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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Kamen Rider, but with the tone of titles like Attack on Titan and everyone who isn't a jerk or incompetent is getting lead around by someone who is. See Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy below.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The first opening, "Armour Zone", not only has the nightmarish music that captures the "wild animal" themes of the series, but also contains lyrics that are both powerful and symbolic.
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    • The second opening "Die Set Down" is no slouch either, since its music has the tragic and violent feel that fits with Season 2's themes.
    • The movie theme "EAT KILL ALL" by Project R featuring Taro Kobayashi is no slouch either.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The opening credits of the broadcast version. Episode 1 had Haruka and Jin laying next to the female leads, wake up, biting them before fighting each other in a draw. Episode 2 had Omega and Alpha running at each other to fight while showing Haruka and Jin underwater and rising and stare at each other while bleeding Amazon blood. None of those openings make sense of the first two episodes.
  • Broken Base:
    • There's a divide between those who agree with Haruka and those that agree with Jin, as well as which one is the hero and which one is the villain.
    • A slightly more meta one has cropped up in the infamous "I hope with Amazons the toothless Kamen Riders can get their fangs back." statement made by Shinichiro Shirakura. Some people agree with him and wish to have a more mature and dark Rider series, while others point out that as a series that is and has always been aimed at children, Kamen Rider as a franchise never had, and doesn't need, the "fangs" he says they've lost.
  • Complete Monster: In a series that runs on a morally ambiguous scale, these characters stand out as the most vile:
    • Takaaki Tenjo is the Chairman of Nozama Pharmacy, helping develop the Amazonz, man-eating monsters that only have so long to live before becoming savage monsters. After their creation, Tenjo released the Amazonz from their lab to create an ecosystem where everyone will have to kill to survive. He and the other Nozama executives create the Nozama Protection Service (NPS) to deal with these beasts, but will gladly keep thousands alive in secret to ensure the Amazon Cells stay in their property, even creating Amazon Sigma from one of the dead members of the NPS to succeed the other Amazons. Tenjo is later disgusted with Sigma, not out of standards, but because he lacks the need to kill to survive. By the series's end, Nozama Pharmacy is out of business and countless Amazons are left roaming in the world to kill all around them, and when Tenjo is confronted by his co-workers for his deeds, he expresses nothing but utter delight. In a series that shows a tragic side to both heroes and man-eating monsters alike without either side winning in the end, Tenjo stood out as a being of unrepentant evil who, despite Nozama getting shut down, ultimately ended up getting all that he wanted.
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    • Soji Shitashimo, from season 1's "GAME OF THE BUTCHERS" and "HERO OR NOT", proves that humans can be just as monstrous as Amazonz. Initially appearing to be a fitness-obsessed jerk, Shitashimo is actually a Serial Killer of women who uses his junkyard as a dumping ground. Upon realizing that he is being suspected for murdering another woman, he tries to kill two agents sent to investigate him, Nozomi and Mamoru, by burning them alive, and when that fails, he decides to torture them instead, binding them with chains and forcing one to watch as he beats the other with a pipe, mocking Mamoru for being an Amazon as he does so and telling him that he can only feel alive when beating something until it is "bloody broken and unable to move". Annoyed by Nozomi's attempts of ordering Mamoru to break the chains, he proceeds to savagely beat her in front of Mamoru with his own fists until her face is a bloodied mess, laughing at her suffering like a child playing with a toy. His violent behavior serves to hide the fact that he is a Dirty Coward who begs to be spared when confronted in a proper fight. Unlike the Amazonz, Shitashimo is merely a vicious sociopath who enjoys killing innocent women simply because he can.
    • The Elephant Amazon, from season 2's "PERSONA NON GRATA" and "QUO VADIS?", is the most repulsive New-Type to be investigated by the 4C. Using his clinic as a front to find unsuspecting victims, Elephant's method of killing his prey consists of inserting a long proboscis into the victim's ear and dissolve the brain while they are still conscious, having done this to four people in just one week. After drinking the brain of a woman and leaving her to convulse, Elephant killed a random man, before trying to do the same to a woman who found the body, excitingly calling her his next patient. A callous sadist who gladly accepted his nature, Elephant was a reminder that not every Amazon tried to contain the craving for human flesh.
    • The Last Judgement: Einosuke Mido/Kamen Rider Amazon Neo Alpha is the militant anti-Amazon director of the Amazon Livestock Project and one of the worst examples of a Boomerang Bigot in the franchise. As a human-Amazon hybrid working for the pro-human leader of 4C, Mido keeps the original Alpha as his slave and routinely takes his cells to raise herbivore Amazon children, brainwashing them with the nihilistic philosophy that they are born to serve humans, converting an orphanage into his own Amazon Farm. When the orphans are ready, Mido sells them to rich humans and they are butchered to be made into exquisite food. After one of his orphans retaliates by killing an important politician who would greenlight his project, Mido is furious to see that such "cattle" could "dare defy noble humans" and rampages through the orphanage and outside, gunning down several orphans in his path while informing them that "cattle don't need dreams".
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: With lots of moral ambiguity, graphic violence, and Tragedy, Amazons is subject to this by Rider fans who are left to wonder what purpose Amazons has in a series primarily meant for children to the point where the reveal of The Movie wasn't met by elation by fans hungry for more of the series but exasperation that it was still going. Not helped at all by the fact that no one makes any real progress after season 1, with everything instead slowly sliding into being worse with no real resolution of anything at the end.
  • Designated Villain: While Haruka's ideals of protecting the innocent and hunting the dangerous are noble and Jin's kill 'em all attitude is made out to be evil, almost every "innocent" Amazon we see (including Mamoru) end up trying to eat someone eventually (and those that don't still have the potential to). That means Haruka's methods might've resulted in more casualties if left unchecked, while Jin's methods, cruel as they are, end up saving more human lives in the long run. After all, the series runs on Grey and Grey Morality.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Amazons has one with fans of Kamen Rider Ghost due to perceptions, true or not, that Ghost‘s budget was leeched for Amazons‘ production leaving Ghost with reduced resources, Captain Ghost disappearing from the series entirely and a less cohesive plot. Fans of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid have this as a more minor case as if there were budget cuts due to Amazons Season 2, Ex-Aid mostly planned around them.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A Death Battle fanfic featuring Jin had its hosts discussing how Amazons came to be, with one of them asking if someone just filled the water supply with radiation. If one were to replace "radiation" with "Amazon cells", then it'd be a spot-on description of how Amazons in Season 2 came to be.
    • Quite a few fans thought that Eiji Akaso could've easily been a rider in this series, and were disappointed that the Sequel Hook wasn't him turning into a reboot version of Kamen Rider Stronger or something. Turns out they just weren't looking in the right series.
    • A few years earlier, Toei tried to cater older fans of Super Sentai franchise with Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, which was an Affectionate Parody with lots of funny moments and still relatively lighthearted story (even if it's still darker than mainline Super Sentai series). Three years later, Kamen Rider eventually got this show which also specifically made for older fans, but has exact opposite style and story.
    • Although Yasuko Kobayashi wrote all 26 episodes of the series, she didn't write the Grand Finale movie. The movie is written under her supervision by Yūya Takahashi, who happens to be part of the same club as Kobayashi in writing all episodes of Ex-Aid.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • It has become commonplace to poke fun at the show's constant use of a camera filter to look like it’s constantly cloudy.
    • *insert dramatic reveal* WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! WHOA WHOA!note 
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The Nozama higher ups (except Reika, who's at least TRYING to clean up their mess as best she can) cross this with The Reveal of why they're covering up the Amazons' existence: solely to keep the Amazon Cells' their own property. 4,000 man-eating monsters are allowed to secretly rampage across the country with a seven member team being the only ones assigned to deal with them, all because a bunch of Corrupt Corporate Executives want to keep something to themselves for profit. The fact many of them consider the Peston Service 'not cost effective' when they're already grossly understaffed and struggling adds to this.
    • Takaaki Tenjo crossed it when he intentionally released the aboved mentioned 4,000 man-eating monsters to create his own mini-ecosystem.
    • Mamoru also crossed the line when he started to used one of the Origin's limbs to spread the lysogenic cells on the water source to infect humans and turn them into the New-type Amazons as a retaliation towards humanity.
    • Tachibana and 4C by proxy in Last Judgement, all too willing to create and groom artificial Amazon children to be cultivated and sold to the rich out of petty rage toward the practically-extinct Amazons under the justification of a "meat shortage."
  • Paranoia Fuel: Hundreds of vicious, man-eating monsters are running rampant, some of which can freely assume human form, others can transform suddenly and without warning and even if they were your friend before hand, may not hesitate to eat you. Worse yet, after that? Some of them can still PRETEND to be human to lure in their prey. The scariest part? You won't even know, because the company who's responsible for their existence is covering it up.
    • Season 2 is arguably worse regarding this. The new Amazons aren't Escaped from the Lab, but are rather regular humans who were infected by drinking from water coolers distributed by the Aroma Ozone company. You might not know you're turning into an Amazon until it's too late.
  • Snark Bait: Some fans often used the series as such to for the people who believe that this was going to be similar to Power Rangers.
  • Special Effects Failure: The way Tachibana being squeezed is unusually jarring in a rather violent episode where 4C workers are being slaughtered by the rampaging Chihiro's true Amazon form.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Amazons Season 2 was considered to be inferior than the first season due to the increasing darker moments in the show to the point of being too dark, even by Kamen Rider fans' standards.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Amazon Sigma was built up as a powerful threat and could've been the final villain of season 1, instead he was killed in episode 11. Though to be fair, that was two episodes before the season finale.
    • The Season 2 finale seemed like it would consist of a final siege on 4C and Chihiro directly confronting Tachibana. Every soldier and merc in the building was prepared for a major siege of their main base. Instead, after dealing with some soldiers and New Omega, the Neo Driver stifles Neo's ability to transform into Origin. Then, Iyu's arm acts up, allowing a concerned Neo to be peppered by so much gunfire (despite being strong enough to shrug it off) the two are forced to retreat, making the entire siege ultimately pointless.
      • On the subject of the finale, The final battle against the three Riders that had been built up for five episodes...being relegated to an off-screen event.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The Nozama Pharmacy created a virus-sized artificial life form that turned out to consider human cells its favorite meal...then someone decided to make an entire human-sized lifeform out of them. How many other ways could that possibly end?
    • To say nothing of their plan of "yeah let's get like 5 or 6 underequipped guys holed up in a crappy apartment who clearly have communication issues and have them handle hunting down like 4000 amazons all by themselves". Even if they don't want to get anyone involved to keep the company secret, they can't afford to hire more mercs? However, the show quickly justifies why the NPS is undermanned: it's clear that it was established as a sop for Reika's plan to cover it up while every other executive could care less as long as it made them money.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Unlike other episodic Kamen Rider series, this series is clearly intended for adult viewers due to violent content. And it shows. Especially Season 2.
  • The Woobie:
    • Life has been vicious to poor Mamoru. He's a monster who has to eat a ton of protein everyday so he doesn't go insane, possesses a childlike innocence and fear of the world around him, and you can tell that the last thing he wants is for all his friends to split up. And by the end of the first season, he's given in to the instinct that causes him to crave human flesh, resulting in him ripping off one of his friend's arms for food, and when he realizes what he's done, he doesn't embrace it- he completely breaks down. The poor guy needs a hug... Until Season 2 breaks him down into a stoic warrior that decides to cross the line by giving the humans everything they deserve in his eyes.
    • Iyu has it worse. She appeared to have a loving family and her father often sang to her. That is until he transformed into an Amazon, killed and ate her mother and sister, and she was the last to go. After her resurrection, she has no emotion to express and is more of a machine than human. Anyone who knew this immediately sympathizes with her, including the viewer.


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