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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

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"Telling the truth isn't always the right thing to do! Sometimes, knowing the truth only makes your life worse!"


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     Episode 6: A Hollow Beating in the Heart!! 
  • Hiiro's girlfriend was overtaken by the Bugster virus 5 years ago, and he feels especially bad about it because he was always too focused on his studies to even pay attention to her most of the time. If that wasn't enough, she kept it a secret from him so that he could keep working on said studies.

     Episode 7: The Essence To Some Lie! 
  • Kiriya's reason for being a Consummate Liar: He lost his friend on Zero Day after telling him he was infected with the Bugster Virus, after which the friend died in a traffic accident (implied to be suicide). Ridden with guilt, Kiriya believed that telling him the truth had only made things far worse. And then in the episode where this comes out, he genuinely tries to reveal Genm's identity, but the villains pull a switch to make it look like he was lying again. Kiriya remembers his dead friend as Emu questions him, only to laugh bitterly and say that he was just doing it for the Giri Giri Chambara Gashat, because as far as he's concerned there's no chance of Emu and the others trusting him anyway.

     Episode 10: Uneven Doctors! 

     Episode 12: Christmas Special: Targeting the Silver Xmas! 
  • Kiriya's death at the hands of Kuroto Dan. After having finally gained the trust of the other Riders after Kuroto reveals himself as Genm, Kiriya discovers some crucial information from Kuroto's father, and attempts to relay it to the other Riders. Unfortunately, he is ambushed by Kuroto, who first uses the Dangerous Zombie Gashat to weaken Kiriya, before transforming into his Level X form. On top of his already weakened state, this also summons a group of Bugster Viruses which prevent the other Riders from reaching him. By the time they do, Kiriya's life gauge has already been depleted. Before dying, he passes on his Driver and Gashats to Emu, encouraging him to save the world before disappearing in a manner eerily similar to the way Saki did. As he finally disappears, the Driver seems to make an announcement that makes his death official. Toei hasn't ruined Christmas this hard since Kabuto.
    • To drive the point of his death home, during the preview card Kamen Rider Lazer's position is now replaced by Kamen Rider Genm.
      • To make matters worse, just before the others find him, his final words are "Forgive me, Jungo." Kiriya fought so hard, but in the end, couldn't avenge his fallen friend. And if the series continues in this direction, he's unlikely to have scratched the surface of the truth as well.
      • Oh yeah, and the final scene of this Christmas Episode? Emu clutching Kiriya's driver and sobbing in the rain as Poppy and the other riders just stare at where Kiriya was laying just moments ago, saying nothing. Yes, including Taiga.
      • One must not forget Kiriya's line towards Emu. "As long as you can smile, you are what you believe!" While definitely a Foreshadowing with regards to the main character, it also shows that whatever Kiriya found has massive implications on Emu's identity, but assures him that he should never lose his optimism and believe what he is. It's a big change from how the character was introduced.

     Episode 14: We're Kamen Riders! 
  • We're back to the standard opening after a few weeks of the first half of the opening being movie footage. With the original opening, when the song gets to the words "the new beginning," we get a shot of each Rider raising his main Gashat. Well, now, when Kiriya's turn comes, the background of his shot is there, but he is no longer in it, just the background with nobody onscreen, further hammering in the fact that someone should be here, but isn't.
  • Ex-Aid can now summon Lazer's Level 2 form as a motorcycle proper. While he may not have known Kiriya that long, he certainly knew him long enough to trust him. A dear friend is now gone and his powers are just a simple bike.
    • It gets better: The Bike Gamer motorcycle that Ex-Aid can summon does not have the eye-like lights that Lazer Level 2 had, showing that it's now a simple tool with no consciousness behind it.

     Episode 17: A Nonstandard BURGSTER? 
  • In another "delightful" example of Mood Whiplash, the end of what is a generally fun and humourous episode, is Genm using the Critical Dead to kill the Burgermon Bugster.

     Episode 18: The Truth Revealed 
  • From the preview, the look on Emu's face when he learns from Kuroto that he has Game Disease and his symptoms go haywire. Hiiro and Taiga tried their damn hardest to make sure this never happened, and with Emu's confusion and distress, it's clear that they were completely justified.
    • Of course, one could argue they really did little to help at all. It's easy to argue that their methods did more harm than good, since all Emu could see was them turning on him for no reason. For being doctors, they handled this situation rather awkwardly and against the established protocol, just making them seem overtly antagonistic towards Emu, which could have easily been achieving nothing but adding more stress to his situation. Hiiro especially dropped the ball in dealing with it and, in the end, just made himself look terrible to Emu while making this entire arc so much harder on the poor kid.
      • On the other hand neither of these men are very good at handling things they're close to already—case in point, both of them losing it with Graphite. Taiga is just socially inept to begin with, and, one could argue, Hiiro already has trauma from losing Saki to the very same virus; it's entirely possible that the panic of losing someone else clouded his judgement—he's been acting very out of character over it, after all.

     Episode 21: Track Down The Mystery! 
  • The Victim of the Week is a detective looking for answers regarding the Bugster virus. Why? He lost his son to the virus 5 years ago on Zero Day.
  • It's also revealed that in the 10 episodes after Kiryia's death, no one reported his death. To the authorities, he's reported missing alongside Kuroto, meaning his family (if he has any left) don't know he died fighting against Genm.
  • Hiiro is against looking further into how the Bugster's came to be because in his mind, it still won't bring Saki back.

     Episode 22: Engineered History! 
  • Kiriya's friend from episode 4 is seen wondering where he is, blissfully unaware of his death. Hiiro can't get himself to break it to the poor guy.

     Episode 23: To the Max, Dead or Alive! 
  • Emu cries after he failed to save Kuroto from being killed at the hands of Pallad. It's the first time he failed to save somebody and it all just crashes down on him.
    • It's worth noting that he failed to save Kuroto Dan. Up until he revealed to be the villain, Emu looked up to him and even sent him fan art. He was inspired by him to be a gamer, much like how Kyotaro Hinata inspired him to be a doctor. Even if he's now a Broken Pedestal and after all he's taken away from him, Emu still respected Kuroto to a degree.
      • On top of that, there's the item that he was staring at before going off to cry. The Giri Giri Chambara Gashat. He's not just feeling the weight of failing to save Kuroto. He's also feeling the weight of failing to save Kiriya.
  • It's also possible to pity Kuroto himself, looking at the hysterical madman he became, coupled with his rather horrid death.

     Episode 25: A New Game Begins! 
  • When the six Ride Players who don't know what they've really gotten themselves into are taken out by Pallad. "Game Over" over sounds, the Poppy avatar explains to them what losing really means, and there's nothing the heroes can do but watch them scream in terror as they're deleted from existence.

     Episode 27: Peace and Love For the Winner 
  • Hiiro's rather emotional response to the idea that the downed Ride-Players can be revived. When Emu ask him what he thinks, he snaps 'Impossible!' and turns away, almost looking ready to cry, probably thinking about Saki; having the idea that these people can be brought back but not her dangled in front of him has got to hurt like hell...
  • One of the Ride Players who decides to continue to fight reveals her motivations; her boyfriend was one of the players who Game Overed. Despite the risk to herself she tried to complete the game so he can be brought back.
    • Even worse when you think about how this situation mirrors Hiiro's past...
  • Taiga's speech lands him into full-blown Woobie territory. He sees himself as the only one meant to fight because unlike him other people have a future. There lies the possible explanation why he never seriously tried to get rid of Nico nor deny being her doctor after the intial attempt. It made him happy when she said that. That guy really needs a hug and Nico usually hangs around his neck to bug him so...
  • The preview for #28 shows Poppy having a mental breakdown after being beaten by the Doctor Riders and regaining her "save data".

     Episode 28: Beyond Your Identity 
  • Remember in #17 where Poppy admonished Hiiro for declaring, "Bugsters are humanity's enemies!", pointing out that Burgermon is far from malicious and reminding Hiiro that she is also Bugster but friendly as well? Well, this episode absolutely shatters her notion that she is a good Bugster when Pallad reveals that Hiiro is actually spot-on in his claim and her role was to be an enemy from the very beginning. She even recalls the death of her host which visibly unnerves her, given the fact that she had been enthusiastically aiding humans as CR's navigator in the first half of the series. And when she is attacked by humans in the form of civilians and her former allies, she does nothing but attempt to evade their attacks, being reduced to tears in the process.
  • Poppy's reaction to the Rider Players calling her a monster.
  • Hiiro, Taiga and Nico fighting Poppy feels a lot more like simply ganging up on her as not only she doesn't want to fight them; she pleads them to stop while sobbing. It's not just heartwrenching, it will tear your heart out and snack on it.
  • Ex-Aid and Poppy's pep talk. It's dramatic, powerful, and very emotional. What really hits home is all the crap Poppy has been through in this episode:
    Poppy: It's fine...
    Ex-Aid: Huh?
    Poppy: I... I took the life of someone else to be born, so...
    Ex-Aid: But you helped up save lives too!
    Poppy: I'm a Bugster... Humans loathed me!
    Ex-Aid: You're wrong!
    Poppy: Bugsters are the enemy of humanity!
    Ex-Aid: So that's what you think? Understood. *detransforms* Then, fight me.
  • Everyone's horrified reaction to Pallad possessing Emu.

     Episode 29: We're Me? 
  • Emu still can't cope with the truth. After all, it's not easy to cope with the fact that you're a monster (nor that your other half is).
  • It's heavily implied that Poppy's host was Kuroto's mother.
    • Made even worse by the visions we get of young, non-sociopathic Kuroto happily showing her his game idea and saying he knows it might be bad to play with the virus, but he thinks he can prevent infection. The kid went from that to sending said infection to another boy for fanmail; makes what eventually became of him all the sadder.
  • Emu and Pallad's "relationship", if Pallad could just understand humanity and reign in his overly competitive nature he could have easily have become an amicable rival with Emu and fulfill Emu's old childhood desire to have a friend to play games with. But instead his actions have left him as the Big Bad of the show.
    • Imagine it from Pallad's point of view. You were wished into existence to be this boy's friend and play with him but the moment you finally have a body of your own and can play to your heart's content with him, your creator now hates you and refuses to play. Pallad is essentially being denied the purpose of his existence whenever Emu refuses to play with him. And Pallad cannot understand why his creator doesn't want to play with him and goes to horrific lengths to force him to. In fact, it may be implied that Pallad's true reason for taking over Kamen Rider Chronicle is to get Emu to play with him with human lives on the line. After all, if he truly wanted human extinction, he could've easily gotten what he wanted.

     Episode 30: Strongest vs. Strongest 
  • When Emu talks to Hiiro and Taiga & Nico before going into what should be his final fight with Pallad, it really feels like if he was trying to wrap everything up in case he will not come back. Enforced by the fact that he lost the fight and narrowly avoided death at Pallad's hands.

     Episode 31: The Forbidden Continue!? 
  • It's revealed that Poppy's host WAS, in fact, Kuroto's mother. And the reason why she manifested from Poppy was that Kuroto infected her with the bugster virus... but she was dying anyways, meaning that Kuroto had a choice that basically boiled down to either "let your mother die peacefully or kill her and revive her as a bugster later."
  • Poppy admits that she considers Kuroto as her father and hugs him to let he knows her gratitude for being allowed to live. Kuroto's way beyond shocked at this. His expression said it all: a disbelief that someone still believe him after all his shit, and a motherly, personal contact that he lost back then.

     Episode 32: Passing the Judgement 
  • Pallad seems uncharacteristically moved by Lovrica's death at the hands of Kamen Rider Cronus. While he does care about other Bugsters to some extent, grieving for someone still sounds odd and will probably lead into Villainous BSoD one way or another.
    • Justified in that up until this point any Bugster defeated could be revived again and again, especially "Perfect" Bugsters like Pallad, Graphite and Loverica. But now, because of Kamen Rider Cronus, Lovrica is dead for good.

     Episode 33: Company Reform! 
  • Pallad's Villainous BSoD makes him look an unsettling lot like a normal child coping with witnessing their friend's death.
  • Everyone's heartbroken reactions when Hiiro betrays them by saving Cronus. Emu is nearly in tears, Taiga, Nico and Poppy stare in horror and even Kuroto is taken aback.

     Episode 34: Fulfilled Rebirth 
  • Hiiro finally shows what is behind his stoic demeanor. He always thought what happened to Saki is his fault. Not Taiga's or even Graphite's, just his fault, because she was stressed over being neglected by him in favor of his studies. So, when he finally got a chance to see her again, he won't throw it away, even if it means losing his Kamen Rider and doctor licenses. That's basically the emotional, human side of Hiiro that won against his logical, doctor side. He shows it by breaking down crying while the CR crews watch.
    • Taiga stops Nico and Emu from chasing Hiiro, because he thinks they have no right to question Hiiro's actions.
    • Nico realized that being hated by Hiiro is the only form of redemption Taiga knows. He tells her off for trying to reassure him it was not his fault. Then she tries to comfort him, but hesitates, unsure what effect it would have.
  • The fact that Saki's revival is only partial, she can only says her Famous Last Words over and over, with an empty smile. Hiiro is taken aback and even cries before angrily confronts Masamune. He only said that Cronus' abilites can recover Saki's memories and personality, but Hiiro must still do his bidding. He then shows what he means: reviving Kiriya... as Lazer Turbo, his "left-hand man", to deal with the bugster.
  • Haima Kagami has gone into a downward spiral of depression, preparing one slice of cake after another on the offchance that his son comes back...
    • Which is even more of a punch, given how long he's been the joke character.

     Episode 35: Rescue the Partner! 
  • Emu believed that Kiriya is only working for Masamune because of his programming, and uses a reprogramming finisher on him in hopes he'll come back to his senses. Sadly however, Kiriya is working for Masamune on his own volition.
    • What's worst is that it seemed to work as Kiriya smiles after demorphing, indicating the reprogramming finisher worked. And then Kiriya kicks Emu to the water.
    • Kiriya expresses his disappointment at Emu for failing to fulfill his last wish and stop the Bugster threat even though Emu and the other doctor riders have been trying their hardest to stop Parad and the other Bugsters since Kiriya's death
    • Whatever Kiriya whispered to Emu made our intern loses his cool and punch Kiriya in the face, all while declaring him a Broken Pedestal. Really heartbreaking when you remember Kiriya was the first of the doctor riders to express his trust in Emu in the early episodes.
      • Of course, all this is swept aside by the next episode when its revealed that the whole thing was all a ruse by Kiriya to take the Proto Gashat from Masamune and Emu was in on the plan, but it was emotionally heartbreaking at the time.

     Episode 36: Perfect Invincible Gamer! 
  • Masamune handing Hiiro the Sadistic Choice between Emu and Saki. Given Hiiro's previous behaviour over the possibility of Emu dying (bordering on something like Big Brother Instinct) it's pretty clear he's being forced to choose between two of the important people he cares for most. After the emotional turmoil Hiiro has been going through over betraying the others, this is just twisting the knife.

     Episode 37: Resolution of the White Knight! 
  • Nico runs to pick up Taiga like usual, but sees just how badly wounded he is and promptly breaks down into stuttering panic. There is just something wrong about seeing the usually cheerful (smug even) Nico plead Taiga not to die.
    • Emu, Kiriya and Poppy frantically work to stabilize him until ambulance arrives even if it looks like he is not going to live that long. Hiiro watches the scene with same kind of horror. His attempts at help Taiga show that he actually started to care about him and is just as hurt as everyone else. Unfortunately, this deepens his emotional turmoil as he is too ashamed of his betrayal and simply can't bear the thought of working alongside the others, causing him to run away.
  • For extra weight, Nico gives Hiiro an Armor-Piercing Question in the next episode's preview with this line:
    Nico: You're gonna save your girlfriend and just let Taiga die!?
  • The Ride Player of the week that gets infected? Saki's father, trying to win Chronicle to revive her. Extra pathos for his message for Hiiro - "He has borne enough responsibility for it."
    • Bonus points for the Director scrambling in a panic to the patient center once he finds out.

     Episode 38: Period With Tears 
  • After being subjected to much emotional torture, one wouldn't blame Hiiro if he were to choose Saki's life over Taiga's in his current state. Masamune certainly expected for things to go his way, but Hiiro ultimately sets aside his personal feelings in favour of fulfilling his responsibility as a doctor, saving Taiga's life at the expense of losing Saki forever. And just to highlight the weight behind his decision, he gets appropriate 'compensation' by having to watch Masamune permanently delete Saki's data. It's amazing he still has the will to go on, emphasizing the amount of strength required to survive in the medical field.
    • After he and Emu solidly defeat Cronus in a Curb-Stomp Battle, Emu de-transforms, but Hiiro remains transformed and asks Emu to go on ahead. Once Emu's gone, he de-transforms and it begins to rain as he falls to his knees and starts sobbing, clearly in anguish over losing Saki a second time.
  • Hiiro's story up to this point is pretty tragic in of itself. His girlfriend is brought back to life, but is constantly held hostage by his enemy, who keeps on Moving the Goalposts to ensure his grip on Hiiro, which means that Saki is in a perpetual state. Couple this with how Masamune's demands have increasingly gotten more sadistic ("Kill Taiga or Saki dies") and how he's not one step closer to saving her and it's made pretty clear that his decision to save Taiga was also motivated with the fact that he'll never save Saki, no matter what he does and that it would be easier to essentially let her die rather than prolong her life. Or, to put in a more medical term, he's chosen to indirectly euthanize Saki rather than let her suffer from 'cancer' induced life-support.

     Episode 39: Goodbye Me! 
  • Parado being subjected to Break the Haughty in the most heart-rending way possible as Cronus hunts him down, triggering flashbacks of both Loverica dying and Emu's accident from sixteen years ago.
    • After Parado ducks Critical Sacrifice, Cronus reminds him that he's just "a boss character" whose fate it is to be killed.
  • Parado and Emu's duel - beforehand Parado is visibly trembling in fear, and as Emu is about to finish him off with a Rider Kick he feebly punches out screaming knowing he's about to die. His broken moans when his Rider Gauge depletes is Villainous Breakdown in a nutshell.
  • Realising that with Parado's death, even if it is temporary, Graphite is now alone. With Poppy siding with the Riders, he's up against some pretty impossible odds on both sides, between Cronus and Brave Level 100 (as Hyper Muteki is temporarily out of commission). Even worse, he's still got Gamedeus' data doing whatever it is it's doing to him...

     Episode 40: Destiny Reboot! 
  • Taiga's reaction to seeing Nico struggle painfully against the Gemdeus virus. Poor guy almost looks like he's going to break down.
    • As her state worsen, he clutches her hand and pleads for Emu to hurry up with his plan.

     Episode 41: Reset Game! 
  • Graphite's death. He just want to be fought as an enemy character, no matter what the result of his battle. Parado said that Graphite looks the happiest when fighting Brave and Snipe at full power.
    • His explosion is also rendered completely silent, highlighting the tragedy of the moment.
  • Graphite thanks the riders in his dying breath, with a smile.
    "Thank you for fulfilling my purpose as an enemy."

     Episode 43: White Coat License 
  • Nico cries as Taiga fights against the strain of using Chronicle gashat to protect her from Gamedeus-powered Cronus. He swore to protect her with his dying breath if needed and at the moment it definitely looked like he will get there.
  • Parado is visibly upset over the events because he understands his parts in them now.

     Episode 44: The Last Smile 
  • Poppy sacrificing herself to cure the epidemic. Her dying messages are very sad, especially to her "father", Kuroto. Not that she's Killed Off for Real though.
    Poppy: Kuroto, stop troubling everyone, okay? From now on, please make a fun game that make your players smile."
    • And our resident megalomaniac sociopath Game Master is on the verge of tears after that.
  • Parado fighting Gamedeus-powered Cronus with Mighty Doctor XX vaccine in his body, getting himself destroyed in the process. Then again, he won't be staying dead for a long time, since he'll be back later for the True Ending movie.
    Parado: "It may have been short, but playing games together with you... is the most fun times I had."

     Episode 45: Neverending Game 
  • The fact that, despite everything the heroes have struggled towards achieving, Masamune pulls one hell of a final "Fuck you" by letting himself die, thus taking any chance of clearing Kamen Rider Chronicle and reviving all the people who died during it with him. Those Ride Players who we saw get Game Overs? That grandson that old lady was trying to clear the game to revive? Everyone who ever succumbed to the Game Virus? All gone. Trapped within the confines of the Proto Gashats forever. Though Emu swore that he would someday find a way to save them, who knows how long it will take or if he'll ever succeed at all?


Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode Zero
  • From the trailer, we get some clips of how Taiga was before he became Kamen Rider Snipe: The nicest guy working at the hospital. And then we witness bits of the things that made him the self-loathing man he is today.
  • Part 1
    • He originally declined to be Kamen Rider Snipe, so his friend took it up. Using the Proto Bang Bang Shooting Gashat sent him into ICU without much chances of survival. Asuna's reaction would imply that he was not ready. To add insult to the injury, it may had been planned by Kuroto Dan to gather data like he did in the main story.

  • Part 2
    • Simply seeing Taiga carry on through the day shows how much he changed after losing his friends, job, ability to relate to patients and smile. In short, he was just so much like Emu it's uncanny compared to his older self.
    • Maki sees how fighting as Snipe is slowly killing Taiga and futilely tries to stop him. The induced stresss causes him to vanish right before Taiga's eyes.

  • Part 3
    • Hiiro rushes into CR to be with Saki in her final moments. The fact that this scene was shown through the main story over and over doesn't lighten the blow in any way with the added knowledge that Kuroto has aranged for everything right there in CR and has been shit talking Saki just short while before.
    • Taiga's Despair Event Horizon. He stumbles into the medical bay, nothing but a walking corpse now, and seeing the empty bed, he starts sobbing. He is then shown wandering the city, thinking there is no point in being a doctor or a Kamen Rider.

  • Part 4
    • Taiga waves at the patient he treated back when he was still a radiologist at Seito University Hospital and Graphite's voice mockingly asks him if he has any right to smile at her. This all turns out to be a recurring nightmare Taiga had for the past five years.

Heisei Generations

  • At the very end, Takeru suddenly collapses from his injuries and Emu goes over to revive him. While he does succeed, Akari and Onari at first beg Emu to stop since they can't go through this again.

True Ending

  • Hiiro wakes up from the Game Disease induced coma screaming Madoka's name after spending the time in Game World thinking he has a happy family and she is his daughter.
  • Kuroto and Parado protect others from Gamedeus Machina's One-Winged Angel form. The resulting explosion leaves behind only their drivers and Gashats. Gamedeus Machina has survived intact, but decides to retreat for the moment, seeing as they are no threat to him. Emu picks up Kuroto's gashat and screams in sorrow.
  • Nagumo was willing to destroy all his chances of being with daughter again if that ensured she will be happy.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage

  • Gamedeus makes Poppy into Empty Shell that mumbles stuff idly and fumbles with her hands.
  • Emu tries to get Poppy back to her senses, but without any succes. Taiga tells him to stop trying, but Emu retorts that he made a promise to her.
  • Nico is nearly as distraught over Poppy's sorry state as Emu is, even though she shows it only after everyone else left to fight Gamedeus.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Brave and Snipe

  • Amagasaki sets things up to cause Hiiro maximum pain over seeing Saki again.
  • Taiga is hellbent on becoming Cronus and reviving Saki because Hiiro saved him instead of her back then.
  • Hiiro does everything in his power to stop Taiga from being stupid and getting himself killed. He tries to talk him and when it doesn't work, to knock some sense into him (even though it was Taiga who started the fight). He even reminds him that he should be careful not to lose what he has. The only answer he gets is getting beaten up and being told off that Nico is not his patient anymore. She is just working for him.
  • Nico drags Taiga back home and calls him out on being stupid and stressing her out when she has enough work at the hospital. Taiga fires her and tells her to stop playing doctor, which is apparently his solution to Hiiro reminding that he still has her.
  • Hiiro apologizes to Saki for not showing that he cares about her and for paying attention to her and overally being a terrible person.

Kamen rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Para-DX with Poppy

  • Kiriya rushes into the hospital, sick with worry after hearing about Emu was shot.
  • Saiko Yaotome beats on defenseless Parado, yelling that he is nothing more than a virus and threat to humanity.
  • Parado mulling over Another Parado's "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Parado: I am not a failure.
  • Poppy is genuinely heartbroken over finding out that Kuroto's never stopped being evil and has schemed everything for his master plan.
  • Saiko Yaotome has moment of My God, What Have I Done? upon finding out that Kuroto manipulated her and she allowed him to advance his plans.
    • She doesn't take the realization that Bugsters are more than just a mere virus really well either.

Kamen rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Gemn vs. Lazer

  • Kiriya is dying in Emu's arms... again.
    • Of course this was swept away with revelation that Kiriya managed to survive in the end. Though, becoming another tear jerker because Kuroto posthumously saved Kiriya and turned him back into human with God MMX.
  • Kuroto's rather surprising perma-death. In addition, Kuroto Goes Out With A Smile, moments before his death.
    • Before, Kuroto took a chance to glance at Emu who was happen to be on the scene. Then, Kuroto ACTUALLY smiled a bit toward the person that he hates the most. Makes you wonder that if only Kuroto's ego hadn't gotten the best of him when he was a child, he could have been a 'true' great friend and ally to Emu. Just like what he was depicted back in Ex-Aid's early episodes.
  • THAT FUCKING CONTINUE TRASH BIN SCENE when Kiriya pays a visit to Kuroto's 'grave'. This is kind of a bit karmatic toward Kuroto. It emulates that one particular scene in the series where Kuroto impersonated the titular Rider in Gorider series.

Kamen Sentai Gorider

  • Maze 1:
    • Kenzaki's first words (Even though it's really Kuroto Dan) upon appearing in the Game World are yet another reminder of how much he's sacrificed at the end of Blade.
      Kenzaki: Allies? I have no allies. Not anymore.
  • Maze 2:
    • The episode carries in what is becoming a typical Ex-Aid fashion. Largely silly and heartwarming until the end, where it takes a nose dive into hell. The riders bond and Emu is killed by Blade imposter.
  • Maze 3:
    • Emu having to see Kiriya die again as he sacrifices himself to stop Genm. Poor guy really can't catch a break. Neither of them, even if the other one is already dead just to start with.

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