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The 28th series will involve Foundation X creating their own Rider
Only for them to go rogue echoing the original series. Furthermore this would tie into the number theme with X=10
  • Unless Faust turns out to be some offshoot of Foundation X, jossed, as Kamen Rider Build has no connections to Foundation X.
    • Ex-Aid was actually the 28th series, but also didn't involve Foundation X. Until the crossover movie, though it's still Jossed.

The series after Ex-Aid will have a mini-series revolving around Hibiki, much like how Kamen Rider 4 revolved around Faiz, and Kamen Sentai Gorider revolved around Blade
  • Why not? With Ghost being the title that gets the most hate nowadays, fans would probably be okay with seeing Hibiki return in person. Plus, it's not like his actor is super busy these days, so odds are that if Toei was to give him the call, he'd accept.
    • Jossed. Build has no tie-in Video Pass special like Drive & Ex-Aid did at all. If anything, the tie-in Rider of the next miniseries ended up being Ryuki during Zi-O's run.


Build will have interchangeable parts.

  • Build will be capable of switching parts of his body for other parts that fit the situation he is in. Like a sword arm for fighting or crane arm to grab something.
    • Well, he can change the right/left parts of the body using Fullbottles, so confirmed somewhat.

Build's forms, assuming the motif is machinery/engineering.

  • Build will have different forms based on different sources of energy, for example, a wind-powered Fragile Speedster form.
    • Jossed. The only power source is Nebula Gas.
  • Alternatively, adding onto the aforementioned interchangeable parts idea, Build's forms will dictate what parts he's allowed to use.
    • Somewhat confirmed.

Continuing the fan-speculated Numerological Motif guesses here:

Aside from the most obvious one (Build being the 10th Neo-Heisei rider, though technically 9th), there's tons of possibilities for what this series could do for continuing the motif, so feel free to add guesses here.

  • The rider's final form will have some connection to the number 10.
    • It actually does! The final form has all sixty bottles all over it.
  • The number of riders will either be a factor of 10 (2, 5, or 10) or a multiple of 10 (unlikely, as the most the series has had is 18).
    • As of now: confirmed! We have Build, Cross-Z, Grease, Rogue and Evol!
  • The rider's Transformation Trinket will look like the number 10, somehow.
    • Jossed; none of the Fullbottles resemble the number 10.
  • The rider's Super Mode will incorporate ten of something into it's design or special ability, similar to Muteki Gamer's nine spikes on its head or Drive being able to use seven Tire Blendings.
  • His numbering system is binary.
    • Jossed; there really isn't a numbering system.
  • One puny pixel in an image scan has a ten in it (like #9A810B).
    • Jossed; pixels aren't the main focus here.
  • Not counting the two large spikes, the "gear" symbol seen in this promo image has 10 spokes.
  • Foundation X will return in some way (X = 10).
  • The story kicked off 10 years ago.
  • The Hawk Gatlinger needs 10 spins to use its finisher.
  • 10 has been taken by Ex-Aid though.
  • Super Mode requires an organic bottle shaped like the number 1 and an inorganic bottle shaped like the number 0.
    • Jossed; the Hazard Trigger doesn't resemble any number.
  • The number ten in Japanese is shaped like a cross; the secondary rider is named Cross-Z.
  • Each panel of the Pandora Box requires 10 Best Matches to open it.
    • Jossed; it only requires five per panel.
  • Sento Kiryu has 10 letters in it.
  • Jossed so hard that literally every other number theory post is Jossed, Shirakura confirmed the Number Theory is false.

Build has the power to build back collateral damage from buildings.

Thus saving the government repair costs.

  • Problem is that traditionally, Kamen Rider doesn't see large-scale destruction of buildings in the same vein as Super Sentai. Admittedly, there are some series that feature things that can be considered Humongous Mecha, but even then, the amount of destruction is nowhere near the amount seen in Sentai mecha battles.

Build's Early-Bird Cameo in Ex-Aid will chronologically happen in the TV series first, then he'll have a second cameo in The Movie.

  • It's par for the course for new riders to cameo in both the summer movie AND the end of the TV series nowadays, but Ex-Aid's summer movie is the series finale. Build will appear first in the TV series, introducing himself to Ex-Aid...and then in the Summer Movie, Build will return to help Ex-Aid, and Ex-Aid will recognize him.
    • Somewhat confirmed, but not all details. Build appears in the series first, removing one of Genm's lives after confusing him for Ex-Aid, then appearing once again in the summer movie, at the end of the movie, taking Ex-Aid's essence.

The main theme of the show could be the concept of creation.

This page talks about two rumored riders known as "Kamen Rider Pain" and "Kamen Rider Roots", and assumes that they respectively stand for "painting" and "gardening". Furthermore, this page guesses that either a meat-grinder lever or a construction vehicle crank is part of Build's driver. If we were to take these at face value, Kamen Rider Build and the alleged Kamen Riders Pain & Roots could all respectively be themed after a Construction Worker, an Artist, and a Gardener.

  • Considering that Ex-Aid's Central Theme is death, having creation be a Central Theme for Build would make sense, since death is related to destruction, and the opposite of destruction is creation.
  • It's also the opposite of the Last rider associated with the number 10: Decade who was the Destroyer.
    • The rumors about Pain and Roots seem to be jossed, since so far, the only rider that's been revealed other than Build is Claws/Close/Clothes, although it seems that the show's theme is fusion, as Build's forms are based around fusing something organic (i.e., Rabbit, Gorilla, Pirate) with something inorganic (i.e., Tank, Diamond, Train), so in a way, confirmed.
      • Pain and Roots are officially jossed.

The Material bottles are related to Gaia Memories

  • The material bottles seem to be based around 1 or 2 objects and/or animals. maybe instead of information they'll be based on the type of texture those objects have like leather, metal, latex, wood, cotton, etc.
    • Jossed.

This series will have the highest number of riders to date, or be close to said number.

  • My reason for suspecting this is because they unveiled 2 riders right off the bat (aside from Build, there was another rider by the name of Claws/Close/Clothes - if they were planning on having him debut in the crossover, they would've held off on revealing him, so it's likely that they're planning on having more riders than, oh say, Drive.
  • The first two villains introduced seem to be Evil Riders as well, looking similar to Riders and wielding their own weapons that are being sold.
  • Looking at past seasons, if the series have *that* many Riders, Bandai will reveal as many as possible. For example, Gaim revealed 5 Riders off the bat and we have... what, 16 series Riders? Ex-Aid revealed 4 Riders and we have 10. Now, Build only revealed 2, and one of them is on initial poster only, so...
  • Judging from the current state, jossed.

There will be at least 4 Riders.

Let's see... Build and Claws is Touto's riders. So for other two regions, they will have at least 1 Rider each, with the second-generation driver a la Genesis Driver/Buggle Driver.

  • Or, Night Rogue and Blood Stalk will fill this roles.
  • Yes, we have at least 4 Riders! Build, Cross-Z, Grease, and Rogue.
    • Even better, Grease and Rogue will utilize the new Driver!

Build will make his form specific weapons after making his specific forms

Example: HawkGatling will make the gatling, PirateTrain will make the bow etc.

  • Right. There are 3 exclusive form weapons: Hawk Gatlinger for HawkGatling, Yonkoma Ninpoutou for NinninComic and Kaizoku Hassha for KaizokuRessha.

The Full Bottles for the Legendary Riders

The initial toy scans showed that the Double and Ex-Aid Bottle sets followed the same organic/inorganic pattern as Build's normal Bottles (Detective and USB, and Doctor and Game respectively), so the rest of the Legend Rider Bottles are likely to follow suit:

  • Ichigo:
    • Rider (Organic) and Rider machine (Inorganic)
    • Grasshopper (Organic) and Cyborg (Inorganic)
    • Rider (Organic) and Mask (Inorganic)
  • V3: Riders (Organic) and Cycle (Inorganic)
  • X: Water (Organic) and Karate (Inorganic)
  • Amazon: Lizard (Organic) and OOPart(Inorganic)
  • Stronger: Beetle (Organic) and Lightning (Inorganic)
  • Skyrider: Wind (Organic) and Scarf (Inorganic)
  • Super-1: Martial Artist (Organic) and Glove (Inorganic)
  • ZX: Ninja (Organic) Shuriken (Inorganic)
  • Black / Black RX: Sun (Organic) and Crown (Inorganic)
  • Shin: Grasshopper (Organic) and Monster (Inorganic)
  • ZO: Insect (Organic) and Experiment (Inorganic)
  • J: Jupiter (Organic) and Giant (Inorganic)
  • Kuuga: Kuwagata (Organic) and Temple (Inorganic)
    • Well, there at least is a Kuwagata Fullbottle in the sounds for the DX Build Driver.
  • Agito: Dragon (Organic) and Bible (Inorganic)
  • Ryuki:
    • Knight (Organic) and Mirrors (Inorganic)
    • Dragon (Organic) and Card (Inorganic)
      • Assuming it's not just limited to Decade, the existence of a Card full bottle would indicate that the Card bottle is the inorganic part.
      • Doesn't really work. The Card Fullbottle is an organic one.
  • Faiz:
    • Wolf or Firefly (Organic) and Phone (Inorganic)
      • It is confirmed that there are sounds in the Build Driver for Wolf and Smartphone that does make a Best Match, but ironically, Wolf + Smartphone is NOT the Best Match for Faiz, being merely a regular Best Match form instead. So the Best Match for Faiz is still up in the air.
    • Caller (Organic) and Phone Gadgets (Inorganic)
  • Blade:
    • Undead (Organic) and Sword (Inorganic)
    • Swordsman (Organic) and Card (Inorganic)
  • Hibiki: Demon (Organic) and Drums (Inorganic)
  • Kabuto: Kabutomushi (Organic) and Clock (Inorganic)
    • Kabutomushi does exist as a Fullbottle.
  • Den-O: There is already a Densha Bottle, it's maybe the Inorganic half.
    • Time (Organic) and Train (Inorganic)
    • Djinn (Organic) and Train (Inorganic)
    • Sand (Organic) and Train (Inorganic)
      • Doesn't really work here. Sand isn't really organic, per se.
    • Imajin (Organic) and Time (Inorganic)
    • Final answer: Momotaros (Organic) and Densha (Inorganic).
  • Kiva:
    • Bat (Organic) and Whistle (Inorganic)
    • r Castle (Inorganic) or Stain glass (Inorganic)
    • Bat (Organic) and Violin (Inorganic)
      • Bat full bottle already exists, and given what happened with Den-O's best match, it's likely the organic bottle. Only question is what the inorganic bottle is.
  • Decade:
    • Photographer (Organic) and Card (Inorganic)
    • Final answer: Camera and Card.
  • OOO: Animals (Organic) and Coins (Inorganic)
    • Jossed. They're Build's Taka (Organic) and Medals (Inorganic). Just paint Hawk's part of HawkGatling with red and a half-part is done!
  • Fourze: Student (Organic) and Space (Inorganic)
    • Final answer: Friendship (although non-physical, but friendship requires two people, which counts as Organic) and Rocket (Inorganic).
  • Wizard:
    • Wizard (Organic) and Ring (Inorganic)
    • Magician (Organic) and Gemstones (Inorganic)
    • Final answer: Mahoutsukai/Magician (Organic) and Diamond (Inorganic).
  • Gaim:
    • Orange or Fruit (Organic) and Armor (Inorganic).
      • There is already a Lock Bottle, it's maybe the Inorganic half.
      • Orange Full Bottle is revealed! Maybe the combo is OrangeKey!
    • Final answer: Orange (Organic) and Lock (Inorganic).
  • Drive:
    • Police (Organic) and Cars (Inorganic)
    • Final answer: Keisatsu/Police Officer (Organic) and F1 (Inorganic).
  • Ghost:
    • Eyeball (organic) and Ghosts (Inorganic)
    • Ghost Hunter (Organic) and Artifact (Inorganic)
    • There is an Obake sound in Build Driver, so maybe this will become a half.
    • Final answer: Obake (Organic) and Parka (Inorganic).
  • Amazons: Meat (Organic) and Pharmaceuticals (Inorganic).

Guesses for the show's main writer

Build is a Foundation X member.
You need a foundation to build things.
  • Jossed.

Build will have powers that goes beyond the Kamen Rider universe.

For example, Cure Whip Full Bottlenote  + Shotmon Full Bottlenote  = WhipShot as the best match. Though for this case, it's just RabbitTank recolorednote .

  • It's very likely that he'll at least have Super Sentai-related powers, since with the exception of Ghost, all the previous riders that have crossed over with Sentai series have had some form of power related to said sentai they crossed over with - Decade could use the Rekka Daizantou attack ride card, Fourze's Super Rocket and Super Drill switches allowed him to create Rocket Drill Gobuster Oh, etc. Precure related full bottles are a possibility in an audio dramanote , but outside of that, unless Build crosses over with another franchise, the odds of him having any other powers outside of KR are very slim.
    • Most likely jossed.

Build's Super Mode...
  • will have the power to fuse the Full Bottles with more than two combinations, like fusing four different Full Bottles. It'll be a power similar to Drive Type Tridoron.
  • will have the power to build new weapons or other useful things to fight the Smash with, whether they be made out of surrounding objects or from the Full Bottles associated with the Super Mode.
  • will have a bulky Super Mode and a sleek upgrade afterwards, a la Kachidoki/Kiwami and Maximum Gamer/Hyper Muteki.
    • Partially jossed; it's the direct opposite!
  • To continue the comparisons to W, Sento will fuse with Ryuuga for his final form and it'll be called a Perfect Match.
  • All Your Powers Combined a la Fourze Cosmic States.
  • His super mode is the Hazard form, used by installing Hazard Switch to the RabbitTank form and changed it into a Super Best Match. It's actually a sleek form, unlike Kachidoki or Maximum Gamer.
    • The Tropers above were probably referring to Build's final form and not his "super form".
  • So far, all of Build's sequential forms have been themed around RabbitTank, similar to how Ex-Aid's forms were themed after Mighty, given this information: what types of abilities could Build's final form possess?
  • Could it be Sento combining the RabbitTank Sparkling with the Hazard Trigger?

The reason for certain Best Matches...
  • Specific Smash monsters have some sort of connection with each specific counterparts, so for example, the Rabbit Smash is best friends/lovers/siblings/what have you with the Tank Smash. So when their remains are turned into Full Bottles, their connections remain, and allow the Smash monsters to have a weird variant of Together in Death.
    • So far, the one time we've seen them show an organic and an inorganic bottle collected was from the same person (said bottles were the Ninja and Comic one), so there's one connection.
    • Jossed. All Best Matches are made up in Soichi's head.



The gimmick this time will be building blocks.

  • Said building blocks allow the villains or normal citizens to build their own monsters while Build uses a different kind to create his Rider suit.

Alternatively, the gimmick this time will be model kits.

  • Well, since Kamen Rider is Merchandise-Driven,this would give Bandai the excuse to release Kamen Rider model kits in the same vein as Gunpla. Plus, this could be a gimmick that the villains use as well - the hero will assemble model kits that turn into a Transformation Trinket (it could be explained that he receives them from a Mysterious Benefactor, or he buys them with his own money, so he can't just buy them all at once), while the villains assemble model kits that turn into the Monster of the Week when completed.
    • Funnily enough, while the gimmick itself ain't Gunpla, his transformation sequence works like it so... half jossed/half confirmed?

If the gimmick is model kits, then...

  • Build will be one of those model kits. A kid or the female lead will assemble Build and when they finish, the model turns into a life size Build. Possibly when the kid or female lead is being attacked by a monster trying to get Build's model kit back.
    • Alternatively, Build is the suit, and is somehow sentient, similar to Belt-san. He offers his powers to the male lead during an attack by the monster, under circumstances similar and the MC accepts. The Mid-Season Upgrade and final forms would be sentient as well (somewhat like Tatsulot), whereas the other forms that aren't the upgrade or final form would be more like armor that would be bought separately. They could also have it be that Build's powers are his true form, but he takes on a host to disguise himself in the real world, not unlike an Ultraman.

The gimmick could involve bodybuilding.

  • From the scans we have so far, it seems the Transformation Trinkets resemble bottles. Said bottles could be something akin to a protein drink.

The gimmick will be programming

  • Judging by the background on the only image we have right now, this rider has a high-technological theme, and the word Build is a coding term.

     General WMG 

A heroic character will die and be revived at the end of the season
Death is cheap in Neo-Heisei especially if you're a good guy.
  • Current frontrunners are Ryuuga and bottle girl due to his being heavily promoted and her being the lovechild of Phillip and Koyomi.
  • Seconded. My money's on Ryuuga though, he just seemed to ask for it. Also, it's probably closer to mid-season 'death and revival' rather than the end of the season.
  • Given that his Transformation Trinket is set up for release in November, it seems like this is a possibility for how he becomes Claws.
    • Well, he got the Claws Dragon (his Transformation Trinket) in episode 6. Now we wait.
      • So far, it's looking jossed for Ryuga dying before he becomes Cross, since he's scheduled to debut as Cross in episode 11 - and 10 doesn't show any signs of killing him off, not to mention that they'd have to revive him the episode afterwards. Although that doesn't automatically mean he's safe, since he's also going to become Cross-Z; said form uses an entirely different driver, so it's entirely possible that he could get killed, Sento defeats Kamen Rider Grease and takes the Sclash Driver from him (Grease, Cross-Z, and Kamen Rider Rogue all use a Sclash Driver) and they revive Ryuga afterwards.
  • 'Misora is Dead All Along' is further speculated in WMG below.
  • Ryuga just hit a major death flag with Episode 32. As his origins make him the heroic Kamen Rider counterpart to Abarekiller.
  • With episode 46 it seems EVERYONE will be revived. And Sento shall be known as Science Jesus.
    • ...not really they are duplicates created by Evolt.

Each one of the regions has a Kamen Rider.
  • There are 3 regions, so it's not a bad idea, given that, excluding Fourze, every post-Double series has had at least 3 riders in-series.
    • Seemingly confirmed with the latest Heisei Generations scans. While it's unclear if he hails from there, Kamen Rider Grease was sent by Hokuto in the movie.
    • That leaves Seito drawing the short stick. Unless they have Kamen Rider Rogue.
      • Consider this confirmed with Rouge/Himuro Gentoku representing Seito.

Ryuuga is Kamen Rider Cross
This one is too easy!
  • Firstly, his name, "Ryuuga" contains a word of "Ryuu", which means "dragon". Now, what is Claws' motif?
  • Secondly, on trailers, the name "Ryuuga Banjyou" is colored blue and yellow for each words. Now, what are Cross' main colors?
    • While it's still early, the fact that the bottle purified from his girlfriend is the Dragon bottle, means you're likely right. Now we wait.
    • Episode 2 might as well say: "Hello my name is Ryuuga Banjou. I transform into Kamen Rider Cross. Give me the goddamn belt Sento."
      • As if the way Ryuuga already using the power of the Dragon Fullbottle in Episode 3, without a belt no less, isn't already a giveaway by this point.
      • In Episode 6, Ryuuga just got the Cross Dragon as a gift from Sento. We can almost put this in the confirmed tag
      • And now we can put the confirmed tag on, since scans show him transforming into Cross.

The third rider will be inorganic half only
Build uses both. Cross uses the organic Dragon. Natural deduction means the third rider uses an Inorganic Full Bottle as their transformation trinket.
  • Does that mean he will transform into a bike? Something like Accel or Lazer?
    • As of recent scans this might be confirmed with a new rider named Kamen Rider Grease, who uses the Robot Sclashjelly, an evolution of the Robot Fullbottle.

Send in the clones!
Neo-Heisei uses several done to death character templates every year. The question is which character will fit which?
  • Shinji Kido clone: Idiot hero and nice guy.
  • Masato Kusaka clone: Unbearable asshole, almost always the secondary rider.
  • Philip clone: Mysterious waif who dies and gets revived.
  • Saeko clone: The treacherous minion.
  • Ryouma clone: Evil mad scientist with a rider form.
  • Kagami Sr. clone: Not to be confused with Gatack the president of a giant shady and most likely evil organization.
  • Shocker: It was cool in Decade, but now it's getting old.
Anything I missed?
  • I kind of expect Foundation X makes an appearance instead.
    • Nope, Shocker again in the summer movie
  • Ren Akiyama Clone seems to fit the bill better for "almost always the the secondary rider". How much of an asshole the character can be a varies, but he still comes off as more serious than the main rider, whose relationship usually gets better with.
  • A gun using tertiary rider - Shuichi Kitaoka clone. There has been one for four years straight, so why not now?
    • A gun-user is pretty much guaranteed at this point, but I think a Hikawa/Tachibana clone seems more likely because there's been a Zolda clone for four years straight. Not to mention that Ryuuga pretty much fits the bill for both a Tachibana and an Akiyama clone, since Ryuuga has pretty much been confirmed to be Cross by magazine scans.

There will be a guest appearance at some point by Kamen Rider G

The series will end...
  • With the walls completely tore down and Japan united in one piece all over again. Also, there will be a cameo from PREVIOUS kamen rider (from W to Ex-Aid) who lived in another region, instead of the next Kamen Rider.
    • Seemingly jossed at least with the walls. The summer movie previews show that the three countries are still separated and all under new management
  • Seems jossed with the confirmation that Build takes place in A.R. world.

Build takes place in A. R. World of his own.
  • This solves the continuity problems. Sento starts traveling between realities to get samples of previous Riders. That's how he got to appear in Ex-Aid and True Ending.
    • Neo-Heisei cares little for continuity logic. I just think they will handwave the wall.
      • This borders on WMG, but imagine that Build takes a sea route to get to other region. Which explained why there's one year gap between his attempt to get Ex-Aid's essence between his initial cameo in Ex-Aid and the movie.
  • Confirmed by the movie Heisei Generation Final.

Souchi and Misora are related to Pandora's box somehow
  • Souichi and Misora are clearly not human. Souichi is obviously going to be the DJ Sagara of the show, the only question is how deep is he involved. And Misora is either a half-human hybrid, Touched by Vorlons, or the bracelet she wears in an Amplifier Artifact that grants her powers and is being kept out of the loop by Souichi.
    • It's possible that Souichi might be one of the aliens who developed the Pandora's box, and is trying to help control the damage caused by his inventions, and his daughter is simply unaware of their origins. He might be taking in Sento due to how he feels about a fellow researcher, or guilt at the fact that Pandora's box might be responsible for Sento's condition.
    • Confirmed-ish. Souichi was one of the astronauts who brought the box back. Whether he's the same person remains to be seen...

Souichi was the one who touched the Pandora's Box and caused the Skywall Tragedy.
  • The exposure could explain his and Misora's powers.
    • This is a possibility with Episode 4 revealing he was one of the astronauts from the expedition; therefore at the ceremony and wearing the correct uniform.
  • Confirmed.

In universe, the bottle is only labeled by their name
  • For example, instead of R/T label it's actually only labeled as Rabbit and Tank for each bottle respectively. This explained why finding the best match would be harder than it looks.
  • The R/T label is only for out-universe toy selling so that the kids wouldn't mistake one for other.
  • Jossed.

  • Because two of them seem adamant to remain independent.

Build will use all his best matches at the same time at some point by using NinninComic's cloning ability
Why not? It happened during OOO's summer movie, so it's not like Toei hasn't used the idea before.
  • That was eight O's to thirty-two (that we know of) Builds. At that point Toei would have budget concerns, not just Xiao. At best, hope for ten, tops.
  • They could start with summoning eg. 6, then sacrifice 3 or 4 to hold the line while the others escort NinninComic to the next battle, allowing him to bunshin again and leave another 3 Best Matches behind. Then they reach the final boss with just the Mid-Season Upgrade one, they fight, the boss kills him... and he poofs out or substitutes himself with a sack of coffee beans from Souichi, while the real Sento in Build's final form appears to finish off the final boss.
    • ^That's what I had in mind, with said scene being used during the Summer movie.

Our heroes figure out how Faust can jack the Guardians and use it for their own purposes.
  • Souichi and his weird abilities could be the key. The face plates are turned into smart phone touch-screens to allow our heroes to program them on the spot. Or maybe play games in Souichi and Misora's case.
    • #10 reveals that the Guardians were programmed to switch over to Faust when specific signal is given. Apparently, it's Blood Stalk snapping fingers. Go figure.

While Sento will be able to use the Project data to create a Driver for Ryuuga, Faust will benefit too.
Stalk's speech to Rogue makes this obvious but they're counting on another Rider to join the fray so that they can get better, and more data. Soon after he debuts, out comes Rogue in his new Rider form, and the Kaizers to kick them right back down. All thanks, unwittingly to Sento.
  • The main wmg seems confirmed by #15, though the details are jossed.

The world of Kamen Rider Build exists in the same continuity as the rest of Neo-Hensei... a video game created by Kuroto Dan post-series. After all, we see its Gashat and Emu activates it right before the preview at the end of the final episode. Hazard Level being something that can easily be numerically measured even in the heat of battle feels a little video game-y, as well as the physical manifestations of physics equations in the air (and their apparent solid state could reference how the player could be damaged in some old games by the point displays left behind by defeated enemies). The different aesthetics and slightly harder sci-fi genre could be Gemn Corp trying to distance itself from the Bugster incidents from the series and moving on. As well, almost all of Build's appearances in Ex-Aid are post-series. The biggest hole is Build's cameo of episode 44 of Ex-Aid, but given an A.R. world for Build has been confirmed to exist, Kuroto could have taken inspiration from that encounter and created a game based on the strange Rider he met. Licensing fees would be a bitch, though.
  • Jossed by Heisei Generation Final, which is canon to the series.

Misora will be a rider at some point
She is shown shaking the bottles in the opening, along with Sento and Ryuga.
  • She can be the rumoured Kamen Rider Pain, because that's what she is going to inflict on people who ruined her life. Poetic justice of Kamen Rider, isn't it?
  • Alternatively, it can be Sawa. #12 shows that she has her reasons to be against Faust.
    • Sawa's hazard level is not that high since she transformed into a smash. It's possible if she got into higher hazard level though. We got two female riders in Ex-Aid (sort of), so there's a possibility.

Misora is Dead All Along
I found it suspicious that Misora found herself 'wake up from the coma with mysterious bracelet in her hand'.
  • I am going to suspect her backstory to be similar to Philip. Misora had actually die as a child but the bracelet revived her and gave her mysterious power to purify the bottle.
  • Notice how she was almost always sleepy all the time? She even threatened to cut people who bothered her sleep. In the end she will be finally able to rest in peace and it will be a tearjerker episode. Though, she's probably will end up like Philip and get revived rather than Ankh.
  • Furthermore, if Souichi is indeed her father, she was probably the reason he became Blood Stalk. It was probably originally for good reason, but Souichi turned off the deep end to ensure Misora stayed alive, similar to how Shiro Kanzaki would be willing to do anything to ensure Yui alive.
  • Seems jossed by #30. She is just possessed by Vernage.

Misora will betray Sento at some point.
So far, nearly all the protagonists had betrayed Sento at some point.
  • Ryuga : Knocking off Sento and turned Tatsuya back into a Smash to find Faust hideout.
  • Sawa : Being a spy for Nanba heavy industries.
  • Souichi : Being Blood Stalk.
Misora is the only one who hadn't betrayed Sento (yet).Seems to be confirmed with Misora hitting Sento like the other citizens in 'Be The One'.

Misora is mentally a child.
She is in coma for years, after all. She is not actually attracted to either Sento or Ryuga, she is attracted to the idea of romance and dating itself, similar to a little girl wishing to find their 'knight in shining armor'.

Kamen Rider Rogue comes from Seito
  • Seito is the only region without a Kamen Rider after #16. Touto has Sento and Ryuga, Hokuto has Kazumi/Grease (and Smash and Guardians, thanks to Blood Stalk), so either Seito will be steamrolled by other regions or they find their own way.
    • Given the events of Episode 20 as well as new scans revealing that the Kaisers hail from there too, I could see Gentoku defecting there to get his vengence. Does Seito have any bottles related to crocodiles that could create his Crack Bottle?
    • Given the ending after Episode 22, it's pretty much confirmed.
Kazumi Sawatari is the illegitimate son of Alternate!Otoya
  • Build is set in alternate world after all. It's possible there is alternate version of Otoya. The different surname could be explained by him being illegitimate son.

Kazumi Sawatari will pull a Heel–Face Turn...
...Because of Misora.
  • Confirmed. Though to begin with, his motives are more along the lines of My Country, Right or Wrong instead of outright villainy. He and Akaba had nowhere to go after Hokuto was invaded and they decided to crash in with Touto's riders.

Kamen Riders Rogue and Evol's identities
  • Gentoku Himuro, AKA Night Rogue (via the Transteam Gun), will become Kamen Rider Rogue via the Sclash Driver and Kamen Rider Mad Rogue via the Evol Driver.
  • Soichi Isurugi, AKA Blood Stalk (via the Transteam Gun), will become Kamen Rider Evol via the Evol Driver.

  • Gentoku as Kamen Rider Rogue confirmed in episode 23.
  • Evol could also be Taro Sato if not Isurugi. Would Blood Stalk really kill a potential test subject?
    • I thinks it's more likely that Utsumi the "Other" Night Rogue will be the one to become Mad Rogue.
    • Jossed on the Taro Sato front. He was murdered pretty blatantly to act as a body double for Takumi.
    • And confirmed for Evol, sort of: Isurugi was possessed by the Martian being Evolt when he was on Mars; Evolt has been the real Blood Stalk all along, and is now becoming Kamen Rider Evol.

Kazumi will die or lose his rider powers
Freaking Evol, a rider that hasn't even debuted yet is getting a Super Mode alongside Sento, Ryuga, and Gentoku. Yet Grease is still stuck with his Sclash driver. Even Go who is arguably the franchise's poster boy for getting screwed over in power levels had a Midseason Upgrade in Dead heat. Kazumi is either gonna die with Akaba or going into an early retirement.
  • Or he is just going to soldier on through the rest of the story like Alain.
  • He is the opening now (#29), he is not going anywhere.
  • Confirmed! He died in Episode 47.

Why the Touto Fullbottles are different from the Faust/Hard Smash Fullbottles and Seito/Hokuto Fullbottles.
  • The Faustbottles were not created by Misora. They were "artificially" purified with some kind of machine. However, they didn't know enough about Nebula Gas at the time and got Fullbottles with minor impurities. If used directly on a human, they would turn them into Smash. The impurities give the final Fullbottles a purple coloration with a silver indicator.
  • Misora created the first pure Fullbottles after being captured and continued to do so. These Fullbottles don't have the problem of the Faustbottles. This is evidenced by the fact that we never see pure Fullbottles being directly used on humans. Misora being the one to purify them is why the Touto Fullbottles are one solid color.
  • The Hardbottles were made under the same circumstances as the Faustbottles. This is why they look like Faustbottles.
  • The pure Fullbottles we see from Seito and Hokuto were likely made through the intervention of a certain snake in the grass who gave them data on how to perfect the purification, provided by Faust and Sento. The perfected "artificial" purification makes itself known via the clear bottle and colored indicator.

Sawa is still betraying them
After the first time she did it and was easily forgiven. Basically, she's pulling a Nira.
  • Confirmed in #26; she's one of the Nanba Children.
  • Jossed as of #30. While she is one of the Nanba Children, she wasn't working against them since being outed for the first time and when pressed by Nanba, she hesitates for a while before spilling the beans to Sento instead.

The Nanba Children began as a benevolent project
If Nanba was present when the energy of the Pandora Box altered the minds of those present he could have twisted what was once a genuinely benevolent orphanage into the Tyke Bomb factory it is now.
  • Jossed hard. We're shown the Nanba Children being practically brainwashed back when Sawa was still a kid, long before Pandora's Box was discovered. Nanba was always a twisted warmonger.

Seito will outlive its usefulness.
Mido is even more of a puppet to Nanba than Yoshiko ever was. To the point where Nanba himself could easily cow the man into submission while Yoshiko needed to be manipulated by Stalk into defeat. If the three on three rider battle is anything like the first one it's clear at least one party involved in the conflict has Outlived Its Usefulness in Nanba's eyes and its time to cut losses.
  • Confirmed in #28, where Stalk kills Mido and Nanba replaces him as the Prime Minister of Seito.

Sawa isn't long for this world
The preview for episode 27 has Blood Stalk saying that someone has "Outlived their Usefulness", and it's immediately followed by Sawa crying for Sento's help. Considering that she's still betraying them as of episode 27, it may be that Sento and co finally decide that she's too far gone and don't save her (or they try to save her but fail).
  • Jossed. She didn't betray them and she survived.

Sawa and Utsumi are both trapped by Namba
Utsumi's talk back before we thought he died implied he was somehow trapped as a pawn for Faust, it's now clear he was actually referring to his position of being obligated to serve the will of President Namba. Similarly, Sawa realised she was disposable back when she got made a Smash and her change was genuine, but she cannot refuse President Namba so when he called her she had no choice but to give him the data. However...
  • Overally confirmed. Nanba was blackmailing Sawa to get him the data, but she told Sento about everything and together they made a plan how to counter this.

Sawa only gave the data on RabbitRabbit
Either she doesn't know about TankTank, or she does and deliberately left the data out of give Sento an advantage.
  • Confirmed by #28.

How are Ryuga and Kazumi getting around when only Sento/Buld has a bike?
Clearly Ryuga figured how to activate the Key Fullbottle in the same fashion as Dragon for his power punching, but instead he mimics the car key of whichever car he's jacking.
  • According to supplemental material Build's first bike was an invention separate from the fullbottles that used the Lion bottle to turn into a bike. He simply made a copy for Banjou which probably uses the Key bottle. And the same could be said for Kasumi since we rarely if ever see the robot fullbottle. Sento built the rider system so he can easily make more of anything if he felt like it that was basically the reason why they gave him amnesia in the first place because he stopped making weapons and Faust didn't like that.

At the end of the day Gentoku will have the last laugh.
Ironically thanks to him becoming Kamen Rider Rogue and his Heel–Face Turn. Gentoku has pretty much not only gained control of Touto again but control of an unified Japan after the dust has settled and Evolt inevitably outevils Nanba and his group. So yeah at the end of the day Evolt really did keep his word and gave Gentoku the power to unite and rule Japan. He will live with the guilt of his actions now that he no longer is controlled by the Hate Plague. But Evolt unintentionally kept his word.

Nanba has signed his death warrant thanks to Utsumi
The Evol driver was the last piece of Evolt's plan to destroy the Earth. And now that he has it Nanba is a dead man. And the remaining Nanba children will either die with him trying to stop Evolt or die at the hands of the riders. The Washio's are dead no buts, but jury's out if Utsumi will try to flee to Sento's camp to save his hide or go down with the ship once the Evol triggers show up.
  • Nanba knows about Evolt's plans to destroy the world and yet, seems to be completely apathetic to them. He is not stupid, so there has to be something more going on. Unless Evolt is behind this too and made Nanba not know or not care about that.
  • Nope! Episode 38 confirms this theory almost word for word. Evolt played Nanba like a fiddle just like everyone else and by the time he wised up he was no match for the monster he unleashed upon the world.

Utsumi had a change in personality
  • I felt that his personality undergo a change between his pre 'death' and afterwards. My theory is that Stalk influencing him, similar to people being exposed to Pandora's box light that made him more evil than he was before. Jossed, he simply deceived Evolt so he can betray him later.

Gentoku actually makes good coffee
According to the latest catalog scans, Gentoku seems to have taken over the position of manager of Nascita. It would quite frankly be a bit amusing to see that Gentoku's coffee was actually good, and more of a contrast with Evolt, who's coffee...isn't, to say the least.

Everyone that Evolt kills in his Black hole form is Just Hiding.
Evolt's finisher is basically chucking people into black holes and it's suggested that Evolt is a planet looter. It's likely that everyone that Evolt black hole killed is merely on the other side of the black holes and is still alive including the entirety of ancient Mars and will be revived at the end because its Neo-Heisei and nobody dies for real nowadays. And yes I believe Himuro's dad will be magically revived somehow.
  • This seems pretty unlikely given that Taizan very clearly left a body behind, the Washio Brothers and Nanba were disintegrated and the Hokuto Three Crows would like to speak with you about that "nobody dies for real" bit.

How will Utsumi fall?
I honestly can't imagine why Evolt needs Utsumi. He already has all his upgrades and unless Evolt really plans to take over the world and rule humanity instead of destroying it he doesn't need Nanba's stuff. So all that's left is to speculate how will Utsumi be inevitably defeated and die.
  • Well, he betrayed Evolt and died protecting the lost bottle actually.

Vernage is the Martian equal of the Overlords
Ruler of the planet during her life time? Check. Physical God? Check. Somehow managed to continue after the death of her physical body as a spirit until she found a new vessel? Check. Only difference is she had more in common with the Overlord of Light than the Overlord of Darkness.

Utsumi is actually dead.
He actually died when Gentoku shot him and he fell into the river. When Evolt saved him, he revived him with Nebula Gas for his plans, hence his deteriorating sanity and ability to use the Evol Driver. Eventually, he'll be converted into the last Lost Smash that Evolt needs and gets purified by Build Genius. Unfortunately, it also means purifying the Nebula Gas that's keeping him alive, which means that he still ends up dying, albeit maybe with his sanity restored. jossed, he is a cyborg

Gentoku will gain a final form in a V-Cinema
He's currently the only rider who doesn't have a final form of any sort, and considering even Grease got Grease Blizzard so late, that kind of rules out him getting a powerup in the TV series. So naturally, a V-Cinema is the next best bet for Gentoku gaining a new powerup.

The Series will end in a similar way like Ryuki
With the White Pandora Panel they will merge the world of Build with the Main Rider World, but only the Main Characters will know what happened, but no one else will and just live everyday live without the horrors of the Sky Wall, Pandora's Box and Evolt. Alternatively only Sento will remember everything for the sake of Bookends. He started out as an amnesiac person searching for his memory, but ends as the only person who has retained his memories.
  • Different circumstances but confirmed, Sento and Ryuga are the only ones who remember the original world.

Evolt and the rest of the Blood Tribe are members of the Evolians from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, and the Blood Tribe and the Evolians are one and the same.
First off, as noted on the YMMV page for Build, Evolt shares several notable similarities with Dezumozoryla, the god of the Evolians, and traveling the universe devouring planets is definitely in line with Dezumozorlya's modus operandi. Plus, Dezumozorlya is shown in Abaranger to have dimension-splitting abilities in how he caused the Dino-Earth to become a separate world from regular Earth, which could explain why Build takes place in a separate world than the rest of the Kamen Rider series: the Pandora Box split it from the main timeline when Evolt activated it and caused the creation of the Skywall. The Evol Driver could have also had its name derived from "Evolian" rather than "Evolt" Plus, its shown in Kamen Rider Build Be The One that there are only four remaining members of the Blood Tribe at the beginning of the series, so what happened to the rest? They were defeated by the Abarangers!

Namba will return as the villain of the next V-Cinema movie
He will have somehow regained his memories of the old world from the recreated Pandora's Box and will attempt to pull a Dr. Gero and create the Ultimate Lifeform.

Evolt will return, but not as the villain of a V-Cinema
Following the events of New World: Cross-Z, Evolt is alive but not at his full strength yet. Once he has regained his full power he will return to Earth leading an army of revived villains and be the Big Bad of a Crossover movie.

Evolt invented the Evol-Driver and associated equipment
He's the only one of his kind shown that has an Evol-Driver, even when his own brother is the leader of the Blood Tribe. Not only that, he's the one who makes a new one for Nariaki Utsumi. Thus, it was probably unique and created by Evolt himself.

     Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build WMG 

Sento is an Artificial Human
  • The reason he doesn't remember his past life is that he didn't have one. He was created in that tank he remembers waking up in. Of course, that leads to the question "Is he an entirely original creation, or is he somebody's clone?".
    • Ha! Strange Minds Think Alike!
    • Thirded. I think he was a clone. Perhaps even Night Rogue's clone...
    • The "real" Sento is the man that touched Pandora Box, and by extension, became the progenitor of all Smashes? It rings too close to Ex-Aid, though.
      • This is jossed as the man that touched Pandora Box is the owner of nascita, Soichi Isurugi, whilst possessed by Evolt.
    • As of Episode 15, this WMG is completely jossed by the revelation that Sento is Katsuragi. No more Specter RE:BIRTH.

Build's Hazard Levels.
Based on Blood Stalk's assessment of an enraged Sento:
  • Upgrade: 5
  • Super: 8
  • Final: 10
    • Jossed. As of Episode 36, the highest Hazard Level that has been recorded with Sento is 6.3, and even that was because of his usage of the Pandora panel against Evolt.

Sento is Takumi Katsuragi in Taro Sato's body.
A messy idiot comes into contact with a genius physicist that may have discovered the Nebula Gas's properties to undergo drug trials; the physicist is found dead, and the messy idiot is found an amnesiac genius physicist that's been exposed to Nebula Gas? That can't be a coincidence.
  • OP again with an expansion on this theory: Either Katsuragi wasn't a founder of Faust or Night Rogue wanted to take his place as the leader of it, but either way Night Rogue was out of the picture. He knew too much, and Katsuragi knew Rogue would put a hit on him because of it. To preserve himself he lured in Taro Sato and somehow swapped bodies with him just in the nick of time. Taro in Katsuragi's body was murdered, leaving Katsuragi in Taro's body as a witness to the murder. He was then kidnapped and exposed to the SMASH essence, but was most likely beaten by Soichi and woke up an amnesiac, leaving us with Sento.
    • This particular theory is jossed, in relation to the theories below.
  • This is likely correct. In episode 8, Sento is eating Mrs. Katsuragi's tamagoyaki and crying. Previously, Ryuga said that the tamagoyaki was too sweet, so it's definitely unlikely that Sento is crying because it's not good. This is likely because Takumi's mind are reacting to his mom's comfort food.
  • Well, Sento and Takumi are kind of alike too (it's their hair).
  • To add on, we know what kind of a person Sento was previously, yet he is now a brilliant scientist? Katsuragi's hidden files also indicating that he was the creator of Project Build, coupled with Sento specifically mentioning that he created the Build Driver, this is more likely the case.
  • Further expanding on this, it is known that Blood Stalk is the one to orchestrate framing Ryuga, AND it is known that he has the ability to change the faces of people. As such, it isn't a stretch to say that he simply changed Takumi's face, thus we have a genius physician with the face of said messy idiot.
    • Episode 15 confirms that Sento is Katsuragi so it might actually be like this.
    • Episode 16 also confirms that Sento is Katsuragi with Sato Taro's face.

Sento is a fusion between Taro Sato and Takumi Katsuragi.
  • This is a bit similar to the theory above, except instead of swapping bodies, there's actually two personality within Sento's body. He is a fusion of Takumi Katsuragi's brilliant mind and a kinder personality of Tarou Satou. And, Takumi is likely a kind person too, looking at his flashback.
  • Jossed as of Episode 15.

Sento is not the first Build.
  • Looking at the secret video of Takumi explaining Build's system, name meaning, and even his cheery "see you" at the end; it mirrors the behavior of the Build that fought Genm in the last episode of Ex-Aid. What if our lovable scientist wasn't the first one to use the system?
    • Seconded. Since Takumi is the creator, it's possible he had tested it first, perhaps on himself.
      • Not only has Heisei Generations FINAL has confirmed that it was Takumi as Build who took away Ex-Aid's power, Episode 15 has confirmed that Takumi IS Sento.
      • Episode 34 confirms that he was the original Build when he tried to transform into GorillaMond, against Stalk.
      • Confirmed as of Episode 43. The original Build was his father, Shinobu.

Kiryuu's Barber Shop was foreshadowing Build's upgrade form.
  • We know the form has red, white and blue diagonally zig-zagged stripes, kind of like the barber pole prominently featured in the episode prologue, with animated frames to boot. Also, the canned coffee they always drink foreshadows the upgrade transformation device.
    • Maybe confirmed, maybe jossed.

There will be two Builds.
  • As in, Takumi will transforms into the second Build, with the SmaphoWolf as his default form and SmaphoWolf Hazard as his upgrade form.
    • Jossed as of Episode 15. There can't be two Builds, because they are the same person.
    • Confirmed but the details are Jossed with Shinobu Katsuragi being the second Build

Sento Kiryu is Takumi Katsuragi and completely unrelated to Sato Taro aside from face.
  • Night Rogue needed Katsuragi out of the way when he took over Faust, but also needed his intellect and scientific knowledge. That led to Katsuragi becoming a test subject and then left on the street for Soichi to find so he could become Build and continue to work on the development of the Rider System. Katsuragi's murder was faked as to make him disappear. Sato Taro was the unlucky dude that got picked up as the 'corpse' part of the process. Blood Stalk switched their faces for this, which is the reason why Night Rogue was still willing to work with him.
    • Confirmed. It's unknown if Night Rogue tried to take over Faust or whatever, but everything else was about Katsuragi's murder was set up by Blood Stalk like this. Night Rogue had no involvement in Katsuragi's murder.

Much like with Ghost and Ex-Aid, there will be a web series showing off the various Legend Rider forms
Obviously they'll show off Build's Ex-Aid Legend Rider Form in Heisei Generations FINAL, but I kind of doubt that they'd show off his other forms, and even if they did, they wouldn't be able to show off his forms for Drive, Wizard, and all the pre-OOO series without it coming off as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment (due to none of those riders appearing). With the exception of Den-O's Legend Rider Form, which would require Momotaros to appear somehow (based on how the Imagin Core Medal was created, and quite frankly that strikes me as something they'd save for the next Super Hero Taisen movie), all of the Legend Rider Forms that have been revealed so far require regular full bottles that don't need special circumstances to be created (plus, considering that Build was shown to be active before the start of the series, they could just Handwave the bottles suddenly showing up as ones that Misora had only recently gotten to, showing her with a backlog). And they're already doing another web series to show off some of Build's other forms, so why not?
  • Most likely jossed. It's Episode 39 already, so I don't see them doing a new web show at this point in time.
    • Jossed completely, Build doesn't have Legend Rider forms. He just turns into the previous riders directly, Decade style.

Build's final form will be a Best Match between DNA and Elements.
  • I'm fairly sure they can't upgrade Rabbit Tank any further, DNA and elements are the most basic you can get with organic and inorganic, and it would be the perfect excuse to pull an All Your Powers Combined for Build's forms.

Sento will not get his memories back firsthand. He'll just keep being told of what he did back then.
  • They'll make it a lesson about starting anew regardless of what one did in the past, invoking an optimistic That Man Is Dead.
    • As of Episode 39, this is ultimately jossed. He eventually regains his memories as Katsuragi, although this did involve temporarily forgetting his own, until 'Katsuragi' eventually relented the position back to Sento.

The Hazard Trigger was a massive Batman Gambit and its dangers were all intentional.
The Hazard Trigger true purpose all along was to be a portable bottle purifier. But to get it past Evolt and Faust Shinobu intentionally built it so it would make its user insane. It was all part of a plan to get Katsuragi to leave Faust and stop being a revenge obsessed jerkass. It kinda worked.

If Kamen Rider Build were to be adapted, then Sento won't have a single counterpart.
Instead, there will be multiple people each with their own Build Driver with their own signature bottles.

     Faust & Smash WMG 

Sento is a Spider Smash.
  • This post gives a lot of good arguments for Sento being a Spider Smash to match Night Rogue and Blood Stalk being the Bat and Cobra Smashes respectively.
    • Doesn't hurt that this would be somewhat of an inverse of what happened in Ryuki, where the secondary rider had a bat motif, but Shinji chose Dragreder instead of forming a contract with Dispider.
    • Jossed in Episode 6. Sento was exposed to Smash essence, but did not turn into one.
    • The Full Bottles themselves could be the reference to Spider Man instead of an actual villain with a Spider motif.

Alternatively Misora is a Spider Smash
  • She's the one who does the actual purifying of the bottles and she is a Web Idol after all.
    • Jossed as of #43, where she becomes the CD Lost Smash.

Relating to the above WMGs about the Spider Smash...
  • An interesting theory is making the rounds that each Faust general can command a different state of matter. Night Rogue clearly turns into smoke, and Blood Stark's cobra construct is made from liquid. It would be logical then, to assume if there is a Spider Smash, it would command solid matter. If this train of thought is followed to its conclusion, there are two possible candidates for the spider that I have discovered...
    • Sento: He should have a Smash form but oddly was either purified or escaped before the process's completion. And as for one of his Best Matches, SpiderRefrigerator, when things freeze they become solid, and where is Build's base located? In a refrigerator!
    • Souichi: This one is more obvious, but he transformed that tablet into a back scratcher somehow. If he is the Spider, it would track.
Anyways this is a WMG that I want thoughts on.
  • It is unlikely that Soichi is the spider, given he is Blood Stalk, who had already a snake theme

Souchi and Misora were the Tank and Rabbit Smash respectively
  • Misora's Idol background has a Rabbit in it.
    • Plus she's got those rabbit ears around her neck.
  • Souchi's backscratcher is the same shade of blue as Tank
    • More importantly, just about five seconds before that shot, it wasn't a backscratcher at all, but a tablet-computer! That twisted design appears to have been done by hand!
  • Jossed.

Gentoku Himuro & Nariaki Utsumi are in fact Night Rogue & Blood Stalk respectively
  • Himuro has shown he will quite easily toss his governments pacifistic beliefs to get what he wants. Plus after Kuroto & Masamune any seeming ally can in fact be an enemy in disguise.
    • Probably supported by the fact he owned a smash bottle.
      • Confirmed but also Jossed in while Himuro is indeed Roque, Utsumi in not Stalk.

Faust higher ups will be named after chemical elements
  • Where else this would be applicable then in a science themed series. On the other hand, it could be physical laws, chemical reactions or something completely else.
    • This sort of makes sense with Night Rogue, because you could get Nitrogen from it, but I feel like Blood Stalk jossed this.

Faust higher ups will be themed after pollution/industrialism.
  • Night Rogue's horn resembles a factory smokestack, he has exhaust pipes coming out of his chest plate and appears to have power over smoke. Going with this, Blood Stalk is clearly a Poisonous Person, and his pipes could are meant to symbolize chemical plants/leaks.
    • This just leaves the Spider one. I'm guessing his motive could possibly be radiation, but with Japan's stance on it, this is not quite clear cut.
    • Spiders make webs that they move around quickly on, moving around quickly requires roads which requires clearing of lots of land, so his could be deforestation!

Sawa and Utsumi are Night Rogue and Blood Stalk
  • A similar WMG to the above with a slight meta twist. Although Sawa and Utsumi were advertised just as much as the other cast members, they do not appear in the opening. This could indicate something different about their characters.
    • Whenever Night Rogue has appeared thus far, Sawa was unaccounted for. In Episode 1, Sawa appeared briefly in the beginning of the episode and Night Rogue briefly at the end. In the second episode, while Sawa was presumably off searching for information on Nabeshima, Night Rogue appeared to taunt Ryuga, fight, and generally deliver exposition. In Episode 3, where Sawa has had the most presence thus far, Night Rogue did not appear.
    • At the end of Episode 3, Sawa was riding away with Ryuga, which if this theory is correct leaves Night Rogue accounted for. Meanwhile, Himuro examines a smash bottle and notes that Blood Stalk is making his move. Due to his apparent alliance with Faust and the fact that Utsumi is not present with him, it's not impossible for Utsumi to be Blood Stalk, going to attack Sento and take Nabeshima.
    • Jossed, I'm afraid. Sawa cannot be Night Rogue because in Episode 4 she is with Ryuuga (and Nabeshima's family) in Seito the entire time, while Night Rogue clearly appears at the Faust base, transforming Nabeshima again. So either the base has easy access from Seito (unlikely given the fact that Smash seem to only have been appearing in Touto), or it's not her.
    • Well, Night Rogue is implied to be Gentoku Himuro, so he's out.
    • Jossed as Night Rogue is Gentoku Himuro and Utsumi can't be Blood Stalk as they were in the same shot together.
    • #9's Wham Shot shows Sawa handing pictures of Build (LionCleaner, HawkGattling and others) to the Josuburo Namba of Heavy Industries, who claims to have funded Faust. She has her own reasons and they are not with him or Faust.

Blood Stalk is a Dragon with an Agenda
  • He will betray Night Rogue just like Parado betrayed Genm.
    • If you look at all the current sound clips from the Build Driver, you can see that both Spider and Bat appear on it, yet oddly Snake (Cobra) doesn't. I'm thinking that Blood Stalk will do as you said and that's how Sento gets the Bat Bottle.
    • Blood Stalk apparently tried this in #10, but realized that he can't outcon Night Rogue (yet), who is justifiedly annoyed with having to work with him because he is scheming ass (both are so it fits). It looks like he still needs him.
    • #12 implies this to be no longer the case. They are in active war against each other from now on.

Blood Stalk is the supposedly dead scientist Katsuragi
  • Unlikely as it is but with the reveal that Utsumi is not Stalk, I feel as if Katsuragi is the only other viable suspect at this time.
    • Leaning towards Jossed with the growing parallels between Katsuragi and Sento himself.
    • Jossed, #13 and preview of #14 suggests it's Souichi, unless more twists happen.
    • Completely Jossed now. Blood Stalk is Souichi, and Sento turned out to be an amnesiac Katsuragi.

Smash are created for army purposes.
  • Considering that Gentoku is Night Rogue, it would make sense that he wants to create an army he could use to unite Japan again. The usual Smash are not suitable for this, being rampaging monsters and everything, so the research continues.
    • You're partially correct. If the subs are correct, the goal is to create an army of Kamen Riders, with Smashes being unintended by-products of the process.
  • Confirmed!

Blood Stalk is Souichi
  • His playful nature is all too reminiscent of how Souichi himself loves to mess with everyone, and it would explain his 'part time job'. It also explains how he managed to find Sento after Stalk poisoned him- because he was right there. As for why, he might be doing it specifically to help develop Build, while manipulating Faust from inside. Think about Episode 7, where Stalk fired a god damn rocket at Night Rogue to throw him off their trail for almost no reason. Souichi has already shown to have a manipulative side. 'Stalk' pushes a Berserk Button of Sento, while 'Souichi' calms him down and helps to control that anger, pushing him in the right direction.
    • Note that Souichi never appeared even once in episode 10 and 11 while Blood Stalk is being busy with his agenda.
    • Fans from an early screening of Heisei Generations Final are claiming that Souichi is indeed revealed to Blood Stark. Though at this point in time, it's all speculation at best until further confirmation.
    • #13 and preview of #14 don't leave many other options unless we are presented another decoy like Utsumi being Night Rogue in #12.
    • It's Soichi, no point in beating around the bush with what-ifs.

Blood Stalk is Taro Sato
  • Related to Katsuragi being the personality in Taro Sato's body. Blood Stalk has taunted Sento about knowing why the gas did not turn him into a Smash. Taking a reference to Ex-Aid, instead of Sento being transformed, it instead forced Taro Sato out his body, becoming Blood Stalk. Blood Stalk has not been seen out of his transformed state, likely being that his current body is unstable and requires the armour to stabilize it. Blood Stalk also shares similar personality with Taro Sato.
    • Jossed, it's Souichi.

The entire 'Blood Stalk is Takumi Katsuragi' is a Red Herring
  • The show loves to troll its audience, similar to how Souichi seemed to confess he was in Faust in the preview.
    • Yup, as of #13 it sure looks like this.
    • Confirmed.

The Spider Smash of Faust is the show's True Final Boss and/or the real Big Bad
Since the "Sento is a Spider Smash" WMG has been jossed, this seems to indicate that they're saving the Spider-theme for later - as it would be a bit of an anticlimax if the Spider Smash, Shadow Webnote  ended up being a Monster of the Week who goes down easily, it would make the most sense for him to at the very least show up near the end. Either one of Night Rogue's/ Gentoku's underlings will become The Star Scream and take the role of Big Bad from NR near the end, or Shadow Web will be revealed to have been The Man Behind the Man all along, possibly killing off Night Rogue during his reveal, thus leading to Sento getting the Bat Full Bottle.
  • It isn't necessarily a spider smash though. It could be a normal human like Gentoku who uses a spider full bottle / spider essence instead.
    • Well, to be fair, there isn't exactly an official name for whatever Night Rogue and Blood Stalk are supposed to be, but that is what I meant.

Nariaki Utsumi is Grease
  • He kept showing up in the scenes which suggested he will become important figure, yet he hadn't done anything noteworthy so far. There is also possible foreshadowing with Sento commenting 'he is like a robot' in episode 9.
    • If he is not dead after #12.
      • I am pretty sure he is fine.To further build up this theory, he will end up on heroes side. Based on his action on #12, he acted like a straight man to Sento and compliment his joke well (contrast to the relationship between Sento and Ryuga) and he seemed genuinely wished a peaceful life. He might make atonement as Grease.
      • Jossed - it's an entirely new character, Kazumi Satawari. And he is not a first timer, either. note 

Takumi Katsuragi operates in the Rule of Cool
  • He named his organization as Faust simply because it's cool.
  • He created and added unnecessary arsenal for the Night Rogue and Blood Stalk system. Voice changing module? The transformation shooting fireworks along with yelling 'fire'? He did it because it was cool.
  • He created Build System (which was meant as a military defense) to have a flashy forms. Pirate+Train? Dragon+Lock? It was like a child imagination but he made it works (and of course because it was cool). The attacks are math-based simply because he was a nerd (which would seem cool to him) and of course he had to add the belt screaming 'Vortex Finish! Yeah!'
    • He is a Mad Scientist after all. There is a reason why Sento is into this, too. Random music bits out of the Cross Dragon, anyone?

Blood Stalk revelation will be full of twist
They will reveal his face as someone we know at first (probably the Owner) but then it would be revealed he can use face changing ability on himself and showing he had many other faces. In the end, his identity would still be hidden.
  • Jossed. We know that it's Soichi. The question is, who is Soichi and how the Pandora Box has changed him.
  • However, it's later revealed that Stalk is really Evolt who has been possessing Soichi's body the entire time. He can indeed use face changing ability on himself, but his identify has already been established and after become powerful enough to no longer need a human host, he took the appearance of Soichi as his default form.

Blood Stalk is Good All Along
  • He is probably pulling something like Virgo from Fourze and actually supporting the heroes in his own way.
  • His loyalty actually belongs to the original Faust and Takumi Katsuragi. Thus he fought against Night Rogue, claiming Faust isn't his.
    • Building on WMG that Sento is Takumi, I think this is what happened: There is a fraction between Faust (Takumi) and the government (Gentoku). Perhaps Takumi didn't want to make rider system as a weapon of war. He faked his death with Stalk being an accomplice. They framed Banjo and swapped the face of Taro Sato and Takumi himself. The amnesia itself might be part of the plan, with Takumi trusting Stalk to take care of him. Stalk provided the fullbottle and driver to ensure the experiment continued, while Takumi had previously hidden the Build data to be taken later on.
      • Ryuga is definitely going to kill Sento for this. You can't be sentenced for killing someone twice after all. Yup, preview of #16 shows him fighting Sento because of this, but it seems more to break the Heroic BSoD that he's fallen into.
    • #16 seems jossed this, but it is unknown if Souichi is telling the truth.
    • JOSSED. #30 proves he is purely using everyone for his goals of of destroying the world.

Blood Stalk is behind the creation of the Faustube
It's totally in character.

Blood Stalk will die
The scans showed no upgrade forms for him.
  • Potentially Jossed Since magazine leaks have confirmed that Kamen Rider Evol's base state is Cobra Form.
  • Jossed. Proven by #33 where Soichi/ Evolt transforms into Kamen Rider Evol (Cobra Form)

Blood Stalk is The Dragon of Pandora's Box itself.
Think about it: everything he does seems to be in the interest of helping start and escalate the civil war in Japan from helping Rogue to just handing Hokuto the means to create Smash and Kamen Rider Grease. In addition to that, for some reason the show's production team saw it fit to give him a Superpower Lottery and him alone. It'd make sense that rather than being a pawn of any of the factions, he's actually working on the agent of Pandora's Box itself.
  • Only problem is that we knew he was the astronaut who brought the thing to earth, meaning he already exist before that. However, we don't know his life before that - if he really is an agent of it, it is possible he was already sent many years ago to become an astronaut so he can enact the plan to bring it to earth. Which creates the question, why?
  • It's possible that he's possessed by something from the Box itself. After all, he wouldn't be the only member of the cast in that situation.
    • Jossed. The Pandora Box is just a tool of Stalk/Evolt. While it's powerful, it ultimately serves as his tool to destroy worlds.

Alternatively, Blood Stalk is The Dragon of Helheim Forest.
Look at how Blood Stalk is acting and how he is an obvious expy of DJ Sagara. A snake themed being who is playing every side, gifting them with powers beyond what they truly understand. Wanting to see the evolution of the heroes. Having other worldly powers of in their own right. All he's missing is an extra-dimensional threat to help him along. I mean who's to say he isn't the newest incarnation of it?
  • Jossed.

Blood Stalk might be an anti-hero
  • Observe Blood Stalk's behavior and, by extension, Soichi, from first episode to now: he intervenes in ways meant to help the heroes progress, directly or indirectly, constantly betraying Faust and the heroes, or helping them when it is required. But what strikes particularly odd is that he seems to have a tell that shows whenever he shows up as Shoichi, as he smiles when he is very likely to not be telling the truth and becomes serious when he truly means it as seen when he observes Sento has lost all desire to fight, and not only hands him a lot of Fullbottles but ALSO offers to train him so he can master the Best Matches and the Hazard Trigger.
    • Nope, he is just working on his plans and using everyone to get for those ends.

Blood Stalk is making the Riders stronger to harvest their power into the Evolbottles for his own gain.
And the end result will be Kamen Rider Evol, who will be if not the Final Boss then at the very least the penultimate threat.
  • Confirmed. He wanted the Riders to be stronger so he could use them to harness the Evol Trigger's power.

Gentoku will backstab Nanba to stop him from taking over the world.
From his point of view, Japan is his to take. It doesn't belong to any crazed warmonger. It might extend to whole world, too.
  • Technically... yeah.

Evol is possessing Stalk, just like Vernage is possessing Misora.
  • Back on Mars, Evol was an emissary of the Pandora Box who wanted to use it for destruction. He died in said destruction, and his soul was trapped in the Box itself. When Soichi touched the Box and triggered the Skywall disaster, Evol's soul was transferred to him.
    • In Episode 30, it is hinted that Stalk might actually have been Evol the whole time, with Soichi's soul being trapped helplessly within.
    • Confirmed.

The Hazard Trigger was not built by Katsuragi but by Evolt.
It's pretty clear by now that the Build driver and pretty much all of the stuff used by Faust and the riders was not really Katsuragi's ideas. But stuff that reverse engineered from either Evolt's race or Martian technology. But seeing that the Hazard trigger was what caused Katsuragi to try and quit. And the Evolt trigger is clearly the Hazard trigger's Super Prototype. Maybe Evolt used Katsuragi to create the Hazard trigger in the hopes that he wouldn't need Pandora's box for his plans but since the Hazard trigger failed he was forced to open Pandora's box and take the Evol trigger.

Blood Stalk is grooming Ryuga to become the next body for Evol to posses
  • #31 shows there is something of Evol's power in Ryuga and Blood Stalk uses it to create the Magma FullBottle.
  • Confirmed.

     Skywall & Pandora's Box WMG 
It's actually very easy to destroy the Skywall
  • You just have to destroy the Pandora's Box. Of course, the problem is no one seemed willing to do that...
    • You can break through the Skywall with sufficient technology. Hokuto seem to have done exactly that when they invade Touto with their own Guardians, Smash and Rider - Grease.
    • OP here, I meant entirely tore down the wall, instead of making small hole.

Pandora's Box itself is the main villain
  • Probably supported by the fact it turned people into more aggressive state.
  • Jossed. Its owner, however, is.

Pandora's Box is actually just a toy...
...for the martians. It looked like a puzzle box or something. It's just the earthlings makes a big deal of it while it was actually just a worn out toy being left out. It's not an ancient artifact or anything.
  • If it's so, then it's a toy too dangerous for humans to play.
  • Jossed.

The series will end with the Pandora's box being destroyed
I can't see any other viable option to end this series, since that thing caused all the problem to begin with. However, it might cost the heroes (and villains) their ability to transform.

Pandora's Box is actually empty
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Jossed

Pandora's Box was created by the Therns
It's a piece of tech designed to build (no pun intended) their fortresses. The Sky Wall is just the result of it being activated improperly.

Perhaps it's a prison for whatever it was that wiped out life on Mars. And when it's opened it will release the Final Boss of the series.
  • Half-confirmed. While it was on Mars, it contained Evolt's soul, but that went into Souichi. When the box itself opened, it unleashed his Evol Trigger, which technically might be his form for the final fight.

Pandora's Box was created by T.H.E.M.
Because why not?
  • Jossed

Pandora's Box contains the only real way to control the state of the Skywall.
Kinda like the golden Fruit all over again. Unfortunately Sento is past the Despair Event Horizon by the time he earns the power, and thinking that humanity is beyond saving, he cranks it into overdrive and extends the Skywall across the world, dividing it into a thousand regions. Or he just extends the existing parts, then sends them growing DOWNWARD to chop the planet into pieces, dividing it permanently.
  • By #29 there are two way to control part of the Sky Wall - Misora's bracelet and Pandora Box with Best Matches, which is currently under Soichi's control.

Evol is an Eldritch Abomination tied to Pandora Box.
  • He came to destroy martian civilization (for funzies or something) and they fought back by creating Pandora Box to contain him. It didn't work out and even though they managed to seal him, their civilization was destroyed in the process. When Soichi touched Pandora Box, he was possesed by Evol and became his puppet working to destroy Earth like Mars.
  • Confirmed. The pandora's box is technically his.

Evolt will re-possess Souichi before getting his final form
It seems that what Evol bottles Evol has are determined by who Evolt is possessing (Souichi = only Cobra; Ryuga = Cobra and Dragon; Sento = Cobra, Dragon, and Rabbitnote ), and given that there hasn't been an Evolt Crocodile or Robot form revealed, that eliminates the possibility of him possessing Gentoku or Kazumi, Vernage currently occupies Misora, and I doubt Evolt would possess Sawa, Nanba, or Utsuminote , so unless they introduce an entirely new character, that only leaves Evolt returning to Souichi as the only way that Evolt could access his Black Hole form.
  • Jossed. Since he's 'complete', he no longer needs to possess anyone.

Evolt isn't long for this world
His actor received 1 set of flowers, but his other role (Souichi) is confirmed to survive since he'll appear in the movie. And the odds of them pulling a Lazer and having him die then get revived are slim to none, seeing as how we're in the final stretch.
  • The movie was confirmed to take place mid-season, so Jossed on that account.

     Heisei Generations FINAL WMG 
Predictions for what riders will return
  • Obviously, it's been confirmed that Ex-Aid will return (and by extension, we can assume that Para-DX will also appear, due to his relation to Ex-Aid), but other than that, there's been no confirmation as to what riders will return. Yusuke Godai and Ryotaro Nogami appearing out of suit are out of the questionnote , the actors for Stronger and Riderman are now deceasednote  so feel free to make your guesses as for what riders will return:
    • Kazuma Kenzaki/Blade and Takumi Inui/Faiz - they were able to get Takayuki Tsubaki back for Kamen Sentai Gorider and Kento Handa back for Kamen Rider Taisen, Super Hero Taisen GP3 and Kamen Rider 4, so all Toei would have to do is ask.
    • Souji Tendou/Kabuto - it's been confirmed that Kabuto will show up in suit through photos of filming, and rumors have been going around about him returning to reprise his role for this movie. If Toei really wanted to, they could surely afford to hire him again.
      • Turns out that those photos were not for the movie, they were for a fan video.
    • Takeru Tenkuuji/Ghost - much like with Blade and Faiz, this is only a matter of if Toei asks.
    • Decade, maybe? As for the reason mentioned below.
    • Haruto Souma and Shinnosuke Tomari, just like Ex-Aid's Generations movie.
    • Kouta Kazuraba! We all want too see Kuroto's reactions at facing a true god! Although he can end the movie by himself in 5 minutes.
    • Shotaro and Philip (Double) - while Shotaro's actor may be up for it, the issue lies with Philip's actor being unable/unwilling to return. There have been rumors that either his agency has prevented him from reprising his role or that he wanted to distance himself from the role to be taken seriously as an actor, but with him reuniting with his co-star for a magazine interview and photo shoot he or his agency might be warming up to the possibility of him returning.
      • So far Takeru and Kouta have been confirmed to return, with Kouta's actor actually participating this time, and we're also getting Gentaro (Fourze) and both Eiji (OOO) and Ankh!

We'll see the Final Form Rides for the rest of the post-Decade Riders
  • OOO
  • Fourze
    • Decade turns him into a Rocket Module
    • Decade turns him into a Powerdizer modified for the Machine Decader
  • Wizard
    • Decade turns him into what the Dragon Phantom would have looked like
  • Gaim
    • Decade turns him into Orange armor
    • Decade turns him into a Rekka Daizanto-sized sword
  • Drive
    • Decade turns him into the Tridoron
    • Decade turns him into the token blaster weapon, based on the Type Formula blaster and blasting Shift Cars. Bonus points if Tomari declares it the "Drive-Ju".
  • Ghost
    • Decade turns him into a Parka Ghost
    • Decade turns him into a flaming head and uses him for a projectile attack
  • Ex-Aid
    • Decade turns him into Mighty
    • Decade turns him into a giant controller in order to steer a WMD away from civilians. Bonus points if Decade has to dance across the buttons. More bonus points if he carries the controller on his back like Segata Sanshiro.
  • Build
    • Decade turns him into a Bottle
  • Countered by the fact that Decade had a chance to use the final form rides for Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, and Drive in the Super Hero Taisen movies released during the runs of those series, but chose not to. And Build getting a Final Form Ride is very unlikely, especially since it would be on top of him getting the Ex-Aid bottle set.
  • The trailer confirmed that Eiji Hino & Ankh, Gentaro Kisaragi, Kouta Kazuraba, and Takeru Tenkuji will return!!
  • The original WMG is jossed.

The enemies of this movie are all Heisei series' final bosses
All final bosses, from Kuuga's Daguva until Ex-Aid's Cronus.
  • Not out of the question, since this is practically Toei's M.O for the Super Hero Taisen movies.
  • Well, so far we only see enemy generals such as Greeed's higher-ups and Zodiarts, so...
  • Jossed.

W and Kuuga will have an important role in the movie
  • The reason is obvious... Kuuga is the first Heisei KR and W is the first Neo-Heisei KR.
    • W maybe, but Kuuga is highly unlikely, since Joe Odagiri would need to be brought back, something that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
      • No one said it had to be out of costume. They could pull something like Gaim in Heisei Generations. If anything, it should be Kuuga and Build instead of W, since they were both the start and the end of series.
      • Except if the movie was going to focus on Kuuga and Build, it would make sense for there to be a few untransformed scenes - Gaim was a supporting character in Heisei Generations, not to mention that his role did not require him to appear in person.
  • Jossed, six riders confirmed to appear in the movie and both Kuuga and W are not included.

The movie will close the Foundation X plot
  • It's a group of villains who antagonize the Neo-Heisei Riders. It seems fair to defeat them once and for all before the next Japan Era.

Parado is forced to work with Sento through the movie because Emu is out of equation for some reason.
  • Later trailers show Parado tagging along with Sento. The reason may be that creation of Ex-Aid FullBottle caused Emu to lose his ability to transform and Parado is trying to fix things. Fighting Sento as suggested by some of the picture released by Toei is probably one of the attempts, but eventually they will work together against the movie's villain.
  • And Emu will working with Ryuuga as they're Badass Normal on this movie.
    • Assuming, of course, that Ryuuga hasn't become Cross.
      • The "Emu will be working with Ryuuga as they're Badass Normal" guess is jossed, since Ryuga becomes Cross before the movie. It's still possible that Emu could end up working with Ryuuga, albeit more likely because of not believing Sento at first.

Sento did something that robs Emu of his ability to transform
  • What did Build DO?!
    • From the looks of it, it seems like Sento robbed Emu of his "essence", just like what he was attempting to do with an Ex-Aid lookalike (Kuroto/Genm) back in his Ex-Aid cameo. The reason why he needs this remains unknown.
    • Apparently that's how Sento gets his obligatory "Previous Rider Transformation" item that is often needed to fight, but unfortunately it seemingly either robs Emu of his Bugster antibodies, or worse, of Parad.
    • Parado is apparently well enough to try and punch Sento out for this. It doesn't make things much better, tho.

How does Gentaro get his Driver back if he's a teacher and it was destroyed just like in Movie Wars Ultimatum?
  • Sento builds a new one. Doy.
    • Or Kuroto can use the Rider data he has to make one. Or Kouta can just poof one into existence. There's a lot of Riders with the ability to get it done.
  • Jossed.

Kouta will bring Ankh
backCombined with the WMG about how Gentaro gets his driver back, Kouta could easily revive Ankhnote , as well as give Gentaro a new driver. This could also explain why he doesn't help Sento get his memories back - he'll be too tapped out to help Sento (or he'll offer to help Sento, but Sento will tell him to help Gentaro and Eiji first).
  • Jossed

     Summer movie WMG 

The Blood Tribe is Evolt's race
During the trailers, Kengo Ino claimed 'we've destroyed many worlds', and he apparently has a high Hazard Level, enough to use both the Hazard Trigger and a Lost Bottle without going coo-coo (or if he is, it's a subtle brand). It's possible that Evolt might be a vanguard for his race, going ahead of them to destroy worlds and leave the remnants for them to use. It would also explain his code name with the Transteam System; it's relating to his people, as well as explaining why the hell Evolt's Driver is named after himself; his people built it for him to channel his amazing power. The one used by Utsumi might also be sent to him from the Blood Tribe, either intended as a replacement for his first one, or on request since he's clearly claiming it to be a world worth ruling rather than destroying.

Souichi will acquire the Evol Driver
Souichi, after finally awakening from his coma, could use an Evol Driver and become Kamen Rider Evol. After all, being possessed for ten years would likely have a lasting effect on him. His Hazard Level is clearly high enough for Evolt to use the Driver in his body. This would work both as poetic justice for losing ten years of his life to Evolt, and as a quick Deus ex Machina for the finale, and it means they can just re-use the suit without having to throw it away the second the show ends, and even if he doesn't use it in the movie, he can just use it in a V-Cinema, like how Taiga got to use the Buggle Driver and become Cronus.

Evolt is The Starscream to the Blood tribe.
The Blood tribe may be fucking evil. But Evolt is simply much worse.
  • Apparently it's exactly the opposite way. Evolt is the less monstrous one.