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  • Build RabbitTank Form's color scheme, which is half-red, half-blue, is a nod to Kikaider. Not to mention that his early rivalry with the black-colored gun-wielding rival Night Rogue could be a reference to Kikaider's rivalry with Hakaider.
  • The Rabbit Fullbottle being red is a sneaky shout out to the Red Hare of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is actually a speedy and agile horse.
    • Other references to Romance of the Three Kingdoms albeit more popular one, can be seen since the first episode. See the map here and you can see the color code between three capitals. Hokuto is blue, Seito is red, and Touto is green. We also have an important guy named Gentoku in Touto. The same name as of Shu-Han founder's courtesy name in Japanese Onyomi, only with different kanji (玄徳 for Liu Bei, 幻徳 for Himuro). Dynasty Warriors, anyone?
      • One more reference from Dynasty Warriors, is in one of the organic bottles in three capital factions. See the full list and now check this Dynasty Warriors 4 Opening video. In the video, you can see that the green faction/Shu is associated with Dragon, the blue faction/Wei is associated with Phoenix, and the red faction/Wu is associated with Tiger. Match them with the list, and that's why Touto/green faction have Dragon Fullbottle, Hokuto/blue faction have Phoenix Fullbottle, and Seito/red faction have Tora (tiger) Fullbottle. It was all about reference!
      • In Episode 24's recap, Ryuga described himself as an "Immediate Father" (一気に父さん, Ikkini Tousan). Sento corrected him by saying that he might be referring to "Mighty Warrior (who Matches a Thousand)" (一騎当千, Ikki Tousen, which is a genderflipped Romance of the Three Kingdoms in High School).
      • The Green Dragon Crescent Blade was a weapon wielded by Guan Yu. The green character also means blue in Japanese, so, a blue dragon weapon, fitting with Cross-Z's power theme.
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  • The robot Guardians' ability to grab onto each other to form monstrous machines, complete with all their assault rifles for firepower, is straight out of Endhiran.
  • Occasionally, when switching forms, Kiryu says "Build Up!"
  • Build in NinninComic form looked like a nod to Naruto at first, but then he starts attacking with Western comic-styled hit flashes much like Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
  • Night Rogue as a whole is one to Kamen Rider Knight. His final battle in episode 20 even has him perform Knight's signature Final Vent.
  • The Dragon FullBottle, when shaken, provided a yellow-hued Power Fist technique. Now who does that remind you of?
  • Kamen Rider Build having a fighter character, and it has been pointed out before, Build's transformation scene having Gunpla runners-like frames.
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  • Shoubousha Fullbottle may be a best match with the Hedgehog but its red and white colors and Spike Knuckle make it resemble Knuckles the Echidna.
  • It's very faint, but you can hear Banjo going "Oraoraora" as he powers up for his finisher in episode 11.
  • Kamen Rider Cross-Z uses the Dragon FullBottle and a robot dragon to transform, Double Dragon?
  • Kamen Rider Cross-Z is a dragon-themed transformation hero with a sword that can plug in power trinkets for special attack.
  • This is common knowledge now but what the organization Faust is named after still needs to be pointed out.
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  • Airing within the same season is an animated series with a protagonist with a forgotten past that involves a murder and has a black power-up, and a character with the surname 'Kiryu' (though one written character is different).
  • The transformation announcement for the Sclash Driver with Sclashjellies goes: "Tsubureru! Nagareru! Afurederu!note  (Sclashjelly name) in (Rider name)! BURRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"
    • It's also fitting considering who voices the Driver...
  • The Twin Breaker in its Beam Mode resembles ΖΖ Gundam's Double Beam Rifle.
  • Kamen Rider Grease hovering with a rotor in one hand brings to mind the Shokew. The golden/yellowish color and bug eyes of both further the similarities.
  • Sento using a can of red, white and blue soda to turn into a red, white and blue hero.
  • The Hazard's Snap Ride Builder is reminiscent of a frozen Carbonite slab.
  • Kamen Rider Rogue resembles Angelo Sauper's Geara and Rozen Zulu with its mostly purple armor and black chest plate with white markings.
  • Episode 20's title is called The Devil's Trigger.
  • The proxy battle in an elevated metallic island of Build and Grease is like a human-scaled Gundam Fight, especially the finals in Neo Hong Kong. Hazard Trigger is also similar to the Berserker System. Stalk's advisory to Prime Minister Tajimi mirrors that of Master Asia to Prime Minister Wong including the eventual betrayal of each series' respective Smug Snake. Soichi, pre-reveal, even wears glasses similar to Wong's.
  • The music associated with the Crocodile Crack Bottle sounds like the Jaws theme.
  • Sento and Misora's pep talk about restoring Love and Peace to the world they live in in episode 24. Guess they now developing some Nintality, Grandpa Yoshitaka must be proud knowing that some heroes now live up those ideal of his.
  • KumaTelevi form, depending on how one see it, could possibly be a reference to Persona 4, chiefly due to the FullBottles used to create the Best Match, Kuma and Televi. Kuma refers to Teddie (who is named Kuma in the Japanese version), while Televi refers to the TV World that the Investigation Team would visit as part of their journey. In addition, the Kuma half of this particular Best Match form features the color yellow, the exact same color theme that is used in Persona 4.
  • In episode 25, Banjo inserts the Lock Fullbottle into his sword, producing a Keyblade-like aura.
  • The performance that the villains put on in episode 29's cold open is "An die Freude" (Ode to Joy) from the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. To be precise, it's mimicking Leonard Bernstein's concert performance in Berlin in 1989, celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. A distorted techno version of the same song is later used as the crank-turning sound of the Evol Driver.
  • Gentoku learns that Namba has planted a bomb in his chest and the bomb will detonate should he show any sign of betrayal. This is also the same case with Franco Gerelt.
  • Ryuga having DNA from the alien Big Bad explaining his superhuman powers is very much like Cloud Strife.
  • Two almighty entities had a battle in the distant past, and rediscovered in the present. The good woman's spirit hid herself inside the female lead, and possesses her on a daily basis. While the evil man got his parts separated, one in the weapon, and the other in the body of someone. Said malevolent man got inside the main hero, later possessing him. Does this, sound, familiar ?
  • Build Genius Form might as well be called Build Ultra Instinct form, seeing as how it allows Build to dodge anything that gets thrown at it, and it even has the color of Mastered Ultra Instinct.
    • Taken further in episode 41, where Build Genius and Evol Black Hole's fight is pretty much like a Dragon Ball Z fight, with brief instant transmissions and explosions.

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