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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Build

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    Episode 1: That One With The Best Match 
  • The first episode already gives us a clue on how Smash are made: They're converted humans, like in the original series. We've only seen it momentarily in flashbacks but it does not look pleasant. Thankfully unlike the modified humans of the Showa Era, Build's power can revert them to normal.
    • So far all we know about how Smash are created is the victim is knocked out and later wakes up inside a case, surrounded by masked scientists while other victims are screaming in terror nearby. The only good thing is that anyone who is fully turned into Smash don't remember this terrifying experience when Build cures them or else they'd turn out like Ryuga, who is rightfully traumatized by what Faust did to him (he was able to escape before he is fully turned, and thus remember everything).
    • And now we know. The subjects are shoved into that case to expose them to Nebula Gas, a byproduct of the Skywall itself, to test their resistance to it. Those with some resistance, but not enough, become Smash. Those with enough resistance, labelled Hazard Level 3, don't become Smash but instead have the potential to use Build Drivers to become Kamen Riders. Those with no resistance die during the operation and rampage about as Smash until their essence is extracted.
  • The chase with the Guardians has some goofy moments, but pause and think for a second. They armed the guardians with assault rifles and rocket launchers just to bring in a relatively normal fugitive armed with nothing but his fists. What the hell is up with Touto's government?
  • The poor people who were caught by the Skywall when it starts rising from the ground. Unless the red light kills them immediately, imagine their terror as they're being pushed towards the sky. Either they eventually get killed by the red light, they fall to their deaths. or they are suspended on the sky wall with no hope of getting down and eventually die from thirst or starvation, or if they are high enough, they die from lack of oxygen or exposure.
  • The fact that Touto, whose government was said to be pacifistic, has a mechanized police force who seemingly uses lethal force as soon as they spot their target. Either their AI is phenomenally bad or something's up with Touto's government. note 
    Episode 2: The Innocent Runaway 
  • Night Rogue reveals that people in suboptiminal health die the second the process that turns them into Smash begins. The fact that he has a term for this (Hazard Level 1) implies that such cases were plenty. It also makes you wonder that, if Hazard Level 1 is dying, what could be Hazard Level TWO?
    • On later episodes it is revealed that the Hazard Level turns out to be not that much of a nightmare - while Level 1 means you are unable to survive, Level 2 means you have a chance to be a Rider, while Level 3 means you are capable of becoming a Rider. However, depending on how you view it, being able to fight monsters can be a nightmare on its own, especially when your "boss" is Gentoku.
  • The episode also shows the viewer that the Guardian robots are capable of merging into a bigger mechanical unit to overwhelm their targets. The best way to describe it would be ED-209 with a Merry-Go-Round of machine gun armed Guardians on its underside.
    Episode 3: Borderline Of Justice 
  • This episode shows us that Faust's test subjects are not sedated before they're put in the tanks. They're awake and fully know every single horrifying moment they're experimented upon until they turn into monsters. It actually makes you feel bad for Nabeshima.
  • The first Smash of the episode was a mother who was unknowingly attacking her own son after she became a Smash. She doesn't remember her time as a Smash but knew that if it weren't for Build, she might've hurt her child or worse.
  • What's the first thing Blood Stalk does? Poison Sento and then devouring Nabeshima. It's not made clear if Blood Stalk's snake consumed Nabeshima's body as a means of recapturing him or if it just straight up ate him.
  • Night Rogue in general is pure nightmare fuel. Whenever he appears, you know he's about to do something terrible to somebody, whether it's turning a man's sick girlfriend into a Smash to kill him or "rewarding" an agent by turning them into a Smash as well.
    Episode 5: Dangerous Identity 
  • Blood Stalk tells Sento that he has Hazard Level 3.4 and still can do better after their fight. Knowing what is Hazard Level 1, this is not good.
  • Sento attacks Blood Stalk in anger, his Hazard Level reportedly rises. It makes sense with Smash as they are humans with artificially heightened aggression. But does it mean Sento is/was a Smash?
  • Ryuga finally loses his patience and decides to find Faust's base on his own. The plan he comes up with is knocking Sento out and turning Tatsuya back into Smash.
    Episode 6: Moonsault Of Anger 
  • Ryuga gets his hands on the Build Driver after punching it out of Sento's hands and nearly transforms into Build. However, he's proven incapable of changing into Build, getting an immensely painful power surge through his body that knocks him unconscious instead.
  • Ryuga makes the mistake of trying to get in close quarters with Blood Stalk and gets a disturbingly fast acting dose of his poison as a reward, causing him to writhe in pain while his skin rapidly turns greenish-black in patches.
  • Blood Stalk reveals that Sento and Ryuga were experimented on and should have turned into Smash, but did not. Adding this on the top of the events (like unfinished business with Blood Stalk and Ryuga slowly dying of poisoning) causes Sento to go completely apeshit.
    Episode 7: The Devil's Scientist 
  • Guardians catching up with some people fleeing from Hokuto is just brutal.
  • Blood Stalk appears out of thin air, threatens a group of children and turns one of them into Smash.
  • Stalk's casual demonstration of the Steam Blade's Devil Steam attack, which allows him to administer Nebula Gas quickly and without clunky equipment, allowing him to create Smash anywhere at any time. Presumably the only reason Faust needs the clunky equipment at all is to record data.
  • Blood Stalk's laugh in this episode. Deep, echoing sound that is most likely a genuinely happy laugh, but definitely not what most people would imagine under the description.
  • Night Rogue is Gentoku, Sento's boss. And, like the two villains before him, he knows perfectly well that Sento is Build, while Sento has no idea who he is. Not only does this mean that he could likely take out Sento at any given time, it also raises the possibility that Sento (and the majority of the other people working for Gentoku) might actually be working for Faust and have no idea...
    Episode 9: The Trap Of Project Build 
  • Seeing Night Rogue approach her causes Misora to relive the trauma of being in captivity of Faust. The sheer horror of this is so strong she passes out.
  • The fact that Night Rogue seems to be taking sadistic pleasure in terrifying her is equally horrifying. This is what Pandora's Box turned Gentoku into. A sadistic monster who preys on the helpless.
    Episode 10: Technology Of Destruction 
  • Touto's security guards get to experience a full on Mook Horror Show this episode, starting with the lovely image of Blood Stalk killing and dissolving guards with his poison. It gets worse for them too. After Blood Stalk activates the Guardians' Manchurian Agent protocols, the guards start being killed left and right without any hope of fighting back. Several of them are even brutally executed as their surviving squadmates try to drag them to safety.
  • The reveal that due to their pact with Faust, Namba Heavy Industries Ltd. included a Villain Override in the Guardians so Faust could take control of them any time. Faust basically has Touto's entire robot army at their beck and call.
    Episode 11: Burning Dragon 
  • Blood Stalk uses his powers to disintegrate a pair of guards. The second one he pumps full of his poison until he breaks into particles, screaming the entire time. The first one he just backhands and he pops like a balloon. Made worse by Blood Stalk's utter lack of a reaction, almost like he's doing nothing more than swatting a pesky fly instead of murdering a pair of guards.
    Episode 12: Theory Of Conspiracy 
  • Just the way Utsumi drops off the bridge when Gentoku kills him. He falls too fast and motionless to be alive on his way down. The fact that Gentoku is so willing to cast aside those who serve him also serves to highlight what a reprehensible villain he is.
    Episode 16: The Weaponry Hero 
  • Taro Satou went to Katsuragi's place, saw Blood Stalk, tried to run away crying and died nearly immediately after Blood Stalk stabbed him. His face was swapped with the recently knocked out Katsuragi and his body was left for Ryuga to find.
  • The Prime Ministers start an all out war. Hokuto has their own Smash and a Rider - Grease. There is a reason for that, Blood Stalk gave them the completed Sclash research data.
  • The end shows a powerful Smash capable of going back and forth between his monstrous form and human form. And he seems to be an ass to boot. It gets better - there are three of them.
    Episode 17: Rider Wars Start 
  • The episode starts with some disturbingly real imagery of the border between Touto and Hokuto turning into an active warzone.
  • Misora wanders around the place in daze, blaming herself for every single thing that's happening, resulting in her trying to hurt her own arm just to take off her bracelet.
  • Sento searches for Misora among the chaos like a parent looking for their child.
    • And there's also a scene of a child desperately searching for his missing mother.
  • Ryuga's first transformation into Cross-Z Charge looks really painful. Not helped at all by the Sclash Driver immersing him in the Dragon Jelly and then twisting it around him until it forms into the Cross-Z Charge armor.
    Episode 18: The Golden Soldier 
  • In a first after who knows how many years: Grease, a Rider, used a finisher on an untransformed human. It failed due to an interference, but his intention was to kill the human, he even outright says this. Sure he's an enemy Rider, but still, it doesn't make his intention any less of a nightmare fuel.
  • Sclash Driver is revealed to be extremely dangerous - that's why Katsuragi back then didn't finish it, he was unable to find a way to not make Sclash Driver be not dangerous to its user. What's the danger? Using it basically exposes the user to the lethal effects of Nebula Gas, the same as being unshielded from the light of Pandora Box, thus making the user more violent like Smashes. This explains why Grease has a violent fighting style, to the point where he has no qualms about killing humans. The episode 19 preview revealed Ryuga getting just as violent as Grease, and this is just from two or three uses of the Sclash Driver!
    • What's just as twisted, is that Blood Stalk tricked Sento into completing the Driver, all while he is being fully aware that Sento is Katsuragi (at that time Sento himself is unaware he is Katsuragi). That means Blood Stalk used Sento/Katsuragi's amnesia to trick him into finishing what he shouldn't have finished.
    Episode 20: The Devil's Trigger 
  • Using Hazard Trigger carries the risk of its user losing their sense of self. This would be bad for anyone, but for Sento, there is nothing more frightening. He lost his identity once already and fought to hold onto what he managed to establish.
  • Sento's reaction to Katsuragi's notes on Hazard Trigger is appropriately horrified.
  • Even the Build Driver is afraid of the Trigger. The transformation has it finally ditching the enthusiastic "Yeah!". And in its place is a genuinely worried "YABEI!". note 
  • Ryuga is afraid of not being able to control himself as Cross-Z Charge, but just keeps on going because he believes this to be the only option.
    Episode 21: The Unstoppable Hazard 
  • The preview implies Sento apparently killing Aoba as RabbitTank Hazard and the realization completely wrecking him. Kazumi's reaction is no better.
    • In the episode proper, Sento is unable to convince Ryuga into backing down before the Hazard Trigger overwhelms him, suddenly turning RabbitTank Hazard into an agent of Tranquil Fury as he brutally and mercilessly forces Ryuga, Akaba, and Kiba out of their transformations, and then kills Aoba in cold blood. When Sento got forced out of his transformation, he was in shock over what he had done.
    • The worst thing about it is just how sudden and subtle the change is. There's no roaring like Philip in FangJoker, no deep breathing or grunts like Eiji in PuToTyra. Just silence as the Hazard Trigger overrides Sento's personality to turn him into a silent berserker. Hell if one didn't know how the Trigger functions, they could be forgiven for thinking that's how Build always is.
    • Elaborating on the above, the first true showing of Hazard's power starts when Sento just freezes up and stands stock still with a lamp creaking as it swings from the ceiling. Then Build looks up at Ryuga and lunges forward, opening up with a Finishing Move that wipes him out immediately before turning his attention to the Three Crows and tossing them around like ragdolls. The way he kills Aoba is equally terrifying. He brutalizes him with two finishers. A surge of electricity from an Overflow and a Hazard Finish kick. He's totally emotionless during the act too.
    • Perhaps one of the more subtly horrific things about this scene is that there wasn't a particularly big explosion from the whole thing. Aoba's body just drops like a rock and stays there for the remainder of the scene until Grease checks in on him.
    • Worst of all, if you pay attention, you'll notice that Hazard is using Sento's own brain to judge who to attack next. It sees Ryuga as the biggest threat, so once he's beaten and knocked out of his transformation, it ignores a completely defenseless target to move on to the next biggest threat.
  • Then, as if all of this wasn't bad enough, he turns toward Akaba and Kiba and begins walking towards them. Note that they just managed to return back to normal and obviously are in no condition to fight. Sento would have killed two untransformed people in cold blood were it not for a combo of Ryuga and Grease.
  • In the aftermath of RabbitTank Hazard, Sento is visibly distraught after taking a life and losing control to the Hazard Trigger. To say that he's distraught as a result of his actions would be an understatement.
  • Making the above worse is that many times in the episode when Sento's face is shown, the shots are framed in a way that make his eyes look completely black. Empty Shell indeed...
    Episode 22: Victory Of Tears 
  • The device Sento made to destroy the Hazard Trigger will kill him at the same time, and he wants Misora to use it if it comes down to it. She is naturally horrified and tells him off for trying to make her commit murder leading to Sento unintentionally echoing Stalk's words from #21. It doesn't count as a murder because he is just a weapon. Misora rips him a new one for saying so out of a fear induced worry for Sento's well being.
  • Sento's pleas to stop the fight getting increasingly distorted as he loses control of the Hazard Trigger.
  • Hazard Trigger affected Sento advancing on an untransformed Kazumi before pulling him up and preparing to kill him. Kazumi barely stirs, resigned to his fate.
    Episode 23: The Phantom Of The West 
  • Masakuni Mido having the workers on Kazumi's farm rounded up and told Kazumi that if doesn't join Seito's forces, they will be killed. And he was looking for an oppurtunity to show off the Washio Brothers in the most horrifying way possible. While Tajimi was a cartoonish villain, this guy is just plain evil.
  • Kamen Rider Rogue's henshin sounds are rather terrifying. The build up music is basically the Jaws theme and includes a woman screaming. Everything about him screams "Bad News" especially since he's Gentoku returned for some revenge. Hell, the activation sound for the bottle is it literally saying DANGER....
    Episode 24: A Man Called Rogue 
  • Gentoku's way of becoming Kamen Rider Rogue. He did not have the privilege of getting the tank treatment like the other three Kamen Riders. Instead, he was chained up until his spirit was broken, forced to keep trying to transform with the Sclash Driver to the point where he was incapacitated by the feedback, and was almost beat to death by Seito's Guardians until his Hazard Level was up to the required level. No wonder he stated that he went through hell to become a Kamen Rider. His emotionless voice and unblinking stare suggests that he has left some of his marbles back in that cell, too.
    Episode 25: The Idol Awakens 
  • Sento's voice, when he warns Soichi to stay away from Misora, does not sound like one anyone should be willing to disobey if they have a shred of sanity left intact.
  • Sento loses control of Hazard form and beats down everyone on the scene before going for Misora. The way he advances on her is sheer horror.
    • Neither Ryuga or Kazumi can move to stop him. All they can do is watch.
    • To clarify, Build stares at Misora for a few seconds, then wildly dashes towards her. He then picks her up by the neck, slams her against a pillar and starts choking her. If Misora's mysterious powers hadn't kicked in, Sento would have killed one of his closest friends.
  • Mars...the brief devastation we see is horrifying. And what's occurring now is likely similar to what happened there. To make things even more horrifying, Misora sees the destruction of Mars' civilization every time she purifies a Fullbottle. Considering how many Fullbottles she purified under Faust's control and with the heroes....
  • Rogue vs. Akaba. We know that the fight will go badly for the remaining member of the Three Crows. But then Rogue starts ripping off chunks of Akaba's body during their scuffle, while declaring that he will fall for his "crusade". Yeowch.
  • The Namba Children. During this episode, we learn that Juzaburo Namba personally trained a group of orphans from childhood to be experts in a variety of skills, while indoctrinating them to be completely loyal to him. Many of them grew up to be in important positions of power, giving Namba a spy network who can gather information on or sabotage anyone he wants. For example, Touto's Prime Minister's aide had been leaking military secrets to Hokuto and Seito while they were at war. What's worse is that unlike many of the other villains in this series who were corrupted by Pandora's Box, the ages of some of the Children such as Utsumi proved that Namba has been doing this since long before the box was discovered, so he doesn't even have that excuse.
    Episode 26: The Treacherous Deathmatch 
  • This episode shows what it's like for Sento inside his armor when the Hazard Trigger overwhelms him. His face looks like it's in a state of absolute panic and various readouts are flashing in front of his face Iron Man style with a loud alarm going off. It makes his previous freakouts in his Hazard forms feel less like a cold calculating menace and more like a panicked berserker whose thought process screams "KILL AND KILL AND KILL TO MAKE IT STOP!"
  • Sawa is revealed as one of Namba Children. She never stopped spying on everyone, and all the things with her being "disposed of" and turned into Smash was only a ploy to get everyone to trust her again. One of the main members of the cast has been a brainwashed Laser Guided Tyke Bomb the entire time.
    Episode 28: The Genius Arrives With A Tank 
  • Stalk completely reduces Mido to nothing and uses his face-swapping powers to help Namba pull a Kill and Replace. With a final shot of the Hard Guardians, heavily armored Guardians with gatling guns for hands, powering up it's clear that Namba is gearing up for a war that can't be stopped by a Representative Battle.
    Episode 29: The Opening Bell Rings 
  • The devastation left by creation of the Pandora Tower. People are tossed everywhere in a much more horrible way than being tossed into the sky during the Skywall Disaster, they're hurled horizontally which means that when they finally hit something... Splat. Also, seeing an event like the Skywall Disaster in more detail, and then seeing the result the completed tower had on Mars (with still no word on how it destroyed a civilization. There was a complete version of a tower just like the one we just saw begin... and then there’s total devastation.) really hammers home how the heroes, villains, and nations are playing with impersonal and apocalyptically powerful forces they know nothing about, to a level far beyond even anyone in Gaim trying to control or stop the Helheim Forest. A child playing with a nuke would be ten times less scary than anyone touching that box. And of course, even in the face of this, nobody has any plans of saying “let’s just bury the damn thing and go home before we end the world” and walking away.
  • Misora's scream upon seeing it happen doesn't help either, considering she likely recognizes the tower from the nightmare visions she has while purifying Fullbottles. Not even the Narm packed scream Taizan Himuro gives after her dulls that.
  • If Soichi's not lying, completing the tower will doom Earth in the same fashion as Mars. They have 27 of 60 bottles. They are almost halfway to their goal.
    Episode 30: The Truth Of The Pandora Box 
  • The Reveal that Soichi was possessed falls into this, as it is clear that despite Fighting from the Inside, he has virtually no control... Meaning that this whole time, through all the horrible things Stalk was doing, he was trapped in a And I Must Scream situation, only able to watch as it happened—especially given what his own daughter was put through.
    Episode 31: Surging Magma! 
  • Gentoku claims to have a kill switch implanted in him, so he wouldn't try to do anything funny against Namba.
  • The way Blood Stalk manipulates Pandora's Box to knock everyone around makes fighting inside the Pandora Tower nearly impossible. Also, it's very reminiscent of how he manipulates people into his plans.
  • Ryuga was experimented on as a child, because his mother was affected by Pandora Box before he was born.
  • His mother was walking by the unmanned Martian rover shortly after it returned, and....something crawled off it, and entered her through her leg. Then as she was one month pregnant, and apparently had no idea, it entered the still forming Ryuga and over wrote his human DNA and cellular structure. Allow that to sink in. It altered a being that had no way of defending itself and no one knew, not even his mother. If you're a parent reading this, I apologize for the likely chill you just felt. Arguably worse still? We later learn that it was a piece of Evolt.
  • Shinobu Katsuragi (Takumi's father) was involved in the experimentation on Ryuga. It turns out that it wasn't too bad, just scientists trying to figure out why the hell a baby born so early was so healthy. What is scary is the fact that Evolt caught wind of this and proceeded to threaten Shinobu to repair the Evol Driver. Imagine being a scientist trying to discover some biological mystery only to get strong-armed into repairing a weapon by a genocidal body-snatching alien.
  • This also paints the Hazard Trigger in a darker light. It wasn't clear before what Takumi would've wanted with something that could only be a weapon, but with the above in mind He might have been willing to throw away his morals to destroy Evolt no matter the cost.
  • After Blood Stalk was defeated and then restrained with Pandora's Box, he creepily laughs about how the vessel is finished and that all he needs now is the ultimate Driver. The music only adds to the feeling of how even when he lost the battle, he's still progressing his evil scheme.
  • The next step in Blood Stalk's work on rising Ryuga's Hazard Level was attempting to beat Sento to death while Ryuga was watching, unable to move.
  • With the sheer number of revelations this episode has, the question to ask now is, just how long has Evolt been playing humanity like puppets? If the above point about part of him being within Ryuga is accurate, it began even before the mission ten years ago. And what's worse? We followed willingly.
    Episode 32: Programmed Tragedy 
  • The attempt to get Pandora's Box by killing Kazumi's past friends from his farm is too evil even by Gentoku's standards! (According to him, what's the point of killing them if the plan didn't work?) Then we see what happened when Gentoku rebelled too much courtesy of Utsumi's device...
  • Gentoku ends up being forced to take his father hostage for Blood Stalk's agenda to retrieve the Pandora and the Super Prototype Build Driver.
    Episode 33: The Final Weapon: Evol 
  • Evolt's transformation sequence sounds positively demonic, right down to having a completely psychotic Evil Laugh. Everything about it screams evil, with how its voice is the same as Evolt himself, its transformation music is a twisted, electronic parody of Beethoven's Ninth, and the dark energies and star motifs scream one thing; Evolt is back, and he's done playing around.
    Evol Driver: "Cobra! Rider System! Evolution! Are you Ready? Cobra! COBRA! EVOL COBRA! FUHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  • Everything about Kamen Rider Evol is nightmare fuel incarnate. First, he can teleport at will, to the point that Rogue can't even land a hit on him. Secondly, Evolt is such a vicious fighter that he gives no time for Gentoku to even fight back, hitting him repeatedly before finishing him with an Evoltech Finish. Lastly, translated scans show that this suit has an in-built system to scan celestial bodies to determine the best way to destroy them.
  • The Evol Driver is no super prototype of the Build Driver. It's the ORIGINAL version. The Build Driver is a man-made version of alien tech, which makes Build an inferior knock-off of Evol.
  • Soichi Isurugi is not a bad guy in the end, just a man in a very unfortunate situation. Evolt torments him over this seemingly regularly, and Soichi is utterly terrified of what he's being made to do.
  • Even worse, Evolt's murder of Prime Minister Taizan. Look closely and you'll notice Evolt's attack strikes him in the back, but his clothing is torn apart in the front as well. The camera cut around this to avoid issues with the ratings, but Evolt blasted a hole in his body.
    Episode 34: The Severing Best Match 
  • Evolt's possession of Ryuga. After the two fire off some explosive punches at each other, when the dust settles, it looks like Ryuga is the only one left standing... Only for him to slowly turn around and speak in Evolt's voice while Kazumi, Sento, and Sawa can only stare in horror.
    Episode 35: Tower Of Destruction 
  • Evolt appears in Nascita and just knocks everyone down like nobody's bussiness.
  • The heroes are reduced to one Phoenix Fullbottle in Gentoku's hand since Evolt has all the other Fullbottles and Pandora's Box! Then one of the promotional images shows Evolt with said Fullbottle in the Hokuto panel about to attach it to Pandora's Box. The heroes just can't catch a break.
  • The Pandora Tower is completed. It is simply a horrifying moment. The sky darkens, fire begins to erupt from the ground, and we hear Evolt laughing manically at his handiwork.
    Episode 36: Evolt Hunts The Stars 
  • Sento's suicidal plan to deal with Evolt. He experiments with one of the panels to get it down to a size where it can be inserted into the Build Driver. This gives him enough power to fight Evol on equal ground and separate Ryuga. The next step is to use its full power and kill Evol.
  • Just imagine Misora's situation. Her father is comatose in hospital, her mother is nowhere to be found, her brother has been possesed by Eldritch Abomination and her other brother plans suicide. There is practically nothing she can do about either of these things.
  • It seems as if Evolt has hijacked Sento. While this likely means that Ryuga is free, that also means that Evolt has control of another Hazard Level 5 body and potentially Sento's genius intellect and memories. The actual episode not only confirms that Evolt has Sento's body, but that the Hazard Level has been raised even further, meaning that Evolt is that much closer to getting his back to his original power level and destroying Earth. Even worse? Sento found a way to raise his Hazard Level due to placing a panel of the Pandora Box into the Build Driver. What did his Hazard Level raise to? 6. Higher than even Ryuga. Worse still? Even if he's removed, Sento still used a device too dangerous for a human anyway, and there will likely be consequences for doing so. He now has to walk the route several other Riders have before him, no matter what.
  • It is implied that Evolt comes from some undiscovered planet that is not Mars nor Earth which could potentially mean that there is possibly other beings just like him and could be just as evil.
  • According to Vernage, Pandora's Tower didn't wipe out Mars with an enormous explosion like the audience was lead to believe it did. What seems to be a Black Hole opened above it and and "stripped the planet of everything". Paired with the episode title of Evol Hunts Planets and the terrible possibility that Evolt and his race are Planet Looters comes to mind.
    • What's worse? Vernage screamed that if Evolt gets his final form, Earth is doomed, and magazine scans show that the Evol Trigger gives Evolt a Black Hole Form. The Pandora Tower didn't make the black hole that wiped out Mars. Evol made the black hole with his own two hands.
    • We later learn that Evolt is actually much worse than a Planet Looter. He actually consumes planets for energy, not because he needs to, but only because it makes him more powerful, and his ultimate goal is to eventually consume everything in the universe until he's the only thing left just because he can.
    Episode 37: The Ultimate Phase 
  • Evolt!Sento. Just to start with hearing Evolt's voice come out of Sento is just surreal. Evolt mostly keeping Sento's body language (with some creepy faces added on the top) only makes things worse.
  • Evolt is actually furious that his plans have been foiled for the first time in his long planet-destroying career. He starts threatening Sento, saying that if he's still there, he is letting him know that he'll destroy everything and everyone he cares about personally. Then he begins to twitch and growl inhumanly. Seeing Sento's body do those movements is just...wrong.
    Evolt: Sento, did you hear that? Thanks to you... My whole plan WAS RUINED!!!
  • Transforming into Great Cross-Z makes blue cracks appear on Ryuga's face for a moment.
  • Using a panel of Pandora Box in the Build Driver and being possesed by Evolt screwed with Sento's mind, causing him to return to being Takumi Katsuragi. He doesn't remember anything that happened after he was disposed of by Evolt, which is made obvious when he doesn't recognize his name.
    Episode 38: Mad World 
  • The Washio Brothers both fight Evolt and die. Rai gets disintegrated by a black hole and Fu vanishes like the Three Crows.
  • Utsumi doesn't so much as jump off the slippery slope as do a tap dance number off it. He's all but feral now and acts as Evolt's attack dog.
  • Utsumi's Kamen Rider Mad Rogue can be seen as terrifying in its own right. The orderly tubes that normally form become wild and incoherent, and when they converge, they deform and bring to mind blood vessels. And with that, we also get another dose of terror; Evolt is officially toying with everyone now, as he's abandoned the idea of destroying Earth simply because Utsumi's breakdown was so hilarious to him that he decided "Hey, you know what, this is just too fun to stop now."
  • The implication that Evolt even after getting his final Black Hole form can become even more powerful. All because of him creating a seventh panel from the Pandora Box and the Evol Trigger as well as converting Smash Bottles into Lost Fullbottles that will play into Be The One.
  • Once again, the Evol gear perverts another classical score. In this case, the rotation jingle while the Evol Trigger is attached is a remix of O Fortuna.
    Episode 40: The Final Revolution 
  • Kazumi infiltrates Faust in Hokuto, is captured and subjected to forced Nebula Gas exposure that raises his Hazard Level to it's absolute limit. If he is defeated, he will disappear just like the Trio.
  • Evolt brought Tajimi out of whatever place he had her tucked away for later usage and makes her into Lost Smash bent on killing Sento and Kazumi. If they didn't have other options, they would have to kill her to make her stop attacking. What's worse, The dose of Nebula Gas required to completely brainwash Tajimi and turn her into a Lost Smash is all but confirmed to be hideously painful by her terrified strained screams from within the pod.
    Episode 41: The Truth Of The Best Match 
  • The connections between Best Matches are finally explained as being thirty things that Evolt asked Soichi to name, and thirty things that could destroy them. The only reason for the more bizarre ones was eventually out of a desire to protect the things that Misora would love, the Organic FullBottles, after a while he stopped answering Evolt's questions for Inorganic FullBottles rationally and started giving him nonsense answers. This had the unfortunate side effect of making Evolt Intrigued by Humanity.
  • It turns out that up until this point, Evolt couldn't feel human emotion, despite acting very much like he could, and something Sento's Genius Finish did to him gave him actual emotions. Later on in the episode, Sento notes after taking a finishing move that Evolt being able to feel true anger and having the Rider System plugged into his belt means that Evolt's Hazard Level can rise. That's right. The villain can get stronger without having to get any new toys. And from how frustrated he got from fighting Genius Form, he's gonna get a lot angrier. Nice knowing you, Sento.
  • Up until this point, any sadism Evolt exhibited was also just a farce. But now? He can actually take enjoyment out of making others suffer, and if his actions in this episode are any indication, he's realized this fact too.
    Episode 42: Legacy Of Doubt 
  • Evolt gives us another dosage of this page when he uses a Black Hole Finish and generates a giant black hole to devour the Touto government building, and everyone inside, eliminating the entire Touto government in one swoop. It's obvious if it weren't for his interest in Earth, he would've done this a while ago and kept it going, to devour the entire world. Somehow this causes Ryuga has another flash of Evolt's memories and goes berserk in fight against Utsumi. He seems to be at least somewhat aware of what's going on, but it doesn't exactly allow to stop himself. When Utsumi escapes, he starts punching a downed Guardian (basically a pile of scrap already), probably to avoid attacking Kazumi, who is justifiedly freaked out. Worse, he uses Evolt's Flash Step ability and something akin to a Black Hole finish in the fight. The inside of his helmet at moment reminded of the warning signs and alarms that go off in berserk Hazard Forms.
    Episode 43: The Other Build 
  • Ryuga loses control and goes berserk against Shinobu Katsuragi/Another Build. He would have killed the man if Sento didn't stop him and that is after he snapped out of the horror caused by watching him.
  • Misora is captured by Evolt and turned into Lost Smash. The way she pleads for Sento to save her before being taken over by crazed Vernage is worthy of slasher movie.
    Episode 45: The Scientist Of Hope 
  • Evolt not only successfully evolves by absorbing the completed Black Pandora Panel and pushing the Evol Driver to the limit, he then gets a little emotional revenge on Sento by warping him with him to another unrelated planet and then proceeds to activate his new form's Black Hole Break finisher. What does that do you may ask? Why opens up a black hole that consumes the entire planet instantly and without the need for Pandora's Box of course! Oh yeah, and it gets worse. Every time Evolt does that he gets stronger. His description of what he's going to do with that power is bone-chilling.
    Evolt: I'm going to consume as many planets as I can, until I'm all that's left in the universe. And that... ...will be the new world!
  • The fact that Evolt threatens Utsumi while telling him to not inform the Blood Tribe members of what he's after implies that his desire to be "all that's left in the universe" extends to exterminating his own race.
    Episode 46: An Oath To Be The One 
  • The episode opens on Evolt as Mido giving a televised speech about the Skywall Disaster and a quick summary of the events of the series before breaking into an Evil Laugh and revealing who he really is to the world after declaring "Today, this country falls!" and transforming into Kamen Rider Evol's Black Hole form. Imagine if a beloved and respected politician tore off his skin during a speech and revealed that he was an alien who wants to eat your planet and you'd understand how the people of Build's Japan must have felt during that broadcast.
  • His explanation of his devised final confrontation with the Riders is bone-chilling too, mainly because he frames the whole thing as a game. The Riders need to make it to the top of Pandora's Tower to fight him, but for every ten minutes they don't Evolt will destroy a segment of the country. He then immediately demonstrates it, sucking an entire city block and thousands of people into a Black Hole.
  • Evolt reveals even more of his Super Power Lottery, as it turns out he can spawn doppelgangers of people. What's worse, each of them is extremely powerful, able to match, if not exceed, the originals in power. He created imitations of the Hokuto Crows, and the preview for #47 implies he makes imitations of the Engine and Remocon Bros, but so far there's no known limit on how many he can make, or how powerful they can get. Later it's revealed that they're as powerful as Evolt in Phase 1, which mind you, curb stomped Rogue.
    • Fridge Horror when you realize that instead of attacking the heroes, he could've had these guys run around outside the Tower and kill regular people. They almost perfectly snuck up on the Riders, after all.
    Episode 47: Zero Degree Flames 
  • This episode kills two riders in one go. First, Utsumi dies fighting Evolt and then Kazumi dies fighting Evolt's mimics.
  • Evolt is still destroying huge chunks of Japan with his Black Holes, inflicting horrible deaths upon thousands, while the Riders are struggling and dying.
  • Sawa's hands are all bloody up to the wrists from tending to Gentoku's wounds. This doesn't stop her from hugging Misora, who is too distraught to notice.
    Episode 48: To The World Of Love & Peace 
  • Evolt opens a massive black hole to destroy Earth like he did Mars, in the process consuming the Moon to power his true form up further.
  • Gentoku's death, while a Dying Moment of Awesome that was instrumental in saving the world, was horrifyingly brutal. He gets beaten down by Evolt so badly that he gets a hole punched in his helmet.
  • Ryuga's seeming death, pulling a Taking You with Me gambit to force Evolt into the distortion between realities knowing full well that if he does they're both facing absolute oblivion.
    Episode 49: The Tomorrow Build Will Create 
  • There's just something terrifying about how Evolt behaves when Sento arrives and he reveals himself. Evolt normally makes some witty quip or insult, but here, he just stands there for a few moments with a Death Glare, practically snarling. Evolt's been angry before, but this is the first time he's been completely speechless with rage.

Movies and Specials

    Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid With Legend Riders 
  • Creating the Ex-Aid FullBottle robs Emu of his ability to transform.
  • The villains plan to destroy both Sento's world and the main Kamen Rider world by having them collide into each-other.
    Kamen Rider Build: Raising The Hazard Level ~ 7 Best Matches~ 
  • Sento spends not even a full minute in SmarphoWolf Hazard before losing control. He's working to try and get it under his control... and wasn't in control for more than a minute.
  • Build nearly kills Utsumi, mowing though the two hologram Smash he summons, punching through the first, and using the Drill Crusher to shred the other, embedding it into its head and working downward. Had the latter not used that as a distraction to remove the Trigger, he most likely would have been next.
  • #1: Gentoku and Soichi talk about naming the organization experimenting with Nebula Gas Faust. Gentoku notes that Soichi can't be as powerful as Mephistopheles. Well, as it turned out, he was wrong and actually talking to the closest equivalent of the devil there is in Build.
  • #2:
    • Gentoku is repeatedly beaten by his inmates in Namba's prison. One time leaves him half dead and stuffed in a body bag.
    • There is a strong implication of prison rape as two inmates hold Gentoku up while their boss starts undressing. While nothing is shown, it's also implied not to be the first time.
  • #3:
    • The deathmatch between inmates in Namba's prison. Gentoku beats all three of them to death, transforms into Kamen Rider Rogue for the first time and he fights the Hell bros.
    • The Hell bros kill one of the fighters by slicing his throat ear to ear by the gears on their hands. It's as far from Bloodless Carnage as everything else in this special.
    • Utsumi is visibly upset by Stalk's scheming and tries to stop Gentoku from killing the Hell Bros by telling him they're his former subordinates from Faust. They saved his life when he was beaten half to death by the other inmates he was in cell with. Gentoku's casual disregard of their lives makes Utsumi very horrified and disgusted.
    Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z 
  • To start off, we learn from the trailer that not only is there at least one more member of the Blood Tribe. His name is Killbus, and he's Evolt's older brother. Who apparently is stronger than him. He also can imitate people's appearances, much like his brother did.
    • And that's just the start of the fun, kids! In the trailer, while all of his lines are over-the-top, the way he delivers them is pretty terrifying. The way he says Banjo's name is definitely going to leave a mark in someone's memory.
    • Killbus in the full movie barely loses his stride in this department. He starts off by imitating Sento, then he imitates a flamenco dancer. While his motions in that form are certainly hard to take seriously, it's the raw power he carries that maintains the message. Using basic Best Matches, he curb stomps Banjo and Evolt (But to be fair Evolt only had access to the Blood Stalk form at the moment).
    • Then he turns a children's toy into the Killbus Spider, a tool which allows him to maintain the curb stomp train against Cross-Z Magma and Evol Cobra, while summoning multiple Clone Smash (which were able to defeat Grease and Rogue), implying that he split his power between himself and the Smash. Which in turn means that he was able to beat the two strongest characters in the show with a portion of his new power.
    • All of this pales in comparison to the offscreen implications of his backstory. He's the king of the Blood Tribe, and he not only destroyed their home world, he commanded the others to fulfill his Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum. This, in turn, implies that most of the Blood Tribe were Punch-Clock Villains and the only ones we met were those who were cruel and powerful enough to survive.
    • On top of that, Evolt didn't turn against his people until they turned against him, and has at least some affection for Banjo. So, think back to the regular series. Consider every time we saw Evolt/Blood Stalk/Soichi manipulate, destroy, and kill. Remember him challenging the heroes to a 'game' where he black holes another chunk of Tokyo and everyone in it to death the longer it takes them to reach him. Remember him destroying an entire inhabited world before Sento's eyes just to show him that he could, and also the fate of Mars - not the box being an Artifact of Doom running wild after all, but a sentient being who knew exactly what he was doing. Remember how many of Banjo's hardships proved to be Evolt's master plan to ruin his life just so he'd feel enough rage and anguish to increase his Hazard Level so Evolt could use him. Remember how he came within a hair's breadth of the power to consume the entire universe. Remember just how evil and terrifying Evolt could be. And when you have all that fixed in your mind in horrible detail... realize that among his tribe, Evolt is the nice one. Yeah...Now take a deep breath and freak out over this horrific detail.
  • The fact that the trailer said Killbus used the White Pandora panel to enter the New World. This means that, somehow, the old world still exists, and Killbus is just the only thing so far to find his way into the New World. Which makes one wonder what else might be hiding in the Old World looking for a way out.
  • Some how, some way, Evolt himself has come back for round 2! While he's allied with Banjo to fight his brother, the thought of Evolt surviving being crushed between two worlds is a horrific one by any standard.
  • In the flashback to Yui's backstory, we're treated to a sequence of Yui being taken to a Faust lair and painfully doused with enough Nebula Gas to turn her into the Scissors Lost Smash before being chained up and beaten by Guardians, causing her to catch aflame and burn to death.
  • When Killbus reactivates Pandora's Box the nascita team regains their memories of the old world. While this doubles as a moment of awesome, take a moment to really think about it. You're going along, living your everyday life, when, suddenly, you start remembering horrible things. A civil war between Japan, you killing other people, or even, in Grease's case dying!
  • It's speculated in the movie that anyone who was experimented on by Nebula Gas would regain their memories. At least the nascita crew has others that share their memories. Random people who became Smash, like, say the Flying Smash from #3. That was a mother who almost attacked her son. She suddenly regains those memories, but her son doesn't remember any of that. It would be easy for the woman to assume that she's just going crazy.
    Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease 
  • The seeming Dragon of the movie's villain, Keiji Uraga/Kamen Rider Metal Build, answers the question "what if someone really did use Build as a military weapon?" The result is a Rider with no flashy colors who uses two grey Tank fullbottles and the Hazard Trigger to transform. Seeing a Build Hazard with two dull gunmetal grey eye-plates and an affiliation to a conquest hungry terrorist organization is chilling to the bone.