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  • Hibiki's first opening Kagayaki is no pushover either. It's a heroic theme that combines all of the instruments that the heroes use in the show. The second opening Hajimari No Kimi E is also a great song, having a strong orchestral theme that goes perfectly with the show's musical theme.
  • The Kamen Rider BLACK RX (Masked Rider in the US) intro music by Takayuki Miyauchi will get you pumped. Listen here and see if you don't find yourself singing along to the chorus. Now with a 21st Century version.
  • Taking a step back to the Showa Era, while on its own, Super 1's theme may merely be stupidly catchy, This remix takes it and saturates it in Hot-Blooded goodness until it is simply drunk with it!
  • Kamen Rider Faiz:
    • The opening, Justifaiz, is a great song that fits with the show's darker theme. In 2017, the show's lead actor Kento Handa made a remixed cover of the song's first verse. The arrangement better fits the depressing feel of the show as Kento/Takumi walks through a bunch of the show's filming locations, ending with finding himself still lying on the hill where the show ended.
    • The second battle theme, The People With No Name, plays when Faiz is about to kick some ass.

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