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Despite being the darkest and goriest episodic Kamen Rider series with almost no humor, some scenes can still crack you up.


  • Jin's on-site intro at the climax of the episode; while the Exterminators are getting their asses handed to them by Bat, Spider and the newly-revealed Dragonfly, Jin comes in entirely unnoticed, leans on their truck's horn for a good 25 seconds, cracks an egg on his belt and downs it raw, casually transforms, and proceeds to kick ass.
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  • Mamoru gets teased by Nozomi because of his uniform getting torn to shreds all the time. She suggested to make him wear a mascot costume as an interim solution.
  • The Exterminators in the morning, they're all sleeping around a single kotatsu, and then start kick each other till one of them climbs over the rest to answer the phone. It is rather humorous.


Shido: *Answers his phone* Screw off! We're busy!
(cut to Nozama board meeting, all of the board members recoil in response)
Shogo: *Pulls his phone away as battle continues* It appears the extermination team is busy.



  • Post-operation, Jin is about to tell Haruka something, but ends up getting hit with a stun baton by Makoto. The expression on Jin's face, as he slowly turns to face him and then passes out, can only be described as "Seriously, man?"
    • On top of that, the rest of the NPS poke their heads out to see what all the commotion is about, looking at Makoto in a way that almost begs the question: "What'd you do that for?" Even Mamoru, who had been wailing in pain moments earlier, seemed to forget about his injuries when this came up. Meanwhile, Haruka can be spotted slowly scooting away from Makoto.


  • The doctors having to restrain Mamoru, since he doesn't want to stay in the hospital any longer.
  • Haruka has his moment of contemplation broken by a sack of soil (or fertilizer?) randomly landing next to him on the bench. It's Nanaha, who offers to make Haruka food if he helps carry the sack home.



  • Jin being increasingly frustrated because he wants to eat. "I'm hungry!"
  • When Haruka goes to visit Jin to ask him about the Amazons, Reika appears, to Jin's irritation. His response: flop back onto the bed.
  • There's just something about a cheerful Mamoru pulling Amazon Omega along by the hand that looks a little silly.
  • Chief Yugo Tachibana's Smug Snake game is ripped out from under his feet. To wit: Nanaha shows up disguised as a doctor and tasers Tachibana. The expression he makes is priceless.
    • Jin then whines that Nanaha didn't come sooner, to which she retorts that she only barely managed it thanks to Jin telling her the Nozama Pharmaceuticals layout.
    • After Nanaha disables the electrified wire cage, Jin touches the wires experimentally, then gleefully goes for a kiss. Nanaha, without changing her expression, presses the bottom of a thermos into his mouth instead. A thermos filled with egg yolks, naturally.


  • A flashback scene shows how Haruka's first Hunt as a proper member of the Extermination Team goes.
  • Misaki explaining to Haruka how he's gotten Mizuki's contact information. Shido wonders what the hell is wrong with him when he explains what happened after dropping her home.
  • While cooking Jin dinner, Nanaha swears as Jin complains.
  • When Haruka and Misaki make point, Shido wonders what he is doing while Haruka investigates.
  • In his own Big Damn Heroes way, Jin saves two investigators by chucking a bicycle at the Shrike Amazon.




  • While tracking Misaki, Nozomi casually decks two men Misaki was in debt with and drives them off


  • While watching Iyu and an Amazon fight, Fukuda tries to get Chihiro's attention by deliberately missing his first shot. He then gets his attention by headshotting him to assist her.


  • Shido gets visited by Nozomi and Kazuya when he tries to clean up the blood on the floor. Kazuya thinks he's interrupting and tells Nozomi that they need to come back later.


  • Chihiro takes Iyu to an amusement park and asks that she play around and if she doesn't understand to just follow his lead. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Chihiro takes Iyu on a ride, while Chihiro has fun with his hands in the air, Iyu has a stoic face while having her hands in the air as well.
    • Iyu having a stoic face when she and Chihiro take photos in a photo booth.
    • Chihiro and Iyu do a ring toss where Iyu throws her rings right on top of Chihiro's rings.


  • Chihiro after a long and depressing battle, tries to give Iyu a cake that he bought for her. But he's too eager and trips causing the cake to fall on her face.


  • Serious Black Comedy in Kano stoically reporting Chihiro's true from after being ripped in half.

AMAZONZ (Season 2)


  • What was the streaming service this series was meant for? Amazon Prime.
  • For April Fools' Day 2018, the official Twitter account for the series claimed that the then upcoming Final Judgment movie would be focused around friendship and defeating evil not unlike Pretty Cure, complete with this image of Alpha and Omega.

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