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  • The Pest Exterminators vs the first Spider Amazon. Given they're mostly normal humans (save for Mamoru), the fact that they actually kill it in the end is extremely impressive.
  • The debut of Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha.


  • The imperfect Amazon Omega's Curb-Stomp Battle with the Bat Amazon, ending with a gruesome stomp to the head.
  • Haruka transforming with his belt for the first time, with the resulting Kamen Rider Amazon Omega making one heck of a Dynamic Entry, saving the NPS from the Dragonfly Amazon.




  • Haruka and Mamoru transforming together and ripping the team's way through the building.
  • The NPS and Haruka managing to survive this situation deserves a spot here. The fact that, with some help from Jin, they manage to kill 183 Amazonz in one shot is a cherry on top.
  • Jin fights his way to the top of the building, through the Amazon swarm. Untransformed. More impressive when one realizes he could have just jumped straight to the roof any time he wanted thanks to his jumping abilities, but chose to get up there the hard way, saving his energy for the real hunt.
  • Haruka going berserk during the roof top battle. He throws his Battler Grip through three Amazonz at the same time; rips a large group of grunts to shreds; lets out a long roar loud enough for Mamoru, Nozomi and Fukuda (who is fighting inside) to hear from below; and finally uses his weapon's whip mode to pull the Queen Ant to him Scorpion-style before slicing her clean in half midair.


  • The NPS, Jin, and Haruka all team up to finally defeat Sigma. While Sigma is able to hold off the Riders, the rest manage to use this as an opening to successfully hit Sigma, allowing Jin and Haruka to get Sigma reeling. Mamoru gets the finishing touch as he impales the melting Sigma, not unlike how Sigma impaled Haruka in the previous episode.


  • The NPS managed to hold their ground against a large amount of Amazons and were even able to kill 3 of them without Mamoru and Haruka in their team. Bonus points for half of them having their left hands unusablenote .
  • Haruka's Big Damn Heroes (pictured above) moment where he tears apart a pack of evolved Amazons with ease to save the NPS.
  • The NPS initially aren't sure who to support out of Jin and Haruka, until the former attacks Mamoru. They then immediately charge Jin without a second thought, even managing to hold still an unhinged and raging superhuman for a few moments.


  • Iyu and Chihiro double-teaming against the Amazon bride.


  • Shido, despite being more or less retired as a merc over the last 5 years, is shown to have lost none of his sharpness when he kills an Amazon alone. While we don't get to see it happen, from the aftermath we see it was a messy fight with Shido seemingly coming out uninjured.


  • Just like Shido, the other ex-NPS members haven't lost their skills to time (or loss of limb!).
    • Misaki shooting an Amazon in the chest with a MAC-11 before killing it.
    • Nozomi killing an Amazon with her dual combat knives.


  • Jin finally makes his return.


  • Even when he's blind, Jin's still kicking ass. He trounces the two Amazons that Iyu and Chihiro were having difficulty fighting.


  • Haruka , in a flashback, takes on a revitalised Jin to protect Chihiro and despite getting a hole punched through him, he then finishes the fight by slashing Jin's eyes out and staggering away.


  • Mizuki shows she's definitely taken a level in badass by using the high-pressure round to destroy virtually all of Mamoru's group of Amazons.
  • While Chihiro's true form is rampaging, Kurosaki manages to escape the room. He then comes back and tosses a freaking hand grenade at Chihiro. It's a No-Sell and Kurosaki only survives because Chihiro snaps out of his berserk state at the last second, but that's because the force of the explosion accidentally caused some of Chihiro's Combat Tentacles to wound Iyu, and it still took guts for him to willingly come back and try to take Chihiro down.


  • Nagase, in a bid to save Chihiro from Jin, fires on him at point blank with a shotgun. Granted, it doesn't do much of anything to him, but Nagase gets points for going as far as he did.


  • While the reason for Iyu's berserker mindset are heartbreaking, it was impressive to see how dangerous she was as 4C and the Viper Amazon was no match for her at all.
  • The church free-for-all battle between Haruka, Chihiro, Iyu, the Viper Amazon, and the C4 forces. The stunt choreography is glorious.


  • Amazon announced that the series will get a second season next Spring.
  • Given that the series is stated to take place in an alternate continuity, you'd think this would mean that the two Amazon riders wouldn't be able to show up in any of the Super Hero Taisen movies, right? Well, nope! They've been confirmed to appear in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen! At least a few fans expected Amazon Riders to join other Kamen Riders in certain works.
  • The series finally getting released on western Amazon Prime servers with subtitles. A big win for Kamen Rider fans wanting an official release of some kind.

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