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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Amazons

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Being the darkest and goriest Kamen Rider entry, their Nightmare Fuel is totally Not Safe for Work.


  • The opening shows a family murdered by a Spider Amazons, being covered in webs.
  • Shido points out there's HUNDREDS loose in the city...and no one knows about it. There are maneating monsters running around and everyone us none the wiser. And what's worse, the Pharmacy knows about it and keeps it covered up. Shido is right to be unnerved by this.
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  • A woman sees a man transforms into an Amazon in front of her. When she tried to escape, she encounters a man and asked for his help. The man transforms and the woman stops screaming after a sickening crunch. The following morning, she's in pieces, with her leg and head on webs.
  • Haruka's particularly painful transformation into Amazon Omega.
  • Some of the transformations look and sound downright painful with tons and tons of body horror.
  • The shots of Haruka's Amazon form in his mind, kept in shadow and snarling and roaring like a wild animal chained in a cage...and then it breaks loose.



  • The life of an Amazon. Imagine for the past two years you've been living a normal, peaceful life...then suddenly you begin to feel sick. Then begin to have an unsettling desire to eat someone. Then you finally metamorphose into a killing machine who, if you're lucky, will have no sense of self or humanity and would gladly eat your loved ones for dinner. If you're unlucky like poor Ryuusuke? You regain just enough of your sense of self to know what you've become and try in vain to control it, but at this point there's absolutely no hope of reversing it and even as you're holding the monster back you experience an extreme hunger for human cells. If you're really lucky like Haruka, someone may catch you just in time before you fully awaken, and get to live with the lovely memories you may have of being an Amazon and knowing if something goes wrong, you might lose control again and this time permanently. Omega bisecting the poor guy was merciful all things considered.
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  • We get a number for how many Amazons exist in total: 4000.


  • How does the Queen Ant Amazon feed on her prey? By calling engineers to fix things in her house (which aren't broken) and then proceeds to kill them. Then she stores the leftovers inside her fridge.
    • The fact that the whole apartment where Queen Ant Amazon lived is one giant Ant Nest, with a total of 183 Ant Amazons (About 4.5% of total Amazons), all awakened at the same time.
    • How about the simple fact that Queen Ant was capable of masquerading as human well enough to lure in her prey. What adds to it is her actress' delivery sounds emotionless and drives home the fact that Queen Ant is simply PRETENDING to be human and any humanity in her is long dead.
    • There's also the question of what happened to the people who were living in that building, given the only souls in the entire thing were Amazonz...
    • It was revealed that the Ant Amazons didn't feed themself, but instead brought their preys to their Queen so she can feed on them and gain strength. As a result, she is strong enough to give Amazon Omega a hard time without the assistance of her soldiers. Let me remind you this. She is a rank B. Amazon Omega in his driver-less form, took down a rank A Bat Amazon with ease.
  • The sheer Lack of Empathy every single member of the Nozama Pharmacy's higher ups other than Reika shows. 4,000 maneating monsters are rampaging across Japan, munching on people...and they're more concerned about how 'cost effective' the SEVEN MAN TEAM they're using is and keeping the Amazon Cells their property. The one person who actually suggests breaking the Masquerade only makes the offer to save the company money.



  • The second Butterfly Amazon consumes his prey by wrapping them in silk and sucking their bodies like liquid through it's proboscis. Poor Mizuki was a witness to this and would've been next on the menu if Haruka hadn't showed up. Can you blame her for going into shock?
  • On that note, the first Butterfly Amazon is pretty scary too due to him using his human form and a bus to deliver meals to the second Butterfly Amazon. Imagine getting on an unassuming bus just like any other one day, but the driver suddenly goes off track and delivers you to a monster that systematically cocoons and devours everyone on the bus. Worse the first Butterfly Amazon isn't even berserk!


  • The scariest moment, amazingly, does not come from any of the Amazons. The junkyard owner whom the NPS investigate turns out to be a mere human, but he's a sadistic serial killer nonetheless, and beats up Nozomi while Mamoru is forced to watch.


  • The introductory scene depicting the Crab Amazon and his restaurant is this. First an unwilling human enters the restaurant, and as he encounters the Amazons eating therein they greet him with unnerving looks. After the chef/Crab Amazon shows him to a room by himself, the next thing we see is the chef preparing some sort of meat, with what appears to be the man's personal effects scattered throughout the kitchen.
  • If the first scene didn't make it clear, Nozomi later opens one of the refrigerators in said restaurant and finds a woman's body in it. The Crab Amazon then catches her and decides to prepare Nozomi as a fresh course...


  • Sigma gets particular attention here. At the start of the episode, not only does he rough up Jin enough, he also gives him a really bad neck wound that still bleeds even after he transforms back. Had Nanaha not gotten to him in time, he'd have been dead for sure.
  • And at the end of the episode, Sigma manages to outmatch Haruka even if the latter had the upper hand. Sigma goes and rips a bloody hole in Haruka, which wound up worse than Jin's wound.


  • We get a rather graphic transformation mid-episode as the female Amazon Haruka rescued way back in #9 awakens. Here's a shot midway, if you're interested.
  • The awakening Amazons before Tlaloc is activated. Atleast 246 Soldier Ant Amazons awoken and started a rampage in the city.
  • We also see the effect of the Tlaloc chemical on an untransformed Amazon. They resemble someone with a really bad chemical burn.
  • And finally, we have Mamoru giving in to his hunger and tearing off Misaki's arm to eat. While the poor guy is alive, he's less an arm and when Mamoru de-transforms, he realizes just how much he messed up.
  • Jin's maniacal laughter as he fights the Soldier Ant Amazons in the rain regardless of the activation of Tlaloc.


  • Jin is one in-universe to the surviving Amazons, since he keeps coming back to their community to kill and eat them.
  • Jin is also seen eating an Amazon heart before the final showdown with Haruka


  • Amazon bridesmaids...


  • We get to know about Iyu's past. It is not pretty. During the celebration of her father's birthday, he turned into an Amazon, killed and ate his family, spare Iyu, he first ate her left eye before dragging her off into a room, singing the song he used to sing with her in the creepiest tone possible. Even though Kurosaki came just in time, we already knew that she was dead.
  • It's established last episode that people are now becoming Amazons via a disease. Thankfully, it isn't contagious... but that's when this episode establishes that the disease can be transmitted through water and that there's been a company that is deliberately sending contaminated water coolers...


  • The MO of an Amazon doctor and nurse in order to obtain victims. They use an otorhinolaryngology clinic to obtain victims, during which they suck out the victim's brain. What makes this extra nightmarish is just how graphic this is; season 1 would have used a Gory Discretion Shot in its stead.


  • The Amazon of the week gets their victims by posing as a beautician and decapitating them via a makeshift guillotine erected over the hair wash basin. What makes this even scarier is that the killer is NOT the Amazon, just a regular human, but it's her partner who is the Amazon.


  • To get information out of Chihiro, he's subjected to a fraction of the power of an HP round which has been described as being able to completely destroy an Amazon. He's heard screaming agony and is later shown with his entire body covered in the black veins signalling his regeneration ability kicking in. He's also told that something similar is placed in Iyu's armband and 4C is willing to activate it if Chihiro doesn't tell them everything he knows.


  • Haruka blinding Jin certainly qualifies, what with the latter rolling around as he bleeds all over the ground.
  • How Nanaha dies. Chihiro bites into her, she presumably turns into an Amazon, and is gunned down by 4C operatives, with her remains scattered around. It's implied her arm was used by Mamoru's group to infect the water causing the lysogenic Amazon outbreak as well.
    • With the reveal that the arm used in the lysogenic outbreak came from Chihiro this is somewhat lessened but she was still killed and eaten by her own son.


  • Jin is again one in-universe, with Chihiro being completely frozen in fear when faced with his father.
  • Chihiro's rampage in his true form. He effortlessly slaughters almost all of the 4C personnel around him, slicing off fingers and limbs, and easily ripping Kano in half.


  • We get to see from Iyu's persepective as her father rips her eye out and eats it.
  • In Chihiro's rage, he partially transformed into his true Amazon mode as his tentacles unknowingly kill the 4C forces after him and Iyu.

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