingy is a psychopath", in a response to him running over Sportacus with his car (twice!) and the scene where Stingy asks the mayor some questions about sports only for the conversation to take an unexpected turn.
  • "We Are Number One" blew up in popularity through becoming a meme, partially through it being a running gag in SiIvaGunner videos. The meme was eventually used to help spread the link for a GoFundMe to support Stefan Karl Stefansson (the actor who played Robbie Rotten) while he recovered from cancer. It ended up becoming so popular and widespread that the official LazyTown YouTube channel took notice of the meme... and embraced it tightly, going so far as contributing to the meme themselves (with three 10 hour long videos of the original, the instrumental, the instrumental played in reverse and the full episode that the song is from).
    • A number of quotes from the song have become standalone memes.
      • "No, don't touch that!"
      • "Now look at this net, that I've just found!"note 
      • "Throw it at him, not me!"
      • "Now watch and learn, here's the deal..."
    • People on YouTube have created mashups of "We Are Number One with "Bonetrousle" due to the similarities in the music.
    • All of the stems for the song have been released.
    • On December 11, 2016, Stefan Karl Stefansson and the other actors from the number posted a live version of the song, complete with an interview with LazyTown composer/songwriter Máni Svavarsson.
    • Another variant of the "We Are Number One" memes is the "We Are Number One but X", in which the X will change several parts of the audio and/or video with something that the meme creator wants. While the X can be anything, the most common format of the X is "but every "One" is replaced with X".note 
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    • 2016 Meme of the Year
    • The phrase "Cancer Status: Number Two" spread rapidly over the internet in July 2017 when it transpired that Stefan Karl's Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer had entered remission. (Although it eventually came back)
  • "Don't let your kids watch it!" note 
  • The entire show became one on Tumblr in mid-November 2016 with a flood of funny posts relating to it and "Number One" in particular.
  • "Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?" "Uh-uh." "WOULD YOU LIKE TO?"
  • "The Mine Song" has quickly risen to this level.
    • The line "All your feelings are mine" has gained quite notability, due to how creepy and out of place it is.
    • Another submeme of this meme is the fact that "Mine mine mine mine mine" is also from "How Bad Can I Be." Oftentimes either meme lampshades this by including a part with Stingy in HBCIB, or the Once-Ler in The Mine Song.
    • The original version of the song from the 90s stage show seems to be approaching meme status on YouTube, particularly Nenni's ensuing argument with Íþróttaálfurinn.
    • "X but Stingy claims everything" videos have become extremely popular after "We Are Number One but Stingy claims everything" was uploaded in November 2016. These videos involve a song but Stingy claims certain words in it by saying "This [word] is mine!" It then shows a zoom of the face of the person who sung it, then Stingy's face. If the word is mentioned in the song again, it is cut and replaced by a YouTube-style error message saying "This word is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Stingy."
    • Replacing the word 'triangular' with the word 'triagonal', after Stingy refers to 'this triagonal sign'.
  • Comparisons to Diamond is Unbreakable have become incredibly popular, particularly as Robbie Rotten resembles Josuke.
    • In a similar fashion, "What episode of LazyTown is this?", particularly because Stephanie resembles Alice Ayres, complete with pink hair.
  • "sportacus eats raw lemons" is becoming very popular on Tumblr.
  • In "Prince Stingy", to save Stingy from falling into a manhole, Sportacus covers the hole, and ends up getting run over by Stingy. Even though it isn't as popular, it still counts.
  • Compilations of "Savage Stingy" have also become quite popular. They usually involve scenes of Stingy being either a Deadpan Snarker or a complete Jerkass.
  • This Nick Jr. intro vid became a minor meme on YTMND, creating a few edits.
  • "I cannot come to the party. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a *Beat* cold."

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