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Kenzaki: Where's your meme? How can you expect me to believe something like that!
Tachibana: Meme... my life... it's because of this suddenly-developed Trope System... that my life is falling apart!

For a tokusatsu franchise that (often literally) kicks evil in the face since 1971, it surely helps that it grows a lot of memes throughout its franchise run.
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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme. [[/labelnote]] Explanation 

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     The whole franchise in general 
    • Additionally, /m/ has declared several cast members to be "Rider Bros", based off on the fact that they enjoyed their roles in the franchise, are nice to fans, and always come back for cameos. The list includes Takashi Hagino (Asakura/Ohja), Kenji Matsuda (Zanki and Jiro/Garulu), Hidenori Tokuyama (Yaguruma/KickHopper), Masato Uchiyama (Kageyama/PunchHopper), Keisuke Kato (Nago/IXA), Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa/Decade) and Ryota Murai (Yusuke/Decade! Kuuga).
      • Let Masahiro Inoue sleep.Explanation 
  • Karate Fighting BugmanExplanation 
  • There's also the fact Fujioka has become somewhat of Japan's equivalent to Chuck Norris since the series began.
  • Onore Dikeido! Explanation  Thanks to Narutaki.
  • The "JUICY!" kid from the Kamen Rider gummi commercials that started airing since Kamen Rider Gaim, mostly because of how goofy the ads are. Became an Ascended Meme in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's web-exclusive Poppy Pipopapo's Room shorts, where Emu and Poppy did their impressions of the kid during one of the episode. Some fans even want to see the kid become a Rider when he grows up.
  • The "Female Rider Curse" Explanation 
  • Kamen Rider ruined Christmas...again! Explanation 
  • ONORE GOLFGOM! Explanation 
  • #CureRiderExplanation 
  • Cum loreExplanation 
  • No flowers? They're not dead. Explanation (Spoilers) 


Showa Rider Era

     Kamen Rider (1971) 

     Kamen Rider V3 
  • Thanks to his ridiculous disguises and entrances, it's been said that V3 is the ultimate troll.
  • Before Decade, there was "ONORE, V3!"

     Kamen Rider X 
  • Starfish Hitler is more well-known in the toku fandom than everything else from the show combined. Even non-Rider fans are familiar with it.

     Kamen Rider (1979) 
  • Skyrider famously crashing through a wall in the opening (While riding his motorcycle, nonetheless) is one of the things he's remembered for.
  • To some of the fandom, mostly Americans, Skyrider is also known as AMAZON!!!!1!1.

     Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX 
  • It's a Gorgom plot!Explanation 
  • And that is unforgivable!note 
  • (Character A)/(Similar Character B) RXnote 
  • Masked Rider
    • We don't talk about Masked Rider.

     Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue 

Heisei Rider Era (Phase 1)

     Kamen Rider Kuuga 
  • The Odagiri Effect Explanation 
  • Kuuga sure is a cool guy.Explanation 
  • Related to the above, Ultimate Form being the Memetic Badass form of all the Heisei Riders for its simple yet sleek and regal design, black color, and the fact that apparently it can destroy the world with its full power.note 
  • The so-called "curse of Kuuga" which, for the longest time (until 2010, when it was apparently broken after ten years), seemed to cause any fan translation projects to come to a sudden halt after about ten episodes.
  • Any shot of Kuuga holding a regular gun before it transforms into his weapon. Is memed just for the sheer absurdity ad juxtaposition of a Tokusatus hero wielding a regular firearm. It's even fitted with quotes that aren't even used in the series just because of it's applicability.
  • FEAR! PAIN!Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Agito 
  • Being Gills is sufferingExplanation 
  • HONSHIN!Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Ryuki 
  • One word: TATAKAE!! Explanation 
  • Ryuki-rolled. Explanation 
  • IT'S BROKEN!! Explanation 

     Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz) 
  • MISUNDERSTANDINGS, due to the show being filled with Poor Communication Kills.
  • Due to his reputation as one of the biggest Hate Sinks in the franchise, Masato Kusaka has a fair number of memes centered around him, most notably Kaixa Day, his own unofficial holiday which occurs on September 13.Explanation  His various deaths throughout his appearances in the franchise have also been the source of much memetic attention.
  • "Instinto de carreras" (Racing Instinct) has become quite notorious among the Spanish fandom due to a mistranslation of the Mexican dub. The fact that it's said by Hugo Nuñez, the assigned supervisor of the dub, doesn't help it at all.

     Kamen Rider Blade 
Easily the most memetic Kamen Rider show in Japan. It has spawned many parody vids, and most Kamen Rider parody videos will often refer to memes from this show.
  • A relatively unknown meme in the West (for obvious reasons), the Japanese have had a lot of fun with Kamen Rider Blade. Onduru-Go (roughly translated as "The Ondul Language" or "Ondulish"), is a meme originating from Kenzaki's actor Takayuki Tsubaki's emotion-slurred speech. The meme name comes from the first episode where Kenzaki is supposed to be saying, Hontoni uragittan desuka!? ("Have you really betrayed us?"), but ended up sounding like, Onduru ruragittan disukaa!? Since then, it has reached a fair amount of popularity as a Japan-based net meme and has in fact received reference within the Blade Alternate Universe episodes of Kamen Rider Decade, as well as a shout-out in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. It got another nod in the net movies for Let's Go Kamen Rider (the 40th anniversary movie), where the phrase that inspired the meme is the title of the episode that focuses on Blade. Kenzaki, for his part, has since been labelled the Kenjaki, the Prince of Ondul Planet. Here it is in video format.
    • A meme concerning this scene does exist in considerable parts of the English speaking fandom, though not for the same reasons. It concerns the line: "Tachibana, why are you watching? Are you a traitor?". This stems from the fact some found it very hard to take the scene seriously, and it grew from there.
  • Another aspect of this meme are the Blade emoticons — ( 0w0), ( 0M0), ( 0H0), (<::V::>) — and chibi Blade's going "Wa~y!" mishearing from the original opening theme's "BLADE BRAVE" line, and his primary Battle Cry).
    • And then there's (^U^) for Kamen Rider Glaive, though rather taken from the rider suit like those other emoticons, it is taken from his actor. And even then, it is based on the A. R. version of Missing Ace from Kamen Rider Decade (there called World of Diend as it also ties to his backstory). There Glaive is donned by Junichi Kaito (as with other A. R. Worlds, he is based on a character from the main world, this one being Junichi Shimura, although this time he is played by the same actor). His acting there is very memetic to the Japanese due to the mix of Slasher Smile and Stepford Smiler, hence the happy emoticon. Because the character is played by the same actor and that the A. R. World is based from a movie of Kamen Rider Blade, this emoticon (along with the other memes associated with the character - like the dissonant smiling and repeated phrase of "Brother!") have been treated as some sort of Canon Immigrant to Blade memes. It's telling that whenever he is included, they usually refer to the Decade version than the Missing Ace version.
  • Tachibana/Kamen Rider Garren is rife with this.
    • A famous one is the shot of Garren looking out silently behind a wall from episode 1. Whenever there is a Blade related fanart, be sure to look out for this.
      • The set-up for the meme above (Garren half-peeking through a wall) is pretty much a meme of its own. When scenes from shows, usually from other tokusatsu, have a character or group of characters peeking through a wall, expect someone captioning it with "Did you really betray <group>?"
    • ORE NO KARADA WA BOROBORO DA!!Explanation 
    • SAN!!Explanation 
    • Tachibana is perhaps known for the infamous scene at the end of episode 7, where the camera zooms in onto him screaming for his life as the Trilobite Undead approaches him.
    • While not technically Garren per-se as the song is used even when Blade is doing something, the insert song Rebirth is attributed to him as his actor Hironari Amano sung it. Part of the end of the chorus is the line "GOTTA BE STRONG!" repeated twice. However, Memetic Mutation is in full effect and Japanese fans have taken to call it as "KARA-MISO!" (a brand of spicy curry).
    • SAYOKO!!!
  • Kamen Rider Chalice has some that is used a lot.
    • Him threatening Kenzaki and shouting "MUKOROSU!" is his meme catchphrase (a kin to the "traitor" phrase of Blade and "body is broken" phrase of Garren). Japanese fans also take note of his face, complete with hilariously popped out eyeballs and widened nostrils. Hajime's expression was popular enough that one of the designers for Another Riders used this expression as the basis for Another Blade's face.
    • In one point in the series he became amnesiac and is switched roles with a look-alike (Ryo Mikami, played by the same actor) who happens to be a heir to a takoyaki stand. Later in the episode Ryo puts on a hilarious armor called Taiyaki Master that improves takoyaki cooking. He even yells "ULTIMATE FORM! SPECIAL TURBO!" that doubles his speed in cooking (as fans joked as a pre-cursor to Clock Up). It doubles as a Shout-Out to Kamen Rider Kuuga, particularly his Ultimate Kuuga form as they share colors even. Now even though the character Hajime never wore it, his actor did, and so using this image and meme is attributed to him.
  • Kamen Rider Leangle has some too.
    • SAIKYOU DA!!Explanation 
  • These videos should ultimately summarize the whole insanity of the memes this show produced.
  • "IS HOPE ACUTE?" Explanation 
  • The Bench. Explanation (Spoilers) 

     Kamen Rider Kabuto 
  • Tendou Souji, the Chuck Norris of the whole Heisei Rider Era!
  • Start the ZECT-Van!
  • Grandmother said this... Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Den-O 
  • Zeronos? Yuto? No idea what you're talking about. Explanation 
  • ORE...SANJOU! *with Memetic Hand Gesture*
    • All of the Imagin's catchphrases were quite memetic, but none quite as much as Momotaros'. It even got a joking nod in Kamen Rider Decade with the first four cards Tsukasa uses after getting Den-O's powers just being Joke Items that cause him to spout out the Imagin phrases along with their signature poses.
  • Hana hitting Momotaros was spread quite a bit early on.
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, banana new shoe!" Explanation 
  • On his 33rd birthday, Yuichi Nakamura tweeted a picture of himself wearing twenty-three Rider beltsExplanation  in addition to a green jumpsuit and other toys from Den-O and Hibiki. Needless to say, this quickly drew lots of attention as well as comparisons to the likes of Oma Zi-O and Decade Complete Form.
  • In Brazil, this gif of Momotaros is often used in online political discussions to mock the use of "whatabouttisms". It is particularly notable because the meme became widely popular outside the Toku fanbase.

     Kamen Rider Kiva 
  • IXA-CISE!!!
  • DAD, NEO-FANGIRES! Explanation (SPOILERS!) 
  • X got a Figuarts before Kiva!Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Decade 
  • "Mo' fear! Mo' pain! No henshin, Kamen Rider Kuuga!"note 
  • ONORE, DICKEIDO! (Yes, the show's unique pronunciation of "Decade" is part of the memenote )Explanation 
    • Or the English alternative: "It's Decade's fault!"
  • Junichi Kaito's rather unsettling smile.
  • Decade has no story. note 
  • Hibiki's Final Attack Ride due to being in the running for most awesome Kamen Rider moment ever.
  • "It's not pink, it's Magenta!"note 
  • Daiki sometimes flirting with Tsukasa creating their famous ship.
    • Includes the sea cuncumber Daiki wants him to eat.

Heisei Rider Era (Phase 2)

     Kamen Rider W (Double) 
  • Shotaro's numberous freak-outs were usually subjected to this due to his actor's spectacular facial range lending itself to some prime reaction images.
  • "Akuma Dino Three Yuki?" Explanation 
  • Master of Barber Explanation 

     Kamen Rider OOO 
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Explanation 
  • Some of the fans labeled Eiji as "The Man with no Catchphrase" due to not having a pre-battle catchphrase or even a post-battle catchphrase. At least until Heisei Generation Final: Build and Ex-Aid Feat. Legend Riders.
  • Putotyra Combo or Tajadol Combo? Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Fourze 
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: Friendship is Awesome! Explanation 
    • Many fans joked that Fourze and MLP were aired on a timeslot called "Double Friendship Saturday" due to the two being aired on the same day.
    • As an important reminder for every Monster of the Week/Kamen Rider: Fourze will love and tolerate the living shit out of you with The Power of Friendship (figurative and literally)!
    • Added to that, Gentaro Kisaragi is a brony.
  • Ryusei: Expert Cockblocker Explanation 
  • It's also pretty common to compare chest sizes for all Female Zodiarts—whether the switchers are female, or the Zodiarts is female-looking. Two important things to note are the chest sizes of both Aquarius and Virgo belonging to Most Common Superpower, and Scorpio Zodiarts going through A-Cup Angst.
  • Cancer's crabdance.
  • A photoset on Tumblr of Yuki explaining the school cliques to Gentaro has led non-fans to call the series "Asian Mean Girls". (Though some fans aren't too happy about that.)

     Kamen Rider Wizard 
  • "Wizard did it." explanation 
  • "Bitch, Please." Sometimes, "Flame (or whichever ring), Bitch."
  • Comparisons between the White Wizard's Hamel Cane with the Dragon Dagger.

     Kamen Rider Gaim 
  • "Do you accept Fruit Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" explanation 
  • Many people call Kouta's leather black jacket the "Sex Jacket" due to him wearing such a jacket the day after he revealed to Mai that he killed Yuya back in Episode 1 and some members in the audience began to draw a conclusion of what happened after, with one of the hints being Kouta having a nice big smile on his face the day after.
  • The 'BA-NA-NA, BA-NA-NA-' 'BARON DA!' gag became such a meme that at one of the live shows, Kaito's actor couldn't even stand up without the audience beginning the chant.
  • Oren's Kick (no, not a Rider Kick) from episode 18 is popular due to the sheer insanity of it and Oren himself.
  • Takatora's Failed a Spot Check moment in ToQger and Gaim's crossover special (which leds to the events of the Heisei Vs. Showa crossover movie) led to memes like this.
  • Kamen Rider Gaim belongs on HBO. Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Drive 
  • With a mix of Never Live It Down, Gou's hatred towards Chase somehow translates into him begging others to not let his sister engage in relationships with Chase.
    • His post-series motivation of wanting to revive Chase from the dead has lead to jokes that the reason he wanted to keep Chase and his sister from getting together was because he wanted to get with Chase.
  • The slow-mo Spit Take scene between Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Mr. Belt is being used as a Double Take reaction image.
  • Many people, in tribute to Gen's own habit, began misnaming the Roidmudes by different, but similar sounding names.
  • FUCKING BANNO!Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Ghost 
  • Ganma Sentai Necromger! Explanation 
  • Ghosts can't have dinner. Explanation 
  • ORE WA TENKUJI TAKERU! Explanation 
  • Takeru's dead! Again. Explanation 
  • Makoto’s incest dream from episode 34 has become this in light of Mio Kudo’s later Tokusatsu role, with comments and jokes being made in corners of the internet.
  • Ghost is a Pretty Cure season/Kaigan! Ghost PreCure!Explanation 

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 
Being THE most memetic Kamen Rider series since Blade, it's bound to have more than one meme to be listed below.
  • Some fans embrace Black Comedy by giving the Bugster Virus another name. "ExAids"
  • Mentioning any part of the Gashat jingle usually involves another person responding the next line.
  • Burgermon is a good boy! explanation 
  • Haima Kagami's "what the fuck is this shit" expression in #19 is frequently used as a reaction image.
  • Referring to the massive Bugster forms as "meatball monster".
  • Emu Hojo:
    • "Being Emu Hojo is suffering" Explanation 
    • His crying face is also been used as a reaction image.
  • Hiiro Kagami:
  • NO THANK YOU. explanation 
  • People comparing him to Sakuya Tachibana, a very memetic character, due to their similarities in circumstances. Stuff like asking him to scream his girlfriend's name or peeking halfway through a wall are common suggestions.
  • His habit of grabbing people by the collar is often mocked and made fun of.
  • Much like Emu, his crying face has become a popular reaction image.
  • Kuroto Dan:
    • People just love to compare Kuroto to groups like Nintendo or Konami after their less than favorable deeds, especially when Kuroto talks about Mighty Brothers XX like how Nintendo would C&D fan games.
    • To a lesser extent Kuroto gets likened to a corrupt/incompetent Small Name, Big Ego indie or third party dev.
    • The clip of Kuroto's actor attempting to replicate the Dangerous Zombie Gashat's jingle on stage has become famous due to proving he's a Large Ham in real life as well.
    • Various snapshots of Kuroto's exaggerated facial expressions and actions are used for reaction images.
    • Also, referring to him as "The Game Master", "God/Kami", or "The Manly Dan" instead of his actual name, with Shin (Neo) Dan being a In-Universe nickname.
    • There's just the fact that ever since his reveal as a villain, the man is nothing but pure unfiltered ham who spends every onscreen moment devouring the scenery. As one person said, he's like if Cakeboss and Sengoku had an angry manchild.
    • Kuroto ascending from the Continue pipe has caught on to fans that they decided to play with that scene. And it isn't even a one-off visual gag too, as it is how Kuroto actually resurrects! It was memetic enough that it actually made it into the toyline.
    • Not quite a meme per se, but this video of the Ex-Aid cast doing the Dangerous Zombie pose is goddamn hilarious.
  • Parado:
  • Whenever Parado hits someone, such as Kuroto or Poppy (while possessing Emu), this will ensure an edit of his Knockout Critical Smash finisher splash of him hitting the person.
  • Treating him as Emu's annoying friend, mainly for him being interested in Emu and being Emu's Bugster.
  • "Ex-Aid has no OP", and variations thereof, based on the fact that the series moved towards a Cold Open from episodes 18-24 and instead played its opening theme over the closing part of each episode.
  • EXCITE is an ED! explanation 
  • Calling Snipe Simulations Gamer "Kantai Gamer", "KanColle Gamer", "Admiral Snipe" or "Snipe Teitoku". Some took it further and declare Snipe as the new kanmusu of the game.
  • Ever since Episode 25 showed a few civilians playing Kamen Rider Chronicle, fans have joked about it by treating it like an actual game, from making joke reviews of the game, posts about the whereabout of the Kamen Riders, to making a tier list for the Gashacon weapons. This has extended to an actual page on TV Tropes about it.
  • Because Yuya Takahashi, the head writer of Ex-Aid, has written every single episode, fans joked about how "writer-san" doesn't takes breaks, disagrees with letting guest writers do lighthearted romps in favor of making characters suffer, telling his intern that he doesn't need coffee, and other similar scenarios.
  • "TATAKAE!note ", which is borrowed from Kamen Rider Ryuki. Generally fans use this term whenever multiple Riders fight each other and this series is no stranger to that.
  • This frame of Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga from a drink commercial. Many people compare it to one of the shots from the opening of Futari wa Pretty CureAs seen here.
  • Fans have already made the scene in episode 35 when Kiriya whispers something to Emu a meme, giving it fake subs, such as him insulting Emu's waifu or Kiriya declaring Parado is his husbando.
  • It's common for fans to portray Dan Masamune as being a priest who marries various characters, often referring to them as the name of the gashats they use - this isn't limited to Ex-Aid characters, as some people have combined this with Uchu Sentai Kyuranger characters as well (usually Raptor).
  • [Insert Rider here] IS WEAKER THAN POPPY Explanation  The main variation of this is POPPY IS STRONGER THAN GODnote 

     Kamen Rider Build 
  • Meta-wise, the opening song "Be the One" spawned various Philippine-related jokes due to the fact that said singer, Beverly, is half-Pinoy. note 
  • The motion for using the bottles to transform by shaking them has garnered hilarious usage due to their resembling something else entirely. Especially Sento angrily shaking two bottles before transforming in episode 6.
  • "BEST MATCH!" Explanation 
  • "YORU WA YAKINIKUSSHO!" Explanation 
  • Once NinninComic was revealed, the inevitable Naruto jokes spread like wildfire.
  • This too is all Stalk's fault. Explanation 
  • Just punch harder, Banjo. Explanation 
  • His power up is another weapon. Explanation 
    • FUCK, GO BACK. Explanation 
  • The infamous scene where Utsumi going insane and declaring his loyalty to Evolto and snapping Namba's cane in half in episode 38 led to a fair share of memes. Case in point. It even got referenced in the two New World movies.
  • STATS ARE BULLSHIT. Explanation 
  • "Fourze, you lying sack of shit." Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Japanese Keanu Reeves/John Wick. Explanation 
  • Sento's raging reactionnote  to Evolto casually greeting the team with a "Yo!" to twist in the knife while they're mourning Kazumi has been photoshopped with various degrees of glowing/flaming eyes and has been used as a common reaction image.
  • Kamen Rider Build can be aired in the West. Explanation 
  • The shot of the Skywalls dividing Japan from the opening sees a lot of use on Japanese Twitter to illustrate any Broken Base that has split itself into three factions.
  • The close-captions during Banjo's introductory scene in Episode 1 on the official Youtube channel misspelled it as "Manjo",note  leading to a great many jokes.

     Kamen Rider Zi-O 
  • DECADE 2! Explanation 
    • Kamen Rider Decade Season 2.Explanation 
    • Kamen Rider Decade Destiny Explanation 
  • The scene where Black Woz gives the Ziku Driver to Sougo has been edited to show him giving various items to him.
  • Even before the show started, when it was revealed that Zi-O's visor was actually the katakana for "Rider", fans immediately began writing in different words on the visor.
  • Similar to its spiritual predecessor, there was "This was all Zi-O's fault!" And "ONORE ZI-O!".
  • “Next Time on/On the Next Kamen Rider Zi-O…” explanation 
  • Episode 3.5 of the Supplementary Plan, where Sougo and his friends consider blowing up Toei Studios has become commonly used whenever a fan disagrees with anything by Toei.
  • Similar to the “Sad Batman” meme from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a leaked filming pic of Ex-Aid hanging limply from a crane has been joked as Ex-Aid being depressed with his life.
  • Many were joking that Kamen Rider Zi-O might be a female Rider due to Zi-O's suit design, specifically the chest armor. The fact that it's even on one of the earlier rumors makes this even funnier.
  • Kouta's robe with his return rather than his usual god armor has elicited many reactions, from serious speculations that the original costume was damaged, to jokes about him being a yogurt salesman or a casual Jesus.
  • Geiz is a tsundere. note 
  • French Woz note 
  • "IWAE!"note , "Waga Maou."note , "Waga kyuuseishu."note 
  • “THIS TOO, IS DECADE’S FAULT.”Explanation 
  • The manhole cover explanation 
  • Grand Zi-O’s jingle. Explanation 
  • “You are supposed not to know about Trinity.” Explanation 
  • “It wasn't True or False, I asked an endlessly debatable question.” Explanation 
  • "It works like a clock." Explanation 
  • Drive Arc never. Explanation 
  • Comparing Geiz with Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight. While it's common for fans to compare newer riders with older riders, comparing Geiz with Ren is taken even further since not only are they similar in personality, but also in physical appearance with people saying they look like twins.
  • This fanmade video that shows Grand Zi-O taking away the main riders before they even finish their opponents... just to kick Another Den-O.
  • Pine Arms Final Mode Confirmed. Explanation 
  • Kamen Rider Saitama!! Explanation 
  • Woz's new love life Explanation 
  • The Kamen Rider for 2022 will be Shinobi Explanation 

Reiwa Rider Era

    Kamen Rider Zero-One 
  • "A jump to the sky turns to a riderkick." Explanation 
    • One form of meme is to replace the above quote in the transformation with some other sentence using a text-to-speech program, the closest found here under its James (US) setting.note 
  • Kamen Rider Iron ManExplanation 
  • Fukinhoukai Taro has been paired with Machio Naruzo thanks to their physiques and overall camp attitude. Funnily enough, Taro's actor Kinnikun Nakayama is also actively involved with promoting the series' anime as well. Others call him the Japanese version of Ricardo Milos.
    • Aruto's expressions as a comedian became a source for reaction faces.
  • Isamu is fast becoming the flag bearer of memes for Zero-One, like Kuroto Dan in Ex-Aid and Woz in Zi-O:
    • Isamu's over-dramatic opening of Progrise Keys, which has spawned memes replacing the Keys with potato chips, softdrink bottles, oranges, etc.
    • His face at the end of Episode 4 has been compared to Polite Cat.
    • His gut-busting face in Episode 9 reacting at Aruto's joke became an image macro.
    • And let us not get started with his actor's antics off screen in his Youtube channel.
  • Toei's Detroit: Become Human Fix Fic Explanation 
  • The moment Episode 6 aired, people were already churning out Pretty Cure/Kamen Rider Zero One fanart and jokes in Twitter and Pixiv, as Cure Lemonade’s voice actress appears in a cameo, and Cure Whip’s voice actress appears as a HumaGear and both Victim and Monster of the Week. This is yet one more example in a longstanding pattern of Pretty Cure and Kamen Rider crossing over in fanart, another such example being the Name's the Same situation between this season’s secondary Rider and Star☆Twinkle’s fairy mascot.
    • Crossing it with Nightmare Fuel, Mashiro-chan’s Evil Laugh and transformation into Magia became a reaction image macro.
  • Is and Aruto's pose in episode 9 resulted in people comparing them to Popuko and Pipimi. Her slide before that pose is also the subject of humorous edits, including having her surf on a board, her riding a magic carpet, and adding her to a Initial D scene.
  • Is' ad-lib gesturing in Episode 10 is fast trending on Twitter.
  • As of Episode 11, people made jokes about Yuya being killed again.
  • Was is Doraemon Explanation 
  • Shining Assault Hopper Gundam Explanation 
    • ELS MetalCluster Hopper Explanation 
  • "IT'S HIGH QUALITY!" Explanation 
  • Yua's presenting of a calligraphy frame like an idiot board caused people to write memes on the poster.
  • "Presented by ZAIA" Explanation 
    • "Presented by Raider Shadow Legends" Explanation 
  • Are you really a gorilla? Explanation 
  • Gai and his obsession with 1000. Explanation 
  • Using Thouser as a shield Explanation 
  • "Hopper of the hole, what is your wisdom?" Explanation 
  • Zero-One’s gimmick is belts. Explanation 
  • Yua's Finisher Explanation 
  • Thouser Curb-Stomp Arc. Explanation 
  • Gai is eternally 24 Explanation 
  • The Is/Izu debate. Explanation 
  • "Hai! Aruto ja... naito!" Explanation 
  • Resignation Punch! Explanation 
  • Fuwa is the main character/Kamen Rider Vulcan the seriesExplanation 
  • As' Gut/As is pregnantExplanation 
  • Kamen Rider AizenExplanation 
  • Many jokes have spawned about Ark-Zero possessing Conqueror's Haki, after a scene in #37 where he incapacitated multiple AIMS troopers with what looks like his aura.
  • Ai-chan can solve anything!Explanation 
  • Zero-Two out-predicts the Ark's predictionsExplanation 
  • "Ark-One is Zero-One's actual final form, happy now?"Explanation(Spoilers) 
    • " Realizing Hopper is the true final form."Explanation(Spoilers) 
  • Unlimited Ark WorksExplanation(Spoilers) 

    Kamen Rider Saber 
  • As soon as the name was announced, the Fate/stay night jokes kicked off. Keep in mind, at that point the name of the series was the only information known. Some fans have joked about the main Rider being the first female main Rider. Not to mention one Fate spin-off showing Saber (the Servant, not the Kamen Rider) doing this. Even funnier since Saber now has a King Arthur-themed form.
    • The jokes resurged after Master Logos' Kamen Rider name was revealed: Solomon, the final villain of Fate/Grand Order part 1. The fact they share similarities in appearance and goals does not help either, except the Solomon in this series is not the Final Boss; this position belongs to Storious, ironically mirroring Fate/Grand Order in that Solomon was not the true final boss, but someone (conveniently also demon themed) who usurped his powers.
  • The reveal of a short-haired Rider named Ren who was at odds with the main character quickly drew comparisons to both Ryuki's Ren as well as Geiz from Zi-O, with some going as far as to call the older Ren the father of the other two. These comparisons have persisted even with Saber's Ren being revealed to be nothing like the other two personality-wise.
  • After episode 22, the image of Daishinji using a flying tackle to try to catch Yuri quickly became edited to show him jumping at/into other things, include Uncle Scrooge's vault from DuckTales.
  • "Kamen Rider Saber is an Isekai/The Rising of the Flame Swordsman" Explanation 
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki 2 Explanation 
  • "Saber is a Sentai/Seiken Sentai Saberranger" Explanation 
  • "Bonne lecture" Explanation 
  • "Did Toei already waste the budget?" Explanation 
  • "He's not a normal Homo Sapien!" Explanation 
  • "They switched the songs!" Explanation 
  • "Sword of Logos doesn't have manners!" Explanation 
  • Rider Dad Explanation 
  • In general, anytime Mei has any form of facial expression. Explanation 
  • Mei is PogchampExplanation 
  • Saber In Your HandExplanation 
  • Blades' (a blue Rider and of the Water element) King Lion Daisenki Form features twin cannons on his back, which led to fans making jokes comparing him to Blastoise.
  • Fans like to make comparisons of Durendal's Time Master abilities to those of The World's and King Crimson's, particularly towards King Crimson's "IT JUST WORKS" meme. It doesn't help that Chapter 32 shows the power by distorting everything else and using afterimages.
  • Running Touma/The Saber Slope Explanation 
  • Master Logos' true name is Genta Umemori.Explanation 
  • Touma Lucis Caelum Explanation 
  • Reika is a brocon.Explanation 
  • Gold or Silver?Explanation 
  • "We're not supposed to know how you watch these shows if you live abroad"Explanation 

    Kamen Rider Revice 
  • Well, that escalated quickly.Explanation 
  • An emissary from hell, Demons!Explanation 
  • "Is George a DC Comics-Marvel fan now?"Explanation 
  • You're a third-rate Rider with a fourth rate belt!Explanation 
  • "Revice is just George pitting his OC Kamen Riders against each other."Explanation 
  • Kamen Rider Livegun HeavenExplanation 
    • Kamen Rider Wing Live ZeroExplanation 
  • Toei! Don't turn me into a marketable plushie!Explanation 
  • When the imposter is sus! 😳Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Seto Kaiba Vore DriverExplanation (Spoilers) 
  • Junpei Shiranami is Eren JeagerExplanation 
  • What the Lovekov doinExplanation 
  • Giff slapping Aguilera in Episode 28Explanation 
  • Miku Nakano/Kokkoro as LovekovExplanation 
  • Gendo AkaishiExplanation 
  • Revenge of the GiffExplanation 
  • Jeanne is the real Secondary Rider.Explanation 
  • Daiji the Rage QuitterExplanation 
  • Birth of Chimera is a Kakuranger reunion showExplanation 

    Kamen Rider Geats 
  • The moment the title trademark was announced, there were plenty of jokes that this was actually going to be a solo series for Kamen Rider Geiz due to the names being so similar.
  • What about Kamen Rider Shinobi?Explanation 
  • Ex-Aid 2Explanation 
  • The reveal that all Kamen Riders in this series have black Blank Slate "Entry Form"s mainly distinguished by unique helmets have brought many comparisons to the Evil Knockoff Psycho Rangers from Super Sentai, particularly those with similarly blank black bodies that retain their colored helmets, and an added bonus for those with Animal Motifs as well.

Kenzaki: Why do you hide the fact that you're a Troper— No... what is your purpose?
Hajime: I don't know. I really don't know anything at all.
Kenzaki: Then I'll tell her! I'll tell Amane that you're a Troper, and all the memes we've created!
Hajime: Try to tell her that... and I'm going to kill you!