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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider

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Various Kamen Rider shows have an element of horror to it. Sometimes the Monster of the Week would go a bit farther then you'd expect a show that you assume was meant just to sell toys.
This guy's supposed to be a HERO!
Spoilers below.

The following works have their own pages:

  • Kamen Rider Agito: The Unknowns who target victims based on them having psychic powers or being blood related to someone with psychic powers.
    • In the first episode, the first victim of the Unknown is a school boy, whose body is found stuffed into a tree. The Unknown proceeds to do this to the boy's mother and father over the course of the episode.
    • Another Unknown drags victims underground and buries them alive and does so to a family of four while they were on vacation.
    • There's one that draws victims into dimensional wormholes and have them fall to their deaths elsewhere.
    • Another Unknown creates pools of water near the victim, then violently drowns them.
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    • Still another phases its victims into solid objects and then stops with the victim half way through. Its final victims were two pre-teen boys.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Involuntary Battle to the Death element of the series already made it significantly edgier than its predecessors, but Masashi Sudou/Kamen Rider Scissors being eaten alive by his Contract Monster, Volcancer is probably one of the most brutal deaths to occur in the franchise to date. Depending on your level of tolerance, Mitsuru Sano/Kamen Rider Imperer's death is either this as well or a Tear Jerker.
  • Kamen Rider Kiva: The monsters of the week, Fangire, are the equivalent to vampires. Except instead of just draining blood, they usually cause giant energy fangs to drain victims of life to the point the humans become transparent and shatter like glass after being being jolted.
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  • Four words: Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue. SWEET. LORD. His jaw splits in half during his transformation and antennae sprout from his head. If that's not enough, instead of a flashy kick, he'll just rip your head off. And to top it all off, he's the hero of his film! He takes the cake. Even worse is that, when you watch his plight in the film, you'll just want to give him a big hug
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: A Kamen Rider series that takes in High School. Sounds cute, right? Well, there's a Psychopathic Man Child named Hiroki Makise who's very fucked up having stalked 20 girls at the school (and has a stalker map on them), pours out so many emails, letters and voicemails to his crushes, becomes a monster that can control people and after being scorned long enough decides to drive a bus off an unfinished bridge so they can become shooting stars. This guy is the reason that Fourze has a High Octane Nightmare Fuel Page AND fill sup most of the Fridge Horror section there.
  • Kamen Rider Zo: Every villain in this can be considered Nightmare fuel: First of all, a combination of Shin Kamen Rider and The Terminator, a creepy bat with eyes on the hand, a Claymation spider woman with her jaw splitted in half, and finally: An organism who takes the form of a mutant-looking Child...
  • Don't forget that in the series from the 1970's, the monsters used to turn people into skeletons or goo after spitting something on them and kidnap children.
  • This is how Monsters of the Week are killed in Kamen Rider Amazon.
  • SIC's interpretations of the Kamen Riders can be this at times, due to the artistic choices. OOO resembles a brightly-colored chimera, Kabuto is teched out, alien-looking and in some cases battle-damaged, there are bits and pieces that let you expose Ichigo's insides, etc.
  • The manga adaptation for the original Kamen Rider series has a much more down-to-Earth - yet no less horrifying - ending: it turned out that 'Shocker was being funded by the Japanese government. The Kamen Rider Spirits manga plays up this aspect of Shocker, by revealing that they also dabble in arms dealing.

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