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"RocketPanda is no good..."

Just because this Kamen Rider series is possibly even darker than its predecessor doesn't mean that there isn't a ton of Mood Whiplash which will help you cope with Japan being divided in 3 states which are at the brink of war against each other and the characters going through insane amounts of conflicts and hardships.

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    Episode 1: That One with a Best Match 
  • Our introduction to Sento… is him running to the Pandora's Box case in a frenzy, and proceeds to pester everyone in the room in hopes to find out what it's made of.
  • Sawa attempts to get information on Kamen Rider (Build) from Gentoku, only for him to ask if she wants to discuss it at a hotel with him "all night long." When we next see her, she is out by a river calling her boss, having clearly shut him down. Their response is "Can you still make it to the hotel?" She yells at him over the phone.
    • Even better, Sawa actually follows him for a few steps after his proposal, only for her to then stop as his words fully sink in. She then screams "HUH!?" loud enough to make everyone in the building jump except for Gentoku, who just looks bemused. Evidently he's used to this.
    • Also, Gentoku's assistant bows to him as he leaves after asking Sawa out. Apparently he's used to his boss' lecherous behaviour as well.
  • When we're first introduced to Misora, she's dead on her feet from purifying the Hedgehog Full Bottle. Sento tries to give her a high five, which she completely wiffs. Sento barely notices.
    Sento: So, what's this? A hedgehog?
    Misora: Don't know... don't care... tired... want my money... sleepy... (yawns)
  • Sento discovered that Misora scribbled on his face when he was asleep. When she passes out after purifying a Full Bottle, Sento takes a moment to draw mathematical formulas all over her face. When her father notices, he gives her an odd look and ignores it.
  • The entrance to Sento's secret lab? A refrigerator, not unlike the Rabbit Hutch, except smaller and apparently minus the cosmic energy mumbo-jumbo.
  • When it looks like Sento is going to be late for his first day at work, he smugly reveals his latest invention—a motorcycle that unfolds from a smartphone. When Souichi asks if Sento plans to call in sick, Sento goes along with it and begins pantomiming doing so before immediately stating "Of course not!" To make things even funnier, the shot immediately cuts from Sento with the phone to his ear to him poutily denying that he's going to call in sick.
    • He announces his departure, and is then stopped by Souichi because he's still inside the café, and the cycle is facing the bar, away from the door.
    Sento: Now, to the lab! Let's-
    Souichi: -not go anywhere right now. You're still inside the café.
  • Sento reveals that he's an Amnesiac Hero to his new boss. Gentoku expresses disbelief at this trait, but puts it aside because his facility is understaffed as it is so he can't afford to be too picky.
    • At the beginning of that same scene, we're given a look at Sento's application. For his prior experience, he put down, "A physicist, probably."
  • Sento and Ryuga's first meeting.
    Ryuga: Who the hell are you!?
    Sento: Just here to bring in a murderer, namely you.
    Sento: Do you realize how unconvincing that sounds from a fugitive?
  • When using the Hedgehog Full Bottle in combat, Sento easily dodges the enemy Smash's attacks while hitting it with the Hedgehog's spiky gauntlet and saying "poke" each time. At one point, he strikes the Smash in the butt multiple times, causing the monster to clutch its ass in visible pain. Made even better that the monster's growls sound like a man clenching his teeth in pain.
  • The fact that Build's Finishing Move destroys his enemy with weaponized math.
  • At the end of the episode, when Sento and Ryuga are riding away and Sento is lamenting that now Build is a fugitive as well, he pauses to reveal to Ryuuga that his fly has been down this entire time. This revelation is accompanied by the Build Driver's "YEAH!!" sound effect. And if you rewatch his scenes with Sento from the first fight onward, you will see that his fly has indeed been open since he took that tumble.
    Sento: Your fly is open though.
    Ryuga: Seriously?! Since when?!
    Sento: Since like, the beginning.
    Ryuga: Why didn't you say something?!
    Sento: When was I supposed to? Figure it out yourself, stupid.
    Ryuga: Who are you calling stupid?! You just said that I wasn't stupid!
    • This is then followed by Ryuga shaking Sento... as he's driving his motorcycle.
    • Also worth noting, the fact that they've decided on using that "YEAH!" from the belt in the same context as the "SOIYA!" from Kamen Rider Gaim from here on in.

    Episode 2: The Innocent Runaway 
  • Sento and Ryuga's opening narration.
    Sento: In my infinite kindness, I took pity of his crying and begging and turned into a public enemy of Touto to help him escape. And now, Episode 2-
    Ryuga: I wasn't crying!
    Sento: You took too long.
    • Also, Ryuga's open fly made its triumphant return.
  • Soichi and Sento, having decided that Ryuga is their best lead on the villains, ask him to tell them about himself. Ryuga obliges, and starts telling the story of his birth, complete with a subtitle that reads "Chapter 1: Birth".
    Ryuga: I was born in an ob/gyn clinic in Yokohama. I was a healthy 3.20 kilos...
    Sento: (walking in front of the flashback) Nobody said to start that far back! (physically grabs flashback and tears it away)
    Ryuga: Hey, you said everything!
    Sento: Pick up on a context clue for once, idiot.
    Ryuga: Who are you calling an idiot, man?! (shakes Sento)
    Sento: (voice shaking from being shook) Stop digging into that every time.
    • While the above argument is going on, Souichi just walks away, shaking his head in exasperation before sitting down to take a nap.
  • During Ryuuga's story, Souichi shouts "Objection!" while dramatically pointing a finger. Sento takes the objection like they're actually in a court of law.
    • After being told his story sounds too convenient, Ryuga gets angry. In the middle of heatedly asking if Souichi thinks he's a liar, the Full Bottle purification machine suddenly dings behind him, causing him to let out a high-pitched shriek.
  • When they are discussing the clues that Ryuga's backstory provides, Sawa appears and offers her help, leading to the realization that a) Souchi forgot to close the refrigerator, and b) she wouldn't have tracked them down if Sento hadn't dropped a match containing the hideout's name by accident.
    • Even better, the show then gives us a flashback of Sento saving Sawa like a badass... then untransforming right in front of her and skipping away while humming a little song to himself while Sawa picks up the matchbook that leads her right to Souichi's cafe.
  • When escaping from the Guardian robots, Build rounds a corner on his bike. The Guardians follow him, only to see (untransformed) Sento nonchalantly sitting on a pile of garbage, playing with his smart phone. He gives the robots a distracted "Good morning." This works.
  • Misora's method of exposition is to make Ryuga (who she's tied up because she distrusts him) read off of a blackboard. Because it's hard for him to read while she's dangling it, Ryuga just grabs the blackboard with his feet to steady it.
  • While an overall serious moment, there's something chuckle worthy about how Night Rogue pauses after Sento calls him the bat-man and then immediately corrects him.
  • At the end of the episode, Ryuga goes to thank Sento for allowing him to say goodbye to Kasumi. When Sento doesn't respond, he checks up close and realizes that he's asleep.

    Episode 3: Borderline Of Justice 
  • Sento delivering a summary of the previous episode's events to Ryuga in a way that seems to be complicated just for sake of being complicated.
    • To make things more hilarious, it seems that he's been trying to explain for awhile now. We see Sawa and Misora looking on in exasperation, clearly tired of hearing Sento explain it again.
  • Misora offers to find out information for Sawa, which Ryuga is doubtful of. Cue Souichi once again screaming "OBJECTION", this time jumping completely out of nowhere. Once again, Sento takes the objection without missing a beat.
  • Misora as a Net Idol. Mostly because it's such a massive shock to see the usually cold and aloof Misora turn into a Kawaiiko.
    • She then asks her viewers to find information on Nabeshima, quickly adding eyedrops offscreen to make it look like she's crying. The scene then cuts to random guy falling away from his computer as a giant heart appears.
  • Sawa acting as a Combat Commentator causes Sento to snap at her and tell her to shut up because she keeps throwing him off his game. He even loses steam for a moment when she steals the tail end of one of his Catch Phrases.
  • Once again, the Bottle Purification machine startles Ryuga so badly he falls over while jumping away.
    • After creating the Hawk Fullbottle, Misora quite literally walks all over Ryuga before slumping onto her bed and threatening to cut anyone who wakes her up. Later when Ryuuga and Sento's arguing wakes her up she hurls a spatula hard enough to lodge it into the Bottle Purification machine to prove that she wasn't kidding.
    Misora: *In dim lighting and eerily cheerfully* I'll cut you.
    Soichi, Sento, and Ryuga: *Justifiably terrified* Sorry.
  • Misora ties Ryuga up again, only for him to break the chains and tie her up before heading off.
  • Ryuga rubs it in Sento's face really hard that he was able to figure out the Taka/Gatling FullBottle Best Match on his first try.
    • There's also something hilarious about the fact that Sento's been searching into "the paradox of quantum mechanics" to discover what makes a Best Match when Ryuga correctly guesses the simple Organic/Inorganic combination formula that fans found out almost immediately after the Best Matches were revealed. Even more hilarious when you realize that Sento, the super-genius, failed to notice that both of his two Best Match forms so far, RabbitTank and GorillaMond, follow the Organic/Inorganic formula.
    • On top of all of that is the fact that the Fullbottle caps flat out hint at what bottle is their Best Match!
  • Ryuga accompanying Sawa disguised as an old lady. They get attacked by Guardians and Ryuga finds out the Dragon FullBottle can enhance his strength to incredible levels only to wind up held at gunpoint by a circle of Guardians. Sento arrives just in time to spare Ryuga a chance to find out if it also makes him bulletproof.

     Episode 4: The Testimony Will Be Zero 
  • Sento and Ryuga giving their usual recap of last episode. Both seem to falling into their roles and taking it fairly seriously... except for Sento who always refers to himself as a brilliant physicist and feels the need to put all of the emphasis on "brilliant". Then when he talks about how Blood Stalk poisoned him last episode, he plays it up and acts like he's in a lot of pain only to immediately bounce back to his usual happy self.
  • Last episode ended with Sento collapsed on the floor and losing consciousness from Blood Stalk's attack. How does this episode begin? With Souichi pulling Sento's cheeks to wake him up and the latter screaming.
  • The purification machine is trying really hard to become a Running Gag, startling Souichi and Sento this time over. They try to outrun each other on the way there, nearly smashing into the machine.
  • Sento attempting to get sleepy Misora to become Mi-tan and gather clues for them. She tries to scare him away with her creepy face (like the one she had in #3 after being abruptly woken up), but without success. What follows are about two dozen rounds of please and no way/no. Finally, he overrules her and she gets into it, but falls asleep mid-motion.
  • Just how giddy Sawa and Ryuga are to be using disguises to sneak into the apartment building that Nabeshima's family lives in.
  • When they finally reach Nabeshima's family, Ryuga is exactly as aggressive and abrasive towards them as you'd expect, forcing Sawa to step in and be the Good Cop, poking Ryuga in the cheek to interject, and forcing his hand into a salute when she assures Mrs. Nabeshima that they're here to protect them.
  • How does Sento find out about Nabeshima returning as a different Smash? Blood Stalk emails him about it. And he ends the email with an encouraging, "Fight hard!"
  • While we don't see his entire body during this part, Blood Stalk is introduced lying casually on a tiny wooden park bench. From what we do see of his position, one might expect him to say "Draw me like one of your french girls!"
  • One of Square Smash's attack involves multiple square pillars rising from the ground, said pillars are constructed from a bunch of cubes. If you notice carefully, you'll see that the cubes have random images of the scenery around them, leading to funny stuff like one of the pillars randomly having a T-Rex statue face in the middle of it!
  • Souichi's reaction when he comes down into the lab only to find Sento pounding at the bottle matching wall with a mallet. He doesn't seem to believe his eyes, but pulls himself back together quickly and goes to stop Sento. It goes into Tear Jerker soon afterwards as Sento breaks the bottle matching panel out of the wall, confirming his suspicion that it's part of Pandora's Box and that Souichi has been lying to him the whole time.

     Episode 5: Dangerous Identity 
  • Soichi and Misora take over reading the introduction from Ryuga and Sento. Ryuuga doesn't seem to mind, but Sento...
    Sento: They said everything! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE STAR HEEEEERE!
  • Last week's preview for this episode had Soichi state he was a member of Faust in a grave voice, a scene which got many online discussion forums buzzing with speculation. This episode gives us the context for that statement.
    Sento: Faust stole this from the laboratory. So why do you have it? Does this mean you're a member of Faust?
    Soichi: (in a grave voice) Me... in Faust? (to Misora in the exact same grave voice)) You hear that?
    Both: (burst out laughing)
    Ryuga: What's so funny!?
    Souichi: What kind of villain could be as stylish as me?
  • The completely casual and uninterested way in which Misora states that she had been kidnapped by Faust and that they are still looking for her.
  • Sento and Souichi have a serious conversation about who Souichi was and how he came to start working with Sento... while playing foosball. And they both seem to be more interested in the latter.
  • Nobody seems to like Souichi's coffee... not even Souichi.
    Ryuga: How is that not bad?
    Soichi: (gagging) Y-you just don't understand the mature flavor!
  • Sawa takes Sento to meet someone who might know about his past. This someone is a band member by the name Kishida Tatsuya, who tries to glomp Sento the moment he sees him. The first attempt is interrupted by a glass wall. The second attempt is interrupted by Sento himself, who freaks out and throws Tatsuya over his shoulder. Sawa's and Tatsuya's reactions are priceless.
  • The revelation that Sento apparently used to be some sort of The Pig-Pen delinquent .
  • This exchange between Ryuuga and Tatsuya:
    Ryuuga: Who is this weird guy?
    Tatsuya: Who are you calling weird?
    Ryuuga: (headbutts Tatsuya, knocking him to the ground)
    • The follow up:
    Tatsuya: You are the murderer who escaped from prison!
    Ryuuga: So what? (headbutts Tatsuya, knocking him down again)
  • Sento is sulking at the counter of the cafe due to how unimpressed he is at his former identity and how easily Blood Stalk beat him when Misora casually mentions that there's a new Fullbottle ready. Cue Sento's hair flipping up while he runs down to the lab like an eager kid on Christmas, yelling "woo-hoo!" in a high pitched voice.
  • Sento tries to figure out the Best Match for the Comic bottle and just can't get there. He flips on the ground and kicks his legs like a petulant child throwing a tantrum. And then Ryuuga walks in and, like last time, simply slots Ninja in on a whim. He gets it in one again.
    • And then Sento completely deflates, almost sounding defeated at how easily Ryuuga can pick out Best Matches. His energy comes back twofold however, when he goes into a creative frenzy building a Weapon for NininComic.
  • Sento builds a sword to match NininComic and tries to poke (seemingly) sleeping Ryuuga with it. Ryuuga is not amused.
    Sento: It's done! *starts swinging the 4-koma Ninpotou around*
    Misora: Watch it! *ducks and shoves Sento aside as Sento turns to face a sleeping Ryuuga*
    Sento: I wanna test it...I wanna test it... *Said as he is slowly bringing the blade closer to Ryuuga*
    Ryuuga: If you test it on me, there'll be hell to pay.
    Sento: You were awake!?
  • Blood Stalk's impersonation of Tatsuya. Hell, his actions throughout the episode are a mix between "bored intern", and cold and calculating sadist.

     Episode 6: Moonsault of Anger 
  • The summary of last week's episode begins with Sento declaring that he's going to read the introduction this time. He begins the recap, only to realise the script is calling him a "self-proclaimed hottie brilliant physicist", and immediately starts demanding who rewrote it (pointedly accusing Misora). Then Ryuuga jumps in and starts reading the introduction, much to Sento's chagrin.
  • In the middle of Ryuuga and Sento's fight, Sento sucker-punches Ryuuga. Misora calls him out on his cowardice while holding up a giant plushie and speaking in a high-pitched voice. Sento defends himself... except he's talking to the plushie rather than Misora.
  • Souichi has heart-to-heart conversation with Ryuuga while making him a coffee. This emotional moment is ruined when Ryuuga tastes the coffee and predictably sputters over it's bitterness.
    • Part of this conversation is Souichi saying that Sento doesn't want to help Tatsuya because they used to be friends, but because he tries to help anyone he can.
      Ryuuga: (sourly) That's just so God-like, Buddha-like and Sento-like, right?
    • The above line has a hidden joke in it : "Sento" sounds just like "Saint" when pronounced by a Japanese.
  • Misora poking the unconscious Ryuuga with her plush cat. When he doesn't move, she procclaims him to be dead in upbeat tone. Sento tells her that Ryuuga is going to wake up soon. That doesn't stop Misora from continuing to poke him in a way that makes it look more like a beating then anything, accompanied by a repeating bouncy "boing" sound effect. Not that he wouldn't deserve some of it at that point.
  • Sawa asks Misora if she has a boyfriend. Misora responds by uncontrollably shaking hot sauce onto her pizza and stuttering like a madwoman. Then Sawa asks if she prefers Sento or Ryuuga more, causing Misora to leap up from the table and scream at a pitch that only dogs can hear.
    • Then Sento suddenly bursts in, grabs Misora by the shoulders and tells her "it's love", completely stunning her. He then reveals that he loves that he found an opening in the Skywall, and skips merrily off, leaving Misora collapsed in a heap on the floor as the appropriate hiragana characters land on her head.
  • Just the immediacy with which Sento and Ryuuga go back to being best friends after their fight, making Misora feel stupid for even worrying about them.
  • Sento and Ryuuga sneak around the Guardians disguised as construction workers the same way Ryuuga and Sawa moved around in Seito dressed up as delivery people. Apparently, worker uniform and baseball cap are all you need to walk around unnoticed.
  • Sento explains that he created the CrossDragon as a pet that would keep an eye on Ryuuga, who is not amused by this. He then tries to wave the CrossDragon away and gets (miniature) flames spat on him for his troubles.
  • Blood Stalk continues to be morbidly funny as he does his variation of Sento's that's terrible from #1. He is merely annoyed when he scolds Sento and Ryuuga for causing him to lose a valuable test subject. The subject in question is Ryuuga, whom he injected with a lethal poison moments before.
    • Luckily, Ryuuga is saved when the Cross-Z Dragon comes over and sucks the poison out of his body. This in itself is a Moment of Awesome, but what's funny is the tiny dragon vomiting up a miniature spray of poison while Ryuuga recovers.
  • As Blood Stalk leaves the collapsing research facility, he gives Ryuuga a friendly pat on the shoulder, which Ryuuga immediately brushes off. Stalk's resulting body-language just screams "well, that was just uncalled for."
  • In the midst of fight against Faust's army, you can see Sento push a prisoner's head down before swinging his sword.

     Episode 7: The Devil Scientist 
  • Ryuuga follows Sento around the lab because of the events of #6, namely the implication that Sento has killed Katsuragi. His (at times bizarre) distrusting scowls are just the cherry on the top.
    • He's also accused him multiple times, almost 330 in fact. Yes, Sento has been counting.
  • The purifier machine strikes again. Sento and Ryuuga argue in front of it, not paying any attention to the fact that new bottle is nearly ready. You can countdown to when it beeps and scares them.
  • Sento's reaction to Panda Fullbottle.
    Sento: A panda, huh? So cute. (caresses the bottle) Totally different from a certain obnoxious ape.
    Ryuuga: Who are you calling an ape?!
    • Misora walks out of the purifier machine, not amused by their attitude. The two immediately go Oh, Crap!.
    Misora: Tired. Sleepy. And you're still at it.
  • When Sento confidently says that he can't be a killer, Soichi and Misora started an on-spot interview, with Misora hiding her face just like an anonymous respondent (basically Lampshade Hanging on the fact that his amnesia means they don't know him well enough to back him up on that). Misora even insulting Sento's know-it-all attitude.
  • Souichi makes a cup of coffee that then gets passed among the cafe's inhabitants. No one wants to drink it so they all pull out canned coffee. Souichi's sad face increasing in intensity every time he tries to offer someone a cup only to be met with them cracking open a can is so absurd it crosses into hilarity.
  • After Sawa explains the Sky Road and how expensive it is, Sento starts looking to everyone else for funds. Souichi refuses because he still works part-time jobs at his age, and can't even serve coffee right. Sawa refuses because she barely makes enough for herself and her friend's wedding is coming up. Ryuuga, who still suspects Sento and is a wanted fugitive who barely even owns the clothes on his body (they're maybe Sento's clothes), simply rebuffs him with a blunt "hell no". Finally, after looking over everyone in a depressed slump, Misora relents and starts a donation drive in her Net Idol persona.
    • Two things that make this scene so hilarious are, first, Sento's facial expressions, a weirdly entertaining mix of someone begging for help and a complete blasé attitude, and second, the "ca-ching" sound effect that happens every time he turns to someone to ask for help, complete with the jackpot sound effect when Misora in her idol persona manages to get the funds.
  • Ryuuga in a clown costume. It must be seen to be believed.
    • A group of children pretty much Zerg Rush Ryuuga while he is in said costume, spoiling his disguise instantly.
    • After paying the smuggler to take them across the Sky Road (said smuggler being also over the top with gelled hair and super dark sunglasses he peers over), the camera pans to show Ryuuga, dressed as a clown, musing on how Misora is "kind of awesome." Sento agrees... Then seems to just realize what Ryuuga is wearing.
    Sento: Yeah... wait, why are you a clown?
    • At no point is it ever actually explained why he's dressed as a clown. He just… is.
      • Presumably it's his disguise to walk around without getting arrested… but given how HIGHLY VISIBLE clowns are, we loop right back around to "why a clown!?"
  • The children at Mrs. Katsuragi's school found Sento and Ryuuga whose are sulking in a bridge, and call them "old dudes". Ryuuga silently protest that "we aren't old dudes, we're young dudes".
  • It occurred during a pretty serious battle, but Sento's face when Ryuuga stumbled upon yet another Best Match in RocketPanda by throwing him the Rocket Full Bottle is priceless.
  • In the fight at the Skywall, Blood Stalk uses the Rocket Bottle to fire a guided missile at Build... only for it to go off course and head for Night Rogue. Either Stalk has hilariously bad aim, or he's deliberately trolling Rogue for being dragged out on a mission.
  • Ryuuga fights Stalk with CrossDragon spewing fire everywhere, even on him.

     Episode 8: What The Memories Tell You 
  • The episode, as usual, starts with a review of the previous episodes… except this time, half of it is Ryuuga baiting Sento into talking about his weapon instead of actually describing what happened last episode. Also Ryuga admitted Katsuragi as a true genius, unlike Sento. This becomes funny after the reveal that Katsuragi is Sento.
  • Gentoku hangs up on the leaders of Seito and Hokuto.
    • On more grimly hilarious note, their assumptions that Touto Goverment creates Smash for military purposes are technically correct given that Faust is a rogue faction of Touto's government.
  • The dramatic conversation between Sento and Mrs. Katsurugi is interrupted by Ryuuga's stomach growling. They are served fried egg rolls she had been preparing for her son. Ryuuga tries to wolf down the meal, but stops and pouts about it being too sweet. Sento scolds him for being impolite and takes the plate away.
  • Ryuuga complaining about Sento's burp while they are in the trunk of car heading to Touto.
    Ryuuga: Ugh, your burps smells sweet! You have eaten too much tamagoyaki!
  • Sento trying to find a Best Match and crying out in joy when he managed to find one. The expression sells it.
    • Mind you, Ryuuga's fighting the Smash while this is happening and at this, he turns around and looks at Sento with an expression that screams "dude, really, now?"
    • It gets funnier when you realize that Sento probably did this specifically because Ryuuga was distracted with the Smash and wouldn't be able to get it in one again. He also seems phenomenally disappointed that Pirate/Fire Truck isn't a Best Match.
    • Also, funnily enough, note how both the combinations Sento tried are Organic/Inorganic combinations. It seems he has finally admitted Ryuuga is right, that finding Best Matches is literally just that simple!
  • As our heroes head off to save the day, Misora hands Sento the Fire Truck Full Bottle. Souchi also hands Ryuuga a bag, which he initially takes enthusiastically... until he sees it's another disguise. Not only is his surprise utterly hilarious, but it explains just where he's been getting his outfits from.

     Episode 9: The Project Build Trap 
  • Part of the previous episodes review has the cafe owner explaining the origin of Sento's name. The owner literally named him Rabbit-Tank, while his surname is simply taken from a barbershop he usually visits.
    Sento: You literally just named me Rabbit-Tank!?
  • Takumi demonstrates Build's abilities with a Ganbarizing card. Then he pulls out Smartphone and Wolf Fullbottles, bringing the Faiz reference full circle.
  • When Ryuga brings up that, had it not been for Soichi stealing the belt, Build would have been used as a murder weapon, Soichi just looks at Ryuga and gives him a quick thumbs up. By itself, it's funny, but then when you take upon later twists, it takes a layer of dark humor, since "stealing" the belt was part of his plan to destroy the world.
  • Ryuga has gotten so annoyed with the bottle machine that he asked Misora if she timed it to always break up the fight between him and Sento.
  • Sento claiming that Utsumi is like a cyborg. In a Kamen Rider series, this is some serious Tempting Fate. This becomes Joke and Receive when Utsumi is revealed as a cyborg much later.
  • When Ryuga takes Misora out in the city, her cat plushie goes too. The disguise is kind of funny too: a high-school delinquent for Ryuga (that looks exactly like Gentaro in his heydays) and nerdy high-school girl for Misora.
    • They ends up having what so obviously is a date at a shop and restaurant. Then they hear a group of otaku hearing Mii-tan's voice and going berserk, so they ran like hell.
  • Sento lies down on a table after pulling an all nighter in the Touto Institute of Advanced Physics. He has probably not intended to sleep on it because his head and all limbs are awkwardly hanging over the edge. That or he had simply passed out on it.

     Episode 10: Technology of Destruction 
  • Blood Stalk's sarcastically thanking the security guards for their hard work after he kills them.
  • Ryuga entering the scene wearing an Institute scientist uniform complete with nerdy glasses is this. He then proceeds to lure a human Guardian off-screen, steal his uniform, and leave him bound and gagged.
    • Maybe the Guardian should have picked a less ridiculous pair of underwear to wear that day too.
  • Night Rogue's annoyed reaction to Blood Stalk's apparent betrayal. It was sudden, but inevitable after all.
  • Sento saves Ryuuga from Night Rogue and Blood Stalk. This exchange ensues:
    Sento: So I came just in time for the climax.
    Ryuga: You're late!
    Sento: Stop complaining.
  • Somehow, Ryuga still managed to find a best match, this time the KeyDragon form. Even he's surprised.
  • Gentoku's Slasher Smile at everything going according to plan, allowing him to take control of Touto shouldn't be funny. However his absurd mustache-twirling and the way the scene's shot makes it seem more hilarious than scary.

     Episode 11: Burn, Dragon! 
  • After absent on previous episode, the pre-episode banter is coming back, as hilarious as ever. In there, Sento told the viewers that he lost his Fullbottles, and then...
    Ryuga: How many do you lost anyway?
    Sento: One, two, three, four... um, sixteen I think?
    Sento: Don't start complaining about how I store the bottles. I just manage somehow.
  • Ryuga's face when Sento told him that he now can transform using the Build Driver.
    (zooming in) "Seriously?!"
  • Ryuga climbs up to Cross Dragon's nest to grab it and failing that, proceeds to chase it across the room.
    • Sento explains that Cross Dragon is synchronized with Ryuga's limbic system so to use it he has to have a strong feeling to call on. Ryuga has no idea what a limbic system is nor does he understand what that has to do with the situation.
  • Ryuga's second failed transformation. The Cross-Z Dragon set Ryuga's hand on fire instead, causing Sento to mumble "this is the worst". Then Ryuga proceeds to sulk in the corner.
    • If you listen closely, you can hear Blood Stalk agreeing with Sento.
    • After Ryuga and Sento escape the first time, Blood Stalk just throws a chair at Night Rogue and casually jumps out of the warehouse. Rogue then also throws the fight, as in, he doesn't even bother chasing Sento and Ryuga, a pair of wounded guys.
  • After the confrontation with Sawa, when Ryuga is forlornly looking out from the window, this exchange happens:
    Sento: "Ah, I miss you, my girl. Maybe I should visit her grave."
    Ryuga: "Don't narrate my thoughts!"
  • When Ryuga's pulling the crank in the Build Driver to activate his finisher, he chants ORA ORA ORA as he's rotating the crank.
  • When Ryuga asks Sento if he left Kasumi's letter at her grave. Sento fakes his injuries hurting worse than they do so he wouldn't have to answer until Ryuga says "thanks". This makes Sento drop the act immediately, jump up and ask Ryuga to repeat that last part. He is swiftly told off.

     Episode 12: Theory of Conspiracy 
  • The opening narration has Sento suggest that Ryuuga should be called Kamen Rider Meathead.
  • When Sawa talks about being a spy for Namba Heavy Industries, everyone ponders about it gloomily... and Ryuuga just stuffs his mouth with ramen.
  • This exchange between Sento and Utsumi about Sento poking around for info on Namba Heavy Industries Institute where Touto Institute was originally located.
    Utsumi: Why investigate something like that?
    Sento: Well, that's a secret. (sticks the tip of his tongue at Utsumi)
    Utsumi: (smiles for a moment beforing continuing) Third Basement Floor.
    Sento: There are only two basement floors...
    Utsumi: (enters something into the computer, making hidden part of the blueprint appear)
    Sento: Third basement floor! How?
  • Misora is pondering if the Namba Heavy Industries forced Sawa to spy on them. The camera then moves to show Sawa chained to a beam in similar way like Ryuuga was in early episodes.
    • When Sawa provides exposition, Misora sticks her plushies around the corner to peek at her instead of doing so herself.
  • Sento's face when Ryuuga refuses to give him the Dragon Bottle and takes the spotlight as Kamen Rider himself.
  • Sento got excited when he realized he got a train bottle and a new best match.
  • Ryuuga tells Sento that he did pretty well as his assistant following the battle. Sento tells him that he did pretty well for an amateur.
  • Sento takes a wild swing at each member of the gang - Souichi, Misora, Ryuuga and Sawa - to show that Pirate Departer has four stages of attack. Ryuuga restrains him before he tries to use it on Souichi. This turns Sento against Sawa whom he promptly points the crossbow at with slightly unhinged giggle.
  • Sento sees Sawa dangling from a balcony pursued by government men. His reaction is a bored this is the worst.
  • Touto Government forces comes to arrest Night Rogue while he is sitting slouched in his tacky chair. It gets even better when you realize it's the normally stoic, serious Utsumi wearing the suit!

     Episode 13: Who Takes Off the Veil 
  • Ryuuga asks Sento about the big info that supposedly came from Nabeshima. Sento tells him that it's train your pecs more. Ryuga seriously considers it for a moment before realizing that Sento is pulling his leg.
    • This is likely a callback to #4, when Ryuga comes to Sento's aid in fight against the Square Smash (Nabeshima), boasting about his sweet pecs.
  • Souichi and others tried to bait Sento into getting out of the lab using... Sento's favorite grilled fish. It worked.
    • Even both Sawa and Sento himself questioned the absurdity of the situation.
      Sento: Grilled fish, my favorite! Wait, oi.
  • Sento's prebattle Catchphrase of Now, shall we begin the experiment? came from his first attempt to transform as he had no idea what he is doing. It definitely was experimental.
    • Fridge Funny is that the Driver only announced the combination name. Now remember the fact Sento added the Best Match feature afterwards. This also means he added the Driver's ability to make special announcements for the Best Matches, just like Ryoma.
  • Raiding the Namba Heavy Industries to retrieve Pandora Box is dramatic and comedy gold:
    • The duo's double henshin is followed by Ryuuga stepping in front of Sento to take all the fame for himself only to be smacked aside with metallic clang.
    • Ryuuga ducks out of the way just as Sento shoots Guardians with Kaizoku Hasher. And then Sento run past him while saying "Coming through~" like he's a train.
    • The two argue over opening the vault holding Pandora Box. Sento tries to punch in the password first, having trouble doing it because of how thick his gloves were, until Ryuuga yells at him to use his pinky finger. When the code doesn't work, Ryuuga decide to punch in the door. Sento's attempts to stop him include sticking his hand in Ryuga's face. This was all done in-costume, so you just see two Riders fumbling around.
    • Even better is when the door finally opens (thanks to Stalk inside), both exclaim surprise with the flatest "oh" that you have ever heard.
  • OctopusLight is even weirder (and sillier) than NinninComic. To cite, it has octopus tentacles and lightbulb, with a color combination reminding one of food poisoning; a totally random Best Match if you'd think of one. Unlike NinninComic, it works against Blood Stalk as he never encounters it.
  • The plan to get Pandora Box to nascita unsuspected is wrapping it up as a package and having Ryuga (who's dressed as a delivery worker) carry it.
  • At the end of the episode, when Souichi takes away all the bottles and the Pandora Box, he used the classic green cloth with white swirls commonly associated with thieves in Japan. As if he needs to make it more obvious he's stealing them away.

     Episode 14: The False Kamen Rider 
  • The recap had Sento out of breath since he was recapping while running to chase Souichi. He even complained about it.
    • Made even more hilarious when you realize that this means, in-universe, Sento is chasing Souichi while rambling about "episode recap" that no one would understand.
  • Both Sento and Souichi got tired of running around. Souichi acted so chill he simply asked Sento to forgive him. Not to mention he simply left with a "Ciao!" and walk away.
  • The stolen bottles turned out to be fake, complete with a flag that tells Stalk he had been tricked. The funny thing is Sento must have take precaution and did it on purpose.
  • Sento and Ryuga's experiment to get RabbitTank Sparkling. Ryuga being the guinea pig and tested the bottles while Sento hide in safety and take notes.
    • To elaborate, Sento finally takes a hint and decides to exploit Ryuga's knack for selecting a Best Match by having him be the one to feed the bottles' essence into the new device and see which ones backfire. Sento records which Matches are failures from behind the safety of a riot shield that he somehow had ready.
    • We're treated to a quick montage of Ryuga trying out more bottles, and by the time he reaches RabbitTank, he looks like he'd just managed to escape a burning building. Of the three other Best Matches we see tested:
  • Sento and Ryuga's mime when they tried to hide the experiment from Misora. Not to mention they cover it by setting a date between Ryuga and Misora. Second date, no less.
    • Misora's reaction to the whole situation is one of hilarity, shock, and confusion.
    • The gestures used are subtitled and read something along the lines of Ryuga being promised a banana if he goes along with the plan. He protest at first, but Sento throws in some protein shakes and Ryuga agrees.
      • Genius Bonus alert: bananas are a natural source of potassium, and far more practical than dedicated fitness supplements.
  • Ryuga's open fly returned again during his date with Misora! It's like a running joke at this point.
    • And it does so with a sound that's suspiciously similar to that of a Crack opening.
  • The fact that RabbitTank Sparkling, the upgrade form for this season, ends up taking the form of... a can of soda. One that makes fizzing noises when shaken and sounds like a can opening when triggered! There's something to be said for opening a can of whoopass...

     Episode 15: Judging Sento Kiryu 
  • The episode begins with the usual recap talk, and Ryuga questioned about the status of the cafe now that its owner is no longer with them, and the cafe having no money and no customer since the first episode. Sento, of course, immediately avoids the question.
  • Gentoku joins Guardians raiding nascita and searches around for Pandora's Box himself. He opens the fridge in dramatic manner and... finds normal groceries. Someone (most likely Sento) clearly thought ahead while they were moving Pandora's Box to keep Gentoku from finding the secret lab.
  • Misora comes down to the lab only to find everything covered in numbers and equations from Sento trying to figure out how make FullBottles into Sclash Jellies. Ryuga shares her bewilderment.
    Ryuga: (lying under some papers) Somebody stop him… all this math makes me wanna barf!
    • This is followed by Sento completing the research and doing his victorious genius routine with yelp of joy at the end.
    Sento: Ain't I great? Ain't I awesome? Ain't I a genius? Whoo-hooo!!
  • Sento and Ryuga infiltrate hospital so they could talk to Taizan Himuro. Sento does his best Hiiro Kagami impression on the way there. A passing through doctor even gives him a minor what the hell look.
    • Doesn't help that the shooting uses the exact same hospital as the one used for Ex-Aid shooting! Just turn left to go to the CR, please.
  • Sento escaped from the hospital by flying. On his own. Ryuga proceed to complain that his suit doesn't have wings (despite his transformation sequence).
    Ryuga: You could've put some wings on this thing!
    • Ryuga ends up escaping by breaking the window... and falling a few stories down. And just before he does, he floats long enough to try to make it further, before dropping like a lead balloon.
  • When Gentoku takes his jar of coffee beans and chucks it away in anger, Soichi seems to be genuinely hurt, but then quickly gets more bothered by his jacket gets all wrinkled after Gentoku grabs him by it.
  • Stretch Smash Hazard is completely black in color. As its design is based on an octopus, it ends up looking like it is sprayed with its own ink.
  • Gentoku revealing that Sento is Takumi Katsuragi is not funny. The fact that he indulges in infamous slightly unhinged Evil Laugh afterwards on the other hand

     Episode 16: Weaponry Hero 
  • Sento actually wants to start the episode with singing Jingle Bells and such, but the revelations on the last episode ruined his Christmas mood. An annoyed Ryuga then forces Sento to start the episode already.
  • This is in a very tense moment, but Ryuga tells Sento to fight him with all he got. Sento breaks out RabbitTank Sparkling and knocks Ryuga on his ass in five seconds flat.
  • In the flashback, Taro Satou appears and announces his name, then instantly crapping his pants after seeing Stalk, calling for his mama.
    • Then Stalk shows us where (or rather, who) Sento's opening catchphrase came from:
      "Our brilliant physicist, Katsuragi Takumi!"
  • Misora says that the Sento Kiryu she knows is a narcissistic, conceited hero of justice. Sento pouts about it not being a compliment. Doubles as Heartwarming.

     Episode 17: Rider War Starts! 
  • In a similar vein to Taiga from last season, Kiba states "target found" while pretending to be a sniper towards towards Sento and Ryuga.
  • Additionally, the Riders and the Three Crows has this tidbit in the beginning.
    Ryuga: Who are you people?
    Akaba: We are the Hokuto Three Crows. Of course, we won’t tell you who we are that easily.
    Kiba: Wait, hey. You already told them who we are.
    • Ryuga has the most ecstatic face to it all.
      Ryuga: So you guys are (proceeding to grin happily) idiots right?
      Akaba: That's not a nice thing to say to a total stranger, man!
    • And as Akaba gets mad, Kiba nods and agrees pointing specifically at Akaba.
      • Making it even better is the fact that Akaba is complaining about politeness even though he's talking to people affiliated with the enemy of his country.
  • Aoba beats Akaba to the punch in demanding Sento’s Fullbottles.
    • The trio arguing between themselves before deciding they will take Sento's and Ryuga's bottles. Then they find out that the enemies had used the opportunity to run for it.
  • Kazumi Sawatari is introduced watching over the events from above, sitting on a ledge.
    • He then one-punches Hazard Strong Smash like first rate badass, realizes that Ryuga is still watching, and pretends that his fist hurts.
  • The Smash trio's reaction to Ryuga knocking them on their collective asses as Cross-Z Charge.
    • Before that, Aoba beats Akaba in demanding Sento’s Fullbottles, again.
    • During the fight, Sento instructs Ryuga to summon his weapon, and Ryuga accidentally summons the Twin Breaker to use.
    Sento: Banjou! Use the Twin Breaker!
    Ryuga: Twin Breaker?!
    Sclash Driver: Twin Breaker!
    Ryuga: Oh, this?
    Sento: You jerk.
    Ryuga: That hurts!
  • The whole reason every battle between Touto and Hokuto’s Riders and elites started, is only because Hokuto’s Three Crows all got lost looking for each other.
    • The fact that, apparently, Kamen Rider Grease, Hokuto's main military asset, who has already shown himself to be a Badass... Gets lost easily. It makes the Crows come across more as his babysitters than backup.

     Episode 18: The Golden Warrior 
  • After Sento solemnly starts the recap, Gentoku joins the recap this time.
    Gentoku: I see you've made your decision.
    Sento: Whoa, Gentoku...
    Gentoku: You will address me as Prime Minister Himuro. The time has come for Touto's counterattack. We'll crush Hokuto!
    Sento: When you put it that way, maybe I should reconsider...
    Gentoku: Then I won't put it that way.
    Sento: You're so fickle!
  • Akaba strikes a winning pose after Kazumi's defeated Ryuga. He drops from it with what the hell face a moment later when Kazumi tells him he is not going to take Touto Bottles now because he butted into the fight.
  • Sento is angry at Ryuga because he uses the Sclash Driver, which is intended for his own use. His argument? He should be the one using it because he's the main star of the show.
    Ryuga: Why the hell not?! I saved your ass!
    Sento: That's the problem.
    Ryuga: Huh?
    (Everyone looks at Sento and brief silence ensues.)
    Sento: You're stealing my heroic thunder!
    Ryuga: Huh?!
    Sawa: Huh?
    Misora: *grumbles*
    Sento: Build is Touto's superhero! Plus, we can't possibly have the supporting cast overshadow me. You'd make all of Touto kids sad!
    Ryuga: What the hell do you mean by "supporting cast"?! If you're still trying to prove-
    Sento: Alright, alright. Are we done here? Go pump some iron or something.
    (cue Ryuga doing exactly that in the background)
    • This gets thrown back at Sento afterwards, when the Dragon Jelly naturally refuses to work with him.
    Ryuga: Tough luck. I guess I'm the hero this time.
  • When Sento gets a call from Soichi, he pretends it's a call from a girlfriend. Sawa points out the "girlfriend" part to Misora, who immediately proceeds to go into shock mode.
    • Soichi is seen kicking back in Night Rogue's tacky chair of villainy.
    • Ryuga, Misora and Sawa are listening in on the conversation with cardboard tubes to the fridge's closed door like a trio of children eavesdropping on their parents.
  • Akaba leans on Aoba and Kiba while watching Kazumi fight Guardians outside the TV Station. They both push his hands away from their shoulders at the same time.
  • The Three Crows try to attack Sento as he transforms using Hokuto FullBottles taken from them in previous episode and they all bounce of the structures formed.
    Aoba: Use your own Bottles, man!
    Sento: I left them at home.
    • Kiba kicks his legs into the air as petulant child after Sento knocks him down in the following fight. Aoba nearly lands on top of him after being thrown down a while later.
    • The Best Match strikes again. Here we see the SmartphoneWolf form, with a cool Wolf side and... a huge smartphone as a shield. When he uses it to protect Ryuga from Grease's finisher, it gets a cracked screen and goes black.
  • Throughout the episode Kazumi behaves as though he knows Misora, hinting that they share a past together. It turns out that he simply recognizes her as Mii-tan, who he's a huge fan of, almost like they were trying to remind you that his actor was the goofy Otoya.
    Kazumi: (seriously, while looking on his phone) I knew it. That girl is...
    Misora: (disembodied dialogue) Hi! (the camera shows Kazumi's Mii-tan wallpaper) It's your idol...
    Kazumi: (grins like a dork)
    Misora: Mii-tan!
    Kazumi: (while mimicking the pose on his wallpaper) It's Mii-tan!

     Episode 19: The Forbidden Item 
  • Utsumi joined the recap this time, prompting Sento to call him a cyborg (twice) in nod to their encounter in #9. Utsumi denies it.
    Utsumi: That's just the nickname you use on me!
    Sento: Then, why are you here?
    Utsumi: Find out in episode 19.
  • Kazumi and Trio are hanging out in a barber shop at the start of the show. It's the same barbershop that Sento was named after, and they're there because Stalk recommended it.
    • When Akaba said that Mii-tan is Build's girlfriend, Kazumi rose in anger and chastised him.
    Kazumi: Mii-tan is everyone's idol!
  • The first thing Kazumi asks after meeting with Sento and Ryuga? He wants to know what Mii-tan's relationship to Sento is. Cue everyone doing a Face Fault.
  • Sawa asks Sento what he is going to do about Ryuga trying to hurt himself. Sento says there is no cure for stupidity.
  • Sawa and Misora found Ryuga who fell from the sky and has injuries. Misora's bracelet somehow heals him, leading to Ryuga waking up so suddenly Sawa thinks he's a ghost.
  • Ryuga goes down a slide and hits his butt hard upon landing on the ground.
  • The Trio being charming Quirky Mini Boss Squad:
    • They repeatedly chant "Mii-tan!" to make Kazumi feel better.
    • They are adorably proud about being able to fight alongside him and assure him he can sit back because they can beat Sento up on their own.
  • Blood Stalk casually drops into fight like death from above to judge everyone's Hazard Levels. He plays freeze tag with them before acting like a teacher handing out grades. The way he informs Sento that Ryuga has higher Hazard Level now continues the impression by making him look like a teacher disappointed that their best student is falling behind. Done with his class, Stalk just tells everyone to break up the fight and go home.

     Episode 20: The Devil's Trigger 
  • The Mood Whiplash caused by Misora joining the recap right after Sento's serious talk about Grease and the Three Crows.
  • After scolding his subordinates earlier, Kazumi told them that they must not die if they want to keep working for him. The Crows were so happy that they carried him in an arm throne... until they dropped him when they saw Sento and Ryuga.
  • Sento finally sees Misora healing Ryuga with her bracelet. But what makes this funny is the return of Misora's "I'm tired, want my money" catchphrase right afterwards, complete with her falling into the bed right after Ryuga wakes up.
  • Face to face with immensely angry Sento, Ryuga rather retreats to the kitchen like kid trying to avoid the wrath of his parents.
  • Hazard Trigger's jingle ends with OH NO!! shout. It's grimly hilarious that it was programmed with the idea that using Hazard Trigger is a bad idea.

     Episode 21: The Unstoppable Hazard 
  • Hokuto's Prime Minister Tajimi of all people, joined Sento in the recap and demanded explanation why are Touto's forces marching towards Hokuto. Sento denies it and quickly closes the recap by saying he will do something about it in this episode.
  • The Mood Whiplash of Soichi calmly snacking on a granola bar while waiting for Sento.
  • Soichi trains Sento in using FullBottles to their full potential. When Sento uses only the Phoenix side of PhoenixSoujiki, he asks whether Soujiki is only for decoration.
    • Funnily enough, all the form changes actually shown in the training are red and green (Stalk's color scheme), he even pointed this out.
      • This could also be a reference to the coloration of the original Kamen Rider.

     Episode 22: Tears of Victory 
  • Stalk does the recap narration, with Ryuga asking why it's him this time. His answer? He think that his voice is good!
  • Sento asks Ryuga to stop yelling and take a banana he passes him across the counter. To say that Ryuga is not amused would be a massive understatement. note 
  • There is something grimly hilarious in Tajimi being a very Sore Loser. Also, she screws herself over by focusing everything on Touto and not paying attention to Seito, leading to her country being invaded and conquered when she wasn't paying attention and to her being detained by Seito's Guardians.
    • On a similar note Tajimi is almost hilariously offended at the revelation that Stalk was also working for Seito and that he'd betrayed her. Considering Stalk's business relationships with Faust, Touto, Sento, and possibly Nanba one has to wonder if she honestly thought his loyalties were truly with her or if she just had the worst pattern recognition skills in the world.
  • The fact that Kamen Rider Rogue, a character whose design incorporates broken glass patterns, has a fragile sticker on the back of his head.

     Episode 23: Western Phantom 
  • Sawa gets excited at finally being able to join the opening narration and demands Sento to pay her 50,000 Dollarks for getting Ryuga to intervene the previous episode. This caused both Ryuga and Misora to run away from the invoice she wrote, especially when one remembers that all of them are pretty much penniless.
  • Kazumi goes full Adorkable mode when confirming that Misora IS Miitan. Sawa exploits this by asking him to pay 50,000 Dollarks (yes, the same amount of money from the opening) if he wants to shake hands, to which he obliges and wonders if paying double would permit him to get photos with her, provoking Akaba and Kiba to stop him from spending the funds they live on.
    • Even better, his realization that Misora is Miitan completely kills his serious demeanor as he was leaving.
    • All of this Crosses the Line Twice once you realise that Sawa's got the most trivial reason out of all of them for needing the money (she needs a new dress to attend a wedding)... and now she's pimping out Misora.
  • When fighting the two new Kaisers, they pointed out that the Riders of Touto aren't that strong. Sento, not wanting to be called weak, gives us this funny moment:
    Sento: They were talking about you.
    Ryuga: Just me!??

     Episode 24: The Man Called Rogue 
  • The recap has Ryuga chiming in because he feels like he hasn't been in the recap for a while. Sento noted that he's barely in the recap anyway.
  • Kazumi decides to settle down in nascita. He and Ryuga then proceed to butt heads.
    Ryuga: Don't do anything crazy now that you're in Touto.
    Kazumi: Don't get in the way. (still completely serious) Got it, fried shrimp head?
    Ryuga: (puzzled) What's wrong with fried shrimp?
    Kazumi: (slowly getting fired up) Nothing if you don't want to have sauce splashed on... (Misora stops them)
    • Kazumi pulls out a Mii-tan pillow, saying he doesn't want - pardon me, Mii-tan doesn't want - to sleep in a barber chair anymore. Ryuga starts punching the pillow and yelling at Kazumi, making the latter freak out. Misora tries to break them up again before seeing that Sento hid in the lab and goes to check on him. Sento somberly asks Misora whether they will be able to protect Touto. Misora leans very close to him, looks him in the eye and scrunches her face with her hands. Sento can't help not to chuckle at that.
      • For bonus funny Misora takes one look at Kazumi's Mii-tan pillow, her face unchanging, looks up at him and then next time the camera angle switches back and we can see her she's moved across the room away from him.
  • Sento pursues Gentoku using HawkGatling. Kazumi follows him using the Helicopter Bottle. Akaba manages to catch on Kazumi, but Ryuga fails to catch on Akaba and and has to run to the battle on foot. This makes him very mad. Kazumi even asks about it once he gets there.

     Episode 25: Idol Awakens 
  • In the opening narration, Ryuga is the first to point out that Misora somehow walked all the way to the Skywall barefoot without stepping on anything harmful. Especially when you realize Ryuga had run a part of that way on foot earlier.
  • Ryuga supports his speech about Misora's powers with miming her gesture while doing so.
  • Sento's solution for fighting Washio Brothers is figuring out specific combination of Fullbottles outside of the Best Match scheme, while Ryuga simply hit harder. Soichi's speech about nature versus nurture definitely makes sense here.

     Episode 26: Treacherous Deathmatch 
  • Masakuni Mido goes full-on cartoonish villain when boasting about having Pandora Box. Taizan Himuro reacts with very creeped out WTH sort of expression.
  • Ryuga and Kazumi circling each other like two dogs fighting for territory while Sento and Misora watch with expressions that scream "really guys?"
    Kazumi: Watch what you say to Mii-tan, idiot.
    Ryuga: Don't call me idiot. Use something related to muscles. note 
    Ryuga: I'm the type who looks slim in clothing.
    Kazumi: What do you eat?
  • Sento badgers Misora into making a new Rabbit FullBottle by doing a poor imitation (or not so poor parody) of her telling him she wants to help. She is also told to pray to her bracelet. Misora pouts to him it's a poor imitation herself.
    Sento: Please, bracelet-san, for the sake of handsome and brilliant physicist Sento Kiryu, make an item to suppress the Hazard Trigger! Just like that.
    Misora: I'm not saying that, ok?
    • Sento and Ryuga comment on clipshow of episode 1-14, get into argument over several things (hightlights including Sento dodging every questions Ryuga asked and Sento skipping Cross-Z's footage) and are stopped by Misora yelling at them from inside the purifier machine. They appear to be genuinely scared.
      • When you realize that Misora is using Ex-Aid's VR gear to tap into bracelet's power...
    • When the new Fullbottle is ready, they run to the machine and Sento distracts Ryuga with the old look there trick, so he could get there first. He gets so giddy over the new bottle that his hair pops up.
    • Misora spoofs what Sento told her before, showing she is actually not bothered by it at all.
  • Sento inserts the new Rabbit bottle in the Build driver along with the old one. It goes well at first but then it blows up spectacularly into his and Ryuga's faces. This gives him an idea that he starts developing in his former gleeful manner. Ryuga watches Sento for a moment before pouting he doesn't understand him a single bit.
  • Sento falls into his first "genius" routine since he finished Sclash Driver, complete with his hair popping up. Then he realizes he is supposed to be at the representative match, watching Kazumi fight, blurts out "This is terrible!" and runs off.
  • Ryuga acting all high and mighty... before realizing This Is Gonna Suck upon seeing Fu transform into Hell Bros. The goofy sound effects and his pathetically resigned whine don't help him a single bit.
    Ryuga: They combined... (blinking repeatedly, as if he can't believe what he saw)
    Ryuga: No way!

     Episode 27: The Hero's Counterattack 
  • During the previous episode recap at the beginning of the episode, Prime Minister Mido butts in to arrogantly declare that Seito will take victory in the second fight of the representative match, only for Sento to confuse him with a long string of nonsense that hilariously enough is an accurate description of RabbitTank and its connection to the Full Full RabbitTank Bottle.
    Sento: In that case, I'll just go hoppity-hop with this thing and finish the third battle with a ka-blam!
    Mido: Say what? You're just making noises and not a lot of sense!
    Sento: Well you can't just put genius into words!
    • Even funnier, when RabbitRabbit debuts, Mido actually refers to it as "the hoppity-hop... ka-blam... thing..." meaning that conversation actually happened.
  • Ryuga gives himself a mild slap to wake up from the surprise of who he is going to fight.
  • During the battle, Ryuga reminesces about the heart to heart conversation he had with Kazumi earlier. That's good and all, but it turns out that Kazumi's idea of easing the mood was to imply there is something more between Ryuga and Sento. Underlined with him eating a carrot.
    Kazumi: You're doing it for him (Sento)? That's gross, man.
  • In the middle of his fight against Hell Bros, Ryuga takes the time to tell Sento that he's going to be The Hero and put an end to the war. When he meets up with Misora and Sento again after losing the fight, Sento doesn't mind that Ryuga lost his match because Ryuga did his job as the "supporting cast" to set things up for the real hero to finish things.
  • Misora asks if they are not forgetting something before Sento goes in the battle against Gentoku. This leads to Kazumi sneezing somewhere out in the city.
  • RabbitRabbit's stretching Rider Kick just stops right in front Rogue's face, causing him to flinch into a defensive position before realizing that the kick has stopped just in front of him. His attempt to counter is foiled by the kick building up enough power and snapping Build towards Rogue with enough force to bash him through the solid concrete wall of the arena and through another concrete wall outside the building.
    • A nice little detail that makes the kick as silly as it is badass is how Build's leg trembles like a rubber band that's being pulled as far as it will go, and starts trembling faster as it gets closer to catapulting Build towards Rogue.
    • Misora wonders out loud if bashing their way out of the arena affects the match, whereupon the event announcer states that the only rules for victory are knocking the opponent out of his transformaiton, letting him forfeit or otherwise leaving him unable to go on (so either being completely crippled or death.) Misora smacks Ryuga for this insensitive comment:

     Episode 28: The Genius Arrives With a Tank 
  • The last episode recap this time is done by Kazumi, since Sento is busy fighting. Ryuga complained, but Kazumi pointed out Ryuga should call him "Kazumin". Naturally, Ryuga refused, only to accidentally call him "Kazumin" at the end of the preview.
    • And Ryuga did it again in the episode when Kazumi headlocks him, complete with the exact same reaction as during the recap, from both of them!
  • After Sawa gives Sento the signal that the Nabeshimas are in the clear, he sighs and gets up as if Rogue didn't just serve him a full course ass-whooping.
    Sento: And there's my signal, finally!
  • Just as Sawa, Misora, and Ryuga are happily celebrating Sento's victory as Touto's representative, Kazumi shows up out of nowhere, badly wounded and all, just to punch Ryuga in the gut.
    • For context, Kazumi agreed to help Sawa with the Nabeshima's family rescue mission on the condition that he will get to have a handshake with Misora, only to find Misora and Ryuga holding hands.
  • After Stalk swapped Nanba's face into Prime Minister Mido, he bites into his taiyaki like Light with a potato chip.

     Episode 29: The Opening Bell Rings 
  • Nanba Mido acts like an conductor of an orchestra in the beginning of the episode and then keeps part of the act ongoing through the episode. When activating part of the Pandora Box, Stalk makes similar gestures.
  • The classical music piece playing at the start of #29 is Ode to Joy, the anthem of European Union. The contrast between connected European countries and divided Japan is either genius or hilariously bizzare. Or both. Take your pick.
  • Kazumi punctuates every sentence of their argument by slamming his enormous backpack into Ryuga, who steps back in pain every time.
  • Kazumi scoffs that he doesn't want to go along with Sento and Ryuga's ideas, which he considers to be silly, but since Misora asked as Mii-tan, he doesn't have many other choices.
  • After getting his ass kicked by Build and Grease, Fu Washio asks for his brother's Gear to combine into Hell Bros. The resulting scene is Rai Washio, without his powers, running away and hides from everyone in suit.
  • Sawa is finally in the opening now, but missing from the episode itself.
    • In the scene when everyone in nascita holding the letters for the cafe's name, you can briefly see Ryuga holding his "A" upside down.
      • It's even funnier when you look at it in slow motion, you can see that Ryuga realizes the mistake he made and lose the smile he has on his face.

     Episode 30: The Truth of Pandora's Box 
  • Nanba Mido tries to make the recap of the episode alongside Sento until he inadvertently reveals a slight hint of his real identity. His excuse? That he's loyal to Nanba Heavy Industries. and they shouldn't spoil the episode. Despite the very same scene showing on-screen when he said that, is the spoiler itself.
  • The entire section where the four heroes try to meet and know more of Vernage, Keyword: TRY.
    Sawa: Hey...! She called me a child.
    Ryuga: How do we know if this is really the queen of Mars?
    Sento: Quit being rude. Didn't you see how she warped us all here in an instant?
    Sento: Seriously not the issue.
    Ryuga: How do we even know she speaks Japanese?
    • The answer? Reading from a dictionary for seven years, saying that even an idiot can learn it...and Kazumi thinks she's referring to poor Misora, which Sento chides him for which leads to Ryuga thinking Sento is referring to him.
    • There's also the fact that when served coffee by Sawa, Vernage calls it disgusting to her face.
    • And when Vernage passes out, she lands her head on Kazumi's lap. He promptly starts freaking out and asking how much he has to pay, leading to Sawa charging him 200,000 Dollarks on the spot. And he actually reaches into his wallet to pay for it.
  • The reenactment of the recent events in the kitchen and the recent findings from Vernage from the four the form of freaking dolls! Complete with special effects and sounds as well!
    • Sento playfully harasses Sawa's doll saying "you have nice legs"... because it's the only one that's fitted with legs. And an AKB48 dress for some reason. Which explains why she can do a Rider Kick with it.
    • When Sento shows the screencap of the 2nd episode, Banjou and the others smile as they listen to the narration before Sento punches it away since again, that's not the part he wants to hear.
  • While developing the Magma Knuckle upgrade for Cross-Z, Sento creates a large explosion in the lab filling it with smoke. Misora wakes up, and her reaction to this event results in Sento rushing into the bedroom to check on her. Unfortunately, the safety goggles he's wearing are covered in soot, leading him to mistake Misora's rabbit plush for her instead.
    Sento:You've gotten squishier! And fluffier!
  • The reason why Sento asked to borrow a Dollark from Prime Minister Himuro is revealed: it technically counts as him stealing government funds, therefore branding him a traitor and no longer a part of the Touto armed forces. This gives Build free permission to lead a solo assault on the Pandora Tower without dragging the rest of Touto with him. Then the Prime Minister orders Grease and Cross-Z to both retrieve the dollark from Build, as well as the Pandora's Box should Build possess it.
  • The three riders kicking the four combo Guardians isn't funny, it's awesome. However Stalk opening the side of Pandora's Tower unexpectedly causing them to all go "Eh?!" in unison as they go careening inside also isn't funny, it's hilarious.
    • Before that, Ryuga and Kazumi start the group Rider Kick while Sento is in the middle of lecturing them about how brute force doesn't solve anything. Sento is rather ruffled at being interrupted.
    Sento: Aw, man... You didn't... (leaps into the air with the other two, charging his kick) ... let me finish!
  • As awesome a weapon as it is there's something hilarious about Ryuga's ultimate weapon, the Magma Knuckle, being the logical culmination of his battle strategy of "If hitting it doesn't work, hit harder."
    • On top of that, he tries to use it with the Dragon Magma Fullbottle... and for some reason, it produces such a pitiful flame that it leaves both him and the Hard Guardian he hit it with staring at the point of impact for a few seconds before it just bops him on the head sending him sprawling.

     Episode 31: Surging Magma 
  • When Misora asks how Sawa got data on the circumstances of Ryuga's birth, Sawa blithely answers that she doesn't want to know. Twice.
  • Ryuga's surprise when he accidentally uses the power of Pandora Box against Blood Stalk.
  • As absolutely freaking awesome as Cross-Z Magma's debut fight is, it's pretty funny to learn that the steam coming off the suit isn't just a cool effect. The suit is quite literally steaming hot, as Ryuga finds out when he seems to come down off the adrenaline rush of fighting Blood Stalk and starts twitching and stumbling around yelping out things to the effect of "that's hot!"
  • Sento's reaction to Cross-Z Magma's henshin is literally him acting as if he just remembered the form's name.
  • Kazumi cools down Ryuga's bragging about Cross-Z Magma by telling him he might just as well be all talk because he was unconscious during the fight and didn't see Cross-Z Magma in action. Ryuga pulls him down and puts him in a submission hold in response.
  • Just think about how the Artifact of Doom and the ability to control it is now in possesion of the franchise's biggest dumbass in 16 years. note 

     Episode 32: Programmed Tragedy! 
  • This little gem in the background of Sento being presented what Sawa found out on Ryuga's background.
    Ryuga : (while preparing food for himself) Protein. Ramen. Best Match.
    • Gets funnier when you realize there IS a sound for "Cup Ramen + Energy Drink" Best Match programmed into the DX Build Driver toy!
  • Considering how much Sawa and Misora agonized over it and how much the episode preview and the music playing during the scene played it up, Ryuga learning he's not human is a hilariously casual affair.
    Ryuga: (offering food) Sento, you want some too?
    Sento: (referring to the research handed to him by Sawa) Hmmm... Banjou, it says here you're not human.
    Ryuga: (spills boiling water on his hand in surprise)
  • When Ryuga finally realized what Sento said about him not being human might be true, he grabbed Sawa's laptop and proceed to drop it away, as naturally, he hates the fact. But what's funny is that after Sawa dives in to save her laptop, the camera pans out.....and Sawa is STILL lying flat on the floor while Sento and Misora have a more normal standing/sitting position.
  • Misora ponders over how she thought that she is the only weird one. That sure is an odd thought to have considering her family consists of three super soldiers and a spy.
    • And of those three super soldiers, one has identity issue, one is an idiot, and the last one is a huge fan of Misora.
  • Mido hangs up on Taizan Himuro by slapping his hands together and shouting BANG!
    • The funnier part is that even though this matches Mido's usual personality, we know it's actually not him, but Nanba.
  • Sento comes to Kazumi's aid against the Washio Brothers.
    Washio Brothers: I thought Touto Government fired you.
    Sento: (without missing a beat) I was in the neighborhood. note 
  • Sento sees Ryuga knocked down by Stalk, walks up to him and tells him he looks down and can rest in mildly smug way. Ryuga is not pleased.
  • After Ryuga forces Blood Stalk to retreat, the two relax for a second until they remember Rogue is busy tearing through Touto's defenses.

     Episode 33: Evol the Final Weapon 
  • During the recap, Ryuga is annoyed that his status as a non-human has been forgotten.
  • There's just something funny in how Evol Driver has a techno remix of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" played when cranking the lever.

     Episode 34: The Separated Best Match 
  • The recap has Ryuga being surprised that Touto's PM is dead, Sento's answer is that he doesn't know because......he's just reading the script handed to him.
  • Before Ryuga fights Evol, Sawa and Kazumi came with Sento on an ambulance. The funny part kicks in when you realize said ambulance must have a driver since Sawa and Kazumi are in the back alongside Sento, and said driver is stuck there having to wait and watch the whole thing. From day to night. Imagine how awkward it is when he gets hungry or need to go to the bathroom....
  • What should have been a Shocking Swerve when Ryuga is turned into the next vessel for Evolt is greatly marred by Ryuga inexplicably developing a Funny Afro.
    • It's likely most of the hairstyle change resulted from the energy discharge from Evolt and Ryuuga's explosive punches, but... That doesn't explain how his braids came out so seamlessly, or why Evolt has apparently decided to keep the look in the next episode preview.

     Episode 35: The Tower Of Destruction 
  • Kazumi being sad that Misora addresses him as Grease and not as "Kazumin" during the recap.
  • Kazumi's prep talk towards himself to hug and comfort Misora while waiting for an unconscious Sento to wake up.
    • Not to mention Kazumi nearly putting an arm on Misora's shoulder after much difficulty to comfort her only for it to be ruined by Sento regaining consciousness.
      • And Kazumi's excuse for being in such a weird position? "Stan Hansen... Just practicing my Stan Hansen moves..."
      • What makes the whole affair even funnier is his inner monologue being accompanied by him doing faces and hand moves while looking at the camera, all while Sclash Driver's transformation sound for him is playing. And it all ends with Kazumi's hilariously pissed off face at Sento wrecking his chances by waking up being accompanied by the first half of the Sclash Driver's "BURRAHH!" with the other half coming when he starts swinging his arms around to try and look like he wasn't just trying to pat Misora's shoulder.
    • Kazumi getting sent flying by Evolt is not funny. Kazumi getting incapacitated via Evolt casually shooting him in the crotch and then following up with a surge of power that sends him flying that he also aims at Kazumi's crotch is hysterical.

     Episode 36: Evolt Hunts the Stars 
  • During the previous episode recap, Kazumi declares that since Evolt has won, Kamen Rider Build has ended and will be replaced by a Romcom between him and Misora. Sento slaps him and proceeds to introduce the episode.
  • Evolt presents the newly created Evol Trigger, which he claims is the true power of the Pandora Box, only for it to do nothing when he presses it. The music immediately cuts out and the dramatic whirlwind stops as the realization sinks in.
    • On top of that, Evolt reacts to his plans being delayed in a huge way with what amounts to "Ah well, that's how it is sometimes."
  • Kazumi pushes Sento away to catch Misora when she passes out. He then proceeds to have an Inner Monologue that stops being "inner" partway through, prompting Sento and Gentoku to look at him, and each other, with expressions that scream "What is this guy smoking?".
    • What makes this even more hilariously absurd is that Kazumi's monologue is just about wanting to look at Misora, with him trying to build up the courage to do so, while once again his Driver's transformation jingle is playing over it, only to be abruptly cut off after the "Robot in Grease!" part when Sento cuts in:
    Sento: Okay, that's enough.
    Kazumi: How'd you hear my internal monologue?
    Sento: It was actually pretty external.
    Kazumi: Seriously?!
    Sento: You're creeping me out.
  • Sawa comes into the lab and is happy to see that Misora is OK, albeit unconscious. Then she sees Gentoku and... is not so happy.
  • Gentoku leaving the Build Lab, only to double take when he realizes he's leaving through the fridge. He's absolutely stupefied upon realizing where the Build Lab is located after all the time he wasted in the first act of the series trying to find it. note  The scene is accompanied by his Jaws-esque transformation jingle as the gears start turning in Gentoku's head and cuts to the scream when Kazumi suddenly opens the fridge door, startling Gentoku.
  • When Evolt has taken over Sento, he reaches into himself to create a new Evolbottle with Sento's essence and it turns out to be the Rabbit Evolbottle. Evolt actually seems disappointed that Sento's essence didn't provide him with a Tank Evolbottle.
    Evolt: Oh well.
    • Even better, it turns out the Evol Driver toy does in fact have special programming for an Evol Tank form.

     Episode 37: The Ultimate Phase 
  • Sento narrates the opening narration as usual when Ryuga barges in, demanding that he prove if he's Evolt or Sento by making a cup of coffee and then immediately stating he's Evolt because the coffee was awful. Evolt's reaction is quite literally "Oh well, you got me there."
  • Sawa walks into the lab at the moment Vernage posseses Misora to protect them from Evolt.
    Sawa: (yelps and jumps back) Vernage out of nowhere!
  • Evolt's surprised reaction when he teleported into nascita only to see a huge gaping hole. He gets steaming mad that someone is ruinning his plans all the time.
    • There's something hilariously ironic in Vernage moving the entire nascita to another location to protect Pandora's Box, only for Ryuga to be forced to bring the Pandora Box to Evolt anyway.
    • There's even more irony with Vernage in that she's apparently too weak to heal anymore, but she has enough power to rip out part of a building and transport it elsewhere. Two floors of it.
  • Kazumi blames being late to meeting with Gentoku on Ryuga. Ryuga denies it. According to Kazumi himself back in #17, it's him, who gets lost easily, so Ryuga is probably right.
  • Ryuga and Kazumi meet Gentoku in one of Faust's abandoned labs in order to ask him to restore Ryuga's ability to transform. However, Gentoku replied that he doesn't know how. Naturally, this brings up the question of how he became the leader of a mad science organization. His answer? Nepotism. Gentoku doesn't know anything about the science behind the Nebula Gas experiments, despite leading an organization dedicated to it.
    • Ryuga's surprise at Gentoku actually admitting it out loud is priceless.
  • How does Ryuga get his powers back? You guessed it. Punching something really hard.
  • Gentoku greeting Kazumi with Sorry I am late, potato farmer. after his Big Damn Heroes moment is both hilarious and heartwarming.

     Episode 38: Mad World 
  • Katsuragi's "what the hell" reaction to looking at Taro Satou's face in the mirror.
    Takumi Katsuragi: Oh no! This is my face? How is this even physically possible?
    • Misora, Sawa, Ryuga and Kazumi are all kneeling on the ground with their back turned to him, trying to figure out what to do now and casting suspicious over-the-shoulder glances at him every so often. And nobody bothered to tell Katsuragi about how he got Taro Satou's face, even though at this point they all know how it happened.
    • They talk about Katsuragi's title of Devil Scientist, which makes him turn around and sourly note that the devil part is uncalled for, before casually stating that he was the one who made Misora purify Fullbottles. The same process that would leave her in a coma before Sento made the machine to reduce the strain.
  • Katsuragi entered the battle in RabbitRabbit form. And then proceed to complain that the form is way too advanced for him.
    • Even funnier when you realize how awkward it must be for him when transforming, since accessing said form involves using the Hazard Trigger - the thing even he himself deems too dangerous to use.
  • Evolt laughing evilly when Utsumi goes off the deep end after Nanba kicked the bucket.
  • Utsumi's evil grin is nowhere near as threatening as the one Gentoku used to have. The fact that the cheerful and upbeat "Be The One" is playing while this is happening does not help.
  • Even better, Mad Rogue has facial hair. The bat is a unibrow and the mustache is made from an engine! This really is a Mad World.

     Episode 39: The Unstoppable Genius 
  • Even Katsuragi calls Utsumi a cyborg.
    Utsumi: Long time no see, Katsuragi.
    Katsuragi: You are... Cyborg Utsumi!
    Utsumi: You too were calling me that behind my back. I'm truly shocked. Even so, I also had become a Kamen Rider.
    Utsumi: I won't be responsible if your mouth keeps saying that.
  • At the start of the episode, everyone ponders about why Evolt is trying to take over the country instead of just destroying it like he has the power to do now. Cue Banjou hamming it up while suggesting that it's to "Get rich, and party hard, right?!" while yellow disco lights and sparkles are lit behind him and money falls from the sky with Banjou dancing. Cut to the others seeing no lights and Banjou flailing his arms dancing like an idiot and babbling about money.
    • Then Katsuragi remarks that Banjou make simians look advanced, causing Banjo to get smacked in the head with a cartoon monkey for whatever reason. Kazumi and Misora nod in agreement, causing Banjo to stomp his feet in a brief tantrum.
    • Later, in the midst of a serious talk where Kazumi assured Banjou that he thinks he's human... and then ruins the moment by calling him closer to a chimpanzee. Cue the cartoon monkey falling on Banjou's head again before dashing off somewhere.
  • After creating the Genius Bottle, Katsuragi does a Dan Kuroto impression while saying the same "Am I not great? Am I not terrific? Am I not... a genius?" line Sento does after finishing a new invention. Apparently Katsuragi was the one who came up with it, which Misora comments on.
    • On top of that, this time it's Misora's turn to get startled by the purification of a new bottle, and while commenting on Katsuragi's catchphrase she makes a disturbed expression at him kissing the Genius Bottle.
  • When Misora tells Katsuragi to try trusting in his allies more, he says "this isn't like a Shonen manga." Which implies that Katsuragi reads manga.
  • In the Pandora Tower, Utsumi is seen caressing his new Evol Driver, as if it is either a gift from above, or his "precious". Kind of like Nanba and Pandora's Box.
    • All of Utsumi's antics are, in a demented way, downright hilarious. Even his mad evil smile is too ridiculous to be taken seriously. He and Evolt work together like a Best Match.

     Episode 40: The Final Revolution 
  • Misora and Sawa following Sento around as he makes coffee, trying to determine if it's really Sento's personality again and not Katsuragi.
  • Kazumi is half-sitting, half-lying on the ground in depression over having the Hokuto Three's Lost Bottles taken from him. Ryuga hits him on the head with his fist (complete with a metallic clang out of nowhere note ) and nothing happens, which prompts him to tap on Kazumi's head a couple more times with his fingers (again accompanied by the metallic sound, albeit high pitched). Rest of the gang wonders why would Evolt need those bottles, only for Kazumi to suddenly get up and start choking Ryuga while yelling it doesn't matter.
  • Gentoku showing up in a goofy Rummage Sale Reject and proudly claiming that he custom-tailored it and that it's stylish. And while wearing it, he didn't walk, but SKIPS happily with a huge grin on his face. The revelation that this is his actual personality and how atrocious his fashion sense is actually terrifies the nascita crew more than he ever did as a villain. Suddenly the hideously tacky chair he lounged on as Night Rogue makes sense.
    Sento: I've never seen him dressed informally before...
    Kazumi: This defies anything I'd could've ever imagined!
    Ryuga: I don't even know where to begin!
    • Nobody is willing to tell Gentoku how atrocious he looks, except for Misora, who spends the rest of the episode arguing with Gentoku about it off-screen, which isn't going too well judging by the entirely pink ensemble he's later seen wearing, which he introduces by catwalking his way down the stairs to the nascita lab like a model for a fashion shoot, complete with camera clicking sound effect.
    • Gentoku's outfit really deserves to be elaborated on, starting with what appear to be white platform high-heeled sneakers. Add on to this a matching set of hot pink t-shirt, capris, and crew socks, along with what can only be described as a clear plastic trench coat. Topping off all of this is the fact that Gentoku apparently put in the extra effort to go see a hair stylist, just so he could get hot pink hair extensions to complete the look. When Misora vetoes this one, he admits that this was his attempt at a compromise and tries to sway her opinion by having her try the outfit on herself.
    • Both Gentoku and Misora were established early on as capable and serious people. The capable part is still there for both of them, but asking the viewer to believe Gentoku is one of the serious ones is a difficult sell when he's chasing her around the lab wearing his pink nightmare of an outfit.
    • Sento actually lampshades how much of a Mood Whiplash this is, even by the show's standards, and asks for a brief intermission to get back to serious stuff and the show obliges with a curtain call.
      Gentoku: Katsuragi... did you get your memories as Sento Kiryu back?
      Sento: Uhhh, I guess so... To be frank, I'm not sure I can carry on a normal conversation with you right now... We need an intermission!
    • All throughout this, the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle's distinctive scream is used to highlight just how much of a fashion disaster is on display.
  • Though a badass moment, Kazumi using the Dragon Sclashjelly to summon a second Twin Breaker, given how pissed he is, looks incredibly evocative of a Flipping the Bird gesture towards the idea of just laying down and dying.
  • Sento is sitting on a beach pondering over the Lost Bottles when he sees Ryuga and Kazumi marching down the road. Their effort is significantly impaired by Ryuga trying (and failing) to restrain Kazumi, who is about to do something stupid (namely going into Faust's lab in Hokuto all on his own).

     Episode 41: The Truth Behind Best Matches 
  • The recap has Gentoku wondering why has been his characterization so off lately. He asks whether if it's because he can't buy a train ticket by himself, or because he refuses to eat peppers, or if it is that he can't sleep without a night light. Sento calls him a baby and asks what novelty shirt is he going to wear in episode 41.
  • Sento's "winning formula" for beating beating him before he can use Black Hole form. Mostly because Evolt decided to be a cocky bastard and showed up in the weakest of his four forms.
  • Gentoku appears in yet another outrageous outfit. Misora chases him out of the door and Kazumi calls after him to try again. Everyone else just kind of shrugs and goes on.
    • The extremely serious conversation about Lost Bottles is interrupted by Misora chasing Gentoku around the lab. This leads to Kazumi taking Gentoku's hat and putting it on. Then they both them burst into hysterical laughter while Sento, Ryuga, Sawa and Misora look on in surprise/confusion/dismay, and Ryuga walks towards Kazumi and Gentoku, seemingly to lecture them. Only to have Kazumi put the hat on Ryuga... and Ryuga goes into hysterical laughter as well. Kazumi tries to put the hat on Misora. It doesn't work out very well.
  • Kazumi and Gentoku nicknamed each other beardo and potato farmer respectively and are sticking to it.
  • The framing device for a Clip Show to recap the series: A series of movie clips that the cast watch while eating popcorn, with some comments that broke the fourth wall. It's just filled with funny moments:
    • The fact that the recap basically confirms that yes, it was indeed all Stalk's fault.
    • Gentoku's insistence that he never lost, even when it becomes blatantly obvious that he did.
    • Kazumi interrupts the recap to comment about how complicated his family situation would be if he married Misora, again not realizing he was saying it out loud. Misora in general seems to be completely done with Kazumi's Idol Fanboy bullshit.
      Kazumi: How did you hear my inner monologue?
      Misora: Because you were yelling it at full volume!
    • As Sento laments that everything went All According to Plan for Evolt, Misora pets him on the head while everyone else offers him their popcorn and drinks, except Gentoku, who offers his hat.
  • While this probably crosses over into Nightmare Fuel, the fact that Best Matches come from Evolt asking Souichi to name 30 things from Earthnote , and then 30 different ways to kill those thingsnote  becomes hilarious if you picture situations like using a tank to blow up a rabbit or killing a ninja with a manga. The FullBottles have been turned into a well of Black Comedy in just one scene.
    • The reveal also veers into Tear Jerker and Heartwarming though, because it's explained that Evolt asked Souichi for "things he liked" for the organic Bottles, and Souichi's responses were all things and animals his daughter liked. Then, when asked for things that could "take their lives" for the inorganic Bottles, he eventually started giving illogical answers like comics and phones in a small effort to protect even just the concept of the things Misora loved.
  • Evolt throws an honest-to-god childish temper tantrum. He just starts punching and yelling at Sento thoughtlessly, because his plans have been delayed once again and he just can't take it anymore. Genius Form mostly shrugs it off. Things do turn very dark again, when Evolt knocks Sento down with a Black Hole Finish after said tantrum reveals that his newfound emotions allow him to raise his Hazard Level and caps it all off by stating he is going to save him for last so he could fail and see the world end around him. That said, having the Eldritch Abomination bent on making you suffer because it's petty and you flipped it off is still really bad.

     Episode 42: Legacy of Doubt 
  • The recap starts with Sento seriously recounting the events. Then he is hijacked by Misora yelling at Gentoku because of his clothes in #41 followed by Kazumi saying that he wants Misora to arrange his clothes. Sawa retorts that would cost million dollarks. Kazumi pouts about being hungry and Ryuga joins him. Then, Sento finally gets to announce #42.
  • Gentoku gets to wear something more normal this week, a leather jacket and jeans.

     Episode 43: Another Build 
  • Kazumi decides to leave nascita after Sento attacked a berserk Banjou in order to protect his father. Gentoku agrees and starts to leave as well. Sawa tries to convince him to stay, but he simply unzips his jacket, revealing a Fun T-Shirt that simply reads "Saraba" (Farewell) and heads up the staircase. Sawa blinks incredulously, then says "You could at least use your words instead of a T-shirt!" Even better, the reveal of the shirt is accompanied by a clip of Norio Wakamoto shouting "ORRRRRA!!"
    • Later on, Kazumi and Gentoku are talking about the situation, and the former says that they'll have to find a way to get Shinobu Katsuragi on their side or else Sento won't be able to fight properly. Gentoku whips open his jacket again, this time revealing a T-shirt that reads "Agreed" (again, with a Wakamoto shout). Kazumi looks at him for a second, then asks "How long have you been wearing that?"
  • Sawa cuddling a life-sized Mii-Tan pillow. Seeing the ridiculous scene actually makes Misora cheer up a bit.
    • The mere fact that Sawa's first idea to get Kazumi to come back was a Mii-Tan Dakimakura. Also, the fact that she didn't have the time to go and make it meaning she had it lying around. Was it just to try and squeeze more Dollarks out of Kazumi or...
    • Misora's initial reaction, which more than likely matches the audience's: "Where did you get that?"
  • Sento decides to mouth off to Ryuga mid-transformation.
    Sento: For the record, I wasn't crying. (he was just a moment ago)
    Ryuga: That's fine by me.
    • This exchange echoes recap of #2 when Sento said that he took pity of Ryuga's crying, only for Ryuga to angrily retort that he wasn't crying.

     Episode 44: The End of Evolt 
  • Ryuga's complaint about Cross-Z not having wings way back in Episode 15 becomes Hilarious in Hindsight as this episode establishes that Cross-Z Magma does. Seems Sento took his complaint into account.
  • After Ryuga flies away while holding Gentoku and Kazumi, Utsumi continues fighting Sento as Mad Rogue while the other Kamen Rider is in his Hazard TankTank form. Sento aims the Fullbottle Buster in it's cannon form at Utsumi, as he looks down at it before shortly getting blasted away afterwards.
  • Gentoku's ridiculous shirts come into play again as when Ryuga asks if he's going to fight with them again he reveals that he's wearing one that reads "Yes!" on one side and "No!" on the other. He then starts half opening his jacket over and over to the sound of his standby music only to reveal the "No!" accompanied by the scream from his transformation jingle... and then he realizes he opened the wrong side of his jacket and reveals the "Yes!" accompanied by a sped-up version of his transformation jingle's "ORRRA!"
    • Later on, he attempts to make another statement with his shirt that reads "I'm with stupid", agreeing with his group by pointing to the person to his right... except he's the rightmost person in the group. The Sclash Driver starts going "ORRRA!" only to be interrupted by the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle's scream. He then quietly maneuvers to the left side of the group so his shirt points at Kazumi, attempting to salvage his wounded dignity while the others look on in confusion.
  • The second Kazumi finds out about the Mii-tan Dakimakura being a bribe to get him to keep co-operating with the group if they were still fighting, he shoves Sento over without changing his facial expression at all and proceeds to devour the scenery while pretending to need the bribe to fight with them, complete with Kabuki style sound effects.
    • Made even better by the fact that he starts on another one of his "internal" monologues about the Dakimakura as he looks around at everyone and the pillow with a stupid grin on his face, Gentoku even flashing him the "No!" on his shirt while shaking his head as if to say "Bad idea man." Of course, Kazumi then attempts to kiss the Dakimakura. Right in front of Misora. Is it any wonder he's on the receiving end of a well deserved pair of punches from Misora and Sawa? For bonus points, the editors of the series saw fit to apply a distortion effect to his face to convey just how hard he got laid out, even adding gagaku music to spice up the hilarity.
      • The real reason Sawa punched Kazumi? He hadn't paid for the pillow yet. As the scene shifts to Sento, we can hear them squabbling in the background: Sawa's charging two million Dollarks, Kazumi says that for that price he should get a version that has Sawa in a swimsuit on the reverse side...which gets Gentoku's interest, and Kazumi starts trying to strong-arm him into running to the bank so they can buy this hypothetical pillow.
  • When Sento returns from moping, he comes back to Kazumi and Gentoku attempting to cook dinner for Sawa and Misora. Keyword: attempting. Kazumi showed Gentoku the recipe for his pasta, but Gentoku mucks it up so badly that one mouthful is greeted with gagging and another appearance from the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle's scream. Kazumi then ushers Gentoku outside and locks the door, leaving the latter scowling through the window.

     Episode 45: The Scientist of Hope 
  • The episode recap has Gentoku, Kazumi, and Ryuga arguing on who is the MVP in the fight against Evolt.
  • Inside the Pandora Tower, after Shinobu asked one of the Riders to carry the Pandora Box, Sento grabbed the box and walked a few steps.....then handed the box to Ryuga.
    Ryuga: Hey, why it has to be me?!
  • The reason Evolt's final monster form lost the battle despite his overwhelming power? He succumbed to his habit of toying with his victim instead of immediately killing them, giving Sento a chance to get his Heroic Second Wind.

     Episode 46: An Oath to Be The One 
  • The first scene after the opening is the nascita gang starring into the Pandora Box quizzically, shot from the inside of said box.
  • Sento tries to explain the effects of combining the black panel with the white panel and Lost FullBottles. Ryuga exclaims he doesn't understand in an extremely angry tone. Kazumi pats him on the head with barely a look.
    • He then perks up when Sento mentioned about "another world", Ryuga then proceed to point that he has heard a similar term before, blurting out apparel and parasol before Sawa finally corrects him and states that he meant parallel.
  • During the talk about the situation, instead of actually showing his emotion while talking, Gentoku is wearing a T-shirt with (´・ω・`) emote on it.
  • During a pre-battle cookout, Gentoku attempts to give a speech and is promptly cut-off by the others toasting. He sighs, and looks over at a table to the left of him, which has 5 fun T-shirts, almost as if he had intended to convince the others to wear them as a uniform.
    • After that, when Kazumi asked where's Gentoku, we gets to see him... awkwardly trying to get some soumen alone.
    • In one scene during the cookout, a Funny Background Event involves Gentoku taking a rest while covered by the very same 5 T-shirts.
  • Much like in the past with Kazumi's inner monologues, he debates with himself about using a towel of Misora's to wipe off sweat during the cookout...except this time, instead of just debating with himself, he gets his own Good Angel, Bad Angel routine. He chooses his bad side and used the towel, complete with a flower field Imagine Spot as if it was a detergent commercial.
    • The kicker, however, is that the towel turns out to be Gentoku's, who happens to have an almost identical towel to Misora's. And the towel says "Beardo-tan" on it.
    Kazumi: Stop smelling so good!
    • The entire thing gets even more hilarious because of the background music, of ALL the background music we get Offenbach's Infernal Galop A.K.A. the can-can!

     Episode 47: Zero Degree Flame 
  • In the end, Sento was right. Utsumi really is a cyborg! He died after getting shot by Gentoku and falling from the bridge in #12 and has been revived by Evolt. That's just about the only thing that is not bitter (or not completely so) in this episode.
  • When Gentoku learns about why Utsumi betrayed Evolt, he can't stop himself from taking a jab at the scientist's rider designation.
    Gentoku: You're as mad as the name suggests, Utsumi.

     Episode 48: To The World Of Love And Peace 
  • Evolt calls humans adorably stupid. That's obviously not funny in itself, but he is right... in an absurd, morbidly black comedy sort of way. note 

     Episode 49: The Tomorrow Build Will Create 
  • The new Merged Reality results in quite a few of these:
    • After the worlds merge, the first shot is of a meadow with a rabbit hopping about. It then shifts to Sento laying in said meadow, holding a Ridewatch.
    • Nanba Industries is now just a small factory, and Utsumi is just a normal factory worker. He ends up trying to replicate his infamous cane snap from Episode 38 with a faulty pipe only for the pipe to instead hurt his knee and send him collapsing to the floor in pain. Even better, everyone around just ignores this as if this happens every day.
    • In the new world, Misora never became a net idol, so Kazumi never met Misora. The Hokuto Trio end up remedying that by bringing him to nascita to meet her. Kazumi is skeptical that he'll like her only to fall in Love at First Sight, go straight into "Mii-tan fanboy", and then pass out, with the Hokuto Trio having to carry him out.
    • Speaking of nascita, in this world, it actually has customers!
    • As Sento is looking around for people who still remember him, it turns out that Misora and Soichi do recognize Tarou Sato of Lynks.
    • Soichi brews up a cup of coffee for Sento, which he apprehensively drinks. It turns out to actually be good, to his surprise.
    • In this world, Ryuga has black hair, is still going out with Kasumi, and still has his career as an MMA fighter. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when the previous world's Banjou met him offscreen and starts complaining about it to Sento when they meet up again.
  • Once again, Sento and Ryuga are riding off on the Machine Builder. Also, once again, Sento points out that Ryuga's fly was down. Naturally, once again, Banjou violently shakes Sento and the bike for not telling him earlier and calling him stupid.
    • Even better, apparently it's been undone since the the start of the final battle with Evolt.
  • Apparently Sento archived and digitized all of their memories into 49 episodes and shows it to Banjou. 49 episodes, a.k.a the amount of episodes the series spans for. The former later pulls out a recording device, and begins performing a recreation of Episode 2's opening narration... in the exact way they did it then.

Movies and Specials

     Kamen Rider Build: ROGUE 
  • In part 1 of the special, Gentoku visits a karaoke bar and writes his bill off as a government expense. It's implied he does this regularly.
    • Later on, we're treated to a scene of Gentoku and Hotei singing. The thing is, Gentoku is singing while dual-wielding a tambourine and maracas with a very serious expression.

     Heisei Generations FINAL 
  • The assistant director for the movie admitted that they completely forgot that the Fourze Driver had been destroyed previously in the Wizard crossover movie, Toei themselves also admitting that the continuity of the movies tends to be a bit of a mess. Ironically, fans had thought that this movie occured just before the events that destroyed the Driver in the first place meaning the continuity could still work. The movie staff then used that as the excuse, saying this movie happens just a few days before Fourze's movie.
  • Sento has his face drawn on again. When he asks Misora why did she do that, she just makes a cute face at him.
  • Sento proclaims he fights for love and peace. Everyone thinks it's silly to say that and that it sounds fake from Sento.
  • Ryuga tries to make coffee. It's terrible.
  • Sento pokes Ryuga before they transform and fight.
    Sento: Let's go my wayward lamb.
  • Ryuga tries to use Sparkling and it doesn't work, he gets punched and hits the ground hard. Sento is not amused.
    Sento: What's wrong with you?
  • Mogami Kaisei tries to explain his grand invention to Ryuga.
    Bi-Kaiser: You surely have heard of paralel worlds.
    Ryuga: Never heard of it. Take your parasols and apparel and get stuffed!
  • Sento recalls Parado as red and blue rider. Parado can only retort that so is Sento. Perfect Knockout and RabbitTank do share a color scheme after all.
  • The blink-and-you-miss-it moment of Hiiro pushing Ryuga away after he leans too close to Kuroto's tablet computer.
  • It seems Ankh and Eiji have picked up from where they left off, with Ankh saying/doing something that causes Eiji to shout in exasperation.
    • It may not be what caused the outburst, but the subbed trailer has Ankh ask for today's icepop. That's one old gag. note  It wouldn't be very odd if Ankh said so simply to get this reaction.
    • Another trailer has Ankh snarking that Eiji is still getting his ass kicked.
  • The casts of other Rider shows get to meet Kuroto Dan in all his hammy glory, and it's just as hilarious as you'd imagine.
    • Kuroto unveils the Kamen Rider Build Gashat, which lets him fight the Nebula Bugsters. Unfortunately it's untested, so it shorts out his transformation partway through, leaving him and the Bugster he was fighting staring at each other in confusion. Then Kuroto pops the Gashat into his Gashacon Breaker and pounds on the Bugster like it was an errant nail in high speed.
    • The heroes ask Kuroto to make more copies of the Build Gashat so they'll have a fighting chance, but as usual he's too full of himself and refuses. Then Onari steps in, sits down on the ground with him, and buttered him up by appealing to his ego and desire for "worship". Kuroto remarks "Just as one would expect from a former priest" and agrees to make the Gashats, while everyone else looks on in awe.
      • Promos depicting a few seconds of this scene initially led viewers to believe that Onari would take Kuroto's proclamations of godhood at face value. Then the we see the actual scene and it's Onari playing Kuroto like a fiddle.
      • One has to imagine how bizarre this sight must be for Takeru, who first met Kuroto during the Dr. Pac-Man incident in the previous Heisei Generations movie back when Kuroto was pretending to be sane and was thought to be the Big Good.
    • Banjou's initial reaction to Kuroto's A God Am I rants? "This guy's an idiot, isn't he?" Then he sees the scene above with Onari and says "No, seriously, this guy's a total idiot." Considering who this is coming from…
  • Very macabre sort of funny comes in when Takeru brings Hiiro, Taiga and Kiriya the Build Gashats. He tells them Kuroto couldn't finish them and remove the side effects completely. It's only logical that Taiga just scoffs and takes one, followed by Hiiro and Kiriya. This is the third time he is going to use a gashat that might seriously hurt him. He is not bothered by it at all.
  • In the background of a serious scene where Sawa is expositing about Mogami's past with Katsuragi, Misora can be seen by her bed while Parado sleeps in it because of the side effects of using the Game FullBottle to communicate with Emu, and it's clear that she's not happy about losing her bed to him.
  • Apparently, Souichi or rather, Evolt really likes to make coffee, because he shows up in one scene with a briefcase/suitcase made specifically to carry coffee equipment. Of course, the coffee was still terrible.
  • After Ankh is temporarily restored, instead of talking to Eiji normally, he gestures with his Greeed hand like before.
  • Ankh and Eiji return to the fray to face off against the World of Ex-Aid Mogami, with all the gravitas such a return to form deserves... until Ankh punctures that gravitas:
    Eiji: Like I said... we're stopping your plan.
    Ankh: I expect to get an icepop for this.
    Eiji: I know, I know!
  • Kaisei Mogami from the World of Ex-Aid is far less… restrained than his World of Build counterpart. One gets the impression that the Nebula Steam Gun in the series proper saying, "Funky," in its announcements can be attributed to his role in co-creating them.
    • Funnily enough, he also appears to resemble Onari.
  • Ryuga walks behind Gentaro, doesn't see him stop and bumps into him hard. Gentaro doesn't move, but Ryuga is obviously hurt by the impact.
  • Sento rides down Enigma to Ex-Aid's world and meets Emu and Ryuga. The first thing he says?
    Sento: Did you put on some weight?
    Ryuga: (thoroughly mad) And that's all you have to say?!
  • Before the united Riders' final charge on Mogami's forces Emu tries to steel them by setting up a Rousing Speech to end in his Catchphrase… only for everyone to try and cut in at the end with their own catch phrases all at once, including Eiji who finally came up with a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner of his own seven years after his series ended. Even funnier is the fact that this isn't the first franchise Toei's done this with.
    Ex-Aid: The fate of the world's at stake…
    Build: Let's begin the Experiment!
    Ghost: So I will let my life burn bright!
    Fourze: Let's settle this one-on-one!
    Gaim: This is our stage now!
    OOO: And I will reach out to help!
    Ex-Aid: And I will change it!
    Everyone: Huh?
    Ex-Aid: Come on! Follow our lead!
    Gaim: But this is our stage!
    Fourze: Come on, Kamen Riders! Try and match up! Follow the newer guys' leads!
    OOO: Kouta, sit down.
    Ex-Aid: Eyes in front!
    Build: Haha, this is terrific! Let's roll!

     Raising The Hazard Level: The Seven Best Matches 
  • Sento is all cheerful over the Best Match bottles handed to him by Soichi in #21, complete with his hair popping up. Misora tells him to drop the act. Sento's hair promptly deflates.
    • Sento's expression when he puts in Penguin and Skateboard Best Match, is almost literally an orgasm.
    • It's also such a Mood Whiplash considering Sento's breakdown in #21, which directly precedes the special.
  • Sento finds Utsumi in Nascita, making coffee - good coffee to boot!
  • In the 2nd part, Sento came back to the cafe sneaking, like a child afraid his mom will be mad he came home so late.
    • Misora gets a bit annoyed, but then she decided to treat his wounds, complete with stealing Sento's catchphrase while shaking the medicine bottle. And then it gets hilarious when everything Misora does is accompanied with Build Driver & Hazard Trigger's sound effects.
  • In part 3, just as Sento cancels his transformation, Night Rogue rushes in from offscreen to take the Shark and Bike FullBottles back. What makes this is Night Rogue's goofy spin, and Sento's Double Take in response.
    • The way Blood Stalk pushes the robot Hellbros top half to the side and it stays crooked like that for a while, before straightening slowly. Then again, it's Blood Stalk.

     Kamen Rider Build: Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease! 
  • Massugu thinks he can take on Sento and gets thrown for his troubles. Then he threatens Misora with a spoon, which doesn't faze Sento at all. He is cleaning his ear and making very disdainful faces, like he has to deal with idiots of this caliber all the time. Granted, it doesn't faze Misora either after she calls her face cute while talking about how he is going to cut it up.
    • Kazumi asks Sento if he is ok with giving Massugu the two bottles that Ryuga won in the morning. Sento says that if Ryuga was in his place he would put on his gloomy face and give him even more bottles.

     Hyper Battle Video: Rogue Prime 
  • Sento hands Gentoku an upgrade, but is interupted by Misora calling Gentoku and making him agree to go shopping with her for normal clothes. The leverage she uses? Threatening to cover his meal with green peppers. note  He takes off running towards the train station screaming GREEN PEPPERS.
    • Sento's reaction can be summed up as What the actual *bleep*? Sometimes, it's just hard for him to deal with how weird his family is.
  • Since Gentoku doesn't know to how to buy a train ticket note , he runs to the next city over where Misora is waiting for him. Her reaction is not any better than Sento's.
  • One of Gentoku's outfit looks remarkably like Kamen Rider #1. Misora even tells him he looks like a bug note 
  • Gentoku comes out of a changing booth in a quasi-fashion show to display different outfits. Of course, each one of them is as horrendous as the last. What makes this even funnier is the distortion effects applied over Misora's horrified reactions to each outfit.
  • Evol makes Genius FullBottle disappear with what is basically a stage magician's trick. It would be funnier if he didn't try to murder Sento immediatelly afterwards.
    • His plan to beat Sento by stopping him from using Genius mirrors how the riders tried to stop him by simply not allowing him to use the Evol Trigger.
  • Even a ten years old can tell Gentoku how much his outfits suck!
  • This special is essentially the story about how Gentoku got the leather jacket he wears in Be The One movie and the episodes afterwards.

     Kamen Rider Build: Be the One 
  • The debut of Build's Cross-ZBuild Form. Sento starts to transform and Ryuga moves to get out his way...only to realize he's inside the Snap Ride Buildernote  along with Sento, and quickly tries to get him to stop, but Sento is too absorbed in his own cool moment and didn't listen. When the belt shouts its usual "ARE YOU READY?!", Ryuga replies "No, I'm not!" They get sandwiched together by the halves of the suit, and after the transformation call and a slow pan up the costume, there's a wind-blowing beat before the pair freaks out when they realize they merged.
    Sento: So does this...
    Ryuga: Did we just...?
    Both: WE COMBINED!?
    Ryuga: What the hell, Sento?! Explain!
    Sento: Hold on! This entirely defies the laws of physics as we know them...
    (The entire civilians now turn their attention to them)
    Sento: Whatever. I don't get it but we really need to go!
    Ryuga: Dammit! Fine then!
  • Shortly into the movie we get an angry mob attacking Sento. Among Sento's over the top confused reaction we get to witness being attacked with live ammo, and it goes a little bit too far.
  • Sento noticing a pair of puppies, while hiding from the mob, and, completely forgetting he's public enemy #1 to the entire country, begins to fawn over them. He edges closer to take pictures until he looks up and realizes the people walking down the street have noticed and are just standing there, staring at the Kamen Rider acting like a clown.
    Sento: (Beat)…damn, I’m dumb.
  • Kazumi and Gentoku get captured by the Blood Race and imprisoned in an oubliettenote . Dark Chick Ryoga Saika comes to taunt them, crouching down over the grate while wearing a skirt. Kazumi quickly averts his eyes and shouts "I didn't look! I didn't see anything!", and Gentoku tells him that this really isn't the time or place for that.
    • Later on the two try to escape with Kazumi getting on Gentoku's shoulders to reach the trapdoor. They shout back and forth at each other ("I can't reach it! Strech further, Beardo!" "Stop calling me Beardo!"), but eventually the collapse in a heap and Kazumi admonishes Gentoku by saying "You're supposed to be tall, start acting like it!"
      • And then to cap it all off, the pair is surprised when Utsumi of all people shows up, holding their Sclash Drivers and offering to help them escape if they show the proper deference. Kazumi sneers "What, you want us to beg? Who the hell'd be that pathetic?"...then he looks down and sees Gentoku plastered to the floor beggingnote  and angrily shouts "BEARDO!?"

     New World: Cross-Z 
  • After everything that Banjou's gone through, how do he and Sento make it day to day? Selling Sento's inventions as toys. He even gets yelled at by a bratty kid in a park who doesn't like what's on the table.
    • They even went as far to try to find voice actors for everyone for what's implied to be an audio drama version of Sento's series pitch, such as Misora and Evolt. Ryuga also mentions it was pretty hard to find people that sound like them. On top of this, this moment features a cameo from Evolt's actual V.A Tetsuo Kanao, accompanied by the Evol Driver's "Ciao!" and Evil Laugh.
  • Kilbus, in general, is possibly the goofiest Rider villain in recent history. Initially he imitated Sento, and his general body language. Sounds like Nightmare Fuel, right? Well, it is. Until he sees a flamenco dancer on TV. From that point, everything he does is filled with Nightmare Retardant. From his Silly Walk while using the power of Build to his habit of kissing his Kilbus Spider and its Bottle, he looks like the Campiest character in the show, and possibly second to or surpassing Armored Rider Bravo in the entire franchise.
  • Nariaki Utsumi is shown testing steel rods by slamming them over his leg like Nanba's cane, and later into the film he even builds a metal cane that he tests with his tried and true knee. It seems some things never die.
    • On top of this, during the final battle with Killbus, Kazumi wonders why Utsumi didn't show up only for Gentoku to remind him that only people who were experimented on with Nebula Gas regained their memories of the Old World and that Utsumi's power came from the Evol Driver enhancing him and not experimentation. Given Utsumi is then shown snapping a steel cane over his knee with ease it's very likely that he's regained his enhanced Hazard Level and the consequent enhanced condition that comes with it... ...It's just he doesn't remember anything, so he doesn't know and it's inconveniencing him at work.
      Kazumi: Let's just forget about him.
      Gentoku: I agree.
  • After their memories are restored and the team reforms, Kazumi once again launches into one of his Did I Just Say That Out Loud? speeches. Misora responds in kind.
    Kazumi: I had forgotten everything about the old world... But even so... I still fell in love with Mii-tan at first sight in this new world. Yes, this can only be fate!
    Misora: (unamused) That's enough Grease. Now shut it.
    Kazumi: We're back to Grease?
  • Evolt's interactions with Banjou veer into this at certain points. After dashing away from Kilbus for the first time, Evolt loses power and has to incubate again inside Banjou. This causes the muscle head to start smacking himself to get Evolt out. Then Yui wakes up and Banjou smacking and yelling at himself. Gets even better when one remembers that she was unconscious when Evolt reappeared so she has no idea that he exists in the first place.
    • Through the rest of the V Cinema, Evolt generally tries to interact with or appeal to Banjou in some way, normally through making Kilbus a bigger threat. But he also keeps calling Banjou partner, which causes Banjou to get angry. This makes Evolt, in turn, try to not burst out laughing at his spawn's tantrum.
    • Right After Killbas' defeat Banjou then finds out why Evolt attacked Yui: he was trying to raise his Hazard Level by enraging him like old times,how Evolt responds to that? he just nonchalantly tells him to not to thank him while waving his hand in the same nonchalant way,and Banjou's reaction to that is pure gold! and it's not helping that Evolt chuckles to the response.
      Banjou: So you went after Yui so you could raise my Hazard Level?
      Evolt: (nonchalant wave of his hand) No need to thank me!
      Banjou: (annoyed) Who would!?
      • The exchange above is even funnier when Evolt is in his true form making the conversation a little weirder and more hilarious when remember that fact that Evolt has no mouth in this form.
    • Following Evolt's departure, Banjou helps Yui to her feet and quickly hugs him much to his shock, and Gentoku's reaction followed by pulling his jacket down revealing a shirt saying BEST MATCH? Banjou immediately denies anything and Yui kisses him on the cheek, and Kazumi (who hasn't scored yet) gets mad at the sight of that and promptly smacks Banjou and spanks him at least 2 times.

     New World: Grease 
  • After yet another disastrous attempt at wooing Misora, Kazumi and the Three Crows toss themselves into the ocean and end up having to struggle to survive because they got stranded on a deserted island. It's even a main plot point of the movie!
  • After being rejected by Misora, Kazumi is so depressed that he doesn't even want to hear her name. When informed of this by Akaba, Sento says Misora's name a few times into Kazumi's ear, prompting him to collapse to the floor crying.
  • Kazumi griefs at the death of his friends after defeating Metal Build, and for a moment he swears he heard them calling for him in the afterlife. Then he notices those voices were closer and realizes they are alive and well, in truth feeling better than ever! When asked about how they are still alive, they explain that Sento told them that if Kazumi believed they were dead, then his Hazard Level would go up the roof and make him able to use the Grease Perfect Kingdom. His reaction really sells it.
    Kazumi: What was that...!? YOU REALLY ARE THE DEVIL SCIENTIIIIIST!!!!
    • And we get a cut to a smug Sento Kiryu as he finished explaining things to Banjo, Sawa and Gentoku.
  • Sento questions why Gentoku didn't call him when Down Fall attacked, Ryuga also points out Gentoku has shaved. Turns out he and Sawa were at the same hotel. Then cut to them revealing their matching bad t-shirts that reveals they talked all night about things at the hotel, and next thing they act all cutesy to each other.
  • When Sento returns to the warehouse to retrieve Utsumi in the last act, Utsumi plainly asks Sento how long he intended to leave Utsumi in the chamber, to which Sento says that he forgot about Utsumi while the rest of the movie was happening.
  • After spending the final episode and the last two V-Cinemas working on it, Utsumi actually manages to create a steel rod capable of standing up to his Nebula Gas-enhanced body!
  • Kazumi was once again hoping Misora would ask him out, but not believing such a thing would happen. And then it does, for real. To say he was overjoyed would be an understatement.

  • Night Rogue, of all people, gets his moment on Faustube as he tries to demonstrate the Transteam Gun. For someone who is supposed to be cold and calculating, he gets a little too excited about showing off his transformation sequence, to the point where they have to do Take 2 and then Take 3!
  • There was a lot of debate on how this season's secondary rider's name should be romanized, with the most popular contenders being "Claws", "Close", and "Cross". It was later revealed to be Cross-Z by the merchandise, but the funny part is the fact that the first piece of merchandise to make this official is a pair of Goofy Print Underwear.
    • Another contender for his rider name, although less popular due to how goofy it sounds, happens to be "Clothes". Then comes along the official romanization… from a goofy piece of clothing!
  • This Heisei Generations FINAL show has Atsuhiro Inukai/Sento do his best Taro Satou impression, Seto Toshiki/Hiiro Kagami steals Ryuuga's usual "I won't lose!" catchphrase, Ukyo Matsumoto/Taiga changes his usual line about Gashats to FullBottles and Reina Kurosaki/Nico steals Parado's Catchphrase leaving Shouma Kai/Parado momentarily speechless when it's his turn. Hiroki Ijima/Emu and Atsuhiro Inukai also joke about which one of them is the sempai (senior) and who is the kohai (junior), as Inukai is actually older than Ijima despite playing the Rider that comes later.
    • The one really cracks the audience up is when Eiji Akaso/Ryuga claims that his character is the heroine in Build instead of Misora, which immediately made Kaho Takada/Misora complain.
  • Nearly all of the Best Matches have some sort of connection in addition to the Organic/Inorganic formula. Some of them are hilarious because of the mental images they create, like HachiMarine form. One could only imagine the panic of being trapped miles below the ocean surface with wasps loose in the sub. The revelation that the Inorganic Fullbottles are meant to be things that can destroy the Organic Fullbottles makes nearly every Best Match into a hilarious case of There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
    • SaiDryer falls into this as well. A rhinoceros is coming at you at top speed, ready to put its ivory to good use. The first thing you grab? A hair dryer. The Reveal about the origins of the Best Matches makes this one better as it means Evolt asked Souichi what could be used to kill a Rhino and he honest-to-god bought a Hair Dryer as a legitimate answer.
    • RoseCopter. Want to clear out a field of roses? Just gun it down with a helicopter.
    • SpiderCooler. Because clearly the logical thing to do when finding a spider in your home is to crush it to paste with the fridge.
  • Toei's official page for Build #44 has a picture note  of Sawa holding a life-sized Mii-tan pillow. Imagine the reaction that Kazumi is going to have upon seeing it.
  • The Super Hero Time opening for Build and Lupinranger VS Patranger has Sento in Rabbit Tank Sparkling swings the Drill Crusher near Banjou's, as Cross-Z Charge, head. He dodges out of the way and Banjou does a double take, his body language implying "Seriously, Sento?"
  • Despite his V-Cinema that gives him a Super Mode taking place between Episodes #41 and #42, Gentoku never uses Prime Rogue again. Why? He broke it. One could interpret Gentoku never bringing it up again as shame.
    • It gets better; in the stage show, which more or less takes place in an Acid-Trip Dimension between worlds, he gets it back. When Kazumi asks about it, he tells the farmer to 'look it up online'. And it's apparently going to be in the V-Cinema, too. Meaning that this funky-looking form is Rogue's official final form.

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