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    Episode 1: I'm a Kamen Rider! 
  • First and foremost, the special effects on this episode are amazing. The video game graphics that appear throughout Ex-Aid's first fight are really cool.
  • Emu takes down the horde of Bugsters pretty impressively, and with relative ease considering this is his first time fighting as Ex-Aid!
  • Ex-Aid's Rider Kick. It's insane. Not since Drive have we seen a Rider Kick this flashy!
  • Ex-Aid blowing on the Gashat before executing his Finishing Move. Why is this awesome? Because that little bit wasn't in the script! An action that was so in-character for Emu, a pro gamer, and it wasn't planned.
  • The fact that he, in Level 1, can beat a giant monster easily. Compared to many Kamen Riders in their Pre-form (Like Ryuki's Blank Form, Den-O's Plat Form, ect.) It goes to show that Level 1 isn't just a goofy form to be skipped for Level 2.
  • Other than the brief shock from Salty (Which didn't even damage him), Emu didn't take a hit since. he. transformed. Hell, even the shock failed to even slow him down.

    Episode 2: Two Geniuses? No Thank You 
  • Genm showing up and proceeding to hand both Ex-Aid and Brave their asses with a frightening precision. All without uttering a sound.
  • Brave's Transformation Sequence.
  • Brave and Ex-Aid using their Finishing Moves at Alhambra almost in unison. Talk about overkill!
  • Emu calling Hiiro out for his Lack of Empathy towards his patients and outright admitting he's staying on with CR because he can't stand the idea of someone like Hiiro being the only doctor available.

    Episode 3: That Guy Appears With a Bang! 
  • Snipe easily defeating the giant form of the Revol Bugster. The finishing move with him spinning like a bullet is just freaking cool.
    • Just...factor in that it took Snipe about 10 seconds to separate the Bugster from its host.
  • Taiga defeating a bunch of Bugster soldiers without even transforming.
  • Snipe's Level 2 Transformation Sequence is possibly the coolest one among the riders so far, being quite elaborate compare to Ex-Aid or Brave.
  • Ex-Aid tanking a bunch of hits from four copies of the MOTW at the Kamen Rider equivalent of 5% remaining HP.

    Episode 4: An Operation Called Dash! 
  • Let's put it in plain and simple, Genm owned this episode. Beating the crap out of the other 4 Riders without any problem and walking away like a BOSS after that.
  • Taiga, after having his rider gauge drained to almost zero, walked away calmly like it was nothing. To compare, Hiiro, who also got his gauge drained, could barely stand after that. It just goes to show that Taiga's status a veteran Rider isn't just for show.
  • We get a Rider vs monster motorcycle battle again, and it's awesome. Ex-Aid's transformation as they race is an awesome visual. And the finisher Ex-Aid and Lazer pull off Lazer's tailpipes release a burst of flames, burning the Bugster to a crisp.

    Episode 5: Everyone Gathers, a Clashing Crash! 
  • Again, Genm proceeds to almost own the episode by easily beating Lazer, Brave and Snipe. As a Level 3, his power is higher than all of them.
  • But this time, it's Ex-Aid who truly owned the episode. Two Words: GEKITOTSU ROBOTS! Even Ex-Aid's way of getting the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat from Collabos Bugster is amazing by defeating it with a single Mighty Critical Finish. Of course, once he became Level 3, Ex-Aid proceeds to turn the tide against Genm and defeats him easily, ending with Genm's Rider Gauge almost dropping to Zero.
    • Three more words: GEKITOTSU CRITICAL STRIKE!. Seriously, it is awesome. First, Ex-Aid launches a Rocket Punch to Genm which sends him flying and then the POV shifts to Genm's as he is being pushed back before returning to normal and Ex-Aid finishing it by inserting his hand into the robot arm and unleashes a devastating punch.
    • Adding more to it? Instead of trying to beat Genm and Collabos head on, he exploits the Power Ups that drop out of his crates to get a strength buff that evens his power up enough for him to deflect one of Genm's attacks and use his finisher through Collabos' Rocket Punch. Shows why he's a 'genius gamer': he's smart enough to counter an opponent with a higher level than him with tactics rather than brute force.
  • Hats off to Taiga. Pulling off a bunch of awesome moves and being the only Rider other than Ex-Aid to land a hit on Collabos. He also last the longest against Genm Level 3, Collabos and Graphite, even managing to counter Graphite's attack and almost lands a hit on Graphite. Even more awesome is that he did it by using the "spinning bullet" finishing move of his Level 1 form. This shows us again that Level 1, even with its cute form, is not to be messed with.
    • Him dodging the Collabos Bugster's Rocket Punch attack is definitely this. Bonus points because Brave gets hit instead.

    Episode 6: A Hollow Beating in the Heart! 
  • Ex-Aid and Brave manage to beat down a Collabos Bugster with Level 1 before Graphite interferes.
  • Graphite's using his Sword Beam to counter Brave and Snipe's unison attack and winning, easily blowing them away. Ex-Aid only managed defend himself by using Level 3.
    • Later, Graphite pretty much dominated in his fight against Brave Level 2
  • The items show their worth once again. Brave gets a High-Speed power-up and speeds past Graphite before performing an ice-skating-slide towards the Collabos to OHKO it.
    • In fact, Brave used the exact same strategy that Ex-Aid used to obtain the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat. Using a power-up item to get past a powerful enemy and defeat the Bugster to get i ts Gashat.
  • The Beat Gamer manages to wipe out all of the mooks with rhythm projectiles.
    • Doubles with Funny Moment, but Hiro using CPR to utilize Beat's power. It totally fits his character.
  • Brave Level 3 easily defeating Graphite, returning the favor from earlier.
  • Credit to the creators for coming up with a music themed form that isn't just 'send exploding music at the enemy' and giving something much more creative.

    Episode 7: The Essence to Some lie 
  • Ex-Aid and Lazer perform a double finisher against the Collabos Bugster, drifting around it while the Gashacon Breaker's blade is slicing through it!
  • Lazer Level 3 is an overly complicated and detailed clustered mess of a suit that's on the same level as Samurai HaOh in its insanity. And it looks awesome.
    • Eveything about Laser Level 3 is awesome, especially the transformation. The way the bike parts turn into samurai armor is just unreal.
  • This episode reminds us again, that despite his playful nature, Pallad is still one of the Bugster's higher ups. He actually manage to block a Critical Finish from a Level 3 with just one hand. The attack doesn't even harm him.
  • Kuroto and Pallad's plan to discredit Kiriya and deflect suspicion on Kuroto as Genm's real identity. Not only does it work perfectly, this shows that the antagonist are not just run-of-them-mill villains, but a group of intelligent, dangerous people.

    Episode 8: Men, Fly high! 
  • This episode shows us every Rider in their Level 3 forms!
  • All the fights in this episode is awesome. Whether it's the fight between Snipe vs Collabos, Ex-Aid & Brave vs Snipe, Lazer vs Genm, it is a truly action packed and badass episode.
  • Snipe kidnapping the Jet Collabos Bugster (yes, you read that right) to goad Emu and Hiiro into fighting. He first defeats Brave, then lures Ex-Aid into a trap and takes him out along with the Bugster. At the end of the episode, Taiga walks away as the winner, having obtained both the DoReMiFa Beat as well as the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat.
    • Snipe's Level 3 finisher deserves a special mention of its own, since he unleashes his entire arsenal.

    Episode 9: Blow Away the Dragon! 
  • Ex-Aid living up to his reputation as the genius gamer and Determinator once again, not to mention being pissed off for almost the entire duration of the episode. After Snipe blasts him with a Gekitotsu Critical Finish and swipes the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat from him, Ex-Aid ignores the disadvantage at being a level lower than the opportunistic Rider and employs the exact same strategy that he used in Episode 5, namely utilizing his lightning-quick reflexes and a power boost from one of the blocks, in order to stagger Snipe and snatch it right back.
    • And even before that, he pulled a fast one on Snipe - he was gonna give the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat, but then he immediately pulled back with a quip. It was short, but it showed that Emu was not having any of Taiga's shit during that day.
  • Gashacon Breaker + Gashacon Sword + Mighty Action X Gashat + Taddle Quest Gashat = MightyTaddle Critical Finish!
    • And to finish that scene? He throws away Brave's sword in a way that you could tell he was not happy with Brave.
    • The way that Emu nabs the Gashacon Sword from Brave's very hands, and then discards it like junk when he's done, shows that M is a badass who gives no shits.
  • Level 5's Transformation Sequence is very epic and majestic.
  • Level 5 is yet another cluttered mess that also looks amazing at the same time.
  • A minor one at the beginning of the episode, but Kuroto having successfully predicted that Graphite would steal the Prototype Gashat once again proves he's a step ahead of everyone.
  • If the next episode trailer is any indication, then in Episode 10 the Riders are finally going to work together!

    Episode 10: Doctors Out Of Line! 
  • It's a minor one, but Kyotaro's Bugster Virus is shown to have proceeded to the point where he's basically invisible. Despite that meaning he's stressed beyond belief, he stays calm and in control.
  • Emu's plan to make everyone work together and unleashing the Co-Op Multiplayer Gashat's power. He called each Rider, saying he'd give him the Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat. Turns out he only did that to make them all come at the same place so all of them can clear the game with Ex-Aid acting as the boss monster, allowing the Gashat to create copies of itself for the others to use.
  • The last battle with Graphite. Despite all four of them bickering with each other the battle is a complete Curb-Stomp Battle in the Riders' favor. It ends with a Spam Attack duel between the Riders' collective Finishing Move and Graphite's attack with Graphite unable to keep up with the onslaught of attacks.
    • Though Graphite was able to keep up for a while, cementing Graphite's Badass stature.

    Episode 11: Who's the Black Kamen Rider? 
  • The guys are actually in sync this time with Drago Knight Hunter Z.
  • Villainous example: Genm's Rider Gauge is depleted after a failed last ditch attack on the patient. It's been established that the depletion of the rider gauge results in death but Genm counters the effect with the Dangerous Zombie Gashat, effectively making him undead.

    Episode 12: The Targeted Silver Xmas! (Christmas Special) 
  • The fact that the Ex-Aid and Brave are now strong enough to take on the battle with the Bugsters in stride and essentially play around with them.
    • Also with Ex-Aid at level 1 completely destroying Salty level 3(?), though this could be also attributed to the huge boost that he received from the Christmas energy item and Brave's rhythm buff combined.
  • A villainous example, Genm in Level X manages to deliver a curb-stomp battle and kill Lazer.
    • Though even as Genm's Critical End is approaching, Lazer attempts one last spinning kick.

    Episode 13: Defined Destiny 
  • Alhambra Bugster's back at level 5. He's clearly learned from Salty only grinding up to Level 3 and isn't messing around. He even gained a new spell that can freeze the riders in place, which he use deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to them with ease.
  • Genm completely No Sells everything Emu throws at him with Drago Knight Hunter Z, once again showcasing the massive and unfair advantage Kuroto has with the Zombie Gamer form.
    • He later does the same with Snipe's Level 3 Jet Combat form, a form that has previously been shown to be able to Curb Stomp two other Level 3 forms single handedly.
    • The Critical Dead finish summons a horde of an energy zombies at the enemy. Genm has effectively become a necromancer.
  • Emu's natural immunity to the Bugster virus kicks in and his Split Personality gives the blank Gashat the data needed to transform into the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat.
  • The debut of Double Action Gamer Level X, who easily defeats Zombie Gamer. If it wasn't for his Resurrective Immortality, Genm would've lost the fight quickly.

    Episode 14: We're Kamen Riders 
  • The transformation sequence for Double Action Gamer Level XX is truly amazing. Once again, the special effects team really excelled themselves.
  • Double Action Gamer vs Zombie Gamer and Alhambra. The two Ex-Aids use their "super cooperation play" to utterly annihilate their opponents.
    • Double Action Gamer's Critical Strike. It's ridiculously awesome! One of most flashy and epic the Rider Kicks in the entire franchise.
      • Even XX-R thinks its overkill!
  • Hiiro reminding us again that he is "The Super Surgeon who Never Fails" as he effortlessly operates on a patient's cancer. "There is nothing I cannot cut", indeed.
    • To elaborate: Pancreatic cancer is one of the most - if not THE most - malignant cancers there is, and even if successfully operated on it's more than likely the cancer will return and the patient's days are numbered. The surgery itself is risky and dangerous and the patient stood a good chance of dying on Hiiro's operating table, ruining Hiiro's surgeon stats and career. Despite this, Hiiro risked his career anyway to save a person who had resigned himself to death and will probably die soon anyway, just because he could. And given said patient is a recurring character and in good health from then on out, Hiiro seems to have outright cured it.

    Episode 15: A New challenger Appears! 
  • Here comes Para-DX! who easily curb-stomps Brave, Snipe and Ex-Aid.

    Episode 16: The Paradox of Defeating M 
  • Snipe using Full Dragon. While he still loses in the end thanks to Genm's Resurrective Immortality, it was still pretty awesome, nonetheless.
    • Asuna drags Nico in to see that the Doctor Riders are not playing a game, but fighting for lives (theirs and their patients). Nico copes with the realization for a while before taking mop from nearby trash and charging at Kuroto with it. Granted, he swats her aside, but the pluck!
  • Para-DX combining the Muscular, Speeding-Up, and Invisible items and easily defeats both Ex-Aids XX L and XX R.

    Episode 17: A Nonstandard BURGSTER? 
  • Despite Ju Ju Burger's design motif, Emu shows that it's anything but useless by using the skating control scheme of the game to completely outpace Snipe and dodge everything coming his way.
  • Props to this week's patient Kobushi Tsukuru who not only took it upon himself to make games in Kuroto's "absence" but even managing to make his own Gashat at Level 4.
  • Ex-Aid managing to finish the Ju Ju Burger game without having to kill the Burgermon Bugster.

     Episode 18: The Truth Exposed 
  • We were given an appetizer of what would happen if someone were to push Pallad's Berserk Button in #16, and now we get to see the full extent of Pallad's rage when he's pushed way past his boiling point. The only reason this even qualifies a spot on this page is because he directs all that anger on perhaps one of the most unhinged and irredeemable bastards in the history of the franchise...and it was extremely satisfying to behold.
    • Firstly, he goes all flaming Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs on Genm Zombie Gamer Level X as Fighter Gamer Level 50, eventually sending him crashing into the base of a mountain. He then switches to Puzzle Gamer Level 50 and absorbs not one, not two, but three Muscular items and scores a direct hit on Genm's chest, succeeding in actually knocking him out of the transformation!
      • To elaborate Para-DX hits Genm upwards of thirty times, with the last hit sending him flying several feet through a quarry and into a mountain. And even though he does get back up, it takes him longer this time around. The asshole got a well deserved Curbstomp Battle.
    • Before that, the combination attack of Ex-Aid and Snipe against Genm. It was short, but the two worked perfectly together.
  • Kuroto going full Magnificent Bastard after his beating at Pallad's hands and revealing to Emu he has the Bugster Virus while laughing maniacally just to stick it to Pallad, who wants to keep Emu around for the sake of having an equal against which to fight.

     Episode 19: A Sudden Fantasy!? 
  • Hiiro providing several arguments to back his proclamation of truly being the world's greatest doctor.
    • Learning from Ex-Aid's battle with the Gatton Bugster, he tricks the Fantasy Gamer support robot into absorbing a Confusion token which causes it to attack Genm, after which he swipes the Gashat Gear Dual β by taking advantage of the ensuing chaos.
    • Despite the risk, he willingly exposes himself to a large amount of Bugster Virus contained in the Gashat while transforming into Fantasy Gamer Level 50 and just when it looked like he would succumb to the virus, he suppresses it through sheer willpower and promptly follows Para-DX's lead by doling out a Curb-Stomp Battle to Genm (and the Gatton Bugster too), appropriately accompanied by a Castlevania-esque Leitmotif.
    • He also successfully manages to 'wake up' Ex-Aid's civilian persona to seize back control of his body from 'M'.
    • Hiiro being perfectly willing to use the Mighty Action X Gashat to transform and fight. Had Emu not come to steal back the Gashat, Hiiro would've transformed into Ex-Aid.
    • By the way, being a Demon King and all, he gets to control an army of Bugster grunts to sic at both Genm and Gatton!
    • And not just army of Bugster. He also gains Gravity Master, Barriers, teleportation, Summon Magic, a combat ready Badass Cape and back eye sense! We can say now that Level 50 is a general pack of awesomeness!
    • He also manages to reclaim both Taddle Quest, so he can now use the Gashacon Sword again, as well as Drago Knight Hunter Z! All he's missing is DoReMiFa Beat.
  • A massive Jerkass he may be, M shows why he's called a "Genius Gamer" when he beats Gutton while only using his Level 3 Gekitotsu Robots form, energy items, and a little know how to defeat an enemy who's level is ten times higher than his. Sure he doesn't finish him, but he keeps him on the ropes the whole time.

     Episode 20: Take off in a Storm! 
  • The fight between Brave Level 50 and Para-DX. For the first time since he first appeared, someone actually managed to fight Para-DX on equal ground
    • Hiiro even seemed to be gaining ground on Pallad, even hurting him enough to force him to use two recovery items to keep fighting. If the tolls of Level 50 had started just a little bit later, he might have won.

     Episode 21: Track Down The mystery! 
  • Snipe Level 50 vs Para-DX. Snipe is able to use his powers without straining himself out and is actually able to make a tie with him, with both de-transforming after being hit with their respective Finishing Moves.
  • Taiga goes to Tsukuru to make a countermeasure against Genm's Dangerous Zombie Gashat, more specifically, a countermeasure against the latter's Resurrective Immortality. While Played for Laughs, this could be the origin for this series' Super Mode.
  • Brave shows that while he cannot yet handle the strain of Level 50, he's now more than capable of handling Level 5 Full Dragon. Furthermore, despite the fact that he's only a level 5, he's able to defeat the level 30 Kaiden Bugster with the use of a Muscle-Up Energy Item showing that he's also becoming more gaming savvy.
  • Villainous example: Kuroto has now achieved Dangerous Zombie's Level X. Genm's transformation is so powerful now that it releases massive amounts of energy, then he shows that he can now keep up with Ex-Aid Level 20, a form previously shown capable of curbstomping him before.
    • In the preview for the next episode, Genm can be seen defeating Ex-Aid Level 20 while breaking one of his Gamer Drivers.

    Episode 22: Scattered History! 
  • Kuroto tricking Emu into a one on one fight by infecting himself with the Bugster virus.
  • After achieving Level X, Genm can now create clones of himself, allowing him to be in two places at once.
    • Not only that, but his upgraded Critical Dead summons a horde of Zombie Genm clones. That ability alone is terrifying.
      • Oh, but it gets worse. You see for someone with a Gamer Driver it no longer explodes. Instead it merely corrupts the Driver, making it impossible for that Rider to ever transform again. Which makes the pool of opponents Genm has to worry about shrink...
    • The fact that Kiriya's research will be the basis for Maximum Mighty. Even in death he's helping his friend, and screwing with Kuroto.

    Episode 23: Unlimited Dead or Alive! 

    Episode 24: Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions! 
  • The teamup between Emu and Lucky against Motors, Gutton, and Kaiden. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • The phenomenal teamwork between Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga in the episode is no exception.
    • First, they finish off the three Bugsters in Maximum Gamer Level 99, Hunter Gamer Level 5, and Simulation Gamer Level 50.
    • When Sora ended up in pain again, Emu and Hiiro try to help ease her injuries a bit while Taiga calls an ambulance. Nico even lampshades how effective they are as a team.
  • Parado manages to go unnoticed from the Doctor Riders with his schemes of starting Kamen Rider Chronicle as having Ren brainwash Poppy back to their side.

    Episode 25: Start The New Game! 
  • After being on the receiving end of a beating from the other Ride-Players, Emu finally has enough and transforms into Maximum Gamer, causing everyone to run away.

    Episode 26: Players Who Bet on Survival 
  • Kamen Rider Poppy utterly Curb-stomping Ex-Aid and Snipe. Also doubles as a Funny Moment since Poppy doesn't loses her cuteness when fighting, with her using some dance-inspired moves. And of course there's her Critical Crews-Aid, which is cute and awesome at the same time.
  • Hiiro improvises and is awesome while at it again.
  • The three Riders vs Pallad and his two Bugsters. The Riders doesn't pull any punches and goes immediately into their most powerful form, utterly beating the crap out of their opponents. Special mention goes to Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer, who, for the first time, managed to drive Para-DX into a corner. His battle style is also incredible, jumping in and out of the Maximum Gamer suit while using the suit as an automaton. Even Para-DX is no match for it.

     Episode 27: Love and Peace for the Winner 
  • Nico as Ride-Player Nico is just as awesome as Poppy in her rider form and even more ridiculous.
  • Taiga rushing to Nico's aid is nothing less than pure concentrated badass, even more so after he spent most of the episode either running around like a madmen or being shoved and punched by her.
  • The various hints throughout the episode that Poppy's original personality is Fighting from the Inside. She expresses concern over the fact that humans only have one life and when Taiga succeeds in curing Nico she utters a "Thank Goodness" while showing a sincere smile. The kind goofy girl we remember is still in there somewhere.

     Episode 28: Beyond Your Identity 
  • Emu wanted Poppy to remember on her own, but when she endangered another human as Kamen Rider Poppy, he decided that enough is enough. He reprogrammed her data to make her forcefully remember, proving that good is not dumb.
  • Emu is not nothing but stoic badass when defending Poppy from Pallad. He is in this mindset when urging her to shoot him, too. It's so great to see him smile at her, because awesome or not, it was just eerie.
    Emu: You want to kill humans, right? You want to Take Over the World, right? SHOOT ME! DO IT!

     Episode 29: We're me? 
  • Pallad as Perfect Knock Out utterly demolishes the battlefield before walking off with Emu in tow. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do against him.
    • In detail, we find out that Perfect Knock Out possesses the special abilities of Perfect Puzzle and Knockout Fighter. Puzzle shields, fire punches, and the ability to combine Energy Items. Did we mention that he can use Energy Items to power up the Gashacon Parabragun? He also no sells pretty much everything Brave and Snipe throw at him. All this plus a new Image Song make this a memorable debut for the form.
  • Nico challenges Pallad-possessed Emu. He brushes her off as insignificant, but still that was some real bravery from her.

     Episode 30: Strongest vs Strongest 
  • As the episode's title suggests, the battle between Super Modesnote . Ex-Aid's Maximum Gamer and Para-DX's Perfect Knock Out Gamer. First Ex-Aid battles in the Maximum Gamer suit before abandoning it to launch himself at Pallad and fight using Action Gamer's Combat Parkour. Throughout the fight you can see both of their Rider Gauges drain, yes, even Pallad's. It all ends between with a clash between their Finishing Moves. While Emu may have lost the battle, Pallad's Rider Gauge shows just how close it was as his was at the minimum.
  • Kuroto's back and he's looking for Revenge, letting us see what Level 0 has to offer.
    • While obviously not powerful enough to take down Pallad's Level 99 form, the fight isn't anywhere near the Curb-Stomp Battle that Perfect Knock-Out normally gives with Genm continuously coming back for more, without the Resurrective Immortality Dangerous Zombie had.
    • When Pallad gets fed up about his battle being interrupted, he tries to possess Emu again. Only to find out that he can't, Poppy then explains that the Game Area generated by the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat weakens the abilities of Bugster Viruses. Despite who owns the Gashat, the Doctor Riders now have a new and highly effective weapon at their disposal.
    • Also, note that in the preview of the next episode, both Taiga and Hiiro are seen holding Gashat Gear Dual Beta in their hands. Yup, they do not have to share the Gashat anymore since both of them now has one each. Given that Kuroto is revived and he's the creator of the Gashat Gear Dual Beta, it shows that as much as an evil person Kuroto is, it turns out he's pretty willing to help the Doctor Riders beat Pallad, even if it means he has to create another Gashat Gear Dual Beta to even the odds.

     Episode 31: Forbidden Continue? 
  • Both battles between Genm Level 0 and Para-DX Level 99. In the first battle, Kuroto reveals that the simple act of coming into contact with his Level 0 form will cause Para-DX's level to drop, fast. How fast? A few seconds was all that it took for Perfect Knock Out to go from Level 99 to Level 75. The Oh, Crap! from Para-DX as he quickly pushes Genm away is palpable.
    • When Pallad tries to kill Kuroto... again, Kuroto simply respawns almost immediately saying that the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat gives him 99 continues. Ladies and Gentlemen, Genm's Resurrective Immortality is back!
    • In the second battle, Genm and Ex-Aid team up against Para-DX and it's a complete Curb-Stomp Battle in their favor. Genm uses numerous Energy Items in order to stay in contact with Para-DX to the point where not even his skills can let him keep up with Ex-Aid Level 99. The battle ends in a three-way Speed Blitz when all three of them grab Speed-Up Energy Items before Ex-Aid and Genm release their Finishing Moves, boosted by the Speed-Up Energy Items.
    • The combination attack deserves a special mention here. Not only does it looks visually awesome, the cooperation between the two was superb to the point that you won't even know these two are bitter enemies. Plus, it looked like it was ripped straight from a video game.
  • Poppy's decision on using force to restrict Kuroto after attempts at playing nice failed shows she is not kidding around.

     Episode 32: Judgment Received! 
  • The gang goes into what should be their final fight with the high level Bugsters - Pallad, Graphite and Lovrica - while Excite plays in background as true Awesome Music.
  • Being a Bugster has a LOT of advantages for Kuroto, and among them is transforming into Genm Level X-0 without Dangerous Zombie's side effects. A simple Driver switch and combining Dangerous Zombie's stats with Proto Mighty Action X Origin's drawback removing skill takes him into a whole new level of being DANGEROUS.
  • All of Kamen Rider Cronus AKA Masamune Dan's debut fight. First, he transported the Riders and Bugsters and then casually strolls into the battle between the Riders and Bugsters. He then revealed that not only has he infected himself with the Bugster virus 16 years ago to be able to transform into Cronus, but also claims that since he is Genm Corp's president, he is the true creator of Kamen Rider Chronicle. As it turns out, he has been using them all along for his own, currently unknown plans. Yes, even Kuroto. Turns out, this guy is an even bigger Magnificent Bastard than his own son and Pallad. And after transforming into Cronus, he then proceeds to curbstomp ALL the Riders and Bugsters using his time manipulation ability. Even Para-DX, Ex-Aid and Graphite Level 99 are no match for him. Even worse, he has the ability to permanently kill even a fully manifested Bugster, which he demonstrated when he kills Loverica, whom Graphite is no longer able to resurrect. We also got the first glimpse of the Final Boss Bugster: Gemdeus. Even better, Cronus is the key to defeating Gemdeus. Needles to say, THE FINAL BATTLE has truly begun.
    • Now, that's an arrival worthy of a video game final boss.
    • Because of his Time Master abilities, fans have put him at the same level of threat as Kamen Rider Odin. Except Cronus doesn't have his host holding back his abilities.

     Episode 33: Company Reform 
  • Kuroto and Emu's plan to defeat Cronus, with Kuroto secretly hiding in his Bugvisor II after he got Game Over. That means the time altering effects of Cronus don't apply to him. He pops out, tackles Masamune, undoes the pause, giving time for Emu to use reprogramming. If Hiiro didn't betray them, the Doctor riders would have defeated Cronus right there.
  • Despite clearly being out-matched in terms of power, Hiiro is perfectly willing to fight Cronus one-on-one. Had it not been for the pause/restart power, Hiiro might've been able to beat him.

     Episode 34: The Fulfilled Rebirth 
  • Hiiro, now taking orders from Cronus, defeats Level 99 Ex-Aid! Granted Emu didn't want to fight in the first place but the fact that the Level 50 Taddle Fantasy was able to take down the Level 99 Maximum Mighty X is awesome in its own right.
  • Parad and Graphite enter the Game World of Kamen Rider Chronicle in order to collect a sample of the still dormant Final Boss Gemdeus as a weapon against Cronus.
    • In order to cultivate the virus, Graphite injects it into himself. He then immediately screams in pain from the stress it's putting in his body. That's right, Gemdeus is so powerful, just a tiny sample of his dormant virus strain can nearly overwhelm a Level 99 Completed Bugster. Nightmare Fuel it may be, but awesome.
  • Emu decides to get serious and shows Hiiro just how big the power gap between Level 50 and Level 99 really is.
  • Parad and Graphite's plan works! Almost, injecting Gemdeus' virus into Cronus' Bugvisor II does indeed nullify Cronus' Pause ability which would make the fight more even. However, Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo Level 0 had other ideas and nullifies the virus with his Level 0 ability.

     Episode 35: Partner Rescued 
  • We were told before that the Proto Gashats have "unlimited potential" and the newly revived Kiriya shows us just how much they can do.
    • Lazer Turbo Level 0 takes on Genm Level X-0 and takes the advantage despite the power boost Level X gives Genm.
    • He then uses the Proto Shakariki Sports Gashat whose Finisher is strong enough to give Genm a Game Over.
      • Emu is able to No-Sell this by grabbing the Armor-Up Energy Item.
    • In his second battle, Lazer Turbo pulls out Proto Jet Combat and uses it to hold down Maximum Gamer
  • Last episode, Graphite injected himself with a sample of Gemdeus' virus strain, here we see that it's breaking him down with Tainted Veins, reminding us once more just how powerful Gemdeus is.
  • Nico acting as support for Taiga by tossing him the Recovery Energy Item right before Cronus' pause, allowing Taiga to get up almost immediately after taking Cronus' attack.
  • Emu's Reprogramming attempt on Kiriya. First Kiriya uses Alhambra as a Human Shield but from the explosion comes a second strike that hits dead on. While it didn't work because Kiriya is following Cronus out of his own volition, the combo attack was awesome nonetheless.

     Episode 36: Perfect Invincible GAMER 

     Episode 37: Resolution of the White Knight! 
  • As aptly referenced by the episode title, the debut of Brave Legacy Gamer Level 100. Despite a measly one level difference, Hiiro manages to not only outduel Parado, but also come to within a whisker of giving the Bugster a Game Over. Had it not been for Nico butting in and interrupting his coup de grâce, Masamune would have won then and there.
    • Later on in the episode, the immense power of the Taddle Legacy Gashat takes a back seat to Hiiro's tremendous skill as he expertly handles two Level 99 Bugsters coming at him from both sides, and knocks them out of their battle forms with an AOE Taddle Critical Finish at the end.
  • Emu, Kiriya, and Poppy taking on Cronus in order to take the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat. If it weren't for Masamune revealing his plan to De-Power Emu, the three would have defeated him right then and there.
    • What makes this more awesome is that Poppy, the female lead, joins the fight against Cronus and tells him he won't have his way, thus proving Poppy to be another badass female Rider like Yoko or Nadeshiko.

     Episode 38: Period Of Tears 
  • Kuroto fights Masamune to keep him away from Parado. No matter how many times he is beaten he still keeps on coming, losing 24 lives in the process.
  • Emu proves to have as strong determination at fighting Masamune as Kuroto and does his best even when he is forced to fight barehanded.
  • Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer and Brave Legacy Gamer teaming up and landing a synchonized finisher on Cronus.
    • It's even better when you recall that Cronus just used a Metal Body Energy Item to defend him self, and the two riders were still able to break through with ease.
    • And even awesomer when you see the Pre-Asskicking One-Liner from Hiiro.
    Hiiro: You're the "cancer" of this world, and I'll eliminate you!

     Episode 39: Goodbye Me 
  • The visuals are even better than usual. The various ImagineSpots connect with reality in one fluent motion so that the point is made yet nothing stands out.
  • There's one for Graphite, when he reveals he can now move during Pause! It may not help him long in that particular fight, but it still means there's a new player on the table in a Paused fight.
    • A villainous one for Masamune when he follows this up by kicking Graphite over some hardly measurable distance, breaking a tree on the way there. And Graphite survived the aformentioned kick injured but intact.
  • Emu's absolute curbstomp of Pallad is both terrifying and epic at the same time. Not to mention this line which feels like retribution to something Pallad said a while back.
    Emu: You have to get the ending you deserve!
    • What makes this more epic is that he does this while defying Villain: Exit, Stage Left. Given how often the villains in Ex-Aid pull this off, especially since Masamune pulling this trope off last episode was what led to the situation of this episode, it's satisfying to see Emu finally tell someone to pretty much knock that shit off and that there'll be no meeting again.
  • This episode marks the very first time that Toei ever did filming underwater.

     Episode 40: Destiny Reboot 
  • The beginning of the episode is pretty much a four on one fight between Hiiro, Taiga, Kiriya, and Kuroto against Masamune. Since Emu cannot transform at the time due to Parado dying in the previous episode, the four remaining Riders use Hyper Muteki and get around the 10 second invincibility time limit by switching it between each other. It actually works and they lay some good hits on Cronus...until he uses Energy Items and Pause to steal their Gashats and Gamer Drivers.
  • Emu using Mighty Brothers XX to bring Parado back to life. Turns out everything he did the previous episode was a Batman Gambit to finally make Parado understand the value of life and what death actually means so he could redeem him.
  • Emu and Parado defeating Cronus in the most epic way yet. By the end of the fight, Masamune is beaten and suffering a Villainous Breakdown at seeing his Gashat destroyed.
  • Masamune resetting time in order to eliminate Hyper Muteki.

     Episode 41: Reset Game 
  • With Hyper Muteki gone due to Cronus' Reset, Parado and Emu do battle with Cronus first in Mighty Brothers XX, then with Maximum Mighty X and Perfect Knock-Out. Despite the massive power disadvantage they do incredibly well and give their moniker of Genius Gamer M incredible justice.
  • Graphite refuses to join forces with the CR Riders like Poppy and Parado and instead faces off in one final battle with Taiga and Hiiro.
    • Due to Gemdeus' power, Graphite is now beyond Level 99, despite this, Brave and Snipe are able to match him as the battle lasts from literal Dusk to Dawn.
    • Graphite reveals his reason to exist, to act as a game enemy and do battle, nothing more. This culminates in him fending off and sending Cronus flying when he tries to interfere with the finishing blow. Why? Because the Riders defeated him, fair and square. Then, due to Gemdeus' power, Graphite's Ultimate Absolute Final Crimson Dragon Slash managed to overpower Cronus' Critical Sacrifice! He then proceeds to just go right into the finishing blow.
    • Nico performing a proper Finishing Move to defeat Graphite with Taiga's Gashacon Magnum: Rider Critical Finish, and the recoil of the shot is so powerful that Nico gets thrown back!
  • Dan recreates and improves Hyper Muteki in the span of a single day and night, working himself so hard that he burns through several of his lives.
  • Meta example: the writers using the Game Over gags to give exposition into the fact that Reset gave Dan most of his lives back instead so they don't stall the plot.

     Episode 42: God Descends! 
  • As the episode's title suggests, Gamedeus makes his appearance and he does not disappoint:
    • Simply forming caused a massive burst of airborne Gamedeus Strain viruses to spread and infect people en mass.
    • Kuroto mentioned that he has power greater than all the other games combined and he proves it against Hyper Muteki Ex-aid and Perfect Knock-Out Para-DX, specifically he can use enhanced versions of all of the abilities of the previous Bugsters such as Kaiden's Sword Play, Alhambra's Magic and even Graphite's Crimson Dragon Slash, keeping the two Riders constantly on the defensive.
    • The fact that Gamedeus can push Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid and Perfect Knock-Out Para-DX when he was designed to do battle with only a single Cronus, a power set that has proven to be weaker than Hyper Muteki.
  • Kiriya's Batman Gambit to create a cure for the Gamedeus infection. Working from Graphite's ability to adapt to the Gamedeus virus strain he deduces that Bugsters are the best possible candidate for developing an antibody, thus he infects both Kuroto and himself, Level 0 Bugsters that can weaken the Gamedeus virus, with the collected viruses from the patients and battles him to the death in order to place stress on their bodies, creating a situation where it's "develop the antibody or die."
    • The battle itself, Lazer holds out for the entire battle on his one life while Genm is reduced to four lives, reminder: Genm previously had 82 lives.
    • In the end, it's Genm that develops complete resistance, waltzing through the spray of Gamedeus viruses, that previously left him screaming in pain, while just laughing.
    • Crossing over with Heartwarming, Kuroto showing a rare moment of mercy and transferring antibodies to Lazer when he was at his limit and about to die.
  • From the battle, Kuroto develops the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat, a Gashat designed specifically to destroy Gamedeus with ease. How easily? One Doctor Mighty Critical Finish was enough to cause Gamedeus' stats to plummet, cure all of the infected patients before he was defeated and leave the Bugster in critical condition.
  • Masamune, watching over Gamedeus' status from his office, intervenes when he realizes that Gamedeus is in danger. Upon seeing that Gamedeus is finished and cannot continue, Cronus destroys the Bugster himself, while not in Pause to prevent complete destruction, and absorbs the remnants to replace Gamedeus as the Final Boss.
  • Props to Parado being able to support Emu so effectively despite not breaking through the Level Cap like the others.

    Episode 43: White Coat License 
  • After lagging behind all the other Riders for a while now, Taiga finally gets caught up. How? By becoming a second Cronus!
    • Why is Taiga capable of transforming into Cronus? Because he's been a Kamen Rider for five years which allowed his antibody to develop a wider immunity, wide enough to withstand (albeit painfully) every Bugster virus strain.
    • Although Masamune wins due to his power, Taiga managed to hold his own with Cronus' power. Unlike Masamune, as he's incapable of using Pause due to using a Gamer Driver instead of a Bugvisor II, he instead uses his honed fighting prowess and the never-before-seen feature of summoning every Gashacon Weapon. This contrasts with Masamune's reliance of Pause, Cronus' raw strength to win his battles, and lazier fighting style, showing that Taiga is a more skilled Rider.
  • After absorbing Gamedeus into himself, Masamune has evolved into a combination of the Bugster and Cronus, which is shown to be an even bigger threat than both of them individually.
  • Hiiro and Emu pulling Big Damn Heroes to Taiga's and Nico's aid while they are in Game World of Kamen Rider Chronicle. It crosses into heartwarming as they tell Taiga that they have his back before teaming up against Cronus.
  • When Cronus attempts to use the previous strategy of luring Ex-Aid into the path of his allies' projectiles, Snipe and Brave reveal that they weren't aiming for Cronus, but each other's shots so that they will ricochet off of each other and into their intended target.
  • Taiga, in the Level 50 Bang Bang Simulations gives the final blow. Not the powers of Cronus.
  • When it appears that Cronus is defeated, he instead dusts himself off and reveals his One-Winged Angel Form. Kamen Rider Chronicle is far from over.

    Episode 44: The Last Smile 
  • Kamen Rider Build's Cameo Appearance. Genm (in Level 0) tries to take down the infected patients but is interrupted by Build who uses the Rabbit Tank form to take Genm and jump to a more secluded area. Build then changes into Gorillamond and defeats Genm with ease, giving him a Game Over. Reminder: Level 0 has stats equivalent to Level 10.
  • Poppy's Heroic Sacrifice. By injecting the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat into herself, Poppy breaks down and scatters across the entire city and puts Gamedeus Cronus' Pandemic to a stop before it hits full momentum.
  • Everybody (sans Parado and Emu who were with Poppy) steps forth to Gamedeus Cronus for the Final Battle
    • In the first fight, the riders manage to prevent a complete Curb-Stomp Battle on their end by having the comparatively weaker Snipe and Lazer constantly shoot from a distance and the stronger Brave and Genm fight up close.
  • Instead of the final form, it is the goofy, ridiculous looking Level 1 forms that managed to pull awesome action against the last boss form, by using a series long Chekhov's Gun.
    Asuna: You can't separate a Bugster from a patient unless you're Level 1!
    • Kuroto is both a source of Funny and Awesome moments in this battle. After being grabbed by Gamedeus Cronus he still has the gall to remark "Your [Gamedeus Cronus] head is high!" before being launched into a Twinkle In The Sky... Almost. Genm crashes back down with a cry of "Bow down to my Godly talents!" and slams the arm into the ground, stomping on it for good measure.
    • Snipe pulls out his giant Energy Bullet technique one more time.
  • Parado's heroic sacrifice, which is also a tearjerking moment. In order to make amends for his crimes, he uses his Level 99 form to hold down Gamedeus Cronus so that the others can perform the Finishing Blow. Immediately afterwards he plugs in Doctor Mighty XX in order to eliminate the separated Gamedeus before it could become a danger, the latter act results in his death.
  • Despite losing his power up, Masamune dusts himself off and proclaims that with Parado gone, Hyper Muteki is no longer a danger to him and prepares to fight once more with the vanilla Cronus form.

     Episode 45: Endless Game 
  • The preview alone consists of a dramatic orchestral version of the theme song, Emu attempting to take on Cronus untransformed, all four Doctor Riders giving their Heroic Resolve, transforming together, and a shot of them ready for battle that looks an awful lot like the one from the opening credits.
  • Emu overcomes Pause and punches Cronus' Bugvisor Zwei so hard it breaks. Epic beatdown of assembled team ensues.
    • He doesn't just break the Bugvisor Zwei, he hits Cronus so hard (it must be emphasised, while not transformed) that Cronus goes flying back and smashes through the clock he's had since his first transformation.
  • Kuroto was able to bring Poppy back intact just from leftover data. He is GOD after all.
    • Also, anyone who thought they had Fridge Logic as to why Emu could still transform at ALL with Parado "gone"? Kuroto thought of it first.
    • He also managed to get in a bit of Calling the Old Man Out after Cronus' ultimate defeat.
    "Masamune Dan, yours is a dream that will never be more than just a dream."
  • The five Riders absolutely dominating Cronus in their Level 2 forms once his ability to Pause is removed, culminating in Emu dealing the final blow in a clash of Rider Kicks and delivering the perfect Bond One-Liner: "Game... clear.". All set to ''EXCITE''.


    Heisei Generations 
  • First of all, the untransformed action in this movie is awesome. Extra points to the Girigiri Chambara Bugster with her Chinese kempo and swordsmanship.
    • The Riders are also not slouches themselves. They fight the Bugsters without transforming and managed to hold their own quite well. Emu, on the other hand…
  • When Shinnosuke regrets that he cannot transform into a Rider anymore to help the heroes (because Mr. Belt sealed his gears to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands), and everything looks bleak… cue Dynamic Entry from everyone's favorite space god, bringing Mr. Belt from the sealed Drive Pit.
    Shinnosuke: "Well, as expected from god."
  • The Legend Riders' fight against Zaizen's underlings accompanied by their respective series' openings as Theme Music Power-Up). Calling them Curbstomp Battles would be an understatement. They even cycle through their various major forms to finish the goons off!

     Legendary Rider Stage 
  • The creation of the other Legendary Rider Gashats. Kuroto used the Ganbarizing game to get the data and infused it into various Gashats.
  • Emu's skills when using the powers of his predecessors.
    • Genm one ups Emu with the usage of the Wizard Gashat and gives him a solid beatdown before finishing with a Rider Kick, knocking Ex-Aid out of his transformation. The music and fight choreography for this brief battle is just superb.
    Kamen Rider Brave: Let's Survive 
  • Hiiro managing to hold his own against the Beast Rider Squad, and even winning all on his own.

     Kamen Sentai Gorider 
  • How the Game World is destroyed. Because Kuroto Dan took on the form of Blade and used Undead powers, it alerted the real Kenzaki, who, as a Joker Undead was drawn to anything relating to the Undead. Furthermore, per the rules of the Battle Fight, if the Joker Undead is the only Undead existing in any world, said world will be destroyed. Ergo, Kenzaki being the only Undead in the Game World, causes the Game World's destruction.
  • Watching the Kamen Sentai Goriders in action. Once they come into play, the enemies and Kuroto cannot even slow them down as they mow through the Shocker mooks and easily destroy them. It's also implied that the Goriders are actually stronger than Ex-Aid Level 99!
  • Gorider Hurricane and Gorider Bazooka with Ex-Aid. The awesomeness must be seen to be believed.
  • In general this entire special is really well made and written. Many or most Kamen Rider crossovers tend to be just an Excuse Plot for the riders to work together and beat up the bad guy, but this special shows us good use of their characterizations and in Yoko Minato's case even furthered it than the show did other than just being a follower of Kaito Kumon. note 

     Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode Zero 
  • Part 1:
    • Taiga is in a virtual simulation armed with the Gashacon Magnum for the first time. He stumbles around for moment, but then he gets grip on the situation and attains a near perfect score by shooting all the viruses.

  • Part 2:
    • How Taiga defeats the giant monster version of Bugster in this part's start.
    • Seeing him go on even as the Proto gashat's side effects wreck his body shows off his Determinator qualities. Unfortunately, this effort starts destroying everything around him and probably causes Maki enough stress to disappear in a blink of an eye.
  • Part 4: BANG BANG TANK note 

     Hyper Battle Video Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Para-DX 
  • Kuroto proved to be scheming bastard once again. He lured Emu and Parado into clearing a game that somehow allowed him to escape his prison. The special ends on a cliffhanger leading to the events of Another Ending.

     True Ending 
  • Kuroto is down to single life. What he does? Points it out and goes on.
  • Emu uses Mighty Creator to "draw" a rocket, copy it about three dozens of time and then unleash all of them at Nagumo.
  • Kuroto and Parado save everyone from being killed by Gamedeus Machina's One-Winged Angel form in their first encounter.
  • Hiiro and Emu managing to successfully operate and remove Madoka's brain cancer. The cancer was terminal and nigh impossible to be removed, but Hiiro isn't called 'the Super Surgeon Who Never Fails' for nothing and that's without Emu at his side. What's more, this is vital for Fuuma to be redeemed.
  • The entire Final Battle.
    • The fight between Gamedeus Machina and Ex-Aid Hyper Muteki switches between wide action shots to show the scale of the fight and first-person views of Ex-Aid attacking Gamedeus to make it feel like a true video game fight.
    • Here, Ex-Aid gets to show off all sorts of abilities he never got to in the original, such as flight, whipping his hair around to make tornadoes, and slicing one of Gamedeus Machina’s arms off.
    • Not to be outdone, Gamedeus corners Ex-Aid onto a concrete building with the tip of his giant sword tail, shifts into sword mode and slams into Ex-Aid at full speed. It doesn’t even scratch him.
  • Build's whole cameo counts.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage 
  • The whole shows is just amazing with the level of special effects that is very close to those of the TV show.
  • Gamedeus gloats to Poppy that Bugsters are enemies of humanity. Poppy tells him off despite the fact she knows he is probably going to kill her for that.

     Another Ending 
  • Brave & Snipe
    • Taiga once again becoming Kamen Rider Cronus, this time using the Bugvisor II. If you remember the series, this was stated to kill anyone that didn't have perfect immunity. While the transformation doesn't hold for long, it's good while it lasts.
      • Seeing the good guys use pause, after having to watch Masamune abuse it, is also a very cathartic experience.
    • Dan Kuroto's entire plan going off without a hitch, with the Riders none the wiser of his actual goal.
  • Poppy & Para-DX
    • Poppy and Parado fight with Zaizen's monstrous form and Another Parado.
    • The next step in Kuroto's plan is to absorb the data of Another Parado by biting on the Bug Visor. That's about as much confirmation of his Creepy Awesome qualities you need.
  • Genm Vs Lazer
    • Kuroto hits Masamune with a freaking MOON.
    • Kuroto and Kiriya have a final fight.


  • The absolutely amazing opening credits. Both the song and opening sequence are great throwback to the earlier Heisei Era, with its mysterious and dark atmosphere, especially when compared to the previous seasons' generally lighter tone in the opening. The special effects for the sequences are also excellent.
    • After being absent for several episodes, the opening is finally back in episode 25 and it's just as, if not even more awesome than the first, with excellent effects as always and complete with an Early-Bird Cameo of Kamen Rider Para-DX level 99 and Kamen Rider Chronos.
    • The opening was redone for Snipe Episode Zero, playing the second verse of EXCITE instead of the first and with Snipe replacing Ex-Aid in the first part.
  • The fact that the series succeed at being a loving homage to retro video gaming, managing to make it look awesome, while at the same time lightheartedly poking fun at it without mocking it. Obviously, many older video game fans are very appreciative at this.
  • Every one of the Rider's Transformation Sequence. From Level 1 and up, every transformation sequence is awesome to see and hear.
  • The OST is just phenomenal. There are some real earworms in there.
  • Just the fact that the series is able to pull of a bright pink protagonist with big anime eyes and pinker hair is just amazing. Hats off to everyone for pulling a total Gaim on us.
  • The return of Kamen Rider Ouja in a spin off series with Brave.
  • Guess who's back for Chou Super Hero Taisen?!
  • The fact that for the first time in the series history, the female lead is be upgraded into a full Kamen Rider of her own, when Poppy becomes Kamen Rider Poppy.
    • Cute angels, kicking ass and taking names. Poppy and Nico make for an awesome Action Girl duo.
  • While Gaim is the first series to have two different female Kamen Riders with Marika and Idunn, (Wizard doesn't count since while there are two female riders in that show, both of them use the same Rider form: Kamen Rider Mage), since Idunn only appeared in the movie, Ex-Aid will be the first series where two different female Kamen Riders appeared in the TV series (Poppy and Ride Player Nico).
  • The fact that just about every episode of the series has one or more moments worthy of being a Moment of Awesome, much like Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • The entire plot of Ex-Aid was written and managed by one writer. Hats off to Yuya Takahashi, writing every single episode of the series much like Riku Sanjō with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Toshiki Inoue with Kamen Rider Faiz before him.
  • After the final episode aired, Toei advertised the Another Ending sequel trilogy. The website almost immediately went down due to the number of fans accessing it.

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