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No longer playing as enemies against each other, but as friends who will protect each other and everyone else.
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     Episode 1: I'm a Kamen Rider! 
  • The reason why Emu became a doctor and a pro gamer? Because a doctor saved his life when he was a child and gave him a WonderSwan.
  • As misguided and stupid as it was, Emu taking the kid to the Mighty Action X launch party was clearly done from good intent.
  • Emu proves he's worthy of the Kamen Rider title, when he dons a potentially dangerous device for the sake of a sick boy who needs his help.

     Episode 2: Two Geniuses? No Thank You. 
  • Emu highlighting the difference between himself and Hiiro in this episode, by not only vowing to save Rensuke, but also his engagement.

     Episode 3: The Man Comes With A BANG! 
  • After having cured his little patient of his fear of doctors and seeing him safe, Emu doesn't even seem to care that he just lost his means of transformation.

     Episode 6: A Hollow Beating in the Heart! 
  • Emu shielding Hiro from the Dragon Fang, and telling him about Saki's wishes for him. Not only did it rekindle his resolve, but the way he called him "intern" showed he was deeply moved.

     Episode 9: Blow Away the Dragon! 
  • The one infected with the virus this time is the doctor that saved Emu's life, and he wants to save him no matter what.

     Episode 10: Uneven Doctors 
  • Thanks to the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat splitting into four the four Riders finally work together for one common goal, beating Graphite. Seeing the 'Game Clear' signal with all four Riders is simply sweet.
    • The way the four act while in Level 5. You wouldn't think they were former enemies, based on how they act like friends enjoying a good multiplayer game.

     Episode 11: Who's The Black Kamen Rider? 
  • The preview clearly shows Kirya willing to help Emu and saying that he trusts him. At this point, he probably means it.
    • In the actual episode, Kirya starts calling Emu by his actual name instead of his "M" persona. This really shows how far their friendship came after Episode 4.

     Episode 12: The Targeted Silver Xmas! (Christmas Special) 
  • The lengths Emu goes to in trying to get his patient Shuhei to smile. Despite it being so close to Christmas, and cakes being a huge Christmas tradition, he manages to get the boy a cake.
  • Shuhei was hospitalized because he was building a handmade present for his parents on a tree, and he fell off of it while reaching for the materials.
  • Kiriya trusting Emu with his Gamer Driver and the Bakusou Bike Gashat is sweet on so many levels.

     Episode 13: Defined Destiny 
  • It's quite heartwarming to see how far Hiiro has come with regards to his treatment of Emu. While still stern and a bit dismissive towards his fellow Rider, he no longer views him completely as a 'No Thank You'. If he did, he wouldn't have bothered trying to stop Emu from going solo with the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat and saving him from Genm Level X's Critical Dead finisher.
    • Going further, Hiiro tries to get Emu to focus on the operation rather than pursuing revenge against Genm for killing Kiriya exactly how Emu did the same for him against Graphite.
  • Taiga going to check on Nico when she fakes being sick with the Game Disease. Shows the man isn't completely without moral.
    • Also, in the hindsight it appears that Nico was right when she told Taiga that he is such a softie. Well, of course it's greatly exagerrated, but through time and perhaps some development too, Taiga would be shown to have a heart well hidden in a sour exterior that is actually more tragic than outrightly bad.

     Episode 15: A New Challenge appears 
  • When Nico comes down with Game disease (this time for real), who jumps to her side first? It's not Emu, but Taiga. Of course he yells at her for being stupid, but seems to be really worried for moment just like when she pretended to be sick in #13. On the other hand, using her stuff to lure Emu into a trap does not help matters.

     Episode 16: Paradox of Defeating M 
  • Emu running over to Hiiro to see if he's okay and try to help him up after the surgeon loses his Gashats. Sure, Hiiro gets Tsundere about it, but it was still cute. Also, Emu promises to try and get his fellow Rider's Gashats back.
  • Nico owes up to her mistakes and attempts to fight Genm. While it goes about as well was one would expect, Genm swatting her away as if she were a fly of some sort, but the fact she tries to help Snipe is sweet in and of itself.
    • Taiga moves in to catch Nico. Granted, he yells at her for being stupid right afterward, but it shows that he is starting to care about her.

     Episode 17: A Nonstandard BURGSTER? 
  • The relationship between the Burgermon Bugster and its host. The fact that the Bugster is not evil, and all it wants is to save its host, even if it is by sacrificing itself.
    • The feeling is something any artist can relate to, hours of hard work to turn a simple idea into a real thing, making a character and seeing it come to life (In this case literally). It's hard not to smile with Kobushi really.
    • The fact that Ex-Aid doesn't have to destroy Burgermon. Sadly, it doesn't last, thanks to Genm.

     Episode 18: The Truth Exposed 
  • Hiiro's increasing desperation to cure Emu can be summed up with this very line: "I just want to save the patient in front of my eyes." The sheer honesty with which he says it really strikes a chord.
    • It also makes it clear that he's not so indifferent to Emu anymore. His behaviour upon learning of Emu's infection seems as if he's scared (terrified, even) of losing someone else (after Saki), especially to the same virus. Someone else he cares about.
  • When Taiga loses fight and his gashats, Nico runs up to him obviously worried sick. It shows that despite that her bratty attitude, she genuinely cares for him.
    • Taiga, Hiiro, and Pallad running over to Emu after he starts stressing out over being told that he was infected. Something about them all putting their differences aside to try and save him is incredibly touching.
      • Pallad seems less actively concerned over Emu's actual health and more just riding his anger with Kuroto; but Taiga and Hiiro doing it is really sweet, including the way these two, who hate each other otherwise, collaborating for the sake of the intern. (Also, Hiiro running in first—can't pretend you don't care anymore, Mr. Surgeon!)

     Episode 20: Take off in a Storm! 
  • Nico wanting to cheer Taiga up from losing his Gashats by tricking him into going into a haunted house attraction at an amusement park. Sure, it had the opposite effect, but it's thoughtful of her.
  • Taiga took Hiiro into the abandoned hospital after fight and treated his wounds. Yes, the resident Doctor Jerk helped the man who hates his guts even when he had no reason to. It seems there really is someone nicer and more heroic under that abrassive exterior.
  • Why Taiga is trying to take all the Gashats and destroy the Bugsters himself. It's summed up in one line:
    Taiga: I have nothing to lose. That's why I said, I'm the only Kamen Rider needed.
  • Pallad backing off from battling Hiiro when it's clear that the Taddle Fantasy Gashat's strain has left him barely able to stand. Pallad may be a bad guy, but he always believes in fair play.

     Episode 21: Chasing the Mystery! 
  • Hiiro starts out the episode like he is expected, but the possibility of Emu getting himself killed is all it takes him to turn around completely. He can't hide that just thinking about it scares him.
  • There's something sweet about Nico jumping for joy at Taiga getting his Gashat back; in fact, the two of them downright behave almost as siblings! Taiga may not have been quite right in saying he had nothing to lose.

     Episode 22: Engineered History 
  • The fact that Kiriya's research will be helping Emu fight Kuroto via the Maximum Mighty X Gashat. Though he might be gone, he's still helping his living friend and avenging his fallen friend.
    • And with Emu's driver bricked, there's an excellent chance that he'll use Kiriya's to keep fighting.

     Episode 23: To the Max, Dead or Alive! 
  • Emu uses Kiriya's Gamer driver to fight Kuroto Dan one more time.
    • On top of that The Reveal that Kiriya was searching for the Bugster Virus' origin so he could end the virus once and for all. His goal turned out to be noble after all.
    • Also, it was his research that led to the Maximum Gamer's ability to 'reprogram' the virus, allowing Emu to cancel Kuroto's immortality, making him beatable. In the end, Kiriya was able to help the gang defeat Kuroto for good. And yes, it was with Kiriya's driver, with Emu's original one ruined in the previous episode.
  • On another note, Hiiro showing how far he's come by comforting Emu over failing to save Kuroto. Considering Hiiro likely had similar feelings about failing to save Saki, it's a sweet gesture.
    • And even before that, his complete faith that Emu will be able to create the new Gashat, even when it continues not to work and Snipe and Nico doubt it. Only Hiiro and Poppy keep believing, and Hiiro even gives an inspirational speech to Emu while protecting him from Genm as he tries to make the Gashat work—even blocking a hit that leaves his suit smoking!
    • Oh, and this episode marks the first time Hiiro has called Emu by his name rather than 'intern'!
  • While Snipe and Ex-Aid are fighting Genm and his Mooks, Nico can be seen in the background helping victims move away from the battle. The girl is really taking that Character Development seriously!

     Episode 24: With a Tough Will, Go Together 
  • The beginning of the episode has a conversation between Hiiro and Emu where Hiiro says that Emu is 'Finally starting to sound like a doctor.' That's pretty high praise coming from some one who has repetitively told him he fails as a doctor!
  • Lucky asks Emu if he has no one to help him. Emu disagrees and says that he has three reliable allies. It's just nice how he embraced all the other Doctor riders as his allies despite how their treatment of him. Yup, including Kiriya. On the other hand it doubles as funny, because reliable is not a word most people would use to describe Taiga.
  • Hiiro and Taiga drop their argument the moment they realize that Emu needs their help. They even comment positively on his ability as a doctor. It works because they are not, in fact, working together. It's just that both of them happen to work with Emu.

     Episode 26: Players Who Bet on Survival 
  • Hiiro doesn't agree with Emu's resolve to go against the ministry's orders, but ultimately decides to follow his example because it's the right thing to do. Looks like Emu's heart rubbed off on him after all.
  • As Secretary Hinata is being hounded at all sides by the press, after hearing that Emu and Hiiro have both chosen to fight the Bugsters despite his cease and desist earlier in the episode, he chooses to be honest about why the Ministry of Health chose to do a mass recall on Kamen Rider Chronicle and gives a rousing speech on how they have Doctors who are ready and willing to fight the Bugsters in order to save lives.
  • We are going to beat the Bugsters. Yup, Taiga is not the only Kamen Rider needed anymore.
  • After the Doctors manage to successfully defeat Salty and Alhambra, the Ride Players, starting with Tenma, willingly give up their Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashats to Emu after Tenma announces that he is going to trust the doctors and spread word on the internet to trust in the CR Doctors.

     Episode 27: Peace and Love for the Winner 
  • Nico concludes her development from bratty troll to aspiring hero, even if some of the bratty tendencies are still there.
  • Taiga spends most of the episode worried sick about Nico and very angry because of what he thinks to be a careless toying with life. Their argument gets so heated up that Hiiro has to drag him out of the CR's medical bay.
  • Taiga running over to check on Nico after she is blasted away by Vernier, all too worried to be angry at her. Nico, on the other hand, is still mad at him.
    • Taiga saying that Nico calling him her doctor made him happy. If you didn't know who he is, it may seemed like he only wants to be useful and acknowledged. Jerkass Woobie to a T.
  • The change between I am going to beat Kamen Rider Chronicle. and We are going to beat Kamen Rider Chronicle. Nico finally gets acknowledged as more than just an annoyance. She told Taiga that he is a softie back in #12 and she wasn't entirely wrong.

     Episode 28: Beyond Your Identity 
  • Emu trusting in Poppy even when everybody else didn't. He was willing to go up against them all if it meant going up against every other Rider to do so.
    • It's more than that. Emu trusts Poppy enough that He forces her Bugvisor II against his chest and dares her to fire. He was willing to die to prove that she wasn't evil and his trust paid off!
      Poppy: No... I dont' want to fight! *throws her Bugvisor away* I don't want to make anyone suffer... or hurt them! I just wanted... to play DoReMiFa Beat with everyone!
      Emu: Alright. Together with everyone. *cue "Game Clear"*
  • Nico now obviously has a room in Taiga's abandoned hospital, and it's filled with her knickknacks and plushies. Given how empty and dreary the place seemed before, it's quite sweet to see her colouring it up a bit, and Taiga being comfortable with it.
  • After Emu's compassion saves Poppy, we are treated to a lovely scene of the others affirming it, with Hiiro even apologising to Poppy for trying to eliminate her. Then Poppy upsets Nico by calling her 'scary,' leading to the girls chasing each other around while Emu tries (and fails) to get them to stop, and Taiga and Hiiro just walk calmly after them like bored older brothers or something. It's a beautiful, light-hearted, family moment after all the strife everyone's been through recently. Too bad Pallad's possession of Emu ruins the moment...
  • At the very end Hiiro realizes what Pallad is going to do seconds before it happens, and yells for Emu to move: the look on his face is genuinely terrified and concerned for the intern's safety.
  • When Pallad possesses Emu to hit Poppy in the face, Nico, who had just been chasing her around for insulting her, immediately crouches down and protectively puts an arm around the other girl, dropping her previous annoyance.

     Episode 29: We're Me 
  • Nico saying that she wants to apologize to Emu after realizing that it was Pallad, who was possessing Emu, who beat her six years ago. This leads to her joining the Doctor Riders' fight against Pallad. Her attitude basically shifts from beating M to restore my honor to beating Pallad to save Emu (my honor is not the main issue here, anyway). Taiga even comments that it's unusually sincere from her.
  • In a VERY twisted sense, Pallad's desire to fight Emu. When Emu created the idea of the co-op game Mighty Brothers XX it was out of a desire to have a friend to play with. Pallad wants to fulfill that wish, but his inability to understand humanity is making him go about it in the completely wrong direction. He wants to be a friend for Emu to play games literally playing games with him.
    • During Pallad's Just Between You and Me with Emu, the montage concerning Emu's sadness at at the death of Burgermon directly coincides with Pallad confronting Kuroto about the same issue. Since Pallad and Emu are Sharing a Body, the scene is framed in a way that implies that Emu's compassion rubbed off on him.
    • Given The Reveal that Pallad actually does value Bugster lives, his Dark Reprise of Emu's catchphrase in the preview for #30 is somewhat inspiring.
    • In a more traditional but still twisted sense, Pallad saving Emu from disappearing from stress back in Episode 17 and worrying about him in Episode 18. He wanted to play against Emu, not the remains of his personality in the form of the M persona.
  • Hiiro and Taiga defending Emu from Pallad. It reaffirms that regardless of their standoffish behavior towards the intern, they do care.
  • Poppy wishing to return Emu's kindness when he saved her, leading to her digging through her host's memories to find the key.

     Episode 30: Strongest vs. Strongest 
  • The episode generally centers around Hiiro, Poppy, Taiga and Nico trying to save Emu.
  • Nico and Poppy step up to take care of the Motors Bugster so that Hiiro and Taiga could rest, being brutally beaten by Pallad in #29.
  • You know that the situation is bad when Hiiro tells Emu that they were worried about him.
  • Taiga patching Nico up after fight. He tries hard to keep his cool despite her wiggling and prodding various equipment on the table. Given what he had to go through with her around, that should not be a problem anymore.
  • Taiga repeatedly warns others that the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat is dangerous. It may because he wants to try using it himself when no one is looking, but one way or another he doesn't want anyone to get hurt.
  • Hiiro, Taiga and Nico all find some reason to go against Emu's word and pull Big Damn Heroes. Crosses into grimly comedic when Pallad knocks Hiiro and Taiga on their respective asses even before they get to transform. Poppy pulls it off for real a moment later despite the fact that it means crossing Godzilla Threshold.
    • Especially since in Taiga's case, Nico prompts it; she sees that he's been doing nothing but moping around, so comes up with a reason to go do the thing she knows they both want to—go help Emu—also giving him an out for seeming sentimental because he can just blame it on her later.

     Episode 31: The Forbidden Continue 

     Episode 32: Judgement Received! 
  • When Haima is infected thanks to him using on the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat to become a Ride-Player, Hiiro become rather worried. Haima then confessed that he just as heartbroken as Hiiro is when Saki died and wants to become useful for the CR. He maybe a comic relief, but he is just as much a true doctor like all the Riders.
  • Later, Hiiro gives Haima the task to find out about the Proto-Gashats that is in the hands of the Ministry of Health, which Haima promises he will do his best. Asuna then comments how Haima is truly dependable when the times call for it. Hiiro then responds that it is no surpirse that Haima is dependable. All this time, it was always Haima that he looks up to in order to motivate himself to become a good doctor. Hiiro maybe cold even to his father, but there's no denying that he is proud of being Haima's son.
  • The night before the fight between the riders and executive bugsters, Nico tosses Taiga a doctors jacket as means to finish this fight as a doctor.
    • She also makes him promise her he'll 'get revenge for five years ago,' with an expression that clearly implies she means for him to promise her he won't die.
  • Graphite and Pallad mourning the death of Lovrica after being permanently killed by Kamen Rider Cronus. It shows that Pallad was completely honest when talking about how Bugster lives matter in #26 and that despite their villainous role, they really do care about each other.

     Episode 33: Company Reform 
  • When Kuroto, Poppy, Hiiro, and Emu are lamenting on the fact that Cronus' Pause cannot be beaten, Emu figures out a way as he repeats the statement "only Cronus could move". An idea dawned in him while looking at Kuroto, making him get it too and immediately praises Emu for being a genius gamer. It's short, but the scene conveys it like Kuroto was giving a genuine compliment to the guy he once tried to kill. Not to mention that Kuroto was once Emu's idol.
  • Graphite behaving like a tough older brother to Pallad, pep talking him out of his Villainous BSoD.

     Episode 34: Fulfilled Rebirth 
  • Hiiro outright says that he actually doesn't want to antagonizes Taiga, because what happened to Saki is his fault. He made peace with his Archenemy when he's the enemy now. How ironic.
    • Then, Nico realized that Taiga wants to always be hated by Hiiro, because it's the closest form of redemption he knows. What happened to Saki is not his fault, but Taiga forbids her for saying more. Nico attempted to touch Taiga to show her concerns, but she stopped.
  • After Kiriya's Driver is taken by Hiiro, Emu asks Kuroto if he can borrow his Driver. Kuroto acts with annoyance, but Poppy reveals that he had already repaired Emu's original Driver (which was corrupted by Genm Lv X back then). Then he says this, with a humble expressions.
    Kuroto: "I'm the Game Master. This is easy for me."
    • The preview of #35 comes with Kuroto holding the Hyper Muteki Gashat. The fact that a former villain giving the main character a power-up is kind of heartwarming indeed.

     Episode 35: Rescue The Partner 
  • Parad's reaction to finding Graphite collapsed in one of their hideouts is to rush over to him, calling his name in a worried tone. It's yet more evidence that the Bugsters really do care about each other.

     Episode 36: Perfect Invincible GAMER 
  • Kiriya never betrayed CR and just pretended to be loyal to Cronus in order to steal back the Proto Gashats.
    • It's even highlighted after Muteki Gamer's debut fight when Kiriya and Emu share a smile with each other, both happy that they get to be friends again.
    • And even before that, when the initial Pause wears off and everyone sees Emu in Muteki Gamer mode, Kiriya's reaction is both the most excited and the most loud.
  • After coming over the initial shock of Emu tricking and using him in order to use the Hyper Muteki Gashat, Parado is clearly happy about what happened as Emu has finally and willingly played together with him.
  • Kiriya attempts to shake hands with Nico while affectionately calling her Nico-chan.
  • While Kiriya makes it clear that he hasn't forgiven Kuroto for everything he's done, including the former's merciless and brutal murder by the latter's hands (and the latter declares his lack of remorse for such), he's willing to trust Emu's judgment on allying with Kuroto, and will thus work with him. It shows how much Kiriya respects Emu that he's willing to put aside his clear contempt for Kuroto's existence and presence for the greater good.
  • When Masamune, in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown, threatens Saki's deletion if Hiiro fails to harden his resolve, and comply with his order to kill Emu, the fact that it's a massive Sadistic Choice for the surgeon, already regretting his recent actions quite a lot, shows how far he values Emu, and is now being forced to sacrifice him or Saki.
  • A more minor one, but during the next episode preview card, Genm has been in Lazer's place for the past 23 episodes. Here? The preview card has gone back to the way it used to be, with Lazer occupying the fourth slot again. It's official: Kiriya is BACK!

     Episode 37: Resolution of The White Knight 
  • Hiiro started to care about Taiga at some point. First, he tried to get him to back down from the fight against Graphite because he knew what outcomes the 49 level difference between them offers.
    • Hiiro could have saved Taiga if he was not stopped by Parado. He also seemed to be very disturbed by the results and runs away in shame.
    • He was even rushing over to help when the others arrived and he had a guilt-crisis at seeing them; he still almost joined them, but was too ashamed of himself. However much he doesn't want to admit it, Hiiro loves his friends, and it's killing him.

     Episode 38: Period Of Tears 
  • Nico may be slightly annoying with how hysterical she is over the episode, but that doesn't change anything on the fact that she is worried sick about Taiga and nearly breaking down in tears when he wakes up. She doesn't even punch Emu when he tries to comfort her.
  • The moment the sun rises and Hiiro reveals that he chose to save Taiga you know everything is going to be OK. Well, most things.
  • Hiiro appears in middle of Masamune beating Emu up and they proceed to hand Cronus some karmic justice. This plays over a Tear Jerker as Masamune deleted Saki's data and Hiiro falls to his knees sobbing the moment he is alone.
    • And during the ensuing face-off with Masamune, Hiiro says he doesn't think there's an excuse for his actions, but begs Emu to help him anyway. Emu doesn't hesitate for a moment, and is clearly genuinely thrilled to have Hiiro back. He's also understanding of the surgeon's desire to be left alone after what happened, at the same time reaffirming that he's there for him by saying he'll be 'waiting for [him] at CR.' Given that they started out with 'no thank you's and saying they couldn't leave patients in the other's care, their friendship has come a long way.
  • Hiiro and Taiga reconcile after everything they did (or did not) to each other topped with the emotionally draining events of past episodes. The slight awkwardness on Hiiro's side seals it.

     Episode 39: Goodbye Me! 
  • Hiiro's treatment of Taiga, from regularly checking in on him to addressing his patient with respect. There's also the fact that he agrees to keep Nico's condition a secret from him, which entirely contrasts his attitude towards patients in earlier episodes (where he was brutally honest and direct). When Taiga realizes what's wrong, Hiiro takes great care to reassure him and asks him to get his rest.
    Hiiro: "You're not the only one who want to save her!"
    • Just... Taiga and Nico's relationship in general. They care so much about each other, as we can see with Nico in the last episode. Nico even warns Emu and co to keep her condition a secret from Taiga. But Taiga realizes this nonetheless, and disregard his injuries to save Nico from the disease.
  • Nico's earnest apology to Emu about how poorly she's been treating him. Also crosses into Tear Jerker territory.
  • There's more of Nico and Kiriya being friendly; he's also the one to find her collapsed in the hall from Gemedus' virus, and is generally very sweet to her in CR. He also confronts Kuroto on being, well, Kuroto, when the guy basically says they should let her die. Given that his actual job doesn't actually require much of a bedside manner, it's really touching.
  • There's also some rather touching interactions between Parado and Graphite. Early in the episode, Parado takes a moment to ask how Graphite is doing with the Gemedus virus; and when they're attacked by Cronus, Graphite is the one most vehemently on the offensive—while it makes sense given his animosity towards Cronus (and that he can now move during Pause), it also comes across as an older brother protecting a younger one, especially since Parado is a bit slow on the uptake during the fight. It's when Cronus successfully sends Graphite flying that Parado gets into it, fixing him with a Death Glare for what was done to his fellow Bugster.
    • Later in the episode, Graphite is even expressing concern over Parado's continued Villainous Breakdown, especially when he suffers a meltdown, demanding to be given the Bugvisor. It ducks a little into tear jerking however, in that now that Parado is dead (however temporarily) Graphite is on his own.

     Episode 40: Fate Reboot! 
  • Taiga calls Nico by her name, for the first time ever.
  • Poppy said that she, as a bugster, wishes to continuously lives along human and playing together with them.
  • Emu forgiving Parado for what he's done, and finally accepting his offer to "play a game together".
  • When Parad returns, the first thing Graphite says to him is "You're late, I was getting worried." It's a lowkey reminder that the Bugsters are really people who care about each other in their own ways.

     Episode 41: Reset Game 
  • Parado attempt at Taking the Bullet for Emu against Cronus and Emu taking it instead saying that Parado "should care for his own life as well". Despite his new fear of death, Parado's new bond with Emu is something to behold.
  • Parado and Poppy trying to persuade Graphite into joining with the CR Riders, Poppy states that she wants Graphite to be happy and Parado states that Graphite is still his friend.
  • Graphite in his final battle with Snipe and Brave. Cronus attempts to save him to prevent Kamen Rider Chronicle from ending but Graphite won't accept that and fends Cronus off. Why? Because he lost fair and square.

     Episode 42: God Descends 
  • Nico is horrified by the massive wave of Game Disease Gemdeus caused and tries to come up with something she could do to help. Not finding any solution, she settles down on playing Mighty Action X with a child patient to distract him away from everything going on. Taiga chips in in his own way too.
    • Asuna is so impressed with her, she suggests that Nico has a possible future in the medical field, much to Nico's surprise.
  • Hiiro thanking Taiga for his help and even states that despite not being licensed, he's still a doctor. While Taiga ignores it, it really shows how far their relationship has come since the start.
  • After spending most of the season on his own, dead, and affiliated with the CR, Kiriya is made an official member of the CR by Hinata as a reward for helping Emu stop the Gamedeus virus outbreak.
  • Kiriya's reason for fighting Kuroto in order to make an antivirus against Gamedeus. He isn't doing it out of revenge (Emu already avenged him long ago), he's doing it because he's a doctor and wants to help people. Despite being a Medical Examiner, this is pretty noble.

     Episode 43: White Coat License 
  • Taiga gives his everything into fighting Cronus so that Nico wouldn't have to. This crosses into Tear Jerker as Nico pleads him to stop and he refuses. Beaten up, he still wills himself into moving so he would be between Nico and Cronus.
  • Taiga admits that he still wishes to be a doctor, even without license and after denying this earlier.
  • Hiiro and Emu pull Big Damn Heroes to his and Nico's aid and tell him he shouldn't endanger his life so easily. Emu hands him his doctor coat and Taiga finally agrees he deserves it.
  • Nico's teary smile when she sees Taiga joins Hiiro and Emu. She has been worried about him and his self destructive tendecies for some time already, but now she has hope he will get better.
  • Emu describes himself, Taiga, and Hiiro as 'the ultimate medical team!' and neither of them argue or disagree. The three of them have come quite a long way from where they started.
    • Both of them even get in on the posing.
  • Nico nearly glomps Taiga after they return from the game stage. The only thing that prevents her is that he is in Battle Simulations armor and trying to mantain his dignity.

     Episode 44: Last Smile 
  • Poppy sacrifices herself to cure the pandemic. As her particles rain down onto the city, she has a good word for everyone and comes to say goodbye to Kuroto. He actually cries.
  • After Poppy disappears, everyone looks up and sees a rainbow- a reminder that everything will be okay.
  • Parado aids in defeating Gamedeus Cronus, also sacrificing himself in the process. He tells Emu he liked playing with him before disappearing.

     Episode 45: Endless Game 
  • Most of the episode actually.
    • When Hiiro learns that Taiga opened a Game Disease clinic he has this large, goofy grin on his face. He is genuinely happy that Taiga is starting over.
    • Hiiro comforts Haima as he is mourning Saki, showing that he managed to move on.
    • Taiga opened a Game Disease clinic, continuing to help people. He seems to be a little sad that Nico is not with him as she went back to school...until her graduation, that is.
    • Minister Hinata conforts Emu, assuring him that he did as much as he could.
    • Emu's reaction to hearing Poppy's voice in CR. He is so overjoyed, he trips over himself and has problems processing the situation.
  • Emu charging Masamune unHenshined and unable to transform in an effort to protect his friends when Cronus beats the rest of CR out of their transformations.
  • The hand off to Kamen Rider Build shows Kuroto gloating (a bit) over new gashat before Emu snatches it from him. Poppy appears by Emu's right and observes the gashat with glee. Moment later, Parado appears by Emu's left and leans onto him before taking closer look at the gashat with the same glee. It's good to see that he has shaken off most of his Psychopathic Manchild tendecies and that he is happy with Emu.
  • Emu outright declaring his intent to save everyone who had died either to Bugster Virus or to Kamen Rider Chronicle, especially after Masamune destroyed the only means to unlock the data. This includes Saki, who Hiiro and her father had written off as dead forever.
  • Instead of "See you Next game", the final episode ends with "The game is forever". Ex-Aid might be Passing the Torch to Kamen Rider Build, but that doesn't mean the story of Emu and the others is over.


     Kamen Rider Snipe Episode Zero 
  • Part 1
    • Taiga as a kind hearted doctor not unlike Emu just warms your heart. It confirms that Taiga used to be a good person through and through. On the other hand, since this is supposed to show his tragic past, it also makes it Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Part 2
    • Seeing Taiga smile is still as heartwarming and sad as its uncanny.
    • Taiga talks to Saki the same reassuring way Emu always does.
  • Part 3
    • Taiga pulling a Stepford Smiler mask on to keep Saki from getting worried about him. He assures her that he is ok and will treat her soon. He is at the edge of both his physical and mental endurance (probably beyond it in latter's case) and yet the only thing he cares about at the moment is her health. The moment he turns away from her, though, the facade drops and he is himself.
    • Taiga put his reputation and medical license at stake just so he could get a chance to save Saki. He wanted that so badly he doomed himself, exactly playing into Kuroto's plans.
  • Part 4:
    • Taiga's meeting with his unofficial "patient" suggests that Taiga treated him even when he wasn't payed for it.
    • The special ends with Taiga's efforts to start over following the end of Ex-Aid.

     Kamen Sentai Gorider 
  • Maze 1: What's the first thing Emu does after he shakes off the shock from seeing Kiriya again? He runs up to him to make sure he is the real deal, nearly glomping the guy in the procces.
  • Maze 2: The riders banding together for Emu's sake. Even Kaito joins in.
  • Maze 3: The four dead Riders pulling a Taking You with Me on Kuroto and giving up their chances to revive so that Emu and Kenzaki can escape.

     Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legendary Riders 
  • The confusement over Kuroto bringing Taiga into CR is not lessened by Taiga saying that he will not let anyone get hurt while he is around. Apparently, Kuroto went to ask Taiga for help after the attack of Zaizen's troops on Genm Corp and was granted the request.
  • Hiiro is taking care of Makoto and Alain after their fight with Zaizen's troops left them badly beaten up. Seeing that he is just this close to passing out, Taiga takes over.
    Taiga: I can't even see who is the patient there. You're in the way, move it.
    Hiiro: Even without a license... I suppose you are still a doctor.
    Taiga: (thinking that Hiiro is delirous) Shut up and go pass out somewhere.
  • The reunion between Mr. Belt and Shinnosuke is sure to put a smile on those who enjoyed Drive.
    Mr. Belt: Shinnosuke... how's your engine doing?
    Shinnosuke: You know it... I'm in top gear. You're coming along for one more ride.
    Mr. Belt: Okay!
    • There's also how Mr. Belt smiles at Shinnosuke and happily says 'we meet again'. Simply adorable.
  • Even though Gaim's human form doesn't appear in this movie, we can still see him in the credits, with the Woman of the Beginning looking over the beautiful world they created.
    • Togo is also seen in the credits making some actual friends.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending 
  • In the year since Ex-Aid's end, Ju Ju Burger was officially released. The game was a commercial success and, as a result, Burgermon has become the Genm Corp's secondary mascot.
  • Hiiro is happy father in the Game World. He smiles in the real world, too.
  • Nico congratulates Madoka on her winning the race while they are in the Game World.
  • Emu tries to reason with Nagumo and give him hope that Madoka can be saved without having to go to extreme meassures like building a virtual world populated by brainwashed people infected with Game Disease.
  • Nagumo reunites with his family.
  • Nico has her own white coat as Taiga's assistant. She scrambles to get it before going to greet a patient at the door. Taiga sighs as he watches her run out of the door before cracking a small smile. Looks like he learned after Nico tried to wear his own here.
  • Parado goes to protect Emu as soon as he sees Build pointing some unknown object (empty FullBottle) at him. He makes a point that if Build wants to get to Emu he has go through him. So he does. Emu tries to run over to check up on Parado, but is cut off by Build stepping in and removing his essence.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage 
  • Emu prepares a new game for Poppy, Kamen Rider Carnival, to fulfill his promise to play with her. The stage show even has a secondary title Promise To Do-Re-Mi-Fa Beat.
  • When Salty, Alhambra and Revol crash the party with a group of viruses, Hiiro, Taiga and Nico appear to help.
  • Nico finally became a Kamen Rider. She and Taiga use his catchphrase in unison before going into battle.
  • Kuroto and Kiriya appear to save Poppy from Gamedeus.
  • Kuroto gets the audience to chant „Poppy Pipopapo“ to bring her back to normal. When it doesn't work everyone bands together to go fight Gamedeus for her sake. Nico stays behind to look after her, continuing the effort. Together, it works.
  • Nico brings Salty, Alhambra, Revol and Burgermon to help fight Gamedeus and Gamedeus Muteki. Granted, the fight is over by the time they get there, but still, they went with her, because they believe humans and Bugsters can coexist now.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Tricks: Kamen Rider Para-DX 
  • Emu and Parado make a friendly bet to see who solves Kuroto's mystery game the quickest and generally act fair to each other through it.
  • Parado knocks on the moon hint room's door and he apologizes for the intrusion to whoever could be in there after entering. It just feels very unParado-like. Where did he pick up such good manners? note 
  • Knockout Fighter 2's jingle is Me and my fist. Symbol of friendship. Emu and Parado each got unfinished half of the gashat after entering the game. Them being each other's point is they key to it being completed.
  • The goofy looking smile on Parado's face before he and Emu use the Knock Out Fighter 2 Gashat. Nice to see somebody who was once a baddie have an honest smile, especially a former creepy Perpetual Smiler.
  • The final riddle is solved by hitting particular numbers on the Mystery Bugster that is covered in them. Those numbers are 3 (san) and 9 (kyu) - thank you. It's made slightly sourer by the fact that Kuroto probably meant it as a sarcastic congratulations for letting him escape his prison.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Brave & Snipe 
  • When Hiiro calls Taiga to tell him about Kuroto's disappearance, he also asks about the clinic in a by-the-way manner. It's good that they are on normal speaking terms now.
  • Hiiro reminesces how he fell in love with Saki when he heard her laugh. In the memory, his younger self smiles.
  • Nico calls Hiiro for help when she returns to the clinic and finds Taiga bleeding on the floor. He runs off mid-conversation with Kiriya to go there.
  • Hiiro does everything in his power to stop Taiga from being stupid and getting himself killed. He tries to talk to him and when it doesn't work, to knock some sense into him (even though it was Taiga who started the fight). He even reminds that he should be careful not to lose what he has (Nico obviously).
  • Taiga and Nico saying goodbye to each other is both funny and heartwarming.
    Taiga: Feels like a weight off my shoulders, knowing I won't have to look after you anymore.
    Nico: That's what I should be saying to you.
    Taiga: (about the chips she is eating) Eating all those snacks is not good for you.
    Nico: (chuckling) Not like you have anything left to lose, right?
    Taiga: Well, call me if you run into any trouble. No matter where you are, I'll still be your doctor.
    Nico: (awkward pause over this sudden show of feelings before taking up an attitude to cover it) So when I catch a cold, you gotta fly over to America. I'll expect you to be there in 30 minutes after I call.
    Taiga: As if! What am I, pizza delivery guy?
    Nico: (laughs, thrust the chips at his chest and walks away) Bye Bye!
  • Hiiro apologizes to Saki for not showing that he cares about her and for paying attention to her and overally being a terrible person. Speaking his true feelings is what allows him to defeat Lovrica.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Para-DX with Poppy 
  • Medicine and vaccination against all types of Game Disease are in use now, reducing the danger of Game Disease to pretty much zero. On the flip-side, it leaves Parado with nothing to do all day, because there is no need for him to transform and fight. Asuna comes to scold him for lazying around and generally acts with the same head strong mother attitude like she does to everyone else in CR.
  • A memory of perfectly normal, happy looking Masamune Dan taking picture of his wife wearing a dress shows up when Poppy wears the same dress. Makes one wonder if he wasn't always evil.
  • Kiriya immediately realizes there has to be something fishy going on upon being told that Parado shot Emu and is convinced that Yaotome's experimental game did something horrible to him. Otherwise, there is no way he could have done that. It seems that Parado has been accepted into CR crew despite all his screw-ups.
  • Parado thinks about the Breaking Speech delivered by Another Parado and realizes he can reach through the bond between him and Emu and use Emu's power to break through the restraints. In the hospital, Emu stirrs, feeling Parado reaching out to him.
  • Parado assures Yaotome he doesn't want to hurt her and if she wants to get her father back, he will help her. It all sounds so endearingly Emu-like that Poppy has to look at Parado to assure herself that it's really him speaking.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Genm vs. Lazer 
  • Masamune says he is not going to fight to revive Sakurako Dan, because he got over her death and never agreed with Kuroto's plan on savng her as data.
  • Emu is there to catch Kiriya when he collapses following his final fight with Kuroto.


  • The fact that the Gamer Driver creator Kazuo Funaki said, that he wanted to "evoke a sense of nostalgia" for older gamers and fans of Kamen Rider by modeling the driver after consoles and cartridges from the 8 and 16-bit era of video games. He also wanted to evoke "fun" as games back in the 1980s were more like toys and he feels that modern games "have somehow lost their sense of fun" as they began catering to older gamers in the disc game era. Let's just say he generally succeeds. The sense of nostalgia the Driver evoked is just a wonder, he actually managed to make the Driver colorful without being any less cool than the Drivers than came before.
    • The Legendary Game Gashats further this, since they're games that people in that era would've grown up with.
  • This is the reason why Takayuki Tsubaki went back to portraying Kamen Rider Blade again. Over the past year he was assaulted by punks with golf clubs so badly that he had to be hospitalized and got a lot of support from his fans. He jumped back on the tokusatsu wagon as a way of showing his thanks.
  • How close the main cast were during the show's run and during the release of the V-Cinemas. It's obvious that they loved working together, despite their characters not always seeing eye to eye.
    • Doubly so for the fact that most of them have said that they would love to work together in ten years to see how they've grown.

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