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Drinking Game / LazyTown

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Take a bite out of a piece of sportscandy (e.g. an apple, pear, etc.), but try to not choke while you are singing along to a song (or if you want to maintain drinking game tradition, take a drink).

  • Take a bite whenever Stingy says something is his.
  • Take a bite whenever Robbie says "It's disguise time!"
    • Eat the whole piece of sportscandy if he doesn't shout it.
  • Take a bite whenever Sportacus suddenly switches from his speaking voice to his Non-Singing Voice for a song.
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  • On YouTube, take a bite every time you see a clickbait "children's" video in the suggestions/search results.
  • In Season 1, take a bite whenever you see the same stock footage being used for Bing Bang.
  • In Season 1, take a bite whenever the footage goes from being filmized to looking like it was shot on videotape. If you're doing this challenge using alcoholic beverages instead of sportscandy, prepare for alcohol poisoning if it's during the Bing Bang sequence.

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