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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Ghost

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The normal driver without the cover
  • Somehow, the Ghost Driver manages to find itself to be creepy. Normally, it looks like a Bedsheet Ghost with a smile. However, beneath the cover is a surprisingly creepy metallic cyclops sporting a Glasgow Grin. To make matters worse, the way the eye is done makes it look like it's following you around the room with or without the bedsheet.
  • The Ganma themselves are this. They are invisible to the normal human eye, unless one is holding an Eyecon. Then there's a new problem, they can and WILL hunt anything holding an Eyecon so they can steal it. And as Shinnosuke proved, much like the Phantoms, bullets do not hurt them.
  • The first episode provides some major nightmare fuel. It turns out the Ganma are absurdly ruthless in their hunt for Eyecons and will wreak havoc while searching for them. The Katana Ganma slashes a car in half and terrorizes Onodera before slicing his bike in half during his rampage, while the first thing we see his partner, the Spear Ganma, do is pluck a Pirate Ship ride off it's supports and chuck the whole thing into an observation tower, causing it to explode and topple the tower. Oh yeah, and there were people on board, among them, plenty of children. There's no getting around the fact that the Spear Ganma murdered a huge number of people within a few seconds of screentime. And all of this before the episode even hits the four minute mark.
  • And even when they are being subtle the Ganma are a nightmare, as Episode 2 shows. While staying invisible, the Ganma was shown to be sabotaging the scientist's teleporter machine by blowing inspiration into his ear to get him to remove a few critical circuits. Did you really have that thought, or was it a Ganma influencing you into futhering their plans?
    • All ghosts seem possible of doing this. The hermit proved this in the same episode as he did that same thing to get Onari to leave the room.
  • The Ganma plan to create Eyecons by driving people to madness and causing them to turn into ghosts creating the Eyecon in the process.
  • The fact the Ganma are capable of Demonic Possession. Hashiba ends up getting tricked into making a Deal with the Devil because his trusted secretary was possessed. People you trust can be taken over by a demonic entity and you wouldn't even know it!
  • Specter's final attack using Tutankhamen's form is basically forming a portal to hell or whatever is inside that pyramid and sending the Ganma inside to destroy it utterly.
    • Could be the Egyptian Realm of the Dead, given Tutankhamen's early death. Either way, yeesh.
    • It gets even worse in episode 8 when He tries to use it on Takeru. If Takeru hadn't used Newton to move cars and block it, he likely would've met the same fate as the Machine Gun Ganma. Or worse.
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    • After a long time of being sidelined by the slashing variant of Omega Fang, the portal variant makes a return in Episode 22 when Makoto uses it on Adel. That's not the scary part though. The scary part is the fact that Adel gets sucked inside and all it did was slow him down.
  • Makoto has some sort of a relationship with Alain, as the latter calls the former his "best friend".
  • Specter, using the Edison Eyecon he stole from Takeru, zaps Ghost out of Rider form and nearly fries one of Takeru's hands. When Akari attempts to stop him from getting Musashi's Eyecon, he aims the now electrically charged Gan Gun Hand at her! Thankfully he doesn't go through with it.
    • Specter himself seems to be becoming in-universe Nightmare Fuel for Takeru. Hard not to see why, since he's essentially robbing him of his only method of survival. Thankfully, this doesn't last long after Takeru regains his resolve.
  • The Ganma's World is practically made of this. From what little we see of it, it's a wasteland filled with nothing but sandstorms and floating Ganma Eyecons. Makoto and his sister Kanon got sucked into that world 10 years ago. Makoto couldn't have been older than ten years old, and his sister was younger than him. We don't know what happened to them in there yet, but it ended with Makoto becoming Specter, and his sister's soul getting trapped in a Ganma-styled Eyecon.
    • If Sage and Yurusen are to be believed, then Episode 15 reveals that the Ganma's World is Hell
  • Near the start of episode 8, the mystery man orders two Ganma to take over Akari and Onari to get Takeru to give up the Eyecons he has.
  • Episode 11 reveals that the Ganma have much much more than generic shock troops and Monsters-of-the-Week at their disposal when Javel unleashes four gigantic snakelike monsters called "Gundaris". They have tons of teeth, way too many eyes, can fly, can be summoned from any of the places that Alain's been laying Ganma Eyes, and give both Riders working together trouble. Thankfully dulled by the fact that Alain chews out Javel for "wasting" Gundaris, implying that the Ganma have a finite number of them.
  • And then on 13, we are treated with the lovely scenery of Ganma's world: A desert-like area with blood-red sky filled with Gundaris and Ganma Eyecons floating all over the place.
    • In the same episode, Planet Ganma hijacks a communication system to suck out a victims soul through their mobile phone.
  • If Gundari wasn't destructive enough, try fuse it with a Ganma Superior like Javel and you got this. Firing Bigger and Deadlier fireballs? Check. Become more clever thanks to the Ganma Superior controlling it? Check. 1 ton heavier and 1 metre longer than the normal Gundari? Check.
    • Oh, and before fusing with Javel, the Gundari was released from a Ganma Portal to roam around Japan. Worse? It is revealed that the Gundari aren't that different from Ganma, they can turn invisible!
  • Necrom's power is possession. For Ganma, and even the souls of the fifteen. The brothers Grimm tried to resist, and he literally forced them to submit. Even your soul is no longer your own.
  • The Knife Ganma from Episode 17 is made of this, pumping out Ominous Fog to trap women while singing a cheery little tune to himself and then using his blades to cut out their souls. It's not surprising given he's based off of Jack The Ripper.
    • There's a scene where he begins to rapidly slice Onari's face, leaving numerous deep cuts. While it is mostly played for laughs, it goes on just long enough to be unnerving.
  • Alain using the Necrom Eyecon to brainwash Makoto. Just the way Makoto gets pulled up by the Necrom Parka like a puppet on strings and the fact that he screamed during the transformation makes it hard to watch. The way Alain acts throughout the whole process just makes it worse.
  • A conversation that Alain has with Necrom Specter about a location that the latter liked to go to. Alain asks what it is he liked about it, the water, the sky etc. All Necrom Specter does is nod, saying nothing at all. It is very eerie.
  • When Makoto is finally freed from the Necrom Eyecon, his eyes look like he hasn't slept in days. Coupled with the fact that the first noise he makes sounds like a continuation of his scream from Episode 17 and it seems like he might have been aware of what Alain was making him do.
  • Alain is seen visibly shaking in fear after he was killed by his brother and then forced into his mortal body.
  • Takeru was shocked when learning that Ganma were humans who transferred their souls into Eyecons while their body were sealed in coffin-like containers. One of them dies while Takeru tries in vain to save him.
    • That Ganma that died for good while Takeru watches? He disintegrated into black dust. Even worse is the fact that Takeru got a random burst of the dead man's memories while it happened.
  • Takeru's change of attitude in episode 23 is very jarring, and a bit creepy when you see him yelling at the people who are on his side.
  • An In-Universe example in episode 24 for Alain. Being mortal is causing him to break down slightly as now that he can die he fears death.
  • A meta-example: Steve Bills, the CEO of Deep Connect is played by Thane Camus, actor known for his roles of Horrors, monsters from the adult-based henshin hero show, GARO. Those, who watched his role of psychopatic serial killer turned human eating monster in GARO : Makai No Hana must cringe every time he is on screen. Not to speak about his role of Big Bad in ZERO Black Blood.
  • Demia. It's a pair of contact lenses that makes you extremely smart, but with the worst side-effects. In becoming smart, the wearer begins vandalizing any physical material he/she can reach to write down extremely complicated mathematics, sings an eerie song, and craves sweet flavors. Eventually, the user goes transparent and begins merging with everyone else that is wearing a pair of Demia.
  • Adel's Assimilation Plot is all about this, with everyone turning into a mindless copy of him.
  • The giant Great Eye titan in episode 49 tops Demia as the creepiest thing in the series: the moment it appears, it begins firing beams that turn humans into souls, and it then sucks in said souls. This happens to thousands of people, including Cubi, Onpu Ganma, and Javel.
    • What makes this worse is that Takeru's discussion with Freya after the final battle implies that all those people had died, and Takeru's wish was what restored them. This means that the thing basically caused a massive massacre.
  • Episode 50 gives a look at the Bugsters from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, showing how strange and out-of-place they are in reality.
  • Whatever the heck Da Vinci did to the young Akari in the Ghost/Drive Movie War.

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