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"God" suddenly became a lot less intimidating. Also… 

Being one of the darkest Kamen Rider series doesn't mean the goofy aspects of them are ignored. Those goofy visual style and designs are here to aid you in this Crapsaccharine Medical Drama.

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    Episode 1: I'm a Kamen Rider! 
  • We are introduced to our main character, Emu… being pulled back into the hospital from his game, by a co-worker who pulls him by the cheek. And then he trips on the game system that he was playing on earlier.
  • The zoom out after Emu transforms into his Level 1 form (complete with a "WTF?" sound effect playing with each zoom) is pretty hilarious, especially his reaction to the form.
  • While fighting the horde of Bugsters, Ex-Aid goes to smack one of them on the head with his hammer. However he stops just before impact, letting the Bugster put the metal wok he's holding over his head. THEN Ex-Aid smacks him, making a comical BWONG sound.
    • For added effect, the Virus first puts an egg scrambler over his head, until realizing his mistake and replacing it with the wok.note 
  • Right before Ex-Aid performs his Critical Strike, he blows on the Cartridge, like it was an old Nintendo cartridge.
  • Emu's "What the hell am I looking at?" face when Asuna reveals her true identity. It's somewhere between slackjawed shock and a crazed smile.
    • Probably everything from the "Costume Change!" up to the "See you Next game", full stop.
    • Heightened by the fact that up until The Reveal Asuna had been portrayed as yet another serious female lead like Kiriko and Akari before her.

    Episode 2: Two Geniuses? No Thank You 
  • Emu joins Hiiro (Kamen Rider Brave) in battle as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and proceeds to immediately change into level 2 form. Just as he poses... Asuna runs on over and reverts him to Level 1 mode. He then tried to change to Level 2 mode again, only for Asuna to yank the lever back before he can even change shapes.
  • The chief harshly asks why Emu is still in the facility before Asuna answers that he's working here now. Hearing this, he immediately welcomes him.
    • Speaking of mood whiplashing, when Hiiro calls Asuna Poppy Pipopapo, she briefly switches into her cheerful mode before swapping back and asking him not to do that.
  • At the end of the episode, Hiiro takes a knife from Poppy... so that he can cut the apple pie his father brought him himself.
    • To elaborate, he's holding his hands up as if he was about to perform a surgery. He does the same thing before he transforms...meanwhile, a nurse has to put the belt on him.
      • That's Truth in Television, as surgeons suit up and get instruments in a similar manner. However for a Rider to be doing that is just hilariously bizarre and yet, also very fitting with Hiiro's perfectionism.
  • This exchange between Ex-Aid and Brave just sounds like banter between two Let's Players.
    Brave: You don't even know the basics of surgery? Sounds like you're a doctor in training.
    Ex-Aid: I could say the same to you! You aren't even opening the treasure chests! Would that make you a game novice?

    Episode 3: That Guy Appears With a Bang! 
  • ...just... this:
    Poppy: It's alright! This is a happy place! Come play with Poppy Pipopapo!
    Yuuki: No.
    Poppy: (suddenly depressed) Sad face...
  • To locate Snipe, Emu gets a map from Poppy, which, for whatever reason, includes a train, an area marked "DANGER" (supposedly a graveyard), and a dinosaur.
  • What should have been a CMoA when the boy fights his fears and halts the Zerg Rush winds up dipping into this - Revol Bugster commanding each wave is punctuated by the Mook taking the boy hostage and pumping his arm up and down like any good Mook would. Then Revol tries to signal one last wave, the Mook pumps his arm up and down... and nothing happens. Revol yells his command again. The mook pumps his arm up and down AGAIN.

    Episode 4: An Operation Called "Dash"! 
  • Everybody's reaction when Lazer TURNS INTO A BIKE! Seriously, even Hiiro and Taiga are left dumbfounded while in the middle of a fight.
    • Preceded by everyone's reaction when Lazer is spinning out of control.

    Episode 5: Everyone Gathers, a Clashing Crash! 
  • While Poppy freaks out over the break-in at Genm Corp. and Emu's new patient, Hiiro can be seen in the back, calmly drinking his tea.
  • There's another moment with Hiiro, where he nearly trips over a very clutzy Emu.
  • The shot of Taiga and Kiriya in Kuroto's office at the beginning of the episode. They're sitting on a ping-pong table, and it looks for all the world like they were just playing... And, apparently, Taiga was losing.
  • Asuna shoving the boys (Hiiro and Emu) into fighting the Bugster to get the Gashat back, with both their belts just suddenly appearing. Hiiro's face is absolutely hilarious.

    Episode 6: A Hollow Beating In The Heart 
  • During the battle with the Bugster, Ex-Aid and Brave see musical notes and Asuna tells them that they need to step in time with the beat. Ex-Aid not only does so, he receives a perfect score, while Brave just stares in confusion. Then Brave explodes.
    • Even better. The song that the two are supposed to be dancing to is an arrangement of the show's opening theme.
    • And before that, Ex-Aid does a diving headbutt in Level 1 form.
    • Also, there's his adorable little sounds as he's dancing.
    • The entire spectacle of Ex-Aid in his chibi Level 1 form doing his little dance with such spirit and as much maneuverability as the suit will allow, while making his little sound effects, while Brave is Scrooging it off to the side is just...a sight to behold.
  • Speaking of the Bugster, as it leaves, it utters a "Yo". As in, punk rock 80's type "Yo".
  • After getting Level 3, Emu and Asuna shout at Brave to use rhythm in order to fight properly. So what does he do? CPR. And it works.
    • Just... Brave dancing in a sparkly pink box. Sure, all the Riders look a little silly, but Brave is Hiiro, who is the serious one. Him getting the dancing Gashat is just hilarious.

    Episode 7: The Essence to Some lie 
  • The chief harps on about how confident he is in his son to save the patient... to which he responds by telling him to shut up. And then the chief drops his binder. And then it gets caught in the door, allowing Lazer to stride through.
    • Then later, we see the chief dejected in the office about it... and then he finds that the Bugster activated in the facility, and starts screaming and making hand gestures to try to communicate to Ex-Aid and Brave to take the fight somewhere else.
  • To speed up the process of going from Level 1 to 3, the Gekitotsu Robot straight up chomps onto the giant Level 1 head, directly turning into Level 3.
  • Shakariki Genm throws one of his wheels at Gekitotsu Ex-Aid, who barely dodges it, falls on the floor, and looks at the camera, announcing his close call.
    Ex-Aid: Close safe!
  • The chief seems to agree with Poppy and Hiro a little too much.
    Emu: I'm sorry. The Bugster escaped.
    Chief: I'm counting on you! If anything happens to the patient, it's your fault!
    Poppy: The bad one's the black Ex-Aid!
    Chief: Right... it's not your fault.
    Hiro: If only he hadn't interfered...
    Chief: Right, if only he hadn't interfered...
  • To emphasize the fact that she doesn't believe Kiriya for a second, Poppy pops up on every screen in the room to tell everyone not to trust him.
  • And Poppy apparently has a transformation sequence, as she yells "Costume Change!" offscreen and a bright pink light occurs.
  • The ping pong table makes a return this week. And this time the implication is that Parad and Graphite were at it long enough for their scores to reach two-digits.

    Episode 8: Men, Fly High! 
  • Oh hey, the chief is actually giving Hiiro good advice about his grudge against Taiga for failing to save his girlfriend, maybe he won't be just comic reli- oop, nevermind. Hiiro just left the room.

    Episode 9: Blow Away The Dragon! 
  • The chief's status as the season's Butt-Monkey gets cemented even further. He gets forced out of the examination room not once, but twice, and ends up with a bloody nose from bumping into the automatic sliding doors each time. If that's not enough, he remarks that he now has to go to a hospital...despite being in one already.
    Chief: Oh no... Now I have to go to a hospital...
  • The moment when Kuroto bluntly tells Taiga that he won't be the one receiving the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat. What makes it hilarious is that Kuroto says it in the most condescendingly amiable tone possible while giving Taiga a conciliatory pat on the arm. The look on Taiga's face is gold.
  • While also an awesome moment, the scene where Snipe asks for the Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat was doubly hilarious. Ex-Aid is about to hand it to him, but then relents quickly, pushing Snipe away while running.

    Episode 10: Uneven Doctors! 
  • The argument of Hiiro, Taiga and Kiriya after being knocked on their collective asses by Graphite would be dramatic if not for Kiriya's closing line.
    Hiiro: I would have excised him if you lot didn't get in the way.
    Taiga: You're in my way.
    Kiriya: I don't care about you guys, but leave me out of your little dispute.
  • There is something grimly hilarious about the All-Loving Hero Emu tricking others into working together.
  • Despite mostly being a Moment of Awesome, the so-called 'teamwork' between the Doctor Riders against Graphite certainly qualifies, going about as well as one would expect when you consider their personalities. You would think that they would be generous enough to at least work like a well-oiled machine for 5 minutes, but we are instead treated to their pushing and shoving each other to land hits on Graphite, as if they are MMORPG players fighting to land the killing blow and score the lion's share of EXP.
  • To follow up the scene above, Ex-Aid does his fire breath attack much to the shock of everyone. Brave and Snipe immediately went away while Lazer, who was in Ex-Aid's line of fire, quickly crouched down. After the attack, the three bicker at Ex-Aid, especially Lazer who complains that his claws were hurt and even shows his foot.
  • Hiiro, Taiga and Kiriya walk out on Poppy as she is talking about teamwork, causing her to sulk. Emu is too beaten, frustrated and tired to do anything about this, so he just hangs his head and pouts about team chemistry having high difficulty.

    Episode 11: Who's the Black Kamen Rider? 

    Episode 12: Christmas Special: Targeting the Silver X mas! 
  • Hiiro's dad get another funny moment with this line, to which his son (Hiiro) had to point out and correct:
    Haima: The black president is GENM's Ex-Aid???
    Hiiro: Wrong. GENM's president is the black Ex-Aid.
  • The Merry Christmas power up is just hilarious, with Ex-Aid, Brave and Poppy all getting Santa costumes. The Comically Serious Hiiro's reaction is just priceless.
    • Even funnier is that the DoReMiFa Beat Gashat plays a remix of Jingle Bells instead of the usual song, with Poppy singing her own rendition throughout the fight.
    • Hiiro is wondering why the hell he has this costume and why a melody of Jingle Bells is playing. Ex-Aid (in his Level 1 Santa form) pops in, grabs the Gashacon Breaker from his sack, and smacks Hiiro with it while taunting on how he will play the game with rhythm.
    • The funniest part? The power up is a Lethal Joke Item and they completely DEMOLISH Salty with it...leading to them doing a group pose WITH THE MOOKS that looks like it'd belong on a Christmas card before Salty explodes.
  • Poppy just nonchalantly tells the two that she's a Bugster of her game, but then Emu and Hiiro shot her down, saying how it was obvious and her nurse name was a bit too blunt.
    • Especially since Emu seems more annoyed by the reveal than anything else.
  • The system that Dr. Hinata had to run all over town because it was "it was so popular that none of the stores had one?" The WonderSwan, which just so happens to be the one major gaming system released by Bandai, the makers of the Kamen Rider toyline. While it sold well, it never had the kind of sell-out craze that the Game Boy Advance did.

    Episode 13: Defined Destiny 
  • Nico pretending to be infected with the Game Disease and Taiga actually believes her and panics. Seeing the usually calm Taiga getting worked up like that is just brilliant. Even better is the fact that a teenage girl managed to trick him.
  • Asuna assures Secretary Hinata that she will help out Cyber Rescue Center. She then does her costume change cheerily in front of him. Cue beat, before Hinata nonchalantly continues his discussion with Haima. Asuna gasps with an exaggerated reaction while Hinata talks.
  • When Hiiro goes to a restaurant to have some cake, by reflex he asks for a scalpel before correcting himself to say "knife."
  • Everyone's absolutely priceless reaction to the reveal of Double Action Gamer Level XX. Dramatic triumphant music as we go through the show-off-the-new-form sequence that focuses on parts of it and then we pull away to see... his two selves, posed all dramatically mirroring each other. The music stops dead, giving us dead silence as everyone stares. Then, Genm goes all "This Cannot Be!...", Hiiro and Taiga could only look on utterly gobsmacked, Asuna screeches while shoving Hiiro aside (all while briefly channeling her Poppy persona), and the Alhambra Bugster pokes its head out from behind a tree going "Eh?"
    Genm: This can't be!
    • And even Emu himself (themselves?) is shocked. The split Riders wonder why everyone was gasping, so they turn to their sides, see each other, have a short pause before being shocked. Then the "See You Next Game" ticker appears before Emu exclaiming "What?"
    • The moment is so hilarious for the priceless WTF faces. You can tell even Genm himself is making one, and his helmet is expressionless!

    Episode 14: We're Kamen Riders! 
  • Emu and M arguing with each other a to who's Emu and who's M.
    Ex-Aid XXR: Hmmm... Who the hell are you?!
    Ex-Aid XXL: Well, I'm Emu Hojo.
    Ex-Aid XXR: No, I'm M!
    Ex-Aid XXL: No, I'm Emu.
    Ex-Aid XXR: No, I'm M!
    Ex-Aid XXL: No, I'm Emu.
    Ex-Aid XXR: Me!
    Ex-Aid XXL: I am.
    Ex-Aid XXR: Me!
    Ex-Aid XXL: I am.
    • But there's more:
      Ex-Aid XXR: Me!
      Ex-Aid XXL: No, I am.
      Ex-Aid XXR: No, it's me!
      Ex-Aid XXL: No, I am.
      Asuna: They're both Emu?!
    • Whilst they're doing this Genm and the Alhambra Bugster manage to sneak away!
    • XX-R wants to fight Genm so he can get revenge for Kiriya. XX-L wants to fight Alhambra so they can save the patient. This leads to a brawl over the Gashacon Key Slasher.
    • And when XX-L closes the Driver to revert back, the two are forcefully pulled together without so much as giving them time to prepare, causing XX-R to go upside down as he clashes with XX-L.
  • Again, Taiga's interactions with Nico are really comedic gold. She actually manages to make Taiga into The Comically Serious. Best example would be when she starts eating in Taiga's hospital and he looks really pissed that she's dirtying his crib.
    • Later, when Nico throws the wrapping into the floor, he goes all pissed and told her to properly dispose trash into the dustbin. Just when Taiga picked up the trash angrily to do just that, Nico picked up the dustbin and dangle it in front of him. Taiga is left speechless and holding said dustbin while she strolls away.
  • Taiga's DNA Analysis Apparatus. It looks less like an actual scanning machine and more of a hodgepodge of various electrical props. It's a subwoofer duo with LAN cables sticking out of it that are then connected to a modem (complete with a DNA sticker).
    • Works in a bit of Fridge Brilliance. Taiga is an unlicensed doctor, so getting equipment like that would be nearly impossible unless he built it himself.

    Episode 15: A New challenger Appears! 
  • Nico brings a suitcase and decides she's going to live with Taiga until M is defeated, much to his chagrin. Taiga's expressions during the scene is priceless. The hilarious background music makes it even better.
  • The expressions of Emu, Taiga, and Asuna after Nico tried (and failed) to transform to Snipe was to simply stand still in dead silence and look around at their surroundings.
    • Also, the sound of the Gashat during the failed attempt:
    Bang-Bang Shooting Gashat: BANG BANG SHO-O-O-O T-T-T-TING!
  • Poppy's shocked reaction when Hiiro actually complimented Emu.
  • Asuna is so used to Taiga's personality that she told Emu beforehand that him going to Taiga's place to pick up Nico's stuff could be a trap to get his Gashats. When that actually happened, the two weren't so surprised and Asuna even nonchalantly told Emu that they're going back this instance.
  • While Kuroto is brooding over Ex-Aids stats, Parad can be seen happily playing a drumkit. He then switches to a keyboard and a guitar respectively. Fridge Brilliance sets in because it seems to confirm fans' suspicions about Kuroto's eccentric office decor. It's all meant to keep Parado entertained.
  • Parado rushing over like an excited puppy for his new Gashat.
  • Parado chaining Revol to the ceiling so he (Parad) can have fun fighting the other Riders without anyone interfering. Bonus points for Revol, whose entire scheme in his first appearance revolved around exploiting a child's phobia, revealing that he has a phobia of heights.
  • Emu tries to stop Taiga from fighting him by pulling on the green scarf/cape-thing on his suit.

    Episode 16: The Paradox of Defeating M 
  • We start the episode with Emu and Poppy discussing what happened in the previous episode, when they suddenly get distracted with strange curtains in the patient's room. Cue them panicking and entering to what seems to be a complete remodeling of the place thanks to Nico. Emu and Poppy were speechless for a few seconds before making a reaction.
  • Revol trying his best to defend Emu. All his attempts end up with him getting knocked away.
  • Ex-Aids XX L and XX R tried to go 2-on-2 against Genm and Para-DX, only for Para-DX to basically go "lolno you're both fighting me" and easily stops them in their tracks.
    • If you look closely, Ex-Aid XX L just runs into Para-DX's arm and takes damage, with no effort at all on Para-DX's part.
  • Haima is talking to himself and someone finishes his sentence. He anwers to that person without a second thought. His reaction to having his brain catch up with him is priceless alongside the little squeak he lets out when Taiga launches at him from off-screen and tackles him.
    • The following scene with the two of them is Taiga calmly walking into the CR while Haima is stuck in the door that keeps closing on him. It maybe a Call-Back to when he dropped a binder in the door, letting Kiriya in.
    • Taiga momentarily loses his calm when Nico points out that he came because he is worried about her. His sideaway glance just says it all.
  • This entire scene:
    Nico: (to Emu, after shoving Taiga out of the frame) Looks like your gaming's rusted, seeing as you lost to those freaks.
    Asuna: (gasps) What are you saying?
    Emu: But at least your Game Disease is gone now.
    Nico: (to Taiga) Well, say something.
    Taiga: What?
    Nico: Quickly.
    Taiga: (Beat) Remember this! Someday I'll take your Gashats. (leaves)
    Nico: Remember this! My doctor's gonna beat you! (also leaves)
    Taiga: I was never your doctor!
    Nico: Shut up! (kicks Taiga from behind)
    Taiga: The hell are you doing, you bitch?! (whacks Nico on the head)
    • The sheer awkwardness is what sells it.
  • We find out why Nico holds a grudge against Emu: he beat her in a gaming tournament years ago, making him the only person she lost to.

    Episode 17: A Nonstandard BURGSTER? 
  • It's pretty formulaic by now, but the chief going from disapproving to approving of Emu's day off based on the fact that Poppy was the one who suggested it.
  • Everyone's "What the Hell?" reaction upon seeing the Ju Ju Burger Gashat.
  • Poppy and Burgermon enjoy themselves in Poppy's room, then Hiiro walks in. He talks a bit with the chief and Emu about the patient. Then Poppy and Burgermon exit the room. Hilarity Ensues.
    • And the chief himself making really great "what the fuck" faces when looking at Poppy's game room.
  • Burgermon ran away and everyone doesn't know where he went off. Suddenly Poppy comes in.
    Poppy: You two, come here! We have message in pickles!
  • Ex-Aid clearing the Ju Ju Burger game by making a the perfect burger. Even better, making the burger is the Ju Ju Burger Gashat's Critical Strike. To elaborate: Ex-Aid skates around while collecting the burger's ingredients.
    • By the way, at the start of the scene, Burgermon throws a bunch of ingredients everywhere and Snipe's first impulse is to shoot everything. Nico later on reprimands him on that and even questions if he has played other games.
  • Nico getting angry at Taiga for losing against Emu. She mouthes at him, push him around and even pulled at Snipe's "bang".
  • Taiga is initially impressed at Ex-Aid's efficiency in using a skating Gashat. Then Nico tells him it was a game about making burgers.
  • While Genm is fighting Ex-Aid and Snipe at the same time, Para-DX starts sorting through his items. The way he does it seems even more like him looking through a restaurant menu than before.
    Para-DX: Let's see… what should I pick today?

    Episode 18: The Truth Exposed 
  • Kuroto responds to Nico's verbal jabs by simply flashing his by-now patented Slasher Smile at her, sending her scurrying back behind Taiga. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel because it's CREEPY AS HELL.
  • Doubling as Heartwarming, Nico cheering for Taiga during the battle between him and Emu vs Kuroto.
  • Taiga calls the CR and has a serious conversation with Hiiro until Nico jumps from offscreen, punches him and yells her usual line about Gashats. Taiga tells her not to take his lines and their argue until the connection is ended a while afterwards.
    • Nico tells Hiiro and Poppy to put M (Emu) on the leash. Since she is currently wrestling Taiga, it looks like she should be the one, not Emu.

    Episode 19: A Sudden Fantasy!? 
  • All of Emu's antics in his gamer persona.
    • Also, apparently the DoReMiFa Beat machine in the base involves controlling Poppi when playing, much to her chagrin. And also costs 100 yen per play.
  • Kuroto makes a tantrum at how Emu didn't vanish when he revealed his origin at him, so he tries to cool himself by stating that he's almost finished with Kamen Rider Chronicle. In that scene, an observant person will giggle at how his computer, despite running, has no power cord attached to it.
  • When the Bugster infects its patient, it causes her to do the robot dance.
    • And before this, as she is infected, her instructor seems to be infected as well... until it's revealed she just had a leg cramp.
  • Hiiro takes the Gashat Gear Dual Beta to transform. He briefly becomes possessed by it and summons a bunch of Mooks to attack Ex-Aid and Asuna before finally taking control of himself, causing the attacking virus henchmen to stop. Cut to Asuna being carried by a bunch of the Bugster mooks being dropped.

     Episode 20: Take off in a Storm! 
  • As it turns out, Taiga is easily terrified by jumpscares and haunted houses.
    • And Nico gleefully seizes the opportunity to blackmail Taiga into treating her better, lest she reveal the embarrassing quirk to the CR personnel.
  • The patient is too scared of the amusement park rides, so Poppy takes him on a bunch of them to help him relieve it (while also dragging Emu along).
    • At one point he crouches in terror on a ferris wheel.
    • Before that, the patient says he's afraid of roller coasters and went to the amusement park to overcome his fear to Emu, but Asuna shoves Emu to the side while the Giri Giri Chambara shamisen plays in the background.
  • Taiga asks Hiiro to hand over the level 50 gashat. Hiiro does not budge and uses it himself. The expression on Taiga's face is priceless. Not the first time when he was angry over being denied a Gashat.
  • The Vernier Bugster shifts behind Kuroto Dan and prepares his weapon the second he spots him. He obviously wants to make sure Genm will not shoot him in the back like he did to the Bugster in #18. Doubles as Funny Background Event. Extra points for Dan ignoring him the whole time.

     Episode 21: Track Down the Mystery! 
  • At the very beginning, Emu comes into CR and collapses on the table. Poppy hurries to his side, asking if his Game Disease is acting up and if he's okay. He says no, Hiiro was just being very strict while they were working. She instantly loses interest.
  • There's something inherently funny about the fact that the CR team is called in to treat a police detective the very second after Hiiro tells Emu that it's not their job to play detective.
  • In order to defeat Genm, Taiga and Nico head to the corporation and order a zombie-killing game. Tsukuru initially refuses to receive as much money as they offer, but then Nico reminds him about Genm's merciless murder of Burgermon. And then punches him in the gut. This produces a hit symbol and the same "Game Over" sound played upon Kiriya's death.
    • Also, Taiga apparently having to chase after Nico when she took the Bang Bang Shooting gashat. Annoying little sister in all her glory.
  • The fact that the Bugster Virus came about when a computer malfunctioned during the Y2K Bug panic has put smiles on people's faces just on the sheer insanity on that aspect.
  • Kuroto chews the scenery as he explains Kamen Rider Chronicle as though he's having a keynote. It would make a for a good E3 presentation!
  • At the end of the episode, Poppy steals the piece of cake on Hiiro's fork. His reaction is priceless.

     Episode 22: A Pre-Planned History! 
  • Taiga and Nico are a great comedy duo once again.
  • Tsukuru reveals the game idea (with much gusto and dramatic noises) Taiga paid him to make - a counter for zombies. The game? It's about a monk exorcising zombies with a serious artstyle. Taiga and Nico are both dumbfounded with their jaws on the table.
  • One of the major pivots of the show was set in motion was because Kuroto received a fan mail from Emu as a kid containing ideas. This somehow triggered his ego that he sent an infected demo to Emu, starting the whole chain of events. While this has serious repercussions and is a legitimate dramatic moment, it is still really hilarious due to its pettiness and how far the villain would go.
  • When Taiga tries to use the newly developed reprogramming Gashat, it fails. He immediately pulls it off and blows to it akin to how people "fixed" cartridges that didn't read back then.
  • There is something grimly hilarious in Nico claiming that Dan pulled an entrance worthy of a game final boss.

    Episode 23: The Extremities of Dead or Alive 
  • When Taiga and Emu arrive at where Level X Genm is laying the smackdown of the officers, his zombies are attacking people like crazy, and Genm is standing amidst the chaos... Doing strange ballet poses? Or maybe he's conducting? Either way, he immediately snaps out of it and into a normal stance once Emu reveals he has Kiriya's Driver. Bonus points for him seeming to do the tiniest of Face Faults
    Genm: Oh, right. There's still that.
  • Maximum Gamer is both awesome and hilarious. It's a big, bulky suit with Ex-Aid's face slapped as body armor with Ex-Aid's actual head peeping out from the top.
  • Asuna's reaction to Ex-Aid's Level 99 form? Counting with her fingers.
  • While Kuroto's death at the hands of Parado is terrifying, it's also hilarious to see him screaming, ranting, and acting like a Dirty Coward while being Evil Is Hammy and claiming himself to be a "God". If the CGI and the fast-forwarding weren't in the way, his flailing on the ground would have been a hilarity to watch.
    • Then there's that one scene where he's looking for the infectees of the last two Bugsters. He just screeches like a raptor on the street!
  • We also have the return of the gunky orange orb monsters when Genm's Mooks combine.

    Episode 24: With a Tough Will, Go Together! 
  • Lucky/Shishi Red from Kyuranger dramatically announces his appearance, only for Gatton to shoot him down. Fortunately(?) he lands on an item... through his crotch.
    Lucky: Alright, lucky!
    • The expressions on Emu and Asuna as this happens just scream Flat "What".
  • Emu states that him, Hiiro and Taiga work together as a team so well. The two then proceed bicker.
  • Oh lord, Ren Amagasaki. Somehow a requirement to be Genm Corporation's president is being a Large Ham. To wit, his motto is "spreading I Love You's all over the world". And he exaggerates his body movements.
    • When he sees Asuna as Poppy, he repeatedly goes "oh!" while guitar enthusiastically plays at the background.
    • Then later he offers Poppy to sing for a game the company is developing. She goes "Eh?" Ren holds his pose while said guitar once more plays. Poppy does a louder "EH?"
  • Poor Motors Bugster.
    • He tries to flee from Maximum Gamer Ex-Aid, only for Ex-Aid to suddenly move really fast despite the size. He is then stopped simply by Ex-Aid grabbing the front wheel of the bike and tossing him away.
    • Not only does he receive a powerful smack from Maximum Gamer's fist, he is reprogrammed so that his bike is now removed from him. Cue Motors being in tears as though he received a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Prior to above, Motors Bugster zooms past Emu. He then stops to look at the stadium he is going to destroy, but then notices the doctor running behind him. Emu tries to transform while catching up with his breath.
    • The best part is Emu could have gone after him on a bike of his own (either Lazer or the Shakariki Sports BMX bike), but apparently just forgot... or he left them at home.
  • Just like before, Gutton Bugster is fun to watch if only because he makes robot sounds and motions. Even at the end he is scanning around (complete with making robot noises of scanning) only to get surprised by another Bugster.

    Episode 25: The New Game Begins! 
  • After the opening, we see Hiiro and Emu in their headquarters. Hiiro is eating his cake while Emu is moping, seemingly fixated on the cake. Hiiro immediately pulls his cake to the side.
  • There's just something about Kamen Rider Chronicle being rated as A (meaning appropriate for all ages in Japan) by CERO.
  • After Poppy informs the Ride Players that they can get better equipment (as in the Doctor Riders' arsenal) by taking their Gashats, everybody predictably gangs up on Emu, who hides the Gashacon Breaker and Mighty Action X Gashat, claiming he doesn't have anything.
    • Just the fact that a clear reference to the Pay-to-Win vs Free-to-Play feud ends with the supposed PTW player becoming the Piñata Enemy instead.
  • Taiga is busy pondering over why are Genm Corp's stocks rising and so ignores Nico even more than usual. She nearly puts him into a chokehold to get him to watch the ad for Kamen Rider Chronicle on her mobile phone.
  • Ren Amagasaki once more is full of ham.
    • Upon exiting his car, the first thing he does is look at his reflection and fix his hair, complete with his guitar tune.
    • When Taiga and Nico confront him, he struts with his head bobbing (with sound effects) while asking if they're "that" couple. The two immediately step away from each other.
    • He gets too close to Nico and she hides behind Taiga, who seems to agree with her for once.
    Nico: "Why all Genm CEOs are weirdos?!"
    • When he praises Poppy for successfully marketing the game and doing her role well, the two do a cheerful dance ending with a spin. Poppy stops and slap him, but Ren just goes on spinning.

    Episode 26: Players Betting on Survival 
  • Right as Ren's in the middle of thanking himself for the success of Kamen Rider Chronicle, Poppy notices that the Ministry is issuing a recall of Kamen Rider Chronicle and is prohibiting its use. Ren proceeds to flip out and toss her away from the TV before quickly calming down and remarking "That was quick".
  • As scarily powerful as she is, Poppy's Magical Girl style transformation into Kamen Rider Poppy is hilarious. Not even Amagasaki's mind control can get rid of her silliness. It's even funnier if you know that the suit actor is a guy.
    • There's also something darkly humorous about how Poppy's favored weapon is a Chainsaw. Lollipop Chainsaw, anyone?
    • She even finger flicks Emu's forehead before gleefully saying "bye bye" and leaving in a playful manner.
  • It's just a little detail, but the spotted, pinkish red bandaid Taiga has on his face after Poppy beats him looks exactly like what Nico would use.
  • Crossing over with being a Moment of Awesome, The Reveal that Emu can eject from the Maximum Gamer, leaving it to operate autonomously. And it has Eye Lasers!
  • Due to some awkward audio editing, The Reveal of Ren/Lovrica Bugster's true voice can be this for some.
  • Just the fact that, according the the preview, Lovrica Bugster has a Battle Harem of Meido Bugster Grunts. As in, the usual Bugster Grunts in maid outfits.

     Episode 27: Love & Peace to the Winners! 
  • Taiga and Nico are watching the Genm Corp's announcement while eating popcorn. When Amagasaki drops the big truth, Taiga spits out some of the popcorn that he eats, while Nico spills out the popcorn everywhere before running off. Taiga is then seen cleaning the mess up a moment later, pondering about what's going on.
    • This is especially funny, given their previous bickering about throwing trash, and the precise way in which he's picking up one piece at a time. Even without his license, Taiga still wants his workspace to be clean!
    • Emu and Hiiro are also watching the announcement in CR. Once Amagasaki drops the truth, Emu promptly dropped down the mug of coffee that he held while watching it.
      • For which Hiiro promptly yells at him, rather than reacting to the news himself right away.
  • Ride-Player Nico's henshin scene. Oh god.
  • Ride-Player Nico and all of her improvised fighting.
    • Her finisher involves her using balloons to get enough height for the rider kick.
      • Also, the Ride Players don't have individual finish sounds, so she just says everything, including the "kimewaza".
      • The Ride Players have level stats that are below even Level 1 Riders. Ride-Player Nico, on the other hand, have stats that is slightly lower than Ex-Aid and Genm... in Level 10. That's right, Nico somehow modifies the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat to the point it nearly matches the powers of Dangerous Zombie.
  • Remember Nico's failed attempt to transform into Kamen Rider Snipe in #15 and promptly releases Revol Bugster once again due to said failed attempt? Well, guess what Bugster that she defeats as Ride-Player Nico? Revol Bugster, the same Bugster that infects her in #15.
  • Emu and Hiiro watch Nico fight in befundled amazement. They even turn to face each other in silent 'do you see what I see'? Being transformed at the moment makes it even better.
  • Nico argues with Emu in CR, pausing only for long enough as to steal a bite of Hiiro's cake. He, uncharacteristically, only awards her with a long suffering glance.
  • Taiga being pushed around by Nico is kind of normal now, but the sheer number of times it happens in this episode is new level of ridiculousness all together.
  • Taiga's Game Scope rings when he is on the way from Genm Corp. He takes it and raises his arm abruptly as if to fling the thing away. Thankfully, he realizes how stupid that would be and stops mid-motion.
  • Oh, Ren Amagasaki. You never fail to deliver whenever you're on screen.
    • When he gets confronted by Taiga in his office, he tells him not to touch his suit. Taiga continues and pushes him to the ping-pong table in the office. He gets angry that veins form on his forehead, he makes this weird exasperated face, and he fires a fireball from his mouth.
      • He even does his own version of the "Nico-Nico-Nii!" pose in the midst of it!
    • When he finally reveals he's the Loverica Bugster, he summons his maid harem along with Poppy, who all fawns at him. Everyone else just looks at him with confusion.
    • And on fighting, he easily avoids the attacks of the three Kamen Riders daintily, claiming they are brutes and don't understand the concept of love. He counteracts by giving them "boo"s and reducing their morale, before finally finishing them by... throwing hearts at them which then traps them, before cupids fire arrows at them. Oh and his special effects add more fabulous hearts and stars.
      • Bonus points for Hiiro literally screaming "What the hell just happened?!"
      • Honestly, the whole fight comes off less the three of them being overpowered as it does them being too damn confused by the whole thing to properly respond.
    • And he gets defeated by Nico of all people, saying that he is super lame, turning him into ice (causing the HIT! effects to pop out) before being sent up sky high and falling into the fountain. But he immediately picks himself up and makes a hammy comeback before exiting.
      • Made even better when you realize he essentially lost from getting his flag crushed.
      • What's more, at the very end of the sequence, as he's trying to right itself in the fountain, Nico is, naturally, laughing her ass off and Taiga... Has a large, truly goofy grin on his face. Either the actor was Corpsing, or the former doctor is loosening up a bit.
  • Speaking of which... Bugster meido.
    • The Bugster maids manage to knock around the three Kamen Riders with their behinds and one even manages to slap Ex-Aid. He even lampshades it.
    • And when Taiga finally shows his feelings, they all fawn at him. And that one Bugster at the far right gets angry because the Bugster in front of her is covering her view.

    Episode 28: Overcoming the Identity 
  • The fact that Taiga has completely gotten used to Nico. His first scene in this episode? Chilling with her in her room
  • Now it is meant to be serious, but Graphite stating that he has Saki's memories has unintended hilarious implications. This 4koma strip illustrates it easily.
    • The way he delivers it does not help.
  • Every fight between Emu and Parado. Emu is constantly distracted trying to get Poppy back to normal while Parado is constantly trying to get Emu to fight him. What makes it funny is that the Level Gap between them is so vast that all of Parado's attacks, even when boosted by Energy Items, are nothing more than minor nuisances to Maximum Gamer.
  • And while there is seriousness in Parado's gripe towards Emu not playing with him, it can also come off as a kid whining that someone isn't paying attention to him.
  • The Moment Killer nature of Taiga's arrival into the battle against Poppy. His level 50 form rattles and creaks as shaking trash bin full of plastic bottles.
  • Taiga chases few Ride-Players off by shooting into the air. One of them Screams Like a Little Girl while running. It matches Taiga's playing style - a toxic high level player hogging all the best hunting grounds/bosses/whatever for himself.

     Episode 29: We're Me? 
  • Poppy gets all panicked (Pipopepu Panic anyone?) before being pushed out of the frame by Nico, who's state is not much better.
  • Poppy tries to yell Hiiro's, Taiga's and Nico's eardrums out and they don't even try to stop her.
  • The way Graphite attempts to defend himself from Parado-possessed Emu. His confused expression is priceless.
    • The best part is that, once he knows what's going on, his reaction is kind of like 'Dammit, Parado, don't bring your toys home with you!'
  • Parado tries (and fails) to use Emu's Gamer Driver. It's small, but still satisfactory moment considering all the crap he has been pulling lately. Unfortunately, he is finds a way around it a while later.

     Episode 30: Strongest vs Strongest 
  • The patient of the week wears rather something familiar. Yep, it's definitely a similar clothing style of Gou Shijima, and he's infected by Motos Bugster, a motorcycle-themed monster of the week! Doubles as a Mythology Gag.
    • Also, it's implied that Emu deleting his bike was permanent, since he simply swings around a pair of handlebars, and when he needs to make a getaway, he just activates the pipes on his back and runs ridiculously fast.
  • Poppy inside the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat, she almost immediately gets chased by several Bugsters. A cut later in the episode shows her still being chased, only now she's a pixel sprite of herself and the Bugsters are the models in the Mighty Action X game.
    • How Poppy brought Kuroto back, she finds an unresponsive, buggy Bugster, then attaches the Gamer Driver to it, it then turns into Kuroto... whose suit is complete covered in the words "Game Master" and can only repeat his Famous Last Words in Machine Monotone. When she finally inserts the Proto Gashat, Kuroto then spazzes wildly before Suddenly SHOUTING! the aforementioned last words, having come to. What makes it funny is Poppy's mannerisms and Kuroto immediately going back to his infamous Large Ham tendencies when coming to.
  • Earlier when Poppy and Kuroto (as Genm Level 0) arrive to the battle, Poppy tries to direct Kuroto to help Emu, but Kuroto just dashes off to fight Parado no matter how much Poppy tries to tell him to stop.
    • Parado's confused expression upon being unable to posses Emu due to the effects of Genm Level 0. It's just pure condensed WHAT?. One of the few times when he was really shaken out of his confident attitude. Even better, he stares wide-eyed at Emu in confusion after realizing that he can’t possess him, and Emu also gives him confused eyes, like “I don’t know why that happened, don’t look at me.”
  • Kuroto has been revived as a Bugster and is about to go into one of his villainous monologues about his own greatness as the Game Master, but Poppy traps him in the Bugvisor II just like how he did the same to other Bugsters before, in order to scold him like a parent. Doubly hilarious as she interrupted him just when he called himself a god. Also, a theory saying that Poppy's host is his mother appeared on fan boards around the time #28 aired.
    • The look on Poppy's face seals it. Pure delight, and not the ultra-exaggerated Genki Girl joy you'd expect from her. Just a very real expression of pure enjoyment of seeing the guy who's caused all this trouble (and who had been right in the middle of ranting about being a god again) reduced to such a very un-godlike state as he keeps screaming "What is this?! Let me out of here!" and bangs uselessly at the screen.
    • Screaming which continues even during the "See you Next game" screen, which is usually silent except for the crackling as the words appear.
    • The doctor Riders watching Kuroto Dan sit in CR with the Proto Mighty Action X Origin in hand with expressions ranging from bewildered to What the hell?. Nico is hiding behind Taiga because Kuroto creeps her out even though he is not doing anything else but sitting there. Then again, her earlier encounters with him were rather sparse and involve things like attacking him with mop and being sent running by one of his usual slasher smiles.

     Episode 31: The Forbidden Continue 
  • So with Kuroto revived as a Bugster, the first thing he does is live in Poppy's game room and decorate it with his pictures and office knickknacks.
    • Doubly hilarious if you later connect it with Poppy being the Bugster born from Kuroto's mother. It looks like someone went back to live with his parent!
    • Looking at it another way, it's like a father moving in with his daughter.
    • On another note, Kuroto reveals that he's discarded the name "Kuroto Dan" to the team, before revealing that now he's Shin (Neo) Kuroto Dan. Their Stunned Silence over how ridiculous he's being is so great that Nico even loses grip on her hat.
      • The Kamen Rider Wiki's page on Kuroto, while describing his personality, puts up a picture of this moment while commenting that, “Kuroto's former psychotic personality has now devolved into pure foolishness.”
  • Kuroto gets killed by Parado… or so it seems. Turns out he has 99 lives! Guess how he respawns himself? A purple pipe comes out of the ground and he pops out from it, Mario style. Taiga and Nico's expression said it all:
    Kuroto died
    Asuna: Kuroto...
    Taiga & Nico: dead?!
    Kuroto respawns
    Taiga & Nico: He's back?
  • Speaking of which, Parado's really pissed off, annoyed face whenever Kuroto is around or when Emu isn't paying attention to him is hilarious to look at, when finally someone is getting under his skin.
  • Sharky/Charlie Bugster re-enacts the famous E.T. scene.
    • And in the background, Maximum Gamer Ex-Aid is moving around like Spider-Man with his stretchy limbs (attaching to... what?) in order to catch the Bugster.
  • So Kuroto makes up (for the moment) with the Doctor Riders by giving them presents (Gashatrophy for Emu, another Gear Dual for Taiga, and a piece of crucial info for Hiiro). When Nico starts to accuse him of something, he immediately pulls out a lollipop, satiating her. If you look carefully you can actually see her actress trying not to start Corpsing as the camera pans away.
  • Now the revelation that Poppy is the Bugster that came from Kuroto's mother is serious and dramatic that affects the plot and characters, it adds some layer of humor especially with how she treats Kuroto around. It's like a mom telling her kid what to do and making sure he doesn't play rough and be polite with the other children.
    • When she threatens him with Bugvisor II, he dives beside the console in her corner and shields with a teddy bear. Seriously.
    • And there's just something cheeky about the episode coming out in Mother's Day.

     Episode 32: Judgement Received!! 
  • Amagasaki ponders over the diagram showing all the Bugsters beaten before the camera moves to Parado apparently playing Jenga. When the tower falls over Parado flops onto the table backwards in frustration like the Psychopathic Manchild he is.
  • Kuroto and Poppy arguing in her room, which has been split using a curtain. Hiiro watches them in annoyance before asking Kuroto for information. Kuroto's insistence that I am Shin Kuroto Dan! doesn't change anything.
  • Poppy telling Kuroto to shut up as he is screaming for Parado's blood from inside the Bugvisor II.
    • For added hilarity, being inside the Bugvisor makes his voice tiny and distorted, and you can just imagine him jumping up and down and flailing like an angry small child. And at one point she even slapped the Bugvisor's screen to make Kuroto shut up.
    Kuroto: Parado! Parado!
    Poppy: Shut up, Kuroto!
  • Nico imitates Taiga saying that she should be careful when dealing with high level Bugsters. She exaggerates Taiga's calm monotone and even wears his scarf and Skunk Stripe for a moment while Poppy watches in confusion.
  • Everyone's Flat "What" when upon the reveal that Haima Kagami is a Ride-Player. His following attempt to cover his face with his tie is the cherry on the top.
  • After Kuroto has another of his A God Am I moments when explaining about Kamen Rider Chronicle, Nico clings to Taiga and claims that Genm really is crazy.
  • Kuroto proudly explains how powerful Gamedeus is and how the only way to defeat him is by using Cronus' power, which one can only use when they have total immunity to the Bugster virus, which is pretty much a miracle. Poppy then complains exasperatedly that he shouldn't have made a such a difficult game in the first place.
  • The fact that, albeit in a different way Masamune is even more of a showboat than his son, darkening the sky, making a giant clock appear, and providing moving spotlights from...somewhere.
    • Masamune gets another funny moment. After pausing time as Cronus, he literally shushes, as if he's being sneaky.
  • Right after Cronus kills Lovelica, the scene suddenly pans to Haima Kagami sitting up in bed and announcing that he's cured with a ridiculously happy expression, right in the middle of an extremely tense scene.

     Episode 33: Company Reform 
  • The episode starts with Kuroto banging his head in his room because he can't believe what just happened. It' amazing scene.
    • That scene was about Haima Kagami being confused on what's going on as he was so late to the events. Poppy just tells him that "they're sick of repeating the whole story so she'll tell him later."
    • And when he asks why Kuroto is in the arcade cabinet, well you know the drill...
      Haima: What is happening? Why is Kuroto Dan in there?
      Kuroto: *Dangerous Zombie riff* It's Shin Kuroto Dan!
  • Taiga's momentary WTF? face as he turns around and sees Nico doing a handstand for no apparent reason at all.
  • When the team are brainstorming on how to defeat Cronus' Pause ability, Emu gains an idea with so much glee that even Kuroto laughs and congratulates him as a Genius Gamer. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • To say that Masamune is puzzled at seeing Kuroto appear in his (Cronus') Bugvisor II would be an understatement.
    Masamune: Kuroto?

    Episode 34: The Fulfilled Rebirth 
  • Kuroto locks himself in Poppy's room to develop a game that can counter Cronus, and become very annoyed whenever someone talks to him. He's just like a programmer chased by deadline...
    • His expression when realizing that because he created Cronus, now he must defeat his own self, is of a pure maniac.
    "To think that my own talent is becoming my enemy now!!"
  • When Emu asked Kuroto to repair his broken Driver (as Kiriya's Driver is taken by Hiiro), Kuroto once again reacts with annoyance. But Poppy reveals that he actually repaired it some time ago. Doubles as Heartwarming Moment.
    Kuroto: "I'm the Game Master. Repairing that is child's play for me."
  • When Parado and Graphite visit Cyber Rescue headquarters to ask about Gamedeus, Graphite grabs the cake from the director and eats it. Doubles as a way to remind people that he still has Saki's memories.
  • After Emu defeats Gatton Bugster, what happened in #32 happens again: the patient suddenly awakes and said "I'm cured!" with a happy expression... in the midst of tense scene.

    Episode 35: Partner Rescued 
  • Whenever the characters address the fact that Kuroto killed Kiriya, he just makes a rather smug face, like wiggling his eyebrows and smiling, or closing his eyes and widening his nostrils. He seems proud of his actions!
  • Lazer Turbo performs a Shakariki Critical Finish on Ex-Aid and Genm. Ex-Aid manages to grab a Metal Body power up to make the attack bounce off of him… hitting Genm instead.
    • And of course Kuroto dies. But then as the continue pipe appears, he pops out like a rocket this time! And he's angry that Kiriya took out one of his lives!
    • There's just something oddly hilarious in seeing Lazer Turbo easily taking out Genm like it was nothing, especially when you remember what happened the last time that they fought.
  • This is what programming the invincible Gashat looks like.
    • And the posters on the back has Kamen Rider Chronicle crossed out and the other a slogan saying "My genius is so terrifying!"
  • Masamune does his business plan in front of other Genm Corp. developers, and he actually was transparent about Kamen Rider Chronicle's effects and how they will manage it. The developers actually praised and clapped at him, regardless of how they already know what was happening!
  • Alhambra gets caught in the crossfire between Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo using Proto Jet Combat and Maximum Gamer Ex-Aid, shouting for them to not shoot at him.
    • And this returns the rather creepy-looking Ex-Aid from the Charlie scene a few episodes ago - he uses his stretchy limbs to catch Lazer Turbo while wrecking havoc.
  • Snipe comes in to distract Cronus so that Ex-Aid can Reprogram Lazer Turbo. Obviously he got his ass handed to him. Ride-Player Nico comes in to help him out by tossing a Recovery power-up and the two make a synchronized pose.
    • Cronus himself when beating the shit out of Snipe was hilarious. He swatted the blasts like they were nothing and punked Snipe so easily, with his grunts making it sound like he was merely annoying him.
  • After Emu confronts Kiriya, Cronus hit the Pause button and moved Emu on a stair. Seems like he took a page from DIO, after all.
  • When Kuroto finishes Hyper Muteki Gashat, he stands up and screams as though he just climaxed, complete with a cool music to boot.

     Episode 36: Perfect Invincible GAMER 
  • Emu's first attempt at using the Hyper Muteki Gashat doesn't go very well. That is, the first time he tries to use it, the music dwindles to a halt and the Gashat pops out like a piece of Projectile Toast.
  • Masamune's confusion after Kuroto uses the Hyper Muteki Gashat and punches him during pause.
  • Kuroto gloats about the Hyper Muteki Gashat acting as an Invincibility Power-Up capable of countering Cronus' Pause. He then gloats for so long that the Invincibility wears off which lets Cronus Pause and take the Gashat. A Gilligan Cut later and Kuroto is sulking the the corner of CR like a child, clearly ashamed of himself.
    • And prior to that, he sees Taddle Legacy. Cue him being angry of a game being made without his consent.
  • When Emu injects Parado into himself, we briefly see Parado on the Bugvisor II's screen uttering "Eh?" in clear confusion.
  • Many people joked that Muteki Gamer's pose at the end of the debut transformation is a shampoo commercial, due to all the focus on Muteki Gamer's FABULOUS HAIR, of all things.
  • When Cronus is knocked out of Pause by Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, we see Kiriya and Nico jumping and screaming "Look!" in excitement.
  • While also incredibly awesome, there's something funny about Cronus seemingly doing a No-Sell to Ex-Aid's Hyper Critical Sparking and beginning to indulge in some Evil Gloating...only to suddenly be thrown around like a ragdoll by all the damage hitting him at once. It brings to mind some of the crazy stuff a game lagging can cause.
    • While everyone is cheering on Ex-Aid Hyper Muteki Gamer, an overjoyed Kuroto lets loose this gem:
    Kuroto: (applauding enthusiastically) "Just as expected........of ME!"
  • Kiriya reaches out to shake hands with Nico, but she clings to Taiga. This invokes some fancy thoughts in Kiriya.
    Kiriya: ... why is she holding your hand like that? Wait, you two-
    Taiga: (emphasising this) She is my patient.
    Kiriya: Patient? It doesn't look like- (Poppy interuptes them)
  • On the "Next Time" screen, now that Kiriya is back with the good guys, he knocks Genm off of his block and regains his former place.

     Episode 37: Resolution of the White Knight! 
  • Emu is punted aside by Haima Kagami rushing into CR medical bay. Just like old times.
  • Nico lets her disappointment with Taiga's attitude known by slapping him. Also like old times.
    • Taiga doodling angrily in Nico's notebook. Using her glittery bunny pencil.
  • The exchange between Parado and Kaiden over who gets to fight Emu.
    Parado: Enough! (points at Kaiden) Just sit down and be quiet.
  • Just the fact that there's some Reality Ensues where Kaiden is concerned - not only have recent developments caused a drop in playership, meaning Kaiden is just sitting out in the open (complete with his own Warring States-style screen curtain), but passersby are more concerned with tweeting and snapping pics than actually doing anything about it.
  • Seeing that no one pays attention to him, Parado simply rolls onto his back and dissipates away.
  • Kiriya and Poppy appear out of the Proto Bakusou Bike game screen inside CR, shocking both Haima and Emu, and caused Emu to spill his coffee... just like old times.
  • Kiriya tries to talk to Kuroto, but is scared away from that thought when Kuroto suddenly pushes his face into the camera and yells at him.
    • It happens very quickly, but Kuroto can be seen leaping to the back of his room.

     Episode 38: Period of Tears 
  • As Taiga is being carted into hospital Nico drops this gem that crosses into Tear Jerker:
    Nico: (distraught) "Taiga, if you die on me I'll beat you up."
  • Kiriya's annoyed reaction when he has to agree with Kuroto, who doesn't seem to like it all that much more.
    • Come to think of it, whose idea was it to leave them in a room alone together? The fact that they didn't kill each other is a bonafide miracle. Well, technically, they don't have a reason to since they are both dead and even, but still the nerve of anyone who left them there...
  • Kiriya's crash-in-hello in hospital waiting room. He teleports into the door so abruptly that he knocks Haima (who was currently leaving) back. It lightens the tense scene at least slightly.
    Nico: Kiriya?!
    Kiriya: (picking himself up, casually) Yo.
    • Haima gets knocked aside again by Nico trying to reach the operation room just a while later.
  • Kuroto is way less enthusiastic about performing his Mario-style pipe jump after getting killed by Cronus 23 times in a row.
  • Hiiro is so awkward about confronting Taiga that Kiriya has to push him closer to Taiga's hospital bed so they could talk it out.
    • Kiriya insists that Hiiro is blushing afterwards. Hiiro denies it and turns away from him. That doesn't deter Kiriya.

     Episode 39: Goodbye Me! 
  • In an otherwise serious and dramatic episode, Hiiro acting polite around Taiga is one of the most jarring things yet to be seen on Ex-Aid.
    • Nico points this out to Hiiro before pushing him aside to get to Taiga. She and Emu then procceed to make Hiiro feel very awkward about the situation, making him try to switch back to his previous, rude way of addressing Taiga. It somehow comes out even worse.
    Hiiro: "How do you feel, unlicensed doctor?"
    Taiga: "Let's go back to polite."
  • During the middle of a very tense scene, there's a brief shot of Kiriya just walking around CR... with a pen stuck on his lip for no reason.
    • Later on, when Emu and Nico are having an important heart-to-heart, Poppy quickly grabs Kiriya and slips out of the room—the thing is, she has to literally push him out while he looks positively bewildered by what's happening; this makes sense, given that Nico and her issues with Emu were introduced after he died, but his facial expressions are hilarious.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but Kuroto's vague attempts at comforting the reinfected Nico are rather hilariously awful. It's unclear whether he thought it would legitimately be reassuring, or if he was just being his sociopathic self. Probably the latter.
    Kuroto: "Don't worry. Even if you're killed, you can revive as a Bugster, just like us."
    • Third part of Episode Zero tilts this towards the later as Kuroto is seen sneaking into CR and intentionally stressing Saki when none was looking. He may have tried to do the same here, but didn't get away with it because of Kiriya. After all, his thought processes were probably along the lines that if Nico died Emu wouldn't have reason to fight Parado and wouldn't lose his ability to become Kamen Rider, solving the situation from Kuroto's POV.
  • When Masamune is looking up Machina Vision's website to give the audience an Early-Bird Cameo of the Big Bad for The Movie, CEO Johnny Maxima's corporate philosophy is detailed on the webpage. It's written in Surprisingly Good English, but the real hilarious part for English-speaking viewers is that the company's mission statement about making games is prefaced with "I AM GOD" in big capital letters. This grandiose declaration is jarringly out of place from the rest of the corporate philosophy.

     Episode 40: Destiny Reboot! 
  • The riders' fight against Cronus. They, without Emu, have no teamwork AT ALL. After the first Pause again, we can see Kiriya stumbling around wondering what just happened. Then, Kuroto demands to use the Hyper Muteki Gashat, but he's curbstomped in the time stop (and flailing uselessly when Cronus uses his invisible power-up). Luckily he manages to escape, lest the Hyper Muteki gashat is taken by Cronus... with the expense of his teammates, that are defeated easily by Cronus.
    Cronus: "In the end, you left your allies behind, huh."
  • When Emu regains his ability to become a Rider, Kuroto can be seen sitting cross-legged, dogeza-style with a goofy and satisfied grin in his face. It seems he's punished by Kiriya and co. for abandoning them earlier.

     Episode 41: Reset Game! 
  • Kuroto dies twice in this episode from exhaustion trying to recreate and improve the Hyper Muteki Gashat from scratch.
  • More from Kuroto; he gets so frustrated at their slow progress in recreating Hyper Muteki that he walks over and grabs Emu's feet, waving them around and yelling—Emu has to kick him to get him off.
  • After presenting the Save ability of Muteki Gamer, Kuroto can be seen tilting his body in sheer arrogance.

     Episode 42: God Descends! 
  • There's just something hilarious about Gamedeus using powers of other Bugsters... it's like the inversion of the typical Kamen Rider trope where most Riders have a power up (sometimes the mid-season, sometimes the final form) being themed around using all the powers of the collectibles. Now it's the final villain!
  • The preview treats us with a scene of Lazer Turbo, using Shakariki Sports, riding Lazer's Level 2 form. A motorcyle wearing bike armor, riding a motorcyle. Heck, just the fact Lazer is technically riding himself.
  • Kiriya captures Kuroto into Bugvisor Zwei right after he got to the god part of his rant.
  • Ministry officials come to take Kuroto into custody. Kiriya confuses them by handing over the Bugvisor Zwei with Kuroto inside.
  • Emu refers to Kuroto as "Shin Kuroto", but after achieving the feat that is creating the Gamedeus antibody, Kuroto states that he has cast off the name Shin Dan Kuroto and demands that everyone call him Dan Kuroto God. Kiriya just says to "call him God and get it over with".
    • During the Dramatic Pause before Dan Kuroto God reveals his new name, everyone inches closer in curiosity, including Deputy Director-General Kyotaro Hinata over video chat. Once Dan Kuroto God reveals his new moniker, You can see the chat turning off.
    • There's a Japanese word joke with Kuroto's new name that is somewhat lost in translation: Shin Dan Kuroto's new name is..... Dan Kuroto Shin. The kanji and the location changes, but when read, it's still the same word. No wonder everyone in the room is annoyed.

     Episode 43: The White Coat's License 
  • Kuroto Dan does some sort of dramatic pose standing up, claiming that he has "seen the light" and the "wrongs of his actions", and he asks the doctors to free him and he'll change his ways. Obviously, no one takes him seriously.
    • This is followed by a long Beat as Poppy, Emu, and Kiriya just kind of stare at him blankly until Kiriya tells Emu not to fall for it while spinning around on a chair. Emu informs Kuroto he can't trick them that easily, and Kuroto gets upset that they didn't call him 'Dan Kuroto Shin'. Their reactions?
      Kiriya: … Alright, show's over!
      Poppy: See ya!
      (everyone walks away while Kuroto yells angrily and tries to crawl out of the screen after them, knocking the characters of his 'name' away in the process)
    • Later on he does get free due to a deal, so he is in CR once more posing dramatically about his freedom. Kiriya comes by and angrily shushes him, making Kuroto do some weird twerking while making funny fish-like face.
      • And Kiriya did that while infected. Not even a deadly disease will stop Kiriya from snarking.
  • There's just something funny about Masamune talking about final boss works. He literally spells out the One-Winged Angel trope, and even scolds the doctors on not knowing about it in video games.
    • The fact that he spells this out to Emu, the one known as Genius Gamer M, the one who should know about the trope in its entirety.
      • And the whole set-up and body motion just adds more to it. It starts with him faceplanted on the ground after taking a burnt of three finishing moves, and then he rolls to his back while laughing, before sitting up with a rather non-serious posture before explaining the whole thing. Like he's all "come on, man, I thought you people play video games!"
      • The way he flops about is highly reminiscent of his son's whacky arm motions; looks like waving about like a noodle is a genetic trait…
  • Emu doing sarcastic quotations when he refers to Kuroto getting him and Hiiro into the 'last stage' as a 'divine intervention'.
  • During the middle of the fight with Gamedeus Cronus, Masamune wonders why he's losing. Emu announces that he'll tell him while dramatically tossing away his weapon… listen close, and you can actually hear it clatter to the ground offscreen.

     Episode 44: Last Smile 
  • There is something inherently funny at seeing Emu, in Hyper Muteki form, hiding behind a wall from a horde of Bugsters, which brings to mind one Kamen Rider Garren.
  • Kuroto prepares to punch out a human turned Bugster only to be stopped by Kamen Rider Build. The two fight and Kuroto gets a continue punched out of him. Upon hearing about lives, Build asks whether Kuroto is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Just as Kuroto starts giving an appropriate demonstration of his identity
    Kuroto: My name is Kamen Rider Genm. I am GO—
    Build: "Sorry! I had the wrong guy!"
    • After apologizing, Build introduces himself and makes an exit complete with a See You!. Kuroto just stands there in stunned silence while his Dangerous Zombie jingle falls a bit flat as well.
  • Poppy's last moments are devoted to making sure everyone is going to behave when she is gone.
    • She tells Hiiro not to eat too many sweets and Kiriya to keep his lying at minimum.
    • Her message to Taiga and Nico is to take care of each other. Yeah, Taiga and Nico, Everyone Can See It!
    • She tells Kuroto not to trouble everyone too much, sounding like mother telling her child to play nice with other children. Kuroto's angry statement that she can't leave without his permision is only funny until he breaks down, showing how much she means to him.
  • Although it undoubtedly overlaps with Awesome, there's something funny about the fact that the Riders successfully take down Super Gamedeus using their Level 1 forms. In other words, they cherry tapped the Last Boss to death.

     Episode 45: Endless Game 
  • This episode dawns one of the funniest/most awesome Rider Kicks: A WARP PIPE RIDER KICK!
    Lazer: Hey, God!
    *Genm appears from a continue pipe while doing a Rider Kick to smack Cronus*
    Genm: A delayed continue!
  • Upon hearing Poppy's voice, Emu immediately climbs up CR, only to trip while Kuroto's face is superimposed with an Evil Laugh. Doubles as a Book-Ends.
  • Kiriya's reaction to be declared as a victim.
  • Hiiro talks to two interns about how to do surgery - and he demonstrates it by cutting through a cream puff.
  • Nico, having recently graduated from school, comes in to Taiga's licensed Game Disease hospital to ask if he is hiring staff. He tells her to go home because she can't handle the job, but Nico demands congratulations only to be silenced by Taiga as they are in a hospital with patients inside. This doesn't stop Nico from being an Attention Whore, though. She doesn't care about the patients… such less where she is standing right now.

Spin-offs and Web Series

    Heisei Generations 
  • Poppy shows her transformation and comes from the inside of the arcade game… making Ghost crew confused as hell. They, who are already accustomed to spiritual phenomenons, can't process a virtual character coming out to life.
  • The fact that Emu got tossed around like a ragdoll numerous times by the enemy. He's the only one that can't fight whatsoever out-of-suit!
  • Gaim appears out of nowhere and passes over the Drive Driver which should be sealed in the Drive Pit to Shinnosuke. Krim of course is a little annoyed by this.
    Krim: Gaim woke me up from my slumber. It was quite unbelievable! He got in the Drive Pit's underground storage just like that!
    Shinnosuke: Well, as expected from a god.
    • Meanwhile, Emu and Takeru look confused at seeing the so-called god (they don't know Gaim).

    Virtual Operations 
  • Toshiki Seto/Hiiro's Ganbarizing segment in Virtual Operations. He responds with a grumpy tone for every time Ruka Matsuda/Poppy encourages him. The reaction in her face must be seen to be believed.

    Legend Gamer Stage 
  • In Legend Gamer Stage, when Poppy attempted to move the Collabos Bugster to no avail, after the Ganbarizing screen is shown and cleared, the Bugster chases Poppy all around the place like a typical game of cat-and-mouse. The addition of the comedic sound effects also adds to the comedy.
    • Also from Legend Gamer Stage, we have multiple funny moments with the Riders playing old Namco games:
      • Ex-Aid running away from Double as if chased by a ghost. And when Ex-Aid manages to grab a Power Pellet, Double's head is replaced with a Vulnerable Ghost as Ex-Aid beats him up to a pulp.
      • Brave playing baseball, one of his pitches involve him throwing a baseball hitting a catcher Bugster Virus's crotch, with OOO getting a strike (no pun intended). Cue the Bugster Virus's reaction as he scurries around in pain. And Brave does this all while spouting medical-related puns.
      • Snipe chasing Fourze in a dogfight, Fourze's reaction must be seen to be believed when his Gatling Module's attacks appear to miss Snipe, as Snipe scores a perfect 9,999,990 upon finishing him.

     Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode Zero 
  • Part 1:
    • In the final panel of the opening, Ex-Aid pops up as he would in the usual opening only to be pushed aside by Snipe. It's especially hilarious given that Taiga is pushed off-screen every so often by Nico in the main series.
    • Seeing Taiga jump aside upon seeing Poppy for the first time and obviously having trouble comprehending her presence is also on the ridiculous side as his older self can be moved only by something truly horrifying happening, Nico or Graphite.

  • Part 2:
    • Maki awakens with a game sound and sits up on his hospital bed so abruptly that Taiga falls off the neighboring bed. Apparently, Taiga was always weak to Jump Scares.

  • Part 4:
    • Taiga's unofficial patient says that he got really drunk the other day, saw a game-like creature that made bleep and bloop noises and thought I should stop drinking.

     Kamen Sentai GoRider 
  • Maze 2:
    • Kaito decides to play nice for a while, starting with saying his name, which he refused to in the previous episode. Emu answers by tugging on his hands and telling him that they will get along. Mind you Kaito is transformed unlike Emu and is… well, himself.
    • The riders are drinking coffee and generally being nice to each other, but Kaito calls them simplistic fools. Yoko reassures the others that he didn't mean it in a bad way as that's how he bonds with people. Kaito nearly chokes on his coffee and then tries to mask it with blatant lies others can spot right away. His indignant face says it all.
  • Maze 3:
    • The fact that Kuroto Dan failed because he didn't do his homework properly and thus didn't know that impersonating Kazuma Kenzaki is not a good idea, thus outconning himself again.
      • There's also something cynically hilarious about the fact that the Game Master essentially lost because he didn't fully understand the rules he was playing by.
  • There's just something funny about the Kamen Sentai Goriders being comprised of mostly serious characters like Baron or Another Agito. Really, the only character who actually fits the Goriders' design is Kiriya!

     True Ending 
  • Considering the usual Ship Tease, Nico falling flat across unconciouss Taiga after being infected with Game Disease by one of Ninja Gamers is a breather in the movie's Downer Beginning.
  • The way people get bent into new roles in the Game World. Taiga is a P.E. teacher overseeing a race, so he points the starting pistol like he would a Gashat and says "Bang". Nico is wearing a backpack even though she is a contestant in the race. Hiiro takes pictures of Madoka and makes his "There is nothing I can not cut" gesture when she calls him her father.
    • Hiiro asking for a scalpel and cutting pizza for Madoka. Poppy is trying to wrap her mind around that without noticing Taiga chasing after Nico behind (and around) her.
  • Kagenari Nagumo/Kamen Rider Fuma's talk with Johnny Maxima is interrupted by Kiriya pulling a Stealth Hi on them. Imagine him materializing in a poof of Bugster Virus a moment before that just so he could have a stylish entrance.
    • Kiriya points out one of usual pitfalls that come when you combine little knowledge of japanese with enthusiam and reckless use of kanji. Johnny Maxima had not done his homework before decorating his hand fan.
    Kiriya: That's not shinobi (ninja). That's a spring onion.
    Johnny Maxima: (confused, to himself) What's a negi? note 
    • Johnny Maxima's broken Japanese is either Narm or Narm Charm. Either way, he's a shameless weeaboo.
    • Johnny Maxima reffers to his The Dragon as "Mister Kagenari", while speaking Japanese.
  • Kuroto escapes Genm Corp with someone in tow. Nagumo is led to belive it's Emu using the VR tech. One chase scene later, the car crashes and Kuroto goes out to fight him. He fails and one of the Ninja Gamers gets to rip off the passenger's door.
    Parado: Sorry to dissappoint you. (Cue foot to the face of the Ninja Gamer)
  • Taiga tumbles off a stretcher after waking up from Game Disease induced coma. Nico falls off the neighboring stretcher at the same time and lands on top of him.
  • Kuroto gets mad over Gamedeus Machina proclaiming himself to be god.
  • Gamedeus Machina spits Kuroto and Parado before he goes One-Winged Angel again.
  • Poppy shuts Kuroto up by shutting off the cabinet's screen mid-word.
  • Nico is playing a game while Taiga cleans up. She gets bored of it and starts bothering Taiga about the poster on the office door. He calls it embarrassing and Nico pouts that she bothered herself with making it. A moment of wrestling later, a patient rings and Nico races to meet them.
    • It's a poster with cartoon drawing of Taiga (depicted as tiger in white coat) chasing a virus away from a patient. Nico intended it to be a promotional poster for the Game Disease Clinic.
  • Haima Kagami imitates Hiiro's catchphrase.
  • Emu plays with children outside of the hospital only to be dragged back by a nurse. Obviously, this can't go without him tripping over himself.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Para-DX 
  • The special opens with Poppy, Emu and Parado staring at something intensely. The thing in question is revealed to be the boss fight of Mighty Action X.
  • Kuroto reminds everyone that he is creator of Bugsters and the Game Master. Emu and Poppy are not amused, but Parado makes a face in way that could be described as "Dude, I've killed you for this. Don't brings it up again."
    • Kuroto is carried around in iPad now.
  • The Mystery Bugster is covered in seemingly random numbers. The final riddle is solved by hitting two particular numbers. 3 and 9 - san and kyu in japanese. Together it sounds like Thank You. Doubles as heartwarming and awesome.

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage 
  • Salty, Alhambra and Revol crash the party. Emu tells Poppy to ignore them and they summarily do until Revol gets mad at them.
  • Nico Snipe is Snipe Level 2 with pink scarf and purple bag.
    • Taiga asks why is he Level 1. Nico's answer amounts to „Because I am a genius gamer and you are not.“
  • The way Nico becoming a Kamen Rider is glossed over. They just gave her the compactibility surgery and now she is here as Nico Snipe.
  • Nico wants to fight, but doesn't really get to do so, what's with Emu defeating Salty and Taiga tackling with Revol and Hiiro fighting with Alhambra. She even tries to manhandle Emu while he is in Level 1 suit and pouts to Taiga, who naturally tells her off.
  • Poppy praises Nico's skills, only for Taiga to pipe in, demanding some acknowledgement for himself. Nico doesn't give him that.
  • Hiiro simply storms off the scene with Emu in pursuit when things don't go like he wanted them. Nico runs off after Alhambra with Taiga after her. Poppy is not happy about this.
  • Salty, Alhambra and Revol argue over the earlier fight. Then Burgermon steps in and tells them they don't have to fight. Alhambra points out that it's simply something they do.
  • Gamedeus calls himself a Bugster god. Kuroto yells at him that he is the only god there is.
  • Kuroto carrying wounded Poppy off the scene should be dramatic, but it's Zombie Gamer giving a piggy back ride to Poppy Gamer.
  • Gamedeus has a very narmy laugh, even if it doesn't entirely spoil the very dramatic scene where Gamedeus Muteki beats Emu and Parado up.
  • The CR crew fighting Gamedeus and Gamedeus Muteki with People Game as Insert Song is both hilarious, heartwarming and awesome.
  • Nico brings Salty, Alhambra, Revol and Burgermon to help fight Gamedeus and Gamedeus Muteki, but arrives just as the fight ended.
  • Nico has to stop Taiga from fighting Graphite again.
  • Everyone dances in Kamen Rider Carnival. In suit. Taiga doesn't seem to be exactly happy with it, but Nico manages to keep him from leaving. He doesn't dance for very long, but imagine that. Dancing Cronus!

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe 
  • Kuroto serenely listens to some sad classical music before flinging the conductor's baton at the gramophone, stopping it. The record scratch sounds suspiciously like Dangerous Zombie riff.
  • Taiga and Nico teasing each other over the choice of dinner:
    Nico: Let's have pizza. Your choice, Taiga. I'll have the most expensive one.
    Taiga: Sticks to your snacks, kid.
    Nico: Stop treating me like a child. I'm a grown-up now.
  • Saiko Yaotome discusses with Hiiro and Kiriya. She proves herself to have No Sense of Personal Space and strokes Hiiro's face with her hand before he leaves. Kiriya and Saiko are left alone, with him awkwardly standing around as if hoping she'll give him the same gesture.
  • Amagasaki inserts himself into the story by walking on the scene, stepping on a cake Hiiro dropped and showing him his reflecting in a mirror note .
    • He is enough of a hypocrite to call Hiiro “a low men resorting to violence“ after blowing him across the place.
  • Nico is not happy when Taiga equates Luke to her from when she inserted herself into his (Taiga's) life. Mind you, Luke introduced himself by chasing Nico around the room. She seems somewhat embarassed by the fact that yeah, that's pretty much what she was like back then.
    • Made even better by the fact that Luke is a slighted rival of Nico's, who came to Japan to beat her and settle their score.
  • Darkly humorous one in Kuroto telling Amagasaki that the first step to revolutionarize the world is on him and Amagasaki answering that making Brave (Hiiro) suffers is nothing revolutionary.
  • Amagasaki appears on the Game Disease Clinic just to ruin Taiga's day (which is not very good to start with anyway) before disappearing again. This has added weight because Graphite has done that about twice as he loved ruining Taiga's day.
  • In Hiiro's memory, Saki watches him cut fish on his plate with a surgical precission with a priceless surprised face.
  • Amagasaki prepares to kill Taiga only to be stopped by white coat landing in his face.
  • Taiga and Nico saying goodbye to each other is both funny and heartwarming.
    Taiga: Feels like a weight off my shoulders, knowing I won't have to look after you anymore.
    Nico: That's what I should be saying to you.
    Taiga: (about the chips she is eating) Eating all those snacks is not good for you.
    Nico: (chuckling) Not like you have anything left to lose, right?
    Taiga: Well, call me if you run into any trouble. No matter where you are, I'll still be your doctor.
    Nico: (awkward pause over this sudden show of feelings before taking up an attitude to cover it) So when I catch a cold, you gotta fly over to America. I'll expect you to be there in 30 minutes after I call.
    Taiga: As if! What am I, pizza delivery guy?
    Nico: (laughs, presses the chips against his chest and walks away) Bye Bye! (stops for a moment behind the window) BANG! (blows mini-raspberry)
    Taiga: (sighs) Geez...

     Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy 
  • Kuroto and Saiko can be seen relaxing at a mansion's backyard, with Kuroto lounging on a lawn chair, wearing a pink shirt, and drinking fruity water from a fancy, decorated glass. Being the Large Ham he is, he feels the need to gasp loudly after talking a sip from it.
  • What's the first things Parado does upon shaking of the suprise of seeing Another Parado transform into Kamen Rider Para-dx? Incredulously asks how it's possible and then angrily declare that he is Kamen Rider Para-dx.
  • Parado lazies around on the roof of Seito university hospital, apparently bored out of his mind. Then Asuna comes in and calls him out on it.
  • Genm Corp. has finally produced Monk of Terror.
  • Kiriya storms into Gemn Corp. after Another Parado shot Emu and accuses Tsukuru of becoming just as bad as the previous CEOs. Tsukuru tries to explain that it was all Yaotome's request. Kiriya realizes that she had Tsukuru twisted around her perfectly manicured finger.
    Kiriya: She took you for a ride, didn't she? (chuckles, then lets out much sharper, contemptuous sound and storms off)
    Tsukuru: (Keeps on spinning in his chair, blushing and unaware that Kiriya left) Well, yeah… We are not in relationship or anything…
  • The sheer absurdity of The Stinger, showing Kuroto buck naked in the woods and laughing maniacally as he creates his God Maximum Mighty X gashat. This includes a significant shot of him from behind, showing his bare ass.
  • Half of Poppy's plotline in the movie is largely an excuse to have her dressed up in school outfit, kimono, meido outfit, frilly dress etc.

    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer 
  • God Maximum Mighty Action X activation announcement shows that Kuroto is still in top form.
    Gacchan! Fu-me-tsu!note 
  • Kuroto punches Masamune with the freaking MOON!


  • The absolutely ridiculous designs for Level 1 forms for all the Riders. It gets even more endearing when they start to run around with those stubby arms and legs. Even funnier is the fact that the Level 1 forms are actually physically stronger than the Level 2 forms.
  • The fact that villain for the annual crossover movie between Ex-Aid and Ghost is Pac-Man of all things.
  • Takuya Negishi, of Ultraman Ginga fame (he was the host for the title character), guest starred in episode 4 of Ex-Aid. When he announced his involvement, he jokingly clarified that, no, this would not be a team-up between Ginga and Ex-Aid.
  • The actor of Genm posted a tweet talking about how cool Zombie Genm was. Considering that's the exact same power-up that killed Lazer, the fanbase's reactions must be seen to be believed.
  • One from the toys: Using the Bakusou Bike Gashat with the Buggle Driver makes it look like Lazer is running over Genm Zombie Gamer in bike form. This may provide a bit of catharsis for Kiriya's fans.
  • And again with the Buggle Driver, it always screams GENOCIDE! while playing the Level 3 jingle of the inserted Gashat. It will give you beauties like "Mighty Mighty Mighty GENOCIDE!", "Buuurger GENOCIDE!" or "Jetto Jetto GENOCIDE!"
    • Doubles as Narm now that the Buggle Driver Zwei comes out, where it always cheers, “WOW!” while playing the Level 3 jingle of the inserted Gashat. Just like the original, the Buggle Driver Zwei will give you beauties like "Mighty Mighty Mighty WOW!", "Buuurger WOW!" or "Jetto Jetto WOW!"
  • At a recent stage show, these guys appeared.
  • Kamen Rider Chronicle, horrifying though it is, is funny on a meta level due to it being A wide open survival game like the many such games that are saturating the market.
  • There's just something wickedly hilarious about releasing the DoReMiFa Beat Poppy Pipopapo version at the same week as when Episode 24's teaser came out, primarily because of the tease implying that Poppy might be secretly working with Parado and Graphite behind the Doctor Riders' backs.
    • And then the episode itself reveals that she's been turned into a Bugster Manchurian Agent by Amagasaki using what amounts to him scouting her as an Idol Singer. Makes sense that she has merch now.
      • The reason why Amagasaki can easily "seduce" Poppy? Because he's the Dating Sim-themed Loverica Bugster.
  • Another one from the toyline, the Decade legend rider gashat references the ONORE DIKEIDO meme.
  • This drink commercial featuring Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga. When Taiga gets into frame, he actually slaps Emu's ass. The little jump that Emu does really makes it.
  • The cover of Hero Vision vol. 64 shows Taiga and Hiiro holding onto Emu, Parad reaching out as if to snatch him and Kuroto laying a finger on him. Also, Emu has blank expression because he doesn't have any say in this.
  • Premium Bandai is selling a special Bugvisor II - the one with Shin Kuroto Dan in it! Now you too can hold the Game Master in your toy!
  • The first suit picture of Ex-Aid VR Creator Gamer is released. It looks cool! But wait, there is something wrong with it (the suit actor has a boner.). Fans are giggling for all the wrong reasons.
    • Again with the movie's trailer which shows Muteki Gamer. It seems like the suit actor is rather… excited.
  • On June 17, 2017, the official Kamen Rider Ex-Aid twitter posted this entry using the scene from Episode 35 where Kiriya whispers something to Emu. Apparently, Kiriya whispered, “we have no broadcast tomorrow” (due to the golfing tournament preempting Super Hero Time on the next day). Cue various fan image reactions, particularly the most appropriate one - This must be the work of Golfgom!
  • If the thought of Ex-Aid's cast singing Excite with Kamen Rider Girls and Rider Chips is not enough to make you chuckle, you can see the recording for yourself…
  • The Doctor Mighty XX Gashat, though at first looks like a ripoff of the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, you'll eventually realize that the Gashat has the voices of Kiriya and Kuroto.
    • The Gashat's Level XX jingle is also hilarious, considering Kuroto's god complex;
      Kuroto: Watashi ga Kimi wo! (I am You!)
      Kiriya: Jibun ga Omae wo! (I am You!)
      Both: We are!
      Kuroto: Nan domo…
      Kiriya: Nan domo…
      Both: Taoshite! (Hey!) Double X!~
      Kuroto: I AM GOD!
      Kiriya: Iya… yakamashii na, kami… (Yeah… shut up, god…)
  • The summer movie's trailer is extremely dramatic… until we get Gamedeus screaming, “AH AHM GAAAAAAAAAWD!!!”.
  • One fan on Twitter asked Kuroto Dan's actor, Iwanaga Tetsuya, how Kuroto hid his Bugvisor on his person in a backless hospital gown. His answer was… interesting.
  • During stage talk shows a minor running joke is how short Kiriya's actor is compared to everyone else, him having to adjust his chair so he can climb onto it and standing on his tiptoes so he can be in frame for pictures are stand out moments. At one point, he stood on top of a platform that put him a head taller than everybody else, much to everyone's amusement.
  • The promo hyping up God Maximum Mighty X would be somewhat terrifying if it weren't for the fact that Kuroto decided to go out into the wilderness to create his ultimate weapon while buck ass naked apart from his Driver.
    • During a talk show, his actor recalled having to walk to the residential site to film that scene and getting barked at by an elderly woman's dog while wearing nothing but a single censorship flap on the way there.
      • Also, his retelling of how a crew member held a fence down so it wouldn't hit him in the crotch when he is, you know, naked. Try watching that scene without giggling now.
  • During a talk show to promote Another Ending, Tetsuya Iwanaga says that they cut out a line he ad-libbed where he says "in the name of the moon" during the fight scene where Genm punches Cronus with the moon.
  • Since the God Maximum Mighty X Gashat is a recolor of Maximum Mighty X, enterprising fans might decide to try using it in conjunction with the Hyper Muteki Gashat, as Emu did. What does that give you? Kuroto singing loudly and poorly, seemingly in an attempt to drown out the normal Hyper Muteki jinglenote .
    Kuroto: (Acapella "La La La"'s over the majority of the jingle until the "Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid" part.) Zettai Fumetsu Dan Kurotooo~! (spat) ...Kami da!
    • Another thing about this Gashat that's amusing, is that the final attack for the God Maximum Mighty X is dubbed "GOD MAXIMUM CRITICAL BLESSING". Even in toy form, Kuroto wants to hammer in his delusion that he's a God. Just something about a final attack being called a blessing is simply amusing.

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