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Shout Out / Kamen Rider Drive

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  • A police officer who messed up and their partner suffered a career-ending injury and needs a forearm crutch because of a bad leg. Are we talking about Shinnosuke or Hoji and Jasmine on Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger?
  • In #2 we see that Shinnosuke has a couple of model cars on his desk, one of which is Herbie the Love Bug.
  • When Drive swaps out tires and launches the Massive Monster Tire at Mashin Chaser, he catches it effortlessly with one arm, a move made famous in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of course it turns out Chase pretty much is living the Winter Soldier's story.
    • It gets better: 001's identity is revealed to be Defense Secretary Makage, meaning that like in The Winter Soldier, the bad guys have infiltrated even the top echelon of government.
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  • A food item seen is labeled as being made by Yotsuba Foods, most likely a nod towards Doki Doki Pretty Cure
  • In Episode 0, there is a Jack the Ripoff villain called the Copycat Pirate, whose costume looks like Jack Sparrow.
  • When Tridoron uses the Shift Fruits Tire Extension, its tires fold down to be parallel to the ground, bringing to mind other cars that fly in this fashion, like Red Turbo's Turbo GT, the DeLorian, and Machalcon.
  • Gou/Mach's big entrance is straight out of Genta's handbook.
  • Roidmude Medic's apparently random dancing is from the Perky Female Minion from GaoGaiGar.
  • Black Candle, the street gang that appeared in #18, all wear outfits similar to the ones Alex and his Droogs wear.
  • In episode 20, Drive does the exact same roll call pose as the also car-themed Carrangers. note 
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  • Medic's Roidmude form's saxophone motifs are a reference to the famous saxophone player David Snake. Prior to evolving, she was a Cobra-type.
  • The basic plot of Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future consists of a character from the future setting out to Set Right What Once Went Wrong by defeating the hero. Sounds awfully familiar to another movie.
  • Kamen Rider Mach's real name is Gou, and his his outfit is primarily white. Shades of Mach Go-Go-Go?note 
  • In Episode 32, after receiving a beatdown from Shinnosuke, Freeze retaliates by impaling him with an ice attack, much like what Edea/Ultimecia did to Squall in Final Fantasy VIII.
    • That being said, the golden glow around Freeze in his Ultimate Evolution form is reminiscent of the Aura spell.
  • In Episode 33, Gou turned out not have been brainwashed, and was only pretending this whole time; the exact same twist happened with Oliver Queen in Season 3 of Arrow.
  • Drive's Type Formula is blue and white, with a striped yellow helmet. It heavily resembles one of Ayrton Senna's F1 cars, along with his iconic helmet.
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  • In Episode 37, the gorgeous Food Porn and the group's blissful and over the top reactions to the food at the restaurant are very much like those in Food Wars!.
  • Banno's Rider form is a gold recolor of the red colored Super Speed themed hero with Red Eyes, Take Warning, who is also a scientist who posed as an ally until they revealed their evil actions. Sound familiar?
  • #45 Medic and Heart teaming up with the Triple Riders. 3 Main heroes teaming up with 2 Heel–Face Turn Generals, The female general will do anything for the male general because she loves him, and they team up against a Golden-colored Manipulative Bastard. One can just smell Juken Sentai Gekiranger's final episodes.
  • Shinnosuke isn't the first red Toei hero to transform in his Cool Car, that would be Ryoma/Fire from Tokkei Winspector. Interestingly, both of them serve on the police force.
  • Chaser! and Dead heat! are words shouted by the backing vocals in the lyrics of Yume-Iro Chaser.
  • Brain and Nira poisoned Yukari Karasawa and caused a countdown timer to appear in her wrist which is similar to the ones from In Time.
  • Per Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer, Krim's father and grandfather are called Tony and Howard Steinbelt. (Appropriately enough, Krim's human appearance seems to owe something to Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark.)