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The last scene of the season is Haruka getting a visit from Hongo Takeshi.
"I'm here to talk to you about the Kamen Rider initiative."
  • If you were talking about the original, then that was jossed right off the bat by Word of God, since it's already been stated that Amazons takes place in an alternative continuity; if you were talking about the reboot, that was also jossed - the first season is over, and he didn't make a cameo.

Other ideas for The Stinger:
Scene: the city in the evening. A young couple making their way home is spotted by some old-fashioned thugs, who approach them from behind, before slowly revealing their true nature, as (cue the ED) they all turn into Amazons. Before they can do anything, some guy emerges from the shadows, hitting them with enough force to crack bone, and some deliberate showboating and
Mickey Mousing to the ED, even kicking the last one's head right off. Scene shows the last Amazon toppling over in the background, amongst now smoking corpses, as the mystery man tears off his gloves, shredded from the repeated impact... to reveal bio-mechanical hands, with silver coils for sinews. Smash Cut to black, but with a burst of electricity.

The Garanda Empire/Geddon is behind the Amazonz.
Geddon has been shown to carry on after the events of the original show (As shown by Ten-Faced Demon Llumu Qhimil's appearance with Badan, meaning he exists in the "main" universe as well). President Tenjo could have been a member during the events of the original series, crippled during the events. Exactly what he was and when he encountered the original Amazon is unknown though.

The original Amazon will make an appearance
And will be referred to as "Amazon Prime".

Haruka's sleeker armored look as Omega is because of the combination of equipment he uses.
The Amazons Driver activates the Cells, while the Register's drugs simultaneously keep said Cells in check. This combination allows for a refined appearance and greater control for someone so undertrained. Jin could likely have something similarly less beastial appearance-wise if he added a Register as well.

There will be another Amazon Sigma.
Maehara might be dead, but his Amazons Driver survived.
  • They slam it on Mamoru to see if it stems his awakening process, inadvertently creating Amazon M, a new mole-based Rider that recycles several parts of Amazon Omega's suit, but replacing jagged blades with drills.
    • There is a greek letter M(Mu) too...

Potential events for season 2
  • Nozama will attempt to make more Amazons like Haruka.
    • It's been confirmed that a blue Amazon by the name of Amazon Neo will appear in season 2. However, whether or not he was created by Nozama has yet to be revealed.
  • The surviving Amazons are capable of breeding among themselves and Nozama will try and acquire the new generation for their research.
    • Chihiro is revealed to be the son of Jin who is technically an Amazon and Nanaha who is a human, but became an Amazon herself as a side effect of the pregnancy, but it seems that normal "pure" Amazons can't have children or simply didn't try during the time skip.
  • The rest of the Amazons will have died out, been killed and eaten by Jin, or Mercy Killed by Haruka leaving him and possibly Mamoru the only ones left.
    • Jossed by the trailer for season 2, there's even more Amazons now than in season 1, with ordinary people even turning into Amazons for unknown reason.

Amazons is set in an Alternate Continuity, as per Word of God, but...
  • It's the universe that Kamen Rider: The First and Kamen Rider: The Next are set in. Hopefully we'll see appearances by the Takeshi Hongo and Shiro Kazami from those movies. Bonus points if there's an alternate Riderman and/or Kamen Rider X running around. Although since the Amazons Driver's Battle Gripper is similar to the Ridol, The Amazons Driver could have been reverse-engineered from it....
    • Given the fact that with one exception, the main rider from the next series has usually made an appearance near the end of the current series as of recentnote , if this is the case, the most likely bet will be that there will be a cameo at the end of Season 2 by an alternative version of the next rider to get an Amazons-style reboot (most likely will be Kamen Rider ZX, seeing as how that one has the most potential for a reboot). Then again, the reboot version of Takeshi Hongo did make a cameo in Kabuto, so anything goes at this point.

Tying into the above WMG, Super Sentai DOES exist in the same continuity as Amazons, but...
Instead of being teams from the main continuity of Super Sentai, it'll be Darker and Edgier alternative versions of old series updated with modern tropes - for example, an alternative continuity of Choujin Sentai Jetman exists, but said version has been updated with tropes introduced since it finished airing (biggest one for Jetman being a Sixth Ranger - or given the trend as of recent with Ressha Sentai ToQger and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, maybe the team will have 7 rangers). And eventually, there will be a crossover between the two alternative continuities.
  • Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger anyone?
    • Except Kamen Rider doesn't exist in the world of Akibaranger; while that would be worth seeing just to see how hilariously jarring of a crossover that would be, it's pretty unlikely unless Decade ended up stumbling upon both worlds.

One-shot crossover with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Alternate Continuity much? Maybe a Corporate Warfare between Seito Hospital and Nozama Pharmacy. Or both Ex-Aid (and his allies) and Amazons (Omega and Alpha) team up and fight the new breed of threat: Amazon Bugster who are Serial Killers. The Amazons team will be on front while Ex-Aid team act as support helping wounded victims.
  • Seemingly confirmed. Amazons Omega and Alpha will be appearing in Kamen Rider X Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen, if the poster is anything to go by.

There will be eventually The Movie around Amazons.
Just like every Kamen Rider, Amazons will receive The Movie special and this will also feature a movie-exclusive Rider.
  • Well, they're appearing in Chou Super Hero Taisen, but we're still waiting for them to get their own movie…
  • Confirmed. Kamen Rider Amazons THE MOVIE: The Last Judgment comes to theaters in 2018.

Chihiro and Iyu's relationship will end tragically.
Let's face it, he's a Kamen Rider and she's monster. This is gonna be another Wataru and Mio....

Jin will return in the second season as New Alpha
  • Haruka has been confirmed to have a new form as a result of using the Neo Amazons Driver. Since Jin was still alive at the end of season 1, it would make sense for him to come back as well with a new form.
    • Jossed Jin will come back but his forms name is Alpha white eyes a blind version of Amazon Alpha

Tialoc did something to Jin
  • It's pretty clear than Jin went insane and was horribly scarred after Tialoc. And now he is blind as well Even if Jin survived the chemicals have damaged his body and mind.
    • His blindness was actually caused by Haruka when Jin refused to stop trying to track down Nanaha so Jin could kill their son.

Chihiro is Jin's child or at least possesses Jin's DNA and is a similar type of Amazon like Haruka
  • Why else does his Rider Form looks so similar to Jin's. One could argue that Sigma and Omega's Driverless forms are similar but the in-universe reason could be that Amazons who were originally human or have parents who were originally humans, all have similar Driverless appearances
    • Chihiro is confirmed as Takamaya Jin's child as of Episode 7. Which now means Miyu is technically a Shota. Hurray for technicality
  • When Chihiro was found Jin was seemingly nearby and in the trailer Jin says that "I have come to kill you". What if Nanaha was Chihiro's mother? If that's so it means Jin has a more personal vendetta against Chihiro other than being an Amazon he must kill
  • And then there's this picture compiled by a 4chan user, that just adds fuel to the fire.

Nanaha is the mysterious Amazon that Mamoru and his posse were protecting as well as the original
  • Clues as to her being the mysterious Amazon are that its Silhouette looks like the painting of the angel in the warehouse she was staying in episode 9. Jin was oddly fond of it as he was sniffing it, most likely cause he can smell her scent. Writers likely hinted a foreshadow for the creature's identity.
  • Clues for her being the original. Honestly how could a human incubate an amazon inside them? Well, there's Haruka's mom one could point out. But it hasn't been confirmed whether she had Haruka in her womb. She could have just gotten one of her eggs and fertilized it (not really a science guy). Anyway, as we all know, the amazon cells devour human DNA. But what if it was being incubated inside the womb of its prey? Highly doubt it would kill its host and just die. This show is about evolution, so with that in mind the amazon cells being formulated inside the womb probably adapted out of survival where the host wouldn't die. If it couldn't eat her, turn her? (Long stretch, I realize but I have been right about the identity of Chihiro. 2 for 2?
    • It looks like you were right with pretty much all of this.

The end
  • Haruka will kill Jin and help Chihiro and Iyu escape so they can be together.
  • Haruka will be forced to kill Mamoru. Now that Mamoru is the last of the original Amazons left, he's going to be increasingly desperate to bring up their numbers again and may just attack Haruka out of rage.

Potential events for season 3
  • Hiroki suffers some life threatening injury and gets turned into an anti-Amazon weapon that's suspiciously similar to Kamen Rider Stronger.
    • Foreshadowed by Misaki getting a better artificial arm that just dresses the actor's real hand in prosthetics.

Amazons is set in same universe as Power Rangers (2017)
  • Both are Darker and Edgier reboot from their respective franchise. Also Saban apparently is planning to build a cinematic universe.

How will Jin fuck up this time?
The entire plot of Kamen rider Amazons season 2 can be traced to Jin's stupidity. He unleashed the destroyer of worlds in Chihiro. And everything else was just Mamoru and 4C taking advantage of the fallout. I would be more surprised that Jin had nothing to do with whatever antagonist was in the upcoming movie.

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