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     General WMG 

Ex-Aid will continue the fan-speculated Numerological Motif of the Neo-Heisei era, focusing on the number 9.
  • Ex-Aid is the ninth Kamen Rider series in the Neo-Heisei era.
  • Most Riders in the series are doctors. Kyuukyuu is Japanese for first aid/rescue. In Japanese, nine can be read as kyu.
  • The Riders' forms are based on Video Game Genres. In video games, 9 is often used to show the maximum capacity or final character level (e.c. level 99).
  • This series serves as the franchise's 45th anniversary, and 9 x 5 = 45.
    • 4+5=9 as well.
  • There will be 9 riders or "bosses" for the protagonists to face off against.
    • Aside from Emu, there are 9 other riders (if you don't count movie/special-exclusive riders and count the ride players other than Nico as one rider).
  • The Riders, or Ex-aid at least, will have 9 levels total.
    • If so 9 will be the final form.
  • An upside-down Gashat kind of resembles the number 9… If you squint…
  • It seems like from five on have been reflected in the Final Forms of the Riders. Wizard had areas on Infinity that were five segments, Gaim's Kiwami Arms had six fruits on the chest and the visor was colored similarly. Drive's Type Tridoron has seven tires all over its body, and Ghost's Mugen has the infinity symbol all over its body, vertically to boot, making them look like stylized eights. If this holds, Ex-Aid will have something on his armor that represents the number nine.
    • Confirmed! The helmet for Muteki has 9 spikes on it
      • To think Toei's played such a subtly long game like this...Next year's number ten should be an interesting series if more than just final forms end up being linked across each prior series.
      • It goes even further. Before Ex-Aid is in his final form, he's at Level 99, and all of his stats are at 99 each. Punches at 99 tons, kicks at 99 tons, jumps 99 meters in the air, runs 100 meters in .99 seconds… Holy shit that sounds like it'll hurt.
      • This is the reach to end all reaches, so no it's not confirmed. Honestly, this is just getting sad.
  • The partner Sentai series is Kyuranger, which their explicit gimmick is having 9 team members, as stated in their name.
    • Ignore the above. This is the reach to end all reaches.
  • All jossed. According to producer Takahiro Omori, the key number in Ex-Aid is TEN.

Some of the Kamen Riders in Ex-Aid are robots.
Rather than someone donning a rider suit, s/he controls the rider safely from home.
  • Jossed- the riders are shown transforming in person.

Ex-Aid will be Darker and Edgier than most other series.
Maybe not as dark as Kamen Rider Amazons, but darker than usual. Kamen Rider Gaim proves that colorful designs and a silly-seeming motif don't guarantee a light-hearted series, and video games are ripe with Fridge Horror just waiting to come out of the fridge.
  • And if it is REALLY dark, it might be some Deconstruction over many video game tropes, just like a certain RPG Game...
  • On the other hand, the writer for the series, Yuya Takahashi, is known for being the chief scriptwriter for Lupin III: The Italian Adventure, a series that was rather lighthearted. Not to mention the chief producer, Takahito Ōmori, was the chief producer for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Drive.
    • Looking more likely to be confirmed - while it's not likely that they'll do Deconstructions, seeing as how Gaim is still pretty new, it's a lot more intense than Ghost was at this point, goofy rider designs aside.
    • I can say it's confirmed - I mean, just look at it. Kiriya and Kuroto is dead by now. Kamen Rider Chronicle has been finished (look at episode 25 for the results). Emu is Patient Zero and directly gives "birth" to both the Bugsters and the Riders. Poppy is now brainwashed by the new Genm CEO, who is actually a Bugster on his own. And just look at pretty much everything Genm did after he gets the Dangerous Zombie powers. Heck, even the movies/specials are darker in tone too. Brave's special has Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja appearing in person. Gorider mini-series has Ex-Aid meeting with five dead Riders (one, Blade, technically is still alive, but he's an Undead now). Snipe's special shows his fall from grace. Oh, and we only reach halfway through the series at this point now...
      • Actually, listing all the things that happened through the second half of the story would make this guess look like an Apocalyptic Log where the "Holy Shit!" Quotient is slowly ceasing to be enough.

After a Doctor Rider clears all 10 games, he will get a final form.
But that final form will either unoperatable, require new Driver, or kill the rider instead.
  • Looking slightly likely to be jossed, since episode 5's preview shows a new form for Ex-Aid, despite Ex-Aid having only cleared, at most, 2 games - if anything, it seems more likely that the final form will be a cartridge that needs to be completed multiple times in order to be fully cleared.
    • I wouldn't call this a Joss. The WMG stated clearing all 10 games would grant a final form - it didn't say there couldn't be forms in-between. Besides, if I recall scans revealed the Level 3 forms rather early on - before the series started in fact. So...yeah.
  • And now fully Jossed. All ten original Gashats have been cleared and no one got a Final Form Except Genm. And his has nothing to do with the original ten Gashats. He needed the Doctor riders to clear all ten games for his ulterior motive, Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Clearing all ten games...
Is instead the Bugster's goal. They need all ten games cleared and are lying to the Riders by saying it will eliminate the Bugsters when it's really a key part to their plans.
  • Mostly confirmed, as this was the goal of both Kuroto Dan and the Bugsters to create Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Like Real Life, there will be new Drivers with better and higher capabilities.
Bonus point if it can use old Rider Gashats but the original riders can't use those new rider's Gashat.
  • Confirmed. Buggle Driver can be used only by Bugsters or whatever Kuroto became following the events of #10. Also, some Gashats can be used only with it or by Bugsters.

One of the movies...
Will have Emu and the other Riders trapped in a video game where the Big Bad is Shocker and they have to defeat them with the help of past riders in order to escape.
  • Well, if the rumors of a new Super Hero Taisen movie are true, this could be confirmed.
    • Looking likely to be jossed for Chou Super Hero Taisen, since the trailers haven't mentioned Shocker.
      • Unjossed, by the actual film.
    • The summer movie, True Ending, doesn't have Shocker either.

A heroic character will die and be resurrected at the end.
I'm not even bothering to spoil this because it always happens in Neo-heisei to the point of ad-nauseaum. Place your bets!
  • Bonus points if they actually say they got an 'extra life' or 'continue'.
  • Well, Kiriya's dead now. So now we wait.
    • Kiriya is back!
      • Kiriya seems to be legally dead at the series finale alongside Kuroto.
  • It looks like we have our frontrunner! It's Asuna/Poppi! She going to double down with the dead female rider curse too!
    • And looking jossed for Poppy - the best chance they had to kill her off came and went, and not only is she still alive, she came to her senses and is back with the good guys.
      • Perhaps confirmed, as the preview of #44 suggests that Poppy will sacrifice herself to help defeat Gamedeus, the final Boss.
      • Poppy died and the dead female rider curse strikes again. But she and Parado will be back by the time of the movie.
      • Poppy and Parado revived at the end and i called them both.
  • INVERTED, oddly enough. Kuroto came back and claimed the thing about continues to everyone's face.

It will be possible for the Riders to earn 'Extra Lives'.
Given the Life Gauge thing and how it works, it'd make sense its possible to get a 1-Up in some fashion, though probably extremely rare.
  • Confirmed as seen when Gemn returns from the dead having close to 100 extra lives much to Parado's ire.
  • Confirmed with healing power up. Also, Taddle Legacy is said to have this ability.
    • Proven in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending when Hiro used Taddle Legacy to heal his friends.
Riders cannot transform...
  • Unless a level is generated by activating a Gashat. Poppy seemed very surprised that the level generated after Emu activated the Mighty Action X Gashat.
    • The Reveal is that the Riders have to be Strapped to an Operating Table so they can use Gashats. She was out to recruit M assuming he would have to undergo procedure first, instead of randomly coming across this guy who's M AND able to do it already. This would be important for another The Reveal.
      • The compatibility operation is not as bad as to warrant Strapped to an Operating Table, but necessary because activating a Gashat without it doesn't generate the level and causes the user to be infected with Bugster Virus.

It's not that the Riders will die when their Life Gauge reached 0.
Their Life Gauge measure their vitality and current status within battle. Their health gauge will go to zero when the Riders are killed in action.
  • Jossed. When Kiriya's Rider Gauge went down to zero he didn't just die, he faded from reality.

Reducing the Riders' Life Gauges to zero actually de-henshin them, not kill them.
It's a lie to keep the riders on survival mode.
  • Jossed, as demonstrated by Genm in Episode 11 himself to collect data on death. He may seem to survive it, but that's because of the Gashat generated from that data. And if that's not enough, Lazer was next to demonstrate that death.
    • Further proven with the Ride-Players.

Game Over...
Doesn't actually kill the Rider but rather turns them into data, which is then stored somewhere for the villains to analyze.
  • It's being suggested in the trailer for episode 27...
    • Confirmed. Anyone who gets Game Over or vanishes because of the Game Disease is converted into data stored in the proto gashats.

Poppy Pipopapo will get kidnapped.
In the first few episodes of Ex-Aid, no fewer than three people have gotten tied up, taken hostage, or kidnapped, 2 human females and 1 Bugster. Following the trend, perhaps the next to be abducted will be a female Bugster? It would also provide great motivation for Emu.
  • Semi-jossed, as Poppy gets seduced/brainwashed by the Tokimeki Crisis Bugster into rejoining them in episode 24.

Ex-Aid will be the first series to introduce something new every single episode.
At the time of writing, it's Episode 13, and so far, something new has debuted every single episode. At this point, I'm keeping track to see how long they keep the trend up.

The Doctor Riders and Parado will pull an Enemy Mine to stop Cronus.
  • considering that Cronus seems to have big plans that might be a threat to both humanity and the Bugsters, both sides forge a temporary pact in order to defeat him.
  • Zigzagged. Parado at first offered alliance with Emu only to be turned down, then Emu used said offer to trick Parado so he can use Hyper Muteki, and then Parado joined Emu for real after Emu both killed and saved him.

Gamedeus will be born...
  • by overwhelming Masamune's antibodies and killing him.
  • Jossed. Gamedeus came from Kamen Rider Chronicle as the final boss. Actually, Masamune destroyed him and absorbed his data.

Each Level represent the state of programming, software production, type of software, and marketing
  • Level 1-3: The normal offline main games/software.
  • Level 4: The special games/programs that aren't the mainsteam or main supported games/programs.
  • Level 5: the multi-player games.
  • Level 10-20, specifically Mighty Brother XX: This one represents either fan-made games or the sequel of the famous games.
  • Level 50: Representing either the beta version of programs, DLC for the previous games (Gashat Gear Dual Beta), or the exclusive game (Gashat Gear Dual).
  • Level 99 (Maximum Mighty X): Representing either program patch or the debugger.
  • Level 99 (Perfect Knock Out): Representing the rebooted games.
  • Level X: Representing the administrator-only code or programs.
  • Proto Gashat: Representing, obviously, the buggy prototype.
  • Level 0: Representing Alpha Test.
  • Kamen rider Chronicle Gashat: Representing either the successful finished products or the game system's administrator account.
  • Hyper Muteki: Obviously represents cheat code/device/program.
    • Hyper Muteki seems closer to God Mode player though.

Everyone will be revived at the end.
And I mean everyone. Humans, bugsters, mooks, meatball things, Another Hiiro, Dr. Pacman and his Quirky Miniboss Squad. Because Neo-Heisei that's why. If Kiriya and Kuroto's death's can be so casually negated why not bring back Salty?
  • Doesn't seem likely with the series ended. And since when did the recent series revive everyone including movie villains' henchmen?

During The Movie or the episodes leading up to the movie, the Henshin will be weaponized
Unless I'm mistaken, they haven't weaponized the henshin yet (before anyone asks, no, the LV 3 gamers do not count, since technically they act more along the lines of Attack Drones when they attack someone), and ever since Blade, this has pretty much happened at least once per series, so they're overdue for this.

The power level of the riders is actually much lower than typical riders
  • In a magazine scan Para DX is evenly matched to Kamen Rider Build in his base form. This suggests despite the great power of the gamer riders in story they are beginner class in their highest levels. This makes sense.
    • The gamer drivers are based on data instead of technology or magic and need to be used specifically for medical purposes.

Bugsters everywhere
In the end, everyone 'died' because of the virus will be revived as a Level 0 bugster, including Saki.
  • Saki was deleted by Masamune. She can't be revived anymore. Also, there are in fact Bugsters everyone in the finale, but that's because Masamune started Zombie Apocalypse.
    • It can't be jossed yet since Reset was used, possibly way back so the data was still there.
  • Jossed
    • To be exact, Though Saki's data did return due to Reset, they still don't have a way to revive everyone in the series finale.

There is a way to reprogram bugster and turn them more human-like
  • There is a way to reprogram Bugsters, but if such an effect can be achieved is currently unknown.
    • WMG confirmed, but spoiler Jossed. Poppi IS a reprogrammed Bugster.

The heroes will use reset
  • This will return them way back when gemdeus are summmoned (their last save point) so that Poppy and Pallad could live once more
  • Jossed

It will ends with "thanks for playing"
instead of the usual "see you next game" in the last episode.
  • Jossed. It is 'the game is forever'.

Poppy and Parado's death
are not permanentThey are perfect bugsters that could be revived at any time.
  • The original WMG is confirmed but the details are jossed.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Sakurako Dan's counterattack.
Kuroto and Masamune are already monsters, so why not make Sakurako AKA Kuroto's mom just as bad as well to round of the trifecta and come back from the dead as well? Basically making the movie a shout out to Tekken and Tekken 7 where its shown that the only good Mishima, Asuka is revealed to not only be the origin of the devil gene, but Heihachi's wife, an assassin, and pals with Akuma. It could even have scenes with Masamune throwing Kurpto of a cliff and the whole thing ending with the Dan family getting tied to a rocket and shot into space with Poppy looking on.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid WMG 
Kamen Riders Ex-Aid will be the first midget rider.
As in the civilian form is a midget himself.
  • Jossed. The actor playing Ex-Aid civilian persona is of average height.

Ex-Aid's Super Mode...
will be a Story-Breaker Power in the form of invoking the God Mode cheat.
  • However using it too much could cause glitches to happen to Hojo with the glitches growing in intensity the more he is forced to use it.
    • Maybe more of the minor bugs will form as a result, forcing him to balance fighting in a stronger state at the cost of extending the overall duration of the threat
  • Alternatively, Ex-Aid's final form will be an All Your Powers Combined that represents a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fighting game.
  • Jossed for his Mid-Season Upgrade (which was more akin to games such as Kirby: Planet Robobot), but his final form, Hyper Muteki, is based around invincibility powerups, and is acquired by a Game Genie-like device, so semi-confirmed.

Assuming the Competitive Balance between the Riders

Ex-Aid's Catch Phrase will become Tempting Fate.
I mean, when you are saying "Let's clear this with no continues", you are asking for something to happen what would metaphorically cause you to "use a continue".
  • Bonus points if he can't "use a continue" when he absolutely needs it.
  • If anything it'll give him a super mode like it did to the previous three or four Neo-Heisei riders.
  • And for extra awesomeness and creative use of the overused trope of Riders coming back to life, Emu will use his continue immediately after dying and surprise the Bugster that killed him. Emu will congratulate the Bugster on forcing him to use a continue and will proceed to use his Super Mode and return the favor.
    • Jossed - it ends up being twisted by Kuroto when he comes back, saying he'll clear this even if he has to use continues.

Ex-Aid's blowing on his Gashat before his finisher will come back to bite him.
With normal cartridge games, blowing on the connectors to "clear them off" actually damages them over time because the moisture in your breath starts to affect the metal contacts. At some point his finisher will glitch out or just not work and Emu will suddenly remember that fact.
  • Except this was an action that the actor came up with and the production crew approved of, and he hasn't done it that much.
  • Not to mention that Emu's wearing a helmet while blowing on the cartridge.
    • I think it's safe to say that this one is jossed, since unless I missed a few times, Emu only did that once in episode 1.

Emu will use the Konami Code...
For an awesome transformation into his new form.
  • Jossed so far for it being related to his Super Mode or final form, but the show isn't over yet.
  • Confirmed, but not in Ex-Aid. In Kamen Rider Zi-O, a modified version (smash all the face buttons at once instead of A B) is used by Sougo, Geiz, and Tsukuyomi to enter the game world and fight Another Ex-Aid.

The Mighty Brothers splits will have different personalities.
The Mighty Brothers Gashat will reportedly split Ex-Aid into two Riders: L & R. With that in mind, one of them will have his everyday klutzy personality, while the other will have his genius gamer "M" personality.
  • Confirmed!
    • Worse than that. M/Orange Mighty Brother is in fact left over of Parado after he was separated from Emu.

The Mighty Brothers Gashat will start off as just one Ex-Aid, a game called "Mighty Brother X"...
...But in the episode after it's debut (As in the debut of the Gashat, not the form), the Monster of the Week will be able to divide anything he wants and divide the riders in half - while this will result in the other riders being split into two riders with a different Gashat each (i.e., there will be 2 Braves - 1 using the Taddle Quest Gashat, the other using the Do Re Mi Fa Gashat, thus allowing us to see what the LV 3 Gashats would look like if they were used on their own), but when the monster attacks Emu, the attack will permanently split Mighty Brother in half, resulting in the Gashat turning into "Mighty Brothers".
  • Jossed by the Gashat's appearance. Mighty Brothers XX slots into both slots on the driver.
    • It's also supposed to be an upgrade to Mighty Action X, which is Emu's first Gashat.

Sooner or later, Emu will just... snap... Oh, Crap! ensues.
Most likely after another round of in-fighting from the other Riders causes him to just give up trying to get them to work together.
  • The teamwork part is jossed. Emu never actually gave up on trying, he just got slightly less obvious with his attempts and accepted that they are who they are. Also, they started to work together thanks to his contribution alongside other reasons.

Emu will fight his evil self
Given the Mighty Brothers Gashat splits Ex-Aid into two Riders, what if that Gashat will ends up creating a clone of Emu who is more ruthless and insane and end up becoming his personal enemy.
  • He could end up fighting his M persona in this way, if he turns out to have been a dormant Bugster infection this whole time.
    • Confirmed, Parado is M and in #29 uses the Orange Brother to fight Emu who is the Teal Brother.

The Surgery on Emu wasn't successful
Emu keep talking about the Doctor who saved him when he was 8 years old but what if that surgery actually didn't saved him because it seems he doesn't remember his doctor's face and it look like Genm Corporation was involved with this.
  • Jossed. Emu's childhood surgery was succesful. Genm Corp. was involved in something else regarding him.

The life saving surgery performed on Emu when he was younger...
  • Acted as a substitute for the surgery people undergo to become a rider.

Emu is Patient Zero...
Emu doesn't know he's the first human to be infected with the Bugster Virus. To make matters worse, the surgery that saved his life only made the virus dormant until the present day.
  • Confirmed. Except for the life saving surgery part, which has no effect on the virus.

The final form for Ex-Aid will be Level ∞
We had LS-∞ and an ∞ symbol on the Mugen Eyecon, so in a Kamen Rider of accelerating levels, it wouldn't be too far out of the ordinary to have an ∞th level.
  • Partially confirmed. Hyper Muteki is not said to be Level Infinity, but is beyond the 100 level scale.

Emu qualified in becoming a Kamen Rider simply by being long exposed to video games.
Specifically, video games created by Genm Corp that has low dosage of Bugster Viruses that he slowly builds up immunity to.
  • Zigzagged. Yeah, Emu was infected by Genm Corp game, but it was a copy specifically sent to him for this purpose.

"M" is the dormant Bugster that Emu was injected with.
M is actually a dormant Bugster that has incubated and developed inside Emu ever since he was a child. He only manifests himself whenever Emu is playing video games, which is the reason why he became so good at them.
  • Further more, when Emu uses the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, the M personality is the orange colored Ex-Aid. And what's the color of a Lvl 1 Bugster? Orange.
    • Confirmed. M is Parado or (theoritically) part of him left in Emu after being separated..

Emu's Evil Self is either a Summer Movie Villain Rider or Final Boss
If his Mighty Brothers Gashat potentially turning Emu's M Persona into evil version of Emu. He could be Main Antagonist of Summer Movie or is the Final Boss.
  • Jossed - M is Emu's bad version, but the True Ending villain is Kamen Rider Fuma, who doesn't have anything to do with him.

M is actually the Mighty Bugster
Since Poppy is a Bugster of the DoReMiFa Beat and retains her attitude, wouldn't it make sense that M is actually the bugster based on the Mighty Action X protagonist Mighty? It would explain the rash and confident attitude, but not necessarily evil, much like how Poppy's attitude is benign due to benign a rhythm game mascot.
  • Confirmed in a way M is Parado who was born from the game Mighty Acton C.

Ex-Aid's Final Form is acquired by cheating
In recent scans, it was shown that in order to gain his final form with the Maximum Mighty X Gashat, Ex-Aid attaches a device of some sort to the Gamer Driver. This seems to be a nod to the GameShark and other related cheating devices. This device appears to function in a similar manner, drawing out the full power of the Gamer Driver and giving Ex-Aid his final form, of which can't be acquired through normal means.
  • Confirmed as Hyper Muteki was created to mirror a cheating device.

The final form is Dr. Mighty
In keeping with the other Mighty games being based on various Nintendo platformer mascot titles, particularly Mario and Kirby, the last would be based off Dr. Mario. The nomenclature used for Rider form titles would thus make him Doctor Gamer Level 100.
  • Jossed. The final form is based off the Invincibility Power-Up and is called Hyper Muteki.
    • Ironically, there eventually was a Mighty Doctors XX gashat...although we never see it used to transform; it's only used for the anti-Gemdeus vaccine.

Emu is the Bugster and M is the original personality
Episode 15 implies this could be the case. Six years before the series, Emu/M won a gaming tournament and ended up fainting as a result, which allowed him to be operated on for the Bugster operation. It's not until after this event that Emu fully commits to a career in medicine, which may be the Bugster in him partially manifesting.
  • Seems more likely after episode 19, but none of the characters seem to have worked this out.
    • Jossed. Emu is the original personality and was influenced by M..

Emu being Patient Zero...
... isn't his only connection to current events. In Episode 12, Kiriya says that Kuroto Dan came into contact with Emu 16 years ago, long before Emu became Patient Zero.
  • Jossed. Emu became Patient Zero sixteen years because of Kuroto.

Ex-Aid's summer movie-exclusive form will be LV 50
Well, there is precedent for a movie-exclusive form being weaker than the rider's final form (i.e., the Burakawani combo is weaker than the Putotyra combo, Gaim Donguri Arms and Gaim Durian Arms are definitely weaker than the Kiwami Arms), and excluding Lazer (for obvious reasons) and Gemn (who hasn't received any forms in catalogue scans, although there is the possibility of Dan becoming Kamen Rider Cronus), Ex-Aid's the only rider who doesn't have a LV 50 formnote . If they were going to do that in the TV series, we would've seen scans by now, but a movie-exclusive form isn't entirely out of the question. Only question is what it would be.
  • Jossed.

Emu's Bugster is Parado
This explains why Emu's Bugster didn't appear when Hiiro tried to excise it, why Parado appears and disappears suddenly depending on Emu's mood, and Parado's obsession with Emu.
  • Confirmed.

Emu is a Bugster
Some supporting factors:
  • Emu has 2 personalities, a gaming personality and a serious personality. Both Poppy and Parad(both being recurring bugsters) also share the same criteria.
  • Hiiro tried to force the bugster in Emu to materialize. Nothing happened. This is possibly likely because the bugster has already long awakened(similar to how every wondered why Takumi could utilize the Faiz belt).
  • Similarly, during the big reveal that Emu was patient zero, he didn't disappear as he was already a bugster.
  • Infected patients do not last long unless the bugster is dealt with. So how did Emu go this long and not convert? The answer is simple, that original Emu had already long succumbed to the disease.
    • Maybe not. One can carry a disease for a LONG time and not have the symptoms if they are an asymptomatic carrier. See below.
      • Jossed, because unless there's some way that a Bugster could have a bugster, he's human, since Parado is Emu's bugster.

Alternatively, Emu is an asymptomatic carrier of the Bugster Virus
  • This would make a lot more sense than him being the bugster - for one thing, he did eventually show signs of being infected (see episode 18), and he was Patient Zero for the virus), and he seemed unaware of his illness when we first met him. Typhloid Mary, despite carrying Typhloid fever, did not show any symptoms (plus, she died of Pneumonia), and was not aware of the virus she was carrying. Sure, she denied having the virus, but it's possible that Emu has a more dormant strain...
    • Confirmed.

Building on the previous WMG the person who Emu came from will be an important character
  • Jossed. Emu is not a Bugster.

We will see Chambara Action Gamer LV 3 in the series sometime in the near future
  • Emu still used Sports Action Gamer when he had access to Mighty Brothers XX, so he is still open to the possibility of using lower levels. Plus, it's already available in the toyline, and as of episode 23, Emu has the Girigiri Chambara Gashat so all Toei has to do is make a costume.
    • Jossed. Emu didn't use it.

Emu will be killed by Cronus while fighting him, Brave, and Lazer before being resurrected by the Hyper Muteki Gashat
  • Assuming that Cronus' alliance with Brave and Lazer will last after Episode 35, Emu would convince them to stop before Cronus kills him. In the next episode, the Hyper Muteki Gashat resurrects Emu, achieving Muteki Gamer as a result.
    • Jossed as introduction of Hyper Muteki didn't involve Emu dying.

Hyper Muteki will have parallels with the Ju Ju Burger form
Both of Ex-aids other super forms have connections with the upgrade forms in the early series, Dragonknight hunter Z with Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum mighty X with Gekitotsu Robots, Maybe Hyper Muteki will have powers that Call-Back to Ex-Aid Burger Action Gamer.
  • I guess it sorta works, see Fridge page.

The Riders shouldn't have tried defeating Kamen Rider Cronus that soon.
They may have retrieved all the proto-gashats, but they don't really have one less problem to deal, as Cronus has at least one more trick in his sleeve and would have repeated the gashat theft again.
  • Masamune has more tricks up his sleeve than even he knows about.

     Kamen Rider Brave WMG 
One of Hiiro's main motivations as a Rider will be to get out of his father's shadow.
Seeing as his dad is the director at the hospital where he practices as a surgeon, it's quite possible Hiiro will have a "Well Done, Son!" Guy relationship with his father.
  • Jossed. Hiiro admitted that he became a doctor in his father's wake, but Haima is very proud of him.

Hiiro will be a Dr. Jerk.
To contrast our naive but emphatic main protagonist.
  • Confirmed. He treats his patients as procedures to clear rather than people.

Hiiro will actually FAIL for first time!
Okay, he is "The Super Surgeon who Never Fails". What if he actually fails in later episodes? He going to be Mary-Sue if you don't make him a flawed character. Not everyone is perfect!
  • Kind of confirmed - Taiga wipes the floor with him and takes the DoReMiFa Gashat from him by holding a patient hostage.

Hiiro will suffer a SEVERE Career-Ending Injury.
He reminds me of Doctor Strange. Both of them are assholes towards their patients and very arrogant doctors. In later episodes, he will suffer a Severe Hand Injury that will end his surgeon career to show how his arrogance could lead him to a career-ending injury.
  • Not yet.
    • Jossed with the end of the series.
His father will DIE.
Considering most Kamen Riders' parents get killed off all the time, it would seem the CR Director will end up becoming a victim of this. Hiiro will blame himself for being unable to save his dad.
  • Then again, Hiiro's father is the closest thing this show has to a Big Good, and to my knowledge, no one who has that role in a KR series has died so far.
    • Might be jossed - While someone close to Hiiro did die, it was his girlfriend, not his father, and it was in the past.
    • Close to finale and Haima is still alive.

The patient Taiga killed was someone close to Hiiro.
In episode 3, Hiiro claims that Taiga took something or someone important from him (the Japanese wording made this intentionally ambiguous). He could very well mean the patient whose death Taiga caused five years ago. This would also explain why Hiiro is so distant to his own patients.
  • Episode 6's preview seems to confirm this.
    • And confirmed. The patient was Hiiro's girlfriend.

Hiiro isn't as big a dick as he's pretending to be.
Related to the one above (which I think is likely), but Hiiro losing something or someone, either through his own failure or someone else's, is probably why he acts the way he is. If he lost something important to him because of a mistake, he may have become obsessed with the idea of perfection so as to never have that happen again; and, as the above Troper theorizes, have emotionally distanced himself because he doesn't want to feel that pain again. I'm really hoping/looking forward to a Defrosting Ice King arc with him and Emu, because this Troper is a sucker for those kinds of friendships.
  • His scene at the end of episode 3 may be a giveaway. While Emu is hugging his patient, Hiiro seems to be deep in thought and looks almost sad. With his love for chiding Emu, one would have expected something like an eyeroll or a huff at the very least.
  • The events from #18 onwards confirm that Hiiro does care, even if he tries to cover it.

The reason Hiiro gets the DoReMiFa Gashat…
He and Asuna actually were very close to each other, but she died from some form of disease (Take a shot if it's the Bugster Virus), so Genm Corporation used the DoReMiFa game to upload her, kind of like [[Videogame/Megaman.EXE Hub]]. So when other Riders try to use it, she specifically denies them because she only trusts Hiiro with her Gashat.
  • Except so far, we haven't seen IF the other riders could use Gashats that they weren't the first to use - although now that Taiga has the DoReMiFa Gashat, we could see this happen.
  • Jossed - Asuna/Poppy was a Bugster of the DoReMiFa Gasshat and Hiiro and Emu knew the whole time.

Hiiro's greatest fears are failure and losing someone else he cares about.
Not exactly a WMG and more character analysis. The first one is clear, given that his nickname literally involves the words 'never fails.' Imagine how much pressure that is? The other one is looking at his behaviour in regards to Emu (in particular). When he realises that Taiga knows something about what's wrong with Emu, he follows him and learns about how Emu has Game Disease. After that, he gets progressively less stoic in his attempts to cure him. Given what happened to Saki, it doesn't seem like it'd be a far guess that Hiiro is getting irrational out of fear of losing his fellow Rider to the same disease. If Hiiro doesn't like caring about people because he's afraid he'll lose them, and he's unwillingly broken that rule with Emu, only to find himself in a similar situation as before? Yeah, that'll throw him of his game (no puns intended).
  • It seems to be more out of care than fear though.

Hiiro will die or have a near death experience
His only wish is to see Saki again, so before the end of the series he'll either die or be close to death so his wish can be fulfilled. If he does he can join Saki happily in the afterlife, and if he lives on he'll have one last goodbye.
  • Jossed.

Saki will be a Came Back Wrong for Hiiro
  • Confirmed. Kamen Rider Cronus only brought a part of her back to reality, without her consciousness.
  • Somewhat Jossed with the reset she remained in the Proto Gashat.

Hiiro was becoming too powerful so he will be killed off
. Let's face it. Taddle Fantasy is OP as fuck and Hiiro can't win on Weak, but Skilled forever. So he is going to be killed off soon. Either by overusing Taddle Fantasy, being killed by the bugsters, or both.
  • Jossed. He survives and gets Level 99 Taddle Legacy.

Brave will remain a villain until around Episode 40's.
Assuming that Ex-Aid would achieve Muteki Gamer and beats Cronus but fails to kill him, Brave would achieve Legacy Gamer first before backstabbing Cronus and take back all of the stolen Proto Gashats at the end of his second fight against Ex-Aid.
  • Mostly confirmed. Hiiro returns to CR in #38.

Hiiro underwent a Face-Heel Mole.
While co-operating with Kamen Rider Cronus, he is scouting information on him for the government.
  • Jossed, his real motive was to get Saki back, while Kiriya contributed to the scouting.

Hiiro cannot use Taddle Legacy because it rejected him due to his actions.
  • Jossed, according to Kamen Rider Cronus, he doesn't have enough resolve to activate Taddle Legacy.

     Kamen Rider Snipe WMG 

Graphite was the Bugster born from Taiga, or someone Taiga knew.
At the beginning of episode 3, Graphite confronts Taiga and (in the translation I saw) referred to him as a 'walking corpse', then glitched out. Taiga jumped up and said something about 'revenge for five years ago'. What if the incident that cost Taiga his job and his status as a Rider was becoming infected himself, leading to the creation of Graphite. Somehow, he managed not to disappear, so now Graphite is out for his blood to make himself 'complete'. Otherwise, it could be that he failed to save the person who Graphite came from, or something like that? Maybe that's why he wants the Gashats.
  • Kind of. It turns out that Graphite Bugster was created from a patient of Taiga's infected by the Game Virus...said patient happened to be Hiiro's girlfriend at the time.

At some point, Taiga will lose his Gashats.
Not just losing the ones he wins from the other riders; he'll even lose the Bang Bang Shoot and Jet Combat Gashats in a gamble he makes at some point (bonus points if Emu and Hiiro both take them from him - or, alternatively, he'll go up against Paradox after his debut, but Paradox will curb-stomp him). This will, in turn, lead him to want more power...and he'll become the series counterpart to Kamen Rider Scissors/Kamen Rider Kurokage, not only being the first rider to die in the series, but also subverting what we're expecting so far (Lazer to be the first one to bite the bullet).
  • And Semi-Jossed, Lazer's the first to die!
  • Also partially correct, though, as Taiga loses his Gashats in episode 18.

Taiga will be reduced to Nico's little bitch.
It will happened after he failed too many times.
  • Jossed - Nico has actually become more of a caring sister to him and took up a responsibility of her own.

Taiga had some sort of version of the compatibility surgery superior to the other Doctor Riders.
He's somehow able to handle the Drago Knight Hunter Z full set without going nuts, was able to handle the jump from Level 5 to Level 50 with very few problems, and his past never being shown in detail seems to suggest something is different about him.
  • Jossed - turns out he used a Proto Gashat in the past. Said gashat likely gave him a higher immunity to the Bugster Virus. However, because he took a break from using it, he didn't suffer the same consequences that Dan Kuroto did from overusing the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat.

Taiga is slowly dying.
When Taiga first fought Graphite, he was using a Proto-Gashat, which allowed him to later handle Level 50 better than Hiro. Even if he used it briefly, Proto-Gashats are stated to deteriorate the user's body, and he said in EP.20 that using the Proto-Gashat is what "made him the way he is now." When Taiga ran into Graphite 5 years later, Graphite said he was "already a walking corpse", plus Taiga's attitude about how he has "nothing to lose" could mean that he's aware of his failing health and his elitist attitude is from wanting to eradicate all the Bugsters with the time he has left.
  • The first thing Graphite said to Taiga upon coming back after the start of Kamen Rider Chronicle was 'still kicking, huh?'' so he may have been just taunting him.

Taiga was in the army through the time skip between Zero Day and story's start
He is wearing a dog tag and is the only one out of the Doctor riders shown to have skills in hand-to-hand combat. So, the theory would be that after Zero day, Taiga swore to become tougher and prepare for the next time he faces the Bugsters. It's ambiguous what army he joined (if any) because the dog tag is only one (unlike the military two) and does not have any inscription that would relay that information. It's written in english, which would suggest it's of foreign origin as the japanese army dog tags are written in kanji (obviously).
  • Doubtful, but he might be into stock trading given his awareness of Genm Corp's stock and the graphs shown on his computer.

Taiga was a gamer
This WMG is just based on how EpisodeZero! Taiga acted a lot like Emu. What if he had the same hobby as Emu as well?
  • He is shown surprisingly skilled using a gun in game for the first time. And there's his habit of gun twirling for henshin and using 'bang' as his quote.
  • In the early episode he tells Emu to 'enjoy the game more'.
  • His idea of defeating bugsters are to collect all gashat. Seemed like a mindset of a gamer wanted to do 100% completion.
  • If he was a gamer, (probably not to the level of Emu or Nico, but a good enough gamer that was known well enough) it makes sense that Nico would know him and came to him since she thought he could defeat Emu both as a doctor and a gamer.
    • Said series suggested otherwise.

Taiga was sharing bed with Nico
Someone noticed there's 2 different styles of pillow cases on the bed. Well, there's also the case that Nico took a pillow from Taiga. Guess we'll never find out.

     Kamen Rider Lazer WMG 

Lazer will be a Robot in Disguise.
Early toy catalogues show Lazer either turning into or combining with a Cool Bike. So maybe Lazer is a Transforming Mecha like Stagbuster or the Auto Vajin.
  • Jossed. Kiriya Kujo becomes Lazer using the Gamer Driver like all the other Riders.

Asuna is Kamen Rider Lazer.
She's not just a support to the doctors by being a nurse. She's also a support to the doctors who are riders by becoming a bike.
  • Jossed. His civilian identity is Kiriya Kujo.

Lazer will become a genuine friend to Ex-Aid
Look at the riders he's an expy of - both started off hostile towards the main character, but through plot developments, they eventually started to work on the same side. Sure, they started off on a bad note, but Lazer's the only one who isn't hostile towards Ex-Aid at all, unlike Hiiro (who basically chides Emu every chance he gets) or Taiga (who would love nothing more than to take Emu's Gashat).
  • Confirmed as Kiriya is the first of Doctor Riders to warm up to Emu. Hiiro and Taiga take so much more time to get there.

Noone will believe Lazer about the truth behind Genm's identity
Given Lazer is a Consummate Liar, so noone (not even Emu) will believe him about Dan being Genm. Hoo boy, I bet they will be shocked when they find out that he was speaking the truth.
  • Episode 11 is titled "Who's the Black Rider?" Unless they have Dan permanently give Gemn's Game Driver to someone else, odds are that everyone else will find out who Gemn really is note , so this one could be confirmed.
    • Scans show Dan confronting the 4 main riders with the Prototype Mighty Action X in hand, so this one seems more likely to be confirmed.
  • Confirmed.

Lazer will be the first Rider to get "GAME OVER"
  • The latest scans from next year's toy catalog don't show ANY new forms or upgrades for him.
    • If you die in the game, you die in real life!
      • Then again, Lazer LV 2 is listed as Ex-Aid's rider machine on the wiki, so it could very well be that instead of him gaining an upgrade, he becomes the only one that Emu can trust (ironically enough), and he basically takes the role of Ex-Aid's rider machine permanently - and seeing as how there's only been one case where the rider's machine was destroyed ( Kamen Rider Black), that would pretty much guarantee his survival. Plus, Necrom was put on the backburner for merchandise in Ghost at this point in that series, so it could be that while he survives the entire main show, his upgrade will be movie exclusive, or they'll reveal it right before it debuts.
      • Seemingly confirmed. The episode 12 preview shows him dying.
      • Aaaand confirmed.

Lazer will use Drago Knight Hunter Z as his Super Mode.
He'll use the Level 5, 5th gear, as a sort-of makeshift final form because the Honda CRF 250 L and motorbikes don't go higher than the 6th gear.
  • Kinda confirmed. He died before he could get anything higher than Level 5.
    • He uses protoype of Level 3 post revival.

Someone will become the next Lazer.
Considering Lazer is pretty much Ex-Aid's bike, someone will need to take up the mantle so he can still have one. It could even be a future character for all we know so far.
  • Seemmingly jossed. One of the January scans revealed that Ex-aid can insert Bakusou Bike Gashat into the Kimewaza Slot Holder to summon an eyeless version of Lazer's level 2 form.

They'll bring Lazer back for Chou Super Hero Taisen
. He's definitely staying dead in the TV series, but the plot summary for Chou Super Hero Taisen says "And then "Those heroes" Revive...". There is precedent for bringing dead heroes back for crossover movies (see Kaixa in Kamen Rider Taisen and Baron in the Gaim x Drive movie), and given how popular Lazer is, they might bring him back just for this ONE movie, assuming "Those heroes" refer to the dead.
  • It's confirmed, Kiriya will revived and be apart of for Chou Super Hero Taisen.

Saiba will temporarily be able to transform into Kamen Rider Lazer.
  • Why would she though? Emu has Lazer's gashat, and we don't know what happened to his game driver.
    • Emu has (and for some time uses) Kiriya's driver.
    • Jossed. Nico takes Kamen Rider Chronicle gashat and becomes Rider Player Nico.

Lazer is faking being evil of his own will as of #35.
Lazer is a good liar after all. Plus, he whispered something to Emu. Wouldn't put it past Lazer to keep close to Chronus and screw him over at the most critical moment. And if Lazer could be brainwashed via programming, chances are he could be programmed back to being a brainwashed slave just like he was before Emu used reprogramming on Kiriya. Though the subs aren't out yet as of this theory so take this with a grain of salt.
  • While this is possible, the probability that he whispered something that implied this to Emu is unlikely, especially since whatever he whispered to Emu caused him to punch him in a fit of rage.
    • He could have told Emu to play along and act like he's still evil, and Emu just overreacted for it.
      • Subs are out...and we still don't know what he said, so this theory's still up in the air.
      • Confirmed in Ep 36.

     Kamen Rider Genm WMG 
Genm is an artificial being.
Genm is stated to use the Super Prototype of the Gamer Driver, yet he is the only Rider that a live actor hasn't been revealed for yet. It may be possible that he will be closer to a Bugster than a human.
  • Jossed. He is Kuroto Dan.

Genm being a Palette Swap of Ex-Aid will lead to the latter being accused of the former's evil deeds.
He would serve as a good justification for Let's You and Him Fight situations. For example, someone sees Genm breaking into an office, but since it all happens at night, the only noticeable trait he can see is the "hair". Then he sees Ex-Aid, recognizes the "hair" and that leads to Rider on Rider action.
  • Somewhat confirmed. It happened in the final episode of Kamen Rider Ghost.
  • Alternatively, people may think Genm and Ex-Aid are cooperating because they look the same.
    • Brave and Snipe might think that, but it's pretty unlikely that Lazer would think that, since episode 4 had Genm attack him (Lazer) and Ex-Aid while the two were together, after he attacked Brave and Snipe.
    • Brave was with Ex-Aid in 2 when Genm attacked them both, so this idea is doubtful.
      • Unless Paradox ends up being a good guy (or at least, an anti-villain) and does this, this one was ultimately jossed by episode 5 - all 4 riders are together when Gemn attacks, and Brave and Snipe don't even consider the possibility that Ex-Aid and Gemn are working together. Heck, he's even referred to as "Dark Ex-Aid" by Poppy, who's never seen him before.

Dan Kuroto is Genm.
Come on! He has Kuro in his name! Kuro being black!
  • His company shares the name with Genm also...
  • During part of the opening, the Riders (sans Emu) are shown in close-up. First Hiiro, then Taiga, then Kiriya...and last, for some reason, Dan Kuroto.
  • Confirmed! New scans show Dan is indeed Genm.

Parado is Genm.
Keeping with the tradition of the human villain being a Rider.
  • Alternately, Parad will become Kamen Rider Paradox, the upcoming sixth Rider.
    • This troper thinks that Parad being Paradox is more likely, due to Parad's love of games. His name is also a dead giveaway (Parad and Paradox). However, Parad's comment on "Saying hi" in episode 2 COULD mean that he's Genm. Since Genm Zombie Gamer Level X has a different belt than the Gamer Driver, it could be possible that Parad starts off as Genm before becoming Paradox later...
    • Jossed. It's Kuroto Dan.

Genm is an evil AU version of Emu.
Unless Kuroto Dan ends up being an evil AU version of Emu as well, this one's jossed.

Parado is an evil AU version of Emu.
They look pretty similar, and - assuming Parado IS Genm - they have mirrored Rider forms.
  • Jossed.
  • Zig-Zagged, Parado is revealed in the Heisei Generations Movie as Emu's Bugster thus making him technically a evil version of Emu.

Genm is a Genm Corp. employee.
Let's face it, they share a name.
  • Close. See above.

Genm is against Genm Corp or vice versa
He may have stolen the Driver, being human - or possibly one of the first Bugsters. Would explain why he's using a prototype Mighty Action X Gashat...
  • Nope, Jossed.

Genm was patient zero for the Bugster Virus
  • Jossed.

Genm will have a justified reason for attacking 4 Riders
Since Dan is confirmed to be Genm, he will have a good reason of why he doing a bad thing and attacking other Riders, Maybe he is trying to prevent them from hiding the truth about Bugsters?
  • Or, possibly, he's trying to remind them that there's a common enemy? At present, they're mostly fighting amongst themselves... And he looked pretty horrified in that flashback to Zero Day, and actually apologized for causing Emu's Gashat to be stolen; either he's a borderline sociopath, or he's not a truly villainous person...
    • Also, he hasn't, though he could have, killed any of them. If he's helping the Bugsters, wouldn't it have been better to just get rid of them as quickly as possible?
    • Then again, if he wants as many Riders as possible, that may be why he apologized. Would also explain why he gave Taiga the Driver and Gashat.
    • Jossed. Genm's goal is wholly selfish. And he killed Lazer to boot!

Genm has a split personality.
Given what we've seen of Dan, this makes sense: One side psychopathic and evil, the other side closer to a normal human. Bonus points if the psycho side came from the Bugsters (Let's face it, Dan's interaction with Parad and Graphite near the end of the raw episode looked like there may have been some mental manipulation involved).
  • Jossed. Dan simply hid his dementedness.

Genm is Patient Zero for the Bugster Virus
Look at the flashback were Dan explains what happened on Zero Day. It looks like he was right there when it happened. So perhaps he was the first one infected and the Dan we know is the Bugster who was born from him.
  • Jossed. Dan used Emu to propagate the first Bugster Virus.

Genm will die shortly after obtaining the Dangerous Zombie Gashat.
  • Like Lazer, the toy catalog doesn't show Gemn getting ANY new forms or upgrades after attaining Zombie Gamer Lv.10
    • This one I could see happening - while there is reason to doubt that Lazer is doomed (since he is Ex-Aid's rider machine at the moment, and there hasn't been any indication that Ex-Aid will gain a replacement), if Gemn obtains it in episodes 11 or 12, it would be around the right time to kill off a rider (while it happened a lot earlier in Kamen Rider Ryuki, it's right around this point that Gaim had it's wham episode). Although he could just as easily have the belt and Gashat destroyed and come back as Paradox (although this is unlikely, since a new rider usually means a new character).
    • Well, Technically he died getting it. Didn't stop him though.

If Genm dies, someone will take over the ownership of Genm Corporation
It Seem Dan Kuroto AKA Genm will get killed off early but who will take over the ownership of Genm Corporation since that company provides Riders' Gashats and weapons Semi-Jossed. Dan died, but he didn't let that stop him.
  • And later confirmed. He was even replaced by a Bugster!.

The Dangerous Zombie form will be defeated with the Health Up Power Up
Following Video Game logic where healing spells/items damage undead enemies, the final battle with Gemn will involve the riders discovering this weakness and going on a mad dash to find as many Health Ups as possible while being chased by Genm. Either that or Health Up will give him Health to actually lose to reach Game Over since his Rider Gauge starts at zero and thus doesn't have any health to lose normally.
  • It would be appropriate, given the show's medical theme.
    • Jossed - they technically "resurrected" Gemn by reprogramming him to get rid of his immortality.

Genm will NOT be Final Boss at all
It seem Genm is most likely to be a candidate as final boss but....... probably not because i know it's not happening!
  • Looking likely to be confirmed, since he's (really) dead now. Although his actor hasn't received flowers yet....
    • He's back...although at the moment, the odds of him being the Final Boss are 50-50.
      • Confirmed. The final boss will either be Dan Masamune, AKA Kamen Rider Cronus, or Gamedeus.
    • We got two in one deal - The final boss is Gamedeus empowered Cronus as Masamune Dan destroyed Gamedeus so he could inject himself with it's data, creating a fusion.

A secret that can stop Genm for good
Dan's father told Kiriya a secret about Genm but Genm killed him so the others don't find out about him. What is the secret that Genm willing to KILL him for?
  • Confirmed. Kiriya was figuring out the process of Reprogramming a Bugster to change its nature, and that Emu's status as the original Bugster Virus infectee made him uniquely suited to do so. Ultimately, the other Riders discover this and use the information to create the Maximum Mighty X Gashat, which allows Emu to Reprogram Genm, removing his immortality and enabling him to be defeated.

Genm will gain other forms based on other types of horror-themed games
  • Perhaps something like Castlevania (vampire-oriented, maybe something like "Deadly Vampire") or DOOM (something demonic, maybe called "Sinister Demon"), each one making him give up more of his humanity; the vampire one would require him to feed on the data of enemies or Bugsters to survive, and the demonic one would ultimately involve becoming a Bugster completely.
    • Looking unlikely to happen - he would've been shown with a new form by now in toy catalogs. Plus, the Castlevania theme has already kind of been given to Hiiro with Taddle Fantasy...
      • And jossed - He's dead now. His actor has not received flowers yet, but if they were going to give him a new form, we would have seen something in the toy catalogs by now as previously mentioned.
      • Ultimately jossed. Dangerous Zombies remains his only horror themed form even after his revival.

Genm will be defeated by Ex-Aid's true Ultimate Form.
  • Somewhat confirmed. While Maximum Gamer is not Ex-Aid's true Ultimate Form (Muteki Gamer is his true Ultimate Form), because Hyper Muteki Gashat was not created yet at the point where Genm is defeated for good. It can described as Genm being defeated by Ex-Aid's true Ultimate Form... at the moment.
    • Kuroto is back as Gemn Lv 0. There is just as much chance for him to become Cronus as there is for him to be the first character defeated by Muteki Gamer at this point.
    • Ultimately jossed as Kuroto is not Cronus. It's his father, Masamune Dan.

Gemn was fueled by Freudian Excuse.
He was about to launch all of his ten games, but it went horribly wrong at Zero Day, driving him insane.
  • Ziggzagged. Kuroto has been mad long before Zero Day, which he intentionally caused. On the other hand, he had a Freudian Excuse in form of starting Kamen Rider Chronicle to preserve the data of his terminally ill mother.

At some point, Genm will betray Para DX
  • Scans show Genm and Kamen Rider Paradox fighting each other. Considering that Genm is already upset with Parado because the latter gave Emu the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, Parado might do something that'll push the already unstable Genm off the edge.
    • Jossed on both parts. It was actually Kuroto who pushed Parado of the edge, causing the beatdown.
      • Parado ultimately betrayed Kuroto so he could usurp Kamen Rider Chronicle for himself.

Genm will become Cronus
  • Genm's Evil Plan is to make the Most Dangerous Video Game where everyone are Kamen Riders fighting for survival. The Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat IS the aforementioned game.
    • Jossed by the preview of episode 32 - Dan's returned to using Dangerous Zombie. And Cronus is shown to be someone else. It looks more likely that it's Dan Masumune instead!.
    • Yup, Masamune Dan is Cronus. Kuroto has never even thought about becoming Cronus himself as he meant that role for a Ride-Player champion completing the game.

His final fate will be And I Must Scream.
  • We know he can't die thanks to Dangerous Zombie. Rather than this being reversed, like him vanishing like Kiriya once someone breaks the Gashat, it'll turn out nothing can reverse his immortality, but he _can_ be permanently trapped. Maybe something like being trapped in a game forever... or something as mundane as life imprisonment (a long time for him.)
    • Or you know, being rider-kicked into the sun like a certain Phantom?
    • Jossed - Emu reverses the programming of his powers using the powers of Maximum Mighty X Gashat, allowing him to be killed by Parado once Emu defeats him for good..
      • Zig-zagged - He comes back, revived as a bugster by Poppy - however, she can trap him in a Bugvisor.
    • He is imprisoned in #42.
      • Seemingly has his freedom restored in the finale.

Genm will be instrumental in his own defeat
  • In episode 22 he 'corrupted' Emu's Driver. However, that will end up allowing the Maximum Gashatt to be completed, which is implied to have the ability to nullify his immortality.
    • Confirmed - because he chooses to let Emu live instead of simply killing him off, this allows Emu to use Kiriya's game driver, reach Maximum Mighty Action X and destroying his immortality with its reprogramming. This, combined with him pissing Parado off, leads to him getting offed.

Kamen Rider Cronus is Kuroto's bugster
  • He'll also be the bugster based on the game that started it all Might Action C
    • Jossed - Kamen Rider Cronus is human with all antibodies, Masamune Dan. Also, Kuroto is a bugster himself now, and he's the bugster of Proto Mighty Action X Origin.

Kuroto is an Expy of the villains from Maho Girls PreCure
The villains are basically a bunch of evil counterparts to the heroes that are all killed and revived multiple times over the course of the story with the previous villains being Unwitting Pawns of the true Big Bad who was killed off and replaced early on. And the previous Big Bad's minions were revived and joined forces with the Precure to seek revenge. And to top it off one of the survivors joins the heroes as a good guy.

     Rider Gashat/Future Riders WMG 
Video Game Genres that are going to be represented as a Gashat or as future Riders.
Ex-Aid, Brave, Snipe and Lazer are based on the platformer, RPG, FPS and racing games, respectively. As such, other genres may get a representation as well, such as:
  • Action Adventure Games: A female rider based on a mix of Samus and Lara Croft. Or if male, based on Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Bonus points if the weapon is a whip.
    • Jossed.
  • Puzzle games: His attacks will be based on match-3 games such as Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga.
  • Or they'll be a Master of Illusion who creates puzzles for others.
    • Confirmed. Kamen Rider Paradox will have a Puzzle form.
      • Whose abilities includes area manipulation and free usage of Energy Items.
  • RTS: His powered attacks may require outside resources to activate.
    • Confirmed. Kamen Rider Snipe's Level 50 form is accessed by an RTS themed Gashat called "Bang Bang Simulation."
  • MMO: May summon duplicate copies of himself to simulate a boss raid.
    • Alternately, all Riders get identical Gashats when they're all sent to an Alternate Universe and forced to work together.
      • The identical Gashats thing seems to be confirmed with the Drago Knight Z Gashat, although it doesn't involve an Alternate Universe.
    • In a rather horrific twist, it appears as if Dan's Kamen Rider Chronicle will work in a manner like this, except 'massive multiplayer' in this context refers to EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET, and everyone has to fight and kill each other.
      • Untrue, Kamen Rider Chronicle wasn't exported oversea and it only requires players to defeat Bugsters. Also, Genm Level X has the copies ability.
  • MOBA: Same as MMOs, but must be used if Ex-Aid and his allies are fighting against an equal number of enemies.
    • Jossed.
  • Visual novel: Summon a stereotypical female VN character that will assist him with healing and protection spells.
    • Jossed.
  • Survival horror: Mind Rape-centric attacks.
    • Jossed.
  • Related to the above. Zombie: Necromancer-powers to either summon dead Bugsters or even villains from Kamen Rider Ghost.
    • Confirmed. Genm's Level X form will be Zombie Survival based.
  • Rhythm games: Music-themed attacks (much like Kamen Rider Hibiki), plus Dance Battler attributes.
    • Confirmed, with Brave's Level 3 form.
  • Sports: Plays with balls.
    • Confirmed with Genm's Level 3 form, though it's based on a bicycle.
  • Mons: Summons and commands monsters, probably copies of ones that the Riders have already defeated, although a villainous Rider with this power could be the source of the Monster of the Week.
    • Not quite, but Level 50 Brave can summon mook Bugsters.
  • Stealth: Stealth powers, obviously, perhaps with ninja-like abilities.
    • Kamen Rider Fuma is ninja-based.
  • Educational: Powers involving math, writing, history, and other real-life subjects.
    • Jossed.
  • Indie Games: Abilities that are either surprisingly powerful and awesome or incredibly lame and ineffective.
    • Since Genm created all the games himself, are they all indie games?
      • They're all considered official.
  • Fighting: Allows the user to throw multiple punches and kicks extremely fast.
    • Confirmed. Kamen Rider Paradox will also use Fighting games.
  • QTE: Capable of attacking the enemy at a precise moment or missing the target completely because they struck it too late or too early.
    • Technically, regular fighting is exactly like this. Having a Gashat devoted to this is rather pointless.
  • Hack N' Slash: Fights with a multitude of bladed weapons, such as swords, spears, and axes. Has a combo meter that fills up as they continuously attack enemies without being hit, granting the user bonuses and power ups the higher it gets.
    • Jossed. Same reason as above.
  • Boss Game: Specialized in 1-on-1 fighting, super effective against the Monster of the Week but not so good against Mooks.
    • Jossed. Same reason as above.
  • Surgery Game: A Combat Medic or Deadly Doctor, and ironically one of the few Riders who isn't actually a doctor.
    • Ironically jossed.
  • Idle Game: A Lethal Joke Item that does nothing on its own but gradually powers up the rider's other Gashat.
    • Jossed.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Turns the user into an Ex-Aid-styled version of Kamen Rider Decade. Would probably only be used in the crossover movies.
    • Could work if they do another Super Hero Taisen and have the villains for Kyuuranger team up with an Ex-Aid version of Kamen Rider Fifteen.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: All Riders get identical Gashats in order to take on Bugsters across the country. An additional Gashat based on Need for Speed-style racing games adds a vehicle to complete the Grand Theft Auto homage.
    • If by 'sandbox', you mean 'the entire planet' and by 'all Riders' you mean 'every single person on Earth' and by 'take on Bugsters across the country' you mean 'slaughter each other in a mad blood sport at Kuroto Dan's behest' then Kamen Rider Chronicle fulfills those requirements.
      • That's false, Kamen Rider Chronicle is not exported oversea and players only need to defeat Bugsters.
  • Dating Sim: Poppy might be the key to unlocking this one, since she's the first to see what's up with the couple in #6. It will involve Hiiro finding his Second Love, then finding out she's a disguised Bugster, and will be forced to kill her off just as she's Becoming the Mask.
    • I think that if one of the existing riders was going to get this Gashat, it would probably be Emu instead, since Hiiro's already suffered enough in that regard. Although it would be pretty funny if Taiga was the one who got this one, if only to see him get end up regretting wanting every Gashat.
    • Seems to be confirmed, Poppy will become Kamen Rider Poppy by using the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat. From the title it seems to be a Dating Sim game, though nothing is confirmed at this point.
    • Confirmed, Poppy acquires it from the Toki Meki Crisis Bugster.
  • A more Mario Kart-like racing game: This one replaces the Level 3 Gashat to grant everyone a common-use bike - cue wailing and gnashing of teeth when Kiriya realises it. Like the plethora of powerups in such games, the new bike can seperate into 3 weapon systems - the wheels become Kiwi Gekirin-like melee weapons, the handlebars and front forks become a longsword, the seat and cowl become a shield, while the engine, chassis and tailpipes become a machine gun.
    • Jossed. Though Sports Gamer was used as a bicycle.
  • Card Battle Game: Uses cards as explosives, power-ups, and unit/weapon summoning items as well as having the ability to shift forms at will.
    • Jossed.
  • Beat 'em Up: Enhances raw strength and durability, which makes the Rider a "tank". If Nico was a Kamen Rider, should've been called "Kamen Rider Cyber".
    • Cronus is Kuroto's father Masamune.
      • Cronus was supposed to be a final special character unlocked.

There will be a Rider who uses Puzzles, Visual Novels, and Sims.
And he will show how these can essentially make him a Reality Warper.
  • Puzzle will have him be able to move stuff around, destroying them if they ever make a line or match three in a row.
  • Sims will have him controlling people and having them do weird stuff or even stuff that is bad.
  • Visual Novels will invoke outright Rewriting Reality and give people perhaps the worst ending possible for them.
    • Jossed, Paradox is using Puzzle and Fighting games - but not Sims and Visual Novels.
      • Well, Kamen Rider Poppy does use the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat, which looks like it was based off of Dating Sims/Visual Novels, but so far no reality warping abilities have been used by her.

There will be a rider who is TRULY EVIL.
Since Ex-Aid is a nultiple Rider show, I feel one Rider could be a TRULY EVIL Rider because you cannot have all GOOD Riders in a multiple Rider show! It just doesn't work! He will be the Ouja or Duke of Ex-Aid. This Rider would make it WAY personal for our heroes.
  • Have you seen Genm?
    • I dunno, based on Takatora/Zangetsu's first appearances, he looked like the villain. For all we know, he could only be defending the Bugsters because he feels that there's no other way.
      • From that ending scene, I dunno... Genm/ Dan seems to have a few screws loose.
      • I'm inclined to believe that Genm is truly evil as well - while I can think of one example of a character who defended the Monster of the Week (Toru Hojo), said character wasn't exactly evil, and it wasn't until near the end; and even then, he wasn't directly involved.
  • Has anyone seen the new gashat Hiiro gets later on?
    • Except so far, Hiiro has just as much in common with Keisuke Nago (who, it should be noted, did not become the final villain of Kiva) personality wise as he does with Kaito, plus that would be a little TOO obvious for anyone who's seen Gaim. If anything, it seems more likely that it'll be Taiga that it'll be the evil rider - he could steal a prototype gashat and end up overusing it, with the end result turning him into the final boss.
  • Given he was perfectly willing to murder a child and did kill Lazer, I'd say this is confirmed in favor of Genm.
  • Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus and the true final boss is so evil even Kuroto despises him. Is that enough?

The Movie exclusive form will be based off Movie Tie-In Games
We have movie exclusive forms all the time, so it'd be perfect. Either the movie would be another Toei property (heck, perhaps of the movie itself) or an in-universe movie.
  • It may be a potential Take That! at how most Movie Tie-In Games look like they'll be great but are usually terrible.
    • Semi-Jossed. The movie exclusive form is based on Kamen Rider Ghost. We'll have to wait for the Taisen movie to see if this one's fully Jossed though.
      • Looking unlikely to be Chou Super Hero Taisen, if the plot summary is anything to go off of. We still have the summer movie though...
      • Jossed for his summer-movie exclusive form, Mighty Creator VRX, since it looks like it's based on game development software (or games that let you create levels, such as Super Mario Maker). There's still the crossover with the next rider series though...

The doctor who operated on Emu will become a Rider late into the show
The fact that we haven't seen the doctor's face yet probably means that he's going to be important later on. I myself think that he's going to become a Rider, probably near the end of the show. Since Paradox is probably going to be Parad, this means that the doctor will become an as-of-yet-unrevealed Rider, most likely on the side of our heroes.
  • There's good money on him being the White Wizard of the show, manipulating both Riders and Kuroto Dan, with Parado and Graphite his envoys.
  • Jossed. We've seen the guy who saved Emu now, and the fact that he was infected with the Bugster Virus means that he both hasn't had the immunization operation to become a rider and that he's not working with the Bugsters.

Paradox will be created through the fusion of Graphite and Parado
  • Graphite Bugster's actor received flowers after he finished shooting episode 10, which indicates that he's been killed off. So unless he ends up fusing with Parad as a dying action, this one has been jossed.
  • Jossed. Scan revealed Parado alone will transform into Paradox.

There will be a rider other than Emu who has not had the surgery required to become a Kamen Rider
In Kamen Rider Faiz, the Delta Gear could supposedly work for anyone, regardless of if they were an Orphenoch or not, so why not do the same thing for the game drivers? Maybe tie it in to the WMG for the Surgery Game Gashat, and have the rider in question be someone who has a bone to pick with one of the riders who had surgery, or survived the Bugster Virus and wants to help the other Kamen Riders take the Bugsters down.
  • Confirmed - Parado becomes Paradox.
  • As well as Dan senior and junior.

The in-universe games represented by the Legend Rider Gashats are reskins of the regular games.
  • The Level 2 transformation jingles for the Legend Gashats are based on the regular ones, so maybe their respective games are altered versions of the existing ones as well. So, Kaigan Ghost would be Taddle Quest but with Kamen Rider Ghost as the main character, and Let's Go Ichi-gou! would be Mighty Action X but with Rider 1 as the main character.

Rider Gashat interchangeability...
Basically the supposedly Dummied Out abilities (check the main page for details) come up in a Hyper Battle video. Combinations (listed as primary then secondary slot Gashat used) include:
  • Taddle Quest + Mighty Action X: Equips Brave with the Gashacon Breaker along with his Sword. Naturally leads up to Brave hitting the button on the Breaker with the Sword pommel for Dual Wielding swords.
    • Apparently it doesn't require changing Gashats to 'borrow' weapons, according to #9.
  • Giri Giri Chambara + Bakusou Bike: Turns Lazer into a stripped-down version of his Level 3 form more in line with the other Riders, while summoning a soulless copy of his Level 2 body as a normal bike. Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth when he realises he could have done that the whole time.
    • I kind of doubt that this one will happen, since there's no sound effects for LV 1 and 2 for the Giri Giri Chambara Gashat. Plus, wouldn't it be Bang Bang Shoot that gets combined with Bakusou Bike?

P2 Rider Gashats enter the picture.
Unlike Proto Gashats, these are a pretty obvious cash-in by palette swapping the existing Gashats into Player 2 versions. After Emu unlocks the Power Copying function in Drago Knight Hunter Z, they find a way to replicate the process permanently (on game genres with a player 2 option at least), creating:
  • P2 Mighty Action X in lime green
  • P2 Bang Bang Shooting in burgundy
  • P2 Bakusou Bike in blue and yellow
  • P2 Gekitotsu Robots in blue, obviously
  • P2 DoReMiFa Beat in sky blue
  • P2 Jet Combat in black and blue
  • P2 Giri Giri Chambara in dark red
    • Jossed.

Parado was the result of...
  • Emu's twin brother Lru dying during the surgery
  • Who the hell names their kid Lru?
  • According to the Heisei Generations Movie, Emu's surgery as a child resulted in him living, but with a dormant bugster. As Kamen Rider Ghost proves with Movie Wars Genesis, it may or may not even be canon in the end
    • At the moment, it's been confirmed that Emu was infected by Game Disease as a child and had two surgeries. One in his childhood that saved his life after a car accident and one 16 years later, separating Parado from him. The surgery seen in Heisei Generations is the second one.

Parado will get his Gamer Driver from either...
  • Emu. With recent events, it seems Parado is going to work with the heroes to take Dan down. Given that Kiriya gave Emu his Gamer Driver, it would make sense that Emu would give it to an ally.
    • Jossed - Dan corrupted Emu's regular one, so Emu had to use Kiriya's. The only way that Emu would probably hand over Kiriya's is if Parado gave him Dan's in return, which would be pointless, since if Parad found Dan's, it would be a lot easier for him to just use it
  • He steals Dan's old one. After discarding it for the Buggle Driver, Dan probably placed his Driver in storage or something. Parado would take it just to stick it to him.
    • Confirmed.
      • This might only apply to the final battle.

Kamen Rider Cronus is Dan. Masamune Dan.
  • Kuroto's father is actually the Bigger Bad.
    • Confirmed. This guess has now been acknowledged on the Trivia page under I Knew It!.

Kamen Rider Poppy's Crisis Gashat will be based on..
  • Either Rhythm games or Dating sims
    • Confirmed - the name was a huge hint to Dating Sims, but the Transformation Jingle pretty much confirms that it's based on Dating Sims.

The movie-specific Rider will be a pachinko-themed Rider.
  • Their Critical Finish will be activated by hitting a lever.
    • Jossed for the Ghost crossover (Which had no movie-exclusive rider), Chou Super Hero Taisen (which had an Antivillain version of Hiiro), and the Ex-Aid Summer movie (which has the Ninja-themed Kamen Rider Fuuma). Only possibilities left is either an Ex-Aid Gaiden or the crossover with the next rider series.

Kamen Rider Cronus is
Dan seems unlikely given the name difference, and episode 19 has shown us clearly that M cares more about games than helping people and Kamen Rider Chronicle will probably appeal to him because of that.
  • Jossed, it is a Dan, Masamune Dan.

Kamen Rider Poppy's Finishing Move is a Rider Slap.
It's like a Mitch slap, but the opponent explodes afterwards.
  • Jossed, it is a normal finisher.

Maybe Nico has another Kamen Rider form?
We know that Nico is going to be one of the Ride Players in the series. However, something bugs me off.

Remember the scene where the Riders shows off their Gashats on the opening? In those scenes, the background color when the Riders who shows off their Gashats have the same color as their Rider form's primary color (i.e. Brave is light blue, Lazer is yellow, etc.). If that Rider is dead, the background color becomes grey with a static of whatever primary color that Rider is appearing when the scene shows on the now-dead Rider(s).

For some reason, in the new opening scene, Nico is added to that particular scene. For those wondering/searching where she is, her position in that scene is between the two now-dead Riders, Lazer and Genm. In that scene, she has a background color that can be described as red. Does it means that she has another Rider form apart from her Ride Player form (whose color is brown)?

  • Problem with this is that it would require either them to introduce a second type of Ride trooper (which isn't going to happen in-series, since we would've received catalog scans by now) or her to obtain a belt (which also isn't happening, since it's established that you need surgery to use a Game Driver, and it doesn't look like Buggle Drivers are as common as Game Drivers).
  • Jossed, Nico has only one form as Ride-Player. She tried to assume the form of Cronus, but was stopped by Taiga.

Nico's Ride Player form is a hacked version thanks to her or Taiga
Given that the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat infects the user with an advanced version of the Bugster Virus, it seems pretty unlikely the doctors would approve of her using it without any safety precautions taken first. Plus, the accessories her form's decorated with seems to imply that it's not a normal version of the Gashat letting her transform.
  • Her Gashat is certainly not a normal one - there is the chance that she might end up simply taking her hat off before transforming and putting it back on (a la Kamen Rider Skull), but the other things on her rider suit look like things that would have to be programmed in to be a part of it.
  • Confirmed by Word of God that states she somehow made it level X.

The origin of Nico's level 10
Came from Gamedeus viral strain. Nico was somehow infected by Gamedeus when she first transformed and that allowed her to reach level X instead of level 10. She managed to endure as long as she did because using Bang Bang Shooting caused conditions similar to Taiga's usage of the proto gashats and unknowingly gave her a greater resistance to the Bugster Virus than normal people. When Masamune used reset the Gamedeus virus regressed to the point where it wouldn't affect her again.

Kamen Rider Cronus is Emu from the future.
Specifically, a future where he's beaten Kamen Rider Chronicle and grown bored of being the highest, so he goes back in time to keep playing.
  • Jossed - It's Dan Masamune.

Nico will have a movie-exclusive Ninja-Player Nico form
  • My reason for thinking this is two-fold - for one thing, all signs point towards the Ninja Players being basically Ninja versions of standard Ride Players, meaning that she'll already know how to use the system. Second, Ride-Player Nico is basically a Ride Player with a bunch of accessories that Nico attaches herself; it's not like she'd have to reprogram a Hurricane Ninja gashat to become Ninja-Player Nico.

The next Movie War will have mobile game-themed powerups for the riders
  • Maybe something like Mighty Runner Infinity (Infinite Runner), Taddle Match (Match-3), Bang Bang Defense (Tower Defense), Bakusou Tilt (like a racing game with tilt controls), and Dangerous Idol (idling game, like Cookie Clicker or Best Fiends Forever).
  • Jossed.

     Bugster WMG 
Bugsters will be based on various sicknesses.
  • Jossed, they seem to be based off of video game enemies in the Ex-Aid universe.

Bugsters are Digital Life forms or living glitches.
Since most series involve Phlebotinum Rebel, my guess is the Bugster will be either video game glitches or actual video game characters having gained sentience and periodically entering the real world.
  • Confirmed to be video game characters brought to life by a glitch.

Bugsters are being created...
By heartless hackers who only want to cause trouble for the world.
  • Jossed. They were caused by literal video game bugs that somehow began transferring to humans.

Alternative from Illness-based, Bugsters might be based after real-life Computer Virus or glitches.
  • Confirmed.

The Bugsters will be based on iconic videogame villains.
  • If by "iconic videogame villains" you're talking about ones from the Ex-Aid universe, then Confirmed. Otherwise, pretty much Jossed.

As an extension of the above, the Big Bad will be based on Albert Wesker
For a Plague Master in a gaming-themed series, it would be appropriate.
  • Not quite, but there are some resemblances personality-wise.

Bugsters are side effects of pushing medical progress too far.
By using the same technology from a fictional software that is used for advanced gaming.
  • Jossed, their creation doesn't have anything to do with medical progress.

Bugsters look like the human they were born from
Basically like a viral Enemy Without version of the Phantoms
  • Seems jossed, as Graphite's human form isn't even the same gender as his host.

Bugster higher ups will be Shout Outs to previous Neo-Heisei Kamen Riders
  • Parado:
    • If the rumors about Parado being Paradox are true, you have someone who switches between a fighter and a puzzle solver respectively. The purple and black helps link him to the joker memory.
  • Graphite:
    • He's got a red, yellow and green right forearm, and basically looks like a monsterfied version of a character from Monster Hunter, which is fitting since OOO basically took parts of the Greeed to create his various forms.
  • Jossed with Lovelica's pink appearance as well as Poppy's.

The strongest Bugster is Patient Zero.
  • It's implied Graphite was born on Zero Day, so it'd make sense and fit the medical scheme.
    • Jossed. Patient Zero is Emu.
    • Jossed even further - Gamedeus, the final boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, is stated to be the strongest Bugster, and as previously mentioned, Emu was patient zero.

In addition to the evil Bugsters...
  • There are also "good" Bugsters.
    • Think of them as being like the good microbes in your gut and such that help your body.
      • They are a big part of the surgery people have to go through in order to become a rider.
    • Confirmed. Emu and Hiiro knew all along that Asuna/Poppy is a Bugster.

Parado is the Bugster that was born from Emu.
  • Confirmed in #28.

The Burger Bugster was created similarly to Poppy.
In that no patient was involved in creating him.
  • Jossed - turns out both Poppy and Burgermon were created the same way as a any other...

Tsukuru's monk game ideas are going to be implemented into Parado's Perfect Knock-out form.
It is based on a monk, maybe it's also a sign that Parado's going to pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. Perfect Knockout is not based on Tsukuru's ideas, but Parado made a Heel–Face Turn in the end.

Ren Amagasaki is the bugster from the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat
  • He has Bugster abilities, and he was able to hypnotize Poppy into doing his bidding...almost as if he had used attract on her...hmmm...
    • The possibility of him being a Bugster is highly likely. As mentioned above, when he is 'convincing' Poppy to do the song, there is a quick shot where you can see his eyes are glowing blue, combined with the echoing voice and the pink glow on the screen. Also, he's shown to be working with the Bugsters. Where is true loyalties lie remains to be seen.
    • Confirmed. He's a rose-themed Bugster known as the Lovelica Bugster.

Parado infected Kuroto with 8 Bugsters all in one go.
That was how he was able to revive them together with Graphite.
  • Jossed - turns out that a Bugster can be revived if the data was saved, and as it just so happens, the data of the other 8 bugsters had been saved.

The Kill All Humans mindset of the Bugsters was implanted by Kamen Rider Chronicle
The Programming is what caused Parado to become obsessed with killing all humans despite not appearing to have that desire earlier. Chronicle altered his programming so he can't resist the desire to kill humans.
  • This doesn't extend to just the Bugsters either. The Ride-Players will also suffer from this Hate Plague explaining some of their less sane actions.
  • Jossed. Bugsters have this mindset because most of them came from violent games. Parado wants to punish humans for creating video characters as Designated Villains they can let their frustration out on. The less sane actions of Ride-Players are mostly caused by their Too Dumb to Live attitude.

Gamedeus is to Masamune what Parado is to Emu
Masamune was the other Patient Zero for the Bugsters, but while Parado is Emu's Bugster, Masamune's is absent. That's because it's Gamedeus.
  • Jossed. If Masamune has a Bugster, we don't get to see him. It's definitely not Gamedeus.

Jiro Maki's Bugster is Lovelica
It's shown that Jiro succumbed to Game Disease and that those who do give birth to Bugsters who are "perfect", using a human form and using the Bugvisor to transform. Ren Amagasaki is just one of two Bugsters who are able to do that, but we never really see who's the victim he's born from is. Thus, it could be Jiro Maki's.

     Other WMG 
At some point there will be a crossover with Segata Sanshiro.
  • Jossed.

There is something... off in Kamen Rider universes...
...that allows for the base technology leading to Ex-Aid's events. Think about it, we have the robot rebellion in Kamen Rider Drive, the turn-them-Adel Demia network in Kamen Rider Ghost. If this happened in Real Life (and we somehow survived), chances are ALL information technology development, including very ground-breaking game systems, should (and must) be monitored, hell, even terminated. But in Ex-Aid? Nope, nothing happens...
  • Heck, it could be any one of the past organizations that are behind this, making sure new monsters are created for their own purposes. It could even be Foundation X behind it all, since we haven't heard from them in a while and helping the creation of new monster races was sort of their thing.
    • They could end up releasing a movie that ties Foundation X directly into the events of Gaim, Drive, and Ex-Aid, and reveal that the events of Wizard and Ghost were related to a spin-off of Foundation X.

The Riders are working TOGETHER to clear all 10 games.
Near the end of Ep.2, you'll notice that when Brave gets his Taddle Quest "GAME CLEAR!" announcement Mighty Action X is marked as clear. So I doubt Hiiro can clear it again, as apparently only one Rider can clear a game. The only way a single entity can clear all 10 in this case is if the entity is a team.
  • Doesn't seem like this is the case in Episode 3, though...
    • In a roundabout way, confirmed. The Riders are indeed all clearing the Gashats together. It's just that the whole thing about collecting the Gashats was a big fat lie engineered by Kuroto Dan to get them to clear the games and give him all the Data he needed, leaving only collecting the Bugsters between him and creating Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Asuna/Poppy is actually a patient on a life support MacGuffin.
Likewise, this could be intertwined with Brave and Snipe's backstory, as well as be a reference to MegaMan.EXE.
  • Jossed, she's a Bugster.

In addition to the regular Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Team-up, at least one Megaranger will show up at some point.
Considering that Den-O appeared in ToQger despite the two not airing together, it's not out of the question for Sentai and KR series that aired at different times to crossover. So, it would make perfect sense for a video game/device-themed Sentai to appear in a video game-themed Kamen Rider series.
  • I'm sorry, but...WHEN did this happen? They shared a writer, but I'm PRETTY sure Den-O never showed up in ToQger.
  • They might have been thinking of the Super Hero Taisen movie where the Denliner combined with To Q-Oh.
    • ^That's exactly what I was referring to. I should have said "teamed up with" instead of "appeared in".

One-shot crossover with Kamen Rider Amazons
Alternate Continuity much? Maybe a Corporate Warfare between Seito Hospital and Nozama Pharmacy. Or both Ex-Aid (and his allies) and Amazons (Omega and Alpha) team up and fight the new breed of threat: Amazon Bugster who are Serial Killers. The Amazons team will be on front while Ex-Aid team act as support helping wounded victims.
  • Considering that Amazons takes place in an alternative community (at the bare minimum, it's the same as Kamen Rider: The First and Kamen Rider: The Next), it's pretty unlikely, especially since the first Ex-Aid movie is going to have the main rider team up with Wizard, Drive, Gaim and Ghost - all of whom exist in the main continuity as the regular Kamen Rider universe. At most, there might be a passing reference (maybe at one point later on, the virus will get even worse, and Nozama will be mentioned as a company that tried to develop a vaccine).
    • Confirmed in a roundabout way - the Amazons will show up in Chou Super Hero Taisen.

No, all the crossovers are being saved for an ACTUAL video game.
It'd be the perfect time to make a new Battride War or a new Massive Multiplayer Crossover. Not only past Riders, but with Pac-Man in the movie the doors have been opened for every other Bandai Namco property.

The Origin of Asuna/Poppy would be explored in later episodes
I mean how on earth did they make a video game character come alive?! It's impossible! Poppy was already there during Zero Day! Maybe Genm Corporation are involved with her origins.
  • Touched upon casually in the Christmas Special, she's a Bugster
    • Events following #28 show she is Bugster that came from Kuroto's mother that was infected by Kuroto specifically so she would die of Game Disease and he could preserve as data.

Poppy was created the same way the Bugsters were
She's not a Bugster herself, but was created from the same glitch that made them. I mean, her game is one of the Gashats with that glitch. This sounds like a likely theory to me.
  • Or Asuna really is a Bugster and a complete one at that, seeing how she has a human form. Asuna, being a Bugster with a heart, didn't want to kill her host but circumstances led to her becoming complete against her will.
    • The Christmas special had Poppy reveal she was a Bugster, but didn't explain much else, so this is partially confirmed.
      • All but confirmed - Parado stated that she was created the same way as normal Bugsters.

There will be 1 Major Character to get KILLED OFF
Given this one is DARKER than Ghost, There might be 1 MAJOR Character that will get killed off. It could be Kamen Rider, allies or even villains.
  • This isn't anything new. Villains are killed off all the time and riders are no strangers to death. That being said, Kiriya's dead.
    • That being said, Kuroto is dead too. Both are revived as Level 0 Bugsters.

There will be BIGGEST Wham Episode
Once this episode will air, nothing is the same anymore.
  • Confirmed - see above. Hello #12 and #29.

The crossover with Uchu Sentai Kyuranger will be a huge homage to either Galaga or Asteroids
Unless they end up not having the two series crossover (which is pretty unlikely, since all post-Kamen Rider Double series have had the main teams collaborate in some form, either in a special or a movienote ), it seems PERFECT for them to reference 2 of the oldest space related video games.
  • Jossed.

They will tone down the comedy and abandon the Victim of The Week format
Since this is a Multiple Rider Show and most of them are DARK, the comedy will be heavily toned down and they will abandoned the Victim of the Week since CGI monsters will be too expensive and Level 1 Form will be used rarely in the later half and there are too many Riders to focus on Victims of the Week.
  • Ziggzagged. They didn't abandon the Victim of the Week format until close to the finale. Level 1 was dropped in favor of the more powerful ones. The comedy shifted away from slapstick but actually increased in amount, becoming a stable part of most episodes. Just check the Nightmare Fuel and Funny pages.

Saiba Nico is Kiriya's little sister.
And her real objective is getting all the Riders to fight and kill each other. The details of Kiriya's death might be covered up or otherwise muddled, leading her to target all of them.
  • Problem: she hasn't interacted individually with Ex-Aid, Brave, or Gemn - while the last one we can overlook because it's not exactly clear if the public knows Dan Kuroto is Gemn, if that really WAS her objective, wouldn't she want Brave and Ex-Aid to have motivations to fight the other riders?
  • Jossed, she is just salty over something Emu barely remembers.

Alternatively, Saiba Nico is the daughter of one of the doctors that were involved in giving Emu the Game Virus
She isn't shown to be hostile towards Brave, and she seems to want Snipe (the one who has the most antagonistic relationship with Emu) to defeat Ex-Aid. She's after him because he was the only one to survive the experiment, and she believes he was responsible for killing her dad. Plus, if she was really Kiriya's little sister, it would have made more sense for the Motors Bugster to be the one who infect her.
  • Jossed for both counts. She's just pissed at Emu for beating her in a video game.

Asuna/Poppy is the Bugster that manifested from Emu.
  • A possiblity considering that we know very little of their past.
    • If that was the case, wouldn't it make more sense if she was a bugster from Mighty Action X?
      • Unless Emu's game virus infection somehow created 2 bugsters, this one was jossed by the events of Heisei Generations - Parado is Emu's bugster.
      • Just like how Da Vinci murdered Ryu Tenkuuji?
      • Given the movie's dubious canonicity this one's up in the air.
      • Okay, another reason why this one is jossed: Poppy has a full human form. As we know from Graphite, in order for a bugster to become complete, they have to kill their host. And not only is Emu still alive, Poppy was around long before we found out the truth about Emu.
      • Episode 28 jossed this one - Parado is Emu's bugster.
      • Jossed even further by episode 31 - Poppy's the bugster from Dan Kuroto's mother!.

The whole series is a secret spiritual successor to Captain N: The Game Master.
  • For whatever reason, there are an unusually high number of similarities between the two.
    • Maybe Ex-Aid could be called a Series Doppelganger?

Ju Ju Burger is a third-party game.
Though the game itself is probably not authorized by Gemn.
  • Confirmed? Kinda. It was made by a Genm employee, not Kuroto.

There will be a ban-all-video-games arc.
It will be initiated by the general public, mainly parents, to protect their children from harm.
  • Seemingly averted as the Health Minister went public with the Bugster Virus, and there's a general lack of public outrage or backlash. Maybe it's just Values Dissonance though.
    • They did end up recalling (and presumably temporarily banning) Kamen Rider Chronicle, but nothing to the extent as suggested by this WMG.

Masamune Dan isn't that much better a person than his son.
Because... That'd be a good twist, no?
  • Not entirely out of the question - when Emu and Poppy visited him in prison he didn't mention the effect that his wife's death had on his son. At the very least, this DOES suggest that he didn't get along with Dan Kuroto before Kuroto framed him.
    • Confirmed, The apple did not fall far from the tree.

Poppy will be killed by Genm.
In order for him to collect data on a Bugster from DoReMiFa Beat, possibly even the last one he'll need to complete Kamen Rider Chronicles.
  • Don't count on it. She is based on the mascot, not the villain. All the bugsters that have been used in the creation of Kamen Rider Chronicle have been based on villains from the gashats. Plus she's going to become a Kamen Rider herself.
  • Jossed now that he's dead before he could get to her. And further before that, him crying out for the DoReMiFa Beat Bugster to come out when she's already there implies that she's not the one he's going to hunt down.
    • Turns out she WAS the bugster for DoReMiFa Beat, but he wouldnt' have needed to kill her - Parado was able to get her data without killing her. But still jossed.
      • Ironically, killing her would've been the last thing he would've done, since she's HIS MOTHER!.

The "Millennium Bug" spiel was a lie programmed into Kuroto's head to distract the heroes from the true Big Bad

A secondary theme this season is blending of interests
  • Emu, The Protagonist, is both a Gamer and a Doctor, meanwhile Hiiro and Taiga are just doctors. Emu always get new equipment faster and usually the best at the time. So far the strongest forms are those that are a combination of lesser games, with Maximum Mighty X combining Ex-aid's level 1,2, and 3 forms and Perfect Knock out combining both of Para-Dx's, with MMX being the key to an even greater form. Meanwhile the strongest game otherwise, Kamen Rider Chronicle, is a massive multiplayer crossover of all the other games and affects the entire country.

Building on the above some later feature will give Brave and Snipe level 99 forms

Genm Corp is a branch of Foundation X.
  • The Brave special reintroduces Foundation X to the franchise, and they've shown interests in the various trinkets of the franchise. What if they had decided to create their own by acquiring Genm Corp after Zero Day?

Foundation X helped create the Bugster Virus
  • Zero Day happened 5 years ago around the time of Kamen Rider Fourze, the last series they were involved with. Maybe by the end of Ex-aid or the next series their true motives will be revealed.

Ren used his mind control powers on the CERO staff to get them to rate Kamen Rider Chronicle A.
  • The thing is literally a weapon of mass destruction designed for genocide, there had to be something nefarious going on to make that rating happen.

Poppy's host might have been the real Asuna
  • Assuming that there actually was one and Poppy decided to take on her identity. Another possibility is that instead of what usually happens with any Bugster host, Asuna somehow ended up taking over Poppy or became one with her, and neither of them actually remember what happened.
    • Jossed - Poppy's host was Dan Kuroto's mother.

Parado does not like his Bugster form.
The reason he does not transform into his Bugster is because he doesn't want to; it reminds him of a monster whose purpose is to be defeated by heroes.
  • Possibly Jossed since Parado first manifested as a young kid during the Bugster separation surgery, possibly like Poppy, his costumed human appearance IS his Bugster form.

Or Parado never tried to use his own Bugster form and will be shocked by the result
and to make a twist, he will be revealed to be a protagonist of a game which will cause internal conflict between his own philosophy and where it could have come from.
  • Jossed. He seems to manifest from Emu's wish to have a friend to play with.

There may have been one last side-effect to Masamune's reset.
Due to resetting everything back to before Emu had his Hyper Muteki Gashat, this seemed to also undo all the events that happened afterward, such as the the Doctor Riders getting their Gashats stolen, Nico's infection from Gamedeus' virus, and Kuroto having 25 of his lives back (only to lose 12 of them again, apparently from overworking himself while making a new Hyper Muteki Gashat). The prototype Gashats also seem to be back in Masamune's posession. All of this could imply he might have accidentally undid his own act of deleting Saki's data. Meaning there might be another chance to bring her back for Hiiro.
  • Seconded.
    • Seems to be confirmed by the final episode, where Saki is listed among the victims who Emu is determined to bring back.
    • Ultimately confirmed by Brave & Snipe, where she's temporarily revived and Taiga mentions that the reset restored her data.

Post Series V-CINEMA guesses
Given the existing spin-offs focuses, the focus will probably be on either Kiriya, Kuroto or Poppy.Original Forms will likely be a LV 50 for Lazer (Bakusou Kart perhaps) or the LV 100 for Snipe based on Bang Bang Tank.
  • Another guess: they'll be themed around either DLC or a New Game+.
  • Para-DX, Poppy, and Cronus don't have specials named after them yet. It'll probably be one of those, most likely Para-DX.
  • It turns out there are THREE V-Cinemas: one for Brave and Snipe, one for Para-DX and Poppy, and one for Genm and Lazer.

Brave and Snipe Speculation
Confirmed is that both Saki and Amagasaki Ren will be reappearing, and possibly that Taiga will become Cronus. Speculation follows:
  • Taiga will get a Level 100
  • Nico will become Cronus
    • Jossed. Taiga becomes Cronus with the Buggle Driver Zwei.

Para-dx with Poppy speculation.
Confirmed is the appearance of a black version of Para-dx called Another Para-dx, who uses the Gashat Dual Gear Another. Speculation follows:
  • A big theme will be Parado atoning for his sins.
    • Jossed. It's Parado and Poppy affirming that they have hearts despite being Bugsters
  • The Gashat Dual Gear Another contains the data of those killed by Parado's Game Virus during Kamen Rider Chronicle.
    • Jossed
  • Another Para-dx is the incarnation of those killed by Parado.
    • Jossed. It's Masamune's Bugster
  • Burgermon will reappear. Tsukuru is supposedly in this part so it makes sense.
    • Jossed

Genm Vs Lazer
Confirmed is the God Maximum Mighty X Gashat, and possibly an associated form that is Level Billion. Speculation follows:Lazer will defeat Genm over a long battle by gradually using Level 0 to lower God Maximum Gamer's level significantly.
  • Jossed. Lazer uses Masamune's Reset to depower Genm

In a crossover with Kamen Rider Ghost and Fate/EXTRA CCC...
Ganma/Bugster hybrid forms of the Servants in Extra, as well as Bugsters of BB, Passionlip and Meltlillith, will appear.

Ghost will have to fight the Servants and their Masters, who are their counterparts in the real world with their memories overwritten, and collect their eyecons to complete his part of the game.

Ex-Aid will have to contend with BB and the Alter Egos as she has turned the area into Sakura Labyrinth and is trapping people inside, including Ghost. BB will transform into Kamen Rider BB using a Buggle Driver Zwei and a Fate Extra CCC gashat.

There will be Damashii of the Servants and the Alter Egos for Ghost to use in his fights.

Finally, both will have to face Kiara as she plans to bring the world to Enlightenment. She uses the Buggle Driver Zwei of BB to capture and absorb BB and the Alter Egos and the Hans Christian Anderson eyecon (stolen from Takeru) will be used to turn Kiara into her Heaven's Hole form. Takeru will feel offended by the false Buddhism of Kiara, and Ghost will use the Alter Ego forms to weaken her before both finishing her off with their final forms.

From now on, when Kamen Rider Diend needs a bike to ride on, he'll summon Kamen Rider Lazer.
Since its default form is a bike.

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