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You're the Man Now Dog is a humor site created in 2001.

The creator, Max Goldberg, made the first site after watching the trailer to Finding Forrester. This first site (recreated here) consisted of some ASCII art and Sean Connery's "You're the man now, dog!" line from the trailer. As other people started to create their own Spinoffs of the page by copying the code, Max started listing them. Eventually the list became overly long, so Max bought an entire domain for the sites and made an easy-to-use site generator. Indeed, in the pre-YouTube days, the site became a prime breeding ground for many an internet meme. And the rest is history.

The main feature of the site was to allow users to create their own pages, or YTMNDs, using a still image or GIF animation, an MP3 file and the site's patented zooming text.


Though the site was a well-known internet humour nexus in the mid-2000s, peaking in popularity around 2006-2007 and even getting mentions and write-ups in traditional media, the site began to sharply decline in relevance and traffic in The New '10s as sites like YouTube and Facebook grew in popularity, absorbing the niche market that YTMND had originally catered to. Left largely un-updated, most of the infrastructure that the site was built around has been slowly rendered obsolete, though a small but loyal userbase kept the site profitable enough to remain running through the middle of the decade.

YTMND went down on May 13, 2019 after the site database suffered a major crash. This made quite a few news sites (and even this very wiki) to erroneously report that the site was down for good, but Max soon stated that this was not the case, and that he would commit himself to get the sites back to working order, even if it meant that new subpages could not be created. Max was able to restore the site's ability to display already existing subpages, and his focus shifted toward creating a properly working archive version of YTMND so that the site can be preserved for future generations. The website itself was revived in earnest on March 30, 2020, just in time for its 19th anniversary.


It also has its own wiki.

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