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You're the Man Now Dog is a humor site created in 2001.

The creator, Max Goldberg, made the first site after watching the trailer to Finding Forrester. This first site (recreated here) consisted of some ASCII art and Sean Connery's "You're the man now, dog!" line from the trailer. As other people started to create their own Spinoffs of the page by copying the code, Max started listing them. Eventually the list became overly long, so Max bought an entire domain for the sites and made an easy-to-use site generator. Indeed, in the pre-YouTube days, the site became a prime breeding ground for many an internet meme. And the rest is history.

The main feature of the site was to allow users to create their own pages, or YTMNDs, using a still image or GIF animation, an MP3 file and the site's patented zooming text.

Though the site was a well-known internet humour nexus in the mid-2000s, peaking in popularity around 2006-2007 and even getting mentions and write-ups in traditional media, the site began to sharply decline in relevance and traffic in The New '10s as sites like YouTube and Facebook grew in popularity, absorbing the niche market that YTMND had originally catered to. Left largely un-updated, most of the infrastructure that the site was built around has been slowly rendered obsolete, though a small but loyal userbase kept the site profitable enough to remain running through the middle of the decade.

YTMND went down on May 13, 2019 after the site database suffered a major crash. This made quite a few news sites (and even this very wiki) to erroneously report that the site was down for good, but Max soon stated that this was not the case, and that he would commit himself to get the sites back to working order, even if it meant that new subpages could not be created. Max was able to restore the site's ability to display already existing subpages, and his focus shifted toward creating a properly working archive version of YTMND so that the site can be preserved for future generations. The website itself was revived in earnest on March 30, 2020, just in time for its 19th anniversary.

It also has its own wiki.

This site contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: The Abandoned Theme Park.
  • Alternate Universe:
    • After the trailer that started it all was posted as an YTMND, many users started wondering what would have happened if Max had decided to use one of Sean Connery's other lines, namely "Punch the keys, for God's sake!" or "Yes... Yes!". Eventually, some users started creating Bizarro Universe versions of popular YTMND fads under the label of PTKFGS. Soon after, sites with the YESYES label followed, which is basically a Take a Third Option spin on the fads. Then, since Connery only had these three lines in the trailer, many users worked around it by using some of his other lines from the film to create a fourth Alternate Universe. Which one of the many candidates is the true fourth universe is still under dispute, but the general consensus seems to be that the fourth universe is in fact a Multiverse known collectively as "Fourth Corner".
    • HEH is considered by some to be the official 4th Corner Universe, as it is also in the trailer. However, those against this idea point out that HEH is technically a part of the "Yes...Yes!" line.
    • Let's not forget YTMNSFW, the Not Safe for Work version suitable for more mature stuff.
    • The apex/nadir of the running gag was SEAOMF.
  • Alternate Character Interpretationinvoked:
  • Backhanded Apology: A (now deleted) site by the troll jimmm was titled "I'm sorry Umfuld". The actual text of the site continued to read "IS SUCH A FAGGOT!". Funny thing is, Umfuld was an even more infamous troll.
  • Big Eater: Ugoff is often portrayed this way, due to the line in his commercial where he announces "Ugoff is hungry!" Occasionally verges into Extreme Omnivore
  • Big "NO!": Darth Vader's NOOOOOOO was a major fad which started from a leaked scene before the movie was released. In addition, often other characters are made to say the line
  • Black Comedy Rape: Used in a lot of fads, including Moon Man (who usually goes after people's mothers), Brian Peppers (who goes after everyone), the guy who yells at cats (who goes after cats), etc. One particular site ("Sonic gives advice on anal rape") actually triggered a legal threat from Sega.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: this YTMND ranks, in order of decreasing coolness, "Users who sponsor sites", "users who sponsor sites for $0.00", "users who sponsor their own sites", and "users who sponsor their own sites for $0.00"
  • Broken Record: Every site plays sound in a loop. Some sound bites are shorter than others.
  • Catchphrase: In ye old days of 2006, the troll sexymofo would serially downvote any YTMND with "you fail, please try again ^_^". The trolling was prolific enough to trigger rage and memes... and inspire similar trolls to leave catchphrases of their own.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: VinnyWeapons, the user who always made the same comment: "the robots have taken me. please send help." Also, the behavior of trolls Pilleater and Johnny Lurg often reaches this territory, such as the time the former user pretended that he went blind. Two months later, he posted, "I can see again!" The user zomglolwtfzor usually epitomizes this trope, but occasionally breaks character.
  • Cool, but Stupid: Most sites that randomly combine different fads end up this way. Example.
  • Conqueror from the Future: Future Conan, overlord of all Earth in something like Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • Creepy Basement: The short - lived "We never go down there anymore" fad.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: "How to care for your pet Bat""
  • Deconstruction: FAMILY GUY 311 EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE and Everysentenceutteredinthegodfath, both of which were mockeries of sites that posted unmodified video clips masquerading as YTMNDs.
  • Dramatic Reading: "The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading" is the Trope Codifier, if not the Trope Maker.
  • Dying Town: The site itself. There was a time when the internet was young (not actually, 2006 and 2007) the when front page moved so fast, it'd be different every time you refreshed. Now, it stays static for days on end. It's portrayed as a zombie town in this site, and a wasteland in this one.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: "The end of our World" minifad which showed several situations as to how this could happen (some more realistic than others)
    • Before that, there was 'The End of the World', which consisted of a bunch of different fad sounds mixed into an apocalyptic - sounding explosion.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Moon Man hates and protests against religious violence and child abuse.
  • Evil Twin: Doctor-L337 claims to have an evil twin named "Elshteveo". Moon Man is also sometimes portrayed as one of Mac Tonight.
  • Forced Meme:
    • Here's a list of them.
    • The "PACARD" fad started out with its creators making unrelated sites to get on the front page, which were then quickly replaced with a site about how Captain Picard has dreadlocks now.
  • For the Evulz: Seemingly Moon Man's primary motivation, aside from racism. In addition to his huge catalogue of hate crimes, many Moon Man sites simply had him killing or tormenting random people (often the viewer of the YTMND in question) for no apparent reason.
  • The Fundamentalist: Inkdrinker was a meta example. He popularized the three "fundamentals" of YTMND: image, sound, text. None of his sites contained sound-synced gifs, dubbed by adherents as "faggy short films."
  • Gangsta Rap: Moon Man's shtick.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: YTMND was one of the first sites to popularize the phrase, and it has become somewhat of an accepted fact that in the YTMND universe, Samurai actually did battle Giant Enemy Crabs in Ancient Japan.
  • Magic Feather: Part of the plot of a fictitious "EPIC PACARD" movie detailed in the comment section on this site.
  • Mondegreen Gag: Two fads based on them:
    • The first involves taking one line from a song that sounds like something else and pairing it with an appropriate picture. This collection was named the "Dew Army," after a famous YTMND of David Hasselhoff singing "Du"
    • The second is the opposite: involving taking an entire song sung in a foreign language and using In My Language, That Sounds Like... to write English lyrics for it. This one started with an interpretation of the Finnish version of the DuckTales (1987) theme, which was actually spun off from a "Dew Army" type site which only interpreted one line from the theme as "Your arms are broken!".
    • There's also one taking the theme song of pro wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger - which is sung in Japanese - and posting the "lyrics" in English.
  • Monster Clown: Moon Man's recurring enemy Goofy Clown Face, a pedophiliac rapist clown who brainwashes unfortunates into becoming drones to carry out his sick fantasies. Even Moon Man is creeped out by the guy.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • The "Epic Maneuver" fad, wherein people do things in an unnecessarily epic manner, sometimes failing. The original was taken from the overly dramatic and badly acted Unnecessary Combat Roll underneath a really slow-moving door from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds: Part I".
    • There was a civil war once over whether the Epic Maneuver YTMNDs should be about actually epic maneuvers or mundane tasks passed off as epic.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: The user Murdarmachene was the first one to make a site using the soon - to - be - infamous Moon Man gif (pairing it with a completely non-offensive song). Farkle and the Moon Crew then created the Moon Man fad by taking the gif from that site and reposting it hundreds of times, accompanied by racist TTS messages and the signature KKK chant. Murdarmachene allegedly quit YTMND (at least, under his original name) because he was so ashamed of what he had accidentally started.