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     Episode 1: The One with a Best Match 
  • For all of Sento's Insufferable Genius tendencies, he's close to the family that took him in (even pranking back and forth with Misora) and he steps in to help Ryuuga, well aware of the consequences, because he believed that Ryuuga was telling the truth about never killing anyone.
  • Sentou didn't name himself a Kamen Rider - rather, the citizens of Touto did, in gratitude after the numerous times he defeated the Smash and protected them.

     Episode 2: The Innocent Runaway 
  • After defeating the Burn Smash, in reality, Ryuuga's girlfriend, Kasumi, who died from the battle, its essence was transformed into the Dragon Full Bottle. Realizing that the Dragon (Ryuu) Full Bottle represents Kasumi's feelings for Ryuuga, Sento decides to give it to Ryuuga rather than keep it for himself.
  • Ryuuga thanks Sento for being able to say goodbye to Kasumi.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Kasumi, after becoming the Burn Smash. Her love for Ryuuga was so strong that she was able to fight against the Smash influence long enough to stop herself from killing Ryuuga.

     Episode 3: Borderline of Justice 
  • When asked by Ryuuga what's more important to him, finding his memories or helping people as Build, Sento rather bluntly states that Build is the more important of the two.

     Episode 4: The Testimony Will Be Zero 
  • Sento smiling when he sees people happy is both heartwarming and adorable.
  • Sento comforts Nabeshima's daughter when she is confused why her father doesn't recognize her and tries to explain it to her with a simple experiment, in a way that is surprisingly intelligible considering who it came from.

     Episode 6: Moonsault Of Anger 
  • Souichi says that Sento tries to help anyone he can, which is true and one of the reasons why Ryuuga is in nascita in the first place.
  • Ryuuga apologizes to Sento for turning Tatsuya back into Smash. Sento pauses for a moment and tells him that he has the wrong guy, implying that he is not mad at him anymore.
  • Sento gives Ryuuga the Cross-Z Dragon to keep an eye on him, meaning that he is worried that Ryuuga will gets himself into trouble. It saves Ryuuga after he was poisoned by Blood Stalk in middle of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?, proving Sento's point.
  • Sento immediately breaking out of his memory BSOD and rushing to Ryuuga's side when the latter is poisoned, and is clearly worried for him.
  • Ryuuga keeps Sento from chasing after Blood Stalk, reminding him that he is not fighting for just himself.
    Ryuuga: I asked you what was more important to you: Build or your memories? You answered Build without hesitation, making me jealous for the first time in my life. I felt like you're always step above me... Beat
    What about now? What's more important to you... Your memories or Build?
    Sento: (long Beat) Isn't it obvious? Build, of course.
    Ryuuga: (smiles) Just as I thought.
    (double asskicking ensues)
  • Ryuuga gets seriously worried about Sento after the latter gets caught in explosion of Faust's base. Sento lets it slide by telling Ryuuga not to address him in a familiar way (by first name) after appearing alive and mostly well.

     Episode 7: The Devil Scientist 
  • Ryuuga takes over the fight with Blood Stalk after Sento is knocked down. Still the same reckless attitude, but this time over he was fighting to protect people.
    • On the same note, Ryuuga comforting a boy who was turned into Smash. We've seen that people with weaker bodies don't handle returning to human state easily. Upon asking if he was going to die, Ryuuga tells him that he's gonna grow up and teach people like his teacher and promises to learn from him. Despite putting clearing his name as top priority and doing it through questionable means, Ryuuga is a good man. And sometimes, good men do bad things. You can see that Katsurugi's mother is also moved by this too.
  • Showing that Katsuragi had a loving family is heartwarming no matter who the man turned/turns out to be.
  • Despite being extensively frustrated with Ryuuga from the beginning of the episode, Sento immediately defends him as innocent to Katsuragi's mother, and says that he might have killed her son—the very thing he was getting annoyed with Ryuuga for pointing out!

     Episode 8: What the Memories Tells You 
  • Mrs. Katsurugi's adamant belief that her son is a good person. Sento gives her a note that reassures her. That comes after Gentoku and Utsumi had tricked her into believing that her son didn't care about her at all. Granted, Sento doesn't (and can't) know about that, but it's still especially sweet.
    • Which gets retroactively more Heartwarming since Sento IS Takumi...
  • After Ryuuga complained that Mrs. Katsuragi's scrambled egg is too sweet, Sento tasted it... and immediately get teary eyed because of the taste. In the next day, Ryuuga complained that Sentou's burp smelled sweet, likely because he ate too much of them.

     Episode 9: The Project Build Trap 
  • Ryuuga asks Misora if she timed the new bottle to break up the argument between him and Sento. Granted, Misora says that it was a coincidence, but Ryuuga wouldn't come up with this question if he didn't realize she doesn't want them to argue.
  • Ryuuga tries to cheer Misora up and offers to take her out into the city. She is initially suspicious because she can tell just how fake Ryuuga's cheery act is, but goes along with it anyway. They go through stores and have fun. Ryuuga carries all her shopping bags along with the cat plushie without much complaining. Misora seems to be genuinely happy for the first time.
  • After the traumatic meeting with Night Rogue Misora wakes up in the lab and spots Ryuuga sitting by the bed, having apparently watched over her for so long he fell asleep.
  • Misora sees that Ryuuga is still mad at Sento for admiring Katsuragi's creations and she tries to convince him otherwise by talking about the good things Sento did. He dispelled her fear following being rescued from Faust and he told her that the Cross Dragon is Ryuuga's guide back to right path and Sento's atonement for not saving Kasumi. Hearing this Ryuuga immediately denies that Sento would be at fault.

     Episode 10: Technology of Destruction 
  • Ryuga claimed he trusted Sento despite not trusting the technology, while Sento affirmed he felt the same way about Ryuga.

     Episode 11: Burn, Dragon 
  • The blow of Ryuga telling Misora he wouldn't care if she was kidnapped is significantly softened by the fact that he protected her from Night Rogue in #9. He does care, he is just not going to tell her right away like this.
  • Sento's first reaction to Ryuga transforming into Cross-Z?
    Sento: That idiot...
  • Kasumi wrote Ryuga a letter telling him to move on and remain the Nice Guy that she knew. Sento retrieved the letter and left it at her grave for Ryuga to find. This gets... discussed later on.
    Ryuga: (walks up to Sento and offers his hand to help him up)
    Sento: (hesitates before taking Ryuga's hand)
    Ryuga: (pulls out the letter) Did you leave this on her grave? Where did you find this?
    Sento: (collapses on the ground pretending to be more hurt than he is)
    Ryuga: Doing something unnecessary like this... thanks.
    Sento: (perks up) Huh? (jumps up and takes Ryuga by shoulders) Say it again, I couldn't hear it.
    Ryuga: (scowls) Shut up.
    • For bonus points, that letter is what allows Ryuga to become Cross-Z in the first place. Ryuga learning of Kasumi's desire for him to move on from her and remain the person she fell in love with allows him to finally synchronize with the Cross-Z Dragon. Even from beyond the grave, Kasumi's helping him.

     Episode 12: Theory Of Conspiracy 
  • When Sawa says that she wants to take revenge against Faust for killing her father, Misora (who was very mad at her at the moment and tied her up as she did Ryuuga early on) believes her pretty much immediately and they seem to make up.
  • When Sawa is about to leave because she doesn't think she has anything to do with the nascita gang anymore, they remind her what she did (or can do) for them. She stays and Misora reveals that she prepared food for her too. This is subtle way of Misora showing that she is not mad at Sawa for spying on them anymore.
    • This becomes even more heartwarming in hindsight. Given that Sawa is a Nanba Child, this was probably the moment when she realized that she wanted to continue living despite her training.
  • It's Sento who gives Ryuuga the name Cross-Z as his Kamen Rider name. Ryuuga is content with it and is even excited about it.
    Ryuuga: You're pretty good, for a sidekick.
    Sento: And you're pretty good, for a complete amateur.
  • While it is a big Wham Shot, the fact that Nabeshima's memories are returning is a great sign, meaning that not only is he able to help our heroes out, but he can remember his family again.

     Episode 13: Who Takes Off The Veil 
  • Soichi lures Sento out of the lab by cooking the food he knew Sento can't resist. Harsher in Hindsight notwithstanding.
  • Ryuga sleeps with his hand wrapped around Misora's cat plushie. That's just cute.

     Episode 14: The False Kamen Rider 
  • Soichi proclaims that he did have a genuine sense of guilt for manipulating both Sento and Ryuga, coming from a man who instigated the Skywall Disaster and is the Blood Stalk.
    • On the other hand, you can't know if he is not lying. He has been lying all the time after all.
  • With the reveal that Soichi is Blood Stalk, Sento, Ryuga and Sawa decided to keep this a secret from Misora.
  • Misora trying karaoke for the first time.
  • Ryuga dashes in to save Sento from Soichi/Blood Stalk. Facing the man who had ruined his life by using him as a fall man. However, Ryuga's reason for attacking isn't to get revenge for that, but for tricking Sento and Misora with his lies. This time Ryuga isn't trying to settle his own grudges, but is fighting for another person's sake.

     Episode 16: Weaponry Hero 
  • Misora talks to Ryuga about why exactly he is mad at Sento and ultimately gets to the answer that Ryuga is not mad at Sento just for creating Faust and causing the death of Kasumi. He is also mad at himself for being mad at Sento when he is as much of a victim in this as everyone else.
  • Ryuga reminds Sento of all the good things he did to bring him out of his Heroic BSoD. The hero, the hope for future is not Takumi Katsuragi or Taro Sato, but Sento Kiryu.
    • Sento echoes Misora's earlier comment by claiming himself to be narcissistic, conceited hero of justice.

     Episode 17: The Outbreak of The Rider Wars! 
  • When the Guardians suddenly storm Nascita again, Ryuuga's first instinct is to try and shield Misora.
  • Gentoku tells Sento that he has no say in whether he is going to get involved in the war or not, because everything is his fault anyway. This prompts Ryuga, who had been silent and somewhat calm until then, to grab Gentoku by his uniform and yell at him that it's his fault for misusing the research instead of Sento's for creating it. It parallels Ryuga's earlier stance where he got mad at Sento for proposing that science is not bad in itself, the way Faust uses it is. It shows that even though Ryuga has mixed feelings about Sento following the revelation of his real identity, no one is going to make the guy feel like crap when he is around.
  • Sento and Ryuga both start looking for Misora immediatelly after Sawa tells them she didn't come back.
  • Misora breaks down into screaming tearful mess over blaming herself for everything that happened. Sento hugs her and soothes her even as he is crying himself.
  • Hokuto Hard Smash beat Sento down and taunt him that he can't do anything because he is alone. Cue Ryuga appearing and proving them wrong.

     Episode 18: The Golden Warrior 
  • Three Crows seem to care about Kazumi after all.
  • Ryuga keeps Sento from trying to use the Sclash driver again after the first try hurt him.
    Ryuga: It's for Misora. She can't lose her only family.
  • Sento saves Ryuga from Grease, rebuking Ryuga's earlier statement that no one will miss him if he dies.

     Episode 19: The Forbidden Item 
  • The revelation of why the Trio cares about Kazumi so much. He was owner of large farm in Hokuto and they worked under him, but the Sky Wall incident contaminated the soil and agriculture went down the pipes. Kazumi has spent all his money on suporting their families and then signed up for the military to be turned into weapon so the government would take care of them.
    • The Trio had done the same so they could support their families and serve under Kazumi. They are willing to throw away their lives just so they could be useful to him.
  • Kazumi gets mad at the Three Crows because they are risking their lives because of him.
    • Sento gets mad at Ryuga for what he perceives as stupid and self destructive behavior.
      • The Three Crows and Ryuga are endangering themselves for the sake of the people they feel indebted to - Kazumi and Sento respectively. Granted the Three Crows seem to enjoy causing chaos, but even on different side in a war, their motivation is the same.
  • Contrary to what it looks thanks to their earlier arguement and his actions under the influence of Sclash driver, Ryuga doesn't fight for the thrill. He fights because he wants to cut the war as short as possible, so Sento wouldn't have to suffer watching it and blaming himself for it.
    Ryuga: (to Misora about Sento) He doesn't smile anymore, you know?
    • Misora praises Ryuga for this and he tells her to shut up.

     Episode 20: The Devil's Trigger 
  • The Trio all jump on Kazumi and lift him up after he acknowledges that they care about him.
  • Sento comes home steaming with anger and complains that Ryuga doesn't care about anything but fighting. Misora repeats Ryuga's words about wanting to end the war the soonest for Sento's sake. Sento realizes that he got it all wrong about Ryuga and runs off, presumably to have some heart-to-heart conversation.
  • Sento cares about Ryuga so much he is willing to bet his everything on saving him from the influence of Sclash Driver by using Hazard Trigger. This power up can make him into mindless rampaging monster, a thing that legitimately scares Sento more than anyone else.

     Episode 21: Unstoppable Hazard 
  • Kazumi brings flowers to Aoba's grave and pays his respects to him. He doesn't mind Sento being there and tells him this is not his fault. People die in war. Aoba knew the risks and decided to fight anyway. Kazumi doesn't have any hard feelings for Sento. Yes, he wants to avenge Aoba as his friend, but by settling things down in fight where both of them will fight willingly and with their full power.

     Episode 22: Tearful Victory 
  • Ryuga is not watching the match from the sidelines like Sawa and Misora as he is still mad at Sento for deciding things for him. It doesn't stop him from watching the match on Tv when no one is around. He is worried about Sento, it's just not so obvious when he is so mad at him. When he hears someone coming down into the lab, he turns away from the Tv to make it look like he doesn't care, but the moment Sawa tells him that Sento is going to die, he darts up and follows her.
    • This leads to him to coming into the fight just in time to stop Sento from killing Kazumi. The desire to protect Sento, even if it's from the man himself, finally gives him the strength to control the Sclash Driver.
    • Sawa hugs Misora as she is sobbing her heart out.
    • Ryuga tells Sento that they all stopped him. Misora gave heart, Sawa fetched Ryuga, and Ryuga provided the fists.
  • Kazumi praises Ryuga's determination that allowed him to control the Sclash Driver.
    • And before that, when Cross-Z arrives to stop Build in Hazard Form, despite the danger he was in and the fact that they're technically enemies, Kazumi's first reaction is to yell for Ryuuga to stop—out of concern that the kid is going to be accidentally killed by his friend.
  • Akaba tells Kazumi that Syuuya (Aoba) was right and Kazumi really can't do anything without them.

     Episode 23: Western Phantom 
  • Misora hands the Anti-Hazard Trigger device back to Sento and tells him today's dinner is on him for freaking her out so much. Then she makes a cute face and asks him pretty please in Mii-tan's voice.
  • Kiba resolves to save his friends in Hokuto even if it means walking into the Washio Brothers' trap.
    • Seeing Kazumi and Akaba head back to Hokuto, Ryuga wants to go with them and help them save Kiba. He doesn't care about anything else but that there are people to be helped. Sento knows that no matter how much they want to, neither he nor Ryuga can directly help Kazumi and Akaba, because that would make things worse for both Touto and Hokuto. He at least hands Kazumi the FullBottles he got from Stalk earlier and tells him to grab Kiba and go back to Touto as soon as possible, because they can fight back here.
    • Kazumi tells the Washio Brothers where they should stick their offer.
    Kazumi: Like I would want to join you after you hurt one of my boys.
  • Kiba gives all his remaining strength into the last stand against the Kaisers so that Kazumi and Akaba would leave him behind because he knew he is going to die and wanted them to save themselves.
    • Kazumi calls him by his name, Syoukichi, in his last moments and is happily told that they were right he is only faking having amnesia.
  • This exchange between Sento and Ryuga showing that they have everything sorted out for now.
    Sento: Banjo, I am using the Hazard Trigger.
    Ryuga: (shoot him "you sure, man?" sort of look and sees that Sento is sure) I'll have your back.
  • At one point in the following fight, Ryuga notices that RabbitTank Hazard just entered it's berserk mode and was about to go for the kill. He cleanly shoots the Hazard Trigger off of Sento's Build Driver, preventing his friend from going through the heartache of killing again. When he said he's got Sento's back, he meant it!

     Episode 24: A Man Called Rogue 
  • Kazumi agrees to work with Sento against Seito's forces.
    • It was Kazumi who asked Sento for help in the first place because he knew he stands no chance against Seito on his own.
    • Kazumi thanks Sento for paying his respect to Aoba and Kiba.
    • Sento, Ryuga, and Misora are not exactly happy to see Kazumi settle down in nascita, but no one tries to throw him or Akaba out. Then again they wouldn't have a problem with him, just his Mii-tan obsession.
  • Sento thanks Misora for cheering him up and trying to remain positive for all of them. She tells him that it's as much as she can do. Sento answers that it brings him back where he could smile from his heart. Before the war, when things were simple.

     Episode 25: Idol Awakens 
  • In spite of all his betrayals and actions, Souichi is concerned about Misora and doesn't want her to be harmed in the war. He's even shocked when Sento thinks otherwise.

     Episode 26: Treacherous Deathmatch 
  • Sento goes into first "genius" routine since completing the Sclash Driver, causing him to generally act very much like he did before the war throughout most of the episode. It doesn't look forced this time around.
  • Ryuga tries to emphathize with Kazumi over their loss of people close to them and pays his respects at the Trio's grave. Granted he is kind of blunt about it, but it's apparent he wants to make Kazumi feel better. Despite their disputes, Ryuga has started to care about the guy in his own way.

     Episode 27: Hero's Counterattack 
  • Ryuga and Kazumi's heart to heart conversation following their training fight from the #26.
    • Ryuga equates Kazumi to Sento as someone, who fights for other people, because Kazumi fights for his country and the Trio's families.
    • Kazumi ponders how tragic it is for Sento to bear the sins he doesn't even remember and that he might snap under the weight some day. Ryuga says he will end the war before that happens.
      I won't let him suffer anymore.
    • Ryuga tells Kazumi that it's thanks to Sento he can be the man he is now.
  • After Ryuga loses the fight, Sento jokes about him setting the stage for the hero to save the day, but then Misora tells him they are counting on him and he answers that he is going to win the fight for Ryuga's sake, too.
  • Talking about science bringing a better future, Katsuragi is seen smiling for the first time.
  • Sento reminesces about the pep talk Ryuga gave him at the end of #16 and says it made him who he is now. Granted, he refers to Ryuga as meathead while doing so, but it's insult of endearment by now anyway.

     Episode 28: The Genius Comes On A Tank 
  • Defying all expectations, Sawa's Heel–Face Turn actually stuck! The Reason Sento was able to hide the existence of TankTank from Nanba and in fact learn they were spying on him in the first place was because she did the thing that so many in this situation don't do and just told him.
    • It also disproves Gentoku's assertions that ideals such as justice and peace fail in the face of power. Despite being conditioned since childhood to serve her "family", Sento and co. giving her an actual family gave her the strength to defy Nanba and pave the way for Sento's victory.
  • After the battle, Taizan offers Gentoku to return back to Touto with a genuine smile on his face. Gentoku refuses, but it shows despite everything, Prime Minister Himuro loves his son over all else.

     Episode 29: The Opening Bell Rings 
  • Sawa and Kazumi are promoted to the opening and shown joining in the cafe hijinks. It further cements the idea that they are going to stick around as part of the gang. They even get to get startled by the Fullbottle purifier with Sento and Ryuga.
  • Ryuga waited the whole night out in the rain on the Sky Road to stop Kazumi when he heads there. He fails at talking him out of going back to Hokuto, but then Kazumi gets a video from Misora where she indirectly asks him to work together with Sento and Ryuga as Mii-tan. That works.
    • Kazumi and the Three Crows watched Mii-tan on breaks from farm work and cheered for her.
  • Kazumi scoffs that he doesn't want to go along with Sento and Ryuga's ideas, because he considers them silly, but since Mii-tan asked him to help them, he doesn't have many other choices. He and Sento then fight with the help of Three Crows and defeat Hell Bros. They even do a fistbump of awesome afterwards.
    • Sento reminsces the death of the Trio and reasserts that even if his desire to protect everyone is useless, he will continue on trying.
    • Kazumi's final decision to stick around for as long as he will be needed.
    Kazumi: We will end this war together.

     Episode 30: The Truth Of Pandora Box 
  • Ryuga and Kazumi come to help Sento in the siege of Pandora Tower. Granted, they are very angry at him for making everyone (Misora, Sawa and them, in that order) worried about him, which includes some slaps and plenty of yelling. Then they join in on the asskicking.

     Episode 31: Surging Magma 
  • Sento jumps in to protect Ryuga after he goes down.
    • Ryuga's reaction crosses into Tear Jerker as he is distraught over why Sento always has to protect him and desperately recounts everything Sento has done for him. Good part, he got up and protected everyone. Bad part, that was exactly what Blood Stalk wanted.
  • Ryuga boasts about how great and powerful Cross-Z Magma is after the battle. Kazumi makes rude remark to cool him off. This causes Ryuga to drag Kazumi into a pile on the ground and mock wrestle him. It's nice to see the two's relationship has evolved from enemies to roughhousing friends.

     Episode 32: Programmed Tragedy 
  • Gentoku refusing to kill the workers on Kazumi's farm when ordered to is suprisingly nice from a major bad guy like him. He frees them and covers their escape by fighting a duo of Hard Guardians.
  • Misora prepares food for Ryuga only for Sento to remind her that he is not around. Misora then admits that things are out of order without him. Sento sighs about Ryuga being a meathead and thinks about their time together for a moment before adding that nothing can erase their bond. Misora happily complies.
  • Kazumi reunites with his friends from Hokuto. He didn't look so happy in quite a while.
  • Ryuga tells Stalk off for calling him monster and saying they are the same, meant to destroy the world. He might not be human and have the same power, but he will use it to fight for love and peace, because that's the sort of Kamen Rider he believes. Behind him, Sento smiles and utters his usual line about Ryuga being a meathead. Ryuga esentially described as him as his role model.
    • On a meta level, the speech is also a perfect encapsulation of what Kamen Rider in general is about, and is especially powerful considering the last rider series Ryuga's actor was in.
    Ryuga: I'm a Kamen Rider. Doesn't matter if I'm not human... Even if I have the same power as you... I'm not like you. And if you say you wanna wreck this world, I'm gonna use this power for love and peace. That's the kind of Kamen Rider I believe in!

     Episode 33: Final Weapon: Evolt 
  • Gentoku aims for his father with the Nebula Steam Gun through the door of his cell before shooting the door lock instead. He came to save his father.
  • Taizan Himuro sacrifices himself to protect Gentoku because he loves him and believes there is still some good left in him. Gentoku doesn't shrug it off as his callous self would dictate, breaking down into a teary-eyed mess instead.

     Episode 34: The Severing Best Match 
  • Kazumi knows that turning the remaining bottles over to Evolt is a suicide, but trusts Ryuga and cares about Sento enough to only asks Ryuga if he is sure about it once before following him in.
  • Ryuga and Kazumi get in some pretty good teamwork in the against Evolt, but then Evolt gets fed up and oneshots Kazumi.
  • Ryuga gives everything into the fight for Sento's life. He doesn't care about what Evolt tells him or how many times he gets knocked down. Sento is his partner and he will save him. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Evolt wanted.

     Episode 35: Tower Of Destruction 
  • Sento convinces Gentoku to work with them (well, him and Kazumi) for the moment because they need every help they can get.
  • It was a dick move from Evolt, but Sento stopped when he heard Ryuga's voice calling for help, because he doesn't want to hurt him.

     Episode 37: The Ultimate Phase 
  • Ryuga asks Gentoku to fight with them. Gentoku reminds Ryuga of Kasumi's death. Ryuga doesn't deny it, but wants them to work together anyway for the world's sake (and Sento's, obviously too).
    • The stark contrast between Gentoku's attitude under the influence of Pandora Box, when he couldn't care less and his genuine guilt about it after the influence is removed.
    • Kazumi attempts to run off to fight Evolt, and mentions that Sento would always fight for others no matter what when he's reminded that he stands no chance. He initially disregarded Sento's ideals, but he believes in the guy now and will take him from Evolt.
      • He also tells Gentoku "You know your dad's not the only one that can rebuild the country, right?" It's little wonder when Rogue saves him later, than he apologizes for being late.
  • Untransformed Ryuga punches EvolRabbit with all his righteous anger, gets up after every punch and ultimately manages to transform again. All for the sake of the guy, who calls him an idiot and whom he treasures more than his own life.
  • Kazumi is winning in fight against Washio Brothers until Evolt attacks Kazumi himself. When they try to use this to their advantage, Gentoku comes in just in time to protect Kazumi and then takes over from him.
    • Gentoku found his resolve to fight again.
    Gentoku: I can't lead this country, but I can lay found foundation for the sake of love and peace.
    • Ryuga, Kazumi and Gentoku fight Evolt together. He notes the irony of the situation.

     Episode 38: Mad World 
  • Katsuragi notes that he remembers Misora from her time at Faust before brushing it off as insignificant. Ryuga is having none of it, immediately calling him out on what an unrepetant bastard he is.
  • Misora watches Katsuragi at work and tells others that he sounds just like Sento.
    • It was always said how much Sento reminds of Katsuragi. Well, this episode provides moments of Katsuragi behaving exactly like Sento. His hair pops up, he scribbles on the wall excitedly and talks to himself while lost in thoughts about his recent invention.
  • When Utsumi asks for help against Evolt, Gentoku is not the one against it.

     Episode 39: The Unstoppable Genius 
  • Utsumi knocks Katsuragi down and Ryuga jumps in and defends him. This predictably gets him beaten up and knocked out of suit. Utsumi doesn't even stop at that. Usually, this would be a point where Sento would swing in and bail Ryuga's ass out. Well, surprise, watching this makes Katsuragi remember being Sento and unlock the Genius Fullbottle. Then he swings in and saves the day.
    • Ryuga and Sento trade some snarks upon Sento coming back. Ryuga is smiling like an idiot all the while.
    • Sento's He's Back declaration is nothing short of heartwarming as well.
    Sento: The egotistic superhero of justice... has returned!

     Episode 40: Revolution of the End 
  • Ryuga's efforts to keep Kazumi from doing something stupid, namely going to Faust's lab in Hokuto on his own. When Sento decides to go to Hokuto, Ryuga gives Kazumi a new Dragon Jelly to help him in fight before stalking off in anger. Kazumi and Sento watch him walk away and they are both smiling.
    • Sento offers Kazumi to use the Genius FullBottle to neutralize the effects of Nebula Gas on him, so he wouldn't die when he is defeated. Kazumi declines for the moment, but tells Sento that if something happens in the future, he is counting on him.

     Episode 41: The Truth Behind Best Matches 
  • Kazumi and Gentoku both laughing together over Ryuga getting called an idiot prompts him to go over and confront them, only to join them both in goofing around and laughing together seconds later. It just goes to show how much of an effect Pandora's Box had on Gentoku and how he's starting to actually bond with the heroes now that he's free of it.
  • The episode's title? It comes from how It turns out that when Evolt probed Souichi's mind for Bottle ideas, half of the Fullbottles are made from things that Misora liked, and the other half were from things that could destroy them. His immediate response to the alien tearing open his skull, was to think of things his daughter loved. Not himself, his daughter. He loved her so much that he tried to throw out nonsense answers for her sake, rather than appeal to Evolt.

     Episode 43: Another Build 
  • Sawa's plan to reconcile with Kazumi involves a life-sized Mii-tan pillow. She knows what he is about. Misora actually chuckles at it and Sawa's enthusiasm.
  • Gentoku is quick to decide that he wants to back Kazumi up on whatever stupid thing he is going to do next.
  • When Sento was at his lowest point in the episode after having his conviction shattered and convinced that Misora might die no matter what he does, Ryuga appears to give Sento a reason to stand up again.
    Ryuga: So you were manipulated into being a hero...Sounds fine to me. You told me something before. That the things we believe in are not an illusion. And to fight for the things we think are right. Don't you think that saving Misora is the right thing to do now? (lends a hand) Well?
    • After Sento takes a moment to remember that Misora believes in him, he takes Ryuga's hand to stand up, and then the two prepare to do a side by side transformation to save Misora.
    • This piece of banter between them mid-transformation says it all.
    Sento: For the record, I wasn't crying. (he was a moment ago)
    Ryuga: (humours him) That's fine by me.

     Episode 44: Evolt's End 
  • This episode highlights just how nascita gang resembles a quirky family. Kazumi and Gentoku were supposed to make dinner. Apparently, only Kazumi can cook. Sawa got so sick and tired of people running off to do something stupid without telling anyone that she got a tracking system. She and Misora are still mad at Kazumi for being a creep. Kazumi tries to restrain himself face-to-face with Mii-tan pillow and failing that, Sawa and Misora take him down with Double Rider Punch. This all happens while Sento scowls at everyone.
  • Kazumi asks Gentoku whether he is willing to risk his life for love and peace. Gentoku answers with his Agreed shirt. Kazumi cracks up.
  • Sento goes to confront Evolt on his own to protect everyone else. They respond by arriving to back him up. Sento pouts he is surrounded by morons, but then gets this ridiculously huge, goofy grin, for the first time in a long time. It's clear that he loves these morons.

     Episode 45: The Scientist of Hope 
  • Crossing with Tear Jerker, Sento flashes back to the day of the Pandora Box disaster and remembers a conversation between Shinobu and Takumi Katsuragi. When Shinobu remarks that his next big project is the search for alien life, Takumi teases him by saying that it sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie and asks if he expects an Alien Invasion. Getting serious, Shinobu says it's possible and asks his son if, should that come to pass, he'd be willing to fight alongside his old man to protect the Earth. With a smile, Takumi replies "Of course". Like Father, Like Son...
  • After spending the entire episode agonizing with Takumi about the nature of the Hazard Trigger and what it means for their father's morality, The Reveal that the Hazard Trigger's true purpose is purifying the Lost Bottles to disrupt the Black Pandora Panel comes as a breath of fresh air.

     Episode 46: The Oath To Be The One 
  • The nascita gang have a barbecue, the evening before their finale confrontation with Evolt. Even Sento, who rarely appreciates these silly little pleasures, looks he doesn't mind for once.
  • Sento hands Kazumi the Blizzard Knuckle and warns him to only use as weapon because he will die if he uses it to transform. Kazumi says it doesn't matter, but Sento assures him that it does. Kazumi seemed to take him up on that, but events forced him to reconsider.

     Episode 47: Frozen Flame 
  • Even though Kazumi's weird behavior and obsession with her has irritated Misora greatly and often led to her brushing him off, it has not stopped her from coming to consider him a part of her family. Kazumi has shared that feeling with her and everyone on the team. He didn't want to go either.

     Episode 48: To The World Of Love And Peace 
  • Touto's citizens rallying outside of Pandora's Tower to cheer on the Riders. This act gives Gentoku the determination to keep fighting even while dying.
    • Gentoku posthumously saving the world. Because he held in there and kept attacking, he managed to deal a decisive blow to the Evol Trigger, ensuring that Evolt couldn't escape Sento's plan.
    • Gentoku hurt everyone on the team in personal and nasty ways while under the influence of Pandora Box. Despite this, meeting the real him freed from the box's influence helped him gain them as True Companions who were heartbroken by his death.
    • A flashback shows Kazumi made peace with Gentoku after the pre-final battle barbecue, saying that he forgave Gentoku for his actions as Night Rogue and suggesting that he should get back into government because Japan could use a good leader like him after reunifying.

     Episode 49: The Tomorrow Build Will Create 
  • Sento immediately decides to bring Ryuga back after seeing him sacrifice himself to defeat Evolt. Misora and Sawa let him go in part because they hope he knows what he is doing.
    Misora: You are the Build we created.
  • Katsuragi claims that it's for the better that Ryuga have gone down with Evolt, but Sento naturally tells him off.
  • Evolt has absorbed Ryuga and mocks Sento as "false hero" that he created. Sento doesn't listen to him for a moment and throws everything he has at him, starting with RabbitRabbit and TankTank and is eventually worn down to only RabbitTank. Ryuga helps by fighting Evol from the inside. Evolt spits out the Dragon FullBottle to silence him, but it works only for while and the bottle proves to be his undoing as Sento uses it to form RabbitDragon and finish him off.
    Sento: We are the best match!
    • Ryuga tells Sento to leave Evolt to him, run away and survive. He says he is smiling now and repeats Sento's words from #3 about selfless acts making him smile even if none can see that.
  • Sento manages to create a world where all the suffering Evolt put everyone through was undone, albeit with the caveat that nobody will ever know what happened or who Sento or the original Ryuga is. Nevertheless, the entire cast is all alive and living much happier lives:
    • Taizan is Prime Minister of Japan, with Yoshiko and Mido as part of his cabinet, and Gentoku as his aide. Sawa is seen requesting an interview with Gentoku actually taking the request seriously this time.
    • Nanba Industries is just a small factory instead of the evil Mega-Corp it grew into in the old world. Utsumi is seen working there as a regular factory worker.
    • Soichi is awake, and more importantly not possessed by Evolt, and he and Misora are seen happily running nascita. Also, Soichi can actually brew a good cup of coffee.
    • The Hokuto Trio take Kazumi to nascita to meet Misora, whereupon he falls in Love at First Sight.
    • Ryuga, in this reality, never lost his career or his girlfriend and seems to be living a content life. Sento just tells him he is glad to see him alive before continuing.
    • Takumi Katsuragi appears to Sento to tell him he enjoyed watching him after all before disappearing completely.
    • Taro Satou is alive and his band is thriving based on the fact that Soichi is a huge fan.
    • Just as Sento is lamenting that nobody seems to remember him Ryuga shows up. Not the Ryuga from this reality, but the Ryuga from the old reality, who still remembers everything they went through. The two then set off on the Machine Builder to find a place in the new world for them.

Movies and Specials

     Heisei Generations Final 
  • Watching the first trailer gives you a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia inside! This is because Kouta, Gentarou, and Eiji (plus Ankh) are coming back in person!
    • Kouta is seemingly on a vacation from his godly works, he's smiling at seeing Earth scenery after a long time.
    • Gentarou looks awesome as always, and is likely still having fun as a teacher and still eager to meet more Riders.
      • In a smaller moment, during the comedic scene where the Riders all step on each others' Catch Phrases, Gentaro tells the older Riders that they need to let their juniors take the lead on this one.
    • Eiji manages to reunite with Ankh, they even bantering just like old times.
      • Building on this: Ankh's actor had been asked to reprise his role in the past but had declined to distance himself from the character. What got him to return now? Eiji's actor had asked him to come back, even stating in an interview that it wouldn't be right for Eiji to return without Ankh.
  • Parado ponders that Sento is like Emu in a way after they help people caught in the crossfire.
  • Sento assures Parado that he is going to get him home and that it must be nice to have a place to belong to.
  • The Doctor riders continue on fighting even though they can't really do anything as they can't transform and their weapons do nowhere as much damage as needed.
  • Ryuga sees Emu stop to help people attacked by Nebula Bugsters instead of continuing on the search for Enigma. While this bothers Ryuga, he realizes that Emu is fighting for the same reason Sento is.
  • Ryuga falls into one of the crevices created by the colliding worlds and Emu catches him. Ryuga tells him to let go because he is going to drag them down both. Thankfully, Eiji appears to back Emu up and together they manage to pull Ryuga to safety.
  • Emu asks Ryuga what's bothering him and Ryuga answers that he doesn't know how the two of them (Emu and Eiji) can fight for strangers. Emu tells him that no matter whose life it is, he is not going to abandon it. Eiji assures Ryuga that he will understand someday. While this doesn't really help Ryuga at the moment, he would get there later in Build's story.

  • Gentoku's first reaction upon finding the dead body of Hotei, his friend and the previous ministry aide, is horror and sadness as it would be for any other decent person. Granted, he goes full-on Kuroto when Soichi tells him that now he has what he wanted just like when he realized that he can take over in #10.

     Be The One 
  • The movie starts with Sento having a Flash Back to the day the Skywall Disaster occurred. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Shinobu Katsuragi's first thought was to look after his son, asking a nearby policeman to get Takumi to safety.
    • Later in the movie we see more of the flashback, with Sento asking his father why he became a scientist, though his answer is muted out. Much later, we finally hear his response: "Love and Peace". Like Father, Like Son indeed.
  • Sento is put through his Darkest Hour. The Blood Race brainwashes everyone in Japan into hating Build, robbing him of all his allies, imprisoning Kazumi and Gentoku, and finally Kengo Inou twists the knife about him being a "fake hero" who only existed to further their goals. As he stands in the rain, even Takumi's personality seems ready to give up since all their work on the Build Project just lead to the Earth's destruction. Sento rebuffs him by pointing out that if they give up now, all the people they've met and befriended will be lost. He adds that it doesn't matter if the world hates him, or if he was created to be a puppet; the one thing that is undeniably real, that nobody can ever take away from him: the bonds he forged, especially with Banjou, who may be Dumb Muscle but will gladly risk his life to help those in need. If Sento's going to save the world then he's going to do it the same way he always has: with his irreplaceable partner at his side.
    • What really makes this scene is the combination of Atsuhiro Inukai's powerful acting and a slow, twinkling music box rendition of "Be the One". Just try not to cry when you watch it.
  • During the final battle, Kamen Rider Blood is beating down on Sento while the people of Touto stand by and chant "Des-troy! Des-troy!" The camera pans through the crowd and shows Sawa and Misora participating, but much quieter than everyone else. Then Misora starts crying, showing that even if she's being mind controlled, deep down she cares about Sento. Even better, her tears fall on Vernage's bracelet, awakening the Queen of Mars who frees Misora and Sawa from the brainwashing and intervenes to help Sento save the day by creating the Cross-ZBuild Can.
  • And after all is said and done, Sento and Banjou share a nice friendship moment, leading to the high five shown above.

     Build Final Live 
  • When the show opens with Sento and Banjo holding hands, the scene becomes heartwarming when you realize Sento was reaching for Banjo in the finale, which must mean he caught him.
  • At the ending, Sento informs everyone that he might not make to the New World with them. This leads to some touching goodbyes between him and the rest of the main cast:
    • Utsumi says his new humanity is one of Sento's miracles and promises to invent something as great as Sento's inventions.
    • Gentoku shows his t-shirt says 39, which in Japanese sounds like "thank you".
    • Sawa thanks Sento for giving her a family.
    • Kazumi tells Sento he became a true Kamen Rider thanks to him.
    • Misora promises to never forget Sento... Which makes it hard to hear when you watch the finale.
    • And Banjou? He tells Sento to screw what might happen to him in the end. He'll remember everything and find Sento in the New World, no matter what. And the recreation of the finale at the end of the show makes it clear that they did.

     New World: Cross-Z 
  • The thought that Team Build would get to regain their memories of the Old World while still being able to enjoy the new one is a touching thought. After the Trauma Conga Line they went through, they deserve to be together as a team.
  • While he's mostly doing it for his own survival, the thought of Evolt joining forces with Cross-Z can reach into this to a degree. Their banter even sounds like an estranged father and son, which isn't too far off from the truth.
  • Mercifully, it's revealed that since Soichi's powers came from Evolt rather than Nebula Gas experimentation he lacks any memories of the old world and the long horrible years he spent as Evolt's puppet body.
  • Banjou declaring that as long as he fights for Love and Peace, that he can't lose. He's taken Sento's words to heart.
  • Evolt showing he is not as bad as he used to be, by saving Banjou and Yui from Killbas, taking the fall for them to buy time so Banjou could deliver the Dragon Evol Bottle to Sento, allowing them to build the Muscle Galaxy Fullbottle, briefly threatening Yui only so Banjou would increase his Hazard Level enough to use the Muscle Galaxy, and then casually leaving Earth for good after defeating Killbas. And more importantly: he honored his words that he would help destroy Killbas and leave.
    • While it’s a bit jarring to see Evolt clearly acting so wildly out of character it all makes sense if one gives it some thought. Evolt gained empathy through his time with Ryuga. He's not going to admit it, but Character Development happened.

     New World: Grease 
  • The Hokuto Three Crows and their leader Grease are still so united that they would die together of fever in an island, or sacrifice their lives for their leader. Thankfully neither came to pass, they endured the fever and washed ashore, and they gambled their lives to make sure Grease would gain the power necessary to defeat Metal Build and all they lost is their power to transform into smashes while feeling more lively than ever.
  • Gentoku and Sawa have decided to talk things out into a relationship, and surprises both Sento and Ryuga with the news.
  • Katsuragi Takumi and his father, Katsuragi Shinobu, have finally made peace, after the later apologizes for weaponizing the Build Project.
    • Speaking of the Katsuragi, Takumi and Shinobu now considers Sento part of their family.
  • After a whole series worth of episodes, Misora finally calls Grease by his name and grows considerably closer as the V-Cinema goes on.
    • In a nice Book-Ends, she asks him out like at the beginning of the movie, only this time, she makes it clear that she likes him.

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