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  • Sento isn't the first Kamen Rider lead to have lost his memories. Not the second either. Not even the third (or at least half of the pair). And like the latter two, he turns out to be a former top-ranking member of the evil faction. Both Philip/Raito Sonozaki and Sento/Takumi Katsuragi were token good teammates to their faction and were vital to the creation of their shows' transformation trinkets.
  • Ryuga is too familiar with losing someone he personally knows to the bad guys.
  • The Smash are monsters created as a result of human experimentation, much like the monsters created by Shocker. The protagonists themselves also victims of human experimentation.
  • Nascita is the Italian word for Birth.
  • W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~ has the words Saikou no chemistry hajimatta (The ultimate chemistry has happened) in the lyrics. With Build, chemistry is a motif along with other sciences.
  • A previous Rider also used a bottle to transform. A wine bottle. He even has a liquid splash effect similar to Riders using the Sclash Driver minus the surrounding beaker when transforming.
  • The series' plot is the result of an expedition unearthing something evil while exploring the ruins of a long extinct, previously unknown civilization, just like Kamen Rider Kuuga.
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  • It's a little known fact that the producers of Kamen Rider W wanted the Rider's most-used form to have Heat, and the red half, front and center because of Law of Chromatic Superiority. With Build, they finally have their wish.
  • The west side of the capital is aptly named Seito.
  • Both Night Rogue and Blood Stalk are inspired by the 2/3's of the classic "bat, snake, spider" trio of monsters from the original Kamen Rider. Though unlike most, they're major villains rather than Monsters of the Week. New World: Cross-Z gives us Kilbus, who's rider form is a spider, completing the trio.
  • Misora is secretly a Genki Girl internet idol named Mii-tan. Are you sure it's not Poppy Pipopapo?
  • Episode 5 has Blood Stalk effortlessly catching Build's Rider Kick with one hand just like Mashin Chaser with an oncoming tire.
  • A rehash of her actress' role in W Returns: Accel and Ghost this time with Sawa leading a double life.
    • As mentioned in the Trivia page, Sawa shared surname with another backstabbing character.
  • The Cross-Z Dragon is an animal-shaped Robot Buddy that sounds like a mishmash of musical instruments. Including a samba whistle.
  • It may just be coincidence but a lot of the Best Match combinations pay quiet homage to past seasons of Toei shows, some Rider, others seemingly from Sentai.
  • The Rocket Full Bottle essentially does the same thing for Build what the Rocket Switch did for Fourze. Amusingly, both appear in Heisei Generations Final.
    • The Shoubousha (Fire Engine) bottle also is basically the Fire Switch, giving Build a weapon that shoots fire and water.
    • An astronaut named Soichi? So, Astroswitch (also named after the Twitter account of Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi).
      • Soichi Isurugi also wore a space suit similar to that of OSTO with the [> <] design on the backpack.
  • Amusingly, the second Rider's name Cross-Z is the pronunciation of Kamen Rider ZX backwards.
  • The new Riders (Grease, Rogue) use a second-generation Driver (Scrash Driver), with one of them is an upgrade of an early Rider (Cross-Z Charge), this is just like Gaim all over again with it's Genesis Driver!
    • Not to mention Build getting a dragon named, lock themed Transformation Trinket form, or his upgrade form is called Sparkling Form and uses a soda can to transform.
  • In episode 9, Ryuga cosplays into a high school delinquent, not unlike Gentaro Kisaragi in his heydays.
  • Ryuga transforms into dragon-themed Kamen Rider Cross-Z. We already had a dragon-themed Kamen Rider with the name of Ryuga before. Even their finishers, summoning dragon to launch the Rider Kick, are the same! Interestingly, he's also got a Strike Vent-type finishing move that debuts in the Henshin Lesson online video instead of the series.
    • His dragon motif also brings to mind other riders themed around dragons, except unlike Agito, Den-O Gun Form, or Wizard, he's the first secondary to explicitly have this themenote .
    • And adding to Ryuki's homage, Kamen Rider Cross-Z's debut episode had him fight a bat-themed Rider with one of the rider's reasons for becoming a Rider involves his girlfriend's death.
  • Speaking of Ryuki, Utsumi turning into Night Rogue to replace Gentoku mirrors the way Goro replaced Kitaoka as Kamen Rider Zolda one time. Both the replacements even die as a result... until Utsumi is brought back just to pull some Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal.
  • It seems lately that Kamen Rider series likes having characters whose choice of actions were influenced by their fathers.
    • And like Ex-Aid, they relegated the opening theme to ending background music during a plot crucial episode.
  • In #15, Sento and Ryuga come to a familiar place... it's Seito University Hospital! They are not a year behind, just investigating a possible clue.
  • Sento losing all the Fullbottles to Blood Stalk may remind some folks of Ankh losing the entire Core Medal holder to the Greeed, down to the Bait-and-Switch when the bad guy just gets an armful of fakes.
  • Ryuga's disguise in #14 may remind some folks of Joe the Haze.
    • The same episode references the same series in its title. “The False Kamen Rider” refers not to the hero’s battle with a Rider-like foe, but to the question of whether he’s really a hero or not after the way his entire journey has been part of the villains’ manipulation. He decides that no, it wasn’t all a lie, because his devotion to protecting people is real even if his mentor’s was not, and he will continue. Meanwhile, Black RX has an episode called “False Rider’s Last Days.” Not too long before, Shadow Moon had come Back from the Dead, so has he come back again? Again, the ‘False Rider’ isn’t the Rider-like bad guy. Kotaro’s own doubts, and him finally getting over them - making it his last days as a false Rider in his own mind - were the focus of the episode.
  • Sento is not the only 'false' Kamen Rider, who was set up as hero only to unknowingly aid the villain. Chris Ramirez could say. Both of them get over it, because even if they were set up, their efforts were genuine.
    • Speaking of Dragon Knight, the transformation sequence for Evol Dragon uses the sphere with flipping symmetrical rings (in this case, gears) from that show.
    • Another allusion to Dragon Knight comes in the form of Evolt himself, as he shares the same traits as Xaviax: they are both extraterrestrials who are Manipulative Bastards, they both destroyed a planet before (Mars and Karsh, respectively), they are both Masters of Disguise, they both have the ability to possess human hosts, and they both have a Rider form, human form, and a monster form.
  • The big reveals of #13 and #14 combine with Harsher in Hindsight to make Sento’s own name this. A while back, it was a cute absent-minded-professor moment when it turns out the name Soichi gave amnesiac Sento just means “Rabbit Tank.” Now we realize that, in naming him after his first Best Match, it’s exactly what we saw not too long ago with Masamune Dan calling everyone by their Gashats’ names: the Manipulative Bastard villain calls the hero by his Transformation Trinket’s name because he sees him as just another product of his organization to be used for his plan.
  • A Mentor, whose actions started the events of the series, with a Mysterious Waif daughter with supernatural abilities and no memory that gave The Hero his Transformation Trinkets only to betray them and is revealed to be the alter ego of a commander of the enemy faction. This description can fit both Soichi and Sou Fueki.
  • Rather poetic that the series premise takes place in a future divided Japan when a previous rider gained the powers of historical figures who reunited Japan in an era where the throne of Japan is about to be passed on to boot.
  • Among the words in Cross-Z's transformation announcement is "Wake Up."
  • In #19, a barbershop has an advertisement for "Blak RX" shampoo, that promises to give hair "the radiance of the sun".
  • The fact that the Sclash Driver can turn someone aggressive for every use brings to mind the Delta Driver from Kamen Rider Faiz.
  • In #20, Night Rouge wraps his bat wings around his body and performs a drill kick — in other words, he performs Kamen Rider Knight's Finalvent: Hishouzan. (K)Night Rogue is a whole one to Knight and romanizing it differently appropriately describes what he is.
  • Kamen Rider Double also used an equipment with the word Trigger before and Hazard Trigger's side effect of losing control is similar to the Fang Memory's when it was used for the first few times.
    • Senpuki Fullbottle gives the name Cyclone to half of the form.
    • Key, Rocket, and Unicorn also appeared as Gaia Memories before but possessed or used by Kamen Rider Eternal.
  • Kamen Rider Grease being assisted by the Hokuto Three Crows can be a throwback to how Otoya and Wataru are assisted by the Arms Monsters. However, the Crows show Undying Loyalty while the Arms Monsters are, at best, Vitriolic Best Buds with Otoya. Grease also happens to portrayed by Otoya's actor.
    • Castle Hard Smash might be a reference to Castle Doran and Stag (Beetle) Hard Smash to the Beetle Fangire who was the father of the AR Wataru. And then there's the Owl Hard Smash who's also called Kiba/Kiva.
    • Kazumi's dog tag number: 907101080, another reference to Kivanote , which in this case is likely an Actor Allusion.
    • The fact that Kazumi fanboys out over an idol is pretty ironic, since Otoya made fun of Jiro and Akira Kido for doing the exact same thing.
    • And a final nod to his past role, he uses the Blizzard Knuckle to get his last form, similar to the IXA Knuckle. Moreover, it's also a Deadly Upgrade like IXA and Dark Kiva. He even ends up dying in the arms of a woman he loved after his last battle.
  • Sento installed a Self-Destruct Mechanism on Hazard Trigger like what his fellow scientists Dr. Maki and Prof. Ryoma did with the Birth System and Genesis Drivers respectively.
  • Rogue's Crack Up Finish generates an energy crocodile head like Kamen Rider OOO's Burakawani Combo.
  • Remocon and Engine Bros to the Hopper Hell Brothers and can even fuse to Hell Bros.
  • The show's new opening, now including Sawa and Kazumi, sees the latter staring at a violin in nascita a la Otoya Kurenai.
  • Evolt's possession of Sento turns his normally black hair to white, similar to Kouta after absorbing the Golden Fruit.
  • In episode 37, Evolt tosses up Grease to the air and finishes with a standing roundhouse rider kick, just like Kabuto's rider kick.
  • In episode 41, the monster from the very first episode becomes an important plot point, not unlike in another series where this happens, but earlier.
  • The helmet interface is shared with Birth and Proto Birth from Kamen Rider OOO.
  • The suit designs for Build Genius Form and Kamen Rider Blood both call to mind previous movie-exclusive riders.

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