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Why yes, the photo is posted correctly.


     Episode 1: These Guys Are a Best Match 
  • Ryuuga beating the snot out of the Guardians. We get to see the aftermath and it is not pretty.
  • This episode gives us the very detailed work INSIDE the Build Driver while he transforms! Something that almost no Rider have done before!
  • Build taking out two Smash with very little effort. Special mention goes to his Rider Kick, which uses weaponized math to defeat the Smash.
  • The motorcycle chase with the Guardian robots at the end of the episode, including Build kicking missiles back at their launchers and Wronski Feint-ing his pursuers into jumping off the Skywall.

     Episode 2: The Innocent Runaway 
  • We got an awesome bike sequence with Ryuuga escaping the Guardians, something that was sorely lacking in recent Kamen Rider shows.
  • Sento uses Awesome by Analysis to take out the giant Guardian robot.

     Episode 3: Borderline of Justice 
  • The HawkGatling form's debut involves an aerial fight that ends with Sento unloading one hundred bullets around him to hit every copy of the Mirage Smash.

     Episode 4: The Testimony Will Be Zero 
  • Sawa drives through a wall to get to Ryuuga and Nabeshima's family as they are escaping from Guardians. They get on, but a Guardian gets hold of the van's roof and sets itself to self destruct. They drive towards the ship and get out of the car in time before it explodes.
  • Ryuuga's Big Damn Heroes moment. Sento is fighting a Smash gigantified by Blood Stalk and things are just bleak. When the Smash suddenly stops, Sento looks behind it and sees Drill Crusher stabbed into its side and Ryuuga with steaming Dragon bottle in hand. Using the distraction, Sento changes into HawkGatling and defeats the Smash.

     Episode 5: Dangerous Identity 
  • A Villainous example comes from Blood Stalk stopping RabbitTank's Vortex Finish twice, showing just how far beyond Sento's default form he is. The first time requires no visible effort. The second time not so much, mostly because he got Sento pumped up by revealing he turned Tatsuya into Smash.

     Episode 6: Moonsault Of Anger 
  • The fight between Sento and Ryuuga is both awesome and disturbing. They are much more awesome and less disturbing when fighting side by side instead of against each other.

     Episode 7: The Devil Scientist 
  • Night Rogue's effortless defeat of Blood Stalk, again making a point that Orcus on His Throne or not, he is still not someone to trifle with.
  • Ryuuga tries to fight Blood Stalk to protect Sento and group of children with their teacher. Being immensely pissed at Stalk was probably a motivation too. Cross-Z Dragon picks up Gatling bottle and goes all More Dakka Kill It with Fire on Blood Stalk. Ryuuga gets caught in the crossfire, but it doesn't stop him. In truth, the two work together quite well, getting several good hits on Stalk, and eventually robbing him of the Rocket Bottle.

     Episode 8: What The Memories Tell You 
  • FireHedgehog debuts in this episode, showcasing that just like Fourze's Fire States, it's a badass red-and-white fire fighter that can expel fire.
  • Ryuuga tries to fight Blood Stalk, who has none of it and simply swats him away. This doesn't stop Ryuuga. Matter of fact, he just gets stronger as the fight progresses. This is integral in convincing Stalk to give him the Project Build data. This gets even cooler when you realize that while Ryuuga peaked at a Hazard Level of 2.7 in their fight (as noted by Blood Stalk), that was just for his regular punches, meanwhile Build in RabbitTank has a minimum Hazard level of 3.2 for his finisher. That is a difference of 0.5 in terms of raw power.
  • The whole bait and switch trick that Katsuragi sets up is awesome in its own way. The way this series' production staffs builds up the suspense is also awesome. The fact that an old lady who teaches kids for free, with no special powers or genius level intellect, managed to trick the presumed leader of Faust into thinking he'd Out-Gambitted her, with only a key her son gave her and some nice acting is goddamn impressive.

     Episode 9: The Trap of Project Build 
  • In a villainous example, the Smash monster managed to lure Build away from the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics and fight him long enough for Blood Stalk and a squad of Guardians to storm the lab for Pandora's Box. For Build, he debuted his LionCleaner form, and we get an awesome debut fight.
  • The beginning has one for the show explaining in depth what the Hazard Levels are, and subtly hint that Ryuuga is almost close to becoming a Kamen Rider (his Hazard Level is currently 2.7 while the minimum to become a Kamen Rider is 3.0).

     Episode 10: Technology of Destruction 
  • Ryuga, a normal human, managed to defeat a Smash using only a FullBottle. This gives both Night Rogue and Blood Stalk pause.
  • Night Rogue confronting Blood Stalk and fighting him over the Pandora Box.
  • Sento and Ryuuga quipping at each other before Sento helps Ryuga up. This is enough for Ryuga to muster up what strength he has left and fight Blood Stalk while Sento fights Night Rogue. Ryuga fighting Blood Stalk and managed to land hits that stagger Stalk, breaking into Hazard level 3.0. Next time, Cross-Z makes his debut.
  • A downplayed one, but Ryuuga manages to sneak himself out of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics by disguising himself as one of the paramedics extracting Prime Minister Taizan.
  • KeyDragon's debut. It's so powerful that not only does it allow Sento to deliver an absolute one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle to Night Rogue, it actively harms him if he uses it for too long.

     Episode 11: Burn, Dragon! 
  • Again, Ryuga fought the Guardians untransformed and this time without the Dragon Bottle as it and Key are the only bottles Sento has at the moment. he does a pretty good job of it too despite only having a stolen Guardian rifle at his disposal.
  • The entirety Ryuga's first fight as a Rider. First, the Rider Kick against the Stretch Smash that levels it in one hit. His fight against Night Rogue is also hilariously one-sided, and Ryuga easily overpowers him, forcing him to flee. And at the meta level, everyone who thought Eiji Akaso showed enough potential to play a Rider back in Kamen Rider Amazons and wondered why the Sequel Hook wasn't Hiroki being turned into a new version of Kamen Rider Stronger or something finally got their wish, due to Ryuga going through a Showa-worthy Superhero Origin of his own the whole time.

     Episode 12: Theory Of Conspiracy 
  • Just the fact that Sento created an identical Build Driver, meaning that viewers don't have to wait too long for the obligatory 2-on-2 battle.
  • While Cross-Z and Night Rogue fight, Sento uses the Drill Crusher against the Guardians, proving just like Shinnosuke (Kamen Rider Drive), you don't need powers to be a Kamen Rider.
  • Blood Stalk casually interferes with Cross-Z and Night Rogue's battle, breakdances and ties with Night Rogue, tanks attacks from Cross-Z, and steals the Pandora Box again.
  • The debut of PirateRessha in both of his matches eventually end with Build defeating Night Rogue twice with Vortex Break. Sento later develops the Pirate Departer and overwhelms Night Rogue's Steam Break.
  • Sawa tries to play the political game to speak to Taizan Himuro. When that fails and Touto's agents attempt to arrest her, she flips one, roundhouse kicks another in the face, jumps out of a glass window, maneuvers herself onto railings to avoid falling to her death and jumps into a pile of garbage looking no worse for wear. Even though she needed Sento helping her to escape with his bike, Sawa still proved herself a necessary member of nascita.
  • Night Rogue himself gets one for his plan to fake his own death via a body double goes perfectly and leaves Touto none the wiser to his Secret Identity.

     Episode 13: Who Takes Off The Veil? 
  • Blood Stalk invokes Villain Forgot to Level Grind and knocks Night Rogue on his ass.
  • Sento and Ryuuga transform side by side for the first time. They even do the same pose in unison with Ryuuga mirroring Sento.
  • Sento and Ryuga fighting Blood Stalk both at once. Only OctopusLight and two consecutive finishers did some more damage, and it still can't force Stalk out of transformation.

     Episode 14: The False Kamen Rider 
  • The experiments in creation of RabbitTank Sparkling sure shows off Ryuga being Made of Iron.
  • Ryuga comes in just in time to save Sento. Granted, Blood Stalk just punts him aside after a short fight, but it still delayed his attempt at shooting Sento. Extra points to Stalk who instantly targets Ryuga's Driver to save off his time.
  • Sento decides that even if everything he knew is a lie, he will continue fighting because he and Ryuga believe in what they do.
  • RabbitTank Sparkling debut. It's strong enough to defeat Stalk and cancel his transformation. The fact that they could make RabbitTank Sparkling awesome even though it's a freaking can of soda, complete with fizzy bubble sound when activated. Narm Charm at its best.

     Episode 15: Judging Sento Kiryu 
  • Gentoku (as Night Rogue) showcases his bat winged form, which not only looks awesome, but also brings to mind a certain mechanical being tuning himself with a bat-themed car.
  • Ryuga is using his Dragonic Finish again, which this time involves real explosion as he roundhouse kicks the Smash to oblivion.
  • Sento's fight against Gentoku culminates in a Sparkling Finish that creates explosion huge and powerful enough to finally forced Night Rogue out of transformation for the very first time.

     Episode 16: Weaponry Hero 
  • Ryuga delivers a much needed pep talk to Sento while Be The One plays in the background.
  • The sole fact that Ryuga managed not to charge at Sento in blind rage at any point of time after getting to know he is actually Takumi Katsuragi shows that he changed a lot from #6. Granted, they did fight, but because Ryuga essentially told Sento he needs to beat him up and Sento went along with it.

     Episode 17: Rider War Starts! 
  • Otoya - er, Kazumi Sawatari's debut. He defeated the Strong Smash with one punch and feigning difficulty.
  • Sento gets the resolve not to fight for war, but to fight in order to create the justice he and Misora created. In fact, his determination and RabbitTankSparkling tanked the Triple Crows attack, which previously knocked him out of his transformation.
  • Ryuga's transforming into Cross-Z Charge is followed by owning the Hokuto Hard Smash Trio with Be the One playing on the background.
  • Ryuga and Sento perform an awesome Double Rider Kick as Rabbit Tank Sparkling and Cross-Z Charge.

     Episode 18: The Golden Warrior 
  • Grease's Rider Kick is revealed, it is a strong kick propelled forward by a twin burst of liquid.
  • Although the bottles were taken away again later on, Build in PhoenixRobo and SmaphoWolf forms gets a short but awesome fight, he even gets to showcase their finisher.
  • Sawa still drives like crazy. The only reasons she didn't manage to run Kazumi over in his rider form was that he stepped aside at the last moment and she was not aiming for him anyway. Misora then gets out, throws Sento RocketPanda and they all run for it.

     Episode 20: The Devil's Trigger 
  • Misora and Sawa use the former's power to heal Taizan Himuro, throwing a Spanner in the Works in Gentoku's plans. Taizan Himuro then throws Gentoku out of his position and Touto in general.
  • Build is not only able to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to Night Rogue using RabbitTankSparkling, he's able to No-Sell Night Rogue's finisher.

     Episode 21: The Unstoppable Hazard 
  • The scene where Sento was taken over by Hazard Trigger has some hint of awesomeness in it, with the dark room and the single lamp swinging above Build. Build glaring into the camera just screams "Incoming Curb-Stomp Battle." It's just that no one expected how much Nightmare Fuel the battle would be laden with.

     Episode 22: Tears of Victory 
  • This entire episode is a 30 minute length KAMEN RIDER BATTLE. All action all the way.
  • While short, we get to see Build use ToraUFO, KujiraJet, and KirinCyclone Best Matches on screen and he clearly showed that he used that week to master them fully.
    • Something that would be ignored on the first viewing, is when Sento manages to use the Hazard Trigger past sunset. He used it for what could've been either a good half hour, or maybe even up to two hours, before succumbing to the Super-Powered Evil Side. In contrast to how only a week ago he only lasted a good two minutes, this is an amazing level of progress.
    • Props also must be given to Grease, who endures all of this damage and doesn't even seem to have any supplementary Fullbottles to use.
  • Ryuga's Big Damn Hero at the end where he stops Build HawkGatling Hazard from killing a de-transformed Kazumi and not only managing to finally control the Sclash Driver, but also knock out Build's transformation with a couple of punches, although he also gets de-transformed in the process.
  • The ending. Seito is throwing their hat into the war, and they have their own Kamen Rider Rogue on their side!

     Episode 23: Western Phantom 
  • Kamen Rider Rogue's debut fight. He doesn't even flinch when RabbitTank Sparkling and Cross-Z Charge attack him. Then, he ends it quickly by using two finishers against the riders.
  • The debut fight of Seito's Kaisers has to get some recognition as they were able to put two Hard Smashes, and three Kamen Riders on their toes in their respective fights.

     Episode 24: A Man Called Rogue 
  • While we saw Kamen Rider Rogue plow through Build and Cross-Z last episode with finishers, this is where we truly see how deadly this guy can be. Even more shocking is that he was able to beat RabbitTank Hazard in a fight, a form that was known as The Dreaded for a lot of people till this point!
  • But before that, we get to hear Gentoku say "Henshin" for the first time...and it was against his former Faust colleague Blood Stalk. His first words: "I am Rogue...Kamen Rider...Rogue..."

     Episode 25: Idol Awakens 
  • Misora using her powers to create a temporary hole in the Sky Wall to throw Rogue and the Washio Brothers back to Seito. She gets one at the end of the episode as well, if only for the increase in "Holy Shit!" Quotient. As Black Hazard Build gets her in a choke hold, her powers react to him and turns his combination from Rabbit Tank into Rabbit Rabbit.
  • Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi fight the Washio brothers and force them to retreat. Sento figured out combination of FullBottles that, while not Best Matches, are built specifically for this purpose while Ryuga increases his Hazard Level to overpower the Remocon Bros.
  • The group transformation of Build, Cross-Z and Grease.
  • Masaru held out long enough for the Riders to make it back. A damn fine Last Stand.
  • Sento losing control in his Hazard form. While normally a bad thing, his Hazard Level ends up increasing so much that even Rogue can't stand up to him in a beautifully choreographed scene. Rogue countering by putting Grease in the way of Build to take the attention off of him.

     Episode 26: Treacherous Deathmatch 
  • Kazumi's fight against Rai Washio (Engine Bros). While he was at first losing pretty badly, Rai made the mistake of telling Kazumi that he can't win because he's never fought alone, which ends up enraging Kazumi into his Heroic Second Wind. He then proceeds to pummel his opponent while holding onto the dog tags, culminating in a finisher that ends with Engine Bros flattened into the floor with his enhanced Scrap Finish Rider Kick.
  • Although Cross-Z was outsmarted and defeated by Remocon Bro's, Ryuga surprisingly took the lose well. At most, he declared to them that Sento will be the one claiming victory for his side.

     Episode 27: The Hero's Counterattack 
  • What a fitting title for an episode about Sento unveiling his new trump card. RabbitRabbit.
    Build Driver: Are you Ready? Overflow! Kurenai no Speedy Jumper! RabbitRabbit! Yabei! HAYEEEEEEEI! note 
    • RabbitRabbit allows Build to pay Rogue back for all the misery he's been through and then some and it is glorious.
    • The Fullbottle Buster. Think the DJ Gun meets the Trailer Cannon. Every time he adds in a Fullbottle, the blast gets stronger and stronger and Rogue is barely able to withstand each one.
    • Lastly, his finisher sends Rogue skyrocketing out of the building and into the streets below. The way the finisher itself plays out contains some great catharsis: Build leaps into the air and the Driver announces "Ready, go! Hazard Finish!" as he uses his new Rubber Man abilities to extend a leg at Rogue. Rogue flinches back, but the foot stops just short of him, giving him enough time to try and strike back with a kick of his own. Then Build comes rocketing down like a rubber band that's been stretched and released as the Driver announces "RabbitRabbit Finish!", effortlessly tossing Rogue across the room, through a concrete wall and down into another wall.

     Episode 28: The Genius Arrives With A Tank 
  • Sento debuting his other trump card. TankTank.
    • It starts off with The Cavalry in form of Mini-Mecha Tanks that starts blasting Rogue back.
    • When Build attaches himself with those Tanks. The belt call makes it sound like its about to enjoy this. Tsuei means strength, and describes someone, or something powerful. Given how Build literally knocks Rogue around like a rag doll this time, it's hard to disagree with the Build Driver's description.
    Build Driver: Are you Ready? Overflow! Koutetsu no Blue Warrior! TankTank! Yabei! Tsueeeeei!
    • Build blasts Rogue against the building and all of sudden, Rogue gets sent flying back to Build who smacks him. The firepower of TankTank is so high, its target gets popped back towards him for additional thrashing.
    • Just in general, Build's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown is just so satisfying. Sento looks very eager to slam the FullBottle Buster on Rogue's purple rear.
    • Speaking of that BFG, TankTank adds Tank, Jet, Gatling and Rocket and fires an Ultimate Match. Rogue's Diamond Shield was blown to pieces.
    • Build's Coupe de Grace was transforming into a Tank which looks like it came out from Centurions. He then strafes around Rogue hitting him with several shots before the FullFull Match, softening him up.
    • Sento's Batman Gambit. Now knowing who the true mole is, Sento decides to take advantage of this by spoon feeding the enemy with half of his data. It worked as he beat Rogue with his new Tank Tank form which the latter didn't have any information on it. The best part is that Seito is unable to make an excuse against this. If Seito presents this case, they would compromise themselves for their underhanded tactics, thus causing them to lose right to Pandora's Box and if they just sit by, Rogue will be defeated and Pandora's Box is gone. Either way, Sento Wins.
    • Sawa is owed a credit in here too. Though she is one of the Nanba Children, the genuine kindness everyone showed her had caused her to make a Heel–Face Turn ages ago. She not only facilitated the ruse, she got Kazumi to rescue Nabeshima's family so that his daughter wouldn't lose her family and grow up like she did. She even ends the episode bidding goodbye to her old family, for her new one.

     Episode 29: The Opening Bell Rings 
  • The new and updated OP. From the addition of Sawa and Kazumin to the main cast, Gentoku as Kamen Rider Rogue, and the placement of Blood Stalk as the final villain ala Kamen Rider Cronus, it shows just how the show has progressed since episode 1.
  • Build and Grease finishing off Hell Bros. Build using his Fullfull Match Break is usually awesome by itself, but Grease delivers the final blow by loading the Fullbottles of the Hokuto Crows into his Sclash Driver and the Twin Breaker to let them get the final hit in on one of the guys responsible for their deaths.

     Episode 30: The Truth of Pandora's Box 
  • Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi's triple Rider Kick against the combined Hard Guardians.
  • Sento handing Ryuga the Magma Knuckle, made after Ryuga's Sclash Driver and Dragon Sclashjelly get ruined by Blood Stalk. While it takes a bit to get used to its initiation procedure, Ryuga proceeds to knock out one of the Kaiser Bros with comparatively little trouble. Even after Blood Stalk restrains him using the inner workings of the Pandora Tower, he manages to just break out of it anyway just by being angry enough.

     Episode 31: Surging Magma 
  • Cross-Z Magma's introduction is explosive. The henshin itself is well designed, with Ryuga's bodying being molded into magma, with several dragons emerging, only to become molded and fused into Ryuga's final form. His Volcanic Finish Rider Kick has the Magma Dragons appearing below him and explode on the target right after Cross-Z strikes Blood Stalk.
    • On top of that, Ryuga doesn't lose momentum once. The whole fight from start to finish is Cross-Z Magma running rampant through the two Clone Smash and Blood Stalk without losing any ground. When he said "No one can stop me now!", he wasn't kidding.
    • Not only that, but while Stalk went into the fight expecting and WANTING to get his ass kicked, what he didn't seem to count on was Pandora's Box responding to Ryuga to knock the Transteam Gun out of his hand and let the trio get away with the box. For the first time in a while, he doesn't have perfect control of the situation.
    • Ryuga's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner is also equally awesome.
    Ryuga: My power is overflowing... My soul is burning... MY MAGMA IS SURGING!

     Episode 32: Programmed Tragedy! 
  • Ryuga gets a cool heroic speech about being a Kamen Rider, before he pummels out Blood Stalk AGAIN.
    • The context of this makes it better: Stalk has just finished delivering a Breaking Speech about Ryuga's Blood Knight love for battle before kicking him down a flight of stairs. Sento arrives, tells Ryuga that he can rest and steps up, preparing to transform. But then Ryuga grabs Sento's leg, uses Sento to pull himself up, and shoves Sento aside to affirm that this is his fight. He then delivers that heroic speech before transforming into Cross-Z Magma and unleashing another Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • The speech isn't just awesome in its own context (Ryuga grappling with the revelation of his alien nature and sharing Stalk's power to control the Pandora's Box), but also from a meta perspective. It exactly echoes and affirms the Phlebotinum Rebel theme of the Kamen Rider franchise, hearkening right back to Takeshi Hongo's rebellion against Shocker:
    Ryuga: I'm a Kamen Rider. Even if I'm not human... Even if I have the same power as you... I'm not like you. And if you say you wanna wreck this world, I'm gonna use this power for love and peace. That's the kind of Kamen Rider I believe in!

     Episode 33: Evol the Final Weapon 
  • Gentoku's reason for all his "sparing life" actions lately, while still working under Utsumi and Nanba. It turns out he's been doing all that for his father, as he had actually already broken free of the Pandora Box's Hate Plague since becoming a Kamen Rider.
    Evolt: He would do the dirty work, and entrust the country to his father.
  • Gentoku humbled his pride and called Sento to modify the kill switch in his body in order to help them save his father. Once Grease shows up on the scene, all four riders kick butt and fight off Blood Stalk and the Guardians, Hard Guardians & Clone Smash.
  • When Blood Stalk catches Misora and Sawa escorting Taizen with the Evol Driver, Rogue uses the Phoenix Fullbottle to catch up, getting the upper hand, and defeat him with Crack Up Finish, finally knocking Evolt out of his transformation, something not seen since episode 13!
  • Then there's Kamen Rider Evol's debut transformation. We see his suit's slick design, a killer evil laugh in his transformation sound, and he proceeds to utterly curbstomp Rogue.
  • In his final episode, Prime Minister Taizan Himuro does his best as Papa Wolf and Big Good despite having no powers. He tackles Utsumi so Gentoku can get the kill switch, is perfectly willing to die to prevent the Evol Driver from falling into Nanba and Blood Stalk's hands, and dies protecting his son from one of Kamen Rider Evol's attacks, and only asking for Gentoku to save and unify Japan in his final moments. Like his son, he was willing to protect and defend his country to the very end.

     Episode 34: The Separated Best Match 
  • Ryuga once again takes the spotlight, holding off Evolt long enough for the day to turn into night, and managing to go all the way to Hazard Level 5, out of pure rage alone, rage fueled by his partnership with Sento. Too bad that's exactly what Evolt wanted.
  • A meta example, but this episode reveals how it was possible for Build to assume Gorillamond in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid movie True Ending, despite the fact that the Gorilla FullBottle was made in Episode 2 - unlike Kamen Rider Ghost whose usage of the Newton Eyecon in the Kamen Rider Drive movie Surprise Future, despite only getting it in the last episode of Drive, was left unexplained and had to be explained in a novel instead.

     Episode 35: The Tower of Destruction 
  • As short-lived as it is, it's awesome to see Sento going KeyDragonHazard and uses Beat Crosser.
  • Though it was easy to overlook, Sento actually did match and very nearly defeat Evol Dragon as TankTank before the Evol took to underhanded tactics to make him falter at the critical moment.
  • The creation of Pandora Tower is done with CGI good enough to make it feels grand, despite the nightmarish situation.

     Episode 36: The Star Hunting Evolt 
  • Vernage reveals that she, while dying, managed to set-back Evolt's plans twice, first by destroying his body and damaging his Evol Driver, forcing him to find another body and repair his Evol Driver, and then by following him to Earth and emptying the Fullbottle essences from the Pandora Box, delaying the formation of Pandora Tower. Also, because of the latter, Vernage is able to restore the Fullbottle essences for the heroes to use after Evolt uses them to make the Evol Trigger.
  • Sento uses a panel of the Pandora Box to achieve an unprecedented Hazard Level 6, which allows him to overpower Evol Phase 2. And then he starts going even higher in order to try and kill both himself and Evolt. Unfortunately, this just convinces Evolt to leave Ryuga's body and take Sento's, completing Phase 3. Prior to this, Using just his regular Fullbottles, Sento manages to handily defeat Evol Cobra as RabbitRabbit using skill and tactics. He is only forced to use the Pandora panel when Evolt went up to his full power.
  • Kazumi managing to fight evenly against Gentoku and even tanking a Crack Up Finish and eventually defeating him with a single Scrap Finish. Really shows just how powerful Kazumi has become even without any power-up.

     Episode 37: The Ultimate Phase 
  • Sento's gambit did have one benefit after all. Since he hastily jumped to a body with a higher Hazard Level once the opportunity arose, Evolt never checked to see if Sento's body could control the power of Pandora's Box setting him back again. Evolt spends most of the episode with his Smug Snake exterior cracking to show that he's starting to get frustrated.
  • When she senses Evolt coming for Pandora's Box, Vernage simply uses her power to tear nascita out of the ground and move it somewhere else. That's the Queen of Mars for you!
  • Rogue pulling a Big Damn Hero moment by saving Grease from a fatal attack from the Hell's Bros, and defeating the two with two finishers. Before then, Grease was able to hold his own against the two, and was about to gain the upper hand until Evolt interfered.
  • Ryuga manages to get his Hazard Level back by simply punching Evolt with the Dragon Evolbottle until it works.
    • What's more is that Ryuga was in full Determinator mode when he did it. He knew that he was outclassed and that he may not become a Kamen Rider again, but despite being knocked down multiple times, he kept getting back up and fighting back.
    • As a bonus point, Evolt was pretty smug that Ryuga was not going to get his powers back as he removed his essence from him when he was possessed, but the moment Ryuga's powers came back, he was taken aback.
  • As noted by Evolt himself, as of this episode, Touto's, Hokuto's, and Seito's Riders are united. Even if Japan is still separated, this bodes well for the future. He also immediately transitions to EvolRabbit, noting that he should be serious.

     Episode 38: Mad World 
  • The cinematography of Katsuragi's argument with Gentoku is fantastic, constantly cutting between Sento and Katsuragi dressed as Sento, sometimes even mid-sentence. In a show that's had some very well-done artistic sequences, this one still manages to stand out.
  • People thought Kamen Rider Cronus had an over-the-top transformation sequence with the clock opening up behind him, but Evol's Black Hole form does one better with Evolt entombing himself in a set of black cubes, then sucking himself into a black hole before emerging in costume. For bonus awesome unlike Cronus, Evol's over-the-top transformation sequence is practical as disappearing from reality to finalize it enforces Transformation Is a Free Action. Can't stop what isn't there after all.

     Episode 39: The Unstoppable Genius 
  • Katsuragi's version of the RabbitRabbit transformation, prefacing it with a Badass Fingersnap and letting the rabbit armor come to him while he stands still rather than jumping around to grab the pieces of it. Katsuragi also pulls off a cool finger pointing pose after transforming, which would bring Philip and Shotaro's poses to mind.
  • The Debut of Build Genius. While other transformations formed runners, beakers and smelting pots, Genius forms a FullBottle Factory. Complete with production line conveyor belts.
    • It also looks like a stage you'd receive awards on. Put a podium in the front and it's grand enough for prizes like the Nobel Peace Prize... the kind that normally go to geniuses.
    • Not only that, but the Genius Bottle is the complete opposite of the Hazard Trigger. Whereas the Driver knows the Trigger is bad news and cries out "OH NO!", the Genius Bottle is heralded with "AWESOME! REALLY AWESOME!" with a chorus from both the Build Driver's default voice and the Sclash Driver's voice.
    • Add in the show’s OP “Be The One” playing during the transformation, and you might just have the perfect formula for a truly awesome final form debut.
  • Gentoku gets points for trying to join the battle despite his injuries. The body might have been weak, but the spirit was ready for round 2. Plus his begging for the others to believe in him helped convince Takumi to let Sento into the driver's seat.

     Episode 40: The Final Revolution 
  • Sento's signature Catchphrase acts as the verbal component to the episode's He’s Back moment, and his actions form the rest of a Curb-Stomp Battle symphony.
    • Mad Rogue opens the battle laughing like a lunatic and firing at Build wildly only for Sento to apparently No-Sell it. Then the camera slows down to show that no, he was just moving too fast for us to see him block the bullets.
    • Sento follows up by dashing forward, grabbing Utsumi's Nebula Steam Gun and crushing it to pieces with one hand. He then punches the traitor hard enough to stagger him and Flash Steps behind him to send him flying with a brutal hit that he follows up by using his Super Speed to deliver another one straight to Utsumi's gut while he's still flying back from the first one. After seeing Evolt abuse his Flash Step so much, it's wonderfully cathartic to see it used by the heroes.
    • After that, Sento uses Build Genius' finishers and they were well worth the wait. First he uses his Red side's One Side move, Genius Attack, to paralyze Utsumi by sending energy through him that damages the Nebula Gas in his system. Then he follows up with his Blue side's Flipside move, Genius Break to deliver a Rider Kick so devastating that Utsumi rockets back into a wall and impacts hard enough to leave a crater.
    • Later on, we get to see what All Sides looks like. It's the Genius Finish, a glowing rainbow version of RabbitTank's finisher with a twist: As long as Sento's turning the crank, he's provided with data that lets him calculate exactly what he needs to do to get the result he needs. This allows him to completely neutralize the Nebula Gas inside Prime Minister Tajimi instead of killing her.
  • After hearing Sento go on about Love and Peace again, Kazumi, who keep in mind is severely injured and has forcibly been dosed with Nebula Gas to the point where if he loses the fight he'll die, gets his Heroic Second Wind and uses a Dragon Sclashjelly to amp up his power even further and double up his Twin Breaker. With his new enhanced power he proceeds to hand Utsumi his ass on a golden platter and with Sento's help send him stumbling back to his master.

     Episode 41: The Truth Behind Best Matches 
  • Sento absolutely demolishes Evol in Cobra form, finishing him off before he even gets a chance to use Black Hole Form. This frightens Evolt so much that for the rest of the show, he always shows up to fights already in Black Hole Form if he can, just so Sento can never do that to him again.
  • Sento fights Evolt again later in the episode, and even with Black Hole Form they're evenly matched, with Evolt only getting the upper hand due to a surprise Black Hole Finish.
    • Evolt tries to turn a downed Sento into a Lost Smash only for Sento to activate the Genius Bottle's purification powers through Heroic Willpower and immediately turn the tables on Evolt, declaring that no matter what Evolt tries to destroy, he'll rebuild it.
    • While Sento's Genius Finish doesn't knock Evolt out of his transformation, it does break through his defense, which sends him spiraling into a Villainous Breakdown. While Evolt ultimately manages to get away with two of the Lost Bottles due to his rage spiking his Hazard Level, it's obvious that Evolt has met his match, and judging by the fact that Evolt decides that he needs to move up the timetable on his Evil Plan, he knows it.

     Episode 42: Legacy of Doubt 
  • Keeping his promise to Sento from last episode, Evolt demolishes both Build Genius and Rogue with a Rabbit Evolbottle-powered Steam Attack, with Build Genius being able to resist only because he channeled the power of Diamond Fullbottle to protect himself. And then, to rub salt in the wound, he summons a massive black hole, which sucks up the entire Touto Residence Building. And then he leaves them, knowing that he's proven that he could demolish everyone at anytime, and yet he's letting them live just so they can see him destroy everything they hold dear.
  • Upon Evolt's black hole triggering his memories in Ryuga, Ryuga starts rampaging against Utsumi, with increased speed and power, retrieving the Dragon Fullbottle in the process. Then he transforms the bottle into the Silver Dragon Fullbottle and uses it in the Magma Knuckle to finish Utsumi. And why did the Fullbottle transform? Because he hit Hazard Level 7! Shinobu Katsuragi proves that he might be an even better Build than Sento or Takumi by demolishing Cross-Z Magma without even being seen with just NinninComic and RabbitTank.
  • Utsumi seemingly has both Sento and Rogue down for the count, claiming that his suit has already analyzed all their movements. Then, the two get their Heroic Second Wind and start turning the tables, with Utsumi shocked that his suit can't keep up with them.
    Utsumi: Why? The data can't keep up...
    Sento: The Rider System can't be measured with just pure data. Our desire to protect people makes us stronger!

     Episode 43: Another Build 
  • Shinobu proves he's the superior Build by curbstomping Grease and Rogue, only using basic Best Matches. He only gets stopped by Ryuga getting bombarded with Evolt's memories and going berserk.
    Shinobu: The Build Driver was originally designed for my use. I am the best of all possible Builds.
  • Ryuga helping Sento rekindle his resolve to keep on fighting again even though everything he fought for was a ruse of his father's machinations. Ryuga tells Sento that even if everything was a lie, Sento told him that the things they believe in aren't an illusion and that they are fighting for the things they believe in is right. They then fight against Shinobu and Misora who got turned into the CD Lost Smash. While Ryuga keeps the Shinobu busy, Sento is making calculations in Genius Form in order to save not only Misora, but Vernage and Ryuga as well. He does this by removing Vernage from Misora and making Banjo her new host, allowing Vernage to nullify Evolt's DNA inside Ryuga. They then unleash their finishers on Shinobu and manage to overpower him with a double Rider Punch against Shinobu's Rider Kick. This allows Sento to regain the Rabbit Fullbottle and it turns gold, meaning that Sento has also hit Hazard Level 7 just like Ryuga. He then says to his father, he will surpass not only as Build, but also as a scientist.
    Ryuga: Don't you think saving Misora is the right thing to do now?

     Episode 44: The End of Evolt 
  • The four heroic Kamen Riders transforming together is already awesome on its own, but when Evolt attacks them after they finish transforming, the attack gets repelled and causes a huge explosion behind them Super Sentai style. The fight itself is awesome on it's own. The four Kamen Riders, despite losing initially, managed to subdue Evolt long enough for Banjo to punch his Evol Trigger with the Blizzard Knuckle, stunning him long enough for Sento to issue a Genius Kick to almost destroy him.

     Episode 45: The Scientist of Hope 
  • Evolt proves that he's still a Magnificent Bastard by splintering off a portion of himself to possess Utsumi, allowing him to confirm that Shinobu was a traitor and retrieve his Evol Driver. And as a follow up, he splinters himself again to possess Kazumi, knowing that the heroes will take him back to nascita to recover, allowing him to retrieve the last Lost Bottle.
  • Evolt sics an army of Clone Flying Smash on Touto. When first introduced, it took sustained effort to bring just one down, but now Banjou's seen tearing through dozens at once.
  • Evolt's monster form is so overpowered that Curb-Stomp Battle does not even begin to describe it. His attacks are strong enough to demolish buildings from the after shocks, and he can destroy planets with a single Black Hole Break!
    • Despite the overwhelming odds placed against them, you'd think the Riders would be doomed. You'd be wrong as they take advantage of their numbers to hit Evolt with finishers from all angles and forcibly separate him from the Black Pandora Panel. Then, to add insult to injury, Sento uses a Hazard Trigger amplified finisher in Genius Form to purify two of the LostBottles, with Kazumi retrieving the Castle LostBottle. Evolt's monster form, supposed to be him at his strongest, lasted only roughly around TEN MINUTES against the four Riders!
    • Before, every single defeat that Evolt suffered was either planned or turned around so that it still resulted in advancing his plans. His defeat here is neither of those and actually sets him back. Plus, not only are his plans out in the open, but he has to hide them from the villains of The Movie. Evolt has finally been dealt a solid defeat and he's furious over it.

     Episode 46: An Oath to Be the One 
  • As the Riders invade Pandora Tower, none other than the Hokuto Trio suddenly show up. But contrary to expectations, Kazumi immediately goes in for a punch on one of them, knowing it has to be a trick by Evolt, which it is. This leads to perhaps Kazumi's finest hour. Despite knowing that he's fighting clones of the Hokuto Trio, not the real deal, he's hesitating because of their pleas for mercy which remind him of his friends' deaths. Beaten into a corner, he proceeds to slam his head into the ground and rise with a gash in his forehead, clutching Shinobu's Build Driver in hand. Despite knowing precisely what it means because of the promise he made to Sento not to try transforming using the Blizzard Knuckle, he does so anyway, and with an awesome Pre Ass Kicking One Liner in lieu of the standard "Henshin!" too.
    Build Driver: ARE YOU READY?
    Kazumi: Damn right I am.
  • Grease Blizzard's transformation is chillingly awesome too. Kazumi is encased in ice from a vat of liquid nitrogen in comparison to Cross-Z Magma's vat of lava, the ice shattering as the vat strikes it to unleash the transformed Grease, shrouded in cold mist and snowflakes. From a meta perspective, the Grease Blizzard suit is an impressive display of retooling. It's just Grease's suit with new shoulderpads, a Build Driver, a retooled Magma Knuckle, the Robot Halfbody's arm and a new coat of paint and it looks incredible. By using pre-existing parts to stay within the budget, Build did something that hasn't been done since Gaim: Give the Tertiary Rider a Final Form.

     Episode 47: Zero Degree Flames 
  • Grease Blizzard does not disappoint. The entire battle between him and the clone Hokuto Trio is a complete Curb-Stomp Battle in favor of Grease. And he even uses the fact that the form will kill him to purify the Castle Lost Bottle for Sento's plan to stop Evolt.
  • Gentoku is on the ropes against clones of the Hell Bros., and then Utsumi shows up, seemingly stacking the odds even more against him. Then Utsumi starts to fight with Gentoku and reveals that he feigned loyalty to Evolt because he knew that in order to avenge Nanba, he needed a power like the Evol Driver in order to stand up to Evolt. When the clones then fuse into their combined form, he also reveals that he engineered SameBike as a weakness, allowing the two to easily dispatch the clone.
    • Evolt shows up immediately afterward to retrieve the Hammer Lost Bottle he put inside the Hell Bros. clones. Despite only having Cobra Form, it still seems like its enough to handle the two Rogues, even with Utsumi having input Evol's data into the EvolDriver. However, Utsumi reveals that he can actually use Evol's phases and manages to go up to Phase 4. If it weren't for his cyborg body giving out before he could land his attack, he could have actually beaten Evolt then and there.
    • As Evolt moves in to kill Gentoku, Utsumi manages to move his body to block the killing blow, giving Gentoku enough of a delay for him and Sawa to escape with the Lost Bottle.

     Episode 48: To a World of Love & Peace 
  • The Darkest Hour has come. Evolt has recovered the Lost Bottles, absorbed the Moon for even more power, summoned a massive black hole to consume the Earth, and has knocked Sento and Ryuga out of their transformations, leaving only a dying Rogue to stand up to Evolt. However, Rogue decides to go down swinging, trying to damage the Evol Trigger to immobilize Evolt. Rogue gets a Heroic Second Wind from the people cheering the Kamen Riders on, but he ultimately dies, seemingly having accomplished nothing. However, moments later, it's revealed that his Crack Up Finish actually managed to do some delayed damage to the Trigger, immobilizing Evolt long enough for Sento to put his plan into motion.
  • After Sento's plan to stop Evolt is put into motion, Banjo pulls off one hell of a Heroic Sacrifice to throw Evolt into the void between dimensions.

     Episode Final: The World Build Created 
  • Pretty much the entire final battle with Evolt qualifies:
    • Sento and Evolt both go through a Combat Breakdown, with Evolt's enhanced parts shattering and Sento going from RabbitRabbit to TankTank to Sparkling to regular RabbitTank as they fight.
    • Sento loads the Rabbit and Dragon Fullbottles in the Fullbottle Buster and nails Evolt with a tricky Just Match Break, making full use of his rabbit-jumping abilities.
    • Sento and Banjou teaming up Kamen Rider W style to create Build RabbitDragon and deliver a souped up version of RabbitTank's Vortex Finish to destroy Evolt and create a world without him or his influences.
    • RabbitDragon is only supposed to be a Trial Form, but when Sento uses the Gold Rabbit and Silver Dragon bottles, the Build Driver announces a Best Match regardless. Sento and Banjou's bond is so strong that it forces the Driver to acknowledge it.

Movies and Specials

     Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders 
  • The reveal that not only all of the Ex-Aid casts are coming back, but also returning are Takeru Tenkuuji, Kouta Kazuraba, Gentarou Kisaragi and Eiji Hino!!
    • What's particularly awesome about this is that for years, it was thought that it was impossible for Sota Fukushi to return as Gentaro due to the acting agency that he belongs to being strict. The fact that he's returning here at all, 5 years after his last appearance in a Kamen Rider work, shows that his agency was likely willing to bend their rules a bit now. More awesome still is that Fourze's main story in Ultimatum was set after a five-year Time Skip, which would mean the timelines have actually caught up!
    • Not only is Eiji back, but Ankh is too!
  • The latest TV Spot shows off the Legend Riders in their final form: Fourze Cosmic States, Gaim Kiwami Arms, Ghost Mugen Damashii, and OOO Tajador Combo giving their power to Build and Ex-Aid to defeat Bi-Kaiser.
  • At one point, Kouta shows up in front of Parad and Sento. He runs towards them, jumps into the air... and kicks an invisible Enigma that was about to attack the two!

     Raising The Hazard Level: The Seven Best Matches 
  • Build SmaphoWolf Hazard is so powerful, all the Hazard Smashes from the simulation are killed in a single hit.
  • Utsumi gets an awesome moment as well, when he managed to use a Smash as a distraction so he can snatch the Hazard Trigger from Sento's belt to stop him from rampaging. And he succeeded.
  • In the 2nd part, Build in KujiraJet form showcases a very impressive Rider Kick.
  • In the 3rd and final part, Build in SameBike form uses his first Rider Break.
  • Not since Gaim has there been a Tertiary Rider gaining a Final Form, but with Build Genius, Cross-Z Magma, Grease Blizzard and Prime Rogue this show goes one step further by being the first series that has four Kamen Riders gaining Final Forms. Even if it's monster like, given that he needs his Driver to achieve it, Evolt's true form makes the count five.
  • Like its immediate predecessor Ex-Aid, Build has the distinction of being one of the few seasons in the franchise to have every single episode of the series written entirely by one writer with no other writers helping (not counting a handful of specials). Shōgo Mutō penned the script of Kamen Rider Build all by himself.
     New World: Cross-Z 
     New World: Grease 
  • Kazumin gets a Second Final Form just like Banjou thanks to an adapter called Grease Perfect Kingdom. Like Grease Blizzard, it's based on Grease and the Hokuto Three Crows.

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